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No. 50313
208 kB, 1000 × 1000
175 kB, 632 × 1420
906 kB, 1023 × 869
40 kB, 480 × 360
Are we welcome here?
No. 50315
BKA took the honeypot down
All your posts will now be fully analyzed and legal actions started where law was broken

Lolibernds get fucked
No. 50316
would be too nice

I hope Helmut safed the board software somewhere because he put a lot of work in it and it would be a shame if it gets lost
No. 50318
Come to bernd.social
No. 50320
194 kB, 522 × 832
This website doesn't exist.
No. 50321
He probably means
No. 50323
28 kB, 500 × 500
Did the roosters nuke cassé out of butthurt again ?
No. 50324
OK it's werking again.
No. 50325
It's back up
No. 50331
12 kB, 150 × 119
It's back down.
No. 50332
what do you mean?
it's FOSS, unlike Krautchan's software ;_;
No. 50333
177 kB, 316 × 321
It's like an elevator today
No. 50334
KC hosting provider (Frantech) is having problems, it seems. Don't worry, BKA is not going to knock at your door.
t. also hosting a site there
No. 50337
3,5 MB, 200 × 200, 0:05
> t. also hosting a site there
Webm.land ?
No. 50340
> ernstchan rageguy.png

No. 50341
7,9 MB, 640 × 480, 7:06
No. 50342
No. 50343
Surprised to hear that Kohl is still operating after all this time
No. 50344 Kontra
I was going to say if you're pedos or tile painters then no but then I saw
and unwisely clicked on your pictures and holy fuck the answer is no. Fuck sake, you're not even 4kankers, you're literal redditors at this point. You seriously made those pics? Jesus Christ.
No. 50346
876 kB, 3388 × 1800
They are just gathering more data, give it time.
No. 50349
>You seriously made those pics?
These are obviously ironic.
No. 50350
This. I enjoyed that one
No. 50358
154 kB, 677 × 1020
103 kB, 482 × 475
63 kB, 600 × 453
209 kB, 1440 × 1440
This, I enjoy those banter pics, had a good laugh. We also did some of those on /b/, just for fun.
No. 50359 Kontra
76 kB, 578 × 727
25 kB, 467 × 333
65 kB, 450 × 600
79 kB, 800 × 450
No. 50368 Kontra
No it's not entirely clear even if it implies it's ironic, because they legitimately hold those views of us which I welcome tbqh it'll keep filtering the worst bottom feeders from showing up here as their first choice than 4krebs or wherever and quite a lot of their userbase isn't even our own in fact even starting out probably like half the site wasn't bernds because half KC wasn't bernds by the bitter end.

Yknow what that's actually probably pretty damn close to the truth. Allegedly the site's already gotten reported to feds or police or whoever more than once including iirc some Frenchman so it really wouldn't surprise me. I kind of half suspect that one weird proxyposter who keeps showing up with .onion links and nothing else intermittently is the popo angling to see if we're like them at all.

Didn't k*hl also host that one terrorist's video who shot up a mosque too? So it is more than likely that they're sitting on some kind of a honeypot now. At least in my country, large federal investigations typically last around two years before they pull the plague and start hitting everyone with indictments. It usually works that way with carders and identity thieves or other hackers and online criminals, as well as taking down drug traffickers and such afaik. Which would in my estimation make it highly likely that there will be a permanent solution to the cabbage question a little over two years after the site got reported. I'd honestly question if a shitton of their userbase suddenly vanished, or some mysteriously disappeared for a week only to show up as cooperators and aggreasively pushing their pedo shit. I do specifically remember two pieces of shit, an Italian and a Brazilian, who I hope go to jail. They were problems even on KC until getting permabanned. It also wouldn't surprise me about how their site seems to keep periodically going down or switching hosts or whatever weird shit keeps happening over there that they're frequently showing up here with yet another seemingly bimonthly installment of "our site went down again and is switching hosts again so let's shitpost on the last refuge of true bernds"
No. 50372 Kontra
48 kB, 439 × 510
It was literally a hosting provider downtime, caused by a DDoS attack. You can still see the lag spike from last night's attack on their monitoring website:
And Kohlchan switched hosts once (one time in three years of operation), not periodically as you claim.
For fuck's sake, I thought Ernstchan was supposed to be schizo-free but apparently they've already infested every last website in existence.

No, webm.land was created by a Brazilian Bernd back in 2014 but I think that site is now defunct and I'm hosting a personal git server and searx instance.
No. 50383
27 kB, 334 × 325
The whole world is crapping out, and they waste time with that. Don't they have more important things to do?
No. 50391
It was/is absolutely infested with pedos. They even started making threads about pedophobia and shit like that. Old kc would have banned most of them and still they got problems with the law that eventually dergeneral was tired dealing with and shut it down.

Also maybe it’s possible that the site is taken down by feds and then when it comes back it might really be a honeypot
No. 50392
That rumor spreads everytime KC goes down, at least since 10 years.
pedo's anyway post using TOR so it would be a bad honeypot
No. 50393
go to krautchan.rip/int
No. 50395
Bin ich immernoch Normie, obwohl ich hergefunden habe?
Was meisnte, Bernd?
No. 50396
that's exactly why a honeypot would make sense. They could put in some js that reveals/infects onion posters.
No. 50398
TOR has by standard JavaScript disabled exactly for that reason
I don’t think onions are that dumb to activate it
No. 50400
This was the main reason I left. Pedos almost seemed to outnumber normal posters on there towards the end
No. 50402
My ip range is permabanned for "spam", meanwhile constant threads about 10 year olds apparently is just fine. I wish I wasn't cursed to never leave it, God damn net addiction
No. 50404
>Lolibernds get fucked
What happens to Bernds who educated everyone on Germany's absolute state as a shit country that needs to be bombed again for being an unlivable shithole with dirt, scum and unmaintaned infrastructure?

And what will happen to Bernds who constantly explained how cyclists need to be send to the camps for being leftist enviro-green do-gooders who keep everyone else from using roads as intended, a bunch of worthless alcoholics, green-party-voters, leftists and other assholes?

What will happen to Bernds who tried to awaken people to the worthlessness and lazyness of university "educated" good-for-nothings with their worthless Bologna-degrees?

In other words: will I get a medal for being a good citizen?
No. 50406
"problems with the law" had nothing to do with it, stop mythbuilding
No. 50421
Are you a pedo or a cop? A pedo would say this to justify his disgusting perversion, a cop would say it to keep his honeypot running. Everyone else knows that it's bullshit. Krautchan stored all contended/IP adressess, the German authorities had access and regularly dumped it to their own storage.
No. 50429 Kontra
44 kB, 580 × 426
No. 50430 Kontra
It happened less than three years ago and the real story behind KC shutting down has been stated so many times that I refuse to believe anyone is actually confused/forgetful/unaware of what actually happened and not willingly spreading fake news.
No. 50469
151 kB, 277 × 420
Is the full story really the boring "domain got stolen, dergeneral is too old for this shit"?
I remember interesting speculation on EC the first days it was down and just after the IRC-Screenshot was posted but can't find these few walls of text anymore. I am requesting sources.
No. 50485
96 kB, 574 × 429
15 kB, 257 × 318
102 kB, 750 × 498
50 kB, 500 × 500
>They could put in some js that reveals/infects onion posters.

Guess, why you need to enable javascript.options.wasm to get your tor-cookie in order to post on KC.


>For fuck's sake, I thought Ernstchan was supposed to be schizo-free but apparently they've already infested every last website in existence.

Ernstchan.xyz/int is far more schizo infested than many other sites. :3

>can't stand other opinions
>get easily into ragemode because of other opinions
>denounce everyone who holds an opinion you don't like as 'cabbage'-scum
>can't laugh about yourself and exhibit a total lack of humor

Yes, yes, come to ernstchan.xyz/int/, you perfectly fit in there.

the users of ernstchan.xyz/b/ are better and not that lunatic, though.

Nevertheless it shouldn't get by the board, that there are even on /int/ some few great posters.
-Birdwatching US-Ernst
-Comic drawing US-Ernst
-Australian-Ernst, often using a Romanian broxy and being the moving spirit of the tabletop thread. He is a real good chap.
-Karl R., when he got lost on his way to /b/.
-German Propaganda-Ernst.

But the rest are incredible idiots. Even on KC it is hard to find such retarded schizos.

>We also did some of those on /b/, just for fun.

This. :3
Almost everything what is good on ernstchan stems from /b/.
No. 50487
319 kB, 1065 × 1503
>even on /int/ some few great posters
>But the rest are incredible idiots
The strong socialist posterforce on this board will not let itself divide by external agents!
>Almost everything what is good on ernstchan stems from /b/.
That heavily depends on the observer. While I enjoy the carefree attitude on /b/ and believe that funposting creates an environment of freedom in which experimental content can bloom, which then can result in quality, I also see the success of the serious approach on /int/, and I am quite amazed at the quality of likewise text posts and artwork. And I fail to see any significant schizo behaviour (I'm sure everyone here can tell the difference between assburger and schizo behaviour). The above mentioned posts about the host switches might be wrong or not, I have no clue, but that's far from schizo behaviour. Much more likely it's just a simple and plain misinformation.
No. 50505
Yes, that's almost correct. Not stolen, but seized by the registrar due to falsified registrant information. That is why, it has the clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, and clientUpdateProhibited flags, which will expire along with the domain in 2021-04-29.

>Ernstchan.xyz/int is far more schizo infested than many other sites. :3
I don't believe it, have you even looked at Kohl /int/ recently? Actually you shouldn't, for your own mental health's sake. :3
The posting quality on Ernst /int/ is really good in general, IMO. There are a few schizos, they are insistent but low in number. Though I as a quasi-permanent lurker have no right to complain.
No. 50508
295 kB, 1280 × 1024
>But the rest are incredible idiots
If I am going to be an idiot, at least I hope to be an incredible one.
No. 50527 Kontra
Idiot gang rise up.
At least I'm smart enough to not have participated in this cancerous thread.

Uh oh, not anymore.
No. 50552 Kontra
>Guess, why you need to enable javascript.options.wasm to get your tor-cookie in order to post on KC.
Have you even read the issue?

>I don't see any significant fingerprinting or linkability issues in the wasm implementation. I don't see any caching across principals. There is a minor fingerprinting risk due to timing leaks (how quickly the wasm byte code is returned as a Module), and how quickly a wasm function is executed. There is the additional risk of malicious byte code exploiting a compiler bug. However, these seem no worse than the existing javascript attack surface - wasm simply adds more options.

It is already enabled by default on Tor Browser by now. The text is only outdated.