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No. 57885
765 kB, 1080 × 1253
I recently deleted all my social media accounts because I realized it’s just a waste of time, no debate, nothing interesting, no old kc love.
So I mostly post on niche image boards like sushi and lain and sometimes here but there must be more out there.

I’ve heard about Gemini and I like the idea - is there any Gemini pro who can give me links or pro tips on how to find them?
Any other quality places the internet elite frequents?
Bitching about the state of the modern internet is welcome too.
No. 57886
There is a similar thread >>5452
Nothing was found so far
No. 57892
I know there’s at least one German Bernd, I mean Ernst that uses Gemini
I’m counting on him
No. 58161
> Gemini
Techno hipster trying to solve a problem by creating something that can't be "abused" because it isn't "extensible" instead of just doing http and messing around with RSS and other XML. It is funny because most of the creators has RSS feeds on their sites using http.

Anyway it has content unlike most professional sites out there today and if the creator hasn't bothered to do a gemeni site the html site in it self is usually interesting.

I hope you know about https://gemini.circumlunar.space/ otherwise you are doomed to not find anything.

https://webring.xxiivv.com/ might be a good start since the community, to use a popular word, the site is part of is heavy into strange and interesting stuff. But the thing is that it is supposed to be like the internet used to be before it went to shit (TM), so finding stuff will take time like in the good old days (TM).