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No. 56728 Systemkontra
129 kB, 1080 × 1038
Dear Ernst,
No. 56734
Just a few more weeks, I've just gotta make it just a few more weeks

Holy fuck I hope I don't just end up running out of money I'm not made of gold and my stockpile is taking longer to accrue than I thought
No. 56738
Today I decided to play russian roullete and get vaccinated. I hope I get biontech.
No. 56739
37 kB, 640 × 480
Maybe it could work if you just pretended to be retarded, and just competent enough to perform your main functions, so that the social game players don't see you as a threat.
Acting retarded is my go to strategy in social situations.
No. 56741
217 kB, 1000 × 563
417 kB, 2048 × 1371
Niggaz be making parodies of all kinds of social phenomena, ideologies, politics, cultures, etc.
Dey be like "isn't this absurd?"

Can't relate, tbh fam. Because shit is absurd everywhere, all the time.
No. 56744
I opened a new checking account, had to do it in person because my license is still out of State. There was a bonus for setting up direct deposit, but first the bank dude needed to find the promo. Without advance warning, I'm handing this guy my phone to look it up. Mfw I immediatly realize my search history was full of The Simpson's.

Could have been worse.
No. 56749
I got moderna. Time to die I guess.
No. 56751
It finally rained but it only made things worse. Did get some work done outside. Set up the sunshade on the deck and positioned the table so next time I sit outside I don't get scorched by the sun.
It's slightly under the tree. Thankfully I didn't have to cut too many branches to position it well. I don't know, for some reason I don't feel comfortable with chopping down trees or parts of trees.
These things takes decades to grow, and it seems narcissistic to chop down a branch for the frivolity of having a sun umbrella next to it.
It's a sort of cedar tree, so it's leaves don't really offer perfect protection against the sun, and especially not from a certain angle as the sun is setting in the afternoon.

But I'm glad I only had to cut one branch.

I've never been to a jungle in my life, but after this I'm not sure I ever want to visit one. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice.
Actually, I've been thinking about this from a language perspective. When it's sunny, we say "The weather is nice", but no matter how much the sun shines, even at 40 degrees we never say "The weather is bad", because bad weather means it's raining or there's a storm.

Now that you mention it I do share a lot of CPC and Chinese state media narratives so it might not be that hard after all.
No. 56758
703 kB, 1346 × 1056
Got a NYTimes subscription just so I could read an article from 1957 on Shepilov. It references that Stalin wouldn't allow people significantly taller than him to occupy powerful positions.
No. 56761
Don't know what people write long blogposts for but I'll write one myself and find out.

A lot of communal service shit recently (coincidence? i don't think so!).
First, they switched off gas supply for maintenance. Hopefully, no retard forgot to turn off his stove and there was no "gas clap" in commiblock after they turned it back. Then they switched off hot water for 10 days for annual maintenance. And then cold water on kitchen also disappeared because of congestion.

First tried to call plumber boomer way (by calling a phone number recommended by relatives). The guy said "call me again tomorrow evening", then "no, I can't come until Monday". Then I realized that electricity wasn't switched off yet and used special site for finding worker. The plumber came in two hours (with stereotypical zoomer son as his helper) and fixed everything.
So now as web monkey I don't feel like uselessly transferring JSONs from place to place, we actually make people's lives better. Especially considering possibility that you can run into crooks if not using some platform. For example, there was a news about German tourist in Piter who hired plumbers and they robbed and raped him. As the headline says, the kraut "lost his male honor" (speaking about journos).

Also it turned out that previous owner of flat, old chemistry professor who migrated to Germany is vicious scammer. He installed water counters in such way that part of water goes beside them (and therefore is free) and we can get into trouble for that.

Tomorrow is bydloball final match. I'll watch and I'll root for our metropole. God save the queen!
No. 56762
I spent 30 minutes cleaning mud off of some otherwise good looking old Adidas shoes, only to find the leather uppers completely disintegrated once I tried to clean them. Meanwhile I can oil 40 year old Scarpa walking boots and they generally clean up good as new.

Wasn't Stalin like 165cm tall? 🤔
Was it worth the fee?
No. 56763
142 kB, 988 × 1280
LMAO, history repeats itself.

Putin often wears high heel boots (so called pynya-walks). People selected for group photos are always the shortest ones. And when he meets with foreign leaders, journos try to shoot him from weird angles. There was a brilliant photo with EU leaders where they almost lie on their backs and Pitun bends down above them (it was rotated to make them look same height). Once a Sosach user (obsessed with high women) found entire website about celebrities "real height" made for single purpose -- to promote fake Putin's height.

I would think that it's propagandists' initiative, but it's more likely Putin's personal obsession. For example, both his prime ministers (including 2008-2012 puppet president) are even shorter than him.
No. 56764
Stalin was indeed 165, not extraordinarily short by his generation's standards but he managed to systematically get shorter people than himself as his minions. I don't think this was much of a willful decision, and if it isn't more than a recurring coincidence - presumably more of him seeing shorter men as a lesser threat in some subconscious way. Maybe lanklets rubbed him the wrong way. I have however heard the idea of Stalin favoring short men previously from various sources, I beliebe even Khrushchev also shorter than stalin :DD said something of the sort.
It's 50c a week for the subscription, but I'll probably cancel it soon.

I know an electrician who installed his electric counter in such a manner as to steal electricity from the city, but also to have it so his "alternative source" also shuts down if he kills the main circuit breaker - thus avoiding detection by authorities.
No. 56765 Kontra
146 kB, 925 × 1280
I wonder if he would throw it all away for being taller.
No. 56769
Today I found this little gem. I don't know what to say really.

No. 56771
Yesterday I read about EncroChat thanks to some Wikipedia articles on organized crime and Italian mobsters as well as Dutch and other affiliates and the organization of drug trafficking, i.e. worldwide supply chains of certain substances. I really love this topic as it deals, the name reveals it, with the organization of a shadow world logistics and their actors with the help of digital media. It's just a very fascinating phenomenon.



Van Gogh's stolen in 2002 were found in one of Imaperiales houses :D
No. 56794
Didn't read as much today as I would have liked, but I still made some nice progress. Tomorrow will be better.
Basically I'm planning on finishing my current book and then another one for leisure and then going onto reading for classes in advance and looking through materials from the previous two semesters.

Next semester I'm going to have to tackle some of the four classical novels from China (in translation, but still) and they're enormous 1200 pages long doorstops.

Went shopping and got myself a new hat for the fall season and also replaced the Japanese style cup I broke so now it's a set. Not like I ever drink tea with someone, but it's now a set.

Going out without a mask feels weird. Maybe I just have too much energy, but I feel that I talk my mind too loud outside, and that with this beard and long hair I'm a sort of terror on the general populace, especially the elderly.
I should shave again, because I can almost twirl my moustache.

Played some Monopoly with the family tonight. I was the first one to go bankrupt.
I never really liked this game. It's incredibly boring and it's pure luck.
The issue is that after the initial partition it fails to evolve and becomes a battle of retarded attrition and it feels like a waste of time.
Not to mention that my father and sister are sore losers, so it always ends up being either them laughing or being mad/crying.
We desperately need another boardgame in this house because this one makes me dread existence.
No. 56796
12 kB, 130 × 129

rate my yoda impression
No. 56799
161 kB, 2240 × 1200
Got vaccinated yesterday and today i feel like i got rolled over by a car.
Shouldn't have taken that imperialist shitwater just because i only need it once.
No. 56800 Kontra
468 kB, 1440 × 960
>it's pure luck.

That is a false statement according to my experience of playing many rounds of monopoly with my younger cousin for many years at family gatherings like birthdays. It's been at least 8 years since we last had a match. But I remember an afterhour where I frustrated all players with my strategy.
The solution is rather simple:
in the beginning buy every street you can get with your money, by doing so you block others from building houses, you have to make deals/street exchanges properly so you can build houses. Also statistically I think the red streets ( I suppose colors are the same, yet names are different for every country) are most frequented

t. anti-cabidalist
No. 56803
Moderna kys'ed my arm for a while but it's fine now I think.
No. 56806
>I was the first one to go bankrupt
First one out is the real winner :D. Don't know if I've ever completed a game in my life.

Does Yoda swear, lol.

Rap > Yoda.
No. 56808
69 kB, 493 × 366
Yoda's been going through some tough times, man.
He's addicted to ketamine and cock and ball torture, as well as having no gf.

t. catching up on zoomer culture in order to not turn into a jaded zoomer.
gotta degrade yourself in order to briefly escape death breathing down yo neck.
No. 56809 Kontra
10 kB, 400 × 400
>t. catching up on zoomer culture in order to not turn into a jaded zoomer.
No. 56810
123 kB, 485 × 1024
Bought some chalk for tea.
No. 56811
Are you gonna place chalk in your tea?
No. 56812
Nah, just eat it together with tea, like it was traditionally in Russia with sugar
No. 56813
269 kB, 1400 × 1050
No, you see, tiktok is for them uncool normie kids.
All the cool zoomers hang out on discord and youtube.
No. 56814
125 kB, 1588 × 1579
>This is a common substance, it has no negative effect on the body substances. Recall, the French, who eat frogs, and still consider it a delicacy. And what is attractive brain dead animal? But it, too, with the greatest appetite consumed in restaurants. To ease your embarrassment consider the food to our chalk, Slavic delicacy.
>Recall, for pregnant women: they are constantly eating chalk. And this does not need to laugh. If the body requires - it must be obeyed. And who cares what you eat. Important: if only you were tasty. True friends will understand this weakness. And in general, it is better to eat chalk, than to abuse alcohol or smoking. Short-sighted, those who laugh with consumers of chalk. Chalk, unlike alcohol does not bring harm to the body, quite the contrary - favor: saturates the body with calcium.

Every day, this country of yours surprises me.
No. 56815
What the hell sinopharm tier shots are you guys even getting? I got the Pfizer and didn't notice any side effects.

Alle are shit and I don't hang out on a single one of them. The only one I get the impression I wouldn't openly despise is tiktok but I have no clue if e-thottery is there and want all the kids sequestered in their online ghettoes regardless. I'm a cranky boomer who just wants livejournals, forums, BBSs, and chans if any single one was not shit outside EC. The whole internet is garbage now. When I clear cache/cookies logins etc I'm amazed how unspeakably terrible youtube now is when it doesn't know what to recommmend. I dislike these people and their culture and I need to find some new frontier where "Civilization" has harder time tracking me down and catching up to me, like deep sea installation, antarctica reseearch station, s-p-a-c-e something like that.
No. 56816 Kontra
Discord servers are advertised on TikTok. You know since I did not lost contact with the zoomer generation I get all the right Tiktoks handed to me, things that go beyond dancing moves.
On a more serious note, you actually can find meme zoomers on all social media channels except Facebook.
No. 56817
Oh dear fucking god he didn't even make that post up
Consider, that is some prime runglish, sort which you not even seen since early day casey sosach invasion, is of verbal delicacies.
No. 56821
tbh my only exposure to zoomer culture is youtube recommendations.

I'm not going to use tiktok because it's a plain inferior video hosting service. Also, vertical videos suck. I'd rather watch some autistic zoomer make a 45 minute video essay on a subject he doesn't fully understand than watch a 45 second tiktok video.

Twitter is like imageboards for the braindead who can't write a post longer than 240 characters. And it's the worst example of the "networking" effect of social media, where one post gets exposed to millions of people, where the average poster gets zero exposure, so you get a very biased and exaggerated sample of what the public opinion really is. It's like the whole platform was intentionally designed to polarize people and go full in on Zipf's law.

Discord is actually kinda nice, but like all communities, it falls apart when there's more than a couple dozen people in the channel.

Snapchat is fucking stupid. I don't even know what the use case for it might be.

Instagram evolved from a hipster alternative to flickr for posting artsy photos, into a e-commerce web-shop with a REALLY fucking bad interface. People mostly associate Instagram with yoga pants wearing thots, but believe me, 90% of it is web-stores trying to sell computer parts and other shit.

In short, the internet fucking sucks now, take me back to the forum era, please. I used to scoff at forums back at their peak, but now I want nothing but to go back.
No. 56823
1,9 MB, 4032 × 3024
This weather is the most annoying shit ever. I put up the tablecloth and the pillow into the chair, and then I have to take it inside because it starts to rain. I did my little "sit outside" ritual 3 times today because of this.

Still, had a good time outside, even if it didn't last as long as I wanted it to. There seemed to be a really ugly storm coming, but not a drop of rain fell. It has gotten windy and there's grey clouds on the sky. Kinda makes everything feel dead in the garden.

I've used my time to organise my room some more now that I have the strength. Took out two bags of garbage and reorganised a shelf.
I decided to dedicate it to holding my teas and teaware. Didn't know I had this many stuff.
>But why keep it in your room
Because my mother likes to break mugs and cups so I'm not going to keep it in the kitchen, that's for sure. I was them, I handle them, if it's going to break I want it to be on my terms.

Thinking about it, my life has been pensioner tier for the past two weeks or so. Don't know if that's a bad thing or not.

House rule is that we buy whatever we step on if it's available.
I just think that 6-7 hours to win a game is a bit too much for a family game on a Saturday night. I don't dislike the game for ideological reasons, I just don't think its fun.

Actually the tactic here is to assemble the most expensive set of cards and then troll the shit out of everyone by building houses on those and because there is just simply not enough capital in the game's economy you make everyone butthurt and throw in the towel once they step on it and have to pay 15mill.
But it's not always the case. Usually we just play for like two hours and then the player with the highest asset value and cash count is declared the winner.
We're impatient.

>tfw I live such a second world shithole that zoomers actually post memes on facebook here

Also heard it supposedly makes your voice smoother. Or at least I heard it in a folktale once.
No. 56824
>Twitter is like imageboards for the braindead who can't write a post longer than 240 characters
Imageboards ain't what they used to be though. That is unironically longer than the actual typical 4cancer post, and the people using 4cancer right now are honest to God dumber than the usual twitter shitposter. Those people are insanely stupid fucks over there. At least a lot of retards using shitter are paid professionals or just people of the usual mundane sort who are just average. Imageboards are now sub-average intellects just about everywhere outside of here.
No. 56828
I made a twitter recently and honestly I don't see the function of it. Basically you build up an echo chamber like you said and that's it.
It's an incredibly irritating and destructive loop that feeds itself ideologically speaking. Sort of like a "build your own digital cultural revolution", but it can be left or right, you decided on the direction of the radicalisation!

(Though it's pretty good if you just want a newsfeed and don't want to interact with influencers of blue-checkmark retards.)

I think it's because the way the content users engage with is constructed. On twitter you'll probably follow things you're "more intimately" interested in or engage in with more, so it'll be easier to just write out a stock opinions for your side of the arguments, while on imageboards you come across whatever even on the hobby boards.
So imageboards have more fresh engagement, but Twitter's engagement is better constructed because it's not fresh.
No. 56829
Yeah, the actual useful way of using twitter is as an RSS feed for social whores who can't cope with getting their content without feeling like a "part of the crowd", by having a comment section under the RSS notification.

Apparently, most people have FOOMO like a motherfucker, because they can't handle being alone on the internet.
No. 56831 Kontra
I use Twitter without an account, I have bookmarks to entertaining accounts that I can consume whenever I feel like I want a mix of personal comments/updates on mundanities, politics, memes, and wit. Just like TikTok it is a stream that oscillates between entertainment and occasional insight. As a silent observer the social dynamics are interesting, on Twitter people write meta tweets ofc that give me food for thought. I mean the accounts I bookmarked are not dumbos and represent the whole range of left minded people, from theory heads, orthodox marxists, to idpol and just depressed people with marginal knowledge about leftism but some vague ideas they came across as students/via friends. The age also seems to vary from early twenties to 30-something. Some accounts shitpost but also have political takes, kinda neat mix in that regard. It only works that way when it's possible to select which person you want to read from.
No. 56832 Kontra
Also, you guys should keep in mind that the majority of mainstream social media and perhaps even on imageboards is more or less silent and just consuming
No. 56834
27 kB, 300 × 377
40 kB, 462 × 295
I went to have a look into the cellar today and it seems my nemesis, the mold, has struck again. Fuck this wet weather, now I'll have to throw out the carpet.

>with this beard and long hair I'm a sort of terror on the general populace, especially the elderly.
Haha, same here. I went from looking like Young Gogol to Rust Cohle mode real quick after I realized my hair is long enough to tie it in the back and grew out my moustache.

>I made a twitter recently and honestly I don't see the function of it.
Lately I love it, but it took me a long time to curate a timeline with accounts that suit my specific interests. I mostly just lurk, but what I like about it is that you can actually contact people (be it via responding to a tweet or DMing) that are kind of "a rung above you" in a certain regard and often they'll write you back - in your case maybe some Chinese translator or w/e.
Other than finding the right accounts to follow which is really the main hurdle, the UX badly requires some tweaking such as liberally muting certain words/accounts, also definitely make it so it sorts by latest tweets, otherwise the algorithm shows you all sorts of crap.
No. 56837
Finished first day at new job. It's fine, just cleaning crew at a supermarket. Pretty good pay for what it is tbh. Do got to start as early as 5am though.
No. 56839
How do I escape the trappings of rational thought and logos worship?

I literally can not stop categorizing and systematizing the world around me, which makes me feel like I'm living in a limited sub-set of reality.
No. 56843 Kontra
Take more drugs, become a woman, induce a stroke (I once watched an interesting TED talk where a woman talked about having that feeling of loving the whole world and whatever hippy ramblings there were else because of a stroke).
No. 56844
Makes me think I want to read a text titled Is thought digital?

There are books that go on about prelogical realm (Gotthard Günter has a develop transclassical logic, whatever that means exactly). You usually end up in paradoxes when going the route and I branches of systems thinking (sociological in that case) resolve paradox only by time, in time paradoxes resolve, the
No. 56846
90 kB, 800 × 669
It really is always an uphill struggle.
Has anyone here ditched caffeine? I don't think it's having a good effect on me. Colors everything with some anxiety.
No. 56847
92 kB, 1024 × 512
Why do you have to be such a downer all the time? We're trying to have fun here.
No. 56848
My main experience with legitimate non-rational thought is the process of creating art. A significant part of it is a rational, set by step process, yes, but what elevates great work is that the author has such an intimate understanding of the craft, that he can make illogical, but accurate "leap of faith" decisions about what to put into the piece. Arriving at something meaningful, but not through logical causality.

Dreams kinda work the same. I had a dream some time ago, where I was playing Dota for some reason, even though I only played it for 30 minutes, but in the dream, Dota was, for some reason, a real time grand strategy game like Supreme Commander. I think it's remarkable that the brain can make such illogical, but associative leaps, that kinda do make sense.

You could call it synchronicity or whatever, I think there's something to the notion of non-causal sources of "truth".
No. 56853
>You could call it synchronicity or whatever

I was wondering and concerning the rest of your post, do you perhaps mean something like complementarity? I often think of how leaving the logical space is directly considered esoterical and bad, because it cannot be determined after certain rules.
Overall, the history of the place of the non-rational is interesting. The unsympathetic German from above already highlighted part of it by attributing it to the concept of the female. One way is the rational citizen of Athens, on behalf of excluding everybody else: women, children and slaves. So the concept of the rational has a social and cultural (class) history. Yet there is something about the concept itself that is not just explained by this history ofc.

Brick, I think I already posted this one many months ago, but perhaps this is interesting to you again as it is about the logos. I mean in the end this deals with the history of the humanities and theories but it also shows that your question is somewhat part of current debates (that reach back many decades)
No. 56854
>One way is the rational citizen of Athens, on behalf of excluding everybody else: women, children and slaves. So the concept of the rational has a social and cultural (class) history.
Doesn't the concept of the rational transcend its social origins? Are we to draw any meaningful conclusions from it's social history?
No. 56855 Kontra
Answer to first question: Well, I think so, rationality is a mode for interaction with the world in a sense. Best I can come up with spontaneously.
Answer to second question: Yes, rationality is used to justify social organization. And that this justification is questionable. Depending on what is understood as rational and how rationality is archived rather than just "gifted". But that is already a rat tail into premises and their thruth.
No. 56856 Kontra
A thought that come to my mind and I hope it does not turn into an emotional shitshow here.
The appearance of trans fucks with the logical apparatus trained over centuries, people cannot comprehend what seems impossible or paradoxical and thus fear the trans, because they cannot categorize "it" in what they learned to categorize people into, either male of female. The only category left is the irrational, perverse and ill that is placed outside of the logical order and a very bad thing. And I think this also is the case in reverse, because these people have been brought up in a milieu that trains them to think like that, they cannot understand themselves in a sense, not determinate at least.
No. 56857 Kontra
> trained over centuries
Try close to a million years, but yeah, sure. It's something new and radical that completely defies the very base of human togetherness. It's not something you can just throw out the window like monarchy. It takes time to come to terms with it, although in my personal opinion the terms should be that it's really "just" another type of mental illness.
No. 56858
>because they cannot categorize "it" in what they learned to categorize people into, either male of female
I think it'd be easier for an average person of average sensibilities to categorize transexuals into 'it' than into either male or female. After all, it seems that the primary source of vexation for trans individuals is their inability to be accepted into one of these pre-established categories. To this, genital mutilation and the altering of hormonal development in teenagers and preteens understandably increases popular worries with these recent developments in gender identity.
No. 56859
When them hose see me
they be gushing
like if the gal
from silence of the lambs
didn't put her lotion on
as she slams, in a vertical motion
down on my bone,
I'm gone
Steaming, creaming
like she opened my valve
on a summer sale
I'm pulling somersaults
Sweating from my eyebrows,
dripping, moving my hips, uh
Like Hajime No Ipp-o,
from nippon
burning oxygen like a zippo,
a gaijin from overseas
Yamamoto Damashi
my nigga
Moshi moshi,
Jesus my nigga,
Desu Desu-ka
Teh Rei and Asuka
Ask a
man from rash-ka
how to say it
And he'll ask-a
"A suka?"
Damn right she's a suka.
A bitch, in other words
"Bitches and whores",
As Adachi used to say
Got no time for them tsunderey-s
When there's girls who act moe
All over me yeah.
No. 56863 Kontra
166 kB, 991 × 708
this seemed way more clever before the alcohol wore off
No. 56865
31 kB, 300 × 100
banner material :DDD
No. 56866 Kontra
164 kB, 1200 × 1200
>this seemed way more clever before the alcohol wore off
many such cases
No. 56867 Kontra
49 kB, 518 × 521
Nice one :DD
No. 56869 Kontra
No. 56874
Testing something
No. 56875 Kontra
Wait, has the post time always been in UTC?
I never noticed that, I always thought it was local time.
What the fuck
No. 56878
Finished reading the book I posted about in the literature thread.
I also drank a lot of tea today. Like two pots.

Life is amazing right now. I can eat and function like a normal human being.
My only problem is that I can't seem to be able to go to sleep properly, probably because of the meds I'm taking right now. Like I just function on 5-6 hours of sleep. I'm not tired. But it's bugging me.

It says it'll be 37 degrees tomorrow, so I'll probably join the family on their trip to the aquapark. Initially I wanted to stay home and read but there's no reason not to go and spend some time outside the house now that stuff is actually open.
Who knows, I might even get a nice lángos for lunch.
You can nearly always read in the garden, but the aquapark is kinda special in a way, and if it's going to be 40 degrees anyway, then why not?

Can't decide on the next book to read. I'll probably toss a coin.
Been meaning to start reading Broch's Der Tod des Vergil but I also remembered that I have a copy of Gidé's The Counterfeiters sitting on my shelf, so now I have to pick between a German experimental novel or a French experimental novel.

No, EC used CET/MEZ.
No. 56880
291 kB, 1000 × 750
There's something so profoundly german about this place.
It's technically impressive, yet completely soulless, nonetheless an effective solution to a problem (not living in the tropics). There's hubris in there, of trying to imitate or even surpass Nature. To take all the "positive values" of a natural place, and strip it out of all the inconveniences, creating an inauthentic, shallow, Idealistic "utopia" of a sort, which is actually Hell for anyone who actually has a soul (non-germans).
It reminds me of the set from Truman's Show.
It's fascinating to me.
No. 56881
This isn't that bad compared to nordic coldness and darkness during winter.
No. 56882
Yeah, but it's authentic. I have always liked the cold.

The sun can fuck itself.
No. 56884 Kontra
I think you're interpreting a bit too much into this.
It was more like "hey, we have this large bath, why not make it tropically themed?".

Also, you will find many more such places, bigger both in scope and "hubris" in the US.
No. 56885
Americans are just turbo-germans.
No. 56890
12 kB, 240 × 240
This coming from a German, I think you're proving his point :D
No. 56891
Did you know that the Hindenburg (LZ 129) was built in that? Jokes aside well airships were built there before this tropical indoor wonder become true, afaik, I never met anybody who went there, yet I know this place. As kid, I often saw the Center Parcs advertisement on TV, and wished I'd go there one day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_Parcs_Europe


Ha, I don't believe it was this commercial, I think I was too young to feel the "summer love at the buffet" vibe that is in the last scene. Can't believe people worked with it. I haven't seen many moving pictures commercials for years now.


It wasn't this one either. Anyways, it always bothers me that I remember so many advertising slogans from the 90s and 2000s with a warm feeling, like my childhood is occupied by TV :DDD Careless TV watching at least.
No. 56892
372 kB, 1678 × 2560
30 kB, 570 × 512
22 kB, 500 × 500
105 kB, 1300 × 957
I think this also contributes to the post-industrial UX-ification of surrounding reality by humans.

Just like how robots are incapable of processing or navigating or adapting to reality in general, but become highly efficient when an environment is constructed FOR them, humans themselves are moving into that direction.
A manipulator-arm robot functions because the entire factory is built around with its abilities in mind.
Similarly, human work environments are highly compartmentalized into specific niche jobs. Generalists typically don't fit into most workplace structures. So, when it comes to work efficiency, we are already turning ourselves into sort of robots. Discarding general skill, adaptability and wide range of expertise in favor of laser focused specialization.

It has to be noted that the etymological origin of the word "robot" comes from czech word "robota" which, literally means "slave labor". Really makes me fucking think.

Back to UX-ification. While I talked about human robotization in the context of work, you can see a similar phenomenon when it comes to environment-design in other aspects of life as well, even leisure. The general trend of human-accommodation in the design of objects to be used (handles with soft materials DESIGNED to fit the human hand, rather than design being a consequence of the manufacturing process (see western design vs soviet union non-design)), is also happening to the environments humans build around themselves.
Once the human-built environment is maximized for survival, it then begins to be maximized for comfort. Cities are an obvious example, but what about pseudo-wilderness?
Who says that what begins as constructing an ersatz tropical island under the comfort of a climate controlled dome, won't progress into building a "dome" or otherwise "designing" natural environments, so that they look "natural" and "wild", but are actually comfort-maximized environments. Why not build an escalator to the summit of Everest? Won't that destroy the whole meaning of climbing it? When the whole earth becomes "designed", where will we go to experience authenticity?

The question is, whether this is a non-issue, or whether we are robotizing ourselves, to the point where in the future, we won't be able to function in environments not specifically tailored for our comfort, like an ASIMO robot falling down a flight of stairs and being unable to get up.
No. 56893
599 kB, 1000 × 1500
I can't write a full response right now (boss gave me an actual task he expects finished soon, so I can't just shitpost while pretending to work), but I think the disdain for the non-rational type of "fluid" thinking is a relatively recent phenomenon. People used to romanticize the "artiste with a fleeting and unburdened mind", or whatever. Nowadays such an archetype is seen as cringe.

I think this is a consequence of the growing phenomenon of "scientism", the ideologization of the scientific method, and technology worship.
It even goes as far as dismissal of "recent" continental philosophy as something on the level of mysticism, mythology and even religion, especially (for some reason) in the STEM community, which probably originates from this trend as well.

The fedora tipping atheist attitude targets not only religion, but basically anything beyond logos, including philosophy and even art.
Of course, the irony is that "science-culture" itself is pure ideology. The scientific method is, as the name says, a method. A sort of mental-tool, anything other than using the method, is out of the scope of science. So, talking ABOUT science is not science, so claims about the value of science, do not somehow "inherit" the "objective" nature of science, and are in the same category as any other claim, philosophical or not. So, when STEM autists are making value-judgements on science and non-science, or claiming that science is the only valid method of acquiring knowledge, THEY'RE LITERALLY DOING PHILOSOPHY.
No. 56895
2,4 MB, 2:36
>or claiming that science is the only valid method of acquiring knowledge, THEY'RE LITERALLY DOING PHILOSOPHY.
Get your terminology straight; are you talking about science or the scientific method? Because the former applies the latter.
Also, what other ways are there of acquiring knowledge that can't be subsumed in one way or another under "experimenting" and "theoretizing"?
That said, scientists need to be creative, it's mandatory. You can't generate knowledge without coming up with new ideas.
Hell, I wrote most of my discussions (for actually publicized research papers) while drunk because I needed that "fluid" thinking in order to come up with the crazy shit I did.
And most brilliant scientists also had (and have) a very strong artistic streak.

I think you are confusing a rejection of destructive postmodernism for a general disdain for philosophy.
Or, to use a German term, people don't hate philosophy, but hate "Geschwurbel".

And I really don't think "scientism" is a growing phenomenon, but on the contrary, I am more under the impression that we are living in a post-facts world where opinions and feeling are more important than facts. Otherwise we wouldn't have all those anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers, evolution deniers, flat earthers, you name it. If anything, what we need more of is science. Just not pop sci. I am a scientist and I hate the "I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE" crowd.
No. 56896 Kontra
Addendum: Why didn't the physicist take a stick and hit the philosopher over the head with it?
Would the philosopher still have tried to argue whether the stick exists or not?
No. 56898
Why not both?
No. 56899
444 kB, 1000 × 1500
The answer is obvious to anyone who read a summary of Descartes
No. 56900 Kontra
Descartes was a drunken fart.
>I drink, therefore I am
No. 56901
What did Descartes say to the Buddhist, who claimed the self does not exist?
"Cogito ergo fuck yourself"

Why should anyone entertain you, when you keep arguing in bad faith?
There's nothing wrong with drinking
t. alco
No. 56904 Kontra
No. 56906
185 kB, 525 × 816
Undeveloped theory of mind is one of the symptoms of autism, where one assumes that other people have knowledge or information that they themselves do, thus not being aware of the fact that other people have their own minds, and might not necessary know the same things that they do.
No. 56907 Kontra
A symptom of autism can also be missing an obvious joke that wouldn't even have to be connected to a comedy act of world renown in the first place because it also works on its own.
Or getting so butthurt over a simple explanation you accuse the other of autism.
No. 56908 Kontra
> you can see a similar phenomenon when it comes to environment-design in other aspects of life as well, even leisure. The general trend of human-accommodation in the design of objects to be used [...] is also happening to the environments humans build around themselves.

Yeah, there is quite some literature on the sprawl of design. The intertwining of design, engineering, and social sciences is quite interesting. And indeed there is literature on the design of environments in order to change (human) behavior within these environments. The smart city would be one big topic in urban design. Don't use cars, change that behavior by environmental design, a rather simple example.
I don't think very highly of authenticity, but your fear if designed nature is coming according to a book I read some years ago, I think I even wrote about it in the literature thread: https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/synthetic-age

You can find him giving a talk about his book on youtube.

Also this gives an idea about design, didn't read much into it, but a seems a nice meta on design:


>Because the former applies the latter.

The former perhaps even makes the latter would be another statement.

> I really don't think "scientism" is a growing phenomenon, but on the contrary, I am more under the impression that we are living in a post-facts world where opinions and feeling are more important than facts.

I think we witness a polarization. Science is extremely dominant in our world. Doesn't mean that anti-science does not exist. Besides and as always, science can be used to argue for many things. Conservatives used science to justify injustice, anti vaxxers will call on scientists to argue for their view, just like with climate change. Science can be used to generate ignorance, there is the field of agnotology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnotology
No. 56909
64 kB, 625 × 482
What do you even do when you're trying to make a joke about an entire race of people having autism, and the guy you're making fun of just keeps reaffirming the very thing you're mocking him for over, and over again?
Like, I'm genuinely paralyzed, this is either a lack of self awareness of titanic proportions, or a genius level debate tactic.

I think reading your post legitimately made me dissociate for a bit. I feel like Yaldabaoth is trolling me through your replies.
No. 56916
>Besides and as always, science can be used to argue for many things. Conservatives used science to justify injustice, anti vaxxers will call on scientists to argue for their view, just like with climate change. Science can be used to generate ignorance, there is the field of agnotology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnotology

The same can be said about philosophy. National Socialism was esoteric as fuck (and they rejected actual medicine as "jewish" and instead tried to popularize homeopathy, for example), Communism also didn't really use science to argue its cause (just to later then get in a dick-waving contest with the US on an engineering competition), Monarchy has always been instituted by god and so on.
The occasions where "science" was used to justify injustice, what science was that? Pseudoscience. Anti Vaxxers are all referring to one (1) paper of a guy who was later convicted of scientific misconduct because he had fabricated his results, which is the exact opposite of science. In fact, he only did that because he butthurt about his own vaccine not being bought by some pharma company or so. People who support that are usually doctors, who, for some reason, have a very high share of people with crazy ideas that are based solely on their own crazy (not based on facts) ideas. What was negro inferiority based on? Phrenology for example? Also pseudoscience. The nazi "genetics" and Mengele twin experiments had no actual scientific basis. Nobody ever used science to justify injustice, they used what an uninformed audience understood by "science". Putting on a lab coat doesn't make on a scientist.
And I like how all those examples of that agnotology stuff are paid shills.
Question: If someone is dressed like a cop and tells you that your post has broken a bunch of laws and you should follow him now to jail, does that mean it's actual police work?
Or a policeman who is corrupt and breaks the law all the time, is he still a policeman or just a criminal anymore?
Because that is what all those misinformation campaigns (and they're nothing more) are: People dressed up as scientists telling simple lies. They are lying, nothing more. And that is the exact opposite of the scientific method, because it is geared towards finding the truth, not obscuring it.

As said before, what we need more of is science and especially to communicate how science works and what it actually does. Those misinformation campaigns only work because people think those phonies are actual scientists and believe their lies. And people who get exposed for fabricating their data should be punished severely, because all they do is undermine the effort of honest people.
No. 56917
34 kB, 1505 × 212
Hello, I've come across it on the internet several times, but why do Indians/Pakistani/Bangladeshi write so formal or tipsfedora when commenting on the internet?
No. 56918
I've heard a Canadian describe to me the same phenomenon with Chinese exchange students. I suppose it's due to their background in English being school and reading shakespearean shit.
Plus not being able to differentiate between the sort of words are common in informal dialogue and those who tend to be left to literary speech.
No. 56919
Consider that data is meaningless unless interpreted, and in order to identify something as pseudoscience, it has to be interpreted. So the logic seems to be circular. Science becomes pseudoscience when it is identified as such, so then one can claim that science is infallible by excluding undesirable data from the set. Also, if science did not require interpretation, and it was immediately obvious what is properly conducted science and what is not, we would not have the peer review process.

And consider the many accepted "scientific facts" that were widely agreed upon by both academia and society at large until new research proved otherwise. That's kind of the whole point of science, to perpetually prove itself wrong. So assuming that current scientific knowledge is 100% accurate is a bias towards the present. It assumes that nothing will be disproved by research in the future.

Also, an example of "good" science that still gets used for ideological purposes is IQ distribution and IQ as a predictor of social success. The evidence is pretty strong, but it is typically used to insinuate that a human's worth is directly derived from their intelligence, which is an ideological assertion.

The institution of science is also not infallible. It was revealed some time ago that 50% of all scientific research is not reproducible.
There's vested financial interests in scientific research, problems of funding, personal agenda, and yes, scientists can be ideologically influenced.
And even if the science conducted ITSELF is proper, what research gets funded and published, and which does not, also influences public narrative.

In light of all of this, splitting hairs over what is real science, and what is pseudoscience, etc., seems almost irrelevant. The whole idea of science-worship is that people put faith in the INSTITUTION of science, imagining that just because the scientific method is "infallible", the institutions surrounding it, or even scientists themselves, somehow inherit the infallibility.
They believe in science in a manner that one believes in God. They treat science as an authority, rather than a methodology. Along with the belief that science can solve every single problem ever, as long as sufficient effort is exercised.
Scientifically derived facts, by themselves, mean nothing. They have to be interpreted to mean anything, and at that point you are in the realm of philosophy or ideology or "soft" disciplines.
It's the blindness to this interpretation part, that allows bad faith actors to use the "authority" of science in order to push narratives, exactly because they have faith that science does not require interpretation, and so the first or most popular interpretation they see, they assume to be the objective truth.

>Question: If someone is dressed like a cop and tells you that your post has broken a bunch of laws and you should follow him now to jail, does that mean it's actual police work?
"Actual police work" is not a divinely ordained law, police work is whatever the state defines to be police work, and if they define that anyone who is dressed like a cop is a cop, then they will be a cop as per the state's law.
>Or a policeman who is corrupt and breaks the law all the time, is he still a policeman or just a criminal anymore?
He is a policeman until the state decides he is not any more, according to their own criteria. Because the states defines the conditions of being a cop or a criminal, arbitrarily and with full authority.
What were those though experiments supposed to prove, exactly?

>As said before, what we need more of is science
Apparently we have shittons of science, to the point that half of it is not reproducible either due to poor funding, or funding by vested interests, or research that is accurate, but results in no useful knowledge. (Scientific research in the validity of booger consumption for treatment of Alzheimer's that concludes no observable effect, is still "correct" science). What's the point of more research, if the results of said research does not yield anything useful?
Also, who decides what scientific knowledge is useful, and which scientific endeavors to fund in order to create maximum benefit to society? Who decides what is beneficial? We do. And not through the scientific method, but by means of philosophy or ethics or whatever.
Research that proves the efficacy of X for treatment of epilepsy, and research that finds no evidence of rhino powder consumption on male sexual performance, are both equivalently scientifically correct. How do we decide which is more valuable knowledge to us?

Also, not everyone who disseminates incorrect information is lying, some people are just honestly mistaken or wrong, and science does not prevent someone from being wrong, it merely gives you likelihoods based on available data.
No. 56920
>Communism also didn't really use science to argue its cause
Yes, they did. Marxism being the immortal science, revolutionaries being its practitioners.
No. 56921 Kontra
Actually I think the term 'immortal science' was popularized in regards to Marxism-Leninism, not being previously used.
Whatever, point stands - socialist revolutionaries believed they were on the forefront of social science. The entire movement objective goals even flowed from a certain positivism in regards to 'scientific organizing of society'.
No. 56922
I don't have anything against trans people personally, and if the available methods of treatment are the best they have, so be it.

But it rubs me the wrong way when people start making almost metaphysical statements on the nature of sex and gender, and then also try to validate traditional sex/gender norms through scientific authority, like claims that there are "male and female brains".

Why affirm the notion of gender at all? Why legitimize oneself by reliance on the existence of male/female sex and gender? Shouldn't we define "gender" before we can say someone is trans-gender?

The phrase "trans women are women", for example. Like wait, are we sure that there's such a thing as a "woman"? Are there trans-agenders? Trans-genderqueers? Trans-genderfluids?
Doesn't the existence of the terms "transgender", "transwoman" and "transman", imply that transgender is a separate notion from the latter two?
Wait, if trans women are women, why have a trans identity, rather than just having a female identity?

These might sound like stupid pedantic questions, and maybe they are, but words are labels we give to ideas and concepts, and existence of several words indicates the existence of separate concepts that those words refer to. If one wants to eliminate the concept of gender, one needs to erase the words pertaining to them, not create more.
Language is perceivable reality itself.

To me, the problem is not that the concept of "trans" does not fit into binary categorization, it's that with its current conception, it does not yield itself to any method of categorization at all, due to not having a clear concept of itself as a phenomenon. I think it's important that such a concept is developed, I wonder if there's any work being done in that direction.
No. 56924
It's retroactively not science, therefore, scientific positivism is infallible :^)
No. 56925 Kontra
It was also retroactively not marxism, so marxism is also still infallible :DDD
No. 56926 Kontra
9 kB, 920 × 764
the irony of identifying as a trans-woman instead of just woman, is the implication that a trans-woman is perpetually in a transitory state of becoming a woman, but not yet being a woman.

really makes me think
No. 56927 Kontra
>Consider that data is meaningless unless interpreted, and in order to identify something as pseudoscience, it has to be interpreted. So the logic seems to be circular.
I don't see the circularity here tbh. You are just giving a statement and giving an example of that statement.

>Also, if science did not require interpretation, and it was immediately obvious what is properly conducted science and what is not, we would not have the peer review process.
Yeah, nah, you are conflating a few things here. Peer review checks if the interpretation of data makes any logical sense. If you write a paper that is about how you were standing in the water barefoot and your skin wasn't wet, I, the reviewer, can reject that paper on account of the conclusion being bullshit. That doesn't tell me anything about how the experiment was conducted.
On the other hand, I can draw the proper conclusions (or attempt to draw conclusions) from shitty methodology and it's another task of the reviewer to detect those flaws. If someone tries to draw a definitive conclusion with one replicate, I can already safely assume his work wasn't sound.
Also, peer review is needed because it's basically based on a code of honor, because by submitting my results I declare that I didn't forge anything and have to, if someon asks, show my raw data.
So if you had an independent observer present at each of your experiments all the time, then yeah, you wouldn't need peer review. But it's not because of what you said.

>The institution of science is also not infallible. It was revealed some time ago that 50% of all scientific research is not reproducible.
Should have used another article, because all the examples are either bullshit "sciences" or medical bullshittery (without looking I postulate cancer and/or diabetes research) that was clearly bought or where people had to deliver great results to get funding.
And that is what you correctly identified, vested interests, mainly of a financial nature.

>Scientifically derived facts, by themselves, mean nothing. They have to be interpreted to mean anything, and at that point you are in the realm of philosophy or ideology or "soft" disciplines.
You already said that. But your "interpretation" of data is vastly different from "soft" interpretation, because as the other german said, "hard" sciences are axiomatic, which also means I can infer things from already known things in a straightforward fashion.
And to come back to the water example, take this axiom: Water is wet. Now if I jump into water deep enough to completely submerge in, there is not much room for "interpretation" whether I will get wet or not. Of course you might argue now "but what if you are wearing a full-body dry suit?", then I can point you towards the experimental setup that clearly stated that I jump into the water naked, without any hydrophobic stuff smeared on my skin. And from that comes a certain authority, of course, because it's hard to argue with the effect of jumping into water on the wetness of my body. inb4 "define wet/what is wetness/hurr durr"

>What were those though experiments supposed to prove, exactly?
That you intentionally play dumb not to engage in an actual discussion.

>Apparently we have shittons of science, to the point that half of it is not reproducible either due to poor funding, or funding by vested interests, or research that is accurate,
See above.

>but results in no useful knowledge. (Scientific research in the validity of booger consumption for treatment of Alzheimer's that concludes no observable effect, is still "correct" science). What's the point of more research, if the results of said research does not yield anything useful?
Define "useful". What is useful? You are talking about useful against science, then go on and talk about how we should and could decide about what is useful. That said, even a result that shows that something does NOT work, is useful for those working in the field because they now needn't pursue that direction any further. Deduction by exclusion is a thing, you know?

>How do we decide which is more valuable knowledge to us?
In your concrete example it's two completely different fields and the doctor treating epilepsy won't necessarily care about rhinos while the conservationist won't necessary be interested in the efficacy of the new epilepsy drug. In short, they are not in a state of rivalry.

>Also, not everyone who disseminates incorrect information is lying, some people are just honestly mistaken or wrong
Yeah, but not the people who are paid for by pharma/tobacco/whatever companies, but that is what I was talking about with how people fall for those imposters.
No. 56928
Hello Ernst, I haven’t blogposted for a while. I spilled a lot of alcohol on a friend’s pillow and flour.I washed his flour and pillow for half an hour. I will have to wash more carefully tomorrow because the floor sticks. I want the flour to be clean and I’m willing to spend hours. Then I had to tell the same friend while being drunk in underwear and with other friends around watching me that I didn’t want to go in an apartment with him. He was sad and almost crying. But I hadn’t enough money.

I watched “Taxi driver” and it frightened me a lot.
No. 56929
215 kB, 314 × 318
In the end I decided to go to the waterpark because why not. It's a pretty cool place. The water was good, I had a pretty nice lunch, and over all I think it was a day well spent.

I'm full of ideas and plans. I basically spent the entire day thinking about the future in a jacuzzi. The next semester will be glorious. I'm going mad just thinking about all the things I can achieve in the next two months in preparation.

Found a copy of the book I need to read for translation theory class so I decided to "lobby for EU funding" (as in "mum, gib me 5k HUF plox I need it for skool").
Looks like an anthology of texts, which might be a good starting point, since it'll show a bit of everything.
Had a chat with a friend through discord yesterday night and I mentioned I'm the only person who registered for this class, and since the lecturer is a woman, we decided to jokingly look her up online to see if she's hot. And it turns out the lecturer studied at the same high school I graduated from. The world is so fucking small.

Anyway, I'm going to read it and create a condensed version of it for my personal use before I even attend the lectures.
Also gonna try doing a same with at least a few Chinese novels that are required reading.
No. 56930
>bullshit "sciences" or medical bullshittery (without looking I postulate cancer and/or diabetes research) that was clearly bought or where people had to deliver great results to get funding.

Boom, retroactively not science again, gottem! Works every time.
No. 56931
I propose a new concept (which was probably invented by some dude way smarter than me a few hundreds of years ago).
"The imaginary audience". In order to live authentically, one has to take on the attitude of a performer who goes through his performance, even when 0 people showed up to the play.
That events and actions do not require an observer to be "real".
Something that requires an observer to validate itself, exists in-relation to that observer. And things that only exist in relation to another, are properties of that other, rather than being entities in themselves.
No. 56932
You've already noticed that there are "science as methodology" and "science as scientific community" and still write walls of text in a way like you don't understand those are different terms. German implies first meaning, Kazakh -- second one.
I think everyone here would agree that we need more "science as methodology" or "science as it should be". The question is how this could achieved. Another question is what is this thing. In math it's usually clear -- you are either right or made a mistake. In other sciences, even "solid" ones like physics there is a lot of arbitrary stuff like preparing data (removing outliers etc), choosing regression method and so on. Those are heuristics and you can't say for sure "this is done right" or "this is done wrong".
Also consider trash journals like this where thirdy scientists write bullshit and cite each other to improve their metrics (like h-index):
A lot of papers in it contain falsification and mistakes yet majority of them don't. But they just make no fucking sense. Are they still science or not?
No. 56933
I have criticisms for both, though.
It's just that the argument naturally steered towards the latter, and I made a few bad arguments along the way due to being tired.

There's two modes of communication for me, one is trying to prove a point with solid arguments, second is trying to get the other person on the same page as me, so we can actually get to the common ground where we can make solid arguments. The latter tends to become very messy.

And also, I don't think the epistemological problems with science, and problems with insitutions of science are all that separate. I think the claim that the problem is just bad faith actors making bad interpretations fails to recognize the larger problem of even scientists themselves making interpretations of scientific discover without realizing they are doing it. If there was a wider culture of applying proper philosophical rigor to scientific discoveries, there would be no problem of bad faith interpretations, because there would actually be some kind of standard to the validity of an interpretations.
Even the basic understanding of epistemology would go a long way towards having the public filter out people who exploit the "authority" of science to spin narratives.

This is an article I read some time ago, which might be relevant. The title is clickbait, but there's some interesting points there.
I especially like the mention of "argument from beauty", which is a philosophical bias that many physicists believed in, and tried to steer their research with. the assumption being that a Theory Of Everything would have to be "beautiful" and "symmetrical". Which, surprise surprise, failed to produce any meaningful results. They were using a philosophical framework in order to steer research, without even acknowledging it, and ended up wasting a bunch of time looking for hypothetical particles that don't exist.

In my opinion, this complete dismissal and rejection of philosophy by the scientific community, and blindness to the problems with its methodology, is exactly what creates such a fertile environments for bad agents to construct narratives.

Maybe we don't just need "more science", maybe even less science, properly steered by philosophical inquiry, would produce greater results.
No. 56934
>In my opinion, this complete dismissal and rejection of philosophy by the scientific community,

Again, that is just not true. It is simply not. In fact, it's an insulting assumption. But people don't like being told that what they are doing is wrong or evil or racist without actually getting a solution presented on how to do it better.
If you criticize something and say "this can be done better" and then fail to provide at least one suggestion, your criticism is void, because merely stating "this can be done better" is universally applicable to everything.
And scientists DO try to do better, constantly. That's the whole point of new technologies, to do something better than before (this also entails being able to do something you couldn't do before).
And isn't this Theory of Everything you mentioned science steered by philosophical inquiry (even if not explicitly stated as such)? And you yourself call it a waste of time looking for a hypothetical particle. Would the particle be less hypothetical if they had used another philosophical base? As for the article, I don't even know who assumes that physics and philosophy are on different ends of the spectrum. Everyone who has even just seen a physicist from afar knows that physics are probably closest to philosopy in all of stem. You have to go up the system complexity scale to find the fedora tippers. Interestingly this reaches its apex in the life sciences and then strongly steers towards the "philosophical" side again with sociology and that stuff.

And in your opinion, how would this "science, properly steered by philosophical inquiry" look like? What does that even mean? What would those "greater results" be? And don't even start on something like "we have to do better thinking" or something like that, because it's also universally applicable to everything.
This is exactly the point of why philosophy (as you are presenting it) is rejected, because it's all talk, but zero substance. In fact, the more you post the more butthurt you sound, or even threatened by stem sciences and I don't know why.

Also, have we now completely migrated to this thread or should we continue in the smart thread? I didn't see your replies because it was Kontra'd.
No. 56935 Kontra
There are categories between which information is not transmissible.
No. 56936
633 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:03
>Also, have we now completely migrated to this thread or should we continue in the smart thread? I didn't see your replies because it was Kontra'd.

You are arguing with brick I think who occasionally has German ball.

t. the German you argued with in the smart thread and that did not contribute to the discussions for the last two days.
No. 56937
Man this is confusing. I thought with the "scientism" term and "I am tired" it was you.
No. 56939
46 kB, 600 × 817
I am a slime mold spreading through the labyrinthine graph space of game theory, exploring every nook and cranny of the decision tree.
Ethics do not apply to me, for I am deterministic.
No. 56941
Let me enjoy my semi-anonymity.
If I was truly anonymous, I would just start calling everyone I argue with unflattering expletives unabashedly.
No. 56942 Kontra
Scientism has been brought up here before, not only by me.

>Again, that is just not true. It is simply not. In fact, it's an insulting assumption. But people don't like being told that what they are doing is wrong or evil or racist without actually getting a solution presented on how to do it better.

You are right, the question is rather which philosophy and afaik this is usually a pair of scientific realism and the corresponding philosophy of science to it. There are different approaches. I cannot voice is properly here to give a view on "how to do it better", but I think a pure constructivism is not going anywhere as it denies materiality in a way it seems. Nor can I align with a pure representationalist view of sciences. One question that looms me without having a real answer is why we think we have unproblematic access to representations, while the direct access to the world is denied via representations, i.e. the direct access is problematized.
There are accounts of philosophies that are not just scientific realism, yet do not take science as a purely social construct either. I can only repeat myself: I've read bits and pieces here and only for 3/4 year I've been exposed more prominently to these questions due to a change in program, that has stronger ties with history of science and knowledge, and the philosophies behind it. While you have at least a Phd and know your epistemology/methods to acquire knowledge (which is supported by certain philosophies of science).

I will refrain from really engaging atm, because I want to use the summer break to read more and actually steadily taking notes to carve out a field of interest and narrowing down potential topics and then questions and a subsequent research problem I could tackle. The discussions with you are in a way fruitful as we have different relations to science, but it also makes visible gaps in knowledge. I wish I could study a STEM subject, maybe I can get a better understanding over the years. Which means working through some of the core concepts, but I guess that really takes time. As I plan on writing a dissertation in the humanities another study in STEM is pretty much out of reach time-wise and financially as well.
No. 56943
103 kB, 696 × 1043
282 kB, 1317 × 1491
Oh shit, I think I just had an epic pro-gamer moment while thinking about philosophy.

If we apply Hegel's determinate negation to transgender people, then trans men/women can never be the same as cis men and women, since a state, and another state that emerged as a negation of its previous state, are ideally different.
So even if physical transiton would result in a 100% biologically appropriate body of the opposite sex, it would be a negation of the person's previous sex, thus being ideally different from someone who has always been the same sex.

This also handily solves the silly paradoxes that aren't. Like the ship of Theseus. An object is never merely itself at a particular moment, it has a "tail" of history and causality behind it that is also itself.

And the cringy version, if there was an atom by atom clone of you, would it be the same person / would you care if the original were killed. No, they're different entities because the history of their origin is also part of their object.
No. 56944
>If we apply Hegel's determinate negation to transgender people, then trans men/women can never be the same as cis men and women, since a state, and another state that emerged as a negation of its previous state, are ideally different.
This is just the same as finding out say a cis-man who negated something in his personal past is different from another cis-man who didn't make that specific negotiation. So you just found out people have different individual pasts with different negitiations or non-negotiations. So what?
No. 56945
Sure, if we break down the idea of "gender" to a level of granularity where each and every single human having their own "gender", effectively eliminating the concept of gender altogether (which I am a proponent of).
Then we'd be right in saying that cis man X is different from cis man Y, different from trans man Z.

But if we're going to have definite categorical notions of gender, this does not work. Cis man A and cis man B are similar in their cis and maleness, but trans man C, although similar to both in maleness, is not similar in trans/cis ness.
No. 56947
>eliminating the concept of gender altogether

Learn german, we have no concept of "gender".
No. 56948
>Learn german
No thanks. Ugly language.

We don't have either, in kazakh or russian. Just apply all the same to sex, whatever.
But merely knowing English and knowing the word "gender" makes you aware of the concept. Unless you compartmentalize your knowledge in such a way that you don't have object permanence across languages, so whenever you speak German, you pretend not to know what "gender" is any more, and when switching to English, you suddenly remember again, lol.
No. 56950 Kontra
Oh, don't worry, I don't do that, I am just rejecting the notion altogether that gender and sex are to be separated.
It's just one of those silly little anglo idiosyncrasies like e.g. the battle rifle/assault rifle distinction. And that is all I will say about this.
No. 56951
Oh, then we're on the same page.
I also want the notion of gender to be eliminated, but not through denying it (usually that doesn't do anything but make people upset), but carrying it to its logical conclusion to the point where it disintegrates. I think that's also a more productive approach, as it might lead to new ideas being generated. At the very least it promotes discourse, and you can't change minds without engagement.

also the word gender in its current form didn't exist in english either, until it was conceptualized in the 60s by some dude lol.
No. 56952
Also, to bring it back to the discussion of science, we could discuss whether the john money experiment was good science.
To me, it seems so. He made a hypothesis (the existence of the concept of gender, and whether it is learned or innate), performed an experiment (trying to raise a biological male as a female), and had pretty conclusive results (the subject suffered psychological trauma and killed himself).
The only problem is that the sample size is too small. I think that a more rigorous experiment with a much, much larger sample size would be desirable. (Maybe it's already being conducted? Who knows!)

Man, I fukken love science.
No. 56953 Kontra
But it being "good science" or rather, a "good application of the scientific method" shouldn't be the only concern or aspect of the/an experiment.
For one, I would call what he did unethical to say the least (invasive surgery, psychologically experimenting on children, borderline molestation). Another thing is that I just don't think that this was a worthwhile experiment. You ruined the lives of two people on s small scale, only to disregard the results of the experiment and then force a sociological concept onto the world that brought us nothing but uncertainty, chaos and depression in the long run on a large scale.
It was bad science, and the sooner we forget about pursuing and forcing this American nonsense the better.
No. 56954
Wait, you mean to say science can have concerns outside of correctly applying methodology, and the correctness of the knowledge gained?
That's a very interesting point. I think we should talk about that some more.
No. 56955 Kontra
The conceptual term is "soziales Geschlecht", everything else about language and concept has been said already.

You are not really on the same page. For him, the biological determines the social, thus the separation is pointless for him as both collapses into each other on the basis of biological sex, whereas you just want to get rid of socially constructed norms in order let the conflicts around it evaporate. Gender abolitionism / postgender. Do what you fucking like and desire, why get limited by people saying but man don't do this, it's girly, you have to behave manly (aggressive, strong, "rational", cold) if you born with a penis blablbla. People get freaked out over strongly engrained norms, they lose all orientation, little do they know there is orientation behind that. As if orientation can only be given in one way. Anyway, this discussion is going to be fruitless here.
No. 56956
>Cis man A and cis man B are similar in their cis and maleness, but trans man C, although similar to both in maleness, is not similar in trans/cis ness.
But this is just explaining what trans-/cis-male means, it adds no new level to the whole concept of cis-/trans-gender. Which was my point frankly.
No. 56961 Kontra
24 kB, 324 × 500
I'm consulting this book atm, to bring order into my actions and thinking. Interestingly this is not only for academics but also thought for policy research.
But one point that is stressed is that research is arduous work. And it reminded me of the discussion that Ernsts never really dig deep and I think the biggest problem is that most of us never really researched the topics we talk about. I know some of us did concerning certain topics and fields, but the majority of issues are not researched by all of us or most people participating in a discussion. A problem for many discussions especially online, but also offline.
No. 56962
The virgin arduous research.
The chad inferring everything from first principles with your massive fucking brain.

If it ain't easy, it ain't worth it.
No. 56964 Kontra
No. 56965 Kontra
You know this actually cries for a visualization, virgin researcher chad ernst
No. 56966
118 kB, 540 × 729
>Drop 10k on used books
>Get notification that there's a copy of Wahrheit und Methode available for 6k
>Drop an order for that too
>Go out into the livingroom
>Complain to my mother that I just wasted all my savings
>Complain that the place I worked for last year isn't writing back after they've contacted me
>Go back into my room
>Get text asking if I can start next Wednesday

I'm happy. Probably gonna work a week or two or three, but that's enough to pay for the books, some printing, and then I'll still have more than enough money left over to actually attend this year's Festive Book Week in September.
It's all coming together nicely.

Relatives are visiting tomorrow, so I'm cleaning out my room. I've decided to put a bunch of old notebooks down into the basement. Mostly HS stuff. I don't really have a use for them, but they're like a piece of me, especially the literature notebooks and the notepads I used for administrating homework and stuff.
It's probably not healthy but I'm attached to them.
Also found my old folder. It's a yellow folder I used for carrying around books, notes and prints that were not related to school but my own personal interest. I used it for like 3 years and it's only held together by duct tape.

Thankfully there isn't much cleaning to do. I'm just gonna vacuum the carpet and that's it. With my newfound strength I'm actually able to keep order pretty nicely. Things are no longer in decay.

Didn't go out to read because the air is too heavy and it looks like it's about to rain. Everything is tinted green because of the clouds.

Also my sister got me the Hawaii shirt I wanted. (Really, it feels like I'm being carried around in God's palm. Everything is so great.)
No. 56967
29 kB, 462 × 496
No. 56969
51 kB, 400 × 400
42 kB, 628 × 475
>whether you were taking the piss or being serious about it.
Why not both? The best thing about post-ironic new sincerity is that you can have serious discussions and shitpost AT THE SAME TIME.
It's like a... dynamically generated in-joke. Those who get it, will get it, those who don't, will get confused and upset. If the threshold of a traditional in-joke is merely a belonging to a social group, the threshold of a dynamic in-joke is the ability to sense irony, or knowledge of some obscure subject only you and the poster share. And it's great.
I often make spongebob references to my older family members, who don't get it, and just look at me with that sad but pitying gaze like they think I'm retarded. Joke's on them, I actually am.

>Anyway, we're derailing the thread...
It's my thread. I can do whatever the fuck I want. What's anyone going to do? Make another one? LOL! I am the law.
We're all operating on common courtesy here. But the great thing about common courtesy is that it is merely a veneer over the actual power process happening in the background.
And if you take advantage of that situation, and start operating within the framework of the power process, rather than of common courtesy, you have a very big advantage. You will be able to exploit the fact that everyone else is unwilling to shatter to common agreement in order to even acknowledge your Machiavellian behavior.
Feels good man.

Also, we could, instead, just, like, post our replies to the today thread whenever the discussion veers off-subject.
NOT LIKE THERE'S SUCH A THING AS OFF-SUBJECT MIND YOU. Like, there's no actually justifiable way to separate one subject of inquiry from another, since everything is part of the same system, and all categorizations are fundamentally arbitrary human constructs.
No. 56970
15 kB, 300 × 203
>It's my thread. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Bad news, my friend.

>Sir I need to see your posting license...any drinks tonight, sir?
No. 56974
tested covid+ today

i'm feeling absolutely shit. i hope this bullshit will end my suffering
No. 56975
If you die from covid, you will experience it in the afterlife for all eternity.
No. 56977
good. I was so sick of "everything will be good, there will be 72 virgins etc" tier sissy afterlife models anyway.

suffering rocks 666
No. 56978
84 kB, 750 × 732
No. 56979
You really should all take less drugs and drink less alcohol
No. 56980
689 kB, 1806 × 991
Last summer I had to take raincoat when going to work every day. This year I wake up and pillow is wet all way through. Almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter!
Thinking about swimming in nearby lakes, but signs say it's forbidden and dangerous (but people swim anyway). Should I trust the signs or it's just like with corona?
No. 56981
Also everyday my flat is visited by HUGE insects. Today it's butterfly on steroids and giant mosquito. More sun -> more biomass?
No. 56982 Kontra
>but signs say it's forbidden and dangerous (but people swim anyway

Makes me think of Russian videos. Some "lakes" in Germany have such signs as well. Sometimes it's legitimately dangerous afaik.

I just found out that a 500pp book in the US of 1972 could be had for the price of 2$, I don't know the wage level, must have been considerably lower, but no wonder people could by houses easily back then, at least the memes say so.
No. 56983
Yeah but those signs are just there for liability reasons because the tenant doesn't want to get in trouble because some dumbfuck tried to do a head dive into a foot deep opaque water.
That said, if it's not some hidden pond full of weeds water quality in german lakes and ponds is usually good enough for swimming.
No. 56984 Kontra
Here the lakes that are “dangerous” are marked so because they were made because of the mines.
So they’re very deep (dangerous in itself) and might or might not have toxic metals in the water. The same probably applies to Russia.
No. 56985 Kontra
I was thinking about Baggerseen, aren't these often labeled as dangerous? Though I know a lake that is full of people, or at least has been years ago on weekends. And those "lakes" that are part of infrastructure so to speak, I remember as kid driving by sort of lakes, probably something like Regenrückhaltebecken, but rectangular and not full of green. God knows what is deemed to suddenly happen, probably just a sign so that you can leave it unobserved and no responsibilities have to be taken.
No. 56986
No idea about Baggerseen. Could be what Hungarian said with mining remnants, but apart from that, everyone and their mother goes to the Baggersee. They aren't any more dangerous than other lakes.
>probably just a sign so that you can leave it unobserved and no responsibilities have to be taken.
Yes, exactly what I said.
No. 56991
My godparents visited us. Their daughter came by a few days earlier, and they came to pick her up. We had a nice chat.
These conversations are always so bittersweet in a sense. The main topic is how each year we live worse, yet each year we live on.
But it's nice. They're probably my favourite relatives that we meet up with regularly.
We had a nice lunch, talked and then they departed for home.

They also brought gifts, which is always nice. A bottle of home made pálinka and some eggs.
I wonder how do people get pálinka without relatives in the countryside. This is the good stuff. You can actually smell the fruit. (But because there's no labelling, you don't know how many horsepowers the stuff actually has.)
They also gave me a 5k banknote, so I went and bought that Babits essay collection my collection lacked, and an anthology of futurist texts. (So now I'm waiting for 11 books to arrive from multiple places.) I didn't spend all of it, but since I already spent most of my money, it's not that big of a deal. I'll probably spend the rest on a pizza or something like that.
Ah, the joys of life.

They asked me about my studies a lot, so I showed them some of my notes. They also asked me how their names would be in Chinese, so I tried giving a transcription as neutral as possible. It felt a little bit embarrassing in a way, but I tried to take it as a fun socialite game in a saloon, like playing the piano or doing card tricks. An oddity of little consequence.
I mean, it's not really sacrilege, but I didn't feel 100% comfortable with doing it.

I feel sapped completely, even after having my afternoon tea.
Read some secondary literature on Babits' poetry before the relatives arrived, but I don't think I'll continue reading.

Also I look actually fucking groovy in this Hawaii shirt. I feel really fucking confident while wearing it, it's amazing. Gotta get a few more of these to wear on the regular because they're great, and I don't care if they're a bit kitsch. It's what makes them cool.
No. 56992
Is the daughter hot? Would you fugg her? Would she fugg a german (for free or for money)?
No. 56993
I wrote some walls of text in response to some of the other walls of text I missed, but then I realized that my hypomania is over, and the whole discussion was cringe in the first place.

I suspect the whole reason normals are the way they are, is that they're constantly hypomanic, having internal positive reinforcement loops in their brains, that make them think that literally anything they do is based.
When the truth is that everything anyone has ever done is cringe, and we should all stop doing things.
No. 56995 Kontra
80 kB, 326 × 550
51 kB, 295 × 500
I did not give into my kleptomaniac trait when in the library of the uni I once studied history. I'm not able to read these anyway also only take what is available so many times and so old nobody cares anymore, so instead, I left them aside and just borrowed a few old 1970s Marxist texts, because why not. Reading a few thin books from original small German publishing houses of the 1970s (Marxistische Blätter and Trikont), just to wrap my head around what these people considered imperialism and Germany's role in it and thoughts on the African freedom fights. I really like those covers and the language was certainly a different one.
No. 56996
150 kB, 930 × 600
How many hours does the average person spend actively engaged in something? If I get distracted when I get home, hours will fly by and nothing will be achieved. Even right now, I am posting here to further procrastinate. Shameful.
No. 56997 Kontra
29 kB, 465 × 437
>One dollar fountain pen I ordered from glorious 中国 arrived today
I don't even remember when I ordered this thing, but it's a nice pen by the looks. I think I placed the order when my mother and sister was also ordering something from China. Generally speaking, small things like these are too much of a hassle to order from that far away.

I should stop buying things now. I'm giving too much into just consuming stuff.
For some reason I developed this weird fetish for getting office supplies like notebooks, pens, erasers, page markers and so on, and I don't think it's a good thing. I actually use the stuff, it's just that I don't think I should be deriving so much pleasure from finding a cool notebook or a set of papers.
No. 57000
Yay I can just sit around in my AC again. I've come to relish this like nothing else, in fact I really should be doing is to strip naked for maximal enjoyment just on general principle to not having to work or do anything right now.
Mental note three strikes on the star
No. 57002 Kontra
Just realized that about half my life was under the government of Angela Merkel. I can't wait for history to dig those years up and I can learn something about myself in 40-50 years.
No. 57003
Tbh, existing is cringe. It's just also cringe and too much effort to end it.
No. 57004
Same here. She seized power the year before I was able to vote. It's been sixteen fucking years now, she's been at it as long as Kohl. And before her it was Red-Green (which people seem to have forget for some reason).
No. 57005 Kontra
349 kB, 376 × 701
>mfw I just realised I spent 12 out of 21 years of my life under Orbán's governing
No. 57006
7 kB, 200 × 200
32 years old – 27 years under Luka's "government". Get on my level.
No. 57008
135 kB, 750 × 559
I am basically turning into this.
Maybe I should go back to the mental ward.
No. 57009
Is this the first time you're living on your own? If so, don't worry, that happens to most of us and is a kind of mandatory phase. Obviously not everyone gets out of that phase, but most people who have learned to clean up their place on their own have lived through the initial garbage collection catastrophe.
No. 57011
What I find embarrassing is that I literally had to google "what furniture do I need to buy after moving out", and "how to properly do laundry".

The internet is my parent at this point.
No. 57012 Kontra
106 kB, 1080 × 935

Clean it up a bit, at least the packaging. My kitchen looked like shit when I first moved out, also I had to google some stuff even though my parents taught me laundry and cleaning more or less. It will probably get better as the other German said. The shitting up of your place adds to your untidy mind, it's a vicious circle, so just do at least some little cleaning. Put on some music you like and do 10min of cleaning. It's really easy tbh. I understand that you are too lazy or fucked to do it, but I don't know, got older and I am able to rudimentary clean even though I feel like shit, guess that is what being adult means in a sense.
No. 57013
51 kB, 843 × 565
who the fuck are these people?
Who are they completely disconnected from reality?
Fucking petit bourgeois need to be put against the wall first.
No. 57014
39 kB, 772 × 825
wait, what is your problem here? pans of different sizes help saving energy since you really don't need to heat up the large pan if you just want to fry a single egg or something, and it's also faster. Same with pots. One liter of water will boil faster than two liters.
No idea why they differentiate between cookie sheet and jelly roll pan, probably some anglo thing. Baking dishes are also useful.
What you could really save on was the kitchen ware for four to eight, you don't get any visitors anyway, so if you can get away with it, just have two of each.
The drinking glasses thing is also pretty unnecessary. Wine glasses are also unnecessary if you don't drink wine or invite women. Coffee mugs are not drinking glasses and having a handle helps with hot drinks.
>Measuring spoons and cups
Fucking anglos, just get a kitchen scale and one of those large measuring caraffes (I have one similar to pic related, you can also e.g. make dips and sauces in them and keep them in there. I often use it for making pancake batter.).
And I personally use two types of towels, one with a rough surface (like a bath towel) for drying hands and one with a smooth surface (an actual dish towel) for wiping dishes and such. It helps with distributing the moisture and not have the one dish towel soaking wet after a minute of working with it. That said, if you can, get a dishwasher. If not, see if you can let that stuff airdry. I only use the towel to dry the dishes if I need them right away.
No. 57015
I have natural gas going right into my house that costs almost nothing.

Also, I cook in bulk and stuff it into containers, because cooking for a single meal is a waste of time. So why would I need two sets of cookware.
This feels like it's written by a journalist rather than a real person with an actual immortal soul, a functioning pineal gland and a real job, and they actually have time in their day to fuck around cooking each individual meal and baking retard desserts.
No. 57016 Kontra
>What you could really save on was the kitchen ware for four to eight, you don't get any visitors anyway, so if you can get away with it, just have two of each.

This. It also makes you clean your shit faster and effectively clean less in a cleaning session in the end.
No. 57017
>I have natural gas going right into my house that costs almost nothing.
WELL LADIDA MISTER OLIGARCH SOME OF US JUST AREN'T THAT FORTUNATE, also the point about saving time still stands, even if you cook with a Gulaschkanone one month in advance.
But you do you, for all I care you can become an actual human or rot in your own personal hell, doesn't make a difference.
No. 57019
64 kB, 625 × 482
>You will rot in your personal hell if you don't buy enough pans and pots
Man, fuck germoids.
No. 57023
Should have built that nord stream in time, instead of bitching lmao
No. 57025
I don't know what a gulagdanone is, but I'm sure there's a perfectly suitable English word for it. Damn Krauts.
No. 57026 Kontra
171 kB, 1920 × 1080
You are on my list now.
No. 57027
217 kB, 650 × 549
>Keep looking at used books
>I'm spending wages I haven't even earned yet
Please send help

I only have to manage like 12 square foot of room but basically my best advice would be consider the axiom "Less stuff => Less clutter"
That and when it comes to cleaning I found it much easier to do a little bit each day than to spend half a day on it more rarely.

Also always have garbage bags at home so you can collect stuff in them when you do cleaning. I found that it helps to have them on hand.
And maybe also a smaller office-trash can. I have one in my room and I think it helps reducing clutter and trash in general.
I empty the trashcan and then collect whatever trash is in the room (like a plastic bottle or useless note papers) and them throw them out every few days. Have a rhythm.

I think you're on the right track by limiting the number of cups, mugs and other vessels like that. It can be very demoralising to have a large pile of unwashed dishes sitting in the sink, and if nobody takes care if it, it'll eventually starts rotting. So it's better to have a few that you're forced to wash on the regular instead of a seemingly endless supply that allows for a pile.

Gulaschkanone/Gulyáságyú is a large pot with a heater on wheels used to feed army units in the field.
The literal meaning is "Goulash canon". The German used it to imply immense quantities of food being made.
(The dictionary says in English it's either a "Mess-kettle" or a "Field-kitchen", neither of which I think do justice to the cultural aspects of the term.)
No. 57028
>send help

I'm mostly hording pdfs I want to read as these are at my fingertips thanks to libgen.
But one word: you are buying instead of reading. It's like borrowing books for a work or printing pages, the actual purpose/aim is done away. You are procrastinating in a sense. Though having books is a satisfying thing, I know. I have some on my list but I want to spend my money not on them as I will hardly read them within the next months. Maybe make a list of what you want, keep it for 3 (x) months then look again. You will eventually cross out books.
No. 57030
>trying to teach teach cousins linux shell and how to compile programs
>no way they'll figure out how to use vi or even nano
>ok, just open the file in a text editor
>"what's a text editor"
>uh, that's a name for a program for writing and editing text, like notpad, you used notepad, right?
>"uh, no, what's notepad"
>... "ok, fuck it, we're programming in notepad"
>ok, I'll show you, make a new text file, and double click it
>"how do I make a new file"
>[despair]. "Right click on the white space in the folder, and press New File > create text file"
>"ok, now that's done, type this hello world prog- fuck it, just copy paste this text into notepad, and save the file"
>"how do I save file"
Jesus christ, should I even bother at this point?
I know that if we keep pushing through it, they'll eventually gain some basic computer literacy, but this is torture.
No. 57031
Why are you trying to teach little kids linux? At least wait until they're old enough to properly process your instructions.
No. 57032
159 kB, 800 × 800
Please keep trying and report results.
No. 57034
They're fucking 17 each.
And I think they're processing it, it's just that they're SO FUCKING SLOW. And they type like molasses.

Not even trying to teach them the whole linux ecosystem. I installed WSL and MinGW for them because you kinda need a compiler, and if they don't learn to at least use the terminal on a basic level, like navigate folders and call the compiler, they're just not going to be fit for real life situations. I dread teaching them git lmao.
Also their internet connections are terrible and I can't stream or have them stream to me, thus most of the time I have no idea what kind of problem they're having, either mistyping, or being in the wrong folder, etc.
I wonder if there's some kinda SSH solution where I can see their terminals, sending text info into a separate terminal on my PC.

Yeah, I am. They're eager to learn, and that's what counts in the end.
No. 57036
Wait, are they poor and have grown up without computers or what? Or are they just dumb?
Even my boomer parents are more computer literate and they're really fucking computer illiterate.
In any case, you have to kill them all. It's the only solution.
No. 57037
Didn't you notice?
Boomers actually know more about computers than zoomers. Zoomers grew up on phones and tablets, they have no fucking idea what a computer is.

Especially when their traditionalist parents don't allow them computer time because computers are evil and shit.
No. 57038
Huh, weird. I don't know any or associate with zoomers, so I had no idea. It's weird being the generation that knows more about computers than their parents AND children.
No. 57039 Kontra
>Boomers actually know more about computers than zoomers.

I refuse to believe this. Surely a large amount is clueless. Even I don't know how to use Linux. But at least I know I can turn to a search engine if I encounter a problem and eventually learned to evaluate the results and align my search according to the results given out depending on what paths have been taken before. My parents cannot even copy stuff from their USB onto another USB without my help apparently.
No. 57040
This has nothing to do with zoomers. This is about girls.
No. 57041
It's true. I heard before graduating that kids starting HS have trouble using a PC simply because they're using their phones. They can't install software, type slowly and have trouble using a catalogue/searching or even just sending an email.

PC's are quickly becoming a worktool and a specialised gaming tool.

Just be patient. Teenagers have an incredibly low attention span.
I know you're the one doing them a favour, but in the long run, it's better if you bring them up to speed on the basics. You can't build a house on a foundation of sand. Turn it into stone before you start building. (As in, if you know they have troubles with this, why are you dropping them right in the middle with shell management or whatever?)
No. 57044
It would be incredibly nice if we could segregate those retards into e-ghettoes then, along with the boomers. Yes I'm serious. We lost our last great frontier and refuge, the internet, to these insufferable bydlo, and I could rant all day long on the evils of pocketsnitches aka NSAphones. There's nothing "smart" about using these things, neither owning one, nor the sort of people that own them, nor the dumbing down of people as you just said, nor their hardware capabilities, nor quite frankly a single one of the games you can play on them.

They're pieces of shit and I fucking hate them passionately. It's an active piece of spyware the likes of which the Soviets or Nazis could only dream about, and I caught the fucker showing me ads for something the next day that I never would've talked about other than a conversation I had with a coworker about something and then it blasted me with those ads.

Anyone that knows anything about technology fucking hates them. It's a massive personal security hole no matter what angle you view it, make it so you can be bothered any time any where, it's just awful and that's just the tech itself. That doesn't even begin to address how stupid and useless zoomers are. Fuck I even miss payphones now.

Also don't take it personally because particularly euros I do not know about but yes I fucking hate American zoomers damn near as much as boomers. They're as awful as their grandparents. Authoritarians, consoomers, brainwashed, no critical thinking capacity, the worst part is they're now on tech all the time but have literally no clue how to use any of it.

When I was a kid you were usually a nerdier, middle class type to even have a computer, and as a quickly learning kid you actually picked up on things. There is ZERO ability to do that with this locked down corporate trash technology. Even mobile versions of sites and applications--I will never call an executable a fucking "app"--are so much worse and it's hard to get them even to workable mode. The irony is you have to know what you're doing to so much as say log out of youtube if you're using a real account and logged in for some bizarre reason, meaning it now has total record collection on you.

From a technological and structural perspective this is the least free America has ever been, it's just that the shackles and bars are behind velvet curtains now. It's gotten so bad everyone is either a larping trannie "Communist" consumer or a retarded ignorant Nazi, because since birth they've not known what freedom even smelled like, partly from the school system and post-9/11 bullshit, partly from the malignant forms of technology. Basically anybody who's younger than 30 doesn't really even remember a time when people did not have a pocketsnitch, themselves included. I remember years ago a coworker talking about her 6 and 9 yo's iPads. That is what they are growing up with: locked down blanket surveillance tech masquerading as consumerism.
No. 57045
58 kB, 474 × 632
53 kB, 385 × 499
>PC's are quickly becoming a worktool and a specialised gaming tool.

Interesting angle. And it sounds kinda legit. I still thought that the combo is phone and laptop, but guess the phone comes first. Weird, some things just get out of sight while aging.

I started reading a short book on counterculture, LSD/psychedelic drugs, and cybernetics. I'm so excited. Like a book that goes deeper than Lutz Dammbecks The Net documentary. The doc got mentioned though, I'm eager to see how it diverges and brings me new stuff to think about.
No. 57047 Kontra
It was inevitable, and you can't do anything about it now that Pandora's box is open.
Nobody can. The masses keep marching on and we hope they don't trample anything on their way.
No. 57048 Kontra
"kids these days"

I am very smart, please praise my enormous brain for its unique depth of thought.
No. 57050
This is literally what zoomers post like on the 4krebs
No. 57051 Kontra
Considering that is what your post amounted to, maybe they're right then.
No. 57053
Does such a thing even exist anymore?
No. 57054
My male cousins are also tech illiterate. But yeah, more boys are somewhat capable of using computers, but on a very basic level. Mostly using social media and launching dota2.
In general, if you're a zoomer, being into computers is a sign that you're either poor or a bit of a loser.
Well off zoomers play games on consoles and browse the web with their phone. And they also have pastimes financed by their parents, like going on vacations, sports clubs, music class, etc.

If you're a zoomer and you use the computer a lot, it's because you can't afford any other entertainment, and you're not popular enough for social media, lol.
No. 57056
857 kB, 3800 × 2350
It's a history book. About 1943-1970s. Though The book starts with a few sentences about and from 1990s Tim Leary and how the hopes of LSD/counterculture continued in a way for computers and the "cyberspace".


The one thing I don't really like about this book is the way into the control society, I'll have to see the arguments, although this argument about the societies of control have been made countless times, I don't by it in the totalitarian way it is often framed, like in Dammbecks The Net

The counterculture and the knowledge of cybernetics is, as another book I recently read argued, the reason for scientists to drop the cybernetic label and return to their respected disciplines in order to not be viewed as unscientific and be mixed with such stories. Systemic knowledge/cybernetics dispersed into different disciplines but never became the universal it was once debated about.
No. 57061
Looks like I'll be left half-vaccinated. Went for the second part today. Nurse pretended to prick me with needle but I didn't feel anything.
I wasn't going to vaccinate anyway, but mother was nagging. At least I have the document now.
No. 57071
This has to be some central Asian thing. The poor and the bydlo are on phones or consoles. I bought over $2000 worth of shit to build my computer alone not even counting everything else that went with it, and such was the case when I was younger too because a console unlike a computer was actually fairly cheap, albeit a useless toy except for playing DVDs, whereas your family had to be at least literate to bother with using one and otherwise you're not going to spend $800 or $1200 just to check emails and let your kids play games.

But then again I know Russians say it was a poor bydlo who had computers and only richfag kids had consoles in 90s, so I dunno if same is true for your bloc today. Just this always blew my mind, like former Soviet truly was land of opposites in some ways. It's not that poor kids always had a console like N64 either--they didn't--but they sure as shit didn't always have a computer.
No. 57072
Because they're using cheap office computers and laptops. Enough to play csgo and dota.

A gaming computer is out of reach for someone who earns an average wage here.
No. 57077
90 kB, 640 × 640
Gotta tell you, I unironically enjoy these hawaii shirts more than I should.
We have a saying that "Clothes don't make a person", but man, do they change the way you look at yourself. I feel fresh and cool.

I'm reading this essay collection on Babits, and I found that I despise the self-indulgent style of the author. I like making up words to convey feelings too, but mashing together two words to convey a feeling every other sentence is a bit too much personally, and it makes everything feel wobbly and unsure when it comes to what she's trying to say. Basically the author is indulging in the worst excesses of the Humanities.
At least it's short, so I'm still gonna finish reading it.

Picked up the books I ordered. I guess the main thing to take away from the past two weeks is that I have a thing for teaware, stationery and books.
It's like I wasn't actually alive for the past year or so.
Lots of cool stuff. Actually found a reasonably priced copy of Gadamer's Wahrheit und Methode and also got that two volume Chinese poetry anthology I've been eyeing for a while now. That and Babits' essays. Fucking amazing catches.

Still have three days until work starts. It's gonna be good. It'll fix up my sleep schedule, I get some money and I can have food at the canteen for cheap so I don't have to cook.

I'm already working off a list, but I took your advice and managed to cut a few of the more impulse based buys.
I think my list might just have a bias, because usually I purchase very cheap books that are more readily available or older, and leave the "big ones" on the list. But because I now have an income, I can get the more expensive items which have clogged up the list.

I've bought a lot of stuff recently. Not necessarily with my own money, but I still felt pretty parasitic about it, though when I mentioned these feelings to my mother she said that spending 3-4 euros per item on utilitarian stuff like cups, boxes and isn't something I should be anxious about.

I just want to stop thinking about money for a bit.
No. 57083
I can confidently say that among German zoomers, PC usage is minimal.
Bydlo never had PCs, even boomer bydlo had their first computing experiences on phones. Zoomers of all classes do not use desktop/laptop computers, to them, it's 100% phone and console.

They are really surprised when they start their first job and everything is windows.

From a timer perspective, offices run on ancient technology, and it will all be thrown out when gen Xers retire. All those windows machines will be replaced by tablets. For zoomers, a desktop computer looks like a typewriter looks to millennials. Thing of the past, overly complicated, hard to use, in all ways inferior, but gramps clings to it because he doesn't get new technology.
No. 57084
Dogg the vaccine is making me feel like shit. My body is trying to fight off the microchips, but it's hopeless.
No. 57085 Kontra
Call me a pseudoboomer but I don't see how only a tablet could replace a PC in an office-environment.
You can't effectively manage tables and edit documents on a tablet. You need a keyboard and a mouse for that. (Not to mention the software side of things.)

Using a mobile site or editing and writing on a phone makes me feel boxed in. It's like I have a lesser control over what I can achieve with it, not because of my abilities or imagination, but because it's just more primitive and retarded to wield than a PC.

(But if you mean a tablet replacing a PC in a sense that it just becomes a mobile workstation with attachable mouse/keyboard then I don't think that's much of a change besides the fact that you can pick it up from the desk to show a pdf at another department or something in person. It's not a structural revolution, you just replaced the hardware and the software.)

The true office-revolution I think will come with the proliferation of AI tech to automate some of the more mundane tasks, not from throwing out windows PCs. (Basically as long as the goals are the same, then the tools will not allow for a revolution.)
No. 57086
I think he was more talking about tablets replacing old terminals in factories and such.
At least I hope he was and not what you also understood.
Then again, AI will replace us all eventually.
No. 57088
I got Pfizer yesterday. The center gave it away without waiting, all vax soups can be had and on a Saturday afternoon, there was no waiting line or anything.
So far only my arm hurts. Which nearly everybody I know had same. So I guess I'm good.
No. 57089
Lucky. I guess the jews/globalists will spare you.
No. 57094
If it's them transformer tablets with attachable keyboards, then easily.
90% of user facing shit nowadays runs in a browser. Google docs, Office365, trello, etc.
Valve is working on a linux based steam machine infrastructure as we speak, and PC gaming will move out of windows space.
Linux will as usual be for sysadmins and programmers.
Microsoft will live off its office suite and enterprise boomer cruft, until Windows keels over.

The usual office drone and a social media normoid doesn't need anything but a browser.
I guarantee, someone will one day have the bright idea to make an "OS" that's just a bootloader for Chromium, without a filesystem even, and will have users pay a subscription for le "cloud storage".
Tech stratification will then be complete, the 7th seal will be open, and Yahweh will abort the human experiment out of shame.
No. 57096
>Valve is working on a linux based steam machine infrastructure as we speak, and PC gaming will move out of windows space.
Ah yes, Gaming on Linux by Valve (TM), which will come SOON(TM)(R).
Glad I won't be gaming anymore or using a computer at all when all of that happens.
No. 57098 Kontra
Lets continue the discussion in the appropriate thread.
No. 57099
The thing with those things is that usually a lot of shit runs on decrepit legacy software a lot of the time, so radically changing the hardware is out of the question for backend stuff like that in a lot of places.
Stuff like that is why freeDOS is a thing in 2021.

In general, the development of digital infrastructure on the software level is pretty uneven, with some places switching constantly to the newest tech, but a lot of companies and hell, even state organs using tech you'd consider ancient. (And not just ancient, but underdeveloped/bad tech that is held together by the digital equivalent of duct tape and chewing gum.)

Yeah, but the transformer tablets change nothing. You switched the OS and the interface, but ultimately you're still just writing emails and pushing around data in spreadsheets. It changes nothing about the structure of the work.

Year of the linux desktop :DDDD
No. 57113
394 kB, 2000 × 2000
80 kB, 622 × 1280
My house is overrun with fleas, mostly because of my unwise decision to adopt a street cat. So I bought some of them insecticide chalks to try to get rid of them.
Not sure how effective or harmful to humans they are, but it is still definitely worth it for the rare case when you can draw shit on the floor and be completely justified.

Also, rate shitholeness of apartment.
No. 57114
The thing that bothers me most here is the mousepad hanging off the desk
No. 57115
I now know how I could have at least a chance at surviving a zombie apocalypse.
I do not think this would be terribly useful any situations otherwise though.
No. 57116
Not accusing you of anything, just that you reminded me of something.

I've seen some documentaries about preppers, and the one thing I came away with, is that those upper middle class boomer retards would NOT survive more than a month in the apocalypse.

Aside from the weird boomer obsession with hoarding toilet paper, it seems that those middle aged people with bunkers in their backyeard never went hiking in the mountains, to know what kind of supplies you would actually need to survive.
Get rid of the fucking tuna cans, you can probably hunt for food. Guns? What you gonna do when you run out of ammunition? Learn to throw a spear and buy a crossbow. Stop hoarding water bottles, idiot, instead build a 1000 liter rainwater collector. Learn to build a water filter out of pebbles and sand, that water might turn bad, or get radioactive in case of a nuclear war (but let's be real here, in that situation you're fucking dead, that dinky bunker won't do shit, and good look surviving in a radioactive wasteland hundreds of kilometers around, if you live anywhere near a city).

And most importantly, GET IN SHAPE. There's no way a 50 year old sedentary couch potato with cardiovascular problems is surviving anything.
No. 57118 Kontra
I remember reading an article about how life was in Bosnia during the Yugoslav War, and basically it was antithetical to what preppers think it will be like. (A movie where they gun down unwashed hordes assaulting their compound.)
Prepping seems to be more like a hobby for these people, but they do it alone. Being alone is a death sentence. You need to have a community with you to keep watch constantly. What good is a gun in the hands of a sleeping man?

Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with having a gun. It's intimidating. You don't necessarily have to fire it to end a confrontation. (A crossbow or even a regular bow might not have the same effect.)
But otherwise your criticism is valid. They're focused too much on stockpiling instead of setting up chains of production that would allow their compound/community to be sustained. (If it isn't burned to the ground and looted within a week by an angry mob who survived whatever caused the end of civilisation.)

Don't know if it's just short-sightedness or if they assume that civilisation would be restored "at the end of the movie".
No. 57119 Kontra
>It's intimidating. You don't necessarily have to fire it to end a confrontation.

It is but only if the person with that gun is intimidating and willing as well. A gun with a person not able to pull the trigger and end a life basically is not intimidating anymore. So owing a gun is rather stupid. You either are definitely down with killing persons or you do gamble with yourself, which is stupid and probably a sign that a gun in such a person's hand is a bad idea after all.
No. 57120
Maybe I just played too many CRPGs
No. 57122
Not necessarily the case. In fact a more scared person unused to guns who may appear a bit twitchy can be far more unnerving, for perhaps similar reasons as to why you don't want to pick up a rattler or Copperhead by the tail but especially not a juvenile: because the baby snake cannot control its venom, and possibly also panics more, rather than drybite it will unload its full load of venom. Of course it is likewise as unnerving to be around twitchy persons with a gun if they are your ally also.

Basically while you are right and definitely have the point that applies far more to a knife fight. Is a scared person with his unlicensed noif intimidating to me? Fuck no of course not. But what about someone with a gun who does not look intimidating? The problem is I expect him to be way more likely to use it, ironically giving an incel more power in the situation because I expect all but the meanest, most deranged of badasses to at least have the damn sense to look at a guy and think "is this really worth doing 25 to life."

You are true that willingness to use it matters, and as a general principle you should never pull a weapon you are not fully intending to use. This is partly because it can make the situation worse, can make that other person more likely to pull a weapon or engage in panicked violence, and/or get yourself disarmed. Never let someone use your own weapon against you. But still. Of the times I've had a gun pulled on meat least I'm pretty sure, the one cop said later there was no gun but I think he was just trying to gaslight me because I was drunk at the time so neither situation I felt super threatened except the cop I somewhat did because it is a cop and I know that they are twitchy and made a point of keeping my hands still and visible in front. Other guy looked like he wouldn't have a problem beating me and seemed spooked but well I was drunk and senseless and I didn't perceive any danger to the situation provided it was obvious I wasn't a danger.

Mainly when I think about guns in people's hands I worry about gangster types only in the sense that they might consider bumping off a witness regardless, or that there's a chance they're psychotic enough to shoot somebody, because otherwise the more scared a person is the more likely they are to pull the trigger. A certified badass usually knows he doesn't even need to pull one to get his point across, and may well have enough of record he doesn't want attempted murder charges, unless he's one of THOSE wackos who doesn't see a problem being in and out of prison, or a kid that's just too plain retarded to understand and process the whole situation of spending life in prison for stupid reasons.

If you really are concerned about self protection I'd say work on eye contact first. When you can cultivate "The Look" in your eyes you usually won't need to draw to begin with. It's harder to fake without spending a lot of time working on that and body language, but probably not as hard as faking being crazy.

So coming back around to the beginning
>should you pull a gun when you don't have any intention of using it?
No probably, not unless
>willingness to use it
you can at least fake that level of cold blooded calm homicidal aggression with body language to match. You definitely shouldn't aim it at somebody you're not a hair from shooting right then though. Brandishing a weapon is generally sufficient to make the point, usually with intense eye contact. If you actually start to aim it there's a chance the sort of individual you'd be aiming at would simply bum rush you, try to disarm you, or shoot you himself, which if you do aim at somebody they're absolutely going to enact violence on you the minute they don't consider you a disarmed threat.
No. 57123 Kontra
98 kB, 355 × 297
112 kB, 1200 × 800
Oh and this however should be addressed
>basing real life on video games
Uh yeah don't do that. You should never do that. Particularly not a thing like this. Only exception is if you come across as a total incel. Like this guy. He did a PERFECT depiction of exactly the type of budding school shooter incel I'd be nervous around handling a gun, and that really only works on some people, not only that, but the problem remains if they did see you as an incel mass shooter or a whackjob they just may decide the only safe bet is shooting you with your own gun.

So again, my original post. Don't have a weapon you're not willing to use to defend you/someone else's life. Brandishing a firearm may be sufficient but if you're mumbling and not maintaining eye contact it won't work. If however you maintain direct eye contact or simply look at someone casually while making it known you have a gun for most people the instinct is usually this is not worth the bother, unless they just decide to steal the gun and yes guns are a prime target of theft like jewelry and electronics so keep in mind to a thief you just flashed your iPhone.
No. 57124 Kontra
Also, I was thinking more about the economical side of things, not the moral/psychological ones, which I ignored.

Basically not firing it to solve a conflict is a way to conserve ammo, which I'd consider important in a world where civilisation collapsed.
Any idiot can fire a gun (results may vary highly I supposed, like you might maim yourself with a glock if you're not careful), but not everyone can manufacture munition for it.
No. 57134
87 kB, 660 × 440
102 kB, 1600 × 777
The eternal germoid has been foiled again.
So the band these cheap plastic headphones was incredibly loose. There was no seal on the cups at all.
The solution? Remold the plastic in the oven. Ziptied the cups together nice and tight, then held it in the oven for only 5 minutes or so.
Now it's nice and tight, completely flush against my head.

Why couldn't have they done this in the factory? Who knows, make it's designed for big german heda.
No. 57139
24 kB, 451 × 451
18 kB, 450 × 316
>Who knows, make it's designed for big german head.

My head is swelling from what I'm reading atm, so I had to take of my Sennheisers :DDD the pair is being unused for months now, I listen to music over bass lacking laptop speakers only
I cannot wrap my fucking head around topoi that cross decades just to reappear in twisted forms again and again. How the fuck exactly are LSD discourses and certain theories of reality today connected. The concept of environment and relationality is going strong and some of it appears in the 1960s. Fuck, after that counter culture book I need to read on the history of "system" I already started but which is harder to grapple with than this story about lsd, cybernetics and psychedelic drug consumers actors/groups.
Also can CogSci Ernst tell me something about Thomas Metzinger and what his standing is within the CogSci Community?
No. 57140
Why are you posting pictures of an ugly terrorist and an ugly journalist?
No. 57141
41 kB, 480 × 600
if you ever feel bad about yourself, unblock youtube for a few minutes, and go to the "trending" tab.
And realize that the absolute cringe garbage on that page is what hundreds of millions of people watch every day. That is the extent of "culture" that the average normoid is exposed to.
The internet gave them unlimited access to all the knowledge in the world, but no, they don't want that, they want to eat shit, and go back to watching brainless entertainment, turn the internet into cable TV.
What's criminal is that this is the first thing a child or a teenager sees when they open youtube. Instead of curating content by default, they show them that trash.
Young child goes on the internet, gets exposed to massive dose of normoid cringe, doesn't feel good, becomes a normoid himself - many such cases!
Anyone with a brain, if they ever open youtube without knowing about it, and see the front page, will immediately close it in disgust, because the trending content legit gives off the same vibes as those sleazy ads you used to see on every web page back in the 2000s, that try to bait you into clicks with softcore porn.

Hylics exist, and they're among us.
No. 57142 Kontra
Since when is Makrele a derrorist? I posted this to unveil the German spirit.
No. 57143
247 kB, 722 × 411
Oh, you know those bootleg cartoon videos that get billions of views each, from toddlers mindlessly watching on their tablets, often with weird-ass, sexual, gory and fetishistic content?
I think the content farms that produce those are basically trolling at this point. Just saw pic related and fucking lost my shit lol.
Man, if all of those elsa spiderman disney bootleg videos were recreations of gory chinese accident footage, I'd fucking subscribe lmao.
No. 57144 Kontra
Using fear (in whichever way) to reach political goals is terrorism, isn't it?
I am simply bitter and have started to replace the suspicion of simple incompetence with malice when talking about politicians. But that's all I will say about this.
No. 57145 Kontra
Then pretty much all parties and political actors are terrorists since a projection of the future that induces fear in people is an activity that is used across the board of the political arena.
No. 57146
Yes, and what's your point?
No. 57147
If everyone's a terrorist, nobody's a terrorist.
No. 57148 Kontra
Only politicans
No. 57149 Kontra
150 kB, 331 × 438
No. 57154
84 kB, 580 × 726
> Using fear (in whichever way) to reach political goals is terrorism, isn't it?
No. 57155
Quite cheap demagogue trick by the way.
  1. Have a word with strong negative connotation.
  2. Give it as wide and vague definition as possible.
  3. Apply it to unrelated things falling under this definition, and the negative connotation now is translated to them.
For example:
  1. A murder. When you think about it, what do you imagine? A guy wanted to live. Had some plans, dreams and hopes. And now someone takes his life by force. They guy struggles, suffers and screams.
Surely, a very very bad thing.
2. Then we give wide definitions to words "human" and "murder".
3. So when woman takes emergency contraception pill, it's technically "murder of human", so it must be as bad as event described in p.1.

In same way this German lives under rule of terrorists. So when he hears Merkel saying "vote for me or wages will shrink" on TV it's just like some guy from Afghanistan is getting stoned for listening to music. Let's all show pity to his suffering.
No. 57156
106 kB, 750 × 750
Grandma is visiting us for a week. I try to keep her company, but she's a bit tiresome sometimes. She likes to go on tangents about the people living in her village, and it becomes a never ending story about people I don't know or care to know doing mundane tasks. (And she tells the stories as if I knew who Johnny living next to Earnest on the main street is.)
But I still listen to it because she deserves the attention.
And it's still better than the weird political tangents we go down sometimes. She watches way too much of the local equivalent of Rossiya1 by the looks, but then again, what is there to do in the countryside?

I'm trying to write a few letters but I noticed that my style hasn't improved. I'm still too wordy.

It rained all day so I didn't really do much besides staying inside and playing mount and blade. Cool game.
I'm a terrible horse archer.

Tomorrow is my last free day before I start working. I hope everything goes well.
(Just realised that I overspent by a day's worth of wages, so my first workday will be basically so that I can pay for the shit I actually ordered, everything else comes later. Holy shit I couldn't control myself.)
No. 57157
Pidorashka understands german soul like nobody else and his analogy is on point.
No. 57158
Angela Merkel is a terrorist and killing babies is not okay. I don't get what's so controversial about it.
No. 57159
Based and redpilled, 14/88
No. 57160 Kontra
So German soul is about denotation and connotation?
No. 57161
Yes. Other languages simply leave no room at all for any kind of interpretation.
No. 57167
511 kB, 800 × 1123
24 kB, 295 × 418
Just like how superhero movies and toy ads on FoxKids are equivalent in their artistic and cultural value, intent, and purpose, so is anime indistinguishable from hentai pornography.
There is great marketing value in self-legitimizing by pretending to be a real piece of entertainment, rather than an ad or softcore pornography.

Remember that shitty-ass fucking batman movie from the mid 90s that was super fucking popular for some inexplicable reason? Batman Forever. That whole show was almost blatantly a 2 hour long toy advertisement. It was just pretending to be a real movie.

Or the whole genre of sexploitation movie? Essentially softcore porn or fetish fuel that's just tame enough to be classified as a movie and make its way to the shelves.

Same with anime. Most of it is essentially designed for sexual titillation, or selling merchandise. They throw in a formulaic plot, so it can be qualified as a TV show.

Riding the line between real entertainment and media garbage allows it to reach a larger audience, but also make it easily defendable, since the ambiguity allows people who watch it to make the case that they're here for the entertainment, not the exploitation. It can't be explicitly categorized, so despite the fact that everyone non-retarded knows what it is and what it's for, it's impossible classify it concretely.
And that's exactly what animeshits do. They know. We know. But it can not be explicitly defined, so it slips by, and gets legitimized.

There is no easier way to identify a hylic than to see if they watch anime. Just like how anime is pornography in the guise of a tv show, so are anime retards animals in the guise of humans.
No. 57170
237 kB, 834 × 970
500 kB, 752 × 991
There are holes in the human pattern recognition process, that can be easily exploited if one is not aware of them.
There are easily identifiable dangers, easily identified safeness, concealed dangers, and then there's dangers that attempt to escape identification altogether.

Maybe this inability immediately classify the ambiguous, is where innuendo comes from. Everyone knows what it means when you invite someone for coffee late at night. But one can feign innocence in case it does not work. Maybe things that live in the ambiguous require conscious and deliberate effort to classify, thus slip by our detectors unless we're actively paying attention.

Mimicry is not just a tactic employed by biological organisms. Memetic organisms also practice mimicry to a great effect. The human cultural environment is the cradle of a new kind of organism.
There's probably a book about this that I won't read.
No. 57171
What the heck am I reading. Harem animes and fan-service exist because sex sells and those animes are regarded as very stupid anyway.

But thanks for the dark patterns screenshot, watching it now.
No. 57173
72 kB, 364 × 577
If you decide to unsubscribe to the NYTimes, you'll have to go through the rigmarole of having a sales rep talk you out of it.
However, let it be known to Ernsts that if they desire, they can pay half price just by threatening to cancel.
No. 57174
What a scummy practice. That alone would make me cancel on the spot all the more without any further ado.
No. 57176
This is just as bad as amazon.
No. 57177
Merely "very stupid" is too light. See, it works on you too. They should not be regarded as merely stupid, but as animated exploitation, and in the same category as porn. People who openly admit to watching, and discuss it in public should be openly ridiculed and driven away, like how we do with pornography.

THAT would be the correct response to anime. Also, while people who are into porn as a hobby hold no pretenses about what it is, anime retards actually think they're watching real entertainment, and that's much worse. It's the insidious degenerator.

You think that's bad, read about how to close your amazon account.
No. 57181
>Merely "very stupid" is too light. See, it works on you too. They should not be regarded as merely stupid, but as animated exploitation, and in the same category as porn. People who openly admit to watching, and discuss it in public should be openly ridiculed and driven away, like how we do with pornography.

>THAT would be the correct response to anime. Also, while people who are into porn as a hobby hold no pretenses about what it is, anime retards actually think they're watching real entertainment, and that's much worse. It's the insidious degenerator.

No. 57187
I just that with my absolute complete cunt of an ISP. I ultimately didn't flat out just cancel solely because my main alternative seems to be Comcast, and I fucking hate Comcast, and because while they are price gouging the shit out of me right now while spamming my non fucking stop with their "wow what a deal only pay $45 moar for cable!" which I don't even have a TV is because those said cunts also just doubled my download speed which idgaf about but what I do gaf about is they've never not once given me any shit about someone who isn't me piracy. Of course should they ever begin to bother me about that because of my friend downloading [SHOWS REDACTED] and [SHOWS REDACTED] or a cracked copy of [GAME REDACTED] because I fucking refuse to give them and two other companies money or [ACTRESS AND FETISH REDACTED] well then I would be canceling them on the spot and switching ISPs.

...in fact I'm actually quite surprised at this point. I know some companies give people notices and shit and Comcast is particularly terrible about it. Or maybe because I already called it made it like I was going to switch but didn't out of sheer laziness and hating Comcast I never followed through sending the router back. Fuckers never did give me any lower rates but hey oh well, my friend of a friend can keep downloading shit.

You know, sometimes I basically just uninstall and reinstall my big games for the hell of it, just so my PC is constantly downloading something. I'll just like download and install a 50gb game and then take another couple of like 13gb games and just move them around to different directories or just reinstall it on the same drive just to constantly be keeping my downloads going and while just trying to spite Valve even if only symbolically by needlessly wasting their bandwidth all the damn time. I made completely sure to also be doing this during their summer sale on my 28mb/s download time just because I knew that was the one and only time it could possibly matter to anybody to be jamming up their pipes while using up bandwidth through my ISP in fact I should go start uninstalling and redownloading some huge games right now.
No. 57193
Today I remembered that even as a kid I had already troubles falling asleep.

I always liked the idea of counting sheep, so I tried that. However, I quickly discovered that I lacked the concentration for imagining actual sheep jumping over a fence after around number 15-20.
Instead, I started counting. Just counting, counting up. Eventually I fell asleep.
Now, though, starts the weird part:
Eventually I stopped counting before I fell asleep and wrote down the number, then went to sleep, and on the next evening resumed counting from that number.
I can't even remember how far I came before I either stopped doing it or started anew (can't remember that anymore), but it was definitely at least in a five digit range.

Has anybody else done that?
No. 57194
I had sames until I figured out a way to fall asleep that works for me. Staying entirely motionless while closing my eyes and trying to keep conscious thoughts out of my heda by just focusing on what my heda autoplays as I have my eyes closed. Sometimes I'll just see abstract shapes, colors and forms, sometimes it looks like a something more specific, a desert, a river.
Thoughts pop into your heda but try not to mentally verbalize them or dwell on them.
I'll be unconscious in under 15 minutes.
No. 57195
Isn't that basically what meditation is?
That said, I don't have anything autoplaying in my head, apart from my thoughts, so it's hard to evade those.
No. 57196 Kontra
44 kB, 1000 × 800
I’m commuting to work
No. 57207
Man I really have been becoming incredibly racist over the past few years. I flat out refuse to deal with the Chinese period. I also try desperately and avoid having to put up with any Germanic middle age women, men in this country tainted with too much German ancestry, and companies staffed by pajeets. I also have a very low estimation of American white women at this point, and any ghetto ass black women who decide having an attitude problem is some kind of virtue.

Of course but then again when it comes to here, I distinctly recall that troll pic showing various ethnicities of happy families compared to "American Mexicans" "American black people" "American Irish." I have no idea why everybody decided to be covered by tattoos and start to act and look trashy and retarded as a nation.

Regardless I think I'd rather live someplace else, and the moment I hear that pajeet accent know already it's going to end bad. Among the worst people to deal with are new Indian immigrants. I can just see their grandkids now, heavily tatted, acting like bydlo racist trashy retards telling "them damn Slovaks and Kazakhs to get the hell out of my country I'm 100% American" with some new immigrant wave and the sad thing is the latter part of that statement will be true, except I sincerely do not know what would be worse their caste mentality shitty grandparents or their trashy bydlo grandkids.

I think I just don't like people at this point. I've already literally cut off like 99% of my friends because they already gone 100% full mask burner Qtard or "sex and gender is just an idea btw let's laugh at these evolutionary science denying Creationists." Or maybe the problem really just is I am surrounded by Americans. They make it easy to hate them, especially white boomers, right or left. My only solace is I can at least have the choice not dealing with Chinese or Indians still.
No. 57208
> Need colleagues to do a simple task which I don't have permission to do (literally click one button).
> Find a guy responsible for it after chain of redirections ("no, actually it's his duties, go to him").
> Write to him by Telegram, he ignores
> Write to him by email, he says "You should make a ticket in the queue instead".
> Make ticket, it's ignored for more than a day
> Team lead says "I have connections among their team, I'll make them do it not later than Monday"
No. 57209
38 kB, 750 × 990
>"Your package is available for pickup!"
>I don't have any money to pick it up until Friday
Nooooo, my dopamine receptors noooo, they're being denied gratification!!!

Anyway, I shaved and I washed my hair and I feel really fucking good. I put on another one of these flowery shirts.
If "Dress for the job you want" is a philosophy, then the job I want to host a Top Gear style car show.

Working is actually fucking awful, even if my job could be considered "good" and "cozy" by student standard, especially considering the pay. (AC, free coffee, I get to take my breaks whenever and so on.)
I'm tired. Honest to God tired from looking at tables and papers all day.
But it's worth it for tall that sweet dough.

Though it's only for 8 days because the boss will go on a break and she's the one managing the project with the other company. Whatever, I'll earn enough money to buy the books, the safe, the gloves for handling and a humidity meter and still be in the green once uni starts + add some money into my savings pool I keep if anything shitty happens to the family's finances.

I've read a few Chinese short stories on my way to work, plus the essay accompanying the volume. The stories were cool but the essay was incredibly dated, even if I respect the scholar who wrote it because of his prolific translationwork.
No. 57210
> I've already literally cut off like 99% of my friends because they already gone 100% full mask burner Qtard or "sex and gender is just an idea btw let's laugh at these evolutionary science denying Creationists." Or maybe the problem really just is I am surrounded by Americans.
Aaaghhh man, I feel your pain. Please fix this shit up, because it's leaking to other countries. If only you saw this:
> My ancestors were talking property of French-speaking nobility, let me tell you about our white privilege
> I asked my parents to bribe me our from army, but now I think that conscript is based, because Western NEET incels told me so, they must know better.
At least here most of people IRL (if you are surrounded by middle class) are fine, it's just internet active freaks who got insane. So since I stopped being hermit my butthurt is not so intense as it used to be.

Also I think it's unwise to cut off friends just because you disagree about politics with them.
No. 57219
A) I am not a prepper
B) that is entirely correct about the people

I will say that the one biggest and most immediate threat is also going to be other people. It is part of why zombie horror is so visceral, because it triggers that fear of desperate angry mobs instinct in addition to several other fears and instincts at the same time like societal collapse and fear of infection, as well as loved ones suddenly turning on you.

However it's true that a strong tie to others is one of the best survival strategies and something inna woods in muh bunker with 20,000 rounds guys frequently don't get. In point of fact zombie movies ironically often directly imply the to me anyway obvious truth that a fortified compound obviously well supplied is a long term death sentence. You can outrun the zombies it's just that like certain predators they can hunt by tracking you and wait until you collapse of exhaustion. However, there's always gonna be more zombies. You may shoot 50 now but another 100 will have just heard your gunshots and so on, not to mention attracting human attention though it depends on which fiction for instance Max Brooks' book they moan to signal each other. Regardless, you can then maybe repel an extra thousand however there's eventually going to reach the point that the starving undead hordes will migrant out of the dense urban centers towards you, and no there isn't any compound on earth that can deal with half of Queens and Brooklyn on top of you. If nothing else the sheer fetid mass will block the ventilation shafts and ensure you have no way out, no way to resupply, and like you said no way to grow food.

That is why my daydream while showering or shittings on the toilet or whatever I was doing involved a rather risky plan to flee the country or area entirely, which still would be slim hopes in numerous scenarios. I'm boned in a nuclear armageddon or meteor strike regardless, as well as a GRB and CME.

I still would not rate my survival odds as high but zombies? At least I could have some kind of a chance. Interestingly the default scenario is ending up rescuing people along the way even though that is a highly risky proposition for something contagious and also could easily get you killed with strangers. Thing is, due to modern society very few of us are ever in an immediate area with lots of tight bonds to begin with. Of course, in a world war Z that's also what's going go get a majority of the early waves killed to begin with.

I wish there was more literature and firsthand accounts of the Black Death.
No. 57222
Tried on jeans at a department store for the first time in a decade. Just been buying the same size/brand to avoid that particular indignity, but I have come to truly hate the way they fit and so had no choice. Picked three new cuts, first two were duds, but third was a winner. When did they start putting a small amount of elastic in dude's jeans? Not enough to be form fitting, like chick pants, but enough to be more flexible than straight up denim.
No. 57223 Kontra
>When did they start putting a small amount of elastic in dude's jeans?
Dunno, had jeans with elastan at least 15 years ago.
No. 57225
All jeans I've seen have 5% elastan. The problem is this can also makes them less durable compared to PURE 100% cotton.

Mixing things is generally not good it makes the entire fabric prone to error and more difficult to repair.
No. 57236
40 kB, 500 × 534

They definitely feel less durable, thinner. If they only last three years instead of five I'll live with it for the better fit and mobility. If they last less than three I'll put a brick through Macy's front window :D
No. 57242
120 kB, 1200 × 674
Tomorrow's payday so I'll be able to pick up all those cool packages I ordered. Can't fucking wait.

Took out my old laptop and decided to factory reset Windows on it and then install linux alongside it. It's a perfectly good windows licence and I don't want to risk being without windows. (But I prefer Linux for a personal working environment because it offers less distractions.)
It's taking ages.
The hardware might be fucked.
The decade old laptop I used to use gave up the ghost. Probably either the motherboard or the HDD so I'm moving a generation up.
The older I get the more I realise I don't actually know how to properly use technology and eventually I'll become the equivalent of a boomer who can't open a PDF or doesn't know what a jaypeg is.

Don't know why but I'm feeling more "adult" for some reason.

>cutting off friends because of politics is fucking retarded
This. I constantly disagree with my friend politically but nobody ever gets offended about it. We just both realise after half an hour that neither of us will accept the other's opinion and start talking about books or memes instead.
No. 57247
>gave up the ghost
Is that a saying you have in Hungary or are you actually a German?
No. 57248 Kontra
Isn't it an American expression?
No, we don't have an equivalent, or at least, not in the same style I think. "Kilehelte a lelkét" (lit.: He/she/it breathed their soul out) has a similar meaning/allegory but it's very poetic/literary, and only used for living things, not objects.
(But you are correct that Hungarian assimilated a lot of Germanisms throughout the centuries, and I tend to use them a lot even without noticing, probably because my mother is from a town that had a lot of Ungarndeutsche and studied the language with them at school.)
No. 57251
Never heard that expression anywhere near anglos, but "den Geist aufgeben" is a typical german term.
No. 57252 Kontra
Don't know, personally I heard it referring to machines in media. ("Darn water-pump gave up the ghost" or something like that.)
But looking it up, apparently it's from the King James Bible, so it's probably a Hellenism/Latinism that travelled far and wide in Europe.
(Though the Greek original seems to be the single word "ἐξέπνευσεν", which is like "he breathed out", but according to my dictionary the word πνεω aside from being a word for smell and wind, it also has strong connections to things dealing with the soul, so it's like he "gave out his soul" if you want to carry trough the extra meaning.)
No. 57254 Kontra
Huh, I really never, ever heard that phrase in english. But then again, I spend most of my time on the internet on imageboards, so the english I learn might not be one that's rich on poetic idioms and general high-brow language :--DDDDDD
No. 57257
Yes we use it in English. Fun fact we also tend to use a lot of loan words, like zeitgeist. I don't even think 90% of Americans know what poltergeist or zeitgeist means and probably half of them wouldn't connect -geist being the same root word.
No. 57260
Jesus christ, fuck uzbeks, they're fucked in the head.

I've been sending them messages for months, with no reply, confirmation, questions or clarifications. Just talking into the void. The guy then calls me out of nowhere, and proposes we make a conference call. Sure.

It took more than a week to schedule, because again, they do not reply to messages. Then, during the conference call, he's just walking around somewhere on the streets, says "who did you schedule this conference call, I thought everything was settled already, see, brick sent us all the information", in an accusatory tone, like I offended him.

I almost told him to go fuck himself, but held myself back. My boss took control of the situation, and said that on monday, we will prepare an official commercial offer, and the date of my departure to uzbekistan will be decided.
Then he hung up 15 minutes into the conference, and almost nothing else was discussed. If this was a physical conference, I'd have to hold myself back not from calling him a fuckhead, but from clocking him in the face.

I suspect this clown doesn't actually do any work, just fucks around doing whatever, and got this position from nepotism, because he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. Fuck sarts. Everything I suspected about employment or work in general, while I was NEET, is basically true. You have to degrade yourself in front of some fuckhead on whom you rely to get money, talk through clenched teeth, tolerate things you'd normally beat someone's ass for, and debase yourself in general.

But as Abai Kunanbaev has said, "Make a living, even if you have to wash a donkey's arse to do so".
No. 57262
P*rsoid Heda.
Culture of sedentism.
They s*rts.
No. 57272
>Even industry-friendly sources like the World Shipping Council admit that thousands of containers are lost each year, sinking to the ocean floor or drifting loose. Some carry toxic substances that leak into the oceans; others release thousands of yellow rubber ducks that wash ashore around the world over decades.

Now I want to know what sank to the bottom of the sea.
No. 57276
1,1 MB, 3024 × 4032
1,9 MB, 250 × 250, 0:02
I'm finally done with work and I actually picked up all my packages with the money I earned.
This Greek copy of the Odyssey I found is megacool. It was printed in 1854, so I was a bit scared what kind of responsibility I'm taking upon myself, but by the looks of it, its binding was actually replaced and repaired in the 1960s or 70s in all probability, though the leather covering the spine seems to be genuine.

I think I'm actually going to be able to take at least some parts of it on with the help of a dictionary and a grammar book to freshen up my knowledge. My goal is to translate at least a few lines into Hungarian prose.
It's very small, so I'm going to get a very small safe to keep it in. Just to be safe (xd). I don't want it out in the open air where the sun shines on it. (These metal boxes seem to be amazingly cheap.)

The other stuff I picked up was two volumes of essays on translating the classics into Hungarian (with a lot dealing with the history of translating Homer), Márai's most important work titled "The confessions of a burgher" and also that volume of translation theory that I'll need for class.
Tomorrow I'm going to finish reading the Homer-essay I started reading, which is pretty interesting, because it shows that the current edition considered standard wasn't an ex-nihilo creation but rather the continuos work of a hundred years, translators all trying to create the most perfect rendition in Hungarian, each of them refining on what came before.

I've been watching a lot of lock-picking videos recently, and while it was initially amazing to see locks get picked, now I realise that the point is that the reviewer is an expert with specialised tools. The average retard won't be able to pick a lock in 20 seconds, he will just use a hammer or a wirecutter or whatever and violently fuck the thing up or not bother with it at all.
The magic is gone.

The entire city smells like piss since they let the homeless back in. Actually saw a hobo take a piss behind the statue of Saint Emeric.
Just awful.

I ran out of meds. Turns out the doctor wrote a shitty prescription and it's not enough to complete the cure, so I wrote and received an autoreply that I'm shit out of luck because he's on holiday. Apparently it's not a good idea to stop taking this thing suddenly, so my mother phoned to the local doctor and I received a prescription.
It's amazing how I was able to manage entering university on my own but can't fucking wrap my head around the Hungarian healthcare system to manage my health.

Went over to grandmas to deliver her her medicine. My mother said that she has a copy of the epic poem "John the Valiant" to give to me. Turns out my mother misunderstood and my grandma actually wanted to know if I can lend her a copy. So I ran back and lent her one.
I think I did what I could for her in this situation. It's actually a wonder she's still alive.

I've also been doing a lot of talking with my maternal grandmother. She's a bit rambly at times but tells interesting bits about family history often enough. Didn't knew one of my great-great-grandfathers was an officer in the army during WW2 and was from Transylvania. (Though I did know that one of my great-great-grandfathers was actually shot by a soviet trooper, though he was just a civilian with an awfully big mouth, which is quite characteristic of my father's side. Maybe telling a man with a ppsh-41 to "fuck off" isn't the best idea when he asks for a bottle of wine.)

I'm very tired, so I'll try relaxing during the weekend a bit. That means reading and drinking tea. Though we're going to visit relatives on Sunday. I actually dislike these relatives we're visiting. I think it's an uncle, but unlike my mother he never really amounted to much and often spews vile jealousy towards us for "living better without working hard". Both him and my mother started off in the countryside in a border town. It's just that my mother gave a shit about her life and studied instead of staying a "prole".

I think loaning words 1:1 like that comes down to the fact that those expressions are incredibly concise and can't be reproduced so concisely in English. You could say "The spirit of the times", but it just doesn't sound AS good as saying "zeitgeist".
German is like Ancient Greek in this sense that it allows for really cool words to be made up on the spot to denote concepts or be made into adjectives, but these new words hardly work when translated into other languages in a lot of cases.
(Though because we've been living alongside the Germans for so long, we actually took a lot of these mashed up words and translated them, so in a lot of cases a compound word in Hungarian will share the particles with its German counterpart, since a lot of these words were "created" during the early 1800s as the part of a "language renewal" programme to free Hungarian from the overwhelming presence of Latin and German words.)

Actually, it's a quite interesting translation-question. When is it okay to "introduce" a concise expression without properly translating it into a language by giving the definition in a footnote and then using it as if it were a native word?
Like we actually had an argument about this with my friend who said that leaving out the honorifics or replacing them with a "close enough local equivalent" when translating from Japanese is preferable to keeping them in with an explanatory note because then you as a translator are actually avoiding doing a "proper" translation.

I've said it before but I'm going to say it again: the more I learn about other languages and cultures, the more I'm amazed by my own.

It's probably endless trash. The only thing I can imagine surviving seawater for long enough is plastic knick-knacks from China and other worthless nonsense. Maybe some fancy glassware or jewellery, but nothing else comes to mind.
Electronics would be destroyed, so would be books and foodstuffs. Maybe clothes.
The thousands of rubber ducks is probably the best example. That or the lego-container that was lost and its contents keep washing up in Cornwall.
No. 57277
Graphene oxide nanoparticles have thermal, magnetic and electrical conductivity properties. Because of their colloidal size and bonding properties they can stay suspended indefinitely in the air and water. Hence, they are and have been sprayed in the chemtrails and have been "raining" down on the entire surface of the earth including oceans, lakes, streams and rivers for many years.
"Interactions of graphene oxide and graphene nanoplatelets with the in vitro Caco-2/HT29 model of intestinal barrier" ~ https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-59755-0
No. 57278
42 kB, 640 × 368
Perhaps a few years from, the average American pickup truck will dwarf a medium WW2 tank.
No. 57279
Precisely why I still hold on to my old Ford Ranger. Rarely need to drive in the city, but newer trucks really up the difficulty in navigating on narrow roads/parking.
No. 57280
This crap has been showing up here too, along with Mustangs. All the yank benis replacements really. Half the time, I just want to scratch the cunt up for almost spilling out of their lane by virtue of size alone.
No. 57296
16 kB, 645 × 773
Ernstchan, I know you're largely indifferent about me and my posts and I understand you probably have better things to do but.. I do need your help (once more).. in concerning this diagnosis of mine.

You see Ernstchan, I was diagnosed with IBS-C awhile ago. The doctors don't know what caused it.

I don't have normal BMs and must rely on meds.. But previously before my gut acted up I had relatively normal BMs.

At around the same time it acted up I was having severe bouts of anxiety and was drinking alot, and eating very unhealthily. Do you think I caused a dysbiosis by doing this?

What else do you think may have caused this, and do you think I can get my normal gut functioning back?
No. 57298 Kontra
If it's your gut bacteria acting up, you can try to repopulate it with another mixture, there's actual therapies for that where you swallow some other person's optimized poo.

OF course the ghetto bootleg way is to take some broad-spectrum antibiotic for like two weeks and when you have shat out your old shit support the good bacteria by THOROUGHLY eating clean.

That said, IBS is one of those "we know fuckall, so we just call it that" diagnoses, so go wild and find what works best for you.
No. 57299
40 kB, 800 × 800
Thankyou for the advice, Ernst, yes.. I know I repeat this alot and you all remember me posting about this, which is why you probably saged but I just don't know what to do anymore.
No. 57302
We have literature thread and cinema thread. Maybe create music thread as well? I know, we have radio thread, but it's different and it's really inconvenient and also the thread is filled with some shitstorm and I don't even get what this quarrel is about.
No. 57303
Have you tried supplements? They sell bacteria powder in pharmacies here, you're supposed to take it after diarrhea. Not sure if it would work in your case.
You could try supplementing with fibers. They sell big tubs of the stuff at the pharmacy. Mix it with some sour cream or yoghurt. Just dump it in there. You're gonna shoot out your ass like a faucet.
Or maybe it's depression (gut flora is very hard to actually kill, especially if you still have your appendix). I used to shit every 3 days at the full depth of my depression. SSRIs made me actually start shitting daily.
Another bad, but possibly effective solution is to get on nicotine. Buy a cheap pod vape, and load id up 35-40mg nicotine salts. Massive shits guaranteed.

I probably wouldn't know better than your doctors though.
No. 57304
No. 57305
Thanks, it used to be indistinguishable from radio thread in my mind before I decided I need to explore new music and started to care so I forgot about it.
No. 57306
Did they actually do any tests to see if you have a bacterial/viral infection or some other disease affecting your gut?
Could be just a passing infection or from stress, in which case you should eliminate the source of stress.
You might also want to check for inflammations because that might indicate that it's not an infection but rather autoimmune/Crohn's, which is incurable, but quite manageable even without drugs and just going on a proper diet.
(It's usually genetic and can be triggered by stress, but depending on your age, it's probably unlikely, since it's usually expressed during your teens and early 20s.)

Most of this stuff can be checked with a routine blood-work and stool sample test if you haven't done it already.

As Kazakh said, trying probiotics might be your best bet, though personally I always considered those to be a bit meme-y, but it's worth a try.

And you should probably stop drinking and eating garbage, or at least accompany eating garbage with fibre. But stop drinking because it fucks your bowels up.
No. 57313
206 kB, 497 × 440
I can't fucking sleep properly for some reason. Even if I don't have an alarm on I just wake up randomly early in the morning.
My mother insisted that I go with her to the market two towns away to buy some clothes for grandma to help her out financially. I was initially pretty reluctant because I had a splitting headache and was tired from work, but she nagged me until I went with her. I had a suspicion she wanted to talk about something important in private or something, but as it turns out she just wanted some moral support and mother-son time.

Had breakfast at the marketplace. Turns out lángos is relatively cheap if you buy it miles away from a beach. (~2 euros for a sourcream+cheese lángos instead of 5-6 euros. Man, fuck German tourists and the fucking tourism industry catering to them. Hungarians are getting priced out from the beaches of Balaton, and when Covid hit the fuckers asked for fucking government funding to stay afloat. No, dipshit, you should have catered to the locals. Now that you've priced them out I'm not going to want you stay afloat motherfucker.)

They had a used book stand. It was mostly just pulp-fiction and romance novels plus outdated technical textbooks, most of which got bleached and worn in the sun, but I did find a volume titled "44 Famous Epics", which I've been looking for for a while now. It was in good condition and costed like 70 cents, so it was worth it.

I decided to have a siesta after coming home and then had home baked pizza for lunch and went out reading. I actually made good progress and finished reading both essays on Homer translations, which was like a hundred pages.
Strangely enough both were written by the same author, but they were in different volumes for some reason, with no indication that the other exists, even though the other picks up where the first one left off. (At the beginning of the 20th century.)
I've learnt a lot and this is the kind of info I was actually looking for when I was reading the author's book "Homer in Hungary" released two years ago.
Also my knowledge of Greek was actually useful while reading the essays, so I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself.
No. 57315
40 kB, 800 × 800
>stop drinking because it fucks your bowels up

Yikes, I'm drinking tons of beer rn
No. 57316
Humans are not supposed to drink alcohol. I'm not saying "drink responsibly". You're not supposed to drink ANY even if you're healthy.
It's literally called "intoxication" because it's a toxic substance that kills cells. If it's pure enough you use it for disinfecting. What do you think drinking a substance that removes bacteria is doing to your gut flora?
No. 57317
I really hope you're trolling, but if you're not drinking actual lethal amounts of pure alcohol there will never be enough alcohol to reach your gut to have any disinfectant kind of effect on the bacteria there.
No. 57318 Kontra
I had a suspicion that might be the case but the point still stands that you shouldn't be drinking alcohol anyway
No. 57319
The list of things you shouldn't consume is so long, it would be pretty much impossible to follow it even if you wanted to.
So yeah, not drinking alcohol would be an easy one, but now try to be actually consequent with that and include everything that's bad for you.

You're going to have a boring, tasteless life.
No. 57325
Humans evolved to tolerate alcohol, becouse even our distant ancestors were drinking it. Alcohol is to sooth pain. Both bodily and mental pain. And lots of people need it.
No. 57332
Christ, thank you thank you thank you Christ for me not being a drunktard anymore
No. 57334
Wait that wasn't this guy's patch
That wasn't his at all. Note to self go back to your notes and trying to look up what USAF operation that was, at least I thought it was an opdpfrz patch. It had a C130 or some type of large cargo transport with two corona viruses on it. I'm quite sure it was deepfreeze although I found it peculiar and notable given the connotations to Dark Winter. I also don't even know come to think of it if that's a NOFRN type deal and the guy was just breaching his opsec by wearing his training regs off base. Oh well. Just found it peculiar.

Also a note to self please try and discuss with ernsts the most ameribear goddam thing I ever seen, it was like a National Guard shit covered with corporate logos like the racing car shirts.
One of these days I really wished I could strike it rich solely to take you guys on the most memeworthy freedom fries ain't free tour of murican livin you ever did see. Shit was so hysterical like straight out of an imageboard comic, and to see it all play out in real time in front of me during a pandemic was incredible.
No. 57352
101 kB, 720 × 1280
How fucking stupid is my cat. If I scoot my chair, it'll lose a leg.
No. 57353
34 kB, 287 × 304
>If I scoot my chair, it'll lose a leg.
Of course you would donate one of your legs to the poor kot in case that happens?
No. 57358
26 kB, 425 × 483
With my diverse team of passionate people of all creeds, genders and nationalities we managed to bring this old classic to the future and remake it for a new generation.
No. 57363
I'm undersleeping like a motherfucker.
It's fucking me up.

I puked up clear liquid while brushing my teeth, and it wasn't acidic at all, like normally. I think it's affecting my stomach, and I'm not digesting food properly. Oh well. Back to work.
No. 57364
2,7 MB, 6460 × 3403
I bring you: pure ideology.
No. 57365
As a conservative I know Russia and China are based unlike the west.
No. 57366
Looks fine to me, except for maybe Asian shitholes like Mongolia or Bangladesh being democratic. Then again, I don't know much about them, so maybe they really are now.
No. 57367
18 kB, 340 × 349
66 kB, 720 × 576
54 kB, 433 × 433
Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho died yesterday. It's interesting seeing foreign figures pay the homage to this man - especially when they're social democrats like Varoufakis.

Otelo was the leading mind behind the 25th of April 1974 coup, the bloodless coup that removed Estado Novo and placed a military council in charge of seeing through the revolutionary process. A year and a half later, Otelo and his fellow like minded officers were themselves coup'd and Otelo found himself running two unsuccessful presidential campaigns, in both losing to a centrist, social-democrat type General - Ramalho Eanes.

In the 1980s, being pushed out of the political scene and with no power to see through his Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolution, Otelo formed an armed group to carry on the revolution. All they did was carry out a handful of robberies. Ultimately, their plans of a great national uprising did not materialize. He was later amnestied for his role in running what amounts to a political inspired criminal gang. His status as a hero or a terrorist speaks to the lack of consensus that Portugal still has with its Aprilist history. Various political figures paid their respects, with their comments ranging from blanket praise to condemnation depending on their side of the political spectrum.

Still, it'll always be funny to see social-democrats defending a man who'd have them shot.
No. 57368
democracy and development levels are both a spook.
No. 57369
Why worry then? It shouldn't matter how that map is painted if they are spooks, to a true anarchist, at least.
No. 57370
disagree, it would be better if they chose prettier colors.
Those are some ugly muddy blues and reds.
No. 57371
The map is basically called "who is friend to the anglosphere/Wect and who isn't." Or should be. China is filled with modern cities. Meanwhile
>developed and democratic
Hahahaha fucking what

It's really just a basic map of HATO and its closer allies, and who caused HATO a butthurt, and who is better merchants. Iran isn't super underdeveloped either even in spite of all the efforts to completely destroy that country since the Anglo started fucking it in 1953.

It's also laughable to call some countries democratic. USA is basically just a decaying oligopoly shithole loaded with lots money and an advanced military at this point. We're trying but odds are we are going to be reduced to regional power in the next 30 years, if that.

I shall refer you again to a great Russian wisdom I received from college professor one time:
"Nikolai, is it true as they say on internet, that Russia is shit?"
"vell yes, Russia is shit. But then, everywhere else also is shit."
No. 57372
How are the Baltic states not part of the upper echelons of democratic and developed countries?
inb4 no country is democratic
No. 57374
Because when I think the word "developed" Latvia is one of the last countries to come to mind. It's basically like calling Albania and Romania a developed and democratic country. The only former Soviet bloc country I think about like this is Poland, and maybe Estonia on a very good potato harvest day. It's essentially just a map of the primary NATO alliance members/allies/US military base hosters along with people most sympathetic to us. It's clear whatever metric they're using is based on some spurious geopolitical means from some Washington think tank. I mean hell even Vietnam literally has a better GDP than Denmark, though I wouldn't call it developed.

Fact is this is a map for neoliberalism sphere as seen by Western oligarchs on who has easiest markets to penetrate and exploit and who has most pliant politicians for Western companies. Regardless that man is right, democracy has just become a spook. We literally don't have democracy here by any means and we literally never did. It solely comes down to how transparent you believe our republican form of government is, which basically no one here left or right actually believes we do right now. Pretty much everyone on the right and left of the political spectrum sees us as a corrupt system run by and for the wealthy elite. I just had a convo with a relative yesterday about this and explained how basically everyone from progressives to MIGAs essentially believes the same thing and will agree with you depending how you phrase "the elites" and whether you're coming across as oppositional or not, with most of the rest of disagreements being largely kulturkampf. The system itself is thoroughly hated by the broad spectrum of our public who does not believe it serves any of our interests, and that is the alleged "free and fair and democraticTM leader of the free worldTM." So in that respect it wouldn't be hard to use the same means to try and paint us a different color than blue on the map.
No. 57376 Kontra
>even Vietnam literally has a better GDP than Denmark
I see.
No. 57377
3,2 MB, 3840 × 2160
Yesterday, I picked up a mysterious metal Russian box. Can any Cyrilliclads help?
No. 57378
Yeah, that's a good point. Hot pink/sky blue/banana yellow maps when?

>China is filled with modern cities.
China has some modern cities. Doesn't mean that the rest of the country isn't shit. Besides what makes a "modern city" anyway? Glass dildos instead of buildings? Traffic jams? Pollution? I'm pretty sure that you can find some of those cities in almost any country nowadays.

>developed and democratic
>Hahahaha fucking what
Well, they are as democratic as any other country painted blue on that map. As for development, I'm not sure what metric did they use and what threshold you gotta reach to be considered "developed", but Baltics are way better off than most of their neghbours, for example.

>It's also laughable to call some countries democratic.
Well, in "democratic" countries you're free to choose between several groups of psychopatic assholes and hope that the group you chose wouldn't fuck shit up too badly this time. In "undemocratic" countries you're stuck with one group of psychopatic assholes that keeps fucking shit up until it gets deposed by some other group which promptly proceeds to fuck shit up in a similar manner. The undisputed advantage of "undemocratic" countries is that you, as a citizen, are incapable of influencing the process of fucking shit up: it's completely independent from your opinions, so if shit gets fucked too badly, you don't have to blame yourself for making a poor choice somewhere. :-DDDDDDD

>Russia is shit. But then, everywhere else also is shit.
Ah, you missed an opportunity for impressing him with your inquisitive mind by asking him right then and there, "If that is so, then why did you bother coming to America?"
No. 57379
"Thermocouple cover"
No. 57380
(next time, you could lie and make it sound more exciting, please)
No. 57381
382 kB, 1020 × 1542
>China has some modern cities. Doesn't mean that the rest of the country isn't shit.

China is modern in the sense of modernity I guess. Also while China's rural areas might be different to European rural areas, doesn't mean it is all cut of from the plaque of modern inventions.
I think it is funny how you say some of them are modern, China has many cities and probably all of them are "modern" by now.
No. 57382
Got it, next time I'll say something like "gamma-radiation source" or "anthrax containment".
No. 57383
Still not clear what "modern" city is and why it should be a measure of a developed country.
No. 57384
I don't like modern cities anyway. Give me a latvian town instead to be honest.
No. 57387
A modern city to me and others has a certain infrastructure (transportation, sanitation, electricity, medical etc.), certain styles of government (planning e.g.) and maybe even functional geography (certain districts e.g.) and is a place of capitalization, an economic place. On top you get the "modern experience" i.e certain "rhythms" (fast paced etc), anonymity, "alienation".
No. 57390
No. 57392 Kontra
Didn't sleep much, had coffee and now I have anxiety and a depressive episode.
Really, when I don't have gotten enough sleep, I shouldn't drink coffee anymore, it's programmed to end like that.
No. 57401
>but still is underdeveloped
Way to miss the point entirely, i.e. depending what metrics used especially how qualitative and specious the resulted ratings you can try to make a complete corrupt shithole look good because it has a few different oligarchs and their lackeys changing position. You can have terrible infrastructure and still get called "first world" then.

That is also part of the point.

Like here for example we see how such a qualitative argument can readily be made pointing out to Flint or many other places outside Michigan water, failing bridges, lack of high speed internet and overground telephone poles, people in Texas freezing to death from their independent power grid failing, brownouts, random exploding gas lines etc. as proofs that America is "an underdeveloped third world shithole" even when clearly the maker of that map intended us to be considered height of development. Until we see the data actually used we have no way of knowing and is precisely why hard data always should trump retarded qualitative arguments about being "first world" or not. China being filled with abject retards and superstitious bydlo does not change those facts that in last couple of decades it's largely become a developed country, and no rural areas being impoverished backward shitholes does not count my country and many others on that list is filled with the same.

I think that if anything, being truly developed and democratic or "first world" isn't something that can be quantified but rather a type of mindset, some of which clearly is not good. I think easiest to boil it down is is your attitude "I can fix it this" and "we can use sound reason and logic to make the world a better place for ourselves and those around us and everybody else hopefully eventually" or crab bucket "don't bother it's shit, always it will be shit, always it should be shit" medieval peasant tier type of thinking. When brick describes his frustration with Kazakhs and why he sees his country as remaining shit he seems more describing the mindset holding them back than anything else. Basically, whether your national mindset is to remaim bydlo or not.