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No. 51460
66 kB, 923 × 689
I will pop my shoulders repeatedly, vainly in hopes of hearing a popping sound. When I do get a pop, its intensely satisfying.
I also chew the insides of my cheeks to the point where they bleed and crack one of my toes quite often.
No. 51468 Kontra
There's neurotic habits and then there's tics
No. 51476
I don't pop my shoulders but all my fingers, especially my thumbs and my wrists. Also my knee. Also my toes.
I close my eyes and roll them to the top as far as i can.

I pull on my beard hair.

I do a weird thing with my mouth/nose that i cannot describe. I don't think i could describe it in German either.
No. 51605
OP made me feel very uncomfortable while reading. I hate people that crack their bones etc.

Sometimes I stroke my beard hair, yeah.

Or I need to have a fully empty nose, so I pick it quite often.