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No. 5452
127 kB, 1500 × 960
What websites does Ernst frequent other than EC?

I used to spend a lot of time on different topic related internet forums and websites but then i got a slave to chans somewhere around 2006 or 2007 and i left the other internet behind.

Nowadays are Nu-EC, Youtube, Wikipedia and, as a guilty pleasure of mine, Reddit the only sites i regularely visit (next to some porn sites)

I have no idea where the hate for Reddit comes from by the way, if you ignore the comments underneath the content there are some pretty fun subreddits.
No. 5453
I only go to magyarchan's /i/nternational for an/i/memes.
Otherwise not much. Built myself the little niche everyone builds on YT, and I still go to 4kanker's /lit/ because it's a habit.
No. 5454
1,1 MB, 995 × 1348
129 kB, 281 × 591
I often visit Ukrainian news sites, Twitter of various economists, politicians and the Ukrainian page on World Bank web-site. I'm quite WORRIED about our abysmal economy, and I constantly read the news in the hope that at least something will change. I'm afraid that in the next 20 years we will not achieve even Russian (!) quality of life.

I frequently visited phaleristics related forums but it became painful to read about things that you can't buy. Once I saw the sale of the extremely rare Iron Cross of the Ukrainian People's Republic (made in 1920, there are only 3 000 copies, and I think most of them were lost because it's much harder to find them than others awards with a similar number of copies) for $20 000, and it broke me.
No. 5455
The main reddit "culture" is terrible.
However, as with most websites of that kind, you will have subcommunities (subreddits) created around a niche that offer a very different atmosphere from the overall culture and will generally be much better for discussion. These sub-communities tend to
mention or discuss the broader culture of the website lass often, opting instead for jokes/references/colloquialisms based off the given niche.
Example: /r/LetsTalkMusic/

As any sub-community around a niche gets larger, it tends to degrade and lose its original charm.
No. 5456
And as for me, I frequent 8ch.net/late/ (I used to browse /k/ but stopped a while ago) and youtube.com. Also, I use http://www.brainwashed.com/.

On YouTube I follow a variety of channel genres/niches including linux, programming, camping/survival (channels like ranger mike are good but he stopped being a park ranger ~3 years ago), philosophy (gregory b. sadler, political philosphy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-2rr91vVvIpAFq--8r7XNA).
No. 5457
Honestly it's less terrible than most imageboards. Also unlike imageboards reddit is actually helpful and higher IQ. Whenever I'm looking up certain things I often find links back to reddit. The only reason I still don't bother with the site is because there's just too many subs without a central hub and I got too used to that and faster paced with things like KC. It is seriously noticeable how incredibly low quality english speaking boards are. I think the other thing is it's mostly from poltards who constantly need some kind of enemy and reddit in general is more left leaning than the general suburbanite faggots LARPing as trailer trash you get on nu4chan, which the funniest thing is a ton of the people bitching about reddit on chans are in fact faggots from reddit.

KC has rotted my brain and I'm glad to be rid of it. I often find myself realizing idk where to go, so I just check links I see sometimes. What I need to do is get more scientific magazine subscriptions. And then there's always wikis, like tvtropes for just goofing off on nothing important.
No. 5460
-Hacker News
-small subreddits
No. 5463
Basically this. Reddit as a community is awful, and the layout of the site itself is awful too, but the idea that people can create any kind of community is one of the best in the history of the Internet IMO, and reddit made it really easy to do it. Nowadays I only visit r/mapporn, once per day.
No. 5470
I visit 4chan /n/ and /g/ sometimes.
I don't visit reddit much because the layout and the need to register are pissiing me off.
Other than that I visit mainstream media sites and if I find topics worthy of my attention I check for additional info on wiki and other sites that deal with the subject. I don't followe any youtube channels anymore.
No. 5472
Since people here seem to not have such a big problem with reddit, what are your favorite subreddits?
I mostly visit reddit for entertaining videos and pictures and esport news.

I recommend for dumb but slightly entertaining stuff to waste a few minutes:

/r/TLMIG/ (the only one that i would consider small)

I'm sure there are others that offer actual value but the crappy design of the site was always in the way of actually looking trough all the stuff.
No. 5473
95 kB, 2048 × 1077
i somehow stopped using reddit. recent changes made the site worse and worse…

if you do not like the layout, try RES (reddit enhancement suite) with dark theme + a nice AdBlocker (uBlock Origin for the lazy or uMatrix)

RTV (reddit terminal viewer) is nice as well.

and ya… you need to find some nice, small subcommunities within reddit, else the site is shit.

other sites i like to frequent:
a wide range of blogs and news site
No. 5476

(last 3 are /pol/-tier, I still enjoy them)
No. 5478
You need to join a forum, actually join a couple communities that aren't full of filth
No. 5480
I visited some of the forums i used to spend time on years ago but all of them turned into shit.
No. 5483
Youtube and twitch. I hate your typical internet forum that uses FUDforum/phpBB/whatever clumsy software. Occasionally I visited ZDoom to check out if there's any new wads but even that brief visit is enough to make me angry about how bad the UI of your typical internet forum is. A simple textboard would be 100 times better but instead everyone uses some cancer software to run their forums.

Oh and reddit looks like cancer as well and somehow they managed to make it even worse recently by "updating" it. Sure it's fine if you're just looking for information but I've never visited a subreddit that isn't full of retarded redditors. Like, if you go to some video game subreddit and someone makes a thread about a certain well known player who they think is cheating or whatever, then the accused player posts in the subreddit and gives is own point of view. Then what do the reddit hivemind do? They downvote his post because they don't like him to the point that the retarded reddit software autohides his comment. What the fuck? That comment should be upvoted to the top so that everyone can read his point of view whether they dislike him or not but of course that never happens because reddit as a format encourages the worst type of herd mentality that makes absolutely everyone who's using that site look like retarded cattle. I hope this is the reason why other people hate reddit too because it really deserves the hatred it receives. It's a horrible, horrible website.
No. 5485
Do you really expect adult behaviour on a video game forum?
No. 5487
Well when a game is old enough and the average age is closer to 30 than 20 I kind of do. Especially when all the trashtalking and "toxic" behaviour is happening elsewhere and the people who think they're better than that moderates the subreddit. But that video game example was just the first example that came to my mind. Subject is pretty irrelevant in case of reddit since it's the same on most subreddits I've visited.

From my expenrience reddit just seem to attract people who dislike anything negative. You know those kind of negative truths that nobody wants to say but someone has to say often get downvoted and only the happy yes-man positive hugbox comments bubble up to the top. The whole atmosphere just screams dishonesty to me. I don't like it.
No. 5488
I think reddit is a good demonstration on the flaws of absolute democracy.
No. 5489
>The whole atmosphere just screams dishonesty to me.
As if EC any different.
No. 5493
It is. By dishonesty I meant the community-sensorship that hides all the negativity while highlights all the edgeless feel-good comments. It's especially bad when you have an online video game, for example, that is constantly balanced by the developers and then they use reddit as a source of community criticism but because reddit is reddit only the positive "yes this is a good change nice" comments goes to the top while the bitchy "this is a stupid idea" comments just get downvoted and people even consider them as "trolls" or whatever simply because they have a negative attitude. It just feels like the whole place is full of yes-men. Imageboards are almost like the opposite of that with all the contrarians who hate everything and say it out loud. Sure it has its downsides but I prefer it over the reddit atmosphere.

And I don't even have a reddit account so I don't ever post or upvote/downvote any comments so it's not like I'm just mad that my own comments get downvoted since I don't even take part in the whole ordeal.

People call imageboards and some "gamer communities" toxic because people get openly mad at something and use insults. Sure it can be annoying to some but in my opinion that's just a good thing since you always know what other people think. They call you a faggot so you know they don't like you. I kind of find that honest. In a more polite place you never know what other people truly think of you or anything else because they hold back out of politeness. But even politeness is not a bad thing. It's just that in case of reddit it all gets amplified by the voting system and that somehow the whole website feel to me like those jehova withness people who have that permanent smiling grin on their face as if they were high on religion or something. It's just weird and dishonest.
No. 5505
>30 yo boomer talking about manners
KYS, you no-lifer permavirgin.
No. 5508
Not much nothing.
Beside the board where I post daily I blink in the other KC related sites. Other than this I watch outdoor and crafting related videos on youtube. Other sites I visit for a few days for a few minutes then I close them and done, rarely return. My browsing consists mostly: "what's this?" "how to do that?" "what's that?" "how to do this?". I'm interested in - for example - creating things even if I won't make them ever. Sometimes my irl conversations go like that as well. The other day I questioned one of my best buddy how his family processes the pig when they cut one.

On reddit: when I search something sometimes reddit is among the hits with some info. I think it's only among my vidya or IT related searches tho. From what I see I would never ever consider to register there and comment on anything. I usually don't see anything that bothers me it just so alien.
No. 5510
The one and only nice thing about the subreddit system is that while it makes actually navigating the site completely impossible it does however provide very rich, detailed niche ones. I for example whenever having a vidya question always find that there is an entire subreddit dedicted to just that one computer game. It's also very much like that with anything psychoactive, music etc.

To be fair though, at least redditors don't actually organize IRL harassment or gangstalking if you piss them off. It doesn't actually feel dangerous to post a controversial opinion without a proxy there. Retards on imageboards are way dumber, way more cancerous, way more groupthinky and hostile, and actually will fuck with you IRL. The worst example of this is probably 8 atm.
> Sure it's fine if you're just looking for information but I've never visited a subreddit that isn't full of retarded redditors.
Try going to /v/. I cannot even physically explain how bad it is.
>encourages the worst type of herd mentality
Again look at a shithole like /v/. Literally the only thing that really makes IBs different is the massive edginess and contrarianism mixed with anonymity where people post inflammatory or stupid remarks for no other reason than to piss people off or derail a thread. I think the upvote system is pretty terrible but the thing is, on a chan if somebody posts something that is actually right the thread dies, because it's not controversial and everyone agrees on it. Meanwhile disputable or blatantly wrong information stays at the top constantly as people keep bumping it.

In terms of retarded herd mentality honestly poltards are among the worst and they shit up every other board and go out of their way to try and find any kind of trick they can to silence dissent and discussion, since they're the one board on some kind of cancerous shitposting mission so it isn't just trolling or being stupid but going out of their way to try and subvert every other board turning it into another echochamber clone.

I think the main difference is redditors are annoying, smarmy, passive aggressive faggots, whereas imageboarders particularly poltards are just openly aggressive and hostile morons, but at least redditors are sometimes actually helpful.

>"yes this is a good change nice" comments goes to the top while the bitchy "this is a stupid idea" comments just get downvoted and people even consider them as "trolls" or whatever simply because they have a negative attitude.
Actually this might explain what I keep seeing on steam. hmmmm

>It's just weird and dishonest.
Both sites are full of manipulative assholes. You just like our manipulative dishonest assholes more. And I know what you mean, which is especially noticeable in an argument where they do that whole smiling while trying to stab you in the back thing. So in that regard the residents are a pretty good reminder of why I hate common humanity with such passion. But I still think our shitholes are indeed shitholes.

As for the "trolls" thing it's very conspicuous and imma try to figure that one out, because I have noticed this really bizarre thing like 1 in 10 or more people on steam do where whenever you disagree with them and call them an idiot they just say you're a "troll" or talk about "bait" completely misusing the word and trying to hide behind it rather than face any kind of valid criticism.
No. 5511
Oh no, we will still tell you you're a fucking retarded piece of shit here do not mistake this. We just would mostly rather a return to the comfiness and pure love that used to be KC like 8 years ago or something.
No. 5513
Despite there being no voting system on here, it's obvious that users have to censor themselves to fit in just like Redditors do. And I don't just mean not shitposting- I mean the sort of half-arsed platitudes you see parroted every day in the blog threads.

>i have schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and I'm a suicidal alcoholic
>we've all been there bro, now listen to how bad my day was

This site hardly behaves like a chan, conversation is much too awkward.
No. 5538
1,9 MB, 960 × 528, 0:30
> conversation is much too awkward.
people here are much too awkward, honestly.
me like.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Uee_mcxvrw (i fink u freeky)
No. 5563
As I check this board occasionally I see something I would comment on with some mildly funny silliness just for the fun of it. Then I think otherwise because I feel then I should compensate that comment with something with more weight to it but I really don't want to get involved in serious discussion on other chans.
No. 5570
19,5 MB, 640 × 360, 4:12

I know how to make a good place, for example if you don't have a black belt yet you shouldn't talk. Sit and lurk, this board is for grand masters only.
No. 5586
71 kB, 640 × 480
>grand master
>not even of a lodge
>probably doesn't even own a matching set of d4/d6/d10/d20
>my feet hurt
>this guy doesn't even have a dungeon master screen
>he probably doesn't even know en passant
>why would you learn karate for anything but philosophy
and so on
No. 5591
240 kB, 480 × 360, 0:06
No. 5683
92 kB, 811 × 487
>I think the main difference is redditors are annoying, smarmy, passive aggressive faggots, whereas imageboarders particularly poltards are just openly aggressive and hostile morons, but at least redditors are sometimes actually helpful.
Fully agree.

I also want to add that imageboards favor impulsive, over the top emotional reactions instead of an actual honest or fair notion. Responding to someone "how about no, stfu faggot whats wrong with you, you fucking imbecile lol kys" in an argument is not honest. It serves the prevailing demand for entertainment (drama), cheap emotional release or low-effort attempts to feel superior and powerful, but is as honest as desperately shouting "I AM BETTER THAN YOU" at someone during a conversation.
Talking online anonymously without any fear of social consequences allows you to inflate your impulsiveness and limit your reason, basically the kind of behaviour as a drunkard yelling at people on the street. It's fun to do but i wouldn't go there to gain insight or have a serious discussion™.
No. 6531
No. 7267
https://paperkast.com/ - new link-aggregator exclusively for academic papers, seems promising
No. 7270 Kontra
looks meh. maybe when you just want to browse some random articles

You better stick to your local universities search engine and then sci-hub/lib.gen them if they aint free
No. 7274
But that doesn't include being able to discuss the papers with other people
No. 7281
I have overlooked that. But most have no comments anyway so far.

I could imagine a special reddit might be likely fruitful in discussions.
No. 7285
I feel like google scholar and researchgate do a better job
No. 7531
69 kB, 800 × 600
No. 7532
Top football performance is right exactly between 14-20. Even pro teams sometimes lose to teenagers, especially from second-third leagues. Also small teens have several additional tactic possibilities. Good coach can smash pro teams even with kids, cause pros are afraid to harm them.
No. 7534
Imblying that women could stand any chance against the top men's team. Gender segregation in sports exists for a reason. Although I wonder if they had mixed tournaments in chess, checkers, shogi or go, and how well would women fare in them. They should be alright, since these games don't require any physical strength.
No. 7535
Those women who got beat by small teenagers would hardly do better against grown men

The Norway 16yo who signed for Real Madrid was like 160cm, now 3 years later he's about 178cm.

No. 7537
Since women don't have a mind for strategy I'd assume they would get rekt.
No. 7539
456 kB, 3596 × 1132
>women don't have a mind for strategy
>browses imageboards
a literal quarantine of sub-par men who get rekt playing kid's games while the grown ups make moves and marry.
No. 7540
I used to train in a chess club for a year or two when I was in middle school. We had a couple of girls there, and one of them actually was the third best player in our club (there were about twenty or thirty kids of different ages in the club back then).

Still, I looked it up and it turns out that the World Chess Championship allows participants of both genders. It's just that women themselves don't want to play against men and have their own separate one.
No. 7574
Well, the reason is, to support more women to yet participate in another sport.

But it will take a long time and a lot of exception that a woman will tackle a match against a high elo play like Magnus Carlsen, or let it be Bobby Fischer.

Nobody knows why, i'm sure it's because women don't WANT to be competitive or something :^)
No. 7582
>i'm sure it's because women don't WANT to be competitive
But it's don't
No. 7583
I think they're just wired differently. Women seem to vastly prefer things like RPGs, and they indeed usually seem to be pretty fucking terrible at everything. It's probably also where the "women are dumb" stereotype came from because they're thinking differently and maybe have different priorities. This is also why I am adamantly opposed to having women having anything to do with military planning and immigration policy.
No. 7584
Women have a smaller brains and their periods attract bears.
That's just science.
No. 7586
Your different translates to not performant, which translates to dumb in a nice way.
No. 7588
And not really. It is generally accepted that women have way higher emotional intelligence than men, for example. Or to put it in these idiotic terms, if you stat dump to make a rogue who sucks at combat it doesn't mean they're not also going to be very good at something else, and likewise while they may be very, very good at lock picking they still can't cast a spell. It is that sort of thing. Women just seem on average to be processing things in a different manner. It's also what gives men the reputation for being so fucking stupid when it comes to certain things because generally speaking we're using different forms of logic and reasoning with a task, which is more likely to translate into us being incompetent with peoples' emotions.
No. 7589
emotional intelligence doesnt mean you become more emotional, it means you are more aware about it. and I've yet to see there is a scientific study proves what you say.
No. 7592
>It is generally accepted that women have way higher emotional intelligence than men (read: they manipulate emotions a lot better than men)
No. 7596 Kontra
Oh also I'm aware of that and not sure where you got the "more emotional" thing from, which had nothing to do with what I said. If anything I've noticed men are at least as prone to being overly emotional and throwing tantrums.
No. 7621
11,8 MB, 711 × 400, 13:11
No. 7622

quality as fuck.
No. 7655
I managed to get exactly halfway through this before turning it off. He would do himself a massive service by not "dog whistling" or "virtue signalling" or whatever term you wish to use for a shrill ideologue who's not actually up for debate but only there to smear some partisan agenda shit all over the walls. It should be noted, that he tries the annoying routine of appearing scientific and impartial, while at minimum his presentation is the opposite of that and moreover does not utilize many facts in some instances simply making them up (his fake standard deviation curve for example).

None of which disputes anything I said and in fact he cherry picked two of the lowest hanging fruits to base his argument on, as it's not disputed by anyone that women are on average shorter, weaker, and particularly have lower upper body strength. StarCraft is likewise one of the lowest virtual examples to use, although I would say SC and chess also are only passingly similar as they actually utilize two very different things (RTS in general tends to be more reactive and use some similar skills as an FPS as opposed to the kind of long term strategizing and visualization chess employs).
No. 7659
23 kB, 371 × 351
>None of which disputes anything I said and in fact he cherry picked two of the lowest hanging fruits to base his argument on
So what do you think was his argument then?
No. 7661
I don't know because I didn't even bother watching the rest of it.
No. 7667
No. 7668
cdc.gov for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

plos.org for plos neglected tropical diseases
No. 7671
watch 11:30->
No. 7768 Kontra
What's up with all the OT ITT above me?
No. 8000
Posting good youtube channels (which is quite hard to find)

5,709 subscribers

No. 8371
548 kB, 1000 × 667
Do you know of any good "story time" internet shows that can be watched on a nightly basis for example while you eat dinner or exercise, or audio-only shows that can be downloaded on mp3 to enjoy while commuting?

USHANKA SHOW (LIFE IN USSR 83. Comrade Stalin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou9kcj0zPAI
No. 8763
No. 8783
I've been listening to the Encyclopedia Hermetica podcast on ancient history fow a while now, IMO it's the right mix of information and entertainment

No. 8785
But American new agers are extremely cringe.
No. 8802
This looks like a good one, thanks. The suggestions on the YouTube sidebar are all the type of stuff I've watched so I'm surprised I hadn't come across this sooner.
No. 8915
This looks so incredibly self absorbed and retarded why did you bother with this for a bump

They are but that's not what this looks like
No. 8945
No. 8962
59 kB, 250 × 300
No. 8994 Kontra
107 kB, 435 × 592
No. 9027
Why are all these alternative wikipedias so unapologetically shitty?

I read through rationalwiki some time ago, and it's just a massive fedora tipping new-atheist sam harris worshipping circlejerk.

Their articles on philosophy made me cringe hard.
No. 9031
31 kB, 600 × 382
It wouldn't be alternative if it would make sense.
No. 9036
Because it's literally just a haven for the most cringey agenda driven faggots who are upset that reality does not conform to their views. So instead they got butthurt and created their own where they can circlejerk and pretend facts don't contradict them all they want, or where diverging opinions are not held. Notably it is American right wing that does this the absolute most including here http://www.creationwiki.org/Main_Page which is likely a huge cross section with conservapedia and the retarded wiki he's pushing, but as you can see no one is exempt including the supposedly "factual" fedora tippers. Notably the only funny wikis were uncyclopedia which was kind of lame and encyclopediadramatica but that one is increasingly plagued by these same incredibly unfunny alt retards.

There are of course still some very good non-ideology trash wikis though, like this one for example
also I like reading through the TVTropes and WH40K wikis.
No. 9038
UESP wiki is also quite a nice read.
No. 9039
149 kB, 846 × 563
Oh and also the White Wolf wiki
For some strange reason I can't find it right now (not that it'd probably matter because I'm sure the pdf is bigger than 25mb) but the Guide to Pentex is probably my favorite supplemental material of any pnp game.
No. 9040
Uncyclopedia was always unfunny nonsense for 13 year olds.
ED imho is more of a "chronicle" of the web from the view of whatever opposition manages to build itself up "underground". It's actually useful sometimes.
Unyclopedia is just simply shit. (There is a Hungarian version, and that's shit too, they even stole from Magyarchan's wiki page)
No. 9042
I liked it.
It's funnier than a lot of things in modern Internet.
No. 9043
Also probably controversial opinion for russian speaking imageboarders, but lurkmore.ru is top tier thanks to their policy of facts > lulz.

Their articles on philosophy, science, religion, etc are unironically good and written by people who actually know a shitton about the subject.

The article on marxism was especially interesting to me, since it looks like it was written by someone who grokked dialectical materialism, not by someone who has merely a political understanding of marxism.

Even though it's mostly a digestible overview, it gives a good idea of what dialectical materialism is, as a philosophy (or as a science, as marxists would put it. not like I grasp dialectical materialism enough to make a judgement), rather than an ideology.
No. 9044
Sadly, it becoming much worse. Since times of which "ESO" become "canon", a lot quality lore pages from times of old TES2-3 lore changed into whatever MMO devs think is """lore""". However, gameplay information for same tes3 and tes2 is nice, and if you want start playing TES Arena or Daggerfall or Morrowind and you novice in this kind of game, UESP is best place to start and find answers on gameplay questions.
No. 9045
IS it still alive? I thought lurmore is long time forgotten, I readed it in end of 00s start of 10s.
No. 9046
I found a few articles funny when I was really young, but I wouldn't consider it good by any standard. It's a series of lolsorandom writings that amount to nothing.
I'd rather have it be a parody.
No. 9047
5 kB, 200 × 200
25 kB, 300 × 300
13 kB, 480 × 360
No idea actually, I mostly read old articles, and nostalgia over old forgotten memes.

Most new articles are about harkach memes and recent political events, which I don't give a shit about.
No. 9049
38 kB, 400 × 400
Haha, is this Красный Бородач or how it is called?
Well, I remember there was pretty epin old articles on absoluetly different topics - from history, to things like "sport about how to ride in train without bying ticket" and they was big, massive and with bit of humor was written by people who seriously cared about topic. Needles to say, I discovered my favorite nowdays Might and Magic RPG series when founded article about it on Lurkmore back in lare 00s, before it I not cared much and knew only Heroes series.
No. 9051 Kontra
it's not 5 am right now
No. 9052
538 kB, 1200 × 642
Somewhere on earth it was almost 5 am
No. 9058
For those of you interested in the nature of imageboard culture, here are two interesting links:

No. 9064
All got shoahed for talking shit about Serena Williams, the wife of the owner.
No. 9066
As for websites I currently frequent:

Youtube (I "subscribe" by noting good channels in a txt file)
Hacker News (quality has decreased alot, up to the point where I recommend NOT viewing the comments section)
lobste.rs (invite only to post)
4chan /lit/
8ch /tech/
Various small websites and blogs


As a general rule of thumb, if the subreddit has more than 100k subscribers, quality begins to noticeably decrease. Keep in mind that the site is also more popular than Facebook in America (according to Alexa traffic analysis), so that should tell you how far it has gone into Eternal September.
No. 9105
288 kB, 494 × 761
>Message from TripAdvisor:Due to a recent event that has attracted media attention and has caused an influx of review submissions that do not describe a first-hand experience, we have temporarily suspended publishing new reviews for this listing. If you’ve had a firsthand experience at this property, please check back soon - we’re looking forward to receiving your review!

No. 9148
125 kB, 1560 × 880
No. 9182
Deepcuts, about music
He's really good at describing sounds, knows what he's talking about and doesn't include any unnecessary humour to his videos. The community is also alright, serious discussions and no hostility. It's small enough to let the creator discuss topics with his viewers and big enough to not include elitist musical hipsters.

The great war also started a series about WWII recently
No. 9197
>"subscribe" by noting good channels in a txt file)

for what purpose?
No. 9210
There is no "grown ups making moves and marrying" the new generations do not make moves or marry, they stay in and play vidya
No. 9211
Le lizard people algorithms spying on him
No. 9213
15,0 MB, 640 × 360, 2:59
You have reached peak gaymer.
No. 9232
108 kB, 998 × 1000
The reason is far more pragmatic. I dislike having "customized" recommendations so I use YouTube without them, logged off. Last thing I want is to be recommended some 80s Japanese song when I'm looking at videos regarding flight simulators, for instance. I've been using YouTube since 2006, so the new customized recommendations are jarring at best.
No. 9234
It's a nice song, though.
No. 9254
Any more like these?

The Distro-Watch for Podcasts


Library Genesis


The Manuals for Almost Every Pen and Paper RPG Ever Made


Royalty-Free High Resolution Amateur Photos


Sci-Fi OTR from the 70s short stories narrated to Tangerine Dream

No. 9271
30 kB, 300 × 100
20 kB, 691 × 231
20 kB, 400 × 400
Just these 3 now
No. 9323
Holy shit, thanks for rpg.rem.uz <3
No. 9351
You're welcome, Ernst. Enjoy.
No. 10178
God, what a goldmine:
This gonna become my evening read. There are so many questions to read.
No. 10199
I honestly can't find really good general discussion sites. I've tried turning to reddit but while it's often helpful and informative the discussions themselves are usually just horrible shitposts after shitpost. That and most of their sub boards are all niche anyway. Then there's forums, which I can't be arsed to register all of which tend to be slow and incredibly niche. Maybe I should try lurking lipstickalley. Those conversations were hilarious. Apparently there's some good art on tumblr sometimes, just images no discussion. I wish there were scientifically minded, literate and intelligent forums to go on that I knew about. studentmedforums is like the rest, funny at times, informative at times, but really niche. I don't even know if abovetopsecret exists anymore. Godlike productions probably does at least. Mostly I alternate with 420 at this point. I still miss 99chan. It was kinda like EC, slow, fantastic quality, then it just kinda disappeared.
No. 10234
Hey, I was browsing 99chan for a while as well when I was fed up with KC around 2011. I liked it, but didn't find it remarkable at the time. That's why I came to EC, which was building up to be something great at that point. It's strange though, I no longer miss the old times.
No. 10239
Out of every bad decision I've ever made, computers, the internet, and most especially imageboards was by far the worst. Not an exaggeration. And I've done a lot of stupid wasteful shit in my life. They say that doing drugs is like doing absolutely nothing while thinking you're doing something. Imageboards are the epitome of this.
No. 10281
More or less because the masculine perspective is all about doing while the feminine is all about feeling. So imageboards are the enemy of a young man who is attempting to ignore his temporary feelings and strive for a result, in effect transitioning from a feminine dominated childhood of feelings to a masculine dominated adulthood of results. As a man at least in America where everyone asks you "what do you do" you are judged by what job you hold not how you feel about that position, and in the end you are judged even by yourself by what you have done not by how you felt.
No. 10286
I'm not sure that's related to the problem. My post had everything to do with action and delusion. When you get shitfaced you have the false delusion that you're doing something. With posting online you can get the false delusion that you're accomplishing anything at all, even just shitposting. In fact some of the worst posters are so cancerous specifically because they think they're changing the world by shitposting. The internet itself is a major time waster but IBs are absolutely the worst. They end up pandering to the lowest common denominators, which is observable as every year a board will just get more repetitive and idiotic. I have yet to see a single chan that didn't rapidly degrade in quality over time. It has nothing to do with feelings; I don't give a fuck about your feelings. I'm talking about people mistake the action of posting with imposing their view on the world, as opposed to passive observers who might actually benefit in some small way but would still be better off doing nothing but reading wikipedia articles then turning the machine off.
No. 10288

Microboards are not sufficient, are not the entire answer. We have a responsibility before the general public, before the body politic. It is only us that can instill the proper values, the right attitudes and the correct ways of reasoning into the larger masses, by personal example. The great big /b/ is in it's present state quite receptive to charitable influence. The youth need help and direction and guidance and we are the only ones who can truly help them, and teach them to help others.
No. 10305
They're a lost cause. This was true a decade ago when people were still trying to save it.
>It is only us that can instill the proper values, the right attitudes and the correct ways of reasoning into the larger masses, by personal example.
I can't tell if this was meant to be satire. Even ignoring the personal example part, you have to keep in mind a shithole like /pol/ not just /b/. It was true of bernds also. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I always saw bernds whining about this or that but they outright rejected any advice or offers of help.
No. 10352
Look at Ernstchan. This board is determined and made special not by what is visible, it's content and posts and discussions, but in the first place by what is unobserved and intangible: the attitudes and the posting culture of it's residents. And that is a meme (in the old-fashioned meaning of the term), that is a behavior that can be acquired over time. If you truly help just a single person, soon, the entire community will be transformed - I hope you can perceive the logic behind this.
No. 12322
No. 12334
I looked at his channel before and was not particularly impressed. It seems to me that he gets all his information from rate your music, wikipedia, /mu/ charts, and Scaruffi.
I don't think he is anything special; he just capitalized on a untapped market for a specific niche in an effective way. For me to watch/listen a music reviewer/recommender they need to offer me something that is not just a guy's cursory opinion or a summary off rym. Very little that he has talked about was new to me. If I've already listened to many of the albums and genres that he recommends, he has nothing to offer me except his personal opinion, which I care little about anyways as he tends to follow rym trends and not be original or unique in his perspective. I am not saying that he is a no effort hack or talentless or stupid; he just does not really offer anything new to anyone that has already gotten "into" music.

Examples of music channels that I like (that aren't about teaching instruments or music theory):

Samuel Andreyev
-A Canadian composer that both analyzes music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77OL5ekPnk8
and gives interviews with seldom interviewed artists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWgfVVbK4bA

-Two British Blokes that have delved deep into the 70s prog scene (they've read many books, biographies, and testimonies from that scene),
and so give a very unique and detailed perspective on prog music (including a greater than 1 hour long review of The Wall and a Frank Zappa mini-series were they cover many of his material throughout the years): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmCC9KdfcEA&list=PLMoEsgm9rdqYVmcJVkqM-VHZ8x8KsBxgV

Jon Whitney
-I talked about him before ITT. He is the owner of brainwashed.com, I'll let the wikipedia article give a good summary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainwashed_(website)
He hosts material for dozens of obscure independent artists, as well interviews key players of various scenes throughout time (with a focus on industrial and neofolk):

Classical Music/ /Reference Recording
-Not an explicit recommender/reviewer per se, but has many interesting classical records on their channel (also features remasters exclusive to the channel as some of the people that are part of the channel team are audio engineers). Here is an interesting rendition of The Goldberg variations from Helmut Walcha -a blind pianist on harpsichord (a far cry from Gould, Richter, Schiff, Hewitt, etc): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCAb5ig90rA&list=PL3UZpQL9LIxOLRwxl1dEfDrH3c8mX5UB1&index=7

I usually have a distaste for Gould, but this Brahms performance changed my mind about him as I now see his more delicate and less eccentric side:
Some other renditions that I particularly enjoy:
No. 24012

Best science-news for people who are not into the specific topics, but written by people who really know wzhat they're talking about.
No. 24026
>written by people who really know what they're talking about
It's kinda given since it's the most prestigious science journal in the world.
No. 24028
cell is more prestigious, at least within life sciences (bioinformatics, genetics, etc.)

also, he's talking about their news publications specifically, not research articles
No. 24050 Kontra
Prestige is just a vague idea, it's not measurable, and how can you be sure what he meant?
No. 24054
because he explicitly specified "science-news"
No. 24064 Kontra
And proper research articles don't qualify as news? Are they not a novelty?
No. 24142
>And proper research articles don't qualify as news?

No, they don't. Glad I could clear that up for you.
No. 24143 Kontra
go back to reddit with those passive-agressive shitposts
No. 24144
Leave Poland alone you jackass he didnt do anything wrong. Posting well cited research articles is EC tier. Also thread about other sites and such. Nature.com is a good one to go to.
No. 24145

Research is fine. News is also fine. They’re not the same thing. Words have meaning. Kindly brown-nose the Polack at least 50 yards from my position. Ciao
No. 24241
What does Ernst think of Psiram?

No. 24247
I find it rather silly, as all these types of "wikis" aimed at condemning certain ideas/people, even if rightfully so.
In this case specifically because the authors seem to think esotericism can be disproven by science, facts, etc. when they're pretty much disjoint paradigms.
No. 24535
5,4 MB, 2952 × 1574
The interactive documentary Jheronimus Bosch, the Garden of Earthly Delights provides an in-depth tour though The Garden of Earthly Delights. In a web interface the visitor will be taken on an audio-visual journey, including sound, music, video and images to enrich the storytelling:

No. 25329
Found some interesting web catalogue: https://peelopaalu.neocities.org/directory.html
No. 25331
A well-organized set of music genres. Taking into consideration cultural, social facets are poorly verified, yet they make up the main factors to classify with, it conveys overall the direction of the music evolution.
No. 25412 Kontra
well damn, i should have interesting dreams tonight. the amazing resolution combined with the area based audio was quite terrifying in my sleep-addled state, i'm impressed this exists.
Apparently there is a VR version as well but that just looks silly. I could imagine recreating the scenes in 3d, would only be a fraction of the original but still interesting to walk into
No. 26309
Search engine for medieval art
No. 27469
Discussion about Anti-Technology topics

No. 27473
>disscus anti-technologi ON INTERNET
No. 28721

Any Ernsts here who participate in the development of 0xchan?
No. 28732
No. Why would I when there is so many other failed projects?
> bb..but it uses blockchains and IPFS and hava a white paper and dank memes
So? If you want old and tried there is Freenet, various things using Tor, a whole bunch of decentralized communication and federation protocols that is far more mature and don't have edgy kids working on them. There is even that imageboard software using NNTP, what ever it's name is.
No. 28894
No. 30808
It's not all that bad, their articles on obscure conspiracy theories are both funny and comprehensive.
No. 31752
Good resource for plant systematics

No. 31791
I was about to link spidr as well. It's one of the handful of projects that I felt obligated to donate to for the public service it provides.

While not perfect, it is amazing for trying to determine the spin of each site and the common truths between them. It's also a good demonstration of how Reuters and AP (among others) provide the kernel of information for most other sites.
I've recommended it to people studying/actively working in journalism, and now I know at least one of them uses it daily to parse the news.

My main complaint is that it's not designed to be used as an archive, so finding equivalent articles months/years later, even just the urls and <title>s, doesn't seem possible. But that's secondary to properly matching up current content.
No. 31883
Today I've found http://softpanorama.org
It calls itself "Open Source Software Educational Society" which started as a floppy bulletin in 1989.
Guess there are a lot of top things to read.
No. 31884
I spend most of my time on the internet on various theme boards on the 4chan, some specific game/hobby reddits (only lurking) and wikipedia.
Apart from that, basically nothing. I used to visit the Guardian website regularly around 2012-13, but recently went there again and did a 360 and walked away. German news outlets are even worse. It's funny how you can completely ignore news and people won't notice.
No. 33628
I use a huge opml file which I built over the years and consume various blogs and sites through RSS reader (Inoreader is my preference)