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No. 48741 Systemkontra
21 kB, 480 × 360
I noticed that there's been quite a lot of technology related discussions on EC recently, that get washed away in the today thread before getting much discussion. We also have separate threads for hardware, software, technology in general, all of which don't get much activity.
So this thread would unify all of those discussions, and have a common place to talk about computer stuff.
Discuss OSes, hardware, programming, computing in general, the Internet, etc., here in this thread. Share opinions about how computer technology is shit, SHIT! also give each other advice.
No. 48743
3,4 MB, 3456 × 5184
386 kB, 1075 × 1600
I will take on the responsibility of starting the first discussion.
What do you guys think about the Free Software vs Open Source movements?

To set the stage, the Free Software movement, formulated by Richard Matthew Stallman is more philosophical in nature, and is concerned about the rights (and freedoms) of software users. It posits that users of software should have certain freedoms and rights regarding the software they use, and that creators of of software should not deprive the users of those rights.
The freedoms include doing whatever you want with the software, being able to study its source code, modify it freely and redistribute it at will. Which means that software should never do things without the user's consent or understanding, and should never limit what the user can do with it. A lot like how physical property actually works. It deems it unjust that a software developer can simply force the user to put up with behavior that they might not want, either because of IP laws, or because the software is obfuscated and practically impossible to modify (most software is compiled, meaning you get code that a computer can understand, but a human will have difficulty parsing without the source code) More here:

The Open Source movement (which is maligned by RMS himself, and the Free Software movement in general) is more, let's say, "pragmatic" in nature. It is more concerned about the practical benefit of having the source code of a program available, and the ability to accept fixes and contributions from the public. Compared to the user-centric nature of the Free Software philosophy, I feel like it's more programmer oriented. As in, the benefit of having the software be open source is that it results in better software, and it's not as concerned about the rights of the software user. Open Source is seen as simply a better way to manage and develop programs, rather than a philosophical stance. It is not necessary for Open Source software to allow the user to modify and redistribute it on their own, only to study the source. In that sense, it is more commercial.

I also need to mention what "Proprietary software" is. Simply put, it is software that is closed source, owned by a company or an individual, and has copyright and IP law restrictions associated with it. You are expected to use the software, but not have the right or opportunity to see how it works, or modify it. Basically, most mainstream, big software from corporations like Microsoft or Adobe.

The reason I find this particular discussion interesting, is because I am split on the issue. I find it noble and A Good Thing(tm) to care about the rights and freedoms of software users. But I have observed that the Free Software movement, like any ideology, sometimes fails in practical domains. Sometimes the the Ideal thing to do is not practically viable.
But the Open Source idea, while often commercialized and frankly sometimes a way to get free work out of people without giving much back, gives more authorial control to the programmers, or at least, is pragmatic enough to care about the quality of the software, rather than rights of random users. And I do tend to believe that authorial control, in most areas of human activity, is important. Ideas don't make things, people do.

Another reason it's interesting is that Linus Torvalds, the founder and BDFL of the Linux Kernel, and Stallman, founder of the Free Software Movement and the GNU operating system, fall somewhat on the opposite sides of this divide. For Stallman, the ethics of software is most important. For Linus, it is the quality of the software, and its future that is most important. You can see a general overview of Linus's opinions here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaKIZ7gJlRU .

What do you guys think?
No. 48773
>We also have separate threads for hardware, software, technology in general, all of which don't get much activity.
Great idea for a thread, but I guess if we create another one, activity be even lower ):

My opinion that software should public their source if is not seriously compromise security measures, maybe not directly, but over time. The company can public it under a license that preventing others from commercial use, but it should be available to the public, or at least, to the software owners.
No. 48774
Also, for this thread, an interesting possible topic might be Quantum computers.
No. 48776 Kontra
Fuck off nerd

(User was banned for this post)

No. 48777
May we finally ban Americans and the news thread, please?
No. 48778
26 kB, 325 × 325
Im learning Linux and its making me feel like a retard. I am fucking around with CentOS on a virtual machine at the moment, just following along to shitty tutorials i got from Udemy. Might swap the distro over to Ubuntu or something just to change things around and experiment.

t.learning difficulties from internet addiction, pornography burnout and teenage drug abuse on a developing mind
No. 48779
Habe ich drei wochen wochenlang zu beginnt lerne ein skill. German obviously won't be it so maybe it shall be some computer shit. Is there any path you'd recommend a low iq ritart go down?
No. 48781
Very bad idea. Admins shouldn't rangeban whole territories like the US, Russia or Germany just because of a manageable amount of bad behaviour. Also, I think there are many very good contributions of US origin on EC, and the board would be worse without them.
No. 48783
> learning Linux
What is there to learn? I'm curious? Point and click isn't that hard, even Windows users can manage that.
No. 48804
550 kB, 620 × 705
It would be a noble sacrifice I'm willing to take for the greater good tbqh. You would still have German shitposters though.

The main problem with them will be cooling ultimately. We are a looong way off from those ever becoming a reality but hey, we went from ultra expensive IBM mainframe computers to something way more powerful fitting in your pocket within just 50 years so I guess it is possible, albeit not until we're old men/dead.
No. 48816
you can't make good software without money or at least without an intention to share/achieve knowledge in the process. Additionally no one asks you to contribute, you can keep your own fork and do whatever you want with it. That's not an issue, the software is still there. The beauty is immesuarable, purely altruistic sharing of knowledge - by reading the code you learn as well, let alone it can get you a higher paying job.

>What is there to learn?
depends on what you are trying to achieve. It takes quite a while to get yourself running in this new environment. Maybe your aim is to build your own Minecraft server, then you're going to setup firewall rules, learn how to harden your ssh config, etc.
No. 48821
None of that is really useful since at least CentOS comes with very sane defaults.

The first thing you should learn is to never # curl -O https://veryinnocentlookingurl.fun | sh -

But fuckadoodledo, almost every "tutorial" uses that.
No. 48826
>What do you guys think about the Free Software vs Open Source movements?
Well, basically I think Stallman is right that we need free software as in the word freedom and that this is a requirement for a free society.
No. 48827
Well, I think it's good you try out new things besides Windows and Mac OS as one can find much joy in GNU/Linux. It's a more secure operating system. You can customize it much more, there are even distributions where you can configure the software to fit your hardware perfectly! Why did you choose Cent OS? It doesn't seem like a good "beginner distro". I'd always recommend Ubuntu as it is easy to use and can be a good first distro to go on from there. Also: Ubuntu is right of the bat usable after installation. If you want to dive deeper into Linux, I'd recommend watching tutorials about the file systems, the terminal, commands etc. I think another good way to learn is installing Arch in a VM. You don't have to use it or anything after this, but going through the installation process can give you much valuable insight into the workings of Linux.
No. 48860
If you use Linux, which distro and which DE/WM do you use? Also: what's your favorite distro and de/wm in general?

I use ArcoLinuxB with dwm since recently and I'm quite happy with it. Maybe this is even my favorite distro as they make the Arch experience so much more accessible. My favorite DE would be GNOME or Cinnamon, but GNOME is a bit bloated. Favorite WM is definitely dwm because of its minimalist nature.
No. 48861
>which distro and which DE/WM do you use?
Arch with i3wm. Arch is very impressive in terms of software accessibility due to the AUR, and I've installed it many times, so I know what to do and expect. i3 is the first tiling window manager I've tried and it hasn't broken once since that time. I'd love to try out dwm/st, but I find myself too lazy to setup own PKGBUILDs and keep them updated.

>what's your favorite distro and de/wm in general?
I think this combo works really well for my use case (studying/coding), however I'd want to switch to Wayland as soon as possible, if only sway/wlroots could work properly with it on Nvidia cards
No. 48862
>Arch is very impressive in terms of software accessibility due to the AUR
That's true although the point that you have to compile all those packages is a problem for people like me that have not good hardware specs as it takes ages.

>I'd love to try out dwm/st, but I find myself too lazy to setup own PKGBUILDs and keep them updated
Well, there's always the possibility of a VM, but I mean, if i3 works for you, there's no reason to switch really.

>however I'd want to switch to Wayland as soon as possible
No. 48867
>I think another good way to learn is installing Arch in a VM.
Did exactly that not so long ago, and I kinda doubt that it will teach you much, simply because there are tons of step-by-step guides (including ArchWiki) which you could follow brainlessly and get a more-or-less working system in the end. The only things I learned are very basic skills of using fdisk and the fact that Arch doesn't install DHCP by default (which still puzzles me; I mean, why?). Then again, I've been thinking of installing Linux on my laptop (my desktop PC still needs to use Шindows because it's sort of a "gayming" PC), and get a bit deeper into it. I figured that since I only use the laptop for downloading torrents and occasionally for playing indieshit and old console games on emulators whenever my parents drag me out to dacha, it doesn't really have to run on Шindows. Both indieshit and emulators work on Linux, and I can use Samba to share files with the Шindows machine (and it would probably do a better job than Шindows itself: they somehow messed up shared folders in 10, while in 7 everything worked fine). I'm also thinking of buying a smart-TV or two in the near future, and I believe it would be easier for them to access files on Linux than on Шindows. Well, in the not so near future I would probably even buy a NAS to use as a home media center, but they still use some Linux derivative as far as I know, so there will be "opportunities to learn" either way, heh.

Speaking of which, does anyone have an experience of using NAS? Is there a point of using it at home?
No. 48870
>simply because there are tons of step-by-step guides (including ArchWiki) which you could follow brainlessly and get a more-or-less working system in the end
Yes, this is one possibility, but you can also use it as a training or introduction into Linux. He stated that he wants to learn Linux, so I guess he would really look into the commands and try to understand the concept behind them.
No. 48878
I have built my own data server about 11 years ago and am still using it (continuosly updated the hardware); it's been used as the data storage backend used by my HTPC (an old laptop connected to the TV). Over the years I have gathered a lot of experience and I can say that even though I am a tinkerer by nature I have very rarely broken anything about my setup. That data server has been running 24/7 pretty much for 10 years with the only exceptions being reboots due to updates and a few times where hardware was replaced.

The thing that surprises people the most is that it's been running Arch linux since 2009 (back then I was pretty much a Linux noob) and the thing has an availability of more than 99.9999% across 10 years. It's stable as fuck.

My recommendation for NASes is: Do it yourself and ask others for advice. It's well worth it to look into FreeBSD/FreeNAS rather than Linux btw.
No. 48882
>That data server has been running 24/7 pretty much for 10 years with the only exceptions being reboots due to updates and a few times where hardware was replaced
Don't you have an enormous electricity consumption and thus an enormous electricity bill? Is that kind of setup thus really feasible for a private user?
No. 48887
>My recommendation for NASes is: Do it yourself
You mean like turning some old PC into a server? Dunno, I've been thinking of just buying something like this: https://catalog.onliner.by/nas/qnap/qnapd2 – putting a couple of HDDs into it in JBOD and enjoying it without much headache. It should work fine as a torrent downloader/file storage.
No. 48907
Total usage is between 20 and 45W for the entire server, measured at the socket with a voltcraft energy meter. The CPU is an intel i3 with 15W TDP , each HDD is optimized for running 24/7 with a low power consumption (eg. 5900 RPM max) and the PSU had the highest possible efficiency at the time of buying (and was also the most costly component :D). Currently it has 4 drives and one SSD. If it was purely for serving data I'd replace the SSD with a pair of SD cards to get an additional SATA slot.

Drives are encrypted via dm-crypt (meaning I'm using the kernel module for efficient software encryption). They are in a RAID5 using mdadm and the filesystem ontop is plain old ext4. The read speed has consistently been above 100MiB/s (That is megabytes, not megabits) and the limit is the ethernet port of the mainboard (1Gbit intel controller).

Remember lightbulbs before everything was LED based? They had 60W for typical ceiling lamps. The water boiler below the kitchen sink eats 1,500W for about 5 minutes when heating in energy saving mode. The thing that heats running water (shower etc) eats 35,000W.
I can assure you, the server is barely noticable at the end of the year :D

I have 3 other servers running that are even more energy efficient (between 7W and 15W each). You just have to know what components to buy, really.
No. 48909
Yes, common PC hardware, though as energy saving as possible, see the previous post.

I don't know qnap, but the main reason for me to prefer self-built systems is the control I have over the software. If you're able to assemble the hardware yourself, you should take a look at freeNAS, which is pretty much a plug&play solution with a very solid base. All of it is open source and you can install new software (eg. different torrent client) at will.
No. 48912
Thanks for the explanation!
No. 48914
Modern technology is fucking space heaters powered by nuclear plants. I've seen Linus reviewing 3090's in SLI mode and he was warming his hands like at a campfire from fucking a meter away. We're talking about 400w GPUs now, and if you're still getting Intel for God knows what reason I've seen the fucking things needing to run 325w through the board on overclocks. You can easily jump up to actually needing a 1000w PSU these days if you're buying tech today (actually paying for an IOU until January but whatever) and running a rig that's juicing 700w from the wall nonstop actually is going to eat up your power bill over a given period of time. Granted just running some dinky server with a bunch of HDDs in RAID probably won't do that but still, it's a worthy consideration at this point.
>15w TDP CPU
No. 48940
I'm sorry, I made a mistake there: The data server that draws between 20 and 45W does not have a 15W TDP CPU, it's 35W TDP: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/compare.html?productIds=53423

But the 20-45W were correct, I've looked up the measurements that I've taken and can give you the details even: Peak was 55W during boot, after that the system never exceeded 45W (I've rounded the values to the nearest integer), with 20W in idle and an average of 28W over 3 days of regular usage (file server for the LAN, mostly used for streaming to the HTPC; backup server for 7 computers, automated using borg-backup with encryption and compression (which is the most CPU taxing thing happening on this server); and various other minor things like ftp, torrents, reverse proxy to mirror package repos, etc)

If you find 15W TDP impressive, check out the AMD A4-5000 series. I've got an A4-5050 set up as communication server and SSH tunnel and it's pushing 1gbit data streams with proper encryption (ed25519 curve + poly1305 stream cypher) without fully saturating one of it's cores; it's drawing less than 10W in that case. It has 15W TDP officially, but I've not measured more than 18W for the entire server (and that was during boot only).

What many people don't think about is that very few use cases actually require much processing power. The absolute worst offender here is badly software design, mostly concentrated around web pages today. I do low level programming close to the hardware in my daily routine and I assure you that no matter how hard I try, I won't be able to give you a clear and accurate picture of how terrible the situation with browsers, javascript and almost all pages actually is. It's... frustrating. A SNES from 1993 is able to render text faster than your webbrowser on a $2000 laptop from this year - not slightly faster but TWICE as fast. And it has nothing to do with fidelity, this remains true even if you lower your resolution to NTSC and read the twitter fron page as a bag of pixels.
If you don't play games using UE4 or Unity and you don't run a webbrowser with javascript enabled, you will be fine using a 15W TDP CPU from 5 years ago. You will actually hardly notice a difference 99% of the time.
No. 48942
Fedora with Gnome. KDE has yet to have good Wayland support. I would love to try Enlightenment again when they have acceptable Wayland support. Sway is nice too and if you run i3 consider switching since it has excellent Wayland support.

> bloated
Haha poor souls who think that. "Oh my DE is optimized to the max" starts firefox

Gets me every time.

Gnome is not bloated.
No. 48949
Gnome is just sluggish, leaks memory and crashes sometimes. The simpler system - the more difficult is to break it, this is a direct example of the principle

>Arch doesn't install DHCP by default
my guess is that in a server oriented environment ip adresses are assumed to be allocated statically, eliminating the need for a DHCP server/client

>to compile all those packages is a problem
AUR doesn't enforce you to install all the packages from sources, it takes 10 minutes on my old two core laptop to build several big packages. Of course, it's dumb get such a machine to build Chromium

>the possibility of a VM
I think you misunderstood what I wrote. I need to be able to comfortably use dwm with an i3 like experience. I must port my i3 config and modify dwm's source code to achieve it, both would take an impressive amount of time

>Wayland as soon as possible. Why?
Wayland solves so many problems once and for all. When on Xorg you need to google about how to calculate the DPI manually to get crisp fonts from HiDPI, it all just werks™ on Wayland
No. 48950
Two pieces of unoptimized software are still worse than one of them. So having to deal with browsers is not a good reason to also have to deal with Gnome.

Disclaimer: I don't think that Gnome is bloated, just arguing for the principle here. I wouldn't want to use Gnome due to wonky performance at times and because it is actually less responsive than using most WMs without a DE.
No. 48951
>I need to be able to comfortably use dwm with an i3 like experience. I must port my i3 config and modify dwm's source code to achieve it, both would take an impressive amount of time

Hey, I have that problem the other way around: I've been using the same bspwm setup that I've crafted almost 7 years ago and I know that I will eventually switch to i3 due to sway, but actually doing it means days of work to port my custom setup…
No. 48952
I don't mean to offend, but why do you (read: anyone) argue for performance on such systems? It's not like you could play games or do serious 3D rendering. I don't think that with current hardware prices you really need elegant softwae even though it would be nice to have of course.
No. 48956
Could you maybe share your i3 (and i3blocks?) configs? I'd like to take a look at how you customized it for inspiration.
No. 48957
This is were people stops being reasonable.
You see Gnome and Firefox use many of the same systems and libraries. So when you have to upload a file, for example, it pulls in GTK. So it is already loaded. Consistent theming is also something that people just don't think about when hurr durr optimize, having programs pull in images and other shit twice or more also isn't effective.

Also people just can't keep big and bloated separate. Gnome is an DE and for that it is expected to have certain things like a file manager and themes and point and click settings. These things take resources but are they bloated when they do what they are supposed to and does not pull it QT? I would argue they are suited to the task at hand in the environment they are meant to be used.

I used to run an WM, forgot its name now, but it was small. But it was sluggish and tried to do clever things and didn't use resources well. Although smaller and "lighter" then Gnome I would argue that it was bloated.

Bloat is Electron apps. Rage all you want but it is true.

Also if you want "bloat" you should try Enlightenment with animated backgrounds. Some of those are quite big. Looks pretty though so still wouldn't do without them.
No. 48958
>Gnome is not bloated.
How do you define bloated? Is there another DE you'd consider bloatware?
No. 48959
Ok, you just answered it. Then nevermind.
No. 48972
ahem, something like this https://hastebin.com/eqepepexul.sql

Keep in mind that I prioritize performance over crazy features. I ditched polybar and other bars for a reason.

>Bloat is Electron apps
Exactly, this is why the only Electron app I use is VSCodium.

>Also if you want "bloat"
You ignore the fact that fully fledged DEs introduce a certain level of unresponsiveness to them. From all the DEs I've tried only xfce and lxqt compete with tiling managers in terms of responsiveness. And when ADHD kicks in, I want my system to be blazing fast.

>Consistent theming

>having programs pull in images and other shit twice or more also isn't effective.
Do you know about caching and paging? Once a program is loaded once, it'll keep the libraries cached automatically.
No. 48982
Thank you very much!
No. 48983
139 kB, 555 × 414
I agree that Stallman is right in absolute terms. The problem I have with Free Software is that it ensures a minimum threshold for abuse, but does not guarantee that abuse won't happen.
What I mean by that is that all authority/control is a result of raw power, and corporations, today, have the most power. Or the most relevant types of power.
The license allows you to, by means of the law, to leverage the power of the state. And although the state has a monopoly on violence, there's other kinds of power. And corporations have some of them in abundance: labor, and currency. The most used tactics of control by corporations, in the "open source" space, today, are those of labor saturation. What they do, is that they will take control of certain parts of open source projects, by sheer manpower of their labor leverage, then perhaps obfuscate some parts with cryptic code, and practically chain the rest of the project to their authority, even if "legally" they are disposable. And that's one of the many tactics of asserting control that they have in their disposal.

So, I think, in some cases, we might need something better/stronger. In case of the Linux Kernel, I think it works so far because we have a BDFL, and a very principled group of core kernel contributors. But without that, who knows what could happen?

My proposed method of social pressure is mail bombings, by the way. While mortality is an irreversible process, violence is still the strongest vector of asserting power.

On an unrelated note, this is why I don't care for demonstrations, flash mobs, activism and other forms of "soft power". Playing by the rules of the system (legal gatherings) doesn't do shit. Either kill your local senator, or shut up. I, myself, know I don't have the balls to plant a bomb in the parliament building, but I'm tired of the people who pretend they do, but still do nothing other than assaulting their fellow proletarians sometimes.
No. 48985
>Fedora with Gnome
Is Fedora comfy? Want to try it out.
No. 48986
I agree that there is the risk of abuse by certain profit driven powers, but I don't think this is a big problem. That's so great about FOSS. It's free and open source, so the code is available to anyone. The suppression and appropriation you mentioned are happening and will happen, but the original code will still be free and open source and can be continued or modified in such a manner. Both models will coexist and in the end it's the decision of the user which he will support. Of course, the side with money is much more powerful, but right now there is still the possibility to expose their doings and many people like RMS do exactly that. For example many Linux users don't like Canonical very much and thus use another distro. Your suggestion of terrorism I have to reject. I don't think terrorism is any means to achieve real societal change. Yes, it is an outburst of violence, sometimes a quite powerful one, but in most cases those represent the actions of an individual or a small group, not of the whole people. How is that any better than having powerful corporations? Neither represent anything. I agree that conventional political activism won't result in anything too, although as I stated terrorism won't either. The hierarchical structure of society will remain at the core of human society, no matter what political system there currently governs. There was an Ancient time without artificial hierarchy, but back then we were a different kind of people. Bringing any political or societal system of the past back is not possible. I don't see a future for us where we are liberated. Sorry.
No. 48987
It's good. Like it way more then Debian. While I understand Debian it is stuck, no unified /usr last i checked, systemd rage wars, a pain to create your own .deb and so on. Fedora is were things happens more or less. Queue Red Hat is evil and wants to take over Linux. Also new interesting stuff like homectl and other nice things. I know there are looser, yes I will call them looser when they can't criticize it beyond Lennart is the devil, who would disagree but I find it nice and refreshing. And if you have ever configured network on Debian and Red Hat you will appreciate systemd-networkd. LACP was almost easy to set up using it.
No. 48989
Oh I know about caching. It is just that people who go full BLOATED SHIT have no clue about computers in general.

> responsiveness
> blazing fast
I don't use shit hardware and it is usable even on a Raspberry3, not award winning but usable.
No. 48995
13,9 MB, 2467 × 3000
Ok, super autistic and controversial opinion to follow (please forgive me):
I don't like the word "terrorism".
I think the only reason "terrorism" doesn't work, is because democracy doesn't either. Like, if I was a perfectly rational agent from a country currently getting bombed by western powers, and I believed in democracy, I'd sure as shit massacre "innocent" civilians. Why? Because in a democratic system, the civilian nominally holds the most power. The only reason this doesn't actually work is because democracy doesn't either. The average civilian never exercises their democratic power, they just want to coom, consoom, and "live their life".
In fact, there's no such thing as an "innocent" in a democratic system. You hold political power, however intangible? Well, you are responsible. If you live your whole life unaware of the fact that your government is bombing foreign hospitals and writing it off as "collateral", you're fucking responsible, whether you realize it or not. Do something about it, or don't be surprised if the aforementioned people getting bombed treat you as a valid target and an enemy.
Like, imagine the cognitive dissonance of believing that you have actual political power as a "voter", and then getting surprised that enemy soldiers you're at war with treat you as a valid target. The very word "terrorism" is a massive spook. There is no such thing as "terrorism". Those are legitimate acts of war. Why? BECAUSE YOUR COUNTRY IS CURRENTLY AT WAR, DUH

Now, all of this only applies if you truly believe that your """vote""" gives you political power.
So let's analyze that. Do you really, truly believe that it does? I don't think so. So, what argument do you have against the claim that your government and "national identity" (that you don't participate in because you're "living your life") are not, in fact, parasitic entities that hold the symbols (flag, name, coat of arms) that represent your "people", but don't, actually, in fact, represent them in a real sense? (because you don't actually have any fucking representation). I don't think you have any. States are parasitic entities that pretend to be the representatives of a "people" or a "nation", but aren't actually controlled by the populace. They're no different from corporations.
And if that is true, then WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Just "living your life", huh? Well, excuse me if I bomb, you, then, "innocent bystander". Can't have your cake and eat it, too. You either have political power, and it's ok to bomb you, or you don't and you're just standing by, watching a rogue group of mercenaries don the symbols of your nation to bomb foreign peoples.
Well fuck that shit either way.

The difference between third worlders and westoids is that third worlders KNOW that they don't have any power, nominal or otherwise. They walk into the central square, they get shot or imprisoned. Westoids, on the other hand, allow themselves to be deluded, thinking they have real power, yet are surprised when arms are used against the supposedly "powerful" "bystanders". Pathetic.

Now, what am I getting at? I'm getting at the fact that terrorism would work, if only the targets were chosen deliberately, rather than out of desperation. Walk up to the main contributor from Microsoft to the Linux Kernel on the streets while he's on his way to McDonalds, with an ordinary hammer in your pocket. Give him a good whack on the forehead, instant death. Problem solved. Same applies to any person of relative importance. Nobody is ever safe, no matter what your precautions are, if someone puts their mind to it, and doesn't care about consequences (as any good terrorist should), they CAN kill you. Why does this never happen? Why is it that the innocent are those who suffer? I don't know. It frustrates me too.

Maybe because subjectively, our individual suffering seems to heavily outweigh the imaginary suffering of others, however small, but millions of them, because we can't directly feel it. How many mass shootings could be prevented if 5 brave ones stormed the shooter, instead of huddling in the corner? Yet it never happens. And I know why. Because I'd cover in the corner like a pussy as well, I know it. That's the tragedy of it all. Humans are weak, humans are shit. We deserve all the suffering we get. Flush it all down the toilet. I'm ready, coach. Do it.
No. 48999 Kontra
Way to hijack your own thread on computer technology, mang.
No. 49000
I don't think that it depends on the targets for terrorism to work. It will never work. Those people are replaceable. Every human is replaceable as we live in a system and not as individuals. We are only as much individuals as the system lets us be. But in the end we are cogs of the great machine. So I don't think it matters if you kill this or that guy, he will be replaced anyway. And yes, my friend, the human was born as an imperfect being. But instead of improving his perfect and genius sides, his imperfection and weaknesses developed more and more. Since the Agricultural revolution our societies are based on the weaknesses of man. That's why we will vanish in the end to be replaced by something much greater.
No. 49004
1,1 MB, 1200 × 800
545 kB, 1552 × 1793
Technology is politics.
plus I'm drunk, I have an excuse.

besides, like, don't you value having an ebig discussion over staying within some arbitrary OCD constraint of a thread topic? this is my main problem with small message boards, conversations can't flow naturally, everything has to be compartmentalized in autistic way.

I don't like the idea of deferring agency to invisible processes. Be it claiming that capitalism is "natural", therefore irresistible, or to natural selection, or any other "larger than life natural process". There are so many industries in the market, where the way business are run, are run that way only because of some technically "irrational" expectations, standards and ideologies that customers hold. or societies in history that seem bizzare to us because the people inhabiting them held completely different "irrational' beliefs. I think in reality, in any system, what the people believe in, goes. And it is for that very reason that "the system" tries to convince the populace to defer their agency to various entropic forces.
"muh economy is comprised of 100% rational actors playing the prisoner's dilemma". Yeah fuck that, I'd rather be a big dick chad who will act upon irrational, illogical and arbitrary impulses for no other reason that I feel like it. Rationality is for gay homos and small peepe brainlet smol brain autismo hylics. LOW INHIBITION GANG RISE UP.
I reserve the right to believe in the power of human will.
Even if it doesn't count for shit. Gotta believe in some god.
No. 49006
>Rationality is for gay homos and small peepe brainlet smol brain autismo hylics
good point, by doing things irrationally on purpose we are proving to be human, rather than robots with a predefined utility function.
No. 49007
This ):

And answer to yourself.

sighn I feel like EC turned in a bad direction lately. Maybe with this, I'll finally quit imageboards.
No. 49009 Kontra
You have really high standards.
No. 49012 Kontra
172 kB, 520 × 853
>sighn I feel like EC turned in a bad direction lately.
To counter any narrative of the silent masses agreeing: I think the exact opposite. EC turned into a very good direction lately. And for the "answer to yourself"-topic: You might have missed that post: >>48979
>I have to announce that beyond the first two posts in the Technology General thread, none of the bricks have been me. Sure, I loved basking in the brief period of feeling truly anonymous on this website for once, but I have to say this to avoid any misunderstanding.
So very likely he has not. Also: I completely agree with the statement in >>49004:
>don't you value having an ebig discussion over staying within some arbitrary OCD constraint of a thread topic?
I think keeping as close as possible to the thread OP topic is an unnecessary restriction to the development of threads, especially if you consider that even the OP can't foresee every development a thread can take, so maybe everyone (including OP) likes it. If not, there is always the opportunity to just say so.
No. 49013
lol wot, there are two bricks on EC at the moment. I've come tired of other imageboards. Let me tell you something: if you disagree with an argument in a discussion, you have to provide your own opinion, rather than mindlessly making false statements.
No. 49018
>EC turned into a very good direction lately.
Into Kohl-pol?
No. 49052
I think the worst thing about EC in the past week has been an increase in one-line quip posts that contribute nothing, and are only meant to apply some kind of peer pressure or express disagreement with no further elaboration. Which is what you're doing.
I think that's worse than actual discussions in every case, even if the topic of the discussion is bad.
No. 49060
I should write a poem about poltardism in every second thread or what?
No. 49061
If it really is that bad why don't you try to counter it and actually make some effort posts and commit yourself to some threads? But you don't that, do you?
No. 49062
Does anybody know a good VPS provider?
No. 49064
113 kB, 1800 × 1800
Is privacy an issue? The radio for example is hosted at cryptoho.st, which is reasonably priced, quite reliable, has good admin tools and accepts bitcoin payment. The company resides in St. Tome and Principe somewhere off the shores of West Africa, and the server location is Romania, which should provide a reasonable amount of privacy.
No. 49065
Thank you, that sounds very good indeed! Will check it out.
No. 49066
But you still have to share a (real?) name and (real?) address, right?
No. 49067
23 kB, 400 × 236
You need to enter a name, but it doesn't matter if it's real, you need just a valid E-Mail address. At least it was like this when I signed up 16 months ago. Or I was just veeery lucky that there actually lives an Ernst Iwan in Hambacher Forst :DD
No. 49069
>Ernst Iwan in Hambacher Forst
No. 49088
Do you know what kind of virtualization software they are using?
No. 49090
Hey is there some kind of way I can use a Raspberry Pi as my burner phone and then firewall it off from so much as being detected by every home network within 500 meters? Because I wouldn't want them to even be able to detect my device. Would this have to go through the same cable modem? If I used a cable splitter and installed a second cable modem could I get a separate IP or somehow make it look at the physical level like I am two separate home networks? Because afaik using a Piphone would require some kind of a LAN or whatever to work properly and I couldn't just bounce it off real cell tower masts (which themselves would triangulate me).
No. 49093
They use KVM virtualization. I'm not sure, but I vaguely remember being able to choose between different virtualization types and definitely between different OS. We use CentOS7 by the way.
No. 49096
Mmh, I see, thanks. I personally probably wouldn't use CentOS as I'm not familiar with its package manager etc., I've seen they also provide Ubuntu and Debian.
No. 49120
Um what?

Pleas explain what you are trying to achieve?
No. 49123
Regarding that, if you also want to register a domain without giving your real name, I can recommend freenom.com to get a .tk domain pseudonymously. Got a domain there in 2018 and it's been working perfectly fine for over two years without me having to pay a cent.

t. Ernst Mohammed from Samarkand/Uzbekistan
No. 49158
Which Linux is closest to OpenBSD right now? I just want a Unix as a backend for Emacs but OpenBSD/Emacs (or OpenBSD + Emacs) has gotten slow over the years on my x200 and I don't want to buy a new laptop. I just want a stupid simple Unix that is easy for me to understand and set up and wont get in the way of me using my computer as an Emacs system. I need wifi so Guix is out, what's left, Devuan, Alpine, Void? Are those the go to ones right now?
No. 49168
Why is OpenBSD slow for you? I think it's your fault then and not the fault of the OS.
No. 49169 Kontra
> OpenBSD
Slackware 8.1 maybe. If you need to ask you probably shouldn't be using OpenBSD in the first place. Nowadays OSX is Unix so you need to get your priorities straight.
No. 49171
I mean every Linux/BSD is the same basically. It depends on what you make of it.
No. 49172
Yea they are mostly the same. Most sane people use bash or nowadays zsh in BSD too. So no difference there. The only reason for using BSD is to try something different. It is just like very old outdated Linux distribution if you not going to use it for what makes it special. And if you are going for Devuan, Apline and whatnot because "not systemd" then you are retarded and better use BSD since that would at least buy some cred.

For X fans.
> You can only apply so much thrust to the pig before you question why you're trying to make it fly at all.

For systemd haters.
That is a BSD guy talking.
No. 49182
OpenBSD is not slow on an x200. Has it gotten slower with any upgrade? In 2018 they disabled hyperthreading and various other things by default due to spectre/meltdown. Try turning those on again.

Oh and if you aren't using OpenBSD for the security that it provides over other systems and you really mostly want to use emacs, then Alpine linux could work for you. Though I have no idea about its WIFI support. Hardware support is pretty great with Arch and setting up WIFI is well documented in their wiki, as are all the steps for the initial setup you need to get from zero to emacs. Do you use X11 at all, or are you using screen/tmux from TTY0?
No. 49185 Kontra
what makes bsd """secure"""?
No. 49186
OpenBSD primary reason for existing is that it is considered more secure then anything else, mostly by its developers.(It is also very much against the GPL-license and consider it the spawn of satan. Also Apache v2. They have some good projects that are developed under the umbrella of OpenBSD like OpenSSH that people then take and rewrite to make it work on other operating systems.)

But the primary reason for it being secure is that the base install does not allow you to do anything. They also have home brewed security features that is unique to OpenBSD for various reasons. The firewall they use is not bad and is ported to the other major BSD variants and Linux new nftables is i believe partly inspired by it, at least syntactically. They also supposedly review code better then anybody else in the world.
No. 49218
You say that with so much spite, my friend.

The truth about security is that you have to make it a priority and commit to it, nothing else works. The developers of OpenBSD do exactly that and because of that their system is one of the most secure ones. It's not magic, just dedication.
No. 49228
I say it with much spite because I'm fucking tired of hearing that OpenBSD is so secure when you can fuck up anyway. It isn't magic and it isn't that much more secure. Sooner or later you need to do something with it and then you need to activate more code, more code running = more attack surface. It is only the base system that is scrutinized more than pornhub videos. The ports isn't.

Also one of the reasons that it is considered secure is because the only the ones who can be arsed to install it and then take the time to configure it are people who are interested. Random Ubuntu users would fuck up.

The truth about security is that is basically what are you protecting from whom?
It doesn't matter if your shit dildos wordpress site runs on OpenBSD because it is going to get owned anyway. It might even be more secure running it on CentOS because there are tools that handle the ass of internet that is wordpress on CentOS.

I'm not against OpenBSD, I'm against the blind hurr durr secure thing. If you truly want security look at for example https://www.qubes-os.org/ and read the discussion and white papers. Hint, security is fucking complex.
No. 49230 Kontra
Forgot to say that Intel sucks.
No. 49243
I know that security is complex. And I've talked face to face with two of the people behind QubesOS. I've also had some very interesting irl chats with many of the people behind gnunet and the main developer of gpg. Not trying to brag, just make clear that I'm not the right audience for lectures by an opinionated grumpy-man ^_^
No. 49255 Kontra
> Not trying to brag
No, of course not. You are simply trying to boost your arguments with namedropping. I too talk to people, I just don't see the relevance in telling you who they are.
No. 49337
Are there any eggsperts here on virtual phone number services for text verifications?
I know they exist, but I don't know if they'r reliable, or if there's any pitfalls.

My country requires ID verification for SIM cards, and I want to avoid it.
No. 49340
I'm not really an expert, but I think, if you want a reliable one, you have to pay for it. I don't think there are any free legit number services. Are you willing to pay?
No. 49341
Yeah, why not.
I already pay out the ass for my data plan. My concern is that the service will be unresponsive, locking me out of my shit at crucial moments, or even go down completely, forcing me to go through tech support to get my account back.
I don't intend to call with it either, just use it for SMS confirmations.
No. 49342
But why won't you just buy a prepaid SIM? This should be much easier than finding a good virtual number provider.
No. 49343
Well, the premise of my post here >>49337 is that in my country, all SIM cards require ID verification. As in, you have to register your citizen ID with the telecom provider. A new premaid SIM will just request you to send your ID via USSD before it allows you to use it.
No. 49345
VPN? Because you can just go into nearest convenient store if not.
No. 49391 Kontra
I'm thinking about making a career transition to becoming a network admin or something of that sort. any helpful links or recommendations?
No. 49393 Kontra
Save money for therapy sessions. Also you need a company sponsor for all those certificates. Hardware can fail and will fail.

Maybe just don't would be a better advice now that I think about it.
No. 49420
403 kB, 1500 × 1296
I've not managed to set my computer to sleep, hibernate, or shutdown or restart without having to hard shutdown by holding the power button for a week now. I sadly had this crap happen right around the time I got another fucking Windows update which I think got installed when I had some system crash or another, which was also right when I updated my Radeon drivers. I thankfully got an actually nice motherboard which has got the debug LED and which has been cycling through what seems to be an either memory or PCIe device based issue, which idk fucking why I updated my Radeon drivers when it worked fucking fine as it was before, thus lulling me into a false sense of security about randomly taking every update that I likely didn't clean install either.

As such I've finally gotten fed up enough to not-clean install the previous version or what I assume to be the working version of Adrenalin on top of that and am now hoping it will fix whatever driver conflict I assume to be having between new Windows version which Windows also offered another update I took and didn't help the issue. I can open the CD trays this time when the LEDs went off on my mouse and flash drives but otherwise the PC is unresponsive, the fans start whirring hard, GPU fans stay off, monitor display is off, but the system does not shut down. It's like it stays stuck in some boot down cycle. Everything else works perfectly fine I just can't turn it off, restart, or put it into any sleep or hibernate modes without it going into that hang/freeze state on shut down which last time gave me 0d code after it's previous loop went like
B3 -> 54, 4d, 14 etc repeat

So here's to hoping that the next time I try to power off cycle it I don't need to hold the button down again because I know it's going to break Windows someday doing that. Worst case scenario, I mean I can't fuck my board's BIOS doing that to shut it down can I, right? I'd clear CMOS but I am so incredibly lazy and don't feel like fucking with all my BIOS settings again. With any luck it really was just the newer version of Adrenalin 2020 and not some other fucky problem which I can't diagnose, like with it being some new RAM based issue or that I had not foreseen that'll require way more effort than I'm willing to give to something which has just become a super annoying "quirk" than something actively fucking with my use of it.
No. 49629
7,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:44
Now fuck where I do put this video, in Society or in Art/Internet? Because fuck, someone died with all this lordnazirusso stuff

A tag system is booooring to implemeeeent
No. 49630
4,1 MB, 640 × 360, 1:30
4,9 MB, 462 × 360, 0:39
have a pair of glorious videos too
No. 49930
Is there a new public repo for Phutaba?
No. 50681
What's up with GPUs right now? I want to build a new PC but GPUs seem to be way overpriced do to low stock. Is there a good source for informations around that topic that's actually informative?
Most stuff i found is "low stock, high prices" stretched to a 5min read.

The most important question i have is probably: When is it possible to buy without going at least 200€ over MSRP
No. 50682
63 kB, 300 × 300
Yes I can give you a rundown on any angle of that just give me a bit to respond more I'm kind of tired and distracted.

First of all what is your budget and what is your build? Is it new PC or upgrade? What are you looking for it to do for you and at which resolution? I would strongly advise against going over MSRP. How long can you wait? And would a used card or older gen card be acceptable or are you looking more towards latest and greatest? I am currently running a 1440p monitor off a high end 5700XT for $400 and it generally works great. I can try to answer objectively and without bias which cards from which gen and company depending on use cases.
Not terribly quickly or in written form. Spent many, many hours watching different tech channels over the year so it helps to mentally compile a more balanced view than one person who's possibly a fanboy like Linus/LTT is nvidia fanboy and HardUnboxed AMD fanboyish.

Tl;dr need budget; resolution; use cases like rendering, streaming, video editing, gaming etc.; preferred gen or newness; and features such as NVENC, raytracing, overclocking, etc.
No. 50691
7 kB, 265 × 190
I was considering upgrading my CPU only, but since my 1070 already makes weird things from time to time i decided for a complete build.
My SSD is pretty old and from an early generation, so i get a new one as well and take my old one as secondary drive.
Since the only thing i would actually re-use is the ram and the fans i will probably end up making everything completely new and keep my old PC as some kind of office PC.

I don't think i need much information about the hardware itself and more about when i can buy without overpaying like i would right now, but if you insist:

Budget: I hope to stay as far under 1500€ as possible.

GPU: My last GPUs were the 470, 670 and 1070 and i was happy with them but i'm not a fanboy and would be willing to buy an AMD card, right now it just looks like they aren't that far ahead in terms of price/performance and fall way behind Nvidia when it comes to Raytracing. Also DLSS.
At the moment i think i stay with Nvidia and it will probably be a 3060ti or a 3070.

CPU i really don't know yet. I have a i7 6700k right now which is still a decent CPU but you see its age in CPU intensive applications and it would be a bottleneck to new GPUs anyway.
I will most likely go for a 6 or 8 core CPU but i have no idea if AMD or Intel yet.

Oh, and i have a 1440p monitor and mostly think about playing games.
No. 50693
Since this thread is still alive, I would also like to inquire about graphics cards.

I want to upgrade my PC I built last year with a new graphics card. It needs one HDMI port and preferably three Displayports. Currently I have a RTX 2060, but I want to get away from RTX if possible.

Rest is a Ryzen 7 2700X, MSI B450 Carbon Pro Gaming Mainboard, 16GB DDR4. It will most likely (apart from maybe a CPU upgrade) be the last time I will ever upgrade my computer. I realized there really isn't any game anymore I am excited for, so I will probably give up the gaming hobby (as in "buy new games") in the near future anyway and now I am trying to find a way to futureproof my system as much as possible.

Can anyonre recommend a good GPU and/or CPU?
No. 50695
> futureproof my system
No way to do that sorry. The state of consumer hardware today is laughable. We are tricked into buying expensive shit, well not shit but more expensive then it needs to be.
Also we are withheld features that are becoming more important, see Torvalds latest rant on ECC and Intel for example. Fuck x86 and its ecosystem.
No. 50709
Well first of all, which games or for what reason would you even be upgrading that if you're convinced you won't be gaming much anymore and at what res? Because while it's still not the greatest card that's still just one generation ago and if you were at 1080p it should be fine for a few more years in theory. Non-super right?

Well I do know that AMD allegedly made it so that you can upgrade afterall to Zen3 but my honest answer actually would be to either JustWaitTM for 5700x or get a 5600x. I'm pretty sure the 5600x should be fine and work on your board with the right BIOS updates. It wouldn't necessarily be "future proof" but if you're only looking to upgrade one last time anyway it should be plenty. For GPU I'd tell you largely the same thing as other ernst, which is just to get a 6800XT when you are able, or an RTX 3080.
>get away from RTX
There's three things you could mean by this, not use the proprietary nVidia RT, not use raytracing, or not use an nvidia RTX series card, any of which I'm not sure what you'd mean by that, but in that case a 6800XT would be your best bet because it's got enough VRAM, slightly cheaper, around the same performance as the 3080 but does RT a bit more poorly and a card like that while expensive should last you quite a few years, like probably 5-6 at least before it's really got issues running the newest stuff which it sounds like by then you'd not care or only play older stuff once in awhile.

While this may be true there's something to be said for getting upper-middle of the road rather than just getting the cheapest shit imaginable and having it break down on you or not perform well enough and needing to replace it. But this is quite true particularly with the expensive as shit GPU crap we've had to suffer the last several years, which I suspect was fueled partly by those damn crypto miners who in turn enabled GPU makers to boost prices tremendously and they've simply never lowered them as some shitty new normal. $800 is becoming the "new standard" for GPU prices and it's abysmal.

shit oh right and in terms of display wait a minute are you running a multi-monitor setup? Well I'd stick by saying checking out 6800XTs. I've got a 5700XT taichi that's got 6 separate ports (4 DP and 2 HDMI iirc?) but of course that's better than yours but not by much, or certainly not enough I'd ever recommend the upgrade within the generation ideally you should skip at least one gen before upgrades, or if you don't, buy next gen at least one tier up, like say you'd go from 2060 to 3070 or 2060 to 6800XT or something like that. I would however definitely not recommend the 6800XT Taichi because it's not way too expensive compared to others of its ilk but it's got only 2 DP, 1 HDMI, and 1 USB C.
Would be a good card but
oh holy Christ are you not kidding. These were $200 cheaper the last time I looked. Jesus.

ayyy lmao forget what I said before if you're going to buy at these prices
this used to be the most expensive card. The Sapphire Nitro+ Ultimate is now $1,030, this is $935 which is $100 more expensive than it was which was nearly two hundred over the base model's MSRP.
Eh I dunno man
I personally think that you should hold off on even trying it since you've got a newish card, unless you're already having trouble running games. The market is even more fucked now than the last time I checked.

I mean alternatively you could just buy older gen but that market will also be completely fucked and 2080ti owners are going to try and get their investment mostly back, which fundamentally wouldn't be worth paying over $600 for one of those cards, and it kinda sucks because before this generation AMD really didn't offer anything super high end unless you go back far enough that their "high end" cards wouldn't beat a low to midrange card last gen and possibly come with its own problems.

You may just be saddled with having to autonotify something like this

Alternatively you could try scoping out a 1080ti and see if there's anything cheapish. It's just barely better than the 2070super and 5700xt but comes with more VRAM which should help your card's longevity, and the Pascal series of cards is famous for being one of the best generations ever created making the 1080ti thus one of the best cards ever made even if it is much older now, so it really wouldn't be futureproofing at all in that sense.

I will however agree with what Sweden said in that futureproofing essentially doesn't exist in tech, and the degree to which there's diminishing returns per dollar spent makes it foolish for anyone not an oligarch to even try it. Whatever performance or capacity you're getting now for $2500 you'll get for $800 a few years from now, and within a decade some shitty $140 thing would beat it. I remember Linus showing off a what was it, $5,000 or something tricked out gaming PC from ten years before and the thing couldn't even run modern games, in fact I think it struggled with something like Anno oh ok it was Anno 1800 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNo7qoLRtkQ to be fair he's trying to run the thing at 4K which I'd forgotten about, but still.

IMHO the smart thing to do is get midrange stuff and hold off upgrading until you literally need it. This is 10 times more true if there's something affecting the markets like, say, a bitcoin craze or global pandemic. Buying one now is stupid if you don't have to, but in normal times you'd just wait until it cannot actually run something you want it to and then upgrade, which usually by the time you need that upgrade it'll be something like 4x as powerful as what you had for the same or cheaper cost than what you paid for the aging hardware.
No. 50710
25 kB, 400 × 330
Want to hear a story about what i did the last few hours?
I decided to overclock my CPU, so i went from 4000mhz to 4300mhz, which isn't such a high jump.
I booted it up, did a stress test and checked the temperatures. The PC ran without any noticeable problems but the temperatures went up to just over 90°C which is tolerable in a stress test but since the PC was kinda dusty i felt i could do something to bring it down.

I opened the PC and couldn't find my pressure air spray so i took a ventilator on full speed to blow some dust out. Also a vaccum cleaner.

Put everything back together, turn the PC on, all fans start to spin, hard drives turn on (external ones as well) and... nothing. No signal on my monitor, LEDS from keyboard and mouse don't shine up but i got a constant red light on my mainboard where it said "dram_led".

I took the GPU out and put the display port in the mainboard: same thing
cmos reset: same thing
using only one ram in different slots: same thing
cmos out again while i already start to look for new hardware to use with my old GPU for around 1 hour: Everything works fine again.

I really hate computers sometimes.

>are you running a multi-monitor setup?


>oh holy Christ are you not kidding. These were $200 cheaper the last time I looked. Jesus.

Yep, hardware prices jumped extremely in 2020 and i don't even blame manufacturers.

>Alternatively you could try scoping out a 1080ti

Nah, i really want to make a bigger jump from my 1070.
Also, i think i might wait a few more months, hopefully we see the first DDR5 compatible CPUs and Mainboards by then.
No. 50711
Yeah, by "futureproofing" I meant "get a new system that will be able to keep up for a few years", with how consoles are holding everything back and such.

The reason I want to get away from RTX architecture is because one of the last games I enjoyed was Hitman 2, but there's some bug with RTX cards that makes the game crash all the time, and it's not the only game.

And meriball, you're right in that I run a multi monitor setup. 3 monitors, plus one VR headset. But since my current card has only three ports in total (oversight when I bought it, was a real quick shot without much research) I had to put one monitor to sleep and now it just stands on my desk taking up place. But 3 monitors are way better than 2, so I want to get back to that setup. And preferably with all monitors using the same connectors, as it's really obvious with the colors when passing the signal through different types of cables.

But thanks for the recommendations, I will check them out.
No. 50712
858 kB, 1545 × 5304
tl;dr probably two months

>$1500 budget give or take
>brand new build -RAM
>GTX 1070 settis
Actually the irony is you've pretty much got the same cardpower as the other guy, more or less. Maybe slightly slower, missing a couple featuresnot that DLSS 1.0 and RT with a 2060 are much to write home about but still but still around his performance, in which case my advice to you would still be something similar. I guess I'll just keep going with the GPU riff
> 470, 670 and 1070
>thinking about a 3060ti or 3070
I'm detecting a pattern here lol. Welp my first question to you is, how much do you think you can wait? Because I thought that the situation might be better now but I guess it's worse than ever. Not sure why because you'd think enough people wanting to upgrade got one and that scalpers had been somewhat dealt with although I routinely see some fuckass in my area trying to hawk 3090's for $2500-3000. I'm guessing the pandemic spiraling out of control hasn't helped but am not sure why manufacturing capacity seems so shit still.

So I'd again ask, how much can you hold off on it? Because if you didn't want to spend over $1500 you're clearly not loaded enough to spend on price gouged cards, but I also ask this because what I'd personally have gotten would be a 3070ti probably. And I mean, it works, but we're already reaching the point where certain games can blow past 8gb VRAM and at least the ti will have 10gb, which at your resolution you may want the extra headroom. Sadly due to supply shortages I cannot recommend anything above that which even to get a FE card or AMD base model at MSRP would normally kill close to half your budget. Oh btw were you oh nvm you said you're turning it into an office PC so you're probably not reusing case or anything but then where are you getting the RAM from?

I have no clue when the 6700XT would come out anyway, but you said you're thinking nVidia and seem to know what you want although I would say if you can't wait to either waiting for a 3070ti, or strongly consider a 3080 instead huh weird just got bad deja vu
fucking yeesh

I dunno man. At this point with how skyhigh GPU prices are I'd probably just suggest to keep chugging on your system as long as you can. I ain't paying over $900 for a fuggin RTX 3070 I'll tell you that much, and somehow they're still sold out which given the global situation, eh. Well you seemed to indicate the real crux was more the when than where or what, but it'll probably start dialing back to normal within a couple of months at which point you'd basically be only a few months more away from 3070ti release.

And you are right btw, AMD has been erasing their p/p advantage steadily as of late. I'd say that if you're just going to use it for gaming, you should still consider just getting Intel instead regardless what AMD fanboys tell youI am practically an AMD fanboy because moar cores doesn't typically translate well into game performance and Intel still takes the crown for boost clocks, which it also doesn't matter so much since AMD seems likewise sold out everywhere and the 5800x is kind of a joke while the better value 5600x means you're dropping down to only 6 cores. I will say however I'm rather dismayed by Intel's lack of PCIe4 support while their boards inexplicably cost more than AMD's despite having the exact same or fewer features. I'm just really unimpressed with Intel prices tbh, but AMD jacked theirs for Zen3 and then stopped including the coolers afaik which were the two main reasons I switched from Intel to Zen2. However, PCIe4 NVMe's are still pretty expensive, and you can get a pretty cheap NVMe pcie gen3 for ultimately not that much slower performance.

Oh and lastly
>Also DLSS.
Well, I hear it's much much better for 2.0, but considering you've got a 1440p monitor I feel like I can safely presume that high visual fidelity is a thing for you, so in that case I'd see it more as just having the option to switch it on. For me personally I see it as irrelevant because it still impacts visual fidelity which seems senseless to me to care about raytracing when in order to use it at good framerates I'd need to turn something on that fucks with it. Like I still see shit at 1440p where I wish it looked smoother and finer in some titles and can't stand looking at 1080p in games now so I've gotten snobbish about that.
No. 50714
404 kB, 1552 × 3343
Oh you replied before I was done posting. And even then
OH FUCK that's right that's the thing I was trying to think to say. Yes, Rocketlake iirc and DDR5 were said to be coming up the pike, so I mean just generally this is the absolute worst possible time to be building a new PC. I mean, I did it over the summer, but that was because I was on pic related. Eh I guess it would be ok to upload this. So I mean yeah as you can see I pretty much had no choice at the time which back then was more a "we have no PSUs" shortage problem which is why I went and got a 750w gold rather than a 850w like I initially wanted, although to be fair it's seemed pretty trusty and reliable so far knock on wood and did everything I wanted it to which I haven't got any plausible near future needs for more wattage anyway. Well that and the fact that I'd just gotten enough money to build one and hadn't felt like even waiting around for Ampere and RDNA2 to launch, and boy am like fuck glad I didn't actually decide to do that instead Jesus. It'd be January and I'd still probably be waiting around on some part before just going fuck it and getting something I didn't even want, but it does bug me slightly that I'm going to still be stuck on DDR4 whenever 5 launches much the same as I'd been using DDR3 even up to a year ago.

>Nah, i really want to make a bigger jump from my 1070.
Good plan and I agree fully. However when I say "last time I checked" I'm talking about just like three weeks ago or something like that, which means whenever those cards shot up to something ridiculously obscene like "prices for clean water and a pack of cigarettes after the bombs dropped" tier gouging it was super recently. I distinctly recall seeing cards at MSRP back in early December or whenever it was, they were simply sold out. It was just on ebay/craigslist/wherever that people charged that much over MSRP not that long ago.
No. 50715
>how much do you think you can wait?

I was reading ddr5 is supposed to hit mid 2021, so I guess i try to keep it going for half a year. By then there will probably be a new cpu generation and some new gpus, let's wait and see.
No. 50720
Man, if I had waited just oh. That's like, a year. Nah fuck it it's just disappointing becUse I really wanted to futureproof my build after having something that was upgradeable but oh well still got muh PCIe 4.0 with a clear upgrade path towards Zen3 and plenty of space for more and faster RAM. Really I just fell in love with my board though, which is an x570 Taichi. Ironically I gravitated towards it just because the gears was one background in win8 that didn't annoy me and it went from there but everything else about that bad was great.

I was probably more excited by that board than almost anything else and spent $300 on just my motherboard because I wanted it to last me 8 years and for once have no foundational hardware limitations. 8 SATA port minimum was a must and I slapped two optical drives into it. I'm pretty happy with the GPU too it's just that my monitor is 75hz I mostly play shit like crpgs and 4x games and next to no FPS so it made sense to not care about anything more but someday I might to 144hz but even still I have caught a couple of games dropping into 60ish averages and can tell that it's not going to last me, but hence the fixation on upgrade path. Literally all I could do then was stick a couple ddr3 DIMMs with slow as shit RAM and a 3770k which was barely a CPU upgrade. That thing was EOL and didn't even have 8 pin plugs.

So I just built a new one and think it's in a pretty great place because I can still get a third NVMe drive when prices drop and I somehow need it and can go up to 5900x from 3700x to extend its life along with a new GPU or two across its span. I'm planning to have it chugging along beautifully when I turn 40 provided the country doesn't collapse first. Damn I love that board. What case do you have if I may ask?
No. 50721
>What case do you have if I may ask?

Sharkoon BW9000

I think Sharkoon products aren't that well known outside of Germany.
They make really cheap but mostly good quality stuff like cases, keyboards, mice and stuff like that.


Nice case, not so fancy but everything I need.
No. 50728
No. 50744
140 kB, 866 × 1390
Seems like my story has a part 2 (and probably a part 3 and 4).

Today i came home from work and wanted to turn on the PC.
I pushed the power button, the fans started but no mouse or keyboard LEDs and no monitor signal and a red dram_led on the mainboard, same thing as before.

I took the GPU out so i can get to the cmos batterie, i make a cmos reset and.. nothing.
It seemed to help last time so i tried again and again and again but nothing.
I took out 1 of my 2 ram bars and... it turned on. Why? I did not change a thing in the bios (not even the time) and will now uninstall all the software i installed recently but i am 100% sure i will have the same problem tomorrow and then it will turn on after i unplugged an HDD, the DVD-Drive or whatever.

Anyone any idea what it could be? Maybe i should get a cheap, new mainboard to see if that might be the problem.
Not having a gpu only half the ram sucks.

No. 50765
I really don't like anything made by fractal design beyond the aesthetics of the front panel. After weighing a bunch of options I narrowed it down to three, a Rosewill case and Cougar Panzer Max iirc, and finally the one I got which was the Phanteks Enthoo Pro something or other. I would've rather had it with half glass front initially but I'm now pretty satisfied with the mesh front cover for bottom half and a bunch of 5.25" drive bays and I/O panel up top. Getting that was happiest I'd been in awhile and I gave the UPS guy a $5 tip. I'm still pretty darn happy with the thing honestly it's one of the best things about the build and what ties it together. I know you're supposed to be super excited and happy more for GPUs and CPUs and stuff like that but really I'd had an EC tier fondness for other parts like mobo and a good case.
No. 50766
Faulty RAM?
No. 50767
Your mainboard is kill.
Maybe RAM too.
No. 50772
Put the ram sticks in a different order
No. 50785
Why did it work the first time without changing the ram? It turned on normally yesterday, if it turns on today I'm going to plug in the ram again and see what happens. Would be good if it's only that.
No. 50795
7 kB, 259 × 194
Welcome to part 3 of this story full of action, suspense and a little bit of erotic.

I came home and turned the PC on, it worked perfectly fine so i plugged in the gpu and the second ram stick and same shit but the ram led on the motherboard didn't light up.

I took the maybe good ram and tried it in other slots and same problem, it didn't turn on.

Right now i'm sure that the problem is that everything just stops working whenever it wants and then later works again.
To make sure i ordered 8gb of Ram to see if i come up to 16 again.

Sadly i couldn't find the exact same ram for a reasonable price, so same specs and manufacturer have to be enough.

Next week we know more.
No. 50797
Do you have any error codes? Why not just leave GPU in? It really does sound to me like either your board is fried or you've got some weird RAM thing but it should power on with just one stick. Have you tried fucking about in BIOS settings?
No. 50799
I have it in now, it's just that my GPU blocks the way to the cmos batterie so i left it out until i'm sure it's not related to any mainboard settings.

No error codes, only the dram_led signal on the mainboard.
There's nothing weird in the BIOS.

I just leave it the way it is now and hope it starts again tomorrow, then i can see what happens when i get the new ram stick next week.
No. 50832
61 kB, 1000 × 800
The new Ram came faster than expected.
I plugged it in, knowing the fans are going to spin but there won't be a signal on the monitor because that's how i roll.

The fans started to spin and... signal on the monitor, how can this be? That's too easy!

Computer boots, everything works fine, i look into the task manager and.. oh.. only 8gb of Ram detected.

I turn the PC off and use every possible way to plug the ram sticks in and every time the fans spin but no signal. Even when i go back to the first way of plugging them in: Fans spin but no signal (why?).

I took the new Ram out again and everything works fine again. Guess i go with 8gb of ram for the next few month because i won't buy a new mainboard.
No. 50836
After building new pc last march i just keep on thinking about downgrading back to the old hardware. Old one just worked (not really, i had to fix it spending around 100usd) and had enough performance and i just made quite impulsive purchases that i feel guilty about.
Also the performance difference is not that high, especially with the way i use pc mostly (games, web browsing), definitely not as high as the price difference. After playing some recent games, that i played just to test the system i lost interest in them. I wish i had at least some tasks that would require the high performance, but i don't. I had some ideas for game development, but i always wanted to make games that would run perfectly fine on older hardware too.
I like discussing different pc hardware, maybe using it, but definitely not spending money on it.
No. 50844
What was your old HW and what are your new specs?
No. 50849
It sounds to me more like you fell for the hardware trap, which is just because you can still means you probably shouldn't, which is to upgrade something just because you want to and not because you actually need to. You really should only buy computer parts when it literally can't do shit you want it to do unless you're an oligarch because those improvement gains are so minimal compared to how easily noticeable the hole in your wallet now is.
No. 50873
Never buying a xiaomi router again.
Fucking garbage.
I like their other products, like their phones and earphones, but their routers are fucking atrocious.

Why do I have to look at overpriced server hardware to get a product that matches its advertised throughput? 1gbs my ass, the thing barely pushed 40mbps while periodically disconnecting the wifi.
No. 50875
>I like their other products
I dunno, I bought Redmi 4X several years ago and I'm not exactly satisfied with it. Not only it didn't accept calls properly before I rooted it and turned the noise suppression off (well, sometimes it did work, but often people just couldn't hear me while I could hear them and then the call just dropped), not only I had to deal with a myriad of small and not really significant but still annoying things, but they also very aggressively pushed me to registering in their cloud service, giving personal data etc. When I'm gonna buy a phone again, I'll just opt for some other chinkshit instead, like Huawei or something. And when I think about it, out of four phones I had (Sony-Ericsson K610i, some Samsung touchscreen smartphone (forgot its name; it was really small, and I bought it because I naively thought that smaller is better), Lenovo P780 and Xiaomi Redmi 4X) Lenovo was the best by far.
No. 50877
I mainly like the price vs features ratio.
I am android savvy enough to know how to neutralize most bloatware, and get a neutral phone in the end that runs fdroid shit. I've grown out of rooting my phone (too much hassle for my tired ass), so I just put all default bloatware in their separate folder named "garbage", and use my fdroid/foxydroid apps as defaults.
Best trick is to change your country in the settings to france. Since they have very strong privacy laws, you automatically avoid ads embedded in default software.
What I like about default xaomi ROM is that it allows you to make a virtual account, so you can essentially have "containers" for various activities. And there's lots of other QOL features I miss on my Samsung right now.
I've lately come to the conclusion that phones have become disposable household items, and it's better to get a new cheap one every 6 months or a year or so. It's just easier.

I so wish I could have a stock android ROM with zero bloatware that I can install all my frdoid shit as default, but LegacyOS is very limited in the models it supports, and some models randomly stop being supported once te maintainer gets bored. So it's not an option for me.

Sounds gay, but I'm thinking of getting a Google phone next time. They own the Android ecosystem after all, so I'm guaranteed to get mostly defaults, and they're the only android company that rolls out updates to their phones past 1 year.
I won't touch Apple with a ten foot pole not because they're expensive (but that too), but also because once you get an Apple product, you're completely locked down into their walled garden infrastructure, and have to play by their rules.
No. 50879
It is like you need to wait until games and software become near unusable on your current hardware to feel the changes after upgrading your pc. This is what i made in the past and i mostly liked what i got.
It was haswell 4/8 cpu (not really, it is was an enthusiast (lol) build with laptop crystal well cpu remade for lga1150 that i managed to break down, so only one memory channel worked, so i planned to buy a used 4/8 haswell xeon e3-12somethingV3 for about 100usd) and rx 480.
And now i got 3700x and 5700xt. At least 3700x was a waste of near 150usd on useless for me 2 cores, because i could get ryzen 3600 and get same performance in whatever i use pc for (i could get near same performance with haswell cpu too in games atually with gpu bottleneck anyway). Also i got a 144hz monitor, so i actually can see difference with new gpu in demanding games. But i'm not that much interested in new games, right now at least.
I plan to sell this now, and i might manage to get near same money i spent on buying, because of the prices on gpus now. But it requires some free time and i live not in big city, but near it, so it is harder to sell hardware here.
No. 50880
It losely fits the bill of this thread I think:

I notice some years ago while hovering with the cursor over a picture on Facebook, that there was poping up a description of what was going on in the picture. Just know I had the same phenomenon on the webpage of DHL. What is this?
No. 50883
Well yea nowadays there are no reason to upgrade that often. I entierly skipped everything between lga775 and moved directly to lga1151v2 and skipped whole era of 1080 gaming right into to 4k from 900p.

And I'll buy new gou only when raytracing become something standard and affordable, not 9000$ cards which become obsolete after a year.
No. 50885
HTML alt attribute, the idea behind it is that when the image can't be displayed you'll at least see the text instead. Also supposed to help blind people.
Fb etc. probably use ML algorithms by now to fill it out.
No. 50886
Almost same as my settis. I went from 768p with an i5 3000 tier to 1440p with x570 chipset Zen2. I'm not even planning to upgrade CPU for ages which at the highest end is enough of a boost by the time it's affordable to get a 5900x that's years down the line and will probably have either RDNA3 or some kind of 4070ti or 4080 or whatever if nvidia gets its shit together.

Right now though I literally cannot shut my computer off, restart it, or put it to sleep without holding the power button down. Idk if I didn't clean install drivers or what the problem is but the fans whir up and mouse and keyboard all other LEDs go off on peripherals it's almost like it hangs at shutdown and has one last step it will not do to power down. This is becoming a problem and I only haven't ripped out all drivers because I have too much shit I'd have to manually reset in the driver control panel if I deleted everything.

Meanwhile Total Warhammer 2 keeps crashing when I try to play Von Carstein in Mortal Empires. It's getting to the point where I think I should just figure out where all profiles are and manually copy the Adrenalin 2020 files before using driver cleaner software to see if that fixes anything. Otherwise it was a flawed Windows update. Not sure what the problem is.
No. 50891
>probably use ML algorithms by now

Thanks, that what I was wondering about, if there is some kind of machine vision involved to get what is shown in the image.
No. 50893
Nowadays maybe there is some kind of machine vision but my guess is that they look at the text and make guesses from what people write about the picture. Finding faces in a picture is standard stuff today but figuring out what is going on in a picture is a hard problem for a machine.
No. 50895
41 kB, 1127 × 465
34 kB, 784 × 376
The algorithms might be using the text as well, but the object recognition etc. have improved quite a lot in recent years so I'm pretty sure they mostly rely on that
No. 50896
I feel sames.

I wanted a PC upgrade so bad, but now that I'm working, I barely use my computer any more.
And I don't play games other than a few old titles or halo multiplayer on saturday evenings.

I think I just need a better monitor because mine is about to give up the ghost, and that's it. All my software works fine, I don't do 4k video editing or render anything more complicated than mockups.

My complaints about the PC itself are more about convenience based. The giant old case takes up too much space, and because my CPU is old generation, it runs pretty warm on idle, and the tiny stick fan generates a constant noise.
I'd really love to have one of them slim cases that are the size of a shoebox but manage to fit an entire gaming PC, but such cases cost about the price of a ryzen CPU themselves. Oh well, such cases.

t. fox and the grapes.
No. 50897
Sounds like you're missing the developments that happened in the last two years. Here's a taste of something that is extraordinary at both recognizing and drawing objects: https://openai.com/blog/dall-e/
No. 50900
Object recognition isn't the same as figuring out what is going on in the picture. You can identify a group of people and you can identify objects and you can make guesses that if there are a lot if signs and a lot of people they might be at a protest rally. But it could also be that they are building a house out of leftover protest signs.

Yes I'm not extremely updated at what the current state is simply because there is so much bullshit and hype about it that I just don't care to listen to all the "ZOMG AI" shit. Right now you just slap AI on everything and watch the numbers in your bank account go up. It just sounds sexier then machine learning. It is interesting but in the end, right now it is just a lot of data getting mangled in various ways. But maybe that is intelligence.
No. 50901
I agree there is a lot of hype shit and I'm often unsure about what really is special.
>>50897 Dall-E for example looks interesting, it can created quite eerie pictures I guess.
What I'm interested in really is what all these kind of operations will lead to in the future, I mean the business hype speak obviously won't cover developments that cannot really be anticipated. Talking of revolutions won't make them, but ofc there are some grains in it that will transpire into a future present, but I guess the real revolution will be somewhere else and less loud.

I read extracts from a book that deal with machines and their operations that have their on sensation/sensibility which is a sensibility in its own, often times being able to sense what is subliminal in human cognition/perception. These machines then would be able to augment via mediation the human experience. In a way like the chrono photography around 1900 that made possible to perceive things humans weren't able to perceive and experience, media that make time-axis manipulation possible would be one example at least but other media for messuring/quantifification and basically all sorts of capturing/recording media. Ofc the topic of surveillance and control is just around the corner, but is the potential of it besides 1984?
No. 50908
It is interesting. Although it is like a very very advanced version of the thing you used to do as a kid. You took verbs nouns all those other classes I can't be bothered to remember now and randomized sentences from it. Now you take input and mash it through an neural network and get a picture from it. Call me when the computer gets bored and starts drawing dicks or tits instead, then we might have an AI. Not saying it isn't cool, just saying it isn't an AI.
No. 50910
>Not saying it isn't cool, just saying it isn't an AI.

Yeah, I think that is problem over all and tackles what my post was also about but indirectly: The image of a new intelligence that will be on par with humans or even more intelligent, whatever that means anyway, is loud and virulent but takes attention from other more pressing issues that will be more relevant in the future yet are ofc less glossy and apocalyptic but more penetrative for daily life in the end. All those talks about the end of humans or them getting thrown of the throne of intelligent species, is a) not new and b) takes attention away from things that will more likely be "revolutionary"
No. 50919
Yea. The thing is we can't really define intelligence as in are we humans "intelligent" whatever that is.

Also the thing you pick up while just being bored and surfing interesting sites.
No. 50936
No. 50938
It's somehow creepy, like ofc it's firstly impressive that they exist and operate in that way (though it will take some years until they really have the speed we want I guess). The creep comes in when a machine performs so humanly. The thing with the hockey stick, I mean you expect every minute, that the robot gets in a rage at the man, acusses him or even attack him, shouts at him. It really is strange, but I guess even when it is so humanly, it is so very different, what the machine is sensing is fundamentally diffrent to what we sense I guess, what kind of mediation will do it best for a "shared experience" given that we will never align it 100% anyway. The machine is pure operationality, so what is the human, ofc a human can be grasped as a systen that operates, but yet there is a difference, no? Conscioussnes e.g.
No. 50969
>The thing is we can't really define intelligence as in are we humans "intelligent" whatever that is.

That's a trope. There are many, many definitions of intelligence and the main misinterpretation is that a single one of them is the right one to capture us humans.

The fact that the word "intelligence" is used to wildly in different contexts doesn't mean it all describes the same thing. In biology intelligence is well defined under the terms of the evolution, but that is not what you are talking about. In psychology there are various flavours of intelligence (eg. emotional intelligence, abstract intelligence, etc) and some of them can be measured through rather exact tests (think of IQ) while others are measured very vaguely.
And there are also definitions of intelligence in the field of mathematics and computer science, which have to do with very specific problem solving abilities and information processing.

It's a mistake to capture "all that was humans do" with a single term and then try to explain that it is inexplainable.

Rather than thinking that intelligence as a whole isn't well defined, I suggest you try to come up with a destinction of the following terms:
Consciousness, Sentience, Awareness, Intelligence, Narration and Concentration.

If you are curious about the structure of consciousness, which might be the hardest nut to crack here, I can recommend to read Gödel, Escher, Bach by Hofstadter.
No. 50971 Kontra
This thread is about "Computer technology". Stop shitting up the thread.
No. 50974 Kontra
It concerns AI which is usually associated with computers/computation...

t. different German
No. 51246
One of my monitors just showed static for a few seconds.
I have had this screen for about four years now and never ever has this happened before; in fact I have never in my whole life seen actual static on a computer screen. It's connected via DVI.
I am freaking out a bit right now because this can't be just a malfunction, can it? This surely has to be done from outside, doesn't it?
No. 51248
Yes, the ghosts are haunting your ass and you have to burn your house along with all your belongings if you don't want them to find you again
No. 51269
Just remember that if you can see them, they can see you
No. 51284
Thinking of becoming an Applefag.

Is it better to get the cheaper Macbook Air or save a little more for the Pro? Not gonna do anything graphics intensive with the laptop.
No. 51290
Is there piracy on macos?
Because the price could increase by 20% if you have to buy all the software you normally just pirate on winblows.
No. 51291
As far as I know, no. Need to research what it would cost in total, thanks.

Hate how every app is on the bandwagom of monthly/yearly subscriptions. The sum gets big with only a few programs.
No. 51310
I know that many audio software (in windows they are called vst (format) plugins etc) are available as pirate version for mac, so I guess there might exist more off the mark pirate sites for mac software.
No. 51316
There was a private torrent tracker especially for MacOS software, forgot it's name though since I never tried to get in.
No. 51324
Interesting, Apple is very unforgiving about piracy afaik.
No. 51394
85 kB, 500 × 500
"Norman made the transition from cognitive science to cognitive engineering by entering the field as a consultant and writer. His article "The truth about Unix: The user interface is horrid"[13] in Datamation (1981)"

40 years later he is still right

$find . -iname 'p/Powers20.txt r/FuckFile.txt etc etc'|xargs grep -i hitler

find: warning: Unix filenames usually don't contain slashes (though pathnames do)

And nooww which is the probleeem.

I find Vim interface solid. Not Emacs. But the damn shellll, that command workeeed
No. 52104
>Is there a new public repo for Phutaba?
Asking again
No. 52106
No. 52112
Around 2006-2012 I knew a mac related filesharing forum that was also frequented by app developers and other professionally mac related people. Mac users had still some sort of sworn outsider communty mindset. They had ther own database app with hundreds of keygen generators and serials etc. I think it's dead by now.
No. 52113 Kontra
No. 52210
>pinephones are still sold out
>need a new tracking device to replace my dying phone
Can't decide on which hunk of android shit I want to further inflict time banditry on my life. Samsung M31 or some chinkphone of equivalent, I'll never be sure. What I am sure of is my despondency towards google and android products.
No. 52213
You could try a refub sony xperia from a few years ago and install lineageOS on it.
It's a custom ROM with google stuff removed, but it supports only certain old models.
No. 52292
9 kB, 300 × 99
search for "ungoogled android". I feel your pain I wanna change phone.

check this, too:

How sad I ended up hating Google the same as Microsoft. I'm going back to Linux that's for sure.
No. 52298
> /pol/
Not even in tech thread can you be free from cancer. I'm saying maybe, just maybe, it is the people posting there that is the problem.

Also ungoogled android is an oxymoron. There are more google or less google but there is no no google android. Anyone who believes that are in for a nice surprise. Also where to search for it? Google?

There is/was sailfish that was nice. That isn't Google. I believe you can buy a fork, or something thereof, of it for Sony phones.

No. 52299 Kontra
No. 52321
I never bother opening it. I have no interest at all in hearing what those retards have to say about anything tech related. It's even more hilarious because poltards have spent awhile now shit talking firefox and encouraging everyone to use either Chrome or chromium instead. It's become fascinating to me how they seemingly go out of their way to be stupid and wrong about everything on purpose no matter how unrelated it is to their political views.
>don't wear masks in a pandemic
>give Parler your social security number
>firefox is sjws use chrome instead
No. 52344 Kontra
Woo a single link, the drama. Woo cancer. The affront. Don't worry don't worry.

Look this board is very chill. Keep it this way. Off.
No. 52352 Kontra
To keep the board chill we like people who stopped drawing swastikas to provoke people before they were 12. The fact that you responded to me calling cancer cancer and not the links makes me think I wasted my time.
No. 52397
3,1 MB, 4624 × 2084
Video Card prices now at the hell level! What a crap, fuck bitcoin garbage, I hoped this shit already passed.
Did a setup of a secondary PC on a kitchen, but decided that the 775 machine is a low spec for 1080p. Found some budget motherboard and CPU which I'll buy soon, I already have RAM, but video cards! I thought about buying something like GTX750ti 2GB for cheap, but now it costs 3 times more! And I not even talking about something more major, like GTX960 at least. Dunno when this will end. Thank god at least I don't need a graphics card for the primary PC. My 960 4GB is fine for games I playing. Well, I'd liked to have an 8GB video RAM card, but not at current prices.
No. 52399 Kontra
103 kB, 1306 × 354
Even old KC, hell even nuKC in its final couple years, posting a link directly to 4krebs would be met with derision. I'd normally be more inclined to ignore the posting of it except it is /pol/ in a technology thread, itself like a metacommentary.
Like what the hell am I supposed to expect /pol/ rather than say /g/ to teach me about ungoogling an android? Why would I take seriously a board whose tech privacy solution was migrating to a site that required posting your social security number and government ID to sign up an account, resulting in their prompt doxing? Their site has tech boards. Why would it not be a link to one of those if you insisted on linking to krebs? So on and so forth.
No. 52404 Kontra
Just waitTM for bitcoin to crash and the silicon markets to stabilize. It would be incredibly stupid to buy a card right now. Any card. I'd say probably within the year it'll drop back down to where a 5500XT is $200 tops and you can pick up sub-$200 1650 Supers or 1050tis.
No. 52431
Well now I need to wait for the new motherboard and CPU I ordered since this poor Asus P5KC is finally deda, RIP
No. 52433 Kontra
Good that I only play old stuff. Retro wins again and again.
No. 52451
I also play 99% old stuff, but poor machine can't handle its monitor and basic browser, and is I posted above, it died.
No. 52544 Kontra
96 kB, 638 × 911
you know, "you don't know who are you talking with" is kinda problematic in an anonymous board. I'm talking about both sides. Back to the content, 1% of /pol/ content is genuinely interesting and even with this percentage, skimming fast it's better than many sites. And /pol/ never recommended Parler.

Now I'm off for real.
No. 53114
205 kB, 867 × 1156
So finally my P7H55 with Xeon X3470 arrived and I assembled 2ndorary pc once again. Sadly with old gtx260 1gb and 3gb ram since my kingston 8gb dual channel ram modules not managed to start on this motherboard too. I belive they are broken. Well, I'll buy more ram. DDR3 is cheap. But video card...
No. 53115
137 kB, 1156 × 867
Well I managed to run this ram. Need to fix mhz in bios
No. 53116
33 kB, 1201 × 448
311 kB, 567 × 756
465 kB, 567 × 746
345 kB, 567 × 756
thx for the inspiration and good luck with your machine.

I changed this little bastard to a SSD drive and installed a linux there... And you don't know the satisfaction I feel. I should have ditched Windows YEARS ago. YEARS.
No. 53117
37 kB, 645 × 445
I root for Stallman in terms of attitude. If it wasn't for Stallman and his GPL, Linux would have been a freeware used by like ten persons nowadays. We'd be 20 years behind of the tech we (the civilians) have now. That's why ideas are important.
No. 53118
>dat board
>dem Xeons
No. 53130
Asus 7H55 replaced dead Asus P5KC, how ironic, isn't it?
Do you have a personal attachment to this config? This socket was quite short-lived IIRC.

Sadly, I probably will never ditch the windows because I'm gaymer. I know about wine and that there is a lot of emulators and source ports for older games with native support, but still.
No. 53131
Older games? I've run Cyberpunk 2077 in january just to see if it runs on wine and it did almost perfectly. Minor glitches with the antialiasing, but we are talking about open source drivers with no testing from CDPRs side running that game that barely runs on most Windows machines.

And in my case, it was running with 30+ fps on a CPU from 2012 (i5 3570k) and a 190€-GPU from 2019.

Ever since valve put its weigth behind Wine (and proton) things have been going amazingly fast.
No. 53132
Glad to hear it getting better. Well, maybe I'll end up on Linux one day.
No. 53145
It's actually a generation I skipped personally. It's just a neat setup they had then, triple ranks and all that. Pretty easy to see why having to buy 6 RAM sticks didn't catch on with some Xeons. Probably my favorite machine I ever used before my newest one is a Pentium II.
No. 53147
I also from core 2 duo went directly into i7-8700. So all those 2010s computas I missed. But now for quite low prices the are nice opportunity to get decent computer for work and some not newest vidya.
No. 53148 Kontra
*there are nice opportunities
No. 53153
2,8 MB, 2566 × 2092
Yeah except for GPU. It seems to me I upgraded literally just in time. I built an R7 3700x/5700XT/x570 platform which was like a few months before JustWaitTM was supposed to make my shit already "obsolete" only I'd sold what I thought would be devaluing older GPU for less than I paid for it. I could've made two hundred dollars profit off that thing had I waited like another month to sell it. But oh well. I really shouldn't be mining this thing even if I have all the sliders cranked down so low except fans because really I can't replace it and even if the prices don't crash I've mined a tenth what I paid for the thing so far. I think that mining is unspeakably retarded but I leave my main PC on and idle so much these days anyway and already have the hardware I figured why not so long as it doesn't damage anything.

I am pretty satisfied with it actually. I am embarrassed to admit just how much Dunning Kruger assumptions I made so much of my life without delving deeper and that includes thinking I understood computers, when I hadn't so much as even built one before and didn't know jack shit. This fact became readily apparent as I was trying to maximize my price to performance and had to learn all of these new features and tech when last time I'd even bought a computer we didn't have modular power supplies, and because I am a lazy fuck who doesn't like spending money I don't have to wanted not having to build again for close to 10 years. It performs pretty admirably but I can already tell that I actually am close to falling behind because I do play some newish games along with old and I can see my 5700xt struggling on Mankind Divided and Total Warhammer 2 benchmarking.

I can't believe I actually gamed on a 1gb card for as long as I did. I had an old Radeon HD from like 2012 and man did XCOM2 struggle. I think the problem is that a lot of pointless YOBA shit we both generally hate is what powers it but eventually that increased hardware requirement filters down until there becomes even lower new games requiring it. Per Aspera for example is a pretty simple game but allegedly needs some pretty newer or higher end stuff to run it, and I'll be damned if anything gets between me and my citysimsexcept lust for jewgoldsI've legit not been gaming as much lately because most of my mental focus is on scheming how to grow my bidenbux into more money, and by God I'd rather become a lonely old man with no ability to enjoy all the wealth in the world he has than ever become poor again

Regardless I think there's always just going to be that part of me that has immediate comfy feels upon encountering old computer hardware.
No. 53161
211 kB, 1880 × 1255
95 kB, 1500 × 639
Now everyone and their dog is mining, looks like. It will be interesting how long the situation will remain like it is happening now. Even in the 1st world, the 30XX series is something unreachable, outside of it everything is overpriced so 1660 costs like the top-of-the-line cards. So media industry must for some time lower their system requirements? Cause who will buy a game if it needs a new video card nobody has? And if it'll continue to be an issue for too long, what will happen? Like, for more than a year from now. People for years can not afford video cards. It'll be interesting to see.
I was actually on a 512MB video card until... 2013? And then until 2018 on an 896GB one. For the secondary computer, I don't really need something above that, but I just fear that my old brown monster GTX260 will finally die at some point, and my only working replacement for it is 256MB Nvidia GT 8800 from ancient times.

Pentium II's socket was... weird lol. But I sort of liked its concept. Whole CPU assembly as an expansion card. Also, sometimes I think about what if somebody made a graphics card with such architecture it'll be modular like you can replace GPU and add RAM here same as you do on the motherboard.
No. 53169
39 kB, 400 × 606
I understand but reading this comment from >>53131...
Impressive, Germany. Didn't know. One anti Windows rant is that ooh "Windows 10 has workspaces", and they are cumbersome as fuck. But Linux... The breeze awww
No. 53196
>just discovered the Pipa Pipa frog through a programming art cover

Yeah that was pretty similar to mine actually but with the exception I didn't even have something as nice as 512 or dedicated graphics immediately prior to my 1gb card which I had since 2012. Truth be told I'm fucking amazed that thing actually managed to last me so long as it did. Granted it was below 900p that whole time but still.

>modular CPU in PCIe
I wish. You can't easily have that kind of setup now with the sort heat they're kicking off although come to think of it GPUs aren't far off. It would definitely be a hassle nowadays though with literally 6 slots width+clearance for fans just on GPU+CPU. I guess what we have now is what works best ultimately. There was some pretty neat stuff back in those days which you're just not gonna see again like dual independent CPU sockets, CPU on effectively RAM sticks type setup, three RAM kits for Xeons, stuff like that. I still stubbornly refuse to let go of my optical discs and HDDs which I know they're just going to try and make everything like le gaymur man 2020 machine with just an empty front panel with rgb fans, no hard drive, no CD drive, no nothing. I liked the amount of stuff you could play with then. Like even soundcards haven't been a thing in what, over a decade now? I still have my PCIe taken up by random non-GPU things too.

Nah really it's just because I happen to have a powerful enough graphics card already and leave my machine on anyway without gaming a fuckton of time plus something got fucked where I can't turn it off without holding the power button down which I'm sure is awful for it so I tend to just leave it running overnight now at which point there's not a lot of reason for me not to do it because I literally am not even needing to buy hardware or factor in extra electric cost at this point. I think that for most people mining on their personal machines to "hurr durr free money" is beyond stupid however I just happen to be a rather specific circumstance where it's actually sensible, and even then lolminer and the shit it installs made all my antiviruses go nuts and on top of that I remain paranoid about hardware burnout because it's not exactly like I can afford to replace. For most people I'd say the more sensible thing to do is just sell your damn graphics card. I could make $400 pure profit in a day or two it's just I also happen to need and use my graphics card because I play games and it's Ryzen where I need a dedicated video card unlike Intel integrated where you can just plug a monitor into the motherboard I/O and be fine.

Otherwise I'd advise anyone who's not gaming anymore to sell their card for double what they paid years ago. It's crazy here. New graphics cards cost as much as used cars and very few of even those are available. It's retarded because like I said, I could sell my $400 card for $800 which would take me literally almost a year of mining to get. I suppose there's some shitcoins that could be worth mining hoping they'll be worth more later like bitcoin or something that is not lolminer but in general I think mining has been pretty retarded for years now. I need a minimum to even withdraw off nicehash anyway so yeah, I just think it's pretty retarded all around but after two weeks of only sometimes shutting it off I've got $50 but don't like feeling like I'm risking hundreds of dollars stressing out the VRAM for it even if I dropped all the sliders. It's at like 88°C on memory right now and I dropped VRAM and power as low as possible. Maybe I should use afterburner and see if that'll let me drop everything even lower to manage temps.
No. 53217
98 kB, 1280 × 1280
Just ordered a 500GB Samsung 980 PRO.
Next weekend i will put it in and i think i will take my current OS SSD and my SSD for software stuff into into a 1TB Raid 0.
No. 53218
Having an NVMe boot drive is pretty noice tbqh

I think I should just stop being lazy and rip out my old OS and reinstall to my higher speed NVMe. It's just going to be more of an all day thing and complete pain in my ass especially because fucking Valve, PoS launcher that it is, doesn't seem to have an option for adding games manually. Or at least I can't find it. Which means I could risk breaking 3-4tb worth of install directories, lose my Adrenalin 2020 settings, all kind of things that may prove more hassle than is worth.
No. 53219
39 kB, 720 × 765
>lose my Adrenalin 2020 settings

Don't know how it works in that case, but aren't there config files you can copy and paste from one install into an other?
No. 53221
Probably but in that case it's also because I had to manually add every single GOG and non-Steam game iirc to the panel for it to show my average fps or set custom profiles and such, and regardless I'm still not 100% positive that it was not in fact a borked Radeon driver/software issue making me unable to shut down my PC and so I don't know if reinstalling all my shit including Adrenalin 2020 would just end up adding the problem back or borking something anyway. Really it just goes down to sheer laziness. Odds are it'll be a complete pain in my ass and because I simply leave my PC on and mining when I go to sleep now generally the whole primary reason for me reinstalling Windows, that is, the inability to shut down or restart without holding down the power button, becomes rather a moot point. I value my freetime. I value maximizing my laziness when not at work. It is not efficiently extracting the most value of lying on my ass by having to spend a whole day or two off or even more fucking with something to fix ultimately what I don't use anyway, which is a sleep or hibernate button when I can set it to mine anyway. Otherwise I already have my OS installed on an NVMe it's just gen3 not gen4 which is a trivial enough difference for something taking that much effort.
No. 53431
34 kB, 2563 × 733
Done with installing the OS on the NVME and it was hell.

First i dumped all the important stuff to an external HDD, then i installed Windows 10 on the NVME SSD, installed some basic software and restarted.

The OS wouldn't boot on the NVME.

Looked into the BIOS and it wasn't listed as bootable drive. Turns out CSM wasn't enabled so my Mainboards didn't see it as Bootdrive (but still showed it in the drive overview).

Restarted and... still couldn't boot into the NVME despite it now being shown as bootable drive in the BIOS.

Plugged out all other drives and re-installed: Nothing.

Installed onto HDD, formated every drive i had and tried again: Nothing.

Sometimes i couldn't install it at all because the drive was GPT. After changing it i was told i can't install because it was MBR (always tried to install correctly from UEFI or BIOS, depending on which it was).

At some point i managed to get the NVME to install and boot from the install but the EFI-Boot data was on my old SSD and i wanted to have that stuff on my NVME which didn't work.

After around 5 hours invested and probably 6 or 7 Windows installations i'm now done.
Windows 10 works on the NVME and my two old SSDs work in NRAID.

Kill me.
No. 53435
Wait what ancient hardware are you using again?
>installed then to HDD
For what purpose? Also NVMe is still new enough some mainboard platforms can be a bit finnicky iirc.
No. 53442 Kontra
2,6 MB, 300 × 424, 0:07
>Wait what ancient hardware are you using again?

Is Ryzen 5 and B550 chipset mainboard ancient already?

>For what purpose?

Wouldn't boot on the NVME and the SSD previously used made trouble too. So i installed it on an HDD to boot into. At least that way i could use the browser to google for solutions.

Right now it works fine, i don't know what the problem was but it's solved.
No. 53447
Oh. Just like what the fuck? I put my OS onto an NVME drive and it worked like a charm with no issue whatsoever and I got an x570 with R7 to use it. I'm not quite sure why you had such problems.
No. 53728
1,4 MB, 798 × 900
143 kB, 700 × 700
2,2 MB, 1556 × 3090
139 kB, 460 × 818
I think I also stupidly bid on a old CPU on ebay, because I didn't actually think it'd go for that cheap but I just realized I could win the bid. Not sure the point at having done that since I've no point to wasting my money upgrading an old system but I feel an impossible need to upgrade every last part of it anyway to its absolute maximum upper limits the platform is capable of without straight up building the PC of Theseus retaining only the original case, which I also realized isn't even built for 120mm fans. Literally I'd need to modify the case in order to fit anything beyond a 80mm fan in the front, which I'd need a splitter to run anyway on that trash old mobo.

I think at some point I want it to have the full 16gigs 1600mhz RAM with 3770k processor, an cheap SSD boot drive with win10 in that old PCIe network card slot, and a GTX 1050ti which I've already got a couple of those and obviously the last one there's no fucking way in hell I am paying over $400 for that when I didn't even want to spend $150 on that card several months ago. It would actually be my first nVidia GPU honestly, and I'd only stick with that because I have 6 pin power connectors, or rather, a 6 pin power connector with another one daisy chained onto it from a dust filled decade old 460w OEM power supply--which means, of course, that I physically can't put a whole bunch of things in there and not just limited by power supply.

There's really only a small handful of GPUs I can even fit in the thing with that setup which includes a R7 270x which is extra sad because my shitboard doesn't even have a second slot for CrossFire which I'd never used. I forget which the other ones were but I had a list at some point of which GPUs had both only one to two or preferably only one 6 pin power connector or lower, needed less than a 500w power supply because I'm not sticking anything with large power draw on something I really should just replace entirely if I'm going to use the machine at all I fear it's a fire or fried hardware waiting to happen at this point, was old enough so as to somehow be compatible with my janky ass win8 system this actually crossed off a Zotac 1050ti at one point sadly, which is even sadder because I was going to do a tradein that had I done that I'd still have profited off the GPU shortage, and yet still new or fast enough so as to outrun my newish but ultra shite GPU a RX 550 which I was so happy about getting to run but hadn't realized what objectively piece of crap it was idk even why that GPU exists. I actually was autistic enough to start making that list.

Really at this point I'm just enjoying tinkering with it and probably at some point soon should just physically move it to where if everything burns down or a lightning strike or whatever takes out my system I can then still have a backup system even if 900p makes my eyes bleed now. I can't believe how long I was 768p. I think building and working on things like cars, PCs, furniture, sheds or whatever is one of the most satisfying things to do as an adult man. It's almost instinctive and it is wonderful.

I actually have the 120gb SSD now too which I've got windows installed on it but am not using yet because part of the point was never having to install a new OS. I basically just wanted it mostly as is, but faster. I could also put a new drive in at some point but the fuckin thing has like one SATA port open iirc, or maybe two, which the projectit isn't even a project it's beneath side hobby at this point's point is also to try and keep as under budget as possible, because building my old PC into an acceptable station after building another new one is entirely retarded financially or otherwise. I hadn't known back then that despite being a complete piece of shit now that I actually could have worked on my system and got it up to acceptable standards for another couple years with under $500 counting a "new" CPU and GPU which together was supposed to be well under $300 plus the new drives, extra 2x4gb 1600mhz RAM etc.

I'm not sure what next to do with it now that GPU availability is absurd and so even an old shit GTX 600 series or pre-Fury or whatever card is too expensive and in fact costs what a midrange new card cost last year. I'd feel bad for anybody whose card died or who waited before trying to build, except you still can hunt down a gaming laptop or prebuilt at least for not absurd prices. I'd imagine if this keeps up vidya performance will stall, since most people aren't past Turing/RDNA midrange in 2021 afaik. I suppose I could just keep tinkering on the fans setup, since it has one sole 80mm rear exhaust, though to be fair I was attracted to 1050ti partly because it's such a low TDP card not even needing added VGA-PSU power and so with even new CPU shouldn't heat things so much to need much. I even started looking around at 40mm fans, which I'd considered wiring to some gaps in my new PC and how to run it off maybe PCIe or I don't know what to provide better air circulation in the new rig. I think even if I bought a bunch of 40mm fans and some kind of a controller I could definitely find something to do with at least one PC.
No. 53778 Kontra
Just wanted to say that 3rd pic is fucking stupid and I hope it isn't serious.
No. 54068
1,1 MB, 960 × 540
1,2 MB, 960 × 540
1011 kB, 676 × 900
1,7 MB, 4592 × 3948
I'd just sit there and build myself ancient triple rank Xeon setups and Pentium II builds for fun, and just go out and buy up pricey as shit computer equipment just for the fuck of it to build a nice system and give them away to poor children. I think I'd end up becoming the ghetto PC gamer Santa Claus eventually if something else didn't hold my obsessive attention. It's kind of therapeutic and gratifying in a way I think only a man can understand, which I'm not even sure the evolutionary purpose of us having this native instinct diverted to working on cars or woodworking or whatever it is men do that's not building up a huge business.

In the interim because I've actually got enough excess money I've become interested in working on my old shitpile of a Dell which I've come to realize could literally become a worthy 2021 gaming machines albeit it's becoming a Computer of Theseus if I had limitless cash which I do not, also partly because I realize how retarded it is if I actually just up and bought a Z77 board for it because I can't overclock for shit on those VRMs. I have a i7 3770k on it now and by God those are terrible VRMs and a terrible PSU and terrible board, which I cannot emphasize enough the importance of always getting a really good motherboard. That's basically the source of literally all the problems with that PC aside from PSU limitations, and I've also come to realize that had I not the excess cash to blow on a new system I really could have upgraded that whole PC into just being a capable 1080p machine literally better than $800 prebuilts by a mile for $700, and that's counting the new board.

I really wish I could overclock that thing as it's basically what it's for, but neither MB nor PSU would handle it, Actually you know what I'm posting this whole section to hardware threda instead which surprised me because just how toasty that thing got my normally cool rear exhaust just on normal gaming. I ended up getting no sleep just because I was playing Cities: Skylines on my old machine which was immensely gratifying because the game crashed and locked up my PC before on my crap 4 core 4 thread max turbo 3.3ghz CPU I just replaced, but of course I could overclock up to 4.7ghz on that k SKU had I both the PSU, the mainboard, and the cooling solution to deal with it, none of which I have. Dayum shame, because it's really what 3770k was made to do, it's just I also have a case limitation to where a cheap ARGmeme $40 cooler I saw on sale for $32 literally won't fit in my case.

It's an interesting and exceptionally fun hobby but tinkering on it just keeps reminding me again and again exactly why I built a new PC to begin with, because it is such a shitawful process of trying to figure out which GPU could even work on it, which CPU, what I need to get everything up and running, and come back to the same conclusion I made in 2020 that the only way for me to truly upgrade it is to replace part B that needs part A replaced to work that itself needs a new part C until I ended up building all new machine.

Like I came to the conclusion I could use 1060/960/970/1050ti without replacing anything but 970 is chancey on that PSU. Then I need new fans, that don't work in that case, that don't have enough MB fan connectors, it's really just amazing how much a shitty prebuilt OEM machine can immediately limit all your chances at doing anything else and that includes Dell's absolutely garbage UEFI/BIOS you literally cannot tune anything on. It's astonishing how awful prebuilts are. I see $800 Chinese prebuilts that are utterly inferior to what I could upgrade a nearly decade old machine into being for less than that.

I've now actually gotten so autistic about this that even despite the fact I've got a 5700XT/x570/3700x build I dream of keep working on it like a man with his secondary classic car I developed an internet list:, some of which I may get, mostly not except GPU eventually hoping I hit a lowball on ebay and possibly PSU because I do not fucking trust that thing with my life
No. 54069
3,4 MB, 600 × 338, 1:10
886 kB, 1569 × 2000
3,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
592 kB, 500 × 145, 0:03
autistic shit build
GTX 970 preferably, 960/1060/1050ti also are acceptable and within my PSU spec though tbqh I would LOVE to actually get a new board and a second GPU just because I've wanted to finally have an SLI experience but like fuck I am wasting my money on thatjust me even working on this thing at all with anything is wildly financially irresponsible because I both don't need it and it's a depreciating asset and triply stupid for even considering buying GPU I don't even need at peak prices instead of just getting anything else and waiting for the market to crash to get one at 30% what it costs now
CPU cooler, probably air
Z77 board, I saw an ASRock one which was extra noice
550w PSU
1-2tb SSD, possibly 2 so I can clone what I'm convinced is a dying decade old HDD

what I already got over the few years:
2x4gb 1600mhz DDR3
120gb mSATA SSD
i7 3770k
RX 550 4gb

I'm also leaving this up just so you guys can know what sort of an upgrade path you have and kind of things which you can do for building an actually pretty great 1080p gaming machine on the cheap using only older parts and basically just a shitty Optiplex/XPS tier used business machine because it's entirely possible to game admirably on the cheap in 2021. I should point out my 550 was out of total ignorance how shit the card was and because I was too poor to afford something better which was "what's the absolute cheapest shit I can get for 4gb to replace my 1gb Radeon HD 7570." I got the RAM months before I started thinking fuck it I'll just build a new one, partly because how awful the board is. My personal advice would be to just get a new Z77 board and PSU first to work on such a machine.

It should look like
GTX 970/960/1060/1050ti or RX 570/470/R9 285/380 etc tiers depending PSU situation
4x4gb 1600mhz or 2x8gb
550w new PSU (650+ if you want room in the future to do something expensive and stupid like SLI/CrossFire but why)
new CPU cooler
500gb SSD
air tower cooler

Some of this is negotiable, because you really don't need to get a new board or replace the stock cooler which adds unnecessary added expense and rapidly can turn into building a PC from scratch, which you absolutely can also do right now, but to really get great clocks on your 3770k you're going to need a better board and cooler + PSU plus the mid size case is likely too small for a lot of cheap $30-40 air coolers; really, to overclock a 3770k or some similar tier is the main thing which will require building a completely new computer around it. You may be better off getting a much cheaper 3770 non-k or something like that (I got mine for $130, you'll easily get non-unlocked for much cheaper). There's a lot of other old ones like Sandy Bridge, Haswell, and other cheap as shit CPUs.

The main thing is getting the GPU right now, which is fucking ridiculous spending that kind of money for mid-low tier 5 or 7 year old graphics cards, but when the price falls you can easily use those. 900p monitors also cheap af and get better performance, or soon a used 1080p as people upgrade to 4k/1440p. Still, if you absolutely need to and are stuck on some real garbage like a 1gb GPU that's the kind of upgrade path that compromises well on cost, performance, VRAM, and power limits (anything too far above is too pricey and anything too far below is so inefficient you'll need to buy a beefy PSU to run it even at 2gb VRAM tiers).
No. 54100
42 kB, 661 × 498
sorry since I cannot say much, and specially I can't say anything interesting, unlike your case.

I would like only to say that perhaps it's this never-ending crisis, but in the past no Free Software projects begged for money. I have to make a contribution to Vim, definitely. BTW bravo the Russian video in their shuttle.
No. 54115
Thanks to your pic I started watching genocyber.
Ah, nice 90s animu nostalgia.
Thanks m8.
No. 54124
>pc museum
>collection of apple computers
No. 54131
394 kB, 2048 × 1536
745 kB, 2048 × 1536
1,6 MB, 3264 × 1836
808 kB, 690 × 388, 0:16
Jesus f'ing Christ even broken 7 year old cards sold for parts are going for over a hundred dollars right now fuck it
Buying a GPU atm is just completely ridiculous anyway unless I can actually add it to mine enough to make up the wildly inflated cost, which is not actually even money in my wallet anyway so much as just crypto I'd have to offload somewhere and cash out which means I'm likely to lose that money anyway purchasing shitcoins because the wire transfer fees are ridiculous.
Fuck. I should've kept that card. It wouldn't work except on my free win10 install so I'd have been better off selling it/trading it anyway, but the only reasonable approach right now seems to be buying a prebuilt or waiting and hoping for the crash which may not come anytime soon so you're stuck in limbo if you need a new graphics card and didn't get one in 2020. $300 seems to be standard going rates for 3.5gb GTX 970's, a 7 year old card that can't even match the 2 year old sub-$200 budget 5500XT or 1650 super.

It's utterly absurd. It's even more painful when you see videos from a year or two ago asking "is this card still good for 70 euros on ebay?" The cost inflation is even worse this month than last. I'm even wondering know if crypto eventually crashes this year will it make something like the GTX 970 suddenly cost >$60, and used 3070's going for $400 and lots of 1080's for $200 each, or will the market actually stay elevated as the "new normal" and gamers will swallow it.

Look mate I just threw on some of the pics I downloaded from wherever online.
They have some neat stuff and you will also notice by filename it was 3-5 which were the most aesthetic ones.

It isn't mine. I tend to go around downloading random pics including from places like a FB I don't exist on that site it's just where StM for example has a page and shitholes like /g/. I just have a borderline autistic obsession with computer stuff and have since I was exposed to it as a kid.

I think that probably Russia is the only person on here who fully understands my feels about this and what looking at a 15 year old board feels like, which is part of why I keep forgetting he's not in his 30s.
No. 54193
633 kB, 721 × 614
I know someone which might be like sixty right now that collected computers. I always told him that he should not throw them away, that he could organize a museum in the future. This stuff always attracts people. Who could have thought that the lame beige boxes from the 90s could be considered soulful nowadays by certain people. Godspeed.

Pic... Next? Next was the real deal, now that was something aesthetic as fuck imho. Win 3.1 was more dry but very correct in many aspects. But at least Window Maker interface was ultra nice.
No. 54198
29 kB, 313 × 400
Everything became super user unfriendly after the 90s. And by super user unfriendly what I really mean was it was not just designed for complete idiots to use, but designed in the way programmers clearly insulting thought of other people being complete idiots at lowest common denominator of who asked them retarded fucking questions nonstop so I get that, but now they've turned everyone into even bigger morons. Fucking zoomers can't even change their goddamn RAM tunings. I was blown away by this. These idiots, they pay people HUNDREDS of dollars just to go and set up XMP profiles and overclock their CPU in the BIOS so these dumbass kids can go and play fortnight and mouse look to the sky going "look how much fps I have!" to their dumbass friends on twith and discord. I blame post-90s programming for that.

Now, you may call me a grumpy old fart of a 30s boomer, but fuck's sake we saw cool hacker shit in movies as a kid, and actually had to go and look through directories to find anything. It didn't prevent me from being a dumbass but you look today and they're raised on tablets and NSA phones. You can't even do jack shit on an NSA phone browser and it's obnoxous af to use. You could see the degrade in Windows 7 but it was not until win8 that everything achieved some next level of dystopian horrific, and it's all these kids got raised on to now where they don't know anything. The irony is it was more of a niche thing when I was a kid but damn near everyone at least knew how to use c-tunnel and disable .js, and now it's not simply kids don't know how to proxy, it wouldn't even occur to them to need one, thus leading to many amusing arrests particularly shitheads like say Baked Alaska.

That's what this has done to people--it turned them into Baked Alaska. It made them into the kind of people who aren't even curious about computers at all depsite being ubiquitous, and who film themselves committing all sorts of crimes and uploading it to facebook. Like it doesn't even occur to these people anymore to even use a fake name online. It's ridiculous.

Sorry about the rant, it's just back in my day those clunky awful things meant something and it forced you to figure out how to computer. It really makes me think the untextured trash of games like Rise of Industry is partly indicative of this, because these people don't have the skills or interest to actually code games but purely see it as a lazy way to make money with cookie cutter crap.

Oh god I can't even find the original of this anymore. I fucking hate everybody on the internet outside of EC especially the 8th iteration of newfags that populate places like 4krebs. They're literally worse than reddit.
No. 54199 Kontra
12 kB, 987 × 579
No. 54204
Woah, much respect and I understand your feels. Sorry because I'm not able to type that much. Personally I did not like Win 95 up to Win ME, but what was horrid IMHO was Win XP. I still recall "wTF this is the Teletubbies". Not to mention its task bar, which was the most gaudy things in computers since... Since always, I guess, lol.

>untextured trash of games like Rise of Industry
Care to elaborate? What's wrong with this game? seems like a Sim City but I don't know anything about that kind of games. BTW the phone games that I got recommended in youtube ads are kind of silly annoying and well... Perhaps have some interesting mechanics but... I'm only in this field for beauty and destruction! Yet another thing: no wonder phone games are not good, after all its interface is, like you said... obnoxious to use
No. 54208
45 kB, 360 × 360, 0:01

Neat talk about early public networking before the eternal september. There are a couple decent talks about retrocomputing if you search for 'vintage', the majority is in german, though.
No. 54209
55 kB, 480 × 640
One of the great ironies of our time is, that the so called digital natives are more like digital slaves. So in that sense they got conquered by Apple and Facebook. Without the historical black swan that is GNU or the Hypertext guy from CERN, we'd be still paying hundreds of bucks for compilers or pay for every internet page by the minute. Silicon Valley (now Austin, I guess) should be nuked. And in a sense we're back to a bastard version of the mid nineties. AOL is facebook, reddit is a shitty clone of usenet and you're back to paying for cable, just that it's called streaming now, but you can't even videotape it. Also, piracy. Used to be ubiquitous, now it's sort of back to the days when you had to know something or someone first to get free shit.
No. 54497
261 kB, 1600 × 1200
67 kB, 1280 × 960
So due to the absolutely epic fuckups I had to deal with lately I am now back to square one, which involves dealing with the swindling and sketchiness that is eBay because there's no way in hell I am either waiting around until close to July for a HOTAS nor am I going to pay the fucking $110 more for the same thing going on newegg. My new options so far as I can see are as follows:
>Logitech X52 G Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System
>$200 USD

>x56 RGB
>$350 USD probably

I am extremely unhappy with what I perceive to be the limited options on the x52 pro despite the fact I allegedly do not need the extra buttons and switches, nor the dual throttle [spoilers]I literally need that if I'm going to play flight sims and want to control separate engines though[/spoiler], which basically comes down to the fact that a) it's a good $150 cheaper and I initially only wanted to spend $250 max, b) the fact it consistently got much better reviews, and c) the fact it's got this utterly unimportant gimmicky flip up fire switch that every consoomer likes to bleat about but I don't actually care enough about to factor in as important enough to care. It's just another possible point of failure to me for being a neat gimmick.

Otoh, I've got the $150 more expensive model which routinely gets shat on, and which in the case of eBay is quite literally filtering me down to every single last one of them likely being a complete piece of shit because I heard the x56 is basically a lottery on whether it works or not. They at least are new, and now I am paying at least $60 more for shit than I was expecting to like three weeks ago.

I can alternatively go extra cheap and get something like this
which is even cheaper and on top of that I see a picture of what I am getting not a stock imageI immediately distrust anything with stock images in fact I was amazed to get a relatively clean and working unit from someone who did that before, not sure why people do it and aaahhhh fuck the x52 pro ships from California which means it's coming from the fucking Chinese. Fuck it I can't buy that. Anything in California with stock photos is Chinese shell companies coming over some international bridge. Welp.

So anyway, what do? I have the option of something that looks ugly as shit with limited functionality in comparison and is used which thus according to Australia means it could be worn out or at least have little lifespan leftnot to mention another man's greasy gamer fingers no matter how good it looks on picture but is at least well reviewed and a solid $200 cheaper.

I could alternatively look at other models but the Thrustmaster getting spammed for xpox/ps/pc is a blatant piece of garbage, real solid ones are literally $800, and other ones are much older I mean serial ports kind of old. I'm not sure where to go with this now. Maybe I'll just suck down that extra $200 cost and hope my x56 doesn't turn out to be the piece of trash like a lot of people say.
No. 54779
166 kB, 1080 × 868
Considering purchasing some dedicated autism machine to install a linux distro on it, connect it to my home peripherals and play around with it.

What's the cheapest I can do this for? What specs should I aim for given the most taxing activity I'll run is trying to learn a programming language?
No. 54781
2 Gb Raspberry Pi should be around 30 euros.
No. 54783
X52 is a very solid setup. Has been a staple of the scene for a very long time. I forgot they still made it though since the t-16000 set has been a better buy for a while now.

And no, dual throttle isn't needed for dual engine sims. 99% of times you'll be using both at the same level. It's a nice to have feature, not a must. Standard procedure for the kind of thing that asymmetric thrust does is to just introduce some rudder trim. Most flight Sims will ignore a throttle put into detent (where it goes in the rare case you do go asymmetric) too, so there isn't really much of an advantage to be had.
No. 54784
Also, for the nth time, the wearing out is a minor advantage for magnetic sensors. If you aren't doing lots of hours daily for many months straight, you won't notice fuck all. Hell, I've come back to old sticks that I considered wobbly after a few months and not really noticed anything too bad. Plus, that shit is part of the reason deadzones and axis curves are standard calibrations that most games include as standard.
No. 54793
This. But I would go for 4GB or more.
No. 54803
314 kB, 739 × 1068
136 kB, 1000 × 992
3,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
735 kB, 2340 × 2560
Oh shit right I did NOT post that. Every once in awhile I get these strange intuitions that prevent me from clicking the post button and only rarely do I ever come to understand sometimes months later why posting that then would've been a bad idea. My original post was going to be something along the lines of "oh god this feels even better under my hand than I imagined." Perhaps it still is wrong for me to post such things I dunno but regardless actually I do have it which made me happythat's probably one of the biggest reasons tbh I have a strange neurotic fear of ever admiting happiness or enjoyment about anything publicwere I ever to gain real power that probably would work to my advantage but as it stands it's a significant drawback to life although to be fair it could also just be because I may end up having to send it back still. What I should say though is that so far everything people lodged as major complaints against the X56 is completely accurate, largely consisting of the fact the pickle is way too high and you may bump into hats on the way there, the overall construction feels almost too small to my hand at first so idk wtf people were talking about until I realized you need extra long spiderlike fingers to reach things, the furthest right hat is literally impossible to reach with my thumb at all without literally spraining myself because it's so far to the rightall of which are spacing problems I suspect they were compromising to make mashing into buttons less bad, the various switches and toggles aren't easy to reach on the throttle at all depending where the throttle is which if you just look at pictures is obvious although to be fair things like the Warthog would have the same problems anyway, and last but perhaps most important and irritating is that the yaw function is both extra stiff and not lockable so you're never going to be able to twist the stick left or right.

I also discovered just without even playing a game with it so far because too busy with other things that while it could actually be partly fixed at least in theory with an added rubber doorstop literally glued to the handrest on the stick that it would actually have a huge impact based on whether I am lying down or seated at desk/sitting while playing it in terms of hand positioning and how hard it is to use it. That last one actually hadn't even occurred to me that I could actually have a very different experience based how I am seated. let me make one last pass if there is any reason to keep silent instead of posting
nah I'll kill the pics

That thing just looks like a right piece of shit though in fact the throttle alone was reason enough not to get it. I have no clue why anybody would get it instead of the X52 Pro.

>dual throttle isn't important
Sure, but it's an extra feature and at the time I kind figured it's better to have a feature in case I figure out I wanted/needed that than without.

I would actually say however that I can see why so many people liked the X52 which it wasn't just because that flip up button. I think the adjustments are things I thought could bite me but never put nearly as much critical importance as I should have. That includes the yaw rotation lock and the height adjustment, which is especially how much worse the ability to reach all hats and pickle actually is because the reality of the stick itself is I have effectively just one hat. The right one is utterly unuseable and the top right one is effectively useless, alongside the pickle button being borderline useless in any kind of maneuver. Thankfully I was told I could return for any reason which mannn that stick is not great at all. The throttle feels excellent at least, although the little button stick I sense is going to turn out way more important and useful than I imagined.

I think it may actually boil down to whether I discover in-game any technical problems, like for example the allegation that it's horrible on USB. Someone claimed you need a $200 PCIe USB expansion to use it an not burn out your motherboard although I strongly suspect the bigger problem wasn't the cheap USB/PCIe card so much as having a completely trash board. So it will have to be seen if it's as finicky and full of ghost button presses and weird shit happening as my board is literally the second most expensive thing I have also insured and brimming with USB ports. I dunno. On one hand I was genuinely smiling to have it, on other I can see a multitude of later problems already though it largely boils to the stick.

I'd be seconding his Pi suggestion. I mean if all you're wanting to do is screw around with programming I'm pretty sure you can do it for literally just 40 euros, plus whatever display you likely already have on top of it which I'm sure worse comes to worse you can either find some kind of a mini-panel or a broken phone or some shit to rig something janky together. Like I am pretty certain even if you haven't actually got a monitor that the added display could be like >10 euro small panel new, or you could just pick up an old monitor and stuff off the street or at the garbage dump, and plus on top of all that you're basically just going to need something like a mini-SD card or somesuch. So in other words, basically just get some bydlo to give you his broken phone, or keep an eye around roads for broken phones. Overall you shouldn't actually need to spend over 50 Euros total for this miniature computer scheme unless you want to get some pricey tinkering bullshit and latest models for like 200 euro but then why you even would do such a thing when 12 year old laptops go for less.

I mean he could but he should just go for as maximally cheap as possible. Imho his alternative could just end up being a $60 ancient as all shit used laptop or ancient business machine because let's be frank, if he only wants to screw around with distros and coding he can basically get away with paying less for an old otherwise useless business machine or laptop than a brand new better tier Pi.
No. 54817
> Considering purchasing some dedicated autism machine to install a linux distro on it, connect it to my home peripherals and play around with it.
> What's the cheapest I can do this for? What specs should I aim for given the most taxing activity I'll run is trying to learn a programming language?

That was the question. My answer is still 4GB or more RPi. There is a lot to buy out there but it takes time to find it and since he can't figure out what he wants that is my answer.

It is quite, you can use it as a desktop in a pinch, it has gpio if you want to go that route. Basically it is what it was designed for. Also programming can use a hell lot of memory if you are doing certain things. But yes you can always do better with X or Y instead.

Ancient laptops and Linux are not best friends either. Also why pay? A bit of dumpster diving can get you a useful machine. The shit that is thrown out would make you cry. basically it is shit but boots
No. 54820
334 kB, 1920 × 1040
I do cry about it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a working condition IBM 5100 machine these days? In the future it isn't even going to exist anymore.
No. 54824
14 kB, 301 × 168
Do you know that this is the 70s "professional computer"? This is not a personal system, nor it is was intended for a common user. It was a couple of years before even the modern concept of the home computer. This was an all-in-one low-end business machine. And no, this has no relation to the IBM PC which will be introduced in 1981 and not compatible with it. This machine has different proprietary architecture made by IBM and has no "CPU" in the modern sense since PALM was like an actual board with an array of TTL logic chips, not an integrated chip. By asking "Is it possible to buy it?" you may same way ask "Can I buy a 1970 mainframe computer which takes the entire room?" since this thing is sort of "the lowest compact replacement" for those guys.

Want to start with "retro hardware collecting and computing!"? It is cool. Buy yourself some nice 486 PC and a CRT and play with it until you get bored after some hour if it'll run after it.
No. 54825 Kontra
334 kB, 1024 × 768

Also, I see 5155 on the left, I'd understand if you asking about this one, however, I assume a good condition one will also cost a good amount of money and will probably have faded CRT and will require maintenance from someone who has at least basic practical skill and knowledge about original PC range of computers.
No. 54830
You just have to go on YT and watch one of the major retro computer channels to see a little glimpse into what it takes to collect even fairly popular computers.

But you can't run them in sort of original condition. Spinning disk are replaced with ATA/SCSI compact flash or sd cards because it is convenient and the disks are long dead. Floppy drives replaced with gotek. CRTs are going extinct so you need an upscaler. Then you have to deal with bad capacitors and backup batteries. The fun thing is that FPGA are making it easier to make new hardware that behaves as old see for example https://amigastore.eu/en/358-mist-14-midi-fpga-computer.html. So you need to ask what experience you are after. The ownership of a box of circuits or the daily usage of said box of circuits.
No. 54834
Dunno how finished 486 core on Mister.
But well if he just want "mess with retro computer", FPGA is overkill for him, he might just mess with PCEm emulator on modern hardware, if we talking about PCs.
No. 54839
But sasha, it was a John Titor joke. Jeez I know a lot of you guys are kids but you're also all channers so I kind of expected you to get the reference
He became a very popular meme that spawned copycat larpers on places like /x/ and its derivatives
No. 54840
Also what is the point since the latest AMD and Intel are basically just 486 on steroids. But then some want the genuine experience of setting the the numbers of cylinders in the bios setting.
No. 54842
>you guys are kids
t.28yo momma's boi

>some old shitty joke
Oh, I need to feed you some old crappy Russian FidoNet proto memes and then make fun of you or what?

Well I can see the point if someone wants to hook up some genuine video and audio hardware to the 486 board to experience it like that or something
>But then some want the genuine experience of setting the the numbers of cylinders in the bios setting.
And you can (and sometimes depending on the machine should) do it in PCEm lol.
No. 54853
Pasta is not jokes. It was a pretty famous series of posts that kept getting passed around for at least a decade.
>some old shitty
But Vanya, I too know who is Baba Vanga. You have no such excuses.
No. 54854 Kontra
Vanga is not russian, retard
And vanga is media meme like ufo crap
No. 54856
55 kB, 1280 × 720
30 kB, 512 × 512
Might as well be Russian and is part of your collective internets. So we still know your stories. Not my fault you don't know ours. Maybe you should try to manage your knowledge better before getting butthurt you do not know such things?
No. 54859 Kontra
Maybe you should stop posting random garbage in thematic threads and then calling someone "butthut"? You litteraly act like "I'm retarded! no it was trolling". Nobody gives a shit about your shitty memes.
No. 54860
And nobody gives a fuck that you're butthurt all the time either jackass
No. 54862 Kontra
>I don't a fuck
>continue to reply
No. 54874 Kontra
>complains about "memes"
>whines about legendary computer hardware copypasta in the hardware thread
>descends into shitty redtexting sosach/vierkanal meme tier replies
>is still whining
Okay you have fun with that
No. 54876
Personal Computers was a mistake.
No. 54879
> Guys, stop doing nonsense! There can be no personal computer. There may be a personal car, a personal pension, a personal dacha. Do you even know what a computer is? A computer is 100 square meters of area, 25 service personnel and 30 liters of alcohol per month!

t. Deputy Minister of Radio Industry of the USSR
No. 54880
315 kB, 1024 × 740
It was one year before the IBM PC.
No. 54894
One of these days I'm going to try playing Crisis in the Kremlin and I'm going to force the fuckers to adopt the internet even if it requires mass purges
No. 54902
187 kB, 1280 × 597

It was 3 years after Wave oh popular home/university machines:
Apple II
Commodore PET

At the time of 1980, there were a lot of home micros available. At the time, PC was just one of them and intended for office use from IBM. Yes, it was a branded PC. THE PC. "PC" was once an actual brand from a specific firm.
No. 54917
There were actual attempts to set up networks in the CCCP, which all did go nowhere sadly.
No. 54918
41 kB, 474 × 730
Probably not enough purges
No. 54919
105 kB, 1280 × 595
After Chrushov removal USSR was always behind the world and 95% copied not most up to date western things. Cloned intel chips, bought cloned z80 out of DDR etc.
No. 54991
18 kB, 320 × 320
I got my Raspberry Pi, I went for a 8Gb as per >>54793's rec.
Managed to get my bluetooth headset working with pi. I bought a fan for it since I read up on heat dispersion being a problem, but turns out its connected to a 5V pin, which you can't turn off. The solution apparently setting up a relay with another pin you can turn on and off, cool stuff.

Already having fun with this, I missed Loonix
No. 54996
Uh, I don't know this model of the Pi, but you can do a quick check if PWM [1] is enabled for that 5V pin, in which case you can write your own little script (actually fun excercise), or use one of the existing solutions to drive the fan speed.

Check the secion on fancontrol/lm_sensors at [2] for info on how to check the capabilities of pins.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse_width_modulation
[2] https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Fancontrol
No. 54999
161 kB, 1280 × 815
It seems the 5V pin isn't a GPIO pin so I can't turn it off and on, the solution is setting it up so I'll have a GPIO pin connected to the fan working as a switch. I forgot what electronic part I'll need for this, but I should have control over turning the fan on and off this weekend. It would be interesting to figure out different scripts to activate the fan on certain temperatures. I don't think there's a way to control the speed of a 5V fan though.
No. 55348
85 kB, 1280 × 960
Er, I guess this is close enough to computer hardware.
So are these things worth it at all? It's supposed to be German made, but which doesn't really help my expectations because I think German/Austrian stuff is overhyped and price gouged, which is the main point here: price

These things are way too fucking expensive to me for having such a cheap shitty cord, almost like it's engineered that way to fail on purpose so you have to buy another pair. I stupidly already ordered it just because I never in my life had a good pair of headphones and idk if it's getting shipped from Europe or what but don't know the lasershipping company (I never heard of it before now).

Should I just return these things? Because I can easily buy some chinkshit headphones like https://www.newegg.com/p/0TH-00B4-00080?Description=neewer%203000&cm_re=neewer_3000-_-9SIASD9D689470-_-Product and save a hundred dollars for something I do not need, and lord knows I need the money way more right now.

What do you guys think? Should I try to return them and get my money back then just keep the well over extra hundred and have a spare cheap pair? Because I am convinced that these things will break. I'm not a fan of velour either. In fact this whole purchase kinda sucks and I only bought it because it was on sale.
No. 55349
>return shipping label $15
>it hasn't actually even shipped yet
Oh you fucking cocksuckers
No. 55352 Kontra
I got the 990s and very happy with them, also know several other people who like them. They've lasted me for over 6 years and still no issues, though right now I don't use them as much. Velours is comfy, definitely feels better than the cheap leather stuff, however it does get kinda dirty so it'd be wise to clean them every now and then (I haven't cleaned mine yet tho tbh :D)
Apropos the cord, no issues so far, though the 990s have a coiled one, not sure about the 770s. But anyways all cheaper headphones I had always broke at the cord, and I'd expect the Chinese ones you posted would promptly do so as well. Not to mention the sound quality ofc.
Even if you get cable issues with the beyerdynamics there's plenty of guides on how to fix it.
No. 55355 Kontra
Thanks for the reassurance I greatly appreciate it. Normally I'd never dream about splurging that much on headphones but it was something like $45 off and I needed a backup pair since I tend to go through about one pair a year, almost always due to bad connectors and frayed wires. In fact my current pair I just had to buy new cords since at least it was detachable. I've never managed to fix them on my own which is why I'm on the fence about $25 for a 3 year Allstate plan because I know it's probably going to fail by then. I just wanted to know what truly good headphones sounded like for once but if they break in a year well..
No. 55393
207 kB, 465 × 640
>I needed a backup pair since I tend to go through about one pair a year, almost always due to bad connectors and frayed wires

Maybe you get lucky with your buy, i know someone who uses the same old Beyerdynamics for over 20 years now.
Maybe it's because it's some 80s/90s model where planned obsolescence wasn't as important as it is today, but at least the company knows how to do it.

I used to work for a company right next to the Beyerdynamics headquarter and at least once or twice a week they loaded some giant speakers on their driveway and blasted super loud music and weird noices. That was always fun :DDD
No. 55404
50 kB, 369 × 600
>I just wanted to know what truly good headphones sounded like for once but if they break in a year well..

After an initial climb in quality in the sub 100EUR price range, any additional differences are either technical requirements (eg. linear vs. non-linea) or preference (eg. balance of frequencies) but not actually quality related.

I worked in a music store for a time, which coincided with a period of my life where I was very anal about sound quality. While there, I did try every pair of headphones they had because I could declare it "quality control" to unpack and use one of each batch for a few days (then re-pack as B-stock). That was about 10 years ago and since then I've stuck with a single pair of headphones that was a clear winner for me among over a 100 tested. Back than it was called AKG K-121, but they have since renamed it to K-240 with the only difference I could find being a slightly changed cable mount in the casing (now plastic instead of actual metal) and a different shape for the cushions, but no change in sound whatsoever. The specs are slightly different (eg. 18Hz vs. 15Hz on the low end) but I suspect those are more marketing than anything as I was not able to tell a difference on any piece of music in my library.

I can't tell you how long they last under normal circumstances, except that it's more than 6 years. I can tell you what they do not survive: Being crushed by all the books on an IKEA cupboard that came out of the wall one night...

That's why I had to replace the K-121 with the K-240 Studio, otherwise they might very well still be operational today. Regular price is around 80-90 EUR, but apparently tech is much cheaper in the US and it's only about $70 over there (I've only checked amazon as I don't know any audio equipment stores outside of Europe).
No. 55405 Kontra
Oh and btw, once you have them, you will regularly spot the damn things in films or documentaries or behind the scenes footage because they lie around every recording studio in the world. I didn't know that when I bought them and it was a somewhat eerie discovery.
No. 55406
Good to know, might try those out if my beyerdynamics break.

>Regular price is around 80-90 EUR
Unless I'm missing something they seem to be available on German amazon, thomann etc. for 55€, so roughly same as 70$
No. 55409
Indeed, but look at the UVP on thomann, that's 99EUR. The amazon price is generally linked to the prices of other shops, so if one of the larger shops has a limited offer, Amazon will often reduce its price as well for that time.

I never buy from Amazon, though.
No. 55419
1,4 MB, 854 × 480, 0:22
Oh God, oh God it's so good holy shit I don't even know why it's good it sounds so much flatter but it's just so good

Okay, I'm not going to return it. Holy fuck. Okay I guess that this was actually what was meant by "audio neutral" because my other headphones was 20hz-20khzI'm not even sure why this matters outside it as not snakeoil considering we can't even hear 5hz which was super heavy on the bass because they were $30 DJ headphones but oh my fucking God dude

I can actually hear how shitty this webm's sound quality truly is. Holy shit. I involuntarily smiled for once listening to this with these new headphones on

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7VXrHLyUQk it's so much clearer

I just thought well that sucks it's flat while continuing listening to some hardware review but then I checked out music and by god even with shitty youtube videos it was immediately clear and I heard notes and nuances I never heard before. Okay I like these I can't break them.

ohhh ohhhhh oh baby yeah
holy Jesus OH YEAH it sounds so much better on my computer even with just a shitty 10 yo Dell board audiochip holy fugg yess
oh shit I can actually hear this wavering sound like it's an actual needle fuck yes
No. 55421 Kontra
68 kB, 474 × 677
0:27 oh god I haven't made an O face like that IRL since my last ex carving her name into my back with a switchblade and crucifix
No. 55871
I need a new keyboard, I have my eye on a couple cheap mechanical blue switches.
They're about the same quality and same price, but one is tenkeyless, while the other has a numpad and media buttons.

I've never had a tenkeyless keyboard before, but I kinda do use the numpad often, not to mention playing roguelikes. But at the same time, having extra room for the mouse would be nice.

Has anyone who used a TKL before encountered any annoyances in everyday use?
No. 55872
Been using a TKL for about 6 years and my only annoyances have been using blender, which maps several useful functions to numpad keys. But since it's possible to remap those functions and blender even has an emulation mode for TKL keyboards the annoyance was minor.

And for cases where a numpad is really needed there exist solo numpads, which are like a tiny USB keyboard with only the numpad on it... For reasons I can't remember I have one of those, but I've never used it.
No. 55898
654 kB, 900 × 720
367 kB, 900 × 720
206 kB, 900 × 675
276 kB, 900 × 675
So first builds of Windows 11 have leaked. I have not expected it so soon, since M$ sort of had this advertisement that Win10 is for long and will use more "update model" than "new OS model", but they lied as usual. However, well, from what I can see it will continue to go the same route: crappy modern flat colorless interface, shit and ads and online services in your start menu, also more "wanna be mac os" taskbar with the central placement of the icons, which, thank god, can be changed.
No. 55899
255 kB, 1603 × 1335
My answer to this :Р
No. 55900
75 kB, 1484 × 1071
>That pseudo-crapple centred tray design
Holy shit that genuinely irks me that it's centred. WHY?
Otherwise it looks like Windows 10 but with more integrateg gamer and "utility" crap that I'm going to disable and uninstall once I eventually move to it. (That is if they allow it.)
No. 55902
Well, because "muh macOS"
You can move it to the side back at least.
Here is a more detailed video of look at this build. Well, it might be not final look, since its leaked pre-release version,
No. 55906
This is so much more horrific than I imagined it would be seeing it. Once I knew Win11 was going to be made I was bracing myself for the sheer scale of completely fucking awful. I hate 7, I especially hate 8, and I fucking HATE windows fucking 10.

No. 55907 Kontra
What's so bad about 7?
It had kind of a rough start, but in the end it felt as good as XP.
10, on the other hand, is 100% cancer and I hate it.
No. 55909
well it all basically started with ME and Vista as essentially the beginning of the endtimes, the beginning of that dark cancer of "user friendliness" for bydlo disguising the complete lack of user friendliness to people that actually use computers and aren't dumbfucking boomers or 10 year olds. Actually no, scratch that last one because I WAS using computers as a ten year old, it became my escape, and I became accustomed to it. I knew how to go through a fucking directory and edit settings and shit like that and fucking HATED to hell those new things just in control panel where it gives you these shitty rounded edge categories which barely make sense than the real icons. Like why the fuck, why? Just why?

But anyway, it was still essentially completely cancerous by the time we actually got to 7. I fucking hated 7. 7 was like the Cinemax to the hardcore Pornhub bukaki vomit on its users shitfest that became Windows 8 and Windows 10. It just was so long ago we no longer think of it as so risque, no longer realize the vile abuses of that operating system against its users. It simply held just enough vestiges of the decency that was Windows98 most people forgave that piece of trash in the end forgetting what it was, which was Microsoft toying with what level of transgressions it could get away with before foisting Windows 8 upon us.

Am I mad? Fuck yes am I mad. I want my Windows 98 back or win95 and to rip out all this stupid fucking Xbox Cortana tracking bullshit.
No. 55911
I bought one for 54$ (including shipping) - mint condition.
No. 55912
79 kB, 608 × 368
1,1 MB, 1280 × 883
20 kB, 640 × 480
1.Computers were always designed with as much user-friendliness as possible. With new technology, there are more ways to this user-friendliness. Computers are designed for tasks, not for a target audience. But if we talk about target audiences, IBM PC and MS-DOS on it were made as low-end buisness machines, ie crap for the offices, to replace graph paper, calculators, and CP/M machines for daily office use, not for some sort of computer science geeks.

2.Microsoft always has promoted ease to use, user-friendliness, even in the era of DOS. You may look for the famous MS-DOS 5.0 promotional video and look and at the target audience, and new features like DOS Shell and on the presentation of it. Windows project was always in the core idea an attempt to make MS-DOS even more user-friendly, with visual graphical representation of the system, which will be intuitive and great for usage by human beings. And there, MS-DOS PC clones were behind their time. The graphical user interface in home computing is a trend of the mid-80s, with the release of Macintosh, the Commodore Amiga which had GUI OSes on board. Even 8bit machines like C64/128 had optional GeOS at this point.

3.Windows 95 was the biggest thing in computing friendliness for a general user. Now, most popular around the world, a former office, now universal multimedia machines, PC clones which were already everywhere at this time now have a great, multi-tasking user-friendly multimedia OS, with DOS compatibility, new driver system, automatic search for PnP devices, new driver system, new API system, easy to get browser and configure internet connection which was the hottest thing at the time. All this opened the world of computing to a maximum wide audience and made the modern world of computer devices, so if you want to blame someone, you should blame all of the above factors.

4.I don't know what are you talking about ME. "Millenium Edition" was absolutely the same 9x system built around the same kernel as 95 and 98, where they tried to fit here some features from NT. NT was a line of windows operating systems for server usage, with a long history connected to the relationship of MS and IBM and their OS/2 project, which out of the scope of this post. However, ME ended being an unstable system with high system requirements and new features worked poorly. So they abandoned 9x kernel and bought Windows NT "at the home market" with XP. Switch from 9x core to the NT core was the biggest thing that happened to windows to this day (well if we not count Win 1-3 which were a shell over DOS). And you most probably would not distinguish ME from 2000.

5.GUI not really that much changed since 95. Look at your OS, it is almost the same - windows, taskbar, start. Even on this new "Windows11" all they did is move the start button menu to the center and it can be moved backward. Yes, they do minor changes - some good in my opinion, some not so. For example, do you even know what is CHS? When you last time did specify this in BIOS or OS? When your last time set IRQ and DMA on the device you plug in to avoid conflicts? When last time you in videogame had lists of strict supported sound and video cards you must choose from your exact model? And even if you did all this at one point in your life, does it make you feel smarter or it just a pain in the butt from the way the original IBM PC was built out of off-the-shelf parts and the way they were connected?

As a Windows user, what things I do worry about:
A).Compatibility with legacy software. This is the most important trait of PC. Compatability with things lost over time, but it is very important at least to some degree and for business and for end-user. It makes OS heavier and does some "holes" in it. But this why we use it, because we have known environments with the same software we get used to over at least the last 20 years, and even 25 years if we make some hacks and measures to run 9x software.
B).In continuation with previous things, we all get used to Win98 GUI we still using today in this a bit modified form, so every time we see a new version of Windows, the majority of Windows users want is that it gets new good features and will not try to break old good features we are used for, which sometimes happen and it is an annoyance. Like I don't like Windows 10 start menu and not used it. I don't like MS store and other online services integrated the way it is trying to copy mobile OSes like an Android which I highly against on my desktop. And the fact that in leaked Win11 build it forces you to make an MS account worries me. But I liked a lot of Vista-7 additions, like the "hide all windows button", taskbar icons, and so on. And since 11 looks not far from 10, and you can move the start button back to the left, I generally fine with it one this regard.

In addition, I must say that I'm not a big fan of the Win10-11 "falt color" design, it is not very productive. It is fine I guess, and nice for the eye, but monochrome thin window control buttons and things like that feels like unnecessary simplification. There was nothing wrong with vista-7 GUI really, it was better than "candy plastic default XP theme", however objectively there was no reason to change 9x GUI to anything since it was the same but did the job better.
No. 55913 Kontra
Also, problems with Vista were that it was not that great before updates and was installed on systems with 2GB RAM often, like on all laptops and pre-built PCs, while it required a 4GB system. Windows Vista SP2 on a 4GB system is more than fine but why do you need it when there was a 7 on the horizon already.
No. 55919
177 kB, 600 × 390
My cousin asked me to teach her programming (no doubt at the behest of her parents), and now I have the problem of picking her first language.
Trying to narrow it down to something both "sane" (as in, not webshit), and something that also nets you money.

I mean, I know the most expedient thing would be to teach her python and send her on her way to become a webshit, since I doubt she cares about programming and computer science as a discipline.
On another hand, I have it on good authority that having your first language be dynamically typed gives you permanent brain damage and leads to a life of drug abuse and puppy kicking.

This probably leaves me with something like C#, Go, Java or C++ if I want her to suffer. C would be a bit too cruel I think.
Or I could play a prank on her and teach her a functional language, cursing her into a life of unemployed, militant autism.

Isn't parenting wonderful? So much power.
No. 55920
What knowledge she has? If 0, I'd started from general principles of how computers work and show some BASIC.
Well, C++ is useful and there is a hell of a lot of tutorials.
No. 55921 Kontra
Isn't Java the go-to noob teaching language?
We had a voluntary computer class in school and we did everything in Java.
No. 55922
2,5 MB, 2700 × 1200
One day I'll buy a matrix layout keyboard or design one myself, and it will be the final solution to the numpad question.

There's not as much demand in the market for C++ compared to stuff like Java, C#, python and javascript, though.

I think the most sensible choice is C#. Even though it's microshit technology, it's still a decent language, and has plenty of jobs in the banking sector. Also, Unity is now a platform in itself, and someone who wants to get into games without being a low level programming wizard, can get jobs there as well.

I have a personal dislike for Java.
Besides, too much competition in the Java market anyways, every polyteh codemonkey learns java here.
No. 55945
I'm kinda surprised java is still getting used that much honestly. Also are iFrames still a thing?

I haven't been keeping up with that angle of technology much and so am still kinda surprised when I find some new thing out like the abomination that is .webp or exif data allegedly getting sanitized. I wonder how much that drop tables trick would still work.
No. 55946
Once a language gets as big as Java, it will never die.

There's so much already existing code for it, and somebody needs to maintain it or work on it.
Also, there are languages popping up that target the JVM, although not sure if you'd call them "java"
No. 55952
As long as there is Android, Java will be used. Also legacy code, as >>55946 pointed out.

Tough decision, been asking that myself more than once. If someone was actually interested in programming then things would be much easier, but if it's a thing about "getting a job" we have conflicting interests of either doing what we feel is the right thing to do and on the other hand what kind of result is expected.

If this is about jobs, there is good reason to teach at least two languages, which makes the choice of the first language a bit less restrictive.

And why'd you say that teaching C would be cruel?
No. 55953
The thing about C is that it's very pragmatic.

What I mean by that is, languages with lots of convenient features and syntactic sugar present a kind of fairy tale of the "abstract computer", and thinking in terms of the abstract computer is easier to understand, as the abstract computer has a consistent set of rules.

C, on the other hand, cares about what's actually happening (to an extent it is possible on the current software stack). The biggest obstacle in teaching anything, is when there are exceptions that occur only because of circumstance, or situations where a nice simple model is not practically possible.

There could be situations where I could be explaining strings, and she asks why X feature behaves in an inconsistent way, then I have to tell her about the whole history of string handling since the 80s and why things are the way they are.
Or why are there a bunch of obsolete types, features and functions that nobody uses anymore, etc.
Like, explaining the difference between strcpy, strncpy and strlcpy.

Also, I really want to make them boot into linux for this (since the web is the biggest market, and runs on linux), but if that turns out to be too steep, I'll have to use mingw on windows, and then explain all the weird quirks that come from trying to emulate all the places where C is tightly coupled with Unix.

Too much front loaded information.
No. 55955
> This probably leaves me with something like C#, Go, Java or C++ if I want her to suffer. C would be a bit too cruel I think.

C is a simple and straightforward language: no complex abstractions (ProxySingltonFactoryVisitor), you understand how your program is executed. Plus C has a plenty of learning materials and syntax of many languages is C-like. Problem of lack of features (templates, garbage collector, etc) is not relevant for beginners. The only real problem is that C (unlike Pascal, for example) is not foolproof and allows esoteric constructions like i = ++i + i++, so it might be difficult to find bugs sometimes.

To sum up, I would recommend learning C, after that C++, after that anything demanded by market.

> Or I could play a prank on her and teach her a functional language, cursing her into a life of unemployed, militant autism.
When I went to school, informatics teacher said "if you want to learn programming, read The Art of Computer Programming by Knuth". Thank God, I knew he is bastard and didn't took it serious. My friend (from different school and different town) got same advice.

You know, to learn programming you need to write things that work. Start with leetcode-tier tasks (there are sites where they are placed more systematically) or simple drawing library. Otherwise it would be too boring.

Why care about job market? Once she learns how to program she can just learn Python (or whatever). It's much easier to switch language than to learn programming with inappropriate language.
No. 55956

>What I mean by that is, languages with lots of convenient features and syntactic sugar present a kind of fairy tale of the "abstract computer", and thinking in terms of the abstract computer is easier to understand, as the abstract computer has a consistent set of rules.

I disagree; this heavily depends on the person. Some people can deal much better with abstraction than with details while others need to see the details to make sense of the abstraction. I speak from experience as I'm of the latter type and had serious problems developing an intuition for things like OOP the way it was taught at university. But when I made the "detour" of learning things bottom-up, starting with assembler, then C, then C++, it was the most obvious thing to understand OOP. Black magic will help some people learn faster while it will stop others from advancing at all.

>There could be situations where I could be explaining strings, and she asks why X feature behaves in an inconsistent way, then I have to tell her about the whole history of string handling since the 80s and why things are the way they are.

Makes sense, to a certain degree. If those are your worries, then Python might be an okay-choice, but I would try to start with a reduced set of features.
In fact, with Python you could start out teaching her only straight-forward scripting for a while and move to development of programs not until after she is somewhat comfortable with the most important parts of the library and syntax sugar.
I don't know much about c#, but the same might apply there.

Another language that I'm torn about is Lua. It's certainly one of the most simple and elegant languages and would be great for teaching concepts, but it's adoption by the industry is a repeating history of python-bullying.

>Also, I really want to make them boot into linux for this

Good choice, I'd do the same. And depending on how much time you have, let them sit and work in the TTY for the first week to strip the learning experience of all distractions.
No. 55957 Kontra

Hold on, you sidetracked me... my question was why you'd consider teaching C to be cruel. Your answer was about it being impractical for your purpose.

... not sure if I'm being autistic here, you may ignore this question in that case.
No. 55958
>Why care about job market? Once she learns how to program she can just learn Python (or whatever). It's much easier to switch language than to learn programming with inappropriate language.

Well said.

>When I went to school, informatics teacher said "if you want to learn programming, read The Art of Computer Programming by Knuth"

I've got it here and I've used it a few times to read myself into the details of some topics. It's very useful for someone who knows how to write code already and knows much of the theory, but wants to dive deep into certain areas.
It most certainly is a terrible choice for a beginner and I doubt your teacher read it front to back himself...
No. 55964
Well, to me, starting with C is like teaching a kid how to ride a bicycle by taking them to the top of the hill and pushing them off. Kind of a tough parenting approach.
I feel like if I were to start with C, I'd spend more time fixing newbie pitfalls they don't understand, rather than introducing concepts. I kinda want to go the safety gloves approach.
Maybe I am wrong and worrying too much, though.

That's a good point, yeah.
My idea was to teach her the basics in some popular programming language, and then hand her over as an intern to some studio that can teach her the rest.
I am still not sure how long I will be teaching her. If it's short term, I'd rather just walk her through python, if it's gonna be long term, then yeah, gotta start bottom up.

My first two languages were lua (writing addons for WoW) and python (online tutorials), and from my experience, lua is a much better first language. Shame it's not popular.
Python has too much syntactic sugar to the point where it doesn't even feel like programming sometimes. Like, I remember doing stupid shit like using string comprehension to parse a string containing tokens in the form of characters, rather than using case switches and enums like a normal person lol. Python has too much magic.

Also, it has to be noted that she's nowhere a computer nerd like some of us. She didn't even have a personal computer until a few years ago. So, advice that works well for autistic nerds, might not work on a neurotypical.
No. 55997
Well good news, she seems to be genuinely interested and enthusiastic about lower level shit.

There's two other cousins who kinda want to tag along, they're not as enthusiastic, so we'll see how it goes.
No. 56009
I've already settled on debian because I want their shit to "just werk", now to choose a DE.
I'm thinking either KDE or XFCE.

I've had some bad experiences with KDE in the past, but I hear it is actually good now, or maybe it's just KDE shills.
I've used XFCE and liked it. It's that comfy Win-XP experience with nothing superfluous.
Don't wanna do gnome because being so different from windows will be yet another hindrance.

I'm still a bit nervous about going ball to the wall on this shit. Almost considering saying fuck it and teaching them a web dev bootcamp program.
Oh well, history isn't made by cowards.
Which is not always a good thing
No. 56010 Kontra
Another concern is that while xfce has always been pretty stable, KDE is under constant development, and new versions are measurably better than older ones. But debian would have an older version of KDE.

Maybe gonna go with debian testing.
No. 56013
Reminds me of my uni years, when I had to install Linux to do some assignments, and I went for Ubuntu with Gnome, because it was most Windows-like, or at least it could be made to look like Windows pretty fast and it won't be very awkward and heavy. Nowadays, if I ever want to install Linux, I'd rather go for Arch with KDE, because Gnome went full Mac-retard. I also always had kinda of a soft spot for "lightweight" WMs like XFCE or LXDE simply for nostalgia's sake (98SE2 was my first Windows, and XP was really nice, and those WMs kinda look like them), but now it doesn't matter that much.
No. 56014
I'd personally go with arch because it has a shitload of software and amazing documentation, but most tutorials and answers are written for debian or ubuntu, and like 90% of companies use ubuntu on the post-sovok. At leas such was the situation years back, when ubuntu wasn't so terrible.
Maybe now they use debian, or fedora.
No. 56055
Ten years ago KDE was all right and had that magnificent file manager, Krusader.

Nowadays I don't know, I use the Cinnamon desktop that goes with Mint and is all right. I'd use Window Maker but it does not do things with the laptop out of the box, I mean stuff like the Fn keys from the laptop. And regarding file manager, I got very used to Double Commander, is pretty pretty powerful. This, and zsh.
No. 56057
1,2 MB, 2560 × 1600
Ok, I should have believed people when they said that Mint "just werks". It really fucking does.

I want to make my cousin go through the installation process herself, he has never installed an OS before.
Kubuntu 21 refused to boot in UEFI mode.
I downgraded to 20, and it crashed on usb boot.
I tried debian, and it's fine, except that proprietary drivers need to be downloaded separately, and there's some annoying configuration things.
But Mint JUST FUKKEN WERKS. I popped in the USB, it immediately booted into a live environment, I clicked "install mint", next next next, and I'm fucking done. Now that's what I call a user experience.
Xubuntu and Lubuntu are also fine I guess, but Mint also has LMDE, which is Mint, but for debian, with long-ass support and stability. Best of both worlds.

The reason I'm only picking debian derived distros is because most tutorials are written for them. I've had good experiences with both fedora and suse before. Never tried arch.

Also, it's admirable to me that mint had a smoother installation process than any of the mainline distros, with no extra bullshit you have to do. This proves that sometimes, it's not about funding or manpower, but about giving a shit.
No. 56061
What is the best Debian-based distro I can do a minimallyas possible install on a 15 year old Thinkpad?
I would still like to be able to access the internet, so I don't want to use a Debian fro 15 years ago.
Debian 10, even with minial install without any GUI is still around 1GB. I also tried Puppy, but I didn't like it.
No. 56063
Do you want Debian specifically, or just something stable?
Lightweight distros I know:
Damn small Linux
Tiny core linux

How much RSM do you have?
No. 56100
Made her install WSL2 for now.
I couldn't go there myself, or I'd install some linux distro, but since I had to guide her through the proccess with remote access, I couldn't do anything that requires reboot.

It should be ok for now. I'll try some more distros and guide her through the process later, when she's properly initiated.

Anyway, I'd like to know the name of the fucker who passed a law that requires every website to announce that they use cookies. So I can write him an email calling him a fuckhead. I do not give a flying fuck about cookies, I have them disabled by default.
But now every random link I go to has an annoying fucking popup.
No. 56103
No. 56109
You might be interested in Alpine. It's using less than 100MiB RAM on my machine with running window manager etc. It's as simple and fast as it gets in the linux world. If you want simpler, you'll have to enter the realm of BSD.

A good write-up of why Alpine is a really good choice for some people can be found here (it's a link to a gmni-to-web proxy because I can't expect you to have a gemini-client installed just to read this blog :-DDD):

Expect to spend the first few days regularly consulting the wiki until you've settled down:

But don't worry it isn't nearly as much work as arch.
No. 56110
I use that, yeah.
But I think it works through a blacklist or something, because sometimes I still get the popups.

Or sometimes I'll install a new system, with nothing set up yet, go to stackexchange or whatever to solve some problem, and there's a giant cookie popup there. Why don't these fuckers at least make it small and inconspicuous?
And why is there no "NO I DON'T WANT COOKIES" button, you have to go to some advanced menu or some bullshit. I hate dark patterns.
No. 56304
So far the only debian based distros that didn't shit themselves installing on my UEFI mode thinkpad are: debian, mainline ubuntu, mint and xubuntu.
Kubuntu and kde neon just shit the bed. Debian doesn't "just werk" because of having to sideload drivers, xubuntu has snap, ubuntu has GNOME.
So I guess mint is the winner.

next, gonna try all the big red hat distros. Then arch based ones, then non-systemd autism distros, then gentoo, and at last, LFS.
No. 56307
OpenSuSe "just werks" for me.
Ubuntu not so much for some reason, maybe it's a coincidence.
No. 56350
Question to the good informaticians here:
How can I find out the clock speed of cpu/gpu and whatever it is doing with memory of my laptop in energy saving mode? That said, is it even throttling anything but the CPU?
No. 56367
On Linux: cat /proc/cpuinfo
No. 56377
How would you create a session and resume princeprocessor being piped into hashcat? I can get it started, but it doesn't look like restore points are being created and the menu to checkpoint isn't present. There is no time estimate either so for all I know this could could take 100+ years. I've even thought about using prince separate to generate word lists, but it balloons in size very quickly.
No. 56391
What are some cool projects to work on in order to practice C? Maybe also including network programming as that is generally quite fascinating

Depending on your definition of "needs to just werk" you could be totally happy with a tiling WM. There are some great ones that can be set up within a couple of hours and afterwards you never need to think about it anymore. Very minimal, very effective, never gets in your way but needs some time to get used to initially. Don't let all the ricers bother you, you don't have to spend years making your desktop look pretty just because you use a tiling wm. In my case, it made everything a lot easier
No. 56398
> C
No. 56404
You're in luck, as the exact thing you need does exist.

In general, try to pick one source to learn from with little to no discern, and just finish it despite everything. Trying to find the optimal source often leads to analysis paralysis.
No. 56405

Can recommend, actually quite good. And if the C is a bit too rushed for you,
do check out the guide about C programming by beej, it's somewhere on the same
No. 56409
374 kB, 1080 × 2220
Dang, look how inclusive it is, I should contribute a Kazakh translation.
No. 56411 Kontra
I'll make a new thread when this one rolls off the front page.
Any suggestions for OP text?
No. 56413
106 kB, 717 × 960
1,4 MB, 2000 × 1496
206 kB, 640 × 480
69 kB, 1024 × 768
I dunno m8 you're in charge here. Just make it look good or funny or informative or whatever, and this time include it with some kind of computer techy pic which makes it much easier to find in the catalogue. There's some threads like this one and finance iirc which had a spider where it's harder to spot it because the image is off topic.
No. 56414
375 kB, 1280 × 720
271 kB, 1024 × 768
81 kB, 1200 × 540
735 kB, 2340 × 2560
Youknow, something obvious to do with coding or computer hardware or whatnot. Clearly I have a ton of stuff related to it either funny or immensely satisfying to look at or whatever, which means I can only imagine what kind of stuff related to computer technology you personally have saved if you're the one making such threads.
No. 56415
136 kB, 1000 × 992
242 kB, 1080 × 1283
299 kB, 674 × 506
777 kB, 861 × 639
Like right now the fact that this thread is kontraing I'm gonna use as an excuse to dump a small sample of all the shit I've got
t. am unironically aroused by looking at old boards and the one kanker board which I actually browse sometimes is /g/ though it's almost as cancerous as the rest of the site
No. 56417
Unite everything computer-related. Describe it as "Thread for Hardware discussion, Soft and OS discussions, computer and information technology news, programming" - something like that maybe.
No. 56420
Just call it "no life nerds thread"
No. 56422
Every thread here is "no life nerds thread", you dingus.
No. 56426
69 kB, 447 × 1235
Ok, it seems I have overestimated them, lmao.

I'm gonna have to start from the very, very basics.
You can't program if you don't know what the fuck RAM is.
No. 56428
121 kB, 700 × 525
>dat "computer smart nerd" stereotypes from normies from the 1990s
I will not be surprised if I have more "life" than you tbh
No. 56429
54 kB, 640 × 434
252 kB, 1024 × 768
143 kB, 1024 × 768
73 kB, 960 × 960
I am still ever confused as to why Russians simply transliterate English words. It often makes it feel, as a native English speaker, much easier to understand than I would expect albeit with some weird spellings.
>systemnia blok
>weird as shit transliteration for case
>some extremely long as title
No. We had English term for this in school: KISS.

Even if posts become long ass gasbag EC tier postings the title itself should be relatively simple, compacted, succinct. Like for instance "computer hardware and programming thread" not "moscau tekniks institute for analyzing and discussion of integrated circuits and computer programming languages discussions thread" it's almost German in its length.
>computer programming and hardware thread
Still long, but simple.
No. 56430
Yea, begin from the basics. Explaining how a computer works on the most base level is what I think everyone should know. YT Channel "Ben Eater" has good series of videos where he assembling an 8bit computer and explaining everything from basic latches to.. infinity, basically.
No. 56431 Kontra
Are u retarded or you think words like "process" or "system" or "block" do not exist in Russian, another Indo-European language with history being Christian state, thus, borrowing the same fucking words of Latin and Greek origin?
No. 56432
Now I regret not organizing my porn and gore better.
I'm going to be streaming my screen, and I don't want to accidentally open my download folder and show them a thumbnail of a video where a dude gets his skin peeled off.
No. 56433
149 kB, 736 × 736
3,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
5,9 MB, 445 × 250, 0:14
102 kB, 480 × 360
You had computers back then?
No. 56434
106 kB, 1024 × 683
I think his point is that those are not "english words".
All modern european languages borrow them from greek and latin.
No. 56435
330 kB, 1148 × 737
This is highly likely, but I'm IT-nolifer myself, so this would proof nothing. Check and mate.

We had spaceships back then.
No. 56436
90 kB, 309 × 319
these kids are going to give me an aneurysm.
we just spent 1 hour setting up the stream, and troubleshooting basic stuff.
I haven't even started the lesson yet.
No. 56437
I'm glad it's over.

Dang, I knew being a teacher sucked, but having first hand experience gives me a whole new perspective.

And I mean, they're not bratty or retarded or anything, it's just that the act of deliberately and carefully explaining things, is mentally exhausting.
No. 56441
> YT Channel "Ben Eater"
Intredasting, thanks!

But I think it's enough for beginners to know few simple things about RAM and disk like:
RAM: small, fast, lost without power.
Disk memory: big, slow, stays when power shut down.
Also one could imagine memory simply as big one-dimensional array sequence of boxes holding values. Yes, it's more complicated under the hood, but this does not matter.
No. 56442
Aren't Windows 10 (if you using windows for streaming) have like multiple desktops feature?
No. 56443
Well, maybe, but if you gonna make them understand programming easily, I think it will be better to explain stuff like "system bus", "memory address", "clock". It may help avoid confusion in places in my opinion, especially when you start to teach someone with 0 knowledge about everything some high-level programming language with layers of abstraction
No. 56446
Yes, but the pictures are in the download folder.
And browsers remember the last place you saved a file, so whenever I open a choose file dialog, I get a face full of 2K gore and porn lol.
No. 56463
1,0 MB, 331 × 515, 0:04
No. 56486
Thanks, this really is great but I already read Beej's guide. I was looking for project ideas to put the knowledge to practice instead