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No. 4878
2,3 MB, 2560 × 1920
1,2 MB, 4800 × 6000
That feel when drug-addled degenerate. Anyone else?
No. 4884
I'm addicted to caffeine. Does that count?
No. 4886
You may want to knock it off with the heroin m8

And no, except for nicotine. I lead as boring and low key a life as possible.
No. 4887

Yes, caffeine is a horrendous drug when used to excess. It's more dangerous in overdosee than amphetamine.

I also drink coffee every day but only because I get it for free at work. And I notice the difference if I don't drink it. Do you?
No. 4889
61 kB, 1000 × 800
Nah, i smoked weed but quit 4 or 5 years ago, i stopped smoking cigarettes around 1,5 years ago.
I drink a cup of coffee a day but could leave it away if i wanted.
I also very rarely drink alcohol anymore while i used to be drunk every weekend a few years ago.

I recommend letting go of addictions or intoxicating substances, it might be fun for a while but in the end it's just an impediment.
No. 4894
Gee thanks for the advice, you cured me xD

Opiates really are indidious drugs, I found ecen if I don't use them for months, I can be triggered (even by memory) and suddenly have huge cravings.
No. 4896
There's a thing called self-control. Get some of it.
No. 4897
As an alcoholic, I'll say
You may want to knock it off with the heroin m8

Just don't put yourself in a position where you can get it.

I've OD'd on caffeine before. It actually is pretty awful. I think it was a mix of redbulls, Code Red, coffee, and caffeine pills all day. I know I've had over something like 20 drinks of coffee in a day easily before, but something about that mix was especially bad. Although, I am sure I ate more NoDoz than usual that day.
No. 4899
I actually feel it. I carry with myself some tea and brew it in the middle of the day.
I've been drinking around a litre a day this month. The worst was when I drank ~1.7L I think, it was at that point that I felt pretty god damn awful so I'm careful to not go up to that point.
I have problem with liquids in general because I drinking anything helps me concentrate. A bottle of water here, a cup of tea there, some lemonade.
No. 4900
70 kB, 518 × 960
98 kB, 720 × 960
Well done m8. Yes, I see drugs as one of the most shallow ways to have fun. I like this framework:

>1st Degree Fun
You are having pleasure in the moment - taking drugs, eating a burger/chocolate, etc.

>2nd Degree Fun
Not necessarily fun at the time, but fun through the sense of achievement and memories - climbing a mountain, learning to play an instrument, etc.

>Third Degree Fun
Something that isn't fun, even in retrospect. However, it's fun to tell the story of how shit it was.

Of course, drugs are very much first degree fun unless you have some transcendental psychedelic experience. So probably least psychologically healthy as it doesn't employ any delayed gratification.

So really, it's 'boring and lowkey' to take your pleasure from drugs as it prevents you from finding fun elsewhere.

This week was tricky for me as I had the heroin and all I could think about was smoking it - but I managed to wait until now. Feels good to have delayed it, otherwise I would have just run out by now.

p.s. r8 what the drugs were stealthed in, this is what our passports will look like after brexit
No. 4901
Did you ever seek help in something like a psychiatry?
One thing that made me slowly quit all kind of drugs i took and prevented me from even trying new ones was spending time in a mental hospital.
I was there because of manic depressions but i met a guy there who overdid it with drugs and just got stuck. Couldn't do anything but sitting around and drool, maybe look at you and smile when you make a joke and that's his live now.

Maybe a experience like this would help you.
No. 4902
Self-control is only a small part of drug use - addiction is a psychological disorder, no-one chooses to be addicted.

I'm minimally addicted and only use opiates a couple of times a month tops - people who use it regularly and develop physical addiction are the ones who are fucked up.
No. 4904
344 kB, 1024 × 683
>Just don't put yourself in a position where you can get it.

I suffer with modern internet drug markets and their next-day delivery methods.
No. 4905
>people who use it regularly and develop physical addiction are the ones who are fucked up.

And i'm sure those guys only used opiates a couple of times a month tops before they became fucked up.
No. 4908
655 kB, 1280 × 1278
Yes, absolutely. I'm not trying to fool myself that I'm immune to it. But I have been using opiates on-and-off for almost 10 years, and never more than a few times a month. At least it feels fairly stable.
No. 4909
32 kB, 600 × 807
19 kB, 540 × 360
It's a good idea, i've never had a psychiatrist or counseller before.

I'm quite interested in how psychedelic drugs are being used in this field. There's an ongoing study here in the UK using MDMA for addiction, and some in the US using magic mushrooms for a similar purpose.

Of course, these drugs don't 'cure' addiction, but rather act as a tool to facilitate psychotherapy to access the trauma that lead to addiction in the first place.
No. 4910
104 kB, 640 × 640
Well, then i hope you manage to keep it under control, but i still recommend that you stop.

Also, while we're at it, can you do me a favor?
I watched the first episode of Who Is America? on www.channel4.com with a VPN but for the second episode it says i can't watch it in my area. First episode still works and i even tried a different Server.
Can you try if you can watch the 2nd episode?
Sorry to ask but i don't know where to find an other Brit.
No. 4913
Yes, I just opened it, just had to register first - maybe you signed up when the VPN was off?

Or you can just torrent it (deleted post with link in case anti-piracy crawlers find that URL, Facebook automatically blocks it even in private messages)
No. 4914
>maybe you signed up when the VPN was off?

Nah, i think i had it running. Also i could watch the first episode (and still can) so i don't think it's the VPNs or my accounts fault and i even tried a different browser which leaves me with the question what the problem is.

Anyway, many thanks for taking the time, i wish you the best.
No. 4916
Try on an incognito browser window, in case cookie settings or adblock is fucking with it? (or just torrent it. I recommend the site UNBLOCKED[DOT]VET)
No. 4920
I downloaded it now but just streaming it is way more comfy as having to look for a good torrent first.
No. 4921
74 kB, 720 × 960
Also, r8 the 'thai weed' I bought on the internet (but is apparently from Jamaica this batch). It's very cheap and comes in weird sticks wrapped in string. Apparently, it's 'natural' compared to the super hydro skunkweed of the modern stoner.
No. 4922
Thai sticks are supposed to be dipped in opium m8

The traditional preparation that was popularized in the 70s was to wrap bundles of bud around a stick with some twine and dip it into some kind of opium solution. So, not only is it less "natural" in a sense, but if it isn't laced with opium you got ripped off.
No. 4923
Well, i've got heroin, i'll whack em in the pipe together and see what happens xD
No. 4924
4,7 MB, 430 × 215, 0:08
>p.s. r8 what the drugs were stealthed in, this is what our passports will look like after brexit
>the absolute state of britain.jpg
No. 4927 Kontra
>this is what our passports will look like after brexit
>European Community

Theresa, is that you?
No. 4929
It's funny how you will pay a fortune and lose all voting rights when in the end nothing will change.
No. 4930
It's a joge m8tes, please don't turn my wholesome thread into bullshit
No. 5634
2,4 MB, 2560 × 1920
This week on kanal degenerat: sniffing oxycodone. It is a pain in boy to crush it and is more expensive than heroin, but it doesn't last as long so hopefully I will be normal for my work tomorrow.
No. 5637
What work do you do?
No. 5650
Admin and communications in some thinktank. I'm actually writing an article about heroin currently :-DD
No. 5668
You snort it so it is less potent?
No. 6370
I did try to smoke it but it hurt my lungs :C