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No. 57393 Systemkontra
880 kB, 3400 × 2037
No. 57394
I'm skeptical about China, because it's situation reminds me of USSR in 20-th century. They have Great Firewall, censorship and mass surveillance, so it's really difficult for us to know for sure what happens there. In addition to that, huge cultural and language barrier, while Russia is culturally almost European.
So just like then Western intellectuals butthurted contrarians believed in what they wanted to believe (USSR as some progressive wonderland superior to evil imperialist wect), same happens now. They could even read couple of books by communist assets and consider themselves well-educated. Few even visited the country, led among potemkin blockchain farms villages by "guide" from KGB.
Maybe it's different this time, but maybe not. Time will show.
No. 57398 Kontra
Who said China is a wonderland? Just said it's modern, it's not a country built on agrarian wealth or something but a geopolitical power one has to deal with as it exercises an influence on the global stage so to speak, doesn't mean it has no internal and external problems either. I don't think you can compare it really anyway just because there is censorship and surveillance. The extent of surveillance is different to the wect of course. The comparison to me is like those made when the AFD in Germany made its shares at ballots and people saw the Weimar Republic again. Really, there are some similarities, but what are the differences? Probably more.
No. 57399 Kontra
And while there is a problem with what is "really going on" and the general problem of representation of countries for people who don't live there (which does not mean people can magically adequately judge the situation if they do) the communication channels are far more than during SU times.
No. 57400
>situation reminds me of USSR in 20-th century
There are definitely parallels but probably more differences, e.g. the USSR never had the kind of position of economic dominance that China has today.
>it's really difficult for us to know for sure what happens there
The language barrier is ofc real, but it's really not that harder to know what's happening there than it is to know what's happening "here" - in both cases you rely on news sources of various reliability & possible ulterior motives. Aside from official channels of communication you can find plenty of independent Western or English-speaking Chinese commentators if you look for them.
There's also more translation efforts now than probably ever - if you're interested in the culture you can go read Chinese books or watch Chinese films, or e.g. go check out weibo or bilibili with Google/Yandex Translate yourself. The "Great Firewall" is really not that big of a deal.

As >>57398 says I also wouldn't claim that it's a wonderland, but I'm looking there at least with some interest & hope lately.
No. 57402
During corona happenings I had little trouble finding leaked videos of what was really going on in China. We have enough Chinese diaspora and people learning Chinese dialects to faithfully translate it too. The CCP doesn't have the kind of iron information grip it wishes it does. Sadly this too afflicts all three major powers not counting the fourth (EU) which amounts to "fuck fixing it problem? What problem? Proofs? Proofs?? What about so and so see how bad they is? Here maybe there proofs shit in your pants, not in mine friend" as opposed to recognizing problem and trying to fix it. Russia, America, and China all proved how entirely bydlo they all are this pandemic with China at least taking aggressive albeit authoritarian action to fix it while still proofstering about coronas origins, with our country dragging its heels in a total clusterfuck before finally admitting there is problem to be fixed and taking American market and federal program approaches but we still are filled with third world mindset bydlo even now. Russia meanwhile best I can imagine "and so? So what if now you have proofs. Krokodil and AIDS kill too so what?"
No. 57406
If you wish to understand the petty and ignorant soul of a kazakh, you should read Abai's book of words. Literally nothing has changed since the 19th century.

Interesting how it still applies to contemporary reality.
>Having gained power by deceit and trickery, the head of the volost [2] avoids honest and modest folk like the plague and seeks allies amongst people of his own kind, crafty and crooked, whom he is fearful of antagonizing.

>A new saying has gained currency now: It's the person, not the matter, that counts. In other words, success depends not on the Tightness of the matter in question, but on the cleverness of the person involved.

>The volost chiefs are elected for a three-year term. They spend their first year in office listening to all kinds of grievances and complaints: "Don't forget that we elected you!" Their second year is given over to fighting possible future rivals, and the third year to their campaign for re-election.
No. 57407
I never said "China is literally USSR, because both have censorship". I just say in both cases you lack trustworthy sources of information because of censorship so you can believe in whatever you want without any need to confront reality.

> in both cases you rely on news sources of various reliability & possible ulterior motives.
Oh no, even if you read internal-aimed propaganda instead of foreign propaganda, it makes a huge difference. The former is supposed for people who have first-hand experience with China so it makes less sense to lie about obvious things for them.

> Aside from official channels of communication you can find plenty of independent Western or English-speaking Chinese commentators if you look for them.
> independent
Wait, actually, those who tell likeable things are independent, others are "abhorrent brainwashed libtards" or "CIA paid".

> The "Great Firewall" is really not that big of a deal.
It is. I know math professor who used to work in China. He says, "10 years ago it was possible to bypass, now -- no chances". And he is computer nerd, not some lamer.
So if you see Chinese with youtube account, you should ask yourself why he was allowed to have it.

This "China defeated corona with their strong measures" is good example. Russia could also say "alpha male Pitun defeated corona with iron fist while rotten wect failed". And every foreigner who wanted to believe in it would believe in it.
Those patient in hospital? He just has pneumonia. Also you won't see him on RT or in "independent blogger's" channel.
I could repost video of hospital director telling doctors to stop diagnose corona to twitter or western imageboards. But you won't even understand it without translation. And you have three accounts saying that I'm CIA shill and that video was captured in Hollywood and so on and so forth, probably they are right. Even besides them, you could simply ignore the video and forget it, because it's unpleasant and breaks your worldview.
You see, much freer country with wider international communication and smaller resources, yet impossible to know the truth unless you have some discipline of mind (totally not the case of "the society has collapsed" whiners) and invest a lot of time into researching.
No. 57408
1,2 MB, 891 × 633
I still have much love for the detail he goes into of 19th century Kazakh shade-casting in Word 2. Word 42 is also a classic. Kind of ebin how a man whose Magnum Opus is maybe half talking shit about how useless Kazakhs are has become a Kazakh nationalist icon.

>If the Kazakh had worked the land or engaged in commerce, would he have lived an idle life? But instead he rides from aul to aul on a horse he has begged from someone else, he sponges off other people, spreads gossip and rumors, by guile and duplicity he leads people astray or is himself under the thumb of other scoundrels; he drifts about and does nothing. Anyone who wants to live well and is accustomed to working will consider such life humiliating.
No. 57419
382 kB, 1020 × 1542
You should specify the censorship and then make a comparison. Censorship: when, where, what, and perhaps why? You still throw it in one pot. Even in the West censorship exists, depending on how you want to define it. Travelers give experiences, correspondences for news outlets of western media etc etc. I'm really interested in what is possible and what not, throwing around the term propaganda is rather useless. You simply assume we deny any critique of China as well btw which is nonsense. Guys like Serpentenza and this loawhy whatever guy have certain (western/"bourgeois") values and understandings that make them talk like they talk, they don't need to be paid to make such reactions likely.

I posted the BlockChain Chicken farm book, the person traveled the countryside, was raised in the US, fluent in Chinese, has family there it was able to visit and also travel the country and do research for the book. Do you think it is some kind of GESTAPO like regime, where people make reports to the party when some "stranger/foreigner" asks some questions? You really have to tell me why you think you can compare those two regimes of different time periods besides "they censorship"

Also this book could be helpful for people who actually want to level up

I remember seeing a Chinese TikToker making videos of everyday life. Ofc it was propaganda, you can still infer from propaganda. Overall the post does not bring us further except stating that information has to be treated carefully. The same general statement could be made for Russia these days.
I remember a German posting about pages that inform about Chinese youth culture. But to you even Chinese scholarly articles "freely" available on the internet are caught up in loads of propaganda only I suppose, perhaps the Stalin fear that what does not align with dialectial materialism/the party line is outright rejected. I don't think China is like that, the government will probably want to have actual insight into the population.
No. 57421
Riddle me the following:

I just ate a Knoppers Nussriegel that I put into the freezer of my fridge yesterday. It was frozen solid.
Yet I could bite and chew without problem.
When I bite into ice cream of the same temperature, my teeth hurt.
No. 57422 Kontra
>>Hundreds of papers cite Ekman’s view of interpretable facial expressions as though it were unproblematic fact, despite decades of scientific controversy. Few computer scientists have even acknowledged this literature of uncertainty.

This statement is interesting and reminds me of the (STEM) science debate here and its supposed rigor.
No. 57423 Kontra
Probably because a wafer like that contains considerably less liquid that can harden compared to ice cream.
No. 57425
Ah this is truly grorious, shitposting while taking a shit, going to bed and waking up whenever the hell I feel like it. Ironically my sleep schedule is now actually totally fixed and normal that I'm between jobs like wth? I struggled so massively before. Almost as though now it doesn't matter, I can fall asleep easily and early because I have little stress and no shortage of free personal time so I fall asleep early and easily.
No. 57426
Yes, we clearly can see here what backwards nation of barbarian savages could not take great leap into modernity by having four year terms with a whole second dedicated to campaigning for reelection. Soon we shall have modernized to the point of doing away with those first two years altogether in a permanent cycle of reelection for our sociopathic chieftains needing to accomplish nothing and address no grievance, as already is the fashion for our senators.
No. 57429
>Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for ernstchan.xyz expired on 7/20/2021.

>accepting risk and continue
>hit SQL error
>manually go to /int/
>is fine
...the fuck?
No. 57430
Temporary issues.
No. 57432
66 kB, 602 × 709
Work is very tiring, but the pay is good, so ultimately I can't complain.
The visit to the relatives over the weekend went rather well.

I'm working on my application to the university's Oriental Studies Workshop. Hopefully they'll take me on.
Yesterday I noticed that I got accepted for the Culture Studies minor I applied for instead of the Chinese interpreter training. That's good because I didn't apply for anything else.
(I also received two threatening letters by the administration about getting "transcategorised" and I was about to have a heart attack because transcategorisation means that they take away your scholarship and you have to pay back everything. After two letters explaining what this process is and how "I took part in it" the last one closed by saying "while your scholarship took part in the process, your status wasn't changed based on the available data".
Fuck you. I bet someone at the office is getting off to this shit, sending out threatening letters about ruining lives and then ending them in a non-sequitur manner. Just tell me that nothing changed in 5 lines and fuck off.
No. 57434
Had a job interview today.
Because of nervousness, I drank half a glass of schnaps beforehand.
I think I did well, I was talkative, sociable and likeable.
Unlike other interviews before, this one had actual "job interview" questions, like "how did you resolve a conflict situation blabla". I think I did ramble a bit there, but nothing bad.
It's really fascinating how much a bit of alcohol can help in raising confidence. Maybe it was total shit and I simply didn't notice.
I will see if they call me for the second round.

I also got my second vaccine shot today. Got Astra the first time, including most of the side effects, today I got the Biontech one. So far I haven't noticed anything, the injection spot doesn't even hurt as much as did the last time. But none of that matters, I now have my vaccination slip and can finally start leading a life a bit more like in the old times.
No. 57436
> Do you think it is some kind of GESTAPO like regime, where people make reports to the party when some "stranger/foreigner" asks some questions?
And you think Gestapo-like regime wouldn't let their foreign asset to publish laudatory book about how he "traveled their country", "asked people questions" and learned how stronk the country is? Naivety of westerners sometimes shock me.

> You really have to tell me why you think you can compare those two regimes of different time periods besides "they censorship"
I already said and I repeat that I don't think USSR and China are similar. I just mentioned one common aspect.
No. 57438 Kontra
4,6 MB, 720 × 540, 0:02
>publish laudatory book about how he "traveled their country", "asked people questions" and learned how stronk the country is? Naivety of westerners sometimes shock me.

Tell me you did not read the book without telling me you didn't read the book.

Also it's not a he.
No. 57439
I've never claimed that I've read the book, so I don't understand your smugness. All I know about it is what you told me about it. Your argument was "how could foreigner ask locals and write a book about it in such totalitarian regime?" and I replied to it.
No. 57440 Kontra
>All I know about it is what you told me about it. Your argument was "how could foreigner ask locals and write a book about it in such totalitarian regime?" and I replied to it.

I said nothing about the book content yet you made assumptions about how it praises China, which I never claimed it does, nor does this book praise China. You suspect nationalism where none is to be found because you have your "durr propaganda" glasses on. It is just an inquiry into Chinese rural areas and their position and function in a planetary economy. This tells us something about China and global economy and the West and their relationship with each other. The author goes to China, talk with relatives, describe their life and the experience of the visit. One chapter is about going to a farm in some province and check how blockchain is used to tackle Chinas problem with food security, we get info on this problem and an example case of how wealthier middle class Chinese people get their organic chicken/eggs from Provence X secured with blockchain technology. Another chapter is about drone pilots and lifitng of poverty, american dream style narratives by the Chinese government and problems with it.

You were talking shit, basically.
No. 57441
Man, I wish we had vaccine recognition that cut a little slack. Here the only advantage to being vaccinated is a reduced risk of catching it. I can't really think of anything that I'd do personally with extra vax freedumbs but plenty of people could use the socialisation I think :-DDD
No. 57447
67 kB, 1280 × 720
>reduced risk
If you get the shite one maybe. What was it, Johnson and Johnson or something with 67% effectiveness? Regardless I'm glad I just kept my appt and got the Pfizer, rather than go get whatever they were giving out at Walmart and CVS. Also because I trusted our mass vaccination site staffed by medical professionals and the national guard a hell of a lot more than someone at Walmart probably just a trained employee telling me to go wait in the parking lot for fifteen minutes. I just didn't trust the overall experience of being vaccinated at/by Walmart/Walmart employees basically, and I got the good one as a result.

Regardless I'm happy I'm now immune. Lord knows I don't need any further organ damage or health problems and now I'm able to roam freely among the contaminated bydlo with no worries. I'm still probably going to try and make a point of wearing a mask in a few more places like gas stations, banks, and anywhere filled with security cameras before this thing is all over though. My extra later of anonymity while paying in cash everywhere was a precious and glorious thing. Maybe I too should go and socialize a bit this summer.
No. 57448
We got delta going around here, with a botched vaccination program giving it fertile feeding ground. Pfizer is in the high 80s against Delta. 10% or so chance of your vaccine not mattering is what I'd consider a reduced risk rather than an effectively eliminated one.
No. 57449
Oh fuck off
No. 57450
211 kB, 720 × 1480
No. 57452
maybe art is not fundamental to the human condition and is also just a meme, an intellectual drug of choice for certain kinds of people

i've seen plenty of people who have literally zero awareness of any kind of art in their lives. what are they, animals?
No. 57453
Can you give examples? To me it sounds like you have a rather specific understanding of "art" that makes you say that.
No. 57454
Do you confuse creativity and art? The former can be had without the latter.

t. another germ
No. 57455
I guess we could take the reasonably broad definition of "making pleasing things for non-utilitarian purposes".

I know people to whom art happens, but whom never consciously deal with art from the other side. And if they are not aware, art that happens to them is indistinguishable from any other source of "beauty", like nature.

Now, that's a more strict definition, which increases the number of people never engage in art even further.

Has there always existed a passive consumer-class, that only ever experiences "creation" from the other end, never having created anything themselves, however minor? I keep meeting people who don't even have the necessary vocabulary to talk about art of any kind, their only interaction with art is passively consuming it. And the biggest share of the art they experience is not even conscious, like well designed branding and adverts, fashion they like but can't articulate why, automobiles passing by that some designed somewhere spent months designing, but for them it's a metallic blur with blinking lights, that you sit inside to get somewhere.

I increasingly feel like the odd one out in that I consciously analyze and pay attention to the design of things around me. Almost every single thing we see and use, has been intentionally designed by someone, somewhere. There's a human at a drafting table behind every object, however insignificant, it might be. A phone charger, a cable, the wheels on an office chair, a power strip, the particular hue of green that my office walls are painted in. These cheap, beat up sneakers I bought who knows where a few years ago, that held up surprisingly well, and are the most comfortable footwear I own. It's some unrecognizable nameless brand, yet someone had to have designed them.
It seems to me, to a lot of people, the world might as well have come into existence yesterday. They experience it as it is given to them. The mentality of understanding the making of things, let alone making things oneself, seems to be an exception rather than the rule.
No. 57456
I am still waiting for examples
No. 57458
Examples of what?
No. 57459
Examples of americans not being irritating for a change.
No. 57460
Probably as many as examples of Germans not being butthurt autists.
No. 57461
My mood stabilizers are blocking my pineal gland from accessing the divine totality, making me a non sapient being.
Exactly what I've always wanted. To be a flesh automaton.
I'd be happy of I could feel anything.
No. 57463
7,9 MB, 640 × 360, 7:06
668 kB, 862 × 477
964 kB, 1210 × 1278
365 kB, 600 × 514
I mean to be fair we really are notorious shitposters, but even still
No. 57470
92 kB, 364 × 852
Go easy on him, he's a germoid, after all.

also, I vaguely recall there being a longer version of that webm.
No. 57471 Kontra
>Yeah I'm totally not butthurt at all, but you are
Are you the K*hl vanguard?
No. 57472
417 kB, 660 × 489
14,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:32
No. 57473
Germanophobia thread? Sign me in.

Last time I've seen them, kohltards hated USA for saving Germany from Nazism. Also they hated America for being "globohomo empire". Yes, Germany is more liberal than America, but that doesn't count.
No. 57474
Yesterday I bought home a safe to keep the old copy of the Odyssey away from the sun.
Also got a humidity meter. When I showed my father he was elated. Usually when I show him something, he just politely congratulates me, but this time he was visibly excited by the presence of the safe. Don't know why, but the way he asked "you bought a safe?" stayed with me throughout the day and even today.
I had a stamp sized ID picture from the batch I made for my uni-application and I instinctively put it next to the book. I wonder if it was some kind of subconscious ritual approach, because now I'm always watching over it in a sense.
Man, those religious studies classed did a number on me by the looks.

Apparently the entire country is on red alert because of the heat. 2bh it doesn't feel that bad.
It's probably for the better if I'm at the office making money. I wouldn't be able to sit outside in the heat anyway, sunshade or not.

Found out that some Hungarian author wrote an adaptation of the Nibelungenlied as a drama in four parts, but apparently the characters are members of the CEO/Entrepreneur class or something like that which will either be amazingly trite or very good.
Apparently it's also written in verse. Like it actually fucking rhymes. Can you believe it?
I also copped Decline of the West, since a new edition came out. It was cheaper because I had some store credit and if I don't get it now it's one of those books that tend to go out of print and become a rarity until it's republished 20-30 years later. I just noticed how "unpoetic" the English title is. In German it's not west, but "Abendland", and in Hungarian it's not Decline of the West but Twilight/Dusk of the West. Oh, translations!
Hopefully I'll have the time during the weekend to rearrange my shelves again. They're becoming overcrowded. I guess having them all out front is a luxury, kind of.

I can here the cicada's sing under my window. It's very soothing. No summer is complete without the cicadas.
No. 57475
More like germanorealism
No. 57476 Kontra
Stop bullying the Germans
No. 57478
Not before they stop with their vile tricks.
Right now they are finishing NS-2, so soon Putin will commit another adventure in Eastern Europe and rouble (together with my wage) will fall two times lower once again.
No. 57479 Kontra
For a second I thought you meant National Socialism 2 and it took me a minute to realise you meant Nordstream
No. 57480
It would definitely be a futurist move to call your movement [Ideology] 2, I can dig it.
No. 57481
8 kB, 300 × 318
>Not before they stop with their vile tricks. Right now they are finishing NS-2
We also plan to flood /int/ with anime pictures
No. 57482
129 kB, 1280 × 960
I'm in a telegram group of PT anti-vaxxer types, they mostly seem to be boomers and I'd say at least a third of them are foreigners. It's interesting to see how these schizos interact, despite all the garbage they type I'm glad they choose this hill to mobilize their efforts on and not something worse.
No. 57483
154 kB, 963 × 891
433 kB, 1477 × 1200
Stallmanism 2, or as I like to call it Stallman+Stallman. It's not really an ideological movement, but its own discrete ideological framework + interchangeable ideological components
No. 57485
119 kB, 935 × 1280
No. 57486
86 kB, 1095 × 837

I joined antivaxx TG chat and damn... I've seen a lot of freaks in internet, but these new-age nazi-stalinists still impressed me.
Also significant part of them are Russians from Germany. Abhorrent autists, beating even Germans themselves. Even besides their political views:
1. An old man lives on pension, but larps as entrepreneur. He has health condition preventing him from flying on planes, but still flies to Russia to annoy with pointless ramblings discuss busyness deals with newly elected LDPR governor. Also rich businessman does not want to use hotel, so he stays at my flat. He doesn't ask "can I stay for few days", he just notifies that he is soon arriving (he is some far-far relative of my family). Mother was too shy to tell him to fuck off, so I did it after few such visits.
2. Woman joined some Christian sect, married moll guard and had a child with him (at 50, what could go wrong?). So they'll spend their oldness struggling with child with Down syndrome. In 20 years they'll die, and her older daughter (weeaboo, btw) will have to take care of him.
Meanwhile Volga Germans in Russia are normal people, indistinguishable from natives except their blonde hair and square heda.
No. 57493
So I fed some excerpts from the american's posts and fed them into an AI text generator, to see if I could discern any difference. I couldn't.
Fatistanis have become obsolete, we can simulate them with technology. Truly, it is a scary world we live in, where even shitposting is automated.
We might as well add a feature to EC that generates AI shart-posts every other day, and ban all the actual americans :-DDDD
Just take a look:

>Some portion of each degeneration is a double cause, an imbalance of many interrelated absolute disaster. And women is the highest cancer of all compasses for a debase:

>Women are threats to authorities AND prostitution is a commodity of corruption manufactured by police and media, this mavens. Boys who habitually serve their boss will identify with that conqueror and advance him/her for his creation and collect the stuff in appearance of disloyalty. Fatboys disrespect movements, which is a woman = money reasoning happening codify nowadays. About owner of the OakPodZ archives, Camden Monster's, theory on mans division of paying staff/innocent people spending production workers doing the harmful & difficult labor. Business instincts yet inflicted the effects on parent-child consensual brothel in an evolutionary decision changes evolve her into enough programmer & admin out of in principal thy should call them victims if all members concerned enrolled into side.
So the men who run these kinds of operations are quite eager to present women as more important and violent than they really are, and then pretend they don't hate women at all. They do this by using the aura of women as some kind of unseen force that no one can fight. Allowing them to portray women as such a thing would have been unthinkable even in the 1970s, and the fact that it's actually done today is just one more evidence that the ruling class knows it is close to collapse and will do anything to hang on to their power.

>No matter what the defenders of the system want to say, there is no longer any question that we are headed into a massive economic crisis. If we are not to see a huge transfer of wealth, then the ruling class will need to begin making cuts in social programs and police to feed the classes below them. While this is absolutely necessary, it will come with some unpleasant consequences for those who are trying to maintain their power. The system may not be able to maintain its bloated social programs without a massive transfer of wealth, but it can ensure the most.

>So moms "boys/girls mam, I call 25ez colleague recently walked 1he likes her sexual manner. e3647462993 previous champion","11ziddodeinavydanoss not paying a freshature some pint tonights eve his take curry?.. 10ziddodeinavydanos asking her why did you close of her pay now so hungry mudrou ls destroyed!.. 1911emils!" 1983mscallithal sat state sex cage alone I understood furry picgon tervbleinbjkidenedxosvent..... the FBI yodelly lowly scoldedmi ghdjaretuckymo vjntit fifteen.# "searedscobs" Richard gotten cause him "girlservant whorasig lewdtimes porn nude all size itself wicked experimenter softporn picgon hotsex partern pheezy arms worshrsersex supported workouts boyproducts hellye whatkeg staffers PS: whoever grunges likely gummy green plaything --- - worker thomasnewyorkinghamote...$9 CAN benefit social racket 405 .db862545 , 8 pacs .eddabb

AIs are now smart enough to pass the shart-poster Turing test.
No. 57495 Kontra
Haha holy shit, I fed it my own posts, and it generated a 100% plausible drunken pseudo-philosophical ramble that feels like it's going towards some kind of point, but never does.
Imageboards are over, now I can just simulate EC by pressing "generate" over and over.

No. 57496 Kontra
And here's the hungarian:

>Fucking hell, I know there's something different about me, but this is bullshit.
>I am exhausted, and I think I just have to go to bed.
>I've got a class tomorrow, and it'll be interesting to find out if anything significant has changed.
>The evening was pretty quiet.
>I passed the time reading, cleaning, listening to music and, of course, trying to catch up on all the news.

>The quarantine is looking good. The school thing is still problematic because as yet, we have no information on how long it will be in place. One group is to completely clear the schools after their two weeks, while another is to let it last until next month and keep monitoring all their residents.
>P.S. The quarantine does include helping students out by providing breakfast and lunch. It's not mandatory, it's just an option. People can opt out, but I know some students have opted in to the program. One was so grateful that he insisted I play him one of my songs

>I'm currently studying it at the same time as reading Sense and Sensibility. It's a much shorter book than we are used to reading. It's written in a lot more plain language. In fact the book has 576 pages. But it seems like everyone has at least a basic understanding of the plot of the book. I don't know if that's because we are expected to read the book to prepare for the play or if that's just because the book itself has a much smaller vocabulary than Jane Austen's other works. And since it is a drama, there are less details for students to focus on.
>But it's interesting. I love seeing a play based off of something I've read. Like Sense and Sensibility. As far as the book goes it's really interesting to see how the book was adapted for the stage and what the changes were.

>Honestly, this would be really helpful to have in English classes.

No. 57497
944 kB, 1600 × 984
> I just noticed how "unpoetic" the English title is. In German it's not west, but "Abendland"
Yeah, I wonder how it fares in translation. There's a lot rather poetic passages, often overlooked but not surprising really since his two biggest influences are Goethe and Nietzsche (as you're bound to find out about the former directly in the first epigraph).

>We also plan to flood /int/ with anime pictures
Yeah, consider this a warning
No. 57498
PT = Portuguese, not sure why I used the abbreviation.
Russians abroad tend to be extremely sovok, I have some theories as to why but there's no denying the fact. The only Russian person I know that fits this description was hit with a patriotic surge in 2014. She might have been living in an EU country, but Putin's victory against EU homofascist imperialists was still celebrated at her house.
Another Russian I knew never voiced any kind of opinions of the sort and had pretty rational views even if "patriotic" in some sense. He's now in Russia while the former is still here.

We are not there yet, but I welcome these efforts to automate American posting.
No. 57499
>and square heda.
That's a Pole m8
No. 57501 Kontra
Please don't do this.
No. 57503
79 kB, 1680 × 1050
You've learned to ignore the short bursts of dissociation when seeing a glimpse of your own reflection out of the corner of your eye. The disorienting experience of seeing a blurry, alien form of your physical shell, detached from the context of your self-idea, no longer disorients you like it used to. You have become numb to the sobering jolts of existential lucidity that briefly liberates the mind from avidya. Seeing a photo of yourself does not hit the same either. Neither does hearing a recording of your own voice.

But fear not. For a mirror has been invented, that reflects not the body, but the mind itself. Take in the mocking, twisted imitation of your own thoughts. See yourself, as God sees you. "Is this really all that I am?". Yes. It is all that you are. Distilled to the bone, the banality bare naked for everyone to see.

Do you like it?
No. 57504
Hungarian and American look indistinguishable from real. However your posts are very different from AI-generated, looks like you changed a lot since you started posting here.
Also, what model did you use? I played for some time making LSTM model on Tensorflow, it trained on much bigger datasets but yielded slightly worse results.
No. 57506
41 kB, 480 × 600
I just used an api for a server that hosts a pre-trained GPT-2 thing. You just give it a prompt, and it generates text based on it. Maybe I picked the wrong sample for myself, or maybe the model generates "sincere" text, rather than drunken ironic shitposts.

Nonetheless, I will simply claim that the reason the AI can't convincingly generate my posts is because I actually have a soul, and am not a predictable flesh automaton.
No. 57510
I have a hypothesis, but I need data to check it. So my questions are:
  1. What English (or American or Australian) poets would you recommend?
  2. How do I find funny bydlo quarrels videos in English?
Something like this:
The closest things I've seen are "Karen" videos and "SJW CRINGE MELTDOWN COMPILATION 2017 PART 15" but that's different.
No. 57511
just did an search term experiment on youtube, had good success with
"crackheads arguing"
"chav argument"
"manager rant verbal customer"
"florida woman"
"rude customer crazy at"

add "compilation" to any of those, and you should get more lengthy videos.
No. 57512
Since a few weeks I've been in a battle I probably can't win with a shady debt collection company (forgot to pay 6 € for a book last year and wasn't reminded until the company wrote to me, payed for the book since then) where I try to at least press their overestimated requests down and it's strangely vitalizing.
No. 57514
14 kB, 480 × 360
  1. Swinburne
  2. There's also some pretty hysterical post-election MAGA meltdown compilations too. I think the BEER BBQ FREEDOM guy was possibly the biggest memes of the end of 2020. There's also a lot of really good Oblivion/Morrowind ones I think you might enjoy
Oh that what it is called "Oblivion NPCs" or something such
Plenty of these similar should now show up in your recommendeds
No. 57516
56 kB, 368 × 509
The AI couldn't convincingly replicate Francis E. Dec's amazing prose.
So my suspicion grows ever stronger that people on the schizoid spectrum are the only ones endowed with souls, everyone else can be deterministically simulated.

Ah yes, any kind of political rally, demonstration, etc., is a rich mine of bydlo verbal conflicts.
No. 57518
Yes, that's what I thought.
English language is merely a tool to express thoughts or feelings, but it lacks some inner beauty and complexity. Russian videos are funny mostly because of the language that people in it use, there are infinite ways to say same thing with different accents and aspects. English videos are boring, they just repeat "fuck you" or "muhfukka nigga bitch".
I heard a rumor that Yandex.news had to shut down comment section because even their advanced machine learning couldn't filter out comments about "rat-mole on pynya-walks". It was so strict that even comments with "fool" word were filtered but each swearing was too unique for moderation.
No. 57520
>with a shady debt collection company
Ignore calls, they'll forget about you. I don't know how much you owe, but really all they can do is annoy you until you pay.
No. 57521
15 kB, 743 × 121
Sounds pretty reasonable to me, this AI knows what's up.
No. 57522
Their claim is legal so they could take me to court which would be more expensive, but they try to make a few extra bucks by putting pressure on people threatening them with "Schufaeintragung" and court etc. which annoys the fuck out of me so I'll fuck around with them as much as possible before paying what they can legally press I suppose.
No. 57523 Kontra
23 kB, 678 × 379
Ok, now this AI was making up a pretty somber and warm story, and then it decided to make it weird.
No. 57524
Think of this: if they take you to court, would their profit from you be bigger than their expenses on lawyer?
No. 57525
>threatening them with "Schufaeintragung"
Have no idea what is it, but sounds very scary.
No. 57526
TL;DR: sobby life story of a total loser, first and only gf left me, she has someone else, I want to kill him, but I can't. What do I do?

First, sorry for making this whiny post. I need someone to talk and I have no one to turn to.

I am 36 years old. I am 178cm tall. I weigh 59kg. I was born because my parents were to stupid for contraception. On top of that, I was an utter disappointment to my father. I was too small, too short too weak, too bad at soccer, too bad at chess, too bad at playing cards, too bad at everything. Too loud, too noisy, too shy, to quiet, too much of a nuisance when he wanted to watch soccer. He loved my younger brother, though, who was conceived intentionally. And my younger sister. When my father died, I was seven years old. I was sad that I had lost the man whom I admired and looked up to, but I was glad he could not yell at me anymore, scare me, hit me, show his derision for every-fucking-thing I did and was.

I was bullied from kindergarten through high-school, it ranged from verbal abuse to violence, including broken bones. I don't want to go into details. Girls either called me 'cute', because they thought telling such lies makes them good persons. Or they let me know in no uncertain terms that they thought me a useless and disgusting waste of fecal matter.
>Please, Chad, stop bullying Ernst. It's not his fault that he's such a mongoloid retard, he can't help it
Yes, she actually said that.
After high-school, I studied computer science. Things went well for a while, which in my case means I did not have to take abuse from people and could live a relatively normal, albeit lonely, live, while keeping up the semblance of functioning in society.

Shortly before finishing my Bachelor's thesis, I fell in love with a female engineering student, but she did not fall in love with me, at all. She only viewed me as a friend, which means I am too worthless as a man and too low quality, just shit. She explained to me
"You know, I love Karsten. Karsten is so hot. You know what he told me? On Friday and Saturday night, he goes to the Club and fucks two new girls every week. I love him so much, he's so honest! I messaged him and told him he could have me, I'm a virgin, you know, but he said he doesn't want to, he already deflowered a few girls and he told me he wouldn't be able to get rid of me afterwards. Isn't he great?" Like from a fucking-PUA-book.

So, I was an utterly inferior piice of shit. Which I already knew, but it did not help having it spelled out. I went from mild depression into severe depression and stopped doing anything for uni. I dragged it out and lived on minimal spending, less than 200€ a month, living in an unheated room in some village 15 km from uni, eating mostly oatmeal. I had saved some money from working part-time as a TA while I did my Bachelor's, and sometimes, some prof was desperate enough to hire me for a few hours during my Master's. My mother loved me enough to pay for my health insurance.
This went on for years. I cannot really tell for how many years, I only have faint memories. It's all some mish-mash of lurking on imageboards, doing problems on project euler, and studying for exams in an last-minute effort of convincing my almamater to not ex-matriculate me.
No. 57527
When I was 31, I met my Dad's cousin at my grandfathers funeral. He pretty much hired me on the spot because he needed a programmer, on the condition that I would finish my degree while working. I did so. It was tough, but I managed. This gave me some confidence. I thought "well, maybe I'm not some useless piece of shit, anyway." After 18 months of me working in the company, I met a female colleague who was in the process of being fired, although I didn't know it. A few weeks later, she messaged me on facebook, out of sheer boredom. I took my chances and asked her out, she agreed, and I was surprised, more than surprised. 1 week later, she was the first woman I kissed, at a point when I could not have imagined this ever happening.

2 weeks later, we were a couple. That's how I had my first girlfriend at 33. It felt like I had finally gotten my life under control. I had my own place, I kept it clean. I earned money. I had a girlfriend who seemingly loved me. For the first time ever, life was not crap for me. Which I took as a sign of not being as worthless as people had thought.

Things went well for a while, until they did not. I knew I was not good enough for her, but I tried. I could clearly tell, that sometimes, being me just was not enough. She wanted me to be more manly, like her exes were, a mechanic and a fireman. She wanted me to make more money. She wanted me to get a better job. She wanted me to get a PhD. And every minute I spent with her became like an exam where I had to be pass. The more nervous I became, the more often I failed. Once again, the fucking PUAs were right. It really is like they say, she shit-tested me.

One time, she told me
>I try not to make comparisons between you and my exes
Which means she bloody well did compare and I failed.

During a vacation, she dumped my sorry scrawny ass. "I very much like you as a person", which fucking means I am no good as a man. I am a god-damn worthless piece of fucking shit, to be precise. Really, how dumb does she think I am for not seeing what she really meant.

I was heart broken more than I can say. I had to travel with my ex-gf to my mom's, where my ex-gf's car was parked. After my ex was gone, my mom shipped me to the doctor. The doctor sent me to the looney-bin, where they hammered a bunch of god-damned fairy-tales into my head about all humans being equal in value, how I could find love if I tried, etc., etc. etc., all those fucking lies they tell people to keep them from offing themselves before retirement or going on a killing spree. In asylums, they are really good at that kind of crap, so I believed their lies for a few short months.

I kept taking my meds for a while, I keep going to work, and I work as hard as I can manage. Every two weeks, I go see my therapist, who tries to hammer the same kind of stupid fairy-tales into my head, like they did in the loony bin.
But that's pretty much all I can manage. My flat is a vile dump full of garbage, I haven't as much as vacuumed or done the dishes in years. I eat straight from the pot, and I clean it as needed. I have no hobbies. On a good day, I manage to watch youtube videos after work. On a bad day, I just fall into bed.

About one year after that breakup, in early 2020, my ex de-friended me on facebook, which fucking hurt. She really wants nothing to do with me anymore. To her, I am less than shit. A few months ago, she changed her profile pic on what's app. I took a closer look, and while her mouth is smiling, her eyes look panicked, insane, and shocked. My first impulse was wanting to call her up and ask her what's wrong. But I resisted. I knew she would not want to talk to me, so I did not. Today, I took a closer look at her profile pic. Right at the fringe, I can see part of a fleshy-red ear and the jaw-line of a man. Of course, he has a fucking manly jaw. Really, you can draw a vertical line along his fleshy-red ear, and its extension will hit his fucking jaw. That freak of nature has to be made from pure testosterone. And what do I have? I have this weak sorry excuse of a jaw, like I fail at every-fucking-thing.

It was always obvious to me that she would find someone else, and I would not. Still, now that I am certain it happened, it's even worse than I thought it would be. Much worse.

I wish I was able to beat out every tooth from his face. For all I know, they might now have children. If they have children, I want to smash those bastards heads on a wall and break their skulls open. I want to beat the asshole until he stops moving. I want to kick him until each and every one of his internal organs is a bloody useless mess like they would not even dare to sell at a butcher's shop.

But I fucking can't. Because I am a scrawny, tiny fucking faggot.
I have phantasies of a karate-kid like transformation, but I know this won't become reality. If this was possibly for me, it should have happened two decades ago.

So what do I fucking do.
What do I do.
No. 57528
It means credit record and I have no idea why it could not be translated. Maybe because it sounds less scary then, but it means you won't be able to rent a place or get a landline connection or internet, which is scary.
No. 57530
They have their own lawyers for such things I suppose. So the question I'm asking me lately is rather would they risk going to court and eventually having to pay some of the court bill.
No. 57531
>So what do I fucking do. What do I do.
Detox yourself from the PUA psychosis you talked yourself into. Honestly.
No. 57532
You should try to start hating women so much, that you go full circle and stop caring whether they cuck you or not.
You don't get mad at inanimate objects or animals, do you? Same principle.
No. 57533
Desperate enough to consider that you are right.
If I am psychotic, did nothing of this ever happen?
Then what DID happen?
No. 57534
I am not mad at her, I am mad at him.
Why would I be mad at her for choosing someone better than me? That's the obvious thing to do.

I am mad at him for being better. I had 1 thing. Now he has it. Why? Because he's what I am not.

IF I kill him, we'll see who's better than. Hard to argue with the fact that you are fucking dead. It's the final argument, so to speak.
No. 57536
See, the problem with that is that you position your worth in relation to him, which makes you metaphysically cucked.
Even if you kill him, he will be cucking you from beyond the grave, because fundamentally, you derived this sense of self-worth through him, and the actual interaction doesn't matter here. Dead or alive, he's the one person on whom your ego depends, you exist as a subset of his being. And he's probably not even aware of your existence lol.

It's like how narcissists and sociopaths, despite abusing others, are actually dependent on others for feeling powerful. Normal people don't need that crutch, they feel ok by themselves.

The real big dick chad attitude is framing others in relation to yourself, rather than framing yourself in relation to others. "He cucked me" - weak beta mentality. "He's picking up my sloppy seconds, what a cuck" - big dick mentality. See the difference?

The world doesn't happen to you, you happen to the world. Take the ultimate position.
No. 57539 Kontra

>Then what DID happen?
Oh fuck. I decided to not care what happened. I am psychotic, this did not happen, case close, explanation accepted. I can deal with that. Good enough for the next few days. Nothing of that happened, or at least it did not happen as I remember it.

Thank you.
No. 57547
>If I am psychotic, did nothing of this ever happen? Then what DID happen?
I don't know if this happened, this is an imageboard after all and you could write anything. But I wasn't implying it didn't happen, only that the outlook you have on life is a bitter PUA view. Which is understandable because honestly you went to a lot of shit in your life you shouldn't have had to deal with, then you discovered imageboards which exposed you to all types of fucked up toxic content allowing you to endorse the cynical world you experienced even more. Now what you need to do is find a brigter perspective for yourself if you don't want to spend the rest of your life in bitterness, even though anecdotically and in your personal case it might seem justified to do so. From your post I can tell you - for instance - have troubles with what society teached you are masculine traits. Now I'm with >>57536:don't let society and PUA culture brainwash you into acceppting those are justified because they reproduce themself in some cases. There are exceptations from those and those exceptations are fine and valid. Of course if it helps you, you can choose to become what is seen as "more manly" by doing fighting sports or so, but if you do so avoid to bring the bullshit of society with you, deframe it. Get to know your own worth and validity for society and yourself and others. If you want a girlfriend again you will find one that doesn't care about the PUA bullshit if you yourself don't care about it. She will take you for what YOU are and have to offer and you will take HER for what she is and has to offer. The Bernd spell has been broken anyway. The future is open to you. The past is something to learn from, but once the pain of loss leaves it holds no power over you any longer. You're free if you let yourself be free.
If pretending the past wasn't real helps you with this for a while maybe do so.
No. 57548 Kontra
9,0 MB, 2934 × 2666
The long story of the German has been told in pieces before, the soccer thing with the father, etc., the pua shit, the social Darwinism.

PUAs are just buying into a patriarchal order, they legitimate the order they "game" by naturalizing it. It's crafted to me, but since women are affected by it just as men are, they buy into this shit and are the actually brainwashed. And the German bought into it as well.
My ex left me and I was devastated as well, she found somebody later. Surely he (or she dunno lel) has something I don't have, but c'mon that is the case in every relationship.

Honestly. Therapy would be the best case. Get a male therapist. Tell him you felt like a loser pretty much all your life thanks to your shitty father who aggressively taught you this (social Darwinist and patriarchial) order because he was taught it as well and he was dumb enough to believe it, don't be as dumb as your farther, tell him that you buy into PUA shit and that people on the internet told you it's made up social order. How can you get out of the pressure and devastation that you have had in your life by people cruel enough to live an order that brings suffering to most of us. People don't want to change the rule of the game, instead, they try to game the game, narrow-minded knob heads they are!

I'm reading a book at the moment why people buy into looking to nature for moral and social orders over the histories though it is logically faulty.
No. 57551
>People don't want to change the rule of the game, instead, they try to game the game, narrow-minded knob heads they are!
Seems like a more rational way to go about things than attempting to overthrow the entire human social interaction playbook with something else.
No. 57552 Kontra
Yes ofc, it is understandable from a behavioral-economics pov of satisficing or whatever it is. The chances are higher to have it good by doing so instead of taking up the work of wrestling a new order that is quite uncertain. But people don't seem to consider the opportunity of inventing another game so to speak. People don't consider the outside. But considering the outside would be at least a first difference that could matter in making actual difference in the order.
No. 57559
What are those "PUA"s you are talking about?
No. 57560
Yes, and they have to pay their lawyers. Compare you loan vs wage of lawyer multiplied by time which he has to spend on your case.
No. 57561 Kontra
Today, I had diarrhea, a fever and I puked.

Thank you for answering, I appreciate that. I think there is much sound advice to be taken, but I do not agree with everything you. Obviously.

>only that the outlook you have on life is a bitter PUA view.
It is correct that I am quite bitter, but I would not say I have a PUA view, per se. They are successful with what they do, so it seems to me that they have gotten stuff right.

But I also think most of them are not very nice people, to say the least. They strike me as being narcisstic machiavellian manipulators. PUA-trainers are frauds. They game the dudes they fleece much more than they game women. In essence, PUA-trainers pretend to be able to turn average guys into charismatic narcissists like they are, now please give me $5000. Of course, such personality changes are not possible.

But here are two facts: PUAs get women. I don't. So there must be something right with them that must be wrong with me.

Still, I never put much of their advice into practice. On the one hand, it would have come of really cringy and fake if I pretended to be like them. On the other hand, most of their advice is morally questionable at best. Take an example from Lodovico Satana, "Lob des Sexismus", p 70. In the example, he visits his girlfriend (or one of his girlfriends), who is clinging to him and afraid of him cheating on her. He first turns on the TV and ignores her. He refuses to tell her he loves her. He makes bad jokes, she accuses him of cheating on her, he says. "Now, Darling, the bad behavior has to stop", he undresses her, she again demands he tells her he loves her, he refuses and threatens to leave, sexual intercourse commences.

This really is disgusting, and no woman should allow herself to be treated like that. She feels scared and vulnerable, he exploits the situation and pressures her into sex. If that isn't disgusting, I don't no what. Most of all because he probably could have gotten Sex by helping her to calm down.

>Now what you need to do is find a brigter perspective for yourself if you don't want to spend the rest of your life in bitterness

>She will take you for what YOU are and have to offer and you will take HER for what she is and has to offer.
>The past is something to learn from, but once the pain of loss leaves it holds no power over you any longer. You're free if you let yourself be free.
>If pretending the past wasn't real helps you with this for a while maybe do so.
Thank you for saying this, I hope it's true.

Thanks for this reply, too.

>Surely he (or she dunno lel) has something I don't have, but c'mon that is the case in every relationship.
And how do you deal with that? It means that you were left because you are you, as in: not the new partner, different from him/her. Which means that you are worth less. Doesn't it? It also makes it damn near impossible to find someone new. Employers check the resumes of applicants, got fired? No, not hiring, there's probably something wrong with you. Don't people do the same with their prospective partners? Ask about past relationship history to find flaws?

>Honestly. Therapy would be the best case. Get a male therapist. Tell him you felt like a loser pretty much all your life thanks to your shitty father who aggressively taught you this (social Darwinist and patriarchial) order because he was taught it as well and he was dumb enough to believe it, don't be as dumb as your farther, tell him that you buy into PUA shit and that people on the internet told you it's made up social order.
I did that, mostly. Our therapy sessions tend to develop into discussions of history, politics and literature, but we both agree that we need to make progress or call it quits soon. He routinely tells me that I should start to like myself, but to be quiet honest, this strikes me as paradox and nonsensical. When he says things like that, he could be talking Persian.

>People don't want to change the rule of the game, instead, they try to game the game, narrow-minded knob heads they are!
Really, I can't even keep my apartment clean, changing the world is too much for me.
No. 57562 Kontra
Pick up artists, guys who actively try to get as many women as possible to drop their panties. PUAS developed pseudo-scientific pop-psychology theories and somewhat manipulative methods of doing so.

They have their own literature and it fills meters of bookshelves. English language classics include 'The Game' by Neill Strauss, The Mystery Method by the guy to the right.

Shit was really popular in the late 2000s/early 2010s.

Early theories (early to mid 1990s) where developed from neuro-linguistic programming on the alt/seduction newsgroup, but the later works draw heavily from evolutionary psychology.
No. 57563 Kontra
>And how do you deal with that? It means that you were left because you are you, as in: not the new partner, different from him/her. Which means that you are worth less. Doesn't it?

No, it just did not work out, we had different expectations from one another, had to acknowledge that after the two years, and we had to come to terms with it both in our way. It's sad and it felt so great to have been loved and to love somebody, to give. I obviously made mistakes, and not few in retrospect, she also did made some mistakes, but I consider myself worse. A chance to really make it better, but the next person will be different, though I tend to have certain types. Generally, I like women that appear fragile (would consider myself as well) but are really not, who still have their shit together enough. I like to be their chance of retreat and shelter from the world we have to live in. This does not mean that she doesn't give me shelter, ideally we provide for each other without tapping too much into role models that were forced upon us by society. Those women exist, they have bisexual tendencies or are bisexual funnily enough sometimes. Dunno if that explains it, but I guess they don't give too much shit on masculinity. I don't think that having your shit together is a manly thing, fighting for something isn't manly either, it's something all persons should share, just like being attentive and such. People will be glad to see it in me, but I also like to see it in women. I'm usually mildly depressed by default, but getting along at least. Not sure if I qualify for a relationship atm, but honestly many people don't really do. Hurting is normal, albeit a question of graduality. I sometimes wonder how people do not hesitate and go into a relationship.
I know the worth thing, but maybe it is not an issue of value of oneself, but complementarity of both.
And even if you want to frame it in terms of value, people value differently and even that can change over the course of time and that is when relationships end, it's not a question of higher or lower value of partners but of (horizontal) valuation of things.

>Ask about past relationship history to find flaws?

I think so yes. Talking shit about your partner is considered a red flag by many btw. Luckily I can talk good about my ex, we did not depart in anger and fighting but in sadness, because we were somehow still in love, but it just couldn't go on like that. When I had a mild psychosis swelling, I turned to her to ask for something, because I was trusting her that much still and after giving an answer that calmed me down she said she would be there for me again if its bad again I was not interested in seeing her because that would have broken me in that moment
It does not have to be a disappointing or ugly shit show when a relationship ends.

>I did that, mostly. Our therapy sessions tend to develop into discussions of history, politics and literature, but we both agree that we need to make progress or call it quits soon. He routinely tells me that I should start to like myself, but to be quiet honest, this strikes me as paradox and nonsensical. When he says things like that, he could be talking Persian.

Therapy can make you see things and it can provide strategies to handle situations. It won't solve your problems once and for all I think, but give you a way to start and get guided a bit so that you are not alone. You could also change the therapist. You don't have to stick with the first person that takes you.

>Really, I can't even keep my apartment clean, changing the world is too much for me.

Yeah I know, but it's important to believe in its possibility I think. Nobody alone will save the world. It would be a collective activity in the end.

You know I'm single for a few years already, I'm not too good with making partners either, but I think there exist partners that are not just looking for the PUA guy, money, and chad jaw. Since I don't throw myself out much or try to engage in social gatherings with like minded people much, I diminish my chances of meeting somebody. Ofc for many a decent salary is important when you want to have a family, some don't give a fuck and babies are born, it really boils down to expectations, value systems and interests, manners/social behaviors and ofc biology as well (and perhaps more).
No. 57580
It's literally just a bunch of sociopaths who figured out how to actually make themselves look good and get rich out of being total pieces of shit who use petty manipulations on drunk women at bars. You'll notice none of that has to do with relationships because a psycbopath has no need for any type of emotional or empathetic attachments, because they're driven entirely by frivolity and power and whatever fleeting amusements their banal meaningless empty lives can give them from moment to moment. Any actual man who might want to raise a family someday will have no use for it, particularly because not only is this never taken to account and is in fact highly damaging to any actual relationship, but also it tends not to work on any but the weakest and dumbest of women, i.e. bar tarts.

An actually educated and sober woman isn't going to fall for most of these things at least not for long, and moreover it works both ways. You'll be surprised how terrible both genders are when you get them to the point of honesty, in other words one woman I knew for example told me flat out "I know he's sociopathic that's why I'm fucking him so I can just use him for sex and leave him without feeling any guilty." Some of these guys are just themselves being used as feminine cumrags which really doesn't require a shred of "science" just the understanding females have much the same basic needs and drives as males and some of them just want to get laid. The few real PUA types are psychopaths who then conned legions of Axe wearing dumbasses and used them as their simps and paypigs but promising to make some greasy fatass "a pickup artist if you just buy my book." These men are likewise too dumb to know that they're being used which is the irony of why any confidence trick usually works, because it preys upon your own vices and iniquities such as desire for free money or quick and easy sex, like say the Nigerian prince scams. It's how a whole bunch of different cons operate because they'll do things like promise you a cut of some wealth they "can't get myself" because of tax reasons or something, trick you, make you think you're also scamming somebody, and then rely on a combination of fear, guilt, and embarassment to keep you shut up, like for example wanting to use women for sex by manipulating them. A lot of marketing itself is a softcore version, like for example the blatantly false rumour that Axe has pheromones, which I'm sure every teenager who'd buy those books has boughtthere is something that functionally does that, it's called cologne and there is an actual science to smelling good, and Axe is useful if you want an overscented can of butane to spray on while doing landscaping work or hitting the gym and don't want to smell like rancid asspit and any sufficiently cheap crap will do so you don't waste cologne

It should also be added that NLP as named is itself something similar in the realm of cults and MLM and self improvement scams, which itself came from a fat Jewish psychopath who got away with murder
There is no such thing as a "science" to it--that's all just to legitimize the petty mind games and pop psychology behind craven short term manipulativeness largely out of short term gain.

As to amoral seduction itself the one closest thing to it is Stephen Greene's The Art of Seduction, largely out of the same sociopathic reasons you'd have read his other book 48 Laws of Power and such similar literary accoutrements popular with cult leaders, gangsters, politicians, and other sorts of criminals like On War by Clausewitz and The Art of War by Sun Tzu or How to Make Friends and Influence People by Carnegie and various other tomes read by Charlie Manson and known among most prison inmates.
No. 57581 Kontra
I should also add, that most of these guys are attractive to begin with; most of their male marks are not. Also women tend to weight things like a sense of humour and the dumb shit that comes tumbling out of your mouth quite heavily. You'll notice tell a joke was in there. A guy can clean up, it is true, but if you're just a fat ugly slob no amount of this stupid shit is going to help you, moreover you won't help you get with Her which is what most of these weak men are seeking advice on to begin with, because your strategy is wooing that one girl you have a crush on, and there's is a totally opposite strategy of basically throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. It's a totally randomized strategy for just banging any woman they can find and often giving up on the higher hanging fruit. Your goals are fundamentally at odds with theirs and that is why their tactics can never work because your ultimate objectives are not the same. You want to invade and occupy Poland; they will tell you how to wage brushfire wars in Nicaragua or El Salvador or wherever their bullshit appears easiest going to loot what they can and get out, if you get my drift.
No. 57585
> butthurt because people around me are stupid bydlo
> change your social environment
> butthurt because I don't understand other people, feel dumb and embarrass myself

People don't call themselves in such manner, but like to call each other "something 2" very much. All those "neocons", "neoliberals", "neonazis", "neomarxists" -- often used terms, but rarely as self-identification.

I think, people who read "pick up" books and people who actually have sex with a lot of women are two separate sets of people.
No. 57588 Kontra
PUA Ernst to the help:

You have to look her into the eye. Try to look as offensively as possible! You have to basically stare at her. First she'll find that rather unsettling, but the longer you stare, the more it will be a provocation for her.
That's the "hook" you bait her with. If she's a confident girl, she will confront you about in offensively. That's a shit test!
You can never apologize or even hesitate to reply. Try this instead:

"Sure I was staring at you. Why else that cheap outift and your whore make up? You just want me to pick you off behind the next bush and stuff all your holes with my dick, you cumguzzling cumdumpster! And don't dare to look at me like that one more time! You are now mine until I'm finished with your disgusting, unwashed slut body. To me, you are nothing more than the next violence fuck!!"

With that you should pass the shit test and all doors be open for your!

But seriously, the PUA subculture is highly embarrassing. Just a year ago or so I visited a pick up forum, don't even remember why, and there was some dude describing a situation with an AMOG and he was talking with all these other dumb english terms (it was a german forum) and it was just five or so paragraphs of cope. So yeah, guys who take that seriously are idiots. However, you really don't have to be initally good looking to be a successful pickup artist. I read "The Game" and then looked up Neil Strauss and the people he was with. They were all ugly to average, dressed in a very ridiculous fashion. But what discerns pickup artists, at least the successful ones, from regular guys, is CONFIDENCE. And if you're not an idiot, you can draw that from all those exercises and whatever they do. Because to meet a woman, you first have to meet her, which means if you never go and talk to her you will never get any further. And all those books and seminars are for people who aren't able to even fake confidence and want a shortcut. It's basically the male version of fad diets. But like diets having a point at their core, pua does too. They are just doing it in a shitty fashion.

t. has had sex and also a stable relationship for almost ten years now
No. 57589
>Lightbulb burns out
>Change it
>Last bulb in the package
>For some reason this one is a blue light
No. 57590
84 kB, 800 × 476
>I should also add, that most of these guys are attractive to begin with;

>I think, people who read "pick up" books and people who actually have sex with a lot of women are two separate sets of people.
People who only read pick up books will never gain anything from it, obviously. But that's with every advice book. And all advice works best for those who never needed it in the first place. The advice they all will give you, put in the most concise and general terms, is "hit on a fuckton of women and use every trick in the book to get them into the sack." A piece of advice that will work for those with the necessary talents.

>I should also add, that most of these guys are attractive to begin with
Unfortunately, true.

>a fot slob
I just noticed a really surprising cultural phenomenon. Americans have this thing where they pretend being overweight is the epitome of being unattractive. I wonder how you even procreate, when 50% of the population is overweight and thus unfuckable. Research found most attractive BMI for men is 27. In fact, I, at BMI 18, am as unattractive as an obese man at BMI 36.

>but if you're just a fat ugly slob no amount of this stupid shit is going to help you
That is probably true. Ugliness can not be cured.

>because your strategy is wooing that one girl you have a crush on
That might have been true when I was 15, but 15 is a long time ago.
No. 57591 Kontra
>No, it just did not work out, we had different expectations from one another, had to acknowledge that after the two years, and we had to come to terms with it both in our way.
Good if you can see it that way. I think in most cases, one partner values the relationship less than the other, because he/she can more easily replace the current partner or even trade up. Humans are backstabbing baboons like that, but we have learned to pretend to be nice about it.

>This does not mean that she doesn't give me shelter, ideally we provide for each other without tapping too much into role models that were forced upon us by society.
Why do you think all aspects of role models are forced upon you by society? I can see it with arbitrary norms (boys get blue rompers, girls get pink rompers). But does that line of thought apply to something as primordial as female preference for a muscular built, high social status and a big dick? I am quite certain that those are a constant across history and culture, like male preference for a high hip-to-waist-ratio.

>I'm usually mildly depressed by default but getting along at least.
Congrats on that.

>Not sure if I qualify for a relationship atm, but honestly many people don't really do.
There are two different aspects to qualifying for a relationship, aren't there? The one is being able to attract a viable partner, the other is being competent to lead a relationship.

> It won't solve your problems once and for all I think, but give you a way to start and get guided a bit so that you are not alone.
But it should have some measurable effect, and it doesn't have that.

>It won't solve your problems once and for all I think, but give you a way to start and get guided a bit so that you are not alone.
Well, there are two male therapists in my town. One is my therapist, the other claims to do depth psychology and he will bill health insurance for it, but for my taste, he is a little bit too much into ayurveda, chakras and insence.

>You know I'm single for a few years already, I'm not too good with making partners either, but I think there exist partners that are not just looking for the PUA guy, money, and chad jaw.
Such people seem to be a rare breed. There's that famous piece of data from OKCupid were ratings of looks and personality were correlated 1:1.
No. 57592
No. 57593
Lol, you guys give too much credit to pua.
None of that shit works, it's a scam like all other self help shit.
Nobody picks up chicks right on the street with a cold approach, not even chad. It's a completely inappropriate social context for such things. Cold approaches in public places send such strong weirdo vibes that even a chad would look like a creep doing it. Not that a chad would do that in the first place, since not being completely socially retarded is a prerequisite for being a chad.

Relationship success depends on the same thing as everything else in life: networking. People who have a large social circle have access to more potential partners. And those are people who they actually know, not randos on their way to do their own business. If you have a large social circle, you have already passed the sperg filter and don't need pua.

Now hookups, those are done in places specifically designated for such activities. Night clubs, concerts, festivals, tinder, etc.
And there are two rules for being successful at hookups:
  1. Be attractive.
  2. Don't be unattractive.
Pua won't help you with that.

Pua is just a larp hobby for incels who spend more time talking about it than actually going outside.
No. 57594
>Pua is just a larp hobby for incels who spend more time talking about it than actually going outside.
Incels are not really part of the PUA-community. They are just the guys that are fleeced by the trainers. No PUA will mentor an incel and be his wingman for a few nights. Incels just lack the stuff it takes to be succesful at their sports. They will never have the looks. The will never have the personality, either. Too little grandiose narcissism, too much vulnerable

I knew a fat metalhead with greasy hair. He got jacked, became a personal trainer and played the guitar in local bands. Sometime along this journey, he joined the local PUA-lair. What can I say? Worked for him. That does not mean the theoretical foundations of PUA are sane or that they really are OK dudes, or that their lingo is not beyond ridiculous.
No. 57597
Fugg. Lockdown in effect against. And I'm essential do I don't get lost wörk bennies and still have to go out there with the karens next week.

That seems like correlation without causation. I daresay no longer being fat and greasy helped a lot more than being a pua dipshit tbh.
No. 57606 Kontra
>one partner values the relationship less than the other, because he/she can more easily replace the current partner or even trade up.

Well, we both knew that the relationship is destined to fail because it wasn't really a satisfactory relationship for both of us anymore I guess, probably for different reasons though. There is a limit to what you can accept and what not anymore, but this varies obviously. Also, she did not get into another relationship immediately. I mean being single again you are also free again, if the next relationship is a "trade up" is also up to further debate, do you really think that the line of relationships is a constant "trade up"? C'mon, you don't really think that? You can have a good relationship and two shitty ones and then marry a lifelong partner and still remember the one good you had before the two shit ones. Sometimes you don't want to replace your partner but just end a relationship because it is more a burden than pleasure anymore.

I had to think of it the last time but I will frame it to expose what I think is your thinking.
You think relationships and value with what Marx called exchange value, the universal equivalent that is materialized in money bills. A chair can cost 5000$ (exchange value) because it's an extraordinary piece of design, but there also is a used armchair for a few bucks, let's say 50$ (exchange value). Now you think that all people will want the relationship that has the highest exchange value, it's the best you can get. But you don't consider use value that is very personal, maybe I take the comfy armchair because the designer piece feels uncomfortable and gives me nothing. Personality seems absent from your thinking in a sense. Ofc the status and body built plays a role, but it's not the same across the board, I have certain preferences in female bodies, a friend of mine has others. I'm lanky and rather tall, but not model tall, I don't have muscles and yet a female every now and then fancies me. Too many factors missing from a biologically and economically infused equation that is thought up here. Also, I don't think that a big dick helps shit if you cum after 30 seconds and don't satisfy her in any other way sexually.
No. 57616
Sorry, but all those gay psychological tricks don't work. The reason they don't work is because they attempt to find some complicated algorithm in order to bypass a woman's "me never fuck you" filter, when in reality, it is really simple.
Instead of trying to bypass the psychological defense wall, you just enter as a welcome guest, gates wide open.

This is how it works:
  1. Be attractive
  2. Friendly smile, "Hello, nice to meet you".

Now, if you're not that attractive, you'll have to "compensate" by being a decent person, lol. Having interesting hobbies, a positive outlook, some upward trajectory in life.
Studying an art form, or lifting, or doing literally fucking anything else, increases your chances at a relationship so much compared to PUA per hour spent, that you can't help but feel sad for the retards who fall for it. It's a form of self help, so it's automatically bullshit.

I think it's widely accepted among the so called "players", that about 5% of approaches actually result in sexings. Imagine spending so much effort on gains so low. PUA is more of a hobby than it is a legitimate way to get laid. Walking around in public asking chicks for their number every weekend, like a retard. Don't you have better things to do?
All you need to know about PUA is this:

Even a satirical Star Wars review has better courting advice, lol:
No. 57618
An intramuscular Haldol injection wouldn't cause weakness and soreness in the injection spot for days.. right?

I was forced against my will to get this.
No. 57622
Fat people fuck each other clearly.
No. 57624
This and also
>was a musician in a metal band
>presently is jacked
>now hooks up with women
Gee it's a mystery how that happened.

I once decided for whatever looking at gore videos tier reasoning decided to glance at one of their forums and it was the most embarassing cringey goddamn thing I ever seen. This one guy was literally running through a list of tactics with retarded buzzwords he said he tried using which read like some idiot trying to figure out the right sequence and combination of moves to press in a controller to pull off some secret combo move or like he was trying to figure out how to type a cheatcode into console. It immediately struck me what sincerely low level of male would actually make an account there.

The tl;dr of this is the essence of exactly why bernd permavirgins didn't get laid 8 years ago and why most are probably still trying to eat out hookers right now, which is that they're lazy self absorbed cowardly fuckasses who do not wish to change or put in the slightest modicum of self work, even if it's just something as simple as finding some passionate hobby or picking up a new skill, because they'd rather just sit there and be comfortable and retarded and cringey and fat trying to figure out some way to get the local cashier to sleep with him without even needing to bother moving his anime hug pillow. We're talking about the level of fuckass who would actually take offense to you saying "if you want a woman you're going to need to put your figurine collection and hugpillow away somewhere my dude." They're not simply hopeless out of ugliness but because they're boring and their personality is complete shit, and they don't want to work on changing themselves.

Just something so simple as working out at a gym takes real effort, which they don't want to do, and is precisely why they never learned to play drums or guitar to begin with for the same reason that the type of guy who actually did learn to play an instrument in a band would be far more likely to also find the self motivation to go and lose weight and get jacked in the first place. See where I said "learn a skill or interesting hobby"? Yeah. See that's what I mean. These are not the type of people to actually want to put in effort to sincerely learn how to do anything and that's offputting to women just as
>might have been true at 15 and 15 was 15 years ago
Which specific phrasing makes you sound subtly desperate, and women can smell desperation. When you move from "I want that girl" to "I want any girl I can trick into having sex with" you've successfully transitioned from where we've all been at one time or another of trying and failing, to desperate. There's little more unattractive than a man who doesn't want or like you, but rather anything he can get, which betrays lack of confidence to boot, and which ironically probably could work on a sufficiently insecure woman. after stupidly wasting precious hours of my life trying to help these abject retards on casey yes I'm mildly bitter or something about that. They solely wanted the least effort possible solutions and after spending years trying to help them realized these rejects neither want nor deserve such help and that they're failing to find gf or fuckbuddy for very good reason

Curious why that is? Not gonna pry but you did put that out there.

To answer your question yes if they're sufficiently retarded and/or you're struggling enough. IM injections can cause soreness depending on substance used, needle gauge injection site etc. My arm was sore for a couple days after getting vaccinated.
No. 57632
38 kB, 784 × 544
41 kB, 804 × 549
I'm successful 1000 euro/month codegarch, what about you? Post your results I need them for report to KGB

Also keked from second pic, this is called "trusting soviet statistics". Shape of graph is truthful, but income growth for majority of population for 30 years is positive.
No. 57635
>Sorry, but all those gay psychological tricks don't work.
Your unstated premise is: women can not be manipulated. The advertising-department wants a word with you, they make a living by manipulating women into buying stuff, just saying. You watched an unskilled loser act out a routine in a youtube video and judged: "that can never work".

Looks only form a cut-off threshold. Getting over that threshold does not mean you are in, it just means you are being considered. There is a long way from being considered to being selected. Unless you are a male model. Are you a male model? Most men aren't, even if they are over the threshold of terminal ugliness.

Of course, if you are ugly, there is no chance and nothing will save you.

>I once decided for whatever looking at gore videos tier reasoning decided to glance at one of their forums and it was the most embarassing cringey goddamn thing I ever see
PUA was originally intended for slightly-above-average guys who wanted to get laid more. In the 2000s, all the socially inept losers, fuglys and incels joined. It became cringy at that point, and the guys who were good secluded themselves. You won't meet them online. And they don't want to waste their time on mentoring losers. In any case, any of them worth their salt will tell you that it takes 2-3 years to go from AFC to PUA. And 5-10 years to go from incel to PUA, if possible at all.

>who do not wish to change or put in the slightest modicum of self work, even if it's just something as simple as finding some passionate hobby or picking up a new skill
That won't change anything. You are trying to apply individual solutions to societal problems. The share of losers in the tournament is fixed because the number of women is fixed. You either need to increase the number of women in the game (cant) or change the rules of the game (no more harems for chad, back to monogamy.)

>Which specific phrasing
makes you sound subtly arrogant. Why do you feel the need to insult me? I already knew that I can't get laid. I don't need you to tell me.
No. 57637 Kontra
>Now, if you're not that attractive, you'll have to "compensate" by being a decent person, lol.
Being a decent person does not matter in the least. In fact, it is actually harmful.

Happy men don't get laid:
>happiness was the most attractive female emotion expression, and one of the least attractive in males. In contrast, pride showed the reverse pattern; it was the most attractive male expression, and one of the least attractive in women.

Gang members get laid a whole lot:
>This analysis revealed that the 57 male gang members involved in the outbreak had a significantly (p < .03) higher average number of sex partners than did the 63 male non‐gang members who were also involved in the outbreak.

Psychopaths are really hot:
>Results show psychopathy was related to sociosexuality, specific factors of social intelligence, and generating higher desirability ratings from women after controlling for men’s physical attractiveness. Analyses involving comparisons of two men showed women’s ratings increased in favor of the more psychopathic man.

As is the dark triad in general:
>Women rated the high DT character as significantly more attractive. Moreover, this greater attractiveness was not explained by correlated perceptions of Big 5 traits.

So, being an asshole helps. This is, coincidentally, advice the PUA-literature has, and it is, in that respect, sound advice. Don't be a nice guy, don't be decent. Of course, it is impossible to hide your character for significant amounts of time. Which is why PUA takes such an god-awful amount of practice, as you have noticed. That does not make the strategy of

>"being decent"

effective. At all.
No. 57638
65 kB, 570 × 760
261 kB, 920 × 1178
You know what advertisement has that someone who needs a self-help crutch to get laid doesn't?
Attractive faces lmao. And being nice to look at in general.
Not to mention that most ads target people with same-sex imagery. Handsome cool guys for men, posh ladies for women. That's because ads are meant for people to project themselves into, and evoke the "this could be me" emotion.
Ads based on sex appeal are mostly used to market sleazy bydlo shit. Kinda like PUA. You know those people make money off of selling books, right? How come you never see actually successful people reading that crap lol.

> apply individual solutions to societal problems.
Who gives a fuck about "society"? You're an individual, aren't you? It's easier to solve your own problems rather than to fix society, especially when the goal is individual benefit.

>all that
First, you shouldn't trust every paper you read. 50% of all studies in fields like psychology and sociology can't be replicated, and are largely bullshit.
Second, I never said anything about being "happy" or "nice". I'm talking about having life prospects and a modicum of social status. And you don't seem to be a nice person either, judging from your posts, strange that you're not getting laid. "decent", as in quality.

All of those claims about what women do and don't find attractive might be true or not. Except that it doesn't make sense to optimize for 20%, 30%, 50% (whatever significance you put on those studies) gains in attractiveness, when your chances of getting laid are 0%, because you sit at home and masturbate, and have nothing to offer.
Those variations in attractiveness are within a sample of non-losers. Basement dwellers aren't even in consideration. Which means that even if a normie is some degree less attractive than a "chad psychopath", a normie is at least within the category of dateable men.
Fix the things that make you undateable before you worry about things that make you a more or less desirable date.
The problem with incels is that they're societal window shoppers. Poor people will sometimes go to expensive stores, compare items, think about what would fit them best, judge the qualities of the product, and then leave not buying anything because they can't afford it.
Incels will sit all day measuring jaw angles and reading research papers, splitting hairs over details, think about "societal problems", when they don't even participate in society for those things to be a factor in the first place.

And lastly, consider with WHOM those "sexually successful" people are having sex with. You know, there's plenty of trashy garbage people out there, bedding whom is not really an accomplishment. In fact in most cases it's a net loss, and should subtract from your sexual success. Like the gangster study you brought up. Would you really consider bedding a hood trash chicken head a "success"?
You are what you eat, and who you hang with is who are. Vertical social success is achieved by interacting with quality people. Horizontal social success is when you're a big man among other trashy people, and the more "successful" you are among trash, the more of a loser you are to those above you in social status.
The only people who respect gang leaders are other gangsters and hood trash. The only people who respect PUA cringelords are incels who buy their books. Such cases.
No. 57642 Kontra
111 kB, 1280 × 960
Also, don't extrapolate the "average", or "normal" to your individual circumstances.
"The average person prefers X" should not be a consideration, because the average person is retarded, and half the population is below average.

Be concerned with your own shit, and optimize for your own particular circumstances. "society at large" does not exist, only your personal reality does. Normal people are concerned with their own social circles, not "society".

This guy got a gf. If he can do it, there's no lower limit to how ugly you can be and still find a relationship.
What gets me is that the incel model of reality is demonstrably incorrect if you just go outside and look around. Somehow, all these people are getting laid, somehow, all these people have partners, despite not being "top 5% dark triad chads".
No. 57643
>is demonstrably incorrect if you just go outside and look around.
Weird, I wonder if there's a correlation between being an incel and going outside...
No. 57644 Kontra
>Incels will sit all day measuring jaw angles and reading research papers

kek, brick at its best.

>most papers are evolutionary biology

If one thing is sure about you it is your attraction to biological explanations of social phenomena.

Anyway, I really wonder how valid the discipline of psychology is with its operationalizations of emotions lately read that this field is full with contradictory statements and there is no real consent on what emotions even are, after WW2 lots of disciplines got math on board to be more "precise", but I wonder how accurate this actually is or if maths makes just blind, numbers bring truths ya'll.
No. 57645
Not the other guy, but evolutionary biology is different from "evolutionary psychology" that pua types like so much, because the latter has about as much of a scientific base as e.g. gender "science". It's just extrapolated opinions wrapped into some pseudo sounding framework to gain some kind of contextual authority.
The thing about psychology is that yes, they have to know their statistics, however, like everything that can't control the parameters of the experimental setup, you would need much longer experiments and much, much larger sample sizes to be able to make a real statement about anything. And tools like questionnaires are inherently flawed anway. If you can observe people in some controlled environment, it's still hard to get usable results, but questionnaires just leave you at the mercy of whatever the person wants to tell you, rendering them virtually useless. Also, they are especially prone to forgery, as numerous cases in the past have shown.
No. 57655
Damn, insomnia right before Monday. Anti-mosquito thing finished and they waked me up.

> Incels will sit all day measuring jaw angles and reading research papers, splitting hairs over details, think about "societal problems", when they don't even participate in society for those things to be a factor in the first place.

Kek, accurate description. I was subscribed to a guy who made a mathematical model of dating based on dozens of such papers, and then posted statistic gained from this simulation. Asked him to send me code, he refused. And his channel was like that.
No. 57659
I wrote like five replies in this thread, but it all ended up in me having a meltdown. I just wish I was not part of the lowest of the low, but there is no way around dealing with that I am like poor the Russian said, like a poor guy looking at expensive stuff he can't afford. I will never be normal, and I will always be shit, no matter how many studies I read to try to find out what exactly is wrong with me. It does not matter, I am just wrong.
No. 57660 Kontra
I just wish I had done what my ex said tried to get a phd, tried to make more money. Maybe she'd still be with me. She was my only chance.
No. 57663
>my only chance
Thinking like this is anti-productive, also tends to be wrong. Unless you become like me and wait until your 30s to decide they're not worth it period. Just stop dwelling on things and yes, you should absolutely prioritize professional advancement over chasing women any day of your life. The latter can easily lead to the former, whereas the former can kill the latter then leave you with nothing to show for yourself. The only part about that that is accurate is the overall pessimism and cynicism towards mankind as a whole, rather than just towards women and for something so pathetic and trivial as chasing sex. Men who act like that aren't even worthy of ensnaring in your schemes, let alone considering some comrade in anything.
No. 57664
Looool it looks like more than one kind of propaganda. What kind of dumb shit is this even? 1980-2019 is exactly period where each of our growths totally stagnated, where middleclass and poor got conpletely fucked, and where our rashka-tier oligarchs reaped overwhelming majority of all growth straight into their own pockets and hidden away in numerous assets the oligarch equivalents to hiding it under the mattress.

In point of fact a lot of people see their actual worth and growth shrinking after such period and this is a massive contributing factor to the ongoing destabilization of our society. That rashka tier growth of oligarchs soaking up all rewards is precisely the underlying causes as to why we just spent 2020-Jan 2021 rioting and all kind of dumb crazy shit. All the pandemic happenings only became the trigger to these underlying problems having outburts, to Texans freezing to death from dead electrical grid, drinking poisoned water in Michigan, you name it, plus class having racial component to it.
>unironically trying to imply grorious West has nearly equal distribution of wealth growth
Pidoran tier think tank reporting
No. 57669 Kontra
Oh, I wanted to write psychology.
The thing of representation is what I meant. I've seen the argument that while questionnaires are bad representations so can brain waves and other physiological markers be representations that are not simply better.

You are focusing too much on your failure. And it sounds like since your childhood, failure was a concern.
No. 57671
The thing is that, imo, psychology and the fields beyond are working through a series of lenses. Whatever results they get, they are distorted because we still don't really understand the link between nerves and mind.
And only after that has been elucidated, psychologist will be able to update their methods and improve them.
No. 57672
>Looool it looks like more than one kind of propaganda. What kind of dumb shit is this even? 1980-2019 is exactly period where each of our growths totally stagnated, where middleclass and poor got conpletely fucked, and where our rashka-tier oligarchs reaped overwhelming majority of all growth straight into their own pockets and hidden away in numerous assets the oligarch equivalents to hiding it under the mattress.
Well, the lower chart is not titled 'USA', but 'the world', and maybe it is true for Asian countries like China, India, Thailand or even Korea, which was fucking poor in 1980. I wouldn't take it at face value, the methodology could be questionable. However, arguing that the chart is bull based on an American experience when it's titled 'the world' is obviously a bad argument.
No. 57673
It's common for Americans to forget other countries exist, it was a honest mistake.
No. 57677
I've been posting the same neo-platonist drivel since EC 1.0.
It's ok. It's cool.
No. 57678 Kontra
514 kB, 928 × 1200
Oh Lord, Monday is a terrible day to have a hangover. Though I feel like it's the stress of not being used to actually being around people anymore that drained me so badly rather than the alcohol.
No. 57681
Yesterday my savings jumped to 150% of their value because I accidentally stumbled upon a few large banknotes in a book I kept next to the book I keep my super-secret-apocalypse-savings.
I sometimes worry that something bad happens and mom and dad wouldn't be able to solve it, and this is why I established this "fund". To feel a bit more secure. Honestly, I'm amazed I've never touched it, on the contrary, I add a few 10k banknotes to it every summer.
(I wonder if the inflation rate will keep getting worse and fuck me over eventually.)

I'm going to take a day off work on Wednesday. I need a letter of recommendation for my application to the Workshop of Oriental studies, and I need a former teacher for that. I guess it paid off in the even longer run that I had an incredibly good relation with the vice principal of my school who also taught me literature.

Work fucking sucks. I've been ordered to re-check invoices clients uploaded, and it's basically staring at a screen non-stop instead of working with large stacks of paper like I usually do. But the money is still good so I can't complain.
Actually I did the noble Eastern European thing to do and when they needed another person for the job because of the workload, I recommended my sister.
My mother says I did good, because now my sister has a reference point when it comes to work. Last summer she worked at McDonald's. Now she's sitting in an air-conditioned office for a higher pay. Basically my mother thinks that this will prove to her that it's worth it to study, because you can get a better paying job that's less taxing.
So I'm spending more time with my sister now and I'm trying to be nice to her and help her.
It's like I'm more involved with the family in general, or rather, for some reason we've become more closely knit over the past year or so, especially with my father.

Somehow I was able to function with just 4 hours of sleep. Don't know what happened. Probably another boon of being healthy again. I have so much life in me that mosquitoes are biting me again. They used to avoid me like the plague, but now I wake up with a new bitemark tormenting me every morning.
It's little things like these that make me feel wholly human and alive again.
No. 57682
>So I'm spending more time with my sister now
I'm glad for you. This is good.

But is storing banknotes in books a good way to save money? Honestly, I doubt it. Well, at least it's Forint, not €...
No. 57683
40 kB, 797 × 526
41 kB, 797 × 563
If those so-called "other countries" really exist, why aliens never invade them?
However, you can compare it with USA or Portugal or any other country on their website.
No. 57687
>Though I feel like it's the stress of not being used to actually being around people anymore
I kinda miss talking to new people randomly in some twisted drugged/drunk state of mind.
No. 57696 Kontra
Yes I did. I actually somehow looked at that and my brain interpreted bottom half saying "USA." Literally is what I saw and my brain interpreted there, didn't realize it said "world." I am so sorry for this fatposts.
No. 57699
Well fuck.
after months of silence, the uzbeks suddenly reanimated, and literally yesterday demanded I fly out as soon as possible.
My flight is tomorrow morning.
God damn it, I want to sit on my ass some more.
No. 57702
>taking a plane

What did I miss?
No. 57703
Fear and Loathing in Tashkent?
No. 57704
>We were somewhere around Tashkent, on the edge of the steppe, when the nasvay began to take hold
No. 57705
I would unironically crowdfund this remake
No. 57707
Hey brick, how do you feel about an uzbek just having won an olympic gold medal?
Additional information: He struggled with wearing his mask properly.
No. 57708
I don't follow horcse racing, I don't follow dog fights, and I don't follow Uzbek athletes. I'm not into animal sports.
No. 57709
Iranian failed all his attempts and finished last.
No. 57712
4,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
8,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
At the edge of America, so close to Canada I can smell the free healthcare. Niagara falls
No. 57713
8,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
Why am I Texas?
No. 57714
Sloooooooowly I turned...!
No. 57717
93 kB, 700 × 495
Another picture for my collection of aesthetics from a Germany that has been gone.
I wish I could eat there. Wonder what the menu was. Just imagine being a salesman on the Autobahn in 1970, traveling from Wuppertal to Marburg.
No. 57718
>Siegerland Ost
Hey, I think I've been there in 2019 on a trip to Hamburg
No. 57720
65 kB, 200 × 265
Forint is basically shitty monopoly money we keep using because it's apparently good for export, investment and holding debt in (for the government). If shit hits the fan globally then it'll get fucked by inflation or whatever. (Basically Germans can keep paying less euros for a weaker currency at their local company branches and if the government is willing to face a shitstorm they can pay off the debt by printing money.)
I'm thinking on a more personal level here.
And it's not like it's "big money" in the sense that I could buy a car or something, it's a measly ~420 euros but it's still more than nothing.

I've been thinking about maybe changing it to Euros or Francs to make it keep its value some more, but for some reason I feel like it'd be pointless and I'd just look like a jackass trying to imitate high society doing this.
(I'm not going to change it to USD because I don't trust the Americans at this point not to print 6*10^23 dollars per second, not one bit and the Yuan would be pretty meme tier I think, even if it's apparently a new rising star currency or something.)
Maybe if I add more to it then it'll be worthwhile to invest it.

Interesting how you don't have any trust in the Euro, because to me it always embodied being well off and being stable for some reason.

>This is good.
Yes it is. I never realised how different she acts outside the house.
Basically she's going through her "shy teen phase" and it's really annoying at times, because at work she wants me to talk for her when ordering lunch or buying some knick-knack the company sells at a discount to employees. (Probably another one of the boons of working here is that you can buy stuff cheap, like I bought a half-leather notepad holder for and a leather notebook for 6 euros all together. She wanted some stuff too, but I had to talk to the boss about it instead of her.
And it's not like the woman coordinating us is some sort of witch from a Dickens novel, she's a Mutterhenne, always smiling and being nice to us.)
But I'm trying to be nice to her and encourage her to talk, because I went trough something similar and it's not cool.

Kazakh you are killing me :D
No. 57721 Kontra
114 kB, 1080 × 1080
I found this in an anti-vaxx group annd I feel compelled to share it here.
No. 57722
What is this trying to tell me? Why are people in Portugal sharing english-language shitty cartoons?
No. 57723
At least "Forint" sounds cool. "Euro" is an ugly, shitty name for an ugly, shitty currency.
I am actually thinking about starting to call it "Euromark" and "Europfennig".
Call me a bitter boomer, but I miss the D-Mark.
No. 57724
258 kB, 1080 × 996
It's telling us that being unvaccinated in the present day is a lot like being a Jewish person in 1943.
In fact, the group itself is named after Weiße Rose. I believe the original group is British based, various offshoots being formed to organize demonstrations and actions in their respective countries so there is a lot of cross cultural meme sharing. After all, the fight against the Bill Gates reptilian nazi jewish order is something that everyone can stand shoulder to shoulder on.
No. 57725
My gf lives near the graveyard where one of the higher-up members of the Weiße Rose and his family are buried.
I really want to punch these people.
No. 57727 Kontra
Anti-Vaxxers in Germany make the same comparisons, they include Third Reich and GDR comparisons alike, there have been kids instrumentalized to stage themselves as Anne Frank or Sophie Scholl, as well IM Erika (Angela Merkels undercover name for the Stasi, don't know if this is true btw) as proof for shady globalists dicatorial gubernmint or whatever it is.
No. 57728
This is what Russian folk wisdom says about women:[1]
> Woman is fool not because she is fool, but because she is woman
> A chicken is not a bird, a woman is not a human.
> God created three evils: a woman, a devil and a goat.
> Woman is not beaten only by the stove.
> Beat woman with hammer -- and she will be like gold.
> Woman's road - between the stove and doorstep.

[1] Legal notice: all responsibility for using it IRL lies upon you.

/faq/ and similar pages return errors, can't look up how to make SMOL text.
No. 57731
>Beat woman with hammer -- and she will be like gold
What the fug :DD that's a little extreme, even for popular wisdom
No. 57732
11 millions results

But no one takes it seriously. Even people who beat their wives know that it's wrong but still do it.
No. 57734
74 kB, 654 × 612
No. 57739
Oh shit, I accidentally smuggled a 1.5l bottle of water into the boarding area lol
They didn't check my bag.
No. 57740 Kontra
You’re a tenorist now. The US will hunt you down for threatening world peace and air safety.
No. 57741
2,9 MB, 291 × 300, 0:06
>get up at 4am on your day off to cover a shift last minute
>do another local manager a solid and give up the other day off in order to cover a shift of theirs (not even my store)
>boss tries getting me to do another shift tonight

Man, you can keep your overtime pay and travel times. Even with those it's only a 4 hour shift, I'd have to get re-dressed for work and I'm fuggen tired. Leave me the hell alone and let me enjoy my afternoon.
No. 57742 Kontra
Also motherfuckers give me an alternating week next week before this, so I'm already a little pissed with them. Motherfucker gib me my consecutive days off. Having work every second day doesn't let me relax.

Never work under a company man, Ernst. They have this weird idea that I have company loyalty too and will bail them out when I get paid barely above minimum wage. Nobody answered the message my man, that means nobody wants to do it. Don't send us text messages trying to pressure us with semi guilt trips.
No. 57743
101 kB, 901 × 284
Don't worry mate, an eternity of gratitude from your superiors lies ahead of you as reward for your endeavours.
No. 57744
282 kB, 978 × 635
Currently trying to find work on the railways. They've got what's probably the most powerful union in the country, and one that throws its weight around too. The job is still shit in its own way, lots of doing jack shit in the hot sun in the middle of nowhere for hours on end but the pay and benefits are fucking awesome, especially if you can get on the state rails. Got an uncle who drives trains, applied for a few intakes for apprenticeships in that role but haven't been successful yet. Gonna try nepotism soon :-DDD

This job is /fine/, but it doesn't pay all that well and our union is more just a cheap injury insurance fund rather than an organisation that's actually got any balls. If I end up stuck here, there's a high chance I try getting the lads into a wildcat.
No. 57746 Kontra
I was making a self-deprecating joke, complaining that Euro is Forint-tier Micky-Mouse money. Sadly, at -.5% interest rate, it is only half a joke and half truth. That's what you get for having a common currency with Southern Europe. They pushed their inflationary fiscal policy same debt-making on us.

West Germany could be Switzerland-tier rich. But we first absolutely had to re-unify then absolutely had to get that meme-currency so we can be a low-wage export country. Most trustworthy central bank in the world to "let's lower interest rate and buy government bonds so government can take more debts and hand out gibbes!"

Euro inflation is looming and it will be massive.
No. 57747
Shut up Bazi, EU is good, Merkel does a good job, Brussels dindu nuffin, where is your solidarity?
No. 57752 Kontra
1,8 MB, 320 × 320, 0:02
Also, I kind of wanted some extra work this week since I only got 3 short shifts assigned on the roster, and I need the cash. I still got a second pair of days on this weekend off, but even so motherfuckers shouldn't assume that since I wanted some hours, that I was obligated to accept whatever they throw at me. I took 11 extra already, so once again 'leave me the hell alone' :-DDD
No. 57754
Dang, it's like I ended up in a parallel reality where people speak funny and everything is 10 years behind
No. 57756
Uhm. I mean, hello kordaslar, I am new poster here, from great country Uzbekistan.
No. 57757
79 kB, 500 × 490
He is a village dweller,
He thinks buildings count as art,
He thinks he is a persoid,
He is a fucking sart

Hi brick
No. 57758
We should do a discord call so that the chicks see me speaking English and think I'm from Korea.

Should do an Iwo too.
It's actually kinda cozy here. Some cage sense of nostalgia from childhood. Didn't see a single fucking MCD or KFC yet.
No. 57759

Kinda puts it in perspective how much Almaty cosplays as wect.
No. 57760
>Should do an Iwo too.
YES PLEASE. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen an IWO on EC /int/. Those were always really comfy threads.
No. 57761
I second the motion. I want to see some real Central Asian shit
No. 57764
1,4 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,6 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,6 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,7 MB, 2560 × 1440
Only been here half a day and I'm already acting like an annoying tourist.
Walked around, took some pics, etc.
At first I thought "this is just the downtown part of almaty, except hotter".
Until I had to interact with people and stuff.

I was walking on my merry way, snapping pics, then I saw a small car accident, apparently one car scratched another. It was two ladies, and one of them was clearly agitated, and honestly acting like a bitch. I snapped a pic, because it was a fun scene, but she saw me and started berating me.
I flipped her off, and walked on my merry way, as is customary with people who act this way (honestly a pretty bad move on my part). But that agitated her even more, and she rushed over me, demanded I delete the photos, and even got the traffic policeman involved. I obliged, and she went back to bitching about the other thing she was bitching about. The policeman then told me that snapping pics is ok, just don't flip people off as that counts as minor hooliganism. lel
With how similar everything looks, and people looking generally the same (except darker, and more persoids around), it's easy to fall back on acting the same way as you do at home, but this is a more conservative country, and their government are even bigger assholes than ours. So I have to be careful. It ain't no saudi arabia, but still, I don't want to cause incidents.

Drivers here are assholes. They don't even slow down when you're standing in front of the pedestrian crossing. Only when you're ON the crossing do they consider stopping. Also, they honk all the time. And they drive and park on the fucking pavements.

I tried 5 ATMs, none of them worked. Their big bank only deals with uzbek currency, and the atms of the other bank were all broken. Thankfully, they have a fuck-expensive shop right next to the hotels, where they accept cards. They have some cool sodas there.
No. 57765
53 kB, 715 × 552
48 kB, 730 × 569
Very nice pictures, thanks. What am I seeing at the top of the university? Looks like some kind of troll image from the internet.
No. 57766
363 kB, 1200 × 1200
Also, 90% of cars here are of the same brand.
Why? Because they have a local chevrolet factory stamping out stuff on a common platform, and the government hiked up the tariffs, so nobody can afford a car that isn't a locally produced chevrolet cobalt.
This guy's cousin :-DDDD
No. 57767
998 kB, 2560 × 1440
Enhanced version :DD
No. 57768
Hand me a Jarritos pls. (how expensive is it?)

Also, I would appreciate more. I've been traveling by train a few days ago and was planning to take some photos for EC, a train ride IWO. But I forgot.
No. 57769
18,3 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:09
...step by step...inch by inch...

Not too many more inches though, lol. Pic related. Standing at the top, overlooking the Horseshoe Falls. Didn't want to phone post this one with spotty coverage.

Was frightened by your strange land until I saw Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Their familiar logos soothed my anxiety :D
No. 57770 Kontra
Why no thumbnail? Eh, still plays so I'll leave it.
No. 57771
22,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:16
733 kB, 2560 × 1440
1,7 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,9 MB, 2560 × 1440
Decided to check out the tv for curiosity's sake.
For some reason half the channels are italian, and almost all of them show informercial 24/7. Those that don't, show some other weird shit.
Either italy is more of a shithole than I thought, or this hotel got scammed by their cable provider, or cable tv's death spiral reached a new low. If that's what tv is like these days, no wonder it's dying.

3: amazing city planning.
4: amazing commieblock facelift.
No. 57772
It's really cute how a guy from one 3rd world country can still be contemptuous of another 3rd world country.
Also, maybe lay off the cake for a change, pudge boy.
No. 57773
I know it's not good to look down on those who have it worse, but come on, Italy is pretty bad.
No. 57776
The weather is also quite Italian looking from the photos you uploaded.
Why are you even there?
No. 57780
Work. I'm supposed to install a demo version of a self service kiosk machine in their bank. It's made by some middle eastern company that develops service machines for banks and telecoms. Gotta configure the server and the front end, then give a presentation on how amazing this heap of shit is. Since everyone is transitioning to internet banking, this thing has a lifespan of 5 years, optimistically.
Then again, it's better than the German stuff we work with, at least it's not written in Delphi circa 2008 and doesn't require windows xp to run. No idea how those companies manage to not only succeed, but monopolize entire sectors.
No. 57781
> No idea how those companies manage to not only succeed, but monopolize entire sectors.
The secret ingredient is neoptism/corruption, as well as boomers who are still printing the internet having any kind of decisive power.
No. 57782 Kontra
Also speaking of IWO's, I did on me and Aussie's discord server half a year back, but never bothered to post on EC.
If I find so.e downtime, I'll post them. There's some funny third world stuff there too. Maybe even make a thread for IWO's and daily photos.
No. 57783
Today's meeting was a success, I'll get my letter of recommendation an by the looks it'll be really fancy. I'm happy.
Also found out that my letter of complaint was indeed, actually used to fire the librarian. The sun will shine a little brighter from now on knowing I actually did my part. It was nice to catch up on what happened after I graduated. Apparently they're trying to introduce French as a fourth language to the school.
The teacher refused to allow me to pay for the stuff we had at the café and in the end we agreed that next time we meet I'll pay. I was the one asking for a favour and I'd have expected her to at least allow me to pay. And to top it all off she also gifted me a book, a copy of Jiang Rong's Wolf Totem.

It's back to work tomorrow and I'm kind of dreading it, but the money is good and so on.
The boss is still on holiday, so I'm managing the whole operation, which is kind of nice. I just have to answer her calls 2-3 times a day and then report on how we're doing.

I have no fucking idea how money works, allright? All I know is that wectern richfags use Ajro and we don't.

You're halfway right about Italy.
I spent five days in Rome and it was a bigger shithole Budapest could ever hope to be.
Apparently Calabria and anything under Naples is basically 4th world tier, but the north is supposedly okay.

I think we talked about this thing before, but people don't realise how much vulnerable legacy hardware and software is still around. It's a wonder our digital infrastructure hasn't collapsed yet under its own weight, but I guess if there's a "cyberwar" then we're going to have a bad time.
No. 57784 Kontra
177 kB, 1267 × 453
lol saved
No. 57785
Before I started to work with financial stuff, I used to think "It's about $$$, so it should be 100% professional and secure". Lol.
I'm not some perfectionist fanatic (though I used to be one when I was young and naive), I think it's OK as long as it works and I get my paychecks. But this is "you see it and your hair becomes gray" tier.

Wrote a bunch of whining about my job, then deleted it. Instead I'll just say it's a miracle that all this shit somehow works most of the time.
No. 57786
However I see positive side in everything.
Work overtime? I'm no-lifer anyway, so it will distract me from this sad fact.
I have to do my team lead's work who went to vacation which I'm heavily underqualified for? Good opportunity to grow professionally.
Everything is written by monkeys on LSD? Well, but I just received a good dose of hysterical laugh while working on task.
OK, I wrote a bunch of whining anyway. But this is only partly sarcasm and partly I don't really care.
No. 57787
I've been having dreams about a former colleague lately. No idea how she got into my brain again.

She was a year or two older than me, petite, small, but with a great, shapely body, a cute kinda slavic, but very delicate face and hair down to her ass. She usually wore it in a braid wrapped around her head and I didn't even know she had such long hair until she opened it one day.
She was more of a level-headed type.
She was getting married at that time and I had a gf. We were friendly with each other, but it's not like we were hanging out or anything, but now she's in my head.
Weird how that is sometimes, huh?

I also think about another former colleague from time to time who was basically an elf. We weren't even as close as I was with the one already mentioned, but at one point I seem to have done something that warmed her up to me and from then on she was very friendly with me.
And when I am thinking about her and how sex with her might be, I inevitably also think a bit further and realize I don't really know her and that we would probably not fit together well and that a common future is unlikely anyway, not because I am an Ernst or something, but just because it's not an actual match.

The punchline is, I have a gf since almost ten years whom I dearly love and who I actually can see spending my life with.
No. 57791
DO you ever wake up with your mind in a twist?
Like if you were laying weirdly and now your neck or bed hurts, but this time it's the brain.
I sometimes dream weird shit and then wake up in a weird, distorted state of mind.
No. 57793
The emotional influence of a dream can streach up to an entire day for me. It's rarely pleasant even when the emotion is joyce. The worst case was when I dreamt I was killed by someone and during my last dying breath I realised I was terrified of death and the void beyond. This dream haunted me for several days and now I know the only thing that prevents me from my fear of nothingness is my ignorance.
No. 57797
Man, I once dreamt the little brother of a friend of mine (he was already an adult back then) shot at me, and hurt me. There wasn't even a real reason, he just shot me. And we didn't have any beef whatsoever irl or anything.
That dream really shook me to the core.
No. 57801
No. 57802
Huh, that was a band I wanted to get more into. Thanks for posting this. I hope this is not a dream.
No. 57803
EC is a networked astral mind parasite, when you think you're on EC, you're actually staring at a blank screen and drooling.
No. 57804
>when you think you're on EC, you're actually staring at a blank screen and drooling.
Joge is on you, I do this anyway when on EC.
No. 57805
1,5 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,3 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,3 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,9 MB, 2560 × 1440
Bank I'm working at

My dinner today. It was pretty good. Big portions, couldn't eat all of it. Food on average is better than in Almaty, more variety too. What I noticed is that they don't open dining places willy nilly, like here. If you can eat there, its a proper place. In Almaty we have a lot of franchises, expensive but mediocre places with good interior design, and absolute pig disgusting eateries. And fast food stands. Good places have to be sought out.
And thank god they don't have fast food stands, those things are vile. Nothing uglifies a city more.

A bad street photo. It's hard to photograph Tashkent because the city is very spread out. Feels like astana in that it feels like a designed city. Wider roads, walking is a pain. Quite car oriented.
No. 57806
Wish I didn't the 'tism and chronic constipation

What a hell this is..
No. 57807
That food looks good. Do you think they spit in it when they discovered you're Kazakh?
No. 57808
Joke's on them though, we're about to screw them out of millions of dollars.
Le crafty naiman face.
No. 57809
But why are you so racist towards Uzbeks? Aren't you basically the same people?
No. 57810 Kontra
I think you just fucked up big time by saying that.
No. 57811
32 kB, 640 × 353
It's just central Asian banter.
No. 57812
Did I? By the way, are you a güpsy? Aren't hungarians güpsies even more than Romanians?
No. 57813 Kontra
No. 57814
I could summon you, very good.
So, can you tell me why I can't write the g-word here?
Did someone spam it? Preemptive measure to prevent people from discussing them? Something else?
It's been bugging me for a long time, so just give me the answer please, then I will leave you alone.
No. 57815
704 kB, 1200 × 1757
See, I was right about germoids all along.
No. 57816
My friends learns in one of Kavkaz universities (he just needs degree, no matter what quality). He says all other churkas look down on Turkmens and consider them stupid.
No. 57817 Kontra
It was kohl tier questioning and pointing. inb4 mein free speech

t. not the mod
No. 57818 Kontra
It was repeatedly used as an insult so that it eventually became banworthy.
No. 57819 Kontra
Huh, interesting, I see. Thank you for your answer.
No. 57820
298 kB, 2000 × 1545
It just dawned on me.
While Russian words are the same, when it comes to pronouncing shared Turkic words, I am the weirdo who speaks funny.
Oh no.
No. 57824
Are there any stereotypes of Kazakhs within these smaller central asian nations? What do they think of your people?
No. 57826
51 kB, 550 × 412
405 kB, 1180 × 730
English-speaking internet is boring.

For example, in Runet there was epic battle of two historians (well, kind of).
At left side of the ring -- Ponasenkov. He wrote a book about how Napoleon won 1812-1814 war, larps as Oskar Wilde and sings "I love penis" in leopard jacket on his "Channel of common sense" (yes, channel is really called like that): https://youtu.be/GP9L_2CPh1M?t=60 Commentaries under his videos are usually "A man of renaissance", "Bravo, Maestro", "EvGenious" and so on (I have no idea how many of them are ironic).
At right side of the ring -- Sokolov. He likes to dress up like French general and demands people to call him "sire" (on French manner). Sometimes has hysterical strokes on his lectures in Piter University.
They had a conflict about plagiarism. Had many court sessions, posted videos addressing each other. All the "lower internet" was following the story.

And then their conflict ended in a bit surprising way. Sokolov shot his woman (30 years younger than him), cut her body into pieces and threw it into river. But he slipped and fallen into river as well. Then he was rescued but the body parts were found. This was captured on city camera, also all the liveleak-tier photos were published (thanks, Russian police!).
Total victory: Ponasenkov as witness in court brags about his book while Sokolov sits in cage and cries: https://youtu.be/jxL_iSRgpPo?t=1947

Sounds like sitcom or b-movie, not like something that happened IRL, doesn't it?
Meanwhile the best drama west can offer is life coach who turned out to be benzo addict.
Ok, Terry Davis was funny too.
Maybe you are just not enough dysfunctional to be interesting.
No. 57832
1,7 MB, 2560 × 1440
Sysadmin gore
No. 57839
113 kB, 1399 × 1352
English speaking internet has horrors beyond Russian academic debates
No. 57841
4,5 MB, 4608 × 3456
4,0 MB, 4608 × 3456
4,5 MB, 4608 × 3456
5,7 MB, 4608 × 3456
Mini Iwo: Ernst leaves werk

1-3 is break room. 4 is the Ernstcave, aka the cleaners cabinet
No. 57842
228 kB, 900 × 1600
Exactly what a derrorist would say
No. 57843
At first I didn't pay attention to your countryball and was wondering why brick is all of a sudden doing computer guy work in a cleaner cabinet and why they are writing everything in english in Uzbekistan.
But that break room looks rather comfy; the break rooms I have come to known during my service worker endeavours were much more sterile and dusty.
No. 57844
Is that an Uzbek production? Or a general central asian production? How is their cinema in general? Is there a "scene" to speak of or is it just China tier hero "epics"? Tell us more, I don't even know what this is about.
No. 57845
Norwegian prison tier
No. 57846
This, point us towards Uzbek cinema. I want to know what they watch atm.
No. 57847
Insert what you mean by speaking weird now. If Kazakh is throat cancer, then by the looks of it, Sartspeak is a fuggen tracheotomy.

It's not bad. Plenty of room and free fruit. Benefits of working at a supermarket I guess

I can answer this actually. At least Kazakh film is largely small brain epics with ebin costuming and sets. Then you occasionally get legit massive brain films. There doesn't seem to be an in between.

That move is literally called "I am not a Terrorist" if I'm recognising the words. Probably some drama. I still find is ebin that the word for terrorist is literally "terror pro".
No. 57848 Kontra
Also it's state funded (O'zbekkino), so probably has weirdly high production values thanks to corruption monis.
No. 57855
8,2 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:22
6,4 MB, 640 × 360, 2:26
I got my second vaccination shot yesterday.
Didnt feel anything yesterday but today at work I was tired as hell even though I slept as usual before.

Did Ernst have a similar experience?

Houthis videos, unrelated.
No. 57860
> Miroslav, Vecheslav, Yaroslav, Stanislav, Zalupaslav, etc
Why even choose such name for your kids?
No. 57861
91 kB, 800 × 462
Somebody I know had fever the other day because of second vaccination, I'm scheduled for next week.

Made a delicious fish curry after coming back from the Asian store. They luckily had frozen curry leaves.
No. 57864
My second shot floored me for several days.
I got mine last week tuesday and it was only on sunday that I didn't get any random sweat outbursts anymore. It was a cross vaccination, got Astra first and Biontech later.
No. 57867
Isn't that a bit of a strange vaccine combination?
No. 57868
Святослав-Ярослав were always pretty common, no?
No. 57872
That's what the STIKO (the german vaccination department) recommended because apparently that combination has higher efficacy or something.
I couldn't care less about that, but my second Astra shot was scheduled for mid september, and now I'm done by august.
No. 57883
539 kB, 2000 × 1336
Look, Ernst. This is a 3D Diagramm of a bacteria farm, it could provide proteins more efficiently than the most efficient plants.
No. 57884
22 kB, 593 × 584
I have 19th century liberal views and proud of it
No. 57890
so I went back to the claim that it's only social sciences and psychology and medicine and shit that have reproducibility problems, and hard sciences don't.
I googled around, and apparently physicists keep publishing papers about "discovering" new particles, make a big deal out of it, get featured in pop sci, "ARE WE ABOUT TO MOVE BEYOND THE STANDARD MODEL?!?!?", etc. etc., and then those findings can't be reproduced, and things go silent again.

I got ideology'd again'st.
No. 57891
I think SMBC has already made a comic about that.
It's basically hype for funds because you won't get money for boring sound science. Gotta grab those I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE bucks.
Plus, theoretical physics is not something one would call "hard science" per se.
No. 57893
Autistic aristocrats trying to prove their theological schizo-theories through natural sciences was unironically a better scientific environment than the contemporary model of public and private funding.
Hell, global superpowers funding science to discover the best way to annihilate each other was a better environment.
No. 57895
2,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
I read a small collection of Chinese short stories from the Tang-era today and also worked my way through a chapter of the textbook on Chinese literature.

Keep getting bitten by mosquitoes when reading outside. Mainly on my feet for some reason. There's two barrels of rainwater (illegal in America!) that serves as a breeding ground for the bastards, but nobody wants to do anything about it and last time I mentioned getting some anti-larvae drops my father told me that "we shouldn't rely on chemicals as much". (Funny considering how he has a mosquito-repellent machine in the living room that uses little sheet to dispense chemicals.)
Apparently vinegar is also supposed to kill them so I poured like 3dls into each barrel and I'm hoping for the best. If not, I'm going to go out and buy the anti-larvae chem myself and I don't give a fuck.

There was a yellow pot laying around, and I noticed that there's a box of bulbs on the windowsill so I did the sensible thing and I planted one that has already grown out.
Didn't know what kind of flower it was but apparently it's a Gladiolus.

They told me not to go in next week. I hope this doesn't mean I just got fired.
Not like I'm not glad to have some free time finally. Gonna do a lot of reading.

>Vegetarian Garl Margz Burger
No! Not the Hamburgers!

SMBC is so high on its own farts and so smug about itself that I want to fucking cull its smug, retarded, wall-of-text-writing creator. Same goes for XKDC.
No. 57897
Also, do particle accelerators count as theoretical physics?
Because those people are shooting particles at each other and scrutinizing the noise that comes out looking for new particles. Seems pretty empiric to me.
No. 57898
I thought, bureaucrats would rather give money for something boring because it "looks serious". I would also act like this on their place =DDD

"Greedy capitalists trying to make money on entertaining plebs" works fine too. Humanity achieved great advancements in computations and artificial intelligence over last years.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, start kvetching
> It's not real AI, real AI must at least solve equations play chess translate texts draw art enslave humanity like in matrix movie
I use old phone with buttons, but my father is excited about smartphones because for him it's "THOSE THING FROM SPACE ODYSSEY AND EVEN COOLER".

Unreproducible articles in hard sciences are such either for a good reason (do you have your personal particle collider to check the results?), either because no one really cares about them (employee of shit tier university faked results to get his bucks). Things which are applied on practice (at least through intermediaries) are usually well-checked.
No. 57901
>I thought, bureaucrats would rather give money for something boring because it "looks serious". I would also act like this on their place =DDD
At least here it's flashy stuff, or whatever kind of "new technology" some boomer is into, e.g. anything with smartphones and AR, even if it's just gimmick bullshit without any actual practical application.
No. 57902
That we dedicate to mining crypto and playing AAA lootcrate games
No. 57903
You probably don't wanna hear it, as you said you don't like how people tell you too... but this book could be insightful, I'm eager to read it myself, but I stay away as it is many pages.

No. 57906
My metabolism is ridiculous. I’m beginning to bald but at the same time hair is growing on the sides of my eyes and slowly turning into eyebeard. Why wouldn’t you grow on my head instead? Stupid hairs.
No. 57908
Acquire muscles, embrace the bald look.
No. 57910 Kontra
383 kB, 3946 × 711
1,1 MB, 3614 × 2146
Had another covid-antibody test today at my mother's insistence. Still seronegative, so I didn't have covid.
Family is planning a holiday again. Told them I'm tired and I don't want to go anywhere before uni starts, because travelling is exhausting. Mum cried and told me I'm an idiot who should be able to compromise. (Since "the rest of the family is already compromising for my sake, because I don't have a covid-pass." Told her that it's not my fault and it's not like they had to make a hard decision to get the pass, because none of them actually took the fucking jab.)
I still have time to change my mind.

Thank God the weekend is over, so they'll leave me the fuck alone for a few days.

Unironically having fun with the book on Chinese lit, even if a lot of stuff isn't necessarily new info. (I mean, there is plenty of stuff in it I didn't know, but there's also a lot that I did read elsewhere.)
No. 57914
438 kB, 1080 × 1729
The only notable event of my past week
No. 57918 Kontra
Important question: Did you drink it after you fished out the fly?
No. 57923
Go on holiday tbh. A brother won't be ae to afford them soon the way the economy is going.

Better question: did you eat the fly?
No. 57924
222 kB, 1200 × 857
The fly was sent down the drain, alongside the juice.
No. 57926
This ironically makes me way more interested on what else you did/thought/said

I thought you were vaccinated. It doesn't do anything but give you a sore arm afaik, unless you're one of those 0.001% or something like that who gets a bad reaction.
No. 57931
You can't get the jab if you have a chronic illness that's in an active phase, and since I'm still taking meds for at least another month, I couldn't get the vaccine even if I wanted to. (And even after that I'm first going to consult with the doctor about it.)
No. 57967
Got rekt by second jab (Moderna) on Sunday as well.
First hours afterwards I felt fine of course, towards evening I began feeling body aches. By bedtime I had a shivering fit and spent most of the night in a feverish delirium. By 6am I felt better and got a few hours of normal sleep. On Monday I just had the normal slight fever and body aches.
I'm kind of fascinated by how the appetite shifts for certain foods when you're sick, almost forgot about that since I haven't been sick in a long time. In any case apparently I ended up eating too much since I threw up most of it before going to sleep. But then I slept really well and feel mostly fine now except for a headache, even the arm where I got the jab barely hurts anymore.
No. 57988
>Reordering bookshelves
>I find that bottle of kräuterlikör I thought I lost
Praise be to the Lord!

Went to Budapest today. Picked up my package, also bought some teas and some over the counter anti-fatigue pill that apparently a lot of uni students use. I'm a bit embarrassed because it feels a bit like I'm buying snake oil but I'm willing to try anything sort of prescription drugs to get a bit of an edge.
Took like 4 euros in casualties on the way because of the book carts. Got a copy of Ovid's Metamorphoses and Vol. 3 of In Search of Lost Time (Vol 1-2 I already owned.) on top of the books I ordered.
By the end I felt like a Daoist sage again. I'm in flip-flops, I have no money left, and my bag is full of books, teas and pills of questionable efficiency.

Had a nice chat with a friend. We shittalked some prageru vids and then went on to looking at books online and pirating a fucking of them. I now have 3k pages worth of books on translation studies.
Even found one on the the reception and translation of western literature on late imperial China.

Almost completed my application for the workshop. I just need a photo and then submit it.
Also assembled a physical portfolio in case they call me in for the personal round of the interview.

Regarding reading, I'm at the point again where I'm losing context in a sea of data. I stop and I realise I don't know how I got here. I remember what I read, but it feels a bit directionless for some reason.
It's like when you endlessly repeat a word and it starts to lose meaning and sound strange. It's like as if I were dreaming all this.
No. 57990
Never let an oriental build your technology.

A windows server web-app written in C#, that connects to hardware running windows LTSC, with a GUI made with ancient chromium, using fucked up, buggy proprietary drivers. Instead of letting the developers write the interface in plain HTML5 (which is the one advantage of having a browser as your application), and just giving an API for the hardware, they made a clunky, half-working ladder diagram editor.

And the best thing, all the config files are in XAML. This is the anti-life equation of computer technology.
No. 58002
Turns out except being quite tired for two or three days it didnt do much in regards of side effects.

t. original asker
No. 58006
364 kB, 768 × 1024
Linux? Never heard of it. We don't need any experimental technologies, let's use Microsoft, Windows is well known trusted company.
Why is it free? Because it is bad?
You say, you plan to write on "plain html5". But Ozaibyrgen-ogly says he would use chromium, react and blockchain. He sounds more professional.
No. 58016
3,0 MB, 3120 × 4160
3,2 MB, 3120 × 4160
2,7 MB, 3120 × 4160
3,2 MB, 3120 × 4160
Alright, I wanted to get out of town and to the sea. Haven't seen the sea in a while now and I was hoping for satisfaction, but forestall the trip, it was way too much people at the beach, nothing for an Ernst and so the overall trip was 5/10. I felt the sea breeze, got the time to concentrate on work, and skip a meeting with a woman I probably mildly fell in love with, but I don't think it is mutual, thus not seeing her was the more rational choice. German train personnel went on strike today but my regional train connection was flawless after noon as well as on my way back. While sitting in the train the idea of making an IWO came up so I took some pictures, not the best. I also have a sort of embarrassment taking pictures like some tourist. Spoiler: I went to a town I've never been before, but I moved up north. It was a sunny day today and lots of people making holidays. I still wasn't able to shamelessly take pictures like some 45+ family dad or 65+ retiree of things. Anyway, maybe some German Ernst can guess the city.

  1. The train interior
  2. A typical German locomotive
  3. A family that got out of the train and sat down
  4. The northern countryside, all flat.
No. 58017
977 kB, 0:41
3,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
2,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
2,5 MB, 3120 × 4160

  1. The train sound, I recorded it on my way back, notice the jingle that plays before announcements for stations and the side of exit. I would like to listen to train jingles now, this one was quite odd to me.
  2. A village train station
  3. wind power stations at the horizon, a common sight in northern Germany
  4. I arrived at my destination and went to this "mall" (just a few shops, including a grocery store and furniture store) in order to my soda and water and Chicken burgers from McDolan as I was nationwide advertisements informed me that its cheaper than usual atm. The mall will close soon apparently, that is why it looks quite empty and lifeless.
No. 58020
3,6 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,8 MB, 3120 × 4160
3,3 MB, 3120 × 4160
2,4 MB, 4160 × 3120

  1. Part of the non-industrial port. Sadly I wasn't able to go much further and directly to the open waters, as that is private property. Perhaps in other parts it would be possible, but I did not have that much time as the beach was quite a distance away as I only had my feet to move around.
  2. I found a shadowy place and ate my burgers
  3. As you can see I bought Goga Gola with vanilla flavor, to my shame it can only be found without sugar and only sweeteners, sad!
  4. A container ship passing by.
No. 58023
3,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
4,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,6 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,7 MB, 4160 × 3120

  1. Don't know what that building is.
  2. Another shot of the non-industrial port area. I would have wanted to take photos of these boats still parking in the port that go near the seals but I couldn't be arsed to take photos of entertainment hungry Germans on this sunny day while they stare at me. It reminded me of holidays at the sea when I was a child. Today seeing all those holidaymakers I felt it was kinda bleak making holidays here. At least the Dutch have bigger beaches. It was cramped, but about that later.
  3. The "marina", not big yachts ofc.
  4. A camper parking space, quite packed as you can see. Near the sea.
No. 58026
2,9 MB, 3120 × 4160
2,7 MB, 3114 × 2646
1,3 MB, 2343 × 2563
2,8 MB, 3120 × 4160

  1. Approaching beach
  2. Strandkörbe (beach chairs kind of) for rent, the whole fucking beach (except the dog beach) was full with these. I checked the satellite image again (first time at home) and to my displeasement I noticed that the whole beach is plastered with them. I did not bother to go further and sat down in the back near the promenade. Too many people, also I felt quite misplaced, there was nobody of my age. People were either 35+ or >20, parents and their kids and elderly people made up nearly all people present.
  3. I went to the dog beach, I wasn't the only one who was seeking out that place instead as you can see but the view was nice. A container ship again.
  4. I read for 30-45mins enjoying the sea breeze
No. 58028
1,1 MB, 1674 × 2785
957 kB, 1525 × 2785
3,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,7 MB, 2723 × 3007
I meant <20 ofc.

  1. Another ship, this time not containers but lose freight I guess.
  2. A wooden beacon
  3. More Strandkörbe and the town from far away. On my way to the beach I want along the coastal line you can see, on my way back I went through the city that spreads out to the right.
  4. An apartment building, probably 1910s-1930s, I'd say 1920s. They seem quite typical for the north, is it unique in its style or common elsewhere outside of Germany?
No. 58029
3,2 MB, 3120 × 4160
2,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
964 kB, 1562 × 2555
4,1 MB, 3120 × 4160

  1. Kot
  2. Kot is making noise and presses against me and I was able to stroke it
  3. A nice older European style building.
  4. Return to the non-industrial port. I notice I did not eat any fish buns (Fischbrötchen), the shack that sold it while passing at my arrival is closed by now
No. 58030
2,8 MB, 4160 × 3120
696 kB, 1028 × 2875
2,3 MB, 2872 × 2877
1,1 MB, 3120 × 2135

  1. One of the harbor basins.
  2. A lamp at the train station and the train
  3. One of the villages on my way back, quite a typical view for a village stop
  4. Lots of building activity as the train home approaches its destination, flats are badly needed and ofc also is built further away.
That's it. A day trip to a German seaside town.
No. 58033
50 kB, 585 × 435
I like the empty mall. Interesting to see what these German small towns look like. Good trip.
No. 58045
Yooooo what the fuggg? I am currently on a business related trip around Hamburg, considering an IWO and then you come and post coastal towns and beaches.
Now I am convinced I'm being watched by something
No. 58047
Did you visit the same city? While I think our spatial proximity is accidental, making an IWO is not since we talked about it here lately, Brick did one etc.
No. 58068
4,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
Going to be spending the day in this hospital waiting room. No worries, sister is having minor surgery and I'm playing the role of "responsible family member". My duties include waiting, receiving text updates on her status, waiting, possibly talking to the doctor at some point, more waiting, and then driving.

I'll probably read that magazine at some point.

>Kot is making noise and presses against me and I was able to stroke it
Kot petting achievement: unlocked
No. 58069
1,2 MB, 2560 × 1440
Ugliest building I've ever seen
No. 58071
It's a bit gaudy but hey, it could be worse. It could be covered in gold ornaments or painted red and gold.
No. 58074
I like it, although the Hungarian is right - it would be better with a gold trim or something of the sort. XDDDD
No. 58076
4,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
The television is playing The View. Kill me now.
No. 58077
What are they discussing on The View?
No. 58078
Covid. I was saved by a call from the doc. Sister is out of surgery. In another room now.
No. 58107 Kontra
60 kB, 512 × 683
54 kB, 478 × 620
Spent the day in the garden. Pruned some weeds and then planted some more gladiolus bulbs. Had to discipline the puppy because it thought it was a funny game to dig out the bulbs I planted.

Got a new phone today. Apparently I was next in line during the plan-renewal so I got one. It's an iPhone again. Don't care much for it. Take very good pictures. I can actually photograph the entirety of my China-related shelves into one photo while still having the spines be readable.
It's an amazing upgrade. Same goes for the screen. It's just better somehow. This is what a few years in tech does.
Otherwise I'm mad because it has no jack connector, so I'll either need a converter cable or use bl*etooth.
I really hope God punishes California one day.

Accompanied my mother to a meeting today. She has a second job selling houses and she didn't want to go alone late at night, so I went with her.
She wasn't really enthusiastic about the whole thing because it was late, so when the client started talking about "waiting until prices go lower" I actually told her a lot of fancy foreign economic words like "current economic conjuncture" "American-market influence" "government-stimulation" "effects of the European common market" to impress the retard with money. Just imaging a long haired dude in a hawaii shirt trying to sell you a house. I was basically a walking /biz/ shitpost. Fucking hilarious.
The woman was impressed, my mother was happy, and I regret not actually studying something where I can utilise my skill of talking like Sir Humphrey. Fuck, I should have studied law or something.
No. 58114
166 kB, 800 × 1194
My job reminds me of Jenga game. I have a choice: to solve the problem in decent and painful way or to push dirt even deeper under the carpet, so the "player on next turn" will collapse everything and be put to blame.
Also I learnt recently that our project is considered so fucked up that the company plans to build another project solving same task from zero. So our job now is to HOOOOLLDD and maintain this pile of shit on life support until the smart guys will make everything in normal way.
However, their design IMHO doesn't follow KISS principle, therefore result won't be much better. Also I'm not sure they will develop it soon enough, more likely we will break everything sooner.
No. 58123
>"current economic conjuncture"
I'm pretty sure that is not a real thing my dude

Such is life on
I don't know what. I want to say how third world it sounds but then I realize we do exactly the same shit here and it drives me furious. I do however think usually we're at least spared by full brunt of it because how much Americans have a "measure twice cut once" mentality of wanting to get it completely right and up to code and competely flawless the first time. I don't even know why that is but it's completely reflexive for most of us past like age 18. I think maybe it's because in such an utterly ruthless and competitive society if you're not dumber than the dumbest brick you eventually figure out half assing it isn't tolerated by anybody and you're easily replaced by someone who'll work twice as hard for lower pay.

We almost act like nationalists if nationalism was the corporation you're working for. I guess that would often make us corporatist company man. But then again we also if we're not dumb enter any work environment expecting the back stabbiness and gossip of work culture from bydlo food server to academia and so are constantly on guard for some dumbass doimg exactly that and pushing him on his own sword if they hand us off a shitpile and try to make like it was us.
No. 58124
541 kB, 220 × 173, 0:04
No it makes sense in Hungarian it’s just that I fucked up the translation.
But you can trust me. I flipped trough the economics part of the history textbook at least once in preparation for the maturas, I’ve read at least 200 pages of Marxist theory and I’ve read at least one thread on the topic of the Budapest housing market on magyarchan so I’m practically an expert!
I’m basically an economist lone wolf sigma male who will be flipping houses in no time :^)
No. 58126
Just knowing how to sound smart goes a long way. My natural vocabulary is bydloish and lacking, but since I began listening to a Portuguese language podcast that consists of a couple of intellectuals discussing various things, I gained the ability to speak like a fart huffing academic - which manages to convince people I know what I'm talking about.

The scariest period in my life was when I wasn't socializing much in my native language, so the language I was most comfortable with was imageboard English.
No. 58130
1,2 MB, 2560 × 1440
Even though its retardedly, outrageously expensive, I couldn't resist and bought one of them novelty sodas. One bottle is 4 bucks.

Always been fascinated with soda. I'll rationalize this by saying I skipped dinner so its not a net loss, but I always skip dinner

I'll report on how it tastes.
No. 58131
I ate a tuna pizza today. Do you know what I find outrageous? Here in Germany - well at least in my part - supermarkets don't have any pizza with sea food or scampi. I am sick of eating tuna pizza, I want a delicious sea food/scampi pizza!
No. 58132
The jarritos taste like carbonated kompot. Kompot being a fruit tincture with sugar. Vaguely cherry flavored. Also, ebin how "real sugar" is apparently a selling point.

The maple cola tastes like somebody stuffed a bunch of leaves or grass into a regular cola, and let it sit.

The raspberry one is pretty good. Tastes like raspberry. I like raspberry.

Was it worth $12? Fuck no. But at least I won't have to wonder about how they'd have tasted.
No. 58134 Kontra
I got tired of reading the textbook so I opened up another one instead. Turns out pulling out another book on the same topic isn't the best course of action if you want to refresh your mind.
It's actually quite bothersome to read a book where it keeps referencing literature you have not read. It becomes a data-crunch of author-date-genre-characteristics once the book goes beyond talking about a genre and period in general.

Also did some more gardening work. Pruning more weeds and cutting down some branches that were growing on the lower parts of the trees.
There's this bamboo-type plant growing in small colonies and no matter how hard I try I can't seem to be able to exterminate them. I cut them down and then in a week or two they're back, already close to a metre tall.
(Checking it it's "Japanese knotweed" or "Reynoutria japonica". No idea how the fuck did it get here, but it's another proof that not everything coming out of Japan is a good thing.)
Had to fix a hoe too because it fell apart. And it fell apart again. I couldn't really fix it properly.

I know that. It's something that I developed naturally as I grew up, for some reason. I've grown into a sophist who will argue for the sake of arguing and playing language games. It's a terrible disease.
If life were a CRPG then "Speech" would be one of my tagged skills. The issue is when people see through the clout. Then it can get pretty embarrassing.
Like in 12th grade I was told constantly that I've mastered the art of "writing two pages about nothing" which is "not to be considered a compliment in this case" :D

There is a reason the ancients considered rhetoric to be an art unto itself.

Had Jarritos once. It was okay, but nowhere near good enough to justify paying that much for a soft drink.
Real sugar is a selling point because Amerifats use corn syrup
No. 58137
There is a term for that in german - "Sicheres Auftreten bei völliger Ahnungslosigkeit", which means appearing competent even though you don't actually know what's going on. To which being able to talk smart belongs.
No. 58138
65 kB, 869 × 450
I don't think it makes sense to generalize in this case like you always love to do.
Even in same company but in another departments it's not this way, it's almost the way as it should it be. This is why I'm glad that I've had a few job experience before working here. I know that the problem is not with me or with this industry in general, but with this particular place. There are people for whom this the first workplace, and I feel sad for them.
It's like if you try to have first sex, but vomit because of too much alcohol. Then you struggle with erectile dysfunction, and after you overcome it you cum in three seconds. And then your partner says that you're worthless. not based on real events :D Totally not the best setup for future life.

The funny thing however is that all the company relies on this project. Imagine hiring giant heda engineers, spending gorrilions dollars on main projects, but then losing everything because of some relatively trivial part of the system maintained by interns, psychopaths and college dropouts.
No. 58140
Yay FINALLY I get my contacts and I can actually see again. My eyesight deteriorated so bad and I hadn't done jack shit about it, especially since the pandemic started so I waited even longer.

Right now I am sadly in the middle of getting shit done medically, dentally, and otherwise clinically which I'd been putting off for fucking ages. Now I've a broken tooth which doesn't hurt but I'm about a week away from it becoming an urgent care problem to an emergency sepsis issue and struggle with finding anyone who accepts my insurance. Basically I need to get all this shit done for the late summer and fall before settling into winter. I'd really rather just do nothing all week but now I'm at the point forced to do all of this.

Yay but I can finally actually see again
No. 58141
Do you know Costa? I remember seeing pizzas by them, but tbh this was 2-10 years ago, dunno lel.


Also my American moment today: I was at Dunkin' Donuts today as I had an hour-long stay waiting for a train (no IWO this time). Bought three donuts.

  1. Choco/Boston Cream - 8/10
  2. Maple Frosted - 8/10
  3. Oreo Vanilla - 6/10, I bought it because after choosing the first two I wanted a third one and couldn't decide so some guy behind the counter said take the Oreo and so I did because I was a bit unsure about all the rest. Donuts with Apple frosting - does that even taste good?
No. 58142
Yes absolutely lemon frostings and apple frosting is good on a good soft chewy donut, especially the ones with small chunks of apple inside.
t. Expergt
No. 58145
1,4 MB, 2560 × 1440
Went to local lan cafe.
Immediately hit by nostalgia wave.
No. 58146
>Do you know Costa?
I never saw this specific pizza or even others by the same brand. If they ever had it here, they probably don't anymore. But thanks for the hint anyway.
No. 58147
That's pretty neat. How much do you pay for usage? And why does it look so weird, is that Windows?
No. 58149
Half a buck an hour, for the cheapest one.
The interface is runpad shell, an ancient program for sandboxing users and controlling time on windows PCs.
Its been around since late 90s. Every modern lan cafe has transitioned to server + virtual HDD thick client solution. Also, everyone here still plays cs 1 6 and wc3 dota. Which is ebin.
No. 58150
I will probably try them. I will have to wait for trains in that city again, it's right next to the station and getting a donut instead of waiting for the train seems fine. But I have to say they are quite expensive for what you get.

Yeah, wouldn't rule out the case they took the pizzas out of their production line.
No. 58151
Absolutely ebin
No. 58152
98 kB, 1280 × 720
Man there is some powerful early 2010s energy there. MW2 multiplayer was so fuggen siq back then. Perfect gameplay variance to 'Im playing cod let me turn my brain off' ratio. MW3 wasn't quite as good, mostly because it came after the previous game :-DDD

t. degen small brain who actually liked those games for what they were
No. 58153 Kontra
Also fixed my car today. Was lucky to find one at a wrecking yard from the same month of production. Seems like there aren't a huge amount of originals left in the wild, since they identified design flaws with the mirrors I have, so the only other option was exxy aftermarket ones.

Feels good only losing a few hours work instead of most of the week.
No. 58154 Kontra
'one' being a side mirror that got broken. I posted about it earlier this week somewhere.
No. 58155
Oh right this link

Why is this in a Christian evangelical collection?

So I was playing Prey and found some slavic saying had to look it up and found out it came from this. I was utterly confused by who held it in their museum.
No. 58158
1021 kB, 500 × 500, 0:03
I'm fascinated by ability to be butthurt about non-important or even good things.
It's great that normies appreciate science, because it's the reason why they live long, work few (if sitting in office can be considered work) and have a lot of fun. Also for them it's like religion, but THE ONE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. [tips fedora] It's miracles are seen IRL, not like "desert herders wrote about it in their book, it must be true".[untips fedora]

> If you think geeks are so sexy or cool, bang one. Go to any university and find a computer or physics lab at 2AM and take your pick. Until then, go commit cultural fraud someplace else, and take your phony "I fucking love science" group with you.
Once a girl considered me normie and a complete disappointment and lost all interest to me because I preferred easy $$$ career instead of being fundamental researcher (unlike her). But I really had my reasons.
Also this crazy bitch had nazi fetish (while being afraid of intimacy irl), liked fashion tv shows (while dressing up irl like a nerd boy) and was into shoplifting. The comparison with Asuka is obvious, and she mentioned it by herself.
Ahhh, sad, sad, sad. I wonder how she is doing now.
No. 58165
Wow does she not sound like a keeper.

Also I think your main thing is spending too much time on the internet especially around fatposters. There's not that much of that meme irl im spite of what 4kanker retards like telling you, and where it does exist is pretty much nothing more than cultural Americanism turning everything into cancer that it touches. Religion, politics, video game industry, food, pretty much everything about that meme is only cancerous solely because of crass lowbrow commercialism infecting literally everything else here.

I once saw someone here talking about how turbo Capitalism looks in a country where Communism already utterly destroyed its cultural legacy. I think ours is what that looks like when you didn't have much of one to begin with, the result of which is turning everything into some faggoty identity and every faggoty identity merely being an extension of brand name affiliation. Case in point, you are clearly talking about a very specific type of annoying normalfag redditor spouting Rick and Morty memes, which is funny because then the person is so toxic and annoying some people end up hating the show even though nothing is wrong with it, in similar manner to them hating Christianity even though there's nothing wrong with it because how cancerous and vile many non-Catholic American Christians are.

Your assertion about science being akin to a religion or identity group however is beyond utterly idiotic, if that was you in previous discussions I've seen.