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No. 5461
457 kB, 2048 × 1536
Why on God's green earth did I have to find ernstchan.xyz?
When KC went down I thought I was free, until I found EC... and then it went down as well. Then, I thought, finally I am free. Surely this is the end.

I can go out in the world and be the productive person I've always had the potential to be. No more will I slave away at a job I don't care about. I will start my own business, even invest into stock & forex. Live life for its own sake; enjoy my time on this earth and treasure the memories of life actually being lived! And when I look back, I will see my former life as a shadow of my current self—like a dream or a second gestation.

Curse my rotten luck!
No. 5462
It's not as though you can lurk all day here. Most of the time you'll be waiting hours if not days for your thread to get replies.
No. 5471
What's your problem? it's enough to check EC 2-3 times per day for new threads/replies. It shouldn't cost you more than 15 minutes or so.
No. 5477 Kontra
Remember that this is not KC 2.0, like EC become when KC dead. I hope you will keep your posting without any cancer.
No. 5484 Kontra
Where you choose to waste time was never the problem. You cannot escape yourself even if the whole world goes down.
No. 5497
EC is soooo slow
No. 5498
am i b&?
No. 5501 Kontra
You are arrived here from Kohl?
Why there so many human trash from here recently?
No. 7645
296 kB, 634 × 684
This board cost me a lot of money, I need to make up for lost time.

How do we get rich or die trying if we're not educated, not smart, not good looking? Playing lottery cards?
No. 7646
I meant KC not EC
No. 8512
Well, I do generally feel much healthier having found and posted here