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No. 53965
378 kB, 2245 × 1588
You know what to do.
No. 53967
806 kB, 2245 × 1588
And here's a bingo, but it feels kinda normal.
No. 53969
184 kB, 1123 × 794
271 kB, 500 × 412
>virtually fill out everything
>still can't make a bingo
No. 53970
I can put a check on every point, so I will just list the points that does not match with my assburgers:

>no anime and no russian
>I have a Job
>no rick rolling and I live alone

damm, pretty acurate, I have to admit
No. 53971
669 kB, 2245 × 1588
44 kB, 405 × 348
Can you please click this interesting link about the industrial output of the ottoman empire during world war 1 to help a poor Ernst get his bingo? Thanks in advance.

No. 53972
No. 53973
674 kB, 2245 × 1588
Update to >>53971: Bingo!
No. 53975
866 kB, 1527 × 1080
No. 53976
854 kB, 2245 × 1588
No. 53977
77 kB, 501 × 386
9 kB, 457 × 234
12/25. You are like me. Also:
>every post has a germanball attached
No. 53979
1,2 MB, 2245 × 1588
No. 53980
23 kB, 590 × 519
If you can elaborate on >r8 with +100 words, you'll achieve bingo.
No. 53981
44 kB, 428 × 500
I can but i won't.
No. 53984
438 kB, 1106 × 786
So close but no cigar
No. 53986
927 kB, 2245 × 1588
That center square...if I had only skipped this survey I would be a functioning member of society. Oh well.
No. 53987
35 kB, 408 × 397, 0:00
>my face when there are people who actually read my posts
No. 53990
1,2 MB, 2245 × 1588
Heh, 2normie4EC.

>Not on social media
Nope, and I see no reason to go there.

>"Board games are actually quite fun"
Yep, although I don't usually play them because I don't have any friends to play them with.

>Don't care much about sex
Never had sex and never will.

>Met people from the internet irl
No, but I met people from irl in the internet.

>Bullied in high school
Only was bullied in middle school, high school was okay.

>Less than 10 people (family excluded) would attend your funeral.
Nobody except for my family would attend my funeral.

>You OP at least one thread on page 1 of /int/ or /b/.
Lego thread was on first for some time. I also OPed a today thread once.

>EC-specific folder with more then 100 images
I don't have an EC-specific folder.

>EC is your most frequented imageboard
Since the other imageboard I used to post on made posting quite tedious, EC is now my most frequented imageboard.

>Genuinely enjoy anime
Yep, comedies, iyashikei and moeshit.

>Live with parents at the age +25
I don't live with parents now, but I did live with parents till the age of 30.

>You actively participate in the EGG Steam Group
Nope, I don't "actively participate" in anything.

>You actually read every single post by Hungary-Ball Ernst
No, but I read most of them.

>No hobbies that involve socializing with other people
Nope, socializing is for idiots.

>Spelling and grammar mistakes bothers you
Yeah, although I make quite a lot of mistakes myself since English is not my native language. Also, shouldn't it be "spelling and grammar mistakes bother you"?

>Average post has a word count above 100
Never tried to measure it, but somehow I doubt it.

>Created OC within in the last 2 weeks
I don't create OC.

>/b/: started lurking prior to Winnenden
>/int/: started lurking prior to Chanology
Well, I started lurking around 2008, but it wasn't KC but Russian imageboards. If it counts, I would actually get a diagonal bingo.

>You do not have a regular income (welfare doesn't count, NEET-Ernst)
I have a job.

>Political affiliation is always contrary to the person you are debating online
I don't have a political affiliation asides from hating Lukashenko, but it is a default political affiliation for most Belarusians. :-DDDDDDDD

>Pandemic didn't change your lifestyle
Nope, apart from the fact that I have to wear a mask.

>Still Rick-Rolling people in 2021
Yep, although sometimes I use different songs like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICDrEPFuRFw or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylpNEb31k4U or maybe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914. I also unironically like Never Gonna Give You Up as a song, and Rick has a fine voice (no homo).

>Vocel because picky
Dunno if it counts as picky, but I just like huge fucking anime titties. Also, as I said already, I would never have sex. SJW jack-offs would probably say that I'm on an "asexual spectrum" or something.

>Studied Russian at any time in life
Well, duh, that's my native language, so I studied it throughout the school.
No. 53993
881 kB, 2245 × 1588
114 kB, 828 × 753
239 kB, 828 × 753
No. 53994
I do too! Not all of them sadly.
No. 53995
658 kB, 2245 × 1588
"What kind of chip you got in there, a Dorito?"
No. 54000
That's a diagonal bingo, retard
No. 54002
384 kB, 890 × 556
Well, I'll be damned. Turns out I am autistic.
No. 54006
165 kB, 1090 × 771
No. 54007
787 kB, 2245 × 1588
No. 54009
648 kB, 2245 × 1588
No. 54011 Kontra
No. 54012 Kontra
It offends me that there's no "actually reads schizo brick's pseudo-philosophical rants" cell.
I need to try harder.
No. 54013 Kontra
Brickposting is the bread and butter of this imageboard.
No. 54029
772 kB, 2245 × 1588
Dang, I got bingo as well :-DDDD
No. 54045
Well, that might just be because unlike, me, you aren't offensively boring most of the time.
No. 54049 Kontra
Eh, I dunno.
I doubt there's many people who are interested in pseudo-metaphysical rants by an alcoholic.
Which is further proven to me by the fact that there's basically like one or two other Ernsts who actually reply to me consistently.
No. 54066
1,2 MB, 2245 × 1588
Oh shit I just realized I was so close to getting a straight but realistically I was mildly bullied only in middle schoolwhich essentially doesn't count because everyone bullied each other in middle school and so did I to my shameI still feel kinda bad about that

I can't really count Russian either because all I know how to do is sound out cyrillic and recognize a couple things in Russian but I never studied it.

I'd also much like to add that you've read Australia's wargaming/air simulator posts even if you don't play those and unironically read most if not all of brick posts and Russia vidya posts especially if you don't care about retro vidyaas I typically do though I've not read all Hungarian posts, only like a third to half, possibly as a replacement for met people IRL which is borderline keine ESPECIALLY if you've ever met anybody through grindr or a dating site, which are things I diversified my investments into :--DDDD. Obviously meeting people through craigslist doesn't count which I guess is borderline if you've ever met anyone through CL to get/sell computer parts and hobbyist equipment for something autistic af like MtG as an adult, anime shit, coin collecting if you've ever used the word numatist this automatically counts bird watching or aquariums etc.

I also would put down using spoilers on EC for formatting your posts for the 6x6 extended edition; I don't know why so many of us seem to do this
No. 54071
Believe it or not I somewhat frequently read people's longwinded posts on here as much as I add mine. It's such a shame though because I am often lacking in certain contexts and so I don't know a whole lot about your studies and overall direction in life and I don't understand a lot of the acronyms and granular stuff Australia talks about. Probably the two people I read virtually every post is Kazakhstan and Russia.
No. 54075
Disclaimer: this Bingo is in the Public Domain and may be copied, distributed, altered in any way, even for commercial purposes. :D
No. 54098
613 kB, 2245 × 1588
umm, sorry
No. 54432
1,4 MB, 2245 × 1588
So close
No. 54433 Kontra
171 kB, 828 × 753
I fuggin LOVE oversize sweaters, they are so comfy!
No. 54439
902 kB, 2245 × 1588