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No. 49125
1,0 MB, 320 × 180, 0:02
>Be me
>Living in Australia
>"Oy craiky, me hard drive is full with porn again"
>"Gonna buy a big usb-driverino to store all me important documents"
>Receive 256 gb usb drive
>Use for two weeks
>Stops working
>Microcontroller is fucked
>No warranty or money-back
>Thanks for nothing, Sandisk
>Thanks for nothing, Australia

Could we please get EU-tier warranty on all electronic products? And maybe some decent Amazon in this here place?
No. 49127
You know the answer to those questions.
t. australian
No. 49129
Could you further meditate on the Australian soul and mind? What makes the Australian people unique? What are their characteristics?
No. 49136 Kontra
> decent Amazon
Hate to break it to you but the reason most things are shit is because of them.