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No. 47336
172 kB, 1024 × 1046
179 kB, 735 × 735
Recently on /b/ the idea of having an Ernstchan-internal chess tournament came up. So let's give it a shot. I have created an invite-only chess club on chess.com which you can join by clicking here: https://www.chess.com/club/ernstchan-chess-club/join/e00a81

I could only a 30 members club because I only have a gold account, but 30 should be sufficient for now, considering this is a dead imageboard.

Maybe we can have regular live tournaments, including live streams on Ernstiwan/Discord.
If we get enough members by then, I'd suggest a Blitz tournament for October 31st.

What do guys you think?
No. 47349
I dig your idea man
No. 47350
19 kB, 355 × 293
No. 47355
Anybody have any good educational YT channels/vids for intermediate players?

I used to be in a chess club as a kid but quit after losing to a (literlly) retarded dude in a competitive game. Haven't played much since, so I'm feeling very rusty, guess I'll just play a couple of games vs computer.
No. 47356
No, but for entertainment make sure to watch Magnus streams
No. 47361
I enjoy GothamChess a lot. Both, YouTube and Twitch
No. 47362
I hope you are ready to relive your traumatic childhood experiences.
t. just joined
No. 47363
2,2 MB, 1125 × 1065
Why not Lichess?
No stupid requirement to play an unknowable number of regular games on their shitty site first.
No. 47364 Kontra
That feel when uncultured and not knowing how to play chess (played it perhaps three times in late childhood and only with help)
joges on you I'm the reading maniac
No. 47731
Holy fuck am I ever retarded. I can see the patterns of chess but my mind can't cast itself two moves ahead (yet).
I'm thinking its all about practice but everyone is decimating me at chess. I can't win a game, which is fine but my blundering moves are completely ruining the tempo of my matches.
No. 47749
Add me on lichess: micromegas1

t. Retard
No. 47750
Yasser Sierawan lectures are second to none
No. 47784 Kontra
I'll add you when I get around to fixing my prolapsed anus
No. 48890
I think it's a great idea, but what's your level (ELO) exactly?
No. 48893 Kontra
No. 48906 Kontra
I've created a discord that can be used to coordinate this. I'm sure it'll come to nothing but figured it doesn't hurt to try
No. 51607
84 kB, 760 × 650
Still there? The Discord link is not working anymore.

Here is a relatively famous chess puzzle. Enjoy.
No. 51710
No. 51731
Nah, then black does Rc5, and it doesn't work. Gotta go b4 first.