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No. 55089 Systemkontra
212 kB, 1031 × 1280
Praise be Sunday
No. 55090 Kontra
163 kB, 1280 × 853
Tomorrow is a day that translates to party day. A party day by law to be exact.
That means no work allowed on monday.
No. 55091
>party day
Was that intentional or did you have a brain fart and couldn't remember the word "holiday" anymore?
For the uninitiated, May is full of holidays.
No. 55093 Kontra
305 kB, 601 × 443
It was a literal translation. Like drive wheel or one wheel or three wheel.
No. 55094 Kontra
In that case I would suggest "celebration day".
No. 55095
25 kB, 340 × 340
It's an enjoyment day.
No. 55098 Kontra

>There's even children filming tiktok videos on the streets sometimes.

Interesting, how do I get on Kazakh TikTok? I assume there are different things than dancing. I sometimes got TikToks from eastern European girls just filming the/a village street. Bulgaria or Romania mainly, and I always wondered why the algorithm would give me these, and only sometimes.
No. 55100
>how do I get on Kazakh TikTok?
I don't know
No. 55101
49 kB, 604 × 467
I would assume you can just look up kazakh cities and take it from there.
No. 55104 Kontra
I did search for Kazakh and for instance got a brick going to the barber :DDD showing off, traditional clothing tik toks and Turkmenistan show offs (look all the stuff getting built, glass buildings, probably a mix of government and private inner-city construction sites). Overall, nothing interesting. But tbh I don't speak the language and most was written in kyrillic as well.
No. 55105
When people refer to shitholes as "non-countries", they usually mean their economic, political, or military status.
But what truly makes something a non-country is that such people are a cultural void that does not produce any kind of information, culture or ideas.

Subjectively, experience of reality is that of processing information and sensations that come your way. In places where less information is generated, reality is literally "thinner". History is a narrative. And shitholes have minor roles in the story of the world's protagonists. A background, filler. Like a skybox in a video game. It's just there to fill the emptiness. It's not meant to be explored.

What annoys me even more is when people pretend that funny costumes, primitive music and irrelevant non-history legitimizes us as a real entity. In fact, all of this is just attributes and spectacle to be consumed by westoid tourists, and for local "patriots" to be proud of.

I hate being an NPC.
No. 55106 Kontra
69 kB, 798 × 627
lol, big dick lukashenko just literally hijacked an international plane in order to arrest a zoomer telegram opposition leader.

Big dick move.
Waiting for deeb goncerns from european leaders.
No. 55111
I think we may be heading to some kind of an economic implosion sooner than I had anticipated tbqh

I was hoping at least we could get through 2021. Maybe it'll sort itself out this summer after everybody gets vaccinated, although now I say this out loud realize we're probably just going to keep having huge pockets of outbreaks all year because a bit less than half the country refuses to get vaccinated to protect themself and our communities.
No. 55114
It's probably not a false-negative since it's not a quick-test you can buy at a pharmacy but an actual test conducted at a laboratory.

Top jej.
I doubt people will give much of a shit really, since the colour revolution failed. On Luka's part it's a petty revenge and I doubt the west cares that he'll take a pawn off the board.
They'll lodge a complaint, introduce some sanctions and then move over to the next controversy.
No. 55118
Of course nothing will happen.
I know this is an obvious statement, but politics is just business wrapped in ideology.
The thing is, desperate, pathetic third world shitholes like us are some of the last countries on earth who actually believe in that freedom, democracy and freedom of speech bullcrap. Can you believe that they actually hope and dream about wect liberating them and embracing them into neoliberal paradise?

One of the reasons there will never be an uprising in most post-sovok states is that the argument government gives against change of powers is actually true. They say "Do you want to be another south america? Any revolution you start will inevitably be hijacked and funded by foreign agents, who will intentionally escalate the situation, use you as cannon fodder to die in a civil war, then put their own dictator in charge, and privatize all resources to add to westoid global economy".
And they're right. This is what westoids have been doing with us subhuman brownoids since they discovered we exist. We had plenty of uprisings until the concept of "superpower" emerged and we couldn't sort out our own business without some fucker interfering any more.

Honestly, every place on earth is shit. There is no paradise to escape to. I sorta understand edgy contrarian reactionaries. When you become aware of how fucking awful the world is, there's only a few ways to escape the anguish. One is that you kys. Another is that you alienate yourself, become a hermit, and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist and just live your small life. The third one is that you convince yourself that you and the evil cannibal elites are actually on the same side, and defend their actions and the status quo.
Since the first two are kinda difficult, a lot of people opt for the third. That way, they can reverse their ethics and morality, and feel as if they're on the "winning side" simply because they "agree" with the establishment. When in reality they're cattle like the rest of us.

Whenever I start to seriously think about the state of the world, and my country in particular, I want to become a terrorist. I know one person's desperate, violent act will never change anything, but I just can't take the humiliation. It's about the message.
No. 55121
4,8 MB, 4624 × 2134
>The thing is, desperate, pathetic third world shitholes like us are some of the last countries on earth who actually believe in that freedom, democracy and freedom of speech bullcrap.
And here I was, thinking I live in a state that guarantees me these things.
No. 55122
> You can be objective in saying USA fucks with Venezuela, Venezuela itself isn't run well, Russia is a shit, USA fucks with Russia, and USA a shit at the same time
Agree, but for 9 out of 10 antiamericanists this is not a case. For them Russia or Belarus are shining beacons of fight against neoliberalism, imperialism and whatsoever. They blame Murica for human rights violations, after that host TV show at Russia Today or just praise Putin's regime on Twitter.

> Honestly, every place on earth is shit. There is no paradise to escape to.
No country or government is ideal. And even if there would be one, life still would be unhappy for many citizens since many problems like relationships, aging, inevitable illness and death exist regardless of politics. But we both know that life in Switzerland is far far better than life in Liberia. And even for neighboring countries like Poland and Belarus difference is significant.
Next point is that ones who are responsible for shithole's miserable state are usually shithole's elites. People often blame west, but it's pointless for me. If West trades with shithole they call it "ravage economical exploitation". If West does not trade with shithole they call it "ravage economical boycott".

> "Do you want to be another south america? Any revolution you start will inevitably be hijacked and funded by foreign agents, who will intentionally escalate the situation, use you as cannon fodder to die in a civil war, then put their own dictator in charge, and privatize all resources to add to westoid global economy".
This is what happened for example to Poland and South Korea. If only those countries could be more like Cuba or North Korea.
Such propaganda is usually targeted at lefties, because:
  1. Lefties are eager to call anyone with different views foreign agents.
  2. Majority of opposition in ex-USSR are liberals, and commies are minorities. The reason for that is simple: we don't want experiments and attempts to build utopia, it never ends up good. We just want to become first world like many countries successfully did.
No. 55125
Those are often the same reactionary dipshits virtue signaling by burning PPE masks in a pandemic of course they are retarded. I seriously want to believe this is all some grand Russia/China/Best Korea/Iranian psyop but sadly I just think all these people are retarded and simply lost and confused. Also FYI you seem to weirdly imply those are leftists. Russia is a Capitalist mafia state with some reactionary views on gay people so commies would hate modern Russia and progressivists also hate Russia. That basically just leaves you with closer to center neoliberals who also hate Russia just like the neocons do. I don't actually think anybody here genuinely likes Russia except poltards with their redpills and that basically just boils down to being white looking people beating up tey gays, all the more hilarious because they somehow think Russia is a monoethnic homestate when clearly it's a federation including churkas, Jews, East Asians, central Asians, and a bunch of other minority groups.

I feel like this is rehashing certain things and you basically have a poor understanding of Americans and we just seem some monolithic blob to you, plus that comic comes to mind showing Putin displaying different signs to different crowds of people based on what's convenient (oh look we no longer muh white Christian land we former Communist now look now we diversity etc)
>just praise Putin's regime on Twitter.
Like this is just absolutely bizarre my dude. Who? Russians? Because I never even seen this on Western internet except as a way to rile up all Russians educated enough to speak English fluently and not be retarded. In fact one of the best guaranteed ways to troll Russians is to flatter Putin regime and doing so in as on the nose ignorant and retarded manner as possible, especially if it subtly insults Russia by doing so.
Fuck. Kids these days don't even know how to troll anymore. You know back in my day we'd actually make entirely elaborate weeks long projects sockpuppeting accounts on livejournal just to fuck with communities there for shits and giggles. Now kids just throw shit at the wall from their pants and say they're trolling.

This is also kind of false. Business is just raw political power wrapped in trade. The very act of doing business is the resource acquisition and control to thereby flex on everybody else. Politics is merely part of the diplomacy that's done with or without the implicit threat of the knife's edge. Diplomacy is the art of subtly implied threats through other means. War is merely the extension of politics without formalities.

Anyone who thinks business is simply done to acquire shekels is an imbecile, a fool, or plain ignorant. Businessmen acquire currency because that is how their route to power works even though the business itself may murder a bunch of striking workers and push the country to war while lining politician pockets. Nobody like Bezos actually needs the money. It's simply about the exercise of raw power using silver instead of lead. This is the great delusion in Western society that free trade has anything to do with just making a few bucks. It's all about the power. Drugs dealers and narco traffickers are in a sense much more honest about their intentions and that is their downfall. Likewise a woman may use seduction to gain power and poison her rivals but in the end it's all the same thing and imho the true visionaries, those one might call Illuminati, would know how to use those fools specifically in order to enact a much grander design because power mad people are craven and can be controlled through other means.

Lastly reactionaries are fucking retards and have proven themselves as much a detriment to society as the most rabid SJW. They're basically just a bunch of do-boys and crash test dummies. Look how the last six months played out. To this day those maskless idiots are getting arrested after boasting of trashing the capitol and not one got a pardon. They're beta males looking to a father figure and some gangster or sociopath uses and discards them. They're too stupid to figure out that they're nothing but useful idiots for the elites at this point.
No. 55130
>civil war
Yeah, despite what Luka and state media want people to believe, there won't be much of a civil war, unless there will be some influx of "disgruntled Belarusians" somewhere from the direction of "friendly" Russia, because the only people who would support Luka are ments and government officials, and although we have rampant bureaucracy and overblown penal organizations, these people still constitute a small minority. Civil war is also a problem for all the neighbouring countries due to all the refugees (let's face it, no one really likes the refugees, regardless of their color or religion), so they would want to avoid it (except maybe Russia again, who, as usual, just doesn't give a fuck :-DDDDDDDDD).

>privatize all resources to add to westoid global economy
You know, at this point such a development would actually be a good thing for us. The sovok economy we have now is very unstable and prone to having major fuck-ups every two-three years or so. Few good things that have emerged in the ex-Soviet Belarus (like IT) are the result of moving against the principles (whatever they are, and if there are any at all) of that sovok economy, and even then Luka wants to squeeze more and more money from them to feed his bureaucratic machine and "handsome boys", so everything is going to be even worse.

>I know one person's desperate, violent act will never change anything, but I just can't take the humiliation. It's about the message.
I actually thought about it and what exactly a small worthless person like myself can do in this regard. I could kill a ment, sure, but what does it achieve and what kind of message does it relay? They already know that people hate them and just don't care. I could kill some government prick, like my town's mayor or something, but they will just replace him with another useless fuck without blinking an eye. I think the only way to stir things up would be to make it look like the kills were perpetrated by some of theirs to antagonize them with each other or to infiltrate the system and start sabotaging things from the inside, both of which are kinda hard to pull off.

Speaking of dead ments, there's some creepy stuff going on. Not so long ago some ment in Orsha just killed himself out of the blue. Even more recently, a prison warden in the neighbour Polotsk killed himself too. Now, there is a possibility that these men suddenly grew a conscience and just couldn't take it anymore, but I'm more prone to believe that they just got removed by their own buddies for some perceived sins against the regime country. I guess no one is safe, even the "handsome boys".
No. 55131 Kontra
366 kB, 960 × 960
>I want to become a terrorist. I know one person's desperate, violent act will never change anything, but I just can't take the humiliation. It's about the message.

I could kill a ment, sure, but what does it achieve and what kind of message does it relay?

To both of you, it is thought very individualistic. It reminded me of people like Breivik or other loners, the more they are the more threatening they are, yet they alone don't destabilize anything, it's overly symbolic. In the end, individualistic behavior should aim at things where to kick off a dynamic is possible. Organizing work and all that. But don't ask me how and where. Lonesome terrorism is more an act of individual despair than a functionally clever tactic of political upheaval. Make terrorism into a mass movement and it maybe works.

>We just want to become first world like many countries successfully did.

Not everyone can win in global a market economy, that is why "shitholes" exist. Though Europe could be a shithole one day and other parts of the world climb the ladder.

>but politics is just business wrapped in ideology.

liberal and certain right-wing politics is the politics of market economies, our planetary production system is linked to certain politics, it is no accident that politics feels like business.
No. 55133
>Lonesome terrorism is more an act of individual despair than a functionally clever tactic of political upheaval.
Exactly, and that's why I won't actually attempt it. That, and just being a plain ol' coward. XDDDDDDD If even the supposed message that you send by killing someone will be completely ignored, then all you have achieved by doing it is commiting a suicide in an elaborate way. Kinda like Mishima, but a whole lot dumber.
No. 55134
35 kB, 538 × 408
>Like this is just absolutely bizarre my dude. Who? Russians? Because I never even seen this on Western internet except as a way to rile up all Russians educated enough to speak English fluently and not be retarded.
I can confirm I've seen this phenomenon. The people doing this do so for varied and mutually exclusive reasons Even personally knowing someone who has this Putinboo mindset and shitposts about it on twitter, the only common trait is they're united in being blinded by anti-American butthurt.
No. 55137
700 kB, 2048 × 1152

Ah, organization (organized crime in this case), fascinating topic. It really is interesting to see what goes on absent from your own consciousness. I remember hearing on German radio DLF, that for example, Islamic terror organizations make money with drug transportation. I was told once that Romanian and other eastern European truck drivers transport drugs, going from Spain to the rest of Europe.
With the article, it's an interesting case with Dubai. Also, all the legal and financial aspects that go into organizing drug business. One of the many things that shape how we live.
No. 55139
46 kB, 361 × 338
No. 55140
Jesus how did I miss that remark I must've skimmed his last paragraph

No, that just plays into their hands. Reactionary or totalitarian governments do false flag attacks against themselves for a reason. All you're ultimately going to accomplish is giving them the public sentiment to excuse enacting more of a repressive police state.
See also: USA from the last three decades

What you want to do is unite your people. There's nothing that terrifies them more than this. Like think about it this way there's maybe one guard to a hundred prisoners. So how do they maintain control? By manipulating people, by misdirection, by redirecting all that aggressive energy against themselves, by killing all hope of rioting and rebellion, by threatening collective punishments and that last one is your better chance if you are ruthless because the more they retaliate against everybody the more it makes people hate them. They do collective punishment specifically because they want not just fear but more importantly driving the people to hate the only ones among their own actively fighting for their interests.

Prisons likewise push race politics specifically because it enables them to control the prisoners by instituting racial hierarchies permanently dividing the open air jails of society. It is one of the biggest reasons all Capitalist societies adore flooding themselves with immigrants because it ensures labour is divided against its own interests and the inmates are too busy dick waving each other to take out guards. The German death camps did exactly the same thing where they'd set up hierarchies among Czechs, Jews, Poles, antisocials etc. even though they were all targets by making the select few think they're saving themselves from extermination and gainging favours.

They likewise rely on information control more than anything. Information is the first target of any psychopath because he knows rumours spreading quickly can unite the masses against himself. You need to set up parallel comm networks for when they try and shut down the internet and get key people well versed in a code or way of speaking covertly to evade the inevitable governmnet shutdowns and monitoring of all internet and cell traffic.

Political assassinations and assassinations of others in high places in power structures is not terrorism no matter how hard they wish to make people believe it though. All bad rulers fear that and they damn well should. It basically boils down to the fact shithole big hat wearers are far more afraid of their associates killing them without hesitation than their own people. A better tactic would be to try and flip them and say, we the people will forgive you your crimes against us of you join our side, if you don't we'll kill your families.

Of course these are all serious conflicts brewing type scenarios and not peacetime, even though you always want extreme psychotic levels of violence to be the implicit threat on the tables of diplomacy otherwise no one cares what you have to say about anything, problem being when they call your bluff and try kokokoing.

I think people reflexively think about violence too much though. You have to really hurt their money, their name, and their influence. There are a wide variety of other techniques to force changes in behavior than just threatening a beatdown.

Of course all that being stated it is entirely right: civil war means you lose. A genuine civil war is just an opportunity for outside forces to destroy you. I've tried getting this through the thick retarded fat skulls of other Americans that you do not want a civil war and was pleased to see that woman got shot at the capitol so these chucklefucks funny got a taste of reality coming at them fast what it would entail and clearly not one of them was so uncomfortable they'd rather take the bullet than go back to being a civilian, those very bullets they wanted to start spraying coast to coast and catching the rest of us in the crossfire.

At the end of the day, history shows over and over again that if you can't get a clean kill decapitating a regime, you probably shouldn't do it unless your family already is starving to death. Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Ukraine all probably would have been much better off without any of those conflicts and it definitely requires insuring that if you are so Belarus that no proofsters hop your borders to start shit and ruin things worse, which sharing a border they have valid geopolitical reasons for not wanting Wectern things to start going down there just like we had a very valid reason for not wanting their missiles in Cuba.
No. 55142
No. 55144
67 kB, 320 × 240
They're not. They're literally fucking retarded, as evidenced by the fact you seem to somehow imply anti-Americanism is racism. Motherfucker what fucking race is that? And for that matter what pro-Putinism itself even is race you dumb cunt? Kadyrov is that boy molester's beard and Putin is holding together a RF state not any kind of Rus ethnic state.
No. 55146 Kontra
I'm reading a rather conservative source (H. Lübbe) from a member of the Joachim Ritter 'school', which has been called in a recent history publication as a man of word building (which works perfectly in German) and McDonald's is referred to as "amerikanische Einheitsimbisstube", sadly this is only interesting, if at all, for German Ernsts.
No. 55148
> I seriously want to believe this is all some grand Russia/China/Best Korea/Iranian psyop
I'm sure that Russian propaganda machine works on this field, but I'm also sure that it's efforts fall on fertile soil. I agree that majority of those people are not on payroll (including working as "Internet commentators"), but honest useful idiots.

> Also FYI you seem to weirdly imply those are leftists
True, majority of Putin's foreign fan group are right wingers. However you can go on Bunkerchan and see that communists have image of "epic fighter against oligarchs" in their minds.

> Like this is just absolutely bizarre my dude. Who? Russians?
Katya "Kazbek" (btw millionaire from New York with western education), @eshaLegal, Aaron Mate and other characters.
https://twitter.com/Mortis_Banned/status/1364355657579790341 - thread on Russian about them

Speaking about false flags:
  1. False flags are effective when authorities have legitimacy. In this case people think "why couldn't he just express his opinion on elections?" In other case they think "this dude had no other means, he had to commit violence".
  2. Unlike real terrorist attacks false flags are usually committed against civilians, not against government officials. While former raises negative reaction from all the society, reaction for latter can differ (see p.1). Plus attacks against officials scare them, while attacks against civilians scare the population.
  3. Real terrorists tend to claim demands. "Free political prisoners and I'll free hostages". "If you don't want more explosions, publish my manifest in NYT". Glowies just blow up something and that's it.
> I think people reflexively think about violence too much though.
I guess you missed the context of protests in Belarus. This is a fascinating story which would be funny it wasn't so sad. But I'm afraid it will require much effort to tell it in proper way so maybe next time.

> You have to really hurt their money, their name, and their influence. There are a wide variety of other techniques to force changes in behavior than just threatening a beatdown.
Like what for example? I think the best way (most effective and relatively easy) is political emigration. If you can't do anything against dictator, at least stop feeding him with your money.

By they way, Belarusball, do you know this channel? https://t.me/svobodnayabelarus
No. 55149 Kontra
3,4 MB, 3000 × 3000
Taking 101 classes is kinda like going to a buffet after eating gruel at a boot-camp that was high school.

I'm going to go out and say that I came to university with opinions on how to approach art in general.
If I wanted to continue the military allegory, then I came out of HS with not only knowing how to operate a gun, as in read a text, but also with the rudimentary ability to assault a text and get some meaning (or treasures) out of these fortresses.

University is the Officers' School. They show us all these cool things, doctrines if you will.
From New Criticism, Hermeneutics to Post-Structuralism.
The allegories and metaphors are all jumbled together now but basically it's a buffet and as with any buffet, I have an idea of what I like and what I don't like. I have a general feeling and sense of right or wrong that isn't unfounded but rather I gathered it through experience.

Like I go "this is cool" or "I don't agree with this at all" whenever I'm reading the notes of the lecture, and none of the other classes gave me this feeling before where I sorta knew what's important for me but I had no words for it before, just did it instinctually.

Not saying I don't need to improve, this is huge in itself that I have access to this knowledge now, but initially I was a bit scared that the class would try to clamp down on my individuality, but what I've realised is that there's no main current I have to follow, rather, I can sort of do my own thing using the tools that the theorists who came before me developed.
It's like I'm gifted an entirely new set of high-tech tools after using what your great-grandpa left you.
Though these tools need a lot of training to get adjusted to, and without it I might do more harm than good.

What the fuck am I on about?
No. 55150
I have this awful feel there's something I was supposed to accomplish today in my mind but can't figure out what it is besides trying to offload an extra GPU. Thank God the markets are up again today. I was worried everyone would panic sell their Ampere and RDNA2 mining cards before I could drop that years old one I don't use.

>some do
Somehow I wonder that those aren't just Russian agents and the like one legitimately autistic kid retarded enough to try and buy a bomb from the ATF because he thinks he's making friends. I'd think such people would only call Putin a betrayer of the revolution or something like that.
Where the fuck is bunkerchan anyway? Is it the same thing as leftiepol or is it another site? Or are they both boards on that 8cancer shithole? The only commie board I remember seeing was on 99chan along with a Nazi board which is a crying shame because that actually was one of the best IBs it just never seemed to have much traffic. Seemed well moderated too.

>In other case they think "this dude had no other means, he had to commit violence".
That literally doesn't happen here or in most places and I think anywhere it ever did would be on the cusp of civil war anyway. People immediately distance themselves from terrorists here. I think the only thing a lot of people ever sympathized with is a dude crashing a prop plane into some IRS building partly because nobody died but him, and also the killdozer also partly because nobody died. There's like two famous stories like that and didn't involve mass casualties because why the fuck would you root for a guy killing civilians?
No. 55151
42 kB, 605 × 541
144 kB, 879 × 1280
Or maybe this time... I witnessed these events from another country, so correct me if I describe something wrong. In addition, I might forget something, it started almost a year ago. So!

  1. Before elections Luka arrests three alternative candidates (two officials and one blogger). Wives of two of them (Tihanovskaya, Tsepkalo) and employee of the third (Kolesnikova) decide to cooperate and register one of them (Tihanovskaya) as candidate. Luka spares them and even lets to elections (maybe he thought "no one will vote for housekeeper").
  2. Luka who didn't give a fuck about coronavirus before now changes elections regulations (and makes falsifications easier) "due to corona". Opposition proposes to fold bulletins with votes for them to make them recognizable in ballot box (if it's transparent).
  3. Elections happen. Results in different polling stations differ significantly (it's not important how you vote, it's important how you count!). Many falsifications like woman escaping station from window with pack of bulletins are spotted ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK3hIgYaG-c ). Some of the elections workers who refused to take part in falsifications are found "hanged themselves in forest" ( https://www.dw.com/ru/v-belarusi-najden-mertvym-direktor-muzeja-otkazavshijsja-podpisat-protokol-na-vyborah/a-54614805 ).
  4. Angered by falsifications people go to mass gatherings. Cops are significantly outnumbered and demoralized (especially in province) so they stand still and don't engage with protesters. At this point people could peacefully occupy administrative buildings. But they didn't.
Why? Here comes such concept of Slavic opposition as "peaceful lawful protest". This wise teaching claims that in order to fight dictatorship you should follow (written by dictator) laws no matter what. Even Gandhi compared to Slavic liberals is a bloodthirsty radical.
Also some of spontaneous strikes begin. But again, according to law, political strikes are forbidden, so...

5. After that Luka takes the initiative. Tihanovskaya is deported, Kolesnikova is jailed.

6. Now clownery starts. Each weekend protesters go to peaceful gatherings, get beaten by HOMO, then repeat next week in lesser numbers. Tihanosvkaya tries to negotiate with Euros, and they give deeb deeb concerns. She tries to encourage strikes, but the moment for them has past. It's such a thing that you must be sure that other people will join you. Otherwise each one will think: "I don't want to be the only one who strikes and one who is going to be fired".

7. After Belorussians are tired from getting beaten they start small meetings in their commieblock backyards (speaking about union of society, they organized in commieblock chats). When even this becomes dangerous they start to protest by secretly gathering in forest and taking photos with red-white flag.

8. At winter protesters cope by "at spring it will begin again". At spring one meeting happens, protesters predictably get their asses kicked, and protests halt again.

Let everyone come up with the moral of the story for themselves.
No. 55153
> That literally doesn't happen here
I implied a case when:
  1. People view government as illegitimate.
  2. Terrorists act against officials and not random civilians.
No. 55154
Is there any proper "nihilistic" philosophy? And I am not talking about the Nietzschean "hurr be a good person without a god" stuff, but something that is acknowledging the utter lack of meaning of human life?
No. 55156
Today I spent 12+ hours helping my brother move stuff out of his house and into a storage unit. It went too late for pizza, the usual carrot dangled in order to secure my assistance. Forget food, I'm just going to bed.
No. 55157
>peaceful gatherings
We have same concept here "it is not peaceful if you break the law in any way." It's a way to cow people.

You should've set some police stations on fire.
No. 55158
French existentialism?
Camus was all about treating yourself as an observer of your own deterministic life, and enjoying the show so to say.
No. 55159
>By they way, Belarusball, do you know this channel?
I don't use Telegram, and I'm not much into politics, so no. The only political stance I have is hatred for Lukashenko, which is common for majority of Belarusians.

Yeah, that's about right. I actually called it how it's all gonna end even before the elections, when they incarcerated Babariko. If there were actual strikes on big enterprises for a week, sabotage and crippling of infrastructure and beating up of ments now and then (no need to even kill them, just make them feel that they're not in control), maybe now Luka would be sitting quietly like a dormouse somewhere in Rostov instead of boasting like he's saved the country from the intervention of Russian Ukrainian Polish American mercenaries and paid agents. So, yeah, now Belarusians are back to the stance of "Lukashenko is not eternal, we can outlive him".
No. 55160 Kontra
What would be proper nihilism? Or are there mere interpretations of the meaninglessness of the human? Which would bring the human back in :DDD
No. 55163
>IRS building partly because nobody died but him,

Not true. He killed a Black janitor.
No. 55164
No. 55165
Attacks against officials are assassinations not terrorism
No. 55169 Kontra
1,3 MB, 3000 × 2240
108 kB, 800 × 533
25 kB, 700 × 394
German Red Army Faction proves you wrong, as well as the Italian Brigade Rosse. Don't know what ETA did target they are the spookiest in their presentation here


look at 1977 and later.

Terrorism is defined by its aims and means, not just its targets.
No. 55171
256 kB, 1222 × 1222
Hello Ernst pic unrelated,

So time is running out I don't want to be wageslaving (as nobody here does), or atleast for a pittance of a salary, so I figure I ought to secure my future somehow.

I think I've done enough planning.

With that being stated, this starts with university. I still believe I might be somewhat capable of attaining a bachelor's from one of a soft subject (like history) or maybe the easier sciences (biology, geology), but nothing else, don't really think I have the intelligence for much of anything else.

I'd also rather not go to an American university to do this, which I think is possible since it seems, more and more, universities globally are now implementing online courses, so I believe I could make this work theoretically.

The problem is I don't know exactly where to start with this and I am not sure how foreign universities work for international students.

Would you mind expounding on this for me, Ernst, atleast with some basic information?

I know I know

>you're American I don't wanna help you go away

But I rrreeaaallly don't want to attend American university.
No. 55172 Kontra
>Attacks against officials are assassinations not terrorism
lol what?
No. 55173
165 kB, 1280 × 846
I'm keen to see if my university will go back to presence completely once the pandemic is over. I'm not even sure if Euro universities ever had full online course degrees before Covid and even now you sometimes have to be present, depending on the exam and discipline (lab work cannot be done online). There are Fernuniversitäten (distance unis) in Germany, don't know how well these work and what they require. On TikTok, I've come across foreign students in Germany and their experience and these videos said you need 10.000€ on a (frozen) bank account to be accepted here.

For all other countries, I cannot say anything. Besides studying medicine in Eastern Europe is cheaper than in Germany.

Thinking of it terrorism/terrorists can stage/operate assassinations, the US ball just mixes up two very different things.
No. 55174
Thing is, I have capital, but I am not sure if I even have the other prerequisites for this. I would imagine you would need pretty good secondary school grades/marks, right? Or does that not really matter for foreign students?
No. 55177
101 kB, 1168 × 937
The weather is driving me nuts, it's been raining and windy as fuck for weeks. Can't remember when it's been so bad for such a long duration at a time.

Check out some sites like https://www.studyineurope.eu/ for general info and to figure out what country/school/degree exactly you wanna pursue. Prospective university homepages should probably have most of the formal info you need.
If you're lazy I'm sure you can probably find some vlog on yt that'll give you some rough ideas
But if you wanna succeed in university you'd better start with learning to do your own research tbh, it might just be one of if not the most essential skill.
No. 55178

> CP Clipperton Island France — Reserved on request of ITU for location of certain telecommunications installations
> DG Diego Garcia United Kingdom — Reserved on request of ITU for location of certain telecommunications installations

This always make me curious. Diego Garcia is a military base but Clipperton Island is uninhabited. Why do you need "certaion telecommunications installations" there?
No. 55181
Please explain to me how assassinations of politicians and other high level officials constitutes terrorism. Terrorism is violent acts against civilians to intimidate the populace or whatever. If you are a high level official you are a valid military target. Ergo, it is an assassination and not terrorism.

Serious question, do you actually think us murdering that Iranian general was terrorism? Because it wasn't. It was an assassination and he was a valid target. Picking off anyone who's in a high level of power and influence within the official apparatus is a valid military or other target. If you are not deliberately targeting civilians then you are not committing acts of terrorism.
No. 55182
I'm not sure, I could imagine university just take you if you got the administrative stuff right. In Germany they want you to have graduation similar to the Germany Abitur afaik. If that is correct and you have it, as well as the administrative demands checked, it only is a matter of the university having numerus clausus on your desired subject or not. There will are more English-speaking BA programs these days all over Europe I think, MA is more often in English ofc. While many students speak acceptable English for everyday conversation, people outside the university might not. Depends on the country.
No. 55183
Terrorism is not defined by the status of its human targets! Just because the US only faced a major terrorist attack that targeted civilians means that is terrorism in general, as I said, the 1970s and 1980s in Europe face terrorism in their societies long before some Islamists got pissed at the US. Here a quote from Wikipedia that gives a very short but acceptable definition of terrorism, while there are different forms and many other definitions of terrorism, this one is a pretty good starting point, when you add to it the asymmetry of the conflict.

>Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentional violence to achieve political aims.

While it is used to denounce groups, I think it fits well armed groups that in peaceful times kill other people, take hostages and so on in order to reach political goals. You can kill civilians in order to do so, but you can also kill official persons, e.g. when you see the state as the enemy to get rid off and its officials as its representatives, as it happened with the Red Army Faction and the Brigade Rosse in Italy. An assassination is a (planned) killing of a specific and important person, assassinations are not excluded from terroristic activities.
I mean we could also call these groups freedom fighters instead of terrorists, as a counter notion to the state brand of terrorism. But in its broad definition given above it fits the bill, besides aims, means, and asymmetry I would add underground organization/logistics and the small networks it produces that way.
No. 55184
94 kB, 500 × 500
>Please explain to me how assassinations of politicians and other high level officials constitutes terrorism.
Terrorist groups will at times carry out assassinations of political figures in order to have their demands met. If a group embarks on a campaign of assassinations of high profile figures to intimidate a government or population to submit, it's terrorism. These aren't mutually exclusive definitions.

>you are a high level official you are a valid military target. Ergo, it is an assassination and not terrorism.
Oh, you had already figured it out with your homeschool definitions.
No. 55185
> Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentional violence to achieve political aims.
This definition is too broad. A conventional war is also "the use of intentional violence to achieve political aims".
Anyway, you disagree just about definitions, not about something more meaningful, so this dispute makes no much sense.
No. 55186 Kontra
347 kB, 1280 × 720
Read a 150 pages from Ezra Vogel's Deng Xiaoping biography.
It's a bit wordy at times, but otherwise very nice.
Thinking about it, it kinda scares me that our current situation's origins can all be traced back to this short man winning a three way power struggle in a party he was purged from three times. Everything would be different if he failed to gain control of the party.
Can't wait to get to the meat of it.

It's a fucking doorstop. Especially because the Hungarian edition is printed on kinda low quality paper.
You know there's like paper that's very dense and completely white, and then you have the kind that's a bit yellow even when it's new and not very dense. It uses the latter type of paper. So it will get very yellow as it ages.

What's comforting is that I seem to be able to use what I'm reading from the literary criticism classes.
I'm elevating my own playing field.
I've decided to try tackling Gadamer during summer break, because his theories and methods seem interesting based on the lectures.
Strangely enough a lot of literaturwissenschaft books are very hard to come by for the reason that most never got release during socialism and the new ones have very limited print runs.
Gadamer is kind of an exception, but I'm still looking for a rarity if I don't want to read a digital edition 60 pages at a time. (60 pages is the most you can download for personal use.)
No. 55189
I have a new short term life goal: socialize with intelligent non-substance using 40 year olds and quit my fucking job

The latter will be easy; the former not so much. I have no fucking clue how to meet anybody without drinking. But man, am I finally going to quit this fucking goddamn job.
No. 55190
That definition encompasses war itself though. Is war not terrorism then?
No. 55193 Kontra
>Ignoring my addition of asymmetry to the definition as well as later on the underground aspect and the small(er) network size

>disagree about definitions

Well, yeah. Fully conscious of this, a typical phenomenon btw in academia, where it can be quite useful to define the concepts you use. I used Wikipedia's definition and then added asymmetry of the conflict to it. State big, terrorists small.
No. 55194
Terrorism is a newspeak buzzword invented in order to keep westoid proles ignorant of the fact that their country is currently at war, without them knowing or even consenting.

So called "terrorism" is just retaliation.
"But citizens aren't valid targets". Under democracy, citizens theoretically have final political authority, so they're actually the #1 target.

Prove me wrong.
No. 55195
Terrorists can be big and the state can be small, a state can perform terrorism and terrorists may have the goal of forming a state.
No. 55196
176 kB, 1280 × 1280
>Ezra Vogel's Deng Xiaoping biography.

Wish I had the time. I always fall asleep while listening to an 8 part series on youtube in which it is summarized. Though I'm more interested in the years since 1979. Chinas history of the 1980s/90s and early 2000s are histories I would gladly like to learn more about. You always seem to me more interested in pre-modern eras or eras of modernization, but are their any good sources for photos of China after 1979? Maybe there is a sort of Chinese Documerica https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Documerica (not environmentalism, but document aspect)?

I'm thinking about reading these two books sometime, not China but Asia:

No. 55199
While I'm thinking about it. Don't you think that the idea that all our thoughts comes from our brain has influenced greatly the way we see the world. I mean, the only thing that is really sacred exist behind our eyes. Could we see ourselves existing from another place. I mean for a long time the soul was linked to the heart, but could you possibly see your own self in front of your eyes or external to your body? Do you know any culture where the sacred is in a interesting place?
No. 55204
Lately I've been having trouble falling asleep again.
No idea why, I even started getting actively less worked up over everything, but I feel some kind of deep restlessness or agitation when laying in bed, both mental and physical and I haven't got a single clue why.
Then I get up, like now, and mindlessly browse until I almost fall asleep sitting, but that sucks.
No. 55207
I literally see myself as an orthogonal intersection between this plane and another and I just happen to be piloting my body all the time. When I lose cells it's not losing myself so much as "we shall mourn comrade Shijkov and his brave 1,000,000,000 heroes who sacrificed themselves due to the Central Committee not paying attention to the gravel on his bike" and I actually do mourn them too.

That is what I suppose. I am Communism, and my body is merely the transitional State and my brain is the central committee. That is to say, it is both immortal and unachievable on its own in this section of reality, because this sector is truly awful and my soul seems to know that. I have just about zero real connection to myself to be honest. I kind of just see myself as a head floating in space and bang into shit rather frequently, and I only am aware of the head because maybe vision or something. I am at least aware of my head existing and being sorta real.
No. 55209
In my opionion, you really cannot strictly seperate those eras.
To understand whats goign on in china right now and how its politics and society work you have to go back to the bronze age Shang and Zhou-Dynasties and start from there.

Harvard has some good lectures on chinese history. They also have a course on modern chinese history.


No. 55210
Doesn't every spiritual teaching separate the sacred from the self?
Because the realization that the self is an illusion is the very first thing that comes to you once you start thinking about it.

Even christianity sees the soul as a part of god, therefore external to the flesh itself.
No. 55211
I've been coughing for a good few days now. I've started taking cough medicine for it. It gets rid of the symptoms so I don't cough for a few hours, but once it wears off I go back to coughing.
It wouldn't be so bad if sometimes I wouldn't get to the point where I almost throw up from coughing.

Reading the lecture materials, I realised I have some serious deficiencies. I've read Hamlet so when it's used as an example I know my way, but a lot of texts use Proust's book as an example and I haven't read "In search of lost time" so I feel a bit uncomfortable and ashamed that I don't know what they're talking about when they reference Proust.
It's strange, because unlike some other books, I didn't miss out on this one because of some weird prejudice I usually haven, I just never got around to reading it.
(That and the fact that I only own the first two volumes.)

I don't have the time either :D
It's my current "before bed I'll read it for half an hour or more" book.
My only issue with it is that despite it being translated by a Hungarian sinologist, it retains the Hungarian Popular Transcription instead of Pinyin (So instead of Deng Xiaoping it's Teng Hsziao-ping), so despite the Pinyin names list in the back it's very irritating to read at times.

Sadly I don't think I can help you with what you need.

>You always seem to me more interested in pre-modern eras or eras of modernization
I wonder what this tells about me as a person.
No. 55213 Kontra
380 kB, 994 × 994
>To understand whats goign on in china right now and how its politics and society work you have to go back to the bronze age Shang and Zhou-Dynasties and start from there.

Nah, I get what you are saying, but this is not how history works. That is like saying you cannot say anything about modern Germany without going back to the bronze age/ middle ages. I studied history and with the years I really like thinking about histories that span periods, yet I never read them. Writing history is about selection and complementarity (as well as giving contra to other writings of history). I'm fully aware that there is no actual cut in 1979 that neatly separates. 1945 in Germany wasn't a cut that made everything different for all. It marks a difference, but that does not exclude continuities in different areas of life. Periodizations can vary depending on the subject and space/place and what not, as it is a historians choice to periodize in the first place for making history intelligible, which already makes a field of debate on its own. Though political history is a necessary outpost I'd be more interested in cultural changes, usually these histories also contain chunks of political history that play a role. The thing is, China is not my top priority when it comes to learning. I will probably stick to Chinese realist movies for now :DDD. I remember reading about Chinese internet infrastructural changes in the 1990s and following in Logic Magazine's China edition. These kind of things.

>I wonder what this tells about me as a person.

Looking for lost glory in an era where glory is an outdated notion? :DDD

I was wondering why don't you read it in the English original?
No. 55214
Because it's a large book and I don't like reading large books on an e-reader. (Like, a 250 pages long novel is okay on it, but doorstops are a nightmare.)
With books like these I like to stick markers into it when I see something interesting, and it's cumbersome to do that with an e-reader. (It's also why I'm probably going to print out the pdf of Wahrheit und Methode if I ever get to read it.)
Also an English copy costs double the Hungarian copy and it's not even a hardcover.

I'm doing markings on it because I see this as preliminary work for my thesis. I don't have a topic yet, but I'm just simply looking into different topics to see if I find something interesting.
I know I'm going to have to build this house in two years, but for now I'm just looking for a suitable location to strike the Earth.
No. 55215
>That is like saying you cannot say anything about modern Germany without going back to the bronze age/ middle ages

Which is a reasonable idea if you want to learn about Germany as a foreigner.

I met quite a number of people who said things like "I only learn about chinese history after Mao because nothing that comes before matters", these people will never get their head around anything China related.

Of course you dont start in the stone age when you want to read about the industrial modernisation of a specific country in the 20th century for example.
No. 55216
Well, while it's impossible to gain complete understanding about any given period without understanding the one leading up to it, you might be taking it a bit too far.
Let's say I want to understand Germany as it stands. I want to know why its leadership acts the way it does, why it is a great power with no militaristic aims, how this social-democratic society with a robust economy came to be and so on.
Surely, I'd need to have a solid understanding of how Germany and the European project came to be. I'd need to study German reunification, but this would lead to me needing to study the two Germanies and their role in the cold war. Can't understand post-WW2 Germany without understanding Nazi Germany, and can't understand this one without a solid grasp of the Weimar Republic and WWI. Then I need to understand WWI from a German perspetive at least, which means at the very minimum studying German imperial unification and the Franco-Prussian war - alongside the brother's war, the schleswig-holstein question, German industrialization, the North German confederation, the power dynamics between Austria and Prussia and their respective attempts at creating a Germany. This means understanding the Napoleonic wars and their role in ending the HRE. I need to understand why the HRE was dying entity and how it came to be. I need to understand religious reformation, the papacy, post-Roman Europe which means understanding the Roman Empire at least from an incomplete Germancentric perspective.

I'll find myself looking up cave painting in the Rhineland at some point - which will put me no closer to my goal at actually understanding Germany. After all, studying the general outlines of Soviet and American history might help me understand modern Germany more than knowing the names and locations of the various Barbarian German tribes.
Really, the further back from the period of your choosing you pull - the less you'll actually need to know. In the goal of understanding modern Germany, it might help me more to read a detailed biography on Helmut Kohl than even knowing who Otto the Great was.
No. 55217
I am now extremely thankful I took the time and money to upgrade my old shitbox so much because my pretty much brand new PC is effectively dead. I'm hoping it's just the PSU that is blown but I've got work today so I can't sit around and test it individually by part with another one although now I start to imagine what pain in the ass it would be to disassemble both. There's really no part that's a bigger pain in the ass to replace than PSU and I'd need to take the other apart and undo all cable management just to make sure it dying didn't take anything else out with it, which I'd be pissed about. I'm not sure what else in there would even be covered under any warranty right now besides the motherboard. I'm hoping it just overheated and blew a fuse or something and never delivered a huge voltage spike through my board to GPU, CPU and NVMe drive because those latter three would cost me literally $1500 to replace right now. In retrospect I really should have insured the graphics card and not just hoped any issue would get covered by manufacturers warranty. Man thank fuck I upgraded that old machine. It still looks like dogshit to me now having grown accustomed to 1440p but the card I put in it makes even Division 2 play well on ultra so if all I want to do is dick around and game the impact is very low.

I do wonder now however whether that HOTAS had anything to do with it. My uptime was high sure but I'd had that thing for like a week often plugged in before it died and I was warned by people it was capable of killing boards if you didn't spend a couple hundred on some high end USB hub but I figured with how nice mine was it wouldn't be an issue. I mean, it's a fuckin HOTAS. Why would it even be possible to kill a board with it.

Regardless I know for a fact my power supply is dead and I need to get home ASAP to dick around with customer support. I'm hoping my wait time won't be too lengthy to get a new one and I've half a mind to just straight up buy a new like 850w gold+ just because it's what I wanted to begin with during the PSU shortage and it'll get here probably way faster than warranty.

Meanwhile I have ants and need to call about that too. I thought the problem was solved last year and it's making me paranoid about them getting into computer equipment. The fact something actually just died is now amplifying my terror the fucker will get into an outlet or something and cause a short circuit to burn the whole place down.
No. 55219
>After all, studying the general outlines of Soviet and American history might help me understand modern Germany more than knowing the names and locations of the various Barbarian German tribes

Ah, while I was reading your paragraph on Germany I thought "What about the US? Germany imported many debates of the US to Germany after WW2, while not being an exact copy ofc, but the way one conducts social science is heavily influenced by US cold war science. Generally, the process of scientification in many countries becomes clearer when considering what happened in the US, which was a model. Debates about crimes and knowledge about it in postwar Germany were influenced by US discussions and concepts.

It's the historian's dilemma, to explain an object, he/she goes further away from it and this can be done infinitely. It also assumes that one chain of causation is solely accountable for a certain development. Therefore other historians will come and say things like "oh you want to explain X but you did not consider Y,B,U and their relations in this development, it had a profound role in shaping the outcome. And also don't forget H, since then things are done differently, instead of seamless continuity we have forceful disruption that kills of old habits etc etc." And this excludes all the debates about source interpretation. Political history will not necessarily account for migration behavior that shaped certain world views for instance.
No. 55222
>the idea that all our thoughts comes from our brain has influenced greatly the way we see the world.
That's the prevalent idea of cognitivism nowadays, you can trace a lot of it back to Descartes and his whole "cogito ergo sum" solipsist shtick
>could you possibly see your own self in front of your eyes or external to your body?
Try meditating or ketamine lol. Jokes aside I think what >>55210 alludes to about spiritual teachings is right, maybe most prevalent in buddhism with the idea that the self is illusory and thoughts are seen as something intrusive from the outside.

Mb the Julian Jaynes Bicameral Mind book would be interesting to you, haven't read it myself yet but probably a good entry point.
Also an interesting book by JJ Gibson called The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception (1979), where he argues that you can't meaningfully separate a person (and by extension their thoughts) from their environment and root everything in the brain. Thoughts are equally contingent on the environment and on the brain's functions of perception and cognition.

But that's barely just scratching the surface of the topic tbh.

>I haven't read "In search of lost time"
We should do a book club thing on it or sth to revive the literature thread. Been meaning to read it for a long time as well and I've been looking for a new longer fiction book to tackle

>I will probably stick to Chinese realist movies for now :DDD
Wanna recommend you this account btw if you wanna dig a bit deeper: https://twitter.com/dylanleviking
He posts a lot of clips from and commentary on super obscure Chinese movies (among other China related stuff)

>Surely, I'd need to have a solid understanding of how Germany and the European project came to be. I'd need to study German reunification, but this would lead to me needing to study the two Germanies and their role in the cold war. Can't understand post-WW2 Germany without understanding Nazi Germany, and can't understand this one without a solid grasp of the Weimar Republic and WWI. Then I need to understand WWI from a German perspetive at least, which means at the very minimum studying German imperial unification and the Franco-Prussian war - alongside the brother's war, the schleswig-holstein question, German industrialization, the North German confederation, the power dynamics between Austria and Prussia and their respective attempts at creating a Germany. This means understanding the Napoleonic wars and their role in ending the HRE. I need to understand why the HRE was dying entity and how it came to be. I need to understand religious reformation, the papacy, post-Roman Europe which means understanding the Roman Empire at least from an incomplete Germancentric perspective.
EC tier :D
But can't say I disagree
No. 55223
2,1 MB, 4160 × 3120
Whoa, a double rainbow. The first time I've seen one, I think. Also, it's the coldest May on my memory. I mean, I don't really mind cool weather in spring and summer and actually prefer it to hot weather, but it's a bit too much when I have to wear warm socks even in my apartment.
No. 55224
136 kB, 1024 × 733
>But that's barely just scratching the surface of the topic tbh.

Your post is interesting, I have to think of relational and ecological philosophies, which greatly diverge from classic western metaphysics in a sense, a aristotelian-cartesian axis one might say and that starts with the individual. Whereas relational philosophies usually put the relation first, you and your brain are only what they are in relation to something else/the environment to which you are connected. But it is not that the brain and the environment are there first and then link, but that they both are constituted in their relationship. I think this also causes trouble with certain methods and views of classical science (which are an heir to understanding of Aristotle and Decarte, but I cannot specify this, I just know that this is brought up, when it comes to this discussions). For instance: there are particles/atoms and these are there first and then link. It thus also troubles certain causal understandings.
No. 55225
The Literaturwissenschaft exam went rather well. Only failed one question and that's only using half the time allotted for the quiz.
I'm proud of myself. (Especially considering the test software says the lowest score was 6/28 and the average was 20.)

I had a pizza for lunch and then immediately went back to sleep. Then I slept for 5 hours.
Went out, swept the garden roads.
I have an immense headache for some reason.

Just noticed a dog stole a wafer from my table. Thankfully it has no chocolate in it.
My mother and sister have been regularly mentioning how the dog is "old" and will "die". I think she still has like 5-6 years in her minimum. Poodles of this size are supposed to live 12-15 years. She's 7.
Don't know why they keep bringing it up.

I'm no expert on China yet, but at least the first 4 dynasties (Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han) are worth studying somewhat in depth (institutions, philosophical concepts, how they came to power and so on.) because their ideas and traditions had immense effects even on contemporary China (For example Mao probably read more Chinese Classics than Marxist theory). Basically they form a sequence that later repeats itself and their ideological and philosophical concepts help to prevent viewing Chinese history using methods that we use to view European history.

Obviously you can't deduct everything just from the first four dynasties but they're still very important. You shouldn't study the names and dates, but rather the processes behind those dates and names.
No. 55226 Kontra
62 kB, 1776 × 822
>because their ideas and traditions had immense effects even on contemporary China

Just like certain philosophical concepts from 300-2000 years ago haunt us here. But there is really no straight line to contemporary times, though I think we all agree on that anyway. If somebody wants to know how some technological development and historic conceptualizing and knowledge of digitality affected social lives and cultural expressions in Germany since 1980s you won't tell them it's only really to be grasped by going back to the liberal philosophers and study them, though, ofc notion of liberal individuals and personal computer blablabla of the 1980s have strong ties. Eventually, books and articles will refer to these notions but not go in-depth about them. So when I read on Chinese modern history I might come across briefly mentioned habits, rituals, philosophies/concepts of Chinese culture that are twisted or involved in processes going on in contemporary China. I don't say don't study older histories, but it really is a question of what is really crucial since you cannot read it all anyways. Concepts of ancient philosophy still can resonate today. The question is if you can go with brief summaries or need in-depth studies to understand the spread of the personal computer is questionable. But maybe that is because I'm enmeshed in this long history, though that does not make it easier to see tbh. The obvious and "natural" is oftentimes forgotten. I think what I really want to say is that yes you need knowledge of former times, as always in history, it's always necessary to know what has been there before. But a) you have to set limits because of time and b) to what extent do you have to know about what has been before. Both questions are daily bread for writing history and doing your research accordingly. My view is definitely pragmatic but you have to be or it becomes a boundless sea making you struggle to reach any conclusions.
No. 55227
265 kB, 527 × 858
I think my dental hygienist is a sadist. Or at least the one I saw today, because she's not really 'my' hygienist. I had one woman who did my regular cleanings for years, and she was great, but ever since she left the practice it's been a new person every six months. Today's was the worst yet. Every tool was painful- the sonic scaler, the metal scraper thing, even that polishing brush she used at the end. No idea how she managed to make that hurt. And she had a way of bracing her palm on one part of my teeth to gain leverage and apply more force on the area where she was working. I've never experienced anything like it.
Looking on the positive side, I'm certain my teeth have never been cleaner. I mean, no way plaque or bacteria could survive that.
No. 55229
>Not everyone can win in global a market economy, that is why "shitholes" exist.
Yes, simply because if everyone wins, the one who wins the least will be viewed as loser. Average Kazakh may live worse than average German, yet he lives better than German from one century ago. Economy is antagonistic is some aspects (for example, natural resources and demand for specific type of goods are limited), but in general it's not a zero sum game.
No. 55233
158 kB, 1110 × 649
I don't know why anyone tries snd pretends it's all because of this mysterious "muh economy." You had more or less the exact same economic ideas a century ago. The only thing that has ever actually changed is the technical advancement, and which has in turn allowed improvements to the economic activity.

Really the economy actually has completely fuckall to do with standards of living. Things like autonation, assembly lines, first steam power then coal fired and nuclear electric plants, computerization, Haber Borsch process nitrogen fertilizer, petrol, aerodynamics, these are the things which have all improved our lives and our standards of living. Had we not had those technological and scientific advancements I'd still be harvesting wheat with a cycle while some jackass lives in his shitty wood heated castle and his dumb ass would still be happy with that too because he'd still be lording over us as an oligarchic.

By that same token, a bunch of parasites get to concentrate all that activity towards their own power concentration--note, power, because the reason you hoard billions or trillions of wealth is purely to have power not comfort and security--and all the while trashing the planet for useless retardation. Just our consumerism alone and the creation of product for the sake of product shows how stifled technical advancement is under this economic system from what it could be in point of fact the main reason cryptocurrency makes people so asshurt at all is because it plainly outlines all the problem inherent to our system of strip mining and landfilling precious metals and warming the shit out of the planet all geared towards a bunch of utterly useless people just manipulating numbers on a screen without directly going to something that even pretends to have a veneer of respectability or have a "real" "professional" title like a stockbroker.

The current system exists solely to exploit and be exploited. Anyone that's not figured that out by now is am imbecile and is destined to be a poorfag forever. The sole oligarchic even trying to appear useful or cool is literally autistic and every one of his ideas is retarded except self landing rockets. Musk is the only one with neat ideas and internet by satellite is still disastrous and retarded that will create a Kessler effect while being worse than fibre optic and his cars strip you of freedom and personal agency while strip mining and landfilling toxic waste from precious lithium ion batteries and all while probably greatly increasing the total greenhouse gasses because iirc coal fired plants are still a fuckton worse than petrol from cars and now you're shifting that entire burden onto the electric grid that in turn we're already having tons of trouble getting off coal and natgas even without crypto miners and his retarded cars, and that's probably the best we've even got.

So, no. If you wanted real standard of living improvements you'd have a society run by scientists and possibly philosophers advising technologists.
>but muh markets muh capitalism
The standard of living as compared to what society could actually provide was far, far greater back in the 1950s relative to today and that is partly because it was run less blatantly like an open air prison and private shekelhouse for mr. Nose and mr. Musk. The acttual advancements had come through technology and that in turn at least in my country got a huge boost because of the military industrial complex during the Cold War competing with Russia, and not because the people making fleshlights and fidget spinners today were in charge of directing funding.
No. 55234
67 kB, 540 × 700
This tbh. When I was working on an exhibit on the development of early infantry rifles this one time, I had to make sure everything was directly relevant. Were the new production methods strongly related to the first part of the Industrial Revolution? Yes, but that was beyond the scope. Instead, I explained things briefly if and when they became relevant. For example, contrasting the Arsenal System to the Factory System and Putting-Out System without going into the latter two's origins, just their traits as they existed at that time.

If you want a deep understanding of the topic, you need to explore industrialism and logistics more, but to understand a specific thing well enough, shouldn't require that much digging if it's presented well.

There does exist a school that does the whole "go all the way back" thing, called the Annales School, and they're an interesting bunch, but I'm not sure I agree with their methods (I feel like the longue durée approach introduces noise and reduces clarity at times), even of they have some interesting perspectives (natural/geographic reasoning for historical development, and not humanizing history as much).
No. 55235
Not perfectly related or useful, but as to that latter part one thing which I actually did notice even in playing a custom map on StarCraft I actually had to be hyper aggressive and super expansionist as playing Germany or to a lesser extent France. I made this one map for Broodwars in the shape of Europe to West Russia and south to the tip of Turkey and North Africa as a teenager and I was continually tweaking it and playing it over and over against the AI in 8 way FFAs and usually it was actually Ryssia or Turkey which got to being these super bloated and powerful empires which started out out of the way and kinda small but by mid to endgame was basically the final boss obviously this doesn't matter as much for Turkey because I'd of had to either not keep it im as a starting position or expand the map to encompass the rest of the Middle East to Africa and India.

Meanwhile France if they won typically did so by either wrecking Germany's shit and stealing everything usually after they got weakened by somebody else or doing the same to Spain. The Spanish in turn often got pretty big but only if they had resources in Portugal because they like the British had the same problem of winding up in an isolated position followed by resource exhaustion, poverty, and entering a stasis then collapse of all defensive lines after failing to establish a beachhead, strangely often even with having North Africa to expand into. Britain only succeeded when it could rob Irish resources blind without any resistance.

Italy often played the same as Spain except they usually could establish a much tighter defensive line against yurop until expanding throughout Greece/MENA area and often took Switzerland while battling off Russians and Turks. Swiss Ireland etc were not playable locations but starting points and Switzerland was a raised platform which both often became the key to who owned Europe as well as as constantly attacked as it was defensible and having effectively area control of all central yurop. Russia always took Nordic resource control points and battled the Turks for Greece, usually having the only outcome being either aggressive continual expansion or total collapse of defensive lines.

I repeated this shit over and over again probably hundreds of times in my youth which always veered towards certain almost inevitable conclusions even with just the same AI players to such an extent I basically had to tweak resources by amount and different areas to make anything remotely fair or balanced, and which often I found myself sliding into those playstyles too. It didn't really same to matter the race ultimately as they always did those things.

As for Germany, basically unless it captured and held Denmark and Switzerland first it was always going to be doomed, even when I filled it with more resources than just about anybody else because the British, French, and Italians always either took turns wailing on it on purpose or wailing on it because it happened to be on the way to somebody else they were trying to wail on. They usually wasted their first round of troops attacking France which in turn left them largely defenseless when a horde of zealots and hydralisks inevitably came barreling down on them from the north, south, and sometimes east, often saved from utter destruction only because Italy was easier to get to by land and anything built as first expansion base in Greek/balkan continental land was drawing off Russia and Turkey. If they had even remotely fair i.e. similar resources to other players they'd be get curbed stomped pretty much immediately and it was by far the hardest start location anywhere.

The only sole thing I could do to even just survive the initial onslaughts was first not ever attack anybody first, second arm the shit out of my southeast and northwest with static defenses, third have massive columns of mobile defenses to protect from north and east, fourth expand as quickly as possible into Denmark and Switzerland while ignoring the fuck out of wasting any resources on upgrades, and lastly to exploit the shit out of the Alps and the Rhine for defensive purposes. And even then after all that, it basically just usually boiled down to who attacked somebody else first while hoping France just got hit by Britain and Spain and, God willing, Italy instead so that I could at least mop up their resources and try to hold onto one big greater Germany. Of course when all else fails, usually the better option is to kill Italy and create a second more defensible Germany there. At least in the medium term. In the longer term your starting base gets wrecked and you don't end up with enough resources left to fend off the Turks and Russians or any surviving Italians and it's really hard to invade/colonize enough stuff to keep going. Playing in the Germany starting location was by far the mindset most of paranoia, hostility, mistrust, and aggression, with France a very very distant second.

Russia and England both felt the most absolutely comfy where I basically just sat back and watched the continent descend into mutually weakening tard rage while I casually stole shit from my neighbors in Ireland and Scandinavia to such an extent I had to nerf British and Russian resources severely to even convince them to expand more as AI and not turn to stillborns.

Turkey for some odd reason never felt truly comfy, maybe because I continually felt like taking shit from weak countries like Algeria and Greece always meant inevitably getting fucked with by the other powers which brought warlike attentions on me, or they'd flat out invade me, and my closest beachhead usually was in south Russia which just meant having to be fucked with by the Russians who almost always took the time to invade me from the north and where basically north Africa was just way too far away for me to keep and hold off. Basically the Turkish experience was like a much shittier version of Russia and Britain where all of the inner continental clusterfuck would just spill out upon all my colonies and eventually directly onto me, whereas Britain and Russia were either remote enough or remote and well defended enough I rarely got directly antagonized beyond third and fourth expansion bases or until the doomstacks of the last main power or two started rolling in. It often fostered a false sense of passivity which I occasionally felt hints of as Spain or Italy.

France was easier to defend except for almost always getting invaded by Britain but in most other ways was similar to the German experience including treating Spain as my Italy. I usually felt like I had to be mildly cleverer though in finding some paranoid aggressive strategy and playing my cards right as opposed to say Spain and Italy whose strategy basically consisted of "build north fortifications. Be lazy. Expand south. Try and get rich. Build more bunkers up north. Get more rich. Build air defense. Keep getting richer and be lazy until everybody else tires themselves out and then take their shit if anything is left. Don't ever put much energy into aggression because that is both expensive and pointless."
No. 55236 Kontra
*geographical ah fuck it whatever
No. 55239
> I don't know why anyone tries snd pretends it's all because of this mysterious "muh economy."
Soviet scientists were pioneers in many fields of science. Yet their inventions used to end up in archives. While in USA inventions (despite often made for military complex or just pure academic interest) were quick to be adapted into industry by private companies.

> it was run less blatantly like an open air prison
Sure, your grandpa had it easier with segregation and draft to Vietnam. The problem with such exaggerations is that if modern society is open air prison than everything is open air prison. And if everything is open air prison than nothing is open air prison.
No. 55243
I personally have walked home from work and more than once in two separate towns had cops stop me demanding to see my papers while I was being sure to keep my hands up not at my sides so I don't get shot. That's literally the kinds of crap we had always been told was the oppression of living in East Germany under Communism or Poland occupied by the Nazis, so much so they even made a game about it called "Papers Please" but people here are dumb enough that if you use different words like "ID" rather than papers they don't notice.

We get that you are a self hating Russian, and have valid reasons for doing so, but please don't glorify murica and become some muricaboo about a place you've never been to. On KC we had multiple homeless bernds and one guy who as a kid some girl asked to see his penis and she showed hers or something like that and he got put on PINS as a registered sex offender. I don't pee in alleyways because that also will get me put on that list if I get caught far as I know. It's ran like a prison here from cradle to grave in a lot of ways, and in lots of ways you probably were freerer back then.

I've spoken with 50 somethings who said they're horrified what schools got turned into for example and it's now normal for armed cops to roam around. The irony is when the Florida shooting happened all the scumbags who advocated for that shit suddenly took the cowardly cop's side saying "it wasn't his job to intervene and put himself in danger." Then fuck is the point of him being there to begin with? And I'll tell you, it's not to protect the students or stop school shootings, but to get everybody used to the country being run like a prison or plantation with a few extra comforts.
No. 55248
been rewatching some south park

funny. it seemed so edgy and topical in the 2000s, now it's kinda lame. it doesn't shock like it used to, and the topical pop culture criticism is outdated and quaint.

actually, nowadays, for rewatching, the best episodes are those that have original, interesting plots that stand on their own, rather than the ones commenting on the zeitgeist of the time.
No. 55249
>open Ernstchan
>same threads, same replies, nothing new or interesting or anything to contribute
>close Ernstchan
>immediately open Ernstchan again
No. 55250
The japanese people are fucking pathetic and disgusting.
And I'm not even talking about their shitty pop culture.

every time you see a japanese express a political opinion, it's just blatantly two faced, hypocritical, and most of all, insulting to anyone who has two brain cells to rub together and see that all their mental gymnastics are blatant chauvinism.

they're the only """developed""" country in the world that gets away with having a pre-modern morality, and everyone gives them a pass because they're so fucking quirky and wacky and "exotic".

fuck the japanese. today I had to listen to some fuckhead jap preach to me about how the nanking massacre never happened, and how the raped women were all actually willing prostitutes, who felt proud and honored to serve their japanese "liberators", and were duly compensated. and he wasn't some radical either, apparently most everyone in japan has le YAMAMOTO BANZAI attitude

fuck them.
No. 55251
24 kB, 500 × 500
>That's literally the kinds of crap we had always been told was the oppression of living in East Germany under Communism or Poland occupied by the Nazis

Known settis.
No. 55252
fuck their fucking national pride and fuck hteir faggot ass culture
the most annoying thing about them is that unlike the rest of us colonial, non-white, superstitious, pagan, tribal shitholes, they are actually developed, so you can't make fun of them without looking envious or insecure. fuck them.

but the worst insult of all is that I just spent the last of my cash money on this imported bottle of sake, and not only did it not get me sufficiently drunk, it tastes like fermented scrotum sweat

I'm gonna have to open a tab at the local alco store again
No. 55253
6 kB, 200 × 226
Yes I agree, Japan is overrated
No. 55254
I fucking hate polite people, I think politeness is for cowards.

I hate these fuckheads at my office who act all friendly, polite, charismatic and manipulative, but also shit in your cornflakes behind your back. but everyone thinks they're your friend even though they're really assholes. but you can't confront them about it because you'll look like the bad guy picking on the charmismatic friendly guy. fuck those cunts

that's japan on cultural level. "saving face" my ass, that's just small dick syndrome on national level

how the fuck is there a country in the world where people not having sex is a national crisis, yet 5% of women star in yakuza funded hardcore pornography, and another 10% stars in softcore erotica. some of it featuring children

and the men actually buy that shit. what the fuck? how come these white, westoid, christian fucks gave us shit about drinking blood and having multiple wives and shit, or to other third world shithole about their tribal customs, yet them japs get away with their filth, and actually export it to the rest of the world?

fuck me I want to kick a red panda right now.
You know what's also unfair? by all metrics they should be a destitute, pathetic third world shithole but for some reason they lucked out and everything about their culture actually IS cool. I mean, they have that dinky little shitty volcano mountain named fuji, the only fucking mountain they have. Like, so what? kazakhstan has a shitton of fucking mountains, does anybody care? no.

but THEIR mountain is like, perfectly symmetrical, and pretty and shit, and the fact that it's the only one actually makes it look unique and special. how come THEY get to have all the cool shit? fuck you japs.

we have cherry blossoms too by the way. actually, most climates on the same latitude does. so how come those fuckers get to appropriate and pimp out an entire species of tree?

ok, so culturally accepted prostitution is apparently bad, and turkic tribes offering their concubines to travelers as a sign of hospitality is "barbaric" and shit, but when those fuckers do it, it's called "geishas" and it's sooooo cooool and exotic and shit. What the fuck is the difference? you taught a bunch of skanks to dance and recite poetry, big deal. they're still whores. and what the fuck is up with painting their teeth black? that's fucking gross, it's like they have terminal stage caries

and what the fuck is up with unfairly discriminating against mongolian sumo wrestlers? taking away their titles and awards and shit. how butthurt can a nation be? I'm sorry your ancestors were genetically selected to be weak pussies, and mongolians are just bigger and stronger due to their animal based diet. why don't they stop being a bunch of bitches and suck it down? if you don't want to be humiliated by a superior people, maybe just ban foreigners from sumo in the first place so we don't have to witness your butthurt.

there's nothing fucking cool about their architecture and culture either. they just ripped that shit off of china. wooo, pretty wooden houses and shit. well, maybe the only reason they built wooden houses was because they were a bunch of WEAK PUSSIES and couldn't do stone architecture. you know who has stone architecture? us turkics. yeah. check it out, literal steppe nomads who live in tends have real masonry and architecture unlike the japs. but does anybody care? no.

oooh, them badass samurai and bushido culture, so badass to have a cast of homosexual noblemen who have to crawl on all fours and kiss the emperor's feet, and think they're badass when their whole job was killing malnourished, unarmed, rice farming peasants. what have your gaywad warriors accomplished? FUCKING NOTHING
WE COUNQUERED AN ENTIRE FUCKING CONTINENT WHILE LIVING IN A DESOLATE STEPPE SHITHOLE. Does anybody care? no. They give all credit to mongolians, even though mongolians were just ONE of the tribes in the whole HORDE, and the HORDE consisted of many central asian tribes. The mongols didn't even get any special privileges in the empire, it's just that the emperor's family happened to be a tribe of mongols, so suddenly it's the "mongol empire", even though it was 80% turkic? FUCK YOU MONGOLS

fuck this shit
god damn I hate the japanese

I need to get more portwine
No. 55255
On the flip side, Japan has the worst fans. The country is primarily known for its disgusting cartoons in the outside world, and their fan base reflects that.
At least I guess central asia attracted more refined western orientalists.
No. 55256 Kontra

Rated R for repetion. Settis are known.
No. 55258
79 kB, 339 × 480
76 kB, 528 × 1024
you know what, fuck the koreans too

oooh, so rich, developed, and civilized, with their second rate cars and overpriced smartphones. well, your country was ruled by a fucking creepy female sex cabal until a few years ago, and samsung owns the majority of your economy. how's that not grounds for being a third world shithole?

korea is the worst case of capitalist cancer culture I've ever seen. maybe they so eagerly embraced bullshit capitalist pop-culture and slavery because they never had any fucking culture in the first place.

I mean, what do you expect of a country whose biggest cultural export is A LITERAL FUCKING ESCORT SERVICE DISGUISED AS A MUSIC INDUSTRY. Have you ever noticed how none of those pop-idols (including the japanese ones btw) have any actual songwriting or singing talent? And that their whole image, music, personas and identities are manufactured by the producers? That's by design, so that they do not actually have any leverage of their own, or a way to earn money with their own skills, BECAUSE THEY DON'T FUCKING HAVE ANY. They're just pretty faces that get expired and discarded once they turn 30.
Do you know parents ACTUALLY sell their children out early to be part of this glorified prostitution business? Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgvxjqaT22U
what the fuck kinda country has plastic surgery normalized to the point where parents will gift it to their children as a birthday gift? fucking savages.

oh, that reminds me.
you know who I hate the most? the fucking whitoid western tourist fucks who prance around here like they're at the zoo.
every other week I'll be trying to enjoy my can of 8% hobo beer while avoiding getting caught for police for "public indecency", when some fuckwad westoid chode chomper approaches me and asks if I know of any local "cultural events", or remark on how lucky I am to live right next to a mountain skiing resort. No asswipe, I am not lucky, and I can't tell you about local cultural events, or relate to your positive experience at the ski resort, because I CAN'T FUCKING AFFORD ANY OF THIS SHIT. the only people who go there are rich folks and tourists, so go snort a line of dicks.
how fucking stupid do you think that people living in third world shitholes can actually afford the places western tourists go to? it's as much "my" culture or "my" land as much a brothel is a prostitute's home.

ooh, enjoying the made up bullshit "local culture", huh? bought enough cheap trinkets yet, so you can brag to other fuckwads in your home country about your "exotic" adventure? cock munching pig skin sphinctermouth dickwagglers go fuck yourselves
Bet you have a bunch of photos of yourselves wearing "local" "traditional" "costumes". well guess what, nobody in real 15th century central asia actually wore that gaywad bozo shit. It was invented during soviet times to show off "international ethnic culture". Because I guess making shit up is easier than doing any real anthropology.

this entire country is a fucking zoo. stop fucking patronizing me and telling me how "great" the made up local culture is, and how "nice" the country is, because even if you only visited the nice parts, and you did because you're a fucking scrotum guzziling dick vacuum tourist, it would STILL be a shithole compared to where you live. how about we switch countries if you like it here so much, huh? no? well shove a rake up your ass. cunht
No. 55259 Kontra
man i should probably stop posting while drunk
No. 55260 Kontra
Nicholas Cage looks ballin' though
No. 55261 Kontra
91 kB, 1280 × 720
ok, fuck this episode and the followup, too close to home

i'm going to bed
No. 55263
Now I'm "self hating Russian" and "Americanboo" for mentioning that draft to Vietnam and segregation are far worse than ID checks.
No. 55264 Kontra
sometimes out of desperation I input things that bother me into google, in hope of some kind of answer
and the first 10 pages are just bullshit SEO optimized infinite scroll blogs pretending to be real information, full of bullshit platitudes and redundant information.

seeing that shit makes me want to off myself, because it just highlights the hopelessness of it all. the experience is like being desperate enough to go to the church, get on your knees and pray, only to get an energy drink ad.

the only way to not feel like shit is to ignore all the shitty and retarded things in the world, and to me, that's no different than becoming a delusional cultist or doing drugs. well, there is another way, and that is becoming an evil dickhead and pretending that the status quo is actually peachy and good, but that's for pussies
No. 55265
Have you tried drawing disgusting cartoons yourself? It seems like Turks have none cultural products besides Muhteşem Yüzyıl and historical relics.
No. 55267
>japan is such shit they stole everything from everybody else! No culture! I fucking hate wectoids liking jap shit
A few moments later
>how dare these wectoids come here to try to appreciate my country and learn about my culture!
I know that you're drunk man but seriously. Which do you prefer, that Westerners appreciate your country or fuck off we're closed?

As to the Japs they did get their shit pushed in and basically became a colony again in all but name it's just they're too retarded to understand this it seems. I do agree they and Koreans in particular show the worst of us though. The Korean obsession with appearance is frankly disturbing and disgusting. They get plastic surgery for things I'd never thought of.

We still have a draft just so you know. It just hasn't been activated. It's illegal to not register for the draft. They probably don't use it because it'd cause immediate resistance to any pointless war they have hundreds of thousands of volunteers already willing to die for.

I think one of the key disconnects between Slavs and muricans is the muh freedoms mentality. Different people have different ideas about this vague nebulous concept but it's the key thing to being American, other than literal worship of money. So yeah, for a lot of people getting hassled by trigger happy cops or threatened with murican jails for retarded reasons is a pretty massive example of "but muh freedoms!" Have you seriously not even seen any sovereign citizen videos?

I think as Russian you're just not going to understand Americans and freedom. You also live on your own dystopian shithole and probably think life not under Putin must be some utopia. In truth, it is shit everywhere. The difference between Americans and Russians is that we actually expect it not to be and get mad when it isn't.
No. 55268
Most things become relics of their time that should've been put out of their misery long ago and solely continue to exist because someone's making a trickle of money off it. South Park probably turned into one of those. So did the Simpsons like fifteen years ago in fact I can't even remember the last time I watched either of them but then again I don't get cable and so won't waste my time downloading anything beyond a specific series. I feel like simply not being exposed to nonstop ads or shitty pop culture is a widening gulf between me and other Americans. I can pass myself off as a normal one just until they try talking about some stupid shit like sports or pop culture music or whatever and instantly it's like talking to a foreigner.

Rick and Morty is one exception. I don't know why it causes asshurt to some imageboard subhumans nor do I care. I'm waiting for that and Better Call Saul to come back on and that's it.
No. 55271 Kontra
423 kB, 1200 × 1200
PPT narration for the Tibetan Folk Religion lectures of frustratingly fast. I'm have to pause a 1 minute mp3 file 3-4 times because the lecturer talks so fast I can't properly take notes even using a keyboard.
It's incredibly fucking irritating, because otherwise she has a pleasant voice and it's interesting to learn about something I never really gave a toss about.
(And she also gave zero fucks and most of the proper nouns aren't on the slides so I have to write them down after hearing, which is fucking hard, because I speak absolutely zero Tibetan or have an idea how the transcription works.)

I watched a few seasons' worth of episodes a few months ago and really, it's as you say, the best episodes are the ones that are have self-contained nonsensical plots.
Though the enjoyment I got out of the show was mainly because of the strangely good Hungarian voicework and translations. Like the tourettes episode unironically taught me new slurs for Jews, which is quite the achievement.
I just find the swearing funny really.
No. 55272 Kontra
I didn't want to post the Raskolnikov image. Oh well. It's too late now.
No. 55273
>Tibetan Folk Religion lectures

That reminded me of something that could be interesting to you.
I recently watched a great chinese documentary on tibetan customs and arts, its called 后藏非遗.
Its one of the best documentaries I have seen, no bullshit just step by step explanations of how a specific piece of art is made or how a ritual is carried out.
I especially liked the episodes 1, 2 and 15, the first one shows how a Thangka is made and the second one shows mask dances in the Tashilhunpo tempel and the 15th how bronze sculptures are made.



No. 55282
Wake up, feel cold, vomit bile. Usual start to wonderful day. I have at least fewer worries today than before though it occurs to me I need to check on legal paperwork because I think I was being lied to.

Also do people just try and arrange buys online so they know where to rob you? Because good luck I never give out the full address. Why do I always wake up in these horrendously negative moods. It's not usually til evening I stop being irritated.
No. 55283
I know you're american and don't know better so I won't hold it against you, but I'd like to point out that culture means more than funny costumes and trinkets.
Putting feathers on your head and smoking a pipe gets you no closer to native american culture than me eating a baguette and not shaving my pubic hair makes me French.

Not that we have much of a culture anyway. In the global market, cultures are commodities like everything else. Posing for a selfie wearing a Turkic chapan gets you way less likes on social media than doing the same in a kimono.
No. 55287
110 kB, 800 × 599
>I can pass myself off as a normal one just until they try talking about some stupid shit like sports or pop culture music or whatever and instantly it's like talking to a foreigner.
Is it true that they used to identify foreign spies by asking about the World Series, or is that a Hollywood invention? Probably the latter, but it doesn't matter, because the idea is true, like you said. Real American's know sports, and failing this test marks you as an outsider. Feels good being a sports bro. I can blend into any group of guys with a simple reference to last night's game. It's literally that easy, but without that hook I would be lost in conversation. Small talk is a game, one which I consciously studied. After years of cringe-worthy silences, mixed with umms, y-yeahs, and looking at people's feet, I discovered sports was the cheat code. I know, it was kinda obvious, but I was really behind the curve.

The left button on my mouse is breaking, so I changed the settings making the right my primary button. Now all I have to do is overcome a lifetime of muscle memory. Frustration intensifies. I want to move this paragraph to the top, but am afraid I'll delete the whole post. Forget this, I'm just going to buy a new mouse.

>Putting feathers on your head and smoking a pipe gets you no closer to native american culture than me eating a baguette and not shaving my pubic hair makes me French.
I worked on a Native American reservation, where they sold cigarettes and gas tax-free. They had other stuff too, gift shops, art, etc. Anyway, when a bus full of shoppers would come in, a couple of Native Americans would dress in "traditional' costumes, with feathers and such. This was to increase sales, portraying themselves as something different and foreign. It was weird, like people expected Native Americans to dress and look a certain way, even though that way was as much a costume to them as something you or I would wear on Halloween.
btw, the people who did that got like an extra $100. So, yeah, cultures are commodities on both sides of the transaction. Pay one group to dress like this, so another group will pay more for that.
No. 55289 Kontra
>yet 5% of women star in yakuza funded hardcore pornography
I believe the percentage is hyperbolic. But I'm interested, is there real stats about how many women do porn in a given country. And is Japan really that high?
No. 55291
5,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:23
3,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:19
6,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:24
Today the Houthis released a quite spectacular video about their operations against the Saudis in the Jizan province of Saudi Arabia.

No. 55292 Kontra
The GoPro's really make it game-like at times. Otherwise as always when I watch those conflict operations in sandy territories (Lybia and Syria/IS have been the ones before) it is a super strange feeling to see those people getting shot or lying around dead somewhere. Bullets are so strange in their immediacy (when they are lethal ofc). Although reading Ernst Jünger, the appeal of war stays alien to me, it displays itself devoid of any meaning on the personal/individual level to me. There is nothing heroic about it. That's a narrative in the end.
No. 55293
I think what makes it appealing to some is the sense of comradeship with other guys while fighting an common enemy in a life and death struggle. I think it touches some very old primitive part of the brain which dates back to evolutionary times with tribes raiding each other.
No. 55294
What makes farts so funny?
It doesn't even have to be connected to anything, just the sound alone is funny enough.
There even used to be fart artists like Le Pet.
What makes it so universalky appealing to all levels?
No. 55296
Digestion is a private matter. The natural reaction to having that audibly exposed is embarassment, but we learn to cover that with humor. We openly embrace the shame to remove its sting.
Or something, I don't know. But one thing I do know is that the interview scene in 'Step Brothers' was hilarious:

No. 55300
Well, burping is too, but burping is not as funny. Hearing a fart makes me chuckle at the least, hearing a burp does little.
No. 55301
Based on Brick's posts, next time my father visits Kazakhstan I'm going to warn him to stay clear of tall Kazakh men drinking Baltika beer in shopping malls :D

Yesterday night I woke up to a large thud, so I opened my door to check what it was and the dog walked into the door. After I opened it she just waltzed in and sat into the armchair and fell asleep.
Kinda smug if you ask me.

Tomorrow we're going to the café with my mother and sister. I think I'm going to have an ice cream.

Actually gave up on listening to the lectures unedited because the lecturer is talking so fast that I can't type it down reasonably. Extracted the audio and now I've slowed it down using VLC. Truly we live in the fucking future.

Seeing rituals performed is very interesting, thanks. A tendency I noticed is that whenever I read about a religion, be it a primary source or a secondary source, they usually just name the ritual (sometimes not even giving it a name, just saying that xy thing requires a/the ritual to be performed), but rarely do they describe it in detail, which is frustrating.
For primary sources its understandable, because it was written for readers who knew what that religion/practice entailed, but I find the omissions in secondary sources very weird.
Though it might be that my selections are just biased, since it's limited to like 8-10 books.

Speaking of religions, is Helmuth von Glasenapp's Die fünf Weltreligionen still read in Germany/is it still in print?
For some reason here it was relatively popular and had like 5-6 print runs and is still used in HS level teaching when it comes to history and literature as a sourcework or when a student needs to do research on a religion for presentations.
No. 55302 Kontra
243 kB, 794 × 1000
>Open lecture on Confucianism
>I don't have to take notes because I already knew everything
Actually quite nice. Found a bottle of cider and I'm drinking it now.
Man, I wish I had a cheeseburger.
I am 君子。
No. 55310 Kontra
768 kB, 995 × 1347
I sit in my bed, barely able to read the shit I have to read for university because of more pressing depressive thoughts circulate my consciousness (it's summer and I'm inside, I have nobody etc). The sun now shines into my room in the evening and just now the rays tickling my face warming it make me realize it's a fucking fireball that supports live activity on planet earth and inside my body structuration and circulations takes place.
No. 55312
Each and every day I feel like America is trying to do some kind of sneaky shit to rob me and pick my pockets and keep me stranded here. I have to call the courts to ensure my records are clean because it only just dawned on me that could be a problem to legally moving to someplace like Ireland or France or New Zealand or Netherlands or whatever, someplace actually good that won't hassle me. If all charges in my past are not dismissed like they said it could affect my ability to emigrate unless I pay a lot of money to have it expunged if it's even possible, and now they sent me jury duty summons to wrong damn county, which means now I am wondering if there's some five year old warrant out for my arrest in some other state because failure to appear because they sent a jury duty summons to a wrong address. I was lucky even to get this which baffles me because I'm registered to vote in this state and county.

Always I feel like someone is trying to scam me here. I had a nice talk with an older black dude who wanted money at least the convo being entertaining, even if his story was bullshit and he was just trying to scam up some drug money and not really just released from jail with $40 and no open shelter like he claimed.

I always have crossing the border illegally into Canada or Mexico as an option at least. I just need to do it before I get hit with some bullshit charges and fine like for unknowingly bumming a cigarette to some 20 year old or retarded shit like that. I have to somehow evade getting hit with any fines or fees or stepping on any murican made landmines to wipe my finances again or keep me stuck here instead of leaving the country in the next 2 to 5 years. I presently don't have the money to leave and my entire goal now is getting to ten grand in savings with a clean record and no medical/loan/credit/whatever bills so I can leave this place.
No. 55313
Do you guys know "Schamanen im Blinden Land/Shamans of the Blind Country" the documentary by Michael Oppitz?

>Helmuth von Glasenapp's Die fünf Weltreligionen still read in Germany/is it still in print?
Never heard of it personally, I think. But that mustn't mean anything.
No. 55314
64 kB, 1920 × 806
This is the last day of May, we're almost halfway through 2021. It has been 446 days since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

Time is flying by too fast. Need to prioritize certain things I've been neglecting.
No. 55315 Kontra
>we're almost halfway through 2021

kill me already, I think I already noticed before, but I ignored it.
No. 55318 Kontra
226 kB, 452 × 640
Yesterday we didn't go to the café. Instead I woke up and my sister and mother brought home a dog. Wasn't that surprising since my mother mentioned it before, and I told her I don't think it's a good idea, but she decided to be a woman and go ahead with it anyway, mainly as a parenting plan, because she said my sister wanted a just to herself, and she's old enough to take care of it properly, so "why not".

Thankfully the old dog doesn't really seem to mind the new arrival. They get along better than with the dog on my father's property.
It's very weird to have a dog around that doesn't understand what I want it to do.
I don't want to train it much since that will be my sister's job. She actually studied proper training methods for dogs and stuff.
I just taught stuff to the poodle randomly for the past half a decade or so. It's a remarkable dog, but I doubt anybody with a proper knowledge of dog training would be proud of it. I'm not exactly a dog whisperer.

Father didn't know about it and was quite surprised when he returned from his business trip. My mother expected him to raise hell because of it, but nothing really happened.

I had to pick up a book for a lecture. Lecturer said "It'll be uploaded later", but she said it in a manner as if someone else will do it instead of her. So this mysterious stranger didn't upload the materials.
Not like it's an expensive book. Spent 4 euros on (plus 4 euros worth of store credit I never fucking use) it and I would have bought it anyway down the line anyways.
It's more like a pamphlet than a book really. It kinda shows how the lecturer based a lot of her lecture on it. But I only need to read a third of it.
I initially wanted to read it using the university's database but it was released last year and it's not been uploaded yet for some reason.

Thank God it's almost over now.

Can't recall hearing about it, but it sounds familiar. One of his books might have been a recommended reading for the lectures dealing with Central Asian shamanism.
No. 55319
107 kB, 400 × 706
>This is the last day of May, we're almost halfway through 2021.
Please no. I swore I would become a Javascript® master by year's end, and I'm running out of time.

>I was lucky even to get this which baffles me because I'm registered to vote in this state and county.
Who knows which system they were pulling names from, or how out-of-date it is. Here, they use the address from drivers licenses, but my old State uses voter registration records. Their DMV was probably notified when I updated my license on arriving, but I doubt they spread the word through other databases.

Anyway, I'm glad they don't use voter records to find jurors here, because I was registered to vote in the wrong County for years. I moved, but didn't update that until this past Fall. So whoever was at my old place was getting my election related junk mail. It wasn't being forwarded to me. I hope they enjoyed it :D. I only updated the drivers license address because that's legally required. Cost me $25, still mad about that. I was responsible, and told the State where I live, but on top of that they wanted money.
No. 55320
148 kB, 393 × 360
97 kB, 615 × 635
5,5 MB, 640 × 360, 0:58
3,8 MB, 460 × 500, 1:36
Oh fuck maybe I need to update my ID too.

Seriously all this shit is filling me with this unspeakable dread that unbeknownst to me there is some warrant out for my arrest in some other state or something because they sent me some summons to a wrong fucking address. I actually had a friend where something similar happened, and she spent a week in jail and lost her job because of it. They called her a no-call no-show and just dropped her ass. So then she comes out of jail after a week and found out she'd completely lost her job too and so had no income.

Literally what they did was sent her a summons about a parking ticket to the wrong address after she thought it was taken care of, issued a warrant for her arrest, she was driving around and months later gets pulled over and told she's got a warrant and was arrested on the spot. They bring her in and tell her point blank she can pay thousands of dollars in fines, or go to jail. Obviously because she was working a restaurant job she didn't have thousands of dollars.

There's literally at least two separate legal systems, the one where you can pay, or going to jail and losing all kinds of shit. She was lucky it was brief because otherwise you get evicted after a week of not paying here and the landlord can and does legally bring a dumptruck to your flat and hauls all your shit to a landfill, and then charges you for the cost of bring it the landfill. It's at the level of chongs executing people and then charging the family the cost of the bullet. I know some guy lost ten million dollars worth of bitcoin because he got arrested on a drug charge and left his wallet address in a rolled up piece of paper in some fishing gear that his landlord had removed.

As such I'm playing a dangerous game with staying in this country and evading shit like that.this is a fucking shithole and I want to leave
No. 55321
294 kB, 900 × 682
>Lecturer said "It'll be uploaded later", but she said it in a manner as if someone else will do it instead of her. So this mysterious stranger didn't upload the materials.

The mysterious stranger is a student. I think this will be like in Germany. People that have a professor status usually have at least one student that does a little work for them, which in perhaps 95% of cases includes text scanning and subsequent uploads. For doctoral lecturers, I don't know.
No. 55325
42 kB, 800 × 462
135 kB, 1200 × 900
Industrial structures have always fascinated me. From power plants to grain silos, I just think they're all beautiful.
I remember playing sim city 4 and then drawing assorted factories in notebooks. Even when I drive by some particularly impressive building, I'll always take mental note of it. It seems that the more modern approach to these buildings is to blend them into the view, keeping a lower nondescript profile.
I appreciate this approach and all, but I secretly wish more monstrous structures were built.
No. 55327
I had a really cringe time at thearter today. I am still in this situation with the girl where we had cringe eye contact escapes. I still don't know weather I just scare her by looking at her cringely, or if it's in my head, or if she does that beacause interested. Well anyway, last week we were really close for an exercise and made jokes together, laughed and touched elbows a lot in an unusual way. But she hugs all of her friends so I don't know. Is all of this normal?
No. 55328
The only solution is to escalate.
No. 55329
1,1 MB, 2835 × 2052
On my 24th birthday, I drove along the A15/N15, which is a 45min ride from the heart of the Rotterdam port onto the Maasvlakte, an artificial island that afaik is used for the super big containerships that came in the recent decades more or less (there also is a power plant). I still remember it, rainy and grey, I was really pleased that day, a good birthday gift. Industry as part of infrastructure: the veins, the pipelines (power poles for instance) and nodes of processing and production. They are like silent witnesses of human terra or environmental forming. It's easy to make an analogy to living organisms. But I think what also is appealing is their repelling architecture, hard to get an overview, few windows. They are secretive to the outsider, yet they are usually quite important for proper "system functionality". Nobody lives there, it's highly functional.

I can sense what you talk about and I would like to dwell more into this.
I wonder why I also feel attracted to structurally "underdeveloped" or once important regions. I guess decay and depression are the imaginaries that aesthetically please me. These areas are more than that ofc. An example would be northern France, former coal area and these days an "underdeveloped" or poor region, or the southern Netherlands, where drug production is a shadow industry, no big cities, yet a distinct branch of organized crime, former smuggler families that are now in drug trade and production, unemployment rates are high, not sure of the south or the north of the Netherlands is worse in that regard but I think both are known as such regions.
No. 55330 Kontra
>we were really close for an exercise and made jokes together, laughed and touched elbows a lot in an unusual way. But she hugs all of her friends so I don't know. Is all of this normal?

Could be a good sign, maybe she is just like that, not all people are afraid of touching others. She does not hate you at least. It does not have to mean anything. I'd also say you need to escalate or at least try to meet her alone, if she agrees that's not a bad thing, but again, does not have to mean anything. Not all people want you, once they agree to meet on a "1 on 1".
No. 55331
429 kB, 986 × 791
Sames. It makes me very sad that the area I live in now was previously filled with an unimaginable amount of heavy industry. Every village had a coal mine, all of them connected together by subterranean railways and conveyor belts, vast refineries and chemical works, a dozen power plants, all the rail and infrastructure associated with moving ores and materials around.
It all died within a few decades and all that's left is vast patches of waste ground and a few clues if you look close enough.
They could have had the decency to leave the buildings intact, like the ruins of long abandoned castles.
No. 55332 Kontra
Originally I wanted to watch a second lecture today, but I'm going to go to bed "early", because the Japanese religion-stuff took longer than expected to notate.
My mother says I have "circles under my eye like the devil".
Don't know if it comes across in English but with the mentioning of the devil it came across as very serious, because of this rural style.

Well, she is a studying for a doctorate so I guess she's at the bottom of the foodchain if you don't count MA students and the likes of me doing their bachelor's.
But as I said it's not that big of an issue because it's a really new book and wasn't expensive with the store credit I never use.

Personally I think it was more of a miscommunication, since there's actually a "Fachliteratur.pdf" among the files but it just lists the name of the book and the pages you need to read instead of the actual pages.
No. 55334
110 kB, 1024 × 683
304 kB, 1600 × 1067
I like underpopulated areas where if you drive something like 150km, you can see different supply points, distribution warehouses, silos. It's cool, you'll see a power plant with all sorts of cables and wires shooting out of it in an otherwise empty field.

The area I live in never even had to chance to become a steam and smoke hellscape. Culture of no industrialization.
Old factories looked nice I guess - pic is a wool processing plant from 1889. Older industrial plants here were razed during the Peninsular War and something resembling an industrial base was only rebuilt by the end of the 19th century.
No. 55335
1,9 MB, 1600 × 900
Colombo, Sri Lanka.
No. 55338 Kontra
>The mongols didn't even get any special privileges in the empire, it's just that the emperor's family happened to be a tribe of mongols, so suddenly it's the "mongol empire", even though it was 80% turkic? FUCK YOU MONGOLS
Mongols and turks were practically the same at this time of history.
No. 55339
hm, south park seems to have this problem of the main characters being less interesting than the side characters.
Or the main characters not being interesting in the first place. when you have protagonists who basically have no motivation or ambition, you have to keep coming up with ways for the external world to interfere with their lives, in order for the plot to happen.
I think this flaw basically cripples the whole series from the start, and becomes ever more apparent as the creators run out of gas. many of my most favorite episodes don't even feature the main characters.
it's bad to have motivationless, reactive, passive protagonists with weak characterization who turn into mere observers the moment things go outside their immediate scope.

anyway, why am I even thinking about this, it's pointless.
No. 55340
what does turkey have to do with 13th century mongols?
Or do you mean turkics?
And the whole reason we differentiate mongols from turkics is because they're different linguistic groups, also consisting of different ethnicities and tribes. That's why we have different words for them.
So what do you mean exactly by them being "the same"?

Besides, what's your point? My point is that "the mongol empire" is a misnomer. Should be called the timujin dynasty or something instead.
While your random remark is not only incorrect, but also meaningless?
No. 55342
Excuse me, in french, turks and turkics is the same word. But Yeah I meant turkiks.

At the time of the timujin dynasty as you say, turciks and mongolian had a similar language, the same religion and a very similar ethinicity. The real differencition between the two came later in history as you know. With the turkics being influenced by islam and not the mongols. But anyway, it doesn't change that you are right. So you are also right when saying it was meaningless, but I think wrong when saying it was false.
No. 55344
35 kB, 250 × 308
>turciks and mongolian had a similar language
Nod really. There are loanwords here and there (can't think of many tbh but Bataar/Batyr sticks out) but the language groups aren't closely related. They're both suffix-based languages but the suffixes aren't as similar as they are across Turkic languages. The closest common ancestor was several centuries before the Mongol Empire, and largely extinct by that time (IIRC the Chuvash were the only major group left). Bit like Russian having some Mongol and Turkic words from historical osmosis, but not necessarily through linguistic relation.

>the same religion and a very similar ethinicity
Sort of? The Mongol nobility assimilated, but what's often considered the 'turco-mongolic' cultural group was a product of the Mongol expansion and assimilation into Turkic tribes, and not a real pre-standing thing. Even previous conquerors from the East into Central Asia were East Turkic tribes, and not Mongols.

>The real differencition between the two came later in history as you know. With the turkics being influenced by islam and not the mongols.
No. Turkics were in the Islamic sphere since the 8th century when the Chinese got kicked out by the Arabs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Talas
And were definitely considered part of the Islamic world by the time Ibn Battuta showed up in the 14th. Central Asia was not in the same cultural sphere as Mongolia. Islam was not a later introduction at all.
No. 55345
But what if that's you
No. 55358 Kontra
It looks like that more than meaningless my remark was effectively wrong. But I don’t think that I pulled this theory out of my ass, it should exist somewhere else. But not at the time of the big empire probably.
No. 55361 Kontra
1,9 MB, 1985 × 2362
I was completely down today, felt stupid, because in a seminar I had to see that many people are more elaborate than me when it comes to philosophy, yet I take it as a challenge. Still feel stupid in comparison.


Even though I've came across it so often while reading the shit I read and living in the world I/we live atm. I had a breakthrough in understanding why politicization seems so rampant and polarizing these days and why my engagement with 1980s history as of lately feels like this hasn't ended yet, the 1980s or 1970s where in fact the time it started to gain traction, and now I feel like I understand why historians say it is a breaking point and why I agree from looking at the history of knowledge, ideas and their political and social, material consequences. Maybe the history of ideas/knowledge and material-empirical developments of that time go hand in hand for this history to unfold. The material conditions shape consciousness. But I'd say they come together in twists I cannot entangle right now. Put simple: The 2000 year old western tradition rabbit hole (institutions, organizing, knowledge, practices) is heavily contested these days, ofc the contestation comes from within as well as the outside of that tradition so to speak in a sense. The contestation started only around 100 years ago one might say. Maybe there is something prior to it, Heidegger would be one name to mention in this history of contestation. I think makes perfect for right-wing conspiracy theories, but it's not a plan, it's politics, its history and it is happening! The future is unknown but this perspective puts our era in an interesting light at least.

I've read bits and pieces about it here and there over the last three to four years, and I never realized it, I'm sure I had Eureka moments about this before, but not put in relation with other things more contemporarily going on. WOW, maybe for others this is like, dummy, you finally realized!

Does this sound like a madman?
No. 55362 Kontra
It could be framed as a crisis of the west or its logocentric paradigm that is responsible for spawning a lot of things. I don't say it is the downfall of it or that in 10 years everything is different, it could very well go on for many decades, maybe even centuries, but it feels like the end of history is the biggest delusion coming out of that rabbit hole. Maybe I make it more dramatic than it is, though.
No. 55363 Kontra
This might also explain a lot of pessimism, no future angst etc, and the post-X blabla. Gramsci quote:
>The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.

We are post-modernity it is said (modernity as western philosophy, western narrative, congealed with western science and capitalism as mode of production and mode of social organization). If we really are, well... But post this post that, we don't know what it is, but something is ending or changing, so the impression at least, hence post blabla, indicating a lack of orientation.
No. 55364 Kontra
Scratch what I said. It is rather obvious. At a second glance, I knew all this very well before. I think what gave me a rush is incorporating it with historical phenomena and follow-ups of 20th century philosophy, which is more unknown than the big names of the 20th century. The front lines are less clear than I claimed because the supposed conflict parties split up again. And the conflict is less big than claimed in its purer form, it nonetheless goes hand in hand with certain phenomena, I cannot say what was there first, but perhaps as I once read, discourse clouds built up and then rain down everywhere. It has effects and I wonder how they will play out. I still think the reality of this conflict will lead to effects that are more blurry and less easily traceable than I think or the conflict lines seem to suggest.
No. 55365
229 kB, 900 × 1200
I've been observing how the new dog interacts with the old one.
It's don't. They don't interact much.
You know, I expected something like how the behaviour of fish change if you have a lot of the same species around.
I guess they kinda act like a pack, walking together, but usually it's a human that pulls them together, and they're following me, not each other.
So it's not nearly interesting a thing as I thought it would be.
Still cute though as they follow me around as I walk up and down the garden.

Today I watching the lectures on Indian religions. Not the worst lectures in the series. That one still goes to the Tibetan Bön lectures.
I get excited about foreign cultures a lot, but I think it's important to confess to ourselves when something just doesn't do anything for us. Like I know it's related to China and so on, but I just don't care about Tibet, the Dalai Lama or the Bön all that much. And no amount of funny motorised prayer wheels will change this.
Same goes for Hinduism. It's a thing, but I never really cared for it much.
I'm not proud of my ignorance or happy about this fact, it's just the state of things and it's better I accept it and then build on top of a foundation I know instead of kidding myself.

The worst thing about learning about Indian cultures is the names. You can get used to odd names.
It takes 50 pages of a Russian novel to get used to how Russian orthography works or just a few tens for Japanese or a few novellas for Chinese.
Hell, my language's orthography is weird and "ugly" according to foreigners, but I still can't stomach Indian names.
The consonant pairs are just so incredibly alien and they often collide with each other creating a mess that's hard to read out.
Russian has this too, like the name "Venedikt" is a bit of a tongue twister for example but it's not as bad as "tírthajátrá".
Maybe I'm just too much of a bitch. Maybe it's time to interact with the literature and languages of the 1.5 billion people that live next to the other 1.5 billion people I've been studying for a few years now.
Maybe the reason is that Japanese and Chinese sounds in their simplified forms usually form words that are possible to exist within the Hungarian language, but Sanskrit doesn't.
Whatever, I don't know nearly enough about my own language for this let alone Sanskrit to determine this.

I apparently developed a fever on top of my coughing of two weeks.
Took an anti-fever pill and we'll see, but I'd prefer not going to the doctor's or it worsening. Might ruin my exams.
My mother always says about herself "I just don't have time to be sick."
I know I'm a son of the family, but her iron will is what I want and need for myself.
I just hope it's not fucking covid because that means my lungs are probably fucked up long-term.

Father planned a family trip to Tyrol. Might be a good time to pick up a few books in German if I can.
Or really just to enjoy the scenery and the quality bread the Germans make. And a good schnitzl. And Almdudler.
And some kräuterlikör.
That is if I don't produce a positive covid test before I go to the border.
No. 55366
Politics does work different there, so ideas of ethnicity are complicated. Most of the time, you're going to be more interested in tribal affiliation than anything else, because tribe is more important than empire to these peoples.

The big problem is that a lot of this history isn't written down. There do exist some cases where there are border tribes that confuse people as to whether they're descended from Turkicised Mongols or Mongolised Turks but the nature of how ethnicity works in this part of the world is that in practice, most tribes, Mongol or Turkic could exist under a foreign Khan or Khagan with little problem because at a certain level the empire just didn't exist there, and/or the tribe itself was more important than its cultural identity (thus near total assimilation within a few generations) unlike regional identities in Europe where you are looking at something more static.
No. 55367 Kontra
396 kB, 429 × 520
Okay this is actually really fucking cool because of the Greek I've learnt I can see common roots in sanskrit and old-greek words and common forms for common mythological elements.
Is this how you turn into a proto-indo-european autist?
No. 55368
Man why don't I just use ebay.

Turns out some stuff will arrive sooner than I thought. Like, a lot sooner. Sadly or no my replacement power supply should be here sooner than I thought, but I guess nothing wrong buying a beefier one seeing how all the excess shit I have strapped onto it I no longer trust to not kill this one. Besides which if I ever want to upgrade I literally can't with this one, although now doubt intensifies at ever having a 6800XT tier and something like 5900x on anything below like 900-1000w.

Knock hard on wood, I don't feel particularly terrible about this summer. knock on wood Today wasn't awful at least but I'm trying to plug all holes where I'm hemmhoraging money. Maybe I should find some kind of craft or sidegig to do too.
No. 55374
8,9 MB, 426 × 240, 12:02
No. 55378 Kontra
>check my old messages on today threads EC
>only butthurtly talk about girls
I am really sorry. I’ll stop starting from now.
No. 55379
69 kB, 1071 × 587
Gotta put it somewhere if it eats you up. Dunno, people won't reply if they don't want to. This thread is blog post central in the end.
No. 55380
63 kB, 474 × 842
Get back from work and people you thought were non-bydlo are knocking baby sparrows out of their nest and using a shovel to flick them under a bush. I'm pretty sure half are dead already and I've no clue how to deal with the other two because they are hatchlings.

I sincerely distrust to outright despise practically everybody around me and feel like my entire life is an elaborate cover story to trick them. I need to just settle on a favorite car brand, sports team, and bydlo rap/country/pop artist and my deception will be complete. I am willing to sell them all out to Swedish defense industries for about tree fiddy.

Special mention goes to Indians, white boomers, and screeching black women, the three worst groups of "people" this side of Wuhan.
No. 55383
On Monday I stayed up through the night helping my brother pack(again). It was the last day of his lease, so there was no choice. Anyway, the experience made Tuesday a real blur, and now I'm just starting to feel like I know what day it is again. Don't know how other people handle staying up for extended periods, but it really messes up my head.

What >>55379 said. The blog post thread is for blog posting.
No. 55384
16 kB, 342 × 301
I just realised I have to read a 120 page book for tomorrow's exam.

Can't really stomach the style of the book. It's written like one of those pseudo-linguistic schizo posts boomers make on facebook regarding roots of Hungarian words. I mean, it was written by someone who was an expert, but the style is really off-putting because I associate it with earth-shattering levels of retardation and imbecility.

I still have a slightly elevated temperature. My coughing is at least not that bad now.
It's like something is syphoning what little life I have inside out of me. Physically. It takes effort to do stuff.
Tomorrow after the exam I'm going to the shamandoctor's to ask about what's wrong with me.
Wonder if she will order a covid-test or not.

Strangely enough I received a letter today from one of my old HS teachers. A welcome surprise.
We discussed meeting up and the events in the past years. I love the stark contrast in letter styles.
>Send a detailed letter
>Response is "Oxi." meaning "Oxigén", an old slang for "OK"
Anyway, he told me to not sweat too much over Gadamer, otherwise I'm going to go mad.
He also introduced me to a Chinese novel which was recently published in Hungarian.
It fucking sucks that I can't keep an eye on the publishing market closely enough to miss out on things like these on my own.

I guess in the end there's nothing wrong with being able to produce overly verbose texts as long as it's not the only style I'm capable of.
No. 55385
83 kB, 216 × 341
I hate it when you start doing something in the afternoon, thinking you're done in one or two hours and suddenly it's 1am and you're still not done.

I really have to stop doing things. It sucks.
No. 55388
I have never experienced this in my life.
t. iberian
No. 55389
64 kB, 540 × 540
Oh you
No. 55394
15 kB, 190 × 266
How would i effectively wound myself to the point of unconsciousness, but not death?
No. 55395 Kontra
Run with your head against a wall with full speed.

Why would you want to do that?
No. 55396 Kontra
>wound yourself to unconsciousness
Hit your balls with a sledgehammer
No. 55398
>why do this

I want to avoid being
No. 55399 Kontra
But you still are even when unconscious.
No. 55400
Yes but I wouldn't be completely aware of it, possibly, depending on the unconsciousness. Thus I avoid some of the existential pain of beeing myself.

I mean yes, I could rid myself, that solves it better for sure however I am too much of a coward for complete removal.

If only baste Hegesias was here to help me finish the job.
No. 55401 Kontra
Then why not take sleeping pills?
No. 55410
Not strong enough of an effect, maybe
No. 55412
I have realised that the uni database isn't as limited as I thought, so I can download 50 pages a day instead of 50 pages just once from a book.
In a few days, I'll have a complete copy of Wahrheit und Methode.

I did the exam on Asian religions. Got the A. Wasn't that hard.
Went shopping and I picked up a newly released Chinese novel. It has the logo of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press on it, so it's another novel that had its publication at least partly financed by the Chinese state.
It's S.I. Hsiung's The Bridge of Heaven that was published originally in 1943 and deals with the life of a family from the 1870s until 1911, so in a sense it's kinda like Jung Cheng's Wild Swans or Lin Yutang's A moment in Peking.
The China-shelf is full again.

Gonna have a chat with a friend.
One of my ex-classmates published a volume of poetry and I bought it because based on the excerpts he kept shitting out on facebook it looks like a hilarious exercise in being a midwit poseur.
Obviously it's a self-published volume. The guy wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed or well read by any means. He claims to be an "artist and a model" so I guess the poetry volume is more like a pussy-hunter accessory than a genuine artistic statement of our life and times that we live in. (Though the back claims so.)
Yes, I'm aware of how fucking petty I am.
No. 55414
It's called rohypnol and it's a helluva drug

Alternatively keep taking antipsychotics until you slept all the time. This one time, well I'm not going to get into it but I literally don't remember two or three weeks of my life so something like flubromazepam or phenazepam would do the trick. Downsides: you are likely to be getting arrested. Upside: you won't be causing permanent brain injury by hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, it hurts less, and lasts ten times longer. Downside: again you will probably be going to jail at the end of it.
No. 55416
Today I spent 4 hours cutting reeds with a machete. Good way to spend Corpus Christi day.
No. 55427
Got me 5g microchip (Pfizer) today. No side effects, feels good man. Wasn't meant to get it for months yet, but the rollout's been bungled as fug, so there's lots of stock that gets doled out to walk-ins because it's got a use-by and isn't actually going to be used otherwise.
No. 55428
So be it.
>He claims to be an "artist and a model" so I guess the poetry volume is more like a pussy-hunter accessory
My two childhood best friends have become artists. The first one is passionated by rock and has created his own indie rock band and the other is more in a community of artists. On instagram, the first one has like two or three posts and it's vids of him performing a cool trick on guitar. And the second one has a hundred or more pictures of himself smoking while doing art with his friends. They both play electric guitar but one did this clearly for the community and the pussies and the other is just pationate.
No. 55430
Do you get a second dose as well or is this some one dose policy?
If you get a second dose it's best if you have mild symptoms because it indicates your immune system adapted to the first dose.

t. haver of no side effects besides slight arm pain after first and second dose
No. 55433
I get the second one, just got to book in advance. The system is starting to get some inertia going I think. My understanding is that the problem is less a lack of supply and more that the entire program is a fucken mess and people have been struggling to figure out how to get vaccines, so the people just up and said "fuck it, if you want in come get it, and we'll give it to you after any priority cases get theirs".
No. 55434
I'm still waiting for my second shot and it's so beyond insanely ridiculous for these fucking boomers to be posting about it on their pocketsnitch aka pocketNSA aka smartphones to some mass surveillance data farm the fact they gave their fucking SS number and gov ID to Parler speaks volumes and I'm glad they got a painful lesson about that kinda stuff being doxxed like wtf were they thinking while being afraid of this tiny little needle. You saw how tiny gauge that thing was. They're not even big enough to lance a boil. I didn't even feel anythint and I hate needles.

If there's one thing this taught me it's that these people are beyond useless against the New World Order, and probably the most likely ones to enact it. But then again, the same people committed numerous crimes at the Capitol building without gloves or masks during the one time you'd get away with concealing biometrics in a govt building so...

Pretty much but at least in our case it's not just that the entire system is such a clusterfuck so much as on top of that we have about a third of these people being anti-vaxxer retards. Which is still insane to me because they're basically saying "it was Trump's vaccine not Biden's" at the same time. It's like, so? Is Trump trying to inject you with evil nanites? Or is it evil Biden vaccines?

But again the whole point is moot because those thin gauge needles aren't necessary at all when you use dox media like FB or Google or USAF psyop like twitter and own and use a smartphone and make electronic payments, which similarly is why I think crypto is retarded as it's creating a cashless permanent financial record society.

This isn't to say our system isn't a total clusterfuck btw it's just that basically we reached a point about a month ago here where supply crossed demand. Most of the people who actually wanted to be vaccinated already got their first shot. The other half is mostly those either firmly in the bottom standard deviation who think it's microchipsthat again no microchip is big enough even on a saline line to do what pocketNSA can do and the rest is just hesitant. Everyone in my family is at least one shot in including the young and healthy. At the same time, I will never forgive and forget everything I just lived through and witnessed and experienced and that includes the liberal media spreading FUD about the vaccines last fall because hurr durr orange man. It's not like they had no point either about what if he just rushed a dangerous vaccine to look goodI mean he's never going to live down the bleach comments plus he never shut up about other bunkum but the result is a lot of added fear was spread about those vaccines.

Fun story, apparently West Virginia is among the most poorly vaccinated and so they came out with a plan to raffle off free lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, pickup trucks, and hunting rifles and shotguns. And I'm just sitting here this morning like, fuck, why couldn't I get a free rifle with my vaccine? I don't drink either so Biden's plan to team with Anheiser Busch to mail out $5 gift cards for free beer doesn't help me either. And no, I am not joking about any of that

Yo where's mah ten gauge and 30.06 Joe?
No. 55435
Tbh, the gun lottery thing is up there with the woman who shot her kid when she missed the puppy she aimed at in terms of "fattest things of the month" for me.
No. 55436
Also, our vaccine program uses federal supply that's meant to go to state governments and then to state health service vaccination centres as well as GPs, but the feds aren't giving anybody numbers to work on, so the states can't effectively set up rosters for getting the priority blocks vaccinated because they don't know how much they're going to get at any given time.

Here's the page about our rollout if people are interested
No. 55441
In the end we only went through a third of the poems.
What we expected was that it'll be poetry so bad it's funny, but a third of the way in we gave up because it was late at night and basically every poem was the same and it wasn't even funny how bad the volume was.
Like, the entire theme of the book is
>I'm a womanizer and I have so much sex and drink a lot and do drugs and use limousines wooo
>Yet I don't know why these girls I fuck while they're drunk and on drugs (have I mentioned I'm swimming in pussy?) aren't suitable for a long term relationship where we genuinely love each other?
The theme itself isn't an issue, but the vocabulary, the structure and the style was incredibly shallow and irritating.
The back claimed that it's a revolutionary blend of surrealism and symbolism, the only issue was that it had no symbolistic tendencies at all, and the "surrealism" was that "le image no make sense that's surrealism when you don't understand it".
Basically it show that the guy never read any poetry closely at all and just works off preconceptions of what poetry should be instead of engaging with the art-form in a meaningful manner.

So basically the only reason this book exists to act as a pussy magnet I think. It's shockingly bad, but maybe the arthoes won't notice. It's like as if fucking Brian Griffin actually wrote a book.
So we didn't get much enjoyment out of the thing, because it just wasn't engaging at all neither on an artistic nor on a content level. Basically my prediction of it being poseur shit became true.

Wasn't a waste of time because we got to talk for the first time in maybe months with my friend.
No. 55442
273 kB, 1753 × 2047
Couldn't sleep well and now I pretty much wasted a day, I did accomplish some things for uni. Maybe I still start reworking that essay and listen to a podcast in the evening. But I still have to prepare food, which will consume more time.
I read a text yesterday that makes clearer the trajectory of left theory and practice/politics over the last 100 years or so. Also it's quite summery. I'm looking forward to see a classmate, she's very intelligent and educated but I fear she's more heavily into politics I'm a bit skeptical about at times and worry that she will despise me because of that. I don't even know if this is a date, yet I doubt, seems more like reaching out to politically-minded people as this was the initial topic of our conversation that made her say let's meet. I'm just glad to talk to some people here at least and meet them in person, people that are interested roughly in similar things, the thesis she plans to write exited me, you don't often meet people like that.
No. 55448
208 kB, 720 × 1280
Oh for shit's fucking sake why must my country be so memeworthy why the fuck can't we be more first world
That's literally the second house explosion I'm aware of in the last ten years and it's a rural area so not like there's tons of houses able to explode to begin with. The last one took out a family.
No. 55451
148 kB, 1024 × 683
149 kB, 853 × 1280
143 kB, 1024 × 703
There is great melancholyy in those pictures, isn't it? Yesterday I noticed that I usually have moving boxing still filled everywhere I went since I moved out of my parents home. Which reminded me that I feel very good while being on the move, to be inbetween the things, there seems less pressure when you are moving somewhere. Movement and melancholy how do these go together so well?

No. 55452
80 kB, 513 × 600
I'm tired of being seen as a "special kid" by other people. I would like to be more able to act normal so much. I've seen how other special people are treated. Often with a feeling of half-culpability and paternalism. I think the worst must be living this while you are more intelligent than people who paternalise you and conscious of it. My autistic friends lived this pretty bad for exemple. I'm not a retarded monster nor a "genius". I'm your equal and consider me your equal.
I really like those pics.
No. 55453
Beware, for a long time I had assumed people saw me as an autistic retard, but apparently I was seen a normal functional person - albeit a bit eccentric.
No. 55458
Can we rangeban Americans?
No. 55459
I vote against this proposal.
No. 55460
You will read posts about what an infernal experience it is to live in America, and you will enjoy it.
No. 55461
60 kB, 634 × 353
This. There is so much to learn from experiencing god's own country second-hand!
No. 55462 Kontra
>Vote YES/NO on prop ...

Is this only in California? And is this really existing in form of radio spots like in GTA?
No. 55463
>is this really existing in form of radio spots like in GTA?
Yes, and it happens in other States too, when State legislators can't pass a law, or just won't for reasons. So citizens gather signatures and put things on the ballot where it is voted on directly, bypassing the usual political process. These things are usually backed by big money, with a lot of advertising, which leads to charges that rich guys are basically buying laws. Anyway, this is really common in Florida:

Election results: $15 minimum wage passes, and how other state amendments fared

Fun fact: I voted for the $15 minimum wage.
No. 55464
107 kB, 500 × 375
>I voted for the $15 minimum wage.

Do your parents know that they raised a dirty commie?
No. 55465 Kontra
I hate boomers so much it's unreal
No. 55469
1,7 MB, 1528 × 1527
>Do your parents know that they raised a dirty commie?
After election discussions, she is beginning to suspect :D.
No. 55479
40 kB, 474 × 266
So apparently the latest house explosion took out an elderly couple and made the news.
Oh shit let me narrow it down

Usually when our houses explode there's less of a blaze tbqh
No. 55480 Kontra
Do note that this is the exploding house from yesterday, not the exploded house from three days ago in a different county

In the one I mentioned from years ago in the same area the whole family got killed except for one woman who was showering in those old metal bathtubs on legs, which ejected her through the roof and she landed naked in the bathtub in a front yard.

So just so you know getting in a bathtub really will protect you from hand grenades, as well as houses.
No. 55481
Here president's administration forced media to report about such cases as "gas claps", not "gas explosions" (because it sounds less scary) and it became a meme.
No. 55482
356 kB, 1500 × 1097
Today I found out that my local deputy's father is big guy in military. He was supposed to build 6 aircraft carriers but instead stole the money and she opened cafe chain on it. I would say based.
No. 55486
2,2 MB, 640 × 452, 0:07
That's some powerful energy. Respect.
No. 55491
115 kB, 1200 × 800
95 kB, 749 × 975
129 kB, 600 × 600, 0:00
80 kB, 604 × 576
I hate these people so fucking much it is absolutely unreal. I now can understand perfectly why some people root for the cops giving the beatdown to someone in need of a real attitude adjustment. These fucking boomers, in particular, have the worst attitude of anybody outside the Caste system.

Why, is Vladolph the Putler now Wectern traitor huh? Why he say, Russian needs to be like USA? Did he look too deep into dubya's eyes? Has he grown fondness for hamburger? Oh, no surely he must say, we trade orphans to Hillary/Biden/Trump pedo cabal because he trade back young Mexican boys to Putin and Kadyrov? Yes? Putin think, we cannot manage better without clapping?

Clapping pizdes. Claps is not stronk. Only explosion is strong. And aircraft carriers.

Also cafes is strong. Very strong, in hands of right people.
No. 55501
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zc2KyarK7w
I once saw a guy in t-shirt with Stalin who was arguing with cashier about his rights and freedoms (not to wear mask, obviously) like if he is American or something.
No. 55505
143 kB, 1280 × 733
Petty laws of an illegitimate state do not apply to a man full to the brim of proletarian spirit.
No. 55507
258 Bytes, 17 × 14
Today I listened to a pop song and found it misandric. The West has fallen, society has collapsed. The Nazis Soviets were right about liberalism all along. China please occupy us and save us from mass surveillance and police state.

<5 paragraphs of ramblings about George Bush presidency>

In conclusion, I want to say that republicans are the real satanists.
No. 55508
258 Bytes, 17 × 14
This post is actually wrong, I also hate the Chinese - which is funny because what Trump got right despite border wall mexican flight ban incidentally exactly what the satanic elites mean by pop music. This exactly the kind of thing that pisses me off because despite...

[Show 37 more lines]

No. 55509 Kontra
If you're going to make fun of us, try actually addressing what we say, you passive aggressive faggots. This coy bullshit isn't funny.
No. 55510 Kontra
Listen my dude I'm still having my morning coffee and smokes so I haven't tldr addressed it yet but let me tell you that was some funny shit I woke up to this morning. I was laughing so hard for ten minutes I couldn't breathe. Truly their posting contributed to the feel of this place being like 2009 2010 KC.

A Russian was doing that? For what purpose?

I really want to say something about nobody advocates China but I'll just end up sounding like next post how I hate China.
>37 lines omitted
I'm sorry, but this is EC, and everywhere I go I must also fatpost even if it's EC tier format. Did you know, USA so B-I-G it can also supersize postenings?
No. 55512
147 kB, 1280 × 1202
For the record, I have nothing against tl;dr posts - part of why I like EC.
No. 55513
340 kB, 1280 × 720
You may laugh, but it's a real thing here. Here there is a cult of "citizens of USSR". They refuse to pay taxes and debts because RF is not legitimate state, but a private corporation registered in United Kingdom. They often charge fees for joining their organization and other things, so different organizations of "citizens of USSR" are rivals. They hate each other, recognize each other as "enemies of people" and sentence them for death.

More interesting thing is Menyailov's totalitarian cult of stalinists-misoginists. He teaches his adepts how to treat women right, how to become rich (this is closely related to the former!) and worships soviet partisans as saints.
https://cont.ws/@GRif/760855 (one of his movie reviews with transcript)

Also there is a stalinist swinger club. Which is surprising because Stalin's fans are always puritans and Stalin himself was socially conservative.
No. 55514
Wrong reply
Here >>55505
No. 55515
I knew about the soviet citizens, but I hadn't realized they organized stalinist orgies. I assume it means they don't allow people with right deviationist penises XDD
No. 55518
You will learn to fap with your left hand, and you will enjoy it
No. 55519
843 kB, 800 × 738
I finally have a place of my own.
A small house where I live alone. It's a complete dilapidated shithole, but at least it's mine. I can organize it however I want, and fix it up in time.

Now, I present you, the greatest benefit of living alone - being able to sing drunkenly without anyone interrupting and complaining:

I wish our american posters weren't schizos.
I mean, I think they mean well, it's just that it's incredibly taxing to read all that negativity, especially when it's so overly verbose, and takes so long to get to the point.
It also makes me self aware about the fact that I've done nothing but complaining on EC for the last few months.

I should post about things I actually enjoy next. It's going to be difficult mainly because I don't enjoy anything, but I'll try.
No. 55520
31 kB, 397 × 679
76 kB, 1280 × 720
Dogg, got a new coffee machine and it makes such amazing coffee. Putting it on max intensity settis makes the nicest creamiest coffee I ever tasted.

4 cups in and I feel an intense urge to start shitposting wildly.
No. 55521
66 kB, 500 × 500
Good to hear, man. Also: Nice ramblings. And decent singing, unironically.
>I should post about things I actually enjoy next.
More stoner doom streams pls!

Man, I'm relieved that I only drink tea, so I don't need one of those expensive monsters in my kitchen.
No. 55522
26 kB, 474 × 339
Give in to your impulsivity, feel it makes you stronger. A powerful fatposter you shall become. But if the tea drinkers know they will hunt us down and kill us. I name you, Darth...Iberius.
No. 55523
I had one of them capsules machines, but by my calculations - I'll have saved enough money in ~6 months that this behemoth becomes paid for.
dogg another cup XDD
No. 55524 Kontra
136 kB, 605 × 340
>Ernst, I really cannot do anything about.
No. 55525
74 kB, 1071 × 1071
Did you know that Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" is a about male circumcision?
It's true, listen to it again and tell me I'm wrong, I dare you.

meanwhile here's a song for you

I play it off legit.
No. 55526
Also, thanks.
It's funny that I picked up visual art as my main hobby, because music is much more enjoyable to me. While visual art is very cerebral, music affects me on a much deeper level.

Whenever I feel incredibly sad, I sing, and it takes my worries away. usually, painting and drawing are very stressful to me, but singing relaxes and elates me.

Unfortunately, music is much more expensive than drawing, vocal couches and instruments were always beyond my family's budget.
I'm hoping to learn music now that I have a stable income. Sure, being 26 years old without prior training, I am destined for mediocrity, but honestly I don't care. I just want to explore music like a cosmonaut explores space. It's the only thing I can do without tiring myself mentally.

My OTHER uncle was right. Music is the queen of arts, and painting is in the second place in the hierarchy.
Visual art is mostly cerebral, with a decent part of phenomenal (in Kantian definition)
But music, on the other hand, has it all. It's equally cerebral, and also phenomenal, and emotional, and deeply primal.

I want to learn to sing properly and play bass. Why bass? Because bass is the most important instrument behind drums. In order to start a band and perform music, you only need 3 instruments: bass, drums, and piano.
Guitarists can suck my dick.
No. 55529 Kontra
To quote the movie "The Witness", The international situation is every intensifying, and the China situation is becoming more and more irritable, since the inner-city Budapest liberals decided to become expert Sinologists in a weekend.
Obviously I hold this strata of people in high regard, be their opinions political, artistic or sociological, there's no claim of theirs that's illogical or would make me angry or question their brilliance.
Obviously letting the homeless back into Budapest was a human, European decision and I'm glad to fall over them while using public transport if that means I don't have to be ashamed when my foreign friends ask me what's going on in Hungary again?

I'm very glad that the opposition is conducting foreign policy using their seats in fucking local government, and I'm sure angering China won't have any lingering, long term consequences if the planets align and the 5-6 retarded parties manage to beat Orbán in an election. Yes, I'm sure the Chinese will be understanding and realise that angering them was just a genius plan to defeat le orange man in an election, and they won't treat the new rainbow coalition harshly or decrease investment into the country's industry and cultural sphere.
I mean they publish so many evil books and by God, the Confucius Institute is just a spy centre that serves no function and doesn't augment the Chinese Faculty's budget at all. It will have no consequences, but even if it did (highly unlikely, because of all the geniuses the opposition has in its ranks who calculated every possible outcome), I, a student of that faculty would gladly accept those cuts in the name of humanity and being European, whatever the fuck that entails in 2021.

If I get sent another
>Gigachad says [neoliberal opinion] is le based
meme on discord I think I'm going to pop a blood vessel.

Still coughing, and my intestines hurt. I actually took a painkiller for it. Once the exams are over I'm going to go to the doctor.
Preparing for the last two exams.
No. 55530
617 kB, 1490 × 1000
I really want to finish my breakfast and then leave my tiny flat in some pre-war apartment building and step out into the sun, breathing the air of 1966.

Is it a historian's biggest dream to experience the banal life of his/her fields of interest=
I also need to taste HP sauce, haven't done it yet
No. 55531
44 kB, 720 × 720
Yeah, the problem is how I see myself.

I laughed alone in front of my computer.

I played the main role in a friend's student short film today. This included jumping fully clothed in a 13celsius lake. Nice action scenes. It's the first time I played only for a camera, and Frankly, it was a lot of fun and I would do it again if I had the opportunity to. We were four, two comedians and two filming crew members. I'm looking forward to seeing how the character I play looks like.

Is this beginning of summer or why everyone is so happy today?
No. 55533
11 kB, 640 × 480
I made a political cartoon. r8.
No. 55534
163 kB, 842 × 1030
No. 55535 Kontra
608 kB, 480 × 362, 0:02
No. 55536
104 kB, 754 × 563
389 kB, 1024 × 768
Right wingers had their own cool cults, but most of them were jailed. They usually have deep lore: slavs ruled all the world, wrote Vedas (from Russian vedat' -- to know), all the world languages come from Russian. But then Jews flew from another planet, enslaved them and made them forget their true history. Christ was a slav mage called Radomir. Jews love gold so much because they use it as fuel for their spacecrafts (Giza pyramids). But we should not be desperate because slavs from other planets (who are pagan gods by the way) will soon come and help us. Meanwhile (((Nibiru))) planet is also soon to arrive here.

By the way, one of things I like about America is that they are unending source of freaks. Imagine how boring world could be without Charles Manson, Alex Jones, Scientologists, Q-boomers, genderfluid helisexuals and many many others. (just found out that David Icke is not American -- impossible!)
No. 55537
586 kB, 1280 × 972
I am an afficionado of Русь esoterics. With the help of Perun, Russia will vanquish the jewish-reptillian tyrants and bring mankind to a purer state.

It's interesting because the mother of a half Russian middle school friend of mine was into some annunaki type cult, and her facebook was full of posts about Russia being a magical land with strange powers.
I asked the kid what his mom's religion was and he said Orthodox. For a long while I thought all orthodox christians believed that mankind was used by aliens to mine for gold.
No. 55538
Holy fuggen ebin. Hope they make it a permanent thing and not just a temporary diss. That'd take it from being ebin to being epic.
No. 55541
70 kB, 748 × 844
>The best-known example of this kind of research came in a 2004 study where a Baylor University neuroscientist placed subjects in an fMRI scanner and asked them to take sips of Coke and Pepsi. At first, participants were not told which cola brand they were being served but were simply asked to rate the cola’s taste. Overall, participants expressed a slight taste preference for Pepsi while the scanner revealed a corresponding response in a region of the brain that mediates reward when drinking the preferred beverage. Later, the same subjects were shown the brand name of the beverage before they took their sips. This resulted in a switch not only in preference (most participants now expressed a preference for Coke) but also in neural activity.
No. 55543
Something about the angle of that wall fucks with my head. I know it's probably just a non-right angle, but it still looks wrong.
No. 55544
19 kB, 522 × 425
37 kB, 1164 × 964
Noice, I'm jelly, just got myself pic related so I'll be cranking and measuring stuff manually like an idiot :DD
No. 55546
Did you take acid or something?
No. 55549
I prefer Pepsi because it has a lemon-tang to it and the carbonation is weaker than in Coke.

We literally have most of these here.
People believe Hungarian is the Ursprache that was brought here by space travellers from the Sirius and we lived 70000 years ago on Mu and the Carpathian basin has a magic aura that puts empires in the grave.
Jesus was a Scythian warrior prince.

The funny thing is that oftentimes they hold hour long lectures or create thousand pages long schizo books from old sources, going on tangents using 16th century linguistic methods and it's both infuriating and endlessly entertaining to read shit like how Ghengis Khan's real name was Göngyös Kán and Kubilai Kán was Kopjás Kán or shit like how the word "Magyar" has "MAG", which means seed, so it's indisputable proof that we are the originators of everything.

I wonder what causes this.
No. 55552
>I wonder what causes this.
Insecurity. Like you'll notice it's almost never sane, level headed, responsible, successful people who believe in this shit. It's the easiest way for them to try and raise their social status without having to do anything, which is usually embraced by the biggest losers. I could see it being much more popular in places that don't have a lot of prestige right now like say Slovakia, or among Hungarian and Russian bydlo, and we have similar things here. Like the Qanon shit reached millenarian cultist tier by the end of it, with each of them literally thinking they had a special mission chosen to them by Jeebus himself. You'll notice the beer-bbq-freedom guy in his rant about "dem stealin the election da Biden crime family is stealin it!" that he starts saying some nonsense about freedom for the world and he is clearly not the dude running some company. Black Hebrew Israelites or whatever they call themselves get the same mentality. Why work hard to better yourself and your community when you can simply tell everyone you're superior by merit of birth? Nazis did the same stupid shit come to think of it and right after being poor and humiliated.
No. 55557
168 kB, 1000 × 792
>Pepsi because it has a lemon-tang to it and the carbonation is weaker than in Coke.

Yeah, Pepsi indeed has the lemon-tang. A cold coke with immense carbonation on a hot summer day is great though. I would drink both in such a situation. Only Vanilla Coke rules them all. Otherwise I don't now which one I really prefer. Coca-Cola is ingrained in my childhood memory, though we had Pepsi as well.
No. 55558
Interesting that we don't have this. There was a 17th century idea that God chose the Portuguese to create his empire but that was as close as it got. I suppose Camões goes to some length to prove Portugal is the true heir to Rome, but nothing of the sort exists today.

Perhaps this means there's a market niche for esoteric nationalism and I should start writing about Lusitanian spaceships.
No. 55559
2bh I prefer drinking lemonade in the summer if I go out. The serving size is bigger and the sugar doesn't make the inside of my mouth stick to itself.
No. 55560
art is a domain where continuous variations in the same categorical space somehow create categorically meaningful differences.
No. 55561 Kontra
That's standard fare for a baroque epic.
(I've only read half of the Lusiads, because frankly, not to offend you but I found it horribly boring.)

I think it has more to do with how we have reconstructed our perspective of history like three times now. Or rather, we are in the process of reconstructing it, and the rightists and the liberals are beating each other with sticks over the puzzle pieces. We still haven't decided how to evaluate Horthy or Kádár in our collective consciousness/historical cannon.

Most of the weird ideas (Sumerian-Hungarian language relation, Japanese-Hungarian language relation, 5000 year old carpathian basin Hunno-magyaroid civilisation, Crown of Saint Stephen is a communication device and the Habsburgs bent the cross so the Magyars can't communicate with the mothership.) are from fringe self-published right wing books or channels, but the youtube videos where one lady spends hours schizophrenically rambling though her notes got tens of thousands of views, and a lot of these weird people get their lecture halls packed.
So I'd say like 0.5-1.5% of the population is receptive for this kinda stuff.
No. 55562
123 kB, 1500 × 1500
This tastes like shampoo.
No. 55563 Kontra
>art is a domain where continuous variations in the same categorical space somehow create categorically meaningful differences.

difference yields novelty. While categorized as art this says nothing about the differences produced.
No. 55564
The actual difference between two points in the possibility space of a medium is not quantifiable.
When one recognizes the "right thing", it just clicks.

Visual art is a good example because it is inherently non-categorical (unlike something more structured and systematic like music or architecture). All paintings are essentially collections of points in a 3D space, two directional, and one for color. Every painting is a point in that possibility space.
How do you analyze the points and make categorical judgements about them, when none actually exist?

Categories emerge in this continuous space in spite of the structure of the medium.
No. 55565 Kontra
Another example is video games.
Most FPS games, fighting games, platformers, etc., are functionally exactly the same game.
Like, if you could model the gameplay structures of games in those genres, they would be almost identical.

What differentiates the good games and bad games in those genres is the fine-tuning and adjustment of various parameters, until some invisible point is hot that makes it feel "just right".
No. 55569
92 kB, 450 × 437
Don’t have this in Switzerland. Mostly because we are not a nation state. But for creating Switzerland, we had to come up with a plausible story. The Helvetic society was a enlightened secret society that formed itself a bit before the French Revolution. They decided to give us the identity of the Celtic tribe who was more or less in our territory. Pic related, this was a small tribe similar to all the other Gaullic
tribes. The funny thing is that being a first world country, Switzerland managed to make everyone believe in its made up bullshit. Switzerland wasn’t really a thing until the 19th century. The only thing that was called Swiss prior to this century was our mercenaries. So the fact is that Switzerland is puppet state made up by revolutionary France and then reused by the absolutists to serve as a tampon state to block France from expanding. Still can’t believe that money managed to create us a 800 yo history to the eyes of everyone. If France had not created Switzerland, the alliance of states in the region would not even be represented in school maps of the Holy Roman Empire until we became the mercenary reserve of Europe.
No. 55570
Just sprained ans ankle and it hurts like a bitch.
One downside of living in an unfinished house I guess, there are places that are pitch black with various obstacles on the ground.

my ankle made a cracking sound, too. fortunately I can still walk.
No. 55575 Kontra
Not sure if I understand you, but differentiation is the condition for making judgments in the mess that is not quantifiable in a way. Without differentiation, there is nothing to evaluate. Without difference you cannot say that something is, it is only in difference to something else and when you making a difference you bring some relation into being, you bring things into being, without a cut, without making a difference, it's not intelligible, at least for us.
No. 55577
4,4 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:50
It is so freaking hot it's unbearable. I've ran my AC basically all day here. It's in the fuggin 90s all the way up to Montana 34°C or some shit like that for eurofags. I do not even begin to comprehend how there's actual people in the uninhabitable hellscape that is anything south of Virginia and Colorado, let alone the unimaginable hell dimensions of Texas and Florida. I mean, to be fair both Dallas and LA are vaguely tolerable in that they have dry heat, but it's still effectively an uninhabitable nightmare dimension whose hostile environment surely requires multiple meter thick air conditioned bunkers and Freeman water recycle and personal cooling habsuits. Like as it stands now, I don't think there's any genuinely nice habitable places left south of Ontario and I don't know how we'll grow food in poor nutrient soil in the subarctic.
No. 55578
I guess a more straightforward way to put it is that art is not subject to logos, because it is by nature non-categorical.
No. 55582

> Ghengis Khan's real name was Göngyös Kán
No. 55584
Lusíadas is nice, had to read it in school as part of lusitania indoctrination but I did genuinely like it. I guess I have no idea how the translation comes across, it's a pretty dense text and written in very ornate ye olde timey way.
No. 55585 Kontra
>Like as it stands now, I don't think there's any genuinely nice habitable places left south of Ontario
Mysterious, temperate Mediterranean weather is pretty tame. Honestly it would really gets bad at 40c, but whatever just stay somewhere chilly, drink water and don't move a lot. Go swimming if it's a possibility.
We don't even have culture of AC like Am*ricans.
No. 55589
Maybe you have coastal something so it's more tolerable but the humidity in some zones is horrific. I dunno. It's bright and hot here continent wide and it feels worse every year.

> but whatever just stay somewhere chilly, drink water and don't move a lot
This is what I am doing this very moment. I aspire to permanent Iberian settis. But no AC is impossible to imagine in such climates. I'd rather get buried under six feet of snow.
No. 55590
Yesterday we went out with my family to eat. I was feeling unwell and was in a lot of pain throughout the day , but otherwise I think I managed to keep my dignity and composure during the lunch.
Even had two scoops of ice cream afterwards.

I also shaved off my beard again and I noticed that my face looks a bit sunken in. Or hollow.
Holy fucking shit am I withering away from the stress. How do normal people do this without getting sick?
Sometimes I think I want to consume three lives, yet I was only allotted three quarters of one. Yet people claim I get more done than two more people would.

I just learned that "pouffe" is an actual English word. Quite funny.
My family owned two pouffes from since before I was born I think. It's funny because we call them "puff". The contrast between this elaborate French-english spelling and the simplicity of just writing puff makes me laugh. I'm going to put a post-it on one of them saying "pouffe" lel.
Though apparently our comes from a German word.
Always assumed the word for such a piece of furniture was "ottoman".

I guess it's different when it's your national epic.

What Portugal says. It's tolerable in the coastal areas. When I was in Greece it was 40 degrees and I had to wear a mask, but man, it was peak weather. It was a civilizational experience what I'm saying.
>tfw my lobbying efforts to the rest of the family to visit Crete this summer failed

Otherwise I share your sentiment. I wake up, open the door and it's so hot that the stagnating air makes me want to throw up, and it's not even 30 degrees yet.
No. 55600
Feeling bad about the fact that I'm almost 27 and haven't accomplished anything yet.

Rather, I'm in the process of climbing up to the level of a non-dysfunctional person.
No. 55601
22 kB, 210 × 296
Well, I think logos makes possible distinctions. And this is the crazy part for me, that humans need distinctions like computers in a way. YET, we know that this probably is just a functional grid and that it is not confused with reality and that reality does not go by distinctions. Art then is the attempt to access or mediate this realm. also a position that Deleuze and Guattari hold; art is a mediation of infinity, that which is not distinct, that which is before on after life in a way, it exceeds the span of humans and maybe even humanity, not sure, this my lose interpretation

Will be 29 soon, same goal, I'm half functioning and I think this is a struggle you have to maintain, there is no point where you then function nicely, it's constant action, only through the continual action you learn to operate more smooth and efficient, making it easier and less burdening to successfully operate the basic functions. Then again how much does one want to function like everybody else? Basic functions don't say much about other areas of personal life.
No. 55602
> also a position that Deleuze and Guattari hold; art is a mediation of infinity, that which is not distinct, that which is before on after life in a way, it exceeds the span of humans and maybe even humanity, not sure, this my lose interpretation
Sounds vaguely neoplatonistic. As in, art representing some immutable, higher, divine "idea" that exist beyond material reality.

>And this is the crazy part for me, that humans need distinctions like computers in a way. YET, we know that this probably is just a functional grid and that it is not confused with reality and that reality does not go by distinctions
Mostly agree. This is why I don't really agree when people say "math is universal, if we meet aliens they will have the same math as us". Categorical thinking is a product of the human mind. Arithmetic is a consequence of arbitrarily differentiating matter into "objects", because apes found it useful to use rocks and sticks, and treat them as objects.

But usually, in order to preserve the value of logos, I get out of this conundrum by appealing to a sort of "solipsism of the human condition". Whatever the "objective" reality might be, the reality we all experience subjectively, is a product of our own minds, so as an experience, reality really is categorical, since we can't even see "beyond" our own minds.

The extent of reality is the extent of our brains' capacity for understanding.
No. 55606
132 kB, 1270 × 625
it seems like google's function of auto-picking images for subjects doesn't work that well when there's japanese animes who arbitrarily use cool sounding words for completely unrelated fictional characters.
No. 55607
198 kB, 2356 × 1403
Perhaps the real tragedy is that google doesn't use spurdo renditions of the demiurge.
No. 55608
We should meme it into reality
No. 55611
Oh wait a minute that's the other reason my blood pressure feels like it's spiking. It isn't just neighbors or usual Postal 2 "avoid the Americans" tier things I think I haven't taken my blood pressure pills in a couple of days.
No. 55612
I remember the strangest fucking experience to going to church for me is them saying Ialdabaoth. This in combination with really weird lyrics to hymnals I talked to you guys about before like "please LORD consume me utterly."

I actually think it was a pretty damn hard experience for me to describe to a foreigner but let me put it to you this way, I'd previously only had passing experience with Catholicism and Presbyterian social gatherings the presbies are basically just Unitarianism with less God and more 50 year old ladies gossiping over browniesit at least taught me delayed gratification and patience as a kid because it taught me if I could suffer through an hour of these boring as fuck sermons on uncomfortable wooden benches I'd get cookies and brownies at the end of itthis was largely a lie there are no cookies and brownies and no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow when misery is pointless and so had largely held my experience of Christianity as being in muh bibble. That, and whatever cultural traces of it.

So here I am, surrounded by all these fucking people in literally the way back woods, I mean you had to actually drive past God's forgotten villages to get to this church. There was no cellphone service. It didn't exist. Which at least was refreshing getting so far off the grid.

Meanwhile this is a nondenominational church which had in it a combination of some real salt of the earth folks along with born agains, some real fanatics, probably a couple of Baptist tier "look good on Sunday and be depraved on Saturday," and a bunch...odd, folks from the hills. By and large they were good folks but the most striking feature, to me at least, was the absence of Christ on the Cross. It just struck me personally as a bit peculiar to have this big wooden cross as the centerpiece and with no Jesus on it nor images of Jesus around, and they kinda tended to spend about 90% of their time on Romans and a few choice OT books like Leviticus. My one pastor who I actually liked and trusted and was I think a born again who led some sketchy life of crime out on the other end of the country before being Saved and coming here tended more towards the Gospels, which really now that I think of it a lot of the people who call "cultural Christianity" and I privately call them trailer park Jews are raised that way whereas from what I gather basically all the born agains get drawn in by the Gospels. I hadn't thought of this until now but now that I do it's really striking.

Meanwhile I am convinced the other dude may have been a bit closeted and sonbasket tier, and his mother definitely struck me as unfriendly. They'd do things like organize trips to evangelize in South America and have a food pantry although in retrospect I mostly knew that pantry as now that I think of it a bit Communist in spirit in that it really seemed to just serve as free food for members where you gave according to what you could donate and members took when they needed it.

One of the things always privately amused me was the fact that some of it was unintentionally sexually graphic. I knew at that point a lot of these people really weren't psych major tiers, would not have analyzed themselves like that or thought like this anyway, and that it was all really unwitting, but it was super, super conservative. And I mean like, way beyond even I had in my worst puritanism and fanaticism. So much as hugging or holding holds was frowned upon. God help you if you cohabited with anyone you weren't married to. For reasons I am not going to get into that are ultimately either too identifying or too much everyone else's business the whole thing struck me as wildly dysfunctional towards the end, and ultimately less about the Scriptural than the rules this subsociety deemed important or not with open hostility sadly not towards gov at all, but solely whether the person was a fatposter or not. I am convinced the majority of those people made excuses for Trump's wanton depravity in Scriptural contexts, and I warned them repeatedly because they had a penchant for taking that "obedience to earthly authorities and politicians because God put them there" thing that God allowed even the devil himself his season upon the earth and that the antichrist itself would be allowed to be the global political power, but I digress. Former point being, that they would do things like bless a person, and start talking about things like "heavenly father please enter her, please fill her mouth and fill her up with your spirit oh lawd" and I could tell nobody was really even consciously aware of how that sounded and the way they'd sublimated their sex drives.

I'd had a great many amusing or alien experiences with that church regardless the fact it's the one I liked the most, partly because it was so sincere. But at the same time, it really forced me to step back and think about what I was doing and saying and believing and how unhealthy it was, particularly seeing the coldness and cruelty of one of its more fanatical members to a kid and I'm like you know what you don't follow your own damn rules. This involved other amusingly inaccurate comments like telling me the Indians smoked weed to worship the demonic spirits. I don't think a lot of them understood that those pipes are for tobacco.

But like I said they largely were sincere people with real faith and I appreciated that over all the other stuff, but your Ialdabaoth comment sticks out because we had hymnals worshipping that name. Like literally, I was given some sheet praising Yaldabaoth. I'd preciously understood the name only from Gnosticism so it took me for surprise. It also ended up having a lot of Islamic tier feels, like we are ultimately all the slaves of Yaldabaoth and should be happy about that because faith and obedience are the highest aspirations of man and so on. Really I think my main problem with it at the end was ultimately I did not see it bringing a lot of light and joy in people's lives and they tended towards extra-Scriptural things while flatly ignoring Scripture including even verses on the very same page to push the church more towards embracing an aspect of the kulturkampf I had no interest in, and it felt pretty cultish but I didn't sense a ton of that charity or an internally loving and loyal cult.

Maybe this summer I should try and find a black church to go to. It's also been on my wishlist for awhile now to check out an Orthodox or slav one but well then the pandemic hit so so much for that.
No. 55620
154 kB, 1280 × 853
>Sounds vaguely neoplatonistic. As in, art representing some immutable, higher, divine "idea" that exist beyond material reality.

Deleuze had something for Plato, and I know some people read him as an idealist, but usually and I know some passages myself, Deleuze is materialist. Alone and together with Guattari he wrote books against representationalism.
Art does not represent something, it gives affective access to this dimension, you heard of their concept BwO (body without organs)?
Basically as I understand it, the BwO is the realm without organization, without cuts, without distinction. Art gives affective access to this realm. It's potential, virtuality, something that is not actualized but there, it's real, but (still) abstract. Your future is there already, it's just not actualized. Though they are not determinists I think and say that virtually, there many things can happen to you, but only some will be actualized in the end, making up your life. Art is very mich engaged with potential exploration in a sense, maybe you can say that. Really, not all statements I made here are false, but they are probably not all right, or at least backed either.

> Whatever the "objective" reality might be, the reality we all experience subjectively, is a product of our own minds, so as an experience, reality really is categorical, since we can't even see "beyond" our own minds.

I think this is a real challenge. I mean you can work with that you know that you don't know etc. and perhaps you can even bend this seemingly natural condition somehow. So far the only thing we got as I can see are metaphors that describe what we cannot fathom with the operations of the logos.
No. 55624
153 kB, 800 × 600
83 kB, 512 × 384
164 kB, 1564 × 874
I wish I knew at the time that none of it would ever really matter. The feeling of greatness and exploring a new frontier on the internet was all an illusion
I wish I'd spent my youth on something else instead.
No. 55629
I think it may be possible that you would have felt intense nostalgic pain independently from any choice in your life.

I got one of my wisdom tooth removed three or four weeks ago. The dentist had to dig a hole in my gum take the tooth and sew it back right after. But I think the cicatrice hasn't really healed and it's been one or two weeks I have a strange taste in my mouth. I think some piece of gum is rotting now.
No. 55630
709 kB, 1600 × 1200
The Boomer should have both plates.

Who does that greedy Millennial think he is, does he think he's entitled to a plate? That Boomer worked construction right out of high school to pay for his own plate, and if the Millennial wants one he should just pull himself up by his bootstraps:DDD

We did a sort-of Pepsi Challenge in a Marketing class. Students were asked to write down their preference for Coke or Pepsi, then we sampled a drink without being told which was which. We sampled multiple times, eating a pretzel in between to remove any aftertaste, and rated each turn. It turns out there was no significant correlation between what people said they preferred, and what they actually did prefer. There were people who 'got it right', ofc,(I favored Pepsi and my score reflected a slight Pepsi advantage but nothing overwhelming) but for the class as a whole the choice was a crap shoot. It's not that there was no difference in taste between the two colas, it's just that determining a favorite as a consumer was influenced by...Marketing.

I know, big surprise, right?

>the unimaginable hell dimensions of Texas and Florida
It's not so hot if you stand in the shade :D
No. 55633
Christ I wonder how many old bernds ended up like this
Do you guys ever wonder what happened to everybody? I know a handful of people are still around and have their shit together but half this site is, what, 20 24 years old? Where did they all go? How many went insane and killed themselves or went to jail or whatever?
No. 55636 Kontra
11 kB, 640 × 480
>The Boomer should have both plates.
No, this was intentional.
But I also noticed that the situation is a bit different in Germany.
You see the boomer raised the millenial with all the wealth his parents accumulated after the war. However, the millenial didn't get any of this wealth beyond what was necessary to raise him.
Now the shelves are empty, there is no food on the table anymore, but since the boomer has had time to fatten up, he doesn't care about the empty plates because he won't starve any time soon.
No. 55638 Kontra
2,4 MB, 3840 × 2160
Destroying a sausage roll behind the butchers.
No. 55639
Well, I did go insane in my 22-24s.
I think I'm getting better though.
No. 55640
87 kB, 982 × 509
God damn it feels good. This whole state is on suicide watch now lmao. Those grim times of the Maroon winning streak feeling like a bad dream right now.

No. 55641
tfw no ernst bf
No. 55642
62 kB, 800 × 635
Uni prepares me for the deadline hell. Masters is different then bachelor, but I suspect it is due to uni organization, because here everything you and hand in is graded and you have more projects, hence fast-paced deadline work. Ugh, tbh realizing this made my future a bit bleaker. But I get a dopamine rush every time something is accomplished.

I wanted to make a peach cake, but I have to correct my essay that is due tonight.
No. 55650
213 kB, 128 × 128, 0:01
Summer is as if it were developed by Bethesda. It's full of bugs. Like an inordinate amount of bugs. Flies and mosquitoes mostly. But also new stuff I don't even know the name of.
I'm evaporating eucalyptus oil in my room to ward off at least the mosquitoes because I don't want to hunt them until the sun rises up.

Picked up a copy of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. Also a small selection of the Buddha's speeches. Really, I owned a copy of the Mahabharata, but this edition has more excerpts in it I think, plus it's bundled with selections from the Ramayana, so it's the most complete edition I can get in Hungarian. (And it's not like I actually want to read an epic longer than the Iliad and the Odyssey combined times ten. I think the two epics are already long enough on their own.)
The paper and the binding is very nice. The price tag on the back says it was 70HUF back when it was originally printed in 1964, and man, this shit was expensive, because apparently the average worker earned like 1600HUF a month. In essence it was a luxury item back then. (And this isn't even the leather-bound, numbered version the printing-date in the back says 1200 was made of.)

A few days ago I hit my foot in the edge of my small, Japanese style table and holy shit, the top of my left foot still hurts.

Chinese History exam went well. Got an A. Didn't have to write an essay this time.
Don't know if the lecturer was trolling, simply forgot or it was an anti-cheat tripwire but during the "Character recognition" section of the exam he added in the title for Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese. I recognised it and wrote it in as an answer, but after I checked the required hanzi list and it wasn't on it.
Most probably it was just an oversight. Don't know why I assume every single university lecturer is malicious like this.
No. 55658
67 kB, 474 × 734
You should definitely pick up the Bhagavad Gita m8. It's actually ironically enough one of the most precise definitions I have ever seen about the majesty, beauty, and totality of the Christian God.
>but it's Hindu
Yes exactly

Also it should give you a pretty good primer one what Siddhartha Gautama's schism from the old Hinduisitic theologies was really coming from.
I of course do not actually know which translation to recommend you because I don't speak any Hungarian and I don't know anything about either languages but I'm pretty sure you can get the picture regardless
No. 55663
I feel so safe and comfy and happy right now
No. 55673 Kontra
181 kB, 600 × 560
I feel an inner tension with all shit that needs to be done and presents itself as a massive amount of work. This isn't healthy, people that constantly stress are prone to have a certain cancer, don't they? Was it the one that is very much lethal? In any case, it seems like I feel like Hungary more and more :DDD
Perhaps I need to quit coffee, the caffeine is having more side-effects than benefits. The nervous (and hollow if that makes sense) bodily feel of caffeine converts into an anxious and thus unhealthy floating mind.

>in anxiety, the subject feels itself to be a subject to the extent that it is negated; it bears its own existence in itself, it is weighed down by its existence as if it had to carry itself-a burden of the earth (aK6oc:; apoupric:;) [akthos aroures], as Homer says, but also a burden to itself, since the individuated being, instead of having the ability to find the solution to the problem of perceptions and the problem of affectivity, feels all problems flowing back into it; in anxiety, the subject feels as if it exists as a problem posed to itself, and it feels its division into pre-individual nature and individuated being; the individuated being is here and now, and this here and now prevent an infinity of other here and nows from coming into existence
>anxiety is an emotion without action, a feeling without perception; it is the pure reverberation of the being within itself.
No. 55674
>as if it had to carry itself-a burden of the earth
Pretty accurate, this becomes an accepted fact of daily existence when living under of chronic anxiety.
No. 55682 Kontra
Yesterday night was weird. I studied some, and then I randomly threw up. It was pretty violent.
Strangely enough it seems to have improved my coughing a lot.
My neck really hurts.

Afterwards the night felt kind of magical. Went out into the diningroom with a notebook and wrote a few short descriptions of items as if I were a main character of a 90s point-and-click adventure game using the "look at..." tool.
It was an interesting experiment in style.

I have a copy of the Gita. Also a small selection from the Upanishads and a small monograph on Hinduism by Ananda Coomaraswamy.
Though my edition is kinda barebones, it's just a hundred pages with the text translated into prose by the same Indologist who did the raw translation for the Ramayana and the Mahabharata editions (plus he also translated the Buddha's speeches, so he was the man when it comes to this stuff.)
The Hare Khrisna guys apparently published a version that's ~1k pages long and includes the original Sanskrit, a transcription, a Hungarian verse and a Hungarian prose translation. (Plus commentary in all probability.)
But I hold a negative prejudice against them sorts of (not like that I'd like to massacre them like the Scientologists or the American Protestants that keep coming here to get money out of old people), it's just that I was always told that they're a hippie cult. Though they don't do much bad. They live in their secluded valley where they produce foodstuffs and do charity work.

I really enjoyed the parts of the lectures that talked about it. Especially how it connected Dharma, Karma and reincarnation and how taking part in that battle is basically nothing more than carrying out the will of the cosmos on a personal level. (And it's not even really killing, since the soul is immortal and will reincarnate.)
No. 55684
a little girl asked me to adopt a kitten while I was on my way to the store.
she said their cat gave birth a few months back and her mom told her to get rid of it.

I agreed, because I'm a fucking spineless chump.
Now I have a kitten despite telling myself that I won't have any pets in my new abode. What the fuck do I do now.
No. 55685
Same settis, I found myself having to take care of a discarded kitten. He's alright, though
No. 55686
1,7 MB, 600 × 525
I ended up starting to hum in my mind at work today
>I am a real pro-le-tarian, fight for the rights of ev-ery work-ing man I am a real pro-le-tarian fight for your rights fight for your life
No. 55688
>Ananda Coomaraswamy
Oh sweet doge I read that and then wanted to ask you "was he a repressed gay Kazakh?" and then thought
>hey brick I think we found your Eastern convert name
and laughed irl. I'm sorry no offense meant it just cracked me up.
No. 55697
This is so assburgers in a way. But still funny. Basically evolution described in RPG terms.

No. 55703
Hello ernst I haven't been to ernstchan in over a year. I was getting very annoyed in March 2020 and quit using ernstchan then. I developed a habit of checking ernstchan once in the morning and once in the evening, but I kept getting aggravated due to the discussions about covid and about particular posters. Instead of comfily reading the new posts created everyday, I would get annoyed and I would not bother checking ernstchan some mornings or evenings. This made me go to ernstchan less and less, until I just stopped going altogether. Somehow, I managed to avoid using imageboards for a good few months (it was good for my mental state). All good things must come to an end however, and eventually I rebounded. It was the long cat eulogy thread on /b/ (yes, /b/ on 4chan) that made me return. It was a very worthwhile and nostalgic thread to participate in, but I regret that it led me back to imageboards. I sporadically started using imageboards again, and by January of 2021 I became a full on KC addict. There are still some good Bernds there, but to me it seems they visit more out of habit than anything else. Most of the threads are shit: screencaps from reddit, 4chan, instagram, discord, twitter, imported memes from current year 4kanker, attention whoring, pedoposting, and so on. I used to think that blogposting was low quality on KC, but in comparison to what it exists now it is completely harmless and almost a breath of fresh air. Occasionally, there are funny or interesting threads, but it is not worth searching and F5ing through mountains of shit to find the diamond in the rough. Take for example this thread from this multiple week, multiple thread arc: https://kohlchan.net/int/res/12052226.html
Since I am working from home and rarely go outside anymore, I have been using KC way too much in my freetime. I need to stop and have come back here to get my imageboard "fill" so to speak. To give myself a better experience, I want to hide all american posts.
On cabbagechan I used the following dollchan spells to hide all american posts except my own (changed resource path of flag png to ernstchan's), but on ernstchan I do not know how to detect posts created by me based on the html source. I would appreciate some help in regards to this.

!#exph[int](/de-post-counter-you) &

On another note, I have been trying to recover a youtube account of mine from 2008 that I foolishly linked to gmail way back when. I no longer have access to my old phone number, but I still have access to my recovery email. However, I am unable to recover my account just using my recovery email and password, as I think the change of location/device/IP address makes gmail think that I am not the original user of the account. This gmail account is also linked to twitter account from 2009 (as well some as some other accounts I haven't used in a long time). I think the only option I have left is to try to call/search for someone who has my old phone number, and kindly ask them to tell me the digit verification code they receive from google in order to recover my email.
No. 55704
That channel is okay, but I much prefer this channel:
Alien Biospheres and Conlang Case Studies
No. 55705 Kontra
>I only even go there out of habit
>going to 4kanker /b/ in 2021
>actually unironically linking to k*hl here
See here's the problem and I want to get straight to the point before anything longer: you straight up mentioned the chomos in such a blase manner like you don't even see how profoundly fucked up it is anymore. That's part of the problem. They became the lowest form of addicts, beneath even meth addicts and heroin junkies, because at least those people still can get laid and associate IRL and do things IRL and generally see fucking pedophiles for subhuman filth they are. You posted that as if this hadn't occurred to you anymore, which at least you were beginning to understand the profoundly negative impact it had on you.

Seriously my dude you need to spend some real night of the soul time reflecting on yourself that you don't see the problem with a place whose mods themselves condone shit like pedophilia. I feel bad for the worst loserish bernds who let themselves fall that far merely out of habit and kept going there.

Now then: Last I checked itit is not and never is going to be KC, it was never spiritually casey and over half the userbase isn't bernds they straight up banned someone for making an IWO thread if it's not a fed honeypot I'd be surprisedout right after the cancer from 4kanker finally killed KC and it had a distinct intensely sick aura. It's hard to explain but it like spiritually emanated disease and sickness and I felt unwell. Then I discovered they were pedos and promptly erased my cache and never went back. The fact you'd even bother linking that fucking subhuman shithole also speaks volumes. You may as well go to 4cancer and directly link reddit pages.

Speaking of disease what the hell did you mean by "talk about covid" and "american posters"? You mean, you were that retarded idiotic twat who was trying to argue justaflubro gobugchasebro ChinklungAIDSisgoodforyoubro? Then good fucking riddance. You spend your free time on a site with literal terrorists and pedophiles and then come here crying how people don't worship nurgle? Was that your implication?
No. 55709
Tbh I think this militant law of jante tier complaining about the "enemy".
It didn't use to be the case until the americans moved in to EC.
Sure, we shat on kohl invasions and outright shitposting, but that was more to just keep the board clean from junk.

As long as it is not spam or breaking the rules, I don't think it matters what people post, if it's low quality, people won't reply to it.
Why can't americans just chill?
No. 55712
Welcome home, prodigal son.
No. 55714 Kontra
45 kB, 472 × 304
America so big, it its own butthurt belt!

I dunno but it sounds like he started arguments with other Americans, got butthurt and left.maybe we should be rangebanned for the greater good of the internet
No. 55729
I was actually responding directly to you lol.
I'm just kinda tired of certain USAballs aggroing at certain topics or opinions, and trying to moderate the board.

Yes, I also get annoyed with certain posters, but I at least try to engage them and change their opinions, rather than telling them to go away. And tbh, I think my method works better, because I've already driven off 2 people off EC lol.
No. 55733
Cats don't give a shit about names, but I decided to name it Kotleta.
One, because it's a funny meme, two, because it makes people double take when I tell them.
Naming pets after foodstuffs is not normal in russian :-DDD.

Also, buying the thing made people recognize me as a neighbor. They keep asking me how the kitten is. Good political move by me.

Also, I misgendered it. It's actually a male. Thank fugging god, sterilization costs 20% of my salary here.
No. 55734 Kontra
I was not that poster and I did not start arguments/engage with posts I didn't like. I was simply getting tired about covid discussion, as I had already known about it and followed it since January. Please do not assume that I was this or that poster or that I said this or that, you can't know that due to the nature of anonymity. To me it seems that you come with presuppositions with the purposes of starting an argument; that you want to start an argument. I dislike this behaviour.
I give a link to cabbagechan to show that occasionally you still have funny threads. There was also a thread some time ago about the italian airforce and specific planes that was pretty interesting as well. The postcard thread from christmas was very nice and a reminder of better times. But these types of threads are by far the exception and not the rule. The longcat thread was a very special occasion.
I dislike that the news thread doesn't truly act like a containment thread for news and political discussion. It is leaking everywhere on EC, and the only solution for me to is to hide all american posters. >>54475 is correct. When I lived in Canada I could have easily hidden all american posters, but now I don't know how to hide american posters without hiding my own posts.
No. 55735
Actually, since it's male, it's gonna have to be Kotlet.

Anyway, the thing won't eat kielbasa or drink milk, but it devours whiskas chunks. Fucking zoomer cats, back in my day, cats were content with regular old milk.

Whenever I'm gone, it lays down on my computer chair, probably because it remembers the smell. How the fuck am I supposed to hold up my stoic demeanor when the thing is so cute? What was I thinking?
No. 55750
50 kB, 436 × 600
Today was an interesting day. My history teacher invited me to meet up, since my old highschool had an open day. Met with a lot of my old teachers which was pretty interesting in my opinion.
Initially I had this feeling nagging me that a visit like this is kinda cringe, but apparently it's a normal thing to do to and a lot of students who were favoured or were members of the community back then do it. (Obviously I only did it because I was invited.)

I was mostly asked about my studies while there. Most people noted how I've lost weight I have long hair now. I thought it wasn't noticeable but then again I'm like 10kgs lighter than I used to be. Anyway, it was a good experience. Best news was that they fired the librarian I got into an argument with over her being a retarded lazy cretin. Apparently it took piles upon piles of paper, but it was worth it. (If my letter of complaint was in that pile, then I'm a bit proud that I helped this effort.)

It felt nice to be welcomed back, even if for just a short period of time. Though I didn't really feel at home like I used to, which is normal.
It was a pretty good experience over all and I'm happy that I'm went.
(The long hair, slight stubble and the fact that I kept standing on one foot while talking I think really sold the image that "wow, this guy has become a humanities student" :D)

On the way home I hit my then-usual book-buying spots and wasted like 5 euros on books. Stuff's gotten cheaper because it used to be 400 huf but it's back to 300 huf for some reason. Still not the golden days of 200 huf but pretty good.
Bought Ilf-Petrov's Golden Calf, some Korean narrative poem titled "Chunhyangjeon" (and no, I didn't mistake it for a Chinese book, because the name of the translator was Korean), a Hungarian epic poem and also a copy of Tristan and Isolde. Also found a cool collection of studies on great Russian novels.
And I also fucked up and wasted like 80 cents on a volume of Dostoevsky novellas I already owned by accident. Asked my friend if he needs it once he "returns to North Korea" and he said yes so in the end it's not a catastrophe.

I don't have any more shelf space.

A weird guy asked me about my beliefs at the bookstand and it was kinda awkward. I decided to make a daring proclamation and say I do believe in God, it's just that I'm not a good Christian because I don't go to mass. Don't know what the whole point of the discussion was.

I know you hate the comparison but this is like the plot of some second rate seasonal anime.
Too bad it's not a girl because the chances of it turning into a catgirl is 0% :DDD

Maybe a bit of companionship will do you some good 2bh.

2bh, I often do the same. Communists songs have catchy tunes and a lot of Russian ones got translated so if I wanted I could even sing them. It's catchy and give your walk a nice rhythm. I used to whistle "Legendary and invincible" on the way home after an exam.
(Though one day I'll probably get beaten up because someone will recognise it.)
No. 55751
Anime girls, or any images of female romantic ideal are basically male inventions. Real women aren't that impressed by the "undying love" of a complete loser, and require something concrete in addition. Women tend to be quite pragmatic in general.

As a rule, the whole idea of "she should love me for who I am" is a cope for losers who have nothing to offer. All in life is about power, and mutual benefit. And rightfully so. I do not want others to accept me for what I am right now. I want to remold myself into something that people don't have to lower their standards in order to accept.
The weak shall fear the strong.

Besides, romantic love is bullshit. "Love" is only the catalyst, the process is sustained by entirely worldly matters. Part of maturity is realizing that everything and anything, eventually, turns into a routine. Passions, hobbies, love, life purpose, work, etc. etc., when experienced day to day, feel like just routine. You solve problems as they come along, day to day, and hopefully one day it will lead to an accomplishment. After which you set another goal, and repeat. Then you die, not having accomplished your last goal.

Such is the nature of life. It is boring by design.
No. 55760 Kontra
actually, anime girls act more like pets than humans, so I guess the comparison was apt after all.
No. 55784 Kontra
My pee and farts now smell like the unpleasant taste in my mouth. I think the wound produces pus that I unintentionally eat.
No. 55786
164 kB, 300 × 100
Instead of doing useful things, I took a few hours to make this banner.
Not sure what the size limit for a banner is, but I can't compress it any further without degrading the quality too much.

pls rate.
No. 55790
Moving sucks. Cleaning, sorting my pile of meager possesions into a smaller pile of meager possessions because why do I even have(random item), everything is in the wrong place, more cleaning. On top of that, there will be a three day gap between my internet getting shut off here and when it gets turned on at the new place. I know, the world will get on just fine without my attentive gaze, and I'll be plenty busy, but I'm a creature of habit and like to make my daily digital rounds. I guess it's time to get comfortable being uncomfortable and all that.

>back in my day, cats were content with regular old milk.
Maybe he'll go for milk after it's been flavored with breakfast cereal or oatmeal. My sister's cat loves the last sugary dregs left in a bowl. I never give him much, though, just a taste. He has a delicate digestive system, and I don't want to mess it up.

>Best news was that they fired the librarian I got into an argument with over her being a retarded lazy cretin. 
To my surprise, this actually pleases me. I must have adopted a vicarious hatred for her poor job performance.

Please tell me you're going to follow up with the dentist about this tooth.

10/10. Great animation, and love the screen lighting.
No. 55791
Rated, very nice.
No. 55792
No. 55794
64 kB, 460 × 690
Very nice, good job!