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No. 48229
49 kB, 599 × 596
Where people do get energy from to get things done?
No. 48231
I don't think that there is a secret to motivation applicable to everyone. You should probably figure out what would motivate you and you personaly allone.

Speaking for myself, avoiding the feeling of shame keeps me motivated. Especially in front of my mother, my fiancee and possibly future kids. I'd feel terrible to fail them.
No. 48232
136 kB, 709 × 734
I wish I knew. Once I'm doing something it's not hard to keep that momentum going, but getting started is exhausting.
No. 48233
>getting started is exhausting
That is true but I believe that stems from the perspective of "look at all the shit I haven't done yet"
Splitting your ultimate goal as "getting in shape" into achievable, smaller goals like "on Wednesday, Friday and Monday I am going to go running for 30 minutes each, adding 10 minutes every week" would first lead to measurable success (and therefore the sweet feeling of achieving it) and keep the attention away from how hard it is to achieve your ultimate goal eventually.
No. 48234
>Splitting your ultimate goal as "getting in shape" into achievable, smaller goals...
That's a mindset I have to work on.
I have a lot of large art projects I want to do, but standing back and considering their scale/length, is intimidating. But if I think "one line at a time", "one drawing", instead of worrying about the finished product it would be much easier.
Sometimes I can do this, but tbh most of the time I wait until my anxiety over not-starting finally outweighs my anxiety over starting.
No. 48238
Eat vitamins. It should help if you find a balanced complex just for you.
No. 48240
From when they get fed up with not getting things done.
It might take a long time though.
No. 48246
That is some fuckin impressive runglish. That is like KC 2011 tier.

But anyway a lot of these people are young, and they are also often passionate. Or they eat and sleep well enough. I'm often able to exert a great deal of energy at work but I'm a total slug most of the rest of the time.

Actually you know what come to think of it there's really only two things in life I've ever approached with that kind of violent enthusiasm, and that was schtupping and drinking. All of the rest if I ever did so was rather out of annoyed impatience to get rid of it from my experience as swiftly and at times sloppily as possible.
No. 48252
Sleeping just enough.
Holding undying contempt for most people and their mediocrity.
A relatively balanced diet.
Taking baby steps.
No. 48271
>I don't think that there is a secret to motivation applicable to everyone.
In my experience Ritalin/Adderall can be that, since they boost the reward mechanism in your heda such that normally tiresome/mundane things become engaging.
But this comes with several huge caveats:
  1. You need to actually do the thing you intended to do, otherwise you'll just do something else that gives reward.
2.Insomnia, withdrawal, personality changes, etc. Also risk of mania in some.
3. Eventual tolerance/dependence for some. Not all. I'd compare it to alcohol consumption in that regard.

Like alcohol, this is a mind-altering drug that is often used to cope with an dissatisfying environment, rather than changing the environment. But for many people, the cope is the best they're probably going to realize. The 5+ years I've been medicated have been far more stable and amicable than the former years of my life, at the very least because I actually feel engaged during the day.
No. 48279
Stims are a huge crutch that do long term damage and are not just fucking up your brain and heart but also causing personality warping. Part of the big problem and easiest trap to fall into with stims is because as you said, you need to will yourself to be focused on the project first otherwise you're going to spend like 8 hours looking at porn or reading wiki articles or vidya or whatever, but secondly it is that you'll come to think you need that drug to get shit done. It'll eventually get to the point where you've convinced yourself you can't work without it, and will try less and less. It's like relying on a mobility scooter for force of will. Sure it'll feel great not needing to exercise your muscles at first, but whatever willpower and motivation you already had will start to atrophy. Finally you'll come to realize you are getting less and less done on more and more drugs and that they are beginning to profoundly damage you.
t. Went to college

I probably got less done for more effort on Adderall than had I simply drank a few cups of coffee. Some of the hogwash I created was legitimately fucking schizophrenic sounding too, which after enough time without good food and sleep will happen. I did once write a good paper--after using the literally psychotic rambling bullshit I wrote as a very rough first draft before writing like three separate versions. So there is that approach.

I would personally say that it's outright useless to anybody with an internet connection.