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No. 52782 Systemkontra
42 kB, 717 × 959
Old one dead.
Long live the new one.
No. 52783
3,9 MB, 2525 × 1298
3,7 MB, 2550 × 1303
For the last few days i played around with ai upscaling.
Really impressive what even some basic software can do within a few hours.

Especially the fact that you can get rid of artifacts and other stuff that result from bad compression is so awesome for my old porn collection.
No. 52784
348 kB, 1003 × 1280
Sunday is a great day.
No. 52785
Woke up late, I will start to write my paper in an hour or so. Hopefully I get things going today, at least a few pages or so, 2-4.
No. 52786
1010 kB, 1000 × 1200
3,0 MB, 2000 × 2400
993 kB, 690 × 1000
2,6 MB, 1380 × 2000
I've been using it for a while too. Sometimes it can make images better but if you try to upscale images that were too small to begin with it can look odd. Overall I think I use the program too much on things that were not meant to be upscaled. It can also remove some details, for example very fine texturing like the threads in clothing, if upscaled it will smudge the texturing together and remove the fine details.
No. 52787
>Woke up late
I rarely wake up late these days, usually I'm up before 9 o'clock, even on weekends. I also noticed that on weekends the times when I assume there are a lot of people on EC (sunday afternoon) is usually the time where no one is on EC, while on saturday evening there are a lot more people present on average. I have no idea why this is the case. I always assumed that if someone has a plan for the weekend, it will likely be saturday evening, while on sunday most people chill at home. I am almost always home on sunday, so I always wonder why there are so few people around.

Today seems to be an exception, though, there is some traffic on both boards, which is nice.
No. 52788
I fell asleep early and woke up really fuckin early, like 3am or some stupid shit like that. March through May is sheer hell for sleep especially if I fuck about with electronics.

I've just been leaving my PC mining at this point seeing how I leave it on and unattended anyway however I keep having a bad feeling about nicehash either being malware or some scam where I don't see dick out of my "wallet" which probably is going to get wiped by transaction fees anyway but whatever as long as it doesn't kill my card or rootkit my computer through a backdoor I don't care.

This whole debt collector thing is really starting to subtly piss me off because I had old credit card debts which makes me believe although all my old denbts are way past statute of limitations that they can still try to fraudently garnish my $1400 pandemic neet gibes and then try and give me the run around. I will find a way to sue the shit out of them even if it cost me all of it because I'd rather spitefully waste their money too than let them fraudulently steal from me. I'm counting on that money to give me a safe enough cushion this spring while hopefully being able to grab some kind of investments.

I'm currently looking at what kinds of tech, science, innovation, healthcare and other fields I can buy into and which way of actually making money through what trading program or method of stock and other asset buying. I've always been in a position of foreknowledge without the capital to act on it. My dumbass bankruptcy filing boomer parents and flaky debt accruing siblings don't listen to me either. I could've bought gold in 2008 before it doubled in price and I could've bought memecoin then too, I saw the 2020 crash coming from a mile away and by God I'll find a way to make money off all this.
Presently some of my ideas include which hospitality and travel agencies to throw money at before everything financially and virus wise recovers alongside genetech, sand mining, water, metals and other brewing investment ideas. I just need to see a few good IPOs to gamble on.

I finally recognized the truth: I must go it alone. The only thing that matters in this society is money. Nothing else does. Only God, and God isn't paying all my bills please don't punish me for that remark Lord. I need to find a way to grow my cash as much as possible. I'm tired of being poor and living month to month. I'm tired of not having my ten acres of land and deed to a house in my name, with no hope of owning in the future. These retards will own nothing and eat bugs and be happy. I refuse to go along with them. I need to finally save up enough money to flee my falling country eventually, even if I can't take diamonds with me to Heaven.
No. 52793
Found a 1k banknote in a short story collection I was reading before bed.
Karinthy is a really funny guy, and after reading a dozen or so of his stories again I kinda feel motivated to translate 1-2 for fun.
There aren't many writers who make me laugh out loud while reading their work.

Watched a lecture on Japanese art. It's amazing how boring and how interesting it can be at the same time.
Wrote my Chinese homework, and in half an hour we're holding a memorial meeting online with my friend about the first anniversary of lockdown.
Already poured out the tokay wine.

I still remember that day. We went to the train station after the extra literature class, we shook hands, said, see you in class on Monday, he went west, I went east and we never went to class together again.

Same. I forgot to set an alarm and woke up shortly before lunch.
Kinda feels like wasted productivity, but then again, the circles under my eyes seem just a tiny bit smaller. Something in exchange for something.
No. 52797 Kontra
I did not start writing today, bc I forgot I still had some rereading and note taking to do. I distributed all my notes to the three chapters and I notice how two chapters heavily overlap and I have to take a close look how to seperate these two and in which to write what exactly and what belongs to the other chapter. I have an idea already but I will have to be flexible this time while writing and be more open to change where what content has to be in the text.
No. 52800
You have not gotten rid of artifacts, you have exchanged known artifacts for ones that your brain isn't trained to notice yet.
Food for thought, I hope.

Also, half a year ago I've deleted my collection - more than a decade worth of work - and your post made me miss it for a moment. But now that I'm writing this, I'm glad again that I did.
No. 52801
I feel the same way. At the moment my plan is to invest in things that are set to go up with the recovery and better yet in companies and industries that are going see a boom in the coming years but I also lack sufficient capital to do it all... I think I have the Australian market covered mostly although I am thinking of investing in Lithium miners but I am conflicted on that. I'll probably look more into the US market Next, Lucid motors looks like it might be a good long term investment if they can actually break into the EV market, so I might put a thousand in it(it's either going to do quite well or fail miserably, so I don't want to invest too much).
No. 52809
Got completely shitfaced last night.
Pálinka made by Székelys is truly a thing of beauty.
Two-three shots over a longer period of time is the optimal amount of alcohol, anything above that is unnecessary and painful.
Really got on my nerves. Don't remember much but I do remember that I went on some weird esoteric rant and getting so mad (and sad) in the process that I repeatedly slammed my desk, which is probably the reason why my palm fucking hurts.
Basically never again. I felt like I was going to die.
No. 52812
Jesus fucking Christ FINALLY
I spent literally all weekend and all day today trying to figure out a way to get dogecoins. There was just something about it that sang out to me, call it a hunch or an intuition I'm not sure, but once I found out Musk was trying to shill it for coinbase that only accelerated my instincts and I am now the proud owner of approximately 600 doges. I might actually end up just sending all my BTC from nicehash to convert into doge too. I can't believe how much cockamamie shit I had to do to finally get pushed through to that point but now I can widely see how combined with my paranoia and alcoholism I didn't actually engage in crypto nonsense before. Of course I have already actually lost some money but that was just because I was trying to find slightly more obscure penny and dollar coins to snap up because I think you'd have to be pretty stupid or crazy to buy into bitcoin or any kind of major ones right now like ETH, Litecoin etc.
No. 52819
I really hate that degenerate Elon Musk and also how everybody looks to him as some genius and attributes everything Tesla or Space Ex does to him personally, like he is the one designing them when he is just the CEO and has no education in any of those fields. I also will never forgive him for his disgusting secondary post, Kagerou is not a cat girl!!

Crypto currency has no inherit worth, you are gambling on how many other idiots buy into a Ponzi scheme. But then if you are only getting 600 of them I guess it's fine considering how cheap they are.
No. 52820
I have over 1400 doges so far. My primary problem with it is actually that it has no market cap, which means that unlike any other crypto it's not got any backing, which however also isn't quite as relevant to me because I'm ultimately not dealing in crypto because I believe in it having real value I personally think it's all a retarded speculative bubble anyway but rather just because I am expecting it to be like some Dutch Tulip or Beanie Babie fad; I am specifically banking on people being retarded and irrational.

Yes that is correct. That is exactly the right premise.

However that actually being stated it does provide real tangible benefits, like instant conversion into fiat through Stellar as a sort of intermediary currency translator across national borders has a utility, as well as the allegedly private Monero or BTC having a secondary stealth function for criminals and rich people to help launder their money and try and avoid certain national fees and taxation schemes. I think blockchain art similarly refines down what degenerate art means in a Capitalist society, which is simply the mechanism for the storage and transfer of capital; indeed, this is precisely why such stupid shit as canned feces and duct taped bananas have absurd real world values, because art is never intended to be art in Capitalism but rather just another financial instrument for rich people, and anything that can easily cross borders as massive sums of money has a utility value to Capitalist society.

I also likewise would just want to add that regardless what goldbugs like to say, fiat has real value because the USD is backed by oil, and likewise memecoins have got an actual real world value backing them which is primarily drugs but also any kind of national sanctions evasion, intelligence black budgets, money laundering, and other international criminal enterprises. In point of fact I know that anything which has international drug money backing it is always going to be as good as gold, because people don't snort gold. The only possible thing which could crash some of these currencies to near valueless is if every country legalized drugs, and/or quantum computing finding a way to break the system. So long as international criminals trade in crypto I'll know that even if wild speculative bubbles for worthless vaporassets rise and crash, that it will never crash to nothing.
No. 52821 Kontra
279 kB, 2000 × 1333
>because art is never intended to be art in Capitalism but rather just another financial instrument for rich people, and anything that can easily cross borders as massive sums of money has a utility value to Capitalist society.
I wouldn't think you actually believe what you wrote but you did refer to such things as 'degenerate art', so it's entirely possible you genuinely believe this. Do you think the entirety of art developed under 'capitalism' is never intended to be art, or is this something exclusive to 'degenerate art'?
No. 52822
>the mechanism for the storage and transfer of capital; indeed, this is precisely why such stupid shit as canned feces and duct taped bananas have absurd real world values, because art is never intended to be art in Capitalism but rather just another financial instrument for rich people, and anything that can easily cross borders as massive sums of money has a utility value to Capitalist society.

What you want to say is that art under capitalism is just another commodity or has become just another form of commodity, meaning it has exchange value, a general equivalent. Use value is when I buy art to enjoy it, that is the use behind art so to speak. Also art is rare, a work of art usually exist only one time. The blockchain thingy ensures exactly that, as far as I understand it, did not read anything about it tbh, only headline peeking more or less. Being rare and thought after, according to market mechanism, can lead to high prices, afaik. Art is an investment. A weird M-C-M' (Marx)? Read not enough to say that is how it works here.
I tell you what crosses border even easier, digital or abstract capital/sums whatever it is, basically the fincancial markets operate outside of national regulations, not totally I think, don't know that much, but regulations make unattractive location.
No. 52823 Kontra
189 kB, 1080 × 1348
Also I forgot to mention: art can still be art, it musn't be a commodity in the first place, meaning when it was created there was no intend to sell it. Ofc people make art and also want to sell it to make a living, but that is not always the case. And might also be a matter of degree. Since you cannot really compare art creation with factory work, maybe in abstract way it is the same, I'm not sure and lazy to think about it more atm.
No. 52828
31 kB, 600 × 516
I think that art made to be Art in Capitalism is often in spite of, not because of, its intended market function. Clearly I hate HATE people like Marcel DuChamp and Warhol and have likely held forth at great length on this prior. You get a guy like Jackson Pollock and it's neat and it is pushed by CIA for propaganda more than market function, but by and large I wasn't impressed by anything I saw in museums in NYC or cinema or shit that gets paraded around anywhere else. Bear in mind that the hot stuff in cinema is essentially securities for banking and loan companies, who push trashy bubblegum pop in recording precisely because they want safe returns on the investment.

Because of all these factors while people may appreciate Art, they by and large want a commodity, a security, and a wealth storage and transfer mechanism, whose mechanics are often predicated more on the personal connections of who made it not whether there is any talent whatsoever. I knew one useless piece of shit for example who literally took photographs of other people's photoraphs and then sold them for a ton of money because he knew people in NYC and had those connections. It was outright ripping people off and precisely the sort of behavior I despise of talentless hacks profiting off true talent who themselves stay poor, because what makes money is not that insight.
>mean by that
Not in a natsoc way but I do unironically have mild tankie sympathies at this point in time. At least under a brutal regime where the function of art was glorification of the State and its ideology, Soviet Realist art never degenerated to anywhere near the low points ours has.

I regard Art as borderline holy obviously, so seeing yet another thing obliterated by this cancerous socio-cultural matrix pisses me off way more than most things. It's practically a sacrilege--but not even sacrilegious in a way only true Art can be, but its nihilistic degradation into nothingness. I hate it and despise it with every fibre of my soul's being.

A commodity implies it has real value--it does not. Commodities exchanges are things of real inherent value. When Marcel Duchamp puts his name on a urinal and sells it for fucktons of money, it's because that signature "one of a kind" thing holds wealth value regardless of one's liquidity and whatever taxation dodging and financial schemes they may be up to. Like yes if I hold a genuine Rembrandt it holds value regardless my currency inflating or crashing, but then this https://www.gq.com/story/suddenly-the-koons-is-this-100k-banana fiasco happens, which like I said regardless of intention or anything else beyond it remains something that reaches the apex of commentary on how this society is ultimately entirely valueless and bankrupt, and all that matters is who you are and who you know. Art here is rendered into literally nothing more than a memecoin wallet or a checking account with more stability, security, and better APY growth rates.

To merely call it the commodification of art gives it way more credibility than it deserves. This is not a commodity; this is a savings deposit box.
No. 52830
162 kB, 1169 × 1391
>A commodity implies it has real value--it does not. Commodities exchanges are things of real inherent value.

I borrowed the concept from Marx, what you say is somehow the opposite of what Marx thinks a commidity is. That a commodity has inherent value is a statement of the classic economists Marx is critizing in Capital. A thing is a commodity when it has an exchange value that has nothing to do with its use value. So when I go to a museum, art has a use value for me, nothing to debate here, regardless if it is a urinal, a black square or a 10ft Bugs Bunny sculpture made out of chrome with platnum eyes and bronze filling or whatever. As I pointed out before, it is debatable if artists produce their artwork for the market outright, which would be similar to industrial commidty production, it's produced not for use value (enjoy the art) but for exchange value only (get more capital/get richer, M-C-M'), that is what a commodity is about.

The art thing about lots of contemporary art is its self reflexivity that you don't seem to get. Or lets say you hate self reflexivity because art for you should be about social commentary or skillfully realistic paintings, I don't know. But while an absurd art market exists, does not mean that it can also be art. Jeff Koons can say it's all hoax, but when you study his work of arts you will find concepts applied. A new shiny vacuum cleaner, freshly polished from the factory can be interpreted in a twist as virginity, in contrast to many products, its preserved forever instead of used and consumed. Ofc this was just a lazy attempt but does art owe you anything? Even if there is no meaning, or the message is that context is important for any cultural artifact and work of art, it's a message, just like the painting if Jesus contained a message 700 years ago.

To say it with D&G a work of art can be deterritorializing novelity, affect, really makes you think™, brings you somewhere you haven't been (feeling and thinking wise), awakes a desire to break free from a status quo and then gets reterritorialzed becomes a commodity, channeled into in an investment only, flows of desire caught by capitalism to align to the laws of the market, no novelity you just go back to the island of capitalsm like boomerang, it looked promising though, no?. It can be both.
No. 52831 Kontra
>But while an absurd art market exists, does not mean that it can also be art

Ofc it should say that it can be art even though the art market exists, the explanation is in the D&G, it's both or it can be both, at least.
No. 52832 Kontra
99 kB, 600 × 464
1,9 MB, 1726 × 1022
20 kB, 255 × 346
Focus on outsider art. I do it, and it pays. Zero pretensions, 70% of artists I know say something in their outputs... I understand your pain regarding art although...

Let's say I appreciate the guys ripping off the posers by selling them literal shit as in your pic. It's power, man. Fucking destroy. I don't know if you know one of the cans started rotting and exhaling fumes. The owner complained, I don't know what the artist said but man, worth mocking.

A pity that the rotting shark by Hirst was "repaired". https://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/01/arts/design/01voge.html. After all... Imagine the tank full with a brown thick opaque liquid. That's art, man, that's a punch in the face. Or go outside and watch the flowers. It's even better and they smell and look great. Ah man, praise the Lord, fucking destroy, man, that's ultra art. A cloud. A plant.
No. 52838
My brain refuses to feel happy and content despite the obviously improved financial and social conditions.

broken piece of shit
No. 52841 Kontra
So why one has Instagram account? What is the purpose?
No. 52843
269 kB, 1023 × 1280
>At least under a brutal regime where the function of art was glorification of the State and its ideology, Soviet Realist art never degenerated to anywhere near the low points ours has.
What absolute hogwash, you seem to believe that modern art has reached a lower point than art in a nation when the entire artistic and literary communities faced imprisonment, exile or death for not confirming to the standards set forward by committee decisions. The same hideous regime that saw fit to continuously persecute great artists and force them to lower their artistic expression to fit the whims of those at the helm of society.
Not that any of this matters, it's actually fitting that such a dead regime would find advocates in people like you.
No. 52844
So what are you lacking?
inb4 "the relevant neurotransmitters"
No. 52845
I don't know. That's the thing, I don't want anything in particular, but always feel like I'm missing something.

I just don't get satisfaction from most things.
No. 52846
51 kB, 459 × 700
Maybe it's the feeling that even individual perceived progress in personal affairs is nothing else than another arbitrary state in an existence without a clearly defined goal, placed in a universe which also does not seem to have any obvious goal. Maybe that's the reason why humans always needed things like gods, enemies or football clubs: They give a sense of purpose, with which one suddenly is able to experience a sense of belonging, and a mission to complete.
No. 52847
>a clearly defined goal
>gods, enemies or football clubs
Maybe for you, but I don't think that most people would feel worse if/when all those things were/are absent. Of course, other people having those things can still serve a purpose for you, such as keeping those other people occupied, which may serve your goal of keeping trouble away from you.
But what do I know, you and I are a small sample.
No. 52850
637 kB, 642 × 832
Of course you would be miserable if you have a job and a social life.
No. 52852
67 kB, 1073 × 399
Are you a believer? This is a sign that you aren't, but it's not always the case
No. 52858
96 kB, 846 × 443
So I ate trashed onion that my roommates threw away (it was midsection in the trash), washed it a bit, put it on my bread with sardines and ate some of it. Then I re-trashed it..

Will I get foodborne illness, Ernst?
No. 52859
>Will I get foodborne illness, Ernst?
Nah, you washed it off. Washing fixes everything. It's even better than wiping it on your shirt. You're golden.
t.Bro scientist
No. 52863
I'm thinking a lot about Pierre Bourdieu these days. Last weeks, I've been interested in a bourgeoise girl and I talked to her and it's incredible how, culturally speaking, I can do whatever I want, read whatever book, listen to whatever song, I'll always sound and look like a barbarian. It's frankly vexing, and I know it's not even conscious. I have an accent from the land and they speak proper french. They look to me so civilized that I'm almost ashamed.

I have also a sad anncecdote on this subject. A girl I know had herself tatooed the word "ataraxia" on her arm. Doing this, she doomed herself to my eyes. She sacralised bourgeois culture in a nearly paganistic way instead of appropriating it. And this forever. The Bourgeois will find her ridicule and the people will find her smug.
No. 52865
>The Bourgeois will find her ridicule and the people will find her smug.

I know Bourgis who have Tattoos, depending really on what you mean by that word. I could imagine in families with longer traditions of being better off there are opinions about better having clean skin. Frankly, I wonder where I am positioned since only my mother went to a Hochschule and it was not a university. My parents still managed to make money, dragged me to museums as kid many, many times. I think I lack some things that seem intuitive to some people of higher strata, but generally speaking I think I make an impression that I come from certain background, which is not totally false, my parents paved the way up, they themeselves profited from the golden social democratic postwar years in Germany though. My grandparents were workers through and through afaik. Baker, maid and factory work are known to me.

>They look to me so civilized that I'm almost ashamed.

So, is it only the accent? Or don't you know how to dress properly? That can be thought to a certain extend, but you also need to refine your tastes ofc in many different fields, because that is what bourgis do today and I notice myself I'm quite good at it. To a point where I think certain people pretend to hard and I feel embarassed of them and then myself at times.
No. 52867
The number of pathogens that can make you seriously ill growing on a vegetable is pretty low. In fact your main worry wouldn't be the onion itself, so much as whether a) it had unsterilized manure to grow in (in which case you could get ill anyway, not likely) and b) it touched actual animal products.

I eat questionable stuff all the time. I won't if it is made from meat or eggs though. Animal flesh, animal manure, and random animal reproductive byproducts like chicken eggs and unpasteurized milk is the kind of stuff that can sicken or even kill you. The main reason so much produce gets destroyed is literally because they use cow shit which gets on the lettuce or whatever which often in case of lettuce and onions is near soil and not eaten cooked. Even removing the outer shell of onion flesh is typically enough.
No. 52868
143 kB, 800 × 600
It's not a banana duct taped to a wall
No. 52869
>I know Bourgis who have Tattoos, depending really on what you mean by that word.

The problem isn't the tatoo, but that she choosed to tatoo a word of greek philosphy to look cool. I may be wrong, but it appeared to me as ridicule. It's like if you are a muslim since birth, you won't tattoo yourself allah on the chest. It proves that it's a concept she integrated through school and university and tried to appropriate it in a akward way.

>So, is it only the accent? Or don't you know how to dress properly?

I think it's the way of being in general. Even if I think I'm way nearer from a bourgeois than a working class man, at least culturally speaking. And am also pretty good at keeping a good illusion. It may be just strange for me because I never had any friend in my life that had or tried to have any form of bourgeois culture. And I'm really betting on the fact that the girl also hardly find anyone with her bourgeois culture, wich I highly doubt is true, but if it is, it would make things for me incredibely easier. And to answer your question, I realized I could dress well only very recently and am just starting to get some fun out of it.
No. 52873
All Tattoos are disgusting, I guess they serve a purpose in idiot/degenerate/poor person identification though.
No. 52874
People often go outside for a romp but not for a ring. In fact your subtle differentness could be keeping the attention in the first place.
No. 52884 Kontra
Thank you for your contribution, this is the most thoughtful highest quality thought I have ever seen unfolded, it's almost like understanding Hegel, but better.
No. 52886
How would you define degeneracy ?
No. 52887 Kontra
Leave him, he's obviously a 4kanker tourist. They hate tattoos there because they got rejected by a chick with a tattoo once.
No. 52888
I agree, but for aesthetic reasons rather than social ones.

A design superimposed on an existing design creates a jarring clash.
The human body already has a design, and when something is drawn on top of it, it looks ugly.
Same holds for paintings. If you draw something in the corner of an existing painting, no matter how pretty the second drawing is, the overall effect is ugly.

And same again for automobiles and buildings. Decals on automobiles look tacky and ugly, because the automobile was already designed to be aesthetic the way it is, putting stuff on top of it takes away from the design of the form. Graffiti looks ugly on good architecture, the only reason it is tolerated is because it's typically painted on buildings that are uglier than the grafitti itself.

and the worst one, stickers on laptops.
All of these phenomena share several common traits. One, that they're ugly, and second, that they are performed by people who are desperate to show off their unique personalities and quirks to people who didn't ask.
In a way, they're forcing other people to know things about them that they didn't want to know, because they have no choice but to see them. I conflate such behavior to smelling really bad in public.
No. 52889 Kontra
Graffiti on clean trains looks very good though. It has the perfect surface for paint, my man.

My ex got a tattoo while we were still together and it was placed in a way that was kinda arousing during sex not above her ass or slit btw[spoiler]. So I think tattoos can look good, but bc of process I'd never get one myself, I'm pretty sure whatever I'd get myself I would dislike it in a few years.
No. 52890
134 kB, 1200 × 848
Eh, it has nothing to do with the quality of the individual tattoo/grafitti, but with clashing of different mediums.

We discern the form of 3D objects through patterns of light and shadow. 3D art is designed to produce pleasing composition of light and shadow from all angles.
2D art is an illusion, a planar imitation of shapes through dark and bright paint. Meant to create an illusion of light and darkness.

When you put 2D images that have high local contrast, on a 3D shape, the beauty of which is discerned through interplay of light and dark contrast, the former interferes with the other.
You are obfuscating the aesthetic of the 3D object with the aesthetic of the 2D object. And the 2D artwork suffers as well, because non-flat surfaces aren't very good canvases.

It just doesn't work.

I think what gives me fulfillment is discovering and understanding things that are fundamental and non-arbitrary.
This is why I regret having a tech-related job. The design of technology only reflects the "Truth"(tm), when the technology is designed incredibly well. Unfortunately, most computer technology, software, etc., is designed poorly.
All I learn from computer systems is local, non-transferrable, trivial knowledge that does not reflect anything beyond itself.
Like a badly designed video game, it's all just a bunch of arbitrary systems and relationships that don't let you glean anything bigger.

And the scary thing is, human life in general is becoming this arbitrary, formulaic, "designed" experience.
I want to experience life unfiltered from made-up context. I want to experience buildings as architectural spaces, rather than destinations for other ends. And experience people as people, rather than their occupations of functions. I don't know how to express it. The world feels fake because it is. It was designed to be this way by someone or something.

I felt equally or more miserable when I was NEET, but do continue making absolutely worthless posts.
No. 52891 Kontra
>It just doesn't work.

Learn the rules, then break them, as it is said. You are right in many cases I guess, but that does not rule out every instance where 3D and 2D come together. I gave you examples of what I found pleasing, I can give you examples where I think it is wrong. I like trains and their design, yet I'm not bothered by graffiti in it, while a brutalist architecture covered in graffiti wouldn't be pleasing for me. And I stay by trains being the perfect surface when they are not round, they are "flat" and steel/glass doesn't soak the paint like old walls do.
No. 52892
Not a problem. I thought I would enlighten the board with my intellect. This Hegel must be quite the insightful chap to be compared to my likeliness.

Being of a base nature, not that this does anything to elaborate. Drug users, swearers, the poor, people like that.

Huh????!! I don't even come from there. I come from secret places that I won't tell you because I don't want you going there.

I agree, there is that as well.
No. 52895
The problem is most of these people are faggot taggers, not graffiti artists, and it does indeed look like trash and indeed they should be arrested and fined the cost of cleanup plus tip. The problem is in how you would even go about differentiating art from trashy graffiti.

Vis a vis tattoos, it's likewise a problem that most tattoos I see just end up looking trashy. Then again I solely consider it valid for signifying rank, tribal affiliation, and achievement within occult, military, organized criminal, and other organizations. The number of people who have tattoos and who also actually have what I would consider art and not just body graffiti at least in America runs anywhere from 0.1% to 1.5% of all people with a tattoo, and on the off chance they got something truly tasteful it's probably just sharing with trashy tattoos, and the only reason to have a trashy tattoo is if you're a like intelligence mole or MKULTRA asset or just got out of prison. Otherwise having tats usually just makes you bydlo.
No. 52896
>but do continue making absolutely worthless posts.

Well that does seem to be the purpose of the board.
No. 52898 Kontra
2,3 MB, 1888 × 3748
>I had honestly no idea where the onions thing comes from, I've just seen it here on EC and copied it mindlessly.
Interesting. Have we already reached the late stage?
No. 52899
The laws of the land are the rules of the game.
Everything permissible by the system (be it rules, or the posting mechanics of the website itself) is legitimate under said system. Everything else is ideology.
It is the environment that shapes the things in said environment. Unless the inhabitants change the environment of course, which is not the case with imageboards, since basically all of them work the same way.

"culture" is not magic, it does not enforce itself. Culture, like its name implies, is cultivated through direct action.

Nothing about the way imageboards work, mechanically, enforces quality of discussion or the survival of a certain culture. The only way to ensure those two things, is to either change the mechanics of the imageboard (like minimum post length enforcement), or get the moderation involved.

t. on imageboards since 2009

to clarify I've always been in favor of enforcing hard posting mechanics in order to battle cancer, I'm not saying that the current state of imageboards is good, only that it was inevitable.
No. 52900
to clarify further, what I mean precisely is that there's no reason to complain about the fact that a ball rolls when you push it down a hill.
it is inevitable. it is the law.

futile posturing about how "it shouldn't have been this way" is pointless. As if you are owed something from the hard, deterministic rules of causality.

and it wasn't "truly" inevitable. it was only inevitable as long as the rules did not change. but the rules themselves could have been changed.
No. 52907
32 kB, 436 × 606
To make the girls that tell you "oh you should have an instagram account" happy. I have Instagram.

But Fuck Instagram.
No. 52908
63 kB, 630 × 450
>Ernst voted for this

Ernst.. how could you?
No. 52909 Kontra
8 moar years you retarded faggot
No. 52913
32 kB, 480 × 640
Is this a random trash post to upset people even though there is nobody to get upset about? Am I missing something?

Anyway, I was outside today. I saw some beautiful women, a sting in my heart that I'm alone. Did not wrote much lines for my paper. I will finish the main body by tomorrow though, have enough notes. What is more concernign is that I have to rework the whole main body quite a bit, which I never had to before. But I was told this is normal and it's necessary for my text, not coherent or well articulated in larger chunks.

Still did not read the biometrics wiki, I don't read anything private anymore besides uni, what a shame. Instead I drown in media consumption, meh.
No. 52914
6 kB, 165 × 165
>he had to vote in another shitty boomer candidate

Dude.. just abstain.
No. 52915
Mad, Germany?

(User was banned for this post)

No. 52916 Kontra
60 kB, 634 × 353
Yeah, can't you see my Biden bumper sticker and the flag in my front yard?
No. 52918
Went to the pharmacy today. I really wanted to see a bus on the way there or on the way home, but didn't see one.
Don't even remember if the bus lines even function because of the lockdowns.
Kinda missed seeing the restaurants open with the workers having lunch and drinking beer.
No. 52919
Everyone in America is trying their hand at being first time investors right now thanks to that guy. The other guy gave us covid and a crashed economy. Yknow, it's almost April again. I'm sure it'll just magically go away.

This is unironically what dealing with other Americans is frequently like. I thought about asking whether everyone is truly awful or it's just us and a few other ultra bydlo countries like Russia and China, but then I realized I didn't care and I'll find out one way or another when I finally arse myself to getting my passport this year.
No. 52938
Getting a date is going to be super difficult because there's not a single establishment in this city I find respectable enough to bring a lady to.
This country is a shithole
No. 52940 Kontra
There is good regions in your country. New england may just be better than most west-euro nations for exemple.

And you could cook something good for the girl.
No. 52941
What prevents you from inviting her to your place and cooking? Cooking leads to sex, inevitably.
No. 52946
I'm brick on mobile data lol.

>Cooking leads to sex, inevitably.
Girls know that, so they wont go to your place unless already in a rellationship.
Wait a minute, I don't even have my own place
No. 52956
Today I shat on my floor.
I think I ate something funny yesterday so I had some extreme pressure this morning. Because I overslept I wanted to brush my teeth first so i would know exactly how much time I would have for the toilet. Because i tried to be as fast as possible i droped my toothpaste. Of course i was foolish enough to pick it up and that's when it happened. The End.
No. 52957
Malodrax tier
No. 52963
>The first block (sensor) is the interface between the real world and the system; it has to acquire all the necessary data.

Am I the only one who gets goosebumps thinking about all the things necessary to make such a "simple" process going?

It happens to the best, champ.
No. 52964
>I don't even have my own place
Don't take this as an insult, but getting a place of your own should probably be a more important concern than dating
No. 52965
It's not an insult it's just basic fundamental reality. Ironically enough the dating market is and has been all but dead anyway so it really wouldn't matter if I lived alone or not right now but by God if I can find a way to make money off people shtupping once the economy opens up after covid, I will. I fully plan on buying stock in some dating sites this Spring.

Anyway yes listen to Russia. I know that it's not always the case in second and third world countries other than USA but at least here it's all but expected to not have a date as a man without your own place, in fact in mainland China it's basically expected that if you don't own at least one home you will never marry. Perhaps it's not such the case in places like say Mexico but even outside Anglo bs you need to first work on getting your own place.

I know it isn't what you want to hear and you can still pursue a fling anyway but it's just the brutal reality. Moreover having your own place, a job, part ownership in a business, these are the kind of things to fixate on first and foremost rather than considering dating.
No. 52968
>please contact your bank or use a valid form of payment
This is fucking bullshit. I should as my right as an American be allowed to pay for website hosting with a prepaid debit card. Fuck. Is there a way to pay for web hosting without having to use my own personal banking details?
No. 52969
Oh, right.
That makes sense.
I have no idea how any of this works because no father figure lol.

I was going to retort with "I doubt any of the couples I see on the streets have their own places considering the median salary, and that it takes a decade to save up for it", but then I remembered most people have normal, functional families with a non-alcoholic father, who usually save money to buy their children at least a 1 room flat. Or pay for their rent.

Then again, not always the case. Plenty of miserable, married young people who can't afford their own marriage.That's probably the norm.

But I don't want to be the norm. My motto's "do it like a white man". Unfortunately, I'll probably be well in my 30s before I catch u[ to the white man lol.
No. 52970
anyway, my remark was hypothetical anyway, not planning on dating.
I've trippled my dose of SSRIs so I don't even have a sex drive anyway lol.

It's just that once a week I spend a little money to eat out at a place, to break up my diet of boiled chicken breast, and so far I haven't found a single place I liked 100%.
kazakh barbarians can't into the hospitality business.

The fancier the place is, the worse is the food.
uzbeks and uyghurs make great food, but their establishments are usually dingy little eateries.
No justice in this world smh
No. 52972
Sounds like you really wanna do it like the burger white way. I mean not everywhere all over the world have young people their own place and they still date, your own place is not mandatory for having sécks but it depends on culture etc. In countries like Italy many young people live at home until their mid twenties, they do not abstain I guess. Musil people have sex in cars and such, they find a way around living with parents and still having sex is what I want to say, it depends and what the other person expects, much or not much at all because it's the same shit for them.
Also when the food is very good but the place is a little dingy, if she is the right person she is ok with a non-fancy food place. This works in the white world, perhaps it also works where you live, if people adopt white burger standarts they probably also shit on it, like people do here, I hope so at least. YOu can just say it's dingy but the food makes up for it.
No. 52976 Kontra
Mow that I reminded myself, when I say secks I basically meant all kinds of intimacy, the horny fixation does not capture at all that what counts into the situation and its desires.
No. 52981
I really hate my colleague at work. Like, real actual hate, not Just some disliking. I can't work properly because of that person and I can't tell my boss "well, i only suck at my job because my anger stops me from doing it properly so no need to fire me".

How to get rid of a colleague? I considered many possibilities but only know that I have no intentions if becoming a murderer. What else is there?
No. 52982 Kontra
Rumors. But before you do that, ask yourself if the problem might be you because you're a soft cunt, sperg, etc.
No. 52983
25 kB, 480 × 360
7 kB, 375 × 155
1,6 MB, 825 × 784
I'm again in this state between excitement and anxiety when it comes to academia. I sense more connections within different schools of thought, for instance that the french structuralism is born out of mathematic symbolism / formalization in the 19th and early 20th century, the symbolism in matheamtics kicks of a whole discussion about metaphysics, you knows that? While french structuralism evolved, cybernetics took off... Ach! I can't comprehend yet it's somehow connected, both work with mathematics and functions and whatnot.
Likewise I'm impressed by the whole history of science, methods, aesthetics and it's operative force in RL.
My fear is that I will never fully understand all this and much more, I know I never will but I want to know as much as possible, but I get massive FOMO feelings, because I also politically want to catch up on what has been going on and is going on.
Doesn't help that my life is uneventful and without any intimacy.
No. 52984
If it makes you feel any better, some of us weren't back on our own until 30s anyway. Life has not been easy.
No. 52988
723 kB, 1838 × 2776
The obvious solution is to just not worry about it lmao.
No. 52989 Kontra
full disclosure:
I am a worrier myself
No. 52990
Yesterday I asked the instructor to give me another horse and everything went pretty well, even though I was still jumpy after the last couple of weeks, this one knows what to do better than I, so on one hand it all goes smooth, unless something like a train spooks him, but on the other hand it's not much of a challenge for and therefore I don't learn as much. In other news, that girl asked me out on a date again, it went well or went nowhere depending on what you'd consider a success. I'm a bit concerned about the age difference, even though it's probably completely acceptable.
No. 52992
9 kB, 288 × 175
Wow, I am so annoyed.

So I was waiting in line for the ATM behind this guy, who was about the same age as me, but already had like two larvae about the age of 4 and 5 next to him. Young father, huh. I stood behind him at a socially acceptable distance, zoning off and being drunk out of my mind. One of his spawn, a girl, then just stands right next to me, invading my private space, as is typical of demi-humans who are not aware of acceptable social standards. (This is actually what I hate most about children, I'll be at a store trying to buy piss lager, and some fucking toddler will be right in the middle of the path unaware of anything, blocking traffic, while their parent is distracted. And I can't do anything because interacting with children as a grown male is verbotten). Whatever, I think. I'm too busy being drunk anyway. Then, the young father senses my presence, turns around, looks at me, and his grub. Then back at me.
And he says "can you stand a bit back?". I oblige and take a step back. Then he says "further back". I oblige and take another step back. Satisfied, he turns back around and withdraws his entire monthly salary, then leaves.

How dare he to imply that I'm some kind of sex pervert or robber, when I stood at a perfectly acceptable distance, and it was his larva that invaded my private space. I wanted to clock him right in the face, but I knew it would negatively impact the psychological development of his bantlings, so I refrained.

I fucking hate children and I fucking hate parents.
No. 52993 Kontra
also, what kind of bydlo retard withdraws his whole monthly income in cash when electronic payment is prevalent as it is.
what is he, a moron?
No. 52995
162 kB, 1169 × 1391
>but already had like two larvae

welele, best brick lingo choice

Playing the advocatus diaboli here, you might have been too drunk too estimate the distances correctly. But chances are that you just met another human bean with is personal warped reality.
No. 52997
I am in a pretty weird state of mind.
I have never felt "anxious" in my life, but right now I think that's it. I don't even know why. I feel some deep feeling of discontent and I don't know why. I feel lonely and don't know why. I feel like I can't breathe and I don't know why. I poured a glass of whisky, but so far it didn't do anything.
No. 52998 Kontra
Update: Anxiety is gun. It obviously stemmed from some online auction I was bidding in (and got outbid at the very last second by 5 Euros by some absolute fucking asshole). What the fuck is wrong with me?
No. 52999
For the last 1.5h I started reading pdfs, looked up random things and consumed online content that I already forgot about. In the hope of finally picking up the book after witing this post, I let you guys know. Feels so stupid, weak and mindless, wasted low energy vibes. Maybe I should go for a short walk.
No. 53004
If I learned anything from getting shitfaced last time is that alcohol is no way of escaping any of my worries, it just strips me down to my most basic thinking processes and brings forth even more worries that cause my higher level worries. I always thought alcohol was a sedative, and not something that'd make you have an angry panic attack.
This is kinda sad, because before, whenever I felt down could just pat myself on the back and say "I'll one day drink a lot and forget it", but now even this faux-escape idea is gone.

But then again, I don't want to die. On the contrary, I wish I had two lives to pursue everything.
I love humanity, I love the things we've accumulated over the past 6000 years. The names, the places, the facts, the ideas and the languages. But this love for the noble and interesting never seems to translate into the political, where for some reason I keep dancing some sort of inconsequential but very irritating totalitarian danse macabre. A game where the person with the pokémon card with the darnest thing written on it wins.
Fuck politics. It makes me feel dirty. Every second I spend on it makes me more and more unclean.
At this point I think I drank from every single enticing but poisonous well just for the hell of it, except for maybe libertarianism.

But at least physically I feel healthier. I can stomach coffee again and I stopped sleeping in the afternoon.
I just want things to return to normal.
No. 53005
I'm only getting audio out of one side of my earbuds. Wired, not bluetooth. It's been this way for a few weeks. I listen to mono sound while waiting to pick up a new pair. They're cheap, but I'm too lazy to shop. Shopping involves decisions, I hate making those. Anyway, today I plugged the buds into a different device- surpise: they're fine. The audio-jack on my mp3 player is the problem. It's either dirty or broken. Tried cleaning it- no luck. So probably broken. 6 years of daily use...7 maybe. Not unreasonable that it would break. Damn. At least I didn't buy new earbuds.
No. 53009
What is it like to live in an apartment? Not the huge apartment complexes or skyscrapers, the ones I am thinking of are 1 to 2 stories. How much neighbourly interaction do they involve? Seeing as we share a wall and possibly a floor/roof can I hear everything they do and can they hear me? That would be a problem.
No. 53010
Actually also, what is it like to live in a Sky Scraper?
No. 53011
I lived in a 2 story house (or 3 depending on the inclusion of the street level apartment). It was an old building, built in 1905. I could hear my neighbor fuck and I guess people in the staircase could follow me and my gfs conversations etc since we had no door to our sleeping room and the apartment door wasn't really isolating. I think in most cases you can hear your neighbor, it depends on the activity but generally, yes you can hear the people around you doing things and they can hear you too, what can be heard is depends on the built of the house, there is no general answer but you can bet your ass that some sounds will be heard, this includes also minor cases like things falling on the floor for instance.
No. 53013
What were the interior walls made off? I just remembered that while I haven't lived in an apparent I did stay in hotels in Marseilles in old French buildings with stone(or brick I don't know) walls and I don't remember much noise but I was not there long enough and maybe there just was nobody else next door which come to think of it I don't think I did see anybody else(the hotels were cheap Moorish ones, I was not there for a holiday not that I think I would even go there for a Holiday or even France at all if the rest of the nation is like that).
No. 53014
These buildings are usually from (sand) brick, the floors are usually wooden panels, which is a noise source and a thin isolator if noise as well. But the house next to mine (wall to wall) was also built around 1900 and I could hear the kids scream for Alexa on sundays when family members visited.
No. 53015
You mean "sandstone". I had a chuckle imagining people just pressing sand together to bricks.
No. 53016
The quality of the building makes a huge difference in how much you can hear your neighbors. One apartment I lived in was built from concrete blocks. Two stories, real solid, made to stand up to hurricanes and not flinch. Almost no sound transfer. Another place was wood. Flimsy. My floor would shake when the neighbors had a party. Terrible, and ofc I heard them and they heard me.

In either situation I was aware of when the neighbors directly across from me came and went. There was a shared landing, which was covered. This created an echo. I could hear every word someone said outside their front door.
No. 53017
i am about to achieve irish heaven.
I have passed the barrier that used to make me too nauseous and dizzy to drink more.
now I can drink substantially more without even feeling much.

I think the positive side effect of this is that it made me more tolerant to dizziness in general, so I don't get as motion sick while in a car for example. I will have to test this at some point, but it's going to be difficult to find a situation when I'm in a vehicle and NOT drunk.
No. 53018
spoke too soon I guess.
No. 53020
ok, I am going to take up a new challenge.
7% piss lager is tolerable to me right now because the alcohol content and foaming in my stomach makes me unable to get beyond a certain rate of alcohol absorption per second.
Whenever I tried using more concentrated forms of alcohol, even if the alcohol volume was the same, I would just rocket past the vertigo point and feel like shit.
I need to train myself further. I am going to start with wine. quite a bit more expensive, but should be worth it.
it'd be amazing if I cured my motion sickness by being an alcoholic. I'm very willing to take a bunch of liver damage so I can ride on a bus or catch a cab without having what feels like a minor epileptic attack.
No. 53024
Does Ernst knows something about symbology?
Today my train stopped for 20 secons before arriving to the station. And there was a green and yellow bird eating stuff on the rails right next to my window. We looked at each other for one second an he continued to eat and I couldn't catch his attention again. Once arrived, I crossed the path of a kid and I'm sure I see him every monday at the same hour.

I wanted to talk to a girl I'm interested in today but didn't have the occasion. So I was stressed when she was near me and tried to avoid looking at her instead. I also said cringe things to friend while she was there. (for exemple that I had troubles to consider someone as a friend, but in a cringe way). It's a shame a really want to know her, she seems intelligent and is even good-looking. We discussed a bit about existentialism and she told me she was writing poetry, I don't know anybody who writes poetry for himself. I also think she was trying to impress me by telling me that. It worked. Sad being so anguished by women. I think I need to get laid and maybe I would be cooler with all of this...
By the way, for a long time I distrusted good-looking people. I thought they were lying by trying to look good but now I appreciate it.
No. 53025
>green and yellow bird
You have clearly been visited by the Ernst bird. Consider spending more time on this website.
No. 53027
106 kB, 1080 × 585
>didn't have the occasion. So I was stressed when she was near me and tried to avoid looking at her instead

Oh man, I see myself in certain situations. I think this still happens especially the avoid looking. It's a shit feel. I wonder what exactly let us behave this way, guess it's a sign for having a crush to say the least. To me this is a bad sign, since it shows me that the relationship is charged in a negative way.
Though your other things are relatable, I think it might be problematic, I don't know how to articulate it, some things remind me of my younger self (no hate for good looking people though) and all I know is that my younger self had quite some problems in different ways and since I'm already depressed these days, I can only say the cope and development isn't very big at times it seems.
Getting intimate will solve certain things, will make you be more comfortable with certain situations, but I could picture myself getting back to such a behavior. Anway, try to "work" on these things if you think it's a problem. Wish you the best.
I know some people who write poetry or try literature, I myself tried various times, I still hope one day I can manage to write down what comes to my mind again and again, but since I don't train writing literature this seems utopian.

Also my problem for today and on so many other days together with things like lonliness and that I'm wasting my life while I should do this and that instead, putting more merit in things I do, is pic related.
No. 53029
I just realized I have probably had more time on the phone since the beginning of this year than my whole life before (I don't count work into this). I hate telephones and especially mobile phones and I absolute fucking hate talking on the telephone, yet I've been phoning around because of different appointments, inquiries and other problems. I think just this week alone I have already called like five different numbers. Also, fuck german bureaucracy sideways and fuck german politicians with a chainsaw.
No. 53030 Kontra
>I think I need to get laid and maybe I would be cooler with all of this...
Then do it. Go to a whore. Are you a virgin? Because virginity really isn't something special to keep.
The first time will ALWAYS be awkward at best and traumatic at worst, so just do it. Afterwards you will be a man.
No. 53031 Kontra
I think having fucked won't relax him that much when it comes to this situation. Yes, I think it makes you somehow more relaxed because the big unknown isn't so foreign anymore, but here different feelings or more than this anxiety play into his situation. It's something different to obtain a relationship or loving bond between you and another person than going to a hooker.
No. 53032
This. Seeing a hooker is the stupidest internet advice I've ever seen. It is on par with if not far worse than "just be yourself bro." The whole point is sex is not the objective for these guys, just the fixation point.
No. 53033
I'm sorry, you need to apply for Permit A38 to apply for the opportunity to take a chainsaw to the system :-DDD
No. 53034 Kontra
>The whole point is sex is not the objective for these guys, just the fixation point.
Seems like you didn't quite understand what I was saying, because I am well aware of that. If sex WERE the objective, there would be no reason to not always go to a hooker. But in this case it's merely a contributing factor to the insecurity/uneasiness, hence you should get it over with, to, as >>53031 said, at least that unkown won't be unknown anymore, making it easier to focus on other things. When an equation isn't unterbestimmt anymore, it's exactly solvable.
Also, "be yourself" is not bad advice - unless you're some kind of incel sperg, which you apparently are, else you wouldn't have reacted like you did.
No. 53037
To me the equation is still undetermined then, because sex is just one factor and the there are other unknown variables left.
Maybe he is not himself but to focused on what she thinks of him. Though I think it's not a bad thing per se to think how others perceive you and think of you, after all you sometimes have to overthink what you did and say and others will help you by pointing out. So the advice of being yourself and don't listen to others applies but also not applies that smoothly as motivational speeches want it.
That is were relaxation plays its part. If you are relaxed, you are comfortable and hence act different, freely a rather successful love relationship is the foil for comparison here. I remember my last "date" (don't know if it ever was one but I somehow find her attractive) and I couldn't find a way to talk easily and relaxed about certain topics, I just thought I would come across as weird even though I think people might understand me, we're often living the same life, often not, there is a certain risk but it pays when you hit the right one. And if you are relaxed but it still does not work out, it just wasn't meant to be, which is sometimes not easy to accept, but I guess the more chances you take, the better you can accept it because, you will notice yourself that it often does not really work well, no sparks even though you were able to talk etc.
No. 53039 Kontra
6 kB, 223 × 226
>Also, "be yourself" is not bad advice - unless you're some kind of incel sperg, which you apparently are
Having to resort to that kind of reasoning usually does not stregthen your point, but shows that you are running out of arguments. I have no idea why you insist to include this in your otherwise reasonable post. It confuses me why someone would put effort in his post only to spoil it with the last sentence.
No. 53040
Yeah, I was probably oversimplifying. There are so many factors that realistically speaking the equation will always be undetermined, even if you're a total stud, BUT a lot of it is experience. With experience - which also means being better able to perceive and interpret signals - relaxation follows. With relaxation comes confidence. For scoring chicks you have to practice like you have to practice for everything else. Some might have a better starting spot, but the game stays the same among all humans.
Out of experience I can say that caring about that the other person might think of you is the worst thing one can do. And that initial attraction is extremely important. If she's not interested in you in the first place, you shouldn't expend energy on trying to convince her otherwise (unless you're one of those stud dudes). Of course that works better on dumber broads, but I presume that Ernst is more drawn to "brain-y" girls. The basic principles are still the same, though. And if it fits, it fits, even if you talk about the industrial output of the Osman empire before the first world war.
That is also why I am saying "be yourself", because if you think further - you managed to form a relationship. What now? You'd have to play that role and imo honesty (which goes hand in hand with communication) is one of the most important things in a relationship. Also, if I can't be me in that relationship, it's not worth it. Now comes the big but, though: You can not be a disgusting sperg. Smelling like ass is not a character trait. Dressing well is not a character trait. Those are all factors you can influence. And if you meet those minimum requirements, you are almost guaranteed to have women be interested in you, provided you actually go and talk to them.
No. 53041 Kontra
>Having to resort to that kind of reasoning usually does not stregthen your point, but shows that you are running out of arguments.
What kind of reasoning? It IS not bad advice, but please feel free to explain to me how it is.
No. 53042 Kontra
I would explain it to you, but this would only be successful if you weren't a raging moron, which you apparently are, otherwise you would have understood right away. See what I mean?
No. 53043 Kontra
So you don't agree that ameriball was badly triggered? And no, I don't see what you mean, as your attempt at an analogy was at least quadruplegic.
No. 53045 Kontra
>So you don't agree that ameriball was badly triggered?
Yes, I don't agree.
>And no, I don't see what you mean
That is ok. It is very much possible to disagree with my posts and still not be an incel sperg, raging moron or quadruplegic.
>as your attempt at an analogy was at least quadruplegic
Well, can't blame you for being consistent.
No. 53046 Kontra
Ach, Sie suchen Streit?
And I still want to know how "be yourself" is bad advice, because so far you only managed to apparently willfully misunderstand my post, instead preferring to be a smug prick. Are you butthurt, too? Have you been told "be yourself" once too often, too? And failed to act on it?
No. 53048 Kontra
He said you shouldn't be yourself when you are an incel sperg, since nobody likes incel spergs because of reasons they hate women, have abusing fantasies etc, why would women want to be with an incel sperg, perhaps only if she cannot see the red flags a sperg of that kind is waving with his pua shit or whatever (secret) derogatory behavior he thinks will get him a woman
I don't see why swissball was imagined as incel in the first place, he seems to struggle finding a way how to manage the situation adequately , whatever this exactly means.
No. 53049 Kontra
>I don't see why swissball was imagined as incel in the first place,
Oh, now I see the misunderstanding. I never meant to imply that swissball was an incel and if that was the impression, I apologize.
I was just responding to the ameriball's obviously butthurt. Maybe I should have used "one" instead of "you", shame the english language lacks a proper analogue to "man".
I was insinuating that because ameriball reacted like he had heard the "be yourself" advice many times, but since he presumably is too much of an antisocialite, this can't work without first unfucking oneself. Please note that, again, just improving hygiene and style does NOT change who you, as a person, are. And if one's whole identity is based on how filthy they are, then, yes, "be yourself" is really a bad advice.
No. 53050
116 kB, 749 × 928
Since we discussed art here again lately, this video (yes the series is sponsored like many things that don't make enough money on its own) highlights the role of art in the future, at least people think it will play and I wonder what you people think abot it:


Yeah I think it's not about finding oneself and find acceptance for it but realizing possibilities, there is always the dimension of the proto future self that is within a supposed core self. Torn between been somebody and being not-somebody. Be yourself implies we know who ew really are, I think we don't, we have some hints but perhaps we are somebody else, it's not written down but has to be written ***spiritual voice*** (just a metaphor for a creative process, also easily captured desiring machines by the forces of a capitalist value univocity :DDDD aka be a productive subject in capitalism)
No. 53052
The hell? Be yourself is bad advice when yourself is shitty. I've seen it a million times in old KC where they try to find any excuse to not work on themselves. The main point of what I said being, visiting a prostitute is horrible advice because most of these young guys are just lonely and want romance. If anything, you will make their neuroticisms worse because you reinforce the sex object thing when what they want is a hand to hold. A prostitute will not teach them even how to have good sex with someone you love either, but will certainly teach you nothing about the process of actually wooing somebody and maintaining a functional relationship. Sex is easy. Making a relationship work over many years is hard as fuck.
No. 53053
I cannot figure out why I've been weakening for awhile now. It feels like some underlying disorder or brewing crippling disease. I wake up and I feel sick. Then a day filled with malaise and feeling unwell. I keep hoping eating more healthy food and trying to rest and smoking less will make a difference. This is like the fourth time in a week I woke up puking or gagging but thank god no headaches.
No. 53054 Kontra
I see.
>Be yourself is bad advice when yourself is shitty.
Well yes, that is what I also said in my last sentence.
But I don't agree with you on the hooker thing. The point here is that the longer you stay a virgin, the more of a "romantic" view you get of it and the longer you wait the higher the expectations are. I know a guy who said "sex is not as good as you imagine it jerking off". This might be true for some people (I know his wife, she's a cunt and probably a dead fish). And your first time will also not teach you how to have good sex or woo a woman.
And as you said
>Sex is easy
but not everybody knows that, so again:
Going to a hooker is ONLY for getting rid of those expectations of what sex should be or could be or "feels like" and THAT enables one to approach all the other stuff around it in a more relaxed fashion, because now you haven't missed out on anything anymore and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, just move on to the next one.

As kitschy as it sounds, love is nothing you can force and if you are actively looking for it you will only find what you confuse for love in that moment. "Why am I instantly falling in love with every woman who even remotely acknowledges me?"
No. 53057
186 kB, 1280 × 969
Post poning all my self improvement goals for the 1st of April. It's really better to set a date than to live in constant agony in procrastination limbo.
No. 53058 Kontra
81 kB, 383 × 680
Doctor rammed his finger in my poop hole today. To accentuate the humiliation, there were two students watching, a hipster looking guy & a fat turkette. Apparently it's something with the prostata, and not hemorrhoids as I assumed.
No. 53096
Yeaaah I still disagree with that though and also there is some truth to "you'll never forget your first." Do you really want that to be a hooker? It may only warp you and then cement the idea in your head that women=money=sex a lot of incels have, and only retreat further into bitterness and their woman hate. You're trying to say they're putting sex on a pedestal and fine that's fair enough, but I think you're confusing what these young men are after and how they pin it to sex. I mean my first actual sexenings we were drunk out of our minds and no it wasn't that good nor was I in love at the time although it was my longest on/off relationship by far in the end. Before her was a somewhat shorter but massively intense relationship which was .oh wait. I think I'm mixing my chronology but the point is, your early experiences will tend to shape you for years or decades and the primary thing is these guys are butthurt at women because lack of attention. This is massively retarded advice too if you're directing it towards really young men. I was in my early 20s for example. The whole idea that you're "supposed" to have sex with a lot of strangers is a decadent, degenerative perversion of all things natural and is symptomatic of what's wrong with society more than anything I'll just cut to the chase. What they should be doing is working towards building a stable future and if a woman they fancy comes along they shouldn't sabotage their own future but they should let it progress naturally as learning how to function in real human relationships. Look I'm going to level with you the whole idea of visiting a prostitute is to me on some level so cancerous it's part of why I've more and more turned on the Capitalist order entirely. People are atomized strangers treating sex like commodities and relationships like afterthoughts and then everyone wonders why everybody is twisted.
No. 53098 Kontra
I would want to note that I'm not the ideal transposition of the internet virgin/ attention lacker. Your discussions, while interesting and entertaining are meant to answer the troubles of an archetype, a homo virginus so to say. Wich I don't think I correspond to.
No. 53099 Kontra
>The whole idea that you're "supposed" to have sex with a lot of strangers is a decadent, degenerative perversion of all things natural

I will give this one a twist.
So I think it's ok to have sex with lots of different persons, there is no natural number, I don't know of historic records that display sexings of native tribes and ancient greeks and up until now so we could compute an average number or so. If somebody wants to experience sex with many different people, well do so.
What the problem for me is the "supposed". Because yeah, it's a thing with all the dating apps (and most people don't seem to fuck they just on the app, and delete it disgusted and unsucessful every three months), you are missing out if you dont have a lot of sex (which might be mediocre or worse), you are a loser if you don't. The last one really is a perverse, because your value is estimate by your sex success, worse is that incels bring together value thinking (market) with evolutionary thinking. The notion of having sex with lots of people makes you a valuable person is absurd. What I do let count is that it can give you more experience, or chances of (good but also bad) experiences at least. You can strive for that and that's ok, but the question would be if you might want to persue different experiences than all kinds of sex'
No. 53105
Re sex
Sex is gay
t. Brick
No. 53106
Stop avataring.
No. 53107
No. 53108
Any teeth pros here?
I went to two dentists for consulting.
Both said I have 5 teeth with caries. One said 1 tooth is in critical condition and must be dealt with now, the rest can wait. The other didn't check all that thoroughly, and said I have 5 infected teeth, and named the price for 5.
The price per tooth is the same.

Should I get all 5 teeth treated, or only one? I genuinely don't know. And which dentist?
You are my only friends. Pls help.
No. 53109
The first one. Do not go to the idiot who called them "five infected teeth." Get the first treated right away as an actual head infection can be lethal. A cary is just a cavity. It sounds like you have 5 cavities and one of them is turning into an infected tooth.
No. 53110
Are they saying that it needs to be removed or that it's just a filling? Well they are going to need to be treated at some point lest you end up losing them.
No. 53111
The second dentist didn't exactly say all 5 were infected, he just looked over them for 30 seconds and named the price. I just assumed having black spots meant infected.

The other one was way more thorough, picking at them with a metal tool and all. She recommended just one to be treated for now.

Tbh I trust the first one way more just based on work ethic, but I'm afraid that if I leave the other 4 alone, something bad will happen.

t. too poor to have generational dentist know-how
No. 53112
Just fillings
No. 53113
>but I'm afraid that if I leave the other 4 alone, something bad will happen.
Eventually the cavities will progress, and need to be filled. Some progress slowly. I had a tooth the dentist "kept an eye on" for years. Finally the cavity got big enough she decided to do a filling. That one never got black, though. It just showed up on the X-ray.

Are the spots showing up black on an X-ray, or on a visual inspection? If the other four are visually black, they should be dealt with asap. Not necesarrily this week/month, but the sooner the better. I also lived with a black spot cavity for more than a year before having it filled, so black doesn't mean infection. But even if it's not an emergency, the tooth is slowly decaying in that spot where the enamel is missing. So it's like a really slow timebomb. It will go off, it's only a question of when.

But definitely do the one tooth right away.
t.Different American
No. 53120
You will know that it is a critical problem because it will hurt like hell. I had the usual refusal to let them steal my teeth because durr hurr wisdom tooth removal is unnecessary surgery by dental cartels, and the one dentist actually said to me "no you are right, in many cases it often is unnecessary. :puts up xrays: in your case it is very necessary." That was my last two which to be fair was also just an autistic mentality about losing "wisdom" teeth (to be fair it was easier to chew thoroughly before or so I thought) however those were only impacted. My real problem was when I was basically rationalizing to myself that drinking lots of alcohol would help sterilize a growing infection. It hurt like hell. So the booze was also a painkiller. Had I let that go for another couple of weeks I'd likely be dead. The rot was already hitting my nerves and I was very close to the infection spreading throughout my head. You absolutely are going to notice the swelling and pain from an infection. Technically all cavities are "infections" but he was outright scamming you. If you have the money to get them filled I'd do it but only deal with the honest dentist. Just on what you said alone if I were to get all five filled I'd go with the woman doing it not him because he sounds like he'd absolutely half ass it anyway. But for emphasis, a cavity or weakening of the enamel isn't the same as an infected tooth, it's just your normal mouth bacteria secreting a fuckton of tooth eroding acids. Drinking lots of sugary beverage and alcohol (which has sugars) can worsen it rapidly. An infection is when bacteria starts attacking deep within the tooth and begins affecting tissues.
No. 53122 Kontra
16 kB, 633 × 758
This wojak describes perfectly how I feel.
I didn't see the sun, I was mean to my mother, and my work is subpar. I feel alone, and angry.
And I'm going to be a little bitch and post about it
No. 53123
28 kB, 254 × 191
Atleast you aren't a subhuman autistic retard NEET like me.

I should've been euthanized a long time ago.

Remember Ernst, it could always be worse.
No. 53124
Hehehehehe. I knew it from the very first.
No. 53125
45 kB, 395 × 512
>don't have to be existentially aware
>can still perform rudimentary, mindless tasks
>as such, can fulfill the boring, meaningless work needed to earn currency
>can now support my biological needs and benefit my family without being aware of the existential torture
Is alcohol a gift from the gods?
My dream has always been to replace myself with a robot that executes the tasks that I'm "supposed" to do, works, supports my family, etc., while I kill myself without the negative impact of hurting my family.

Alcohol is the next best thing.
I don't think any of you will get it, unless you're as mentally dysfunctional as I am. Every second of being lucid and aware, for me, is torture. I can barely manage 1 second of sitting, doing nothing, without wanting to off myself from the stimulus of being alive.

Funny thing is, every once in a few months, I feel genuinely good and alive and productive, when I enter my manic state.
So, my brain is actually physically capable of being happy and filtering out the existential pain, like normal brains do. Somewhere between the spectrum of being manic and happy for no reason, and being depressed and miserable, is normality. A state my brain is "supposed" to be in most of the time. It just decides not to. What a piece of shit.

life is amazing isn't it
No. 53126
Is it ok if I want to destroy life?
No. 53127
>My dream has always been to replace myself with a robot that executes the tasks that I'm "supposed" to do, works, supports my family, etc., while I kill myself without the negative impact of hurting my family.
Wasn't there some show that had basically exactly this premise?
No. 53128
327 kB, 950 × 1424
Dunno lol.
The closest I know is Click. Despite being a shitty movie, there's something about it that clicked (lel) with me.
The idea of fast forwarding your life, while leaving some homunculus golem in your stead. Not having to experience the pain of day to day life, and just letting it proceed on auto. Then ending up where fate ordained you to be at. Just getting over with the meaningless bullshit.

The worst part of life is having to experience it. Why couldn't it just be mindless automata proceeding through the ordained? Why do I have to be AWARE while going down the railroad tracks? Why has the Universe seen it to be cruel enough to make me EXPEERIENCE the journey to oblivion, instead of making the journey merely proceed? I don't know.

I am so drunk.
No. 53129 Kontra
So you basically decided to follow your father's footsteps now?
You can rationalize your drinking 24/7 but it won't work like that all the time.
No. 53133
11 kB, 214 × 317
Provide an alternative.
One difference between my father and me is that I just keep to myself. I want to kill myself, but slowly, and without bothering anyone.

I already take take shittons of SSRIs and it doesn't help against the discomfort of being alive. I am 50% more productive drunk because at least I can get the boring shit done without waiting for my manic episodes.
This is my slow suicide.

The alternative is to waste half of my life just suffering, and taking in the mental discomfort of lucidity while waiting for mania. I've tried it, this is where it led me, and it sucks shit. If there's a better way, I'd love to know.

I'd like to live long enough for my mother to die under the illusion that her sons have "made it", and that's it. Because I, myself, have no goal or purpose to live for. My birth was a mistake.
I don't believe in free will, or agency, or any of that dumb shit. I was born into the steel cage of a broken brain, and there's nothing I can do to escape it, other than to employ the Final Solution(tm). Now that's what I call Radical Freedom.

It's not like my life is worth preserving anyway, lmao. I will not contribute to the global narrative, my life will not result in some positive net gain for the historical totality. That leaves me with the local and personal. My mom and family, that is. As long as they are under the illusion that I am doing well, it is indistinguishable from me doing well. The remaining layer is that of my internal world, my personal reality. Well, I do not care for it, and I am the final authority of what concerns my personal meaning, so I am judge, jury and executioner here. And I have deemed myself guilty.
No. 53135
To make a video game analogy, I feel like I live in an unfinished, buggy location the devs left in the game by accident. And I'm an NPC with btoken AI.
I live in Truman's show, except the set was built by underpaid gastarbaiters.
God has an attention span, and clearly he was tired when he made my country, nay, the geographical region I live in. None of this feels real or matters.

The human experience is reducible. Life is material. Sentimentally is a desperate cope.
No. 53136
Seems like you know our life already like a train track, the problem I see is that you think your alcoholism will always stay the same and produce the same outcome, but I think that is were you are wrong, you are a bit too sure about yourself and your life and its outcomes. I don't say you will be a person that will be written about in books, that you can become a ceo or whatever shitty dream or simple thoughts a motivational speaker might have or shiet. I just want to say that what you think is the case now (and apparently forever) will evoke a tired laughter by your future self in 5 years or so.
No. 53137
See, what happens in 5 years, will be judged in 5 years.
I don't even disagree with you. It's just that, what is ordained for the next 5 years, will take place in the next 5 years. And for now, it is alcoholism.

Sure, I laugh at myself from 5 years ago. But at the same time, I do not see a way I could have done anything differently.
I am merely an observer of my own behavior.
No. 53138
Imagine actually believing in free will or agency lmao.
You are given what you are given. You either rationalize "your" actions after they happen, imagining them to be deliberate, or you take on the role of an observer, contemplating the inevitable proceedings.
Beware, if you pick the latter, people will judge you for being aware of, yet not changing the things that are beyond your control to begin with.
No. 53139
4,4 MB, 2:49
I have just the right song for you
No. 53142
>imagine free will lmao
>if you pick the latter


You know, I also want say something about the act of observation. Observation as differentiation means you differentiate and choose what is actually important and what is not observed by you at any given moment, you create blind spots, there is no observation that covers what you think it does. Just like you don't know the future and what the present has to play in it. Yet instead of operating with the unknown like the supposed good computer you are, you let that slide completely, you aren't really good at computing then, but perhaps CTM as last truth is questionable anyway. And don't say sentiments don't play a role here. What a weird mix are you dealing with? Srict Idealism but then materiality, buth yes the bio-chemic materiality seems to not play a role here. Because I don't believe in absolute free will only, many things never reach conscious representation, for examples the sentiments that play into your decisions which are triggered in a mix of bio-chemics and culture. You rationalize your way into some kind of passive observation. I want to know if the act observation does not itself act as feedback on what you think you observe. You think you can split things up here, be not part of what you observe, but to me it seems for analytical sake.

Also I want to know now if what Warren McCulloch ones termed the experimental epistemology and which basically was a foundation of the human bean as digital computing entity is still what it is back then, experimental: The human AS computer (system) not to be confused with the human IS a computer, I think people like von Neumann just took it as true.
No. 53143 Kontra
I mean we both know that this is just a rationalization to continue drinking and wash away the uncomfortable things (future) for now.
No. 53157
I'm tired of public transport, but the car prices are insane right now, a 10 year old rustbucket will cost me $5k+, life is pure suffering.

I remember wanting to buy a Saab but the manufacturer went down years ago, such a shame.
No. 53158
Yea, I have no hopes to get a new car in near future in this country.
No. 53159
6,5 MB, 240 × 240, 4:06
I'm walking to the store, do you need anything, Ernest?
No. 53160
91 kB, 698 × 527
>do you need anything, Ernest?
Can you bring some dignity, willpower, a GF and a purpose in life for me, please? And chocolate ice cream.
No. 53162
14 kB, 320 × 180
All of those are extremely scarce in a liquor store. In fact, I doubt I would find any of those things within the liquor store I'm going to.

No. 53164
Dignity = Sherry
Willpower = Whisky
GF = whatever the english word for "Sekt" is
Purpose in Life = Beer

Hymn to Ninkasi

Borne of the flowing water,
Tenderly cared for by the Ninhursag,
Borne of the flowing water,
Tenderly cared for by the Ninhursag,

Having founded your town by the sacred lake,
She finished its great walls for you,
Ninkasi, having founded your town by the sacred lake,
She finished its walls for you,

Your father is Enki, Lord Nidimmud,
Your mother is Ninti, the queen of the sacred lake.
Ninkasi, your father is Enki, Lord Nidimmud,
Your mother is Ninti, the queen of the sacred lake.

You are the one who handles the dough [and] with a big shovel,
Mixing in a pit, the bappir with sweet aromatics,
Ninkasi, you are the one who handles the dough [and] with a big shovel,
Mixing in a pit, the bappir with [date] - honey,

You are the one who bakes the bappir in the big oven,
Puts in order the piles of hulled grains,
Ninkasi, you are the one who bakes the bappir in the big oven,
Puts in order the piles of hulled grains,

You are the one who waters the malt set on the ground,
The noble dogs keep away even the potentates,
Ninkasi, you are the one who waters the malt set on the ground,
The noble dogs keep away even the potentates,

You are the one who soaks the malt in a jar,
The waves rise, the waves fall.
Ninkasi, you are the one who soaks the malt in a jar,
The waves rise, the waves fall.

You are the one who spreads the cooked mash on large reed mats,
Coolness overcomes,
Ninkasi, you are the one who spreads the cooked mash on large reed mats,
Coolness overcomes,

You are the one who holds with both hands the great sweet wort,
Brewing [it] with honey [and] wine
(You the sweet wort to the vessel)
Ninkasi, (...)(You the sweet wort to the vessel)

The filtering vat, which makes a pleasant sound,
You place appropriately on a large collector vat.
Ninkasi, the filtering vat, which makes a pleasant sound,
You place appropriately on a large collector vat.

When you pour out the filtered beer of the collector vat,
It is [like] the onrush of Tigris and Euphrates.
Ninkasi, you are the one who pours out the filtered beer of the collector vat,
It is [like] the onrush of Tigris and Euphrates.
No. 53175
The conditions are ideal. The sun is shining, there's a gentle wind and the whatevertree is growing sprouts.
The deck is clean and operational.
Spent the morning gathering "the stuff". The tablecloth, the pillow, the cleaning brush and so on.
Haven't had a haircut in like 6-8 months now I think. It's so long now I feel it as the wind grazes it. It's amazing.

Had lunch, the tea is ready, and classes are over. I'm heading outside.
No. 53180
648 kB, 1219 × 1795
Since I'm not finished, I will unload my excitement here:

This books explores the epistemological caves of our pre digital age. The time it scrutinizes is 1850-1950.
It deals with the dawn of logic (Boole) and maths as symbolic operation and science, with disocveries in physics in those years (waves and fields etc) and how these affected epistemologies (how do we know and what do we know because of how we know) in that time. It's about the dawn of the thought that thinking is formal, that everything can be expressed mathematically. It traces the roots of french strcuturalism because sociologists and ethnologists we struck by the logio-mathematical disrupts happening, their claim was that they found a symbolic order in "primitive" societies, they claimed having found out that before aristotles logic and the western ground of thinling there was an order in the sacred within primitive societies that is the base for all thinking- It's also about communication, about the roots of the concept of communication in the primitive socities and how it got cleaned of all that when cybernetics came and communication was set up on mathematical foundations. So basically it follows a trajectory of the dawn of mathematical and logical symbolism to cybernetics and what happened in between this on several levels.

I'm not through yet, but holly molly this is so interesting, that is relevant history. It's about the knowledge formations at the dawn of our cyberage, that haven't really left us today.
No. 53184
Bugger me, that looks like a book about a thought complex that has been forming in my head for the past two years now but for which I had no name and was not even close to being able to summarize.

Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely buy.
No. 53185
Okay, nope. 106 Euros for the english version e-book and no version in german even available in the archives of all local book stores...

I'll try to get it via my universities library, but for my personal collection I guess I'll have to pirate that shit.
No. 53186
102 kB, 1000 × 688
324 kB, 640 × 426
Drove to the store and parked under a tree. Ran inside, came out and found a half dozen white-marked tussock moth caterpillars crawling on the windshield and hood. Guess they had a nest up there. They're beautiful, but on the "do not touch" list. Didn't know that at the time, had to google ID the species after the fact. Those long hairs sting and create welts on contact. Not Australia-tier dangerous, but still best to avoid. I used a small piece of pine bark to safely transport them to the ground.

>the whatevertree is growing sprouts.
Those are my favorite trees, and they grow just about everywhere :D.
No. 53187
Well, I don't know what kind of tree it is. It has white flowers, like a cherry or a sour cherry tree, the leaves are similar too, but it never bears any fruit, even though bees regularly visit it.
No. 53188
122 kB, 512 × 403
67 kB, 800 × 532
Have you checked the Diaphanes Verlag page were the German Version was published? I have a uni exemplar here as well, no way to mark things, sadly. Just pirate the pdf then.
This book is a pre history of cybernetics and communication and its epistemologies I'd say, which are rooted in boolean logic, and mathematics as we know it today I think. though I think Gilles Dowek has pubslihed a book where he claims a new mathematics is on the rise, less axioms but something else,computation or so, stupid me knows no mathematics. Maybe I will get the basics in the next years or so

The part about the primitive societies and people around 1900 searching for the ground of thinking there was pretty cool. About the first difference and such things there is this book by George Spencer Brown Logic Of Form which is a mathematical approach for I don't even know how to say it, but it introduces observation as differentiation, the act of differentiation is the intersting thing here

Also an important aspect I forgot is that sciences moved away from Anschaulichkeit to abstraction (symbolist mathematics etc), the sciences went to describe things you couldn't see anymore. you know there is a cool side story to the discovery of waves by Hertz, field theory in physics and ghosts, mediation and shiet in these early years. The scientific disrupt caused alot of troubled and interesting phenomena in other areas of life and culture. One example from the book would be Batailles philosophy that burries, together with many others, aristotlian substances and exchange it with tiny components and flows, even Nietzsche back then started to adopt/got influenced from physics afaik
No. 53189
If a tree doesn't bear fruit, then I'm clueless. Sometimes even with fruit identifying a species can require research. Like pomelo. I used to live near a pomelo tree, but had never seen a pomelo before. It was just a weird grapefruit-sized, sort of pear-shaped, thing. Someone has a tree nearby which grows bananna-looking things, but they might be something else. They're too high to reach, so I can't confirm by sampling.
No. 53192
358 kB, 1200 × 900
At this point I don't believe anything people tell me about insects. I need to see it somewhere credible. Reminds me of the "daddy longlegs are the deadliest spider but their fangs are too small" thing which I don't even know how seemingly every retard came to believe it but regardless I've seen multiple caterpillar species listed as "dangerous to touch" here all of which I played with as a kid. We've only got a small handful of species on the continent that will even bother you.
Eh yeah it sounds to me a lot like this
That's one of the species I played with all the time. They're harmless. Many of these
Also are pretty much harmless when handled including Gypsy Moth and Monarch although due to its milkweed diet the Monarch actually can fuck up your day--if you eat it. Solution, do not eat caterpillars. Also as I suspected, the "internal and external bleeding" is retarded bullshit too they're just showing a species of tent caterpillars. Articles like how that is written make me realize how city retards must view everything. I'm not saying no one gets skin irritation and I haven't personally encountered your particularly Tussock species so I don't know.

Pic related will fuck you up though. Like most horrible things in this country it is found in Florida, along with our stinging tree https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchineel
No. 53193
1,1 MB, 1432 × 1074
Here's what they look like through a windshield. But yeah, he's definitely a white-marked tussock. You can see the pom poms on it's back, and the red head.

>Like most horrible things in this country it is found in Florida
Bingo. Caterpillars were in the news not too long ago. Don't recall why, probably a child got stung, or a pet.
No. 53201
Please, stop with the recommendations, my shelve of to-be-read-books will certainly collapse if I add much more to the stack.

>Gilles Dowek has pubslihed a book where he claims a new mathematics is on the rise

>by George Spencer Brown Logic Of Form

Will have to get these too, I'm afraid.

>Also an important aspect I forgot is that sciences moved away from Anschaulichkeit to abstraction (symbolist mathematics etc), the sciences went to describe things you couldn't see anymore.

This sounds like you might be interested in the following lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW8Cy6WrO94&list=PL55C7C83781CF4316

It's about the history of mathematics from before the ancient greeks until 1900 and how the approach to computation has changed as well as which fundamental insights have been gained at which point in which culture. It's light enough for non-mathematicians to follow, which is actually the point of the lecturer.
No. 53203
106 kB, 1080 × 585
>my shelve of to-be-read-books will certainly collapse

Yeah atm mine is really just growing :DDD

The book by Dowek ist called Computation, Proof, Machine. Mathematics Enters a New Age and its about 130p or so, quite slim. I had it borrowed from the library once but brought it back after a few months because I had so much else to read and since I don't know actual maths in its symbolic operational realm (high school is so long ago and I wasn't good then) I did not give it a try even though I think I'm not absolutely clueless anymore since I glanced into what mathematics is.

Also thanks for the lecture, might watch it tonight alright
No. 53205
My alcoholism is not so functional any more.
But my boss caught covid so it's k I guess, I've got plenty drinking days ahead.
No. 53206
86 kB, 474 × 711
You won't notice the immediate benefits for awhile like you do while drinking but trust me you should quit. Quitting booze was one of the best decisions I ever made in my entire life. It took a long ass while in my case but life actually steadily improved.
No. 53207
Can anybody remember the "short heda" meme from KC /int/?
Somebody asked a question about a country or something and the answer was something like

  1. culture of X
  2. short heda
  3. something else, I think
Anybody remember that?
No. 53209
Short heda
Culture of kill
They stupid

Extrapolate your options
No. 53210 Kontra
Wait no, the last part is
>they savages
In retrospect it is absolutely amazing how bad Russian English could be sometimes.
No. 53211 Kontra

Ah yes, that was it. Thank you.
No. 53213
Experimental data shows that ever since I started drinking again, my material conditions improved.
Or maybe my improved material conditions resulted in higher consumption of alcohol.
Him. More "research" is needed. Lol.

But on a serious note, what "improvement"? I was miserable sober, I am miserable now. What do I have to gain? Return to the normality of feeling like shit?

Hopefully one day I will stumble while drunk and fall under a truck.
No. 53215 Kontra
>I was miserable sober, I am miserable now.

There is no difference or graduality in feeling miserable? I can feel miserable in different ways, how about you?
I mean ever since I quit my drug habits more or less I feel better yet I'm miserable most of the time nonetheless, but man, it really makes a difference to the miserablitiy of drug consumption, which brought me to the brink of losing it alltogether. You know damn well were alcoholism will take you in the long run, being schizophrenic or being a schizo with years of alcoholism will be different, jeez.
There is quite a difference between flirting and fucking, and flirting with drugs and hence your own mental and bodily ruin is one thing, it's even cool these days, takes you places not everybody is going to visit.
But getting fucked is something else entirely and like in a real relationship it can take a bit of time until you get fucked. You are flirting, once you are fucked you can look back shake your head and pity yourself, wasting your life, take just another sip keeping the wheel going or perhaps even stop it altogether. Didn't you hold much of rationality? You want stab yourself, but you don't really know what its like to stab yourself, so rn you have an image in your head, reality will be different. It's stupid, but I wanted to learn some things the stupid way as well, humans want to be stupid and have to experience it first, good luck then I guess is the appropriate finish here.
No. 53222
I've gradually been narrowing down what can be wrong with me and dehydration, fatigue, headaches, and highly ammonia smelling sweat are pointing to something back. I am now under the assumption of renal or hepatic impairment and/or my blood sugar.
No. 53223
>But on a serious note, what "improvement"? I was miserable sober, I am miserable now.
I am not an acute addict but I have trouble to keep my drinking in control when I drink which leads to shit situations quite often, so I decided to stop drinking at least for a while because I wanted to escape those feelings of regret, shame and guilt that came with it but oh boy do I feel this mood.
No. 53228
It is like I said because the problem of patience. No of course you will not change life overnight when you quit drinking because the next week your life will still be shit but now it is sober and shit. So like I said, it requires the type of patience an addict seldom has on their own because the very existence of drugs becomes an "I feel good" button you can push and change your feels within minutes. It is, like with incels screeching about women, a sort of hard work that they've let themselves decay into being lazy asses and then make excuses for themselves because it is way easier to sink into rot than do the hard work they didn't want to do to begin with.

I really want to emphasize that I'd been hospitalized repeatedly as an algolic and suffered tremendously for it in the long term, physically, mentally, materially. It was no overnight thing. It took me years worth of effort to get where I am now that I can even see light at the end of the tunnel and some sort of hope in my future life being good, and working towards betterment of a future self, than the supreme self absorption of throwing your own self under the bus in favor of an immediate present self feeling good for five hours. The coats of being a drunktard mount rapidly.

In brick's it is being compounded as the son of an alcoholic. He can see his own father. He knows better. He does it anyway. There is no quick fix to this but you must adopt the mindset we have in the US military called "embrace the suck." You must make that suck of sobriety your own. You will eventually be so unclouded with so much more free time you won't be able to help yourself but do things productive. There comes a point where you basically stop thinking about or really remembering being drunk altogether. You can use some sort of crutch in the meantime, some use AA, you can become workaholic or play videogames or spend time with mates if you have any left I don't know, but everyone who stays on that path of being alcohol addicts is just committing a lazy suicide, an especially painful, long, drawn out suicide, typically because you've still got enough sense left to realize suicide is retarded.
No. 53235
64 kB, 640 × 502
34 kB, 405 × 246
Is the German cognitive science bernd here? I wanna ask how much biology and chemistry play into your studies.
No. 53242
128 kB, 1200 × 900
Not sure if you mean me but in my program it was largely ignored, instead the focus was on computationally modelling cognitive processes & aligning the results with AI. From most papers I remember, if they featured some attempt at reconciling some model with the biological implementation, it was usually done as an afterthought, and even then at the level of neuronal activations. Though I suppose that's understandable, the underlying chemical stuff is a whole different can of worms.
In my bachelor's I also only had one course on anatomy IIRC.

I'd recommend checking out David Marr's Three Levels of Analysis if you haven't already, it's a fairly classic mainstream framework to gauge the scope of cogsci. Though I suppose there are bound to be people who work outside of that or maybe have extended that model etc., take all I said with a grain of salt since it's been a while since I dealt with that stuff.

t. dropped out of CogSci Master's
No. 53244
142 kB, 240 × 380
76 kB, 640 × 799
I'm eating Kaltschale and listen to some fine early y2k techno music and stopped writing my paper introduction, what you gonna do 'bout it, Ernst?


>Not sure if you mean me but in my program it was largely ignored, instead the focus was on computationally modelling cognitive processes & aligning the results with AI. From most papers I remember, if they featured some attempt at reconciling some model with the biological implementation, it was usually done as an afterthought, and even then at the level of neuronal activations. Though I suppose that's understandable, the underlying chemical stuff is a whole different can of worms.

I guess I meant you. There is an Ernst also working at uni about this as a student perhaps, dunno?
But thought so, thanks for validating my speculations. I watched a video on bioart the other day and there was a thesis that biology and chemistry will be more relevant in the future when it comes to thinks like AI. (Or maybe more relevent than the current AI hype, dunno exactly anymore). And I wondered if cogsci has gone more transdisciplinary by now.
No. 53250 Kontra
>There is an Ernst also working at uni about this as a student perhaps, dunno?
I still wörk at the department, but I just manage their websites.

> biology and chemistry will be more relevant in the future when it comes to thinks like AI
I'd think that these fields are already fairly computation-heavy with simulations like the AlphaFold protein folding "AI" as the tip of the "current AI hype" iceberg. I see more technical developments in that direction (e.g. simulation of movement & integration of biological AI stuff into robotics) rather than actual cognitive models including the biological/chemical level at great detail since you're quickly approaching a point of the map blowing up to the proportions of the territory so to say.

And also CogSci is definitely riding the waves of this hype, but I'm sceptical about the results since not that much has changed about the theoretical frameworks since it's inception, it's mainly just computational power that allows for more & fancier models.

>if cogsci has gone more transdisciplinary by now.
The ideal & attempts are definitely there, but my impression is that it's rarely actualized since the urge for specialization to be able to release papers is so large.
No. 53252
376 kB, 1200 × 1633
Mathematics is ridiculous and mathematicians should put their endeavours towards something that is actually useful and not completely ludicrous and not even real. I just heard of something called the Doomsday argument, simply put what this 'argument' says is that we are humans that are born halfway across the lifespan of humanity as statistically it is more likely that we are born in them middle of humanities existence than on the end or at the start. It's stupid and not based in reality at all, somebody has to be born at this time just like somebody had to be born as the first human or the 100th human. According to this theory the 100th human to be born would only have 100 humans follow him and we cannot exist.

Mathematics isn't real and as that is what a large part of our understanding of the universe is based on it follows that a large part of what we know about the universe is not real either.
No. 53253
apparently my boss DOES have covid, but decided to show up to the office anyway.
thanks, dude.
No. 53254
math isn't real, but for reasons more complicated than the absolute drivel you just posted.
No. 53255
i am considering becoming an anime degenerate subhuman escapist filth possibly pedophile-in-denial to cope with my bleak existence.
what do you guys think?

From interacting with weebs online, I have noticed that they don't have a shred of self doubt in regards to the lifestyle they lead, which means they're either genuinely happy, or so deep into the anime cope rabbit hole that they entered a parallel reality. which, tbh, is indistinguishable from being happy.
it looks really tempting, I gotta admit.

what do you guys think?
No. 53256
Well there isn't anything actually degenerate about anime but still, keeping people like you away from it would be best. The western fanbase is bad enough as it is without even more people like you in it. It would be better if westerners did not watch it at all.
No. 53258 Kontra
Maths is abstract and symbolic, ofc you can't see it then, but does that mean it's not real? You can't see electricity either.
And you are literally using some kind of digital machine to post this, which is more or less a mathematical machine operating in a physical reality (material), also in time.
No. 53259 Kontra
If you're in a "fandom" rather than the thing comprising just a small part of your interests, then you're already a weirdo, sorry.

And anime is totally degenerate. It is super exploitative entertainment that relies on untreated mental illness, societal imbalance, low education & low standards, sexual deviance, pedophilia, mental immaturity, etc., to thrive.
It is essentially a Japanese version of superhero comics and sleazy mags, but done much, much more competently and ruthlessly.

When weebs brag about Japanese pop culture being superior, they are talking about degrees, not categories. As in, Japanese pop culture is superior at being hedonistic escapist garbage than western hedonistic escapist garbage. Not that it is better "artistically". Hence why so many weebs feel the need to point out how "sexy" the underage looking female characters in anime and video games are compared to the western ones.

Being good at being evil is not a good thing. This is what capitalism does to culture.
No. 53260

>And anime is totally degenerate. It is super exploitative entertainment that relies on untreated mental illness, societal imbalance, low education & low standards, sexual deviance, pedophilia, mental immaturity, etc., to thrive.
>It is essentially a Japanese version of superhero comics and sleazy mags, but done much, much more competently and ruthlessly.

Clearly you haven't watched much anime, or even western media to compare it too for that matter nor do you know much about Japan.

>mental illness

You would have to clarify here. It's quite a vast field.

>societal imbalance

Again, you have to clarify. However if one looks at Japan one will find that they are actually quite balanced in most metrics.

>low education

Most media of all kinds is consumed by those with low education.

>low standards

A matter of taste.

>sexual deviance

I've probably seen two sex scene in all of the anime I have ever seen and even they were not graphic. Compare that to game of Throne and your argument doesn't go favourably, in fact the same is true for a large amount of western media.


I think both here and in the above point you are thinking of hentai not anime. Japan doesn't actually have laws against that kind of thing so people draw all kinds of smut involving that(not that the west doesn't either). Well they didn't have laws against it, now they do but they still are not great and not enforced on doujins either(but then how could you?).

>When weebs brag about Japanese pop culture being superior, they are talking about degrees, not categories. As in, Japanese pop culture is superior at being hedonistic escapist garbage than western hedonistic escapist garbage.

well I have not watched Japanese hedonistic escapist garbage nor western hedonistic escapist garbage so I can't say which is better. But yeah, comparing like to like is better so you should compare equivalent anime to things and not compare hentai to things(well unless you are comparing hentai to porn I guess).

>Not that it is better "artistically". Hence why so many weebs feel the need to point out how "sexy" the underage looking female characters in anime and video games are compared to the western ones.

Well again, I don't think you have seen much anime. Imageboarders talk about disgusting things and sexualise everything all the time anyway(Rule 34)they even talk about porn and s*x in this thread. Artistically Japanese media is better.
No. 53263
There's no ontological difference between hentai and anime, they both appeal to the same ethos and the same compulsions.
The only difference is in degrees of how explicit it is.
No. 53264
You lack the evidence to actually support your claims, they are just the baseless delusion of an alcoholic.
No. 53265
All the evidence I need is that you're a low IQ dumbass with bad arguments, while I'm more coherent than you even when shitfaced on 8 cans of 7% beer, which proves my undeniable superiority. And that anime is for brainlets.

BTW do you have a discord or something like that so I can add you?
No. 53267
I find it humorous that you attack me on such grounds. You don't have an argument and it's why you give up, you have a surface understating of the matter at best. You are far form coherent as well. You make a poor argument, I rebut it and then you launch asinine personal assaults. It proves something but not what you think.

And no I don't have discord...
No. 53272
Actually no, I do have a discord I remembered(though I don't use nor remember it) and it's relevant so I will mention why I have it. I actually used the discord to complain to the localisation team of a game because of how westernised they made it. This is the thing, you can see as clear as day when westernisations creep into translations because of how vulgar English(well American English) is and how poorly they translate it in general. What the characters say in Japanese was completely different to what the English text was. The terribleness of western media creeps into Japanese media through these poor translations that is how distinctly awful western media and the west is.
No. 53276
I unironically agree with all this. It's not just a matter of IQ though but the fact it is infantilizing. I actually once tried using alcohol as a scrying tool to peel back the layers of anime and saw the base layer of baphomet behind it, just as an aside. I think it's literally demonic but that's what I'd call conjecture or personal bias.

What is more objective fact is having spent about 15+ years on the internet and IBs in particular weebs are by far the worst subhumans. It's the most corrosive, decaying, degenerative thing I've ever found, and aforementioned alcohol episode was an effort to figure out why it is so degenerative. I have never met one single functional weeb in my entire life. Anyone with an anime avatar is well on the pathway towards sinking lower and lower. Why it is part of the dark triad of being a neonazi and a pedophile also baffles me, but where you find one you frequently find the other two, and if you find two you almost always seem to find the third.

They may act like they could become capable of being human, but over time it deteriorates into "disgusting 3D piggus" for actual women before finally they're posting naked children cartoons which they get away with because it's not outright banned in places like 4kanker like it should be along with any other pedo shit. I'd further theorize it somehow has something to do with being childless young men that then seeks to twist and pervert their paternalistic instincts with their lusts, blurring and confusing the two.

Brick doesn't even go far enough. He simply points out its degenerative imbecilism. I'd call it a disease, a moral, mental, spiritual disease. I've encountered way more functional heroin addicts than weebs. I'd probably be a lot more concerned with my kids getting into anime than sniffing oxycontin at this point.
>but they'll possibly OD
And as a weeb they'll possibly hang themselves. It's not just some escapism. For reasons I still fully do not understand, anime seems to rapidly destroy a human being. It is like a Satanic weapon let loose against the world. It is as though there is somehow something almost subliminal underneath it, which transfixes the gaze and ruins people with greater surety than the worst of drugs.

I do not know the full science behind what evil it is, but I only know that it is evil.
No. 53277
59 kB, 256 × 256
Whatever retard :rolleyes:
No. 53280
I already think you are stupid, that was established early on. So what else are you hoping to achieve form that post?
No. 53282
Just expressing my disinterest in the irrelevant "events" (things that happen on the internet aren't really events) of your "life".

Anyway, the most tedious thing in life is having to prove something that is self evident. Like having to prove that the sky is blue. Much effort for little gain. Same thing as trying to prove that anime is shit. It is obvious to anyone above a certain IQ threshold.

I'd just like to point out that from the day you started posting on EC, not a single anime picture you have posted contained a character that looked above the age of 14. Just saying.
No. 53283
98 kB, 1400 × 700
Libera te tutemet ex inferis
No. 53285
... If I'm in hell it's a hell created by western media and the effect that has had on western society.

What I mentioned was actually relevant to the discussion and my argument not so much my life itself. And you are in a blog thread idiot.

No, you simply lack an understanding of the topic and this causes you to hide behind such words. If you aren't able to back up your arguments then don't bring them up to begin with.

So? What is this meant to mean? If it's some kind of implication that I am a paedophile you will notice that none of them were sexualised in anyway.
No. 53289
339 kB, 1100 × 1800
>estern media and the effect that has had on western society.
As opposed to...weebs? Because when I think about positive effects on society I sure do think of pedos, mass shooters, and anime figurines.
No. 53291
390 kB, 1120 × 1600
Tbh, I just hate that weebs have got to be into gay shit like moe and not rad shit like toku monsters. What does one see in deformed animated kids that is better than atomic dinosaurs wrecking cities and each other?
No. 53292
16,1 MB, 4000 × 6571
Interesting. We might have different notions of what sexualization entails, since last thread, you posted a upshot view drawing of an underage character in a mini skirt with thighs in full display.

Maybe anime has normalized pedophilia in your mind as any fetish gradually normalizes itself in the viewer. This is basically how deviant art autists start with sonic the hedgehog feet pictures and end up with a vore fetish.

Anime and pedophilia go hand in hand. In fact the whole "3dpd disgusting" meme is a cope for hiding one's pefophiliac tendencies, like how some gays hide themselves by getting girlfriends and wives. It's called a "beard".

Anyway, what other platforms are you in so I can add you?
No. 53293
I'm not sure if you know this but Japan has fewer mass shooters than the US, not by a small number either. There is nothing wrong with anime figures, I have some. There is also nothing wrong with those wall papers, particularly not when compared to the western equivalent which would be nude 3d women draped over muscle cars or furry images or something.
No. 53296
Another weeb fallacy is thinking that all of Japan is into otaku shit, rather than a minority of universally despised losers.
If Japan has positives as a society, it's probably not because of anime.
No. 53297
Wow, there must be at least two inches of skin on display there. Sorry I forgot where you come from.

Deviant art and western fan art in general is a whole different can of worms that I'm not sure I will delve too deeply into but suffice to say when you frequent sites that host both eastern and western fan art of the same franchise, the western fan art is always far worse and far more vulgar(thought often the art work itself has been done to a higher quality so there is that at least).

It's not universal but it is fairly popular and gets more popular all of the time. Popular enough that if it was an issue, it would be an issue.

First of all anime comes in many varieties(which is an important thing to remember in itself), so much of the more mainstream stuff is consumed by a majority of the population at some point but secondly it's a huge industry with millions of consumers in Japan alone. I'm not sure if you know this but anime being produced for the west is actually quite recent and even now it's not the norm, Japan has such a huge consumer base internally that they don't actually worry all that much about targetting the western market.
No. 53298 Kontra
>anime being produced for the west is actually quite recent and even now it's not the norm, Japan has such a huge consumer base internally that they don't actually worry all that much about targetting the western market.

This is part of the reason I make comments like >>53256 the western fanbase growing and becoming increasingly powerful and intertwined with the Japanese anime industry itself is a worry. There is a lot of money to be made ruining anime by catering to western tastes and that potential only increases.
No. 53299
83 kB, 366 × 488
The white man gave the red man spirits and paid back in tobacco. The Americans devastated Japan with nuclear fire and the Japs paid back in anime.

Given the widespread mental issues in people who consume this Japanese export, one might argue the Japanese escalated the conflict.
No. 53300
He's not Iranian and no one in Western society would think that's ok either unless they rotted their brains on anime and imageboards already.
No. 53301 Kontra
>a country of over 120 million people has a viewership of millions for local cartoons

Gee, real shocker there.
No. 53302
307 kB, 458 × 640
28 kB, 236 × 599
Implying that that the amount of skin showed is a direct link to sexualization is super fallacious. For example, the proportion of skin exposed in a face is larger than the surface area of genitals or Angus, but the amount of sexualization is different.

You can have minimal skin showing, but still have sexualization. Check out the "child modeling" threads on kohl for proof.

Stop trying yo conceal that there's a pedophilia problem in anime, it is self evident. It just makes you more suspicious to deny it.

Pic one is what the Japanese middle school uniform looks like IRL.
Pic 2 is how it is depicted in anime.

Guess whichvariant your pic represents.

Also, to imply that only traditional religious societies are against underage children wearing sexualized miniskirts is not only disgusting, it's probably the opposite of true considering the prevalence of pedophilia in Muslim shit holes.
No. 53303
Just wanna know why the majority of anime takes place in a school setting or otherwise involves underage characters lmao.
kinda weird lol. Of all the places to set a story in...
No. 53304
Because it's primarily made for kids, which makes it even funnier when grown adults watching them act like they're being highbrow :-DDD
No. 53305
33 kB, 350 × 262
507 kB, 800 × 450
A quick google search showed that you are wrong.

Anyway, there isn't anything sexual about that depending on how it's done(hence the reason why it's universally in children's cartoons and has been for a while). I can see how people would think that but it's just artistic really.
No. 53306
Because it's easy to write it that way and >>53304 to a degree. I don't actually watch much anime set in schools though I mean aside from SoL which is set in school because that is the nature of the genre. SoL doesn't have to be set in a school though, Gochuumon Usagi desu ka wasn't, it was set in a cafe but had some scenes in a school.

As I said, it's easier to write but that means that most of the time it's just lazy and the anime itself isn't great. So unless it's SOL I don't usually watch it.
No. 53309 Kontra
One day I will extert my revenge on the French for making Totally Spies.
No. 53310
I have absolutely no idea what to do with my life
No. 53313
Tomorrow I'll have to attend a serious business meeting, which means I'll have to dress appropriately for once. I'm an engineer, not a salesman, why do I have to deal with those people? I love dressing comfortably and I hate dress shoes, my feet are sore for hours afterwards if I have to walk any distance in them. What's more, I had a date planned for tomorrow, and let me tell you, I don't get too many those, and it'll take a lot to not act like a grumpy arsehole.

At least I'll be looking sharp I guess.
No. 53314
I have this eastern businessman.jpg in my head. Dress shoes have to fit well in order to walk some distance in them. They have to fit really good when you try them on and walk a bit, with leather shoes you might have to make the leather smooth by walking in them for a few hours first, which usually hurts. A few months ago I bought a pair and walked in them for 30min everyday, the first two weeks were shit, maybe because it was cold, once I left them for a few weeks and took them out on the first warmer days this year, it was quite a good walk. They aren't as comfortable as sneakers ofc but mine look very good and hopefully stay for a few years.

I totally forgot it existed, never knew it was French. I know some cartoons I watched as kid were from France, including Bob Morane (aired in Germany first in 1999).
No. 53315
Why don't we just start mass campaigns of training animals to clean our pollution for us and enforce the ordnung?
No. 53320
Protip: wear comfy shoes for getting there & put business shoes in your backpack, then change into business shoes before the meeting.

Have fun on the date btw!
No. 53331
Just found out about vtubers.
Damn, that shit sucks. Is there no end to the depths of human filth?
Anyone who watches that shit should be unironically marched down a pit and buried alive.

All of disney lineage of animation is creepy pedo shit.
The disney lineage includes anime btw.

Disney's family tree gave birth to two of the most cancerous tumors on the face of the internet, furries and weebs.

franco-belgian cartoon gang rise up.
No. 53332 Kontra
>franco-belgian cartoon gang
Everyone always forgets the Swiss.. But the French part of Switzerland has some great names at least in the sequential art, maybe a bit less in cartoons.
No. 53339 Kontra
Had an exam today. Very important. A lot depends on it. No idea how it went.
Don't know if I'm returning with or on my shield.

I have no appetite and can't sleep.
I've lost a lot of weight due to stress and change in my lifestyle over the last year. In a sense it feels good, I definitely look better in the mirror, but it's also worrying, because it might make a potential covid infection worse for me. Who knows.
No. 53340
259 kB, 1433 × 716
Sometimes they get mentioned on one of the other boards I visit(thought they are not seen positively), it seems that a large portion of the fanbase is western as the comments in the videos are often in English and they actually have made American vtubers.

The Kazach said the first image was French though. Wakfu was also French and I watched that to learn French, I would not say it's better in that regard, well I mean the characters have much wider hips so are more womanly in that regard at least. Apparently France is actually quite enamoured with Japan and much of their work is inspired by Japan, when I was there there were even advertisements for a Dragon Ball Z movie on buses and around other places and their was also a manga style restaurant.
No. 53344
>and much of their work is inspired by Japan
Do you know that for Japan french was one of the direct inspirations and then partners? So it is more like vise versa and then more like a symbiosis.
No. 53345 Kontra
680 kB, 890 × 1024
Wondering if humans or other intelligence will chuckle about our systemic epistemology and understanding of the world in 300 years or so. Im reading an introduction to Gilbert Simondon and it according to the book is wants to establish the reality of the relation, before there is an entity there is relation.
No. 53346
Until they switched to Germany with some British influence as well(particularly naval).

They do have a love for France and Europe in general but it's more of a love for what they perceive as being Europe. Of course famously they have a service in France to repatriate disappointed Japanese people. Symbiosis is a stretch, there is a reason why the clean and orderly Japanese get so shocked by France, it's a mess.
No. 53347 Kontra
>Symbiosis is a stretch, there is a reason why the clean and orderly Japanese get so shocked by France, it's a mess.
Symbiosis is indeed a stretch, not so much due to the experiences of a few Japanese tourists - but out of how negligible the cultural input Japan has on French culture is.
No. 53348
177 kB, 887 × 837
Yeah the specialization thing, ofc.

You bring up a good point, instead of biology going into AI we get AI in biology/chemistry. Well, well, the age of computation. I just read most of an article by Orit Halpern in which she lays out who we went from consciousness and psychoanalytics to cognition/computation, overall a shift in epistemology, an "experimental epistemology" (Warren McCulloch, a key figure wehn it comes to settung up computation/logics and cognition right after WW2)

It's this article https://www.diaphanes.net/titel/the-neural-network-2887 but I guess her book contains that article and much more https://www.dukeupress.edu/beautiful-data
No. 53349
sorry, I usually treat cartoons and comics as synonymous.

I'm not into animation in general, I think it's an art form that is limited by its medium. As in, the cost of production is too high. As in, the business interest outweighs the artistic interest.
Let's rate art form mediums from most artistically prolific to least.
Literature > Visual Arts > Music > Cinema, Animation.

I see a clear pattern here. To make literature, all one needs is a pencil and a paper. To make art, all one needs is a pencil and a paper at least, or a set of paints and a canvas at most. For Music, you need an up-front investment in instruments, after that it's free. Both cinema and animation need huge amounts of staff, coordination, and effort, as well as the input of many people. This is why they are largely terrible.

I am not sure if the reason animation is crap is because the amount of laborers needed dilutes the artistic vision, or because the amount of laborers needed increases the costs, but the results speak for themselves. You need money to produce X, and the more money you need, the more you need to be concerned about returns rather than artistic merit.

I am kazakhbrick.
Just on my brother's house's ISP now, since I moved out.
But I will repeat, what I meant by franco-belgian cartoons was "cartooning" in general, as in comics. I don't really like wakfu and similar gay crap either. I like manga and comics, because being largely the product of a single individual, they are more artistically "pure".

I don't even have anything against the "anime style". I like manga in general. But I disagree with the ethos of the industry, and its economy.
All anime adaptations of manga I've read were poor, diluted versions of the original. All original anime I've watched were just exploitative trash, that tries to capitalize on the emotions and insecurities of the audience to sell merch. This applies both to anime and Disney, btw.
No. 53350 Kontra
No. 53351
Articulate your argument, that doesn't actually go against what I have been saying...
No. 53353
81 kB, 1280 × 1138
Different Ernst here. I studied two semesters of neuroscience bachelor in Cologne (however did dropout for reasons of personal failure, so no real expertise here whatsoever) and back then it seemed to me that it was quite dependant on the chair at the certain university whether it was more of a scientifical/biological/medical approach to the topic a technological one, a psychological one or a philosophical one, since the terms neuroscience and cognitive science reach out to all of those fields.
Cologne for instance is clearly focused on biological/medical ways of teaching and research.

Added a Hegel meme - albeit unrelated - for good measure.
No. 53354
Nailed it. There a still some worthwhile anime however, like there are some worthwhile Netflix shows. But of course one could always read The Devine Comedy instead.
No. 53356
>You need money to produce X, and the more money you need, the more you need to be concerned about returns rather than artistic merit.
The French use the cultural 1% to cope with this problem in the film industry. Basically, they spend one percent of the state’s spendings on culture in a nearly indiscriminate way. That’s why French movies are so independent of the need to be spectacular. But there’s also problems with this system. Like circles of friends and connaissances can unlock more money and so on.

Also, I think that your assessment that the artistic creation is something profoundly individual a bit naive or romantic. I am also deranged when something is erased from art because doing otherwise would make less money. But a lot of people could still work on a same artistic vision to create.
No. 53364
It's gone thank God. I want admin to report their IP addresses and whatever digital info or timestamps you can.
No. 53368
146 kB, 1200 × 800
You know what I really, really fucking hate what 4cancer did to our wojak. I immediately assumed you were a shitposter until I realized that was a real wojak done in the style of the ancient ways. Now my brain just automatically skips posts with it because I assume it is a retarded shitposter which it is about 100% of the time.

>french and belgians
>saving us from furries and pedos

Also the question with Disney is highly debatable and gets into some real borderline Q shit level of retardation some of which I did believe in, such as the kids at the Mickey Mouse Club being groomed not just for future careers being faces to songs written for them or dealing with fat pedos like Dan Schneider but also a part of the intelligence complex and "the Illuminati." I don't personally think much of the lewdness of Disney is actual subliminal programming so much as it is jokes of the bored animators seeing what they can get away with. I mean, let's be honest, if any of us was involved in air cargo or the shipping industry we'd sorely have the temptation to draw dicks on GPS too. Likewise, I'm pretty sure some animators just like seeing if they can draw dildos in smoke puffs as a joke and if it'll get past their bosses.

Furries is another can of worms. I don't know that it's intentional, but it definitely sprung from Disney over time. I'd also long theorized that people in Disneyland costumes had been diddling and that these kids in turn started getting this weird fetish for wearing fursuits as adults, until it began spreading independently as a social contagion.

The problem is real art is constrained by the fact only a select few gifted individuals do it well. I know for a fact I am not one of those. My brain is not wired that way. I made one thing I was truly proud of that I think I did while I was high. Oddly though I did it infrequently and stopped in that era my art seemed better. Everything else I ever attempted was garbage and I know even if I got better with practice it still will be drivel.

So the real problem becomes the fact that those resources are not allocated to the gifted, but rather to banal shitters who do it as a job. Resource allocation only fixes this when you blindly spray capital at everyone and see what sticks, and then you give that select that are good at it the support to refine their crafts.
No. 53371
50 kB, 360 × 567
340 kB, 682 × 1024
>The French use the cultural 1%

Did some one call me?
No. 53372
Hmm. Thinking about it, EC is 4cancer, but with less people and longer posts. Maybe it is the time for the imageboards to die.
No. 53374 Kontra
17 kB, 235 × 246
I got a B. 81%.
I'm not going to go the way of the Romans and fall on my sword, but it's no cause for celebration either.
The verdict is that my translations were very good both ways, I know the hanzis well, and my handwriting is better than most of the class', but sometimes I forget crucial grammar, which I cannot remedy by simply increasing the amount of sentences I write or say, like I did in HS with English or German.

The extra infuriating thing is that during the consultation I was able to correct and realise most of my mistakes, but during the exam, the pressure was so intense and the time was so short, I screwed up basic things.
I had 8 minutes to look at 4 sentences and write them down correctly. That's not a lot.
And coupled with the fact that I need to do it by hand to prove that I actively know the characters made my hand shake a lot.

The most surprising fact was that I finally got to know why my Chinese handwriting is considered good. My handwriting is atrocious and over the top at times so I was surprised to hear it. Apparently it's because the hanzis I write are "cohesive" and they "click".

I think my studies would have progressed better and farther if not for covid.
Digital education is slowly ruining my life.
No. 53375
Home office and e-learning is the best thing on earth.
No. 53376 Kontra
This discussion again. You either want to actively be alone or your studies don't need any discussion and the more or less enabling atmosphere because it's all about learning the script then throw it up at the exam. Possibly then "it's exactly that and I'm fine with this and afterwards I get a job with my average degree" type of person.
Regarding home office "my co workers are all shit anyway", ok we get it.
No. 53379
How it is?
No. 53390
I can feel my health declining rapidly now and I still don't know why. if anything worse happens get a tox screen and blame the neighbor
I feel tired and awful all the time now.
No. 53391
Well, I think it is just the nature of boards and people who post on them. They often share the same view on the world more or less, just less or more tolerant to shitposting.
No. 53392
Patching my walls, a lot of small dings, nail-pops, and holes. Nothing major, but the paint is semi-gloss. After putting that over the spackling paste- matching color and brand- a small shine remains. Like having a really small bike reflector on the wall, flashing when the light hits it just right. Obviously that wouldn't do.

I know the new coat will, in time, fade to match the surrounding older, duller, paint, but I decided to hurry the process. First attempt: Googling suggested tsp powder, an abrasive cleaner. Didn't have that, but did have a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser. That's a bit abrasive. Going over the area-pressing harder than recommended- it dulled the shine a bit. But I could do better.

Attempt two: 600 grit sandpaper. I scuffed over the area a few times, counting the strokes to not overdo it. Much better. Almost invisible. As a side note, while the area reflects less light, a physical inspection reveals a smoother surface. Eh, I can live with that. For now. It may drive me crazy later. Probably will.
No. 53401
That really is not true across time and space. Lately it's just become a haven for the woke right. In previous times it was unironically hijacked by woke people for a short period of time, and before that it was basically left leaning anarchists right before it transitioned into paultards who would become poltards and I speak of the main shit site that leaks everywhere. Outside of 4kanker and even within it you have tankies in the present age. I think you're over generalizing.
No. 53404
I agree with your opinion on EC but it's not really a problem with imageboards just the user base. Not all imageboards are bad, just most. But then most people are terrible as well particularly those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and they make up the bulk of the population.
No. 53413
Bad news everyone, it seems like alcohol does not change my mood, it just amplifies my current mood (which, in turn, is determined by my bipolar cycle). So, if I'm depressed, I'll just get more lazy, if I'm manic, I'll get more active.

So, not very useful for actually treating the problem. I will need to try weed next. If that fails, I'll move on to stimulants. Such cases.

Your problems seems to be that you think ALL political discussion is cancerous, when in fact, it is the quality of the discussion that determines cancer levels, not the topic itself. If the discussion itself is respectful, well thought out, and serious, I see nothing wrong with discussing any topic.
No. 53414
174 kB, 950 × 1200
>Your problems seems to be that you think ALL political discussion is cancerous, when in fact, it is the quality of the discussion that determines cancer levels, not the topic itself. If the discussion itself is respectful, well thought out, and serious, I see nothing wrong with discussing any topic.

Full agreement here, politics has to be discussed at some point and even here on EC, but it really is a matter of how the participants articulate themselves.
No. 53418
4 kB, 200 × 185
Sat outside today. The weather was slightly windy, so I got to see the petals from the pseudo-cherry tree float off into the other end of the garden.
I've been reading a memoir of a Hungarian Sinologist about his years in Beijing as a student. It's quite interesting, because he was a student during the 50s.
Got this book years ago, never got around to reading it. It's a pretty rugged copy, the cover is torn, has water damage and it also has really low quality paper.
But it's a good read, even if it's not really high brow. It scratches my trivia itch, and I can relate to some of his linguistic issues.

I've managed to amass a bit of money, and Easter is coming up, which means I should be able to get a few books.
Found out they've released an 800 page book dealing with PRC-PRH relationship between 1949-89, which seems like a really assburger book to have, but I really want it, so I'm going to cop it, especially because it's fresh, released this year.

The weather has been really good lately, and it really makes me feel alive. Maybe I can relight the fire of knowledge in my soul a bit.

Kinda sucks that most shops are closed, and are closed indefinitely. The new "deadline" for reopening is having 2.5 million people receive the first jab, and we're only at 2.1 million, so it's quite a way until things reopen, but I thinks things will be better in two weeks.
No hope of reopening the university though, and the lecturers said they'd lost all hope of having in person education this semester.
No. 53423
I think everything is shit nowadays and so are imageboards. There is no serious politics anymore. People are getting polarized and fed up with propaganda, marketing etc. From where I come from(not NL), we are reaching new lows of police brutality, state corruption, inneficiency etc. I am always doomy anyways but I see the world as a powderkeg ready to go kaboom. And this is showing in image of too.
No. 53424
I just discovered Vet TV and I haven't laughed this hard in awhile
Would recommend/10
No. 53425
The main problem of politics ultimately is it draws out the worst of the bydlo. There are very few things sure enough to draw out the absolute dregs of a society who operate with the conviction "the louder I am the more right that I am" and instantly proceed to shit up everything they touch. These people manage to combine a lot of the worst most cancerous traits which is exactly why any gentleman's club like say the Freemasons strictly banned them from talking about politics or religious sectarianism in the lodge. I think that, among those people who try to heighten our dingy pubs to "secret societies" of some false aggrandizement, there is some lesson to be learned from among our much older societies, namely, that relationship drama with females, religious bullshit, and political bullshit along with kids (under 21 verbotten) are among the top forces of entropy historically operating against any group of men looking for more refinement in their discourse. You will notice that those exact forces have turned the absolute worst most cancerous tendencies against us across imageboards and they have brought with it the pettiness, the triviality, the banality, and the incorrigible habits of the bydlo with them. I do not mean to shit on some lower class, do not get me wrong; indeed the worst of the bydlo can operate in high strata, just as much as a lower class young man can grow into great refinement. I'd rather take a group of impoverished men who can hold a conversation any day over the Trumps and Kardashians of the world. However, there are those who wish to obsess over their brand clothes, celebrities, sports teams, and kulturkampf, and it is usually the kulturkampf that is the first thing to bring these degenerative forces in here.
No. 53430
No, I do not thinkblike that, even tho I think it may easelly be avoided. I'm more talking about what is iside such disscutions, people views and opinions. They are mostly repeat 4chan view on the world except that thoughts formed with more words.
Maybe, I don't know about all imageboards, tho I got a feeling that most places are like that, since current imageboard userbase is already formed itself, and there are not too much new people since there are far more others, more modern social resources. For normal person boards now as outdated, as the old internet forums was when boards appeared.
No. 53441
Most of us do not think like 4krebs here my dude. We usually share little of the policies or philosophies that those dumbfuck bydlo have embraced.
No. 53448
I guess you're right.
We're just not cut out for this whole posting online thing. We should all just stop and cut our losses, and let the real professionals do it. What were we thinking?
Pack up boys, it's over. Shut down the servers, sell the domain.
No. 53455
83 kB, 798 × 584
>Your problems seems to be that you think ALL political discussion is cancerous, when in fact, it is the quality of the discussion that determines cancer levels, not the topic itself. If the discussion itself is respectful, well thought out, and serious, I see nothing wrong with discussing any topic.
I agree with this and want to add that the quality of any discussion is closely related to the userbase of the board. Maybe this is obvious, but the consequence is that with the right kind of users you can have cancer-free discussions about any kind of topic, although I also believe it to be true that some topics (like for example politics) attract cancerous posters, so while you initially might be able to have decent discussions about almost any topic, chances are that this will still lead to problems in the long run due to changes in the userbase. Still, I wanted to point out that these two things are not the same, and I think often about what kind of content should be pursued/encouraged to ensure that there is no decline in quality while still allowing the maximum possible freedom topic-wise.

The reason why I think about stuff like this is because I cannot cope with the fact that some topics are forbidden just because they might attract cancerous posters. It just feels wrong to censor yourself because basically other people are dickheads. Not that I have any better idea, but I'm sure you know what I mean.
No. 53456
73 kB, 450 × 600
8 kB, 166 × 173
21 kB, 400 × 398
If I could ban everybody from being online and just go back to pre-Eternal September times I probably would to be quite honest. What actually the problem is, however, is our airspace getting polluted by such bydl also fucking Russia do you understand how much you ruined my grammar? I mean fuck. It takes me real effort speaking in proper English now especially since I see your bydoran flag and immediately my brain code switches.

Regardless, my point here being that we should have a separate internet for non-retards. This used to be the case for 4chan ironically enough because acting sufficiently retarded got you banned, as was the case on KC. I'm talking ban reasons literally saying
>that was a really awful post my dude
though usually directed at Canadians.

The issue now seems to be that we're also now so old it becomes a real issue trying to scout out those obscure channels where if we do discover their comms, everybody cancerous probably already did too. I found some interesting looking stuff on twitch or wherever I was like one woman who worked for NASA though everyone seemed just to be discussing their retarded personal shit.

I would like to find a gated community online at this point honestly. I don't believe in class but I am an elitist. Pieces of shit like Conrad Hilton are still bydlo regardless of their wealth, insofar as some poor people are capable of great discussions. As much as Americans could be awful near Canadian tier shitposters, we had hobos posting who were good posters, also from other countries iirc. I make no concessions about this elitism and I never have. They're retards and the definition of howtoruinahobby.jpg and they destroyed multiple of my e-homelands so far with their rampant stupidity and bringing in their retarded boomer wine aunts to vierkanal until that imageboard itself is literally just facebook at this point.

The internet once was so much better specifically because of that higher bar of accessibility. Boomers feared the internet. Children could not figure out how to browse it. In a very real sense there is an accuracy to some complaints poltards have but the problem isn't whiteness but the fact it was a young men's club for at minimum average intelligence or more frequently far above average users to get away from such moronic bydlo and have fun away from the obnoxious rules of society. Society followed us and imposed their rules and their cancerous vision upon us and the rest of the internet. I point out poltards in particular because they're oblivious to the fact it's not muh negroes muh wymyns muh pajeets destroying everything so much as it's normalfags and retards, themselves included, as well as their whole faggy families they brought onboard with them as well.

This is not to say a lot of the internet hasn't been shit because it has, but back then at least the cancer was restricted to AOL rooms and myspace or what the fuck ever and you could escape them, and it was not all monetized, it was not governed and imposed upon, and when you saw a crazy retard spouting nonsense on his geocities you didn't have tens of millions of retarded faggots taking him seriously and building some Q timecube movement out of it.

So in that sense I do agree with other remarks made ITT, albeit the underrunning theme nobody wants to state directly is it is our disdain for ordinary people. It always has been. From railing against NORPs and mundanes to the heyday of KC bitching about keines, we have always been a small group of alienated young men. In a sense poltards are the totally mainstream and ordinary mutation of that sense, and once again the entire corporate and political world coopting and exploiting that. This is probably why they in particular gained such rapid footing throughout the internet and ruined absolutely everything until the intertubes themselves are largely a series of boomer rants and screeching of the woke right (at least where I usually go). Anything else like cancel culture must be confined to ultra cancerous shitholes like twitter and FB in which case I must ask why in fuck you are crossposting between twitter and an imageboard, because that also is the cancer.

In short, we gravitate towards people like Richard Stallman for a reason. Or why Kaczynski and Terry Davis get talked about, or people discussed Eva Green and Grimes not Beyonce, and why literally not a single post has been made on this entire board in the few years I've been here that discussed celebrities or murican sports teams.
No. 53459
1,8 MB, 3264 × 2448
50 kB, 640 × 480
3,0 MB, 3264 × 2448
I can't believe this thing is still alive- and spreading. Pineapple top strong.
No. 53460 Kontra
158 kB, 1280 × 1523
Again and again, concepts and relations run through my mind, never ending operativity. It is really fascinating you know. I want to to come to and end, a desire to close something, to be definite, but the process is open, limited, yet open. I come back to things I encountered 1, 2, 3 years ago and yet it feels like I don't know much. This tiny little something in contrast to all that would be necessary.
No. 53461
I would like to have a quick save button.
No. 53463
Aint that mania?
No. 53473 Kontra
Yeah, it is at least maniaesque. I'm kinda obsessed with it but not so much that it ruins my life completely.
No. 53479
Yeah lots of people act borderline manic this time of year. It's also now just about the human mating season in the northern hemisphere, and I'm telling you mate I'm going to monetize people shtuping somehow. Because we are not just mass vaccinating but the vaccine and eventual reopening will coincide with the summer I am expecting absolutely massive crowd celebrations, travel, and every person that couldn't go out to a club will want to shtup which is where I'd bet my money on anything related. Maybe I could buy shares in condom companies too. I just hope I do it in time. Cruise companies and airlines also will be going up. Only problem is we are effectively in a gilded age right now with massive deformities in the market so I am expecting a massive correction in the next few years tops. Really feeling like it's going to be a repeat of the last century and just hope I don't buy what I think is a dip before a huge market crash.
No. 53483
lol, my brother lives in a non-urban area, and after I moved in, I'm using his internet connection, and it uses some weird routing and shows me as either an amerilard or Omsk.

I noticed that other websites with IP country detection work fine, so I wonder if EC is using some naive method that doesn't account for routing.
No. 53485
You should take this opportunity to blend in and fatpost. One great thing about being this ball online is no one can tell who you are, not even other Americans, as you just sort of meld into the rest of the fat.
No. 53487
I just want to know WHY do we spend actual effort into writing text on a website deliberately designed to wipe its data after a certain period, thus sending our efforts into oblivion?
What is the cause of such behavior?

Everyone in this world is obsessed with leaving some kind of mark, desperate to have their banal existences preserved for as long as possible through the records of their contributions. Thus, writing blogs and books and documenting their every trivial action on social media.

But not us. We are specifically drawn to be erased, to be forgotten. Why?
Is it a virtue or a pathology?
No. 53488 Kontra
Would anyone be interested in me translating the Epic of Gilgamesh from a third rate Kazakh translation back to English, to see how it differs from the Official(tm) English translation and how much of the meaning is lost?

It's kind of pointless, but could be an interesting experiment, as well as an opportunity for me to stop being such a mankurt and actually read in kazakh for once.
No. 53489
207 kB, 1241 × 1241
We make use of the act, results are secondary :DDD

it's partly serious tho, writing is for the moment as a praxis or operation that does something with you besides leaving a mark for others to discover
No. 53490
137 kB, 658 × 608
>WHY do we spend actual effort into writing text on a website deliberately designed to wipe its data after a certain period
Because forgetting is freedom. We are not burdened by our pasts, not restricted by what preceded us, and not bound by the borders of our past thoughts.
>Everyone in this world is obsessed with leaving some kind of mark
Is it that whole "plant a tree, build a house, have children" kind of thing? Does not compute for me: Trees die, houses don't live longer than humans, and children, well nothing wrong with that, but one shouldn't put the burden of justifying your own existence on them.
>Is it a virtue or a pathology?
For me it's a virtue. The fixation on wanting to leave something behind is just vanity or alternatively a foolish attempt to defy death. Same with graves, I never would want anybody to visit my grave when I'm dead. I would laugh at them from the afterlife for not having anything better to do. Also I have trust in future threads, future culture and future generations, they certainly won't have any use for my ancient ramblings.
No. 53491
>ancient ramblings

Joe Average might not be known, but we are continually haunted by the past, political specters, moral specters, philosophical specters and so on.

Also I live in a house that is older than my dead grandmother who cracked the 90yo barrrier :DDDD
No. 53492
It is preserved on the wetware. It is functional the same as having a conversation. You wouldn't ask this question about why we talk to each other IRL without a voice recorder only knowing the conversations will be lost to time.
No. 53495
24 kB, 615 × 410
245 kB, 1280 × 1024
94 kB, 891 × 1114
127 kB, 660 × 621
Ernst gets a free pair of glasses.
Since my current glasses that i wear for around a year (or a little bit less) are still in perfect condition, i might go for sunglasses.
Does Ernst wear sunglasses?
What do the coold kids wear these days?
No. 53497
What kind of question is that? I bought a pair of Nulltarif sunglasses in 2011 and it's still the best investment I made in that year.
It's just a pair of generic aviators and they're great during sunny days because they make the sun not so bright anymore.
Also: Just take what you like and not what is en vogue. Unless you like Oakley shades.
No. 53498
43 kB, 932 × 622
>Does Ernst wear sunglasses?
Yeah, can't go out without them. The sun is way too bright. I wear the aviator style. Don't know if the cool kids have those, but Biden has put them back in the news.

Happy Easter, everyone.
No. 53501
Our boy said it pretty well in Word One.

>Ақыры ойладым: осы ойыма келген нәрселерді қағазға жаза берейін, ақ қағаз бен қара сияны ермек қылайын, кімде-кім ішінен керекті сөз тапса, жазып алсын, я оқысын, керегі жоқ десе, өз сөзім өзімдікі дедім де, ақыры осыған байладым, енді мұнан басқа ешбір жұмысым жоқ.

Basically "Fuck it, I'm thoonking this shit anyway so I'll write it down for shits, and if someone finds any of it interesting, then they can take it, otherwise it can rot for all I care."

I've read enough kazglish to know that it'd probably be almost unreadable. That's assuming the good and proper government-style translation full of weird literal readings and assumed knowledge of Kazakh language (since they just poorly latinise any word that they don't know the English for).

Would be an impressive feat, but I would prefer not to read it :-DDD
No. 53502 Kontra
Also, on this subject, I find the phrase 'өз сөзім' interesting structurally but dunno if I'm reading into the words in a foreign way too much. Is that literary, or is "my self-words" the actual way of saying "my own words".
No. 53503
189 kB, 1080 × 1348
Kool Kids wear slim and rimless y2k shades, but you have to have an appropriate style for this all together. I will get round or boxy shaped once hopefully, no aviators for me.
No. 53504
57 kB, 624 × 612
>can't go out without them

Same here. I guess my eyes got really sensitive some how, and I'm cool guy too.
No. 53507
That look could actually work but with those toy doges he just looks like a massive twat.

I'd read parts of it but not the whole epic like that. It'd be pages of gibberish.

I'm not sure if it's my contacts or what although lately in the last few years it feels like the sunlight on my skin is pinpricks. It's such a strange thing I asked a parent about this and they said they're noticing it too. I am convinced we are in accelerating total climatic and ecological collapse and there's things that may or may not be related to that. I no longer deal in sunlight. I solely try to stay in darkly lit areas especially in summer, but then again I've also peeled off sheets of dead skin from working outside without sunscreen when I was younger. Anything with more sunlight than Iceland, England, or Ireland is an uninhabitable shithole. Sadly it appears this is my entire continent.
No. 53510
Brick's translation would be fine since he actually knows English. It's just a joke I've been saying since he first considered the idea, about using the godawful translation style that they use for their websites.
No. 53512
108 kB, 728 × 455
Summers coming up, i don't think i could pull the matrix/edgy school shooter style.
No. 53513
That's because you need the proper glasses for your facial shape AND be well-groomed on top of that. I also once had a pair of square Neo-like sunglasses, but on my pudgy teen face it looked like shit. Maybe I should try it again.
Just get a pair of aviators, they look at least decent on anyone.
No. 53516
241 kB, 1024 × 650
1,8 MB, 4032 × 3024
I remain utterly convinced that should we ever get our shit together on stopping the doomsday clock of climate change that Africa will become the centres for human power by the 2200s long after China has become decadent and corrupt and a failing, fractured state
Most likely all the bydlo regions will be the Islamic ones fueling ethnic and sectarian tensions well into the 24th century though, or at least until other competing religions and ideologies arise. Africa of course remains completely fucked though if we tip past that tipping point on positive feedback loops in which case places like Florida and the Baltics and Eastern Russia among many others will cease to exist and Africa itself a blasted hellscape along an uninhabitable equitorial zone, which is itself assuming atmospheric oxygen content and the surviving food web would be enough to still support human life which is itself questionable.

I don't think most people take the time to actually study and understand climactic shifts and earth's geological history so they're going to be in for a hell of a rude surprise this century as they find out how rapid and devastating it will be to the point human civilization will collapse and all our highly advanced technology and scientific knowledge will remain losts for centuries if not forever, but I do believe in hedging my bets on humans against all odds and common wisdom getting their shit together somehow. I also question why we don't mandate things like brightly white painted roofs on all buildings and integrated plant growth of high rises into our urban planning, since that could at the very least help slow things down from us hitting the tipping point. Apparently snowball earth also occurred precisely because of those tipping points between earth's warming and the albedo of ice vs water, which caused a runaway cooling effect beyond a certain point of ice coverage that lasted for 25 million years until geologic activity pumped enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to thaw us out again.

Obviously, earth itself doesn't give a shit about all that and will continue as normal until the sun becomes a red giant and burns out however the delicate web of life may find it significant considering the number of times mass extinction events destroyed most life on earth at least two of which had to do with levels of different atmospheric gases and those were from natural processes over long time scales, not the sudden and reckless venting we're doing over a couple centuries. I'm beginning to find myself agreeing how ecologically retarded crypto is and it all points back to how our economics is itself massively retarded.
Oh I guess this idea already got brought up
The main thing they didn't address though is one, urban areas keep growing, and two, the amount of harm caused by producing millions of tons of white paint.

The problem is if we hit a certain point the process will be irreversible. The methane ice will be released, tundra will melt, the polar ice caps will never reform in history again, the arctic will feel like Florida, ecosystems will all collapse, atmospheric O2 will deplete, majority of our cities will sink beneath the waves as antarctica melts. And no, Greenland and Antarctica do not have good arable farmland.

If none of that happens though the addition of Chinese and eventually EU and American resources modernizing Africa will make them a nexus of global power when they can finally manage their own natural resources and kick foreign exploiters out and clamp down on warlords.
No. 53519
When people think of leaving a mark on the world I don't think having their funposts be archived to be seen forever is what comes to mind. If that was to be your mark on the world then you may as well not have left one, indeed you haven't really left a mark anyway. Nobody will read it and if they did they would not car who wrote it.

Civilization is going to be fine... There are far greater threats to it than some odd weather. Crops failing and starving poor people is a good thing, the population is too large as it is. Western culture dumbing down the population to the point they revert to animals and can no longer prop up such a complex thing as civilisation is more likely but even that is far-fetched. Because it's mainly effecting poor people and they don't matter anyway and they are going to be replaced by robots.

And Africa is not going to host superpowers. Foreighn investment isn't going to be enough to fix their issues and even if they had no issues they would end up falling into the middle income trap at best. People only invest in them to exploit them. But as we are becoming increasingly mindful of where we get our resources and the effects that can have and also the effect waste can have, African resources are actually going to becoming less important. Already companies are striving to use less cobalt, source resources from elsewhere and to recycle more. Even cheap labour isn't going to be much help to them now that automation is increasingly taking that niche.
No. 53522
292 kB, 640 × 480
438 kB, 720 × 480
172 kB, 800 × 877
98 kB, 460 × 326
I'd recommend the classic wayfarer style, mb clubmasters or something more oval if you like it more fancy without drawing too much attention. But it's probably best to just try some different ones on.
>Just get a pair of aviators, they look at least decent on anyone.
Dunno, for me aviators have this adolescent idea of "cool" associated with them, also think they look kinda oversized on many people's faces (though also depends on exact model)
No. 53523
47 kB, 1500 × 721
Aviators are just timeless. Of course if you have a tiny baby skull they will look way oversized, but let's be honest - if you have a tiny baby skull, everything will look weird.

The problem with Wayfarers and Clubmasters and the like is that they are extremely heavy.
Just at the verge of browline glasses having their renaissance I was wearing them (at that time you were still laughed at for that) and Wayfarers are basically just the sunglasses version of that and they're really not advisable for wearing the whole day. My aviators that just have wire frames are much lighter.
pic related are the frames I used to wear, I still have them somewhere and I still wear browline glasses, but a lighter metal version that is really a lot easier on my nasal bridge.
No. 53526
This is what being a weeb does to your brain
No. 53534
7 kB, 200 × 200
Due to circumstances I found out about four venture capital companies that mainly invest in information technology and life science companies. It's really interesting in what they invest, like one invested in many plant based meat firms, or this one about decompossing plastic https://www.xampla.com/ situated in the UK I think
No. 53535
Do you make a deliberate effort to miss the point of every post you reply to, or are you just low IQ?

Tbh, I am pretty much convinced at this point that people in different IQ ranges live in incompatibly different realities they share among themselves.
If you don't have the capacity to extract the full information encoded in an input, your model of reality is going to be fundamentally different from those who can.
No. 53536
Heh. I think the fact that you replied in such a manner shows that you lack the ability to make basic connections and therefore see how it was relevant. I guess I should explain things in a more simplistic and easier to understand manner to you in the future, seeing as you lack the mental ability one would expect of a functioning adult. Actually this would explain a lot, I should stop talking to you as if you are an adult.
No. 53538
69 kB, 747 × 701
You do not even understand why what you said was incredibly juvenile and retarded, but skipping over your faux malthusian nonsense (all the more ironic because nobody who's a weeb that spent years posting on k*hl is a rich elite) get straight to the point:
You clearly neither understand nor care to understand how earth's climate works, yet still felt the need to opine about "some bad weather." The absolute worst case scenario leaves the equatorial band and many areas elsewhere around the earth functionally uninhabitable. Most of our coastal cities would be beneath the ocean. Billions of climate refugees would be starting open wars battling desperately over the last remaining habitable areas on earth. It would be something with all our advanced technology we'd not be able to stop or fix once it gets past a certain tipping point and all this is under the assumption our little remaining food supplies are the problem, and not that atmospheric oxygen will be dropping dramatically to uninhabitable levels once the rainforests and oceanic plankton dies off. So your puerile remarks about muh poors muh resources also meets the reality that very little resources like food and arable land will remain for starters, and that the carrying capacity of earth for human life will drop off dramatically. Not that this matters to you or something you wish to understand because you'd just follow it with another puerile remark about "maybe humanity should go extinct" or something equally retarded and juvenile.

Go and watch videos about earth's past climate, and how badly it changed from gradual processes. What we're doing is geologically the suddenness of an asteroid impact. I already remarked about snowball earth, and how once it reached a certain tipping point the earth's cooling accelerated beyond where anything could be done to stop it that it then kept accelerating faster until the whole planet got encased in ice. Little things like microbial sheets can do that over millions of years until it throws earth's homoestasis off. We've been stable more or less for awhile now because of numerous different biological and geological processes keeping everything in balance which is why we don't look like Mars or Venus or some ice ball or hot desert, the latter two of which did happen before.
>so then what's the problem
Just because life itself can somehow survive doesn't mean it's not going to wipe out most complex life including us. It is a direct existential threat, and it is the primary threat according to DoD who doesn't give a shit about anyone's faggy ideologies and must approach defense of the homeland rationally, which in DoD's case means actively preparing for waves of millions of climate refugees and more epidemics and resource shortages in the near future. If you had what it takes to be Five Eyes you also would know this.
No. 53540
I didn't spend years posting on Kohl, you must be thinking of somebody else. I never said I was an elite either.

Odd weather won't kill of civilisation, poor nations fighting each other won't kill off civilization, people on the equator not being able to cool of through sweat won't destroy civilization. Civilisation is not the kind of things that you can destroy so easily. People dying of hunger in Africa won't cause everybody in Europe to permanently forget basic science and how to read.

You really don't seem to understand just how hard it is to kill off life. This isn't the first huge change in the climate and it wont be the last, life has survived all of them and life back then went through far worse and didn't have the luxury of science. You are being melodramatic and you should stop that, it only makes you look silly.

The DoD isn't expecting civilisation to collapse and all life on earth to die.
No. 53542
This is exactly what I mean by you are thoroughly ignorant of planetary climate science as well as the geological record yet still feel the need to opine about something tou neither know about nor wish to understand.
>it's just some bad weather and people will sweat more
You are a complete dumbass. Please educate yourself.
No. 53546
I seem to know far more about this than you. Where do you get this from? News Headlines?

It is just bad weather(well and climate). Things are going to die, habitats will change, more natural disasters will happen, sea levels will rise, some will do well out of this, some won't. Life will go on.

I never said they would sweat more, please learn to read.
No. 53608
>I never said they would sweat more, please learn to read.
You literally said
You dumb fucking shit. It would appear your memory is as damaged as your cognitive abilities. You continue spouting retardation on a topic you clearly know nothing about.
I watch documentaries and read research papers you retarded fucking cunt. You're at such a low level of knowledge and IQ you're blissfully unaware how ignorant and retarded you are, and let me guess you got all your "knowledge" from imageboards and anime. People like you are stupid beyond belief and exactly the sort of useless bydlo everyone fled to the internet to avoid. Now I find myself fleeing the internet to avoid your kind.