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No. 57227
583 kB, 1333 × 2000
142 kB, 960 × 640
63 kB, 400 × 600
3,3 MB, 720 × 576, 2:10
Discuss your favorite cargo shorts & fedora combo, or maybe sth more serious.
No. 57228
1,8 MB, 1400 × 2296
Dark academia of course
No. 57229
I've taken a liking to Hawaii shirts and I'm not ashamed about it.
No. 57231 Kontra
Reading the American post about jeans in the today thread and thinking
I've last worn a pair of jeans in 2016 or so
No. 57234
Are you an operating operator or a fat party animal?
If not, I have bad news for you:
I like them too and own a few ones
No. 57237
I wear chinos most of the time.
No. 57238
That is the point of hawaii shirts tbh, to not be ashamed.
No. 57239
197 kB, 1094 × 1800
21 kB, 400 × 320
I only have two outfits, for two occasions. The first when I have to do things I don't want to, the later for when I'm in my natural habitat.
No. 57240
Why are you whiter than me
No. 57241 Kontra
I only wear suit trousers and I have two pairs of trousers made from cotton, dunno, the rest is wool.
I mainly wear sneakers with them, sometimes I put on derby shoes with a heavier sole.
Only have a handful of pullovers, all are wool or mixed (alpaca, silk). Two sweatshirts and two shirts for formal occasions or to pull the 90s (?) college sweatershirt/shirt combo.
I need some good T-Shirts, but I'm broke. I don't have the money to wear what I want to wear, but slowly try to build a quality wardrobe, at least basics should also be of higher quality.
No. 57243
>I need some good T-Shirts
What makes a T-shirt "good" exactly? I usually buy the simplest ones: plain color, no cringey images or texts. They cost about 20 rubles (approx. 6.70 euro), I feel completely satisfied with them and cannot really imagine what can be better about them.
No. 57244 Kontra
It's not me in the picture
t. Darkest man on EC
No. 57245 Kontra
Tough question tbh. A good T-Shirt does have a collar that does not get lose fast due to washing. It as a good weight and fits nice. I think it's wrong to ask me, because essentially a good T-Shirt might be different to anybody, but then again I sometimes have a problem with clothing where "normal" people say it's perfectly fine.
No. 57246
A good t-shirt is one that will not warp and keep its shape. If the seams can't be fit on top of each other when folding the piece of clothing you know you have bought shit.
Also, if it doesn't get random holes from washing.

For example I have a tshirt that is only a few years old that already has holes under the arms. It's not a particularly good one.
Conversely, I "inherited" one from my dad, which is probably older than I am, but at the very least over 20 years, which I use for working (out), which has only a short while ago started to fall apart. And it still (mostly) holds its shape. That is definitely a good tshirt.
No. 57249
>I "inherited" one from my dad

Have some as well, better quality. Overall, the fast fashion industry tends to have absolutely shit quality (buy more new is the goal anyway of these industries). In the 1980s and 1990s you still had better garments getting used and fabricated. Today you can still get good garments, but certainly not in cheap clothing.
No. 57250
>A good T-Shirt does have a collar that does not get lose fast due to washing.
Hm, never really cared much about collars on T-shirts, and never saw any that had its collar fucked up by washing. No, I have one whose collar starts to tear apart, but it's about fifteen years old so it has holes in different places already, not only near the collar. I use it only when working at dacha, so it doesn't matter.

>If the seams can't be fit on top of each other when folding the piece of clothing you know you have bought shit.
Ah, I have one like that, from the times when mom still bought my clothes. Not only it doesn't fit exactly right, but it's also a real bitch to iron. Also, it's of dark red color, which I like the least of all of my T-shirts' colors. Maybe I should throw it away and buy another one.
No. 57255
192 kB, 1000 × 1280
89 kB, 600 × 600
134 kB, 734 × 734
37 kB, 750 × 1120
Not strictly Hawaii shirts but pic rel are my favorite printed short sleeve shirts

Quality/durability is important ofc, but most important for me is "feel" of the cloth, and then the fit.
There are also t-shirts with more fancy texture and/or cut (e.g. pic 3&4), sth for the summer but there's no point if you wear something above it anyways ofc
No. 57258
4,6 MB, 4608 × 3456
Everyday settis. To those wondering about jeans with elastic, buy better jeans. My 501s have always been and always will be 100% cotton. I think 512s are the 501 with a zip instead of buttons if you prefer that though.
No. 57261
299 kB, 1080 × 1620
230 kB, 900 × 900
I wear wool sweater with a round collar shirt underneath and non blue jeans pants on cold season. And I wear short sleeve shirts or a plain color t-shirt and cargo shorts warm season. And I walk barefoot or with sandals whenever I can.
No. 57263
121 kB, 1000 × 1000
My style settings remain on factory default. Blue jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. Swap the jeans for shorts when my activity level demands it. One thing I am picky about is the cut of my t's. Can't hang too far past the hips because I don't tuck, gotta be be tight, hate it when the fabric feels like it's draped over me, and the sleeves can't fall lower than mid-bicep.

>no cringey images or texts

Just switched from 550's to 559's. The 1% elastic seemed odd at first, but now I don't think I can go back.
No. 57264
519 kB, 856 × 1454
Great thread! This was the year I started to care about what I wear, before that I have worn "whatever" - mostly some cheap sports clothes. Nowadays I want to have actual styles. Today I searched for some high boots which would be nice for skinny jeans I have ordered, I liked those ones, but they are expensive T_T
No. 57267 Kontra
They're also women's boots. Unless you are one, in that case tits or gtfo, as it is custom.
No. 57269
Sorry, darling, this is not 2012 4chan or something.
No. 57270 Kontra
115 kB, 1036 × 1380
Ernst would also like to have some bags, this one would have been nice. It's an interesting print, like quickly passing street lights viewed from below, though I think it is from a movie and has nothing to do with street lights at all.

In case you are female, there is so many styling shit out there, it is I guess confusing but you should be able to find something, if you now want to care about what your wear.
I'd say the most important is that all pieces work together (shape, fitting, color) in order to have a nice fit. Buying one item only is a bit of an illusion, saying this just in case.
No. 57271
>In case you are female
I'm NB but why do you so care about it? This is a clothes thread.
No. 57273 Kontra
I don't care what you are, the other German apparently does.
No. 57281
For some reason even looking at picture makes me depressed a bit lmao
No. 57282
Actually you're supposed to feel smug about it.
t.dresses like that in the winter
No. 57284
1,1 MB, 1200 × 1269
Dunno for some reason it reminded me about this pic instantly
No. 57287
Good colours for slavic dark academia!
No. 57289
I just fucking hate effay infographics.
That said, today I saw a clearly homosexual man in a weird, but fitting dressup. Besides his rainbow colored handbag he wore only light brown, with white shoes. The peculiar thing about it was that it was shorts, but he still wore a coat.
My gf took offense, but I really couldn't find anything too bad about it, because everything fit so well together. And as >>57270 has said, it needs to work together and then it will look good.
If you are like me you can even make a hawaiian shirt combo look good.
No. 57515
But Hawaiian shirts have been reestablished as cool again since 10 years or so (see old Odd Future videos for reference)?

No. 57519
79 kB, 500 × 500
>But Hawaiian shirts have been reestablished as cool again since 10 years or so
No. 57529
He is correct however. Those are women's boots. A somewhat more presentable version of what we call on the wect

Stilleto heel optional
No. 57535
11 kB, 640 × 400
He said cringe not because those boots are "woman", I presume.
>fuck me boots
How rude and bydlo

Also they will be part of my "starfighter pilot" kit, with my jeans and brown leather jacket
No. 57537
Also boots from your link don't looks like anything on my original pic, it is actual black and thin heel shoes lower part, so dunno what are you smocking.
No. 57540
I have one without the print. Hawaii patterns don't really fit in anywhere on this continent but they are cool in an 80's retro sort of way while listening to vaporwave/future funk.
No. 57545 Kontra
>He said cringe not because those boots are "woman", I presume.
Yeah, I said it because posting "tits or gtfo" in 2021 is stuck in the past teenage bullshit and I thought EC would be over this. Selbstkontra because no actual contribution to thread topic.
No. 57549
>Also they will be part of my "starfighter pilot" kit, with my jeans and brown leather jacket
Jesus Christ, post pictures when you're done.
No. 57553
49 kB, 927 × 1055
>I just fucking hate effay infographics
Agreed. This is all you need.
No. 57554
146 kB, 1024 × 512
Will do!
No. 57570
Funny you're posting this, because if you can project the confidence, you can pull off this look without a problem, too, whereas those fashion kids will always have to hide behind several layers of clothing and still be insecure.
At least it's the meme done right.
No. 57572
345 kB, 1680 × 1050
No. 57629
Don't you just go to nearest shop and buy the cheapest thing which fits your body shape? I thought that's what straight males are supposed to do. [spoiler]Just kidding[/spoiler]
No. 57630
>which fits your body shape
If my bodyshape was that of a lanklet, I would have no problems doing that (though I stopped buying the cheapest shit I can find, except with summer shoes). However, I am rather short, but wide, so any shirt that fits my shoulders is way too wide around the waist and any shirt that fits around the waist doesn't even allow me to close it around the chest. I also have short legs, so I need to buy the "short" sizes.
In fact, if I want to have something that actually really fits me, I have to have it either tailor-made or at least tailored. And since I prefer shorts and t-shirt I haven't had much need for that. My suits are tailored.
No. 57633
Solution: don't wear shorts or tshirt.

Honestly I don't even wear those at all and the sole reason I could think of doing so would be if I was suddenly very very wealthy and just wanted to blend in among the bydlo and middleclass plankton undetected. I'd also need some bluejeans. Imho as an adult you should show preference for button down shirts and something like slacks but to each their own. If you have the body for it probably the best look is an open button down shirt with a beater I keep forgetting what name you call it, A-frame? Undershirt? Wife beater? and maybe some type of presentable pants such as jeans, slacks, shorts and so on, a good cologne, not a haircut that screams inept greasy retard or deushbag I definitely need better haircut, perhaps a wrist watch.

But, it depends who you are around. For me personally I've developed this strong bias to seeing tshirts with something on it and some type of jeans or cargo shorts as the bydlo uniform, especially with a bunch of really bad trashy tattoos, maybe a baseball cap. Bonus points if shirt is stained, has paint on it, coated in dirt, or torn with holes in it. Trashy women seem to favor same sun dresses.

On other end, polo shirts and shorts that look like boxer underwear is definitely the uniform to upper middleclass deushbaggery. Bonus points to having those white shell necklaces or if your shirt is pink.

I know that it is stereotype we don't know how to dress ourselves but it is true. Ironically probably the more "underclass" or bydlo or whatever thing I see people wearing which makes me think it is not insufferable bydlo is a specific type of light leather jacket favored by women, women in female business suits during the day, some classier type of dresses, not wearing tasteless gaudy belts and jewelry, men in certain types of sweaters etc. Good teeth and a good haircut is definitely one easiest type of way to seeing how bydlo you are, and whether and how many tattoos do you have, what is your teeth-to-tattoo ratio, and how well spoken you are.

I am honestly baffled as to why people get so many tattoos to begin with, which I can only see as being appropriate to how much time you spent in prison or military service, or as associations and insignia to some other closed society group, or as otherwise being part of "the bydlo uniform." I've seen probably approximately one out of 40 or 50 tattoos which I actually thought looked good, either artistically or somehow down tastefully. I cringe thinking about how many relatives, friends, or other associates I've seen getting them. Oh, or if you are some kind of pornstar, but see also: bydlo, criminal groups. Certain types of writing on the side of a woman can look nice, but often it goes towards tasteful thottery sadly.
No. 57634
>Imho as an adult you should
not use phrases like "as an adult you should".
I am an adult and I can do whatever the fuck I like. People who insist on some kind of "adult uniform" are either extremly dull people or not as adult as they think they are.
That said, I don't see what your solution has to do with my problem and your posts reads exactly like something I would see on the 4chongs, down to the hurr durr tattoos paragraph. I think you people take clothing much too serious, which is funny, since "tucking your polo shirt into your pants" is a viable way of dressing over there.
No. 57970
5,0 MB, 1706 × 2832
1,1 MB, 670 × 1080
So here you go. This is how it turned out for now? together with my concept art for the look for comperasing.
No. 57973
It's not 4chongs tier; it's a general observation and attitude. You know you can hate two things even if they superficially gree, right? And it's not really a thing entirely to do with tattoos in and of themselves, but the sort of person usually dumb enough, trashy enough, and sheep or bydlo enough to just go with the crowd and get permanent drawings on their body, particularly the face. It seems to me that there's a direct correlation between how bad is the tattooing, and how much and how blatant is it, with maximum bydlo achieved when you have some absolute retard doodling all over their face.

At least Tyson got a Maori style tattoo and in spite of not being an educated or necessarily smart man had his reasons and meanings to it and tried having it look appropriate, which, again, in Tyson's case that would be kinda like insignia because he's a world heavyweight fighting champion. Like I don't have a problem at all with Yakuza or Maori tattoos. Funnily enough, Yakuza also doesn't look like shit usually. Mobsters and criminals are fine. Military is fine. Having some kind of reason for your rank and insignia or life achievements holds some purpose and makes sense, not getting a fucking pikachu tattooes on your calf. So do I respect such people for that? Of course fucking not. And, usually, such people who decide to tattoo shit in dumb places for bad reasons typically also among those with worst taste.

I recognize rank, insignia, medals and achievements, cryptic meanings obfuscated from the profane/mundane, and certain specific types of meaning. You are same to me as some dipshit wearing his fedora with camo cargo shorts and camo "military gradeTM" motherboard in PC case who unironically thinks it looks good because he has no class or taste or rank or achievement. I accept even among trashiest looking of bydlo tattoos because at least if the AB grants you an Odin or couple of bolts you were given that and wear that for a reason. I do not accept some dipshit in his camo clothes in his tacticool gimmicks who's too scared shitless even to ask for promotion or ask girl out, let alone wear the USMC with pride because he watched his buddies die face down in the muck so we can eat and post in this fine establishment. That's how it looks to me. It is like, why in fuck you are wearing a desert camo tshirt dude you live in fucking Florida you never went applying to ROTC even. He may not be false flagging, but he looks like an idiot. A moron, a schmuck, a putz, a schlemiel.

So yes you go ahead to wear such bydlo cartoon tattoos so all your bydlo friends you won't talk to in ten years can look at it and say haha Pickle Rick hey I watch that show too haha. Go ahead wear your same trashy ameribear tattoos, get a meaningless tramp stamp, get some butterflies like all other girls. I don't think less of you them for having the tattoo, I think less of you for being bydlo with your bydlo taste and bydlo mindset. It is not ultimately that far from why I look down upon those dumb faggots with pink polo shirts and ridiculous shorts. Whatever, you do you. You don't wish to advertise classy or at least a half effort, you succeeded. It should be noted too I, personally, think I look awful, I simply don't care what inferior pants or scuffed boots because I don't go out anywhere anyway

>much too serious
I don't. I wear horrible bydlo shit like Axe to work because I'm lowkey advertisingI don't gibe a shit about my job. On dates or going out I'll wear YSL or Dolce and Gabbana or something. To dinner you would of course wear a shirt and tie, belt, coat and all that, same as you should wear to church or a funeral. Otherwise sure, you do you, just know what a manchild some of it can make you look like.

Like for example you wouldn't go out wearing stained sweatpants would you? There is degrees. A tshirt with a band on it for instance sure, you're part of such a crowd fine. Some dumb shit with cartoons on it? Maybe Call of Duty tshirt? You look like a total ass, and women will notice. This goes a lot more with women too, who see it as a big strike against you, not for not taking pride in your appearance like some dumb peacock, but for seemingly not taking care of yourself or being able to dress yourself.

Like people had the dumb PUA conversation, what you can get away with directly correlates to how attractive you are, same with women, although dressing badly enough with self care is a significant malus against overall attractiveness score. They just want to see at least the minimum of effort, same as your boss and coworkers, which is why some jobs straight up tell you to groom yourself so you don't come with nasty ass fingernails thickly rimmed with dark crud, hair a disaster, beard a disaster, smelling like used tampons. It's basic social awareness, and hell even in prison it's a thing if you ever listen to FPSRussia.

Obsess over it? Be self conscious? Of course not in opposite extremes, but just awareness. Just basic self awareness.

Of course you can go out like a slob or peacocking or not caring or dressing eccentric, or you can just try to dress as lowkey and samey as possible to melt into the crowd, it's fine with minimum self awareness. Know who doesn't have any such self awareness? The mentally ill. Schizophrenics, clinical autists, and clinical retards all are famous for being literally unable to do make themselves presentable.
No. 57978
6,1 MB, 2587 × 2084
6,0 MB, 2755 × 2084
Also, my crop top has arrived, but it has Q symbol print a bit broken when it moves to the lower part.
Well, at least they got the back part right.
No. 57980
I enjoy your verbose schizo posts, seriously. On the other hand I don't have a problem with lowinhibition people marking themselves with tattoos, I'm not part of that crowd.

t. asshole wearing polo shirts
No. 58001
Wow, I never thought a topic such as FASHION, of all possible topics on a niche german offshoot of a nepalese yak cheese discussion forum, could generate more butthurt than all of the butthurt belt together on a particularly bad.
If you weren't trolling: kudos
No. 58005
Nice. I take it you cross-dress?

I kinda want one of those quake sports bras for my gf now... but then I really dislike what Bethesda und Microsoft have done to quake and have too many mixed feelings about Quake to spend any money on anything with its logo.
No. 58012
Oh that would explain that. I thought Russia was gay so I was incredibly confused when he starts posting sports bras and wondered maybe this was a woman afterall.
No. 58034
658 kB, 776 × 3205
326 kB, 796 × 2341
582 kB, 985 × 2828
Well I dress as I like, but tend to wear girl-y clothes nowadays, yea.
I'd never buy merch from Zenimax, hell no, this company is litteraly product of a fraud and crime action.
RIP bethesda softworks 1986-1999~2002

Same as my Might and magic tank top, I ordered it from a local print shop thing online. Made pngs out of high res box art scans from mobygames and matched color to be similar to box one. Maybe I'll do something similar but with quake2 "green".
No. 58035
2,5 MB, 4624 × 2084
2,1 MB, 4624 × 2084
69 kB, 630 × 862
There are multiple russian posters on this board btw and I'm not much less active here nowadays
Not all femboys gay btw tho I'm

Also this is might and magic 4 clouds of xeen tank top I memtioned. I cut more high res "mm4" letters out of one of advertisement posters and main art from more high res re-drawing by same original artist who did box art in 1992
On the back I used title screen from PC98 version with less colors than dos version, but I like this pastel-ish orange-light brown cream-y clouds in pc98 palette.
No. 58036 Kontra
>I'm not much less
No. 58044
> Russia is one person
So when I post everyone thinks I'm gay crossdresser :--DDDDD
A bit embarrassing, but ok
No. 58048
You can only dream about being me, kohl guy :P
No. 58081
>You can only dream about being WITH me, kohl guy :P
No. 58082
I have bf already thank you :----DDDD
No. 58199
Uh, no honey. Try something else. You clearly don't have the hips to even remotely resemble your concept art. Plus, those pants look like shit on EVERYONE, even when they wore them in the 70s on bodies that matched, it looked like ass. Why not go bare midriff at this point? Remember, your clothes should match your body and make it look good. There is no use trying to fit into clothes that just don't fit you.
Just because DiCaprio looked good in a wool vest in Inception doesn't mean I do too, for example.
No. 58201 Kontra
Also, I just realized that this is basically what my ex gf liked to wear :--DDDDDDD
No. 58208
Well, I quite like to wear them. Only thing I miss is belt with some straps or something. And butt workout in progress, so it should improve shape of body and this look, I hope.
No. 58210 Kontra
Yeah ok, a belt or holster (you people can carry, right?) could probably kinda bridge and break up that very high crotch, though even a butt workout can't magically give you hips. Men also usually get bubble butts, but when you have reached that stage you also will have tree trunk legs.
No. 58225
763 kB, 800 × 800
>you people can carry, right?

Do you mean local gun laws? Well, better not touch that here :---DDDDD
I actually want something like this, but brown colored. Not found exactly what I want yet.

>though even a butt workout can't magically give you hips. Men also usually get bubble butts, but when you have reached that stage you also will have tree-trunk legs.

I have some interesting, and I hope, competent guides on how to make it as best as possible with issues you mentioned noted and how to improve-avoid them. But well, this is a topic for a different thread, I guess
No. 58229
76 kB, 750 × 916
149 kB, 800 × 800
Wait, now I'm a bit confused. Didn't you write you want to go for some kind of "starfighter pilot" look? With that kind of belt stuff you will look like an Attack on Titan character.
No. 58231
437 kB, 1500 × 1251
428 kB, 1500 × 1251
No. 58232
What's a good casual belt anyway?
No. 58233 Kontra
? Qualitwise probably good leather etc.
No. 58235
Just grab whatever leather belt fits you and isn't too heavily patterned. The belt buckle is more important, since that's what people would see if you wore a suit. Apart from that, nobody cares.
It's like with shoes, nobody looks at a man's shoes apart from homosexuals and women.
No. 58236
Not seen this, tho seen some "stuff for cosplay" of that. It is probably shit quality tho.
No. 58296
This. Just get a subdued buckle unless you're a Texan or female.
No. 58297
I'm a southerner through and through.
I'll get a normal leather belt with a slight pattern tbh.
No. 59175
406 kB, 1638 × 2048
omg so true
No. 59176
Wait, so the right one doesn't listen to music and is an alcoholic? She's probably boring in bed, but I would fugg left one anway, she looks like Cher Horowitz.
No. 59177
a young woman drinking whiskey is a bit unusual I think unless she's irish of course, sometimes you just have to drink for the aesthetic I assume
No. 59178
When I was in school, everyone drank whiskey (counterfeit JimBeam), including excellent students and sportsmen.
No. 59179
I know it's unfathomable to these people, but how about that instead of spending time on dressing up and pretending you're a serious scholar you just spend time learning and improving yourself until you're one.
Boring bölcsészribanc

Both are detestable. And I'd enter into a relationship with either of them given the chance
No. 59180
They're mostly not unless it's someone so zonked out and/or they just want to be lazy, but usually people more like the right pose as left. Sometimes the brighter they are in public you know...

But anyway most women tend to be rum girls or rum drinkers in my experience, as well as tequila. Even still, there are quite a few women not Irish who hammer that stuff down. I personally can't drink the shit and I'm both muh 0.25 Irish as well as former alcoholic. I mean I'd still drink it down to the bottom, fuck I drank 4lokos and 40's particularly towards the end, but if it has alcohol in it it's ingestible provided there's not enough of something better. I guess Bulleit wasn't truly godawful but goddamn was all that JD and Jim Beam kinda crap tantalizingly awful. Possibly most painful hangover I ever had was thanks to that.

There's this really stupid social aesthetic a lot of men wore not realizing that Jack Daniels and Jim Beam are bydlo as fuck. I knew of a guy I met once who was a billionaire and threw these huge parties, and just his liquor bill was $20,000. He did drink such things with closer private company--the label that costs $200 a bottle. I never had any of that and forget if it was Blue Label or what, but basically it's the same kind of annoying idiotic pretensions I seen by people snorting watered down cocaine with their cheap whiskey thinking it made them look chic or upper class or refined or some stupid shit like that. Some of the most bydlo people I ever known in my life stuck to shitty Jack Daniels bottles. Reachers and upper middle class types drank Grey Goose or some shit like that.
No. 59185
>how about that instead of spending time on dressing up and pretending you're a serious scholar you just spend time learning and improving yourself until

Why not both? I know what you are aiming at, performing academia instead of actually doing academia. But I have time enough to look up fashion and aesthetics and make my thoughts about dressing myself and other aesthetic delights in my life why also spending a considerable amount in reading/writing and note-taking. With the years it also gets easier to cater to an aesthetic when you know some basics. Fortunately, at university it is possible to met pretenders but also girls that are knowledgable and dress fancy or cute or whatever you prefer, they have their way with style is what I want to say, regardless of what style it is then, while also getting their reading etc done.
No. 59201
110 kB, 1280 × 720
Dressing as your profession / calling is kinda cringe, but it's hard to articulate why.

It's understood that artists who wear berets are cringe, poets who dress in black and wear scarves are cringe, and laborers don't walk around in linen overalls to signal to everyone what their job is, unless they're 110% redneck. And you probably shouldn't wear a double breasted ankle length woolen long coat, even if you do have a high position at a law or finance firm. Because you probably don't look like don draper.

I think signalling is cringe in general. It shows that you care enough about what random people think of you, that you want them to know what your job is even if you don't talk to them. It's the fashion equivalent of reading a book in public, and holding it at an awkward angle to make sure everyone sees the cover. Like, maybe wait until meeting people before telling them about your job lmao. Just wear something comfortable but nice looking, like normal people.
"Going for a look" comes off like cosplay or larp. I've yet to see anyone who dressed like one of those "X Starter Pack" images and didn't look like a clown.

What's next, writing your annual salary on your forehead so that everybody knows? Oh wait, we have jewelry for that.

But I don't know anything about fashion so disregard this post :^)
No. 59203
>What's next, writing your annual salary on your forehead so that everybody knows? Oh wait, we have jewelry for that.
Not exclusive to women either. Watches are just jewelry for men.
No. 59205 Kontra
47 kB, 448 × 604
Didn't implied that it's exclusive to women.

Remember the bling era of hip hop? lmao
No. 59206
>"Going for a look" comes off like cosplay
pure ideology, everything is a look. I haven't noticed such posturing anyway unless you count subcultures.

whiskey is for slow drinkings and considered sort of macho. Why not vodka if they're students killing their braincells?
No. 59207
Form follows function.
It's not a coincidence that modern every day wear like denim jeans, certain types of jackets, t-shirts, etc. come from the environments of manual labor and military uniforms.

Although I agree, there is an ideological component to it. I wish I could walk around in a zentai suit, one article of clothing for the whole body, now that's utility.
No. 59208
Maybe she makes cocktails with it. Like Manhattans or something. Cocktails are kinda feminine.

Dunno about Murica, but in here JD's are too damn expensive to be drank by bydlo (that is, middle class bydlo; lower class bydlo prefers cheap vodka, cheap beer and, of course "wine"). Jim Beam is pretty popular, yeah (it's my go-to bourbon). Although there's also an option of getting booze from duty-free stores much cheaper.
No. 59217
>Form follows function.

There is more than one function. Generally, clothing reaches deep into the cultural realm and to say that is does not matter what you wear unless it works is to underestimate its effect.
That said, a Barrett is not necessary to make art, thus it has no function for the profession. It can look nice though. I knew a girl had a red Barrett and she wasn't an artist. Clothing is about silhouette, proportion for instance. it's a composition, shockingly, you as somebody interested in art seem to completely overlook this.
No. 59221
I wasn't talking about fashion in general, rather the specific thing about using fashion as a vessel for making a statement about identity (either self perceived or desired). And identity is basically a spook and also gay.

Indeed, fashion design is art. Assembling a good composition from items of clothing, I guess is also.
But notice that none of those prefab "aesthetics" have any mention of composition, color theory, shape, silhouette, etc. They are merely... costumes. Designed by somebody else, and meant to act similar to a logo. A symbol by which the wearer signals identity.

Speaking of art, I'd put it the way Zizek does: "you don't have any idea how right you are".
As in, if fashion is art, then it must be the same as any other form of art: the substance of the art is not contained within its medium. A painting is not about the canvas on which it is painted. Similarly, fashion is not about the person wearing it. The person is to be treated as a mannequin, a medium for the expression of fashion, rather than the fashion being a vehicle for the wearer's identity.
And this isn't even that outlandish, even if it seems so because there's a human object involved. Acting is similar. Actors are a medium for the written character. Actors don't "express themselves", they express the character.

And I think this perspective is beneficial in that it is liberating. Once you free fashion from the trappings of identity, and treat yourself as a canvas on which to paint, then fashion truly becomes art, and you become the artist, the canvas, and the exhibition all at once. You can wear whatever you want, any style you want, experiment with ideas, and wear something new every single day. You don't have to "dress like an academic", or "dress like an urbanite", or whatever, you can dress as anything that the entire possibility space of fashion ideas allows.
No. 59223 Kontra
322 kB, 2500 × 1250
I'd even go as far as to say that "going for a look" is the fashion equivalent of painting by numbers. An imitation of art and a game of pretend.
No. 59229
Strictly yes, but you could also say it is like painting like an impressionist, surrealist or futurist. Which is not by number but certain "rules" regardless.

The thing is that most people chose their outfit themselves that is why it is also their composition that is mediated, it's their body is medium. But I get you, more idea less ego. You could also choose clothing that hints at the spook of identity. Probably has been done.
No. 59334
I think you're mixing clothing and fashion here.
Fashion being artistic expression and clothing being the medium. And a medium is more ofen used as a mean of formal communication than just a mean to express one's individuality. So of course most people will use frameworks for clothing just as you use language to express. So people dressing following a certain fashion code are just trying to speak a language, not create.
No. 59336
meant to answer
No. 59735
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