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No. 51240
167 kB, 679 × 960
Old one is now on systemkontra. Pretty self-explanatory thread.

Our server is at discord.gg/ZGmpJe9

We've got a group together at the moment, and we've been playing for a while now, so know that it is possible to get into this shit even if you've got no experience. Hell, if you're okay with 0600Z starts, you can play with us. Or start your own group if you prefer.

Otherwise, this is the place to talk shit about analogue games that you've been playing/reading/whatever lately.
No. 51262
Going to bed now. I'll be on the server at the usual time tomorrow. If you can't make it, just leave a note here. I may have no life on a Saturday afternoon, but others might :-DDD
No. 51263
Shidd, I might have to go to the city to stock up before the new lockdowns, I'll inform you tomorrow.
No. 51461
Same as here. Hopefully things line up properly this time, the gig we started last time is starting to burn a hole in my pocket, and I'm looking at expanding into bigger and better things (assuming my current burst of inspiration holds) :-DD
No. 51464
Wait, what are you talking about? Hole in pocket? Are there costs involved?

I'll be there but this time will try to stay more on topic and will definitely not stay the entirety of saturday.
No. 51486
Nah, not costing me anything, I just find that shit works best for me if I strike while the iron is hot. All the shit that kicked off the ideas is still fresh in my brain, helping me spice things up. Leave it too long, and those subnotes vanish and you're left with something that feels sterile and a bit boring (something I'm guilty of on a good day).
No. 51579
What games do you play?
I had experience playing on roll20.net, and Tabletop Simulator (steam), playing GURPS campaign in Fallout setting.
No. 51987
I'll be in the server tomorrow (20th) at the usual time. If you can't make it, not a problem.
No. 51991
I'm not yet sure, but if I'm there I won't have more than say 2 hours. Exams are starting and I have 3 exams in the coming 20 days, two of which I have just started learning for yesterday :<
No. 51997
No pressure mate. If you even just want a half hour break to shoot some shit instead of a session, offer stands.
No. 52037
Also, I figure I may as well just shoot it off here. Brick made some valid points regarding game future, and I just wanted to get your opinion as another player Germoney.

The idea is that we may transition to a simpler (and thus more conducive to online play) system after this adventure in Dark Stars. I'm happy to continue with Dark Stars, but if you also think a less heavy game would work better in the future, do let us know. The argument is that with less machinery to operate (Dark Stars isn't exactly a lightweight game :-D), I tended to have more engaging adventure to present. Since my goal as a GM is to present engaging adventure, that certainly piqued my interest.

It wouldn't be going back to Knave since the system is fine as a teaching tool I think, and for one shots but it isn't robust enough to do lots of stuff. The rules I'd be using would be OSE, which is classic D&D cleaned up for legibility.

If you want an idea of what the new rules would look like, here's the SRD.
No. 52150
Sure, I'm fine either way. I have exams until march 10th, but I figure next saturday I should be able to hang around for a bit.
Not much time to read myself into rulebooks though.
No. 52151
All good. We can just set our next game for after your exams if you prefer too. I'm in no particular rush. I still got some stuff to finish up on this current Dark Stars adventure but have had my inspiration leave me on that front.
No. 52251
I think it would be best to postpone the game until after my exams.

Might also help me overcome this mental block that I can only join you guys when there is a game planned. As absurd as that sounds.
No. 52257
Yeah, that's good. Sorry I missed you earlier by the way. Figured you weren't going to be there from your last post so I was napping.
No. 52258
No problem at all, I was preparing to learn for the next exam and didn't plan to be around long.
No. 53373
2,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
What happened to do p&p thread?

I would love to have some p&p- sessions.
Who is in, too?

Please don't let me down. I am counting on you my Ernsthomies.
No. 53384
108 kB, 209 × 244

What's wrong with her finger?
No. 53389
She must be left handed
No. 53396
Waiting for schedules to clear, I'm ready to start back up tomorrow if everyone else is. You're welcome to join. Watch this space for developments.
No. 53397
Great news!
No. 53471
85 kB, 700 × 420
>What games do you play?

1981 BX MoldvayCook
Would be nice, when you join.
No. 53598
Okay, I am able to breathe again, finally. So next saturday (or whenever we want to meet) I'll be there again.

I think there was a time warp since our last play, so what was 7:00 for me will now be 6 or 8. Brb trying to find my helper script that I set up to convert the zulu time in desktop time :-DDD
No. 53599
Right, it was dead simple, the good old unix user command date does the trick automagically:

> date --date='2021-04-10T6:00Z'
>Sat Apr 10 08:00:00 AM CEST 2021

If that's okay with you guys, I'd prefer earlier. As early as possible actually, so if 4:00Z is fine with you (which would be 6:00 for me) that would be rad, I daren't ask for earlier from you guys :D
No. 53600
Thats fine by me. Good to see you back on your feet.

Since we started that D&D game meanwhile, In the interest of time on the day of would you be good with a pregen character thats good to go? Im more than happy to run you through character creation anytime, but if you just want to turn up and play, thats also good.
No. 53601
There is probably a middle ground where I can chose a direction for a character and we generate most stats to fit the idea, right?

I won't have several hours to spare until saturday morning for creation, but a bit of choice as to what role I'll play would be nice. How much time would you assume we'll need?
No. 53602
20-30 mins tops. It's not a complex system at all, almost the opposite of Dark Stars. Most of it is just picking your equipment since stuff like rations and light aren't just flavour items, but are kind of important to the gameplay loop.

And yeah, if you give me an idea of what kind of character you're interested in, then I can also do that too. Background isn't super relevant but class-wise I'm starting with the Basic classes, found under the Classes tab here


Would prefer the human classes for simplicity's sake but if you really want a demihuman character, that's fine.
No. 53606
Alright, I'll be a thief, if that fits the party well enough, otherwise I could imagine playing a cleric.
If I don't find the time for a quick chat tomorrow I could just be 30 minutes early on saturday.
No. 53616
Thief is perfecly alright. Either of those time options is fine by me too.
No. 53619
Alright, then I'll be a thief and I'll be 30 minutes early tomorrow, at 3:30Z.
No. 53926
Assuming that we're good for Saturday again? 0400Z still good for everyone? Or would meeting in the middle of last time and the usual at 0500Z work better?

For me it's all just afternoon so you guys should figure out what works for you lot, and I'll be able to meet that.
No. 53954
I think 4:00Z still works for me. Are we playing as a group of 4 this time around? Does brick have his character?

Btw, with a stroke of ginormous creativity, I've named my thief Garret. Gotta have to deal with that.
No. 53956
Assuming that the other guy sees the thread this time, yes.

Unoriginal shit is not a problem. Tbh, it's almost expected from this era of game.
No. 53998
Bugger, I'm sorry, I've only slept for like 3 hours this night and I'll be heading back to bed now. Maybe we can find another date this week, I really didn't want to miss this one.
No. 53999
That's fine, I can do some other shit. Still free whenever, so if you guys figure out a time here, that'd be good.
No. 54107
Is everyone good for the same time this Saturday? Please sound off so we know that we're all on the same page.
No. 54109
I am, I guess.
My character's pretty much ready.
No. 54216
So small change of plans sorry. If possible, I'd like to push the game back to the old 0600Z time this week. I was supposed to be out of town today but it got pushed back to tomorrow, so the extra 2 hours is a big help for me in doing that shit and still getting back down the highway in time. Also, Brick has a plumber coming round and if he's still not ready by that later time, he's greenlit us to just drop him in when he shows up.

Just confirming that it's all good. I probably could still do 0400Z if I had to, and can also compromise at the 0500Z instead if that works better.

If you guys can figure it out here, then I'll go off of that result tomorrow morning. Thanks.
No. 54232
Sorry, but some things have come up (surprise visit from mom that needs some preparation and some other, private thing) and I won't be there tomorrow. Turns out I could do any day during the coming week, though, at least from 4:00Z to 8:00Z. I'm also terribly sorry for not making it last week and not finding a replacement date for that either. How about monday 4:00Z?
No. 54233
Forget all I said, I was off by a day and I'll be there tomorrow 6:00Z as suggested. Sorry for the confusion, I was simply too dumb to read the calendar :-DD
No. 54234
Okay. Been there. I had a similar brainfart. I knew about the change in date for my thing yesterday morning, but only realised its impact the game later that night.

Anyway, Ill see you there then.
No. 54675
Tell me if there's a game tomorrow so that when I wake up, I plan my day accordingly.
No. 54678
Right. I forgot again. Try 0600Z, I should be home by then.
No. 55022
Was reminded to post that tomorrow is on still. Brick gave me heads up that he's good with starting earlier too, if you still wanted to do those earlier 0400Z starts, Germany. Just let us know, so that if you are still keen for that time, we know to be there then. Else, I'll just assume the usual 0600Z.
No. 55026
Good question, depends on when I'm getting home today. I'll plan on 4:00Z and if I'm home too late today and need more sleep I'll tell you guys before I go to bed.
No. 55032
Righto, sounds good.
No. 55046
Yep, came home early enough, I'll be there at 4:00Z, possibly with 10-15 minutes delay because I'm going to meditate after breakfast and before turning on the computers.
No. 55238
Just remembered to post a reminder that I'll be there at 0400Z tomorrow, assuming we still good for it.
No. 55257
I think so, yes. I'll be there, hopefully on time, but I have only about 3 hours until ~0700Z

So maybe we should try not to derail as much tomorrow :-DDD
No. 55266
So brick told me he will be late, making a session probably very short. You are still welcome to come hang out for a bit if you want, but a game is probably not on the table today.
No. 55429
Tomorrow at the usual 0400Z is good still I assume? I'll be there as usual anyway, whether everyone is there or no.
No. 55467
I... I thought today was friday, literally came here now to ask if we are playing tomorrow. I'm so sorry :-DDD

Also, where did the fucking week go?
No. 55474
It's also June. Time is wild as fug.
No. 55477
It's called getting older. You accelerate like hitting the inner orbit of a large sphere of matter. You do not notice that time changes until you check the calendar or watch things wither and die and grow. From you perspective, everything around you is speeding up, while from their perspective you are slowing down, just like primary school seemed to last forever and then college was over in seemingly half the time, which four years to you now was basically a year then.

But then again, if you're not raising your own kids nothing important enough is happening in your life to care anyway.
No. 55488
Speak for yourself. Some of us value things other than 'muh kids'. I only got so much time before I'm too old to do dumb shit and get away with it. I mean, just yesterday, I smashed my hand up in a way that at worst is a green stick fracture that'll come good in a week or two. Old me do that and it'd be multiple breaks probably. That's my problem with losing time, and it has nothing to do with spawning.
No. 55492
>do not procreate
You're effectively arguing against the purpose of life which is to continue its line, so I really hope you're actually doing something important enough with yourself to merit it and not just like working in kitchens and beating off to anime. I think that this is exactly the point at which Western neoliberalism will ultimately destroy itself, by being so self absorbed and hyper individualistic that the very notion of raising a healthy family has been deemed a petty waste of one's time. I know so many people our generation like this IRL and it saddens me, because it's like they're committing a form of collective suicide in favor of consooming plastic trash for a day before throwing it in a landfill.
No. 55493
I have a good time with my life. If I rough myself up doing it, such cases. I get one go at life, so I'll enjoy it while I can. Spent too long giving a fuck about respectability.

Kids don't seem fun in the slightest, so fuck that shit. Plus they're probably going to die in the climate apocalypse so eh, I ain't into that. To me, that shit seems like a waste of time. The kids get a crappy run, and you jacked up your own ride to do it.

You ain't no better than anybody else for buying into the picket fence and 2.5 kids meme tbh. That hits for you, fine, but that seeming like a massive waste of time to someone else isn't a social/moral failing, or them not being able-minded. Look at it this way, those kids grow up to pay tax and consume even more. You aren't fixing nothing by having them.
No. 55494
Yes but you also add the literally primal enrichment to your life. There is nothing sadder to me than seeing a guy who's 40 years old with an anime figurine in his gaming case and a whole wall of anime figures behind him, or some sad, self pitying 50 year old wine aunt. I think lots of people on the Wect like to think like this when they're young not realizing or thinking about the real ramifications to their future much.

Of course in my case I had seldom worn protection and was absolutely reckless in more ways than one and didn't get anybody knocked up, which is at once a major blessing as well as a failing. I had always wantes a family that I've now largely given up on it at my age as has all of my siblings meaning an intelligent, educated family is getting buried in the dust while all those bydlo multiple like rats. It is absolutely a competition, it is life itself, and those Quiverfull idiots for all their other delusions are absolutely on the right track. I mean yes, it sucks I didn't, but at the same time I know rationally not one of those women would've amounted to any kind of normal happy family, and that is part of why I have failed, which is also why I am not wealthy and ultra successful, because I am an idiot who made the wrong choices.

I mean, where the fuck do you think you are? Who the fuck do you think is going to take care of you or look after you? You're a Westerner. Nobody gives a fuck about you. Nobody is going to make sure that you are safe and comfortable and well protected as you grow weaker and frailer with age. Nobody is going to care about you. You might like to think and tell yourself that your mates will still be there and they're your friends, but they are not. You are only going to drift further and further apart as they get into other things or start their families. I'm in my mid 30s and I effectively have nobody, no one at all except my own family.

I think that your attitude in particular shows the greatest failings of why non-anglos look down on us with disdain. Family matters lad. Las familias es todo.
No. 55497
28 kB, 600 × 315
You taking the thread off topic, so I'll go back to my initial point. Speak for yourself, especially in response to the assertion that the following is Truth, and not just your own evaluation of life goals.

>if you're not raising your own kids nothing important enough is happening in your life to care anyway.
No. 55713
Friday night reminder that tomorrow 0400Z we have game session slotted in. If you can't make it, just let us know.
No. 55716
I'll be there
No. 55754
It's gotten a bit late today, I won't be quite on time, but I should make it for 0500Z.
No. 55980
From your experience, what is best site or app to play Monopoly (or it's copycat) online?
No. 56004
pls report tomorrow availability
No. 56020
Available, be there at 0400Z. Possibly drained by a sleepless night of a million degrees celsius, but I'll be there.
No. 56027
No idea. Don't play monopoly, at least not since I was a kid.

Sorry was out all yesterday. Yeah, will be there.
No. 56273
If we play tomorrow, it will have to be a bit later, at 0600Z. I am taking my sister to and from her vaccine around the 0400Z timeslot.
No. 56278
Got it.
Now I can sleep in.
No. 56406
Eh, I'm so sorry guys, I completely forgot about saturday as I was in quite a hurry packing my things to catch a train. I'll tell you more once I'm back home, but I might not make it next saturday either as I might still be travelling.
No. 56410
It's all good. We sorted ourselves out, and can do so again if we got to.
No. 56412
I'll be on my trip to the sea until the 8th.
There will be internet access still though, so I might still be available.
No. 56552
No. 56555
I'm in lockdown, so I'll be around. Well see what happens.
No. 56586
Why the lockdown, what happened?

Also, since brick is now on a trip I assume he's also on holiday break and maybe we could play before next saturday even?
No. 56589
I'm technically not, just that it's slow season and boss let me take a week off as long as I stay in contact

I'll be available til 7th, leave evening, then 8th afternoon I'll be back home
No. 56590
Few covid outbreaks in the city. They locked it down while they did contact tracing. The P*rtuguese are partly to blame for this too, since their community centre was at the heart of one cluster.
No. 56592 Kontra
May a thousand plagues befall your island for this baseless slander.
No. 56593
515 kB, 862 × 485
Too late nerd, this island already has a thousand plagues, including mice :-DDD

For reference, article is old and the cluster is bigger now
No. 56596
Damn, they were even infected by a flight attendant coming in sick from the fatherland. Well, fug :DD
No. 56608
Tbh, been waiting since it first happened for the perfect moment to shitpost about it, thanks for indulging me :-DDD
No. 56760
game tomorrow?
No. 56768
Busy week so I forgot to post. I'll be around, got visitors I don't want to see coming over today as well, so being locked away in my room hits especially hard today.
No. 56988
Just an update regarding game days. I can do this Saturday, assuming we play, but from then it'll be roughly fortnightly because my new job has every second saturday for availability.
No. 57010
Right, I'll finally be there again this saturday. My time will be limited to 0400Z-0800Z as I've got a dreaded meeting at 0800Z that I can't sit through passively while playing elfgames with you because I have to actually lead the meeting :D

We can find a different date for future sessions if you like, I'm not tied to saturday.
No. 57555
We gonna have our semi-weekly shitpost session or no?
No. 57557
I'll be there most likely. If I dont show, assume I overnapped after work, since I don't really dig 5am starts, even if the shift is short.
t. posting from break room
No. 57558
Well, fug. I don't play Warhammer, but I really enjoyed the series. Should I start saving everything from the channel, I wonder?
No. 57568
6,2 MB, 4608 × 3456
Tbh, the only Warhammer I've played since 4e Combat Patrol and Kill Team in High School has been Inquisitor. Game is ebin, highly recommend it, especially if you like 40k's narrative vs it's tabletop representation. Mucho autistic but really fascinating rules. No balance. Veteran Marines have stats of 200 or so in a d100 rollunder system for example :-DDD
No. 57574
I'm a filthy secondary anyway, so I'm unlikely to play any of the (non-vidya) waha games. Not to mention that I don't have anyone to play them with. It's just that GW's new approach to fan works really confused me and pissed me off. I mean, those fan videos are basically just free advertisement for their stuff, why the fuck do they shut down everything now? Even if they want to make official Warhammer animated series, it's ridiculous to think that fan videos would somehow interfere with its popularity.
No. 57595
GW sucks and they've been doing it for years. They used to just be a game/miniature company who ran shops, not the Warhammer company. They published British D&D for example, and their stores stocked not just their IP's stuff but also more general purpose miniatures that they'd make. Then they realised that they could make more money by aggressive niche protection. Reason they crack down on fan works is an extension of that policy. It's less about advertising to them, and more about keeping an iron grip on their shit. They don't want others getting to define their universe to the general public.

Tbh, it's why I always liked inquisitor more than the core game. Using a ten dollar box of five mobilise guardsmen, and some creativity you could have a pretty stylish 'army' for the game. Plus the inq28 community is very third party friendly. You do need more traditional wargaming/train autist skills though because you need lots of terrain and that's not cheap unless you're making most of it. You could probably play on Tabletop Simulator nowadays and make it way easier though.
No. 57596 Kontra
t. too lazy to leave bed right now
No. 57619
>They don't want others getting to define their universe to the general public.
When you put it this way I am really conflicted because on one hand, I fully support the artists doing this to enforce their policy, on other, it does fuckall but in fact worsens problem of people like Disney ruining Star Wars. Also, because it is GW, and because they are retarded cunts, and because out of all things being protected I find the overall 40k universe among the cringiest settings possible outside of like Tyranids, Chaos etc., which is worsened by the fact some of that cancer is propagated by GW themselves i.e. Ultramarines bs.

But even still, I would wish people ruthlessly quashed shit I hate ruining everything but partly that could only be done by directly pegging IP rights to individual artists and having said rights non-transferable. Actually in point of fact now that I said this I think I've just figured out exactly how to protect the Caputalist degrade on art: simply make all artistic works a non-tramsferable asset as all IP rights being a covenant between the artists who made it. Then if anyone wishes to expand upon that must be clearly labelled as "EU" and that maybe a separate coveted label can be applied as "EU-(C)" meaning that it has the unanimous blessing of the IP holders as being canonical Expanded Universe, which may sound like it is not really doing much except that it legally prevents people like Disney ever from acquiring true rights to make Star Wars fiction and that the best they could hope for is seeing those big beautiful red letters EU-(C). Meaning everything they ever clearly could do is labeled as expanded universe and therefore not necessarily canon. It would prevent every single studio from getting fucked, would prevent all the megacorps from just gobbling up Fallout or Dead Space franchises because they are never going to legally be able to call themselves the original authors beside that name. It would legally prevent World War Z the film from ever getting to call itself canonical or related to WWZ by Brooks or ever legally being able to use that name without "World War Z--a fan fiction".
No. 57827
Going to assume tomorrow is off since brick is out of country, however if you still want to come hang for a bit, I have the weekend off, so I'll be about.

Now to the exciting thing. I was browsing today and discovered that something I was fascinated by back in the day, but never got around to playing is getting a reboot, that being a sci-fi tactical wargame called MERCS. The miniatures are back in production and while it's barebones right now since it's only been going a few months, they're apparently working on a new edition, and are maintaining a Living Rule Book in the meantime. Heart of the game is 5v5 battles. No points values, no equipment swapping, you just each pick 5 units from your faction's roster, no doubling up, and go. I found this in particular to be the really interesting bit.

The game remains pretty affordable for a miniatures game, with a legal army costing US$20. That's just minis though, and you will need to download the stat cards and such because it uses these cards not only as references but as measurements. Not that unreasonable tbh, wargaming is historically a very DIY hobby, but something worth noting. One caveat being that they're using the later models rather than the original metals. I don't want to get into the material war because I don't really care, just that I've heard mixed things about those later plastic casts.

Anyway, I just got kind of excited about that because I was broke and had just moved back to Australia when I first came across it, and the game died before I could get into it properly. The first edition rules have been starting at me sadly from my bookshelf ever since. Might take a dive, since it's so damn cheap.
No. 57828
4,2 MB, 4608 × 3456
Oh yeah, the link if you're curious.
No. 57830
Eh, I still have a laptop.
But if I'm free tomorrow will depend on whether I get the hardware running today or not.
I'll know in the evening
No. 57838
Alright. See what happens. I'll be up late tonight anyway since werking
No. 57840
I'll try to be there as well. Likely limited to about 4 hours again from 6-10 (that is 4-8Z if we are still in summer time, I think)
No. 57850

Feels a bit pathetic being in a foreign country and looking forward more to le fantasy pretend games than to a day out, but that's autism for ya
No. 59209
Oi guys, I've been absent for two weeks without notice because I'm a douche, sorry. I'm on vacation and planned to be back home tomorrow, but as it turns out there is a strike and my vacation is going to be prolonged for at least one more day (thanks, Deutsche Bahn). So, most likely, I won't be there on saturday (again).
No. 59210
All good. Tbh, I been working saturday mornings for them penalty rates anyway, so I would have been tired as fug probably.

Their strike actually damaging transportation networks is mega baste tbh.
No. 59225
Ah, you are well informed as always.

I seem to be one of the very few people not angry at the strikers. Getting home tomorrow is going to be pretty annoying for me, but I'll have to deal with that and won't be a whiny cunt about it. My travel companions on the other hand seem to be eating the propaganda from DB and the government by the shovel.

Apart from that, is there any other day of the week that we could meet regularly if saturday isn't working for you?
No. 59226
Saturday evening and Sunday all day works.
Also, during work days I might be available at noon, but that would have to be negotiated on a day by day basis.
No. 59239
I can only do your guys' morning/early afternoon on Saturday since I've got an opening shift on Sunday that means I got to be in bed fairly early. I finish that at 0400Z though, and am closing on Monday, so I can (and should) stay up late Sunday night and can catch afternoons (brick evening) potentially.
No. 59240
And nah, my roster isn't regular, so it's week by week for me. Saturday is my most commonly free day since I put it as partial unavailability.