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No. 55755
3,2 MB, 1608 × 960
I think many Americans, even white nationalist ones, seem to not understand the concept of "Honorary Aryan". On the "compilation of wacky WW2 Leaders" Hitler gets criticized for calling a random native american tribe "honorary aryan", "despite never meeting them and refusing to do the same for Italians". You can only declare this as wacky and critize it, if you actually think that declaring someone "honorary aryan" means they are aryan now.

I once watched some white nationalist american cartoons, where one of the protagonists was obsessed with asian women and his friend encouraged him that it's fine to be with her, because they are "honorary". (Murdoch Murdoch before you're asking)

Because of this and other incidents I presume Americans actually have no idea what honorary titles in general are. I think Americans actually think that Nazis declared them as aryans.
No. 55759 Kontra
You don't need to create a new thread for this. And also, why do you care about "white nationalism" when that is completely burger tier.
No. 55766 Kontra
The real questions in the room would be: Why should anyone care who is consiedred "honorary aryan"?