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No. 49071
66 kB, 638 × 479
This thread is absolutely random.

Isn't it just funny how randomness works?

Like saying that certain events would happen at certain dates and times.

But I guess Ernst wouldn't want to test the power of randomness with such things.
No. 49073
Indeed funny things happening in the random realms.

People believe that if human consciousness becomes coherent, the behavior of random systems may change.

Only a few selected people now that it is rather the other way around. Randomness influences the reality, resulting in events like COVID-19 or 9/11. Everything before and after such events has never happened in the way we might imagine it. It is only dictated to us through randomness.
No. 49080
173 kB, 457 × 341
Global Consciousness Project (GCP)

I recall hearing about this. I figured that it was caused by normal deviations in random data, and they only report the deviations when they align with major world events. But maybe our minds really do form a global network. Spooky.
No. 49089
If somesuch thing was real a strong enough mind could manipulate the rest into his orbit and use their full mass as a force multiplier. It is also called "history."
No. 49091
Is this thread about randomness or a thread which one can fill with random things?
No. 49095
36 kB, 95 × 178
why are their three towers in that graph
No. 49101
>three towers
One of them must be WTC 7 :^D

Good question.