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No. 50139
154 kB, 729 × 638
556 kB, 2000 × 1333
Is anyone else interested in the psychological and sociological context of interracial, cuckold and bbc porn? Several topics and ideas around this issue have come to my attention and are interesting to me.

1) Traditionally, in most christian societies were lust and sexuality were considered sinful and taboo, the woman was seen as a temptress. Men were the virtuous ones to be lead astray by the less pious women. However, at a certain point in American history, women had gained considerable influence in society and especially moral and church affairs and preachers started pandering to them. They flipped the script around. The men were now the drunkards, rapists and sexual beasts. The women were upstanding citizens and morally superiour. Alcohol had to be banned and men were considered the problem in sexual matterrs. This idea met by racism and a need to dehumanize the enslaved black population, which was seen as less human, which justified denying them human rights. These beasts were also more unrestrained, more sexual and the white women needed to be protected from them. Of course this kind of taboo creates a certain allure...

2) In recent times, whites are losing their total grip on racial superiority in the United States. This loss of a dominating position is perceived by some as a slippery slope towards being the underclass in the near future. A great anxiety comes from other developments in society, too. Now being white isn't enough anymore to secure a good quality of life. Some people think along racial lines and imagine things like a "new black world order", "black supremacy", "the great replacement", "the browning of america", "white genocide" etc. It has baffled me to find out how many privately created fetish porn is to be found on the internet that features pictures of interracial couples with captions talking about "destroying the white race" and such things. To me, it is strange that someone might worry about this but jack off to it at the same time. I have learned, however, that there is something like trauma-seeking behaviour in some people. I could imagine a similar phenomenon might be happening here. Are all these racists jacking of to blacked porn?

3) Then there is also the innate allure of cuckoldry and female infidelity. It is part of the human experience that women are ready to mate all year round, are usually engaged in monogamous relationships but occasional cheating is always a possibility. This explains the relatively large testicle size of human males who potentially have to compete against other sperm and the shape of the penis, which is designed to scoop out cum out of a vagina. Some evolutionary psychologists have speculated that women cry out during sex to alert competing males...
In porn, men seem to be more aroused, generally speaking, by constellations of one woman with one or several men, although one might think a harem situation is more desirable. However, the presence of competing men triggers an instinct to do better in order to ensure mating success and there even is a measurable increase in the amount a man who fears rivals ejaculates.

...just a few points to get the serious discussion started. What do Ernsts think about this?
No. 50140
It was KC tier dude
No. 50146 Kontra
I don't care about white people / westoid problems.
Please do collapse as soon as possible so the rest of the world can be spared from the cringe of your death-throes.
No. 50148
I was hoping this could be a place to discuss this without /pol/-tier retardation.
No. 50155 Kontra
>I was hoping this could be a place to discuss this without /pol/-tier retardation.
>makes thread that is inherently /pol/-tier retardation

Just go back. I don't know if you're a vpn retard or just a regular one, but it makes my soul hurt hearing germans talk about "whites". You are as bad as the people raving about POC rights in Germany. Since this is a 4chong tier thread, I will allow myself to tell you: Kill yourself
No. 50156 Kontra
I'm not interested in discussing it atm, but some points the OP makes are debatable, some can be a take off.
At first I though this is a disguised pol thread. Now I'm not sure. OP is right in pointing out that they are valid sociological and psychological issues that revolve around the these topics that can be tackled in a serious manner without spergs, chimping and pol tier discussions.
The assumptions OP makes are to be set under scrutinity first I think and could reveal pol informed arguments ore not.

A simple research for porn and cuck* in an academic search engine, check this one OP, if you meant it serious, might be helpful.

No. 50157 Kontra
also what is left out here is the discipline of cultural studies as a discipline that studies the symbols and symbolism that cultures fabric is woven of and the symbolic use of things, the cultural practices of humans that constitute culture (performativity).
No. 50159 Kontra
They literally aren't. No one actually obsesses over black penises like this except le mass shooter faces. It's funnier still that these guys are apparently way too fucking dumb to understand things like "black dude fucks white woman" is predominantly a black male fantasy. The fact OP freely uses BBC, interracial, and cuckold porn interchangably shows how stupid and poltarded he truly is. Like if I rub one out to Skin Diamomd porn, should that get categorized with cuckold porn? It's fucking dumb on multiple levels. They're completely unrelated concepts and the only psychological thing of note is the massive apparently racial inferiority these guys have that they'll start screeching about it nonstop. Any of the few instances where these are related is because, again, it's a nonwhite male fantasy, probably amplified by a sense of social inferiority and perceived daily racism and bias against them so fucking a white woman makes sense these dudes would see it as a fantasy when pretty young white females are effectively the highest class in the country.

What genuinely amazes me the most is these guys seriously can't even figure out that most consumers of cuck porn are probably guys fantasizing about themselves doing the cucking.
No. 50162 Kontra
Well, you want to make it short, but I guess you can ask where it comes from, what it means etc etc. that is why I posted the link of tandfonline, it's a phenomenon that was/is so prominent that nobody on imageboards between 2010-present doesn't know of it. While you can argue it's because a minority was pestering the rest, I think you can still ask for the rise of that phenomenon, it's relation and specialities of and between in the (US) categorie of race. I read somewhere that the black bull thing is way older than we think, or black dudes as sex hungry animals compred to whites as whatever it was, reaches back at least to colonial days, but I don't know any details. Gender and race are crucial categories here, but like all of us and most people on imageboards, my knowledge is rather small, given that I actually take it serious to an extent most people outside of cultural studies and especially on imageboards don't do.

That is a fine irony btw. polster laughing and joking about social constructivism while doing exactly what is analysed in these books. They proof what they think is senseless gibberish.
No. 50212
Why is everyone KONTRAing? Have you even read my post? It clearly isn't talking about things from a right wing or meme perspective. I'm interested in these cultural phenomena, not some stupid conspiracy theory.
No. 50215 Kontra
"Discussions" about black people on white girls on pornography became a symbol of retarded right-wing rage on the internet. So of course when somebody brings up this subject on an imageboard, Ernsts will be afraid. I think that by KONTRAing the subject but still discussing it, we try to diminish the possible libido and rage that this subject normally attire on the imageboard.
No. 50216 Kontra
38 kB, 425 × 427
>So of course when somebody brings up this subject on an imageboard, Ernsts will be afraid.
The frog also plays its part here. Personally I have no quarrel with any content spawned on other imageboards, since I think there are only good and bad posts, and the image isn't a good indicator. I also don't share the aversion against Pepe, Apu and Spurdo I think most others here do. But of course the memories of a frog-laden shit-flooded imageboard is still fresh, so I understand why people react this way. For future threads I recommend not using it, since it will make look any thread suspicious, especially when it also contains other keywords like Swissernst already mentioned.
No. 50218 Kontra
>4chan frog enthusiast wants to talk about cucking
it's like pottery
No. 50220 Kontra
in other words: ernst has excellent skills in pattern recognition and discrimination :DDDD

t. non-disturbing kontra
No. 50221
>muh frog
>Muh 4chan

Real mature, ernst
No. 50224 Kontra
117 kB, 640 × 640
Who the hell are you kidding mate? You really think everyone here hopped off the twitter banana boat or something? We had to put up with them doing stupid shit like spamming black dicks on KC for years. We are talking about the kind of absolutely obsessive retards who made pic related with zero sense of irony about it. "The little white cuckball" is quite possibly one of the most unintentionally funny phrases I heard in a decade and it says more about rampant insecurity about people who frankly are rightfully mocked for being incels when they spend their free time making shit like this than improving their strategems to start making out. Like it has actually literally gotten so bad to the point where even poltards themselves came up with Mutt's Law:
>as an imageboard discussion continues the odds of an American bringing up black penises approaches 1
Like I said in my earlier post, it's clear to me that the vast majority of people who would be watching black on blond white women would be black dudes. Do you really think I give a shit about black male sexual fantasies? And cuckoldry isn't the same thing as that either, but again, it speaks to this massive inferiority complex of these guys that they link the two to such a degree they feel so sexually threatened by black men they sit alone in their rooms making pic related or a post like OP's.

Also protip even in America a majority of people tend to stay in their own race when dating. I've theorized that this is partly because men and women subconsciously are attracted to their parents as the psychological root of the Other, particularly when through maturation they tend to seek people who look like themselves. The overwhelmingly most frequent couplings I see are people who generally look like each other, usually sharing the same eye color and hair. Were it not so unethical I think it'd be interesting to do a study in people raised by other raises and how much they seek out someone who looks more like them or their foster parents, and likewise people of different races like say a Chinawoman and black dude, and if they had a daughter would she date black guys and would the son look for Asian people. Psychological imprinting of other species is a far more interesting topic to me than Mutt's Law, thanks.
No. 50226 Kontra
Afraid was obviously an euphemism. I know these types of obsessive posting as well as you. I wanted to say chilly but didn’t know if we used to say it in English. In French we use it to say “who is reluctant to engage”.

Another interesting question would be how old is black cock posting ?
No. 50239 Kontra
As a corollary, have you seen whay their porn boards are like in the last year or two? Literally a third of it is just trannies.
No. 50390
What's wrong with trannies? Are you transphobic?
No. 50394 Kontra
Uh, my point was clearly that a retarded group of people whose entire response to criticism now is to call everyone a tranny, I would find it ironic that their shithole's porn board is flooded with more tranny porn than I could believe. In other words they might be hypocrites jerking off to tranny porn just like I suspect they jerk it to cuckoldry and black on white girl porn. I thought the implication was obvious.
No. 50409 Kontra
(This is my first post in this threda)
I wish people would stop calling hypocrisy every time they observe what they think is inconsistent behaviour in a group, and instead remember that groups are just bunches of people whose members may each do things that another member wouldn't do.
People's deplorable tendency to treat groups as an organic whole, to expect them to act in a consistent and collective way, and to hold members accountable for other members' deeds is what got me wary of finding myself being associated with any group.
I'm now realizing that this post's context may make it look like I either "respond to criticism by calling everyone a tranny", or "jerk off to tranny porn".
No. 50463 Kontra
>I'm now realizing that this post's context may make it look like I either "respond to criticism by calling everyone a tranny", or "jerk off to tranny porn".
I do both.