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„There is no place like home“

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Are you again? It's time to step down.
No. 565 Kontra
>spammed old ernstchan with kohl
>complains about ernstchan today
No. 566
Personally I never spammed that site. And as far as I know no one liked there those mentions. On top of that those mods were removing them. Kohl's mods don't remove this shit.

You guys said that you don't want any Bernd from kohl? Why advertise your dead chan then?
No. 567
Also this chan isn't ernstchan. It's like call krautchan.co kc.
No. 573
Actually we do remove those threads if they are extremely low quality advertisements or simply spam. As you correctly said we don't remove any refugee threads or people who simply want to regroup as long as it's contained / doesn't spread to unrelated threads.

t. Kohlmod
No. 575 Kontra
Why are you telling us all here about someone spamming stuff somewhere? Respond to him in the thread were he posted, if you have a message for that person.
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No. 586 Kontra
>step down
From what? FYI I'm not whoever posted in that pic because I don't want shitposters flooding us.

I personally don't want you here. Kohl is a shithole filled almost entirely by the worst shitposters and pedophiles who all finally got banned for good. I know a board is gonna be shit the moment I see Quebec posts and I hope to God they stay there. If and when k*hl finally goes down don't come here.
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Maybe he was just trying to be a beacon for lost Ernst to find their way back home (here).
Consider the possibility at least.
No. 589 Kontra
this thread should be deleted imho
No. 590 Kontra
Lolithreads are a natural defense against newfags/normies. Actually nobody who posts in there is a pedophile, but they just want to keep people like you from using the site. I'm telling you this just to make fun of you because I know that you won't change your opinion on this no matter what anyone says.
No. 592 Kontra
nice meme
No. 603 Kontra
>w-we're totally just ironic pedophiles honest!
Keep telling yourself that. There were a handful of legit pedos on KC and most of them got banned. There was like a Brit, an Italian, a Texan, a Russian, and I think maybe an Israeli.
No. 609 Kontra
You have obviously never been on /b/.
No. 643 Kontra
/b/ was full of pedos.
No. 798
I wasn't right. Please spam kohl really badly. I can't tolerate those ernstniggers anymore. Kohl was so cool before your admin decided to shut down ec. I suffer with people of your kind ;_;
No. 818 Kontra
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And so your response is to come here which you claim to hate and shitpost on our board? Great. Just like a certain group of people who ruined their desert homeland and so decided to move across certain borders only to fuck it up into a shithole just like the place from which they fled.
No. 826 Kontra
Suck a dick, nigger.
No. 827
What's the D? Mods are the same cucks. Colour and rules are the same. Target audience is the same. Only domen changed, other changes incoming.
Sosach has come a long way from it's .so domen, but it's still sosach nevermind if it's .pm or .hk.
No. 829 Kontra
EC was fine you fucking kebab shitposter

We had a very nice community that started out very slowly and then built to a vibrant place. Philosophy and history discussions, ancient art discussions threads, vidya discussions, feels discussions, IWO threads, and the reestablishment of comfiness. Then all the cancer ruined it to the point where mods just gave up. Again. A few months after the same shitposters shat up KC to the point where admins simply abandoned the place altogether, and EC did the same.

So in summation be cozy here, or you can go fuck yourself with a bottle. It took about a month for the seedling of EC to grow into a beautiful place. We just need someone crazy enough to be made mods who will permaban the people that need permabanning. Snacks did nothing wrong.
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No. 838 Kontra
If you hate it so much you can always go to hui go back to sosach kindly excuse yourself from premises
No. 857 Kontra
Indeed, Bernds are a virtual rapefugee-gipsy clan of the chanosphere.
No. 901
Croatia is here and the gypsy-expertise gets unrolled :3
No. 939 Kontra
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No. 5400 Kontra
>You guys said that you don't want any Bernd from kohl?

No we didn't. We said we don't want to have shitposters.