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No. 49998
126 kB, 500 × 562
What did you get for Christmas Ernst? What did you get for others?

I got Sherman tank slippers from the tank museum and some books on the paranormal that I wanted.
No. 50001
66 kB, 2219 × 1451
I got a kindle tablet, a book of walks and the "city and the city" by China Miéville. I offered a book about utilitarianism to my dad and a shitty novel for my mom.
No. 50002
93 kB, 1350 × 1200
I got a decent ukulele (at least in direct comparison to my 40€ ukulele) and some clothes.
No. 50016
  • Malcolm in the Middle BluRay box (SD on Bluray, so it's all seasons on just five discs)
  • Amazon gift card
  • Money with the stipulation to spend it "as a couple", i.e. I have to do something with GF with that money. Thanks to china flu I am out of ideas.
  • will probably get another gift card or money
No. 50017 Kontra
>Having a gf
Keinbernd RAUS!
No. 50018
6 kB, 168 × 105
Got some really nice computer games from an ebin dude on an imageboard, and my company sent some sweets, which I already devoured. Since the remnants of my family don't give a fuck about christmas, I didn't get any other presents, and I myself only bought one for my godchild: A children's xylophone.

>Keinbernd RAUS!
Time to leave the Bernd behind, mate.
No. 50019
I got a teapot, a leather wallet, a 30 euro gift card to a bookstore, some vodka-chocolate and some toffees.
Grandma got me a Chinese phrasebook, a copy of the New Testament and 15 euros worth of cash.
No. 50020
Bought my mother a Michael Kors purse. I later bought myself a pair of Sennheiser PXC 550-II headphones.
No. 50021
I gifted: a bottle of Talisker whisky, a chef's knife, a set of scented candles, a vegetable seed set, a Magic cards deck, wool yarn and some sweets.

I got a shirt from C&A, a pack of bed sheets (discounted), a bottle of cheap wine and some crappy milk chocolates (slightly crushed).

Dunno, I know it's not the way you're supposed to approach it but I felt kinda scammed :D
Though if it works out I'll also get some books of my choice (selection of works by Pushkin & Lermontov, and a Silver Age poetry collection) from my grandma, those didn't arrive in time apparently.

>Sherman tank slippers
sounds cool, post a pic!

>kindle tablet, a book of walks and the "city and the city" by China Miéville
Noice, Kindle is great and the Miéville book is pretty good too
No. 50023
2,5 MB, 2976 × 3968
>Malcolm in the Middle BluRay box
any time I hear of this show all I can think of is the weird memory disorder he suffered that basically wiped his childhood
black santa made a lot of ernsts happy, what a guy
I didn't think people used teapots anymore, it's probably been 5 years since I used mine
>350 euro headphones
madlad, worth more than my car
they said Sherman slippers but those aren't Sherman turrets
>a bottle of cheap wine
people been givng me wine for years, even though I drink like a motherfucker I won't ever touch wine and always end up regifting it
No. 50024
>madlad, worth more than my car

I bought it through Amazon, so I didn't pay the list price. I paid $200 including tax (about €163). It's expensive, but not that expensive. Certainly more than I paid for my mother's purse which was $82 (about €67). The list price on that purse was $250 (about €204).

In return, my mother and I went to a record store on Christmas Eve where I purchased about $80 on CDs. She picked up the tab. The mastering on older forms of optical media is generally more reliable than many supposed "FLAC" quality official downloads.
No. 50025 Kontra
Also, what do you drive for that price? A Yugo?
No. 50026
We don't do christmas here. So instead of a present, I got more work on my plate for the weekends :-DDD.

But happy christmas to everyone celebrating.
No. 50027
185 kB, 1295 × 758
>those aren't Sherman turrets
Why? They do look like a heavily stylized early Sherman turret. Although yeah, the Mickey Mouse one is more iconic.
No. 50029
After having a drug-induced mania earlier this week my parents took me in, so I consider that a Christmas gift that I could never hope to repay.
No. 50034
I gifted books (like every year), coffee, a puzzle for my niece and expensive chocolates for my aunt, uncle and cousin
I got books, a good shaving brush, hair shampoo that is good for my scalp and some money.
No. 50041
38 kB, 600 × 450
48 kB, 700 × 394
I still keep a lot of CDs and DVDs for later years, I remember seeing oldboys keeping their VHS casettes into the 2000s and thinking they were mad but now I can see why the way history is being rewritten and things deleted off the internet.
A 19 year old Renault Megane Mk1, I'll have to give it up soon since I can't get parts for it anymore. Bought it in 2012 for 1000 euro and now it's worth about 100 euro
They look like early war French turrets to me, like something on a Char B1
Do people read the books you give? I give books sometimes but nobody ever reads them
No. 50044
Don't feel bad. A lot of families with adult children didn't do a big gifting this year partly because money is tight.

I take it you're right handededs :--DDDD
No. 50048 Kontra
Wait a minute what I thought it was completely normal to not remember almost any of your childhood as an adult? I've been like that since being a late teenager/early 20s. Although to be fair I also can't actually remember most of my 20s now either but that's probably from something else.
Interestingly I know this because I discovered a couple of workarounds including focusing on the feeling of something not the episodic memory of it, which includes the knowledge of having lost my childhood and having most of its memory dumped and overwritten around my 20s but without actually physically being able to picture and recall that scene of realization. I only have specific pictures and fragments stretching back to about when I was 2 years old and probably most of those memories are just because like a dusty old .txt or jpeg file carried over from IDE hard drives I've just been reaccessing a few to copying them and keeping them around with strengthened new connections.
No. 50051 Kontra
Keinbernds have built Ernstchan, something only a very few know.
No. 50056
>Do people read the books you give?

Yeah, I gift them books they likely will read. But my parents read alot, reading has been cultivated in my family, evenough though they aren't academics, meaning my parents read for me before sleep alot, later I got books and read them in 1-2 days, but never bought the, with 17 I bought a short story collection by Richard Yates and have been reading more and more with the years. Dunno, my brother got same up bringing in that regard and he also reads a lot before bed, just like my parents. I mean I read at nearly all hours of the day, if I can.
I don't gift my cousin books because I'm not sure he will read them actually.
No. 50071 Kontra
715 kB, 618 × 718
I love that sneaky tautology.
No. 50076
I got a very nice book full of Albrecht Dürer‘s work (engravings, woodcuts, paintings, drawings, silverpoint, etc) and analysis of his work by art scholars. Also got linocut materials.
No. 50078
I got a book about/with prints of Chinese propaganda posters and a camping cup with the duck from "Sendung mit der Maus" (classic German TV show).
No. 50079
I don't actually know too much about the one Ukrainian or straya's personal life he worked in a kitchen so I'm assuming yes but a substantial number of our frequent posters probably have and that is also partly because a number of us are that same roving band of aging people so while a 20 year old may be a virgin it gets rarer over the years and most of those early bernds are in their 30s now. Eireland has got kids, vidya Russia has a partner, and I'm also far from a virgin I simply realized the drama of my 20s isn't worth it and have other interests now.
t. Burger vidya ernst
No. 50102
This, but I also thought that it is funny because someone who would create EC would be a Keinbernd by default, because he intentionally renounced that identity.
No. 50103 Kontra
125 kB, 504 × 611
Before there is more discussion: Yes, I found that intentional entendre slightly funny, BUT, and that is something all the REEEE KEINBERND criers have never understood:

A Keinbernd is still a Bernd.

He just doesn't conform to the unkissed virgin neet stereotype some people try to enforce upon the "Bernd". As >>50079 said, there are many people who started as "regular" Bernds and then moved on with their lives without completely abandoning imageboards. If I started as a kissless virgin student dude as Bernd and then manage to actually score, get gf, get an education etc., I by definition have become a Keinbernd, but I am still a Bernd, you know what I mean? Of course on Ernst I should be talking about Ernsts, but I have been around imageboards for almost 15 years now and I must admit I'm a newErnst since I have really only come here after KC had died, so in essence I still consider myself a Bernd.
No. 50104
31 kB, 1042 × 448
Bend is watching ccc Krebsmodul Teil 1 and it`s krebsiger than ever .
No. 50136
It happened as the average age of imageboard users became younger and younger because of the ease of access to the internet over the last 10 years.

In 1999 most people online from what I could see were 24-34 years old. I'd say the average age of most 4chan users is now probably 15-20 and they export their hormones to other imageboards over time.

One very obvious example of this is Poland on old KC and kohl, all the poles are like 17 years old and can't make a single post without xDDDD everywhere, that's because Poland only got easy access to the internet in the last 10 years whereas most of western Europe and the USA had easy access 30 years ago
No. 64694
5,1 MB, 3497 × 2489
4,4 MB, 3528 × 2692
2,8 MB, 2985 × 2843
Well, I've done my end of the year shopping. Bought my mother some imported coffee while I splurged on my usual and customary.
No. 64696
New pair of boots, some candy, salsa, soap, and prized marzipan filled Stollenbecause any other Stollen just shouldn't exist beside it. Not much for me really, since the joy of this Christmas for me was seeing everyone and putting together lots of good gifts for people due to my job.
No. 64698
Danger 5 on Blu-ray (I recommend), socks, a LP and some money.

No. 64699
Gift exchange was minimal this year. After talk of forgoing the whole thing, my mother came through with a few small presents for each of us to keep tradition alive. Socks and underwear for me. I appreciate practical items, and she recognizes this.
No. 64753
87 kB, 885 × 647
I got a tank museum jumper, a small statue of Archangel Michael and a kindle.

I've no idea what to do with the kindle, it wants my amazon login but no way am I buying £10 Wh40k books of Amazon when the same paperbacks are £7

Can I pirate books and put them on kindle or what?
No. 64754
>Can I pirate books and put them on kindle or what?
I think it should read pirated books in .azw and .azw3 formats just fine.
No. 64756
Received a bottle of Jim Beam Double Oak (haven't tried it yet - I don't like the normal one that much, but should be fine for mixing with coke), pyjamas, bunch of sweets and an amazon gift card

Gifted a bottle of knock-off Mau Tai to my parents, the Dune book to my brother and a bunch of miscellania for the rest of the family

>Danger 5 on Blu-ray

>Can I pirate books and put them on kindle or what?
You can get books from e.g. http://libgen.li/ and manage them with https://calibre-ebook.com/
When you connect the Kindle to your Amazon acc you'll get an email adress with @kindle.com where you can then send the ebook files through Calibre and it'll take care of the conversion for you.
As for file formats, Kindle supports AZW and MOBI natively, and conversion from EPUB to MOBI is hassle-free in Calibre. Kindle also supports PDF but the screen is too small to read them properly most of the time, and the conversion from PDF to MOBI can be finicky depending on what kind of PDF it is.
I can also recommend getting the Kindle app for the smartphone - it can sync your reading progress with the Kindle as long as you send the files via that @kindle.com email.

t. Kindle pro
No. 64764
36 kB, 800 × 450

No. 64782
>Box of Marlenka Cake
>Giant Vanilla Candle
>Yi Jing in Three Volumes
>10k HUF from Grandma
>1.5k HUF from scratch tickets uncle gave me
>Box of Pocky (Matcha Flavour)
>Two Pairs Winter Socks
>A New Set of Pyjamas

I invested some of the money already into books, one on Chinese economics, and the other on Volume I of a set titled "Hungarian-Chinese Literary Anthology" which is a collection of pamphlets that contain the original text with a translation.
Might spend the rest of it on a copy of the Hanfeizi in Chinese if I'm really going to be writing my thesis on it, though it's a bit premature to think about it right now.
No. 64791
22 kB, 326 × 326
all the horus heresy books are on there, ebin. Thanks Ernst
No. 64829
Puukko knoife
Insulated rubber boots
Bottle of rum
No. 64833 Kontra