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No. 49203
8 kB, 178 × 284
Hi where are the serious discussion?
No. 49204
This entire site is nothing but maximum assburgers to an extent. Browse the catalogue, please attempt to refrain from shitposts, danks.
No. 49205
I’ve never felt so much at home than here. Everybody seems autistic in his awesome way.
No. 49206
8 kB, 219 × 233
Welcome Ernst !
No. 49208
34 kB, 601 × 411
DS9 > Enterprise (with the skip intro button on netflix) > TNG > Voyager > ToS

Disc*very does not warrant rating
No. 49210
91 kB, 640 × 370
I truly do miss the pure love sometimes, even if I often rue the fact I wasted my twenties on a fake community among strangers rather than just living life.
but then I just remember I literally left a bar on night out with coworkers to shitpost on KC instead because it was boring and too loud there and no serious discussions were happeningsrsly I did that in 2015 last time I drank with anyone iirc

I'm terribly sorry sir but while DS9 was indeed great TNG was is and always will be an absolute classic of 90s television right up there with XFiles. The borg are and remain one of the best factions. Interestingly the Borg in a sense succeeded at being the Federation than even the Federation. Why should you fear it or hang on to your petty cultural artifacts? We can incorporate those too to the great interstellar creatura. I mean, did you even strike fear into the hearts of the Q continuum? I guess shitting in trees and building spaceships is cool and all, but have you ever been part of a real collective? Just take your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. We have 0% Nygean crime rate and made them all into productive members of society. You still have space gulags. Pic related it's me and my borg bitch.
No. 49220
14 kB, 434 × 241
200 kB, 411 × 529
I laffed, and in all honesty I have watched DS9 and Enterprise in their full in the last 2 years but it's probably been 15 years since I rewatched TNG. I tried reently but the 1st season filtered me.
No. 49223
76 kB, 522 × 832
219 kB, 715 × 775
52 kB, 599 × 456
64 kB, 540 × 661
How funny, I just recently made an EC version of that pic. Also adding some other of my recent low effort shoops.
No. 49260
69 kB, 750 × 500
>pure love
>Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name.

I like boards with friendly people posting on it.