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No. 55062
628 kB, 1032 × 1566
Gab es in der Geschichte spirituelle Vorgänger von "Dungeons & Dragons" und ähnlichen Rollenspiel Brettspielen? Und ich meine nicht ein paar Jahrzehnte davor, ich meine Spiele, die Jahrhunderte, vielleicht Jahrtausende zurückliegen.

Man braucht eigentlich nur Würfel, eine geschriebene Sprache um die Regeln aufzuschreiben und Phantasie. Mehr braucht man nicht. Aber trotzdem wurde diese Art von Spielen erst letztes Jahrhundert erfunden. Wieso eigentlich?

Ich habe gelesen, dass es davor Kriegsspiele gegeben hat, aber das ist ja eigentlich schon etwas anderes als quasi gemeinsam mit anderen Leuten eine Fantasie-Geschichte zu erdenken, wo jeder einen Character spielt.
No. 55161
You need enough free time and prosperity to do such time waster as RPGs.
No. 55187
36 kB, 637 × 208
Google translated so I probably don't get the best translation.

>Aber trotzdem wurde diese Art von Spielen erst letztes Jahrhundert erfunden

The original version of D&D was an evolution rather than a revolution in design. Keep in mind, that in the first few editions, D&D was very much about logistics with characters being more akin to avatars to interact with the world, than the focus of the game. The very first version actually being intended as a companion to Chainmail (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chainmail_(game)). In fact, the combat system that went on as the standard was written in the books as the 'alternative' combat system, with combat intended to be run with Chainmail. Chainmail itself was derived from rules based on the work of other early medieval wargame designers in the 60s. Dungeons & Dragons took Chainmail's wargaming, and created a new context outside of traditional wargaming by making it both fine scale and campaign oriented (campaign wargaming existed, but not in the kind of granularity for troops that D&D did). This is reflected in the original game's title, pic related.

Basically, the 'why were RPGs invented when they were?' question is better framed as 'why did hobbyist wargaming develop when and how it did' because the two aren't really separable.
No. 55727
Why did the Moderators of Ernstchan move my thread here? What the hell? I was wondering why I didn't see the thread on /b/. There is an ever so slight chance that I made a mistake maybe.
No. 55731 Kontra
As far as I see it the software doesn't even support moving threads between boards. Maybe Ernstadmin has some dark magic moves up his sleeve that can accomplish such a feat, but even if: Then he would have moved your thread TO /b/, not from /b/ to here. You can be sure that no malicious intent by our staff was involved here. Maybe just delete and reopen it on /b/?
No. 55747
I kinda enjoy having a random DnD thread entirely in German on the front page of /int/ honestly