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No. 537 Systemkontra
25 kB, 1068 × 662
Can we have a nice E3 thread?

The first presentation starts in ~45min Sadly only EA





Saturday, June 9

Electronic Arts (EA Play) -- 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST (4 AM AET on

Sunday, June 10

Microsoft -- 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST (6 AM AET on June 11)

Bethesda -- 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET (2:30 AM BST / 11:30 AM AET on June

Devolver Digital -- 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET (4 AM BST / 1 PM AET on June 11)

Monday, June 11

Square Enix -- 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST (3 AM AET on June 12)

Ubisoft -- 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST (6 AM AET on June 12)

PC Gaming Show -- 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 11 PM BST (8 AM AET on June 12)

Sony -- 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET (2 AM BST / 11 AM on June 12)

Tuesday, June 12

Nintendo -- 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST (2 AM AET on June 13)

And i must say i don't like the new E3 logo.
No. 545
23 kB, 594 × 334
I'm waiting for Bethesda
inb4 Todd memes
No. 546 Kontra
Why? Sorry for kontra but we can all disscus it in vidyagames threda. It slow enough to be single games threda on board and I'am shure all 3,5 gamers there can follow it there. You may delete threda and repost this good info into games threda
No. 548
That's rather specific topic that deserve it's own thread I think.
It's not only about games, it's about a big event
No. 549
Bethesda presentations are even less interesting than EA or Microsoft.

4 new versions of Skyrim, the new Fallout and some DLC stuff for Fallout 4 and Skyrim.. i already know.
No. 551
Yeah I agree but this board is small enough to not dumping a lot thredas - I bet there be same 3,5 ernsts who posts on nearby game threda same time.
No. 562
It begins
No. 569
Anything interesting yet?
No. 570
No, Battlefield and Fifa.
Usual EA stuff.
No. 577
C&C is a bullshit for mobile phones now...
God, why, whyy
No. 578
Because that's what sells.
At least the old games have a big replay value, so there's no real need for a new one.
No. 580
They remembered about C&C franchise?
The last time they did it was... online game?
No. 1721
Every year I tell myself "they couldn't possibly make a worse e3" and every year they do it. It's kind of amazing to behold now. like a train on fire that keeps on running.

At least the newer beyond good and evil 2 trailer made it look less horrible and cyberpunk looks fine despite iq89s screeching about lack of neons.
No. 1722
Repeated failed games mean that nobody wants to invest in making a legit C&C anymore

At least we didn't end up with a Kane dating sim
No. 1733
182 kB, 442 × 341
*iq189 screeching
No. 1734
So was there anything cool at this year's E3?
No. 1738
Not really unless you're a nintendo switch owner excited about smash.
Even death stranding's latest trailer didn't explain much.
No. 1740
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice looks pretty nice. Apparently they originally wanted to make a sequel to Tenchu but ended up making an original game instead. If you're into those Souls games that might be something interesting. Oh and then there was another trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 but it has SUNLIGHT instead of eternal night so it can't be good. Bethesda also announced Skyrim 2 if you're into TES.
No. 1750
Not really. Nioh 2 will be alright, there is also a new Dead or Alive and a Senran Kagura remake. The Games I am looking forward too this year were already announced before E3 and were not even at E3.

I would have preferred a Tenchu remake. I like Dark souls but the formula does not look like it will work in Feudal japan and it's up against Nioh which does.
No. 1757
My list of somewhat interesting looking games was this

The Forgotten City
Hitman 2
The Last of Us 2
Death Stranding
Resident Evil 2
Nioh 2
My Friend Pedro

Also the fact that the Yakuza games get a PC port is 10/10
No. 1758
32 kB, 640 × 480
Is this new vidya thread since previous one systemcontra'd?
No. 1759
>Yakuza games
I already pre-purchased Yakuza 0. I hope you didn't troll me.

Might as well be.
No. 1761
>I hope you didn't troll me.

How would i troll you?
No. 1762
That these games are great.
No. 1763
>The Last of Us 2
Never played first one but aren't this interactive movie for pedos or something?
>Death Standing
I bet kodjima again showed nothing but man this guy overhyped as fuck.

I liked only metro exodus and new sonic rasing - other stuff is souless empty boring yoba that not give me any feels for 15 years. Maybe new resident evil 2 remake is nice but I honestely never played any game properly exept watching movies with Yobovich
No. 1765
Tbh, nothing really excited me about E3. I'm mostly still sitting here with my fingers crossed for 2by3 to be working on a War in the Pacific brought up to date with War in the East/West standards. C# Aurora is also still chugging along and will probably get the first open version maybe early 2019 or something which is exciting. It's been a while coming.
No. 1766
275 kB, 1920 × 1080
I guess it's a matter of taste but i'm not lying, i love those games.
Maybe read a review or something that describes a bit what it's actually about.

I kinda like this guys Zero Punctuation videos:

No. 1767
>but aren't this interactive movie for pedos or something

Many cut scenes but at least well made cut scenes.
I liked the atmosphere of the first game, also melee combat feeled great.

Metro: Last Light was alrady worse than Metro 2033, i'm 100% sure the new Metro won't be better than Last Light.
No. 1777
> I bet kodjima again showed nothing but man this guy overhyped as fuck.
I still enjoy him for his storytelling since most of the shit is so off the wall compared to other devs and he has a really bernd tier obsession with obscure weaponry/military technology

not sure how that's going to play into a sci-fi title but i'm sure it will be at least "okay"
No. 1780
30 kB, 450 × 305
>it's shit because of sunlight
Don't make me paste that again. The other problems is I thought we might be getting an actual customizable character, but now it is sounding like all the actual RPG elements won't be there.
No. 1804
I'd take an original title any time over a remake/reboot/etc.
No. 1815
23 kB, 480 × 360
>obscure military technology
Meh most of it from mgs just random absoluetly not belivable japanise robots. I remember he showed Ecranoplane or something but it was just regular plane

There nice things thought I like this art for example and Object 279 behind. But overall I not fan of elemnts of japanise storytelling elements and japanise sciencd fiction elements he put into it so I can't enjoy this games.

I liked old Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 for MSX however.
No. 1837
Usually I would but I am quite fond of Tenchu and this new game does not look very good.
No. 1841
>Metall giya solid
I love russian
No. 1845
601 kB, 680 × 676
It's not russhian it just bad translate with reversed "R" just like on meme pictures about russians.
Correct translit will be
Метал Гир Солид
And correct translation will be
Твёрдая Металлическая шестерня

Or something like that.
No. 1846
73 kB, 600 × 615
No, the transliteration would use Гия since the Japanese title of the series is メタルギア, Metaru Giya.
No. 1847
There is no ヤ anywhere there, though. Also, if it's a transliteration, not a transcription, then the pronunciation can be ignored.
No. 1851
My bad. I misread it. Been years since I did Japanese in high school and they do look kind of similar.
No. 1868
No. 1869
>I liked old Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 for MSX however.

MGS3 is still my favorite title even if there is some suspension of belief with things like floating platforms and supernatural soldiers (and also ridiculously long ladders). I think the liberties Kojima took were forgivable since it's a video game for fun and entertainment after all.
No. 1872
I remember from mgs3 not much but after JUNGLES OF KAZAHSTAN or RAIKOV it felt like ... too japanise for me.

What funny in this word? It just word Metall converted to adjective via added suffix and ending -ая because "шестерня" is female gender.
No. 1877
810 kB, 1920 × 1080
70 kB, 630 × 354
Summer Sale should start in around 3 hours

Also: I recommend Cuisine Royale


It's free to play for a few more days, if you don't get it in that time you would need to pay.
No. 1886
As it's free I may as well.
No. 1888
But don't expect too much.
It's still early access and pretty much a stand alone mod based on a game that's still in pre-alpha
No. 1890
>free to play battle royale game
Well thanx for ads but I better go and download 3gb of viruses on my computer
No. 1891
this. why download garbage that entertains you as much as watching shitty youtube videos for an hour or two. both free activities.
No. 1893
41 kB, 600 × 600
wow, you're such a positive person
No. 1895
I dont know how people can be so obtuse and not realize that battle royale in 2018 is the same as call of duty in 2010. hated yoba shit back then and I dont plan on changing my preferences.
No. 1896
And now you feel the need to let everyone know that you don't like popular genres because they're popular? Edgy.
No. 1897
Sale just startet
No. 1902
>like popular genres because they're popular
or maybe I dont like them because I've experienced them to death? and the only way to combat stupid people playing this trash for thousands of hours is to ridicule them.
No. 1911
>and the only way to combat stupid people playing this trash for thousands of hours is to ridicule them
I guess just leaving them alone was never an option?
No. 1922
Man, game you showed is TERMINAL CANCER and it looked like you ads it.
It like numerous clash of clans clones or same tier mobile shit - nobody will recommend such trash, who not payed to do so.
No. 1936
83 kB, 320 × 240
94 kB, 320 × 240
So I played thought both Doom the way id did wads, for first one and for second one. This wads are full sets of all new levels, but made in absoluetly style like it did John Romero and other guys who did original games, also using only original resourses - but more than that, be compable not only woth sourceports but with original ganes themselfs. Well I played via android on gzdom with jump and free aim set to off.
First one that replaced first three episodes of original doom is quite nice - it have some little floas and it still feels a little bit off because this was not made by romero and of cource it have slightly different touch on things, also they reused some vanilla memorable moments like rising bridge that you can see from balcony too much for my taste but well, this have moments and have maps that I like very much (some better than their original that they replaced) so I may same that this is on averege score is same as original game. It follow original game style too - first episode is space base, second is hell infested space base and third is almost all hell.
Second one for doom 2... well it same as previous one but for doom 2. Yeah, this means it copy doom 2 style of mapping - with this some interesting things and tons of floats. Some open area maps, some platforming, all brownish textures, arch-viles in open spaces and chaingunners on rooftop etc. etc. At the end of it I absoluetlt remembered why I don't much like doom2 - I wanted to skip and just end. Secret levels with part of comander keen game and that meme fish was funny but meh honestely I liked original wolfenstein meme better. Again some maps did better than original - some basicly same. If you like doom 2 and want it more - you are nuts here you go.

Only things that still remains in that series made by a lot people from giant doom community - looks like they made episode 4 too also they was "lost levels" - maps that was okay but non did it in final release - when will have enthusiasm for more vanilla doom stuff I clearly check it out.
No. 1937
76 kB, 500 × 688
No. 1938
254 kB, 1719 × 967
No. 1940
I got me Hotline Miami 2.
Other than that i don't see many interesting games with big discounts.
No. 1948
As a concept I quite like Battle Royal games, it's just a shame nobody competent has decided to make one.
No. 1949
It appears all the Total wars are on special, Warhammer 2 is only 25% off so I won't get it though.
No. 1950
There's actually a ton of really fantastic games in the $3-10 range. The last two that I beat were SOMA which is like $3 and Hard West which is $4. I can't remember what's all there off the top of my head but a lot of really good ones are on sale for super cheap. I heard Ruiner was good but haven't tried it. If you're into historical RTS I had my eye on this https://store.steampowered.com/app/356260/Stalingrad/ it's only $1.24 but I'm not sure how fantastic the gameplay is. Sadly one of the few games I was looking forward to is not much cheaper and supposedly still is lacking in content (Frost Punk).
No. 1951
Stalin Grad looks like an early version of Faces of War/Men of War. Not surprising considering it's the same publisher. Men of War is 80% off too.
No. 1954
I can confirm that Ruiner is fun. Sadly it's got performance problems (like all games with that engine), but the gameplay is really good for what it's trying to do - deep enough for a 10 hour game but simple enough to get it within the first 20 minutes. And the atmosphere is a nice mix of super-intense up-beat action and slightly depressing, quiet passages.
No. 1956
How's the story?
No. 1957
Cliched cyberpunk story. The game is short, it took me one morning to beat it. Everything is meh, but gameplay reminds of drum and bass raves on acid, which is good.
No. 1981
>Stalin Grad looks like an early version of Faces of War/Men of War.
This retarded statement made me very angry and dissapointed. I didn't play in Stalingrad but I'm absolutely sure that it's just another Blitzkrieg and Sudden Strike rip off, once popular and old game series in the post-Soviet republics. These games are completely different from Men of War.
Of course the series are unkown in Western countries.
No. 1982
It actually utilizes Blitzkrieg engine and was marketed as sort of a spin-off if I'm not mistaken. Pretty trashy game, though, on par with World War 1 and Desert Law.
No. 1983
> Of course the series are unkown in Western countries
Also, I may be mistaken, but isn't Sudden Strike a German game?
No. 1987
>Blitzkrieg and Sudden Strike

>unkown in Western countries

No. 1988
Ahh. Sorry that was kind of stupid, on second glance it looks nothing like it.
No. 1991
What's with that Steam Link thing? It's off by 95%, so it costs under 3€.
No. 1998
Huh, I bought for 15$.
No. 1999
Is it worth it?
There's also ~8€ shipping
No. 2000
Oh, and do you need that steam controller or can you use other controllers like PS4 with it?
No. 2001
Well, I use it to stream from PC to TV, works OK.
You can use other controllers, I use keyboard and mouse. But Dualshock 4 works as well.
No. 2002
Thanks, i bought it.
If it's shit i could still re-sell it with profit on Amazon or ebay.
No. 2007
Shadowrun Returns is free on the humble bundle store.
No. 2008
anything else shit that's free?
No. 2010
>buy games
>stream games
Sometimes I a little bit happy that I not part of first world.
No. 2024
Yeah it's actually kind of funny such a sharp cultural difference, but then again
I am guessing our weird quirks like culture of tipping wouldn't fly in Russia. But because these are also mostly Western games, we want to support the creators financially. Fair pay for fair work, and because without supporting them eventually the studios go belly up and we get stuck with more EA horseshit and YOBA garbage for bydlo. Russians in gaming kinda remind me more of someone like Clegane. They would rather just outright rob something. But then again, it's usually from the West so I think that partly explains why they don't give a shit about paying, plus you guys grew up buying bootleg CDs. The mentality is just completely different.
No. 2026
Buying modern games is like going to movies for marvel movies. it's an industry with the creative drive almost completely extinguished.
No. 2028
Russians pay for games much more often nowadays than they used to, say, ten years ago, especially since they have lower prices in Steam than Western countries.

Yeah, paying Bobby Kotick and Todd Howard to spit in your face is not a very smart thing to do, I think.
No. 2029
Ouf, putting Kotick and Howard in the same league is pretty mean. Whatever you think of Todd Howard, he can't ever be close to the level of shit that Kotick is.
I honestly don't know why anyone would hate on Todd Howard though, he seems so cuddly and harmless
No. 2031
Anything AAA yes, but there still are many other good games.
No. 2032
I'm not talking about that triple AAA crap pushed by talentless art hating businessmen like at EA or any of the shiny garbage some studios put out. I am talking about things like say old Obsidian and old Bioware, or Frictional Games, or inXile, or all those nice little obscure studios like 11 Bit Studios or CreativeForge Games. Not people trying to squeeze money out of a rock like Paradox, EA, etc. You know, we aren't getting any new Stalker games and that's a shame. Firaxis isn't bad either nor is Stardock although those two companies started on the DLC bullshit train. People like to pretend their piracy is somehow fighting back against talentless hacks but all you're doing is depriving good little game companies of money meanwhile all the yoba bydlo idiots will continue buying shit from EA, as if every game was the same cliche inoffensive crap from people who just want to make money and doing focus groups and market testing to sell a product, not create art (which is the same problem in Hollywood). It's like saying how much Budweisser sucks and then saying all American beer sucks because you only know the top garbage water brands, or pretending that all Belgian beer is garbage and shouldn't be paid for because Budweisser is owned by a Belgian company.

Actually I have also lately discovered just how much Slavs are making games, particularly the Poles. I keep finding myself discovering Polish devs behind games I like. There's a few interesting older titles like Imperium Galactica by Hungarians, Stalingrad from Russian company 1C which also published Space Rangers and some others I'm forgetting.
No. 2033
Diablo 1 was reverse-engineered.
No. 2039
29 kB, 657 × 527
Since this seems to be a Gayms AMA, I just bought Hitman Absolution and advice you to play it again.

I forgot about how much better than Hitman 2016 it is.
No. 2040
Seen that yesterday and immediately pulled it before it gets taken down by a blizzard of lawyers.
Not that I could compile it in the shape it is now, it's still tied to a bunch of development evironment restrictions (because you can't have anything nice in a world of windows). But at least I've got the repo with its hashes and can find the stuff again elsewhere when github carves under Microsofts fat underbelly wobbling back and forth from the rhythmic pushes of blizzards lawyers from behind.
No. 2041
49 kB, 565 × 310
153 kB, 800 × 533
Piracy is not robbing, wat the fuck it like talk with children. It's not difference in mentality - you people on the west just brainwashed to death to always obey corporations.
How you support someone you like when you just collect trash on steam sale? When you buy your game THAT YOU WANT SUPPORT only on sale when it costs 5$ instead of 50$, this is how you support your favorite developer? Big part of monies from this pathetic 5$ will take gaben anyway. And you not buying anything you aee RENTING COMPUTER FILES how retarded is that? Next stage of capitalist degenerasy is only CLOUD GAMING. If you call your vidyagames FORM OF ART - why you all act like it is just some junk food or cheap soviners?
And I just say all that not in support of any position but to show - how degenerate this sounds. You screaming about collecting tons of rubbish on sale, about streaming gaymes, STEAM SOCIAL ACTIVITY - all that trash. And this is MODERN GAYMING? You show now lowest and most ashamed animal instincts. Sorry about that but this was said not as shitpost joke but absoluetly honest and serious.
No. 2042
295 kB, 620 × 349
272 kB, 1024 × 768
I guess it just inly started project of new engine for diablo, right?
Also a lot people leaving github after it was bought by micro$oft. OpenMW for example switched to gitlab.

What opensource/new egine for old games projects you are following?
Exept obvious OpenMW and Daggerfall Unity and sourceports of differend iq games from doom to quake, I following OpenRA - I may only say big thanx that they revived classic CnC games, sad that development of support of TS/RA2 engine slowed down. I also following BloodGDX - since dn3d got 2 modern versions and even shadow warrior was re-released officialy for modern platforms, blood never was and owner of rights on this game is asshole. But now you can play it in comfort with good modding support, shaiders and resolutions. Also upcoming multiplayer and coop. Author also working on support of some other forgotten build engine games - TekWar and Witcheaven. OpenArena is personall project of one person but I hope he will finish it since there not that much work and we be able to play TES1 arena and maybe even Terminator Rampage without it's vanilla engine that emulated very meh on dosbox.
No. 2047
57 kB, 1024 × 576
161 kB, 1769 × 965
452 kB, 1400 × 300
2,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:10
Russiabro brought up the idea of merging the two threads, because this has become a videogames general, and maybe he's right, so...

Does Ernst enjoy SGDQ? This years edition starts Sunday 24th at 16:30UTC and will last until 1st of July. Location will be DoubleTree Hilton in Bloomington, Minneapolis. It's one of those weeks which tend to pass very quickly, since there is games 24/7, and you have to pick carefully which games you might want to skip. This year is extra complicated for some of us, since there also is the football world cup ongoing. We will see the return of Super Metroid and Undertale, and the last game will be a 7-hour-planned time-run of FF6 by GDQ veteran puwexil. Full schedule is already available, and stream will be on twitch:

Full Schedule: https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule
Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick

Surely there will be several restreams in different languages. Join in on the fun and witness a week full of awkward speedruns, overused memes and inevitable tranny drama. This year's first few games look rather boring to me, I missed out on Banjo and Spyro in my youth and so I can't really relate to these games - of course I'll watch anyway. The fun should start with highly entertaining runner CovertMuffin and his Warcraft 3 run in the early night. Also looking forward to Iconoclasts, because I don't know it. What are Ernst's favourites this year? Does Ernst join the choir of those who despise GDQ because it's only about money, trannies and political correctness, or does he not give a fuck and just enjoys the videogames?

Here's a glance at the starting schedule for sunday afternoon / evening, times are UTC:

4:30 PM Pre-Show SpikeVegeta, feasel, Protomagicalgirl, darkman78, JHobz
5:00 PM Banjo-Tooie GarageDoorOpener Any% — N64
5:57 PM Spyro the Dragon ChrisLBC Any% — PSX
6:52 PM Iconoclasts RiskyCB Any% — PC
7:52 PM Kirby: Super Star Ultra Kinnin11 Meta Knightmare Ultra — DS
8:42 PM Shantae and the Pirate's Curse tinahacks, JTNoriMaki Any% Pirate No-OOB Race — PC
10:02 AM Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos CovertMuffin Undead Campaign Normal — PC
11:12 AM The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D gymnast86Any% — 3DS
0:57 AM DOOM (2016) jeromegood Any% — PC
No. 2048
It's not the same as the OpenMW or OpenRA engines since this project used debugging information that someone at sony forgot to remove from the binary shipped on disc. Function names and variables are mostly identical to the closed source engine owned by Blizzard, as will be a portion of the logic.
Actually a difficult case legally whether Blizzard can claim rights here or not. No doubt that they will be able to in the US, but elsewhere that might not be the case.
No. 2049
So it is more like ports of id games based on already opened parts of code?
Tbh BloodGDX used something leaked from actual blood game or something but overall situation reminded me of Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy games. Quake 3 engine for long time open so raven decided to giveopen all code behind this two games... it lasted for day or something before d*sney ordered to block it again because they current owners of rights.
No. 2050
I bought Blackwake for five squid and I've been having a blast with it. Best fun I've had in a multiplayer game in ages. It's especially fun when you've got entire crews really getting into the roleplaying and shouting in cornish accents over voice chat. It's the closest thing to being aboard a real pirate ship.


> Hitman Absolution

I heard that it was shit compared to the last true Hitman game: Blood Money.
No. 2053
117 kB, 720 × 1200
>What opensource/new egine for old games projects you are following?
OpenTTD, for sure.
No. 2055
To support this disscution, I'll show some speedrus I like
https://youtu.be/LerYJmDLYqUNice - speedrun of jedi knight 2 that enjoyable to watch, even more enjoyable with this comments.
https://youtu.be/VtI5HM7GVGY - half life 1 in 20 minutes. Probably most awesome segmented run I ever seen. It is how you play hl when you do it litteraly PERFECT. I doubt it will be beaten.
https://youtu.be/jpmR0oWvxkQ - well this is just meme tier but still funny
No. 2058
Is there any way to crack or pirate Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void? I actually even own Wings of Liberty but can't even get into my fucking account. They actually asked me for scans of a government idea. What the fuck is that? So fuck Blizzard I am shitlisting them maybe beneath even EA. You can't even play the damn games you buy from them and they ask for gov ID just to get back into the game if you forgot your login credentials. Fuck Blizzard. But I still wish to play HoTS and LoTV. So what do? Is there some kind of keygen or something that will allow me to actually unlock it and play the campaign? I don't really give a shit about multiplayer.
No. 2059
No idea, I haven't used Windows since before the SC2 expansions came out so my knowledge about cracked games stops there.
I guess that you can get those to run though, though maybe need different installations for each expansion pack (eg have 3 cracked SC2 games separately). That's how it worked for WC3 TFT initially (now you can stack the cracked version of WC3 and TFT, wich is what I've been running in wine for a LAN party last year).
No. 2062
Kinda same shit. I lost my blizz account because they said "your accound was hacked by someone" and after that I can't get it back whatever I tried. I had there sc2 with addon and wow and warcraft3+tft which physical copies I have and all that was ultra expensive since blizzard not changed prices for regions so sc2 cosed like 5k roubles or something, on which you can survive month or something.

Anyway fuck nu-blizzard
Modern blizzard is pure cancer.
No. 2082
I still just want to play Rome TW again ;_;
No. 2084
Modern gayming

What problem? Install and play it!
No. 2098
Shitty machines, Linux, no working crack
No. 2102
24 kB, 929 × 589
167 kB, 252 × 317
What is Ernst playing?

I just completed the expansion pack for 'Zeus: Master of Olympus' which is something I've been meaning to do since I was 14. It was actually really enjoyable and well worth the game time required to see it all unfold. The gameplay itself is a simple city builder with interactive god features and campaigns following Greek legends/events.

In this expansion they mostly focused on the fictional story of Atlantis and what really impressed me was the detail that went into the overall myth of Atlantis to make it both fit the source material and remain engaging. Without giving too much away Atlanteans (originally led by Atlas, son of Poseidon) start as a science obsessed and pacifist civilisation by divine pact. Then things inevitably get...complicated with Phoenician "pirates" activating self-defence clauses and it expands from there with the Greeks seemingly being completely unreasonable and making war while being protected by Zeus.

Then the final campaign is the opposing Greek story that illuminates all the propaganda going on for both sides. Needless to say I really enjoy games that add in this dimension and it helps make it a true classic in my mind that I had trouble tearing myself away from. 10/10
No. 2107
Blackguards, FTL, Hard West expansion. Although I paused to shitpost and check out other games. I have my Steam list on paper. I just wish I could get Grey Dawn too but it's not even on sale. Oh well. Going to check out Sanitarium and Stasis. Just downloaded the free short game based on Stasis called Cayne so will give that a go. You guys?
No. 2117
Threads are merged. Hope you don't regret.
No. 2125
202 kB, 1600 × 900
123 kB, 1024 × 576
222 kB, 1920 × 1080
68 kB, 1280 × 720
Duke Nukem forever 2013 is very nice mod, that uses EDuke32 port of build engine.
It more or less new dn3d campain that add some cool features, more detailing and interactive also featuring some moment from not released early 2000s Duke Nukem Forever game. It clearly seen that this is mod and there a lot places where it requre polishing and finishung but overall it was positive experience. If you fan of duke nukem or build engine or 2,5d era fps games in general I can higly recommend this. As I know some moddees who done it now working on Ion Maiden.
No. 2126
I interesting if you can change content in post?
Like changing name of op to video games general and discreption to "disscution about everything connected to videigames and computer hardware" or something.
No. 2130
It's possible, but editing posts retroactively, so it would be video games OP but not E3 OP... I don't consider it a great idea. This thread started as E3 thread, but later you, Ernsts, collectively decided it to be the next video games thread.
If you decided to create just new thread, it would be fine as well.
No. 2138
Nah we have only like 100 or so posts before systemkontra
No. 2147
Every game is shit compared to Blood Money.
No. 2151
158 kB, 1920 × 1080
Since there are no unchipped PSX in Russia, my PSX can play games of all regions, though it's PAL.
Is it OK to download NTSC images or it's better to use PAL images?
Also, sometimes TV image goes missing, although all cables seem to be connected tightly. Can chip mod be the reason?
No. 2152
It might be because of the writing speed. The PSX was made for disk with a writing speed of 1x-2x.
No. 2154
No idea but I remember that when you played pirated games on a chipped PS1 they were all in black and white if you used the cable that came with the console. However, if you just bought a 3rd party SCART cable from the store it showed all the colors.

Did Russians use SCART, btw? Or was it just some euroshit? I know it was pretty rare in the US.
No. 2155
All (at least most) TV sets sold in Russia come with SCART. Maybe UHD ones don't come with SCART.
No. 2156
45 kB, 220 × 134
>All (at least most) TV sets sold in Russia come with SCART
I recently thought about buying a new TV, and it felt kinda comfy to see that even the new models still have a scart port. Felt like a little bit of youth conserved there, and this is quite a rare feeling these days.
No. 2165
PS1 is not PSX
No. 2167
Yeah but all the emulation websites etc call it psx for whatever reason.
No. 2168
Because it has been called PSX since the beginning. For reference, there is an article from those times.
No. 2169
I think they do it because they dont want to mix up psone and playstation (first version box model). I think the psx which was dev kit or something came in the box chassis.
No. 2174
>The PSX is a Sony digital video recorder with a fully integrated PlayStation 2 video game console.

And some other sony recorder stuff for ps. PS1=/=PSX
It hurts my assburgers
No. 2178
2,5 MB, 1784 × 6512
Other people got their assburgers as well, so they made this pic.
Also, https://tcrf.net/PlayStation
No. 2180
I know but I really have no idea why that X is added there. I guess it was some original codename for the product or something but officially it's just called the PlayStation so it's really weird how people keep using the X. I guess PS was too established to stand for Post Scriptum or something.

Now when there's Playstation 1-4 it's kind of silly even to call the first console PSX instead of PS1 imo because it almost sound like you're referencing the whole range of PS consoles with X being the variable.
No. 2185
101 kB, 748 × 1024
111 kB, 748 × 1024
128 kB, 748 × 1024
108 kB, 748 × 1024
No. 2189
Not readed full article but ports of id games on consoles are memes. Top PC games of 90s showed how outdated most of consoles become compare to fast machine with MS DOS
Almost all console ports of id games in 90s was terrible - not because actual ports but because hardware. A lot devs changed rendering, resolutions, even created new engines or almost new games to port it on sega/nintendo consoles.
Whole dramma with ports of id games is interesting, there a couple of videos in internet that can explain better it in short

This videos are cringy kinda but showed a lot in game foorage and stuff. I somewhere had much better ones where guy explains how doom engine rendering things and every game tested with a lot things like frame rate counters but I didn't finded them
No. 2191
>A lot devs changed rendering, resolutions, even created new engines or almost new games to port it on sega/nintendo consoles.
Third page, middle column, it's written about that.
>I somewhere had much better ones where guy explains how doom engine rendering things and every game tested with a lot things like frame rate counters but I didn't finded them
Post once you find them.
No. 2192
Finland always provides us the best.
No. 2197
5,0 MB, 2560 × 1440
Rome 2 was on special so I picked it up, I forgot how much I disliked it/hoped they would have patched it. Ahh well. It's pretty easy, I already own a large part of Europe and the bigger one gets the easier it becomes.
No. 2203
Give it to me honestly: how bad is Fallout 3, really? I mean, I remember seeing a friend playing it, and thought the depressing, grim dilapidated despair looked pretty delightful and gritty.
No. 2204

A lot of the rage against it is because the brotherhood of steel are like these heroes of justice instead of creeps that horde technology. It felt like there was more to explore than in New Vegas but what you did explore was repetitive.

I remember most of the hate being from a lore standpoint, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
No. 2214
theres also a lot of world inconsistencies, like settlements just existing magically without any farms or water pump stations other "meaningless frill". new vegas retained a lot of the logistics lore that was present in fallout 1 and 2 by having "dull" locations (farms, faction camps) as well as interesting ones, whereas bethesda just makes a fantasy game where every location is crafted for the player to explore. instead of crafted to build a believable world.
No. 2215
Nice game for its generation. Bad as fallout game, bad as rpg, bad as fps. Somewhat nice design, best childhood game for many and thousands of mods.
No. 2216
It is a very good game.
But Fo2 is considered a masterpiece and Fo3 isnt.
No. 2217
>I remember most of the hate being from a lore standpoint, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
If by "lore" you mean good story driven rpg. It's a step forward for bethesda and tes games, but complete overhaul for fallout franchise.
Yep, it can be hard only at start. Try Attila for a challenge.
No. 2228
It okay. It bad in details but overall - okay. Not worse than fallout 2 much.

>fo2 masterpice

Such opinion detect 100% retarded person.
No. 2229

I personally dont like it.
No. 2239
The Brotherhood never was anything more than a lawful neutral to vaguely good faction. The biggest people problem had with Tactics (other than linear story no open world and no rpg elements) was that it portrayed the Brotherhood as aggressive expansionistic bad guys which is competely the opposite of 1 & 2. In Fallout 1 on some level they were as close to being "good guys" as anyone.

The thing is people keep forgetting that the lore in Fallout 2 actually completely fucking sucks. Virtually everything about that game was retarded from the very moment it loads. You had some retarded "tribals" and a temple in the middle of nowhere for no fucking reason and a bunch of cardboard stereotype "ethnics" which got worse with Sulik. You had magical visions from the village elder, which doesn't make any sense and was never addressed by anybody. You have space aliens for no damn reason at all. You have NCR with its well manicured buildings which also felt very out of place and made little sense. The GECK isn't some magical utopia building mcguffin. And then you have Chinatown, which is equally retarded as anything else ultimately but at the very least tried to have a plausible premise. And then you have New Reno which was even more fucking stupid. Where do they get the power for all these lights? Where the duck do these huge beefy guys in perfect looking suits with ties and fedoras come from?

No, Fallout 2 was actually kind of a piece of shit filtered through nostalgia goggles. It was definitely a fun game, it was a funny game, and it was an entertaining game, but it also shat on the franchise. In fact the more I think about it the more I realize I may have regretted listening to others about FNV, which I got and never played, and probably would have gotten F3 even though I heard that it's shit, because people cargo cult the wrong things.

I feel exactly the same way about lots of games, like 4x and how the absolute worst, dumbest, cringiest thing about Master of Orion was ants/lizards/cats/bears etc in space that others started to imitate. It was the worst thing about that game which shouldn't have existed to begin with and is only tolerated because everything else is so good. Or how some real time crpgs like Pillars maintained the absolute worst, shittiest thing about the Infinity games, which was the combat system, that was only forgivable because everything else was so good and because the spellcasting was so epic. That is how I feel about Fallout 2, and imagined that F3, FNV, and F4 had most likely completely ignored the first Fallout and instead maintained the dumbest, creepiest parts of Fallout 2.

I get the impression a lot of people just didn't play it. I played it in the early 00s, like 2002 or something and I thought it was cringey af even back then. I dreaded the temple of trials every new game, and hated the shit out of having to put up with Arroyo. It was just fun enough and well made enough I forgave all the many horribly glaring flaws. But then again, people hated Tactics, and other than its flaws including what I mentioned it really was a solid game and it's a gaming tragedy that the combat system for Tactics seemingly died with it. That was possibly the best tactical game I've ever played mechanically.
No. 2241
You made me install FO1
No. 2244
That was on special too so I got it. It has the same issues Rome 2 does. As for difficulty, the people hate you more on this one. But that just makes the game annoying and progress slow, it means I have to spend longer in one spot before moving on.
No. 2247
Attila might be not better than Rome 2, but it got completely different set of issues. You can't stay on one place, only sassanid empire can. Other than that the game is designed with intention to make every society collapse. Attila is about survival, you can't benefit from invasions, unless in the middle east.
No. 2251
652 kB, 1000 × 1459
>TFW when disscutions about fallout is half of threda
No. 2252
Why not, though?
No. 2253
6,0 MB, 3440 × 1440
4,8 MB, 3440 × 1440
5,5 MB, 3440 × 1440
I'am not against it since I started it all - just basicly we recycling same thoughts and talk about same idea 5th time already and I (personally) feel kinda lazy to respond

Also new screenshots from gold coast region of Province: Cyrodiil mod for Morrowind
No. 2258
157 kB, 1024 × 640
I wnat making mods on goldsrc engine, new maps and probably even games, but unlike Doom, which have giant active community and a lot of forums where you can get any help with doom builder and gzdoom builder you want, I don't finded much same material tooriginal Half Life game. Is anybody know good resourses, youtube channels and forums dedicated to half life mapping and modding?
No. 2265
Isn't GoldSRC just modified Quake II engine?
I think it might not be hard to develop analogously.
No. 2273
It is very very heavy modified Quake_wold version of Q1 engine as I know, but it have different instruments, some tweaks in file system etc. etc. etc.
For half life was made pretty of advanced mods and games, and with my meh skill I need good tutorials to understand a lot things
No. 2319
I just learned that the president and CEO of nvidia[1] is the uncle of the president and CEO of AMD[2].

But I'm sure there won't be any conflict of interest and the free market will <buzz word here>.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jensen_Huang
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Su
No. 2373
What conflict of interest?
No. 2375
No. 2383
82 kB, 710 × 533
Hey Russia
No. 2405
13 kB, 237 × 194
I'am other russia and I don't get what you mean
No. 2448
There is a hardcore Fallout fan early gaming Russia here. Thought he'd like that game.
No. 2450
It is actually me, not guy you quotted. I don't call myself "hardcore" because this word nowdays feels kinda dumb - in age when playing demon souls considered "hardcoreTM"

Ironicly, I not very much in top down/isometric rpg games. I played a lot good and famous ones, like exept classic fallout games it was baldur's gate 1/2, planescape, dungeon siege 1, both parts of ultima 7, a little bit of icewind dale and PoE 1, maybe there was more but I forgot. Warcraft 3 frothen throne rexar's campain if it's counts. For some wierd reason they just don't give me so much feels I want - when I first person or third at least for me it much more easy to go deep into world and my character. Fallout 1 was one of rare games that had so powerfull universe, ideas, style, music etc. etc. that touched my soul to deeps parts.

I played a lot first person blobbers and early arpg games. Early tes series, both ultima underworld games, eye of beholder trilogy, might and magic series, dungeon master, wizardry series, anvil of dawn, lands of lore 1, even doom rpg I and II. This games is my favorite fenre of all time and forever. And this why I sad - nowdays we get at least mediacore isometric rpg games, but genre of classic arpg and blobbers died - I have low hopes on bard's tale 4 and underworld assention because they look meh. Legend of grimrock 1-2 was nice but it very simple games - classic dungeoncrawling like dungeon master and other early games. MM10 by ub*soft was meh and it was long time ago already.

I so want game new games like daggerfall or might and magic 6 or wizardry 8.
No. 2460
I just realized that fallout 3 is 10 years old now. It's as old now as the first fallout was when fallout 3 was released. Really makes you think.
No. 2470
Yeah, and Mass Effect is eleven years old. It's probably considered an "old-school RPG" nowadays.
No. 2472
Everything after 2003 will never be "oldschool"
No. 2475
>oldschool didn't finish before the end of XX century
No. 2476
I don't know. "Old-school" is more about the style than age. Compare Morrowind to Icewind Dale 2 for example. Both were released the same year yet Icewind Dale 2 is part of the whole infinity engine group of "oldschool RPGs" whereas Morrowind represents something a bit more modern.
No. 2480
It's all about perspective, I think. For an average modern gamer Morrowind is ancient history (and they probably never even heard of Icewind Dale), so something like Mass Effect or Fallout 3 would be "old-school" or "classic" to them. Also, Morrowind still uses rolls for determining to-hit chances, lockpick success etc., while modern RPGs replace it with basic slasher-like action, QTEs and minigames. The turn to modern RPGs in TES series happened with Oblivion, which threw those tabletop mechanics away.
No. 2481
Bullshit, it just your personal feeling for some reason when you compare different genres. Morrowind is probably last true ARPG and much better game than iswind dale tbh.

I set borderline not because how games changed - like Lands Of Lore 1 aas kind of YOBA in it's time, but how companies changed, how changed players and gayming buisness.
No. 2482
Well, maybe morrowind starts to be outdated enough but for Mass Effect I don't think so. Unless X360 generation of games are considered oldschool/classic which I highly doubt. I don't think they'll be considered as such for a long time since graphics and gameplay is still very similar to what we have now. I don't think there's going to be a huge jump in gaming any time soon like we had when 3D graphics appeared.

Also Legend of Grimrock is a new game but it's kind of an oldschool type of dungeon crawler and is usually considered as such regardless of the actual age of it.
No. 2484
Grimeock just new kinda idie game of not very popular genre. I will not call it "oldschool"
Honestely just not use this world at all. Better use for late80s-1995 golden era of pc gaming industry and for 1996-2003 silver era of pc gaming industry.
No. 2513
For the average kid movie viewer films from the 1980s and 1990s are ancient history it doesn't actually mean anything. Video games run the gamut from mindless entertainment to a true art form in the same way the printed word, film, and art can, from some kid's doodling to commercial advertisements to graffiti to classical paintings in the case of using pigments to construct imagery.

Perspective only shapes what's old to you. The period itself is objective fact, and the golden era of PC gaming still was and is the 1980s-1990s.
The 1970s was this period, which switched in the to being a large scale entertainment industry from being a sort of niche. This was followed by the early 1980s vidya crash. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_age_of_arcade_video_games I am not personally sure if I would include that because arcades were their own separate thing, kind of like pinball. It was not a commercial thing in the sense we think of it today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_crash_of_1983 marks the period of transition into the true golden age, or roughly equivalent to the switch from the 70s when it was more experimental and the beginning of films to talkies in the 1970s-80s, with an actual golden era starting in the late 80s. https://metro.co.uk/2012/11/07/hollywoods-silver-age-captured-in-new-exhibition-of-photos-615258/ In a sense what we call the golden age of gaming is a bit closer to being the silver age. It is when the art form had matured more and is when what are widely regarded to be all the classics of vidya came out as well as most of the rules and conventions that would create all the different genres. Like 95% of all vidya genres were created in the 90s aka the golden age of gaming or more appropriately the silver age. This is particularly true of the mid to late 90s period, which I would say is kinda like up until the 1960s of film.

The problem now is the over commercialization of the art form, where even Hollywood's corrupt antics are moving in. This is why we get all this YOBA shit. One of the worst possible symptoms of this shift was away from the tabletop mechanics of early gaming which demarcated the true divide between classic gaming, games that as routine made you actually have to think about things either mechanically or thematically, to the dumb cliched mindless entertainment we have now. A big part of this is because a lot of early gaming were actual AI and computer science experts from the military and public sector making the code to people who played Dungeons and Dragons for fun writing the stories. This has led to a complete loss of both with the shift, as people no longer know how to tell stories in the industry or let players satisfactorily make their own (think Fallout) as well as having really garbage mechanics. Modern gaming you can't even fall off ledges anymore. There also usually isn't any friendly fire. It is entirely for bydlo and scrubs now.
No. 2515
Huh didn't even read your post, but yeah >>2484
that is oddly hivemind tier dating and terminology. The early 00s period I don't know about how to categorize as well. I think it could be said that the true divide between commercial shit today and the silver era probably ended around 2004-2005.
No. 2527
364 kB, 577 × 899
16 kB, 480 × 360
1,6 MB, 900 × 1200
35 kB, 466 × 350
2004-2005 is border age. When small companies become commertical corporations or died. A lot old small companies, genres died. It is not hivemind when it obvious borderline - xbox did it job to spread console cancer into pc, combined with rise of popularity of PC gaming caused by previous sucsesses and absolute popularity of graphical operating systems.
In early 00s now:
-games rised in production value due to rised compicety and newer technologies, more employes, higer budgets, ads for more wide audience become normal thing
-with windows that replaced DoS and become more easy to use every new version so every iq55 defenerate who previously know only how to install catridge with morio into NES now can use compooper
-most famous PC games series become big enough to attract attention of console players and not-specific audience. Most popular examples are of cource different action games - first person shooters that rised from shareware (this is different story actually - how because id games for example become so popular just because their simplicity and shareware nature all younger generation thought that they was MOST ADWANCED technologically and that all games back then has no plot and had "i stealed texture from random book" desighn quality), RTS and ARPG that then mutated into cancer known as "modern """"RPG"""" gayems"
-consoles finnaly become capapable to fully support pc games, XBOX maded crossplatform absolute so PC games and genres need be adopted to new audience, controls and systems. It finnaly merged newly borned "console shooters" genres with pc ones, for example, when getting regeneration, linear level design, covers etc. become standart.

After small change period - ~2003-2007 - that I will call age of true YOBA was borned a lot very high budged games for all-gamers as target audience. Half life 2, doom 3, far cry and crysis, stalker, call of duty 4 modern warfare, tes oblivion. This and some other games gived them even more monies. And with ultimate rising popularity of games - when gaymers now even elder people and normies - games was affected to be acceptable by even most degenerate people, normie shit, political and social justice warriors, retard persons and all other human trash. Now gayming is giant corporations who make poop to feed degenerate masses only.

Why golden... and more than that - silver era of pc games was so important part of human history? Because it was time when intellectual minority and actually people who seriously care can dictate how products need to be. Budgets was high enough to produce games like daggerfall, fallout, half-life, system shock 2, ultima 7 etc. etc. but target audience for them was still mostly nerds... or at least gamers.
Like I can't belive that nowdays we will ever have AAA million budget game like wizardry 8, or morrowind. Yeah there indie developers and small studios but you know that they are not 90s bethesda softworks, or 3d relams, or classic westwood and origin. So there not even talks of call any game after 2003 or maybe 2005 as maximum "classic" because it same as call something from rennisance - "medival". And this is opinion of person who was born in 1997
No. 2546
>1st pic
That makes me angry at so many levels, and I've never even been a serious gamer in the first place.

Angry birds? Seriously?

But to illustrate the levels of """old-schoolness""", it is suddenly possible to use images that describe an actual shift in time?
No. 2547
Every time I see that picture I just remind myself it's extremely low quality /v/ bait. The reason it's plausible someone made it is because I can actually imagine a ten year old boy making something that cringe inducing. Realize this and you will stop wanting to strangle someone every time you see it.

Unrelated note but this looks good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAyo9mnkVrM of course one can never tell with these early teasers. Agony looked pretty damn good but the gameplay is a lot less impressive. I really wish there would be a lot less pastels, bloom effects, and shiny plastic looks to newer games in general. Dead Space 2 is a perfect example of a game that nailed it. Sharper angles, sharper colors, not needing fucking grainy film effects to make it not look like shit, higher contrasts, muted lighting, not overly relying on bloom effects etc. It's the main reason why I'm skeptical of Cyberpunk 2077. I mean aside from all the lack of rpg and other things that sound wrong with it. I don't care about the daylight wasteland aesthetic as long as they don't make it look like absolute shit which is most games in the 2010-present era especially the last few years. Overwatch is a perfect example of this horrible aesthetic. I think I already bitched about Blizzard being terrible in the art department ever since Warcraft 3. Yes, that is still a slightly newer game to me, and yes, it looks like complete dog shit. That was truly when Blizzard started its shift to being a terrible company with subpar games. It is the Dota 2 aesthetic and it looks awful, even worse when applied to things that are supposed to look grittier and darker.

This especially doesn't work in horror. I also hate how they rely so much on trying to make things look glistening. It's like they've never seen dead bodies before.

I am also intrigued by this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uUomkw6qD4 but it sounds like the project has been postponed indefinitely or something. I hope not though.
No. 2549
>I really wish there would be a lot less pastels, bloom effects
I always turn off stuff like bloom, blur, depth of field etc. Sometimes even go as far as disabling post-processing altogether. Why do people even think that this shit looks good? My eyes feel strained whenever I see it.
No. 2550
I like subtle depth of field but other stuff you mentioned needs to go yeah. I think developers invest in post processing because its easy to make a crude looking turd game and "elevate" it with post processing.
No. 2557
11 kB, 480 × 360
I think quality of games is somehow related with the variety of hardware, not directly, though.
SNES and Genesis were the last big consoles with fairly different hardware, and I think that was last great epoch of games.
PSX and the end of 90s in overall was the dawn of new era, so it isn't inherently bad but I never considered them different enough games to separate from modern ones.
On the other hand, it may be nostalgia goggles and there are as much great games as back then, just bad games of those times are forgotten.
No. 2564
601 kB, 598 × 927
576 kB, 712 × 757
92 kB, 960 × 720
283 kB, 710 × 443
Consoles never had "golden era". They ALWAYS from the begining was products of giant corporations that was made only for monies by people who mostly not care. More than that - back in 80s-90s they was aimed for children audience. I can understand why you want get NES in 80s, since there are many many computel platforms from amiga to commandor, and all of them had limited amount of games maded by not professionals. But in 90s, if you have pretty good MSDOS machine and you are not 5 year old, you absoluetly not need that crap.
Like starfox - primitive game that only started experiment with flying simulators in 3d and on it's platform had terrible perfomance - same time on PC you can het much more advanced X-Wing with much more mature gameplay, and a lot wing commander games.
Classic RPG games starting get to their peak before new wave of late90s, in 1993 you have all trilogy of eye of beholder and dungeon hack for dungeon crawlers, Wizardry 7, Might and Magic World of Xeen, for newborn arpg genre we get Ultima Underworld and TESI: Arena. And many many many other games. Don't forget newly born FPS genere with it's most famous Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, Heretic and their countless clones. We even had fuckin Jazz Jackrabbit for platformers that was total blast compare to morio jumping games.
And overall in early 90s there started wave after wave of big quality games for MS DOS, of all possible genres - so many good quest and adventures games, awesome strategies of all sungenres, simularors and racing. And almost all attempts to port it on consoles on SNES/Genesis generation was totally terrible. Doom unplayable, might and magic 3 crappy and censured by NintendoTM to hell, I higly doubt that games like ultima underworld there will be possible even think how to port them on this outdated hardware and shitty controls.
There rare examples like Dune 2 who get decent port because this first xanonical rts had shitty controls in the begining but from warcraft 1 - forget about RTS on consoles, better kill yourself than play rts with gamepad.

Man, this is so fat joke it ridiculous. Yeah there a lot people who think like that - mostly children but who fucking cares?
No. 2567
Consoles mostly specialized in JRPGs, racing games, sports games and fightans, so if you preferred any of this genres, you'd buy a console.
No. 2568 Kontra
No. 2571
30 kB, 800 × 644
As >>2567 said, computers and consoles were somewhat parallel worlds of game genres.
Console hardware mostly specialized for 2D games, tiles and such. They usually had special chips that let quickly push out 2D graphics.
Computers, on the other hand, were mostly powerful calculators (but yet there is C64, Amiga), and many owners of computers had certain STEM background. Also, I think, it worked vice versa - complexity of computers made people get interested in STEM field. This made other audience for games, and that's why there are many number-rich computer games (CRPGS, strategies, simulations etc.).
Also, consoles are a lot better suited for local multiplayer simultaneous games. I don't say there aren't any local multiplayer simultaneous games, but for a reason there are a lot more of them on consoles.
No. 2572
I did some thinking again and came to the conclusion that the decline of video games is rooted in the death of physical copies. the culture of game manual (and actually fucking reading it) is dead so games are developed to be as intuitive as possible with the cost of depth, not to mention all games starting with these tutorial segments where they slowly explain you the mechanics and in general treat the player like a mentally stunted baby.
No. 2573
Does it mean that video games are pretty much dead since 1983?
No. 2578
68 kB, 640 × 400
84 kB, 640 × 480
189 kB, 1024 × 768
152 kB, 1920 × 1080
Obvious advantages of consoles most of which you talk about is mostly covered only 80s, maybe most early 90s. Yeah in that time you have obvious reasons to buy cnosole because majority of computer games was "hey my name david I'am some random dude I maded this computer DnD simulator for allpeII myself" but for 90s - not really.

Consoles is "better for 2d than computas" is sort of bullshit. only real problem for computers that nobody previously maded properly sidescrolling, after Carmak relised how to do so he immideatly maded mario 3 clone on computers without any problems, and even if we not count platformers, there was hell lot of awesome 2d quest and adventure games for pc in 80s and 90s, most notable of cource sierra and lucasarts games. Games like Indiana Johnes quests (Fate of the atlantis was so awesome that for many and many people it is CANONICAL 4th movie), Full Throttle, Leisure Suit Larry, sam and max hit the road all that countless police quests, king's quests, space quests etc etc., for more late 90s it's grim fandango, curse of the monkey island games and more.

Sport games and racing - there was a lot of sport games for any platform always. And in 90s where guys like bethesda and EA done them a lot for PC and some of console sport games had PC ports - it is kinda lame to talk about that only on console you can get it.

JRPG is actually not proper genre - it started as gooks tried to copy early MM and wizardry games, and then they basicly not evolved much for a long time in that therms, using a lot primitive mechanics without any depth and focused on wrong directions. But it funny that often best versions of some JRPG games of era was not on consoles, but on japanise computers such as PC98 or how it was called and some of them still to this day has no proper tranlation on any non-asian language.

But anyway, consoles started as cheap home versions of bigger arcade machines and just adittions to TV. In 90s the only reason to buy and play console was if you actual kid and you just need electronic toy to play, or you weaboo and you has no acces to MSX2 or PC98 or any kind of shit like that or you are iq55 who can not properly use MS DOS.

What kind of bullshit is this post? You though manuals and physical copies died in 1983? What?

Nah, I don't think so. It was kinda sad when in mid 90s less and less people cared about actual manual and adittional content in big box since there was no reason because all basic information you can now properly fit inside game itself, but I doubt it was cause, since a lot good games in early 90s and late 80s shared as shareware by floppy discs everywhere and it was "as little physical stuff as you can possibly have".
No. 2580
>What kind of bullshit is this post? You though manuals and physical copies died in 1983? What?
Have you played 2nd gen games? Namely, Atari 2600 stuff?
Many games are unplayable up to the point you have to open manual and look what do game modes do.
1983 is the famous gaming market crash in the US.
No. 2581
>some of console sport games had PC ports - it is kinda lame to talk about that only on console you can get it
"Some" exactly. I didn't say that you couldn't play sports games on PC at all. It's just that on consoles you had much more variety to pick from. Same goes for racing games.

>JRPG is actually not proper genre - it started as gooks tried to copy early MM and wizardry games, and then they basicly not evolved much for a long time in that therms, using a lot primitive mechanics without any depth and focused on wrong directions.
If it isn't a proper genre, then why do I dislike Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star, Grandia, Chrono Trigger/Cross, but I'm fine with Fallouts, Baldur's Gates, Neverwinter Nights, Morrowinds and such? Checkmate, atheists! But seriously, JRPGs at this point are a genre, and quite a conservative one to boot. Yes, they started as Japs' attempt to make their own Ultima, but they ended as RPGs without role-playing (but with stats, yay!), with linear plot, boring turn-based combat system (ATB is turn-based too, cannot disprove that), random encounters (most of the time; some don't have that super cancerous system that FFs had, fortunately) and lots and lots of grinding. Furthermore, they even spawned some unusual offshoots like Pokemans or Megami Tensei. The combination of aforementioned characteristics creates a game that is very attractive for some people, but rubs other people (like me) the wrong way. And those some people would rather buy a Playstation to play all the latest FFs, since they don't really care about whatever RPGs PC has to afford.
No. 2583 Kontra
No. 2594
67 kB, 800 × 600
190 kB, 1920 × 1080
73 kB, 800 × 600
haven't played anything in months but today I felt kind of an irk to re-install RS3
I didn't and won't though
it's just that false anticipation for ever dead feels

but at the same time I thought that I never really liked Swat 3/4 even though these two were really popular (and even now it's more likely to encounter a group of people coordinating for a mission or two in Swat 3/4 than Rainbow Six)

probably, I never considered Swat 3/4 as hardcore as RS which is utterly subjective; but at one aspect Swat games did suck when compared to RS: level design; remember that mission in former Yugoslavia in RS:RS? or the one in the snowy village in mountains in RS3? Swat never had such quality stuff
also the whole planning feature in RS is still one of the best things you could wish to have in a tactical game

yet I admit I enjoyed Swat 2 profusely back in the day (notwithstanding its horrendous interface); it was much more interesting (at least to me) than some Incubation or even X-COM: Apocalypse
No. 2595
no I think he's right. I know what he means. Most people nowadays probably get too frustrated to bother reading the manual. And I personally hate not having a manual in my hands to hold and read. Like a lot of games in the olden days actually gave you a literal book with all the lore, strategy guides, FAQs, instructions etc. Now people expect to just be able to start playing with the most minimum of tutorial, which to be honest I do too to some degree but only partly because I've played a lot of them and kind of expect it to be intuitive. Endless Space for instance is a pretty complex game but other than looking a few things up I didn't bother with instructions a lot because I'm used to 4x. There's a lot of cross genre even stuff like WASD. I think that back then there was more experimental stuff going on which made you actually have to read the manual sometimes.
No. 2609
509 kB, 1491 × 2111
195 kB, 566 × 876
186 kB, 556 × 876
393 kB, 897 × 529
>then why do I dislike
Because this is BAD rpg games? Gooks don't get that a lot of mechanics was used because limitations of that time and nothing more. For example might and magic dropped encounter system since third game when they started to use engine that can place monsters in the actual world. Early rpgs - more commonly games that was aimed on gameplay only had little variaty of character development and roleplaying just because they had majority of plot in actual manual book but even that compleatly changed in silver age of PC games when you will albe to put ALL TEXT YOU WANT inside actual game, not "read phrase 4 from page 125 of manual"

I so sad that japs bought wizardry and killed it, I still waiting my wizardry 9 this why I have my save from 8 in my hard drive.

You said that in 1983 ended era of manuals. And I asked what is bullshit is that, I not asked abut tht E.T. game meme
If you talk about "asshole" manuals when it impossible to pass specific part of game if you not bought "hint and cheats book", this is not what we talking about. It was mostly on consoles with it's nintendo power and on PC onsly Sierra sometimes don with their quests and yep they are assholes for that.

Era of REAL NEED FOR MANUAL where you place half in game, controls and stats n separate book ended like in 1994-1995. For games like fallout and might and magic 6 you can get everything without reading manual. But yeah I like too when game have actual ... how call it on english... level of start? When there actual border of skill and iq of player that be able to play game or at least learn something before playing it.

As example of border game that not requre manual but still have some classic elements is morrowind - I like how nobbie kids and modern "rpg" retards attemting to play it and ask WHAT'S WRONG WITH DIALOGUES? WHY I CAN'T HIT ANYONE WEN I CLICKING ON IT? WHY MY STATS BECOMES RED BUT THERE NO MARKS ABOUT IT WHAT IS IT? WHY I WALKING SO SLOW??? since game using a lot classic RPG mechanics. For games like Daggerfall retarded persons can't even start because they can't configurate cntrols and for games like Wizardry 6 you may compleatly forget about that.

Nobody will do it in modern games because you will lost majority of audience - that mean YOU WILL LOST MONIES, and capitalism nature of buisness will never accept such thing. But if you assburger and if you making your game for mature audience - just use complex mechanics and describe controls only in manual and be shure - modern gaymers and consoletards will never play it.

Other sides of such manuals is actual art and story - that sadly lost nowdays too, but it lived even untill 00s. In 1998 TES adventures Redguard was as adittional book - The Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition. A big text of lore from michael kirkbride with awesome illustrations. In this adittion was described all empire - and by many and many Fans of classic tes - espessialy morrowind, this is actualy most cannoical source about other provinces, such as Cyrodiil and Skyrim, not cancer games that bethesda do since oblivion for degenerates. In Might and magic 3 whole isles of terra and stuff that happened described as story of Corak about his visit on this world. In first Heroes of Might and Magic there was giant story about how actuall HOMM story directly connected to story of original Might and Magic I game, how Ironfist escaped from Vard-4 and ended in Enroth and his letters to brothers. I really like some stuff, illustrated books with interesting stuff added a lot back for very limited games, but as we seen in TES Adventures redguard added even more to already more or less modern finished game.
No. 2626
That HL-run was quite enjoyable, thanks.
No. 2635 Kontra
>vard 4
VARN-4 fix
No. 2663

No. 2669
103 kB, 500 × 388
>Because this is BAD rpg games?
It doesn't really matter. What really matters is that those bad RPGs form a certain category of games which neither you nor I will not enjoy, but it will be adored by a certain category of people for some inexplicable reason. We can label those people "weebs", "shit-eaters" or "consolefags", but, as I already pointed out, they will still go for some Dragon Quest LXVI exclusive to some console instead of a large library of RPGs on the PC. Those are my thoughts on the question of why would people buy a console in the mid-to-late nineties instead of PC, which you raised in >>2564.
No. 2700
I get you point, but still kinda don't want call it a "genre". It is just bad cargo cult on 80s wRPG games, an what about people who want play FF or all that kinda of crap - they just fear or lazy or stupid to open themselfs for something new. Most of "classic console" fans I seen in internet just ignoring PC and not even tried it.
No. 2812
Oh man I alreadyy feel that STALKER 2 will be dissapointment... if it ever be.
No. 2835
Talk (1990) between Shigeru Miyamoto and Yuji Horii about new Nintendo (Super Famicom) hardware and next (DQV) Dragon Quest game.
No. 2865
I think people just don't care about set characters and choose an option from a menu gameplay, the characters, OST, worldbuilding and how the whole thing is presented.

t. a man who played Chrono Trigger once and thought it was ok
No. 2881
You know that this games litteraly has no proper gameplay at all and this is a joke when you take 2-3 outdated mechanics, separate them and call a game, and rest of it just goik cartoon crap with same tier "plot"?
You can like right now make wizardry 1-3 clone, add in front of it anime girl picture saying NANI and throw some crappy 8-bit J-rock or k-pop at background and jrpg fans will think it is masterpice.
No. 2914
It's funny that Chrono Trigger is considered one of the "best" JRPGs, since it has non-linear plot with several endings, some freedom in choosing your party (from several fixed characters), battles that are a bit less boring than in FF (because the characters don't just stand in lines facing each other and exchanging attacks, but move around a little), and random encounters which are not so random (sometimes you can see monsters fucking around in the open, so you can sneak past them to skip the battle). Nonetheless, I still don't get the appeal of it. JRPGs have these "experimental" features from time to time, like character classes or some gimmicks in battles, but they look pathetic anyway because of all the other design flaws.
No. 2918
there are some good jrpgs out there. Ironically a good example is the shin megami tensei series that now has the more popular spin off persona which basically is just animified dumbed down version of smt. If anyone is looking for to re-evaluate their opinions on jrpgs they should try smt3 nocturne or strange jorney.
No. 2919
95 kB, 768 × 1024
>You can like right now make wizardry 1-3 clone, add in front of it anime girl picture saying NANI and throw some crappy 8-bit J-rock or k-pop at background and jrpg fans will think it is masterpice.
Why it isn't still a thing?
You'd be swimming in money if you made it.
No. 2925
main draw is the story and design of the game

every bit as good as ff6 imo which slightly worse characters but slightly funner story

prefer the mechanics of ff5 tho

all were beaten by multiple pc rpg's tho
No. 2927
Megami Tensei games in general are closer to Pokemans than to "classic" JRPGs, and there are also some tactical RPGs like Langrisser or Shining Force in the series, if I'm not mistaken. If you consider Pokemans a JRPG, then yeah, those might be JRPGs that are actually kinda fun to play.

>You'd be swimming in money if you made it.
Nah, JRPG fans would be spitting poison, because the game is not made by some Souta Ishikawa, but by Stepan Ivanov instead.
No. 2928
I dare you, Stepan Ivanov would become new classic master of videogames.
No. 2936
Because I have very low coding skills and if I had opportunity and skill I better start working on game of my dreams - since there almost no good wRPGs nowdays, why would I do gook shit that objectivly bad games and there a lot of them around there anyway?
No. 2937
It could be a runway for your project.
No. 2939
2,0 MB, 2628 × 3280
Meant to say that the worldbuilding, characters, story, OST and presentation is more important than shitty gameplay and no character creation but it was 3AM and I didn't proofread my post.
I'm not a JRPG expert by any means but I'll still share some opinions on stuff you said.
>goik cartoon crap with same tier "plot"?
Honeslty I think anime stuff is fine in moderation, just don't go full retard. See this chart I downloaded off /v/, it's bad but it gets the point across.
>crappy 8-bit J-rock or k-pop at background
My favourite theme from CT was "Corridors of Time", doesn't really sound like J-rock or J-pop or whatever. Though I can understand your dislike of that j-whatever, I mute the game whenever an unskippable song like that happens.
No. 2963
man xenoblade chronicles 2 was such a travesty. loved the first one because it kept the fanservice to bare minimum and the whole tone resembled to like a shonen morning cartoon and didn't have the overabundance of those cleavage titmonsters you have in 2.
No. 3035
I wish I were making a demo/technological game engine for old hardware.
No. 3036
Nothing is stopping you but your own laziness
No. 3037
I am hoping to sort some things in my life soon, so I could relatively freely make some hobby projects.
No. 3046
What engine and how old? And actually, why?
You know that such thing as separate engine that can be used in many games was not that common thing untill late 90s?

Also if someone interesting there a guy who making game for dos computers, even with support of CGA mode https://youtu.be/QUzVesdY6OU
No. 3050
>What engine and how old?
How old what?
>And actually, why?
Why nod :DDD
>You know that such thing as separate engine that can be used in many games was not that common thing untill late 90s?
I think it would be dumb to think that companies didn't have a toolset of routines when they made games in series. Well, these routines might have been tweaked more actively than now.

At the moment I want to make some Mode 7 for Sega Genesis. This machine was capable of polygons, and why it wouldn't be capable of Mode 7?
Mode 7, or what people usually call under Mode 7, is a hack which uses SNES scaling/rotation hardware and electron gun timing. Right before the gun enters new line, scaling and rotation properties are changed to make an effect of perspective.
No. 3116
26 kB, 1000 × 221
I don't think it is illegal to sell old games like GOG does, but who gets the money? Many game companies are long defunct.
No. 3117
Copyright owners, I think.
No. 3118
gog also takes a cut for the prepackaging and plug and play delivery. dont have to set up dosbox etc
No. 3119
Genious, they have partnerships and agreements with all owners. You thought that they selling games illegaly? They be shooted down after a second if so
No. 3121
Companies may be defunct but the copyrights have been sold to other companies that still exist.
So as I understand it gog goes to these copyright holders and pays them a fee for the right to distribute these old games for a certain amount of time.
No. 3123
They probably make their money like the finn said: by adapting these old games go current platforms. Even if the game has no more copyright (dunno if such a thing is possible), their job is still necessary. It's a legit and necessary kind of business.
No. 3126
Well if you serious about that it may be interestibg if you by coding miracle made something that thought was impossible on some hardware configurations.
You may like this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVFSjHQ57zyxajhhRc7i0g of real developer who maded games for SNES.
No. 3158
2,1 MB, 490 × 360, 0:32
Simply ebin
That's a modern game for Sega Megadrive
No. 3159
Oh not for snes but for sega my mistake

I showed above vide about guy who making games that campable with some early dos-era PCs. It actually pretty hard and sometimes pointless to do new games on older hardware than just simulate style. Fact that most indie games lost style absoluetly because most indie devs are trash and when they saying "retro" is a lie is different question.
No. 3160
>It actually pretty hard and sometimes pointless to do new games on older hardware than just simulate style.
It is hard and pointless only when you want to get money of this game. It's a lot wasier to slap in Game Maker 2018 or Unreal Engine 5 half-assed lazy assets and call it a retro game.
No. 3162
No, I mean program on old hardware and old operationl system and soft. Espessialy for old consoles.
No. 3163
Thing is, you don't have to use old tools to program for old hardware. There are new tools, people even create IDEs for programming in Basic for Atari 2600.
It's only question of how quickly you want to get your game. And even then, there was PSX, which was mostly programmed in high level C but not assembler, if you don't want to program in assembler.
There is no excuse for not programming "retro" games for actual retro hardware other than the desire to get quick buck.
No. 3164
177 kB, 1200 × 750
190 kB, 1200 × 750
30 kB, 620 × 260
456 kB, 1920 × 1080
There is a lot points of making retro-style game on modern hardware. Like do same but go thought previous limits. A lot classic games obviously had their limitations. I agree that limitations is what helped artist to border limits and properly shape project, create new smart ways of making usual things. Nowdays a lot of graphical styles, leveldesigns and gameplay features that was maded in times when it was neccecery can count as form of art. But some limitations are obviously was a barrier for making something more. A lot games don't have level of detalisation that developers wanted, or don't had enough content because lack of size of avalible memory, or it was hard to make certain things, like proper animations or draw distance and resolution.

For example I pretty happy how Call of Sargenar development goes on unity. It'd be pretty lame to use some sort of mm6-8 engine that was not capable of prepper texture map for ground on heoght and had sky plane instead of skybox in 1998 which was pretty meh.
I think that Ion Maiden that now in development on very updated version of otiginal build engine based on eDuke32 is only win in this situation - much more smooth animations with higer resolution sprites, more complex levels with a lot more detalisation and size, a lot more room for more content, full 3d render without picture goes to shit when you look up and down (which was totally possible in 1996 and was in duke nukem 3d port on n64 that was made on powerslave engine), more audio with higher quality. It truly feels like evolution of build shooters after dn3d, blood and shadow warrior.
Game not lost anything if it had more big resolurion with proper aspect ratio and maybe some minor things that was not possible in 64MB RAM/Voodoo5 with 3d acceleration gayming pc.

Of cource it is obvious that a lot indie makers who did not understand not style, not actual limitations of games they tried to emulate or just has no skill to do something good - make shit and often this "retro" shit looks and plays nothing like actual classics or if plays - plays like BAD old games. Examples are numerous - Dusk, Strafe, 99% pixel-indie platformers, but as I said it is another story. I don't said making new games for older hardware is something bad - it is very interesting experience and challenge for actual coders and artists. And I think that if you making new indie game that broke limitations of past but remain some old elemnts you at first need to understand how this limitations worked and affected gamedev, so at start point such experience is probably absoluetly mandatory for such indie devs.
No. 3273
>search for Strafe video
>gender marker is fucking scrollbar
Well, it's not the subject of discussion.

I am not against such games (modern Doom or Build engine modifications and some new WADs certainly aren't going to work on old hardware), but if the game uses words "old", "retro" or such, GODDAMN MAKE IT OLD AND RETRO, but not an excuse of total lack of skills.
Btw, I can't find Call of Sargenar. Can you post a link?
No. 3274
tl;dr: If your game looks like Minecraft, it doesn't make it retro.
No. 3278
Played a bit of both Dusk and Strafe today. Dusk was actually kinda fun, like a cheesier version of Quake, might return to it later. Strafe, on the other hand, wasn't entertaining at all, and what's interesting, it's a combination of small fails that made it unattractive to me. Like, reloading in a game that pretends to be old-school, really? And not the usual reloading, noooo, it's "realistic" and stuff: whenever the gun is empty and you try to shoot someone, it just goes "click" (at that moment you feel 50% annoyed and 50% stupid) and only then reloads. Why have a feature like that in a dynamic shootan? It's not some fucking Operation Flashpoint. Randomly generated levels are simply boring, which actually wasn't unexpected. Guns just don't feel like guns (except for maybe shotgun), and it is not enjoyable to shoot them (Dusk, for example, doesn't have this problem: when I shot a machinegun, even my commieblock neighbors felt it). There are way too much liquid shit around that damages you, and some monsters add some more when they die. When you get on a ladder, you holster your gun, why? And the soundtrack not only sounds out-of-place in a wannabe "old-school" game, not only it's synthwave which by now pretty much turned into your regular nostalgia-jerker style, but it's also very, very meh. The only thing I liked is permadeath.
No. 3288
171 kB, 1280 × 720
155 kB, 1280 × 720
16 kB, 640 × 360
790 kB, 2560 × 1440
Strafe is horrible from start to finish. Style is disgusting - it is not early-3d low poly, it is just BAD high poly models with tumbler-pixelart textures. Hud and other elements much worse than even some gameplay doom mods for brutaldoom. Gameplay is pure trash. I laughed when seen their website that was made in style of web 1.0 and trailer that was LOOK RETRO OLD. They don't even ashemed to put YEAR 1996 on their crappy screenshots.

Dusk is a little bit better, at least it tried to recreate style but... it is bad too. In other case bad - it feels like BAD game from 90s - I immideatly had some Redneck Rampage flashbacks when played it. Shitty crappy leveldesign in style of MOM MY FIRST DOOM MAP, very bad design of some models and boring gameplay where all weapons are boring and repeating and enemies are kinda same shit. 2nd episode even worse it started on open area with a lot enemies with fast projectiles that feels almost like hiscan.

Some gameplay desidions like feature of moving on walla or ragdoll physics makes it even worse honestely and break even that tiny little immersion of something old. It feels like what it is - modern cheap indie game. If there was not physics and other features - it'd felt like SHITTY CRAPPY B-CATEGORY 1999 GAME FROM EASTERN EUROPEAN STUDIO THAT NOBODY KNOW (exept fact that Chasm: the Rift was actually much better than dusk)

Tbh don't miss shitty Strafe with Strife (1996) which is actually more than okay FPS with adventure elements maded by Rogue on Doom engine and actually some sort of classic.

There a Call of Saregnar website. I have issues with actual dev because he is a little bit hipster but I more or less shure that he is know what he doing considering that he is fan of Daggerfall, MM6 and Betrayel at Kondor... maybe much more fan of last one than me, I'd prefer more look and gameplay elements from first and second one (and maybe even from wizardry 8), but I still okay and hope that he can make what he planned. Even he is using unity and some more modern fraphical advantages like lights, some more resolution images, grass and a little bit of terrain features I may still call it retro - by style of worldbuilding and graphics and that this genre (free movment blobber rpg) died in like 2002 abd there was no one single game in subgenre since than as I know. (And honestely all migh and magic games from 6 to 9 was graphically outdated in times they come out so there no reason to copy then 1:1)
No. 3289
Looks suspicious.
No. 3298
You have three ways to implement 3D.
First way - hardware 3D acceleration, there is no much room for fantasy.
Second way - software render. Bigger and more beautiful picture you want, faster processor you need. Sometimes you'd want to cut the edges if you want to render fast (like, when you had only to render vertical walls).
Third way - tricking with hardware 2D acceleration. You can either change scale per line basis (Mode 7), or build the level and draw the sprites such way, so you can use just scaling (SEGA arcade boards) or there may exist scale and skew per sprite basis (3DO, Saturn), so you can build 3D environment with "sprite bricks".
No. 3303
CS:GO semi finals live right now in Cologne, in case anyone cares. I'm not big into CS, but it looks like they are having fun.

No. 3304
Quarter-finals, my bad. There is a different stream here showing semi-finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp0L71EWTqk
No. 3305
I only follow the e-sports scene somewhat and mostly watch reruns of the 3 or 4 matches that are interesting.

It's nice that BIG made it that far, doesn't happen every day that there's actually a German team succesfull in German Counter-Strike events.
No. 3328 Kontra
FPS makes such a horrible spectator sport imo. I enjoy playing them but I don't think they're that interesting to watch. Real-time strategy games are the only e-sport I enjoy watching myself but only if I've played the game myself since otherwise hard to understand what's going on.

I don't like Dota and other mobashit myself but I kind of get why they're so popular especially in the whole e-sport schene. They all seem pretty spectator-friendly.
No. 3335
Yeah FPS would only be really fun to watch from some kind of isometric or top down kind of view. Like imagine if football was entirely watching from first person perspective. You wouldn't even get to see most headbutts and plays, and then on somebody's monitor you see a goal whizzing across the screen.
No. 3341
I don't agree that much, since watching quake 3/live pro matches are always very fun.

most times it overall playing games more fun than watching others played it

What purpose of that post? Are you asking something or want to argue about it.

It actually a controvertial topic from start, for example "what is 3d" at first actually.
No. 3342
101 kB, 820 × 500
It was mostly a blogpost and I wrote my thoughts down so I wouldn't forget them.
Thing is, developers of GBA games got both last ways of implementing 3D on this machine (due to the lack of means to perform the first way) and it's somewhat amusing. The machine was powerful enough to perform scaling on the fly FAST, and it led to different approaches of simulating 3D space in games.
Let's say, Crazy Taxi was using software rendering, and so the speed and FPS could be somewhat bearable, it has damn low rendering resolution.
And on the other hand you have Asterix and Obelix XXL, which is pretty damn impressive, and it looks to use some sprite skewing, similar even more to PSX.
No. 3343
Counter-Strike, followed by Quake, are the most viewer friendly games that ever had big success in e-sports and that for a good reason.

Fast paced and skill based, but transparant and understandable even for people that don't sink hundrets or thousands of hours into the played game.
No. 3344
CS isn't exactly fast-paced, compared to Quake, at least.
No. 3345
Not compared to Quake, but compared to many other e-sports games.
But in CS the pacing depends mostly on the teams and the maps, so it can be a really slow game where only the short round times force players into doing something as well.
No. 3349
Quake when it's 1v1 is alright but in fps team games the cam view just jumps between players too much for me to enjoy it.
No. 3432
Old hardware means nothing for artstyle
No. 3435
Honestely this artstyle looks like "modern indie shit" even thought it works on original hardware :D
This character design with this heads is something really meh and pixelart not feels properly.
No. 3439
That's what I said - artstyle may be even more important.
Though, the game looks fairly enough like countless GBA platformers.
No. 3452
72 kB, 677 × 526
285 kB, 1920 × 1080
That's why I think that actual hardware is not that important when you replecating retro - most important is sence of style and gamedesign and understanding how thing was done.

I already talked about it in some disscutions about low poly graphics. Like to make proper good old-style low poly you need to design you character way it be recognisable in low poly and all textures should be artisticly drawn as paiting and only then compressed, lack of texture filtering dosen't mean "shitty indie pixelart" and this texture should perfectly fit to model elements.

Good example is Ranger model for quake 1. So little polygons but it actually accuratly enough character representation with good design maded to fit what you need, with painted texture and visible elements

Tbh I also think that for example Sonic Mania even was made for modern hardware and using hell lot of newer elements that was imposible on 16 bit era consoles still artisticly perfectly matches with classic sonic games and awesome as it is actually.
No. 3454
Shitty indie pixelart made for actual systems they are supposed to represent at least gives them credit to get called "like in 90s".
They will be just mostly bad games like other bad games for Megadrive or anything.
No. 3459
90 kB, 640 × 360
91 kB, 640 × 360
43 kB, 640 × 360
What happens if you mix PCs, F-Zero and anime?
F-Nano 2, for sure! This game has been released in 1994 for the latest iteration of MSX. Though it requires pretty powerful computer, it's impressive and playable enough.
No. 3462
124 kB, 912 × 479
Honestely a lot of indie shit maded today should not requre something more than mid 90s hardware lol

Girl and guy in first pic not very well drawn :D
PC had a lot anime stuff and I think japanise computer systems had hell lot of stuff.
Japan port on their computers of first might and magic even have CUTSCENES!
However I laughed hard from how gook-y and anime that is considering that original might and magic maximum western rpg you can get. But overall graphics and interface of that port of cource ultra-epin compare to old as hell 80s original game programmed by one dude.
No. 3467
51 kB, 714 × 406
Hey who here has Steam account? I'd actually be tempted to ask cabbage too, but many of them are retards and faghats. Maybe I'll game with you guys some time.
No. 3474
What games is Mr. American Man gaming when he is gaming games?
No. 3486
Does anybody know what's the game's name in the right part of pic here >>3462? It looks pretty cool.
No. 3487
looks like some kind of megaman hack
No. 3488
23 kB, 500 × 375
Little Samson
No. 3489
Much obliged. It turns out that I had it among my ROMs all along, I just didn't play it much.
No. 3509
I actually mostly play Crossout (because it's fun and actually free if you don't buy the extra crap) though that game works on levels and my power level is actually around 7500 so we wouldn't see each other in the same matches, and Governor of Poker 3 because the game is also free and gives you free shit all the time if you keep logging in so both my accounts are multimillionaires with just playing pissy small games.

However I do actually have a ton of other multiplayer games many of which I didn't even play on multiplayer like Grey Goo, Galactic Civilizations 3, Jedi Outcast, Endless Space, Dawn of War etc. I also played Helldivers which is freakin ebin. You can check my library too I can upload screencaps of my library too since not all of them are Steam games toohttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973112890/games/?tab=all
No. 3514
why play mp of Jedi Outcast when Jedi Academy exists?
No. 3529
637 kB, 1385 × 1148
Because that is one I am playing now? But I have both. Whichever game idk if the online community even exists now. Here you can see my shit. often probably also seems to be because people have such different games unlike back in 2002 when everybody was playing DoD or CS or Starcraft now everybody has different games and nobody feels like spending thirty bucks to have the same game.
No. 3536
The only game you have that i play online is CSGO.
I play with a few former Bernds from time to time, so if you're interested let me know and i add you.
No. 3545
>Because that is one I am playing now?
Jedi Academy is same but in all ways superior addon that almost all people play since release of this standalone expansion/game. I bet most popular MP mod of JA now is Movie battles 2

Tbh maybe in future I will have time to play Sven Coop (it is free) with ernst or some other cooperational stuff. Also I bet everybody have big steam library now just because sales, gifts etc.
No. 3699
111 kB, 580 × 362
Hey westernies, what can you tell about your experience with stalker? Considered that game had far from the best translation and with more than half atmosphere that fully understandable only by eastern slavs/post soviet dwellers.
No. 3700
Not too sure if it can only be understood by slavs.

I like Stalker, even though the alternate endings are badly designed, because a new player doesn't know when to spend all his money in order to not have a shitty story ending.
I like Metro a lot even though it has so many boring pipe levels.
No. 3703
20 kB, 521 × 349
>Not too sure if it can only be understood by slavs.

All generic-stalker talks, jokes, combat phrases on russian only and there no subtitles. Full voice translation only in scripted and main plot dialogues. Translation itslef is a total mess where translit and full translation can be seen in same place - like in theory it not be surprise to see "Vasya Kaban" and "Vasily Boar" nearby because such "quality" is everywhere.
Generic feel of game not only use "depressic grey atmosphere rusty" things, but also count on how known for people all that posters, fences, buildings - all that soviet cars and constructions and facilities accuratly representing our existance (that for example half life 2 never did - it use mix of cities and towns and cars from eastern to central and to south europe making their world not so belivable) and overall tone of people, how they speak and all that things maded mostly for ithernal market only (they changed it a little bit in Call of Prypyat, making it much more understandable to everyone and do more book-like wrighting instead "whatever-realistic wrighting" in SoC.

Overall SoC feels not like commercial game but "Hey guys we made a COMPUTER PROGRAM for meme purpose for our neighbors in nearby district"
No. 3704
Also forgot to metion
>because a new player doesn't know when to spend all his money in order to not have a shitty story ending.

All endings that end in Monolith are shitty and non canon, 2 "real" endings always fixed so whatever, monolith was did just as joke option, like join supermutants in fallout 1. But yeah monolith endings broken, like for example it hard to get horrible reputation because when you turn brainwasher off your reputation improves. And even if you pass by it after you arrive at prypyat' it automaticly switching it off and improve your reputation, so you need go off radar and only then make your reputation BAD. if I remember correctly.

>I like Metro a lot even though it has so many boring pipe levels.
I did metro 2033 a little bit, introduction.... movment and shooting feels like total ass and overall it is absolutley different game than stalker only relation is "postapocalypsys in post-ussr"
I wait new metro Exodus thought. It feels same time like Half-life 2 on beta stages, you know, all that cool ideas about world and enivorment that was cut from game on early stages and also for some reason have some "siberia" game vibe don't know why
No. 3723
I was too scared to enter the first scary underground facility and stopped playing.

t. had his gf play scary parts of SOMA for him
No. 3730
Argoprom with bloodsucker and controler is not so scary, X18 with polthergeists and gravitational effects much more creepy X----DDD
No. 3886
2 kB, 640 × 390
127 kB, 753 × 740
18 kB, 150 × 179
I like old 2nd gen games. They are good to play now and here, and sometimes have interesting mechanics. One of these games is Dolphin. You have to listen to the sound, the higher tone is, the higher hole in seahorse columns is located.

On a side note I'd say that in-game achievements aren't that new. Activision sent patches to players who achieved some score. The first patch was given for players who scored 80000 points, the second patch was given for players who scored 300000 points.
Still I don't like achievements.
No. 3892
42 kB, 768 × 432
Since I get new PC I tried some newer games that I can't play before - just for fun.

I tried Call of Duty advanced warfare - I player 2/3 of it before it crashed for some reason and it was most cringy experience in my life. Plot, cutscenes, gameplay - it was so dumb I get cultural shock. It was like Ideocracy in real life. Of cource people prize poo like fallout 4 and mediacore shit like Doom 2016 - compare to Advanced Warfare they are masterpices for 900IQ.
No. 3913
Doom is breddy good
No. 3915
56 kB, 641 × 400
60 kB, 640 × 401
38 kB, 641 × 399
I've decided to give Darklands a try. It's a nice experience so far. A surprisingly complex and playable RPG experience. I've never thought I wanted to be and adventurer in the 15th century HRE.
Funny thing is, that the weakest link of the party so far has been the scholarly character I've modelled after myself. He started with no armour and only a short sword to boot. Despite it all, it was the female thief who died first.
No. 3926
Doom 2016 is very mediacore game, with meh design choises and simplistic level design that covered itself thought "nostalgia". This games turn "LOOK THIS IS LIKE CLASSIC DOOM!!!1!!" into almost cringy level, when they for some reason trying to cartoonishly copy original goom games just for sake of "fans", even thought original doom had no style at all and it was mich mash of random stuff, some of which was stealed from different sources. Main thing of original doom that maded it doom - very interesting simple but effective engine that even not most advanced, become one of the most famous engines of the time and actual gameplay - that was pretty unicle but same time balanced classic FPS game. This game was followed by "quake" and Quake was basicly doom in 3d that did same gameplay and style just better.

Doom 2016 has no any connections non to doom gameplay, non to original doom engine, it is not that balanced, it is not plays same and it hndles "3d doom" concept worse than Quake. And unlike another mediacore FPS that id did in times without romeror - Doom3, it not feels like full finished game, and it is much more cheesy and cartoonsih compare to kinda-realistic doom3. Very simple leveldesign covered by "limited areas" - half of fucking game is most primitive arena "kill all enemies to exit the room". And it is not Serious sam where it was actual fun - it agains, just bad leveldesign.

Somebody tried it, nice! I adviced this game in old EC even before invasion, I think, to play it insted Kingdom's come
No. 3928
55 kB, 642 × 401
63 kB, 639 × 399
66 kB, 642 × 401
64 kB, 641 × 400
I had the GOG version downloaded years ago, but I guess I just wasn't mature enough back then for this.
Since then I became a bit of a Germanophile so it's double as enjoyable to know the terminology the game uses.
Tell you the truth, it feels weird to have to consult the manual and the hintbook to not die all the time, but it feels like I'm making progress even if I just spend my time killing thieves on the streets of Köln.
Currently in Aachen's mines, trying to solve a dwarf problem. The other quest is killing a Raubritter, but I don't feel that I have a chance against actual soldiers. The biggest battle I've won was a 4vs3 battle against bandits where one of them had armour. That was nice. I got a free leather armour for my team leader.
There is some perverted pleasure in all of this.

Now checking back, my main guy who started out the weakest has the best swordsmanship skill now. Probably because of the Intelligence stat. I don't know how any of this works, but that adds to the magic. Newer games lack this, because there I can just open the wiki and they'll tell me everything I need to know about an item/quest, but here I actually have to read the manual. Man, who would have thought I have to use the "u" key to open a door.
No. 3939
I can't finish the dungeon. Fuck. The mobs wore my team down.
No. 3940
Honestely I don't played it in like 10 years but I recommended it as answer to "Kingdom's come are only ""realistic"" medival sseting RPG".

Welcome to classic RPG games :^D
No. 3941
At least I got a battle axe out of it. Honestly, if I were to savescum I might make it, but only one of my guys is capable of fighting. Another has maybe two hits left, and the scholar one will drop dead from the next hit he gets.
I'll probably need more armour and better arms. Maybe another adventurer.
No. 3989
68 kB, 540 × 405
I have read an interesting opinion that people who prefer hardcore games, lack real challenges in life.
What do you think about that?
No. 3993
Probably. But I'd say it also has the lack of complexity in one's life as a factor. Imagine you have an IQ of 120-130 and you end up as a clerk in a shop for whatever godforsaken reason. Of course you'll want something that's complex and isn't as mundane and mind numbingly simple as your day job.
No. 3994
At least i got a battle axe out of it.
No. 4001 Kontra
Nah, not really. I'm an underachieving slacker and I start to get weird feels when I try a game that's so complex I need to study it in order to play. As in, I start to think I should be doing something useful instead. Back when I was still doing something more useful (= had real challenges in life), I didn't get such feels. So in my case it's all upside down.

Anyway, I think that's just one of those insults people throw around. As in, person A says person B should play "real" games instead of casual shit. Then person B in his defend says person A should get a life. Or in this case find more challenge in real life instead of in video games. That's what I think this is. It's just an insult for the most part. Kind of like saying people who enjoy games without challenge are mindless retards.
No. 4023
Did they define "hardcore"? Because that's a very slippery term, and normies often mislabel games with it.

Did they define "challenges"? Because most first- and second-worlders don't really have a challenging life (but they certainly like to think that they do), and if they meet some hardships, it's usually because they brought them upon themselves with their stupidity (having problems at work/with family? Nah, too easy, gotta spice things up a bit by becoming an alcoholic!).

All in all, in my experience with no-lifers (I guess that's what they meant by "people lacking challenges"), they prefer grindan-heavy games, and I wouldn't call those games "hardcore", just very time-consuming. No-lifers don't really want a challenge, they just kill time. And most people simply kill time in one way or the other instead of pursuing some "challenges", so those guys aren't a special case.
No. 4050
53 kB, 653 × 522
2 kB, 560 × 384
What kind of HARDCORE? You ask about consolshit style hardcore where "push button in millisecond or you die :--DDD" or you talking about PC hardcore like classic rpg games like wizardry 4 or might and magic 1 where no even map that you need draw by yourself?
For first when pro-players repeatly playing same games for years to master them - well probably or they have a lot free time and autism. Second - not at all, if you an smart and educated person, at least compare to mediacore, you will not be entertain by skyrim, same as if you adult you will most probably not be entertain by children books
No. 4213

Maybe I a little bit late discovered it, but Infinity engine (that one that was used for many famous isometric RPG games, such as baldur's gate and Icewind dale) now getting a reverse-engeneered sourceport
It be very nice. Honestely I sad that all attempts to make new engine for classic fallouts failed, old fallout engine was shit from technical perspective and it'd be nice if someone made a new implementation of engine for this games too/
No. 4241
219 kB, 1920 × 1080
4x games are immensely satisfying. Endless Space and Endless Space 2 are great. I still think Master of Orion had better diplomacy though. And no I don't have Stellaris.
No. 4242
Your screenshot reminded me that I wanted to replay spore
No. 4264
22 kB, 550 × 206
378 kB, 1440 × 900
437 kB, 1440 × 900
213 kB, 1440 × 900
Revisited Quake 2 recently. Started game with Yamagi sourceport (very good purist-friendly opensource engine for Q2) that allowed me do modern resolution with interface scaling and some limited graphical features, but I played it not on OpenGL (how it was intended in first place even by game devs) but on Software rendering mode. Yeah, on that mode that was played by people back in day who has no top PC with VooDoo 2 graphics card with 3d acceleration and I have reasons why.

Quake 2 looks much better on Software render than on OpenGL Hardware render. Yes, quake 2 was one of first games meant to be played with Hardware rendering by default, it introduced texture filtering and a lot lighting effects, but with this adjustments quake 2 looks worse from aesthetics side. For example, textures are pretty low resolution, and without filtering if you see them "pixelated" you can spot much more details on them than on blurred filtering that make low res images look like soap. Second of all, i don't know absoluetly what also hardware render does in that game, but it looks much more yellow-orangy. And for game that by itself looks brown most of the times, this feels like "piss the game" after third playthought and you don't want see it anymore. In software mode however without texture filtering and that yellow lighting a lot things looks more "metallic", black and blue and green colors more distinctive and make game look visually more variedly.

Overall I may say that quake 2 is interesting game. Still far from modern FPS games (by modern I mean from half life to half life 2 and stalker era) but in many ways it did a lot huge steps into them. Leveldesign much more realistic and you first time in id game recognize locations and understand what they meant for, it finally not mish mash of random corridors with rndom enemies. Finally game got some style and it works. In Doom and Quake style was not that recognisable. Like in doom1 it meant to be space base-->infested space base--->hell, but textures and design not that much work to show what it wanted to be and 90% doom for me looks like not facility or hell but "doom map". Doom 2 had kinda united stule of wooden brown crap and I guess they don't know what is it even supose to be. Quake 1 meant to be like doom have different sets, like in each episode you start in space base than go to medival and then to lovecraftian things. But it hard to recognise and whole game feels like "brown mish mash of things that looks like quake". And games like Hexen 2 and mods like Arcane Dimensions showed that it's not fault of engine but more of all fault of design.

I'd never thought I say it, but I think fact that Romero was very good for that part of game. Romero always tried to do different enivorments and different designs in one game but failed. Quake 2 is very repeative and looks almost everywhere the same, but it LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING, something belivable also. New style of leveldesign, new style of dedicated science fiction and overall art make this game feel much more realistic and story driven even thought there not much of a story. Funny thing actually how id first time tried to go beyond in some story elements - do introduction cutscene and final cutscene, provide you with new orders and even though you don't seen, you can hear command and your fleet in orbit and such things that makes it more alive. Ofcorce it is inferior to a lot even older FPS games, but for id this was good progress. Levels also instead of just labyrinth where you need fing key turn switch go futher - are web of connected levels, where sometimes you need to do some primitive, but task, like collecting cubes and off/on power in dedicared parts of complex.

However all that advantages a little bit damaged core idea of early id games. Leveldesign become more lienar and in a lot places primitive than idea of quake 1. Wolfentein 3d-doom-quake was pure gameplay with recognisable style without any adittional things that may damage it and it was near-perfect for it's time. Every weapon somehow unique, every enemy somhow unique, every level was maded to show mapping skill. And this games not hide it beyond some modern things like detalisation, minor things, plot and cutscenes. Like for example of you remove everything from half life 2 - dumb puzzles, cutscenes, detalisation it be just one big corridor. Classic id games are not, but as we can see quake 2 sterted moving in that direction. Not all enemies that sort of recognisable, not all levels ae mapping masterpice and there very simple parts that you not that much recognise as weak from leveldesign side because they are hidden with level detalisation that make game have "realistic enivorment" effect of look.

Other thing that Quake 2 was not revolution - before that every game id did (well not count doom 2, it mostly map pack same as spear of destiny for wolfenstein 3d just have number 2 attached to it for some reason) had same core gameplay as metioned, but evolved it. Doom added different variaty and vertical elevation. Quake shifted it in third dimension and in my opinion quake 1 gameplay-wize most perfect FPS on earth, that contain perfectly different and balanced enemies that works combined with 3-dimensional leveldisign to make classid id formula perfect. And others after id made or clones on games on actual games on id engine that use same formula, but expand it by regular things - cutscenes, plot, dialogues, different style and more interesting tasks, inventory etc. - you know examples - Blake Stone, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Heretic, Hexen 1-2, Rise of the Triad. However, quake 2 felt like it is not id game, but game by some other studio that was made on engine. I actually don't know how suposed to look like next generation of core id mechanics if there was another revolution, but I bet Romero invented something. My only idea is kinda what doom 2016 did about elevation - when you can not only be in 3d, but move in vertical direction almost always and same can do your enemies but doom 2016 made it meh and not fully used this tihng, I not even talks about typical post-quake 2 modern sins - hide very simplistic leveldesign behind detalisation, block player with plot and be heavy-story driven, have a lot collectables for impoving everything like it is unter-rpg game, have too many arena-locked rooms that all same shit serious sam 2 tier etc. or same as was done in Tribes where everyone have jumpacks always, it'd be dun to see such game with pure id formula.

If talk about different graphic and sound stuuf, it have some features from quake 1 that not become popular in other games. Famous jump and pick up sounds, blasts and fire effects by polygonal models. Animations still polygonal (without skeletons) and made in 15fps same as in quake 1. However instead of quake 1, which was like stop-motion cartoon and I think it was awesome, mosters designes combined with their models adn their animations was perfect for what it is. I still think q1 is low-poly masterpice that used it's critical limitations as advantage there everything more soft, because animation speed was attached to frame per second of actual game. But as result of all that many things may look like they half-liquid when moved, in games in engine like Kingpin: Life of crime you may see in cutscenes this problem much more clear. Tbh, with hardware filtered textures things like supershotgun really look like they made of jelly. Metal music soundtrack are epic classic and I liked scripts that make music stop to silence in dedicated moments, it make game more "alive" and creepy.
No. 4265
90 kB, 1024 × 768
Finnaly some minor things about that game. I have a little bit duck syndrome about this game, but I still very like strogg, their style and how everything look. I prefer quake 2 style to more modern quake 4 and mixed enemy territory quake wars. All that cubic-like enemies, like tank and supertank and all others - they not su unicue like doom or q1 ones but still you remember them, an dbecause game have some background it much eather to imagine how everything suposed to look in reality also. Gunner is pure classic and I fapped on Iron Maiden. And still it have a lot remains in formula, a lot enemies have dedicated meaning you still can drive parralells with types of enemies from previous id games, enemies not become blind copies of same trooper call of dooty style, at least for the most part, same as weapons. Look of supershotgun is epic, I also liked how their tried with machinegun and chaingun more "realistic recovery" which still in that times was rarely done and honestely machinegun even if it not powerfull that much "feels" a lot better than many weapons from modern games that use simple vector system. Thing like strogg language is also very memorable, even thought when it's written it is just stylised englis. Unicue parts feels very interesting always - like I remember when I encountered first time my fellow marines that become prisoners of strogg and now are totally nuts and out of mind only skreaming for help, in every drop pod you can also see different name written on it - there like at least you can encounter 5 different pods with different last names on it which is very neat for such guys as classic id.

What you remeber of q2 and how you remember it?
No. 4267
I remember it was kinda fun but seriously dated even when I played it in late 90s. The best thing about it was the soundtrack honestly. It's just way too mind numbing for me to have really enjoyed it that much even back then. Most of the time I stuck to crpgs and RTS's which is pretty similar to my games even to this day. I've never been a huge fan of FPS to begin with but back then we at least had some actually neat ones like Half Life which merged elements of horror, or games like Thief which weren't really FPS but still. It is mostly the kind of thing that's fun with loud music when you come home pissed off from school or something like that. Story is basically non-existent as is any thinking or planning of any sort. Which is quite sad considering these games were still way higher IQ than modern gaming. You at least had to memorize maps and occasionally solve puzzles while you were at it.
No. 4270
I can't name q2 dated by any mean, for it's time it had most advanced graphics and with it was selled most top videocards. It was first "modern" shooter approach by a lot things. It was still fun game, still people play mp and it is considerits as classic etc., but problem that games back then evolved very fast and in same tear you got unreal and jedi knight 2. Year next - half life and sin. And they all make quake 2 look very dated, and it was very bad considering that quake 2 was not miedium range game like blood or shadow warrior, but was AAA from most famous studio.

Yeah as you can see id classic games are simple. Very simple. They have their "shareware" nature and I think they all honestely overrated. Compare to ultima underworld games with their advanced almost 3d engine, plot and dialogues, world, inventory, combat and roleplaying system with fully dynamic music wolfentein 3d and doom looks like it is free software you can find in library made by one guy for meme purpose (which was almost like that considering shareware nature). But I same time think that simplicity is key if sucsess. I sterted interested in that tames because how simple they are. How gameplay-side id formula was and how interesting to learn about their technology, leveldesign and engine because all simple but effective and also open source. And same time it actually evolved. I may make analogy - wolf3d was checkers, doom was chess and quake was 3d chess. And as we know checkers and chess are still popular.
No. 4271
And final thought I forgot - classics id higer iq not bevause puzzles and levels only, but because how unicue enemies, how also unicue weapons and how you need choose dedicated tactics for certain enemies and situations, espessialy in quake, this is not some sort of shooting gallerey.

And if you want more iq challenge - you can goo in doom builder or trenchbroom and make your own levels to this games and it very fast will show hod good you understand leveldesign and gameplay mechanics.
No. 4280
>Quake 2 looks much better on Software render than on OpenGL Hardware render.
Agree. Although the first time I played q2 I had a GeForce 3 Ti 200 which was way too powerful for it, I still preferred the software renderer, because the graphone looked more appealing to me. Other renderers turned the game into a bad watercolor picture of sorts.

>Metal music soundtrack are epic classic
I had ФАРГУС 100500 in 1 idSoftware games collection back then, and naturally, all soundtracks were cut out in order to cram all the games on one CD. And I gotta say that q2 is actually much creepier without music. The ambient sound of machinery, the grunts of monsters and groans of marines being "processed" (Detention Center was totally scary; I killed those poor sods out of mercy) really tickled my nerves. Much later I downloaded a full version with a soundtrack from the Internet, and the mood was entirely different, it was more like "BRING IT ON, BITCHES!". I'm not saying it was bad, it just was like playing some other game. q2 is one of the games that I prefer playing without a soundtrack (or it would be nice if it had some sort of dark ambient soundtrack like q1 had), the other being Dark Souls series.

>I fapped on Iron Maiden
Ahaha, you sick fuck. I did too. Can't be helped, their moans are so sexy after all. It is also interesting how thin the line between fappable and unfappable can be, because Midwifes from SS2 which are very close in concept to Iron Maidens could never cause an erection, but instead scared the living shit outta me.

As for things which were the most memorable for me, it's probably Parasites (I called them Dogs). God, I absolutely hated them, no other monster pissed me off more than them, not even Tanks or Gladiators with their fucking Railguns. The other memorable thing was Comm Satellite secret level. It was so unlike the rest of the game (even the other secret levels are pretty mundane, IIRC, being the logical continuation of the game's regular levels), it felt so original, that I was very impressed. That is how the secrets in games should be done, IMO, they should offer a unique experience that feels rewarding for taking your time to look for those secrets, and not just give you some items or equipment.
No. 4308
77 kB, 970 × 545
26 kB, 200 × 200

Also interesting thing that you metioned Thief, which actually heir of System Shock and Ultima Underworld games.

>Much later I downloaded a full version with a soundtrack from the Internet, and the mood was entirely different, it was more like "BRING IT ON, BITCHES!". I'm not saying it was bad, it just was like playing some other game. q2 is one of the games that I prefer playing without a soundtrack (or it would be nice if it had some sort of dark ambient soundtrack like q1 had)

I can not fully agree actually. You right that when q2 is silent it become more creepy. But as I metioned, quake 2 using scripts that interupt music play in dedicated moments - and in that time it become REALLY CREEPY, like at start you enjoying music, than you go to next room, activated button or go near end of level... and music stopts and 10yo me shitting my pants. Tbh soundtracks of q1 and q2 that was burned to cd bad idea that destroyed you disk very fast if you play game often often missing in modern releases. For example in steam versions there are no music at all, witch feels like наёб на даллары but better ot buy classic games on steam anyway, gog version included soundtrack. I download it separatley, my sourceport can play music just from folders in-game ogg files.

>it was more like "BRING IT ON, BITCHES!"

You kinda right there, but I always feel like it is "strogg music". One of tracks called "march of the stroggos" and I thought that because strogg so metallic cybernetic brutal-rusty bloody, their music need be metal >:----DDDDD

>I did too. Can't be helped, their moans are so sexy after all. It is also interesting how thin the line between fappable and unfappable can be

I have funny story, that back in school there was nerdy guy in our class, it was middle school. And he siad to me and my friend in casual talk about vidjagames that he fapped on that thing and we like started to badger and bully him for that because it was ridiculous for us back than and we thought he is freak. nowdays I'am bisexual furry fag who can fap on robots and skeletons

>As for things which were the most memorable for me, it's probably Parasites (I called them Dogs).

This guys are total assholes. Funny that they using absoluetly same concepts and gameplay style as moster from previous id game - most hateful and most feared doom 2 monster Arch-vile. He can attack you at range permanately if you on his line of sight and when he do attack - it blocks your screen view a lot. Only thing that as I know parasite have limited range of attack and less much less HP, but imposible to fight it and don't take damage, because how often unpredictable they are, and how many shots they need to reciver even from super shotgun.

>That is how the secrets in games should be done, IMO, they should offer a unique experience that feels rewarding for taking your time to look for those secrets, and not just give you some items or equipment.

Tbh if you play on hard, you pretty much fucked on first encounter with them because there adittionally other monsters in room and you have only shotgun and pistol at that time, so you forced or go up and alarm more enemies to get a machinegun or basicly you forced to go to secret level from previous room to get super shotgun. But I agree that comm satellite was memorable level.

Also funny that illustrations from quake 2 manual was made in software render too
No. 4312
63 kB, 1024 × 409
86 kB, 1024 × 409
80 kB, 1024 × 409
86 kB, 1024 × 410
I've just seen that there will be a total conversion mod of Fallout New Vegas about exiled NCR soldiers in Portland which has become frozen by now. It is going to be called "Fallout The Frontier" and looks pretty nice so far. Looking forward to that one.
No. 4321
Speaking of New Vegas mods, if you haven't played all 3 of the New Vegas Bounties mods, do so. It's a real ride and was more motivating than the actual main quest. It captures the post-nuclear western vibe extraordinarily well and is hard enough for many hunts that you feel like a total badass coming out of them successfully.

Autumn Leaves is another mod that is quite incredible. It's far more relaxing than gunslinging and involves exploring a preserved library inhabited by several AIs. It is very dialogue heavy but is voiced fairly professionally for a custom job and sometimes it's easy to forget that it's a mod. Bethesda says it's a coincidence but apparently one of the later DLCs for Fallout 4 pretty blatantly ripped Autumn Leaves off even.
No. 4337
This projects abosluetly missing any bits of logic and atmosphere of fallout, and honestely fallout new vegas and 3 was not that much sucsesfull on part of global projects as morrowind or even skyrim where all kinds of stuff started.
No. 4498
515 kB, 5176 × 2584
I feel dead inside.
No. 4500
Who cares? There always was such shit and cancer. All that lists TOP 100 VIDYA IGN MOUTIAN DEW shit was always that kind of crap

I always laughed at lists like TOP 100 RPG. In 2011 skyrim was in first place, in 2014 witcher 3. And who cares? Such lists made by plebean trash to plebean trash and means nothing. More pathetic is only thier short worthless lives without interests, meaning or knowlege.
No. 4501
278 kB, 879 × 1024
>taking /v/ seriously
Vierkanal /v/ is full of quite possibly the dumbest trash with the worst possible taste I have ever seen, even if you factor in half the board is literally 12 years old. I wouldn't take a damn thing they say seriously. I have yet to see a non-shit opinion from that board aside from justly shitting all over things like Fallout 4, but unfortunately they may as well just be random chance as they tend to shit on everything except for the most obscure anime moe shovelware garbage and retarded indie games.

If you're going to take such things seriously go to a place like /vg/ on 420chan. Why do we not talk about that place? For the same reason we used to be quiet about KC around the retards from 4krebs.

My god I just went there right now. Literally half the fucking board is either talking about streamers (who btw were and are one of the worst cancers of youtube, I fucking the hated the shit out of it when it started happening and I still hate it now) or some completely unrelated bullshit, in fact I think like only a third of the threads are even sincerely about vidya and of those seemingly over 90% is for the worst $0.49 sale shovelware or for bydlo console garbage.

It would be like being offended that some child made a top 100 TV shows or movies list and it was nothing but Ricky Lake and Spiderman.
No. 4509
It's not about 4cancer, but more about the pointlessness of those "top something" lists. Why would you care about what games some other jack-offs like, be they IQ89 or IQ289? No matter how "objectively good" the game (or any other medium) is, it all boils down to personal tastes in the end, and trying to make yourself like something because other people like it is just pathetic. The list of obscure games would actually be useful, because you may find something interesting for yourself that you missed on for some reason, but "top" or "favorite" lists are entirely retarded, whether they are Albert Einstein's or some random Vasyan's. You might as well just play whatever games are on "the most copies sold" or "the most money made" lists, it's just as stupid.
No. 4515
More than that, number-tier grades if not for personal use retarded too. All this 10/10 and 0/10 is total bullshit
No. 4516
Totally agree. And I facepalmed hard at some gaming magazines rating system which involved finding the average of scores on several criteria, like graphics, sound, gameplay, plot, atmosphere etc. It doesn't say anything useful at all about the game.
No. 4517
I've spent my first imageboard year on /v/. Looking back at it, and looking at that list, it's remarkable how I feel nothing for video games any more.
I do play them from time to time,(That three I still like for some reason+mods) but I can't imagine myself getting hyped over this any more.
No. 4534
37 kB, 387 × 457
What this actually mean? What you can disocver new about the game from information like "Graphics is 5/10". Is it outdated or ugly? Or author just don't like style or it have graphical glitches?
What the fuck means "sound is 7/10". Did author like it or actually not? he talk about sound quality, engine sound compabilities, voice actiong or music? Music is so subjective thing, like I imagine some dude playing like Fallout 1 and this dude hate industrial ambient and he give 0/10 for this game for a sound.
More cancer is how this numbers used nowdays. Like littraly nowdays score most times from 6/10 to 10/10. Really bad games only get 6/10, while EVERY AAA game most times get something 9/10 even if it is total shit. Only technically bad games like Mass Effect Andromeda can get 7/10. So this numbers means nothing.

I think short review and story, descriptions of decidions and mechanics of that game, talks about style and for what aimed developers with comparison to similar game will be much, much more usefull.

TOP LISTS is top cancer. I don't think how you even can matching games like Fallout, Morrowind and Gothic for example, since they example of different sub genres with compleatly different gameplay, narrative and worldbuilding.
No. 4543
Because this
Generally, on game and movie review sites you will only find 7/10-10/10 reviews. There are multiple possible reasons for this.

For me personally I actually have found myself doing the same thing, it's just that when I actually bother reviewing a game first of all it's probably because I liked and thought about it enough and secondly but perhaps most importantly I probably actually spent considerable time watching YT videos, reading reviews, asking people online etc about it before actually getting it and paying for it.

The only notable exceptions are drunk purchases. I have found some amazingly shitty games in my library after waking up. One game I thought I remembered as not being all that bad I have no idea how I even managed to play several hours or why I thought that, because it was fucking terrible (maybe I was playing drunk?). Then there's games I just don't even bother with, like Payday 2. I thought the game was pretty boring and shitty based on the demo but I'm not going to bother reviewing a 5/10 game. Saints Row is also a terrible series. Maybe it was 4? I tried playing one and it was so bydlo for once in my life I actually felt embarrassed playing it. It is like a clone of GTA, if you remove the good parts of GTA and make it the cringiest appeals-to-YOBA-retards imaginable shitfest. This is what I imagine people whose favorite movies are Fast and Furious (idk how many got made) idea of what is a fantastic video game.

Naturally I didn't even bother reviewing such things any more than I felt like wasting my time to begin with.
No. 4544 Kontra
Oh and also on the lists, I get the impression it isn't just paid reviews or anything so much as people who like that sort of thing getting paired to review it who are unlikely to hate it. And one big thing I have found, is if you create enough hype or "brand" most people especially Americans almost all of whom are stupid rubes then people naturally rate highly because they're sheep dumbasses. I still thought I recalled World War Z getting universally panned and was so shocked to see all these favorable reviews years later it was the one time I truly thought I stepped into an alternate dimension. That movie was so fucking bad and had so little to do with the book I actually felt offended I had even my bandwith and time stolen to watch a bootleg.

> I don't think how you even can matching games like Fallout, Morrowind and Gothic for example, since they example of different sub genres with compleatly different gameplay, narrative and worldbuilding.
Eh, they're all rpgs. Actually thanks to crpgs the way I organize my folder often seems pretty arbitrary whether one thing is tactical alongside XCOM or another is rpg alongside Pillars.
No. 4549
>people who like that sort of thing getting paired to review it who are unlikely to hate it
Sometimes it happen like this, yeah. I think nobody cares about movie World War Z anymore, I remember it was something only after aweek after it aired and then flop - and nobody metions this. But I may say that almost all more or less popular revivers get payed.

However, most often there two things - sometimes they combined:
1.This thing from giant corporation and have huge marketing campain (that includes bying revivers, show everywhere tailers, merchendise, be in other media) and aimed for very big audience. Majority of people are obviously dumb, and can eat anything that have a lot marketing and if was created illusion that "this is popular"
2.People has no actual opinion and want to say "it's averege" because on modern grades something like from 0/10 to 5/10 means "terrible shit" - movies like The Room, Troll 2, games that unplayable or god damn awfull. Of cource majority of products by big companies now have some standarts of quality, at least averege actor acting and at least averege special effects. And often even in meh movie there something good you can find, so score it higer than avarege - so this is why in subjectivly TERRIBLE things you can find 7/10-8/10

This why I avoiding making nuber grades. Each game and each movie need context, and this why scale shuold be unicue for every one. And if scale unicue for every thing you can find, why you need this scale? It will not tell anything to you.

>Eh, they're all rpgs
Nah, there a lot similar, and there a lot similar mechanics in different games that you can compare. Often in context, but sometimes - like with some CRPG, similarities are obvious. And often genre need more concretical diescription like First-Person-Free-Movment-Real-Time-Open-World-Blobber-Classic-RPG(with turn based combat option)
No. 4560
495 kB, 600 × 600
I'm sorry this is an aside, but the really intriguing thing to me about your often at times seemingly nonsensical spelling mistakes is that they largely seem to be built not around reading about phonetics. But then you do things like
>metions this. But I may say that almost all more or less popular revivers
You are a very conspicuous poster in that regard and I am beginning to study you and your brain.

>averege" awfull. Of cource standarts averege averege higer than avarege subjectivly

>This why I avoiding making nuber shuold unicue unicue
At this point I am so used to runglish I have to make a constant effort to not do things like drop articles, but your writing in particular begins to fascinate me. I am intrigued by how your brain appears to be translating these things between cyrillic and latin language in that I have not found the actual pattern for it yet.
> littraly nowdays

>Often in context, but sometimes - like with some CRPG, similarities are obvious. And often genre need more concretical diescription like First-Person-Free-Movment-Real-Time-Open-World-Blobber-Classic-RPG(with turn based combat option)
Well yes this is true but there's only a degree of being pedantic. Like for example, people who enjoy blobbers or crpg or arpg may not like one or the other, but at least there is a vague idea when people here "rpg" and are willing to give something similar a try. I also liked RTS games a lot as a kid but also like 4x, and I would say in general that I always paid more attention whenever I heard someone say "strategy game" regardless of what sub genre and if I would find it interesting. Like I personally don't even like say tower defense games that much, but I will still play them. ARPGs are similar, and I only really even got into them because I liked crpgs and constantly heard how good VTMB was supposed to be which even got me into the genre. Meanwhile whenever I hear a thing like arcade, platformer, roguelike, FPS etc I immediately lose much interest.

So I would say, it is like telling somebody you should check out this band "oh what is it?"
"well you see it is a kind of neofolk grindcore with elements of trap house and non-linear chord progression inspired by dark wave played with dried gourd percussion"

The amount of pedantry is directly proportional to the overall knowledge and interest of the parties involved. I for example legit cannot tell the difference between death metal, black metal, thrash and speed metal (well at least I can kinda tell speed metal) or whatever other versions of metal nor am do I care because I think it's mostly shit.

So in terms of the overall presentation it may differ but the underlying structure or essence of an overall genre remains largely the same. In an rpg, this generally means things like talking to people and completely certain quests within some kind of story. It may actually differ between Fallout, VTMB, and Wizardry for example but it remains the same just with mostly different presentation and some modified mechanics (I actually had to look up the term blobber like a year ago too).

Likewise, whether something is an RTS or a 4x isn't so hugely relevant in that while time scales, mechanics, and play are vastly different between the genres it still requires roughly similar things in roughly a similar substructure, of managing units, resources, unit production, areas held, etc. and the kinds of thinking and such going into it. There are some passing superficial similarities too that I see complete idiots overgeneralize on steam but nobody would call an rpg's inventory management and gold with crafting a "strategy game" either.

So I would again argue, it is the presentation of an overall theme/structure/way of thinking and interacting. Like Dead Space despite being first person is clearly not at all like VTMB or KOTOR despite almost same presentation with weapons, inventory/equipment & money management etc. and we all know VTMB has way more to do with Fallout than Dead Space or Half Life.

So yeah, it may need more specific description like "Shadowrun is a turn based tactical cyberpunk fantasy crpg" (although in truth it has less rpg than Witcher, in fact Hairbrained ones often have no actual choices whatsoever) for the people who already love the genre and want to branch out.
No. 4605
311 kB, 1440 × 900
372 kB, 1440 × 900
135 kB, 1440 × 900
410 kB, 1440 × 900
Continue on mine Quake 2 post

So I finished Quake 2. What can I say? This game not so boring as I remember it, same time it not so difficult by level navigation even in palace. When I was a kid for me it felt more long, more big unknown adventure with tough enemies, but same time for me it was borig since everything is brown and confusing at middle-ending levles. I re-started playing q2 many times in adulthood, but always dropped in early/middle for some reasons. Now I played it all and may say that my navigation skill rised to level where I has no any problems with causally playing quake2 and don't find any problems. Even most complex levels are easy to remember and navigate in mind, there no any difficult labyrinths anymore. I even manage to find most of the secrets.

Enemies are actually easy, sometimes AI is stupid, sometimes they placed that way you can kill them easelly. There enough ammo for railgun and rocket launcher to mostly use this two types of weapons, as much as occasionally machinegune and hyperblaster. Both shotguns are useless already in middle of game, chaingun fire to fast and eat ammo in second and there no reason since machinehun stun enemies as much as it chaingun do.

Thought there no hard enemies (tank and tank commander who suposed to be most epin regular enemies in game are actually pathetic with they 0 walk speed and slow fire speed. Or Iron Maiden most times can't do shit, you just stun it and kill. Same as with doctor) but there are ANNOYING enemies. Most annoying is parasite as was already metions and he feels dangerous. But this enemy is rare (in the end looks like there none of them in palace or areas before it) Another annoying guys is Icaruses and Flyers - they often placed in groups in open sky area where you basicly can't avoid their hyperblaster attacks even if you jump like absoluetly crazy.

Funny that hitscan (if somebody don't know what hiscan is - this is type of enemy that when see you, shoot bullets and hid detection calculating via numbers, like in RPG, so it is impossible to compleatly avoid damage by skill. In 99% modern games for bullets used vectors, another type of attack when enemy shoot at you object that you can see and physically avoid is projectal) is not that annoying basicly thought almost all of the game - they are logically low HP mosters. That guys with chainguns are slower and have not much hp too. But in the end in the palace there hordes of this low level hiscan enemies, armed with strogg analogs of shotguns and machineguns and of cource you took damage. It also fun that they run like crazy often if they far and it hard to have multiple kill with railgun - you need good reflecses. Also Mutants was pretty rare -I guess in one or two units in game, very rare monster, only one level have a lot of them and they placed that way you can easelly deal with them, if it be used more often it may be much more dangerous because his jump and movment.

As I metioned - even the fact that game by style verey monotonic and there no very distinct areas, there some sports and leveldesign that work quite will to show different areas. There a couple of interesting places in game - already metioned low gravity level, secret place with Iron Maiden's and Tank and also photos of development team, but also some famous structures such as pyramid. The Palace and some labs looks distinct from other parts of the game too. In lower palace I found interesting spot in secret on lowest level possible - some digging where you can find some unusual more primitive walls. Is this ruins of stroog civilisation in past, real stroggs before all that machinery that maded them monsters and their planet poo in da loo? Only actually weak area in game compare to rest of campain is mines and some little ares in middle with short levels where you just run forward in meh tier leveldesign that trying to simulate caves.

Sadly, quake 2 was one of the most important games that created MODERN SHOOTERS - all good, but also all bad parts. Scripted sequences, more realistic and existing story that not just cutscenes but also part of the game inside with all this radio messages. Levledesign is not labyrinths anymore - althought retards will still lost compleatly in some levels it is basicly just very linear pathway forward with some occasional puzzles that was much more pefrected in half life. In this transitional period between classic shooters and truley modern shooters we seen a lot good games - legacy of quake 2 created Unreal, Half Life, Sin. But in the end, when this EVOLUTION continued - we ended in Half-life 2, call of duty, gears of war, helo, all that shit. RUN FORWARD! OH NO, PHYSICS PUZZLE! RUN FORWARD AGAIN! SEE CUTSCENE WITH YOUR CHICK!!!

>I'm sorry this is an aside
I never admitted my english is terrible. Most of my problems that I learned it not systematicly or as some science, but just occasionaly - hear something there, hear something there. In shcool I learned almost nothing and always had very meh grades. I don't know grammatics properly, I dont know many things - all words and stuff I using is just I heared somewhere. I watched and readed a lot media on english, from there occasionaly I remembering some parts that than I use in my english. I must say that your wrighting system is compleatly shit - words not written like they sound, every second word have letters that you need not spell, every letter have like 5 sounds in different positions, articles are things that so useless you even will not say why things like "the" actually needed, same time english has no so many simple words or constructions, like this old dropped "thy" "thou" etc. What makes it worse for me that when I typing fast I make more mistakes, when I typing from phone and at night I do even more of them.

>Well yes this is true but there's only a degree of being pedantic.
You need to understang game, it's genre and it's mechanics to objectivly review this games and metion another games with equal mechanics so you can compare both of them and make more or less objective grade if you want so. Most people don't do it sadly.

> In an rpg, this generally means things like talking to people and completely certain quests within some kind of story
This is bullshit in my opinion. Now every second game called RPG for a reason. Nobody now understand what is RPG and what it means. RPG may mean some shooter with perks or it may be hack-and-slash diablo style. Some people even describe this genre that you PLAY ROLE - which is absoluete dumbshit because in every game you play some role. Like 2 minutes ago I played role of Marine, it have some sorts of plot and items and you do series of tasks that makred in your computer log, so Quake 2 is rpg now? In my opinion core meaning of computer RPG games hidden in actual adaptation of original tabletop role playing games - so main description of RPG game that it should follow - YOU INTERACT WITH WORLD THOUGHT SKILL OF YOUR CHARACTER, NOT YOUR PERSONALL SKILL exept skill of actually manage your character properly. More such RPG mechanics have such game - more RPG this game is. After dropping enough RPG elements game should not be called and RPG. This why while Daggerfall and Morrowind still ACTION but RPGs, and Skyrim and Oblivion are more like Action adventures with RPG elements.

This why you need clear knowing of genre. Game is complex of mechanics, and by knowing each of it's major mechanics you will properly learn what game genre is. Espessialy it requred for all kinda of RPG games adn games with RPG elements.
No. 4614
27 kB, 650 × 646
> I must say that your wrighting system is compleatly shit - words not written like they sound, every second word have letters that you need not spell, every letter have like 5 sounds in different positions, articles are things that so useless you even will not say why things like "the" actually needed, same time english has no so many simple words or constructions, like this old dropped "thy" "thou" etc.
We know. A perfidious language for a perfidious people. You should try finding American cities. It is absolutely GLORIOUS
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_most_common_U.S._place_names You will have things seemingly at random like Jupiter in Florida, Germany in Texas is not far from Buffalo in Texas (not to be confused with Buffalo in NY which is also near Amherst in that state) and Texas so big it even has town called Moscow and town called Asia in it etc. Kansas City is in Missouri, and they are rarely ever pronounced the same way, like Ar-can-saw not Arkansas. This is partly how anyone here immediately knows I am from out of town even just in the next state.
No. 4622
11 kB, 259 × 194
76 kB, 800 × 600
107 kB, 1280 × 720
Yeah, I heared about American cities. I like playing geoguesser sometimes and discover such towns as "scream", "ugly", "paris", etc. Saint petersburg is florida is probably most known of them.

To stay on-topic
Fuck, I played a little bit of addon for Quake 2 The Reconing made by Xatrix entertaiment (this guys who made Shitty-meh redneck rampage game but then growed up as company, made Return to Castle Wolfenstein and addon for Call of Duty 1 United offencive.

However if Reconing is not as bad as original Redneck Rampage I now think that starting playing this at night right after Q2 was kinda mistake and same time not a bad idea. First of all you will see dstinct change of style and leveldesign from id one - this levels are far more confusing for players, they tried to make some areas more "realistic" and provide to player new experience with new textures and enivorments. But some of this textures and enivorments not quite work.

Like you start in swamp area with some swamp monsters. I like idea that you need to bypass thought giant sewer comples to go to actual complex because stroggs actualy have laser fences on perimetr to keep remnats of stroggos fauna outside. Sewer complex have consistant style, that much more separate itself from different complex - by dedicated doors, pipes and all that things. However this all looks... kinda cheaper by design side. New swamp textures, new swamp creatures that feels like retexture of mutant with abtlity to shoot from mouth and yellow glwoing blood (this addon have a lot rextextured enemies with more hp/different weapons. Like a lot. Three new low level guars with now much more dangerous weapons and more hp, New versions of a lot regular enemies - beta-gladiator, beta-iron maiden, beta-supertank etc. From all this only beta Brain (Brain, that I called in previous post doctor for some reason, flashbacks from childhood) is interesting, because his new attacks it feels like much more interesting enemies than Brain from original, which was pathetic). And walking around dark swamp and than dark sewers - this game feels dark as fuck for no reason and while I can absoluetly moderate brown style of original, even Reconing is almost identical to original I think I don't like most of new graphics already. I have some Witcheaven flashbacks for some reason. But Redneck Rampage was ugly game to so no surprise.

This game is much more hard than original. It starting kinda with some sort of pressure on player and then in unit 2 evolving to BIG FUCK YOU. Bypassed quake 2 on hard, this addon kicking my ass on normal, and this continue to evolving. All - new enemies, new leveldesign, enemies placement made to make this game really hard. It actually feels not like addon, but more or leass like fan modification. Ver quality, but fan modification from 90s. I think this you will get when you offear a small not very popular studio make a new stalone addon based on your game back then. I actually more want to drop The Reconing for a while and try Ground Zero, which was maded by Rogue entertaiment and I think it may be more interesting, but not today for shure
No. 4623
looks like threda systemkontra.. will make a new one
No. 4625