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No. 51240
167 kB, 679 × 960
Old one is now on systemkontra. Pretty self-explanatory thread.

Our server is at discord.gg/ZGmpJe9

We've got a group together at the moment, and we've been playing for a while now, so know that it is possible to get into this shit even if you've got no experience. Hell, if you're okay with 0600Z starts, you can play with us. Or start your own group if you prefer.

Otherwise, this is the place to talk shit about analogue games that you've been playing/reading/whatever lately.
No. 51262
Going to bed now. I'll be on the server at the usual time tomorrow. If you can't make it, just leave a note here. I may have no life on a Saturday afternoon, but others might :-DDD
No. 51263
Shidd, I might have to go to the city to stock up before the new lockdowns, I'll inform you tomorrow.
No. 51461
Same as here. Hopefully things line up properly this time, the gig we started last time is starting to burn a hole in my pocket, and I'm looking at expanding into bigger and better things (assuming my current burst of inspiration holds) :-DD
No. 51464
Wait, what are you talking about? Hole in pocket? Are there costs involved?

I'll be there but this time will try to stay more on topic and will definitely not stay the entirety of saturday.
No. 51486
Nah, not costing me anything, I just find that shit works best for me if I strike while the iron is hot. All the shit that kicked off the ideas is still fresh in my brain, helping me spice things up. Leave it too long, and those subnotes vanish and you're left with something that feels sterile and a bit boring (something I'm guilty of on a good day).
No. 51579
What games do you play?
I had experience playing on roll20.net, and Tabletop Simulator (steam), playing GURPS campaign in Fallout setting.
No. 51987
I'll be in the server tomorrow (20th) at the usual time. If you can't make it, not a problem.
No. 51991
I'm not yet sure, but if I'm there I won't have more than say 2 hours. Exams are starting and I have 3 exams in the coming 20 days, two of which I have just started learning for yesterday :<
No. 51997
No pressure mate. If you even just want a half hour break to shoot some shit instead of a session, offer stands.
No. 52037
Also, I figure I may as well just shoot it off here. Brick made some valid points regarding game future, and I just wanted to get your opinion as another player Germoney.

The idea is that we may transition to a simpler (and thus more conducive to online play) system after this adventure in Dark Stars. I'm happy to continue with Dark Stars, but if you also think a less heavy game would work better in the future, do let us know. The argument is that with less machinery to operate (Dark Stars isn't exactly a lightweight game :-D), I tended to have more engaging adventure to present. Since my goal as a GM is to present engaging adventure, that certainly piqued my interest.

It wouldn't be going back to Knave since the system is fine as a teaching tool I think, and for one shots but it isn't robust enough to do lots of stuff. The rules I'd be using would be OSE, which is classic D&D cleaned up for legibility.

If you want an idea of what the new rules would look like, here's the SRD.
No. 52150
Sure, I'm fine either way. I have exams until march 10th, but I figure next saturday I should be able to hang around for a bit.
Not much time to read myself into rulebooks though.
No. 52151
All good. We can just set our next game for after your exams if you prefer too. I'm in no particular rush. I still got some stuff to finish up on this current Dark Stars adventure but have had my inspiration leave me on that front.
No. 52251
I think it would be best to postpone the game until after my exams.

Might also help me overcome this mental block that I can only join you guys when there is a game planned. As absurd as that sounds.
No. 52257
Yeah, that's good. Sorry I missed you earlier by the way. Figured you weren't going to be there from your last post so I was napping.
No. 52258
No problem at all, I was preparing to learn for the next exam and didn't plan to be around long.
No. 53373
2,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
What happened to do p&p thread?

I would love to have some p&p- sessions.
Who is in, too?

Please don't let me down. I am counting on you my Ernsthomies.
No. 53384
108 kB, 209 × 244

What's wrong with her finger?
No. 53389
She must be left handed
No. 53396
Waiting for schedules to clear, I'm ready to start back up tomorrow if everyone else is. You're welcome to join. Watch this space for developments.
No. 53397
Great news!
No. 53471
85 kB, 700 × 420
>What games do you play?

1981 BX MoldvayCook
Would be nice, when you join.
No. 53598
Okay, I am able to breathe again, finally. So next saturday (or whenever we want to meet) I'll be there again.

I think there was a time warp since our last play, so what was 7:00 for me will now be 6 or 8. Brb trying to find my helper script that I set up to convert the zulu time in desktop time :-DDD
No. 53599
Right, it was dead simple, the good old unix user command date does the trick automagically:

> date --date='2021-04-10T6:00Z'
>Sat Apr 10 08:00:00 AM CEST 2021

If that's okay with you guys, I'd prefer earlier. As early as possible actually, so if 4:00Z is fine with you (which would be 6:00 for me) that would be rad, I daren't ask for earlier from you guys :D
No. 53600
Thats fine by me. Good to see you back on your feet.

Since we started that D&D game meanwhile, In the interest of time on the day of would you be good with a pregen character thats good to go? Im more than happy to run you through character creation anytime, but if you just want to turn up and play, thats also good.
No. 53601
There is probably a middle ground where I can chose a direction for a character and we generate most stats to fit the idea, right?

I won't have several hours to spare until saturday morning for creation, but a bit of choice as to what role I'll play would be nice. How much time would you assume we'll need?
No. 53602
20-30 mins tops. It's not a complex system at all, almost the opposite of Dark Stars. Most of it is just picking your equipment since stuff like rations and light aren't just flavour items, but are kind of important to the gameplay loop.

And yeah, if you give me an idea of what kind of character you're interested in, then I can also do that too. Background isn't super relevant but class-wise I'm starting with the Basic classes, found under the Classes tab here


Would prefer the human classes for simplicity's sake but if you really want a demihuman character, that's fine.
No. 53606
Alright, I'll be a thief, if that fits the party well enough, otherwise I could imagine playing a cleric.
If I don't find the time for a quick chat tomorrow I could just be 30 minutes early on saturday.
No. 53616
Thief is perfecly alright. Either of those time options is fine by me too.
No. 53619
Alright, then I'll be a thief and I'll be 30 minutes early tomorrow, at 3:30Z.