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No. 48382
160 kB, 2000 × 1000
Hello Ernst,

could we please forget about all the hypes about Bitcoin etc. and just focus on the technical aspects?

Which cryptocurrency has the best specs? I'm talking in terms of actually using them as payment form, not this whole blockchain contract thing.

Which currency pays fast, is secure, anonymous(?), environmentally-friendly....

I just stumbled across Digibyte and I guess that one is just one of >9000 Altcoins. But its payment speed is 400x faster than Bitcoin and also much faster than Litecoin.

Currently I'm also paying my new VPN subscription using Bitcoin. First I had to convert my remaining Moneros to Bitcoin which took me about 20 min. Then I sent the Bitcoins and after 30 mins I only have 2 confirmations. Yes, I didn't want to spent much money on the fees.

What's everyone's favorite Altcoin?
No. 48384
Hello OP, I'm cryptotrader since mid 2016 and my favorite coins are:
>Ethereum [ETH]
most popular Turing-complete decentralized smart contract platform, basically minecraft and lego of cryptos.
>Monero [XMR] Zcash [ZEC]
privacy oriented coins
>Augur [REP] Kleros [PNK]
decentralized prediction markets and oracles (smart contracts that provide data into blockchain) on ethereum
>Uniswap [UNI] Gnosis [GNO] Balancer [BAL]
decentralized exchanges (DEXes)
No. 53934
11,8 MB, 641 × 360, 9:08
5,8 MB, 641 × 360, 3:35
I'm trying to learn more about the technical aspects myself. Do you think the energy consumption will be a problem for Bitcoin?
No. 53950 Kontra
Can I please can have a video card
No. 53959
That feel when I was smart enough to buy a bunch of dogecoin in fact specifically had some bizarre intuition telling me "buy doge now" to such an extent it's literally what drove me into opening multiple accounts and even with scattering my portfolios across dozens of coin holdings I'm still up like 33% overall. This is the first time in my life I had the capital to act on something which is a glorious euphoric feel. So that's what it would have felt like had I the money or not-retarded family to listen to me about things like holding Euros, buying or selling stock, buying gold etc. The funniest thing I even remember saying to these boomers as a teenager "why didn't you just max out all your credit cards before filing bankruptcy" and they looked at my mystified how it didn't occur to them. I think that generation is awful with finances as a result of everything easy and handed to them.

For us it must be struggle, ernst. We must grow through kampf.

Shit do I wish I hadn't liquidated some and just moved even more money into crypto since the beginning, not just the cycle but opening. I tried to limit myself and my financial exposure but all I did was let sit in a bank account for a month money I would've used anyway and that money also poured into moar doge could've easily gave me 10x the returns fucking doge is at .35 right now and I bought in at .05

Anyway as to your original question I am not sure which but the ripple sell off begins to unnerve me. It went from my best performing to worst. I've been interested in Lumens and Celo for those reasons although frankly anything on ethereum I don't trust and that is most of them. I don't know the best but I will tell you the worst and it's ETH. I have no holdings. I have an amount I wrote off as a loss that's only there because everything is using that useless shitcoin. I've seen people lose tens of thousands of dollars on the fucking gas fees. It's the worst, most poorly constructed crytpo for daily transactions I have ever seen and that shitcoin should be worth .01 if it got released last month which is exactly what it is worth to me.

I think that there's a whole slew of interesting privacy coins right now and it is sadly because I do not do drugs I feel hobbled in my trades, because I just know if I could figure out the next Silk Road preferred currencies that is the privacy coin with a future. So far it seems to be Monero which DHS and IRS is furiously working on cracking, and right now there's all these other things from Grin to Beam to whatever using mimblewimble and other protocols in an effort to hide people.

I know it pisses them off but frankly hiding assets of sanctioned countries and individuals or tax shelters for rich people and gangsters are all reasons why I am buying crypto. It is the one use case that makes crypto as good to me as a dollar backed by oil. Of course the other reason being the new massive institutional support and legitimacy of coin, which means it is not ever going to crash fully now. Even if it did, everyone is just going to pause selling only for long enough to hope it bottoms out before rushing back in, and it can't fall hard because the corpos and wealthy elites are in now. Trump even got some briefing in November from Sec Def or whoever on China developing a national crypto. Of course also as you can see, Western Union is almost obsolete now, and the future is people using it like venmo and processing international transactions at near instantanous speeds bypassing the problems of sending money to relatives, traveling etc and using one of a couple hundred local national currencies depending where you are.

My prediction is the internet being the internet will sort of come to adopt doges as the dollar standard for normal surface web peer to peer transactions. Er, person to person.
No. 53960
882 kB, 1125 × 2436
19 kB, 474 × 266
No card for you!
cheer up on the plus side whenever if ever this craze ends the market will flood at bottomed out prices for mined to shit video cardsI really need to stop using nicehash for shitty .19 cent an hour and just start custom mining alt coins hell my backup RX550 rig could probably mine several dollars a day if I figure out how to set custom parameters to mine some of the alts I'm interested in
No. 54017
Have seen some news about new crypto which mines on SSD/HDD. Dman, this cryptocurrency is a pinnacle of cancer in human society. In the device, which likes in your pocket more silicon micro transistors than were during the early space race on all earth. We have so much power now, so many electronics which scientists and theoretics of the past not even dreamed of. Well, the majority of them were used for what many people call waste - just phones, personal computers, etc. And while most users don't use their machines to full capacity, or to something productive however I always thought that they are achieving another great goal of improving our lives and it is indeed a great thing. However, waste these resources and power on burning electronics to make out of imaginary money - I think there is the line after which I'd say that indeed, cryptocancer wasting mankind resources on absolute garbage.
No. 54070
2,2 MB, 288 × 512, 0:59
2,2 MB, 4032 × 3024
148 kB, 1080 × 1193
Don't make me say it lad
No. 54094
54 kB, 378 × 500
I want to buy some Monero in the very near future, because I need them for reasons. I don't need a huge amount, 50-100€ are plenty. Also it would be nice if I was able to pay either via SEPA or PayPal (or Sofort, but I don't know if that's only a thing in germany), and it's important that I actually own the Monero - by that I mean that it's not just a virtual good on a trading platform, but that they are transferred to a local wallet and I can transfer them wherever I like.

Until now, I only have limited experience with Bitcoin, and never did anything else with crypto. I already know that I will need another wallet, because my Electrum (which I use for Bitcoin) won't hold Monero. Anybody knows a good place to buy some monero? Easy setup would be nice, like registering only with valid email and a verified bank account for example.
No. 54112
Tradeogre. Downside: site owners unknown, literally it's just some Twitter handle as their contact.
Plus side: your registration details is equally unknown and you can be equally dodgy. That's where I got my dogecoins and its fees seem pretty low outside a few junkcoins but it varies wildly. I've used it to swing trade. As for setting up a wallet I don't know, because sound of it you can't even afford to make multiple transactions in and out of different wallets to shield your source. I do know there are also other privacy coins, many of which likely don't have the same amount of DHS/IRS scrutiny Monero does.

I've not actually purchased things through SR so I don't know all what's involved in stuff like that beyond just depositing funds through different places to hope to make money. I did check out some different wallets but my God I just got to say ethereum is the shittiest goddamn coin on the planet it's still slow, it's complicated, and it has wildly varying gas fees. Jesus Christ it's terrible and meanwhile bitcoin takes ten minutes to process a transaction. I now can see exactly why so many alts have such hope. But anyway there's also hardware wallets, paper wallets, site wallets, programs you download etc. Goodluck.
No. 54255
So do you guys think the bull market may truly be coming to an end, or do you think that we're actually just in a dip and about to experience a hard drive shortage also? Man this year and a half has been a wild ride for anyone trying to build or work on computers.
No. 54553
Fuck it I need to hodl the whole way down if it happens. I have literally never, not even once, sold my dogecoin and not regretted it shortly after. Even the 100 doge I sold to swing trade without needing more money and transaction fees would be worth literally twice what I sold it for shitcoins had I simply hodled a bit longer.
No. 54567
To what degree is buying a high cap hard drive in case Chia takes off stupid?

Nocoiner tier. It's a chance poor people have to actually get ahead. It's a chance for middleclass people to make big money. The whole game is fucking crooked and rigged from end to end, and now people decide to suddenly be butthurt at this? Go be butthurt at the oligarchs wasting ungodly amounts of resources. This is the one time it's not just oligarchs making money off it. Why is crypto suddenly some sort of liberal whining point? I don't hear all this crying when the people at Apple rake in billions of dollars and open another lithium stripmine to get the latest iPhone even though their present iPhone is fine.
No. 54570 Kontra
> Bbbb...but what about other stuff that is bad!!!
Yea, you go on and make an awful lot of money but since you didn't read one of the links about I will leave you with this.

> There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cryptocurrency scams and ponzi schemes
> trussed up to look like some kind of legitimate offering. Even if the project you’re
> working on is totally cool and solves all of these problems, there are 100 other
> projects pretending to be like yours which are ultimately concerned with transferring
> money from their users to their founders. Which one are investors more likely to invest
> in? Hint: it’s the one that’s more profitable. Those promises of “we’re different!” are
> always hollow anyway. Remember the DAO? They wanted to avoid social arbitration
> entirely for financial contracts, but when the chips are down and their money was
> walking out the door, they forked the blockchain.

> they forked the blockchain.

But I might have some tulips to sell you if you want to make it big. You can plant them on the moon.
No. 54744
And yet I'd literally just doubled my money if I liquidated now and if I'd just gotten hundreds of dollars worth of dogecoin like I'd intended to a week earlier than I was planning on it I'd have gotten to sell it for thousands of dollars.

Which yeah you're entirely correct, because there ARE scams, many of which are operated by either ching chang scammers or retards at 4krebs which is a nice place to go and laugh at fucking idiots because all of /biz/ is nothing but just a bunch of scams and cheap plastic Chinese copies of everything.

Meanwhile I also happen to agree with you because I personally think that a legitimized site like coinbase is eventually going to turn everybody off to crypto as they realize ethereum is garbage and so is every single one of these retarded Eth token based forks and scams. I automatically distrust anything based in shitty ETH tokens.

But meanwhile lots of this shit actually do serve a purpose, namely things like Ripple and Lumens, because fuck wire transfers and fuck Western Union. Like seriously why the fuck would I use any of these financial services when I can just use a stabler crypto? It's a globalized financial world now and that alone is a use case, as is privacy coins at least until crackdowns on tax evaders etc. get harder which complicates moving money into and out of the country but regardless it's always going to serve a purpose now. See also
except I haven't got much to say about Augur and I think that Ethereum is fucking garbage. It literally takes longer than bitcoin to process a transaction now and costs me HUNDREDS of fucking dollars on gas fees which itself is a crapshoot if you're trying to adjust the fee and get it to go through than get lost in the digitalether. Which is hilarious to me that all of these tokens and other shitty coins have sprung literally to serve no other purpose than actually make ethereum useful to anybody. FUCK I fucking hate ethereum what an absolute shitcoin. Which yeah. It's going to take down all its other shitokens eventually too.

Regardless there are a great many others with actual use cases with actual value and besides the fact you. can. make. lots. of. money. on. this.

>bbbut muh bags!
Yeah I agree there's always going to be shitty scam artists, many of them the fucking Chinese, and many trying to just cash out however
yeah and that guy made it completely as just a joke. And I wisely bet on it ballooning because I get peoples' mentalities about things. And because I am literally betting on the internet taking a joke and a meme and using it as the default e-currency because why because it's the internet. I spent the last almost twenty years online and so I get things like crypto booms and crashes and the dotcom bust, but I also saw the power of memes since earlier on and I predicted back in '08 that 4cancer was eventually going to help drive American politics someday and I was right about that too.

Regardless you can cry about it all you fucking wantand I will someday because I'm likely just going to be a hodler until the next crypto boom in a few years I could already cash out at double my money and meanwhile this week all my fucking stocks are down, again. Why the fuck should I keep throwing my money at these faggot oligarchs and their shitty companies hoping to get some scraps? This is the one damn time poorfags and actual middleclass people can cash in and cash out.

You know, this is why nobody takes liberals seriously anymore. They haven't got anybody's backs but these faggot pieces of shit like media moguls and oligarchs these days and turned their backs on the middleclass and poor people and now that those people can make serious money and take opportunity out of catastrophe that's fucking killing usliterally in the pandemic all some of you people want to do is cry about it.
No. 54746 Kontra
I should add I am now actually butthurt about this because never take bread off another man's plate. I'm now down $5 on my AMD stonk and none of these people running these companies in their boardrooms or hodling millions of dollars in bluechip stock need that money. They scam the middleclass out of their savings and retirement here, they scam poor people out of what little money they have in massive taxes on shit like cigarettesit costs fifteen fucking dollars for a pack of cigarettes in NYC or whatever while richfags practically pay no taxes through loopholes, they scam these poorfags out of up to thousands a year in lottery tickets, and now here sits this next wave of the future which is digital transactions in a globalized economic situation. Here is an actual chance to make some extra money especially before inflation really hits, because I'm not even sure on the legal mechanics behind them confiscating everybody's gold in the early 20th century after richfags fucked us all yet again. Anybody who bought into bitcoin earlier on made fuckloads of cash so now they don't have to be serfs basically owned by other men doing shit they hate because they have kids to feed or they need a roof over their head, and here you are bitching about it.

You know I actually contacted someone I knew back in the day to float something and first thing out of his mouth was almost verbatim some of the shit you said. Very first thing. It made me realize I turned my back on these tranny enablers long ago for a reason, and it wasn't just because I couldn't trust them on certain things. Their whole head was in a different, retarded direction, with no realistic approach to anything imo. They'll sit there and bitch about wealthy elites, and bitch about $15 minimum wage, and have no realistic approach to anything at all, say forgive all loans on their basket weaving with no idea how to pay for any of it, and cry like faggots about shit I wouldn't even expect them to be butthurt about like crypto and act like you're a bad person for investing in it while they all run up their credit cards and waste their money on stupid shit, and then get in the way of anyone actually trying to better themselves.

It makes me think of Ted K, and what he said, and the idea of some people just don't want anyone to get better. They're like bernds. They'd rather be toxic assholes with a crab bucket mentality because their whole problem isn't strategizing a better life, but bitching about theirs, being envious of others, and wanting to see anyone climbing out of it fail.

Maybe a lot of this isn't even directed at you certainly, and I'm being incredibly unfair to you ranting on an unrelated tangent, but yes I'm actually irritated now. You want crypto to end? Fine. Give me a better strategy for someone with some extra cash to make money in America or on the Wect and climb out of the hole of poverty or board up that pitfall they're standing on top as middleclass just one hospital visit away from becoming a poorfag, and I'd especially like you to actually suggest a strategy to fix this in the middle of a goddamn pandemic where everybody in the boardrooms made a fuckton of cash and the middleclass is going bankrupt left and right and a few people made a lot of money on shit like dogecoin this year rather than standing in a pantry breadline hoping to get some goddamn soup.
No. 54796
I am financially destitute
No. 54799 Kontra
No. 54800
There is literally no reason for things like Western Union and wire transfers to exist anymore
No. 55191
They exist because the entry into crypto is still esoteric to the regular population. It doesn't have a front end shop to display an easy transfer system like western union or other crediting agencies that can wire the cash cheaper than cashing out your crypto after the tax man gets his cut.

I wouldn't touch the crypto market right now as its too unstable. Maybe when it bottoms out in a few months after these last few surges die out.
No. 57821
So apparently Kazakhstan is succeeding in its open courting of crypto miners. Will it actually aid their economy?
No. 57822
The technology is useless
No. 58148
No. 58166
In case no one said it yet, tradeogre, and you should definitely write down your actual address somewhere and keep it safe.

Market's been up again too btw. Not sure if graphics cards ever coming down in price again since it's still assuredly profitable to be mining particularly if you bought around MSRP. I've actually aready more than paid off my graphics card which I didn't even start mining until March or April although all I did was sunk it right back into a bunch of shitcoins.
No. 59548
Oy what do you think you are doing you can't just introduce competition to our usurious financial schemes

Oy it pains my heart just thinking about all these innocent people thinking they can just go out loaning investment money to each other without our middlemen and financial control taking a cut