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No. 56447
92 kB, 794 × 1060
Hardware, software, tech news, programming, operating systems, retro computing, we've got it all.
No. 56448
1,7 MB, 4006 × 2728
674 kB, 1920 × 1286
315 kB, 1280 × 1415
2,2 MB, 1560 × 1416
Ok, I'll exercise my Droit du seigneur as it were, by making the first post.

Does anyone know a simple, easy to use debugger that will show me the memory layout of a program?
Now that I've ragged on and on about RAM to my students, I want a way for them to visually see what's happening in memory.

I have tried gdb, but shit was incredibly arcane. I mean, I know there's only two debuggers in the world basically, gdb and Visual Studio, but maybe there's a wrapper around gdb that's easier to use.

also rate OP pic. was hard to choose, but I had to settle.
No. 56450
Good picture. An important choice as it will effectively been seen near daily for half a year by a dozen assburgers.
No. 56451
122 kB, 1000 × 562
20 kB, 390 × 390
2,5 MB, 2000 × 2000
You know, I have grown to appreciate modern low-end video cards. You remember, when Video cards were boards with chips, with only sometimes very small heatsink attached to GPU in some high-end ones.
And now, look at this! These are sizes of RTX line of cards, with 3090 being like an actual brick. And the smallest one here is like what, in size of GTX260?

And look at this 260. Beefy power-hunger monster, requires a giant noisy fan and two additional power connectors to run. And only a couple of years later from it, there was a GTX710. Small compact card, passive cooling, it has more than double of VRAM, twice the performance, but eats 10 times less energy. Now, this is what a video card should be. Would be interesting to look at GTX1010. I know it is technically out, but same time sort of no..?
No. 56452
154 kB, 1280 × 1080
Yea, a picture should be informative, nice choice.

>Chair with AppleIIc mounted on
No. 56453
77 kB, 794 × 616
Yes, I've always wanted to build a small, compact, fully passively cooled computer the size of a shoebox, for media hosting, surfing, and playing 20 year old games. With TDP low enough to run off of a 250W pico PSU. Then I'd mount it to the back of my monitor and never worry about cables again.

That'd be so cool
No. 56455
With 20yo games on modern hardware might be problems, since, with every version of Windows and every new version of video cards and graphical APIs, they lost compatibility with stuff. Assemble Windows XP or Windows 7 PC with GTX710 might be a good choice for the mid-late00s gaming machine. A lot win9.x stuff should work with some tweaks, however, still.

Sadly I don't get much into the mini-PC world, should look into that.
Do you have any ideas on CPU and motherboard? The last gen of x86 Desktop CPUs which did not require fans was like what, 486s?
No. 56456
88 kB, 800 × 616
Also, a lot of people get nowadays into FPGA. "Hardware" emulation is a nice choice. MiSTer is the most popular machine now which have now "cores" for almost everything. Tho thing like SEGA Saturn probably is at the top of what it can do.
No. 56457
I using seconday browser for that. Firefox is main, Chrome is "empty".
No. 56459
I think some of the lower ryzens can run off a sufficiently big heatsink, if passive apir circulation through temperature difference is employed.

Speaking of FPGAs, there's one that emulates an Amiga. Always wanted one, but the price is oligarch tier.
No. 56460
MiSTer has Amiga core

Scroll down, on the right there will be a list of machines for which cores existed. Pretty much everything popular up to the early 90s.
No. 56461
>but the price is oligarch tier.
Vampire stedaloune?
No. 56462
Even in performing simple tasks, like just doing coursework that involves playing simple audio files and opening .pdfs, my raspberry pi shits itself. A simple html page that merely had one select various options from drop-down menus made my boy overheat.

Still, it has proved immensely valuable in ensuring I don't waste hours on vidja.
No. 56465
There actually are some PCs which can pull off passive cooling with modern hardware but they can be big mother fers. Linus has done some videos on them.

Anyway I can't do that
because I'm too into gaming, which by the way runs fine on older hardware.

Mainly it comes down to resolution size. I just got a GTX 980 and i7 3770k upgrade with compact air cooler and it can run literally anything I want right now even with an old Dell box because it's only running on a 900p monitor and so it can play modern titles at 60fps mostly ultra. There's like only one thing I couldn't get it to run so far and that was Godfall and only because I didn't know how to edit the file to make it not run on DirectX 12 2/2 and instead in DX12/1 which I'm pretty sure it can do. Otherwise for a 900p monitor even this 4gb card is fucking massive and beefy as all heck. It's a beast now and I'm amazed I could get a machine to run modern games at slightly higher res even for over ten years.

But meanwhile if you actually want to get a cheap higher res monitor it's going to cost you tremendously. All the newer mid to high end cards are pretty much for playing 4K games. Like even a 5700XT works plenty fine for gaming on a 1440p monitor at locked 60fps or 75fps or whatever, or a really high refresh 1080p monitor. A 3080 or even better a 6800XT can chew threw 4K easily and would probably do most games at 200fps+ on ultra high refresh 1080p monitors which is just kinda ridiculous.

Also I just realized
GTX 700=768p
GTX 900=900p
GTX 1000=1080p

I agree a very wise and sublime choice that exudes EC
No. 56467

I have two passively cooled servers at home, one of them is a AMD A4-5050 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics (according to /proc/cpuinfo, I can only ssh into it while away) and that is absolutely capable of what you're asking.

The thing is several years old now, too, so you will find successors to it that are much more powerful as well.

And for actually powerful PCs that are silent, see this post: https://fabiensanglard.net/tb3/index.html
No. 56472
Which Raspberry Pi? Having more than 1GB of RAM and a good SD card helps quite a bit. Web browsing isn't terrible on a Pi 4, but the original Pi struggles on Google when it tries to recommend things as you type. That's more of a JavaScript being shit problem though.
No. 56478
Can anybody recommend a good picture downloader for Chrome that can mass-download pictures?
Ages ago I used DownThemAll! with Firefox, but I haven't yet found a good one for Chrome.
No. 56479
An 8Gb version, the problem really is down to overheating and the fan being so loud that I desire to keep it off. It functions nicely when I fire up the turbojet loud cooling fan.
No. 56480
Maybe you could order a hybrid aluminium heatsink case.
No. 56483
I propose a topic for discussion: does functional programming make any sense?
No. 56485
My opinion: it is interesting conceptually, and everyone should try it, but no.
Math does not map to existing processor architecture 1:1.
Imperative paradigm is closer to reality. Engineering is about dealing with reality, instead of living in an ideal lala land.

Also, what the fuck is a monad anyway.
No. 56488
It is the only thing that make sense. But then you have to deal with reality. But if you start of with functional then adapt to reality you are on the right path. Also Data Oriented Design https://dataorienteddesign.com/dodbook/ .

Everything else is why software sucks. OO killed the fun i programing functional puts it back.
No. 56489
Have you tried using newer firmware and what temperature means overheating? It's perfectly fine to operate in the 60's with no fan or heat sink.
No. 56491
It quickly reaches ~65c and begins throttling.
I'll check firmware questions soon, everything should be up to spec.
No. 56494
Your problem is throttling not overheating. When Pi4 first came out, the SoC got so hot people were burning themselves when touching. It could easily hit 80C. You might try reverting to the original firmware in this case.
No. 56495
9 kB, 300 × 300
19 kB, 300 × 300
Should get one of these, but even bigger, size of a brick
No. 56496
No. 56497
202 kB, 640 × 640
Lol ebin
No. 56502
Dogg almost immediate urge to buy one of this.
But yes, new case is probably in order
No. 56504
lol saved
No. 56520
1015 kB, 1584 × 439
19 kB, 150 × 250
If anyone knows what this signal is or how to decode these, I'd like to know. rtl_433 thinks its FLEX which doesn't make much sense seeing as how FLEX is used for pagers. I've tried piping into multimon with flex decoder, but I get nothing.



Looks similar to ADS-B, but it's in ISM frequency range.
No. 56529
54 kB, 660 × 440
19 kB, 450 × 260
253 kB, 1080 × 2220
Bought cheap sennheiser headphones, and then equalized them in vlc. They sound like mid range headphones now.

The perfidious German is not going to price bracket me today.
No. 56530
278 kB, 576 × 324
midrange headphones ftw
No. 56547
> OO killed the fun i programing functional puts it back.
OOP and FP adepts look so different: former come from corporate salt mines, latter -- from academia. Yet they try to do the same: they can't accept being artisans who simply tell computer what do to, they are cooler than that, they have METHODOLOGY. However assumptions of this methodology and resulting constraints are barely related to reality, so programmer has to struggle against them and resulting code becomes even worse.
I would say FP makes no sense because:
  1. It doesn't make programming easier.
  2. It doesn't make making mistakes more difficult.
  3. It doesn't make programs run faster.
But well, it's fun for some time because it's unusual.
No. 56551
> OO from corporate salt mine
It comes from academia. The only reason corporate uses it is 99% Java (and MSJava aka c#), and Java isn't very good OO either. I would claim OO does exactly what you claim FP does. Also academia moves away from OO because, well it isn't good and it isn't new or shiny anymore. FP has been around for a long time too.

FP can however make programs run faster by separating data from code. Something OO discourage by encapsulation and shit. But I'm not claiming you can do "pure" FP. I'm saying if anything it is what you should look at because in the end programming is just transforming data from one form to another, and that is what functions do. So when you are coding you hyper optimized neural net in PowerPC assembler, think functions and data not objects.
No. 56559
I don't know why it only dawned on me recently, it obviously does not make sense that there should be a general purpose methodology for a field of engineering that deals with so many different domains.

Like, there can be a method for solving a particular problem, there can't be a method for solving all of them. So problems must be approached on a case by case basis.
No. 56560 Kontra
Your statement is in the computer thread, but I could also imagine reading it in the today thread.

So I think the diffusion of cybernetics is kinda the general methodology. Though ofc the enterprise of an encompassing science failed, it's methodology diffused into many areas.

Otherwise, I think it's interesting to wish to employ engineering everywhere (also think of the unhampered proliferation of design as discipline, you can design everything!). I mean it's something uncommon.
Anyway, might b completely unrelated as it is solely about computers here.
No. 56561 Kontra
*it's not something uncommon

kontro for kater writing hangover writing
No. 56577
106 kB, 1250 × 811
> So when you are coding you hyper optimized neural net in PowerPC assembler, think functions and data not objects.
I think, you misunderstood me. By "functional programming" I don't mean C or assembler (where there are no classes and you use functions only). I mean declarative languages like Haskell where you use recursion instead of cycles and any IO is wrapped into "monads".
No. 56584
No I didn't misunderstand. I know there would be problems writing low level stuff in Haskell but there are transpilers that can output C, or maybe I'm thinking of F*. What I'm trying to say is that instead of going from OO you should start at FP. I know computer science has a hard-on for maths and that just doesn't work when you leave the nice cozy theoretical box. I'm simplifying but to me functions taking parameters and returning a value makes more sense then a method operationg on an object and by that changes its state when it comes to computers.

If you want seriously interesting academic level shit look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F*_(programming_language)
No. 56594
Can someone tell me how much db 1 notch on the VLC equaizer preamp slider is? How the fuck do they not provide that crucial information?
Is a midrange laptop with a dedicated GPU, and a nice monitor, keyboard and mouse at home the final computing redpill?

You can basically do anything, barring industry level VFX / 4K video editing.
There's no reason to play any AAA games, or games released past 2010 anyway.

It's best of both worlds.
No. 56598
9 kB, 422 × 448
50 kB, 860 × 439
This is what I'm being forced to do.

Fuck whoever designed this UX, I hope their rectum grows taste buds
No. 56599 Kontra
Ok, one notch is 1db, which seems obvious, but you never know with these things, sometimes they go by 0.1, sometimes .5, sometimes by whole integers.
then again, I did not notice any distortion, so it's probably ok, but it'd be nice to be sure.
No. 56613
84 kB, 1430 × 645
So this is a new Gigabyte 32TB SSD
Of course, this is a high-end solution for now, but feels like possible near future in our "late silicon transistor era", where SSD hard drives will also be chunky and noisy hot boxes with fans.
No. 56614
looks like a graphics card to me tbh
No. 56615
All of this would have been unnecessary if RAM prices weren't artificially inflated.
We should've had 512 GB RAM by now and ramdisked the whole OS and all programs.
No. 56616
Need more fans. Also I have this feeling things like that are only there to mitigate NTFS on Windows being shit. Like Hyper-Threads are a way to speed up programs that cannot do multi-core.
No. 56617
Needs RGB leds for maximum gaymen performance.
No. 56618
Well, they just slammed eight PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSDs on board with a controller chip and some other crap. Typical "improvement" nowadays - more cores for CPUs, multiple GPUs on video cards, etc. since the technology itself not moving as fast as it was before.
No. 56619
57 kB, 644 × 429
Found a thing I'd want to buy. This is a replica of Commodore 64, C64 Max.
No. 56620
Probably some M2 in Raid 10 or some shit. Fuck that.

More cores are nice. But you have to have programs that can use them.

> C64 Max
Why not build one your self?
No. 56621
Do you mean that one, with a single plate computer with an emulator? Ehh, why?
No. 56622
Yeah, it's an ARM computer with emulator.

On the other hand I'd be aiming for some Amiga clone, but I have no idea how much they cost.
No. 56635
77 kB, 640 × 360
You can for yourself build an actual Commodore 64c, you only need to get the original 6502 and SID, however, there are now FPGA solutions which of course, better than emulation on some Pi clone...
also well, you can buy a newly made case and MiSTer with C64 core if you want this machine specifically. Or even buy the original, they are still available

Or look at Commander x16 project, modern 8bit PC with basic aiming to be the best experience for people who wanted that classic 8-bit micro stuff - control, programming, etc.
No. 56637
Shame they couldn't achieve their goal of not using FPGAs in design, or 50 USD price tag.
Still excited for it as a recreational programming machine though.
No. 56638
Yea but well, better than just software emulator on pi clone like those "mini/maxi" computers and consoles which feels like a scam honestly. And Commodore 8 bit computers... to get into such stuff you need to have love for these specific machines and knowledge beyond curiosity and big level of autism.
Before thinking about this, better download vice emulator and go into recommended books from yt channel "8-bit show and tell" (channel, mainly dedicated to programming on commodore 8bit machines)
No. 56750
265 kB, 1600 × 1200
Apparently, the cause of the horrible noise coming from any microphone I connect was the fact that this entire shithole of a house does not have a ground wire. Because that wasn't a thing during sovok times, as I've learned. Wow.

I don't have the time to dig up every single wire from under the walls, and dig a hole in my backyard, so I have decided to go with a slightly... unorthodox solution.

I extracted the ground wire from my power strip, and attached it to the radiator with another piece of wire. It worked.
Rate shithole settis.

No. 56754
Good solution, 8.65/10 - needs more duct tape.
No. 56807
267 kB, 2532 × 1217
Another sunday, another basic computer literacy lesson.
No. 56818
>a surge protector had to die for this
I can easily see now why so much as plugging your PC into a wall is a well known 2nd/3rd world cause of hardware destruction and it's literally needed to have beefy surge protector.
No. 56841
864 kB, 2448 × 3264
I asked my mom to please stop turning off the color printer, as it does occasional nozzle cleanup, and other ink maintenance when idle. She doesn't print often, and when she does, the nozzle is always dry and fucked up, and I have to come and do maintenance for 45 minutes so she can print like 3 pages.

I asked her why she wouldn't just keep the printer on, and she said that the green light on the power button wastes electricity. That almost gave me an aneurysm.
And it's not the first time I heard something like that from an older person, too.
They'll also put TV remotes in a plastic bag as if it's some kind of valuable commodity.

The soviet union has fucking ruined us.
No. 56842
Ist das was du searched?
Only ones I used myself is Dev-C++ for Win, though, so can't be more concrete, but DDD looks like what you asked.

  1. Parallel computation (makes a lot of sense for servers (and clouds) and +100500 cores supercomputers (and clouds again))
  2. Research purposes (модно-моложёжная nowadays bigdata, goes here as well)
So it's actually not surprising that FP being born long before OOP, "suddenly" becoming a new thing. Concept was ahead of its time, just like neuron networks, that was developed somewhere in 50-x, but hyped only now when we have GTX-es that can unfold their potential.
> 2. It doesn't make making mistakes more difficult.
Well, here the thing... It doesn't make you write less shity code, but as any other paradigm, there is no silver bullet. But! It does capability to actually validate your code like some meth theorem, proving is there any mistake in the core idea that you write, is algorithm itself mistake, or otherwise guaranteed reliable solution.
> FP can however make programs run faster by separating data from code.
This statement looks questionable to me.
First, FP is notorious to be more slow than pure imperative, which is ok considering its complexity. So as OOP. And difference between them depends on implementaition language/compiler/interpretator, and actual task, so it's not so black and white.
Second, I don't really know what is mainstream and what academic hardcore now, but for me it's strange to hearing about separating data from function as a valid and important thing in FP, while being familiar with such fundamental FP lang as LISP.
No. 56849
Now you know why Stalingrad was so important. The colour printers and TV remotes.
No. 56851
Wecterners will never understand the suffering of being surrounded with poverty mentality, and general ignorance and distrust of technology. Basically magical thinking in regards to technological gadgets.
No. 56861
I know plenty of people who do this kind of thing.
"If the light is on it wastes electricity" is common knowledge among the older generation.
No. 56870
Wait, are you saying that keeping the lights on doesn't consume more electricity than keeping them off?
No. 56871
The lights they are talking about are LEDs, which in this case consume something in the range of 10mW (that is 0.001 Watts) when fully bright. The most common ones used for power signals on devices will burn out if you feed them more than 60mW, their absolute maximum rating being around 55-65mW.

It's good excercise to take a calculator yourself and figure out how much energy that is when turned on 24/7 for an entire year.

One should note though that the LED is not the main power consumption of a device that is in sleep/standby mode. For example, my TV has a power consumption of 4.5W in standby. The red LED would make up 10mW / 4.5W = 0.2% of the overall power consumed.
No. 56872 Kontra
Sorry, typo there, 10mW are 0.01W and not 0.001W.
No. 56873
So you're saying that having the lights on all the time does not consume more energy than having them off?
No. 56876
> This statement looks questionable to me.
That is because I'm stupid and do not fully grasp the concept on a pure academic level. I know in FP there is no data, only functions and that is more or less the same thing as an object in OO to a computer. I probably should have written can make programs run faster.

What I'm really looking at is data-oriented design. I'm likely mixing up concepts but when I look at it approaching it from what I wrongly perceive as functional programming makes a lot of sense. I know it isn't pure and people will laugh at me for not understanding, but a function that takes an input and returns something makes sense.
No. 56889 Kontra
That is not what I was saying and I fail to see how you got that impression from my post.
No. 56897 Kontra
You insinuated that keeping the lights on does not waste energy.
I asked you if you really think that keeping the lights on doesn't waste energy.
You went on a long autistic calculation rant to show how little energy is wasted when the lights are on.
You never answered the question.
No. 56902
Define "waste"
You'd have a point if the word was "spend" instead of "waste".

Would you rip out a battery charge indicator LED from a portable device so it doesn't " waste" energy?
No. 56938
Ah, this is a misunderstanding: >>56871 was my first post in this discussion, I'm not the same poster that you've been replying to.

My answer to your direct question would be: While the LEDs are so negligeble that you can pretty much say they aren't a waste of energy, they usually imply that a device is in standby, which I would indeed consider a waste of energy.
Though compared to all the other ways we waste energy they have a rather tiny impact and I can't find myself having a strong enough opinion to warrant any convincing-work.

In the case discussed further up, where the printers cartridge would dry up unless the printer is kept in standby all the time, I'd say the problem lies elswhere. Namely, don't get ink printers unless you use them regularly. I know, I know, that's not a solution for the poster here...
No. 56940
Consider a situation where one has a periodic, but not frequent need to print color papers. He follows your advice, and does not buy an inkjet printer. Instead, he starts going to the nearest color typography, which let's say is a few kilometers away. He takes the bus or drives a car or whatever, but he burns fossil fuels in order to get there in any case. Now let's assume that his apartment is powered by a hydroelectric dam.

Would having the printer constantly on standby be a bigger waste of energy than burning fossil fuels periodically, when one wouldn't have otherwise? Doubt it.
Uh oh, I think you just got DESTROYED by FACTS and LOGIC.

I could also make an argument for waste being defined by the amount of value you extract per energy spent.
But I won't because this is enough owning for today, time to take a break.
No. 56946 Kontra
>>56897 here, I just want to state that I am not >>56940
No. 56958
I have no idea how to interpret your post.

But to give you a hint: Ink printers are not the only kind of printer. For example, I have a dot matrix printer which is used about once or twice a year and never has any issues. And you can get them super cheap on ebay if you look for models from the era of 2000-2005, which is the time when they had USB but not yet WiFi (aka. the prime of home printers).
No. 56959
The point of the hypothetical scenario is that the quantification of wastefulness of X relies on the wastefulness of the alternative methods of achieving the same result.
Preventing a source of waste A, when there is a real need for the work that produces said waste, might end the production of larger waste B, when the need is fulfilled by other means.

For example, one might think that a notification indicator in standby mode on a device with a display is wasteful, and turns it off. But then when the user needs to see if he has any notifications, without an indicator, he resorts to turning the screen on periodically. Which wastes more energy.

So the "superfluous" LED light, or standby mode, or other permanently on functions, might actually be preventing waste, in a practical manner.
And someone who wants to reduce waste by getting rid of their inkjet with self cleaning standby mode for a dot matrix one, will generate a lot of short term waste by throwing out the old one and getting a new one. And the point where the reduced waste pays for the short term waste might be in a 100 years, assuming the standby mode of the inkjet printer generates 1/100th of the waste that it produced by throwing it away, per year.

So you can't say whether a standby mode on an inkjet printer "wastes" energy, in a vacuum.
No. 56960 Kontra
also, this fallacy of efficiency also often plagues programmers and computer nerds, who might spend 8 hours writing code to automate a task that they need done once a year, and takes 2 hours.

Their investment of 8 hours will only pay for itself in 4 years.
No. 56963 Kontra
Oh I understood your argument, I just didn't know whether you were taking the piss or being serious about it.

Anyway, we're derailing the thread...
No. 57029 Kontra
>trying to teach the linux terminal to computer illiterates through nothing but voice call and chat because their internet is too fucking shitty to stream video

I am a connoisseur of esoteric suffering.
No. 57062
How are you finding video to be more useful than text chat in learning text commands, I don't get.
No. 57063
Because I want to look into their terminal windows when they fuck something up and get an error.
As well as watch them type in real time so I can point out typos.
Waiting for them to copy paste error messages wastes time.
And it's not all text. Sometimes I have to direct them to use the GUI, and that's when shit gets REALLY painful.
No. 57080 Kontra
I will give you an exercise or two to help you in these situations.

Q: Do you know X?
A: No, never heard of it.
A: X, hmm yea that was years ago I last dealt with that. I can't really remember how it is done anymore, you better ask Y.

Where X is the thing the thing being asked for and Y is someone who hasn't done then exercise. You stand in front of a mirror and ask your self the question and practice giving the answer. If your answer is "YES!!!!" then you have failed and doomed your self to be the guy who "knows computers".
The second question is if you already are the guy who "knows computers" that way you give the impression that you have moved on to newer and more modern things and the one asking is using something outdated.

Took me a while to figure out how mind-numbing it is to solve problems people have with computers. Even if you get paid it sucks, but then you get paid. The worst thing is when people are willing to pay. Then you feel bad for taking the suckers money if you know the guy.
No. 57090
Not sure where you got the impression that I don't want to help them.
Computer literacy is very important, and that's what I'm teaching them.

The problem is that their parents are retarded and bought the cheapest copper cable internet plan they could, because internet is evil and shit.
No. 57092
5,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:29
Just reinstalled winblows, and deliberately didn't back up my downloads and bookmarks folder.
It's a good pain. I was never going to look into the bookmarks anyway, and I had shit there dating back to 2014. All it did was distract me.
I need to disable restore session as well, fuck data hoarding, fuck article hoarding, fuck everything, I gotta free myself from all that shit.
I'll only install a browser, MSYS2, and a note taking program. And my password manager ofc.
Nothing else.

Also, I symlinked my user folder from my SSD to my HDD, so I can easily migrate, and pretend that wangblows' file structure is not a huge piece of shit. The registry can eat shit, the appdata folder can eat shit, the Local, LocalLow, and Roaming folders inside that folder can eat shit, I can't deal with this fucking garbage any more. Once Krita becomes good enough to do the things I need, I will ditch this piece of shit OS. Inkscape is already decent enough for vector graphics, and Blender just shits on all proprietary 3D suites. Video games? Fuck video games. Not that there's not hair pulling issues with GNU/Linux, but at least you can sort of make it work after 3 months of fucking with it.

I need to delete my youtube account and all subscriptions, I spend hours watching retarded youtube videos I don't need, and forgetting what I watched the next day. If I DO need it, I will find it.
Fuck the internet and fuck technology.
No. 57093
> Not sure where you got the impression that I don't want to help them.
Give it time. You will know what I'm talking about. Your video >>57092 is very related.

> Computer literacy is very important, and that's what I'm teaching them.
You should not teach them computers, you should teach them to solve relevant problems. The problem is that there are very few relevant problems to teach them to solve. They can turn on the computer, they can surf the world wide web. What more do they want?
No. 57095
>You should not teach them computers, you should teach them to solve relevant problems.

I would disagree. Not about teaching relevant problems, you should do that, but it requires a basic amount of computer literacy in the first place. There is no computer system streamlined enough to just let you get to the relevant problems without first having to deal with crap and probably making several wrong choices in the process (like agreeing to use microsofts keylogger because you don't know what a keylogger is or even that you are doing something that has consequences).

Nah, computer literacy is such a scarce resource today that I would make the general statement that "every bit helps".
No. 57097
788 kB, 2547 × 4199
46 kB, 659 × 677
53 kB, 900 × 461
  1. I have fixed youtube. Thanks, ublock.
  2. Steam is releasing a handheld computer that's basically a switch, but more powerful and without first party support. Eh. Gayming is cringe, but this is interesting because they use Arch and KDE.
Their previous efforts of migrating to Linux used Debian as a basis. I think this change is in some way motivated by several factors.
  1. The major distros do not give a flying fuck about the desktop.
  2. They are funded by large corporations, and Valve is trying to escape another large corporation, and don't want to migrate to a platform owned by another corporation.
  3. Red Hat is trying to build its own "platform", and they don't give a fuck about the so called "Linux ecosystem", which admittedly is a joke. Other distros will probably follow, because honestly trying to ensure compatibility across the whole ecosystem, when there's hundreds of platforms with like a dozen users each, does not make sense, when you can cut off that minority and just ensure stability on your own turf.
Arch is actually the only desktop friendly distro of all, and isn't owned by a corpo. GNOME is a "platform", that leaves only KDE.

Ok, here's my wild speculation on what could very well happen. Valve will exploit the fact that there's still no good solution for ensuring userspace stability on GNU/Linux, as well as no stable ABI. Linus himself has complained about this problem, and none of the big players gives two shits about this problem, because again, they can fix their own stuff, and the desktop and regular users can go to XYN.
So, Valve will create their own stable ABI probably based on the Steam runtime, and will basically own the entire Linux desktop.
GNOME, on the other hand, will disappear up its own asshole trying to turn itself into MacOS, and will sweep up the CRUD codemonkey demographic.

The GNU/Linux "ecosystem" will finally die (not like it was ever alive), and balkanize into privately backed OSes.

The end.
No. 57100
Not gonna lie, but for 400 Reichsmarks the SteamDeck is actually kind of an enticing offer. At least for me.
No. 57101
If they can turn on a computer and go online, they have basic computer literacy. You don't get literate because someone tells you to uncheck a box because it is bad. What i mean is that there is no point in teaching someone to turn on the computer if they have no desire to go online. If the goal is to go online then you start with teaching how to turn on the computer and set up network. You don't teach them how to traverse a doubled linked list in Pascal.

> Debian
It was/is Ubuntu.

> 1
Yes they do.

> 2
Valve likes control over it's environment. Gabe really dislikes closed source graphics drivers because he couldn't se what was going on. At least used to in one or two interviews.

> 3
Why wouldn't they? They are a company that makes money. So is Canonical and to a lesser extent SUSE, the money part that is.

> Only KDE
No. It is because Gnome requires Wayland and WinProton isn't ported to Wayland yet so they have to use X and only KDE works with X. Also KDE uses QT and that isn't a good thing nowadays because of your not likable greedy corporations like Trolltech.

Valve do not care about desktop. They care about Steam. Your predictions are based on the wrong assumptions and wishful thinking. Also a lot of desktop problems are solved with flatpak. To bad valve doesn't want to use it.
No. 57102

Valve using arch as a base gives me a very strong feeling ob absurdity. Not because of what you may think... it's the fact that I've sat in a room with an actual majority of the core arch developers and it was only 7 guys, mostly my age or younger (eg. all in their 20s) and all of them are working on arch unpaid in their free time. That was summer 2019, btw, last I checked the situation was pretty much the same.

As much as I try, I simply can't combine these things in my head: A bunch of guys in the "could be a buddy of mine"-category building something in their spare time on which a gigantic world wide community is built and now a giant like Valve is dependant on their work as well? How do these things happen?

Don't get me wrong, I love this... it's the best possible side of absurdism to genuinely enjoy situations like these.
No. 57103
I don't see the absurdity here tbh. It just sounds like the "small world principle" in effect. Okay so you know the guys behind Arsch Linux, but just think about who you DON'T know, which is basically everyone else. And the longer you live (and provided you're not some kind of shut-in neet who doesn't have any contact to other people or some redneck living in an alpine incest village you never leave) the probability to come close to someone "important" increases.
No. 57104
I think you misunderstood me: The absurd thing for me is not knowing these people, it's that a group like that is sitting at the tip of a hierarchy (of dependency) that has grown this large.

Also, I don't know these guys, I've just sat in a room with them for a couple of hours and we talked about stuff related to arch.
No. 57105
I see. I probably should have written "met" instead of "know".
But my point still stands. The only difference between this and other distros is that they don't have a company behind/under them.
And I think that's exactly one of the reasons why Valve would choose it, because since there's no company behind it, they can do whatever they want. What are those nerd supposed to do, huh?
Also, the rolling release principle probably also plays well with how Steam works and such.
No. 57106
3,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:53
1. If they did, they'd have fixed the ABI stability issue two decades ago. I can run Diablo 2 without a patch on W10. On linux, you need to go through hoops to launch a binary from one rolling update ago. Sometimes a program I use adds a feature I like, and I'd like to stay on an older version. Sometimes a program stops being maintained, but basically already does everything I want. Only a few years ago did anyone come up with a solution (let's just package an os inside your os lmao), and in typical open source fashion, there's 3 solutions that do the same thing, but poorly.

2. Everybody likes control over their environment, especially game developers, because they actually care about what the fuck the hardware is doing. There's also another aspect of controlling your environment, other than the software being FOSS. Like being able to install any version of any program you want, anywhere, rather than waiting for some neckbearded package maintainer decide which software you're allowed to use on your own computer, and the new version of the distro breaking shit that used to work fine.

3. Not saying they shouldn't. It's just that some autists still believe in the dream of le community maintained linux ecosystem where everyone works together.

>Valve do not care about desktop. They care about Steam.
Duh, just like IBMRed Hat only cares about their own ecosystem (RIP CentOS), and Canonical only cares about Ubuntu. As I said, Linux is going balkanize into mutually incompatible ecosystems. But because Valve is the only ones for whom userland stability actually matters, end users will flock to theirs.
No. 57108
>What are those nerd supposed to do, huh?

Decide that pulseaudio and systemd have caused enough problems over time and runit has matured nicely and pulse may just be replaced by the upcoming pipewire and then... hey guys, this is archlinux and we hope you enjoy breaking changes the next time you pacman -Syu :-DDDD

Things like this have happened before and they do happen again because that's part of the idea behind arch and part of the reason why companies generally avoid arch. (I'm not against arch btw, I'm using it myself on more than one system.)
No. 57112
16 kB, 837 × 104
163 kB, 677 × 1277
This is a pretty desperate request, but do you guys happen to have a list of those shitty SEO optimized blogs pretending to be legitimate sources of information? Shit is especially prolific when it comes to medicine, or "lifestyle" articles.
I suspect some of them are even autogenerated, because they do not make any fucking sense at all. Pic related.

This seems like a completely artificial problem to me tbh.
Why should an OS level change break userspace? I know it sounds obvious that if your remove the base, anything that's built on it topples, but people have been dealing with such problems and doing something about it, for a long time, and it worked.

So why is it the case in GNU/Linux userspace?
I don't think it's either a technological problem, or an issue of competence. I think FOSS and OpenSource people have some weird misplaced priorities. Like, they don't write software with other people in mind, to them it's not a thing they're offering to others, but more of a "here's a thing I made for myself and my very specific use cases, but you can have it I guess, no guarantees".
It's an understandable attitude, nobody owes anyone shit, but there's also a problem with it. There's a fallacy that any contribution towards the public domain is a net positive. Like, "if it's good, use it, if it's bad, avoid it". But in my experience, that is not the case. There are things that give you a net negative value by just wasting your time, and making it harder for you to find the thing you actually want.

I think you have to have responsibility before the public to not waste their time.
No. 57121
actual kek
No. 57126
>Why should an OS level change break userspace?

Mate, you haven't suffered the arch experience as long as I have or you wouldn't have said that. Archlinux is deliberately breaking itself every now and then in order not to accumulate cruft. And they did famously switch their init system from SysV to SystemD which meant breakage for 95% of the user base during the next update. Some changes can't be automated away from user interaction if you want to live by the standards of arch.
No. 57127
I formulated the question wrong, I meant to say something along the lines of "Why should an OS level change break userspace? It shouldn't, and it that happens, someone upstream is doing something wrong"

As in, there's not really a good reason to break userspace shit every release, it's possible to gradually phase shit out, and since the linux world moves so fast, you could phase out features in less than a year, instead of a decade like debian or whatever.
No. 57128
That is true. On the other hand, when you use arch you are kindof agreeing to be part of an adventure and you are willing to put in the time and effort to take care of your system once in a while. The devs or arch try to tell people this all the time but the community has grown out of proportion and most of the time everything works so smoothly that people learn to expect the comfort despite the warning signs at the entrance.

For the past year I've grown fond of AlpineLinux and have replaced some of my arch installs with it, though only the servers and not any of the desktops. But that's based on personal quirks, I enjoy simplicity and minimalism and Alpine excells in that respect. If only the documentation was half as good as that of arch...
No. 57135
I mean, if you consider Arch as desktop friendly distro, so there are a shit ton of them.
> only KDE
Is "platform" specifically Gnome, or whole Gtk? 'Cause in first option there are options. I'm using Xfce btw
> will basically own the entire Linux desktop
Not big enough. I don't even srure their console will fly. Btw Valve are bros don't fear them, fear Hats and Mikes.
> GNOME, on the other hand, will disappear
Right opposite: too big to fall, still. But it will never be as big as it was again, yeah.
> not like it was ever alive
What doesn't live so can not die.
I don't even know what ABI-problems you're talking about, so as your Linus. How can distro even can broke binary comparability, unless this Linux isn't actually BSD or smthng? Sound more like shting about lsb that no one care about because lsb committee actually are privately backed OS owner employees and does not care about anyone else, or chaos in rpm-pakegeing, because morons can't stop to invent a bicycle, taken out of context. Were living with all of it long before, will be long after.
Why do you think, that desktop oriented on stability exclusively for games will provide any more overall stability than desktops being oriented for overall stability for decades? It doesn't make any sense.
And how doesn't Linux isn't balkanaized yet, like what's gonna change so it suddenly will happen?
> a lot of desktop problems
Are lack of some drivers and some programs.
If something is popular enough it can bother you while you searching something, it means it is enough positive for enough people to be considered as net positive.
No. 57178
Ok, another lesson conducted.
This time the stream worked, so I could show them how I use the terminal, live.
I gave them a few examples, like how you can write a simple one liner to immediately write the list of files and folders in a directory into a text file, instead of clicking on a bunch of buttons. Then I showed them how I could use a package manager to install a program without ever clicking on anything.
I think that excited them quite a bit, they were impressed you could do that.

The programming part of the lesson didn't go too well. I was too lazy to didn't have time to prepare any slides or illustrations, and halfway through explaining variables and types, I realized that I needed to explain binary numbers, and how they relate to memory, and how that relates to the size of a number you can put in a variable, and how that relates to the idea of types.
I just couldn't pull an explanation of all of that right there out my ass, not without confusing them and dropping spaghetti all over the place. So I had to cut the lesson a bit short, and say that I'll come back with some slides next time.

I think I might be tunneling a bit too deep into theory, too many concepts at once. Maybe I should just sit them in front of a text editor and have them write code to figure out how it "feels".
No. 57179
Do you not have numeral systems in school? I remember we did that in 9th or 10th grade, among which was binary too. And even if you didn't, you still have powers of 2, which you should have had in school even earlier. Or was there another issue?
No. 57182
I came in expecting that they already know what binary is, and they did go through it in 9th grade, but forgot about it because it was irrelevant to them. So I was thrown off by that.

Another problem is that I have 0 vocabulary when it comes to computer stuff in russian or kazakh. I learned it 100% in english and I was like "fuck, what do you call that in russian".

So I have to prepare just so I can learn the terminology in russian lmao.
No. 57183
31 kB, 635 × 452
>So I have to prepare just so I can learn the terminology in russian lmao.
Man learns by teaching, very wise.
No. 57186
> I think I might be tunneling a bit too deep into theory, too many concepts at once.
Yes. Why even teach linux command line? If they become professional developers, they'll eventually learn it, but for now it doesn't make sense.
However if installing packages with "apt-get" makes them feel like c00lh@ck3rs, then it's good, because it motivates them.

> Maybe I should just sit them in front of a text editor and have them write code to figure out how it "feels".
Here you have sets of tasks and automated testing system.
https://informatics.msk.ru/course/index.php?categoryid=355 (site was much better few years ago, maybe there is something better now).
For each lesson explain all the nesessary theory and make them write notes, solve few tasks together (not the easiest ones, but for example 2,5,7 if you have 9 of them). Then make them solve the rest. Patiently respond to infinite questions like "what this compiler message means? what is wrong?" (do they speak English btw?)
At some point show them simple graphic library. Draw a circle and animate it. Because console IO is booooring.
That's how I would do it.
No. 57189
As for coding stuff, can't you give them something like RPG maker? It has simple scripts that are also able to do loops and such, and it's "actual" code, and they can instantly see what they are doing.
At least that's how I did my first babby steps into "actual" coding over 15 years ago.
No. 57285
Well, fuck.
I traded in my old 6th generation nvidia card for an RX560 with some additional cash on top, but my ancient intel motherboard does not support newer cards, because those cunts decided to end support and bios updates for their discontinued motherboards.

Now I either have to buy a 1155 motherboard for about the same price as a modern board (and hope it supports newer cards), take out a loan to buy a modern chipset motherboard, a CPU, and also DDR4 RAM, and throw my entire system in the trash.
Or try to find some hacky solution to bypass the motherboard's inability to read vBIOS. Like sticking a dummy board in the first slot, and piggybacking off of it.
I'll try the last one, but I don't have any hopes. Next, I'll try the first one. RIP the money I saved for a new SSD. If that doesn't work either, I'm going to have to become a loan slave to the local bank. I hate being poor.

God, fuck Intel. Did you know that those motherboards are used in small servers and shit? And not only did they drop support, they also, for some reason, deleted all the drivers and BIOS update files from their website, like they couldn't afford to host 100 megabytes. Fuck them.
No. 57286
Welp. tried with a h61 motherboard I had laying around, doesn't work either. Rip sandy bridge, the last Intel CPU generation where you could disable the NSA backdoor.
Time to upgrade I guess.

The project in Uzbekistan seems like it's going to happen, so there's a chance I'll financially recover.
No. 57333
I don't know what problem is. I have 1155 shitty OEM board which is locked out of basically everything at BIOS level because that company is faggots and only got such worse with age over the years literally is no reason to buy anything Alienware or Dell made since like 2012 and even then fucking BIOS lockouts but anyways I have had both RX 500 series and GTX 900 series stuck on that board which works no problems. Well, RX 550 many such problems only because card itself literally is piece of fucking trash made solely for miners of like 6 years ago what a piece of fucking shit and ripoff it is but probably RX 570 tiers still decently powerful card. That being stated however it took my upgrading to Windows 8.1 from win8 even to get it to work, which whatever 8.1 didn't cause mass system reinstall anyway and I have Ivy Bridge CPU so again I am not sure what problem it is for you.

What you could do is trying some kind of other LGA 1155 motherboard. It should be cheap. I actually even seen a really decent board that I want going for $30 right now at bidding on ebay, which I also hate, though not quite sure how much it's going to cost tomorrow when bidding ends for it a z77 gaymer tier board. It actually even has an mSATA slot which is exactly why I want it and not some other shitty gamer board jam packed with lots of PCI slots and PCIe slots for CrossFire which I do not have or care about for lots of money and just wanted to get it because fuck Dell and fuck their BIOS and fuck their VRMs because all I wanted was to overclock old quadcore CPU.

I actually even know now exactly which case I wanted and which z77 UHP whatever board and which case https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16811353127 only I have no possible reason for getting it because what I have now works just fine I just want it to overclock my K sku.

I think you should be able to find some kind of extra reasonable deal on even an old z77 if you actually end up needing to replace the board as I'm pretty sure Sandy works fine on it too and it'll actually still leave you plenty room to upgrade to Ivy Bridge later without so much modern hassles so far as I know.
No. 57335
I wish I'd known about this channel years ago
Just listening to that has melted the tension off my shoulders. I can feel my shoulder muscles tingling.

There is nothing more satisfying in life than just a good motherboard.
No. 57340
You may buy some a bit older generation board from aliexpress. What socket is your current board btw?
No. 57346
>trusting Chinese merchants
>buying directly from Aliexpress
Tengri disapproves. This is a great way to spend several weeks waiting to find out how you lost your money and cannot get it back. ebay might be shit but it is jowgere near the levels of dodginess that is Aliexpress not to mention the fact you never even manage to save much money, and on those occassions that you do, and it is nearly always some scammed piece of garbage. On the wect their GPUs in particular are notorious for being literally unuseable GTS 450s with some utterly bizarre chinked vBIOS made to show up as a 1050ti, 1060, 1650s etc under most hardware managers but because of that and the fucked VRAM configurations you basically have to buy a piece of hardware to manually reset the vBIOS chip at hardware physical level by attaching probes to the physical chip itself to give it the correct GTS 450 vBIOS to even get it to work for video out. Like it is actually impressive to me the lengths chinks will go to in order to lie, scam, cheat, and still, to such an extent it would literally be less effort to just sell an actual working product and the sole way I can think of it being more profitable to do so this way would be if labor is so cheap/free because slave labor.

I know that he is closer to China so maybe not all the same problems but you are still rolling the dice on getting scammed. It's not like he's saving much money even because all the hardware is so old now that it's pretty cheap and easy to acquire through legitimate channels. Any actually working piece of hardware from that era like an actually good board can easily be had for under $50.

Of course none of that fixes Dell and Intel being retarded cunts to begin with.
No. 57349
>trusting Chinese merchants
just don't be dumb and look at what are you buying and from whom. I have bought on Ali 2 used graphics cards, motherboard, 2 Xeon CPUs and yet was never scammed.
No. 57351
ecs H61, my previous an Intel Desktop Board. Both 1155
Neither of them support vBIOS in uefi mode, apparently.
I already gave away the intel because I don't need it any more.

I'd rather not order from ali because it just takes too long, especially nowadays. We've got plenty of old boards on local ad websites, I just don't want to replace a working board with another working board just for gpu compatibility, which is also not guaranteed.

I think I'll just upgrade my computer after all.
No. 57431 Kontra
why did I agree to this, they're fucking stupid
No. 57465
Ok, my hopes and dreams have been shattered.
Their iteration times are too low to learn at a decent pace. I might have been to hasty.

I won't stoop so low as to teach them scratch, but I will probably have to switch to an online IDE at this point.
I want to tell them "now try to change this variable and see what the conditional statement does!". And then they spend 5 minutes trying to compile the program lmao.

Honestly, I'm a bit of a shitty teacher. Then again, they have the normie malady of not being able to search for information themselves, and they don't have money for real courses, so I'm all they have.
No. 57466 Kontra
ok nevermind, they want to keep using the terminal, they want to keep using C.
I guess it makes them feel hardcore.
I appreciate the tenacity, but they really don't know what's good for them. Next lesson, IO.

Should I do argv, or the interactive REPL style of IO? The latter is slightly more of a pain in the ass, so I guess I'll just go with inputs arguments.
Also, since I have little time to prepare lessons, I've been relying on an online tutorial for material, and one thing it did was that it introduced iterating through a multi dimensional array before it introduced the concept of loops. Who does that?
Had to come up with stuff on the fly.

Do you guys have any more cool programming games like human resource machine, but approachable to complete newbies? I know there's zachtronics games, but i'm under the impression that they're a bit hardcore, and fairly removed from conventional "programming". I'm not about to teach them an ASM or circuit building simulator.
Imagine, I have to teach them how to play games.
No. 58681
So since this thread is the closest to a general computer thread, I might as well ask here:

I hate modern TVs. They're just shitty monitors with incredibly shitty computers attached and they do nothing but ruining my day.
This is why I want to "build" one.

The idea is the following: Have a projector hooked up to a RPi or something and just use that. Same functionality, but I don't have to deal with proprietary bullshit that doesn't work half of the time AND have full control over the system.

Now the question is how to approach that properly. Do I have to set up a home server or anything? Or can I just hook up a tiny computer to a HDD and screen and be done with it?
What if I want to use a computer monitor instead of a projector? Do such big computer monitors even exist that are still affordable?

Also, if I want to hook up a X.1 sound system, do I need some additional sound card or whatever or can I do it just like that? I am really out of the loop concerning any of that.
No. 58684
AFAIK there's stuff like kodi, a smart TV media library android distribution thing you can install and configure on anything. I've also seen people using steam big picture mode lol

If you want a big screen with no smart TV bullshit, you could google for the term "digital signage", it's what companies use for ads in places like airports and malls and shit
No. 58698
Uh, computer monitors are usually expensive as all fuck fam. No you do not want to do that. The same cost as you'd pay for some cheap shitty 32" monitor is going to run you as much as a TV covering your wall.

As for
yes this is easily doable. I actually spent time watching movies with someone who just hooked up a laptop to a projector and screened movies on their apartment wall. Your only real issue here is going to be finding a quality sound system. I do know there's actually some people who play videogames on them, which actually do have certain select graphical advantages over using a ghosting LED IPS panel.

Would I recommend? Sure if you're watching movies. Just be aware you need a love of tinkering if you actually want to build some kind of cheapass HTPC rigged up to speakers or some kind of NUC/Pi type device for the HTPC component of playing films. Minus the bulk of the projector you can basically put a home movie theater in your pocket and throw the projector in your backpack.

>using steam big picture mode

Just get a used office machine if you don't give a shit about portability. You can easily find one for under 100 euros used, which you'll only need like a 1gb card or something for higher res video output since I don't think the super old Sandy Bridge tier iGPUs are going to give reliably good high res video output for films. Otherwise you can basically just get one of these setup
oh these are all the same guy sorry it's unintentional
other guy, all these are using a Pi

You don't really need to waste any money on a NUC though this is always an option too

Personally I'd just slap a sub-100 euro used office PC or Pi HTPC together and hook it to a projector.
No. 58699
>Personally I'd just slap a sub-100 euro used office PC or Pi HTPC together and hook it to a projector.
Yes, that is exactly the plan and what I wrote in my post.
So a projector is a viable setup, good to know.
As for the sound system, it's already there, I just need to know whether I can "easily" hook it up with the Pi or if I need some additional stuff.
The reason I was asking for Pi was because I want the setup to be as invisible as possible when not in use and as silent and energy-efficient as possible when in use.
Of course I could just hook everything up to my desktop, but then I would have to place it somewhere in reach.
Which really just leaves the problem of hooking up something more complicated than stereo speakers to it - that's why I was asking about any auxiliaries for it, also I found a site where they talked about the Pi not being able to play HD audio and such and also thought about HDR and streaming 4K video and all that.

So to tl;dr: I want a TV station that can play anything, but without having a """""smart""""" TV.
No. 58701
Sorry, you sounded rather unsure of what to do from how I read your post.

If what you are really looking for is ultimately whether a projector works well or not and asking for advice on that, yes, yes it does
This is a pretty good talk on it
Linus did a whole bunch of shit about projectors
also this guy going on about it and so on

and yes I have. Like I just said, I've watched movies on them streamed through a laptop. All you need is a reasonably white apartment wall and kill the lights.

Also, I honestly had no idea it was all "smart" aka NSA/Alphabet shit nowadays. I haven't watched TV in almost a decade at this point so I wouldn't know.

I mean at that point you could just get a real TV that's old and used. I got some huge ass plasma TV I ultimately gave away like ten years ago, just because I was moving and didn't really watch TV anyway. I'm sure you can still find a used old TV at least somewhere. I don't know if you Germans or other Euros have a thing like Craigslist, but you can try checking swap meets and used sales and whatnot.

Alternatively, you can just get that setup yeah. I'm not entirely sure what type of connectors and sound system setup you have but for a Pi yeah at the very least you're probably going to need some kind of probably USB adapters to hook in a full surround system. Alternatively you could just build an ultra cheap used parts ITX board mini-PC, which will have the problem of being pricier and not necessarily energy efficient compared to a Pi based HTPC and may not offer any advantages over just getting a NUC/MiniForum type mini-PC.

Of course, any type of additional desktop machine is going to be bulky, and nothing is smaller and largely quieter than a Pi tier setup. I were you and I also had free time I'd probably just go out and buy some used Optiplex or office computer and dick around making a custom maybe wooden case to tuck everything smaller than a mid size tower or deal with a Pi system that needs a bit more tinkering for audio part of the home theatre.

You also could just get a used laptop and hook the projector to that. It'll be pretty quiet and easily tucked away and now you also have a cheap Windows 7 laptop for mobile shitposting on trains. I've seen those going for the $100-200 range online a lot.
No. 58703
I see no reason why android running kodi, or linux running steam (or kodi again), is "eww", but using windows as the os for a media center is ok.

android is a mess, but at least it jest werks, because a lot of development effort was spent specifically to make "smart" crap work on it. Whereas with linux and windows, it's not a guarantee.
No. 58704 Kontra
Hm, yes, my wording was probably not the best.
I mean that was my preferred setup, I just have no experience with it, so I was looking for those of others.

I don't think you can get those old TVs anymore here, at least not in a good condition. The people who usually own(ed) that stuff are bydlo chain smokers. Also, since I want to eventually also be able to have HDR stuff on the screen, I wanted to get something more modern (can projectors do that?).

The issue with laptop is, as with the other "bigger" things, that it's not really invisible and if I wanted to tuck it away I'd need a docking station and so on - and even my 2019 upper class machine starts whirring when playing HD stuff and it's not really comfortable in general.

But from what I can gather from your posts my intended setup is well within the realm of doable things, so thanks.
No. 58705
35 kB, 679 × 740
1009 kB, 360 × 358, 0:01
Welp, there goes my piss lager budget for the next... two years.
Also, first time using a 144hz display, and scrolling through EC feels like flying through hyperspace lmao.

Anyway, why not a desktop for cheaper, or a more powerful one for the same money? Because I want to spend as little time at home as possible. I want to be in a library til late night and come back only to sleep. Being at home just depresses me. Also, to ditch my work laptop and only ever use one device for all computing stuff, because juggling that shit is getting annoying. I can go on another business trip, and still use all of my performance hungry shit.

And finally, my ultimate dream is to get rid of most of my possessions and live permanently in hostels. I hate maintaining all of that crap, like furniture, apartment, plumbing, electrics, etc. etc. It's a massive time and money sink. I'd rather pay extra to get rid of all that. And imagine the freedom of being able to just get up and fuck off anywhere you want, with everything you own on your back. Maybe one day.
No. 58715
> And imagine the freedom of being able to just get up and fuck off anywhere you want,
That is my ultimate goal of wealth, yeah. I think that some people just want to flaunt their shit, others simply want to have as secure a location as possible in some kind of huge mansion. For me personally the greatest part about wealth would be to be able to slap down some thin piece of plastic and use just that to go anywhere in the world, buy any clothes and necessities, live out of hotels and then give all my shit away to others when I'm done with the place.

I've seen rich people kids buy thousand dollar TVs for their dorm to use for six months and then just leave it by the side of the road because they can't bring it on a plane and don't want to bother with shipping it across the country. It's absolutely insane. You would be speechless if you went around colleges and unis trash picking what these people throw away.

I think what would be the best would be the ultimate freedom, and that is to remain invisible. It's the main problem with credit, although cash adds a lot of weight. Money is fucking heavy and I can't just carry duffelbags around the world with it, plus it'd be harder to hide it. Otherwise yeah I'd basically just have a few key storage locations around the world for my crappreferably without lots of extradition treaties with each other and be able to melt away. With added money I'd never need to worry about fuckall again and could just learn fluency in other languages, pay people to teach me, and go live among foreigners to truly speak like them. I'd manage to have aliases. It'd be fantastic.

To not have money is to not be truly free. It took me decades to finally understand what my country meant by all this. All that matters is having money. Money is power, and that is what is meant by freedoms. Any vague democratic ideals are bullshit. It is about maximizing your own personal impact on the planet unbounded by official institutions having any say over you, and you having say over them and the people under them. Nothing matters here but how much money you have, and therefore how free you can be.
No. 58806
I have recently really started to question computers today after reading stuff on https://100r.co/site/home.html
Basically they stopped doing shit for Apple and started making their own environment. A virtual machine and tools among other things. All from a sail boat.
No. 58877
Still not sure what you are trying to say
No. 59020
What is better for my laptop battery - letting it get used up and the recharge or keeping the machine connected all the time?
I bought it new in 2019.
No. 59025
My readings from ~5 years ago said it was best to continually drain lithium batteries, and then fully charge them again. This was supposed to extend their life, something to do with the chemical process within the battery.
No. 59029
Rule of thumb seems to be to keep above 20% but below 80% to extend life.
No. 59423
I'm sorry to have to tell you but this is fun.

Implementing a lexer, parser in Java and then doing the same thing in C. This book is actually explaining the basics in a easy way and you get to see results pretty quickly.
No. 59427
68 kB, 500 × 500
I once started reading a book like that, about "Writing your own compiler". Not like I need this knowledge for anything, I just wanted to be WHITE MAN.
In chapter 2 they wrote "ok, now let's use this library for lexing and building syntax tree", and I closed it.
Is this one different?
No. 59430
This reminds me of a sad realization that came to me some time ago.

The idea that the internet and academia give you almost complete access to up to date knowledge on computer science and programming is basically untrue.
A lot of expertise accumulating in their respective industries never becomes publicly accessible.

I think I can be pretty confident in saying that nobody outside the engine teams of big AAA development studios has the knowledge to make a modern (modern by industry standards, not academic standards) game engine or 3D graphics engine, or the expertise required to achieve a similar level of graphical fidelity.
I haven't seen a single open source graphics / game engine that wasn't a decade behind the things done commercially. Some are even two decades behind, and are doing things that the industry abandoned during the PS3 era.
The consensus on how to do things regarding programming is mostly wrong, and is based on either sources from out of touch academia, or open source communities using academic sources from half a century ago.
This is because the greybeard boomers who did real low level stuff are dying, while the people on the cutting age are too busy to be writing internet tutorials and posting on stackoverflow. I've read some recent tutorials on 3D graphics that unironically suggested such things as writing a scene graph, or using a linked list for a particle system, or using an octree for a voxel engine. I wonder if it's the same in other fields too.

The internet is not as big of an equalizer as I thought it was.
No. 59431

Doesn't this have to do with capital and other market stuff? Do you know that the biggest research budgets are not to be found in academia but the private sector? R&D in industry and tech is a thing and it is bigger than academia.

t. brainlet when it comes to computer sciences and coding/software on a technical level
No. 59432 Kontra
What I mean is: ofc private companies won't share their knowledge with the world/internet. Market does not know and allow for equal access to knowledge.
No. 59433
> people on the cutting age are too busy to be writing internet tutorials and posting on stackoverflow
I think in case of graphic engines they simply can't do it because of trade secret. Because in case with compilers, operation systems and other low level shit they do write blogposts and answer on stackoverflow. Same with machine learning (partly).
No. 59434
For distributed systems -- companies often publish papers about their internal stuff, and this is used in open source (like in case with GFS, MapReduce and Hadoop).

For search engines -- companies can't publish internals of their algorithms because spamers would abuse this knowledge. So yes, it's a case of "if you want to learn about it, find a job in relevant company".

So I think situation with graphic engines is rather an exception than a rule in programming. What about other industries, on the other hand?
No. 59436
In a way yes, but in a way no. It isn't the dragon book that I'm struggling with. It is a bit easier to get started. Try it at least if you are interested. If you follow it it has code you can just copy paste in and if you are mildly competent when it comes to reading instructions it will work.
What made me realize that I know shit about this is that there are extra challenges that I just couldn't answer and that made me sad because that means I do not understand the theory as good as I would like. But there is no need to look at them at least the first reading.
No. 59437 Kontra
No wait. Maybe I read you post wrong. You write everything your self, at least in the Java part. I'm not at the C part yet.
No. 59450
Tbh, I don't think necessarily about funding. As counterintuitive as that might sound.
Game engine teams in bug studios are usually up to a hundred people in permanent employment, most of them grunt workers, and a few extremely skilled people working out the hard problems. They probably get paid more than academics, but the amount of time and manpower expended is about the same.
Usually, high budgets spent on R&D have got to do with contracting lots of experts from different fields, paying their salary, and providing them with expensive, maybe even experimental equipment. The guys in the engine teams of video games usually work on a bog standard PC, are in-house, and the special equipment is usually a local data center used to pre-process game assets. It's not anything different than what a decent uni in the west has access to (I wish I could go to a western uni and have free access to a powerful data center, and be surrounded by smart people, sigh).

Strangely enough, the video game industry, being a billion dollar industry, is not a victim to patent trolling. There's a culture of sharing at least general technique and information, if not source code. ( interesting post by John Carmack: https://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=151312&cid=12701745 )
There's conferences and talks where people from the industry give presentations and stuff, just not code I guess. The information IS shared, but between people in the industry (it's a relatively small world in the AAA video game development studies, everybody knows each other), but only sometimes trickles down to the public.

I suspect the real reason is that, as programming gets closer and closer to hardware, it becomes less theoretical and more practical, and less of a science and more of an art. As in, theoretical knowledge becomes a smaller factor than raw skill and expertise. In fact, a lot of theoretically performant algorithms that assume an abstract computer, in practice, perform worse than just looping through an array because of cache efficiency.

It's an area of expertise that only becomes relevant when you're trying to squeeze out maximum performance out of a tiny microcontroller, or trying to draw complicated graphics at 60fps, when the average machine the program is going to be run on is probably 5 years out of date (according to Steam hardware surveys, and console lifespan). Most programmers operate in a realm where the difference between a runtime of 1ms and 5 minutes is not that important, because the program will only be run once, or they have the option of just buying better hardware, because the program will only run on their own machines, or any other factors that make performance irrelevant.

Sucks for us interested about that kind of stuff, though. You're either in, or you're out.
No. 59452 Kontra
11,4 MB, 500 × 281, 0:05
Also, it's a funny situation when the technical aspects of video game development in AAA context require so much more expertise, competence and work than gets put into the actual gameplay.

We have here an industry that produces mind bogglingly complicated, state of the art programs, the end behavior of which is only a little bit more complex than "wasd pointy shooty, number goes up". The people developing the engines for these games are experiencing a million times more creative fulfillment and artistic value than the people actually playing the end product.
Reminds me of mechanical watches. Very delicate, complex mechanisms that require great care and precision to create, but in the end tell time less accurately than a $1 chinese quartz watch.

I look at pic related, and think to myself "I will never in my life be able to solve a problem this difficult, from scratch. Hell, I probably won't be able to even implement it, given the solution". All in the service of a very mediocre game with a bad story, lol.
No. 59453
Hey, at least that is "technology", which is always cool, unlike just upping the polygons and calling it a day (and not compressing the textures, fuck everyone who does that).
No. 59724
36 kB, 400 × 400
170 kB, 785 × 558
37 kB, 600 × 410
131 kB, 700 × 928
Does anybody use some software to manage images? Esp. with ML support that tags images with their content.
Just wondering cause I used to have a folder structure for different types of images but lately just been dumping everything into the Downloads folder and then just archiving it once a year or so.
Pics mildly related - from random "archive" folder of 2018-19.
No. 59728
The only one I know is hydrus.
A janky desktop clone of gelbooru.
Don't think it has MR tagging.

I'd use it if it were not for the prospect of writing 100,000 words in tags to account for all the images on my drive.
No. 59733
Why do so many people shit on TLoU2?
No. 59734
Most people shit on it for the same reason they shit on anime series when the second season changes directions. They became sentimentally attached to the characters of a mediocre story, and feel strongly about what happens to them. It is a characteristic of entertainment media consumers that they have such weak egos, that they become assimilated by the media they consume, rather than maintaining the observer-object relationship.
God, I am tempted to write another incoherent wall of text about this. I shall refrain.

But I hate it because it's the pinnacle of a genre I detest. TPS action-adventure cutscene treadmill with non-systematic gameplay reducible to simon says.
No. 59737
I want to read this textwall because I didn't pay any mind to the TLoU series and only heard about this "controversy" through heresy, the bulk of which I could get out if it being people either were butthurted by some character they liked dying, or they were butthurted about some character being a lesbian and went on some woke tier crusade against the game for that reason.

I didn't care to play it so I didn't mind spoiling it for myself and all I could figure out isthey were asshurted you could forgive the shooter even though your characters acted TWD evil-out-of-survival-necessity tier anyway. I had no idea why a lot of retards started getting butthurt about it and all I could glean from that was yet another screeching bitchfit for no good reason. There was nothing woke about it at all from what I could see, and a liked character dying is like wtf get over it. I mean were these people getting butthurt that Lee died in TWD too or something? Well anyway sorry for the derail, if I can prod you to respond that would be better for the vidya thread anyway.

wait do we have two computer technology threads
No. 59749
I only use some stuff to speed up my cycle, which nowadays is basically a bunch of tips

Software used: Double Commander and the ·Save in..." Firefox add-on.

For certain stuff I can't be bothered to put in a directory, I add a tag in the filename
No. 59758
Why do so many people just try and use or push chromium forks?