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No. 54129
4,2 MB, 640 × 360, 0:04
652 kB, 5671 × 2656
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Really just this is because at least one ernst has a hardcore interest in it and because I don't want to keep shitting up threads. These are some epic bants
No. 54145
This is a really cool channel and I have been binge watching it. I hadn't realized how many crashes and airplane emergencies there actually are/were.
No. 54194
I digged the people that send info from black box info to a simulator. This one is ultra brutal, be warned:https://youtu.be/D2eJkJBwxsI
No. 54202
Dear lord. Jesus how drunk was this guy. Not terribly brutal though I did chuckle
sorry. I've heard a lot more brutal flight recorders than that. True terror in their voices. The best last words was probably that one pilot who said "this is it baby!" I feel like he should've been flying Southwest.

One of the absolute shittier ones was it was the F/O who pretty much was responsible at least partly for the mistake that killed everyone--except him. He survived. He ended up with brain damage and in a wheelchair missing a leg, but he lived, and turned into an alcoholic.
I think he sounds cringey as hell in interviews though, as if he's somehow the biggest victim.
No. 54682
No. 56440
9,8 MB, 640 × 360, 9:41
How hard is it becoming a real pilot and getting your pilot's license?
No. 56538
My friend's dad sometimes instructs weekend warriors on small aircraft at a local airfield. I remember him saying the US government added more red tape after 01. It's easiest if you were born in the US, can provide all the proper documentation, and have no criminal record. I believe they'll even check with your employer so don't be surprised when they do.