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No. 55197
175 kB, 1500 × 1000
I lost $45,000 last year on a BTC scam. Don't believe the hype. If you can't transfer to your crypto wallet then it is a scam. Learn that first before you give a stranger somewhere in the world your $. Even if a friend or co-worker recommends it. They lost far more than I did.
No. 55198 Kontra
70 kB, 600 × 600
You should also know, that those people who send you e-mails asking for money so they can access the millions they own are actually not rich. They are poor Africans or Indians and they don't give you your money back.
Learn that first before you give a stranger somewhere in the world your $.
No. 55202
157 kB, 812 × 899
thx for the info

Personal case:

"I'd drop 20 euros in bitcoin"
"20? With 20 you don't know anywhere"
"How much should I put then? 100 is enough?"
"I'll pass, man"
No. 55203 Kontra
*go, not know
No. 55208
35 kB, 404 × 500
investing in a pyramid scheme 10 years after its glory days means you're blind to begin with
No. 55218
BTC probably, at least it's dumb during a boom. Others? Nah. I think globalism makes crypto have genuine use cases.
No. 55240
There is no "scheme", everything about Bitcoin has operated completely openly from day one
It's only the third parties involved that bring any shadiness to the business, but these days there are harsly any hardly any shady actors in that sphere of things either