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No. 53759
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I found 6.5 acres of land being sold for $110,000. Odd thing about it though is that it's been on sale since last year and nobody seems to be interested in it even though the other land for sale nearby are worth more. Is it because there's a creek flowing through the property that reduces its value? I'm seriously considering buying it now that I have some money saved up and want to fulfill my dream of owning a large amount of land.

No. 53760
>Odd thing about it though is that it's been on sale since last year and nobody seems to be interested in it even though the other land for sale nearby are worth more.
I don't know your local laws, but here these price discrepancies tend to do with building permits and what jurisdiction they fall under. You can buy an absolutely gorgeous seaside plot of land for pennies, but the only thing you can do with it is plant potatoes.
No. 53762
This and also it may be on sale for cheaper for reasons you'll find out when stuck holding the bag, however
>buying land
>in California I actually started typing Florida on accident lol
For what purpose

Like I get not all of that state is SoCal but CA is about the last place I'd buy land other than Florida. You might have some decent farmland I guess but
>climate change
Just buy a huge plot of land out in the Midwest and wake up to distant mountain range vistas everyday. If I wanted to just fuck off somewhere and get a lot of land that's what I'd do, although personally if I had six digit savings I'd invest the shit out of it and try to leverage my wealth into getting a home in Colorado. If I was really rich I might also have a home somewhere in California though as admittedly being around a non-wildfire plot of redwoods would be ebin. I also like California I just wouldn't want to put up with living there
No. 53767
Does it have any services on it? Not having any water or electricity would reduce the value(you would have to have that put in yourself).
No. 53779
What would happen if I camped there? Would that be illegal? Is planting potatoes legal?

>climate change
and earthquakes. But when California is hit by the big one, the world economy is going to tank so hard that almost every place in the world will be a bad place to be.
No. 53780
You would be okay if you camped there. You just run into problems when setting up any sort of permanent structure there. I believe there exceptions for buildings related to agricultural production, so you could build a small shack there. Depending on where exactly your lot is, you can get electricity there too.
No. 53905
That would still be more permissible than what is legal in Germany. My mother owns a super enviro-protected meadow that can be legally grazed by sheep/goats/cows, as long as you don't built a stable. We're glad some local farmer cuts it, but I have no idea what to do once he retires, as I live 200km from there.
No. 54351
Wait why would that happen? A major quake might fuck up silicon valley but afaik California has lots of codes on how they can build their structures to be earthquake resistant. Even if it leveled everything all you're going to do is have some internet disruptions on shitty services and a big stock market dip. It's not like the world is going to be Mad Max the second Silicon Valley disappears no matter how much those "app developer" may wish to dream otherwise.
No. 54498
Perhaps the land is polluted or is lacking in some sort of water, tree or mineral rights. I'd be asking questions to a council before buying any piece of earth.