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No. 51072 Systemkontra
156 kB, 1124 × 1118
January 23rd 2021, the second year of the pandemic approaches - Ernsts self isolate
No. 51076
112 kB, 1537 × 546
r8 start of my year

I hit black ice on a country road and the back of my car just started to drift, I couldn't regain control and ended up hitting a ditch at 60kmh sideways and I ended up in the ditch with a fractured spine.

Ambulance men wouldn't touch me because of covid fears so they made me walk to ambulance with fractured spine while screaming in pain the whole way, spent the next 4 days in trauma ward on morphine getting all kinda of xrays and MRI scans and shit. Eventually they strapped a brace across my chest to keep my torso rigid and sent me home.

The whole medical bill (4 days and 3 nights in hospital) came to 160 euro. My car is written off and in a scrap yard now but it was 19 years old anyway and I couldn't get parts for it anymore.
No. 51077
7 kB, 225 × 225
Man, that sucks, get well soon. In the end I guess it could have been much worse with a broken spine, at least you can still walk, so all the nerves should be ok. 160€ sounds fair for 4 days at hospital. For how long you will have to wear the brace? Also: RIP car.
No. 51084
Oh fug/10

Black ice is evil stuff. Glad you aren't worse off, but what you got sounds pretty bad. Are you on bed rest with the brace, or do they expect you carry on?
No. 51085
109 kB, 1600 × 740
I couldn't believe it was only 160 euro because I didn't have a medical card, but apparently the public health system didn't feel like raping me so I'm grateful for that.
>For how long you will have to wear the brace?
They said up to 3 months, but it's been 3 weeks since the accident and I'm at about 85% mobility now and not in much pain. Hopefully I can get rid of it soon
I was immobile in hospital and was basically immobile for the first 3-4 days at home but I'm pretty fine now. The muscles in my back were all torn up from the impact but I guess they've mostly healed up now.

I had just spent 150 euro on that fucking car to try and get it to pass the yearly car test too, new shocks and a headlight and a full service. The thing is so old though it's near impossible to get parts for it anymore so there was no point trying to save it.
No. 51093
Going through sleeping pills withdrawal.
Feels epic man.

I knew these shits were addictive, but I honestly need them to sleep. And they're the only ones I've tried that don't make me groggy and retarded in the morning.

But god damn, this anxiety sucks.
No. 51101
>and ended up hitting a ditch at 60kmh sideways and I ended up in the ditch with a fractured spine.
Good Lord. At least you'll get better, may your car rest in peace.
Ice really is a terrifying concept, I'm glad I live in a habitable climate :DD
No. 51104
That is unspeakably unprofessional. My dad was an EMT and would shriek at the cops for doing stupid shit like rocking the car. You're not supposed to do anything with a motor vehicle accident victim until pt has spine and neck immobilized and moved in one piece.
No. 51106
This. I gladly never had to get some "real" car accident patient (but I've had a lifetime's share of heart attacks, strokes and head lacerations in retirement homes), but this is something that wouldn't have happened. Of course we had the rule "who can walk, walks", but if there's some potential spine injury, people won't move until they have at least the collar.
No. 51107
Oh man I don't know what's wrong with me. My bowels feel fucked, my asshole on fire as I shitpost, nonstop heart burn, it feels like stomach acid is eating into microtears in my anus, I'm shitting at least third time this morning. Hot and cold sweats and flashes receding finally. Thank fucking GOD I was not stuck with weekend work and had time off. I'm also beginning to get nervous I've either got some new underlying health problem, or may start getting symptoms. I'm pretty sure my boss got it and has been gone which funnily enough being around him a week or two ago is the one damn time I took my mask off.

I really need to treat my body better. Any time something feels wrong I can't just say "maybe I'm getting sick" but have to look at half a dozen possible other issues which does not bode well for middleage. I should find my old smoking cessation stuff. It's not helped that I've been eating a lot more poorly all year because I go food shopping at max twice a month, usually once a month and seldom get fruit or veg anymore because it won't keep unless frozen or canned beans. It's close to that toxic feel I used to get all day after a night of drinking. I wonder if I've got blood sugar problems starting too.
No. 51115
Do you seriously not see ice or snow? I thought you still did that far south.

Well I like it, but I guess it is a pretty alien landscape. I was sitting out in the snow smoking this winter and wondering if Kuwait ever had similar experiences, just hot instead of freezing cold. It's a treacherous barren landscape filled with snow dunes that if you get locked out you'll need to find a solution fast because it can get cold enough this time of year it'll kill you after awhile. Every year up here in this region some college kid dies because he got shitfaced and then wandered out and got lost and passed out in a snowbank. It's just one of those things you get used to like checking your boots and stuff for Sydney Funnelwebs and not stepping on the wrong thing in the ocean/anywhere in Australia. Or dealing with twitchy American cops. It's one of those kind of things every parent emphasizes to their child "now if you're going to drink make sure you stay inside and watch for black ice when you're driving."

It's part of why places like Alabama become a clusterfuck with a light dusting of snow, because they're not used to it and don't know how to react. Walking across frozen parking lots becomes second nature. I'd imagine hot weather folk fall on their ass a lot here. It's very beautiful, and very dangerous if you're not paying enough attention. Black ice is the worst though. My dad almost died once because they had a huge blizzard in the 70s and everyone was stuck on the highway, and his car got burried for hours.
No. 51120
398 kB, 400 × 400
Have YOU tidied up your room today Ernst?
No. 51121
110 kB, 736 × 1104
What a coincidence, I plan on moving apartments in a couple days time so inspectioners are going to inspect the state of the dwelling in a couple of hours so I'll have to clean it soon, in an hour. I swear.
No. 51125
393 kB, 635 × 471
113 kB, 696 × 960
136 kB, 724 × 960
53 kB, 635 × 474
The last time it snowed where I live was in February 1954. The weather here wont kill you, there are no poisonous or dangerous animals where I live either. I think if you went outside naked in a wintery 7ºC weather you'd probably survive if you found shelter.

A few days back it was 1.5ºC and my car was covered in morning frost. It was a strange experience.
No. 51126
After only a month of using my refurbished, almost pristine condition Samsung Galaxy S8 is covered in cracks.
And people ask me, why don't you use a case?
And my answer is always the same.
"Using a smartphone is like sex: it feels better without protection."
No. 51128
I feel the exact same way. I have a xiaomi that has multiple fracture lines, luckily all of them in the back.
No. 51129
32 kB, 604 × 340
I mean, smartphone companies spend bajillions on making their phones thinner, smoother, prettier, etc., and then you put an ugly, fat case around it. What's the point? Nice things are meant to be used, not safe-kept.
I hate phone cases as much as I hate this soviet boomer tradition of wrapping TV remotes in plastic bags.

Here's a quote:
>One day some people came to the master and asked "How can you be happy in a world of such impermanence?" The master held up a glass and said ’Someone gave me this glass, and I really like this glass. It holds my water admirably and it glistens in the sunlight. I touch it and it rings! One day the wind may blow it off the shelf, or my elbow may knock it from the table. And I say, ‘Of course.’ When I understand that the glass is already broken, every moment with it is precious.

I don't know where it is from, but I like it.
No. 51131
>as I hate this soviet boomer tradition of wrapping TV remotes in plastic bags.
No. 51132
>soviet boomer tradition of wrapping TV remotes in plastic bags
Damn, that pissed me off too. And that habit is made even more stupid by the fact that if the dirt bothers you so much, you can just disassemble the remote and clean it, and it takes about fifteen minutes or so.
No. 51133
372 kB, 500 × 550
For a soviet boomer, a TV remote is such a precious commodity that they try to protect it from dirt and scratches at all costs. Combine that with a big culture of "make it yourself" due to not having proper tools and materials in soviet times, and you have a "clever" solution for dirt and muk getting on TV remotes.
Or, you could, for example, wash your hands often and keep the house clean so there's not much dirt on the remote. But who understands a soviet boomer's psyche? It is as senseless as it is remorseless.
No. 51134
>What's the point? Nice things are meant to be used, not safe-kept.
Apart from disagreeing with phones looking nice, I paid a lot of money for that shit and want it to last as long as possible. Also fuck setting up phones or any other devices for that matter.

As for that quote, it reminds me of the Hagakure. You know, with how a samurai should always consider himself dead already. Mysterious eastern soul.
No. 51136
Such is the mind of the remorseless consoomer.
No. 51138
>I am too poor to afford a new phone now and then and I hate having shiny new things
Typical German. That's why the entire country is crap.
Germany is such a shit-hole. Everyone drives station-wagons, like it is the 1970s, because they are so "practical". Even if a German happens to be well-off, they drive a station wagon. Eastern Europeans laugh at them because station wagons in Eastern Europe are a sign of poverty. People who need to load a lot of stuff all the time drive station wagons there. Everyone else just gets a sedan. Americans laugh at Germans because they drive a body type from 45 years back. Germany so pathetic and backwards.

Also, all cars are one size smaller in Germany. Most people drive gay little econo-boxes because the place is fucking poor. Narrow roads? Nah. Lanes on the Autobahn are just as wide as American Highways. Between low wages and extreme taxes, GERMLINGS are just disgustingly poor. A compact in the US is full-sized in GAY-many.

In the US, people drive nice cars, in Germany, you rarely see that.

Germans also can't afford homes, most of them live in tiny shoeboxes in some commie-block. Why can't they afford homes?
1.) Overpopulation
2.) Overregulation. Newly build homes must have green this green that isolation BULLSHIT becuase of muh-climate-change. Germans are extremly easily brainwashed and bought into the climate-change-lie 100%.
3.) The I-want-it-to-last-attitude displayed in >>51134 makes construction extremely expensive.

Germans still use FAX by the way, this fucking pathetic joke of a country is truely stuck in the eighties. See >>51134 who can't set up a new smart phone. Germans just hate technology. That's why no innvoation came from this dirthole for 100 years.

"German Engineering" is a fucking lie.

No. 51140 Kontra
I hate Germans as much as any sensible man is expected to, but perhaps driving station wagons isn't the biggest crime of the German people.
also, return
No. 51142
Then why would you hate Germans? Because we gassed 6 gazillion Jews? Because not enough free gibes to mediterranean shitholes? Protip: no one in Northern Europe wants to give you free money.

I hate Germany beacuse it's so weak, poor and pathetic. If Germany was not a hate-worthy shithole, it would just rule Europe with an iron fist and destroy disenters like you who dare to shit on Germany. Like China does. Do you hate China? You probably admire China, even though they run concentration camps and don't give any free gibes.

No. 51143 Kontra
No. 51144
To last as long as possible for what?
So you can sell it for 1/3 of the price? And never get to actually enjoy it?

I don't like this idea of putting things away until a future that never comes. They call this "greedy algorithms" in programming lingo. It's a type of error.

Hoarding is not a good idea, not only when it comes to possessions, but also the state/quality of those possessions.
No. 51145
>To last as long as possible for what?
So he doesn't have to buy a new one, Germany is poor.

>I don't like this idea of putting things away until a future that never comes. They call this "greedy algorithms" in programming lingo. It's a type of error.
In Germany, we cling to everything as long as possible. Have I TOLD YOU THAT THIS PATHETIC PLACE still uses FAX? BECAUSE IT'S A CRAP COUNTRY?
No. 51146
>To last as long as possible for what? So you can sell it for 1/3 of the price? And never get to actually enjoy it?
I don't enjoy phones in the first place, it's simply a tool for me. And I use my tools until they break. Why wouldn't I? Does that mean you're oligarch tier and just break phones for fun?
No. 51147
Hammers are a tool. I don't put a condom on the head of my hammer, and I don't put cases on my phone. Being small and fit well on the hand is a part of phone's utility, as being hard and heavy is part of a hammer's utility.
No. 51148
>I don't like this idea of putting things away until a future that never comes. They call this "greedy algorithms" in programming lingo. It's a type of error.
Wrong. What you do is a greedy algorithm. If we view the world as a Markovian Decision Process, you apply a very small discount factor, disregarding the future, making decisions based on the current state. Making decisions based on the current state is the definition of greedy algorithms.
No. 51149 Kontra
73 kB, 736 × 1080
No. 51150
That's not a good analogy. A hammer is used differently from a phone.
Using any of those tools in a way they're not intended to be used can break them.
You use a hammer as hammer, but not as a prying bar, for example. Hammers are really unfit to be used as knives.
You use your portable minicomputer as such, not as something that can be thrown around.
Putting a case on a phone is more like putting a helmet on your head.
No. 51151
>I don't put a condom on the head of my hammer,
False analogy. The condom wouldn't make the hammer last any longer.

>and I don't put cases on my phone.
Not >>51146. I do not use a case, either. I have had my phone for four years. It does not have any cracks. I wonder why.

>Being small and fit well on the hand is a part of phone's utility
If you can comfortably hold a phone with 15cm diagonal, it won't hurt to add 4mm to it, that's a 5% increase.
No. 51152 Kontra
173 kB, 3035 × 387
It's the social darwinist German again.
Please shut the fuck up, it's cringe and if your post displays anything it's what a weak uncontrolled and inferiority complex lose you are. Beliving in what you do is incel tier.
No. 51153
Phones are literally a few hundred bucks. What, you can't afford spending a few hundred Euro-Monies on a phone now and then? Maybe get a real job, you fucking loser.

>Nein nein I'd rather not improve myself
>I'd rather not compete
>I'd rather protect ze phone like ze child so i do not have to work hard and succeed
Mediocre Germling mindset. This is why the entire country is so mediocre.
No. 51154 Kontra
>What, you can't afford spending a few hundred Euro-Monies on a phone now and then?
Of course I can, but I don't want to.
No. 51155
I value my head way more than a phone.
I also value beauty more than utility, as a true artist should drags a cigarette tips fedora
Also, a cracked screen does not affect a phone's utility either. It's purely cosmetic. But a cracked screen is still less ugly than a case. A cracked screen can be fixed. A commitment to a phone case can not.

>The condom wouldn't make the hammer last any longer.
Wrong. It would make it last longer by a minuscule, imperceptible amount. Same with the phone. Phones become wear out technologically faster than they get wear out physically. Of course I could be a Lineage OS using autist with a phone from 2012, but why bother? LineageOS gets slow updates because not enough maintainers, and the list of supported phones is in the dozens. Why make life harder on yourself? Why spend an hour sweeping up breadcrumbs to not waste food, when you can use that hour to make money that will buy you a bakery?

I use 4 inchers, maximum 5. A phone is not a tablet, it's meant to be held in one hand.
Also, 5% is not insignificant. In some situations, 5% is the difference between good enough and broken. In the case of phones, that is my threshold.
No. 51156
Just look at history, you will see that I am right. Ceasar, Napoleon or Genghis Khan are in every history book. Because they were such nice guys? Certainly not. Napoleon used the stupid and weak Germans, and he used them up in his attempt to conquer Russia. He is in the history books. Were are the German lads that starve and froze to death in Russia? No one gives a shit about them, because they are considered worthless and disposable, not real humans, Untermenschen. The French certainly don't give a fuck. If anything, they are sorry that so FEW Germans died in the Napoleonic wars.
No. 51157
A cracked case signals that you live on the edge. That you are free. That you do not care. That you are not concerned with material objects. That you can get a new one any time you want.

A phone case signals that you're a pussy. Someone who puts full protective gear when skating. Someone who doesn't swim past the buoys without a vest. Someone who wears pocket protectors to save his $5 shirt. Someone who insures his car. Someone who puts chapstick on his lips and puts transparent nail lacquer because he's afraid of breaking one. Someone who doesn't drink a 6 pack of 0.5l 7% lager before taking benzos and anti-psychotics because he's so high-energy that he has to force himself to sleep or else he'd go a week without it.

Which person do you want to be?
No. 51158
107 kB, 903 × 632
36 kB, 600 × 696
A TV remote in cellophane and a phone in a case are identical in concept. They are only different in magnitude. The magnitude being the price.

Having plastic wrap around a remote means you're too cheap to use a TV remote properly. Putting a case around your phone means you are too cheap to use a phone properly.
Both expose a poverty of the soul, regardless of actual finances.
No. 51159 Kontra
I'd be the sane person
No. 51160
Sanity is so gay.

"boo hoo, look at me, I have a sensible perception of reality and don't hear voices in my head".

How many friends do you have? I'd guess zero, but you probably have like a couple people you think are your friends, who don't think the same about you.

I have like a dozen homies chilling right there in my head. Who's the loser now?
No. 51161
Do you guys even use phones for more than three-four years? By that time those devices usually become obsolete anyway, and if you still want to keep using it, then planned obsolescence will set things straight: battery will die, connectors will wear out, parts on the PCB will fall off or burst etc. etc. Also, I have no idea what the hell are you doing with your phones, but I, a blue-collar worker, carry my phone with me all the time on the job and the extent of the damage it got is some scratches on the back because I keep taking it out and putting it back into my pocket. The only time that my phone got fucked up because of the mechanical damage is when I pressed it on a railroad tie; obviously, a case wouldn't save it from such an accident.
No. 51162
>I also value beauty more than utility, as a true artist should drags a cigarette tips fedora
That is why you want your phone to have cracks.

>It would make it last longer by a minuscule, imperceptible amount.

>Same with the phone.
Do not try to safe that comparison, it is bullshit. Using a hammer as intended, it will take years of heavy daily use to break it. The price of a hammer is $20 to $100, and it is a real good hammer. You seem to manage to abuse a phone so much that it breaks weeks, and phones are $100-$1000.

>Of course I could be a Lineage OS using autist with a phone from 2012, but why bother?
Considering that you do not know the definition of a greedy algorithm, I highly doubt it.

>LineageOS gets slow updates because not enough maintainers, and the list of supported phones is in the dozens.
And no one told you to use LineageOS.

>Why make life harder on yourself?
I do not know how you break phones, but for me, not dropping it and putting it on the table instead of slamming it really helps. It is not hard at all.

>Why spend an hour sweeping up breadcrumbs to not waste food, when you can use that hour to make money that will buy you a bakery?
Stop pretending you could make enough money to buy a phone in the time you safe by throwing it around. There is literally no way in which this adds up.

>phones are not tablets
yadda-yadda. 5 inch is a standard size, and 5 inch are roughly 15cm.

>In some situations, 5% is the difference between good enough and broken.
Holding things in your hand is not one of those situtions.
No. 51163
Have you ever tried using your phone while shitfaced on 6 cans of tramp beer and also benzos? If you won't drop your phone in such conditions, I'll suck your dick.

If you DON'T regularly get shitfaced on 6 cans of 7% beer and don't take benzos, you're basically a virgin and your opinion doesn't matter.
No. 51164 Kontra
>Have you ever tried using your phone while shitfaced on 6 cans of tramp beer and also benzos?
That is nothing to be proud of.
No. 51165
I've broken hammers with the sheer force of my muscularity. If you can't do the same, you're a sissy.

A crack on the screen of a phone is not "boken". It does not even alter functionality. If you get upset about a crack on your phone's screen, you're a sissy.

A greedy algorithm is one that is biased towards a local optimum, rather than the real optimum. Local optimum: having a condom on your phone so you can sell it for 1/3 of the price because you're poor. Real optimum: not being a sissy.

Sissy gibberish

>>In some situations, 5% is the difference between good enough and broken.
>Holding things in your hand is not one of those situtions.
Your mom disagrees. I'm talking about the penis btw.
No. 51166
I used Samsung Galaxy S4 for like, 6 years? I replaced the battery here once when the new battery died, I gave this phone for father as a secondary one, he bought the third battery for it and used it until he passed away.
No. 51167 Kontra
>I've broken hammers with the sheer force of my muscularity. If you can't do the same, you're a sissy.
I did break a hammer once. It broke because I abused it instead of using it. It is not a thing I am proud of, because I could still have that hammer, if I had not been a damn fool.

>A crack on the screen of a phone is not "boken". It does not even alter functionality.
It makes the screen hard to read.

>If you get upset about a crack on your phone's screen, you're a sissy.
I want to get good use out of the things I buy.

>A greedy algorithm is one that is biased towards a local optimum, rather than the real optimum.
In general, this is not a property of greedy algorithm.

>Local optimum: having a condom on your phone so you can sell it for 1/3 of the price because you're poor.

>Real optimum: not being a sissy.
>Your mom disagrees. I'm talking about the penis btw.
All the arguments of fifteen year old tough boy.
No. 51168 Kontra
Just stop replying to him ffs, he's clearly trolling or having a psychotic episode.
No. 51169
Too bad that they rarely make easily repairable phones nowadays, and sometimes repairs aren't worth all the hassle. The repairs for the phone I crushed costed about half the price of a new one, and I wasn't confident in my skills to repair it myself. So I just bought a new one without any regrets.
No. 51170
I broke your mom once. But in addition to anuding her, I also used her.

I got good use out of your mom, but it was free.

Your mom has the property of being greedy for my dick.
No. 51171 Kontra
I do not think he is trolling or having a psychothic episode. I have met people like him in real life. Entitled kids who enjoy breaking things for the sake of breaking things. Not all of them were the spoiled children of rich parents, some were the spoiled children of poor parents, which made it all the worse.
No. 51172 Kontra
Posted from my cracked screen phone
No. 51173
Those people thought you were a loser btw.
Boo hoo, muh phone. I shit phones for breakfast.
No. 51174
See? Told you. >>51170

Is another one of them.
He thinks
>hurr durr your mom
is an argument. Haha so funny.

How come those guys always win in every discussion? They have no point to make, and they come out with "hurrdurr your mom".

I tried to play nice, but it is like I said in >>51142
The strong win, and the weak are CRUSHED. Because
No. 51175 Kontra
You are the one being ridicule by replying.
No. 51176
See? I was totally right in >>51156

Her is Genghis Khan and there is nothing I can do. I'm gonna break my phone know. I had this discussion 7 years ago on krautchan, and I smashed my laptop. But if I break my phone, he's just gonna go

>hurrdurr pathetic loser i made you break your phone such a dumbass
There's literally no chance for me to win this, even though I acted sane.

No. 51177
But what am I supposed to do? If I stay silent, they win.

Disregard for objects/persons is the mark of the strong, because the strong can destroy persons/objects at will, without suffering a penalty. By taking the position that a object should not be destroyed, I revealed weakness, and hence lost.
No. 51178
It was all my master plan to chase away the social darwinist germoid btw, I am totally not being a caustic shitposter just because. We must protect our community from the likes of him.

And I will get away with it because I am more well liked than you.
Is there a pleasure in life more sweet than DUNKING on a self pitying loser with his own cope philosophy? Fucking your mom perhaps.
No. 51179
You proved that might makes right. But I wish I knew how you do it. How can you win a discussion by randomly going hurr your mom?

If I wrote
>you know what's caustic your moms cunt hahah
it would not win me any points. So how can all sane arguments be invalidated by 'your mom' when someone else does it?
No. 51180
Maybe you should start by not smashing your phone. I didn't see this at first but you seem to go through a psychotic as well. I would have found this situation really funny if I hadn't stupid empathy for Ernsts. The american only wants to get you mad and you should ignore him and the brick posts are a cry for help. I think you really have to relax and that other people's phone habits living thousands of miles away from you shouldn't affect you at all. Maybe history books have no empathy towards the weak, but people have.
No. 51181
Your weakness is that you care.
I fully expected you to be the ernst I play dnd with every Saturday, or some other person from here I like, or get banned. And took the risk for momentary pleasure. Because I do not care. Because my life and my world are bigger than this imageboard. Being strong is when you act as if you are, and willing to take the consequences if it turns out you're not.

I'm the Kazakh btw, my phone ISP shows up as USA
No. 51182
You are, of course, right, to a large extent.
No. 51183
Funny situations are always more funny when they are also sad. It makes them real.
I laugh at that one time I broke my father's teeth because he drunkenly broke the toilet, and shat himself when we could barely afford food, and we had to shit in a bucket for a month before we could afford a replacement second hand toilet.
Because it really is funny.

And after such, experiences, you stop caring about broken phone screens.
No. 51185
Yea, on new Samsung phones you can not replace the battery easily. So when it will fault, I'll probably replace the phone, A71 clearly will not serve me so much. And since then, the Galaxy S series become unacceptable, I don't want to spend so much munny on a smartphone.
No. 51186
I never played DND. I get that many people enjoy pen and paper games, but I do not. They are so tedious.

And yes, I care. I care about the things I own. People put labor into making them. The ground was torn up to make them, literally. The least I can do is making things last as long as possible.

But as you say, caring is a weakness. Hence, those who do not give a fuck and make everything worse for everyone else and for the future win. The tragic of the commons is so damn common that it was comical if it wasn't a tragedy.
No. 51187
A crack on a glass screen is not a tragedy. Get your head out of your ass.
Only somebody who never experienced a real tragedy would be this naive. And that is the source of weakness.

You should try it, going though tragedies. They're always fun to remember when time passes.

You should watch this video, the part about being a dreamer. It helped me, maybe it will be of use to you
No. 51188
It is not about being strong in a material sense, but in a spiritual one.
I risk breaking my phone screen not because I can afford a new one. I can't.
I do it because I can live without a phone. It is too small and banal of a thing to waste brain power caring about.
No. 51189
105 kB, 1300 × 866
I’m having a panic attack because I don’t know if I’m inventing a good world in my head or I it goes well with a girl. And I’m starting to think more and more that the two or three last weeks of my life were only driven by illusions.

I talked to a girl I knew from social activities we did together a year ago by messages because I liked her, I believe she liked me and I learned she was still single. So I contacted her one time in October and we chatted for two hours. Then I recontacted her earlier this month and she invited me to see some play cause we did theater together. But I don’t know if there will be other people with her when going to the play.
I now realize I don’t know when the play will be and if it’ll be in months. I realize that I’m not attractive and that she could be in love with another already, or that there’s probably other people who are in love with her, and that it’s ridiculous to be exited about something that could go so horribly bad.
No. 51191 Kontra
When I was 7, my father died of a heart attack, at the age of 32. I'm not sure, but I hope that qualifies.
No. 51192
Wish I was so lucky
No. 51193
> that it’s ridiculous to be exited about something that could go so horribly bad
Yes it is but everyone is every time. Deal with it.

Take this advice, you asked. Think of what you would be doing if you didn't ask.
No. 51194
Talking from the shallow depth of my limited experience with women:

It is completely OK to be excited. As long as you don't get creepily attached for no good reason, she will feel flattered.
But you might be overdoing it a little with the fears and expectations. Just be happy about what could happen. See watching that play with her as something to look forward to, a nice thing in itself, not a step to get her into bed. That might still happen, and it would of course be good for you, but even if it does not happen, you can have a very nice evening. And that is all to aim for here: a very nice evening together, spent watching a play.
No. 51195 Kontra
It is a mixed blessing.
No. 51200 Kontra
You can care about your things without a case, I don't buy a new phone every year, in the last 6 years I had 3 phones, the newest is just a few months old, the others were second hand, none of them has/had a cracked display and they sometimes fell on the ground, maybe they were built well.

Dude you read the wrong history books, history can be written in many variations, you just well for le strong political men make history trap, it's a hi**STORY** and not reality, common sense in history today, you cannot know how the past really was as your only access to it are some writings, many, many gaps, millions of gaps appear while writing history. It just fits your worldview, cognitive bias. And if you want to be on the winning side, whatever that means, you should abandon that topic all together and invest our energy in sorting out your life better as in get done what you want to get done. First of all you should not waste time on social darwinism, even if it is true (it isnt, read something against it to challenge yourself mentally), it does not help you any bit. You care about the wrong things and I tell you this as somebody who will likely never appear in any history books ever. Do I care? No, I have other priorities. I certainly don't care for Germany in some national ranking, 19th century tier, just like social darwinism. Euro countries hate Germany for its strong position within the EU. You think yuropoors will be losing against USA and Chinas as the super innovators of the future, while you probably have no clue about science policy and products made in Europe, all you see are jokes about our dated infrastructure and Neuland. Even in the 1980s it was the same rhetoric (Wirtschaftsstandortdebatte), and 40 years later Germany is still a major economy. The computer manufacturing is scattered across the planet, with rising nationalism/protectionism countries try to become autonomous, even the EU, there are plans for a Germany lithium refinary, why? Because the EU just like other "superpowers" try to get its share and become more autonmous. Just move to China if you want to on le winning side, if you care about belong to a country that is a supposed superpower.

What you need is some meta perspectives on what you say and where that positions yourself in various contexts. You take things at face value, but sciences have corroded for 100 years know le all knowing subject, get yourself some (historic) epistemology to understand why you say what you, it's meta before any content, it asks why any content is that content to us and if we can actually believe it. You can then comeback and explain the world to us, this is inevitable anyway, but it might help to understand yourself and the world better.
No. 51206
The middleware banking infrastructure application I'm localizing for the post-sovok market has a document named "security features". Here's a line from that document:
> - Generate a New Password and can be sent to user email.
What a relief, I don't actually have to do extra work patching up security holes in this shitheap when the bottom already fell out.
No. 51207
55 kB, 688 × 448
Freed up ~500mb on an Android tablet by uninstalling updates on a handfull of apps. I had theses apps disabled (can't uninstall- I hate bloatware, but don't want to root), but in their neutered state they were still squatting on precious drive space. Well, no longer.
No. 51213
58 kB, 500 × 335
Pills don't work no more.

Listening to this on repeat:

>In general, it is advised to never mix sedatives or hypnotics with alcohol. Combining sleeping pills with alcohol can increase the sedating effects
Thanks for the pointer, but it didn't work.

Am I REALLY going to have to take anti-psychotics? Fuck, I hate being on them. I'm going to start dreading bedtime. Anti-psychotics sleep doesn't feel like sleep. It feels like dying.

Today at work me and my boss staid late and I let my mask slip. I went full schizoteric serious discussion assburger on him. And he assburgered right back at me. We talked for hours. I zen-pilled him about the fact that the self is a lie. I was also shitfaced. It was fun, but I regret breaking the employer-friend barrier. It's going to be awkward for a while.

There's an alco store right next to my workplace. They sell real IPA cider, instead of the garbage """cider""" we have at the stores. It was tasty. But too expensive to get shitfaced on, so I also bought 4 cans of tramp beer, went to the office toilet, and downed them all. I probably hit a new low there.

My excuse is that existing feels like a dull pain. The body aches, the mind wanders. Any external stimuli are indistinguishable from pain. I just want to drown out the noise.
No. 51215
There are two entities who could be called "my" person. One is a character, as in a story. The other is my immediate experience.

My character is doing great. He got a good job, his boss likes him, he's doing his work well. There's plans for the future, and things to be excited about.

My immediate experience with reality is still the same as it has always been. A dull ache. Reality feels like it's behind a waterfall. I'm wading through a thick atmosphere of white noise. When I am touched, my skin crawls. When I open the shutters, the light blinds me. The smells, the sounds, the acute awareness of my own body. I am so tired of it.

The question "how are you doing?" no longer makes sense. What do you mean by "you"?

Back when I was playing Sims 2 as a kid, trying to ignore the sounds of my father beating up my mother, I'd never thought The Sims was such a profound statement as a piece of art. Oh, look, "I" just got promoted. Time to go into builder mode and buy a new refrigerator. Maybe expand the pool. I am doing great.

Me, on the other hand, not so well.
No. 51219
That's literally dissociation. Maybe not to DID extent but damn close and honestly it sometimes sounds less like you schizophrenic or have any psychotic disorders or anything and more like you are simply reacting to stress, and because you remained and never left that godawful toxic environment never got to grow out of it and stayed reflexive.
>reality behind a waterfall
Or at the best of times like peering through a clean window. You can see everything but you know that window is there, and it is what separates everything outside you're looking at from yourself.

This feel is part of why I stopped taking shit like quetiapine for sleep. At one point I relied on it so consistently as a sedative it nuked my personality, but it came on gradually, like an erasure into TV static over long enough I couldn't tell real well what was happening.

I've largely avoided dipping into that for sleep or taking anything but kratom and gabapentin in many years. Not drinking and not taking antipsychotics is pretty great but it helps to just not have a job or anything important to do for several weeks so that you literally can stay up for two or three days without any consequence and just let yourself get up and go to bed any time in the day. Although come to think of it sometimes things did seem more real when I was drinking just because I was so thoroughly anaesthetized that I couldn't or didn't have the ability reflexively to enter a dissociative state.
No. 51222
I don't know what I have.
It's either genetic, or circumstantial.
The DSM only defines symptoms, and can not consider causes. Not possible with the current understanding of the mind.

The mind is a black box, we get its outputs, and we assume the functions inside based on those outputs. Obviously, a set of symptoms can be shared by different underlying causes. But we can not analyze those causes. So we simply define illnesses based on their symptoms. It's the best we have.

So I do not really give credence to diagnoses. It's more useful to think of them as a collection of symptoms, rather than a definition of an illness.

Honestly, when I'm psychotic, I feel alive. I feel like a real person. When I'm "mentally healthy", I feel like a robot who is controlling his body to reach optimum performance so I can give money to my family. I'll choose the latter out of principle and ideology I guess, but sometimes I want to live a little.
I complain about insomnia, hypomania, psychosis, etc., but only because these conditions obstruct my functions as a robot. As an experience, I love it.
No. 51224
304 kB, 1897 × 935
451 Bytes, 1 file
I read an article somewhere that the ideal number of characters per line for text is around ~100. Helps with quick reading.

So armed with that idea, I decided to make a custom css for the front page of EC.
Now I can shitpost with three times the efficiency!

I need someone to test it on a 4k screen and see if it works as well. The widths of each column are based on character size, so I assume a 4k user would have a very large font size in their settings, ironing out the issues, but you never know.

Also, it only works on the front page so far. Maybe I can fix it later.
Some non-post elements like the nav-bars and delete input boxes are in the same div as the pages, so it messes up the formatting.
It would be nice if I could somehow treat those elements as if they're outside the div, but alas, I don't know how to do that.

Anyway, this was a fun waste of time.

CSS file included for anyone curious.
No. 51225 Kontra
I lost my progress 3 times and had to redo it from memory because firefox doesn't save your progress in the style editor, and I did it shitfaced and kept hitting backspace in the actual page rather than the editor. Ballmer's peak ain't nothing to fuck with
No. 51226
That sounds like bipolar and dissociative disorder tbh. Again, similar settis to me, but I eventually stopped taking medication and really just self medicate with kratom. My reactions to most substances are paradoxical anyway so I've fallen asleep on Adderall because it calmed me down but also made me an apathetic emotionless and dissociative zombie, opioids for tooth problems have me insomnia and felt like cocaine is alleged to feel, I hate being high etc. In fact I'd almost question whether reacting with extreme paranoia, anxiety, and dissociation is a good predictor of being EC tier. Lamotrigine did really little to help me though. Kratom doesn't help with insomnia but it does kill alcohol cravings and has kept me pretty emotionally stable for the most part, with a somewhat stable albeit malnourished sleep schedule where I've largely not taken hydroxzine, quetiapine, or diphenhydramine since ages ago and typically fall asleep normally provided I didn't take my last dose of kratom too close to bedtime.

I know you probably haven't got the money for it and I am not a doctor or authorized to give bad medical advice however you may want to try it at some point. I found a place where I can order whole kilos at a time for $75 each free s&h and a key lasts me a good stretch of time. I don't even remember what depression feels like anymore and don't dissociate as much.
No. 51230
Thanks for the advice.

The thing that worries me is that I think I actually enjoy being a miserable piece of shit, or a psychotic paranoid. It is at least interesting, compared to the mundanity of reality.

I've been happy once, for like a month. Felt like a total idiot afterwards.
No. 51232
That makes sense. I'm having mild psychosis and possibly a bit of serotonin syndrome from my new SNRIs. I thought I was just drunk, but no, one of my medications is doing something wrong.

Maybe that's why they tell you not to drink while on meds, I can't actually monitor my condition because I'm always drunk. It could be one of my maniacal phases again, but mania felt GOOD. This feels like shit.

Oh well, you wanted to be less depressed, here's some psychosis and insomnia, breathe in.
No. 51233 Kontra
996 kB, 1200 × 900
What a face slapping turn in mood, going down again. I wrote up my thoughts racing through my mind. And I came, while not religious, to a realization, while people cling to religion. Maybe I've thought these thoughts before, I guess so, but just now it struck me why people do and I feel empathy, though religion branches out into politics etc. certain main elements resonate so well with the human experience, it had to emerge. Maybe I should read Simondon again for some ontogenetic sublime. At the same time the density of concepts and their relations crushes me, it is delightful in a way, intoxication, a madmans fascination for what is going on. But this high will reveal itself as thin and lose fabric, once I'm sober again having to face my "actual" capacity as human bean that indviduates. An exceeding infinity that traverses.
No. 51234 Kontra
56 kB, 488 × 488
Hey, I just posted my post and then I picked up a book that you might like, it has small chapters and is more poetic than dry philosophy, it's about the many variations of mania (and its potential, and this not even meant in an evil instrumental way)

>A revered eastern mystic once said that he has spent his entire life banging on the doors of insanity only one day to realize that he was knocking from the inside.

I remember Mohaghegh in a talk where he says the mystic has no political interests at all, which reminds me of you searching for non-political content/news, I think it was you at least. Maybe that is your destiny :DDD to become a mystic.

>if we perceive the supposed [...] affective excess of mania not in terms of loss, lack and deficiency of the stable self but rather as rhythmic expenditures of a fluid self-image that moves through painful exteriority, eternity and the unknown.

Also the take that in medieval times, the madman was seen as "tragically" touched my god, coming to close to divinity, quite interesting.
No. 51235
If that state of suffering is the only charted territory you know, then you will automatically try to hold on to it rather than get to a place that is unfamiliar.

Wanting what is familiar over what is unfamiliar does not make you an idiot, it is absolutely normal.

The rationalisations that come with it are likely your brain attempting to lessen the suffering.
No. 51236
I wouldn't say I'm completely apolitical, I have an interest in politics as a philosophy. Actually running stuff is an implementation detail :-D

Well, after my happy spiel, I cringed at myself for being in that state, like one might cringe at a naive lovestruck teenager. My worldview at the time felt completely alien after the fact. Same was true when I was happy. I thought being a miserable piece of shit was stupid when things are actually pretty good.

I don't know which perspective is the "right" one, and I have no way of knowing. One can not experience a certain state while being in a different state, a redundant but often overlooked fact. It would be like trying to experience what being a fish is like, or to re-experience a drug induced state while being sober.
No. 51237
>I don't know which perspective is the "right" one, and I have no way of knowing.

Why would you assume that there is such a thing as a "right" perspective?
No. 51238
377 kB, 960 × 640
Because in a collection of disordered, dissimilar things, a pattern emerges anyway.
It's almost a metaphysical quality.

I view the superflat, "everything is merely different" view as one-dimensional. There has to be more axés than that.
No. 51239
Logically, saying that there is no "right" perspective does not imply that "everything is merely different".

There may be no perspective that is ultimately correct but still varying degrees of correctness.

Or, my personal view at this time: Every perspective's correctness depends on the correctness of assumptions over which the perspective is constructed. To my understanding this invalidates the idea of a one-dimensional correctness and instead we have something that could be called a vector of correctness. This vector will be oriented in an N-dimensional space with axes defined by assumptions. One such axis could be an observed constant of nature, or universalities or laws of logic, or something vague such as someones interpretation of the phrase "Stalin had a mustache".

This leads to another metric: The usefulness of an assumption space. An assumption space with axes only based on logically verifiable statements would probably much more useful than one with axes of vague interpretations. Here the "usefulness" of the correctness vector is how universal a perspective is; a tradeoff between "very useful bit extremely narrow" and "less useful but applicable to more observations".

I might be getting a tad too abstract at this point, but explaining this in detail would require the fucking idiots outside my window to stop shredding trees at a million decibells :<<<

Also: Some of my favourite trees are being shredded, invoking saddenings.
No. 51241 Kontra

an interesting thing to mention, the notion of degree already seems to undermine strict seperation/differentiation, that is common for western philosophy.
Also I wonder about the notion of the discret, 0 and 1 but can there be something between 0/1, or lets ask what happens between 0/1.
No. 51242
41 kB, 415 × 540
I was expecting to fail the comparative religion exam but I only screwed up one question, and the lecturer accepted my the definitions for the two questions that are worth 50%. (Really, the only question I screwed up was one of the "quote recognition" tasks where I didn't recognise which assigned book the quote was from. 10% lost, still an A, whatever)
So, I'm kinda lost. I was expecting that I'll study for tomorrow's re-examination but I'm free now.

I'm playing HoI4 now. It's an awful game but for some reason I can't stop playing it.
No. 51247
Interesting that you are talking about religion exam and video games, because I started another playthrough of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and I realized that when I played it for the first time, I didn't really notice how often people are praising god and whatnot, and also the first conversation the protag has with Stefanie of Talmberg had a different effect on me.

I personally am an agonstic. I don't need a god to explain the universe and its ongoings, but I won't rule out that something exists - that we simply haven't discovered - that could, through its traits/characteristics/properties fit the idea of some spiritual power that permeates everything.
And I understood how comforting it must be to believe in a higher power that has a GREAT PLAN and that being a good person will eventually, and if it is during the second coming of Christ in thousands of years, pay off. Or finding strength through prayer, and praying for others.

Of course this won't seem like a profound insight to many, but for me, it helped me see my grandmother and also, in part, my mother, in a more propitiatory way.
No. 51251
In essence, the lessons on comparative religion I had to take were quite similar to when the first time I read communist literature. It's incredibly eye-opening, and it gives you a very handy framework that's almost too easy to use.
With marxism everything is about class struggle, with this, everything is about rituals, holiness and the taboo as they interact, and you see this fucking everywhere and it's sort of driving me mad. For a few brief moments it makes me consider a neopagan stratocracy as a legitimate form of government.
(Really, it's the opposite kind of chaos I expected in my head after starting university.)
No. 51252
I don't honestly see it that way. I find it funny in the sense that some people are just very, I am not quite sure the word for it but something like self involved and self motivated, to see things as people choosing to believe in something rather than it being self evident to them, or in having some kind of motive.

In truth, I see it as evidentially true and self evident, and that it permeates reality by making it so much more awful and horrifying than I would prefer. It is not self comforting; it is a terror. A true, nonstop, existential terror, and a terror that makes things much more complicated and in depth and terrible than I could whimsically enjoy life with the idea that nothing matters and when I die and die and cease to be entirely and thus have nothing to worry about in the next state nor quite frankly would I need to worry here and now. I could simply kill somebody for being a truly awful person and could I find a way to completely get away with it his murder would be inconsequential. I do strongly suspect that this is the actual mindset of many of our rulers and successful people though, particularly the most awful ones.
Death would be a sweet release then, and I could do whatever I please with little internalized pressure to be or do anything else than what I chose.
No. 51253
Which part are you latching on regarding the discreteness? If you are talking about the usefulness or correctness metric, I see no use in assuming they are anything but continuous.
No. 51254
So you would be okay with having no purpose, at all? Because at least 99% of people are not okay with having no purpose at all, even in nihilism you are looking for a purpose, just that it's not something external given to you by the grace of god or something, but the purpose you are making for yourself.

What I would be interested, now, is what god you follow, if it's the one your family has been following before and when you realized what you just told us and why exactly it is that makes it evidentially true, because I have never seen any proof for god's existence that wasn't circular logic.
No. 51257
Not believing in any form of afterlife or other kind of supernatural consequence does not free you from the ramifications of your actions in a psychological sense. I can be utterly convinced that there will be no ultimate consequence (for me) to my actions after my death, and yet doing something terrible will affect my psychological wellbeing (or spiritual wellbeing, if you prefer to call it that, same thing to me).
No. 51260
82 kB, 435 × 576
Two months til mcat. Getting all the practice critical reading Qs right but need to review a few science concepts as it’s been forever since I took such classes.
No. 51261
496 kB, 960 × 1280
Funny how we come to diametrically opposed conclusions.
I do not think that reality is literally made up of categorically different entities. That is obviously untrue. There are many things in the world that are continuous in nature. But there are also categorically static constants. Like the gravitational constant or speed of light.
My view is that categorical differences arise or emerge from continuous phenomena. And that those categorizations are "meaningful". Or, more radically, that categories arising from the continuous IS what "meaning" is.
I could give an example that's a bit similar to Xeno's paradox. Imagine a continuous scale from 0 to 1. There are infinitely many points on that scale. There is no categorical "jump" from one point to the one "next" to it, it is a continuous scale made up of infinitesimal, imperceptible, undefinable differences. Between any two points, however close they are, there are also infinitely many points. Now, imagine two points. A and B. Let's say point A is lower on the scale, or closer to 0, than point B. Point B is "first", and point A is "second. Now imagine them moving towards 1 at different "speeds". A faster, B slower. There is some moment, when A overtakes B. A becomes first, B second. Those two objects have now switched categories. The discrete emerged from the continuous.

Or another example, a banal one, but I think it illustrates the point. Say you're playing a video game, an FPS, and you're using a sniper rifle. Your job is to hit some point in space, like the enemy's head. There is an infinity of points where you could miss. There's a smaller, but still infinite set of points where you get a hit. Between them is an infinitesimal (practically) threshold. But there are only two results. Either you hit, or don't. And "meaning" is exactly that "switch" in outcome.
Whether a hunter gatherer's spear hits a point on the elk's body determines whether he eats tonight. There's no difference between all the infinite ways he has of missing the target. But there's a difference between whether he misses or not. That's "meaning".

Regarding the "scales of correctness". If there's a 1D, continuous scale of things of varying correctness, there's still SOME point that is the most correct. That's a categorical notion.
Now, let's extend that to "vectors of axioms". There is still SOME vector along which lies a point that is furthest from the origin. That is the most correct point. Also a categorical notion.

Also, I tend to conflate the material, worldly and physical with continuousness, and the greek idea of "divinity" with the categorical. Because physical reality, in human experience, might as well consist of infinitely small distinctions. But it is from that space of infinity that meaning/category arises.
And to me, this phenomenon is the mystery of art. There's an infinite way you can arrange shapes, colors, lines, etc. on a canvas. But there are points in that space which can be recognized as a painting. Same with music and other art forms.

The "post-modern" view, to me, is opposite. The continuous that arises from the categorical. If no two things can be compared or evaluated because they're simply "different", then they must be in different categories. Literally apples and oranges. But from that arises a non-discrete "space" of indistinct objects. Like fundamental particles in a body, each a discrete entity, but without difference, because they're all equivalent.

>Also: Some of my favourite trees are being shredded, invoking saddenings.
Feels known. I had trees outside my window violently trimmed into ugly husks of their former selves last summer. I could write an entire angry schizopost on how improper tree trimming techniques turned the entire post-sovok into an ugly depressing shithole, even more so than commieblocks and pollution. Pic related.
No. 51268
20 kB, 479 × 480
Yes because I would be given the choice of a) giving myself a purpose to my own self, or b) not following anything or having any particular purpose at all in which case I could live guilt free as banal office plankton enjoying trivialities until I die, as espoused by consumerism. I would also have to grant myself a purpose in any case because what atheists and agnostics apparently do not understand is that religion doesn't give you a purpose, it just says that you have one, and typically it is one which you must find for yourself. God works in mysterious ways and all that jazz. It does not actually grant you any kind of an objective in life or a/the particular purpose--cults do that.

Religion merely tells you that you have an inherent existential reason to be and now to go and find that, whatever it is that you may understand as "God put me here to be this man/woman and to fulfill this purpose." Of course the much deeper layers of mysticism may well have you exploring the chaos theory of perhaps God's crown jewel raison d'etre for your being was simply a moment of idle chatter you had with a man on the bus that one day, and that it was because of that conversation you had at age 26 you didn't even remember nor had thought about again which would lay a groundwork for his inspiration as a future artist, whose artwork was itself needed to inspire a great leader towards one particular direction God wanted 150 years from now that you'd be totally clueless about the whole rest of your existence until the day you die, and even at that you may have had numerous other mini-purposes along the way but may still get told when you die "yeah but well that was nice and all but really we were just excited about you fulfilling your destiny at age 26." So there is that purpose inherent to religion, organized or otherwise. Those that direct you towards extremely specific ends more often than not are just small cults with charismatic leaders.

>but your parents
My parents were both basically just atheists, as is much of the rest of my family afaik. So it was a very deliberate "choice" in that regard, but in the other sense I do not see it as me having a choice any more than me sitting on the toilet right now and feeling piss and shit and thus "believing" I am a man in a corporeal body at the moment. It is not about belief but rather the factual reality, and a factual reality whose denial can only be obtained through supreme effort of sophistry and that still cannot deny the basic premise even were you to argue this illusory world is in fact The Matrix does not change me being male and feeling piss come out of my dick and fecal matter out of my arshenholler even were you to argue I'm in some pod with technology hooked into my brain or somesuch. I believe that certain factual things remain indisputable details regardless of explanatory framework and thus far beyond all my research into the occult and Buddhism, Hinduism and Abrahamic religions, Gnosticism in the various sense and any other philosophy, that Christianity by and large most closely matches what I do know, with some strong overlap between Judaism and specific elements of Islam, it's merely that most people are dumb bydlo who are not "seekers" nor are they mystics, and who likewise come up with asinine and fantastical elements to their secte.

I will also say that in my personal experience closing all your mirrors with a Christian phrase or symbol and barring all the thresholds including your windows with the same like a Mezzuzah has kept me from having to be haunted for probably closing on a decade now. It took me years to figure out that the problem wasn't even the actual building--the problem was me. It was me all along and with that discovery I barred They from entry and I've largely not been pestered by one single demonic entity ever since then with the sole exception iirc of that couple of times I was talking with someone about the Djinn late at night because I know that they can hear me and I start shining like a bright flare or a light in the darkness to them and thus largely avoid discussing certain such things very late at night. I also explicitly avoid either staying up to 3:00am or, failing that, leave all the lights on until about 5:00am before falling asleep. The Christian Mezzuzahs work well but I do not believe that they are entirely foolproof although come to think of it I've largely not had problems at 3:00am either in years.
No. 51272
So I've just now today discovered the banner image directory and I must say this is some truly oldfag tier stuff but I've never seen this banner before
No. 51273
Cool. I thought I grabbed them all from the phutaba repository, but somehow never noticed the /oe/ folder.
No. 51274
111 kB, 500 × 523
I woke up and immediately went back to sleep, and then after waking up I spend 2-3 hours just laying in bed, doing nothing.
Father sent me to the local pub to validate lottery tickets.
It was raining and it was very depressing. You step into a small room, a bunch of old people are sitting at old tables, essentially just passing time until they die.
No. 51328 Kontra
460 kB, 2913 × 1636
53 kB, 400 × 261
I have the object for my first paper rather cur and dried I think, need to wait for the green light and specification or tips by my lecturer. The other paper I need to write still is very vague, I have some super abtract buzzwords that relate to one another and my paper ideally deals with these in some way or another, have to reread notes and hope for a short talk with the lecturerer that gives a useful spark for the paper thesis.
I don't know if I should be stressed about time running or if it is quite ok and still "in time".
No. 51332 Kontra
You mean paper as in "Hausarbeit" or "Veröffentlichung"?
No. 51336
The incessant rain I once found charming I now find extremely irritating now that I need to work on my car.
No. 51337
Same here. I would like to air my apartment for a change without it getting even danker.
Also, just today I realized I haven't seen a sunrise since I don't know when.
No. 51345
Hausarbeit, given that essay does not really fit what you are doing as student oftentimes (it's like a small journal article that shows that you can research and make arguments, not a free form at all most of the time)

In the humanities most papers are excerpts from upcoming books or small extracts from your research really, that needs to be in a compendium etc.
No. 51348 Kontra
I see. Thanks for clarification.
No. 51367
Why is it that everyone online seems to be a borderline illiterate who can't even read a paragraph or two but always inebitably feels compelled to respond with one or two broken sentences either addressing a problem you don't have or asking you a question you already answered in the OP? It's way worse on imageboards and Steam and I swear every single time I ask a question, like for example "so I have a 4700k and a GTX 1060 will this run on medium settings?" and some retard immediately responds "well what kind of GPU do you have?" Like every single damn time this happens. "I can't sleep and melatonin doesn't work, hard prescription drugs don't" and immediately you get "have you tried warm milk or taking melatonin?" It pisses me off to no end. And then they'll proceed to try and argue with you about it or a problem you flat out don't have and explained you don't have multiple times.

It's not just that they can't/won't read. That I get at least. I assume most people gloss over eveything longer than a sentence or just don't care. What I don't understand are the people who know absolutely nothing to the problem with that "hmm just drink warm milk bro" or Microsoft tech support level of zero acumen, yet feel compelled to respond anyway. I just don't get it. They're not helpful and it wastes both my time and theirs. You'd think these people would just keep scrolling. It almost feels like a form of virtue signaling or empty me-tooism or gold farming, like they're dittooing or something in a place that doesn't have upvotes. I just don't understand the purpose of that.
No. 51369
18 kB, 811 × 559
Does anyone remember this old Meme?
No. 51370 Kontra
Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Looks like some rage comic deviation, can't be that old.
No. 51374
I wasn’t going to bother typing this out to post here but after overthinking it I kind of got a chuckle out of it. I arrived home after getting some groceries and spotted a blonde woman in her 30s or 40s jogging with two yapper dogs, but her tits were flopping everywhere through her gym tank top looking shirt. After getting my groceries to the front door and returning to lock the car and she looks directly at me. I had my sunglasses on and my eyesight is bad enough that I cannot make out peoples facial features depending on the lighting and time of day with shadows casted, etc. It was late in the afternoon.

I could not tell if her quick glance was her expecting me to check her out(I try to refrain from ogling women due to puritanical standards ive placed on myself and a sex/porn addiction im overcoming) or that if she was glaring at me with contempt. I thought maybe I should have waved at her. But her face was blurred and I quickly hurried to laugh about the scenario to myself.
No. 51375
Can you describe the tits in more detail?
Also, were you not wearing shades with prescription lenses? I got a pair in 2011 and to this day it's one of the best purchases I have made.
No. 51376
23 kB, 320 × 400
I've got that 'fucken dreg' aesthetic going on, so normies tend to steer very well clear instead of seek approval. The simple life. Feels good man.
No. 51377
You mean like the size and shape? Im not well versed in breast sizes but they were fairly big and flopped around in a comical motion when she was jogging.

Piss mate, reading this brought up bad memories of me being the outsider seeking approval from the normie types at work and in other situations. Ill never make those mistakes again.
No. 51379
133 kB, 700 × 1517
Tbh, the flip side is that you also tend to interact with other dregs more often (for me, a boon since they're more interesting people). If you give a shit about 'polite society' then I can't recommend it because looking like an outsider really don't hit for them. Also less than ideal if you're looking for a lady friend. If you look like a degenerate, then they especially don't want shit to do with you (not really an issue for me, since I care more about any siq yarns I can extract from an interaction than I do the junk on the person in question).
No. 51380
1,8 MB, 384 × 216, 0:03
I would like a gf someday and do try to appear normal and clean cut in appearance.
No. 51386
68 kB, 802 × 802
No. 51390
I don't because I find other people thoroughly loathsome, particularly in this country. Not having sex for years and years has let me slowly get my shit together. It is a terror that someday after the shutdowns and pandemic ends I'll wind up drinking and having sex like crazy and ruin my life again. I should've just become a scientist or some hermit neetlike thing in the beginning. I'd hate people less because they'd still be foreign beings to me.
No. 51392
Why do I leave things to the last minute, forcing myself to do all-nighters my body can’t anymore handle?

Why can I not learn from mistakes?

Does Ernst have solution for eternal procrastination?
No. 51396 Kontra
26 kB, 642 × 539
I have sames.
No. 51402
393 kB, 1920 × 1080, 0:03
I am by the very definition an Involuntary celibate, ive wanted a girlfriend ever since i hit puberty back in 2004.
No. 51405
12 kB, 987 × 579
iktf bro
Currently trying to write my dissertation, but while I have everything in my head, I just am not able to write it down. I also should send out application and so far managed to send a whopping two in the last weeks. I feel like an absolute failure and the incessant rain doesn't help.
No. 51406 Kontra
Because you're an idiot, mountain jew. I rejoice at your suffering.
No. 51409
That's the most surprising thing I ever learned about you. Aren't you a working class dude who worked in kitchens all his life? Kitchen workers tend to drink and party together. Hell one woman I'd basically gotten together with accidentally while I was pursuing someone totally different, that in retrospect I was better off ignoring both of them and focusing on a real career.

It's nice and it changes you internally if you have certain aspie or antisocial personality features, but at the same time is little different than drinking ultimately. Remember the movie 12 Monkeys where they ask Cole what he wasted his time on? Women? Wine? It's like that. You wasted your time outside your mission in the modern era. At least in the 18th century you fornicating could've knocked someone up and therefore reproduced thus completing the objective of the organism, but due to it being short circuited via birth control measures is now fully frivolous and can waste time from finding an actual lifelong partner, besides which if you don't get rich or successful at something your chances of finding that degrade over time.
No. 51415
>while I have everything in my head, I just am not able to write it down

Kalkwerk/Konrad tier

>An Rücksichtslosigkeit auch oder gerade gegen sich selber habe es ihm im Hinblick auf die Studie in diesen einerseits, wie er selbst sich ausgedrückt haben soll, demütigend in die Länge gezogenen, andererseits erschreckend kurzen Jahrzehnten, nicht gemangelt, aber das Wichtigste habe ihm gefehlt: Furchtlosigkeit vor Realisierung, vor Verwirklichung, Furchtlosigkeit einfach davor, seinen Kopf urplötzlich von einem Augenblick auf den andern auf das rücksichtsloseste um- und also die Studie auf das Papier zu kippen.

t. Erst "Thomas" Bernhard
No. 51416
34 kB, 890 × 985
There are two aussies on EC.
t. the other aussie
No. 51418
Why the fuck do you have a Romanian ball?
No. 51419
using my vpn in the background
No. 51420
289 kB, 1600 × 1012
Don't you want take a room in this Motel after a long day of driving? You park your 1965 Dodge Coronet and walk to the reception.
What is the reception like? What is the room like? Where will you eat and what will you eat? What will you do then? Do you refresh before eating or will you do that later?
No. 51422
94 kB, 500 × 500
I love motels. A bed, bathroom, and TV right off the highway in a town you've never seen before-and will likely never see again. Check-in, grab dinner from one of the adjacent fast food restaurants, and then fall sleep beneath the same heavy comforter which wrapped a thousand travelers before you.

In the morning, wake to a new landscape as daylight allows you to truly see this place for the first time. Have last night's shadows transformed into a wall of trees in the distance? Or is it mountains? In the motel lobby there is a rack of brochures; local landmarks, parks, and museums hope to lure you in. Select one or two, consider slowing down and spending the day, before filling your car with gas and rolling back onto the highway.

Stopping is nice, but it's a big country and the road calls. In twelve hours there will be another town, another motel, another once in a lifetime opportunity...
No. 51423
289 kB, 1789 × 1175
Thank you.
This is the american experience I want to have. Eerie that I imagined it like this no country for old men helped It is still possible today, the US is still a society with a culture centered around the automobile in a heavy way. But the postwar years would be cooler ofc. But yeah, when will I do my roadtrip through the US? Until then electric cars will roam the roads or the US is shattered as super power and society.

Ofc there is a rich tradition of american on the road literature, which I soaked up like a sponge in my late teens and early twenties. Damn I want to re-read John Updike again or Mary Gaitskill or Jane Anne Philips.

pic related:

>Electric Heat
>Dial Phone

I just badly want to turn around a key and open a door to a room, my car directly outside the door, the street noise damped after I close the door, put my shoes off and sit on the made bed. What about the other people in their rooms etc etc.
No. 51425
I am about to embark on an adventure. It's probably going to be terrible but I don't have work tomorrow so I don't care. God willing I won't get called in on a new shift.

It is called delta 8 and I picked it up from some new store I'd never been in before, because I don't go to town much these days and when I do it's usually in and out, one of those herbalistic places without being a headshop. It was explained to me as like THC but legal is the tl;dr, and I hate weed, but sometimes I feel like it's necessary to conduct some sort of pattern breaking to keep yourself from turning into the Cat's in the Cradle song.

To this day having a hotel room to myself is one of the most comforting things I've ever experienced in life. I hate the fact you need credit cards. Otherwise it would be one of my old man even younger man goals in life to just spend a year doing nothing but bouncing between hotel rooms in different cities. I wonder if a foreign hotel would feel the same way. The gentle sound of the overpowered hotel AC kicking on. The pool downstairs. The sameness of the comfort no matter where you are physically in the world or in life. It's a beautiful feeling.
>Conan! What is best in life?
To shut the door, hear the electronic lock clack shut behind you, see the clean bed before you, and hear no lamentations of anyone.
No. 51426
>just spend a year doing nothing but bouncing between hotel rooms in different cities

Sounds great indeed, wish I could do it as well. Moving, known to nobody, come and go. It's a kind of freedom and the mobility enhancer in the shape of the automobile helps.
No. 51428
719 kB, 960 × 720
31 kB, 1024 × 609
Wait a minute what the fucking shit
Why does every one of these websites say something roughly along the lines of "10-40mg" "30-60mg" "just take 25-50mg" "our delta8 comes in 10x20mg gummies" why does this say take half
>I once took 100mg and it sent me to the moon
I think something is just now starting to happen
Oh no..
No. 51434
20 kB, 474 × 267
What the fuck is up with the Pedo spam on here? Is it the Kohlcucks doing it or do pedos just target obscure imageboards for whatever fucking reason?

I shouldnt have to proxy as a fucking seppo because of this shit, fucking hell! Rangeban the fucking Russians!
No. 51435
76 kB, 640 × 640
>Stopping is nice, but it's a big country and the road calls. In twelve hours there will be another town, another motel, another once in a lifetime opportunity...
Makes a man think, if I drove for 12 hours I'd not only have left my country but the only neighboring one. I'd surely be on the other side of the Pyrenees before the 12 hour mark.
No. 51436
424 kB, 2421 × 1113
Nice picture!

It is likely bots, we had this discussion before. Sadly EC is the aim of such bots.


I probably have an anchor for my paper, that is vague. I talked to the lecturer but it wasn't that helpful, maybe I can do something with what I plan on reading the next few days, it connects somehow to what agreed on at the end of our conversation. I have another talk next week to present my research results that could be the ground for a paper. Still waiting for green light with the other paper. Communication here is quite shitty with the lecturer, never happened to me before that people don't write back or take more than a few days to respond. This is not very encouraging for students tbh and sheds bad light on people who are supposed to be important figures in the field, at least for the German branche which is known in the academic world for what it is.
No. 51437
I luckily missed whatever it is and fyi the problem is if you open a site you need to clear your cache. I think the laws state you're guilty because in technical terms a web browser downloads a site to display it for you, including all images that got loaded, ergo simply by opening a site and closing the browser it is still located on your hard drive somewhere as temporary files. A boomer or elderly court judge or prosecutor is unlikely to know that nuance about difference between downloading something and being exposed on accident, which is why I always suspect there's some fed or dodgy group that just plasters the internet with questionable things to try and blackmail them later. I've seen someone using especially Japanese and Worst Korean proxies to spam dodgy links on here. I'd very much like for that individual to get capped or at least sent to prison and shanked, speaking of which why don't we just execute the pedos?

This is a serious question. If you can get the death penalty for cop killing at least that person is capable of reforms; a pedo is not. Why don't we all just do what we know we want and execute them? It is well known that they cannot be reformed. Touchy a kid is a special kind of evil that supercedes even what most people get executed for. Why the hell am I losing tax dollars to keep them alive again?
>but they could still be innocent
Yeah sure unless there's DNA evidence and even then, if it's a repeat offender (which it guaranteed will be) who's done it more than once and is beyond any shadow of doubt guilty and not going to be one of these exhonerated and released 20 years later type cases, why don't we just start executing them all?

What could the possible purpose of bots be? Feds honeypotting? Would they be so shameless they'd expose thousands of people to sick shit just on the off chance they can catch one pers--oh right it's feds.

Yeah man this is a big country it's not a meme. In some of the bigger states like Texas and New York you can keep driving for six hours straight and never even leave the same state. This place is huge. I think it takes something like three to four days to drive across it assuming you still take those pit stops to sleep for 8 hours a day and drive most of the other 16.
No. 51439
>if I drove for 12 hours I'd not only have left my country but the only neighboring one.
You need to seize your neighbor's territory for the glory of Portugal convince your neighbors to join you, and form a massive federal state.

>why don't we just execute the pedos?
Blame the Supreme Court:

Child rapists can't be executed, Supreme Court rules

tldr: because of our "evolving standards of decency" it would be "cruel and unusual punishment" to execute a person for anything less than murder.

That's one of the downsides of being a massive federal state. Florida and Texas can't go rogue and kill child rapists because the center of power said no.

>In some of the bigger states like Texas and New York you can keep driving for six hours straight and never even leave the same state.
Can confirm. It took me days to get across Texas. It just keeps going...
No. 51440
108 kB, 730 × 622
I have a new cup. Please rate my cup.
I am very proud of my cup, yet there are changes I'd like to make on the next iteration
No. 51441
10/10 empty. Filled with coffee it would earn an 11.

What changes did you have in mind?
No. 51442
Slow Guitar / 10
No. 51443
107 kB, 1223 × 1280
It would just end up with Ernsts being shot when some proxy posts pictures here. I suppose I don't know what the answer to the pedophile question is, but I don't want to give the western most yuroRepublic the power of life and death over its inhabitants.
Not that I'm entirely against the death penalty, probably would support it if I lived somewhere that isn't a peaceful and comfy country. To the subject, there was a pedo cabal here that involved public figures and a church ran orphanage. It was a huge media circus in the early 2000s and in the end some patsies took the fall with a few token famous p*dos who were in too deep. There remained several accusations at other figures but ultimately there was only circumstancial evidence from unreliable dope fiend ghetto orphan so convictions were limited.
I'm not sure how a society avoids these sorts of things, but I assume to limiting the powers of institutions or individuals to hide these things must be done by limiting their power as a whole. The more opaque and self contained any structure is, the more likely it is for this sort of abuse to run rampant.
I find the idea of pedophiles getting shot by firing squad appealing, but I don't think it would improve the lives of the average citizen.
No. 51444 Kontra
>convince your neighbors to join you, and form a massive federal state.
I don't to be a part of a massive federal state, if anything Portugal is too big as it is.

No. 51448
>giving power of life and death to the State, and our yuropublic/us federal gov
That had actually been my basic premise of not liking the death penalty for ages, but I can dislike something and still see it as necessary. Moreover our system takes ages to execute someone. You spend like 8 years on death row so it's not like we take you out back of the courthouse and shoot you when trial is over. Of course then again, 2020 to January 2021 has completely eroded my anti-state bent and shown me what dire necessity there is to government that we've kept forming them since before the bronze age.

>unreliable dope fiend ghetto orphan so convictions were limited.
I to this day have no idea why that's even considered a thing. I'd take them as a witness over the word of some CEO or senator any day of the week, and in fact Dershowitz (who was Epsteins defense lawyer and later Trump's personal lawyer) made that very same argument to try and get Epstein off the hook the first time and it somehow worked, which is part of what made me passionately hate Dershowitz. As if getting pimped by some rich pedo wasn't enough they then had to get their repuations dragged through shit in court. I bet there's kids that killed themselves after that trial and now that we know Alan was probably involved in Epsteins business I want to see him brought to trial and if convicted he should be hanged Texas justice style, as should all pedos.

>someone innocent online
That's why the death penalty should only apply to diddlers. It is very easy to prove in a lot of cases that they actively hurt someone.

>don't think it would improve the lives of the average citizen.
Neither does warehousing all the people in federal prisons that we do but we do it anyway, because it's not the average person harmed, but the fact anyone was harmed.

The thing about this that is so slimy is there is some common stipulation that if a guy molests an infant or something he will be killed, but with the moral cowardice to push his death off onto some poor convict who might be eligible for parole in ten years but now will never get out of prison. Or some regular folk who has the guts to so what needs to be done about them but gets that legal exposure and is probably going to be caught and convicted on murder charges, because most people are spineless moral cowards who don't want to acknowledge blood being on their hands and would rather look the other way.

Florida and Texas going rogue would probably just entail a few pedo businessmen getting acquitted forever. They'd have the right idea on the pedo question, but would fail a lot as independent states. I mean, what kind of leadership has Texas even brought us? Dubya Bush and Ted Cruz? And they're the far better of the two states. No one in their right mind would think a secessionist Florida would achieve anything but becoming a third world failed state within a couple of months.

No. 51449
>I to this day have no idea why that's even considered a thing. I'd take them as a witness over the word of some CEO or senator any day of the week
Discrediting the accusers is part of any trial if it's possible. There were legitimate concerns that these rape allegations would be weaponized politically, but thankfully this wasn't the case.
For the record, one entertainer was accused of having diddled a kid and it almost killed his career - luckily for him he was abroad dueing the alleged time he was raping kids. At some point media hype and vigilante mob feeling take over and anyone remotely associated with these things risks getting lynched. Definitely not the way to go about these things.

>Neither does warehousing all the people in federal prisons that we do but we do it anyway, because it's not the average person harmed, but the fact anyone was harmed.
Our justifice system doing what it does certainly helps me a great deal, even if it is incredibly lax we still manage to have a relatively peaceful country. If I brutally murdered a spouse in a crime of passion, I'd get hit with 7 years, maybe less.
No. 51451
Time to give the old HD a deep clean then, I guess clearing the browser cache does fuck all. What a fucking joke. In a way they remind me of the furries and other sexual deviants, that from the safety of their online anonymity they spam and spread their filth everywhere.

Also thats a terrifying thought about the dumb cunt boomer judges and prosecutors, who dont know the difference between shit and clay when it comes technology and computers.
No. 51452
I think we should give the prisoner the choice of ending it or not.
I see it like this:

Someone who commited a crime heinous enough that he would never walk free again (in Germany "life senctence" means maximum 25 years, but people can be put in "safety custody" for indefinite amounts of time, i.e. until death), I would give them the choice. Go in this cell (with less amenities than they have right now) and never walk free again, or take this suicide pill. Part of what we would have spent on you will go to the victims/bereaved, so you could do one decent thing for a change. This opt-out is available constantly, so even if he chooses to take the pill after ten years, he can do it.
The idea is that society needs to be protected from these people, one way or another, and while it may sound paradoxical at first, a swift death imo is more humane than rotting in prison. If we want the perp to suffer we might as well just torture and mutilate him a given amount of time according to the crime and then release him with his broken body and mind. If we don't, death is certainly preferable for that person.
No. 51453 Kontra
Don't know, people killed themselve in prison often enough, these guys don't have just a cell with a wooden/steel blank and a shitter and that is it. many of them have a TV, work inside prison and make some minimum money to buy coffee or newspapers or whatever it is. They might have a belt to just hang themselves any time they want, but they don't do it. The pill might change their opinion due to the death circumstances but really...
Tbh it's more about prevention and detection that might save us more life, harm and money than your option. Nobod is really helped with the death of somebody who already commited a pedo crime or murder if not both.
No. 51454 Kontra
>Tbh it's more about prevention and detection that might save us more life, harm and money than your option.
Yes, but how do that? Spend money on sensible things for a change? I also have a lot of ideas to make society better that aren't particularly realistic.

>Nobody is really helped with the death of somebody who already commited a pedo crime or murder if not both.
Contrary to what? Keeping them in prison until they die? Sure, they might life a proper Ernst life, but everyone will get Lagerkoller eventually. And as I wrote, it is now the question, do you want to let them suffer or not?
No. 51457
88 kB, 594 × 800
Do you know any website that could bring help online if I want to learn to play the piano? Or a good book? I have free time again and really want to learn to create something with my hands... But I don't have enough money to pay me piano courses with a real teacher.
No. 51462
Thanks for all the compliments to my cup. I really, really like it.
Noticed that this particular print shop doesn't have very deep blacks, or for some other reason, the shadows are crushed.
Next time I print something, I'll be sure to add more contrast to the darks so that it turns out ok after printing.

I also horizontally centered the image without taking account the nonprintable empty space near the handle, so the image is actually slightly off center.
No. 51465
292 kB, 1496 × 1920
God damn I knew I shouldn't have trusted in post-soviet medicine
My doctor prescribed me essentially expensive placebo
None of these people know what the fuck they're doing, I'm better off reading wikipedia.

It's a strange kind of dread to realize that huge swaths of your social order's institutions and organizations are less informed in their intended purpose than a fat dude reading ncbi papers for fun.

All of our health system is a sham.
I've never heard of anyone ever getting any help from the police, getting their stolen items returned, etc. The only cases when they catch a thief or a murderer is when the perpetrator is so IQ89 that they fail to hide in any way, and could be caught even by a moderately motivated lynch mob.
Our military is a joke.
Our government LITERALLY does nothing.

WHEN will everyone stop pretending, close the curtains on this pathetic and ridiculous LARP of a functioning society, give up and go home?
I have more trust in Google and Microsoft tracking services to get my laptop back than the local police. I'd sooner watch youtube videos by western health care vloggers than go to a local doctor. Artifact ridden jpeg tutorials and youtube videos have given me better education than our schools and unis. None of the shit here works. Just erase the borders and forget this whole nation state thing. Or at the very least let someone competent annex us. We tried being an actual country, it didn't work. Time to count our losses.

God damn it, I could've bought a decent microphone for that money. Or anything.
I'd kick my shrink in the teeth, but I need her prescriptions for the drugs that actually work, the ones I HAD TO TELL HER TO PRESCRIBE TO ME MYSELF.

There is no help, there is no support, there is no big and powerful hierarchy of government entities giving me a "social safety net". I am completely on my own. I thought I always knew this, but it never hit me as hard as when I spent 20% of my monthly income on medication on the advice of a health professional I trusted, then googled it and found out its sovok era placebo bullshit with no proven efficacy.
No. 51466
326 kB, 2000 × 1345
>Cortexin is a pharmacopoeial polypeptide bioregulator with biological activity, obtained from the cerebral cortex of cattle and pigs [1]. The drug was developed by employees of the S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg [1] [2] [3].

>Cortexin has no scientific evidence of effectiveness in the spectrum of diseases declared by the manufacturer [4].

>Deproteinized hemoderivative of cattle blood (English deproteinized calf blood extract, trademarks "Actovegin", Actovegin, "Solcoseryl", Solcoseryl) is a preparation of tissues and blood of cattle, used as a medicine in some countries: Russia, some CIS countries, China and South Korea. The actual effectiveness of the drug in accordance with the criteria of evidence-based medicine is controversial [⇨].

Use as a medicine is prohibited in Canada and the United States [1].

What the fuck did that bitch made me buy?
This is so embarrassing. I don't know if I should laugh or not, this is right on that elusive threshold between comedy and tragedy.
Did you know millions of people with actual, misdiagnosed illnesses are prescribed this garbage?
No. 51467
Some feels was known; this is uncomfortably close to the truth in my country, except that some of our institutions are still functional.
>bullshit expensive placebos that don't work
I'd actually go so far as to argue that is the majority of our psychistric medicine here also, except that we have enough wealthy and powerful corporations to buy off and bury the evidence and counter evidence. OxyContin was one of the biggest insanities. They outright stated you couldn't get addicted unless you took it to get high. Even as a 14 year old I knew what absolute bullshit that was. SSRIs are similarly debunked.

At this point I no longer trust in the bydlo in my country nor a majority of institutions and consider myself to be completely on my own and trusting my own judgment. I solely self medicate because those people are worse than useless unless you are completely rich, and in the latter only in theory.

It's not just your country being filled with incompetents. You should never trust psych doctors, and always approach everything with the intent to manipulate them and keep your manipulations hidden. It took me many years to figure that out. At least you actually got what you asked for. Here that would be called "seeking" behavior, aka drug seeking. Asking for anything by name is a guaranteed way to never be prescribed it, with the only exception being that you feign ignorance and claim you are asking because you saw an advertisement. If you ask because you saw one of our corporate adds saying to ask your doctor it is okay, but the worst thing is to admit any knowledge whatsoever of the drug or how it functions, preferably humouring them instead. Then it becomes a cat and mouse game of mobster like sidetalk, of implying implications without directly stating anything head on (I prefer being blunt so this is especially infuriating), and typically having to waste months taking useless or outright dangerous drugs before you can work your way towards getting a script. If at all possible, hide under privacy laws and don't let your doctors have a discrete chain of paperwork, and try and avoid being directly diagnosed with anything because that can likewise have legal and reputational implications later on down the line.

Psych doctors aren't there to help you in this country. They're there to make a lot of money and for you to manipulate them into giving you what you want. Actually helping somebody seems at best an unintended side effect of the business. To get actual help means you have to approach it as seeming less intelligent than you are and manipualing them into helping you. I got my blood pressure medication that way too by taking a fuckload of caffeine right before the visit and having to play them, who was likewise so incompetent I have no idea what that woman was at that clinic, thought Ambien was prescribed for anxiety not insomnia, clearly had no clue how blood pressure meds worked, and had to send the forms to someone else to rubberstamp because apparently she was not authorized to precribe medication. I half wondered if that clinic was simply a front for Medicare fraud or something.
No. 51470
Today I should probably do some house chores.

Piano lessons are kind of a hands on thing. I'm not a pianist so I don't know other than that.
No. 51473
Eh, I'm not that pessimistic.
For example, I don't think SSRIs do anything for depression per se, but they do make me less lethargic, and I'll take that, since there are no alternatives.

But most importantly, it has SOME scientifically proven effect, unlike powderized pig tissue.
I guess your healthcare system being actively evil (putting naive old people on opiates knowingly) is worse than mine being utterly clueless and not even aware of the depths of their incompetence. But it does give me a creeping sense of unease, wondering how many other institutions and organizations we put our trust in are actually full of shit. I'm guessing approximately all of them.

My boss supplies banks and telecoms with terminals, atms, dispensers, etc., and he tells me none of that shit is safe or secure. It all runs on ancient software and poorly thought out hardware, and he could name dozens of ways he could circumvent the safety measures.
He also tells me that if someone were to use these loopholes to steal thousands of dollars a week from the bank, never having to worry about finances in his life, the bank wouldn't even notice because such paltry sums of money are within their accounting margin of error.
It's a wonderful world we live in.
No. 51475
50 kB, 640 × 447
53 kB, 640 × 356
1,2 MB, 1078 × 822
>if someone were to use these loopholes to steal thousands of dollars a week from the bank, never having to worry about finances in his life, the bank wouldn't even notice because such paltry sums of money are within their accounting margin of error.
Of course it isn't secure. Nothing is secure. Airport security is exactly the same way. The point is to deter people from poking around to begin with. The closest thing to security is the panopticon effect.
No. 51477
Cheer up now, Psikhushki have improved immensely. You should count yourself lucky you got a placebo :DD
No. 51478
There's still some leftover sovok era ethos, though. especially their love for giving neuroleptics to literally anyone.
My shrink is really insistent on me taking strong anti-psychotics despite the fact that one of the symptoms I complain about is lethargy.
Thanks, doc.
No. 51480
51 kB, 480 × 475
There's a pretty girl obsessed with me, I like her but her past is a giant turn off. At least 7 men saw her nude (she sent nudes to several men when she was younger, and some of those men shared the nudes with their friends), she slept, sucked off and let around 4 different men she was in relationships with cum inside of her, she lost her virginity with a cousin when she was 10 and, most important and humiliating to me, she was in friends with benefits relationship at some point with her friend, fell in love with him and he dumped her. My mind is in disarray, I can't handle it.

I always wanted to marry a virgin. I was in depression for years, I didn't have sex with women even when a local Ukrainian girl offered to give me a blowjob literally within the 1st hour I met her, or when another Ukrainian girl offered me to become friends with benefits. It was hard to refuse them because I was suicidal and desperately desired some relief but nonetheless I rejected them. How deeply hurt I am that now that the person I like and don't want to leave was a whore (I outright called her a slut and a whore for her behaviour several times)... I told her that I won't forget nor forgive that even if we marry. Sometimes I still fantasize of killing my 1st ex for betraying me and turning me into a cuckold, I never loved anybody strongly after that. Even the strongest love I have is nothing but cope and attempt to distract myself from years spanning pain she left me with.

The current girl is very loyal, pretty, she is slightly above average smart and she's studying Chinese and loves China, just like me. We both plan on moving to China at some point and I am not going to leave her but I feel like my life is one never ending torture, it all began in highschool with bullying, then social isolation and NEETdom, then my first love cuckolding me, then years of depression and it seems I will have to go through the chapter where I have to cope with the fact that my long-term partner was a whore willing to do anything for her exes.
No. 51483
I got another year older.
Celebrations went well. Cake was nice. Got a bottle of Tokay wine.
So now I can say that I drank some good wine. Really, the cheap stuff is kinda vile if you ask me.
This is very good, but so sweet you don't really want to drink more than a glass.
No. 51484
77 kB, 387 × 550
Just you wait mayne, just you wait for 2030 2050. It's all gonna turn around :-DDD

Tbh that's pretty unhealthy. Set aside christoid cultural domination for a second, where sex is equated with morality and ask yourself if you actually think the person is decent and trustworthy. If you don't, then the relationship should probably not even get started because it's an abusive one waiting to happen. No good relationship is built on the lone foundation of a certain sexual conquest. If all it takes for it to turn ugly is them having had sex without your consent and approval, then it was never going to be pretty, and I wouldn't say it's their fault there.

Don't want to be harsh, but I stand by how I was raised. Regarding women it was 'a good woman is two things, who and what she wants'. In my eyes you're gonna be happier finding someone who is a better match instead of trying to bend you or her out of shape to make a poor match fit together.
No. 51489
Speaking as someone more similar to you than the Aussie, you're better off embracing the Christian view than rejecting it. It's 100% natural and normal for men to be turned off by that behavior in a woman. This is almost a human universal, rather than some aspect of puritanism unique to the Christian world.

But whether or not you're a Christian, the old Christian principle of radical redemption is important. She didn't do that shit when she was with you, and she seems to be loving and devoted to you right now. It seems like you have a choice: you can spend your whole life miserable and alone, hoping that you win the lottery and find a qt pure virgin waifu. Or you can get over yourself and accept that her pure love matters more than her impure past.
No. 51492
It's their fault in my eyes, they weren't raped, it's their conscious decision to have sex with men who want nothing but sex and use them like meat holes, society literally encourages girls NOT to have sex in youth with bad guys, their parents tell them that, even men call them whores when they let others exploit them. I hate whores and I am open about with my friends and even when I flirt with girls. But I can't just ask a girl when I approach her, "Hey babby, how many men came inside of you, did you ride a cock carousel?". I am not even old and yet it seems girls younger than 20 just can't stop behaving like sluts, they get a mile of cocks behind them after 20. Anyway, I am bitter towards all women and hate them, I warned that girl already that I can't love her stronger than my 1st ex and I will just take the best offer available because I need somebody to support me now, when I am vulnerable and want love. She is good enough and I won't leave her like others. But 1st love remains the strongest one.
Yeah, thanks. She is good and almost everything I could desire but I am possessive and I imagine her in a bed with some man, her telling how much she loves him, doing his every wish. It's horrifying. Also, I never thought 4chan memes would apply to me. All those cuckoldry and sloppy seconds could reference me, it seems I am the beta guy women settle for after they're done with the Chad bad boys pumping and dumping them. That girl could commit suicide if I leave her and I don't think I will ever find somebody so close to me in terms of mentality, but those memories and nightmares won't leave me either, so there's no way to escape pain for me. I pick the lesser evil and remain with her, bitter and full of memories that never go away. I hate that so many painful memories I have are caused by someone's idiotic decisions, not by me.
No. 51493
78 kB, 400 × 581
Never said that it wasn't their decision. Just that old cultural assumptions are not platonic truths. They can be questioned, something that you seem to have no interest in doing, since it's easier to just blame women for not living their lives in such a way as to meet your desires. Let's take a look. What precisely is bad about the idea of a 'whore'? Perceived infidelity usually. My answer is instead to ignore this moralistic view of sex, and instead ask whether you trust the person in question, and let that inform your decision on someone. Again though, it is a lot easier to just be a pathetic faggot (I can call people names too) and rely entirely on what society spoonfed you instead of having to do hard things like break the chains.

Tbh, what you see as this apocalyptic thing that has people /dare/ to have sex when they're young, to me is instead
>people have sex? k den

Pull it in, man. Shit.
No. 51494
Tangentially related for those interested in a view from the other side, this is a short and fairly interesting read on the topic of labour organisation and subjectivity in the sex industry. Worth a read tbh, lots of shit that's applicable in other industries too if you try and understand what is being said.

No. 51495
Break the chains? Maybe for me pathetic faggots are people like you accepting whorish behaviour and taking it for granted. Lots of your beliefs are influenced by society, your proposal is idiotic because you resist the influence for no other reason but pure contrarianism. If I wanted to truly break the chains and go against the society's morals, I would make that girl kill herself and kill my ex, this is what you suggest by implying that I have to go against society's ethics. What you suggest is no breaking chains, whoredom is a controversial issue but a significant amount of people, especially in the West, is completely ok with women sucking and taking dicks left and right.
No. 51496
>old cultural assumptions are not platonic truths
Neither are your personal intuitions.

>They can be questioned, something that you seem to have no interest in doing
They can, but should they? And will interrogation inevitably result in the same conclusions? You act as though the only reason anyone would disagree with you is because they haven't thought about things hard enough.

>All those cuckoldry and sloppy seconds could reference me, it seems I am the beta guy women settle for after they're done with the Chad bad boys pumping and dumping them
This is a mindworm that you should try and root out. Trust me, you can. I've been in situations like that before, but I was able to get out. Your current attitude is the result of years and years of mutually reinforcing thoughts. It's one thing to be naturally repulsed by the thought of your qt waifu being a whore. It's another to obsess over it and let 4chan memes affect your relationship and personal happiness.

Try to see her as she is, and not what she did in the past. When you catch yourself thinking about her doing X in the past, kill that thought and focus on the warmth you feel from her now. And don't be such a shitter to her, telling her that you will never truly love her. Maybe you will. Regardless, life is tough and she's been through shit herself, even if she put herself there. We're supposed to help each other escape from the pit, not obsess over how each of us fell in.
No. 51497
Do it then. The incel rage tells me that it's probably safer to have it go off early than let it fester and end up with you gunning down a shopping centre or something. The fact that you find someone having sex with someone who isn't you, before they were in a relationship with you causes you enough anguish to potentially justify murder in your eyes is again, pathetic so I'll stand by that.

Also, why is it only women? Takes two to tango, but it's always only the women who are called whores and sluts. You got a dick and it's considered sexual prowess instead, and often given a degree of positive light. It's not contrarianism at all. It's the conclusions that I've come to when looking at society and its development. Hell, I unironically believe that manual labour for wage and being a whore are fundamentally equivalent. Both people sell their body (labour) for money, but one is considered immoral and the other is given a moral factor.

The mirror also says that if you're calling someone a whore and a slut on the regular and feel this way about all women who don't do a very specific thing that you want them to, it may just be that /you/ are the arsehole bloke you decry.

Why shouldn't they be questioned? Because they're the status quo? Because that status quo benefits the group you belong to? Is it not better to come to the same conclusion by properly thinking through it rather than simply not bothering because you're pretty sure nothing will convince you otherwise?
No. 51498
46 kB, 234 × 224
>wake up
>open EC
>people are passionately discussing the moral characteristics of vaginas
I see """serious discussions""" are happening.
Morality and vaginas are two of my favorite topics, so I guess I'll chime in.
As important as it is to resolve the issue in abstract terms, as in, how many things can pass through an abstract, platonic spherical vagina in a vacuum before it is sinful, I think it is a debate best left for minds greater than ours. This issue of titanic importance has been discussed by great men all throughout history, and no consensus was reached to this day, so what chance do we have?

So, I propose approaching the issue in concrete terms instead. Let's do vagina physics rather than vagina metaphysics, if you know what I mean.
So, ukraine ernst is in a pickle. There's a person he likes, but that person is unfortunately attached to a vagina that is not up to his moral standards. He has two choices. Reject or accept the person with the vagina. Essentially, it is a choice between what is perceived to be more important: the person or the vagina.
You either have to conclude that you value the person (that you have admitted to like) more than her vagina, or that you care more about vaginas than you do about people.
It is still an incredibly tough decision to make, but we have at least reduced the possibility space to a binary choice, which should be easier than to solve the Generalized Vaginal Morality Problem. We've rejected extraneous variables, and attacked the more simple form of the problem. Just how my physics teacher taught.

Personally, I'd go with the vagina. And I'm a honest man, so if I was in ukraine ernst's shoes, I'd invite the girl to a nice place on saturday evening, candlelights and all. I'd hold her hands, look her straight in the eyes, and say "I really, really like you, but I am sorry. We can not be together. You're a wonderful girl, but I just can't be with someone whose VAGINA is in such poor condition. My conscience would not allow me. I am sorry". Then I'd leave money for the dinner and her bus fare on the table, and hurry away, holding back tears. What a tragedy. There's probably an ancient greek play about this exact situation.
No. 51500
Are you a burning roast or what? Why does my conviction that women gulping down dick like there's no tomorrow is bad hurts you so much? I didn't advocate for male-only polygamy and in the very 1st post I indicated that I turned down offers of one night stands and that I expected similar behavior from my long term partner, so it's bizarre that you start writing me about male privileges while I clearly didn't abuse them. I am not going to write a wall of text to a butthurt retard who begins debate by calling people incels and pathetic faggots.
No. 51501 Kontra
195 kB, 517 × 768
>y-you're just namecalling because you have no argument and are butthurt
t. starts arguments about women by calling them whores and sluts and seething about them having sex
No. 51502
I didn't say because you don't have arguments. I said you're namecalling because I hurt your feefees, otherwise I see no reason for being this aggressive over a blogpost about my partner not leading a moral life. My demands are not extraordinary and I don't ask to do what I can't, seems like a fair bargain to me.
No. 51503
Wanting someone to somehow un-fuck all these people seems a bit extraordinary tbh. I mean, time travel doesn't exist yet.

"I DEMAND you to not have had sex before". Ebin.
No. 51504
1,1 MB, 384 × 270, 0:06
>Why shouldn't they be questioned? Because they're the status quo? Because that status quo benefits the group you belong to? Is it not better to come to the same conclusion by properly thinking through it rather than simply not bothering because you're pretty sure nothing will convince you otherwise?
Being the status quo does not make something inherently good nor bad. Questioning it should go along with questioning yourself. If your instinct is to dislike something because it's the status quo, you should ask if there's something positive or adaptive about it, which might be lost under the new order that you desire. Perhaps it's the status quo for a good reason? And if your instinct is to support the status quo because it's the status quo, you should ask yourself if there is actually something wrong with it that could do with changing.

After such questioning, perhaps you'll change your mind. Or perhaps you'll be reinforced in your previous beliefs, having thoroughly tested them.

In your case, your views are so predictably punk that I could probably write your posts for you. There's nothing inherently wrong with that worldview, but do you ever seriously question your own beliefs? Unquestioningly questioning every aspect of the status quo and thinking that it makes you intellectually superior to those close-minded conservatives just makes you like the Goth kids in South Park.
No. 51505
Of course it would be better if there was any other way and each girl had a neat little biography right next to her name, with the amount of sexual partners she had and the kind of degenerate stuff she did, so that I could know her sexual life BEFORE we establish relationship.
No. 51506
Ok, is this about a particular girl that you're having a relationship with that's making you insecure, or are you not even considering dating her, and are merely offended at the IDEA of dating her because of her sexual history?

If it's the latter, you're a weirdo, you know that? If you don't want to date someone, just don't. Duh? Like what the fuck is the problem?

Why are you having an emotional breakdown over an imaginary relationship you're not even in right now?
No. 51507
I am in relationship. And this girl is going to kill herself if I leave her, or something else bad will hapen. She is good enough for me. My main issue is her past.
No. 51508
You in particular should recognize that this isn't a matter of rationality, and that irrationality isn't a mark against something.

Some people have no hangups when it comes to the sexual history of their partners. Those people are weird. Most men don't want women that have slept around too much. This is just a basic fact of humanity. Many women also have an instinct to slut shame, along with plenty of their own irrational gendered expectations of men, so I don't see how this is an oppressively sexist position to take.

Turning this instinct into an obsession is dumb. So is dismissing it entirely because you don't share it. If you drill down far enough, there's no rational case to be made for empathy, altruism, caring about justice and injustice, etc. I doubt Aussie will throw all that away just because there are a few sociopaths who instinctively reject those concepts entirely.
No. 51511
And you in particular, being (presumably catholic) christian, should understand the idea of redemption. Didn't Jesus even save a whore from stonenings? But that's beside the point.

I do not really see it as irrational vs rational dichotomy. I'm more interested in arriving at something (even morality) by any means necessary, rational or not.

What I'm trying to do is offer to solve the problem. Not solve morality in general. The problem is ukraine ball's negative emotions about a certain moral standard not being met. And one (in my opinion legitimate) solution is to simply reject the moral stance in order to ease the suffering. I think the power to change yourself is very important. If you want to change the world, start with yourself - Le Socrates.

I think forgiveness is a virtue. I think expecting things from the world is an unhealthy mindset. You should expect things from yourself more. The idea of destroying yourself and making it into something else is initially scary, but I think it's an option worth considering.

Nothing is set in stone, including one's irrational emotional responses.
No. 51512
Got pulled over for doing 54 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. On top of that I didn't have proof of insurance. The cop told me that he knew times were hard for everyone so he didn't want to give me a ticket and just to make sure I had my insurance next time and suggested I photograph it on my phone.
No. 51516 Kontra
13 kB, 236 × 359
My position is built up from many years of reading stuff and re-examining my ideas and reworking them to fit my experiences and it's not like I've never flirted with other ideas, my views on the state and anarchy have evolved significantly and continue to be updated as I read more shit, and it wasn't the first place I landed. I've just found that syndicalism with lots of other marxist thought has the strongest argument which aligns closest to what I've seen in my life, while benevolent elites and/or deities has been about the exact opposite.

And I mean tbh, if the status quo devalues people on the basis of colour and gender (which it demonstrably does even in just australia), then that status quo is imo fundamentally flawed and must be questioned. That's where I'm coming from. The status quo may even be ambivalent towards me and I have to do nothing to it to be left alone, but that's still unjust if there are those who have to struggle to even be recognised under that same status quo. That's why I'm of the opinion that most conservatism towards the current capitalist order is short-sighted at best (not noticing that what's fine on your end is fucked on another) and malicious at worst (actively aiming to make things harder for certain demographics).

Plus, I do honestly think that Historical Materialism has a point here and there, and that the material state of a point in time and space is as important as the ideals. You cannot bring about the new world from anything but the ashes of the old, Capitalism must be entirely expunged from a system in order to bring about meaningful and lasting change to it, lest Capital adapt and coopt things until we're back at square one. Look at things like labour organisation, and healthcare. Things that for the longest time were fought against by Capital but were eventually given as concessions to labour, and then coopted to become evidence of the benefit of Capitalism rather than something dragged kicking and screaming into existence by the blood of workers despite Capitalism.

Take your insinuations and put 'em you know where.
No. 51519 Kontra
38 kB, 480 × 360
Speaking of capitalism, I'm reading about Deleuze and Guattari again, now their project becomes more clear to me

>From a semiotic perspective, machinic enslavement and social subjection entail distinct regimes of signs. Social subjection mobilizes signifying semiotics, in particular language, aimed at consciousness and mobilizes representations with a view to constituting
individuated subject ("human capital"). On the other hand, a machinic enslavement functions based on asignifying semiotics (stock market indices, currency, mathematical equations, diagrams, computer languages, national and corporate accounting, etc.) which do not involve consciousness and representations and do not have the subject as referent.

>Flows of asignifying signs act directly on material flows, beyond the divide between production and representation and function whether they signify something for someone or not.

Basically there is language which subjects individuals (classic ideology): the woman/man, they educated/uneducated, the migrant/the native, the worker etc., language subcription that gives you an identity , a role to play in society that you are forced to subject to in one way or another.
And then there is pre.conscious pre-language affects, materiality that comes before representation in human consciousness and language which is made operable by capitalism and assure its stability and ongoing processuality. It's not language/ideology alone that keeps the system running, but also the space before representation, that bypasses it, but that can somehow be accessed, it operates, meaning is found in operativity.
The last one is not so clear to me, but the thought is very interesting.
No. 51526
To be fair it's really not that bad. Also it would depend more to me what she did. I wouldn't care as much if a girl had 7 vanilla sexual partners as she had one who she rimmed.

Eh nah I think it depends who you are. I'd feel extremely comfortable with a girl who had one or two sexual partners, and probably end up feeling a bit uncomfortable if she never had sex. I pursued exactly one woman like that which was midway through my own terrible adventures and even that was extremely weird, awkward, and uncomfortable to me. I don't want someone totally virginal and it would even be a put off, although at this point she'd also likely be so much younger than me that alone would end up being a put off. You tend to more naturally gravitate towards someone who's coming from a similar position as you are. It's why a divorcee wouldn't be attractive to me but I'm sure there's a lot of divorcees like that. I have one uncle who's an old boomer and lost his wife/my aunt and got together with a widow. Kids who are 22 years old look like teenagers to me right now and they frequently do or say shit or behave in such a way I see them as young and therefore not my real equals.

Your guys' problem is that most of the time you're super sexually inexperienced. A lot of the old bernd types would put high emphasis on a handjob that to me is an afterthought and I'm not even super experienced, but just enough, so of course a woman with 5 partners would be a massive whore to these guys because they never had sex and it is so far removed from their own experiences and plus they spent their lives putting massive internal pressure on the concept of sex. If you yourself are a virgin and especially one without a ton of confidence I can see how a woman having sex before you would be intimidating, confidence eroding, and/or distrust sowing.

Imo if you're going to go any of those routes you just need a lot of trust and open communication when a person is more removed from your center. Hell truly bernd/EC tier types typically need a woman like that to get their pants off to begin with, as already seen by Ukraine rejecting such advances in the past. It requires someone who is at least understanding enough of the position you're in and I'd say the same thing happens if you're like Macron or someone and a 50 year old dating a 30 year old, or someone who comes from a wildly different class or cultural background.

Would it gross me the fuck out if a woman had like 12 sexual partners and tons more encounters? Eh yeah probably, but that's probably more because I'm nowhere near that level and by the end of it saw myself drifting in that direction and on purpose decided a monkish existence was preferable. But would I be comfortable going out with a girl who never even got felt up? No absolutely not. Even if I did it would take far more effort to make the relationship actually work, energy I don't feel like expending right now, as we can clearly see with Ukraine's absolute butthurt about it and the amount of energy this woman has to expend just keeping him placated and feeling secure enough.

Also fyi my silly friend, throwing that shit back in her face was a horrific mistake. Were I you I'd apologize to that woman profusely. You WILL regret those moments for the rest of your life. Three years from now you aren't even going to remember why you were so asshurt to begin with, but you absolutely are going to remember hurting her and it will sit there in your chest as a pit of regret for your life. I don't care how right you think you are right now. Take it from experience, you are going to regret doing that your entire life and you are going to still feel bad about it ten years from now. All your righteous indignation will melt away from you and all that will be left is that indomitable pit of despair and regret. She will eventually move on but she will always remember what that felt like too. You can still try and make the relationship work but even if you got married she's going to bring that up again later and hold it against you.

The best advice anyone ever gave me in dealing with people is that one will soon forget the words one spoke but people will never forget the way you made them feel.

Never lose trust, never lose your woman's respect, and never make a loyal woman feel like a complete piece of shit.
No. 51528
The cops have also just not been jailing and arresting people for really petty shit if they can at all avoid it, though it was much more like this last spring. If you can take any educated guess the reasons why the answer is obvious: because they don't want to struggle with someone and then get stuck with some coofer sitting behind them in their squad car, who might end up spitting at them this is why I don't give two shits about that retard BLM protested about who had a hood put over him for spitting I've got zero sympathy for pandemic bullshit and who they then have to warehouse in their jail, process, deal with courts, and finally get forced to sanitize their squad car. The cops aren't as likely to fuck with you right now beyond anything they absolutely have to do unless you really go out of your way to be a dick afaik.
No. 51529 Kontra
>Your guys' problem is that most of the time you're super sexually inexperienced. A lot of the old bernd types would put high emphasis on a handjob that to me is an afterthought and I'm not even super experienced, but just enough, so of course a woman with 5 partners would be a massive whore to these guys because they never had sex and it is so far removed from their own experiences and plus they spent their lives putting massive internal pressure on the concept of sex. If you yourself are a virgin and especially one without a ton of confidence I can see how a woman having sex before you would be intimidating, confidence eroding, and/or distrust sowing.

For me this is at the core of the whole "problem". I did not want to say anything because incels type guys usually are deep down in an epistemological dead end.
My ex probably had 3-5 partners/sex before, and I did not really care, she said she enjoyed the sex more in comparison to previous sex and why should I even care? I fucked her in all kind of positions, places and even came on her face, why should I be furious it might have happened before hand, I had the joy of having sex with her, just like other people. The problem really is that if you have/had enough sex with different people yourself, you perceive the whole cultural and moral shitflinge around sex differently. Incels are to blame for their warped, prison-like, perception they are not even able to reflect in 99,9% of cases. "Chads" don't care, because it's "normal" to have sex and do "dirty" things. Enjoy the presence of a person, enjoy the sex you have with them instead of whinning about your inner phantasy modeled by cultural in moral imperatives you adapted out of whatever reasons. It really baffles me that people are not happy about having sex with a person, I can only imagine that such people also feel inferior when it comes to their sex "performance", they imagine themselves to be the worse person to have sex with out of all people the sex partner had sex with. If you want to feel "superior" ask for dominating her yourself in bed, Ukraine,... geez.
No. 51530
>Take your insinuations and put 'em you know where.
I only make such insinuations because you have a tendency to immediately assume the worst motivations for people who disagree with you, and descend into "fuck you mate" mode. The self-righteousness and lack of charity gets really annoying. Nobody here is a powerful capitalist oppressor, at worst they're just misguided. But you tend to turn every debate into "fuck you mate" once you realize that the other person won't end up agreeing with you.

>And you in particular, being (presumably catholic) christian, should understand the idea of redemption.
I'm the one who advocated redemption in the first place. I'm just maintaining that there is, in fact, something to be redeemed for in the first place (from the point of view of most people). I don't know if we actually disagree about anything at this point. Sorry if I conflated your views with Aussie's incorrectly.
No. 51532
>Your guys' problem is that most of the time you're super sexually inexperienced.
I have a friend who's had women falling over him for his entire life.

He has the exact same purity complex as Ukrainian. Same bitter views on women as well. I think it's more a matter of romanticism than anything. Confidence and sexual success have nothing fundamental to do with it.
No. 51538
How old is too old for virginity?
No. 51539
30 or so.
>Yer a wizard Jonne
No. 51540
2 years already and no magical powers, wizardry is a lie.

When I finally rid of the social anxiety and enter some nerdy hobby club in my city, should I be just be frank and tell the truth if ever relationships come up in conversation?

I’m getting tired of just staying silent and everyone thinking I’m homosexual in the closet. Well everyone currently is my blood relatives but you get the idea.
No. 51541
I advise everyone to just get it over with. Virginity is overrated. The first time is awkward at best and traumatic at worst. Get a whore and get your dick wet. Not being a virgin anymore can lead to a positive feedback loop, whereas staying a virgin will never lead to any improvement.
No. 51542
Depends on who you ask.
At least here many people would look weird at you in your early 20s or even late 10s.
I felt like i was kinda late when i made some fuckenings with 18 or so (give or take a year, don't even remember anymore).

I would just follow this guys >>51541 advise and take a prostitute, sex is overrated anyway.
Get a good one so you can say you've done it and make peace with that topic.
No. 51543 Kontra
contrary to popular believe I'd say late 10's is when many people did not lose virginity but media and imageboards foster the image that by then only losers haven't fucked. I remember a poll from my Abiturjahrgang (high school seniors) where more than half said they haven't lost their virginity. That was quite some time ago yet I guess nothing changed that much, teens watch porn and all that but I guess there was more sex in the 1970/80s amongst teen tbh.
No. 51544
I only know that people fucked around with 14 or 15 when i was in that age, so that's where i got my idea from sexual activity of teenagers from.
No. 51545
I consider myself as a romantic. But my fear is, is there any difference between a romantic and a repressed christian?
No. 51546
You misinterpret my identification of many social ills as symptoms of capitalism as identifying the person as a capitalist.

Also, tbh, I get the feeling that my being fed up with the system what's failed me would be far less of an issue to you if I quoted the Bible instead. Then it would be 'faithful' not 'self-righteous', no?

It honestly doesn't matter if you don't melt your brain into incel mode.

Reminds me a bit of something I talked about yesterday which is what I call 'naturalised labour' for lack of a better term. Basically it's types of labour that through things like culture and social structures, have been erased and turned into assumtions and no longer labour. I've never thought of it being done by language as part of those. The fact that words such as 'home life' can fundamentally alter the perceived value production of labour. Example being that cooking at home is as assumed behaviour that is taken for granted by many despite it reproducing labour, while cooking at work has perceived value. The language used involving the separation of home and public labour being the tools that themselves separated the two and imposed this naturalisation in it. Indaresting.
No. 51548
1,9 MB, 1125 × 1165
Do you all know about this apollon/dionysos bullshit? Is it possible to mix the two? Or will I die in a desperate dance or statue?
No. 51549
>Get a whore and get your dick wet.
+1 honestly
To reverse-brag, I "lost my virginity" when I was 24 with a prostitute. Was drunk and don't even remember it that well, just that I got frustrated after being "led on" by a girl & went into a brothel & chose the next best girl. It was neither great nor did I last long, but it just took most of the anxiety about sex from me. With the boost of confidence I almost managed to pick up a girl on the way home afterwards.

Ofc it's possible to mix it, I wouldn't take it too rigidly or literally, it's just a framework.
No. 51551
I’m obviously drunk.
I’ll ask here if you can write about pure feelings without being drunk. And also make a small blogpost.
My love and sexual life has only been a desperate manifestation of my own self, I literally abandoned my own individuality with my first love to become some kind of worshiper of her individuality. This loss of my own self still affects me years latter. But with people who I consider as my friend, I can dance as I want without being drunk. I’m a gamemaster, and consider myself as such, I make people play a static story while animating it with my own individuality. I’m not to blame, but my father always presented himself as a incarnation of static sanity while being the most crazy individual I know of. What results of this contradiction is myself and my bros, coping as we can. Imagine a comedian, LARPing as a sane man and you’ll have me. I only feel like myself when I’m dancing like a fool and forgetting about the concept of individual. I hope my rambling about my life will not bother you. Also thank to brick for being that sincere about himself and his feelings. Wouldn’t post cringe like that without you.
No. 51555
I am not a whore like you're and I don't need you to push your whorish behavior upon me. You can get all the spoiled whores you want, I don't need that shit.
No. 51556
Also, the same double digit IQ shit could be said regarding any crime. You get used to it the more often you commit something, the more depraved you become the less guilt you feel and the more accustomed you become to your current situation. You insult me for not adhering to your depraved morals and doing this something that's considered wrong in my moral perception, so why can't I use the same thing about murder, rape or any other crime that's looked down upon in society? The society "brainwashed" you into thinking that murder is bad, your warped, prison-like mentality forbids you from committing it and you are incapable of reflecting on it in 99,9% cases. Go, kill a couple of people to break your dogmatic perception of sanctity of the human life.
No. 51557
>It honestly doesn't matter if you don't melt your brain into incel mode.
This. The only reason would be because you're making yourself neurotic from fixating on it, but frankly visiting a prostitute is absolutely terrible advice because it still doesn't remove the core of the problem which isn't the sex but the relationship aspect. It's fixation on a superficial thing because the reality is way more painful, like blaming being a manlet when the truth is your personality is awful and that takes real work to fix, if at all. A prostitute is only going to warp your perspective further more likely than not, and part of that is into seeing women as sex objects and not as people or friends. At best you remove a chip from your shoulder that you could've just not dwelt on. At worst it will amplify your creepy vibe to women and in turn make you view them a certain way that can make relationships even harder to deal with emotionally.

The crux of the problem is what most of these guys want is a girlfriend. Sex is easy--a successful relationship is not. Moreover the real benefits to having sex is the person you're being with and the way it makes you grow as a person, or alternatively makes you more neurotic if it's a bad enough one, and trains you internally on a psychological and emotional level. A prostitute achieves none of that. You'll remain exactly the same emotionally and psychologically stunted individual as you were before.

The whole problem never was the sex but the finding gf part, and there is no easy answer to that. You need to have hobbies and interests and work on yourself, which imageboards do not help being an obnoxious self involved asshole. The best thing you really could do is avoid IBs entirely, go out more, get a dog, and get into woodworking or something. No woman wants a basketcase and at the end of the hour you paid for you're still going to be an obnoxious fuck with no interests or hobbies or anything to talk about with the girl.

My best advice for the easiest thing you can possibly do is learn to listen, learn to be a good conversationalist, and develop a sense of humor with some confidence in yourself about something, and go get a dog.
No. 51558
God i wish i had a gf so bad ernst bros...
No. 51559
Reteaching myself the treble and bass clef so I can learn the build mode 1 and 3 of the sims on thr piano. My caffeine intake didn't roster much productivity in the three pages I wrote letters on, so there's always tomorrow.
t.new jerb on Tuesday
No. 51560 Kontra
Don't you say! You think I did not think of that? What do you think how laws come into being?
Your supposed moral purity does not stand anyway, so stop behaving like a saint because you only had vanilla sex in relationships.
You treat her like in object, that is just good enough. Wow, very loving and christian of you, now can I vomit in your face, Pavlo "the hypocrite" Purity?
No. 51561
>I am desperate for a relationship, but I want to frame it like I have the upper hand, so I will imagine them to have a horrible flaw of some sort so it seems like I'm doing them a favor by being with them
Ye oldest trick in the book, now you can guilt trip her into being dependent on you be diminishing her worth in her own eyes.

Then you can pretend to be a victim in all of this and feel sorry for yourself, when you're stringing along a person you despise in a relationship you (pretend to) not want.

A grade sociopath game, you should write PUA books.
No. 51564
You attack me using faulty argument and can't provide rebuttal when I pick a hole in it.
>You treat her like in object
I didn't claim to be christian. Of course I do, I barely consider women human, they're not rational and extremely dumb, extremely easy to manipulate and use (which I don't do). Unlike her exes and most males in general, I can actually claim moral high ground because I have never cheated, betrayed or pursued women for sex, the same could be said of my friends, because I didn't betray them. You claim I treat her like an object and yet in the end I am [b]the only[/b] male out of all her exes who didn't try to get sex and nudes from her the second I met her. I absolutely despise women but I am paternalistic, I don't use them for sex and don't abandon afterwards, pursuing long term relationship instead. Can you say the same about yourself or your friends, who change women like gloves? Me and Martin Luther King, one of us plainly hates women and the other regularly cheated on his spouse, tell me who's worse, me or the people who actually commit evil and not thoughtcrime.
Your assessment is as much idiotic as it is worthless, "imagine" a flaw. What if I were like this, what would your worthless statement change? Why would I come up with an "imagined" issue if the person is already obsessed with me? And I am indeed doing a favor otherwise this person, like so many women in the world, wouldn't be dumped by other males. Half of married couples fall apart and God knows how many women end up being used for sex only without ever reaching the marriage stage. Not tricking a woman into falling for you while you use her for sex, like most males do, is a favor just according to statistics and frequency of break ups. By not using a constant revolving door of holes to cum into you already surpass majority of males looking for a quick fuck.
No. 51565 Kontra
>I pick a hole in it.

where is the whole you picked, you are right but you compare different things, and your I'm replying to show again that you are not getting it anyway. Abstractly spoken you are right, the same applies to other areas of moralities and I did not deny it, concretely its different though, the object is different.

And you do treat her like an object, she is your property now you want to command, you want her to be modeled after your moral principles, which is not even possible since you cannot undo the past. Having just sex with her or be in a relationship with her doesn't change a dime about this fact, so the only argument that is faulty and avoiding is yours. And you even think that she needs your command, you feel like a fucking savior, hello Jesus!
Brick is right, you try to lower her self-worth, after she got dumped so many times (I wonder if she really got dumped that often or just had consciously affairs that weren't traumtaic for her) even more. That's what a savior does, right, make people feel even more miserable.
You know why you are met with critique here? Because you are disgusting claming moral high ground where you have nothing to claim. Funny, it's more about you than her, no? You are the traumatized one. And your gf has to suck it up, poor girl. Eventually she can live without you, especially if she told you she wants to kill herself, the phrase has also a social function, just saying. Ofc this is playing with fire sometimes, but I played with fire, and your case is to far away to gain actual insight to. Go to Kohl if you want a clap on your shoulders for being a terrible person, otherwise this engagement here might make you think about your relationship, but you don't seem like a person that is considerate, it doesn't help that you have to overpower the inferiority complex induced by your ex. GET OVER IT as people like to say.
No. 51566 Kontra
Your guys are both pretty cringe.
No. 51567
129 kB, 1280 × 720
41 kB, 480 × 600
When someone claims to hold a strong moral stance, yet does not follow those moral tenets, makes up mental gymnastics as to why they do not adhere to them, and then applies them more stringently on others than they do on themselves, it is because they have a hidden motive they are not willing to admit to others and themselves.
Clearly you're not happy about this relationship, yet you aren't terminating it. If you cared so much about morality, you'd simply not associate with a person you find morally unacceptable. Yet you do, and make up irrelevant reasons for doing so, like "duh, she's obsessed with me". So what? You already said you have rejected many "whores" who were all over you, how is this one different?

You are using morality as a front for your own insecurity as a cuckold, and an ego boost to put down others because it's the only way you think you can find self worth.
People who have rational reasons for their behavior and opinions, simply act on them. People driven by emotions act on those emotions, then make up reasons for why they did it afterwards. You're the latter.
You'll be in denial about this for a whole, but I know from my own experience that one initially rejects the truth, but comes to terms with it with time.
The seed of doubt has been planted in the fresh compost of your mind. All that's left now is to wait for it to sprout and flower.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be replying any more. I have solved your mind like a children's puzzle, stuffed it in a jar, and put it on the shelf. You're boring now. tips fedora
No. 51569
You are the terrible depraved person from my POV and I don't see how repeating it several times is going to change something, but that's what you have been doing. You didn't attempt to address the source of my moral high ground, that I actually act better than other males do by not using women for sex exclusively.
>I wonder if she really got dumped that often or just had consciously affairs that weren't traumtaic for her
Yes, they were traumatic.
>Brick is right, you try to lower her self-worth, after she got dumped so many times
I rightfully called the Kazakh an idiot and explained why, you must have flawed reading comprehension. There's no reason for me to lower her self-esteem when I can keep her around me without using tricks. There's no benefit! But your hairbrain can't comprehend it because I am already an evil person in your worldview.
No. 51570 Kontra
It's not about her, though. It's about you.
You're experiencing internal cognitive dissonance, and instead of solving it, you're externalizing it and framing it as if your gf is the problem, instead of your own feelings of inadequacy and bitterness.

Your internal conflict is that you want a relationship, but are still too emotionally vulnerable from previous trauma to accept one, so you distance yourself by putting a barrier between you and your gf, in the form of "morality". This way, you can have a one sided "relationship" where you don't owe anything to the other party.

Problem solved, right? But internally you also know this is wrong, that's why you're here seeking validation and lashing out like a bitch.
Typical BPD behavior tbh.
No. 51571
I had the same morality and views on sexual liberation before I met my first girl. Another assumption goes down the trashcan. Will you keep playing an arm chair psychologist and come up with a better one? From my perspective you're ashamed of your sluttish behaviour and think that arguing with strangers on obscure forums somehow'll whitewash your past and nullify your guilt, but unlike you I keep my assumptions for myself.
No. 51572
173 kB, 3035 × 387
Your high moral ground you earned by not using woman for sex leaves you by the backdoor because she is nothing less than an onject to you as well, not a sexual object maybe (we don't really know tbh). You avoid adressing my issue and try to trick me over it I see you as bad person because you make an object out of her regardless, your shitty "other males durhur" are nothing but excuses and avoidances. It's funny really how your defend yourself, there is no surprise that we, the others, are also at fault here, according to your narcist brain. This also goes well with your savior self image, your settle for no less, don't you?

is not me btw

> I have solved your mind like a children's puzzle, stuffed it in a jar, and put it on the shelf.

Reminds me of the german KC meme "genug gerul0rt zeit für ne pause" I don't have it on this computer, translates as: enough owning for now, I need a break
No. 51573 Kontra
17 kB, 290 × 350
>but unlike you I keep my assumptions for myself.
>your sluttish behavior

Gimme a break man, you become more comical with every post.
No. 51574
>reading comprehension
I said I look down upon women and barely consider them human earlier, of course they are objects to me. But I addresses that point by comparing myself to the American "saint" who despite his " high morals" and loud words acted much worse than I did, and I compared myself to manwhores who act worse than I do even without hatred for females. Your lust leads you to deeds worse than mine, hence my moral high ground. I could advocate for literal genocide and claim high ground at the same time ss long as I remain faitful and not commit as much harm as the sexually liberated cheaters do, because only a German would assume that thoughts are worse than deeds.
Woah... so... this is the absolute power... of your... argumentation
No. 51575 Kontra
67 kB, 500 × 484
>"genug gerul0rt zeit für ne pause" I don't have it on this computer
Here you go.
No. 51576
>Your lust leads you to deeds worse than mine

Is not up for you to judge.
But it's not surprising that you judge what's best for your gf, in your worldview are implicit the deeds and treatment of your gf. You might not exploit her for sex, you exploit her generally for power, you (ab)use her in a different way. But since you think you are right you see no harm in your actions that follow from your thoughts, you act upon what you think is the case often enough.

Quit the relationship, your bitterness about her and your life and what happened to you will only end in destructive behavior, there is no solution to this and never will be if your standpoint and her past actions will collide in the future like this. There you have your statistics about marraige and the falling apart of "lovers". You should quit but I guess you enjoy the power you did not have over your ex and just for your self worth, there is nothing altruistic you can market to us here.
No. 51577
Up to whom then? To you? What makes you a higher authority, then, that you judge me so boldly while stripping me of the same ability?
>There you have your statistics about marraige and the falling apart of "lovers"
Most lovers are people like you, not me, you can't push the breakdown of marriage and relationships on me when most people are sexually liberated and have mentality more similar to yours than mine.
No. 51580 Kontra
220 kB, 1024 × 828
138 kB, 926 × 926
>I said I look down upon women and barely consider them human earlier, of course they are objects to me
>I have moral high ground
>"sexually liberated cheaters" is worse than genocide
Oh god dude please just stop

It's not even that you didn't have a point before but you're turning full on into pic related at this point. Just stop posting.
No. 51581 Kontra
Also FYI this is the kind of shit that's part of exactly why I find "go see a prossie" to be horrific advice regardless your moral stand on things like prostitution in which case considering human traffic is often involved in many countries, he legitimately would absolutely have the moral highground here for calling you out on that because keep in mind some of the people you are talking to. This is exactly the kind of mentality he has which some go down into becoming serial killers, at which point it amplifies their views of women to such an extent they'll just start rationalizing to themselves that they're some sort of Batman "cleaning up society" of its "degeneracy" and acting like "I'm doing you all a favor killing worthless whores." I'm not saying that is Ukraine, but that is precisely the mentality that I think developers among psychopaths who end up picking off prostitutes and hitchhikers, who still somehow manage to feel smug superiority and moral highness over what they're doing.

This is why you don't tell incels to see a prossie. The mindset this guy has is going to be deepened and amplified by the experience, which from a ruthlessly pragmatic point of view is going to make such a person infinitely worse off, aside from the moral wrongs of seeing prostitutes to begin with.
No. 51582 Kontra
When it becomes clear that no progress can be made in a debate, that each side is only interesting in calling the other an idiot and degenerate, the debate should end.

It doesn't matter who's right. When you get the urge to continue the pointless conversation, just say no.
No. 51584 Kontra
>to you

no, think more

My moral superiority is not given, you just don't have any reason to claim moral superiority is all I've said.
No. 51585 Kontra
Why don't you fuck already? The tension is palpable through the screen.
No. 51588
I'd like to watch them argue who's going to be top and catcher.
No. 51589
I wouldn't go that far. Human trafficking exists in many ways, often for jobs that don't have the same moral outrage attached to them. The article I linked further up from Industrial Worker addresses the valid crusade against sex trafficking being used to justify a crusade against women who simply work in the sex industry.

Honestly, being unable to see a prostitute as a woman and a human is on the customer, not her. Ignore the weird hangups we have on sex, and it's not that different to Karen abusing counter staff, not recognising their humanity because they're there to service her needs. We complain about that all the time, but also are just supposed to accept it elsewhere? That don't really hit for me. Shit is plainly unfair.
No. 51590
166 kB, 1000 × 666
71 kB, 900 × 440
There are 30,000 cardboard cutout fans at the Superbowl.
The first quarter has ended, and Kansas City is currently down 4 to Tampa Bay.
You are now up to date on the most important sporting event in human history.
No. 51592
the entire Capitalistic modus operandi of wagies and salaryworkers being non-sexual prostitutes should likewise be abolished :-DDD
No. 51593
I don't get it. Why do they waste all that cardboard? Just play in an empty stadium (if at all because nobody is out of the woods yet). It's one of those weird things that takes me out of reality a bit. When the corporate government gives its big hoo-ha about fighting climate change, and then fills a stadium unnecessarily with 30k people worth of dead tree.

Not wrong.
No. 51594
128 kB, 960 × 639
>Why do they waste all that cardboard?
It looks better on TV, although I prefer the huge wall of video screens which were used during the NBA playoffs and WWE matches. In those, each screen shows a live fan, like a zoom meeting on steroids, and they create a lively atmosphere- much more than static cardboard. Also, each fan paid $100 to put their picture on that cardboard. The NFL never misses an opportunity to make more money.

And any social or environmental stance taken by a corporation is pure pragmatism and marketing. They don't really care.

Halftime. Tampa Bay 21, Kansas City 6. Ouch. I thought KC had this one.
No. 51595
The screens seem like a better option anyway. They're a lot more reusable for one since they can be used for stuff that isn't a football crowd at a later point.

And yeah, while I know that it's all theatre, it's still one of those illusion-breakers for me. When I start to notice the stage that the world is playing out on, you know?
No. 51597
Why do I have to argue with morons? Can't you read? Advocate of genocide does nothing, it's empty air, words. I call you a double digit IQ retard who can't read this very second and yet I claim moral high ground exactly because I didn't harm people. You believe that thought crime is worse than actual evil deed.
Why won't you stop posting yourself instead? You call me an incel and you expect that I won't call you out in retaliation? You just want the last word to be yours while you have nothing to add besides ad hominems.
I have a reason to claim moral superiority and I explained why, the point still stands: thoughtcrime is not a crime, only acts that harm are evil, not words themselves. I didn't hurt others, unlike your whores, who go beyond words and actually use people to satisfy lust, regardless of impact on their victims.
No. 51598 Kontra
>trying to incite genocide is fine
>people fucking because they're horny is a crime against humanity
>I claim moral superiority over everyone
I said to stop posting because you're embarassing yourself. It's that last one which is why everyone is absolutely shitting on you right now. No one would care as much were it not for some poor woman having to suffer you and yet you're flinging shit all over the thread about how allegedly "morally superior" you are, in spite of act like an absolute k*hl tier shitter. You clearly are lucky to have that woman and you know it. I've come to agree with what Kazakhstan and Germany insinuated about emotional need and such.
>derp durr I'm morally superior!
You're not. It's even funnier when you yourself are engaging in the very lust you claim to hate, not even following your own damn rules.

I've got no interest in pursuing this argument with you. It's clear to me you're a bitter fedora tipping incel at heart and I thank God I wasn't young enough to have my mind and soul completely poisoned and ruined by imageboards in my youth.
No. 51601
>in spite of act like an absolute k*hl tier shitter.
I have been here longer than you did, moron.
Trying to incite genocide is bad only if said genocide occurs. Words without actions are meaningless. You could wish all the good in the world to African children, but only actions matter. I could wish all the harm in the world to a person but I will be a better person in the end if I end up producing only good works.

Of course you got no interest, your retarded cumbrain can't produce anything to refute my argument. It's even more funnier that I attracted attention to me by "breaking the chains" and going against "society brainwashing", which is exactly what the people above advocated. But I won't burden you with my presence and I'll leave this board to make your existence more pleasant, goodluck.
No. 51602
this hohol incel is broken, let's get a new one
No. 51604
The wave of cold that comes over central Europe is very uncomfortable. Additionally to this my 70s commie block windows are shit and must be leaking somehow as there is a constant flow of freezing air in my room. It is also too cold to go outside and go on longer hikes. I know that many of you live in far colder temperatures and would think -7 degree is warm as fuck, but one has to always remember that in Germany we are accustomed to far warmer temperatures. Or for example I have an Indian friend that always moans about him being cold in India although it's 20 degree! That's because he is accustomed to much higher temperatures.
No. 51608
Yeah, just went for a jog, but I couldn't bare the cold. I used to go jogging when everything was white, with shorts and tshirt, now I am getting cold even with a hoody and long pants.
It's only -3 or so, but it's not really snowing, but rather raining ice crystals.
No. 51609
The Unwetterzentrale says it will be up to -10° and in the nights even colder. Thank dog the grocery store isn't that far away.
No. 51611
>The Unwetterzentrale says it will be up to -10° and in the nights even colder
Haha, nice :D Right now it's already -9 degrees here
No. 51612
199 kB, 685 × 900
He is a fascinating subject, there is a lot of content in his posts that allow us to gain considerable insight into his mind. Let us look at a few compiled quotes from his tile painter ramblings, starting with the first post:

>At least 7 men saw her nude [...] and, most important and humiliating to me, she was in friends with benefits relationship at some point with her friend, fell in love with him and he dumped her. My mind is in disarray, I can't handle it.
>I didn't have sex with women even when [women wanted me]. It was hard to refuse them because I was suicidal and desperately desired some relief but nonetheless I rejected them. How deeply hurt I am that now that the person I like and don't want to leave was a whore (I outright called her a slut and a whore for her behaviour several times)[...] Sometimes I still fantasize of killing my 1st ex for betraying me and turning me into a cuckold, I never loved anybody strongly after that. Even the strongest love I have is nothing but cope and attempt to distract myself from years spanning pain she left me with.
Here we can see we have a very damaged mind before us. Our friend was cuckolded by his old sweetheart, depression befell him and lurking in imageboards he adopted a mindset from which he could claim and protect some form of moral superiority. In this case, he seems himself as higher than his girlfriend because himself, the archetypal cuckold did not have sex when he had the chance. In his mind, this means he should deserve pure and pristine love from a woman who hadn't gotten her holes blown out by men who he naturally sees as sexually superior to himself. The trauma from his brutal cuckolding forces our Ukrainian friend to attempt to overcome these challengers in a different manner, how does he do it?
>Not tricking a woman into falling for you while you use her for sex, like most males do, is a favor just according to statistics and frequency of break ups. By not using a constant revolving door of holes to cum into you already surpass majority of males looking for a quick fuck.
In his mind, he is acting with great nobility and chivalry towards the woman he seems to constantly harass over not living up to his expectations of purity. In practice, he just projecting all the pain and hurt his former girlfriend inflicted upon him and lashing out at this new girl. By berating her for her 'sluttish ways', he can finally feel vindicated over his brutal cuckolding.

More from our subject:
>[...] I am not going to leave her but I feel like my life is one never ending torture, it all began in highschool with bullying, then social isolation and NEETdom, then my first love cuckolding me, then years of depression and it seems I will have to go through the chapter where I have to cope with the fact that my long-term partner was a whore willing to do anything for her exes.
>[...] Anyway, I am bitter towards all women and hate them, I warned that girl already that I can't love her stronger than my 1st ex and I will just take the best offer available because I need somebody to support me now, when I am vulnerable and want love. She is good enough and I won't leave her like others. But 1st love remains the strongest one.
Our noble and chivalrous Ukrainian reminds this girl he will never love her as he loved (or loves?) the woman who cuckolded him, we are unsure if this was before or after calling her a whore and a slut - he will continue to get his revenge on women as a whole by abusing this girl. Ultimately revenge will never be had as he will never be un-cuckolded.

Now onto his sick fantasies and how he sees himself:
>She is good and almost everything I could desire but I am possessive and I imagine her in a bed with some man, her telling how much she loves him, doing his every wish. It's horrifying.
>[...] I don't think I will ever find somebody so close to me in terms of mentality, but those memories and nightmares won't leave me either, so there's no way to escape pain for me. I pick the lesser evil and remain with her, bitter and full of memories that never go away. I hate that so many painful memories I have are caused by someone's idiotic decisions, not by me.
Notice how he is not only obsessed about the thought of this girl getting her cunt blown open by someone who he sees as a "Chad bad boy" - that is a more masculine man, but that he also blames the girl for causing this feeling in him. Almost as if his brain being as traumatized and rotten by imageboards as it is is somehow the fault of this girl who is being led along into a very toggsic :DD relationship.

What's unique about all of this is his unshakeable sense of superiority, despite being manifestly such a weak and traumatized young man.
He somehow seems himself as a 'beta guy':
>I am the beta guy women settle for after they're done with the Chad bad boys pumping and dumping them.
>Maybe for me pathetic faggots are people like you accepting whorish behaviour and taking it for granted.
He tries to reclaim his sense of worth and dodge feelings of being a pathetic cuckolded castrated nub of a man by... being bitter about women. More on his thoughts about women and 'manwhores':
>I said I look down upon women and barely consider them human earlier, of course they are objects to me. [...] I compared myself to manwhores who act worse than I do even without hatred for females.
>And I am indeed doing a favor otherwise this person, like so many women in the world, wouldn't be dumped by other males. [...] Not tricking a woman into falling for you while you use her for sex, like most males do, is a favor just according to statistics and frequency of break ups. By not using a constant revolving door of holes to cum into you already surpass majority of males looking for a quick fuck.
Fascinating. This self-admitted 'beta' cuckold who is full of hatred towards women and is settling down with someone he doesn't love believes this not only makes him worthy, but superior to his 'whore' girlfriend.

My prediction? The relationship will fall apart, the Ukrainian will further blame himself, the world and this girl. Things will only get darker for our protagonist as he will refuse to see why things are the way they are. He wont understand why people don't value the virtuous man he believes he is, and feel cheated out of happiness that was rightfully is. Perhaps on some dark lonely winter night, he will come to realization that he might have inflicted all this suffering on himself for no good reason.Only to immediately repress these thoughts and become even more bitter.
No. 51615 Kontra
Writing a whole novel about him is at least the same level of autism, lol.
No. 51616 Kontra
I welcome and cherish my autism.
No. 51620 Kontra
32 kB, 480 × 360
It's EC
No. 51622
312 kB, 802 × 1056
I feel a tickling excitment reading all the stuff and seeing potential reads that promise to deepen my understanding of past, presence and future. I was right many years ago when I said I exchanged drugs for reading in a way, and it fascinates me every time it happens again that I get thrill from info binge that slowly converts into knowledge that hopefully can be made operable some day. Atm I have several tabs open when I remembered a lecturer mentioning wikileaks in order to gain insight into military thinking and what not, I have never visited wikileaks but it looks interesting.
No. 51625
>into knowledge that hopefully can be made operable some day
I quickly realized that information is just another kind of consumerism and entertainment. I am like you interested in many things and read quite a lot on different topics, but most of it really isn't practical at all. The sciences are just another kind of entertainment satisfying the human's needs to explore the world in a deeper sense. Although that's an illusion I think. We just scrap merely at the surface and never can go deeper. Humans are limited beings, that's a fact.
No. 51627
>willing to give up as much time as I can to teach people how to do things, just for the feeling of validation, acknowledgment, a chance to socialize and altruism
>"uh, can you just do it for me? thanks"

Getting tired of this shit. Maybe I should go back to wanting to cut all contact with everyone I know and receding to my imaginary schizo world.
When I offer to teach them how to fish instead of feeding them for a day, they give me a look like I just offended them.
No. 51628
22 kB, 210 × 296
Yes it has entertainment and consumptive character, but nonetheless its potential operativity should not be thoroughly embezzled. It's action and not understanding, though both share certain relations, which I cannot say more about atm.
The human as species might be limited, but where are these limits? The invention of technologies can assist and augment human epistemological potential and thus knowledge and even cognition this implies that humans are part of a network of things that can interact in ways, all of which can then be made operative. Humans can even make something out of non-knowledge, funnily.
No. 51629 Kontra
>teach them how to fish instead of feeding them for a day

The system and its componential interplay feeds, no need to learn (time consuming!) fishing then :^)
No. 51630
I don't want people to be helpless in the face of things they can't understand.
If I weren't around, they'd get exploited by someone who knows the same things as me, but isn't an idiot who does things for free.
No. 51632 Kontra
I am currently reading "A Scanner Darkly" and several posters in this itt thread remind me of the protagonists.
No. 51633
Tfw when all I immediately got out of this sentence was Interplay and then I got warm and fuzzy inside. Perhaps I too am just as prone to having my logic totally short circuited by emotion as other people, it's simply that I don't care about anything or feel anything for most things so it happens more infrequently. But man, Bullfrog and Interplay.

Work today was awful. Way more awful than usual and I don't even fully understand why, because I got about as much sleep as I normally do and didn't take more than a literal crumb of a sleeping pill around midnight lastnight so I'm not sure why I felt like jelly and lead all day. I ended up having to try and fantasize about conversations over PC hardware to try and plow through the day but even that I didn't have the mental energy and focus to accomplish. It sucked. Now I am home at least where I belong: warm and on my back while shitposting.

I'm not entirely sure why because I haven't seen it in awhile but who gets to be Keanu? Kazakhstan? I just jumped from The Division to Deus Ex Mankind Divided and apparently both have a nonstop conspiracy theorist on the radio so I can do a pretty good Alex Jones cameo right now.
>Q was a false flag psyop by the Illuminati sex trafficking and blackmail cartels all along to discredit the idea of investigating themselves! Trump was controlled op and they planned this all along! Neuropozyne is harvested from people! IT'S MADE FROM FUCKING PEEEOOPPPLE!
No. 51634 Kontra
Nvm comprehension
No. 51635 Kontra
Fun Fact: In the german dub of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the radio conspiracy theorist is voiced by the same guy who voices Kevin James, so whenever he talks on the radio, I always imagine an old Doug Heffernan rambling like his father-in-law.
No. 51636
145 kB, 341 × 539
33 kB, 1200 × 667
I was trying to write a short story and realized I couldn't really visualize how the scenery (or really anything) looks, I could only write down some descriptions by thinking what it could conceptually look like.
So I googled around and found out there's apparently a condition that has only been discovered fairly recently called aphantasia, which is precisely this lack of the ability to visualize stuff in "your mind's eye".

It says that only ~2% of the population are affected by it, but now I'm curious how does Ernst fare with e.g. the pic related tests?

Personally, the only thing I can see is a blurry gray shape which I can make slightly more vivid through tracing it by moving my eyes along the outlines. I can't visualize anything more complex at all.
When I try to visualize myself standing up and going somewhere, the most I can do is see a line that would trace my way, like a navigation app.
No. 51637
1,3 MB, 426 × 239, 0:04
No. 51638
>I'm curious how does Ernst fare with e.g. the pic related tests?
I've always been able to form strong mental images, which has a downside when I can't get certain images out of my head.

I'm curious what your experience is with that. For instance, say you're sitting down to eat, and while flipping through the TV channels you see a few seconds of someone having surgery, or they play an anti-smoking ad with shocking video meant to scare children. When you flip to the next channel, can you still 'see' the image?
No. 51639
I can’t imagine a red star or an apple as presented in the test but I can visualize text in my mind or the face of someone I know. Funny thing is that sometimes, if two people have the same name and I don’t know them good. I tend to not be able to picture the face of one of them. Appart from people, texts and the Eu4 map I can only idealize things in my mind but can’t see them. So when I read a story, I have to link the characters to faces of people I know.

Also, I heard that people with dyslexia tend more to visualize objects than text in their mind.
No. 51640
70 kB, 524 × 640
I visualize impressions I think I had in the past, ofc they are not identical to the "film" then in my cinematic conscioussness. So thinking of an apple the third image I had was these super glossy (waxed) and super red apples from the arab supermarket hanging in the fruit basket (maybe 2, 1 seems odd given that I think I'm not very creative yet I'm not uncreative either I think, I made music and such). But tbh these images are often quite blurry, never really cinematic and continuous. Everything from the past is beyond a special fog or veil that blurs the "crystal clear" vision of consciousness' presentism. There seems not enough stamina to hold the image for a longer time. But having seen movies that work with cutting techniques representing a protagonist remembering the past, imagines infront of the inner eye, this seems a widely spread way of having images of the past for human beans.
No. 51642
Profoundly strong opposite. I already saw the grayish background so that was the first star I saw, then I pictured a deep jet black background and vivid red star, then a green Ghaddafi tire field with a red star and then I got board.
>visualize an apple
I can visualize it down to the small not sure what you call apple freckles, the rust looking part where the stem meets (you don't see it as much in red delicious but I'm seeing possibly an amalgamation of apples including childhood apfel tree ones and different cultivars in stores) and can fully 3D rotate it in my head however it's arguable that I'm not actually rendering anything mentally and instead superimposing a wide variety of memorized images. I'd be curious if you're really good with sound and verbal language because I'm awful at it, and while I doubt it's full on photographic memory it's pretty close and I used to be able to do things like rotate a globe in my head and look at maps internally. It made certain vidya challenges easy when I was younger. I think mostly in pictures and meanwhile most of my memories are silent stills. There's next to no audio in my memory. I have to look away and mentally translate what people are saying verbally into pictures or something visual a good amount of the time. I also used to be able to memorize VIN numbers, credit numbers, shit like that just by looking at it and if I close my eyes or blink rapidly I can superimpose an image and hold it in my mind to view it but it eventually starts to fade and I get confused.

I think this partly may be damaged due to reasons but also atrophied because I haven't read novels or real books in awhile. the sheer magnitude of porn images I likely have buried disturbs me
No. 51644
Funny, I can't imagine objects in general, but can quite comfortably imagine "pictures". Either something I've seen before, or scenes assembled from previous impressions.

I have trouble imagining "objects" floating in space. Maybe because I've never seen an apple detached from the context of its environment. I can imagine its shape, but if I do that, I can't focus on color or texture. Or I can imagine the color and texture, but lose the shape.

Maybe this is why I suck at drawing.
No. 51646
As a kid I had a very good mind's eye. Reading stuff, I saw everything. This kinda got lost, when I am reading something I have difficulties imagining the scene.
HOWEVER, just for the sake of the test, I can imagine an actual apple or a red star in my head, but if it's something that's connected to a memory, I automatically imagine the whole scenario, kinda like >>51640 with the arab supermarket, which also includes noises and smells.
Funny enough, I can't do that with eyes closed.
Let's say I want to imagine how to furniture my apartment, couch goes there, with the little table and such - when I am standing in the empty living room I can EXACTLY say what goes where and how it would look like, kinda like an overlay. I also used to be able to imagine gears and cogs and tell you how a machine works, but this got somehow lost. I blame alcohol and the mind-numbing reality of adulthood.
No. 51656
Weird I smell nothing in any memory either. I either need the smell IRL at the present, or it has no object permanence. Tastes however I can easily simulate. Forget why I did that. Oh wait no that too has been heavily damaged since alcoholism and Lyme. It feels grayer and more washed out as taste and texture. I used to be able to perfectly replicate 1:1 ratio of the physical sensation and tastes of eating a snickers bar for example. Oh no it still works perfectly for anything strong tasting or I ate recently like black olives. Huh that's strange. Thanks to this post I just realized I can simulate combinations of tastes I never tried before, like olives on swiss cheese. Ewww olives and honey tastes funky. Ooooo olives and chocolate is delicious.
No. 51657
I read something just to realize (again) that the meme form has become a dominant form of cultural expression (with young people). I don't think it's bad, it's damn cool to see how memes got a thing and to consciously take part in it. Interesting as she says that it'S so compressed it's not easily explained yet it such a magnet for relatability and belonging, bonding via memes, who would have thought!

>I’ve been on TikTok a lot lately, and it’s kind of changed the way I see and hear things. When I’m scrolling the For You page, I’m not really taking in each video as a whole — I’m always deconstructing it in my mind. I process the audio separately from the visuals and try to figure out how I might re-use the sound for my own content ideas. The weird thing is that this “Song Exploder” mode of hearing has seeped into my everyday life. When I’m out and about, I’m constantly sensing my auditory environment through the TikTok filter in my head. When I’m hanging out with friends who spend a lot of time on the app, we can basically speak a whole different language together. We’ve memorized enough videos that we can have a whole ass conversation using only obscure quotes and dances. It’s a lot more full bodied than regular English. Sometimes I forget how dense the memes are until I try to explain them to my parents and realize that there are layers and layers of references and duets compressed into one 60 second vid. I vibe a lot better with people who are steeped in TikTok culture because the emotions they express are usually based on popular trends, which makes them way easier for me to relate to. I get to be way more performative and flit between a bunch of different characters and POVs and identities without my friends thinking I’m psycho. Love to be in a never-ending improv game.

No. 51658 Kontra
You mean actual meme-memes or "funny picture I found on the internet"-memes?
No. 51660 Kontra
I don't self isolate. If I could I would go swimming visiting concerts, pubs, restaurants, meet friends and travel.
No. 51661
You say it like it is clear (to you) what a meme actually is.
Elaborate what's the difference, best would be examples.
No. 51665 Kontra
94 kB, 550 × 679
43 kB, 800 × 600
129 kB, 1024 × 768
987 kB, 952 × 1206
"Meme" is clearly defined. It's, to use Dawkin's analogy, an self-replicating idea (with respect to the selfish gene idea).
For example look at what I posted. How many memes can you see?
Two, of course.
The first meme is "Troll Physics", which comprises of individual pictures made on that topic.
The other "you have been visited by X of Y". The PICTURE (depending on what it is "image macro") is NOT a meme, however, it is part of the meme.
I see people commenting somewhere "funny meme bro" when it's just a macro, or even worse, a twitter screenshot or something.

inb4 language changes hurr durr
No. 51669
>can't get certain images out of my head.
Sounds completely alien to me. Are you the American who wrote those stories about the neolithic by any chance?
>When you flip to the next channel, can you still 'see' the image?
Not really, I'd say I can only sense some vague leftover feeling of disgust at most.

>Appart from people, texts and the Eu4 map I can only idealize things in my mind but can’t see them.
Interesting, I can't really visualize faces either, can only describe them very roughly in a few words, & can't visualize text either, I do have a fairly developed inner monologue though (as probably all people who post/write do).

> can fully 3D rotate it in my head
That sounds unfathomable to me, haha

> I'd be curious if you're really good with sound and verbal language because I'm awful at it
Nope, absolutely terrible. I can't remember/recall lyrics or melodies of songs, even if I've listened to them dozens of times.
I was quite good at math up until the more arcane stuff like eigenvalues and whatnot.

Thanks for the responses, sounds like you guys have more or less "normal" ability to visualize

Btw I realized if I try to focus on a small area, it seems as if I can see it in more detail and I can try to "scan" the object in my mind in that way.

The quote is kinda interesting, I do think it's bad though & just leads to a flattening of discourse. There is only so much information that can be put into a 60s video.
No. 51670
To expand on that, for example "Kilroy was here" is ALSO a meme, though not an internet one.
No. 51671
I remember when my older sister told me about memes and it was just an obscue linguistic term. Also it was unironically called "mem" in german.
No. 51674 Kontra
>Also it was unironically called "mem" in german.
Well, yes, that's the german expression. Although the "meme" term was only later adopted by linguistic/cultural researchers. Originally, it was introduced by Richard Dawkins in the 70s in "The Selfish Gene".
No. 51675 Kontra
Yeah, not every picture is a meme. To me a meme has to have an idea to it. The bachelor frog or the akward penguin encapsulated an idea, it's a conceptualization. "Mutations" included. But there is more to it than etymology, thus you have to go beyond Dawkins as sole explanation of what it is, doesn't mean that a screenshot of something is a meme. An audio recording from an initial tiktok (whatever the reason it gets picked, maybe the the vocal fry is so aesthetically pleasing, the accent and the words that express something), which is applicable because it expresses an idea? You use that recorded phrase/sentence and combine it with many things and create relatability.
Maybe you are farmiliar with the twitter "meme"
>heute/gleich (or whatever else) wieder..., gar kein bock

It's an idea , abstract, gets filled and then replicates like hell in that form, creates relatability and thus belonging. So I say it is a meme, what do you think?

>morgen wieder covid gar kein bock
>heute wieder im fernsehen blamieren gar kein bock
>Heute wieder bauchweh gar kein bock
>gleich eure menschenrechte verletzen gar kein bock
>Gleich wieder schneemann bauen gar kein bock
>gleich Therapiestunde gar kein bock
No. 51676 Kontra
162 kB, 600 × 400
33 kB, 600 × 600
174 kB, 600 × 437
99 kB, 267 × 400
I avoid twitter like the devil holy water, but yes, the example you give is a meme. Maybe I was too focused on pictures in my explanation, but of course a meme can take any form.
My point was simply that most people - those some call "normies", and especially the americans with their incessant mongrelization of language - simply call every "funny" picture they encounter a meme. For example, pics related are some macros I made back when KC was still alive.
NONE of these is part of a meme, however, there are enough people who would call those "memes" simply because it's a picture with a text overlaid. That's all I wanted to emphasize, because even on imageboards there are people who regularly confuse them, because the old golden rule of "lurk moar", and thus knowledge transfer, apparently is void today, hence people who don't know anything and don't want to know anything just go and do whatever, because nobody ever taught them correctly. And that is a problem not only on the internet, but also irl.
No. 51682
Interestingly I'll listen to a song dozens of times on repeat and even then frequently have no idea what the guy is actually saying. Come to think of it I have no idea why I do this beyond Eldar tier pleasure indulgence although it's fun to think how much some habits of mine might torment anyone dumb enough to bother tapping in. Anyway it's usually super easy once I know what they are though. Manson had some of the easiest for to memorize and I can actually listen to Great Big White World now, but probably only because I've listened to it so many hundreds of times in life it is very easy to replicate. Apple of Sodom meanwhile was largely unintelligible in some areas although I suspect Manson used some audio tecunique to make one word sound like another it's actually a pretty frequent tendency not just in artists and poets but also in occultists to do shit like that a lot. It's easier to deal with written word because I have graphemes. Meanwhile there's an approximate 2 second delay when people say shit because it has to get routed around to a different part of the brain to either become pictures or part of one scene, or for me to translate the unenencoded audio gibberish into a written word to look at. So in a sense I'm literally reading what you're saying to me and not listening to you. Meanwhile one of the most obnoxious things people do is look at one thing and ask me something else because what I'm really doing is tracking your eye and hand movements. Like if you're at my house looking at the orange mug with an eagle and ask for the red one with a crow, and I'm going to pour you tea into the orange eagle mug. It's especially hard to do when you've got something similar. "Get me the rifle" while looking at a car is at least two totally separate object classes, masses, and colors so it's easiest that way. Plus it takes me massive, absolutely raytracing tier amounts of processing power to deal with people generally because I don't entirely understand them at all on an emotional level.
Thank God I had sex and relationships come to think of it. They'd probably be truly alien beings with utterly foreign motivations otherwise.
I really made a profound mistake in life not just getting an MS and socializing with flaky scientists instead.

The ongoing bastardisation of everything into demotivational posters and finally into nothing but image macros with text being what all bydlo and mundanes think of as "memes" is particularly aggravating. This would not be a problem because who cares what stupid people think except they flood search engines with their stupidity to the point of being unusable.

On a completely unrelated note does anyone know why we can't use carbon nanotubules to create prosthetic lungs? Couldn't we just start to create artificial organs using the all powerful carbon nanotube and nanotechnology generally? I was going to ask about this in the tech or science thread but I'm already here so...
I might bump it later today anyway because I want to talk about S-P-A-C-E especially noteworthy being an awesome channel that I found with this video
which also unlike kurzgesasgt doesn't bother with the reddit fedora tier human ego worship to where had kurz made that I'd of had to have suffered with the narrator saying to me "...and in a trillion trillion trillion years perhaps if humans are still around we can possibly still build safe colonies this way." Their insistence on the "human calendar" is also particularly obnoxious to me. It's like they just want to replace other religions with their own religion, after having turned humanism and aspects of secular materialism and egoism into religion under the false pretenses of being "science." I guess one of the real hallmarks of the difference is when you move from the theoretical into statements of fact, and then into emplacement as dogmas.
No. 51684
>Are you the American who wrote those stories about the neolithic by any chance?
Ah, you're talking about The Seed Eaters, right? That was a different ernst. Good story, hope he's still writing.
No. 51687
Sometimes, an individual picture hosting a meme becomes more popular then the "concept" of the meme itself, and starts spreading through reposts, becoming more popular than the initial "idea", and even becoming the sole representative of it.
Or sometimes, such picture has always been the only of its kind, and it spreads through reposts.
Isn't that also memetic?
No. 51691 Kontra
>Sometimes, an individual picture hosting a meme becomes more popular then the "concept" of the meme itself,
Well yes, that is how ANYTHING starts, with one or few things that then grow into something bigger. Of course for a meme to start there needs to be a starter, for example Cockmongler certainly had no idea he'd become a meme when he took that picture.

>and starts spreading through reposts, becoming more popular than the initial "idea", and even becoming the sole representative of it. Or sometimes, such picture has always been the only of its kind, and it spreads through reposts.
>Isn't that also memetic?
No, because by that logic ANY kind of thought, sound, action, whatsoever that has been replicated or relayed or shared would be a meme. Every single word of every single language would be a meme. Every single joke that someone told someone else would be a meme. Memes are CONCEPTS or IDEAS. VARIATIONS of the same joke, that could be a meme. A joke isn't. And as >>51682 put it,
>The ongoing bastardisation of everything into demotivational posters and finally into nothing but image macros with text being what all bydlo and mundanes think of as "memes" is particularly aggravating. This would not be a problem because who cares what stupid people think except they flood search engines with their stupidity to the point of being unusable.
No. 51692
The day before yesterday I got fined for using my sister's bus pass. I mean, I try saving some money once in 6 years and I immediately get fucked over.
Okay, it was like 20 euros, but still, fuck them.

Had the first classes of the semester yesterday. More of the same. Gotta up my game, so I've decided to join a study-circle run by third years.
I'm also going to attend other extra Chinese classes bi-weekly that are used as practice for people studying teaching.
Also went grocery shopping with my mother. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but going out like this now that I have no reason to leave the house is a pretty good sanity check.
Makes you feel reassured that you see other people that aren't family members doing things normally.

Went to bed before midnight and slept for 15 hours. For the first time in months I feel well rested.
It's amazing.
No. 51693
I was alluding to Dawkins' initial concept of meme:
>Dawkins used the term to refer to any cultural entity that an observer might consider a replicator. He hypothesized that one could view many cultural entities as replicators, and pointed to melodies, fashions and learned skills as examples. Memes generally replicate through exposure to humans, who have evolved as efficient copiers of information and behavior. Because humans do not always copy memes perfectly, and because they may refine, combine or otherwise modify them with other memes to create new memes, they can change over time. Dawkins likened the process by which memes survive and change through the evolution of culture to the natural selection of genes in biological evolution.[17]

Maybe that's pedantic, but yes, literally any mind-phenomenon that replicates through exposure to humans is literally a meme.
Internet memes are just the most volatile examples. They spread fast, and die as quickly. "Agriculture" is also a meme. We don't associate it with memetic behavior because its lifespan is longer than any individual human's.

The internet conception of meme has the same relationship to the original definition of meme, as "virus" or "bateria" has to "gene".
Maybe we should call them "Internet Germs" instead.
No. 51694 Kontra
brick on mobile data btw
No. 51700
My neighbours (a really old couple) are making very weird and loud noises. At least one of them is.
I don't know if they have sex or if someone is screaming in pain or maybe both.

I really don't know what to do.
Go over and ask if something's wrong?
What do normal people do in such situations? Or is it to be expected from 80+ people to do these noises every now and then?
No. 51702
79 kB, 960 × 722
Unless it's clear that someone is screaming in pain, and you can detect some desperation from them, then I would do nothing. Don't act on ambiguous noises filtered through walls. Could be sex, could be a paper cut that won't stop bleeding. But, if those first two criteria are met, then a polite knock on the door might be appropriate. Nothing wrong with checking up on elderly neighbors if you're worried about their safety.
No. 51703
If they are above 80, I think the chance of them having sex might be relatively low, so yeah, you could knock the door. I know it feels super strange to do so in these times. Or see if tomorrow is everything is normal, or if it repeats if you never heard these sounds before it is ofc "suspicious".
No. 51704 Kontra
Are they doing it past 10? If so just call the cops for Ruhestörung. You're anonymous and if it's something bad you can still come out and be a hero.
No. 51705 Kontra
>if it's something bad

Makes me think of violence, the man stabs his wife after all those years or the other way around, or armed assault getting those old weak peoples money, chosing a weak target. I've watched too much true crime, sound like an old fart myself, lock your door at night, people.
No. 51709
It finally happened despite my scoffing. Behold I am become Fat, eater of burgers. Between not going out enough for healthy food or out enough in general I packed enough pounds my thighs rub and it's extremely painful. How the fuck do obese people even function without being in daily excruciating pain and agony, discomfort and ill health? I'm not even that fat and it's terrible next to being skinny a couple years ago.
No. 51711
1,6 MB, 2960 × 2231
I went to Instagram because a girl I like seems to use it and decided to play its game to see if it was any good. And, for a dude who lived all his social media life on anonymous forum/imageboards, the thing is truly terrifying. It’s mainly used as a private messenger, but also as a social network dick contest. The fact that all public posts can and will be part of how people perceive you as a person is insane. And everything that you say can and will be used against you. I’m nervous every time I use it. Does some Ernst like Instagram and other aggressively non-anonymous social media?
No. 51714
Why would you do that? I have entered the "I'm not it anymore" stage and all the new social media stuff seems to be designed specifically to piss me off with its confusing layout and lack of control over anything. I know instagram, snapchat and tiktok by name, and apart from the odd webm I encounter, I have no idea how that shit works and frankly, I don't have any interest in learning how that shit works. It's enough to have had accounts for studivz, wer-kennt-wen and facebook and I just refuse to continue the constant jumping.
No. 51715
This is exactly how I felt about Discord. No I don't need another fucking account for gaming. I've wanted absolutely nothing to do with it and having seen just how cancerous the shit is with people launching raids out of it can see how totallu vindicated I am in that belief. It was through discord that poltards were organizing raids against KC for example.
No. 51716
For a very long time in my life and arguably still now, I’ve barely been to social media under the excuse that is was a loss of time.
But... I finally realized the contradiction. If I was to avoid social media, I had to avoid the anonymous ones too. So I decided to try when given the chance. But, I rarely got enough envy to start one account. So it’s not the idea to jump.
No. 51727
Nothing better than going outside after class wearing a bathrobe to shield you against a cold wind and beating a pool of ice with a stick until your hand feels numb.

>How the fuck do obese people even function without being in daily excruciating pain and agony, discomfort and ill health?
It's simple: They're in excruciating pain, agony, discomfort and ill health.
That's all there is to being fat.

What I've found out over the past 1-2 years is that because my internet persona was socialised on 4chan and other imageboards, I'm essentially the digital equivalent of a barbarian. Or at least, "normal" communities perceive me as a barbarian.
I got kicked off discords and subreddits for comments most imageboarders wouldn't give much of a shit about. It's infuriating, because I know I'm not "evil" or a troll, I just have different cultural sensibilities to American leftists that run these places. Or American conservatives.
No. 51728
I've used IG in the past but don't really use it anymore, deleted all my pictures a while ago.
Just to play the devil's advocate you can use it anonymously, nobody's forcing you to use your real name or anything & you can also set your account to private so nobody you haven't "approved" can see your posts.
I suppose there are different ways to use it (e.g. if you're an artist who wants to advertise his art), but yeah, if you want to use it to message girls, you need to maintain a profile with good quality pics etc, same as t*nder.