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No. 5391
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No. 5392
>Food consumption refers to the amount of food available for human consumption as estimated by the FAO Food Balance Sheets. However the actual food consumption may be lower than the quantity shown as food availability depending on the magnitude of wastage and losses of food in the household, e.g. during storage, in preparation and cooking, as plate-waste or quantities fed to domestic animals and pets, thrown or given away.

Mhm. Well, since Austria is on place 105 of the obesity list (US 17) (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_body_mass_index), austrians appear to feed half of their burgers to their dogs.
No. 5399
The richer the country the higher the percentage of the total food goes directly to the waste before even reaching the customer.

The poorer the country the higher percentage of food that isn't covered by the official statistics.
No. 5412 Kontra
Low Effort
No. 5416
3,5 MB, 1963 × 4828
I have concluded there is no corrolation between the food produced, and the food retained on the average citizens waist. The most interesting fact to come from this chart is Montenegro; they rank 93 in food intake, and 92 BMI. Almost perfect.
No. 5419
Breaking news: food producing regions often do not care about tons of food rotting because it's too much for most people there.