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No. 54693
67 kB, 680 × 510
Dear admin: I like lurking here via tor. That has become impossible of late; the connection always fails. If that's an intentional change, then I ask you to please reconsider. If you want to block tor users from posting, that's understandable. Please don't prevent us from viewing this place without jumping through hoops though.

No. 54694
Better post on /meta/ for questions about administraion.
No. 54695
No. 54710 Kontra
Why have the chomo subhuman filth from cabbagechan posting here once in a blue moon. That is why most of us want it blocked.
No. 54717
15 kB, 200 × 200
> chomo subhuman filth from cabbagechan posting here once in a blue moon
A few undesirables doing something occasionally over tor merits punishing all tor users? The response is entirely out of proportion with the actual problem.

There seems to be at least one other chan doing this "pretend we're dead over tor" act, and it's bothersome. I thought that place was dead until I tried to connect with a proxy. I maintain my own little chan list just because, and if this kind of stuff starts to happen more often, I'll be pretty annoyed (Cloudflare is bad enough as it is). Others might be too. Chans pulling this stuff might only be harming themselves in the long run.
No. 54718
He asked about being allowed to lurk, not to post via tor.
No. 54721 Kontra
Dude, this is a fucking super small obscure chan on an /INT/ERNATIONAL board. What possible fucking reason can you personally have to be coming here with tor except a), you are a cabbagechan shitposter that got banned multiple times already, b) a pedophile from there trying to post sick shit. Yes I absolutely support banning untraceable proxies here until any pedo immediately has his real info reported. Meanwhile there's not an actual reason for people to use tor here unless they're being extra shitty people. I could understand you trying to argue something like that to shitpost on 4kanker or something, but not on here.
No. 54722
13 kB, 225 × 225
> What possible fucking reason can you personally have to be coming here with tor
I maintain a chan list. I also kinda like(d) this place, even going out of my way to contribute a few times via proxy.

a) I'm unsure what chan you mean by cabbagechan. I'm not a shitposter in general.
b) I'm no pedo, and I don't post sick shit.
c) Not all tor users are pedos ("torpedo" pun notwithstanding) or <insert label here>. I use tor often, because I care about anonymity. In this day and age of widespread and obvious data harvesting it's only sensible to be careful.

FFS, I'm only talking about lurking via tor besides. If doing so is undesirable here, then I'll unbookmark this chan in my browser and avoid this place from now on. There are plenty of more-tor-friendly chans I can spend my time perusing. It's as simple as that.
No. 54745 Kontra
355 kB, 245 × 170, 0:02
No. 54774 Kontra
80 kB, 940 × 518
begone, proxyfaggot
No. 54795 Kontra
This thread invokes bitter anger from all corners that should be calm and cooperative to find a solution.