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No. 49303
34 kB, 320 × 320
I'm not the only poster here who saw a UFO, right?
No. 49304
43 kB, 200 × 140
I try to see them, but no luck so far,....only a ghost lady
No. 49305
We actually have an XFiles tier thread but no, only drones, military craft, meteors etc. In other words things people think are ayys. I'm not convinced a single UFO was extraterrestrial in origin however I do know saying so is a profoundly useful political tool to achieve various ends. I'm of the opposition to the alien hoax camp. If we needed unity there's plenty of other valid threats to use as outlined in the Iron Mountain report. I would prefer to use climate change over terrorism, ayys, and cybernetics among the others.
No. 49309
>yeah no aliens but uh..
>I see ghosts

No. 49310
No. 49313
I did see shadow people once. Was out in the desert where my friend's parents used to run a cattle station. We stay at this house and all of a sudden the air is loaded with electricity. You felt it immediately. The dog looked up and was frightened.
We go outside and see under the moon light a bunch of shadows in the distance, just some small silhouettes against the moon. A good dozen or so.
The dog just sat next to us and looked at them too. They were maybe 800 m away.

After about 15 min they just disappeared and things went back to normal.
No. 49315
What you saw was the Wild Hunt, no doubt.
No. 49346
How far out west was ya? Bad spirits abound in the abo badlands, so i hear.
No. 49350
No. 49356
I saw one in 1988. It rose from behind a mountain top and there was an immense brown dust cloud.
No. 49631 Kontra
That was your mom