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Who are you voting for? Why?

Yuros, who would you vote for?

I'll be voting for Donald J Trump not because I am particularly supportive of him - indeed I am out off by his demeanor and his style - but I see him as the lesser of two evils. A senile Biden would likely see Harris acting as president and besides they'll continue everything that was wrong about O-BOMB-A while also incorporating the worst aspects of the current left.

It's a lose-lose but I will choose the lesser evil
No. 47640 Kontra
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I would probably give my vote to some 3rd party that has no change to win because Americans aren't able to cope with more than 2 parties.

But in all honesty.. i seriously can't take your politics serious. I mean, you have political debates that are promoted like boxing fights by serious news outlets.

In the end, i couldn't care less.
No. 47644 Kontra
If I were an American I would've probably had to vote for a third party because both major candidates seems completely disgusting.
No. 47645 Kontra
It's not the election of the president of the world. Why we don't have a thread for the Germany president election?
No. 47648 Kontra
I think American politics are some form of mental sewer leakage that one shouldn't pay attention to if one can avoid it. Which it becomes increasingly hard to because every media outlet won't stop talking about it
No. 47649
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No one cares about the German president.
If you go out and ask random people on the street (in Germany) about the German president half of them won't be able to tell you his name.
No. 47650 Kontra
Yea, I know that. This was a kind of attempt at an ironic analogy of the opposite, showing how I'm tired from USA elecetions presented everywhere and loud as whole world lives in USA.
Espessialy when they are so lame like current ones and hit new level of stupidity.
No. 47651 Kontra
America is a still a hegenomic force in the world which makes it important what is happening there in a sense. Surely it's politics overload in the media, it's not a mental sewer that leaks but a neoliberal cesspool blooming stronger than ever.

I will add that the thread is disturbing the EC atmosphere as well.
No. 47652 Kontra
No. 47655
>If I were an American I would've probably had to vote for a third party because both major candidates seems completely disgusting
I would love to see a viable third party, but none can seem to build a strong following, drawing only single digit support from voters. Knowing their candidate won't win, the Green Party voters mostly vote Democrat, and the Libertarian Party voters mostly vote Republican and then we're right back at 2 parties. Maybe "ranked choice voting" could fix this, where voters choose multiple candidates in order of preference. This could make it easier for smaller parties to gain support, because voters wouldn't have to worry that their vote for Jill Stein, for example, will end up helping Trump.
So a third party may not win right away, but could draw 10-15%, with a major party listed as each voter's second choice. In subsequent elections, that 15% could climb until they reach parity with the Republicans and Democrats.
Just my thoughts on the matter, don't know if it would actually work out that way, ofc.
No. 47656 Kontra
For the record, I completely agree with the importance of at least being aware of what is happening in the US Especially for us, as we both live in NATO outposts of the Amerigan empire :DDD but I'd say everyone present knows who is running - in fact I envy those who don't. Either way keep EC free of this.
No. 47657
I'm sorry I didn't want to hurt your feelings
No. 47658 Kontra
They have a point, you can go literally anywhere else in the internet and you will be bombarded with American politics and election drama, why bring it here too? Ernst probably doesn't want to talk about it because talking about it will 99% of the time will result in a shit-show and shit-flinging as it does everywhere else - and that is not the atmosphere Ernst enjoys
No. 47659
Trump was a great president whose reign saw extremely low unemployment and great economic growth and who also signed into law many good policies such as the recent right for patients to try experimental drugs before they are approved by regulators. There is no reason to be defensive about supporting him.

However, at this point Biden's victory seems certain given the vast gap in voter support between him and Trump
No. 47660 Kontra
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Close the thread then, love.


That is why your thread is shit, it's kohl from top to bottom.

Regardless who wins, America will have a hard time and I can only hope that there chossing between two turds like in the Southpark episode make people revolt more.
No. 47661
To draw a Warhammer universe analogy.

Right now we see Gork and Mork doing orkish things. Not much difference, after all the political and economical system is the source, not the two eccentric players performing it professionally.
No. 47662 Kontra
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> Vote for
No. 47663
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I'll never forget biden scum used this twitter photo when the riots.

I hate all that dems represent, they are exactly like the socialists here. Catalan speaking.
No. 47664

And I want Trump to win by a backslide.

>I am out off by his demeanor and his style
He has a big mouth but he's not a corporate zombie like the vast majority of the current western leaders. I like this a lot.

No. 47666
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>he thinks the status quo can be reformed by playing the game as intended
No. 47667
>he's not a corporate zombie like the vast majority of the current western leaders.

I don't think you put much thought in that idea.
No. 47668
I see another big mouth.
No. 47669
Dear sir, I think you should calm down, drink some water or tea and put the anger away. Else, please join one of those boards only consisting of giant echo chambers and full of anger. But do not blame anyone you'll run in circles and are fooled by the easy truths you claim to see.
No. 47670 Kontra
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This has to be a k*hl pedo. We generally try to avoid politics too much here particularly Russian and American ones because they're the leading cause of cancer on the internet.
and I'm voting straight blue for the first time since 2004 because he's an abject failure and so is the GOP. Like fuck I want to put up with these clueless coof chasing pozzed retards running my country the rest of the pandemic.
>lesser of two evils
Were I not subjected to shitposts like this nonstop online and IRL I'd actually question that anyone sincerely believed it. He's also legitimately a pedophile and who's done nothing but make statements like "I wish her well" after having Epstein killed and even the one damn thing I thought I knew for a fact he could not possibly fuck up that would be the winning feature over Hillary was gun rights, which just this year
>just grab their guns first, due process second
He couldn't accomplish even that. There's zero redeeming features to him including cucking to Saudi and Israel even harder than any president in history with the sole exception that if you truly despised America and wanted it to be destroyed I am convinced he could turn us into an unimportant regional backwater like Ryssia in the next 4 years.

Kontra because I'd really rather not see this shitfest ruin EC. I am already looking forward to either actual riots from the left if he wins most likely only by election rigging, litigation, fraud, and finally kicking it to the SCOTUS like it's 2000 again or mass waves of poltard terrorism if he loses, which is what we're already starting to experience right now. The feds are routinely foiling terrorist attacks by alt tards at this point. I can live STALKER IRL so why would I want it on EC?

Lastly protip we've had more daily infections this week than at any point in the spring. It's gonna be fucking BAD here. I need to secure the existence of my food stockpile and a future for all baked beans.
No. 47671 Kontra
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It's a false equivalence. Biden is objectively bad in a lot of ways just like every other president but he has some positives which the absolute retarded filth most vocal in hate of him actually bitch about like wanting to do something about climate change and raise the minimum wage to $15/hour which is why corporate stooges don't like him. However the guy he's running against has unironically managed to turn my country into fucking Mad Max. There's no comparison. He's a failure on every mark including imploding the economy to the worst it's been since the 20s because of his disastrous policy in other areas coof coof and I'm actually going to have to deal with the fucker at least two more months saying "it'll all magically go away and if it doesn't that's Obama's fault" as these pozzed retards ensure my country gets epically fucked by the pandemic and they even want to strip everybody's health insurance in the middle of it. There's no middle of the road here. It's the usual president turd versus a bonafide champion of Nurgle who wants to grab my guns and give nuclear tech to the Wahhabis. Seriously fuck this guy I'm hoping the Catholic wins.
No. 47672 Kontra
>he's not a corporate zombie like the vast majority of the current western leaders

What makes you think so? Because he said so? I mean he is a fucking US president, how can he not be interested in (national) corporate success, are you joking? Serious question.
No. 47678 Kontra
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Great arguments right there, shows you know what you're talking about.