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No. 48414
8 kB, 189 × 266
How do we find the kingdom of Heaven from within, as Jesus spake? me have deep and tumultuous psych problems which are affecting my body adversely and more specifically the gut (IBS), and medication is just making me suffer too. I am thinking if we accessed our kingdoms from within, we could conquer our personal demons which afflict us all, and yes I am willing to believe this thing but I do not know how to access it and Jesus is kinda vague, so, I humbly request your help Ernst.
No. 48415
I cannot sleep or live very well either so long as I have these cursed constipation spells, which again seems to be generated by my magician of a mind
No. 48421
I can't really tell what you mean by that inner kingdom.

Are you talking about the unconcious in Jungian terms?
Or the soul in christian terms?

Is the "kingdom of heaven" common knowledge among christians?

t. has not read any of the Bibles.
No. 48428
So basically when I say 'kingdom of Heaven' this is the highest state of mind which you or anyone can achieve, according to a scholar named Bill Donahue. However, you can only achieve it thru meditation and from the right side of your brain. This apparently is what Revelations was talking about, it's just a manual for accessing higher frequencies of the mind, including the 'kingdom'.

Now, this brings me to my own point, I feel like this might be the fix I am looking for if my ailments are of a psychological nature. No amount of medication, or help from outside actors, even doctors, could fix this.

Whatever is holding me back, seems to be emanating from the corruption of my mind
No. 48430
That's...not really true. Revelations is probably among the most fascinating parts of the Bible though as it's probably the most multifaceted. That tract exists both fully outside of time and space and within it. If you think it's helpful to deal with it in more Jungian terms there is indeed probably a hidden component of that although afaik the Kabbalic Tree of Life isn't necessarily interwoven however it does contain a great degree of mysticism along with certain descriptors of past events and things to come repeatedly, it's just the one final one people fixate on and also conveniently forget things like the time spaces it's freaking a thousand years for one specific time for example.

Of course I come here and likewise find myself asking if there is any way to flatline one's sex drive entirely without resorting to SSRI abuse. Porn is probably the one thing that genuinely displeases me about myself and it is altogether something disgusting about our society that should be abolished.
No. 48432
>uh, well, AKSHULLY that's bullshit
<but it's a multifaceted text soo maybee but I wouldn't count on it

Ahem, for the record, I got this info from a theologian, but, if it is truly G-d's Word then it should apply to everything within the universe, wouldn't it? To minimize yourself to a specific plane or dimension is ungodlike, to constrain yourself in it is something the creature would do rather than the creator. And if this is Logos, shouldn't it akshully be everywhere?

Think about it.
No. 48435
The gospel isn't a self-help guide to solve all of your problems, which is unfortunately how American Christianity tends to view it. It's a call and a guide to transform you into a better human being. Develop a universal compassion for your fellow man, and you'll find the Kingdom of Heaven within you (this will also bring great inner peace, but that's not the primary goal).

Religion aside, have you tried modifying your diet? My own autoimmune problems (as I understand it, IBS is often autoimmune related) have been improved a lot more by diet than by any prescribed medication. My basic rule is "no grains, legumes, or dairy", which I borrowed from a friend who improved a lot by following it. When I keep to that rule strictly, my own health and well-being improve dramatically. This is close to some Auto-Immune Protocol diets, as well as some paleo ones, so it's not just me. The underlying theory is that these foods trigger damaging autoimmune responses in a lot of people, and AFAIK there's some research to back that up. But I do know it works for me, and it's worth trying out for a month to see if it works for you.

It can be frustrating to switch to at first, but after a week or two you stop craving things like bread and cheese. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are alright to eat, so get a lot of them. If you can't persist without grains at all, white rice is supposedly the least bad.
No. 48436 Kontra
>t. has not read any of the Bibles.
I don't know how you can consider yourself an educated person if you haven't even read the Bible. It's not just for religious nuts, you know.
No. 48549
I have, with protein mainly and some amount of carbs, tried eating less too, it didn't really help. I will tell you that recently I did 2 enemas and only managed to get out a 1/3rd of the feces out. My neck hurt afterwards for some reason. Still can't sleep with this feces mass itching and irritating my bowels. It hurts behind, on the sides, too

I was given Senna tea to relieve me of this hell but I think I may have to rely on my prescribed meds again.

I want to die so badly, I can't keep living like this. I prayed to God to give me a miracle for this but this often never works so, idk why I even try to turn to the Highest Power, whatever that means.

I would tell you further about this but I'm on a flipphone since I spilled water on my laptop so it doesnt work so I have to use this and its inconvenient for me
No. 48550
If possible, try seeing another doctor, and maybe a nutritionist. Doctors aren't saints or all-seeing geniuses, and if you have an uncommon condition, one or another may not give you the right treatment simply because they don't know what to do, or because they've reduced the amount of attention they give to each patient due to volume or habit.

>I have, with protein mainly and some amount of carbs
What rules did you follow, specifically? How well did you follow them? Absent medical help, radical dietary modification is your best bet.

I can't offer any help but that, but I wish the best for you brother Ernst.
No. 48570
92 kB, 1366 × 768
35 kB, 227 × 239
I give witness the pictures I post are true.

We are millions that have lived this.
No. 48583
15 kB, 400 × 302
75 kB, 600 × 454
156 kB, 900 × 1013
140 kB, 500 × 375

I would like to share this testimony. When one gets Christian and gets interested in the subject, this stuff even gets like normal. I mean so much testimonies...

pics from my Christian folder because.
No. 51271
482 kB, 1200 × 2280
I'm not entirely positive what you meant by this post. At surface glance neither post seems to be contradicting each other.

No. 51333
113 kB, 634 × 775
>How do we find the kingdom of Heaven from within, as Jesus spake?
There is no kingdom of Heaven. Your soul is not transcendental and there is nowhere you will be sent to once your lowly form withers away. If there is a God, or some superior creator figure, it is only natural that he doesn't care about our individual actions. There is no point in you judging ants, there is no point in God judging you. Perhaps at some point our creator cared about his creation, if it was even a conscious act but he doesn't care about you specifically. An indifferent being that created a fundamentally unfair world built on suffering is not a being to worship.

In Christianity, Man is blamed for suffering. If what pains you isn't the action of another human being, if it's something beyond anyone's control - then you must also blame Man. Worst case scenario, it'll be chalked up to God working in mysterious ways which is also your faul, after all, man not being in Eden is also our fault.

The idea that mankind is fundamentally flawed, weak and composed of a great mass of lowly sinners is a good starting point. The problem is that the very material realities of our world and the biological realities of being a human being are two never ending sources of suffering. It's unavoidable.

I believe that this despondent creator did place us in an incomplete world, one in which the most brutal of horrors would be predictable recurring events. Our creator is either fine with this or so despondent that he wouldn't care. To live a life of good is to be in an open state of revolt towards this uncaring demiurge, to be genuinely good towards others as a way of fighting the unfairness of this soul prison we're stuck in. Many good people grow bitter and resentful from this world and the people around it, many will attempt to do go in hopeless attempts at being eventually rewarded with an afterlife good boy treat. This is a mistake and if the archons would care to even take note of your withering old life form who sacrificed so much just to receive a pat on the head, they would surely be howling in laughter as you return to dust. A justified punishment for someone performing moral acrobatics for a selfish purpose.

There is nothing waiting for you when you die. Whatever you do, will sooner or later be forgotten if not immediately after your death. Do not blame your fellow man, blame your creator. Be loving towards your fellow man. no homo
No. 51334
>The problem is that the very material realities of our world and the biological realities of being a human being are two never ending sources of suffering. It's unavoidable.
This is nothing contrary to the Christian view of the world ("biological realities" which lead to human suffering is just a secular description of "fallen human nature").

Gnosticism is fine and all, but the Brahman pill is greater. There is no self or other, all consciousness is manifestation of the same being. This applies as well to any possible creator being. Hating him is as not-right as hating your fellow man, regardless of their deeds. But obsessive concern with the desires of such a being is also not-right.

Furthermore, concern with the afterlife is not-right. As consciousness embodied in animal form, we are of course concerned with death. But being continues regardless, and if you glimpse the divine reality, you see that your animal fears are unimportant.
No. 51351
A strong sense of humour is the soul's transgression against the normalization of evil
No. 58351
I am currently living in Heaven figuratively speaking and I am still not happy. I feel like everything could be absolutely perfect in my life and I still wouldn't be satisfied. I am seeking serenity, I want to find my kingdom within and as I read about religious texts I remain convinced that the way my soul works concludes that heaven isn't a place for me because the abrahamic books says that everyone in heaven will always be happy. Does this mean I will get to hell? Then I started to question if heaven in the afterlife is absolute or just relative. If it is relative then obviously I can stop worrying because a heaven to me would just be an interim state, like soul sleep or what the muslims call barzakh. My soul will be void of feelings and I wont feel anything so I wont be happy nor miserable.
No. 58360
>my body
>I am thinking
>I am willing
Who are you?