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No. 55516
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
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Take it outside boys, let's not shit up this fine establishment
No. 55517
Ironically the non-early 90s rap part of it was pretty inoffensive to me from a musical perspective. They also genuinely looked attractive and not full on bydlo trashy while reflecting a couple things I believelike social media was a mistake but they're too weak and vain to get off it so that helped bias me although I found particular irony in some of them wearing chokers and lowkey bondage gear with what they are saying.

I will say that you should never listen to what a woman is saying that she wants. Always deliver what she actually wants and do it well. It's indeed a huge mistake these retarded male feminists seem to make, just as much as incels make retarded mistakes in the opposite direction you want to be masculine and attentive, not act like a spastic woman hating retard who treats them like shit. I think part of it also is some of these incels just have low social intelligence coupled with they never listened to women. Literally God only knows how many hours I've talked with women, and I do mean literally 10 hour long phonecalls. also not particularly proud of all the bfs I've inadvertently cucked which clearly displeased God greatly and part of why I've gone celebate after the fact, and in all three cases I basically stole their gfs except the one because I was pursuing somebody else and yadda yadda.

I think the problem is incels never had sisters, probably raised by a single parent, never socialized with women, probably was raised by a single mom they both resented and depended on for tendies which made them angry bitter retards towards women rather than gitting gud. Like if you actually listen nonjudgmentally to what a woman has to say a whole fuckton of them have rape fantasies. Like, a lot. Also religious and a bit more Conservative ones seem more prone to BDSM fetishes although I suspect hardcore feminists do too.

In terms of the jealousy thing you have to just understand what a woman is generally like. I had one ex who broke up with me and then got profoundly butthurt and jealous this one Halloween because she saw some other women in some female Halloween uniform because as you know, Halloween is national women's day to show off the goods and dress as slutty as they possibly can and completely get away with it without societal judgment while competing with each other for bf and she was assravaged by that apparently. Also said I seduced her and got butthurt about it because we got back together by the end of that night, which is precisely what I wanted though to be fair she seduced me to begin with so..

Really it boils down to understanding our natures and not yourself being butthurt about it and our biological prerogatives. Women are utterly bitchy and terrible to each other. That music video encapsulates it pretty well and the frenemy concept of feminine socializing. There's a pretty funny woman on youtube with dreads who talks about Florida prisons and women getting gfs which boils down to the same reason they gravitate to The Sims and we gravitate to FPS because theirs is building a family and stable social unit, and ours is a stable and protective one while cooperating as tribal teams so to speak in competition with other male teams. Women just do their competing differently and when they say "I'm wearing this makeup for me not for men" they both mean that directly, as well as the fact they're trying to not just make themselves feel pretty and feel good about themselves but also to show off against other women. You'll notice they all were decked out in full female regalia against each other in that music video.

What you have to understand is that "baby I'm jealous" is the equivalent to us with out metal songs talking how we want to bash some guy's teeth in. It is saying, fuck these bitches, just like you or I or more especially incels might be inclined to shitpost about "women only liking assholes". You will notice it is not male directed: it is female directed. All this of course makes me question how the hell Muslims and Mormon fundemntalists can make polygamy work because while you may want to make some remark about nature in truth women are incredibly jealous of each other and more than one wife requires godly stamina just to manage them and their nonstop sniping at eachother.

You may also wish to say something about women being possessive but I don't gibe a shit it's hot. They likewise also expect you to be a bit jealous. Like put yourself in their shoes if you were flirting with other women you'd be lowkey disappointed and upset or even paranoid she doesn't seem to care about losing you, but at the same time you don't want her to be a total psycho bitch throwing your shit out the window because she didn't realize that female voice on the phone was your sister. It's a fine line and I'm not going to get into all that but suffice to say there's a sense of satisfaction in a woman outright saying "fuck off bitch he's mine."

So in summation I think you really missed the mark on including that song with misandry because again, it wasn't male directed at all. That was entirely a video about the toxic relationship women have with each other when competing for male affection and attention.

Also snip I'm moving this discussion to containment

I'm actually kind of curious now what are your views on women and why you seem to hate them or be filled with rage and what exactly your familial situation is like because I ended up seeing women more as my peers than the men. Because I am not female it surely is Jannah being surrounded by them instead of retarded sweaty bydlo men but I'm not stupid enough to be fully aware had I been born a girl I'd take exact opposite approach to be tomboyish and surround myself with men so I didn't have to be surrounded by these other retarded hormonal females. Such cases.
No. 55528
I'm right now away from home and enjoying the day out with my mother. I'll respond later.
No. 55539
Without revealing too much about my personal life, my day to day circumstances are extraordinarily different from the average person. Having never truly lived alone for any extended period of time, I am the archetypal sonbasket. Throughout my entire adult life, I worked for the family business which is in the process of slowly folding up. My real life human interactions are solely with my mother, customers seeking to buy things, the clerks at the checkout stands and people at the gym. The only truly emotionally fulfilling human contact I have is with my mother, and with everyone else, the relationships can be described as varying degrees of transactional. I occasionally get an attaboy from others who notice me at the gym, but that's about it. It is an unhealthily reclusive lifestyle but one where changing seems unimaginable.

Your analysis of the song has given me much to ponder. My message was a bit muddled, but that song just annoys me in terms of aesthetics. There are certainly other anti-male numbers (hello, Taylor Swift*), but that one wasn't quite it. The song is less anti-male and more just women, ironically, expressing misogyny among themselves in competition for the affections of other men. The whole "frenemy" concept is even more grossly foreign to me. Why the hell would anyone tolerate someone they have no regard for makes absolutely no sense unless they truly have something to gain in the long term, and if that were the case, what could be so important that you would have to go through this massive charade? Why not just express yourself and be honest? I understand that people "wear masks" so to speak because public decorum frowns upon going "mask off", and oftentimes, expressing how you truly feel can cost you in the long term especially if you are not in an advantageous position, but it still doesn't make any sense to me.

>I'm actually kind of curious now what are your views on women and why you seem to hate them or be filled with rage and what exactly your familial situation is like because I ended up seeing women more as my peers than the men. Because I am not female it surely is Jannah being surrounded by them instead of retarded sweaty bydlo men but I'm not stupid enough to be fully aware had I been born a girl I'd take exact opposite approach to be tomboyish and surround myself with men so I didn't have to be surrounded by these other retarded hormonal females. Such cases.

As to your question, women are quite literally a foreign language to me. It is true I had no sisters growing up. Indeed, I was my mother's only child. My father had two sons from a previous marriage, neither of which I am on speaking terms with. The vast majority of my blood cousins, first and distant, were males, so lacking a female sibling or relative in close contact could partly explain my attitudes towards the fairer sex, but then again, King Incel himself Elliot Rodger had a sister growing up, so perhaps there's much more to it. In his case, the dude was pathologically narcissistic and entitled.

>"women only liking assholes"

This is something I've come to appreciate from women with time. They are responding entirely to biological imperatives forged over centuries of evolution. Obviously, no woman wants some psychotic misogynistic sociopath, but they like aggressive and especially confident men because they generally have the aptitude to both provide for and support any potential offspring. I knew a girl from school who's now the manager at a local restaurant that candidly admitted to me the guy she married who I also knew from school was quite the punk. I remember the dude showing off his midsemester report card in freshman year to everyone boasting a 0.85 GPA. It was obvious academics were not in the future for him, but eventually, he joined the military, got into a groove and eventually left to become a project manager at some company. They have two kids now and everything seems to be in place. Honestly, it makes perfect sense for women to like assholes, but yeah, it still stings when said assholes make fun of you.

Anything more you'd like to know?

*It's kind of funny seeing how so many people who initially posted those ironic Nazi Taylor Swift memes completely gaslit themselves into believing she's some strange avatar for tradshit even though she never once publicly advocated for any of it. They all lost the plot on why macros juxtaposing Hitler quotes with Taylor Swift was done: to share them on social media and get dippy teenage girls to reshare them and then publicly embarrass themselves having unwittingly shared Hitler quotes. That all somehow transmogrified into "Taylor Swift is a Nazi". And then, this came out and those same people were aghast:

Ironically, the very people she was trying to signal towards spit in her face because it was, in their words, "upper class white women's conception of activism. It's so lazy. It's clearly milking a marginalized demographic for profit, and adds nothing of substance to the conversation." While not necessarily wrong, it's still funny because her earnest attempt to reach out went unreciprocated from the audience. Then again, perhaps this song wasn't made for the general public:
No. 55550 Kontra
You completely missed the point I was trying to make. "That asshole" is to you as "that skank" is to her.

>>"women only liking assholes"
>This is something I've come to appreciate from women with time.
Maybe I did not phrase it clearly enough but the implication being that phrase is the kind of retarded stereotype of what incels think. It's utterly untrue.
I'm sure this is going to fill you with ragequite frankly most of these videos are pretty cringey, niche, and I only ran across this seeing if I could find a psych major video not just a bunch of e-thots and by god are they cringey and at times misleading but here
This is the best succinct explanation from the woman's point of view, and while every time I woman verbalizes what "she wants" it should be taken with a grain of saltit goes back to that woman saying "I'm fine" then flipping out why you didn't figure out what's wrong, they will say the complete opposite of what they mean on occasion so you need to have a massive amount of attentiveness, empathy, personal skills etc. in these moments and a good many basically expect you to be the sturdy rock in the maelstrom including not being overly emotional, note that's not the same as emotionless or unempathetic but all that being stated this is one of the best most accurate ways of saying it in as few words as possible.
>being dominant is not the same thing as being an aggressive egotistical selfish self involved sociopathic manbaby
This is a key thing incels never recognize, which they routinely go for the latter, mistaking being an asshole for being dominant.

Like for instance all these dudes with their PUA books don't get say Putin. Putin can just look at you and express dominance, in fact I'd say eye contact is the key to dominance but in the right way, which again leads to KC tier staring creepily at a cashier "write it down." It's a calm easy self confidence.

Okay let me put it to you this way, who do you expect to be the good husband and father figure? An egotistical self involved asshole who neglects his wife, beats his kids, wastes his money on drinking and gambling, is not faithful, doesn't recognize the emotional or material needs of others, and acts like an all around jackass? Or the strong, independent, self assured, responsible man who is able to protect those closest to him--with violence if necessary--and is ready able and willing to make great sacrifices of himself for others?

See here's the key thing about the asshole, and it is frankly the biggest problem among internet addicts/IB dwellers/incels, which is that they are the least self sacrificing. To be a good husband and father means to sacrifice. They mistake this, which is manly strength, for weakness, and then wonder why women sniff this tendency out in them and despise them. You can literally look like the ultra masculine body builder dude imageboards like to repost and she's still just going to fuck guys behind your back because--and here's the key here--she is not ever going to respect you, and respect is all. Well, that plus sense of safety and good communication, two things incels also routinely fail at.

I don't know what Elliot's deal was besides being an absolute twat of a human, but yeah
>even my cousins are male
>sonbasket on top
This really doesn't help you. As a younger guy I felt pretty at ease around women because of the opposite. Me mum wasn't around a lot but I had tons of female peers, cousins, relatives, etc. so I've always felt more at ease around women. Even now come to think of it I'm actually shocked what they seem to feel safe or comfortable telling me, where on the flipside some women will adamantly deny they even masturbate if they're not comfortable around men or you in particular.

>nd especially confident men because they generally have the aptitude to both provide for and support any potential offspring
This is exactly what I am saying. I mean isn't Putin a manlet? Yet any woman he'd marry is going to be among the most protected and looked after women and children in the entire planet.

Really just think what makes a good father figure and husband, not a good fuckboy. Women don't respect fuckboys and they cheat on them.This isn't to say every cheated on guy is one though, and every year I get older I cringe more and more about the guys I accidentally or intentionally dicked over and feel great shame about it. First two completely was not my intention but it seemed to boil down to they weren't paying enough attention and sacrificing their energy to their gfs who eventually caught me in some moment of weakness where things could happen after I said no. The last one told me point blank she was about to break up with him and then went on an expensive vacation with the dude which I thought was pretty shitty and then she tried to sneak around too, which interestingly she put to me as him "trying to control her by buying her things" and she did get super butthurt about me trying to buy her shit too and liked paying for her own meals to be fair. The last one I did know what I was doing and didn't give a shit at allif it makes you feel any better that was the most dramatic toxic relationship ultimately Basically, take care of your woman and don't neglect them without coming off as too needy or not a strong enough guy. No woman wants to be your second mother.

>he joined the military, got into a groove and eventually left to become a project manager at some company.
Like I said, the dude is clearly not a loser. He might be dumb as bricks academically but he could cope. If he's a project manager it means he can manage better, meaning he'll both be a breadwinner as well as not useless at running a household or managing better as a father.
No. 55555 Kontra
1,8 MB, 245 × 180, 0:04
>The whole "frenemy" concept is even more grossly foreign to me. Why the hell would anyone tolerate someone they have no regard for makes absolutely no sense unless they truly have something to gain in the long term, and if that were the case, what could be so important that you would have to go through this massive charade? Why not just express yourself and be honest?
Because women. They get butthurt and jealous among each other while at the same time being much better friends in a sense. It's complicated. You look at the difference between male and female jails and you can kinda tell the massive differences between the genders on that alone, where sex is largely used as an expression of power in male prison and it's more of a socializing/nurturing/building an emotional family thing with women. Plus women feel the need to constantly revisit things and not let anything go, which is by far the most aggravating element. They just don't fucking drop it. Guys it's like you get in a fistfight and that's often it plus because we're more direct physical violence and physically imposing types women don't just act as poisoners to take somebody out, they actively look for the worst, most hurtful, most psychologically scarring thing they can do to somebody, which tends to make their rivalries even more butthurt.

Like imagine if a dude fucked you in the ass with a broomstick and sent the pics to your family and kept finding ways to degrade you. Or did something to really physically, mentally, and emotionally degrade you. Fuck no you're not gonna want to let it go, but that's frequently female weaponry.

In terms of frenemies I don't know but I don't understand hatefucks either. I think frenemy has a good masculine correlary in the mafia and organized crime. It's your best friend who's going to walk you into a dark room and shoot you in back of the head, you're surrounded by dangerous people who may easily whack you for better money and position in the families, but as an organized group you're collectively getting better odds for everything from protection to profit.

So when a group of pretty women go out, they're collectively covering each other's backs from unwelcome males, covering themselves from the embarassment of being in a bar alone, still having fun regardless if they find suitable males or not, but at the same time it makes them direct competition to each other. I mean it's not very hard to understand in that sense, "bros before hos" isn't largely a real thing. If it's your best friend? Maybe not. But what are the odds you left your best friend alone with your cute gf that they're not just going to agree "we can't ever let him know?" Depends how good a judge of character you are, how weak they are, how shitty a job at being a friend/bf you're doing.

Do note of course female hostility is directed at the prettiest obviously. Girl middleschool is hell for that, and from what I can gather prison is a chance for a bunch of frumpy ugly fatasses to be as vindictive as possible with no repercussions against the "that skank"s who also got the bf and they didn't.

>As to your question, women are quite literally a foreign language to me
Last thing I'll leave you withI actually wasn't that interested in talking relations, I really was more interested in societal superstructure and philosophical tier issues, but you responded at length is that women aren't even that foreign so don't take anything I said the wrong way. There's more similarities than anything, right down to as I said
>pic related
your nice pretty girl is their dirty skank. Your vision of the other dude is being polluted partly because you don't see how they're interacting alone and thus don't see what she actually likes in a guy. Come to think of it even my sibling hated most of my gfsshe wasn't entirely wrong to be honestnot right either I've had female friends reacting to women I liked in similar manner how I expect the jealous male friend to see "that asshole".
No. 55574 Kontra
Especially around the 3:00 mark this also is a good primer on what women actually think like
You'll notice she basically sounds like a bernd ernst when prattling on about this CO she had a crush on, right down to freaking out because he brushed past her shoulder once. Moral is, women are just people with ovaries.
No. 58606
>Ultimately, I think racists played the long game and won.
They really truly didn't. Everything after the UTR rally was a total disaster.

Moreover they weren't playing the long game and were pretty damn low IQ for "5D chessmasters." Trump was a short term sacrifice for long term victory. In Tarot it would be described as a reversal
>A seemingly total victory that hides within it the seeds of crushing and final defeat
Likewise for liberalism, when Trump when it clearly was
>A crushing and seemingly total defeat that hides within it the seeds of final victory
The smart thing to do is always take down your enemy like the rural folk wisdom how to take down a barn: cut a small hole in the roof and stand back and watch.

The smart long game racists had been playing was to claim all racism has been solved with a wink and a nod while letting SJWs look like idiots calling everything Nazi and claiming racists are hiding under their beds. Indeed, this already had been discrediting them.

Instead what woketard right wingers effectively did was give these screeching idiots a solid target, and not only that but now they had all these milquetoast housewives otherwise thinking them negroes is acting up again crying racism about nothing and seeing a bunch of scary retards marching like they're in 1930s Munich with torches, and actively telling regular people and political moderates to gas this Jews. This electrified them and this atmosphere helped to make even a ton of Trump voters actively sympathize with BLM until, again, you stood back and watched BLM self destruct with the rioting.

In combination of all that the "great white hope" they stupidly saw in Zion Don effectively took down right wingism in America at this point. You might have helped further radicalize people that already agreed with you, but you massively pushed everybody else away who now just see you as dangerous idiots. It's gotten so bad that basically so far as a lot of people care they see you as a bunch of terrorists and don't care about deplatforming or actively applaud it.

It's like staging a terrorist attack and somehow thinking you got back at the man, too stupid to realize you basically just discredited your own people. Anyone with a couple braincells left saw exactly what was happening and the damage it was doing with things like the 6th DC Riots that in turn led to the total clusterfuck of amoral optics management with nobody able to agree on "now it was antifa false flagging" "no it totally was us we got invited in" "no there was no riot" and so on while sensible Republicans immediately distanced themselves from that shit, the result of which is hundreds if not thousands of people being hunted down like dogs by the FBI and added to counterterror databases.

Yeah good job. Anyone who was liberal and smart enough could see this as a final victory. Anyone smart enough as a Conservative can see the total defeat looming on the horizon and the disaster that POTUS Trump wrought and how in the wrong direction the GOP is going as a whole which may well lose them permanent influence for a generation and already it's been doing poorly since the 90s.

Seriously you just not only legitimized all the idiots looking for racists and Nazis under their beds but now also have electrified moderates against you and hitched yourselves to the dumbest self destruction I've ever seen.

It should be noted that the average GOP voter is older, whiter, more Conservative, more religous, and the average Democrat younger, browner
Now imagine what happens when you gaslight all these people into not wearing masks, not getting vaccinated, not washing their hands, and turning it into a political issue while all the already younger liberal voters all are taking precuations, wearing PPE, getting vaccinated and so on particularly in already stereotypically filled with old people swing states like Florida where having even 10,000 extra votes matters.

They didn't play the long game. They impulsively took an opening. They took the bait that any chess player knows exactly how to do to a novice opponent. They thought taking out that rook was some great victory not understanding a trap was laid for their final and total defeat, and all the while ended up playing the game exactly how their opponent wanted them to play it and they marched like lemmings to their doom. Now this is effectively just a mopping up job ensuring "the great replacement" gets accelerated enough to the point where they permanently lose hundreds of thousands of voters in swing states on top of losing the cultural war. By the time 2024 shows up there will be a lot of dead Republicans not voting in critical states like Florida. This will be happening on top of the fact Trump himself that white nats stupidly supported took them down as a whole, that parading like actual Nazis and providing every scrap of ammunition to shrieking liberals they could so they could say "see we were right all along there's Nazis everywhere trying to genocide you" and ruining their own optics, and on top of that clearly coming across as unsympathetic and amoral lying sociopaths who only care about optics while liberals can go back to painting themselves as concerned humanitarians.

If you really want your opponent to lose you never interrupt him when he is making a mistake. I found particular irony in the fact poltards kept repeating this as a mantra to themselves all while they were falling on their own swords.

If you need any further evidence of this just look at how rapidly the situation changed in 4 short years controlling every branch of government to a few years later controlling completely fuckall with no significant accomplishments to show for it and being utterly hated by the majority of the country. Your only hope now is that the Tuckers and Qtards of the world shut the fuck up for long enough to watch Dems and liberals consistently making a series of mistakes.
No. 58610
Perhaps I wasn't clear by my last line. It was the racists on imageboards that steadfastly held the line and kept their messaging consistent throughout the years which drove away non-racists and even embarrassed liberals who were unprepared to respond to them. The only boards on 4krebs that happen to be liberal or left-wing these days are /his/, /mu/ and /lit/, and even /his/ and /lit/ still happens to have racists from time to time.

I disagree with the notion that "pretending racism is over" would be the winning move because, if the respective careers of anti-racist activists like Tim Wise, Jane Elliott, Robin DiAngelo, Ibram X. Kendi and others I can't be bothered to recall are any indication, fighting racism is an evermoving goalpost. They have redefined racism to mean literally anything that puts colored people in a disadvantageous position even if its in done entirely according to the rules of equality. This is why they have now shifted the discourse away from equality to equity. It's why conversations with anti-racists ultimately end in failure when you play by their rules. Blowing up the game and saying "White people have interests" is a far more viable strategy.

In terms of actualizing real life political goals, you are correct that the right got high on their own supply and impulsively took an opening when everyone should've hesitated and carefully calculated the next big move. Complacency is death, and that was another critical error on part of the right. Instead of playing like they're losing, they got reckless. No one argues that UTR wasn't a total shitshow, and ironically, the fallout couldn't have divided the right more. There was the era of infighting known as the Optics War which Groypers / AmNats openly feuded with alt-righters / WNs over who ruined everything when it should've been the opportunity where differences were put aside and resources pooled together to fight common enemies.

Re: Trump. Once he caved on the wall after a long period of shutdowns, there was nothing left to support. Bollard Fencing is not a wall. Everyone who had voted for him had been conned. Come 2019, Trump's most enthusiastic supporters from years past completely gave up on him and left behind Republican Party activists, QBoomers and AmNats / Groypers who foolishly thought they could take over the party. I consider the fallout of 1/6/2021 to be just desserts for every AmNat who shat on alt-righters for being openly racist. For every time AmNats cheered whenever prominent alt-righters would suffer misfortune, they're now getting hunted down by the FBI and even sold out by their own leaders. For me, this development couldn't be more fitting.

Re: popular consensus. It means absolutely nothing to me that the majority of the country has been conditioned by the media apparatus to hate people who are pro-White. The number of people capable of independent thought or going against the grain have always been outnumbered those who conform and follow trends. That people approve of the FBI throwing geriatrics in jail for marching around the Capitol is entirely predictable because the media is designed to manufacture consent. A complete plagiarist, womanizing fraud like Martin Luther King, Jr. had exactly 30% approval in his lifetime, but upon being assassinated and the riots that engulfed major cities following, he was canonized as a saint, and it was ultimately a Republican who honored MLK with a Federal holiday, not a Democrat. Of course, once those FBI files will get declassified at the end of this decade, we'll see the true nature of MLK. Other thing is: Democrats are just as absolutely shameless with who they associate with as Republicans. Consensus doesn't mean jackshit. Only thing is, the media apparatus won't report on it because it's literally owned by corporate interests with money in both parties. Jimmy Carter's wife and Mayor Harvey Milk both openly stumped for Rev. Jim Jones with the latter even going on record to condemn People's Temple defectors and concerned relatives of those who went down to Guyana as liars. Later that year, the Jonestown Massacre happened. It's only in some online commentary that you'll find this information.

The Republican Party collapsing would be an absolute boon for me because it's already been long speculated by some people, including some of my own Democrat relatives who had ties to George Soros (no word of hyperbole) that the GOP will never win another US Election and will slowly dwindle into irrelevant regional power. They openly scoffed that only shitholes like Alabama will be Red, and even that could turn. Just this last Election, the Dems proved they don't even need Florida to win an election anymore. They took Virginia and Arizona, and Texas will likely be next. What will politically reunite the racists will be the absolute excesses of progressives and modern leftists. History has shown them to be absolute ghouls who can leave nothing alone. Liberals do not care if you're a basic bitch boomer Republican, Neocon, AmNat / Groyper, WN, alt-righter, TradCath, OrthoBro, Fascist or Nazi. So long as you represent an opposition to their plan, then you must be destroyed by every means necessary.


He's controlled opposition: https://dissident-mag.com/2021/04/24/cant-schmuck-the-tuck/

In the meantime, we'll just be irreverent, insightful and, most importantly, funny. Comedy is the greatest weapon to winning hearts and minds, and oh boy, I couldn't think of a less funny, sanctimonious bunch than your average shitlib.

On a completely different note, I'll leave you with this:
No. 59916
Looking at >>59843 I thought about how easy must be job of Chinese agent in modern Burgerland.
All you need to do is "decolonize quantum physics research", "introduce neurodiversity into Air Forces" and so on.
Also I got unironically paranoid about colleagues