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No. 54807
2,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
I created a video game.

6APM An experimental real-time strategy game: you are limited to exactly 6 Actions Per Minute (APM).

Did you ever have the feeling that RTS games like Command & Conquer, Starcraft or Company of Heroes are somehow stressful? There are always useful orders to give, but trying to perform 200 APM just isn't relaxing anymore.

We'll, I had this feeling, that's why I developed this game. It's a quite normal RTS game with units shooting at each other, control points, bases to spawn units. However, you are only allowed to give a move order (to an existing or new spawned unit) every 10 seconds, resulting in exactly 6 APM. Not the quickness of the commander is decisive, but good decisions – the game gives you enough time to analyse the situation and plan your next move.

Download Game:
No. 54808
Do you have any plans on doing texturing/model work etc? Or is this more the finished state? Is it like an ongoing work or part of a hobby or you a dev?
No. 54864
The idea of limiting APM in RTS is really great.
Hope you'll make your game multi-platform, then I'll try it.
No. 56083
How does one go about producing their own indiegames? Which game engines and programs do you guys use or which ones could be used besides like Unity and Unreal?
No. 56089
For shooters you could try GZDoom. It started as a Doom sourceport, but at this point it's basically an indie game engine.
There have been a few commercial releases based on it, such as Hedon, Brutal Fate (upcoming), Selaco and for example the total conversion TOTAL CHAOS (though that one is free) that show what can be done even with that 2.5D stuff.
The good thing is you don't necessarily need 3D skills depending on what you're doing.
The bad thing is if you don't, you need 2D spriting skills.
Also, GZDoom has a really shitty netcode, so if you plan on doing anything multiplayer focused, you will have a bad time. It's really time for Zandronum to upgrade.
No. 56146
224 Bytes, 17 × 14