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No. 49280
76 kB, 1024 × 768
Here's a thread where Ernsts may share their dreams.

Mines are mostly boring, mildly erotic where a girl that I used to know or not rejects me before or after sex. But I have the luck to dream a lot, so sometimes there are strange pearls.
No. 49281
I've had some unreal vivid dreams about 10 years ago, just before my life changed drastically. And it's happening again the last year, dreams where I don't feel alone like another presence is there that isn't my own subconscious.

Even had a lucid dream in the last month where I full control of what I was doing in it, and I could see the landscape where I live except it had layers of time to it, with buildings that used to be there existing in parallel to buildings that are there now.

I've had a vivid dream about visiting heaven and it was like no other dream I ever had.

I had a vivid dream where a voice talked to me about my future and lots of other weird shit in the last year.
No. 49282
47 kB, 492 × 630
I rarely remember my dreams. When I do, I mostly remember random stuff, often with people I know, but they act out of character and I can't make sense out of it. I also very rarely dream of girls, which is strange, since like probably most males I think a lot about girls while I'm awake. The dream I remember most is a bad dream I had repeatedly as a child. It was always the same: It was some dark setting in my bedroom, then a scary music I knew from TV started playing, one of the doors of the bedroom wardrobe would violently open and slam shut exactly two times, and then I was pulled in and was immobilized. Then I woke up, scared shitless. At some point in my adolescence, the dream stopped, but the memory is still vivid.
No. 49283
I think I never had music in any of my dreams. Is it common to have that?
No. 49284
84 kB, 630 × 794
When I was a junge I had a constant recurring nightmare of being kidnapped into a white van and would wake up scared shitless

I haven't thought about that in probably 10 years
No. 49285
I don't know I never had either. Apart maybe for an ambient buzzing noise in some nightmares. It's really strange because you can't tell if it's an emotion or a sound. Most of my terrifying nightmares had this sound.

Also when I was a child, I could imagine a song in bed and it would start to play in my head. The drums were always too loud and woke me up from my meditation.
No. 49286
47 kB, 558 × 461
When I think about it I also remember a recurring dream about being able to fly, and running down a hill and taking off, but immediatly realizing there are the wires from a power line in my way and I can't go on. Never hit them though, because I woke up right after noticing them and realizing that I can't make it past them. Also this one wasn't half as bad as the before mentioned dream. It only felt mildly unsettling, and not threatening.

>Is it common to have that?
Not sure about that, couldn't say so for the other dreams I had that I can remember. Also it wasn't really music, it was just a few seconds of sound.

>It's really strange because you can't tell if it's an emotion or a sound
Since sounds can evoke emotions or be very closely tied to them, I can see why it would be difficult to tell them apart.
No. 49291
151 kB, 900 × 900
As a small child I had this one strange dream multiple times. I'm standing in my bedroom and look out the window to see a number of cyclists passing at eye level. Then I look down and realize that I'm on the 2nd floor. The bicycles have weird extended frames and the riders are sitting 15 feet off the ground.

At that point I would wake, terrified. I don't know why men on tall bicycles were scary. I never had a bad fall while learning to ride, but maybe I still had anxiety over it. Pic related.

>Is it common to have that?
I don't normally notice, but a few years ago one dream had very clear and distinct music. After waking I was able to recall the tune, but it quickly faded from my memory.
No. 49292
Had an unusual for me nightmare last week. In it, I consumed some drug and went on a killing spree induced by it. I murdered everyone without distinction — old people, women, children — and I couldn't be stopped, because the drug gave me some sort of super strength. Then the drug's effect gradually starts to wear off, and I realize just how fucked up is that what I'm doing, but I still cannot stop, because the drug still compels me to murder people. Finally, the effect vanishes completely, and I fall on the ground because of over-exertion. I get apprehended by the militia and brought before a court. I try to defend myself by saying that the drug made me do it. The judge ignores my plead and gives me the death penalty. The nightmare ends when I'm being lead to be executed.

I said that it's unusual because the plot was too logical (my nightmares are weird and surreal more often than not) and because I wasn't the one being terrified but rather I was the most terrifying thing myself.
No. 49293
I had a bad nightmare last night. My little brother and mother were separated from me and attended some kind of meeting. Me and my grandmother waited for them. But they didn't arrive at the point of time we arranged. So we waited and waited. But they never came. Naturally my grandmother got mad and we went to the location of their meeting, but nobody was there. Not a single soul. So we as also other people besides us wondered where everyone went. I think later in the day news spread out that a certain madman had kidnapped the attendees of the meeting and might kill them. Shortly after this we saw my mother who went to the toilet before the kidnapping. But still my little brother was in the hands of the kidnapper. I was very sad and frightened. In the end, my brother emerged from the darkness and I ran and hugged him with tears flowing down my face. I was so scared that something bad happened to him, but at the same time so relieved. That was a horrific nightmare indeed.
No. 49300
30 kB, 668 × 324
I just made the happiest dream of my life. Me and my family were in a futuristic home that was apparently ours. And my mother was coming back from the maternity with tree litle brothers. The babies had black hair and were smiling to us. The first one had teeths. We asked why had he theets and he repeted "teeth". Then, I asked mom if he knew how to talk and the baby responded "ye I'an talk" and smiled to us and we all cheered. I though at the time we only had one new brother but I saw tree chairs on the dinning table. And two new babies arrived. One looked like the first and the thurd was very small and we could raise it with only one hand. We sat on our beautiful dinning table, with a lakeview from right and left and beautiful paintings on the wall. Somehow I forgot my mom was expecting. I closed my eyes and cried out of pure joice.

But my mom won't make little brothers anymore.
No. 49308
I often hear (especially from older people) that colored dreams are supposed to be uncommon. It always baffled me, because all the dreams I see are colored; the closest I got to a black-and-white dream is a sepia-colored one. I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that the media consumed by older folks (like movies and TV) was monochrome, so it influenced their dreams. Does anyone here actually see black-and-white dreams?
No. 49311
Mine have not been vivid or coherent enough to be memorable lately, but my God when i do have them they are bewildering and amazing.
No. 49312
That guy here tweets about his dreams:


Well it's not tweet but mastodon. But there are some fun ones:

>I dreamed about producing drugs. But we were all manipulated by this genius person who controlled everything. And there were ghosts and monsters and exorcisms
No. 49401
I dreamt of a party where I came late and everybody was already smashed. No one would talk to me and I had to drink as quickly as possible.
No. 49406
113 kB, 1112 × 885
Being too late, not knowing the way and missing crucial transports are also common themes in my dreams. It usually revolves around missing group activities because I didn't find the meeting point or couldn't find/make the ride, and desperately trying to keep up, but it always falls apart due to either my shortcomings or bad luck.
No. 49462
50 kB, 640 × 676
I was dreaming how El Camino was a Heist-movie with Jessie and Walter as main characters and how they robbed Meth from all the Cartels big time.
No. 49498
Had a dream in which i attempted intercourse with a south east asian looking woman who had rug like pubic hair on her groin area. It looked like the matted fur of some animal.
No. 49499
Tbh my dreams are fugged. It doesnt happen often and when it does, I lucid dream in hexes and counters. Rate.
No. 49501 Kontra
I was digging a grave between a really early morning high school and a normal college class for my for my father’s urn. I think it was an assignment. A really old friend from elementary school was there.
I asked him how he handles the current situation and he said “I just don’t think about it”.
I dug the grave on the beach instead of digging it where every other kid did.
We were also handed some ornaments, but they were really cheaply made from some kind of paper mache.
The whole hole was really small, I used a small gardening shovel to dig it.
No. 49505
I was in a car with Community's Abed, he was driving. He wanted to do cool stuff. Sadly we had a fwd and it was snowing, so when he tried to drift, we hit a snow bank. For some reason I kinda warped out of the car to find it buried in the snow and him in front of the car in the snow. The windshield was intact and he didn't seem to have any injuries, however, he seemed like under shock, so I put him on a bench nearby and instructed a passerby to call the ambulance. Then he tried climbing some chimney construction, but his weird pimp shoes prevented him from getting a proper grip. It was like looking after a small child that thinks it's the dude from Fearless.
No. 49506 Kontra
You know even though this dream sounds horrifying in a sense, I envy you people for remembering those dreams. I only remember dreams when I wake up and then fall asleep again, even these fade quickly. I know this morning I had a dream but I can't remember anything.
I only remember one dream I had years ago only by memory and that are hundreds of people pestering me, many of them known to me with scornful faces on the central square of my old town.
Dreams are kafkaesque like yours and I think that is fascinating.
No. 49566
I did two nightmares last night.
I only remember that one of them was
about a nazi experiment on Jews with
No. 49628
Hilarity ensues. Now I'm curious whose perspective you had, or if you were an uninvolved onlooker like that stereotype of Switzerland watching the genocide from the comfort of their gold mountains.
No. 49637
I normally don't dream anymore but had a weird one where a sibling was absent. I was also taken back to that one hellscape. Everything was overgrown with vines and weeds, some brutalist government building. Rubble. I often go to the same places, which may or may not antecedents in this reality. They typically feel like I'm inhabiting the body of my fleeting self in another reality while he's awake, possibly zoning out. I wonder if any of them dream of me, and simply see me in a pandemic, writing it off as just another weird dream. I know that one place I sometimes visit is a nearby city now, but what I knew before is some catastrophe basically knocked out power, logistics, civilization. Might've been some war earlier. We were hiding and surviving at that point. It is eerie how cities look in the middle of a warm sunny day, and quiet, and deserted. But what made this visit unique was a surreal sense of one person in particular being absent, not in just a "not there" type of sense, but like a total void absense. It's hard to explain and the more bizarre thing it felt like a crossover to here, like I was there, but became consciously aware of the absence in this place, on the other side of the dream world.

While some are occasionally bizarre and clearly dreams the majority of them are like places. In one I am in prison. I think earlier I'd killed somebody. There was another, where I'd gone to a different college. It is interesting to think that out of context something like flying a prop plane looks totally like a dream alone, whereas in context of a reality it would just be normal, and I have done many things which would look weird here out of context.

Anyway I'm somewhat glad I don't dream anymore, and rarely bothered with prophecy or attempted precognition except for the pandemic in January. All my dreams are either disappointments when I wake up or nightmares, and it's been a few years since I woke up screaming. I used to dream a lot but at some point a decade and half ago I figured out how to unparalyze my vocal chords from the other side and it usually startled anyone who wasn't used to me yet.
No. 49638 Kontra
39 kB, 250 × 200
Had a short dream sequence this morning in which EC was turned into an old style internet forum with that vBulletin design the forum had I used to frequent in the mid to late 2000s had. I don't know my username anymore. I was annoyed that I was only half anonymous anymore and that different threads where scattered across the forum and I had to search for them.
No. 49639 Kontra
As always in my recent nightmares, I was witnessing the horror but never taking part in it. But I can't tell if I, myself was a jew or nazi however I remember I had a role.
No. 49694
64 kB, 700 × 941
Ive been doing No Fap and abstaining from visual pornographic stimuli, ive noticed that when i do so for a few days or more that i do not dream. But when i look at porn before bed and break my streak i start dreaming again, and not sex related dreams entirely either. Just normal, weird dreams. I remember when i was a frequent pot smoker i would not dream also, i wonder what the correlation could be if there even is one.
No. 49695
>I remember when i was a frequent pot smoker i would not dream also, i wonder what the correlation could be if there even is one.

Between pot and porn or between pot and not dreaming? The latter is known phenomenon to me as well as for friends.
No. 49699
Pot and not dreaming. Any smoker ive known has said the same thing also, they don't dream.
No. 49753
> Mines are mostly boring, mildly erotic where a girl that I used to know or not rejects me

I did one like that again.

I dreamt about my ex gf the other night. Very unpleasant dream. I was in her house for som reasons but it was not her IRL house, parts of it were like a twisted play area. I didn’t want to be there. First I talked with her family, she wasn’t there already and it was really tense cause they didn’t know we had been going out. Her father and uncles kept making jokes about how simple and uncool I was and I had to laugh for not make them feel insulted. They had young children for some reason and they were creepy in an Adams Family tear way. One of the was badly burnt and had makeup. Then my ex came, she had a light blue dress and there were light behind her.
She ignored me and I had to cope again with her father and uncles.
No. 49779
I dreamt that a tooth of my fell out and it dangled from my gums on three glowing orange threads, and the more I pulled the longer the thread got.
In the end, I cut it off with a pair of scissors.
No. 49781
I am not quite sure if I am dreaming or not, it's all a blur at the moment...
Preface: I have a (chronic?) epididymitis and my doctor says "ah just wait it out", but it hurts often and I have always been a little bit of a hypochondriac and expect cancer all the time.
Now just this morning I was in bed in aforementioned weird semi-lucid state and for some reason I went the road of terminal cancer, not much more time to live and how I should end it all. I own guns and a car, and was making up ways of killing myself that are both efficient and not all too taxing on whoever finds me, also the contents of my farewell note, then I woke up properly but it's still unpleasant. I go to bed with unpleasant thoughts and wake up with unpleasant thoughts and if I dream it's usually also unpleasant, but I can't just drink myself to sleep every night.
No. 49869
Teeth falling out is associated with guilt or shame, iirc
No. 50670
I dreamt a friend that I don't see anymore was building and giant undeground network of strange grottoes. He made me and my other friends visit the strange underground. There were a small pale yellow roman ruins on the outside (looked a bit like the stones used for that giant roman city in Libya). The interior of the cave was very small, moist and clostrophobic. None of the room were clean and it looked liked a mildly floded century old dwarf mine. But in the deep end of the strutcure layed a giant old drakkar's warehouse. All the boats looked like old sleeping monsters.

Very Lovecraftian would dream it again if I could.
No. 50672
102 kB, 1024 × 682
557 kB, 1920 × 1440
132 kB, 866 × 1390
I dreamt I was in Kiev, in some family's apartment playing a game like scrabble. It involved letter pieces and pictures, it was somewhat confusing. At some point I accidentally drop my letters and they fall off the table. Some cop emerges from the kitchen and begins examining the letters I dropped. He seems to believe it's some sort of spy code and he'll have me arrested until he can get to the bottom of this. I try to leave but he locks me in the bathroom. I make my exit via the fire escape and prepare to jump onto a snow bank below.

I wake up at 5am. And then had to explain this autistic dream to my girlfriend
No. 50673
Haven't been remembering my dreams too much lately, but I had an interesting one lately where I traveled through some sort of mountainous tropical forest full of ruins with a group of vagabonds.
From time to time we would meet other groups and exchange information and goods with them, which we mostly got from looting the ruins. The crux was that there were some sort of invisible giant birds that would hunt and kidnap people from time to time and we couldn't do much against it except try to anticipate their attacks and hide.
Seems like a cute setting for some manga à la Attack on Titan or some such story.
No. 50699
I have 2 dreams I remember most durinng the last decade.

For once I had my cats for a very short time and both gave me a hard time keeping up with cleaning around them and I felt like I'm not really sure whether I am up to the task or not.
Then I had a dream in which I explored an apartment my mother used to rent during our childhood, long abandoned and empty, but I found both of my cats inside. They looked very dirty, thin and scared, abandoned and forgotten.
Seeing that made me wake up in tears, go check on my cats and ever since then I cared for them like they would be my children.
But maybe all was just an toxoplasmosis-induced psychosis... who knows, the dream really bound me to my furry mates.

Second was in a very unspecific setting, but all I remembered was enough to keep it in my memory ever since.
Basically I was in an romantic and sexual relationship with my sister that died 10 years ago... Waking up from that dream had me contemplating quiet a bit, as I'm now sure that an incestuous relationship could have worked out. Maybe. We always were very close and even shared a flat for some time... before she left.

Other then that, it's astonishing how many nightmares leave me with an arsenal of weapons to fight back against a broad array of monsters. Games may have broadened my nightmares and cured them at the same time, the ones really scary are only those who don't let you fight back, like falling off a cliff endlessly without ever reaching the bottom. I still hate those, but mostly come to awareness after falling for a too obvious long amount of time.
No. 50758 Kontra
No. 50782 Kontra
In my dream I was doing an exam, and the questions were nonsense like
>"If these three furry artists went to war what would they do?"
>A. Nothing B. Talk C. Report each other
As I was filling out the questionnaire I suddenly realised what I was reading is gibberish, because my time was up.
I got 13 out of 17 right.
No. 50786
268 kB, 2400 × 1800
I'll write about a dream that I had a few years back that really stuck with me. I remember waking up at 5am and furiously writing it down, I don't have the original writing but it went something along these lines:

It starts off with myself and my immediate family in a ship, sailing in the Tagus river. We see a navy vessel that has several groups of recruits trying to disembark via rubber dinghys, only for a lot of them to violent clash against the cliffs and rocky shores. My sister is horrified, but I attempt to give her comfort in telling her it's all necessary for training.

Now I find myself driving an old luxury car inside a shopping mall, I'm just trying to find the exit so I can enter the roadway again but people are understandably upset at me driving through the mall and they begin hurling things at me and shouting mean things. I gas it and begin honking as I attempt to make a desperate attempt at fleeing this nerve wrecking situation.

I now find myself parked outside of my old university and this old luxury car turns into the car I actually owned. There's someone in the passenger's seat I don't recognize but I know he's a friend of mine. There are two girls in the backseat but their faces keep changing, they all look like stereotypes of generic 20 year old girls in black leggings and brown jackets. This look was popular back in 2017 or whenever this was. Now the seating arrangements start changing around and there's a girl in the passenger seat and my 'friend' is in the backseat with another girl. They begin arguing about where we should go and being fed up with this bickering, I exit the car.

I walk towards my university entry building, as my friend and the girls yell things at me but it's all incomprehensible gibberish. On the other side of the road, on the opposing sidewalk there's Cartman and Stan from South Park. I only catch the end of their conversation, but it goes something like.
>"And because of Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty, life is ultimately meaningless - so what are you going to do with this information?" t. Cartman
>"Just live my life, I guess" t. Stan
Stan walks away, and Cartman turns into millions of small pieces of cut fabric and is blown away when the winds picks up.

I start to slowly levitate, first just a few inches off the ground but I rise higher and higher. I can see the train station, the buildings behind it. I slowly rise until I can see the entirety of Lisbon from the sky. It's beautiful and I feel at great peace, almost feeling like I'm going to cry at how beautiful it all is. I keep rising and rising, I look up to the perfectly blue clear sky and I see this arabesque door frame. (tried recreating it in pic rel) I realize I'm being pulled towards it and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I panic and I feel an intense dread washing over me. I'm slowly being pulled towards the door and I'm terrified at what's on the other side, only being able to see black.

I wake up in a panicked state, sweating all over.
No. 50806
For the first time in my life i dreamed of having a child.
No. 50807
Last night I had the first non-NATO symbology dream that I'd had in a long while. It was a nightmare where I was at work. Shit was lifelike as fug man. Goddamn terrifying.
No. 50808
Have you ever tried counting something in a dream? It's not easy. I was sitting at a table with a stack of 20 dollar bills. I would count some and set them aside- only to have the pile disappear when I looked away. I would find it on the floor, or under some papers even though I hadn't touched it. It's like the act of counting- doing something orderly- was causing my logical brain to collide with the part me that just goes along with random dream changes. So I would think- "Okay, go slow and get this right". Then I would forget what number I was on and have to start over. Very frustrating.
No. 50822
3,5 MB, 320 × 180, 1:28
>driving an old luxury car inside a shopping mall
Who never dreamed of that ;_;
But overall it seems like a very normal, incoherent dream. What left you so jaded about it in detail?

I remember some kind of usual falling dream of mine, it became a little clearer while watching Neon Genesis Evangelion recently.
Basically there is this gigantic underground dome, just like that base in NGE, I never saw that anime before tho, so it's probably something different.
There I would climb around in some ventilation duct at the very top when suddenly the floor would gave up on my weight and I would start falling down this dome.
Basically falling and falling, until I realize that all that falling is completely nonsensical and that all this got to be a dream and I would wake up anyway before touching the ground painfully.
So I would wait for waking up while falling, still a little scared about hitting the floor, but less so.
At some point I would hit the ground in shock without waking up, but also without being hurt in the slightest.
From there on out the dream would take a turn back into a non-semi-lucid state or I would wake up confused about not waking up earlier.
Still, every time I have this strange dream again, it gets me the first few subjective dream time units of falling down that dome.
No. 50829
This might be interesting for German speakers (or rather listeners in this case): A 1951 audio drama about (bad) dreams. Just found it today and haven't listened myself yet, but apparently it's somewhat a classic.


>and then I was pulled in and was immobilized
So like sleep paralysis?
No. 50853
>So like sleep paralysis?
Only inside the dream. As soon as I woke up everything was normal again, except for feeling scared. Still, the sensation of being held in place felt pretty real. It was not the feeling of being trapped in a small room (despite this also being the case), but actually being unable to move. Think about it like having all of your muscles working at full force but not moving an inch, like a full body cramp.
No. 50856
Yes. Have you seen Inception? It's one of my spinning tops. Since I largely stopped dreaming years ago it hasn't been a problem but I used to dream vividly and always it was a race between the creative part defrauding me out of biological necessity and the other part swiftly realizing it was a fraud and exposing Santa Claus so to speak. One of the other big ones is reading in dreams. Because I would start counting to reality check there were other ones I developed like reading, that in turn I'd found out it's in some foreign language so it would logically make sense why the paragraph of words couldn't be followed. Mind altering chemicals tend to be another. These are all the sorts of things your dreaming brain can't reliably replicate and a lot safer than shooting yourself to check if reality is fake.
No. 50902
37 kB, 540 × 772
Tonight I watched popular comedian Didi Hallervorden being killed and eaten in a nearby lake by a crocodile.
No. 50912
Today I had an anxiety attack over the fact that the world is so big, and there is so much media and content being produced, that any artistic efforts I could possibly muster will be a ripple in the water.
Later in the day I went for a nap, and seen a nightmare. In it, I was born from a fetus in outer space, surrounded with nothingness. I quickly developed into an adult human, let out a desperate scream that wasn't heard, and disintegrated into dust.
The camera panned back, and entering into view were countless, billions of dust clouds just what I'd become.

fuck that dream man
No. 50927
I had a dream I was competing in a bicycle race on Teneriffa (I don't even bike normally).
Basically you went round the island and over the Pico del Teide.
However, there was a really steep hill and somehow I lacked the final strength to reach the path on top, so I started sliding downhill. It wasn't too bad, it had like 60° slope and I could push my feet into the soft volcanic soil, while some track marshal yelled at me to push my back into the hill and crawl up.
However, it didn't quite work out and I continued sliding downwards until I had reached basically vertical slope and I started getting worried.
Luckily I managed to jump to the side along some less steep spots and finally landed at the bottom, unharmed.
No. 50967
This thread made me just realize I'm running on about an hour and a half of sleep. That can't be healthy. I don't dream, or don't remember then anyway, and am routinely getting sub-4 hour rests.
No. 50989
Have you noticed neurological effects?
I once had a period of about six weeks where I slept 4 hours at most and by the end of it I had basically no short-term memory anymore.
No. 51040
I dreamt I made a sandwich with a really huge amount of sauce. Meanwhile psycho killers tried to catch me.
No. 51326
Last night I wanted to go to sleep earlier, so I put on the audiobook of Carlos Castaneda's Teachings of Don Juan and listened to the whole thing for 3 hours. Afterwards it still took me a while to fall asleep.

In the first dream, I was living in a flat that belonged to friends of mine, and one night I came home drunk and some things were displaced, so I thought my friends had returned and moved them. But then I slowly realised that it was a different flat that just had the same layout and the rightful owner came in but the dream had ended before I could see him.

Upon waking up, I heard some noises coming from downstairs, someone was vigorously knocking at the door which seemed highly unusual, all the while I was too afraid to move and tried to go back to sleep. Then I heard some other noise, a rustling as if someone was searching for something in a plastic bag. It soon stopped, and I heard a squeaking, obviously coming from the old wooden stairs, which terrified me even more.
Suddenly a figure was in my room in the dark and started talking to me but I couldn't understand a word, much less respond anything. It vaguely appeared to be my father, but how I could see anything in the darkness was a mystery to me. Finally, the figure moved towards me, still lying in my bed, and grew bigger and bigger until it engulfed me in a total darkness.
Then I woke up for real, my heart pounding and when I went to get a glass of water from the bathroom, I was still half-expecting to find someone had entered the house. But after a while I fell asleep again and didn't dream anything for the rest of the night.
No. 51329
>2nd part
False awakening, I used have them all the time. Yours is legit scary though.

Most memorable was when I woke up in bed in my student cell in total darkness. Someone was there in the dark and suddenly grabbed me and began to drag me out of bed. I woke up under the covers in morning light, terrified of the dream. It felt so real, I could swear I still felt pain where ”it” had grabbed me.
No. 51330
521 kB, 1280 × 1286
False awakenings make the worst nightmares. I had two false awakenings in my life. They both happened when I fell asleep during the day but had envy to stay awake. I entered a state where I couldn't move, but was fully conscious. I don't know if it's what we usually call sleep paralysis but might just be that. Then I think I won the struggle against sleep but I enter into dreams.

In the first dream like this I've made, I woke up and gone to the kitchen because I was still half asleep and wanted a snack to wake me up. But the problem was that I felt observed and understood as I was approaching the kitchen that I wasn't alone and something waited for me down there. And in the kitchen, there was a man looking exactly like me. I attacked him, he fought back and was terrified, I didn't know if it was a demon or a mirror reflection of myself. Everything felt so real that I was troubled for the whole day.
The second was even worse. I woke up and my mother was home. She said she wanted me to get in her car with her so I followed her. We went to the autoroute and there she started accelerating and accelerating. We went well over the speed limit. When I thought we were going to die in an accident if she didn't slow I turned to her and her eye red with tears. She had gotten crazy and was going to kill herself. Most troubling dream I ever had.
No. 51458
A few weeks ago I had an odd dream featuring an erratic portion that has welded into my pestilential memory.
So a woman was standing in front of me, with another from behind her. I squeezed my head into the first woman's right arm pit, and yes she was facing me. The other proceeded to stick her head into the same armpit and burp down my throat. I swallowed the burp, for some unknown reason, and departed the scene to rummage about.

Still I can't make much sense of it. Maybe it was due to a vile and pessimistic woman I was interacting with on a daily basis and this was my brain telling me I was picking up on her bad habits.

Paging docteur Freud.
No. 51472
I don't think I've had a dream I can remember in ages and I don't know why. I suspect it's not an entirely dreamless sleep but I don't think I've even had a dream I was aware of within the last three years with the sole exception of that one dreamscape where I am in my parallel self. I think I've talked about this before but it often feels like I am experiencing a me in a parallel universe, and which is typically entirely within reason to be able to exist no flying or anything like that, although I do have memories of fantastical dreams from when I was younger maybe ten years ago or so but which is often very far removed from where I am at now, and often to such an extent I privately question if it's even possible and that somewhere is another me dreaming about my life while I am awake here. Like for example, does anyone dream of this strange parallel universe where there is a pandemic happening? Had you not known about this timeline one where Donald Trump was president in the middle of a plague would indeed look just like fantastical dreamscape nonsense. Meanwhile I can't help but question what that one place is, where the roads are all overgrown and come to think of it that place looks a lot like The Division 2 does, except that I am in a nearby city not there, which I can tell from some of the buildings and from having went there on numerous occasions in my time.

I don't know why it's like that, but I do know that something actually happened there to make it like that. There's actually some rubble which indicates to me that there must've been some kind of a war, at least a war too during or after the collapse. People haven't got power because at minimum the electrical grid is down. Where I to suspect something it would be that we either got hit with a strong enough solar flair or that there's a very brief nuclear exchange, primarily consisting of a few preliminary airbursts which took out close to our entire non-military infrastructure in a matter of minutes. I think that on its own would be enough to cause a collapse in modern civilization and that while military maneuvers may still be possible, both countries would be too distracted trying to keep order at home than prosecuting a far off war with thousand mile logistic chains. Thinking about it more rationally and through reasoned perspective, I suspect that something like that happened in that world, or a deadly enough plague, but doubt the latter because I can't remember ever seeing any of the signs of it, which you definitely would in a plague induced post collapse scenario. Of course it wasn't bombed out too heavily and we could go into the city which through awake reason makes me suspect that world had some kind of nonphysical destruction at first and no widespread nuclear bombenings, with much of the limited physical destruction being due to IEDs and because of the very limited scale civil war which would happen in a collapse scenario. I do know that at least one of the times I visited there we were hiding from someone. I think that people had taken to gardening on some of the rooftops and the overpasses, and that there was some dangerous groups of people roaming around or holding certain blocks of territory. Were they gangs? Were they what remained of civil authority? Just other survivors? I do know it felt like one of the times I was hiding with some people behind the rubble inside a building facade it felt like they were military we hid from.

It's kind of strange talking about that place now honestly because alongside one other place where I was in prison it's the most frequent place I visited in the last decade, and because typically the more fantastical ones felt "different" somehow and I could immediately tell, whereas some other spaces felt more real and I have trouble differentiating between past, present, future, and probably non-existent places in dreams.

Actually you know what come to think of it I used to drive in dreams when I didn't drive IRL but seemed calm, collected, and competent, which in retrospect I once drove in almost a dreamlike state IRL because reasons. It was almost like I dissociated and switched into doing something that I didn't know how to do.

But then again lately I've figured out that it's easier for me to flip a switch of chemicals than I thought while awake and it feels almost kind of like acid or that strange druglike feel you experience while you're dreaming. It's almost like I can consciously flood my brain with REM chemicals sometimes and slip into dream thinking while awake. Lately I've been suspecting I do this at work a lot because I'll dissociate and start remembering or thinking about random shit from years ago for no apparent reason.

Sorry I'm rambling. I started taking chantix again because my lungs are killing me and still I don't dream, but I can't help but wonder what the hell happened in that place. Society had clearly collapsed in the modern sense of the word. maybe I should stop being lazy and try projecting into the future of this timeline at some point but idk how to do that consciously
No. 51586
>False awakenings make the worst nightmares.

I used to have severe sleep paralysis and also false awakenings with several indtances a lot (during times of frequent alcohol and drug consumption).

Most of the time I would get up, leave the house and for some stupid reason (random people shouting gibberish at me from a distance and a sudden impulse to charge at them) murder and sometimes cannibalize/boil someone (alive, those were the worst). The screams and the begging, the warm, salty blood, the juicy flesh and the wet tearing/ripping sounds do not impair me that much when the setting is dream like fantasy stuff but the false awakening ones feel so real that I can nearly taste the blood when I wake up and I threw up right away more than a few times.
Also those were I wake up in my room, realize its a dream because the walls are made of intestines or weird stuff like that, wake up again in my normal room, realize im still sleeping because I cant focus on a point, wake up again etc. etc. Really made me upset for some reason.
In general I have a weird affinity for blood and raw flesh everywhere. It got worse after my wisdom teeth got removed and my mouth was filled with blood. Since then I recreate that feeling with all the details of texture, smell, taste and temperature pretty precisely.
No. 51730
Had a short lucid dream today.
After the normal dream had been going on for a while, I found some keys and entered an apartment. From that point, I suddenly saw everything rather clearly & could move as I wanted to, I looked in a mirror, touched my dick for a bit just to be sure, then I opened the blinds in front of the window & saw the outside in great detail. There was lots of green, a river with a forest on the other side, a park with unrealistically bright & evenly cut grass, and people jogging all over the place. I spent quite a while looking through the window, but then got woken up by a phone call.

It probably happened since I've been trying to visualize stuff most of the time when I'm lying in bed ever since I read about that aphantasia stuff & realized I might have it. Curiously I can visualize the image I saw in the window pretty well.
Mildly related, I also have a theory that using words in different languages to try and visualize something leads to different results.
No. 51756
Since quitting pornography i have been having a series of vivid dreams of intimacy with the opposite sex. Very romantic and very real feeling, i woke up form one with only what could be described as a feeling of nourishment and my entire day was elated. I wonder if thats what it feels like to be with a gf.

t.never ever
No. 51762
I only do boring dreams. I mean wild shit do happen but everything is so interpretable that I should be a study exemple. I guess I have not too much to hide in the backroom of my consciousness.
No. 51766
1,5 MB, 1274 × 710
I dream of a world without Marsupials and gum trees, where superior biomes and Laurasiatherians can roam free.
No. 51805
Today I dreamed that I was given a lecture about roman history or some such, and was told that the russian word "oboltus" (meaning "lazy", "slacker") is derived from the name of a Roman emperor Abolitus, who was famous for neglecting his duties as a ruler, delegating them to others, and instead making up fictional stories about magical lands in the ocean, full of riches, that he tried to pass as academic research. When one of his generals suggested that they should allocate some of their resources away from the eastern campaign, and search for these lands full of riches instead, the emperor had him executed, fearing that not only would his lies be exposed, but taking away resources from a real campaign for a futile endeavor would lead to consequences that would reveal his incompetence as a ruler.

It all seemed very believable right as I woke up. But then I googled the actual etymology of the word, and it had absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

I wonder how many of those fake, but mildly convincing sounding lies my dreams have generated and embedded into my memories as facts and trivial. Because dreams have done that with false memories before, and it was quite confusing to sit down, think about it, and realize that certain memories I've had could not have happened physically or logically, but were just floating around i the back of my mind, unchallenged by deliberate contemplation.

I've noticed that this is the mechanism by which some people can have mutually contradictory beliefs. A contradiction can only be detected by comparison. It is actually quite easy to hold two thoughts simultaneously, but never to "connect" them mentally, and staying blind to their incompatibility.
No. 51829
>as a feeling of nourishment and my entire day was elated. I wonder if thats what it feels like to be with a gf.
If it's not a toxic one basically yes. On the flipside any longterm relationship or even short and particularly intense one floods you with oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, other endogenous opioids etc to such an extent that it functionally becomes akin to a physical drug addiction, complete with cravings and a horrific withdrawal period afterwards as your brain and body have alteady become habituated to those elevated chemical levels and eventually start pruning off the excess receptors. This pruning and lack of novelty is part of what happens after the infatuation phase with many people, and can lead to a sudden and painful crash if or rather when the relationship ends, so I wouldn't even characterize it somatically so much as a large boost but rather as a waveform. I thought people were silly for it in high school. Actually now I still do on some level but not in the naive view of them being silly as before, but more like how I'd imagine some recovered heroin addicts view others slipping into the addiction. It's an overriding sense of I've been there and it was the only genuine deep happiness that I've known and is necessary for the survival of the species and organization of all human activity but I'd still frankly prioritize getting your PhD or something far past a gf.
No. 52149
Had a nightmare about being stranded on an island à la Lost, but the inhabitants were even more savage and would kill people from our camp and eat them or put their bodies up for display. All sorts of other bad shit happened but I managed to survive for a while along with some other guy.
Then the dream started again, but this time this other guy got killed right away and I saw his blackened corpse before I woke up.
Besides the content the dream was also kind of schizophrenic & jarringly disjointed in style. I think my reading of Ulysses is rubbing off.
No. 52154
>only would his lies be exposed, but taking away resources from a real campaign for a futile endeavor
It's funny because even your dreaming brain lowkey blatantly admitted to lying to you
No. 52205
Last week I was having a wonderfully lush vivid dream featuring jazz music. Eventually ledgers came out and I could read the music, which I began frantically writing down in my dream even though I haven't the frankest idea how to write musak. Good stuff reminding my dream self of Sun Ra and even eliciting an ecstatic dream comment it sounded like Angels and Demons. Fortunately my roommates woke me up to ruin this perfect dream.
t.often falls asleep hearing imaginary music
No. 54210
I did two memorable dreams. The first one I did took place in an undefined serie of corridors, both interior and exterior corridors. I was discussing with people and advancing to an unclear goal alongside them and other people were doin the same march with us. It was somewhat routine but it had an old holiday colony. And a girl that I knew (in the diegesis of the dream) had two heads. One was her original head and the other one had been attached. I wanted to go talk to girl but I couldn't because the second head would be listening. I learned later in the dream that she had two heads because she was hosting a friend of her that had to go trough a hard opperation. But when her second head was gone, I still could't go and talk to her.

The second one was about academic failures. A lot of different scenes happened. I was at a party or alternatively walking in the mountain with my family while some people were catapulting themselves in a giant target on another mountain or other normal stuff like that. But in every moment of this mundain life, I had the strong memory of having failed two important academic exems. It was at first a litttle inconvenience and I tried to forget it but it grew bigger and bigger until I couldn't live normaly anymore.

The two dreams had very common subjects but the narration was oddly different than usual.
No. 54245

People in my dreams keep telling me I should report to Caius Cosades, but I don't know what it means.
No. 54246
You persist in the doomed world you have created
No. 54373
I was sent back to highschool.

I had to learn French and I only had a textbook written in English for that (English isn't my native tongue)

Only classmates that liked me irl were there but this time they were hating me

No. 54374
I had this dream some time ago, but I can still remember it vividly. I wrote it down in this redtext style back then, please bear with it.

>driving in a swiss city looking for an ATM to get some cash with your girlfriends credit card, which you keep in a paper envelope with old post stamps for some reason
>see a bank, park and get out
>the ATM outside the bank is covered by a big plastic sign with red letters explaining that the ATM cannot be used due to COVID 19
>ask people on the street about it
>they reply that those are the new rules and you could try to get some cash inside the bank, but under the current rules only people who are residents of the canton may use bank services or enter banks
>but you really need to withdraw some cash
>enter the bank, its a rather small room, no tables chairs or any furniture, it looks more like a cave, the walles are decorated with glitering blueish fake snow
>A woman is sitting in middel of the room holding a small child
>she has dark blond hair tied into a ponytail, too much make up, and is wearing Eskimo clothing, as is the child
>in the right corner there is a computer arranges as an altar or shrine surrounder by candles
>she ask what you want
>tell her you need to withdraw some cash
>she asks whether you live in the canton
>you know you cant fool her because you obviously dont speak the local dialect

>be seated in a rustic swiss restaurant
>wooden walls decorated with carved aphorisms and paintings of swiss landscapes
>there are several other people with you on the table, you all get punished for breaking the rules
>there are seven to nine plates with dishes on them on the table with small cardboard signs in front of them
>as punishment you have to choose one of the dishes and eat it completely
>they all consist of cheese only, the stronger the taste and the worse the effects of the cheese the less an amount is on the plate
>on the signs descriptions are written, the sign infront of the largest dish reads Traum (Dream), the sign in front a littler smaller dish reads (Albtraum) Nightmare, and so it goes on, the last dish consists only of a little puddle of liquid on the plate, but the sign read Schlimmster Albtraum (Worst nightmare)
>you know you the consequences of the last dish will ne unbearable
>but the "dream" dish is so much that the consequences will also be as bad just due to the amount
>people start choosing their dishes
>pick the "nightmare" one
>its short noodles looking similar to spätzle and a dark brown leathery bigger piece which has many layers inside once you cut it open
>the taste is actually bearable
>tell the guy next to you that it is not that bad
>after a few more bites you notice that you wont be able to deal with the taste much longer but that the plate is still quite full
No. 54445
I was at a Chinese brothel. It was a bath actually with walls are covered in tiles an all. There were a large hall and tiny private rooms.

Ladies were lovely and beautiful but rooms were claustrophobic. Why do I have cringe dreams so often? Is it too late for my subconscious?
No. 54504

I was in an internet cafe playing CS1.5 with my teenage friends and eating noodles. After I ate my noodles a 30-40cm long worm appeared and ate my leftovers. Then a white snake with black polka-dots appeared and ate the worm. After that a big shepherd dog appeared and ate the snake.

I said, oh what the hell, and started playing Quake 3 Arena

tf does that supposed to mean
No. 54506
I had a dream that an ant crawled in my nose and laid wasp eggs. Yeah, I know, an ant laying wasp eggs. Dreams aren't logical. I got the ant out of my nose in pieces, but couldn't get the wasp eggs. Additional info: a wasp actually got into the house four days ago, and I lost track of it. Last I saw it was on a closed window, then it disappeared. It must have taken up residence in my subconscious.
No. 54508
I had a dream where I went over to Stalin's house. He was preoccupied with fixing a fusebox outside while Beria observed. Stalins daughter was also there. I brought wine and a toy hand grenade as a gift. Woke up before we went into the house.
No. 54521 Kontra
I twice did a dream where my parents were drinking tea with Hitler. And Hitler would explain me why he was not such a bad guy. Before even discovering imageboards lol.
No. 54541 Kontra
77 kB, 453 × 610
Hyperborean truth directly spoken to you by the Führer in a vision. Powerful.
No. 54552
174 kB, 1280 × 1920
Last night's dream was situated in a Parisian suburb. I was talking French with some fellow and he invited me to play guitar. When he handed me the instrument, I looked at it, it became an Angélique (pic related), and I began to play it with a bow.
Top stuff and I woke up to the sound of partying Argentianians.
No. 54572
I had an actual kinda storyline dream.

I was in a town with a long main road and just a few houses on the side. There was a huge swimming pool, but without water. There was a girl there who promised me to do things if I came back the next day. I could even see what she had envisioned - sex in the pool, with her wearing some kind of 80s style pastel leather-plastic stripper outfit.
In another house there was also a girl. Her father was a TV salesman who sold that stuff from his own storefront that seemed to be the living room.
I had a brief chat with the mom who was a bit of a new age type of person, yet she was talking about some newly discovered gene that would, if built into yeast, enable her daughter to eat bread and such.
The daughter also talked to me, but I don't remember about what.
Then it was night and it was PITCH BLACK. I was walking along the road and heard a car come. I pushed myself right onto the wall so I wouldn't get run over. They apparently saw me, because when I turned around the moon was really bright.
Then I was back at the tv salesman house and the daughter was talking to me; she wore a miniskirt and fishnets like Christina Aguilera in the Dirty video.
She then turned around and bent over and I saw she wasn't wearing anything underneath; the next moment she was already pressing her pussy into my face. I then fucked her from behind, really rough and she was complaining, but seemed to like it.
Then I woke up without ever having seen the pool girl again.

The peculiar thing about this is that I don't usually have sex dreams.
No. 54609
Had to struggle with recognizing whether a memory was false or not.
As I was drifting in and out of sleep, it became more or less obvious that the memory is false.

I also don't know whether the memory was conjured up this dream, or if it's a memory from a previous dream.
Maybe there's a separate memory bank for dreams. Or maybe we unconsciously reject memories that are impossible, but when we fall asleep, dream logic takes over and those memories are no longer suppressed.
No. 54620
Part of the point of dreaming is it's kind of a disk cleanup for your memory.
No. 54635
I thought it was more like defragmentation.
No. 54642 Kontra
For me it’s just a manifestation of my frustration. Most of the time...
No. 54671
Last night I was dreaming about camping in a landscape swept by winter's wrath. My tent was untouched, as was I, but I recalled feeling soaked despite being visibly dry. Then I began caring for two young children and we travelled down the pathway until everything turned into a city and I woke up to go to work.
No. 54681
>a landscape swept by winter's wrath
Honestly among the best settis. I know I should like a place like I'd imagine summer mediterranean nights to look, but it just seems too comfy and happy and that makes me wildly uncomfortable among an alien land and alien peoples. My idea of a perfect climate is kinda like the grey wastes but torn apart by storms, just a perpetual gray tortured landscape twisted by nonstop winds and bathed in fog always, with a nice night looking like thunderstorms at night. All I want to see is grey and jagged rocks and wind and fog, forever.
No. 54794 Kontra
You sound sombre, Mr. My dream was delightfully childish and I recall playing in the snow a bit and missing my country's weather.
No. 54867
Apparently first dream I had and could remember in years I was ready to get in a fight. This is several layers of abnormal. Seriously woke up ready to punch somebody in the face. It wasn't even someone I had a problem with in particular. I didn't like him either though. Oddly my brain processed it as graduating college, when it was HS, and iirc threatened to stab him, then some words exchanged and pretty much told him after he was ready to fight me look dude I'm about to graduate I do not give any fucks.

I can theorize this partly was Jay Williams videos but still don't know why I had a dream and remembered it. I still am mildly on a hair trigger right now. Waking up ready to punch someone in the face isn't normal either
No. 55012
I rarely remember my dreams, to a point I am not even sure if I do dream when I can't remember them.
I wonder what influence working through whatever you have done has on that.
For example, my gf and I always review our day together. Not the typical "how was your day", but really what happened, how did you feel, what did you think and so on. We talk about everything and if there are problems we try to apprehend them and devise a solution.
Maybe that already clears the mind enough to not dream anything of notice? At least for me. She usually dreams pleasant nonsense like meeting with friends and eating weird cheese or something, while I, when I dream, often find myself in unpleasant situations.
No. 55016
105 kB, 1280 × 720
I think that probably in large part this was due both to age and the fact I really haven't a lot going on right now, on purpose. I've not even woken up screaming like I normally do and then remember a few times a year since, Jesus like 2017 or something probably, nor have I many recent memories of Lucifer dreams. No, really. It'd actually not be uncommom for me to have all manner of sleep things where I could tell Satan was trying to find a new inroad into me in sleep because it was failing in the waking world. I'm not talking sleep paralysis either though that happened a few times also.

Mainly I think it could just be because my life is made so utterly trivial and boring now that I really haven't got much of anything at all to work through psychologically or emotionally so if it happens it may reflect a trivial reality. But then again I also used to have dreams that were basically copies of this world where I was doing regular things because my sleeping consciousness needed to use trickery regularly to prevent my other me from reflexively breaking the illusion and waking up. I started doing shit like math in my head, drinking, trying to read and back and forth it turning into different languages in nonstop battle to break the illusion and wake up or get much needed rest. I'm not sure why it seems illusion breaking me is subjugated now but I haven't had to hear his bitchass in awhile. But then again I also am chroncially sleep deprived anyway.
No. 55038
I live my sleep paralysis very well. Most of the time, my sleep "demon" is a family member or anyone I know is near me before going alseep. And they usually come very near my face and start breathing and try to tickle me.
No. 55081 Kontra
Boring is good. Stick to boring.
No. 55192
I've always experienced sleep paralysis in other ways than people normally describe, making me feel a bit left out. If I could be raped or fuck a sleep paralysis demon, it'd be a good experience.
No. 55220
91 kB, 592 × 479
Curious dream today. Very curious. I dreamt I was hanging out with GG Allin. The relationship was going good, no problems, no violence, he was very going tense as you can see from his interactions with people, but no problem, I did not felt threatened, everything flowed quite OK. He smelled, but well...

I hope he is doing ok in the spirit world, and improving, like us here. Don't ask me why, I try to have high moral attitude but I respect the guy because he was a real destroyer in art terms. And he did not have an easy life I guess.
No. 55221
Everyone with a micro penis who walks around naked in front of a crowd deserves respect.
No. 55237
>I hope he is doing ok in the spirit world, and improving, like us here. Don't ask me why, I try to have high moral attitude but I respect the guy because he was a real destroyer in art terms. And he did not have an easy life I guess.
That Bukowski feel when.

Last time I listened to him was midnight of new years eve 2018/2019 while getting intoxicated before going to a techno/drum and bass party with someone who too has a KC past.
No. 55241
Long time without reading Bukowski. Didn't want to live his life, but respect. Long life he lived. I recall the meeting, fucking and good vibes with a lady he told she was like Katharine Hepburn

>searching for extra info...

"3 Times Katharine Hepburn Proved That Authenticity is Timeless"

To be authentic is number one. AFAIK I guess Allin wanted very hard to be a rock star and... Well he finally did it.


Full energy.
No. 55290 Kontra
You're still bitching about our shared reverence for the only true King of Rock'n'Roll years later, huh?
No. 55547
Had a dream where I couldn't coom even though I was masturbating. Also I think I had gf, and I couldn't coom even when having sex with her.

So I bought a butt plug, inserted it into my anus, and started masturbating. It felt incredibly good. I started cooming insane amounts of semen.
But then the buttplug inside of me transformed into an actual, living penis, and started cooming as well. And the funny thing is, my penis started shooting out the coom of the dick in my ass. Like as if there was a direct pathway from my ass to my urethra. Hardest I've coomed in my life.

"Awesome", I though, and started fucking my gf. It actually felt good this time, doing it with a dick in my ass. But as I was about to coom in my gf, the dick slid deeper into my ass, and then replaced MY dick. Like, my dick became the other dick while inside my gf, then I coomed.

Is there a possible interpretation for this dream?
No. 55548
>Is there a possible interpretation for this dream?
Kazakh, I...
No. 55553
77 kB, 690 × 720
>Is there a possible interpretation for this dream?
Yes. It means you are finally ready to watch your first anime.
No. 55635
I did a dream where a machine, I can't remember wether it was a real machine or a narrative tool, teleported me through time in a scene of life of per year of my life and starting from early childhood. There were six or seven scenes in total, each time I was the actual age I was at the time, but I knew everything. And I observed, I enjoyed, I fixed the problems my child brain couldn't at time.
But each year I saw the same girl, I knew I was in love, and each year she would get further and further from me, live her life and forget me. The last scenes I just went to search her and talk to her. I knew it wouldn't really change a thing because it was only a few second in a year of my life, she would go away wathever I do. And I didn't care about my life anymore.
No. 55681
I had a strange dream, recently.
I was hunting with Pierre Woodman. It was during spring or autumn, on a field there was some snow.
Inside the snow we discovered some kittens.
Woodman made a very elaborate eliptical wall made from straw, I made another very clumsy one. Put together they formed a small shelter for the kittens.
No. 55683
I dream the same dream but with alterations si ce i was like 8-9 years old.
Its floating big stones, the size of mountains. Around them its total blackness and some kind of slowed down thunderstorm is going on. I have fear of getting crushed by them.
No. 55687
Spooky out of ten. It sounds like the outter edges a place called the gray wastes on the path to Vulkanberg
I discovered the eternal city of Vulkanberg in my dream which routes all kinds of times and dimensions together which is through the mind of God
Actually come to think of it that may be what you see after getting beyond the endless grey wastes.
No. 55696
But they are not "grey planes" this place seems very dynamic but nonetheless grim and frightening.
Funfact: i also have dreams since childhood of an unnamed city. Sometimes dirty medieval, sometimes very decayed modernish.
No. 55698
11,7 MB, 1080 × 1080, 2:54
Also i want to add this track which always captured this dreams overall feeling.
No. 55699
After reading your post again i have to admit i was posting shit cause:
>Actually come to think of it that may be what you see after getting beyond the endless grey wastes.

Also: Do you have a reason for calling the city Vulkanberg? Please describe the citizens of that city.
No. 55715
No, I don't, in fact I not only don't remember seeing people there inside it but I ended up compartmentalizing half of it and dissociating from my main core. I think.

Regardless you are thinking about this city wrong. It's slightly less like Commoragh and more like just a nexus point existing outside our known dimensions, kind of like if God had a conscious mind that could consciously access its own memories. It had to do with a whole lot of borderline Gnostic stuff too, which I think iirc was originally some space dream akin to Boskone fighting Arisia. I don't remember much of anything of it consciously but I do remember having these vivid dreams years ago.

If it had denizens I think the people that went there would be somewhere between archons and Illuminatus tiers. Think something like the Matrix, with the Illuminati factions fighting each other on the surface world. It's not a place that exists in space. It is a place to access every other place that exists in space and at different times. I'm likely to incorporate it into a story I've been working on internally if I ever write it down.
No. 55780
Tonight I had a dream where my penis detached itself from my pelvis, crawled up my body like a snake, then forced its way into my mouth, and down my throat.
After a while, I felt my stomach rumble, as if I ate tacos the day before. I went to the toilet, and the penis plopped down into the toilet like a live turd. It started speaking from its urethra in a language I did not understand. But despite that, I somehow understood its words, as if they were resonating in my mind. It foretold the end of time.
But the thing is, the end of time would start only, when the whole word, would know about it. And whoever I told, would tell another, until the knowledge of the end of the world spread through the entire world.
Horrified, I promised to myself, to never tell anyone, and be the sole bearer of the truth. I did not know how long I could keep the secret. But I knew it would bear down on me like the weight of the heavens themselves.

Anyway, then I flushed the live penis down the toilet, and never saw it again.
No. 55782
Why did you post this forbidden knowledge here, fool? It should have died with you.
No. 55783
>Tonight I had a dream where my penis detached itself from my pelvis
Did the same tonight. My penis decided to go inside my body and my private part zone looked like a disgusting vagina.
Also I was scared to walk on a ancestral chinese bridge over a very deep void. And a giant ancestral half vegetal robot chased me. But none of this mattered too much.
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We should translate this into Russian and then post it onto the sosach so as to hasten the end of the world with no one ever being able to trace it back to its origins here or to The Prophet That Failed.