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No. 57870
873 kB, 1400 × 1400
Share any/all musicians and their respective discographies. Discuss music that stirs you and feel free to comment on others contributions.

Pagan Altar - Mythical & Magical

This album might be one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums ever recorded. Honestly, I don't think I could conjure enough words of praise to heap on this album, so I'll leave it to the fine folks at Metal-Archives to do the job for me:

One highlight for me is, ironically, one of the album's less heavier moments "The Crowman". The song perfectly blends Folk and Rock in between all those infectious bluesy licks that transcends time itself and inspires nostalgia for music from eras gone by. And to think this was recorded and released in 2006:
No. 57871
I'll admit I'm somewhat less familiar with their work after Кровь за кровь. That album is generally thought of as their zenith with everything afterwards paling in comparison. My favorite Ария album is Игра с огнем with this number as a particular favorite:

It's pure Maiden worship, but these Ruskies nail it start to finish and give it a gloriously Russian flare.

The band's history is difficult to follow. It appears the band features none of their original members whatsoever and two different incarnations of the band played at the same time:

In any case, I obviously prefer the Speed Metal Круиз with Valery Gaina at the helm. Those albums feature great riffs start to finish:

Мастер is another Russian favorite of mine. If you like something between Painkiller era Judas Priest, Metal Church and Destruction, odds are you'll dig this:

Lastly, Аспид is mandatory listening if you like Thrash with tons of wacky time signatures and frenetic playing:
No. 57905
511 kB, 1500 × 1481
9,9 MB
10,4 MB
8,2 MB
I was pleasantly surprised to find that Susumu Hirasawa's earlier works had a different but nearly as powerful charm to them as his more famous later works, like the music for Satoshi Kon's works.

Here are my favorites from Water in Space and Time.
No. 58336
5,8 MB, 420 × 340, 3:41
Learned about a new yiddish song I hadn't known before.
Also I realized that I would really enjoy a show with someone like Pete Seeger having guests, making music with them.
You could always have new people from all kinds of styles who present songs and of course lots of people from all countries presenting their folk songs and the guy playing along.
No. 58337
No. 58341
7,3 MB, 3:12
2,2 MB, 2:21
6,6 MB, 4:15
6,0 MB, 2:36
>Aaron Lebedeff
I actually have a rendition of a song apparently called "Mazel tov" by him here.
Also, german folk band Zupfgeigenhansel once recorded an album with yiddish songs, they're pretty good.
No. 58514
892 kB, 2048 × 2048
956 kB, 1600 × 1080
Hey Belarus, got anything more to send my way?

For us Westerners, Japanese Rock carries this awkward or even amusing air of exoticism. I know it's such an obnoxious orientalist meme, but it happens far too often for it to be dismissed out of hand. In terms of Metal or Punk, this otherness often stems from the way the Japanese filter European or American musical genres through their native cultural lens which often manifests in something decidedly alien. Even when it comes to tribute acts, there's always something strikingly off-kilter about Japanese Metal or Punk. Japan also has a great deal of cultural cache in the West, so even the most banal band is guaranteed to have some fans from across the sea.

I know this may be old hat for most of you, but perhaps the greatest expression of Japanese idiosyncratic Rock would be Hardcore Punk pioneers G.I.S.M. whose influence on the genre cannot be overstated. Their music continues to influence newer bands as well as dazzle listeners well after the first burst of power chords hits the eardrums. The band's predilection towards over-the-top dressing and stage antics, coupled with hilariously anti-social behavior – especially in the case of vocalist Shigehisa Yokoyama "aka Sakevi" whose infamy precedes him – has made G.I.S.M. the subject of extensive mythologizing throughout the years:

With today's teeming availability of otherworldly music in the age of high speed internet, we as listeners tend to suffer from the embarrassment of riches and thus become numb to experience music that blows our collective minds, but Detestation still manage to evoke that precious sensation. Imagine listening to this back when it first came out. I can easily see some Anarchist squatter trying to pick up his brain fragments after having heard this on vinyl. To better describe this album's sound, imagine early 1980s Hardcore Punk (especially Discharge), British Heavy/Speed Metal (Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Venom) and First Wave Black Metal (Bathory, Hellhammer, Slayer) all colliding together to forge something wholly novel.

Immediately noticeable is the thoroughly fuzzy guitar tone courtesy of what the supposed production values might be. It sounds simultaneously organic and resolutely fabricated. And then comes our vocalist who opens the album with the ominous, "WHERE'S YOUR RECEIVER?! WHERE'S YOU RECEIVER?! I DON'T KNOW!!!!" Upon first listen, the lyrics seem like badly translated syntax of syllables that don't follow, but it only adds to the overall nihilism of nuclear destruction and the complete breakdown of society that pervades the entire experience track to track.

The riffs cycle between Japanese interpretations of the aforementioned Discharge riffs with spurts of gallopping Heavy/Speed Metal riffs joined by the frantic, shouted vocals floating like tidal waves over relentless percussion, altogether producing a violent drone. Breaking up the assault of sound are these glorious leads courtesy of the guitarist. This method crafts this hypnosis-inducing polarity that remains unique to Detestation. Songs evoke the violent and repulsive aspects of mankind, reveling in madness and destruction, but coupled with a triumphant vibe that make it come off as a viable, or even desired scenario.
No. 58516
>Hey Belarus, got anything more to send my way?
I don't think that I will ever be able to actually send your way something that you don't know already because I don't nearly listen to as much music as you do. :-DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Although I did listen to Toto studio albums recently. Just like with Bowie (I shared my impressions on him in the last threda) I didn't expect much and listened to them more for education purposes, but I actually ended up liking them.

"Oh, I heard it in GTA" situation again, just like with Bowie's Somebody Up There Likes Me:

Everybody knows this one, but I doesn't make it any less great:

Some nice instrumentals. In them Steve Lukather can really show off just how awesome of a guitarist he is:

This one I heard on the radio and loved it instantly. The opening riff is just so tasty:

So yeah, a really good band, and I'm glad that I gave them a shot. Now I think I certainly gotta check out ELO someday (been thinking of listening to them seriously for a while, but never got to it) and re-listen to Yes (I went through them once some time ago but didn't find it to my liking; maybe now that my preferences are widened I will enjoy them more). Meanwhile I listen to these creepy edgy Germans, so I think I will be in a dark and edgy period for a while (Lustmord, Atrium Carceri, maybe with Nurse with Wound and Current 93 thrown in for good measure):
No. 58567
Bravo RAC.


I'm sure you know them but since they have an ample discography, just to tell you this is my favourite Violent Headache output.
No. 58645
I would like to hear more songs like this doom cover of an elton john song


do you have any recommendation? I know Windhand but them don't satisfy what I'm looking for
No. 58647
You mean Doom Metal with clean Pop-style singing? That's not exactly easy to fulfill because Doom Metal, while clean singing is a staple, isn't conducive to those vocals.

I'll try my best, though:
Funeral - "When Light Will Dawn" (if you like operatic singing, this might be for you):

The Gathering - "Eleanor" (this might be the closest to what you're looking for)

Witchfinder General - "Shadowed Images"

Saint Vitus - "The Sadist"

Pagan Altar - "Pagan Altar"

Candlemass - "The Well of Souls"

Elder - "White Walls"
No. 58648
If you want to call Katatonia and Type O Negative Doom Metal, they also have clean vocals (cave: Katatonia early stuff doesn't).
No. 58650
Eh, I don't exactly consider either to be Doom Metal proper, although they have Doom elements. Katatonia's early work was a mix of Death/Doom whereas their later work is Alt. Metal/Alt. Rock with Doom/Goth undertones. Type O Negative was always a Gothic Metal band in the classical sense of the term (ie: Metal influenced by Gothic Rock as opposed to Corset Metal).

Type O Negative is good, though. Katatonia, quite fittingly, bores the shit out of me.
No. 58651
Not related, but I find trashy stoner/sludge covers of old songs to be ebin. A lot of times the covers aren't even good, but it's still fun to listen to.
No. 58652
Oh yeah, Weedeater is great, although I didn't mention them because you were specifically requesting clean vocals.

That does remind me of Cirith Ungol's cover of Arthur Brown's classic tune "Fire" which is very ebin and quite faithful to the original:
No. 58653 Kontra
Also, does anyone know if there's any good albums/bands that do instrumental funeral doom, or trad doom on the more melancholic side like saint vitus?
Googling returned quite scarce results.

And I guess I'll leave this here since it's on topic:
Check out this fucking website lmao: https://www.satanshost.com/2015/home.html
No. 58654
There's also Pentagram, which is really classical 80s Doom Metal, basically the next generation after Black Sabbath.

As for instrumental Funeral Doom, I don't think I can help you there, but early Ahab stuff has sparse vocals and I think one track on The Call of the Wretched Sea is an instrumental (not this one though).

There are also Moss and Conan, maybe you can find more of what you want branching out from there.

No. 58657
Instrumental Doom Metal? I'll admit that's a serious blindspot for me as the only Instrumental Metal (Instrumetal?) I know much about are OSTs and some Neoclassical Metal.

I'll do my best, though.

Clouds Taste Satanic (more similar to later Saint Vitus than early Saint Vitus):



Intraveineuse (fair warning: this is one of those bands that goes on for 30 minutes):

Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead:

Prophet of the Void:

Ghost Gazing:

Umbra Deformis:
No. 58660
4,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:37
Thanks for the recommendations. Maybe I'll even compile a mixtape of instrumental doom tracks from various albums.

There's shitloads of instrumental albums of the stoner/sludge variety, but for some reason not much in the trad genre.
I've been gravitating towards instrumental albums in general for the past few years. Seems purer, and I can appreciate the composition better.

I also hope to find some good instrumental atmoblack or depressive black metal. I really like the aesthetic, but the vocals can sometimes be comical. Like this track:
My friend once described it as "the muffled screams of a soyboy crying over a broken nintendo switch, coming from the cuck-shed".
I still really like the album tho.
No. 58680
>My friend once described it as "the muffled screams of a soyboy crying over a broken nintendo switch, coming from the cuck-shed".
Great description, I'll use it one day. My friend constantly listens to something which he calls "screamo" and I call "emo-rap". Something like this:

you can't make this up

I can't even understand why this pussy has this disgraceful hysterics, because he mumbles instead of pronouncing words properly. This is a common thing in modern Russian music. They are unable to write lyrics which make any sense so instead of that they sing it like if they have dick in their mouth. And usually their shame of singing their nonsense is clearly seen.
No. 58712
19 kB, 506 × 457
oh lol nice one

look, I wanted to show you Tyranny from IIRC Finland, which was so abysmal that it reminded me of something purely instrumental. But I remembered it wrong and I searched for Tyrant and...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-OAZgpLO-Y, which says: "Tyrant (Pre-Saint Vitus) - The Real Demo (1978) 🇺🇸 Heavy Metal/Doom/NWOBHM"


Regarding Tyranny, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_SPphEU2lM&t=501s. I think older stuff had a rawer sound buuut I don't remember
No. 58718
I don't know about any of the bands or artists they talk about in that video, but why is that one dude wearing a Lifelover shirt? Are they considered some kind of trendy garbage or what?
I discovered them like ten years ago and liked them, but apart from their music I don't know anything about them.
No. 58761
Nice record, OP, thx.

Record: look, a band with this name evokes political porn but well, it can't be helped and the music is actually good. Take a listen!

No. 58766
424 kB, 579 × 821
595 kB, 580 × 821
757 kB, 579 × 821
Lifelover was always this weird crossover between Depressive Black Metal (a genre I tend to avoid on account of being utterly antithetical to Black Metal) and Post-Punk. Never was keen on them and doubt I'll ever be. They're also popular with Hipsters which makes them particularly icky for me.

>Violent Headache / Positi caustico
Don't listen to much Grindcore these days, but sadly, neither of those bands on that split do anything for me. From the music heard there, they both throw in a bunch of half-assed riffs that just blur together in a formless mass which go on for a seemingly indefinite timeframe before abruptly ending. Sorry man, no dice.

>Black Magick SS
Ah, those guys. Their music is pretty cool, although it gets a bit boring after awhile. Funny that you mention modern acts discovering the joys of vintage Occult Rock / Heavy Psychedelic Rock. Another band in that vein is Edelweiss from Hungary:

These guys are much more my speed. Featuring a haze of Doom Metal riffs and echoed vocals blaze over a steady beat and drone of electric organs, Edelweiss's soundscapes crafts a weird fantasy crossover where Hitler Youths lay like children under the influence of psychedelics with pipedreams of singing choirs atop boundless wheat fields under the black sun.
No. 58767
>(a genre I tend to avoid on account of being utterly antithetical to Black Metal)
U wot? Care to explain?
No. 58770
128 kB, 1200 × 1200
I consider Depressive Black Metal to be antithetical much the same way I find Christian Black Metal to be wholly antithetical. With the latter, their music is often a foul parody of the genre for the sole purpose of playing AT the dark rather than playing IN the dark. In Depressive Black Metal's case, those bands completely scorn the triumphant spirit of that forged the genre's classics. When I listen to Black Metal, I want to be taken to a place where the Pagan and heretical crush the weak and timid, slaying all those that dare challenge its rule. Depressive Black Metal is all about curling up into a corner and screeching for deliverance.

The only Depressive Black Metal band that ever did it right was I Shalt Become. While the music is still very introspective, bleak and defeatist, it still carries a bit of spite in it that so many other bands lack. I Shalt Become has the passion, in all its pessimistic somber, to say fuck you and remind the listener of his own mortality:
No. 58773
10 kB, 259 × 194
I see, though I don't agree with your understanding of Black Metal.
I mean sure, first and foremost it's about SATAN and I agree that White Metal is indeed as antithetical to Black Metal as liturgical satanism is to christianity.
However, the secondary, but nonetheless important part of Black Metal is - and has always been - a strong understanding of individualism. Black Metal can be anything but conformistic, because Black Metal is, as anticipated by the SATAN thing, a big FUCK YOU to everything and everyone else.
Which is funny since by refusing to listen to something because of hipsters you yourself become a hipster. And hipsters are always driven by what their peers think of them. Which means you are the same as the dudes in the video, just in the other direction.
If you live Black Metal, you simply don't give a fuck about people and do your thing exactly as you see fit. Which is why I never wanted to associate with the "scene", since they're all a bunch of conformists, confusing their conformity with elitism. Which is also why I respect Gaahl. Making very angry Black Metal, being a violent broody fuck, then coming out and making fashion. He just does what he wants while christians and so-called "black metal fans" alike autistically screech.

That said, all that genre-micromanaging is pretty silly altogether. Musically, I see Black Metal as more of a canvas or framework you can enrich with your own vision.
I mean, how would you describe Peste Noire's "La Sanie des Siècles"? Or Silencer's "Death - Pierce Me" or the Coldworld stuff? Is that DSBM? Because I have seen those called DSBM occasionally. Is Fäulnis DSBM? He doesn't call himself that.
So in the end while sure, you can definitely categorize different styles, inside those styles, especially if we deviate from classical stuff like Immortal, Belphegor and the like, lines tend to blur and after a certain threshold, that attempt of a very precise classification becomes entirely arbitrary.
No. 58775
As much as La sanie des siècles : Panégyrique de la dégénérescence is a hipster darling on account of the DSBM and Post-Rock elements, I enjoy it track to track even if it's a bit overlong at times. Peste Noire's first release serves as an outstanding example of how Black Metal should evolve: not regurgitating Darkthrone/Burzum, but at the same time not losing sight of the genre's spirit and its whole preoccupation with the ancient and the Pagan. That baroque sense of melody, the hooligan ethos, the dungeon atmosphere and fetishism for the Medieval and rustic in general imbue their music with the requisite and genuine otherworldliness.

Famine's greatest strength is also his greatest flaw: his ego, which is far too big for his ambitions. He's one of those cleverer-than-thou aesthetes who probably spent years fleshing out his incredibly personalized, specific philosophy/aesthetic before he even picked up his first guitar. How do you even describe his schtick without sounding like a douche? "Phantasmagorical rural gutter poetry?" "Medieval absurdism?" You don't. You only sound stupider with each attempt.

When a talented artist takes that approach, the debut sounds like any other band's 4th album; La Sanie... feels like the logical conclusion of a decade of development and shapeshifting, rather than a debut released a few years after the first demo. Folkfuck Folie continues much of that, only rawer, more traditional and less focused but compelling.

Unfortunately, early bloomer bands like Peste Noire peak too soon. On the actual fourth release L'ordure à L'état pur, the line between genuine outsider weirdness and McDada eroded and the band ended up sounding like a baguette version of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. For some, there was something strangely charming about the whole affair, but for me, this is where I checked out and I'm not surprised to see what a meme they've become over the last few years. Still, kudos to them for covering Vae Victis. Nice to see props given to Rock Identitaire Français's firebrand bands.

Another phenom within Extreme Metal that's recently annoyed me as of late: Anti-Fascist Black Metal (AFBM) / Red-Anarchist Black Metal (RABM). Or, as Hipster Black Metal amusingly calls it, Really Awful Black Metal:

For those unaware but still curious, RABM started as a shoehorned counterpoint to the absolute legion of NSBM bands that burst onto the scene from the '90s up to the current day. Bear in mind there were always radical leftist musicians within Black Metal prior to the development of RABM with Argentinian band Profecium releasing music as early as 1994, but the impact radical leftism had within Black Metal wouldn't be felt until North American Hipsters and Crust Punks developed an interest in Black Metal. Hyperpoliticization and the rise of internet-based activism during the respective presidencies of Bush, Obama and especially Trump accelerated the development of this specific niche. The first platform for these acts was Myspace. The vast majority have since been forgotten, but others continue to make music.

To better understand why RABM is such a joke, you have to first understand why it simply doesn't make sense given the history of the scene. NSBM acts formed as part of a long, natural development from musicians' collective fascination with blood and soil along with Norse Heathenry whereas RABM (or AFBM) has always been a reaction to NSBM. Arguably, the first true NSBM band was German act Absurd who, as In Ketten, played covers of RAC/Viking Rock bands Endstufe and Ultima Thule. The infamous "The Night and the Fog" compilation put NSBM on the map, featuring Absurd and several Polish NSBM acts Fullmoon, Gontyna Kry, Graveland, Thor's Hammer, Thunderbolt and Veles. As a matter of fact, NSBM was instrumental to the development of Polish Black Metal as a whole.

There is no greater testament to Nationalism's relevance within Black Metal than the sheer number of Nationalist artists that outnumber the absolutely paltry sum of lefty acts. If you just go onto Metal-Archives advance search feature and separately query common lefty topics in the lyrical themes (Anticapitalis*, Anarch*, Marx*, Communis*, Antifascis*, Antinazi*, Antiracis*, Feminis*, Leftis*, Leftwing) separately along with "Black*" in the genre field, you will get 170 lefty Black Metal bands at the absolute most if you don't double-count bands. Conversely, entering "Black*" in the genre field and common Nationalist topics in the lyrical themes separately (Aryan*, National Socialism, White Nationalism, Nationalism, Racism, White Supremacy, Tradition*, Fascism) reveal over 900 bands. This isn't even counting the Nationalist musicians who keep their politics separate from the music. Of course, there's also the ambiguous "Politics" or "Social issues" category, but even if we assume every band under the ambiguous category of politics is left-wing, that would only give us a grand total of 340 bands when you don't double-count.

Have there been good left-wing Black Metal acts? Absolutely. The Meads of Asphodel comes to mind as the champion of left-wing ideas within Black Metal worthy of the genre's founding bands, but trash like Dawn Ray'd, Neckbeard Deathcamp or Gaylord all belong in a gulag.
No. 58776
Eh, I never bought the notion that black metal was "authentic" in its aesthetic. I enjoy the genre, but roll my eyes when people imply that it's somehow "real", and not theatrics, like every other genre of metal. The very insistence on consuming their own ideology is what makes black metal, to me, even sillier than power metal, because the latter is at least self aware.

I'd say 90s black metal was even less "real" than 90s gangsta rap, and that's saying something. At least the people from that scene had firsthand experience with the things they were describing, like violence and drugs and poverty. Rather than nordic middle class teenagers singing about trolls and dark forests and permafrost. And their murder count is higher, too, lol.

The figure that perfectly exemplifies the pretentiousness of black metal is its biggest poster boy, varg. If you trace the history of that particular scene, it's always been teenage edgelordism and playing with the morbid, and nothing more than that. It's only after he went to prison and read a bunch of literature that he retconned himself into a righteous pagan warrior with pretenses to ideological warfare.

Metal is inseparable from theatrics, and sometimes it feels like a large portion of the black metal scene is not in on the joke.
No. 58777
So have you stopped listening to KPN altogether? Because the s/t dialed back the craziness a bit and sounded more like La Sanie again.

As for leftist BM, tl;dr. I have never cared for NSBM because I haven't heard a single NSBM band that wasn't absolute fucking shit and I would expect the leftist version to be equally as shitty.

Although I must admit I haven't occupied myself with music that didn't come from me a lot in the past years. At a concert a couple of years ago I was talking to some dudes when one of them mentioned that Kataklysm had released a new record. I hadn't heard ANYTHING. That's how deep I am into the music at the moment. Occasionally stumbling over a band I like (like recently Litourgiya, could be christian though :-DDDDDD and the album is already a few years old), but apart from that I am not as consciously looking for and listening to music as I did in my teens.
But as you said, with the hyperpoliticization of everything I doubt I could discover new music with same sense of wonder as over 15 years ago.
No. 58778 Kontra
What about those Black Metal bands and projects who refuse to identify themselves or play concerts? Like Drudkh for example. It's zero theatricals there.

And I don't think that 90s gangsta rappers have a lower body count than Varg, which is 1.
Hell, Suge Knight alone has done and delegated god knows what.
No. 58781
577 kB, 2568 × 1024
I was referring to the rap scene with the murder count, sorry if it wasn't clear.
And imo, playing "hard to get" is theatrics in of itself. Someone who truly doesn't care, would not put extra effort in staying obscure. The very notion of being obscure or not is irrelevant in regards to the art of making music. Sober artists who don't huff their own farts are usually preoccupied with the art itself, not their image. And preoccupation with image is still the same, if the image is that of not having an image.

The thing that makes me take the ideological sphere around paganism, nazism, "will to power" and such aesthetics less than seriously, is the old joge:
>Believe in might makes right
>Lose every war

People who imagine themselves as lions will always lose, because people are actually monkeys, and monkeys put lions in zoos.
You might not like it, but being a conniving, weak, and crafty monke is what peak performance looks like. Appeal to direct, "noble" power is quite juvenile, and is basically the ideological equivalent of an edgy mary sue anime protagonist, who is only cool in fantasy, but in real life would be an incel.
No. 58804
I'm not fan of grindcore either, but I digged that record because it was the crustiest Violent Headache record, it's different from the rest of their output. It's that what can I recommend you? The old Drowned rooster? You already know it! Ha ha!

Black Magick SS reminds me of the more rock and roll part of Der Blutharsch, although is more colourful. They use some certain cliches and they expand them but I'm digging them!

Thx for the Eidelweiss reference. I find all this fun and kinda ridiculous, but I always recall...

>getting my Nazi symbols dictionary

"she stayed all night in the Externersteine praying for Nazism rebirth"



>Devi's ashes were shipped to the headquarters of the American Nazi Party in Arlington, Virginia, where they were purportedly placed next to those of Rockwell in a "Nazi hall of honor".[10]

Gooo figure.
No. 58855
4,0 MB, 5840 × 6360
I found the self-titled from 2013 to be boring and monotonous with the follow up La Chaise-Dyable only marginally better. Sure, L'ordure à L'état pur and those other two aren't even close to the abomination that was Peste Noire - Split - Peste Noire, but they're all a far cry from the debut or even Folkfuck Folie. I don't have high hopes for Le retour des pastoureaux, but I'm open to being surprised.

>As for leftist BM, tl;dr. I have never cared for NSBM because I haven't heard a single NSBM band that wasn't absolute fucking shit and I would expect the leftist version to be equally as shitty.

It would probably be an exercise in futility if I recommended anything without knowing what you like, but rest assured, plenty of NSBM is worthy of the name.

Early Thunderbolt is mandatory listening, especially this song:

If you like big epics in the vein of Emperor, then Kataxu is worthy of the name:

If Kataxu somehow isn't epic enough, then Fanisk will take that to the next level:

And, if that wasn't epic enough, then give Pantheon's double-disc concept album Aryan Rebirth a spin. Honestly, this is their only good release, so if you check out nothing else in their discography, it's no loss:

Spear of Longinus is entirely in the vein of First Wave Black Metal like Celtic Frost and Hellhammer:

Don't forget this handy chart.

>I was referring to the rap scene with the murder count, sorry if it wasn't clear.

So suddenly, you become a race realist on crime stats? Interesting confession you make there, champ. I like '80s Metal (best Metal, honestly) and Gangsta Rap too, by the way. Not sure if that was the gotcha you were hoping for.

What you all said re: power relations may very well be true as the strong rule the weak and the clever rule the strong, but I don't let such dynamics take away from the strength projected by such music.

My favorite Grindcore albums:
Impetigo - Horror of the Zombies + Ultimo Mondo Cannibale
Macabre - Gloom + Sinister Slaughter
Repulsion - Horrified
Assück - Misery Index + Anticapital
Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
Frightmare - Bringing Back the Bloodshed
Napalm Death - From Enslavement to Obliteration
Catasexual Urge Motivation - Nekronicle
Vaginal Jesus - Affirmative Apartheid
Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction + Symphonies of Sickness
Terrorizer - World Downfall
Brujeria - Matando güeros
S.O.B. - What's the Truth? + Gate of Doom
Meat Shits - Ecstasy of Death

Depending on how you feel about Thrashcore/Powerviolence, we can add these, too:
S.O.B. - Leave Me Alone + Don't Be Swindle
Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted + Money Talks
Wehrmacht - Shark Attack
D.R.I. - Dirty Rotten LP + Dealing with It
Siege - Drop Dead
Dropdead - Discography

In recent years, this has also caught my attention:

Much of their discography is inconsistent as hell, but this one sounds extremely powerful.
No. 58859
But power and violence is good, therefore gangsters are based t. Power fetishist

Two can play this game. The point is that nadzi will to power mentality is fundamentally hypocritical, and lacking in self awareness, because it is an us vs themooga booga pre modern tribal mentality pretending yo be philosophy. "Violence by is good, violence by others bad"

Either larp as le civilized intellectual on a moral high ground, or as a violent social darwinist dominator, you can't have both.

Again, imagine worshipping power while being a sheltered middle class kid who wears makeup and leather pants as a hobby lmao.
No. 58867
> Either larp as le civilized intellectual on a moral high ground, or as a violent social darwinist dominator, you can't have both.
I could argue about this, but I don't have any will to defend nazis and all of this is irrelevant anyway. Because music is about emotions, not logic and other nerd shit. They have cool Hugo Boss uniform and this is what matters. Their defeat also makes it cooler as it ads drama and tragedy.

Wait a sec, I actually found a cool counterargument. VAMPIRES. We love them both for being violent psychopaths. And for being le civilised intellectual aristocrats. Now when you are totally completely destroyed with facts and logic, you have to commit seppuku after this shame. Actually you don't have as you are destroyed anyway.

By the way I like early albums of Death In June. In later ones Duglas P. tries to be soooo serious and it's boring, just some mumbling with guitar. Fascism aesthetic is mostly for young, healthy and energetic, so he is just too old for it now.
No. 58869
We love vampires because they are tragic figures, not any kind of asinine will to power bullshit
No. 58873 Kontra
Speak for yourself, Costello.
No. 58917
47 kB, 580 × 386
I don't know what to say because grind is a genre that in my point of view has a limited arsenal.

Let's see:

Impetigo - Horror of the Zombies + Ultimo Mondo Cannibale: these ppl made something really new, so it is not grind according to me
Macabre - Sinister Slaughter: the same.
Repulsion - Horrified: the same the same. This record transcends time and space, so it is not grind :D
Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses: OK this is really grind. I don't like it very much, too clean sound.
Napalm Death - From Enslavement to Obliteration: OK pretty grind but it has more colour than the stuff I am used to which is... Something very grind is all the stuff they made after Enemy of the Music Business which is ultimately exhausting.
Catasexual Urge Motivation - Only listened to the demo. I did not like it.
Carcass - The same as Impetigo. It's like if I say General Surgery Xysma Haemorrage and friends. It is grind? Well it's more of Carcass worship and nothing else :DD Later General Surgery go more minimalistic, which I tend to relate more to grind, yes.
Terrorizer - World Downfall: nah nah that record is too good :D

The other I have not heard them.

For me if I think about grind I think about Agathocles, Nasum, compactness, hysteria and boredom.

Adding to the list the Japanese bands Anal Volcano, the incredible Butcher ABC, CSSO, early Gore Beyond Necropsy, it is more colourful than my "grind experience"
No. 58921
Town Portal is a great band

No. 59141
85 kB, 500 × 492
I have no more space for records. My house is not full of them because I am against filling the walls with stuff. But I got out of space.

And I am front in a distributor and I am thinking: I should buy all this stuff because I must comply towards artists I respect and admire.


And I don't buy digital. And I have get rid of a lot of stuff already.

No. 59147
Do you really need to own those records?
For example Fenriz of Darkthrone is an avid music buff who basically buys records over ebay, listens to them, then sells them.

Also, I don't see anything immoral about not buying records from people who are dead, for example. Why would e.g. Bowie care if I pirate his stuff? I support young, new and existing bands, not those who can actually live from their music.
No. 59197
Thanks for your reply. No, actually I don't need them. I get your idea, actually the pic was a random pic related to music. I should add more variables in order to get rid of stuff so perhaps I can remove more of it. Specially vinyl :DDD
No. 59219
Thanks again for the inspiration. Now I got the idea, something easy.

Three CD in a box already. Will increase. Because a box uses much less space. Up to now it is "well I like the guys although the output is somewhat meh sooooo into the box they go!"


Exploding head from Scanners and exploding stars along the guy with glasses.gif.famous.gif
No. 59267
137 kB, 1024 × 576
181 kB, 1024 × 576
314 kB, 800 × 450
154 kB, 1024 × 576
>I don't have high hopes for Le retour des pastoureaux, but I'm open to being surprised.

Well, that album dropped today and thus far my expectations have been exceeded:

The album is a welcome return to form. Sure, it's got plenty of the avant-garde folksy weirdness, but most importantly, it's got RIFFS!{/b].
No. 59454
Is it already out of print? I looked at the Mesnie Herlequin shop, but they don't seem to have ANYTHING.
No. 59747
No. 59784
29 kB, 560 × 318, 0:00
I pretty like it. Specially the first. Never was a New Wave fan but I respect the genre. The second song I don't know, but it has a kind of motherfuckerism, which is always good.
No. 60945

The Goldfinger theme's been stuck in my heda, it's pretty great