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No. 55795 Systemkontra
138 kB, 1024 × 683
I open the new one, because I have nothing else to contribute rn.
No. 55796
2,9 MB, 4032 × 1960
Can someone identify if this is male or female?
Looks like cock and balls to me, but what do I know?
No. 55797
107 kB, 800 × 450
Made a vintage version of >>55667.

Holy shit no idea. Who wuold have thought that this would be so difficult? You should name it Kotletx or something until the EC cat genitalia expert squad arrives and brings clarification.
No. 55798
155 kB, 1366 × 768
>install vanilla ubuntu because I'm kinda tired of window manager config editing autism
>GNOME can't be that bad, surely people are just meming
>boot into ubuntu
>it looks like THIS
mouse acceleration is on by default and no way to disable it without installing a package or fucking with xconf or wayland shit
fonts are huge
>up to 20% of my limited screen space is either literally empty or filled with information I don't need
Like, why the fuck would I want gigantic icons for launching programs constantly on my screen by default? why not just desktop icons or a launcher?
Is this some kind of avoiding UI patent litigation from microsoft thing, or is GNOME legit this retarded?

I wanted to avoid excessive customization and config editing, and switch to something that Just Werks(tm), but it turns out that GNOME requires equal amounts of customization fuckery because the defaults are just that fucking stupid.

Oh well. all I need is the terminal anyway.
>want to upload screenshot
>no thumbnail view in file selector
There's apparently thumbnail view in KDE, but KDE is a buggy piece of garbage in itself. It has sensible design decisions, but it's a buggy piece of shit, compared to GNOME, that has enough funding to be relatively stable, but people working on it have their heads up their ass and make absolutely retarded design decisions.

I'm going back to dwm or ratpoison, and now I really want to write a terminal based file upload dialog that uses ascii art to show thumbnails. Since apparently GTK retards are too stupid to figure out how to show a bunch of 64x64 images in a window.
No. 55799
2,8 MB, 2448 × 2448
7,8 MB, 3472 × 3472
8,0 MB, 3472 × 4624
Visited a local palace.
No. 55800 Kontra
Serves you right for running the mess that is Ubuntu. Run Debian or better Fedora if you want Gnome. Or just stop wasting time posting how dumb you are for not running Windows or FruitOS.

> dwm or ratpoison
Oh you are the other kind of stupid. Go install OpenBSD then.Or if you are not a complete moron run sway, it actually works.

Gnome just works and has been doing so for a number of years now but Ubuntu being retarded just kills of good things. They are responsible for people hating pulseaudio because they fucked it up big time for example. So unless you run Ubuntu you can get thumbnails in the file selector.

The enlightenment default terminal can show thumbnails by the way. Enlightenment would be nice if it wasn't for the lack of developers.
No. 55801
Just install cwm and use the default settings. It isn't very pretty and you won't be able to post it on /r/unixporn, but it is extremely functional and the man page completely explains everything you need to know how to use it. It also has a tiling mode (even though it is primarily a stacking window manager). Don't bother with config.h and patching autism.
No. 55802
175 kB, 828 × 1333
I'm still carving out a history of philosophical and theoretical thoughts, their conflicts and operations of integration as well as the empirical history that runs in parallel with all this aiming to understand the present and hopefully gain insight into possible futures or how to get there. It's a bloody mess but I can see some patterns and can connect, feels like an (amateurish) AI, because the results so far are more gimmicky than real insights that distinguish themselves by proper coherence. Even though that means to give up the reality. Shit, I don't see any way to resolve it. If the mind is able to bend, oh if it is, then, then...
No. 55804
388 kB, 426 × 240, 0:03
Tomorrow is my last written exam. I've decided to drink green tea before it to help with my nerves. I ain't fucking this up.
Then on the 16th I have the oral component and I'm finally free.
Looking at the materials they've sent us time is more generous than during the midterms. Those were fucking brutal. Here I have 15 minutes to translate 6 sentences via typing while during the midterms I had 8 to translate 5 via handwriting.

The only handwriting part is the essay which will need to be 150 characters long. I think I'll be able to manage.
I just need to pay attention and stop my hand from shaking.

The day before yesterday I noticed that last month they published the second volume of Three Kingdoms in Hungarian. They planned to make it a three volume set, and I was a bit afraid that it was getting published by an freshly founded publisher, so there was no guarantee that they'd ever finish publishing the volumes, but here we are. I thought covid bankrupted them or something, because their website was completely inactive.

I've been coming across a lot of Chinese novels that have been published during the past 1-2 years, which is both a good thing, because stuff is getting translated and there's a need for translators, and bad, because I can't keep up with them neither in reading nor money.
Obviously I'm not mindlessly buying everything by a Chinese author, because that would be foolish and nonsensical, but still, a lot of interesting stuff is getting put out. Like a fuckload of Yu Hua's novels.

My coughing is almost completely gone. But whatever I had my sister now seems to have it because she's coughing and has a fever too.

Can't wait for the exams to be over and just sink into going out into the sun and read and drink tea and have a nice lunch every day without wanting to throw up.

Ironically she actually studied under her predecessor, who was a very good librarian.
I think I told the story before but I disagreed with how she outright refused to use the digital cataloguing software and I told her that she's creating an administrative mess by using two paper notebooks instead.
Then she told me I'm in no position to judge her work because I have degree and she's "only accountable to her boss". So then I said that even without a degree I can see she is doing fuckall, and then she threatened to file a complaint against me at the principals, and I said that if she does that then I'm going to file one too and we'll see who gets the short end of the stick.
I wonder why her complaint got thrown out and never went on my record. Stupid bitch.

I'd say it's a penis but I wouldn't bet my life on it.
No. 55805
>what is wrong with peoppe these days?!
Well clearly they're all a bunch of absolute cunts who aren't willing to give a mate a lift.

I like how it never occurs to any of these assholes that they're the problem.
No. 55806 Kontra
138 kB, 1500 × 998
The last hours before an exam are the worst. I can’t sleep and everything hurts.
No. 55807 Kontra
Good luck!
No. 55808
73 kB, 576 × 576
Some days I really feel like an unstoppable force of nature. Like my success is set in stone and it's an inevitability of fate.

Other days, not so much.
No. 55809
910 kB, 840 × 1230
I had left my bedroom window open for several hours. Something that would have been inconsequential just a few days ago has now invited a whole host of mosquitos to surge from their mud breeding grounds and migrate en masse to my room.

I have killed 12 mosquitos. Two of them left a streak of blood, meaning they've successfully fed off me. I think I've got them all, but I'm sure one will zoot by my ears at 4am.

Tomorrow I will purchase bug spray. I'll resort to chemical warfare if I must.
No. 55811
God, that was one of the dumbest things I ever heard. Why did Mao decide to genocide the sparrows again?
No. 55812
Sparrows ate grain. The worst part is permanently tainted the possibility of a worldwide anti-mosquito mobilization.
No. 55818
There's a saying in russian: "There are two chairs". One has erect dicks on it, the other has sharp shivs on it. One which will you sit, on which will you seat your mother?
Everyone claims that their way of using linux is da best, but in reality it's just about choosing the shape of the dildo you'll be sitting on. Eventually you find one that stretches your sphincter the least.
I used to think that people who complained about linux being a timesink were just petty, until I got a 9 to 5 job, and losing one hour of free time fucking with a computer fruitlessly became a much bigger deal.

Linux desktop fucking sucks and there's no going around it. I use Linux because the kernel is good, and GNU is good, and it's free as in freedom. Everything else written for the linux user space has always been a steaming pile of dog shit.

I guess it's not so easy to come up with a well designed system when you don't have Bell Labs to copy your homework from.
No. 55819 Kontra
Also, have tried fedora, and dnf is infuriatingly slow for no reason.
Still looking for the right dildo.
No. 55841
21,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:12
The best thing about having your own property is that nobody can say shit about what you do there.
No. 55842 Kontra
20 kB, 300 × 400
>Finish exam
>Drink two shots because I don't want to think about the exam
>Mother arrives home
>I verbally terrorise her with my drunk political opinions
>She goes to bed
>The alcohol leaves my system
>I'm thinking about the exam again
I can't take this any more.
No. 55843
What did you even yell at her about?

It's cloudy and dark today so yet again I could not tell the time. I wake up and my throat is dry and every morning I'm sp dehydrated. There has to be something I can take or do to enhance water retention.
No. 55845 Kontra
First she brought up me leaving uni again if it's too much for my health, so I went on a rant how I'm not going to stack shelves at Tesco and work in the service industry, then I shared my opinions on the new anti-gay legislation.

I mean, she fucking drilled me for 20 years that "You won't amount to anything if you don't do well on exams and get into college" and now that I've done as she asked she's telling me to "quit if I feel like it".
No, I'm getting that fucking paper even if it fucking kills me.
No. 55849
god damn.
Trying to live off entry level wage and also renovate a dilapidated house has been straining my finances.

I really need to get some income on the side. Gonna pick up drawing again this summer. I think I have psychologically matured enough to draw and not get existentially angsty about being a shitty artist. As in, I need money and am desperate lol.

That said, does anyone want to commission a drawing for like 10 or 20 bucks? Quality not guaranteed, delivery guaranteed.
No. 55853
101 kB, 275 × 313
>group work
>read two texts, skim one
>other members just skimmed

Meh. The meeting is soon, within the next few days we need to upload a text and decide what the fuck we will actually talk about, it makes me slightly mad.
No. 55855 Kontra
95 kB, 898 × 904
So now that my fucking headache subsided already find out my account is over $200 shorter than I thought
>fucking what
Turns out the company took their sweet ass time sitting on my fucking check for weeks and only just now fucking cashed it, which makes me wonder how I missed my account being off by that much for so long. Seriously how the fuck it took them that long we're already getting near the fuckers sending me an extra bill.

So then check something else, and fucking goddamn Chinese I hate them so fucking much. That guy talking about for the love of god do anything but learn Mandarin was 100% on the money. Even just stupid little personal shit. One asshole fraudulently lists himself as US based, when clearly he is shipping from China, I spend a week trying to get a fucking refund. Find out today, still no refund. Meantime the replacement part I ordered from elsewhere that did get shipped here from a US location still takes its time and I find out it's so shoddily made as to be unuseable. So now I am hundreds shorter in my account than I thought, also not getting refunded on top of it because of chinkery, and lost money on something I can't return that's garbage.

I'm not even 20% into the shit I have to do today and already I'm fucking infuriated.
No. 55856 Kontra
56 kB, 1024 × 1024
Had a Toblerone with fruits & nuts. For years now I find myself buying Toblerone every then and now, usually keeping a streak. Cannot go without a little sugar catheder injecting pleasure.
No. 55857 Kontra
>That guy talking about for the love of god do anything but learn Mandarin was 100% on the money.
I can think of far worse ventures than learning mandarin. Wish I had a kick for sinobooism as opposed to caring about Rashka.
No. 55859
Tfw no gf to help me renovate and settle in.
No. 55860
Train your kot to help you with the work.
No. 55861 Kontra
>Every component so far is above 25/30
>Two more components left to be corrected
Fuck, I went to sleep precisely to not have to wait any more.

I'm happy that apparently I only made two minor mistakes in the essay part.

I tried playing a breakout clone to spend the time but the levels were shit. Way too many bricks that need doubletapping or tripletapping to break, so there was too much downtime and it got boring as fuck.
My right hand has no circulation and is cold as shit.
No. 55862
Well, finally all of this saga was in my head. It frightens me a bit about my ability to determine what is real. I also left a bitter taste in my mouth. I found this girl attractive for a long time. Something like years. A fantasy to cope with a terrifyingly boring daily life due to COVID. I am happy again, I forget the god I created.
No. 55864 Kontra
Ok now it hurts
No. 55866
My bad, at least it is resolved now. Better a negative answer than no clear answer at all.

Just came back from a night stroll, walking around in a T-Shirt at night without getting cold, makes me feel young. But not really, had thought of the fact that there is a difficult exam on my birthday. I usually feel like shit on my birthday, another year passed without me being satisfied, probably next to no acknowledgment of my birthday. I mean I hate the attention, but I also feel shit when nobody reacts. I met somebody, she makes me think about her, but what will happen within the next weeks? She asked: let's met again soon? Maybe she thinks I need a friend, she said she is looking for companionship she was referring to a concept within critical social theory, but what does it mean? That she wants people that can handle certain philosophy and politics? I mean the concept seems to guide her approach in making bonds of several kinds, an impressive thing to notice btw. Maybe she was curious just to meet me as we talked beforehand and now having met me in person she thinks about me as well? I'm too lonely for this shit. There is something about her, a certain approach to mutual interest and a personality that radiates warmth by sensibility. Somebody I could trust and somebody I want to be there for. There are resemblances to my ex, yet also obvious divergences
There are also some doubts about her, though.
No. 55867
The reason is a business will deploy you to China, thus forcing you to personally deal with them on a daily basis in addition to a business basis. I would rather deal with any other group in the world, Russians, Arabs, Jews, Somalians, Salvadorans, than put up with these people.
No. 55873
2,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
My cat is very cute
No. 55874
You know the saying, "Besser ein Ende mit Schrecken als Schrecken ohne Ende".
From personal experience I can tell you that extrapolating the possibilities and being stuck in a limbo of uncertainty is worse than the pain of rejection. In fact, one of the best things you can do is to learn to deal with rejection from females.
Just keep going.
No. 55875
32 kB, 559 × 341
I deal with the Chinese on a daily basis and I've been to China, I didn't gain the same hatred of them as the person in that 4kanker thread did. If I spoke Mandarin, I'd definitely look into the possibility of temporarily moving there as it would open a new world of profitable opportunities.
Even the Chinese steel post makes me think:
>Your average yearly wage in China is just under $10.000
Was this supposed to shock the reader? The average salary here is $12.000, maybe Americans really have it too good and I welcome the new Chinese era.
No. 55877 Kontra
2,7 MB, 480 × 270, 0:07
>Exam is a C because in one of the components I lost 2/3 of the points
>Don't know of the oral part will elevate it to a B
>6 years of preparation, planning, hopes and dreams wiped out in a day
I'm going to hand in an application anyway, but fuck, it's over.
I guess I'll be taking cultural studies as a minor with the translation focus instead and then I'll hang myself in my 30s after working at Tesco stacking shelves.
No. 55878
My cat might have a health problem.
Its asshole seems to be irritated, which is a sign of some cat disease I can't remember the name of.

Now I have to spend some money on a vet.
I'm already fucking broke, and now I have a pet to take care of, all because a little girl with big eyes asked me to take it in.

I am one stupid mother fucker.
No. 55879
59 kB, 500 × 500
Thanks to a mistake of some Amazon seller i got a free CD.
"Original SKA - 20 Accelerating Skinhead Dancehall Classics".
Can't wait to play it on the radio.
No. 55880
2,1 MB, 1960 × 4032
Used to think that people who constantly take pictures of their cats were gay, until I got a kitten of my own.

What the fuck is it about cats that makes them so attractive to humans? Are they mind-parasites that hijack our cuteness detecting instincts?
No. 55881
14,7 MB, 9248 × 6944
Yes. These animals are a highly evolved alien parasite whose outward appearance makes us think we need to care for them.
Pic rel: kotik that was also rescued
No. 55882
Mine's better
No. 55883
Your cat has butthole parasites from being gay.
No. 55886
36 kB, 330 × 512
Though the despair is real:
A) Your career as a translator will not depend on that module. I guess there are translators who did not study that module.
B) Check the cultural studies module if you really have to make a choice, might be nothing for you depending on what cultural studies is at your department
C) There are jobs above Tesco. The fear of landing a shitty job is not absolutely off, sadly I have to say this. But my humanities degree will suit some dumb HR job as well I think. I remember seeing headlines of oh philosophy etc majors in corporates, YEAH! though this was in the US and other countries and people complained that the chance for career jumpers is given away by corporations
I think translator practice and results in that outside of uni might get you further than having studied a module on it, though ofc this will help.
No. 55890
17 kB, 480 × 360
Worms. The cause of such disorders is worms. Is why his anus is itchy, that or kot is homosexual.
No. 55891
Portugal has humiliated Hungary in bydloball. By proxy, I have humiliated the Hungarian poster and thus feel great.
No. 55892 Kontra
Technically speaking based on the downloadable the pamphlets the Culture Studies translation module is closer to my interests than the one offered in the specialisation for Eastern Languages, because the former focuses on literary translation (both theory and application) while the latter focuses on in-person interpretation and is basically just a more intensive Chinese course.

Cultural studies at my department is basically just a mandatory module of 32 credits about cultural theory and layers of culture and institutions, but the interesting part is the 4 free choice modules (18 credits each), one of which is literary translation.
Basically the mandatory list of subjects is
>Introduction to Cultural studies 1-2
>Layers of Culture 1-2
>Cultural Canons and Institutions 1-2
>Applications of Cultural Criticism 1-2

Basically it all depends on how the oral component of the Chinese exam turns out and whether or not depending on my results I get accepted for the program.
So everything depends on how tomorrow goes.

>Shitty job
I'm okay with being a paper-pusher in an office. I just don't want to ever work retail or service, but I guess knowing German and Chinese will save my ass in the long run from that.
No. 55916
434 kB, 719 × 593
>Verbal part of the exam
>Head of the department says my performance was completely mediocre (as in a C)
>I just essentially humiliated myself in one of the most important contemporary Hungarian Sinologists
Let's hope this mediocrity also means that he doesn't remember me.

If I were three people I'd execute one of myself for this failure.
No. 55918
133 kB, 1356 × 668
Were you too nervous or badly prepared and were you badly prepared because of your nervousness/anxiety?
Also, how did others perform?

The shattering is even worse when you usually perform well, you will probably come back stronger, though ofc try to keep it healthy. It's ok for now.


I found this on TikTok, where the chorus is played and it is kinda electrifying https://youtu.be/AEB6ibtdPZc?t=47

>Hard Times!
No. 55924 Kontra
518 kB, 1416 × 1972
I think it was the pronunciation that killed the whole thing. Otherwise my performance was pretty fluid and I used a lot of the grammar structures (comparison, cause-effect and so on.) I've learned during the year.
There is also the fact there was a single question out of the 8 or so they asked me I couldn't answer properly.

I sent in my application anyway, though I feel like I'm just insulting the department with it even more.
Spent the better part of the day in bed, drifting in and out of sleep.

>The shattering is even worse when you usually perform well
This is exactly why it hurts.
No. 55927
391 kB, 426 × 554
I'm autistic, very dull in mind, and suffer from chronic constipation. My life is hell.

And there's nothing I can do to fix my issues.

Do I kms or do I try to go on gubbamint gibs?
No. 55928
>I sent in my application anyway, though I feel like I'm just insulting the department with it even more.
You should get some credits for adopting such an Asiatic mindset.
No. 55932
Got a new phone and a new provider. My old 3G prepaid burner couldn't handle some kind of an update from Boost Mobile, and was booted from the network, never to connect again. An hour with customer service was fruitless, revealing the source of my problem, but no solutions. Summary: I landed in a new State, turned on my phone, and their network reacted with xenophobic fury. The call to Boost ended with their rep trying to sell me a new phone. lol, No. I had to get a new one, yeah, but I wasn't getting it from them.

Tough choice, but go with the latter.
No. 55941
No, you're simply a lazy retarded fuckass. You don't fix them because you're obstinate and choose not to.
>bawww my constipation is permanent I require gibes
Literally just take fucking laxatives and change your diet you complete retard.
Get some hobbies.
No you are lazy and obstinate. You refuse to change yourself or your ways, and refuse to adopt new habits, and rather than suffer that minor passing inconvenience choose to become a beggar for pity instead. You created 90% of your own problems for yourself that are fixable problems.
No. 55942 Kontra
Wait a minute why is my annoyance only rising now
No. 55948
275 kB, 900 × 900
67 kB, 1198 × 361
This video popped out on my feed.

I thought it was a good introduction to some cool mathematical concepts.
Then I opened the comments, and LMAO'd. There's clowns in there saying that math invented a couple hundreds of years ago is "subversive marxist propaganda".

Also, rightoids have this weird obsession of looking for a sort of "ultimate divine authority" in the natural sciences, despite not really understanding or practicing them. Kinda reminds me of flat earthers. They have a deep reverence for empiric truth and the scientific method, the only problem is that they're so fucking bad at it.

Apparently, "the true natural reality as defined by God" is, always, "whatever the consensus was like 50 to 100 years ago or so". I wonder why they don't see this pattern. Didn't the greeks think that 0 was evil, and pythagoras murdered someone for proving that not everything can be measured in rational numbers.

Also, live these two particular comments. First one is implying that "common folk" have more authority on the sciences than those who actually do them.
Second one is incoherent schizo rambling. Love it.

Why are you being a self righteous prick for no reason?
No. 55950 Kontra
I am lurking with w3m. It feels esoteric browsing an imageboard with a text-based browser.
I'm on a 15 year old Thinkpad, btw.
No. 55951
Actually, I just thought of a funny variation on 1st pic.

>Web pages were not meant to run code
>YEARS of inventing standards and no browser found that implements all of them
>Want to ship applications, play video games and display media files? Had a tool for that, it's called "The Operating System"
>"Yes, let's invent a new shader language and talk to the GPU through the browser", "Let's ship the entirety of Chrome to display a single web page so we can't pretend it's a desktop application": statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged
No. 55959
No. 55969
> I thought it was a good introduction to some cool mathematical concepts.
Maybe, but it's also clickbait. "2+2 is not equal to 4 if we change definition of '+' symbol". People just expected to see something different, and you sperg out about "rightoids", "ultimate divine authority" and so on.
No. 55971 Kontra
765 kB, 500 × 365, 0:02
Only a few hours sleep. I hang around, not able to read without stopping after 5min.
Will probably make some pasta in the evening. Maybe I will meet people on the weekend, I hope it works out.
No. 55972
>if we change definition of '+' symbol".
Typical incorrect conclusion from watching the video.
The definition of "+" doesn't change in the examples, it's always conceptually the same.
What changes is the property of things that are being added. The result of the addition is more a consequence of what is being added, than the meaning of any operator.
Simplest example: 2 decibel + 2 decibel = 5 decibel. Different units add differently.
Just because your default assumption is that what's being added is discrete integers doesn't make it more valid than any other operation of "+".

Also, have you considered applying for the moderation team? You seem to have great talent for knowing what people are and aren't allowed to post. Maybe under your great leadership, EC will become the perfect imageboard, where nobody ever posts things you don't like.
No. 55973
22 kB, 500 × 510
I'm doing a little research on text mining applications

Just one example from a top 12 companies according to some business site (ventureradar, did not check their relevance or status):

>Are you ready for your next crisis?
>In a world where a single thread or hashtag on social networks can spiral a crisis, you need to make sure your monitoring is constantly turned on.

>Consumers no longer bother to call your 1-800 number or just rant to a few friends. Instead, every time you fail to deliver superior service, it’s out there on your Twitter page for all the world to see.
>Affogata allows you to manage your social interactions with a ticket-like interface so every comment and mention can be tagged, assigned to the relevant team, and marked for follow up.

What do you think, what people are on those teams? I wonder if I can do such jobs with a humanities degree, wonder if they have part time jobs. But I guess you still need some sort of experience to do this job. After my masters, I will become a social media content moderator, what do you think, mom?
No. 55974
Yesterday was terrible. I just felt generally down an unmotivated. I was sad but I had no urge to cry, and while I was mad I didn't really want to break something or kick something over. Just general apathy towards everything.
Spent most of it in my room, because I didn't want to be seen or talked to.
Reinstalled Fallout 1 but I kept closing it every 10 or so minutes for some reason.
Really, I tired a lot of books and games and nothing allowed me to "let go" a bit.

Later at night I decided to make some plain, buttered toast. It tasted surprisingly good. Ate it with a glass of water that I mixed with lemon juice.
Afterwards I decided to crack open the Dovlatov short story volume my history teacher gifted me when we met up last week. The flash fiction it had in the back was incredibly funny.

Today I went to pick up the books I ordered with my mother. We also went into a small Danish store that sells knick-knacks. I bought some earplugs, a large candle, notebooks, two Asian-style cups and a white fan.
When we arrived home I accidentally broke one of the cups and almost cried. It's like, fuck I liked that cup, it looked nice and there was two of them, and I immediately broke one why does God hate me so much?
My mother offered to go back and buy me another one as she gave me a hug, but I don't want another one, I want the one I ruined. But it's gone forever and I can't unruin the damn cup. It's fucked.

We're going to visit relatives in the countryside on the weekend. We have to bring a gift, since we will celebrate both the 18th birthday and the graduation of my godmother's daughter.
No. 55975 Kontra
821 kB, 1512 × 2016
>Really, I tired a lot of books and games and nothing allowed me to "let go" a bit.

I sometimes have this, not saying it's just uni, but I say it's also uni. I mean this is just correlation, but I know these periods/moments. Atm I waste a lot of time on TikTok, just swipe and turn your brain off and the hours move so fast it's scary. Probably not wanting to face future horizon that is kinda unclear atm as I don't know what to do after I graduate, which will be in a 1-2 years. I still think about a dissertation, but I don't know if my grades will be ok until then and secondly I cannot find a topic I really want to go super deep atm. I feel so fucking dispersed mentally and thematically, ADHD academia style.
No. 55976 Kontra
I forgot to say: take a break and you will come back to the things you love quite surely.
No. 55977 Kontra
14 kB, 1323 × 182
Is the summer all over Europe btw? Too lazy to check the news. It has been around 35°C here. I see it coming, staying most of the summer indoors and supplementing with vitamin D in winter.
No. 55978
18C and foggy here.
No. 55979
>The definition of "+" doesn't change in the examples, it's always conceptually the same.
And what is "definition of +"? Mathematics just use this symbol whenever it's convenient and leads to insights. For example, for any operation that forms abelian group. They have some similarities with your usual addition like commutativity (a+b=b+a) yet many of them are far from conceptual meaning of addition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klein_four-group , and everyone keeps in mind that those are different operations notated by same symbol.

> Also, have you considered applying for the moderation team? You seem to have great talent for knowing what people are and aren't allowed to post. Maybe under your great leadership, EC will become the perfect imageboard, where nobody ever posts things you don't like.
You imply that I don't want you to post because I dared to disagree with you about youtube video? Calm down, dude, and stop seeing hostility everywhere.
No. 55981
Today i have, for the first time, seen a pheasant with my own eyes. Nearly drove over it but luckily there was no traffic so I could avoid ot.
No. 55984
Uhhh still 30 degrees outside, this might be the first sleepless night of the year for me. And I've promised to do some work early in the morning before anyone else is up because some of our infrastructure has been failing and needs to be fixed while nobody is using it...

I guess I'll take a shower and then go to bed naked and hope for the best.
No. 55990
It was like 32 degrees today. Absolute hell.
But I'm prepared. (Which means I constantly have a bottle of mineral water chilled in the fridge.)
Tomorrow I'm going to get the fan from the basement.

I can feel my skin burning when I go outside. It's like I'm in an air-fryer.

I remember that on the way to relatives we hit one with our car. For better or worse it didn't die but one of my uncles insisted we look half an hour for it because it apparently makes for a pretty good Sunday soup.
No. 55999
I disagree philosophically.
I think all of those operations are fundamentally addition, and addition of real numbers is just one subset of addition.
You can see how all of those operations intuitively "feel" like addition, and that's exactly the reason they are called addition and use the same symbol. Otherwise they'd use or invent another symbol Like other domain specific operators that get their own symbols, because they don't resemble addition in any form. Such as dot and cross products.
Just because people assume the operands to be a certain type, doesn't mean it's the "default" or "correct" assumption.

>You imply that I don't want you to post because I dared to disagree with you about youtube video? Calm down, dude, and stop seeing hostility everywhere.
Aren't you the guy who keeps complaining about any political opinion he sees on EC, then threatens to leave EC, only to come back a week later and make the same complaints again? If not, I apologize.

Anyway, my argument about the definition of the "+" operator, and me making fun of people in the comment sections going schizo mode and calling the video author an illuminati neo-marxist propagandist were separate arguments.
In no way did I imply that if you don't agree with the assertion that the "+" operator encompasses more than what is assumed by default, that you are a rightoid schizo. Just to clarify.
No. 56008
I hope mom doesn't find out that I just spent $45 on marijuana seeds, or else I'm dead.
I know it's a bit late for outdoors growing, but I hope I can get at least some yeld.

I bought two kinds autofem, and just fem.
Former will give yelds in 2 months or so, the latter in october/november.

If I'm too late with the latter, I will have to make a growbox with a light cycle.
No. 56011
380 kB, 1400 × 681
My kitten has friends now.

They actually have a mother, and they get spooked easily, so I had to sneak up on them.
Mine's still better.
No. 56015
>Mine's still better.
And he already knows to look at the camera. Someone's been taking a lot of pictures :3.

Rating cuteness: 1, 3, 2.
No. 56016
A guy has quitted theater recently after five or six years. He did a meltdown after having done an homophobic joke because nobody laughed and someone got offended. The teacher asked him to apologise to calm down the situation, he got angry and started to speak in a robotic manner about freedom of speech as if he was reciting a text and left theater forever. He proceded to quit every theater's what's app group writing "forever!" each time. Then his friend told us that he changed the name of the teacher in his phone contacts to "converted".

Something like a year passed now and I recently heard news of him. He has a youtube channel were he posts US military related vids. He fought with a guy who got angry at his speech about gays and that resulted in the guy who attacked him being expelled. And he said on discord that the theater teacher paid a girl to spy on him so we could all laugh at him.
No. 56017
>He did a meltdown after having done an homophobic joke because nobody laughed and someone got offended.
>He fought with a guy who got angry at his speech about gays and that resulted in the guy who attacked him being expelled.

Sounds like twitter but IRL.
No. 56018
64 kB, 1280 × 720
> I disagree philosophically.
It's just a question of terminology.

> Aren't you the guy who keeps complaining about any political opinion he sees on EC, then threatens to leave EC, only to come back a week later and make the same complaints again? If not, I apologize.
No, it wasn't me.

> Anyway, my argument about the definition of the "+" operator, and me making fun of people in the comment sections going schizo mode and calling the video author an illuminati neo-marxist propagandist were separate arguments.
Those are not right wingers, they are Jewish tranny shills. Real right wingers know that 2+2=6 in binary system of Ancient Ruses. Speaking seriously, youtube usually selects the most mediocre and normie comments possible to the top, but if you view replies to comments, it's mostly schizo posting (part of it which passed through deletion filters).
No. 56019
I still don't get how it's clickbait.
The statement "2+2 doesn't always equal 4" is true, and there's no trickery involved, just that there are fields of math where this is true, and it's not any kind of semantic trick, it's actual, real math.
So what's the problem?
No. 56023
>makes joke about homosexuals
>somehow is not only surprised but also offended people didn't laugh or got butthurt
You should tell him an American called him a retarded faggot online and I am laughing at him for his stupidity and butthurt too. That's like making a comes home in bags joke in front of US soldiers and getting butthurt and offended about getting punched in the face for it.
No. 56024
Think I'll spend some more time watching this today while pondering my quit date and hoping someone is rude and stupid enough to me soon to use it
No. 56026 Kontra
Tomorrow we're visiting relatives. I feel sick and tired, but I'll try to keep myself together.
After tomorrow my father insists on going to the beach, but I feel incredibly weak. Got out of breath picking up and carrying out the new puppy we got, which is like 15kgs, so it shouldn't be a problem, but I still got fucking winded.

I brewed a stronger tea today. As in, I put 5 tablespoons of sugar into the family jug instead of 2. Makes it more "filling" and it doesn't hurt my stomach this way.

I'm going to groom myself a bit, which means I'm going to shave and wash my hair so I look normal tomorrow, though I have a feeling that the scorching sun will cause me to ruin any improvement I've done to my hair no matter what.
No. 56028
By my thinking, according to my calculations I can be done with this shit soon. I am just hoping things like the economy doesn't crash and new job doesn't suck worse than present gig. A lot can go wrong, plus I realize it really is true--money equals freedom. At least here it does. If you do not own anything, if you do not have any money, you are not free. I can hear the talk about material possessions owning you and philosophy all you want but at the end of the day, if a man does not have food and shelter and is otherwise hassled by the cops and street people the rest is totally irrelevant. I dare any who would argue about philosophical freedoms to be homeless in America for a month.

And so as such, I also chronically worry about jumping into the next thing and whittling down any finances to the point I am effectively owned by the job, whereas now I feel confident in just walking the fuck off and not suffering direly. It is little more glorious in America than to know you do not need the paycheck month to month, and at the same time I cannot be stupid or do shit other friends or family I've seen waltzing into a 6k salary. So that bugs me, and I know this is stupid, but I hate it so fucking bad at this point that literally the good income flows right now is just not fucking worth it to me anymore and I won't tolerate it the rest of the summer. I just need to extract as much more drops of profit as I can to grow fat and insulated enough to weather not having dickall for an income for two months without having to actually take hits real hard to the rest of savings, or worse, begin the liquidations of assets I'd planned on holding onto for years. If the later case happens, maybe I would rather be homeless then. Nothing hurts quite so much as selling an appreciating asset to pay a bill.
No. 56030
What was the joke btw?
No. 56031 Kontra
I’m sure it comes down to how you handle the joke. It was later revealed that he hated homos. If you’re clever enough, you could get the most orthodox defender of an idea to laugh. But the guy wanted people to get hurt.

>That's like making a comes home in bags joke in front of US soldiers
That’s the kind of joge would make him angry. He has a yt channel where he posts US military footage.

It was probably some insinuation during an improv. I wasn’t there to witness the drama.
No. 56032
No. 56033
Sausage and egg.
Guns N roses drifting out of a car stereo.
Got some shoes and a camera at the market.
No. 56034
2,5 MB, 3840 × 2160
Illustration for full effect.
No. 56035
50 kB, 446 × 917
Nice gesture of them to hide one of the packs in a watermelon seeds, but the other one wasn't concealed, and has a photo of weed prominently on it. Good attempt I guess.
Not sure how I feel about the poster, but thanks.
No. 56038
108 kB, 1080 × 1080
It's hot, regards hot Wurf.

why don't we have any summer OC? Or have we
No. 56041
There's something amusing about people further up north than me complaining about hot weather.
t. comfortable 17c Ernst
No. 56047
1,1 MB, 810 × 1080
Reading up on sentiment analysis, some firms employ linguists to check on their algorithms so that these adequately contextualize idioms e.g. in order to have the "right" sentiment correlated to them.

It's 27.5°C in my room right now. Tomorrow rain might fall, but the temperatures will only go from ~35 to around 30°C
No. 56052
132 kB, 701 × 1000
It just came to my mind that a personality trait of main would be chaotic. In the sense that my thoughts are unstructured in a way, only snippets form here and there, but it's very fragmented and loosely connected, the stability of a coherent thought is not there. On the other hand, I live kinda unhealthy and not very clean at times. Have a hard time to give me that "I have my shit together" structure. I'm able to handle many things but compared to others I feel unable to handle life really. But maybe that isn't necessary anyway to pursue and be good in what I want to be good in.
Speaking of that I consulted old notes on a historic paper I wanted to write, came across a sentence that made me look over an article again and together with the thoughts that roughly form atm I have the urge to research a certain history, but as mentioned before, it's all to losely connected, I would have to read into stuff but my ADHD brain will give me a hard time I guess. At least atm. My intuitions together with the article are not wrong, there are things to be found, but I could not punch out a title that encompasses what this history would be about. Only that it is a history of knowledge in a certain time. A history of concepts in which we understand our world. A history of concepts that emerge as new technologies and scientific insights and social relations make their way, or is it the other way around? Environments, networks, design, systems, cybernetics, evolution, biological concepts, mathematization, computers ...

There is an inspirational paragraph about such histories to be written, the object and actors in my case would be different:
>To shed light on the question how an age, going through a history of fascination, came to think of its guiding principle, we will have to explore discursive fields that may appear far off and at great distances the ones from the others and to make connections that will seem surprising only as long as they have not been thought. One might, for example, wonder what, for heaven’s sake, the work of the Irish mathematician, George Boole, who set out to develop an algebra of logic as a system of notation of the basic operations of the mind and thus played a major part in opening the path to the world of the symbolic, has to do with the genealogy of the Aristotelian categories developed by Émile Durkheim and Marcel Mauss, which penetrated the totemistic underground of thought and the rationality of “primitive” systems of classifications. Or what in the world might connect Michael Faraday’s experiments and James Clerk Maxwell’s electromagnetic field theory with Lucien Lévy-Bruhl’s explorations of primitive mentality or with the debate about the function of mana in elementary forms of religious life. The task here is to inspect the manifold epistemic facts and reveries of an age in order to gain insight into the shared knowledge at their basis. The thought constraints, to use Ludwik Fleck’s term, that impose their standards on entire epochs dominate them the way moods do. They draw on by the most varied sources and do not keep to the great watersheds that structure mental geographies and the order of knowledge. And once the clouds of the epochal imaginary are filled to bursting, once the atmosphere of the age’s specific imagination is tense, the great thundershower rains down indiscriminately on all epistemic regions.
No. 56053
You are an Iberian. That is basically like being a Mexican with older frescoes. It is a known fact anything over 10c avg is not fit for human populations. I can only assume anything south of those latitudes is magical and terrifying lands where dragons grow and distribute cocaine and hidden gold piles are rumoured to be buried.

It is so muggy here now and I hate it. We're having one of the worst regional heat waves and due to climate change it's only going to get worse so I say it again, we need large Berlin wall tier fortifications to box those creaturas in over here. With any luck the gulf stream collapse will render Europe permanently habitable all year round down to Gibralter.
No. 56054
>It is a known fact anything over 10c avg is not fit for human populations
People in cold climates will literally fall asleep outside and freeze to death, but say that a temperate climate is unnatural.
No. 56056
I've come to regard ebay altogether with a particular loathing and hatred. From not being able to accurate purchase fuckall in timely maner, to doublepurchases, to shady sellers particular chinks, to flaky buyers, to bots, to people not following directions, to the literal nonexistence of customer support in spite of the whores running it having the audacity to charge huge fees to listing there on top of putting up with all the hassle to then offload "technical support" to just random ass other users makes me want to drag all the owners of that site and everyone involved and fucking shoot them in the name of Communism. Holy shit it's so much infinitely worse than I ever remembered it.
No. 56062
Yesterday I made my first purchase on ebay in years. Long enough they closed my account, had to open a new one. Just a shirt, so shouldn't be to scam-my, but who knows. I only bought because I like the particular fit of one brand of T's(for the gym), which I don't see in stores anymore. So if it's a cheap knockoff I'll be SOL. The guy sells mostly branded T's, lots of them. So maybe he got them wholesale, or maybe he's printing his own.

Rolling the dice, we'll see in a week.
No. 56065
I don't get why beggars have to lie to me about terminally I'll children, just tell the truth and say you need some booze or pay the bills, won't change my decision
No. 56066
171 kB, 2159 × 2280
Bc it might still trigger an emotional response and thus money in certain persons. I have the same, there was this guy on the train platform, a young punk kinda guy, roughly the same age as me back then I supposed. And he started his story and I just said "you need a bit of money, no?" I had a bit of change in my pocket so I gave it to him.

Not long ago I was strolling through a city because I had to stay about an hour and wait for the next train. I was asked by some punks who sat in the inner city commercial district (it was Monday evening and still stricter lockdown) and I just reached in my pockets pretending I was looking (which was an automatic gesture, I had no conscious intend) but I knew I had nothing besides my 1€ for shopping carts. Said no and he said thank you for looking, though :DDD
No. 56070
I wanted to purchase a string adaptor for my guitar. I found a good price on a high quality hand made adaptor within minutes. Proceeding to the checkout I noticed there was a sales tax of 15%. I shrugged and popped over the the New Zealand custom's and import calculator to look up how much this item would cost to import. Zero was the outcome and this made me grind my teeth at the audacity of Ebay to collect a sales tax on items that aren't taxed to begin with. Now if they actually declare these taxes to NZ is another issue but I refuse to do business with Ebay because of this.
No. 56072
Yeah, if someone straight around asks me for a Euro or something I might give it to him.
With "real" beggars I always offer them to buy them something to eat. If they refuse, I walk away.
Once while I was waiting for a girl a g*psy woman came to be and I bought her a slice of pizza at a nearby grimy pizza booth. Unfortunately it took rather long because he still had to make the pizza. While we were waiting, she asked me if I could get her some diapers from the nearby store. I said no.
Later when my date came she told me that she knows this woman and that she is always begging while she doesn't really need it.
I still offer people food, except to g*psies, whom I should offer beatings.
No. 56073 Kontra
Why does EC give me an "Error: String refused" when talking about mobile minorities? I can't write the g word in a post, apparently.
No. 56074 Kontra
I also can't seem to post the most common word for Romani people.
No. 56075
The visit went well. I know godparents aren't necessarily relatives in a sense, but I still love visiting them. They're very hospitable, my godmother makes great scones and it's nice to see the countryside.
The true reason we visited (aside from the fact that we visit them yearly, since my godmother is my mother's childhood friend and are very close) is that we were invited to a dinner to celebrate my godmother's daughter graduating high school.

The food was good. I couldn't eat much, but it was good. Just what I needed, really.
They managed to pick a venue with no air conditioning so it was very hot.
Kinda got tired by the end. I felt pretty weird. Like as if something was wrong with my head. It was hard to focus on the conversation and my wits were leaving me a bit. I actually have no energy to do things.

We haven't actually met in like on and a half year, so I got my graduation gift from them now. Got a box of chocolate and ~60 euros. Very cool, because I'll save half of it and the other half can go to buying those recently released Chinese novels.

I enjoyed myself even if it was really tiring.

Believe it or not people actually fall for it.
I once had a Gxpsy walk up to me with two unopened packs of cigarettes in his hands and he asked me if I had a 200HUF coin because "his kid is sick".

The only "beggars" I ever give money to is street musicians. At least those people aren't there to terrorise me.
No. 56077
I hope "gypsum" isn't banned, because I like gypsum.
No. 56096
Other things I hate passionately: fucking fedex

This is literally the most accurate depiction of fedex vs the postal service in thirty seconds I ever seen, except it needs to be a pajeet and cost twice as much while taking a week longer. Any who wish to privatize the postal service is a dumb cocksucker that needs to be publicly flogged, especially the politicians.
No. 56098 Kontra
105 kB, 2559 × 996
Do you guys ever read the fineprint? This shit is hilarious, especially subsections II. I) and II. L)
> Nuclear reaction or radiation, or radioactive contamination, however caused. But if nuclear reaction or radiation, or radioactive contamination, results in fire, we will pay for the loss or damage caused by that fire.
No. 56106
Tbh, makes me wonder if someone claimed damages from a souped up X-ray machine or something at some point. Kind of like how we got 'no livestock on the motorway' signs here.
No. 56121
Fucking ebay. My hate for ebay is now rather intense. In addition to getting scammed by a Chinese with post box registered in USA for "USA shipping" I won a second thing I never even wanted, had to resell it for lower value because their faggoty sell limit doesn't account for people that never paid and having to relist, waste a month and half of my time as it lowers in value, only finally to discover 12.5 fucking percent fee they take out. EBAY DOESN'T EVEN HAVE FUCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE. I literally would've made a ton more money even selling at a loss had I stuck to craigslist and now on top of all that I'm going to have to claim the sale in my tax returns.

I'm never again selling a goddamn thing through that Bezos level site.

Oh well. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I once had a delinquent credit line with them that went past the statute of limitations so I still ended up stiffing them for more than they stiffed me in the end.
No. 56124
It gets tiresome not knowing when to shut up.
I want to manage to be be seen as normal and functioning social person at least once to prove to me I’m able but I can’t to do it.
No. 56125
21 kB, 820 × 307
Was cycling on weekend and saw a lot of cops patrolling everywhere -- in parks and even near school soccer field (some on horses :---DDD). I think it's because of 3-rd coronavirus wave, and they were supposed to enforce masks and social distancing. But it's hard to arrest everyone on the streets so they were just standing and imitating work.
My father says that he drinks so much vodka that it kills all the viruses inside him.
No. 56131
>Buy the three novels I wanted to buy
>They offer me free delivery
>"Cool and good".
>I realise I could have ordered it via in-person pickup and I would have the books by now
>Also realise I didn't put in the street part of the address again because it saved the last fuckup
>Try to change it on GLS's website
>Tells me "Error: Change is not possible"
>Actually have to pick up the phone and talk to a call center woman
I am being punished for acting like a greedy faggot and now I suffer because of my own retardation, please help.

We assembled a pool today. My mother was disappointed because a few years ago we bought a cheap one and we failed to properly maintain it, which made her feel like we don't function properly as a family. (It's not that we're a bad family, that pool was genuinely shit.)
This one is kinda sturdy and the ground was prepared in advance. Gonna be pretty cool and I think it'll hold.

I've got to say I feel a bit better. I still feel like absolute shit and gonna go to a doctor, but I'm in less pain and I can feel actual hunger again. (Which is good because we don't have any painkillers at home. Though it's not like I'm incredibly enthusiastic about having to take one. Even if I have a headache I just deal with it usually. It's harmless but I have this retarded bydlo-male mentality of "unless it's literally killing me here and now I'm gonna carry on" sometimes.

Surprised Ebay is still in business, considering Amazon is assimilating everything related to online retail. I remember it being a hip cool thing as a kid but personally we never ordered anything from Ebay because it was always overpriced because of the shipping fees.
No. 56158
That's a bummer. I finally got fully vaccinated, so it shouldn't affect us (me and family or country) too badly this winter except in small pockets of retardation. I say, except for hazards of mutation, let them burn themselves then.

Speaking of, funny story. Apparently man who fled USSR to come here to teach told my father, that no he refused to take any vaccines or vaccinate his children because he thought "it was Socialism" and thought vaccination was a Communist plot. Where the fuck this retardation even comes from? It's not like the guy is just American raised here. He is ethnic Rus afaik and speaks with thick Russian accent, but still he say "no we will not be forced to vaccinate anyone in our family because that's like evil USSR." Like, the fuck?
No. 56161 Kontra
52 kB, 1024 × 768
I'm reading a Zizek text (from 2002) for the first time in my life and so far it's good. It is not super philosophical but rather a worthy insight into a debate raging still, that has greater historical significance.

I wonder how many Ernsts have come across books where John Brockman had his hands on. I know a particular German that might be close. Perhaps just a coincidence and just one name that fits his worldview.
No. 56168
3,2 MB, 3840 × 2160
Went to a light house.
No. 56170
82 kB, 299 × 356
Holy moly, those birds!
Wait, did I just say holy moly? Eh, I'm going with it.
No. 56172
93 kB, 600 × 367
> Like, the fuck?
This may be dumb, but it's consistent and understandable. USA is famous for it's freedoms including freedoms to take bad decisions while USSR desired to control every aspect of citizen's personal life. So this guy flied to USA for freedoms and he values them.
For me it's more oddly when people move to West and then start to jerk off to Stalin, Putin and vote for AFD but for some reason don't return from rotten West to based and redpilled Russia.

In Russia all the people who took vaccine are middle class liberals ("because science says so"). Meanwhile vatniks don't rush to take a shot despite all the propaganda about it because
1. They are NPCs who don't anything unless they are specifically forced to.
2. They don't really care about their life and health and anything.
But I'm sure they will take vaccines if it will be mandatory.

I suspect that 3-rd wave of corona is caused by Euro 2020 happening in Russia, in which our team already failed miserably. So Russians will die in hospitals and know that it's for nothing since we didn't win anything in soccer. This would be fun if it wouldn't be so sad.
No. 56180
51 kB, 200 × 200
>So Russians will die in hospitals and know that it's for nothing since we didn't win anything
What you mean, died for nothing?? They died for Russia! They died fighting for building true Russian Federal Republic! Surely no one who ever died on Russia for Russia died for nothing!
No. 56212
I really have to try so hard not to act like a fucking Karen but man, sometimes you get that urge and feel the shitty white boomer in you start rising.
...this is definitely more true when it's Indians or Chinese on the other end.

In other news I'm so close now I can almost taste the freedom in the air.
No. 56218
36 kB, 1138 × 431
Ah, fuck, I'm about to have a bad time. Or good time.

We're planning on going for a 7 day vacation to the sea, so hot weather is good, but I hate heat either way.
No. 56221
4,0 MB, 3840 × 2160
The pird took a shat on my arm, so I bought lottery tickets. As you do.

It'll be cooler by the sea, do as kot.
No. 56222
Close to three years ago today:
No. 56224
Oh man I'm so fuggen close to being out the door and it's making me nervous. I feel like a hell of a lot of people are looking for new jobs right now. I wonder what the longterm repercussions for the pandemic is going to be, but so far it seems drifting in the direction of workers demanding better pay and treatment. Between gibes and pandemic lot of people are feeling burnt out. I personally still don't know what I am going to do although I do feel kind of stupid walking away from bonus jobless gibes when I could squeeze just a bit more I now feel like staying any longer is going to start to kill my prospects for finding and switching to a new job before the winter. Then it would not be worth it because any additional money I'd rism burning through in the winter and falling behind again and there'll be no $1200 checks and tax forgiveness next time around. Still pretty torn about pushing one last week or not though since I'm right on the absolute edge and want to spend a week fucking off then figuring being able to travel looking for work fulltime will be much easier.

I'm not clicking a concealed archive link that I don't know what it is
No. 56227
>concealed archive link
An EC Today thread from June 2018. Must be one of the first. Post count in 2000's. There's even a post asking about the domain change.
t.Not him

> I feel like a hell of a lot of people are looking for new jobs right now.
You may be sensing those high school/university doors about to open, releasing a new crop of workers into the field. Don't know, the labor market is always regional anyway. Where I am it seems great. I see hiring signs at warehouses, lumberyards, restaurants, retail, at those anonymous business parks that do whatever. And even $15/hour(well above minimum wage)isn't enough to secure labor. Taco bell starts at $16. I don't know how much of this is pandemic related, but the labor supply/demand curve had shifted in favor of workers. If you want to hire someone in a town with a stagnant population, it's gonna cost you.
No. 56228 Kontra
>Taco bell starts at $16.
And they say they suffer in America.
No. 56231
6 kB, 364 × 295
>Dear Ernst!
>We're sad to notify you that your application for the interpreter training starting in the 2021-22 academic year wasn't accepted
I expected it but it still "hurts". In the end, there's nothing left to do but suck it up and march onwards.
Mum says she still loves me.

Guess it's time to make the most of it. Next semester is going to fucking hurt. I usually did 28-31 credits but this one will be close to forty because I have to make up on the credits I didn't do for the minor first year.

I'll try working ahead by reading some of the literature. Probably the best I can do.
No. 56232
Carry on and keep going my friend.
I am still looking for a job since the beginning of the year.
No. 56234
I was looking for a job since end of july last year and got one in may this year.

I think the situation on the job market is getting better, last year it was pretty pointless to even look for a job, but now the are more open positions again.
No. 56244
Living costs mate, living costs. And then you have to ask yourself if you could deal with being a Taco Bell worker as an adult dealing with such bydlo just to afford your $1500/month flat + tip.

Where the hell do they make that much though?

Personally I'm out and the sole thing keeping me from accelerating my own quitting is a raw naked lust for easy money and wanting to buy up devalued assets like crypto or keep some extra than I need tucked away for when the stock market finally crashes. I feel like I can now afford to look for actually good work not just some job that pays the bills so I can survive month to month. Which, coincidentally, is also the reason why I want to sponge extra money for assets, so that I don't ever again have to suffer going truly broke.
No. 56247
>Living costs mate, living costs.
Accounting for living costs, a taco bell employee has more disposable income and is taxed far less severely than someone who is lower middle class here.

>as an adult dealing with such bydlo just to afford your $1500/month flat + tip.
You really have no idea how good you have it lmao
No. 56249 Kontra
Oh right the whole point of me responding to begin with is because psrticularly lower skilled/lower salaried/wage workers between butthurt at all the shit from 2020 and boomer levels of entitlement alongside all those gibes on top of various other reasons have made people no longer willing to work for the shittest of wages. You have to figure that when you've just made effectively over $15 an hour once in your life due to neetbux from the $600 and $300 a week unemployment bonus and tasted what real income feels like fucking no one is in the mood working $13 an hour ago. I saw a hilarious interview with some slavedriver complaining how all his workers have the audacity to expect getting paid more, or having better hours, or things like job security.

Basically now the economy is back open people are looking for better work like I am. I think it's probably much worse among all those people basically just told go risk catching the coof and dealing with bydlo for just barely enough to pay rent while the federal government effectively subsidizes payroll of all these businesses through things like foodstamps. It should be noted Trump cut everyone off from foodstamps right before the pandemic which led to emergency orders suspending those new Trump admin requirements.

I don't know how many even Americans have known bydlo but perhaps contrary to your expectations in spite of all the complaining about "welfare" some absolutely massive percentage of poor white people are on foodstamps, at least here.

So my basic appraisal of the situation is, we're having a very softcore version of the moment immediately following the black death where the surviving peasantry collectively said no fuck this, this is a seller's market now pay me nigga or ain't reaping yo bitchass wheat fields no mo. And then they all went to reap and thresh for Taco Bell or whoever pays better apparently.
No. 56254
432 kB, 740 × 740
Our suffering is spiritual, an abstract longing which high wages cannot alleviate, which consumer goods cannot satisfy.

Western New York. You're welcome to come join us. Look, I even got you a gift to help you fit in. Apply these EVERYWHERE to avoid suspicion.

Also, fast food was the hardest job I ever had, and the worst paying. So if the guys rolling tacos and flipping burgers, the modern peasantry at the bottom of our labor market, have truly said 'f*ck this, either pay me or make your own sandwich', then more power to them.
No. 56258
Holy fugg you in Buffalo innit m8? Not sure which Ernst you are but if I ever do some traveling this summer which I plan/hope to by year's end I could even hit you upone of the cities I have relatives inme grandparents was Catholics so you can imagine I have a few cities to pick from
>a spiritual longing, a deep abyss into which you can stare through that American plastic smile which we fill with guns and drugs and cheap hookup culture and nonstop consooming
Yeah pretty much, sadly. I have concluded our culture is or had become truly toxic by the end of this pandemic. I think there is something truly and deeply wrong with us, sick, that I cannot describe or explain beyond that one euro who described visiting here as really nice and smiley and sunny but by the end of it he kept seeing the cracks in the brightly colored paint, the unease he felt, until he was finally happy to go home. I'm not quite sure what the problem is but yeah, and it seems to afflict all classes more or less too from bottom bydlo straight up to celebrities and trust fund kids. Maybe y'all need some Jesus I dunno.
No. 56262
>Not sure which Ernst you are
Former Florida Ernst, returned to his birthplace for reasons. Just got back last week, and still adapting to the change. This song keeps popping into my head for some reason.

Pearl Jam - Eldery woman behind the counter in a small town
No. 56263
Man, women complain all the time about how the clothing industry makes things difficult for them, by not including pockets in jeans and dresses and shit.
Maybe so in winter.

But in summer, if I want to look presentable, I have to wear full pants and a shirt, sweating my balls off. When I wear my baggy, cool summer clothes, loose white-gray shorts and a long t shirt, I look like a walking trash bag.
Meanwhile they can put on a big, loose, cool summer dress and look amazing.

I don't want to have to choose between looking like trash and being uncomfortable.
What summer clothing options do men even have? It's either pants or shorts, shirt or t shirt, nothing else.

Why can't we men wear short jorts up to our ass cheeks, and a tank top that only covers our chest? Imagine how fucking cool and comfortable that would be. It's like how I walk around at home in my boxers and nothing else, but outside and socially acceptable.

Why can't I wear a big, loose dress on bare skin? Should I go full muslim mode and start wearing them long white robes? I think it would kinda hit. But I don't want people to assume my religious affiliation.
No. 56266
108 kB, 800 × 537
You mean the 70s Australia look?
No. 56267
We can't wear what we like because of the matriarchy. I wear a tank top during summer and get judged negatively for it.
No. 56268 Kontra
>women complain about nothing
Wow, what a deep and profound insight.

That said, I know that feel. Women can also layer, which is a huge advantage, clothing-wise.
No. 56269
152 kB, 1200 × 1600
The truth is, we, men, don't complain ENOUGH.
They can have their dress pockets, as they give us our ass-jorts and tank-tops.
And how about yoga pants? I wore some fllece compression pants in winter, under my jeans, and I swear, the jeans were superfluous. I could've just walked around in my skin tight pants and been 100% warm. But for some reason, that's "socially unacceptable" or some shit.
No. 56270
Probably because you look like bydlo wearing it.

That feel when first thought after vomiting bile this morning is already I wasted half my life here with American women and that was mostly the good half. It's all downhill from here. I need as much money as possible. Little else matters. Also interest or rather amusingly enough one of my last thoughts I now remember at twilight was realizing probably it's 3am and now wake up early. I now clearly know the devil ramped up its assaults on me through dreams but don't know why
Maybe I don't care
No. 56271
>men unironically complaining about the loose comfortable ass shit they wear
>muh matriarchy
You can't make this shit up. Take one guess how I know some of you never had female siblings, female friends, and/or girl friends. It's mostly tight, cold, and uncomfortable, and a lot of people judging you for yoga pants is a) no one wants to look at your cock and b) it's the men wanted to smack you. If you can see a woman's cameltoe you better believe people would judge her.
No. 56272
>Probably because you look like bydlo wearing it.
Yes? Meanwhile a woman would not be judged for such a simple summer top.

Hey I was the one ironically mentioning matriarchy, don't blame him.
No. 56274
Nobody's stopping them from NOT wearing that shit.
No. 56275 Kontra
54 kB, 320 × 480
I like baggy clothing on women, I also like dresses. But while nobody is stopping them from not wearing it really, some wear baggy clothing, it's judged upon quite widely. Gender and expectation.

Genderless clothing, when will it finally make it to the mainstream?

Bonus: I once thought about getting those Arab clothing for summer as an edgy teen because it looks comfortable and cool, but I knew people would either think of me as one of those "strange" german converts to Islam or laugh about me for not dressing in a certain way as is expected in our society.
No. 56276
I've never experienced women being judged for wearing "masculine" or baggy clothing. Pants, jackets, shorts, anything goes with them. By men, that is. Maybe it's looked down upon in female circles. In fact, I think it stands out and is attractive in an intriguing way. I like practicality as an attitude.

Anyway, not sure if it's equivalent with men wearing skimpy, revealing clothing. That is, it is also primarily men who will give you shit for it, and accuse you of being gay. But I'm nopt sure of what women's attitude on men wearing feminine clothing is.

In the end, I just want my balls to sweat less.
No. 56282
Yes, because muh boobehs and because a lot of women's tops already look similar like summer dresses. Meanwhile, she would get obscenity charges at least many places here for indecent exposure but you can just take your shirt off and walk around half naked and she can't.

Seems a grass is greener thing to me. Men's clothing is generally super comfortable and high utility with sole exception of like a three piece suit and dress shoes, and all a person judges on is if you look sufficiently low class. Solution? Either stop giving a shit people judge you as slob or stop dress like a schlemiel. As to me I literally spend most my time in pajamas. Now that pandemic is over for me I'll probablg start shopping in PJs. Nobody cares or judges each other for wearing pajamas anymore. So there is that. Still fearful? Wear loos fitting cargo pants or shorts or some shit with loose shirt. I wear as much as I can near toga or robe without already wearing one, and only wear wire beaters or A frame, tank top whatever it's called, because comfort and don't want to look retarded with my nipples showing. Also it soaks up sweat.

I do wish I could tie a bedsheet around my neck and never wear clothes again though but then I'd have to deal with retarded culture of these savages saying I am a crazy person, when in truth I'm only lazy. How lazy? Very. also comfy.
No. 56283
That feel when Arabs invented the baggiest most comfortable clothing man has ever known but I live on the wect and half my retarded culture would give me shit for "appropriations" and other half would call me terrorist or jihadi convert. Such cases. Definitely feels bad.

Also I need a good hat. Something secular. Kipa works for balding, but Jewish. Can't wear Muslim, can't wear pope hat, baseball cap sucks, people think I am redneck for cowbay hat also too hot. I'll have to deal with proletarian flat cap for now still.
No. 56284
Bucket hat is best for hot weather, IMO. And if you can get it in camo colors, you'll probably also get thanked for your service by dumbasses for extra lulz.
No. 56286
289 kB, 1038 × 1038
I'm sorry but what company was that what's your MOS? STOLEN VALOR! STOLEN VALOR RIGHT HERE EVERYONE!
No. 56289
Well, if you don't feel adventurous, just get it in khaki or something. Another option, if you want to show how nerdy you are, is the pith helmet. Bonus points if you can actually put on a believeable British accent. "Doctor Livingstone, I presume?"
No. 56290
I was at work for 13 hours today. Jesus, allow me to have an undisturbed weekend.
No. 56291 Kontra
Cross that, it was 14. Brain is running on power saving mode.
No. 56296
61 kB, 1280 × 622
My cat smells like piss.
It's butthole smells like poop.
It often farts when asleep on my lap, and its farts smell like cat food.

I love it.
No. 56298 Kontra
53 kB, 640 × 508
I'm procrastinating while there are exams/deadlines around the corner. I will pass an oral exam and use the second date. I can't just make a thesis paper in a week for a difficult text for which I don't know exactly what I want to talk about, there is a topic that interests me but I would have to read up on it in secondary literature, while keeping other uni work up as well. I don't want to perish at the exam then, because I had little time to prepare. Feels bad tbh. Makes me question my capacities for academia, I mean many people struggle far more with such a text than me, but the seminar really is filled with people dedicated to the topic only, including me, but I had to acknowledge I didn't study philosophy nor did I read as many as others do, perhaps these are the kind of people that read philosophy with 17, 18 etc already.

I also feel attached to a woman more than usual again. I just met her once and we postponed (both of us) further meetings so far, because of uni/work. She was the one who proposed to meet up again when we departed last time, which was a good sign, I was happy about that. It has been two weeks already now, probably next weekend there is time. I don't know what to think of it. I wonder what she feels and thinks rn. Ofc it's an image atm in my mind, but it's based on this one meeting which apparently was enough to make a lasting impression on me. I already start putting words of her with a pinch of salt, she said not this weekend, only next weekend she would be able for a meet up that would be relaxed and I can even understand this, I procrastinate rn but when you have so many things on your mind that needs to be done, a meet up you cannot concentrate on is shit. She seems to be quite sensitive to the outside world anyway.
No. 56306
68 kB, 500 × 500
I'm listening to Gary Numan's Cars. It's a GTA Voce City flashback ofc (Well I listen to Wave 103), but now that I really understood the text, I can say how great it is. The car is such an interesting object. Safest of all!

Overall Wave 103 is quite a cool radio station, lifts my mood.
No. 56310 Kontra
Yesterday while out and about I had a weird episode where I had a lightning stuck in my right eye and some white blind spots too that basically prevented me from reading properly for like half an hour. It slowly disappeared after I walked into a lower light environment but it was still really scary.

I'm still feeling very weak, but at least I have my appetite back. Basically I'm trying to keep myself stuffed throughout the day to gain some of the weight back I lost.
I'm sleeping on-and-off throughout the day, makes my head hurt a bit but otherwise I'd have no energy.
No. 56311
Possibly had a migraine from it, maybe an aura given how long it took for your vision to go back.
Those symptoms are common with my episodes.
No. 56312
It definitely was an aura, but I wonder what caused it. Probably the mixture of the heat and exhaustion.
Never had this thing happen before but I hope it never happens again.
No. 56314
My eyes and forehead hurt a lot tbh.
Doctor said my eyesight wasn't detoriating last time but idk.
No. 56315
Got my Sputink V today and reinforced stereotype: most of the people in queue are girls with dyed hair (whose of them who do it to look more cute, not the opposite) and "I bet he works as coder"-type guys. Imagine Russia if only people like this survived the virus.
No. 56320
I want a few bydlo to survive by chance to see them inherit the country, just to suffer more.

Good news at least: 8 year shot 32 year old man in the head while they were shooting at chipmunks.
Sad news: man expected to survive, 8 year uninjured and likely nowhere near traumatized enough
No. 56321
>Rolling the dice, we'll see in a week.
Update: Not a scam. The shirt has arrived, and is exactly as advertised. 10/10, would buy again.
Thank you for your attention.
No. 56322
>Sad news: man expected to survive, 8 year uninjured and likely nowhere near traumatized enough
Is this genuine bile? What's going on, pal?
No. 56323
50 kB, 1280 × 720
Why are there so many self hating Europeans who don't support the first successful pan-European conference becoming the world's most important power bloc?
No. 56324
I have a "pet" chipmunk I've been feeding all pandemic. He makes me happy. I can imagine some bydlo shooting at him. I mean, it's a chipmunk. They cause no trouble. I know people like that. They will swerve on the road in their shitty trucks to hit turtles. Do I wish he suffer permanent brain trauma and that idiot kid has enough lasting psychological trauma from shooting someone he cared about not to shoot chipmunks anymore? Yes. Yes I am every bit that vindictive.

It's like that other stupid shit who decided to ram some couple's snowman, not realizing they used base of a tree to build on top of

What, you think I feel bad about people like this getting injured while being assholes? Of course at the very least he probably had to pay a lot of medical bills so there's a silver lining.
No. 56325
>Yes. Yes I am every bit that vindictive.
That's sad.
No. 56326 Kontra
I don't think there's a clear connection with being self-hating and supporting the EU..
No. 56328
2,9 MB, 640 × 360, 0:01
What is this "Europe", some American state filled with gay snobs? Or I confused it with California?
No. 56329
I think I accidentally locked my cat out of its litterbox last night.
My house smells like piss.
No. 56333
My subjective experience of being > your subjective experience of being.

Prove me wrong.
No. 56334
It's a "white ethnostate" for pan-Europeanism.
No. 56341
Have you ever asked yourself if you deserve to be happy?
If you haven't, and you do now, what is your answer?
Because everytime I ask myself this question I think "I'm not sure". Does that mean I'm not normal? If not, what is wrong with me, then, because I don't think I am not normal.
No. 56342
which things specifically make you have such doubts
No. 56344
>deserve to be happy

What is that even supposed to mean?
You dont have a claim against the world for x amount of happiness.
Neither can anybody tell you that you shouldnt be happy.
No. 56346
I like how you're avoiding the question, so you seem to be in a similar (mental?) situation as me.
But still - why?
No. 56347
Yeh, sometimes. I consider myself a bad person. But being on TikTok taught me I'm about average in being bad to others. I've seen people doing worse shit to others, I try not to be bad, but I have problematic behaviors nonetheless, but who isn't damaged tbh? I've heard from others that I'm a nice person usually. I still have psychological issues that interfere with my self-image though. I judge myself strictly but then don't give a fuck at other times. Plain oscillation between these is the norm.

Well, this is true. I cannot expect much from being thrown into the world. What you saying is probably that deserving something is a human construct (moral issues)?
No. 56348
778 kB, 944 × 901
50 kB, 593 × 457
77 kB, 829 × 1120
When people complain about "fatposting", this should be seen as compliment, not as reproach, because fatness is a sign of prosperity and high status in hierarchy.

THE BOSS seats in his armchair, has abundant feast and gives orders to his skinny minions, who are rushing from place to place:
-- Hurry up, Juan.
-- Yes, yes, already running, mr. Burger.

Before you call me "Americanboo" or something listen to this Russian wisdom passed through generations in a form of proverbs:
There should be a much of a good person (Хорошего человека должно быть много)
Don't bark at others flesh (Нехуй вякать на чужую мякоть)
While fat dries up, a skinny would die (Пока толстый сохнет, тощий сдохнет).

Just like gout, obesity is noble man's illness.
No. 56349
I met an old school friend today for a drink. It was fun, he has evolved to become a raver and a John Lennon sosie. It’s been such a long time since we haven’t seen each other that we didn’t know what to say after 30 minutes, so I sperged out and talked about all the things that came to my mind and not care about his possible disinterest.
Being happy can have many meanings to different cultures. And adding a notion of merit to it insinuates things that I disagree with.
No. 56351
happiness in itself is worthless.
being happy should be pursued only in so far that a sound mental state is conducive to accomplish things you deem valuable.
No. 56352
Hot take: happiness is a finite resource shared by whole of society, so by being more happy you are depriving it of others.
No. 56353
Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor's again because my specialist wasn't in last time, and basically I waited for 4 hours and then got told by the doctor currently in that I'm a retard and basically should consider suicide for wasting everyone's time.
Don't know what is it about the medical world, but I'm unable to manage myself bureaucratically for some reason. I think I managed to navigate the administration of the education system during the past year or so, but every time I go visit a doctor it's like as if I'm just inconveniencing everyone in the process, which really shouldn't be the case because I'm a patient, I shouldn't feel bad for being here. (Really, if it were up to me, I'd be pretty happy to not have a condition that requires a specialist's attention semi-regularly.)

I spent probably half of today in bed, just sleeping or doing nothing in bed. Though later I went out to wash the table I use in the garden. I thought that thing was matte, but as it turns out, it's a clear glass table, it just had a lot of dirt accumulated on it. Never really noticed because usually I just put a tablecloth on it.
Lunch was pretty good, mum made gyros. My appetite is finally back and I was able to eat.
Now if only the tiredness would go away I'd be mostly satisfied.
No. 56355
409 kB, 668 × 469
I wasted most of the weekend in front of a screen without reading anything, my body and mind revolt against constant workload it seems, stupid mental exhaustion. So I said fuck it. Will manage the deadlines, one other has to be skipped, it's fine, it possible so I can do it.

Also, I listened to a track that was a hit during my youth and all the drunken kids played it, so coooool. But the actual track is about day long raving drug consumption, the original track without chart position makes it explicit by
>nose is full, dick is small

Makes me think of the Sunday morning at a festival when I saw a guy from my camp snorting his shit and it all came out of his nose again because shit was full :DDD
Now listening to this track I want nothing less than snort that ugly speed, drink beer and smoke cigs while walking the city or talking to people, and dance a bit until I crash down again. Makes me feel at least, or what.


The text really fits the feel, sadly it's ruined by people who don't really know what vibes this track was about.
No. 56356
78 kB, 750 × 824
The semiotics changed under developed capitalism. Now fatness is a sign of proletarianization in the sense of Bernhard Stiegler:
>Stiegler is primarily interested in ‘proletarianisation’ as a process, a process that is primarily articulated in relation to the loss of skills, knowledge, and individuation through the technological development of the production process.

But more important here for fatposting
>Stiegler [...] uses the concept of ‘proletarianisation’ to
articulate the constitution of consumer society

>Stiegler’s use of proletarianisation is thus simultaneously broader and more restricted than Marx, broader in that it is extended beyond production to encompass relations of consumption and thus all of life, but more restricted in that it is primarily considered with respect to the question of knowledge. The transfer of knowledge from the worker to the machine is the primary case of proletarianisation for Stiegler, becoming the basis for understanding the transfer of knowledge of cooking to microwaveable meals and the knowledge of play from the child to the videogame.

Obesity then is the illness of the prole that lost his/her skills and knowledge and whose diet relies on industrial food production. Fatness is thus connected to a skillless consumers depleted of knowledge and who sell their labor power in order to fulfill desires provided by the industrial production apparatus. Being fat and obnoxious is associated with the poor in developed capitalist consumer societies. But in Russia, they still dream of burgers ...just a jokingly remark
No. 56357
Causing harm is a legitimate way of happiness redistribution.
No. 56362
2,6 MB, 540 × 304, 0:02
>Have you ever asked yourself if you deserve to be happy?
Not this exact question, no. But I have asked: Given the sum total of my life's actions, and their accumulated fallout, is happiness the expected result?

The answer is no. So in the moments I'm unhappy, it seems...right, logical. I'm miserable because, given preceding events, I should be. In contrast, the moments I'm happy seem really out of place, surprising even. Brain chemicals, man.
No. 56370
It's easier than that.

Food is cheap and prepared, you don't need any significant effort or money to eat it. Meanwhile scientific progress made most of the workplaces free of physical labor, and to commute to work you just sit on ass in automobile.

People in past didn't have any "knowledge" of how to stay fit, they just had no opportunity to get fat because they didn't have so much easy calories. But now you have to control yourself like "no, I'll buy chicken with salad instead of those tasty Double SuperMegaBBQmacBeaf" or "no, I'll go to gym instead of sitting on sofa and watching Superbowl". And rich people are usually better in self-control ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_marshmallow_experiment ).

But your interpretation is neat, I'll use it to make impression on people when my Che Guevara tshirt is in laundry.
No. 56373
No. 56374
You watching RT? Why?
No. 56375
It's real news unlike fake westernism.
No. 56376 Kontra
Okay, so if I involuntarily cause someone harm without knowing it, where did their happiness go? Not to me, that's for sure.
And when I find out and feel bad, where did my happiness go?
Because so far no happiness has been redistributed, just destroyed.

When two people love each other and make love and make each other happy, whom did they detract the happiness from?
No. 56378
It was just a jogge based on zero-sum happiness, I don't think the other poster was being serious either.
No. 56379
I don't think I understand. When googling zero-sum happiness the first results are some blog and a huffpost link.
No. 56380 Kontra
Preparing food yourself is probably cheaper, vegetables and sides like rice etc. serve you well and bigger portions for the money. I'm not talking of industrial production of rice, which makes it cheaper, but processed food, more or less ready to eat, which circumvents the act of cooking. Rich people can always get a cook and thus the knowledge.
People had knowledge on how to prepare food, I never said they had an expert diet plan from an online resource. This knowledge is more valuable for a good diet than some easy calories of consumer capitalism with its industrial food production which has high amounts of salt, fat, sugar, and other ingredients that weren't used before.
Ofc scarcity was a problem (but the link below together with consumer affordances will also shed light on scarcity today). But as I said fatness is usually connected with poorness these days and middle class people here in Germany usually know how to prepare food for themselves, which allows them to diet well and make a decision. Ofc you can decide to eat unhealthy and fastfood, but if you don't have much cooking skills, you are more likely to eat industrially prepared food.
It's a question of affordances as you and I pointed out, but we depart on the role of the individual. There is something funny about people who are not rich ventilating in liberal awe about rich people.
Your self creating individual phantasy can be countered with another link https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2018/06/marshmallow-test/561779/
No. 56381
I don't think it's a matter of know-how or just lack of money to learn how to cook, it's presumably the same mechanism behind higher tobacco usage rates for poorfags.
Really poor yokels here all do cook and eat non-processed, despite doing so in great quantities thus alao ending up with high obesity rates. There's something to be said about low income urban dwellers who overly rely on fast food but it really is a more expensive route than just being more selective. I think like in the smoking example, it's not that these people don't understand they're choosing an unhealthy route but more of atitude of not caring for various socio-economic reasons.
No. 56382 Kontra
Just disregard, just thought it was a fun concept of happiness being a fixed number of happy-watts that always evens out across the population. Maybe some new age ideology can take it up further.
No. 56383
72 kB, 750 × 1000
> whom did they detract the happiness from?
From me. I feel envy to them and suffer.

Kazakh is edgeposting, but he is right up to some point. Significant part of happiness is your place in society, and everyone can't be the first. People feel happier when they raise 1000$/month and everyone else also 1000$ on average, than if they raise 2000$, but other people -- 5000$.
No. 56384
30 kB, 498 × 608
Yeah, I was shitposting a bit.
But I do like playing around with ridiculous sounding ideas, subverting "common sense".

There was a study that showed that people would rather get $100,000 and everyone gets $50,000, than if they get $200,000 and everyone gets $500,000.

Kinda makes sense in a tribal context I guess. You want to become the top dog in your tribe, and have power over others. It doesn't matter how much benefit you get, if someone else has more, he will be top dog.
No. 56386
You can be happy with little or for no reason at all. This makes other people mad interestingly enough. "Why are you happy? You shouldn't be happy, I'm not happy."

Kind of how a calm person can make dysfunctional people mad.
No. 56387
People that eat like shit a) do not always know how to cook, b) too poor to cook fresh food, c) too tired/busy/lazy.

I'll give you one example, which is that most actual cooks and chefs--who know how to prepare a great meal--eat junk food, pasta, sandwiches, frozen breakfast burrito, fast food. Why? Because two things:
1) the last thing you want to do after a 10 hiur day over a hot stove is spend more hours cooking
2) as implied by above, it takes hours to prep a good meal. Workers particularly in more tiring bydlo jobs have neither the time nor the inclination to make a project out of cooking each night. Just a simple rice and frozen vegetable meal can be like an hour of work. You can do that, or you can slap some shit on a sandwich in under 5 minutes. Pasta is fast and doesn't require doing a lot to it in the sense you can walk away and check back in ten minutes, then throw some shit in a giant vat and have an entire day or two of food so you don't need to cook again for like two days. Nobody's got time for that shit in the morning before work just grab a bowl and go. Same thing with construction workers, landscapers, machinists whoever.

They don't order out because it's expensive. I'm not talking about restuarants. I'm talking about a $4 burger costs way too much money for one single meal, not counting the soda or whatever.

Personally the one time I really ate healthily was when I got on food stamps because suddenly money was no object and so I got lots of much nicer, much more costly food on taxpayer dime than what I'd normally do, which was grab a $2 jar of sauce, couple $0.89 boxes pasta, cheap cheese brick, bread, shit like that which brings me to cost again. You can buy a box of cheap, ultra shitty mac n cheese for 33 cents at Walmart. 3 boxes of knockoff brand mac and cheese for a dollar. The dollar menu at Burger King, with fruit pie and chicken patty I also ate for like a month right after college and it literally destroyed my metabolism for years. God only knows what horrific shit they inject cows and chickens with but I can only assume all our livestock gets shot full of some hormones causing fat retention, because they but livestock by weight and it's cheaper and easier to fatten your livestock with rapid weight gain injections than actually getting them swole with good meat. So, that also becomes the factor. I can only imagine how many years my health would get destroyed had I done that for a solid year than month or two.

It isn't just lack of knowledge. We literally know how to cook. I had chef level knowledge. This means I also knew a truly good meal took me six fucking hours to prep, and salmon and white wine and butter base alone would cost more than I was willing to spend on a single meal. So it really becomes an economic matter. I've not known one single chef or cook who actually went home and cooked. The people most buying fast food meals not just dollar money trash tend to be office workers and various plankton paid well enough to afford spending up to $20 a day on their way to and from work.

That's just bydloness and predatory corporate practices targeting poor folks, who in turn frequently don't have the time to quit. Quitting smoking is like a fulltime job. Nobody who's poor usually has two weeks to get off it. Instead they smoke and relieve work stress and put it off, but by then everyone already is so heavily addicted it becomes like getting off and staying off heroin, which unlike heroin tends not to disrupt their lives much so they don't even bother. It's only become a thing lately where now on top of that the government decided to use the utterly amoral practice of taxing a box of cigarettes to $13-15 a pack in some places, which is why a ton of poor people started rolling their own even though it takes even more time out of their day now.

At the end of the day, it always becomes taking whichever is the cheapest fastest bottom of the barrel option. Head gets split open? Have someone you know sew it shut with fishing line and a hook. Nobody's got time for wasting a whole day or two in a hospital paying $700 for the ambulance ride alone. I'm sure it'll be fine.
No. 56388
No. 56389
From my experience fat people (I mean the truly fat ones who have blubber all over them and have to shift their legs to properly walk and can't fucking use stairs) are usually whiny retards that have nothing noble about them.

Fatness might have been considered a sign of wealth, but I'd wager that at least by the time of the second industrial revolution it turned around and it became a sign of decadence, lazyness and idiocy.

I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to be able to eat a normal pizza a day AND something to be above your daily calories expenditure as a sedentary office worker or something.
No. 56390
Yeah I sometimes feel totally euphoric for no reason. Next day I'm completely depressed and have no idea why.
Maybe I have undiagnosed bipolar or something, but who cares. I just want to keep the euphoric state forever
No. 56396
Doctor's visit went well, only took 5 hours, and that includes going in by bus to Budapest and then coming home.
Basically I was told that I have my shit fucked up (and by looking at the bloodwork, indeed I have my shit fucked up), but it's nothing that taking medicine wont fix, which is cool. I don't think there's a single value in that blood-test that was within the recommended level. Like my iron levels are a fifth of the minimum healthy level, so it's no wonder I keep fucking falling asleep.

I love reading the labworks. There's something kind of magical about being able to read about yourself on a scientific level.
"Yep, that data is me". It's also why going to a teaching-hospital is interesting. They always explain stuff in-detail because of the students that are around, so you hear a lot of cool stuff and can ask questions.

Came home and immediately fell asleep after lunch. Mum called me to take the dog to get shaved but I told her to cancel it because I felt tired. Really, the pain I could kinda live with, but falling asleep and getting tired walking out into the garden is horrible.
No. 56397
I don't. I just do RT-check when I hear about some "prominent left wing intellectual".

> it's presumably the same mechanism behind higher tobacco usage rates
My friend who moved to USA says it's also GMO food that matters in American case. But I'm not some tinfoil hat bigoted science denier, so I disagree with him.
No. 56400
Thank fuck I am finally home and clean. It's not even breathable air right now. I can't shake that horrible paranoia that we're going to kill off all the plankton and every summer suffocate as the planet warms up to hothouse earth.

You are incorrect americansboo, fatness is a sign of stupidity, poverty, and low class here at least culturally, the fatter the poorer and more retarded until you're literally disabled like those guys pushing shopping carts at Walmart except even they at least are able to hold a job.
No. 56401
It may be due to heavy chanposting that I think more and more that I am a disfunctionnal person. Everyone is frustrated about something so my brain believes he has to be also frustrated. Everyone explains he acts is a marginal, I believe I am too. The discussion about happiness here made me think. Suggestible people should stay out of such places.
No. 56403
73 kB, 640 × 480
Hot take: every time you ingest drugs, your soul temporarily teleports into a parallel reality that is physically identical to this one, but has different spiritual properties, hence the change in subjective experience.
Drugs don't do anything by themselves, they open up tiny portals in your brain that partially shift some of your nervous system to a different universe.
No. 56416
That's not a good take. In fact it's literally American Protestant Evangelicalism tier stupidity.

I will say however it actually does lower the thresholds to pierce the veil, however, depending which drugs you take. I definitely hadn't found acid particularly useful in that regard. Cocaine, I think due partly to the awful shit around it, usually has this profoundly negative aura that just infects people on it and around it which frankly I could see coffee being that way too had it been a main commodity of the cartels.

Meanwhile I have quite literally used delirious quantities of alcohol to pierce the first and second veils beyond hell and scry into the nethery infernal world, which is exactly how I found out about the Satanic extent to which anime is tainted. Anime is quite literally a tool of the devil. It is primarily concerned in goading youth towards sexual depravity, pedophilia, and occultism. Behind those creepy anime eyes is demons.

Mushrooms meanwhile are great. They will allow you to see the true spiritual reality, and the intersection and suffusion of the spiritual world with the gross dross of the material. I would highly recommend just about anyone take mushrooms.

Weed doesn't do much though it can weaken the barriers, so if you're truly up to no good you'll hear the drums of hell. I think that people sometimes falsely conflate Satan with drugs. Moreover, if you actually take drugs and you see the devil, that is usually a sign about the state of your own very immortal soul, which doesn't stop when the drugs stop. It simply reveals that you're hellhlbound and leading an awful life. Sadly, many drug users also involve themselves in crimes and various iniquities, which is what brings the negative out.

As to transported no. The only way I found to do things like that is through either dreaming or the very rare occasional mental blip while consciously seeing different time streams, some of which become your own, like this pandemic, others not so much, like president McCain and the civil unrest of the late 00s/to 2010s and the pandemic of 2009 or 2010 or whenever it was.
No. 56418
ok schizo
No. 56419
Now, now, let him finish:
>Meanwhile I have quite literally used delirious quantities of alcohol to pierce the first and second veils beyond hell and scry into the nethery infernal world, which is exactly how I found out about the Satanic extent to which anime is tainted.
For a while I thought these posts referenced demonic influence in a literary sense, but they get better.
No. 56421
Hot take: he is not schizo, he is just so far ahead of us that we can't understand him yet. But maybe next generations...
No. 56423
>I think that drugs transport you physically to entirely different dimension
>someone with actual extensive drug and theological/philosophical etc background shares experiences and interpretations thereof
>ur a schizo
Truly cabbage 4kanker tier shitposts

I hope you're only drunk man
No. 56424
108 kB, 800 × 450
You know from year to year I often think about that one Russian and his crazy Finnish girl who was getting lured and possessed as that demon which likes to masquerade as "Ana" but I have never heard back from him again.fyi I was not on acid at the time and can actually clearly remember where I was physically as I was shitposting on casey at the time. I also still have never figured out who the interloper was, or why there was two "black" influences and figures and one "white" in the spiritual sense. I surmised that the darker figures or influences one was the girl, but could never figure out if the Russian bernd was the other dark one or this third figure who was involved somehow but it felt human iirc

As to all else humanity and life itself is an emergent property of the universe because it is kind of like if this universe's dimensions were compacted to a 2d plane then G-d would be the three dimensional object intersecting with that plane, i.e. the cosmos and universe itself is an extension of G-ds Will and an object and interface in which He operates, and is, and is not, and ever will be.

To truly understand HaShem or something about Him rather you must come to understand first of all the timeless and infinite extent to which He both exists as and operates within and through, that is, a being outside of time itself which is merely a fundamental property of gravity mass and energy interacting with itself as perceived by sapient beings within itself. So to that extent the question becomes, what is a day to God? Or rather, if you could operate through time playing pool not only to pull off a trick shot, but to place that cue ball exactly where you want it to be for lining up the next shot, like playing chess, then can you even imagine or fathom a true beingness that can span across the universe and make plans and trick shots literally billions of years ahead of time?

Consider the collision with Thea, and the way our planet consuming it to its core to help enable life is congreunt with the act of a single cell organism consuming a chloroplast, and thus by its holy union enabling the formation of complex multicellular life. Imagine now if you will how that very act is, in and of itself, congruent with the Godhead becoming itself yet again as an avatar to itself to become like a tardigrade among tardigrades, lower itself to such a level, to even be capable of caring about the smallest among us, and the great Revealing of itself and its grace and salvation towards us. Consider the fact that Scripture is, quite like God, operating on multiple different levels. It is like unfolding the cube of three dimensional space into a portion of a plane in the shape of a cross, or to then compact Its own information into the languages.

So as such G-d, the real Living G-d, is so far beyond our capabilities to imagine it's incredible. In order to perceive G-d, to truly perceive Him as He Is, is much like an ant strolling across your porch becoming even dimly aware of your own existence, let alone have the capacities to imagine you yourself as the incredible and unimaginable things you are capable of compared to it. And yet, coded within life, is also a portion of the answer, namely, altruism, as seen from the smallest of complex beings such as an ant in its colony milking an aphid or chloroplasts working together to produce energy for a much larger being, to you yourself and your human colonies and capacities to care not simply for one another, but to hold a true dominion over the earth and to care for entirely other species unlike you, for it is the great game of the Satanists to pollute your mind into thinking "survival of the fittest" is a top dog reference, when survival of the fittest has always entailed preference for the species that is best able to coordinate itself and work together, much like the lone wolf dies alone but the altruism of the greater pack survives.

Likewise, it is a part of the great lie to deceiving you into believing young earth creationism is some "holy" thing, when in fact it is a worship of the flesh and things of this world, and an utter rejection to the full magnitude of what G-d, HaShem, Allah, truly is as itself beyond all words and what It is truly capable of, which in pondering the heavens itself shows you the true meaning of the word "Awe." For to drink to the bottom of the glass of natural sciences is as revealing a process as dropping the veil of spiritual sciences and of mysticism and Scripture, both leading to the same non-finite Deity. It is only then that you see what this inappropriate word, this english language term "God" truly fails to capture, that is, the True Word of the True Living God, which dwells amongst and inside us and is at once separated from us, in our choosing separation in a spiritual sense at times, that you can now see clearly religious Awe. It is only then that you see the foolishness of geocentrism, and of worship of the flesh and non-divine ego, and of young earth creationism, that rejects utterly the truth of God, and the sheer majesty of scale that is billions of light years and billions of marked earthly years, and trillions upon trillions of years, you can now see first in part as through a glass darkly, and then see fully with the scales fallen from your eyes that word majesty means.

Of course, as an earthly and mortal creature, you do not need to be in this state and awareness all the time any more than you need to be on mushrooms while traversing a highway during rush hour. It can be dangerous and lethal to you, just as a meditative state is no more helpful being stalked by apex predators than being drunk in public.

But full circle, the final note being that life is itself an inevitability of this universe just as the flesh of death, which is likewise seeking to spread its code and awareness of itself, the true holy mission of all sapient species which is their true test, to leave its own planet and putting away of childish things during its spiritual moral and intellectual infancy, to then spread itself and all life across those barren worlds, and to make the deserts bloom. But, for now, you simply must be as a pair of chipmunks fighting, oblivious to the fact there's enough birdseed for everyone like mana heaven, because that is in part the role of life insomuch as altruism is hard coded into us in opposition to our self destructive pettiness, that is, the conflict between the Spirit and the flesh, Satan and truth, the darkness and the light.also anime is terrible
No. 56425
>I don't. I just do RT-check when I hear about some "prominent left wing intellectual".

I don't think he is prominent, perhaps in certain academic areas.
Also, what exactly do you gain from RT checking?
No. 56427
Sorry, I just got annoyed with you conflating a very basic spin on Cartesian ghost in the machine concept with protestanism or whatever.
Then you ran off on some weird tangent.

And yes, I was drunk.
No. 56438
Judging by the effects these will be the "fun" kind of prescription med. Like the one I got a few years ago that made me feel like a fucking superhuman because I functioned with 5 hours of sleep, woke up at 4 in the morning without an alarm and I was able to eat half a horse for just breakfast.
I took one dose and I was able to eat two home made hamburgers and I'm not feeling sleepy at all.

Kinda hate how whenever I get prescribed stuff for my inflammation my mother acts all judgemental, telling me "these are really strong meds, you know, right?". Yeah. Can I do anything about it? No. It's genetic. I'd be the happiest person if I didn't need medical attention periodically and could get shitfaced without consequences on a Friday night but it's not the case and I have to deal with it.

So anyway, I'm feeling pretty swell.
No. 56449
55 kB, 600 × 600
Dang, this shit smells NICE

t. real man, apparently.
No. 56464
I have used Old Spice until about 2015 or so. Then they changed the recipe and it smelled like shit.
Up until then I constantly got compliments from women that I was smelling so great.
No. 56468
heh, I've been using it since around 2015... never got compliments for smelling nice, but I also don't get close enough to other people to smell them so yeah.
No. 56471
What would you recommend that feels kind of similar to whitewater?

I like the bitterness of how whitewater smells, so if there's something even better, I'm in.
No. 56473
Today I will sleep
No. 56477
3,3 MB, 272 × 448, 0:52
But it's Wednesday.
No. 56481
That feel when I don't remember which day of week it is for years.
No. 56487
2,9 MB, 4032 × 1960
It's happening
No. 56490
I remember garbage day. It's on a Tuesday.

Do you mean the nose breathing, or western tourists in general?
No. 56493
1,3 MB, 640 × 336, 0:21
No. 56498
594 kB, 1080 × 2220
2,1 MB, 4032 × 1960
Rate trip so far
Roadside cafe.

Its a local.Slav tour guide.
We're vaxxed anyway.
No. 56499
Is that a bus? Looks kinda comfy tbh, even though my german gimmies would be russled by the disregard of private space there.
No. 56500
76 kB, 640 × 640
What did you eat? I'm curious what you guys get served, a photo would have been ideal.

Wish I would be far away from where I am now, eating and traveling.
No. 56501
Ebin, show pictures of steppe
No. 56503
25,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:32
88 kB, 1056 × 807
I recently noticed that Houthi songs are pretty nice. Especially liked this one.
This evening I finally got around to type the lyrics into google translate to get to know what it is all about.
No. 56505
47 kB, 402 × 556
129 kB, 1600 × 1200
12 kB, 474 × 113
We have on all our buses and in all our doctor offices and other places these posters now which show correct and incorrect ways to wear a mask. I think it's fucking hilarious. It is like all are saying
>no, you stupid fucking bydlo, mask only works when over nose and mouth
No. 56507
58 kB, 594 × 611
I was looking up the cool Astra satellite logo and then asked myself how many satellites are hovering over the earth: more than 2000!

Also, I have towering depression.

No. 56509
This set me off on a frenzied search for classic ISIS bangers like "for the sake of allah" yet I was unable to find any.
No. 56512
>the mask does anything besides signal compliance and provide a breeding ground for bacteria
No. 56513 Kontra
61 kB, 750 × 936
Do you seriously think it's worth the hassle of not putting the mask on while buying a pastry at the supermarket just to be harassed by the security guards, police, and other civilians EACH TIME you go out?

There's making a point and there's making your own life harder for no fucking reason.
No. 56514
It's making your life harder in the sake of stupidity, ensuring the virus spreads more, ensuring lockdowns keep happening and the economy keeps tanking because boy oh boy am I sure excited to find out what kind of Soviet larp shortage we can have next.

you don't breed bacteria or whatever stupid shit wearing it for 5 minutes in Gregg's you stupid fuck why the hell do you think surgeons and medical practitioners wear these things at work all day thirty minutes here, twenty minutes there. It basically became a convenient way to signal to me which person should be tripped to distract the zombies at this point. Or which people aren't gonna make it and I'd never invite to my inna woods survival bunker. It automatically tells me which stupid shit is going to cross contaminate everything if we get hit by a terrorist dirty bomb for example.
No. 56516
> be harassed by the security guards, police, and other civilians EACH TIME you go out
That's in 1-st world. For thirdies the best strategy (if we speak about short term convenience) is to wear mask on neck or in pocket and put it on as you go to the checkout in grocery or see policeman (most likely they will ignore you, but it's easier to put mask on for a second). Plus I looked it up, and it's +32 in Almaty, it's unpleasant to constantly wear mask in such weather.
Also once I've seen woman wearing mask on ELBOW. But you need to be big boned for that trick.
No. 56517
You guys still use masks? I swear Norway is like a different planet.
No. 56518
I'm not saying "make a stand" but the mask does fuck all for your or anyone else's physical benefit.

Hahaha "if I play ball, my masters will let me out of the cage!"
You've got people being forced to wear masks most of the time in public, in some places. There's been a marked increase in chest infections as a result, it's besides the point. The mask is just a fucking symbol.
No. 56519
Are you one of those guys who think nothing at all works and it's also just a cold?
No. 56521
2,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
Am I a bad enough dude to go swimming with a phone I can't afford to replace just to get a better shot of the mountains?
The answer is yes.
No. 56522
>but the mask does fuck all for your or anyone else's physical benefit.

What you say goes against scientific consensus, so please provide sources for your claims or stop the bullshitting.
No. 56523
The mountains remind me of sim city for some reason. I guess it's their ragged edges.
No. 56524
Avoiding the heat?
Looks like a pretty hot day.
No. 56525
3,7 MB, 4032 × 1960
29 kB, 201 × 217
That's nothing, it's evening in the picture, at noon the sun was brutal. Good thing I bought SPF 45 sunscreen.

Speaking of covid, I think this was a trap. They have lured us right next to the 5G corona radiation towers.
No. 56526
There's something extremely erotic about women with skimpy clothes and face masks.
No. 56527
170 kB, 870 × 582
Feel known.

Unfortunately, I will not be scoring this time either, since I'm staying at a motel with a bunch of old ladies, my mom, little brother, and her granny coworkers.

No poontang in sight, and I don't have my own room anyway.
Why is this country so conservative, who ever heard about going on a beach vacation, and not being able to score?
No. 56528
I went to the beaches all my life without scoring anything.

Should go to the beach, I have the possibility atm to travel to north German beaches for free.

Also, I had to make my first corona antigen test today. I like how all tests where produced in China, mine was from some Shenzhen-based biotech factory. Does anybody know what the free test costs are for the state?
No. 56531
They cost the state around 65€ per test here. Your local prices may vary depending on the degrees of local corruption.
No. 56537 Kontra
No way!
I mean these tests centers pop up everywhere here, and there is already a debate about the exploding costs and money making by people jumping on the train of opening a test center. But 65€? evene less. The production costs would be interesting. There are millions of tests a day. We are talking about those fast tests, I had to wait 15min for my result.
No. 56541
2,7 MB, 480 × 360, 0:04
>Why is this country so conservative
You don't have culture of Spring Break? Probably a good thing.
No. 56542
I'm feeling very good. My sleep is deep, I'm actively hungry, and the pains in my stomach stopped almost completely.
Also regained my mental fitness and I'm no longer sleeping 12 hours a day in segments just to be able to stay awake.

Wrote 3 pages after a 3-4 month long hiatus into my physical diary. My handwriting has gotten prettier I think.
Tomorrow I'll try writing poetry or a short story.
I sort of consecrated that Japanese style cup today while in the garden. I drank the most expensive tea I had from it. It's part of the family now, may it serve us long.

Also continued reading the Deng Xiaoping biography. Speaking of Deng, I watched the CPC centenary opening ceremony because why not. I guess it's a "once in a lifetime" event in a sense.
Started listening to the Beijing international radio to improve my hearing of the language a bit.

Reading about China feels interesting and Fresh again. All this information, all this knowledge to soak up and then assimilate. I can't wait to re-formulate and refine my views yet again.
Whenever we talk about China, my friend remarks that it's astonishing that after all the things I've learnt, all the books I've read and all the cultures I've encountered, I seem so enthusiastic, insistent to repeat the entire 20th century like as if it were some grandiose drama of both humanity and something beyond humanity.

For better or for worse the family trip to the Alps has been cancelled, but thankfully I don't have to worry that my health was the straw that broke the camel's back. It'd been nice to visit Tirol again, love the place, but even if I feel like a demigod right now, I don't want to ride 12 hours in a car. That's a lot and I feel at ease. No need to ruin that.

It's late. But I don't want to sleep. I have these little sand-drops on the top of my eyelids forming, but my mind feels completely fresh. These meds worked wonders.

I don't know how much they cost for the state, but when I took a test like this it was 30 euros so they can't cost much more to manufacture, ship and administer, otherwise nobody would be doing it.
They sent the results to me via text in 20 minutes.
No. 56544
I don't know what the production costs are, but 65€ is the price our government uses. They used to pay 90€ until it was lowered by decree in September.
No. 56553
Why are the admin/mods here so inactive and why are we being targeted by that filth and what can be done about it?
No. 56556
2,3 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,3 MB, 4032 × 1960
2,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
Steppe pics as requested
Just imagine this for 10 hours.
No. 56557
Cool. I don't know that feel.
No. 56558
Tbh I've always been fascinated with fjords and tundras, we ain't got that shit here.
No. 56562
Ebin biome
No. 56563
7,6 MB, 4032 × 3024
5,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
More photos.
Le trash cow.
No. 56567
I like le trash cow photo.

My TikTok gives me live streams from Turkish workers nearly every day I browse my page, at least I deduce the country of origin from the account names. I can watch people grinding doorknobs, making something with socks, and "destroy" jeans for used aesthetics.
No. 56570
I know I keep raving about how good I feel, but I just feel good. Can't remember the last time I felt pain after eating not because I was sick, but because I was stuffed. It's like I regained a bit of humanity.
(Really, just because it's on the table and you're offered to eat it, it doesn't mean you should eat it.)

Got me wondering whether or not I have an extra push in me or is this just how people are supposed to feel "normally". I'd rather have this as normal than be getting an extra push from the meds, but even then it'll be fun while it lasts.

I'm spending a lot of time in the garden reading and drinking tea. The weather is very good. It seems to have stabilised at ~30 degrees.
The only issue is that the sun is very bright and it hurts my eyes when I look at the pages, so I actually took out a pair of aviators I had for a while but never used (I can't think of a more retarded accessory as a short-sighted person than a pair of sunglasses) and it fixed my issue.

We're still figuring out how pool maintenance works with the family, but I think we're doing fine and will get the hang of it. The cleaner thing works and nobody's got chlorine burns. Also cut some of the overgrown bushes and such. And I think I also managed to step into a nettle-bush because my left foot itches like hell.

Did some cleaning yesterday night and I realised I need a box to put knick-knacks in. I didn't realise I had so much stuff lying around.
Still, the room much nicer than it used to. I think I might be able to re-establish my summer writing corner again with the candles and the small table.
No. 56571
I am now getting increasingly nervous every day that I won't find a job in time because I pushed quitting so back that if I want to take a whole month doing nothing but dicking offand hopefully find some actual personal advancement in the meantime like a locksmith for example it's barely any requirements for being loicensed and starting is $22 an hour which already is better payor hell, anything giving me more avenues of making money even if it's being a youtube e-whore as a side hustle it worries me that I'm then going to be pushing right up against the fall which is where literally everybody stops hiring because the whole economy slows down.

Really I should go back to school or do something to switch to a career I'd actually want to do. I was thinking about it and realized while the money might be good, even then if I was making a $100k salary doing sales or being a manager for some shitty company is that what I would even want to?

This whole pandemic has changed my perspective on a lot of things. It made me reapproach how fleeting my life is, and thinking this whole time "is this really how I would wish to end it now? Would I really actually like to spend half my waking life doing a pointless job for a company I'd slowly grown to hate?" And so I think that even if the pay is shit, I think I should at least be a Paramedic or something, or get trained as a firefighter, hell anything but dealing with a corporate shithole, in fact the sole reason I can even imagine accepting high pay would be to siphon as much money back from the company as possible so as to make a lot of investments so as to have the starting capital for either becoming independently wealthy or running my own business or something. Meanwhile, I am filled with this dread that the "everyone is higher, not enough workers, everybody starts to get paid more" thing is a mirage, and that I'll get saddled with some more bullshit that I hate in a panic because I'm running out of money.
No. 56572
Happy shart day everyone
No. 56575
>shart day
Oh no, is that today? Heard some sporadic fireworks last night but didn't connect it to the date. No idea what to expect in this new neighborhood. At my old place it got real loud, and the sidewalks on the 5th were always littered with burned out fireworks. We'll see tonight.
No. 56578
Fake it til you make it is true in the case of blending in as an autismo/schizoid.
I'm not particularly joyous at this trip, but I'm trying my best to act "normal" so that I'm not a killjoy to my family.
And that, in itself, is fulfilling in a rational way.
No. 56580
Had similar feel when I was dragged to DisneyWorld. Didn't want to go, didn't want the expense spent on my behalf. But it was a family thing, so what do you do? Go, do what others are doing without complaining or seeming hesitant. In between the crowds and long lines, and sitting in restaurants I looked for the quiet moments that I could enjoy. In the end, glad I did it without being an ass and ruining it for everybody. In the process of not ruining it, I even managed to get few decent memories out of the trip.
No. 56583
Hey, me too.
I visited my mother because she had asked if I came for barbecue.
GF also came and mother in law was also there.
The food was good but that's four hours of my life I won't get back.
The two older women were talking the whole time, without a pause.
GF sat on the other side of the table on the seat that was furthest away from mine, so we could only exchange the odd glance when the topic was particularly uninteresting or uncomfortable (like her mom didn't want to breastfeed her or how my mother talked about toddler flatulences and all that, during dinner).
GF went on to her parents' place because they had asked her to stay, I gladly didn't have to.
In the end I was glad when I didn't have to hear any voice and could just drive home in peace.
Now we both have done our duties and should be good for a while.
I love my mother, but I can't stand her insane chatter.
Also, she's extremely oblivious. Today she wrote me "are you feeling depressed? You were even less talkative than normally yesterday". I wrote her back that I wasn't less talkative, just that I didn't get a chance to speak, which was half the truth.

Sometimes I wonder how my life would be if I weren't so insanely polite. I probably would be at war with everyone already.
No. 56585
Eh, I even go as far as to fake enthusiasm, it's all part of the process.
No. 56587
86 kB, 512 × 384
Sex (the act) is ideology.
No. 56591
One must try to enjoy any social situations. There’s glory in the ability of having fun at those types of things.
No. 56595
Sometimes I get into a psychopathic mood, and enter Raskolnikov mode.

I start thinking that maybe I really don't care about which ideology, political or economic system I live under, as long as I'm one rung above the common pleb. Enough privilege to not suffer, but still no responsibility or expectation placed on you.
Wouldn't want to be a ruler or anyone high ranking.

In a totalitarian state, I'd like to be a party official.
In corporate hyper capitalism, I'd like to be some director or executive at a mid tier company that does bullshit non-work like consultancy.
In a theocracy, I'd like to be the priest of a small irrelevant town.
In a dictatorship, I'd like to be El Presidente's brother's wife's sister's cousin.
In a monarchy I'd like to be a baron with a winery or something.

Why? Because I have my own autistic interests that I'd like to pursue without being interrupted, and don't give a shit about anything outside of that. Simple as.
>But what if your artistic pursuits go against the dominant ideology
Never said I'd published any of my stuff. I'd take it all to oblivion with me, as it is about the practice, not the product.

I bet newton wouldn't have invented all that math if he had to plow fields all day.
I bet bill gates would be nowhere today if he was borned in kazakhstan.
etc. etc.

Anyway, woulda coulda shoulda.
I'm just extremely butthurt about my life circumstances. A mediocre intelligence trapped in a mediocre country, among mediocre people, with a mediocre socioeconomic status.
I don't even feel real. It's like I'm an NPC in an MMO, who walks around in his predetermined path, in an area of the game that everyone has already outleveled and abandoned. The lore, the scenery, the other NPCs are still, there, but none of it has meaning, because the real gameplay is happening elsewhere.
No. 56597
I don't bloody think sharia allows that
No. 56600
>I bet newton wouldn't have invented all that math if he had to plow fields all day.
I recently thought about it in such way: in modern times we have hundreds of millions of people whose basic needs are unconditionally satisfied, especially in socdem countries like Sweden or Germany. You can live on welfare and do whatever you want. Yet I've never heard about any neetbuxer who have done anything of value.
I think, easy dopamine is to blame. If Newton wanted to entertain himself, he would choose between going to hunt and fucking unwashed prostitute in brothel. Doing math was really easier. Now it's just one click and you can play MMORPG or shitpost on boards. Or how about buying meth?
No. 56602
Today was a very good day. Basically we went shopping for random items we need to multiple stores.
I needed a paper box from ikea to put the random shit I found lying around in the room, but got some other stuff while there.
Basically I got a new teapot, the paper box and a set of 200 tea-lights because it was 4 euros and TV-dads always say a bigger package is more economical. So yes, now I have 200 tea-lights in the fucking basement.

Spending the last few days in the garden, drinking tea and reading while looking at the pool and occasionally cleaning it, I'm kinda starting to realise how much of a middle-class twerp I am. (Or maybe the pool and lazing around is just creating an illusion of wealth.)
But really, I'm feeling good, sitting outside, reading, being removed from the internet's constant ideological struggle.

Yesterday I spend a good part of the day outside, and I started and finished reading Yu Hua's novel "To Live". I was satisfied that I was able to read a 250 pages long novel in a day. (It also reminded me that not all texts are of equal difficulty, I could only manage 60-70 of the Deng biography the last two days, since it has longer pages and a denser style.)
Wrote some notes on it into my black notebooks where I usually write small summaries of novels when I feel like it. I wonder how much stuff I've written during my life. I have some of it, but also a lot of it is lost. Like you could probably assemble around a volume of my writings of we were to collect anything I have archived of myself.

After all the shopping was done we visited some relatives, because why not. Apparently I have a new second cousin. Cute little guy. Very loud and energetic. Holy shit, one day I'll have to keep in touch with my relatives on my own.
Otherwise the visit was really draining. We stayed for like one and a half hour, but constantly listening to a little kid screaming and running around was really tiring.

I'm thinking about getting a Hawaii shirt. Normal T-shirts are too hot while sitting outside. I need something light to wear.

>>In a totalitarian state, I'd like to be a party official.
>That entire post
Kazakh you are speaking to my heart.
No. 56603
Yeah you say that but really I just think you're like some bydlo that wishes he won the lottery. You'd be facing exactly the same butthurts and frustrations here by the by. Like based off all your postings, no offense but I could just see you being busted with a 40 or some wine bottle in a Walmart bathroom and then removed from premises and booked for some kind of public intoxication charge, never having enough money, and hating people still. I think the real question is, had you been born into some barrony, would you end up just mismanaging that? Or would the authorities still catch wind of you and escort you off premises for being some drunken priest? Or a much better question as, what can you do with what you have to work with? What could you do much better here or germoney, or what could you actually accomplish with where you are now and can be later?

It's a slow process but a watched pot never boils, and in case my implication wasn't clear enough your first step needs to be quitting drinking or you'll always be stuck in circumstances you hate.
No. 56604
>Never said I'd published any of my stuff. I'd take it all to oblivion with me, as it is about the practice, not the product.
Based on previous posts on the existential anxiety of not producing anything meaningful or cherished, I doubt this :DD
No. 56605
I'll be the judge of what is meaningful or to be cherished.

If you pay attention, you'll notice that most great works are either misunderstood, not understood, or outright despised.
So functionally no different than not releasing anything.
But the worst are the politically motivated grifters who try to twist art into their own agenda.
God I hate journalists do fucking much.

The larger point is, how much of a handicap do you have to overcome before you can start making forward progress?
Even a 5% advantage compounds to huge gains over time.
You think a third worlder can outpace someone from a civilized country if they just bee themselves hard enough? This country literally does not have higher education, or academia, or public institutions, or even private entities to climb up towards.

And yes, I'd imagine that if my life circumstances were different, I'd end up a different person, duh.
Isn't it fucked that for every third worlder, the only social mobility mechanism is leeching off the infrastructure of actually functional states?

Only retards believe in meritocracy at this point. Read about any person successful enough to be in the public consciousness. And trace their lineage.

There is no dignity in trying hard to win a rigged game. Bring a parasite is more dignified than being cattle.
No. 56611
If it's called serving time, why don't Americans thank ex cons for their service?

In fact, ameriernst should start saying "thank you for your service" to waiters and receptionists n shit because they're in the service industry.
Imagine the butthurt.
No. 56624
>Why? Because I have my own autistic interests that I'd like to pursue without being interrupted, and don't give a shit about anything outside of that. Simple as.

Isnt that basically everybodys dream?

What is is with older women and their tendency to endlessly babble on about nothing?
My mother frequently calls me and tells me about events that happened to the children of people I dont even know, or what she saw on tv.
If she is together with friend they just go on and on about such things. The secretary in my old job was the same, if somebody stayed in here office she would just continue talking about things that had no relation to and were of no interest to that person.
I know its my job as son to listen to that nonsense of my mother from time to time but I really wonder why do all these women do it.
No. 56627
My upper neighbors listen to number radio stations at nights. Imagine, you wake up and hear weird piano music, then "FIVE PYOTR NINE DMYTRIY SEVEN STEPAN..." and so on. I would shit my pants if I hadn't heard about such thing before.
Also I constantly hear their drunk quarrels, those people are definitely unfit to be secret agents.
No. 56628
You overestimate people.
No. 56629
Write a letter to GRU and/or the city complaining that their agents' activities are keeping you up at night :DD
No. 56631
Who am I to complain? They are "new nobility" and I'm just a peasant. I don't want any problems.
No. 56641
There have been many times that I've felt that my online presence and interaction was at the frontier of something revolutionary.
Yet all those phenomena eventually fizzled out. Not imploded, collapsed, or destroyed, but simply faded away. Leaving behind a history nobody cares about, and memories nobody relates to.

I wonder of they were truly dead ends, or if even genuine frontier movements experience the slow disappointment.
What did the monks feel during the invention of the printing press? What did typecasters feel about the advent of digital text? Practical effects craftsmen after CGI took over?

Is it at all comparable to living through the death of an online community? The sadness of knowing that the golden age is over, before you realized you'd been living through it?

I've always thought that storytelling was the least interesting art form. But maybe the purpose of a story is different. To briefly summon the spirit of a time long gone, to reassure ourselves that it was real, that it happened. To be a gravestone to the past.
No. 56644
>hates journalists
>wants to be party official
I hear Putin hiring)))

I feel much better today in spite of ill sleep. Not long until I am free. Then worrying begins until I have better job.
No. 56645
Both have the function of enforcing narratives on the public, it's just that one is honest about it.

There's also plenty of journalists in Russia on Putin's payroll, so I don't see your point.

Professional opinion havers of every kind should be put against the wall.
No. 56663
9,3 MB, 640 × 360, 2:07
Today was the first time in my new job I had the feeling that I slightly knew what I was doing and didnt fear the world was going to explode because I overlooked something important due to my cluelessness.

Also a new Houthi song came out.
No. 56665
It's ten million fucking degrees outside and it's like as if my flesh was boiling each time I step into the sun.
I'm going to take out the fucking parasol because holy shit I can't sit outside in the sun and the desk in the garden is positioned in such a way that during certain hours it's like I'm sitting under a magnifying glass.

Even if for some reason the air decides to move outside a bit it's like getting blown with a hairdryer.
At this rate we will be growing oranges in the fucking Mátra by the end of the decade.

Father returned from his business trip. He brought me two boxes of Swiss chocolate.
It's so hot, that I decided to put it in the fridge before it melts.

Actually fell asleep without posting this so now it's in the wrong tense. It was so hot there was no other option than to just lay in bed while blasting the fan. I wonder if it's because the humidity is different compared to last time when it was almost 40 degrees, or if it's just because I feel a lot better now.

Don't know what I'm going to do now. I've slept like 5-6 hours so I'm definitely not going to sleep in time again. I'm probably going to crack open a random Japanese novel to see what it's like. Maybe even finish it.

If kazakh's feelings are like mine, then probably the biggest challenge in this scenario is that if we were to sit in that chair as officials or propagandists, carrying out policy for the regime, would we actually have the audacity to do it?
I don't know if I could be "spineless" enough to do the ideological work that's required to keep a position like that. The position of being an official is alluring, but it doesn't just come with boons, it comes with certain responsibilities, and at the end of the day, I assume most people would be want to be able to look in the mirror comfortably.

To be a cog in the system you either need to be a fanatic or be able to trick yourself into thinking what you're doing is right.
In a sense Kazakh is wrong, because the positions he listed differ wildly when it comes to how much freedom they allow in exchange. A nobleman with a winery faces considerably less demands politically speaking than a party official, a manager or even a priest in a theocracy.
No. 56672
>To be a cog in the system you either need to be a fanatic or be able to trick yourself into thinking what you're doing is right.

In all countries and during all kinds of societal and political system most people were happy to be cogs in the system without the need to be fanatical about it or brainwash themselves.
No. 56683
In a genuine free society journalists don't "force narratives" you complete fucking dumbass they report the news. It is only under third world shitholes, authoritarian regimes, and/or some kind of dystopia with a theocratic/communist/capitalist twist anything like that would happen. The fact a bunch of people in this country are ponerized to the point of outright hating facts is a problem with the people in this country as we descend further and further into being a thirdworld dystopian shithole, not a problem with journalism. In fact any "narrative" being formed or pushed is typically the direct result of some powers that be explicitly blocking journalists from actually being able to do their jobs.
No. 56687
I literally can't even breathe out there and I'm a northerner and this wasn't even July yet. I was just laying in bed thinking about this tonight and considering some possibly Arab shopkeep I saw today with his store's blessed AC that in spite of all the insane screeching about "they will not replace us" the real driver force to the extinction of white people is gonna be climate change. I did not evolve for this fucking shit. As is it's literally going to be the subarctic circle that I am left with to feel comfortable by mid century.

I cannot move any deeper south and it's too damn hot up here four months of the year to go outside. I don't actually anticipate living anywhere except maybe Canada or Ireland or someplace as a boomer because by then it's going to be unbearable anywhere south of Maine. I could venture deep into the Canadian forests I guess, or someplace like Iceland or Greenland particularly after the ocean current shuts down freezing those places.
No. 56689
When was the last time you read any western media?
They are all straight out lying and intentionally withholding facts in order to push their respective narrative.
No. 56690 Kontra
Why even make such a statement? Any truth in what you are trying to say will immediately be blocked by the bullshit filter of any functioning brain.
No. 56693
> genuine free society

Journalists present facts. The supposedly "good" ones do, anyway. But presenting only facts does not stop someone from painting a narrative. You merely have to present a certain set of facts from the pool. And it happens all the time, either consciously or not on the part of the journalists.
In effect journalists are curators of reality. They choose which facts to present, how to present them, and what to opine about them. It is foolish to trust anyone who wields that kind of power.
"Honest journalism" is basically a dead concept that had its ideological basis eroded. Same, in a way, as healthcare I guess. Both started as idealistic, selfless pursuits, and were gradually transformed into a for-profit industry. Nothing resists commodification.

Another question is, WHERE do the journalists get the facts, and what stops you from just reading that resource yourself, without relying on someone to interpret it? Ask a computer guy about computers, a musician about music, a physicist about physics. Why do you trust the interpretation? I'm sure you've had an experience before where you were reading an article about something you're knowledgeable about, like computers or guns, and the author gets it completely wrong, and displays a lack of understanding of the very basics. Now, think of all the articles you've read on subjects you know nothing about. What are the chances that they didn't fuck up there also? (https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/65213-briefly-stated-the-gell-mann-amnesia-effect-is-as-follows-you)

Journalists essentially have no skills other than being paid to shitpost on a very large soapbox, and they couldn't give you good information on an even slightly complicated topic even if they tried, because they do not specialize in anything.
Same applies to critics. If they knew what they were talking about, they'd be directors, chefs, writers, musicians, etc., not critics. And quit pretending that they do some kind of great service to everyone by engaging in "social discourse" and helping artists make better art by criticizing it. LOL! Any artist of decent competence knows every single flaw of his creation before it even reaches the public. And they also listen to plenty of criticism. From fellow artists, that is, not bullshit spewing grifters.

Both journalism and criticism are not disciplines of their own, but parasitic outgrowths on their subject matter. Criticism is just entertainment that uses someone else's work as material. Journalism is taking information from somewhere else, and relaying it full of mistakes. Simple as.
And if you think my opinion on journalism is dismal, wait til you find out what percentage of scientific studies can not be reproduced, despite being cited and reported as fact.
The truth is out there somewhere, but where it certainly isn't, is in newspapers.
No. 56701
When you compare it to monks etc, what's even the aspect of unique craftsmanship/artistry or cultural output in online communities like chans? At most it boils down to creation of "memes", and that's a pretty shallow form. Other than that it's just a place to "hang out" and communicate, and that's fine.

It seems exciting to be a part of this purportedly avant-garde subculture, but viewed from more distance it's not that interesting even if there is something unique about it. Btw I've been thinking that this feeling that online "places" and communities are everything is even more amplified for Zoomers than our generation, and it's kidn of terrifying when people start deriving their politics and aesthetics from memes/social media content rather than engaging with the histories & traditions of thought & art.

>At this rate we will be growing oranges in the fucking Mátra by the end of the decade.
The dream of the Hungarian Orange fulfilled at last!

The sentiment is not entirely wrong, but using such modern concepts like "cogs in the system" or "brainwashing" in context of "all kinds of societal and political systems" is anachronistic & asinine because that's certainly not how those people perceived it
No. 56706
[citations needed]
No. 56709
Well, my proposition was "it doesn't matter which system you live under, as long as you take the position of an egotistical, self serving, Machiavellian grifter". And I mean self serving not in regards to power or wealth (to what end?), but towards one's private autistic interests.
Now, as long as you properly optimize for maximum personal hobby productivity, what you have to do to that end is not really a question, because by definition you are doing the minimum that is required, and no more. It could be not much or a lot, in the absolute, but given the particular situation, it would be the minimum.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, and all that.
Some people interpret this as "never do things you don't want to do", but the intended meaning is "do whatever it takes to fulfill your personal destiny". Sometimes it involves washing a donkey's ass to get by, sometimes writing propaganda pieces for le great leader. Sometimes worse things.

Yeah, the point was exactly about how this feeling of importance / community / or "meaning" is entirely subjective, disconnected from the objective "merits" of the situation.
Some people feel similarly towards high school, or the village they grew up in, or any other life circumstance when life felt like it was progressing towards something, until they realize that it actually wasn't progressing towards anything, things were just happening in succession with no goal.

And I disagree about memes. I think they're basically a new mode of communication in its infancy. Memes are doing to symbols, what symbols did to language when writing was invented. Memes are a way of directly communicating experience, rather than communicating symbols that represent an experience.
The fact that peoples' entire worldviews are being shaped by those funny pictures is exactly the evidence of this.
No. 56719
Did you miss the whole Trump precidency?
Boths sides of the media are lying through their teeth to smear the respective other side.

Or the whole refugee crisis in europe. All media turned 200% refuggers welcome and called each and everyone raising the slightest doubts about the benefits of uncontrolled mass imigration an evil nazi.
No. 56726
We celebrated my father's birthday today by going to an escape room and having lunch at a restaurant.
It was pretty cool, despite the heat. Don't think I've ever had lemon cheesecake before, bit it was delicious.
Also saw the statue of Lt. Columbo while in the city. Apparently the actor playing him was like 1/8th magyaroid so it warrants a statue. It also had a book cart next to it where I bought a book.

38 degrees. But finally, tomorrow a wave of cold air and rain is arriving, so it will be only ~34 degrees!
Actually took out the sunshade for tomorrow. Gotta rearrange some stuff on the deck and I can still sit outside without having to bear with the scorching sun.

The only good thing about the heat is that I can wash my hair and not have to blow-dry it. It actually dries quite nicely. Gets slightly curly in parts but it's better than when I blast it with heat.

Yeah, but my point is, would you actually have the spine to do what it takes to be like that? Could you actually be like that?
The positions are alluring, but personally I don't know if I could live with myself if I had to do ideological work in a one party dictatorship.

You'd be taking a lot of risks as an official in a dictatorship. The party line changes, or there is even a small scale local power struggle and off you go to the chopping block. You might escape a few of these waves through sheer luck or ignorance, but eventually you will hit your toes in the cupboard, unless you're an exceptionally talented official, have good connections within the system (but at that point you'd be way beyond "just making sure I have what I need to maximise my enjoyment and pursuits" and your enjoyment and pursuit would become the power-struggle) or just inordinately lucky to be able to walk through the Red Square on a rainy day without getting a drop of water on your coat.
No. 56727
>The positions are alluring, but personally I don't know if I could live with myself if I had to do ideological work in a one party dictatorship.
Your confucius institute backed scholarship has been rescinded.
It feels like that the downsides of that career path is dealing with political games bullshit and how nerve-wracking it could potentially be when you're fighting for a coveted apparatus seat. Other than that, seems like a breddy gud job :DD