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No. 58156 Systemkontra
31 kB, 750 × 519
No. 58157

I was very good at MW1 mp, dozens of matches a day for 2 or three years at least. Ah good times, at least this slice of my past. Still in school, weed and MW and no responsibilities that feel when no gf
No. 58163
I was playing Halo 3 more around the MW1 time. I played a bit towards the end of its lifespan but never got super into it. I dabbled a bit in Black Ops 1&2 but they didn't feel as good as MW2 for me. That said, we had a 360 set up in our senior common room, so 4 player splitscreen gun game in Black Ops was rad as hell. I was also a fan of fire select in BO2 letting me turn the XM8 into a full retard rifle with absurd rate of fire. Damage was average but you could magdump it in seconds with pretty dumb accuracy to make up for that.

Getting rid of dolphin diving was a mistake
No. 58164
lol woohoo in spite of making up only 6% of the population I just discovered today we only make up 2.5% of the national caseload. Florida meanwhile in spite of only making up 6.7% of the population accounts for a whopping 13% of our national caseload. Apparently as a small nation rather than bringing up their average as part of our country they're legitimately worse than India and Brazil.
No. 58173
57 kB, 720 × 1280
I am finally back to my shithole.
Feels good man.
No. 58177
Did the kot stay alone and hunt in the wild to get food while you have been away?
No. 58178 Kontra
Ernst, are you one of those people that grew up with the good Simpsons, and are you having lots of memories and giggles when you see some old episodes again, even though you know them pretty much inside out?
Not a good marker for anything, though, or is it?
No. 58183
Weird how immediately can see it's a good kotlet by facial expression. Seems mischievious.
No. 58190
Probably got fed by Brick's brother, they live pretty close to each other. Kotlet is still too smol to have territory at the expense of other kots.
No. 58198
A member of a shooting and fishing club I had aspirations of one day joining told me to drop by the club today for clay shooting and BBQ and to meet the guys. I thought the worst that could happen is that we wouldn't hit it off and I would leave after an awkward afternoon. When I arrived the guy I was told to go see first told me to go back home and submit an online application but that new members would not be considered until next year and I shouldn't get my hopes up. Hehe, I haven't felt hurt like this since middle school. And like then the worst part will be when my parents expectantly ask me to tell them about the good time I had since they know I've been looking forward to this for days.
No. 58202
570 kB, 882 × 716
Halfway done with the Chinese lit textbook. I'm progressing very slowly, because I try to augment my reading with actual texts so it's not just slogging through an endless series of names and dates.
Surprisingly enough, my collection of Chinese lit covers a lot more ground than I thought, though because of the transcription and the fact that most poems have a literary translation instead of a prose one, it's a bit cumbersome to find the texts the book is referring to, but I manage.
This feels like a proper adventure. It feels like the field is actually opening up to me and all the pieces are coming together.
I bought a book on the history and relevance of Zhiguai in the literary tradition of China and I put it down, because it was too complex, but now I can actually tackle the thing. Kinda excited for the lectures, though I fear that they'll be just the book condensed into ppt slides + the Hungarian quotations from the relevant works. But let's not be so pessimistic.

I also realised that thanks to my uni-ID I have access to the archives of a lot of literary journals, so I can actually dig up relatively easily a lot of old studies that some of my Hungarian books reference, which is very handy when it comes to Hungary-specific shit like translation methods, history of Chinese lit in Hungary and so on. (That and all the novellas and short stories and dramas that for some reason never got published elsewhere like Gao Xingjian's "Bus stop".)

I keep tripping over the new dog. I guess it's still a puppy. Noticed that young dogs then to keep being in the way. They want to be close to other members of the pack, and in turn, they keep standing in front of you, even while you're walking.
The old dog grew out of it after a while, I hope this does too, because unlike the old one, this is going to grow up to be big supposedly. (Though at that point, I wouldn't worry about tripping over it even if it stood in my way.)
No. 58203
Wrong thread?
Anyhow, I still regularly watch S1-S9 (with the occasional S10 episode) Simpsons for dinner and I still like it. In fact, unlike as a child and in addition to the nostalgia and slapstick I now also get the "mature" jokes. Classic Simpsons is just a superbly crafted sitcom that works on all levels. And it's almost infinitely quotable, see the Simpsons quotes thread on /b/.

t. 33 yo
No. 58214
Nightmare fuel
No. 58234
Yesterday I tried to watch Hypernormalization by Adam Curtis, I also need to watch his latest. I fall asleep ofc.

This article seems very interesting in understanding Curtis. I was always a bit unsure about his style of presentation, posing a sort of problem in what he says, the article here seems to explain why he does as he does! A film about our condition that explicates it by its style of narration. Network Asthetics by Patrick Jagoda rings my mind, never read it, but I think I should really.

No. 58239 Kontra
69 kB, 720 × 467
I just realized that I will never be able to have a threesome with prime Minogue sisters.
Feels bad man.
No. 58240
82 kB, 1080 × 817
I need to get my heda in order. Things pilling up again, no reading, no studying, minimum of exercising.
Let this blog thread be my witness that tomorrow shall be different.
No. 58241
40 kB, 600 × 738
Trying to make a dualboot linux install. I fucking hate technology. Fucking thing has been stuck for ages and it took hours to get here because of a fucking bios setting.
See, I open a book and it's there. This fucking thing sucks. There will never be a "Year of the Linux Desktop" because linux isn't boomer/retard proof.
I'm so unbelievably livid.
Hope the install fails and I have to go into windows to fix the partitions and shit.

Strangely enough, even though how my internet access was never supervised (or much of anything I did, be it for fun or for intellectual purposes), the Simpsons was one of the big no-nos in the household for whatever reason and whenever I caught a glimpse of it on TV my mother would quickly tell me how it's a "bad cartoon" and would turn it off.
No. 58242
I watched the news just now and seeing people fall to death when they try to stick to planes leaving Afghanistan feels just so absurdly brutal.

Yes, indeed I am.
No. 58245 Kontra
I don't feel anything. No political development during the last year or so made me feel anything.
At best I feel a mild glee at the foreign-policy implications of it because of my hateboner for the US, but I don't feel touched or moved or sad by the actual local political implications for some reason.
(Same goes for Hungarian domestic political nonsense, not the Fudan-debacle, not the Pedo-law, not the laughably bad government poster campaign made me feel anything. It's just not hitting the bar any more for some reason.)
No. 58248
When it comes to Afghanistan it's been a foregone conclusion for so long it's hard to feel anything about it.
No. 58250
I’m on vacation and I went to the Netherlands by train passing through Germany and I must say that I’ve never seen roofs so pointy in my entire life. And you only have pointy roofs, I’m greatly displeased. Most of the landscape was boring except for the Rhine valley. I saw Niederwalddenkmal from far dominating the valley, with a castle and wine and village and it was really idyllic. Now I’m in Amsterdam and it’s a urbanist’s dream, but on the other hand most people on the street at byldo French tourists and the rest is byldo locals. Nearly no one doesn’t wear streetwear.
No. 58251
How pointy were those roofs? Just a few days ago I saw one that had an angle of like 20° AT MOST. It was probably the most pointy roof on a regular living house that I've ever seen.
No. 58254
I just loathe that we are betraying them the way we are. We invade them on some bullshit, and then make the Taliban even more radical and revanchist and when they come back we decide that the entire shitstorm we created for them is no longer our problem.

The local government isn't much better. The ruling class looks to have struck a bargain with the Taliban leadership, selling out their own people. The Afghan Security Forces aren't amazing troops, but they can fight irregulars, and even local workers are taking up arms as anti-Taliban insurgents from what I've read. The will is there, but surrender is almost unanimously immediate. The ones who will suffer will be those already under attack. The workers who will see modernisation efforts backslide, and an economic downturn, making them work harder for less money. Education will drop drastically which exacerbates these issues, and those in the weakest positions, women and religious minorities will go back to being treated like property and/or subhumans respectively.

What's so sad is not the event itself, but the fact that it undoes basically any good that came from opening Afghanistan up, and makes the bad stuff from before arguably worse, with a new generation of kids who have to experience it for the first time. It's just so fucked up. Makes me angry.
No. 58255
lmao you're such a pussy
No. 58256 Kontra
Sure thing, big fullah. If getting mad at people getting done wrong makes me a pussy, then I'll fucking own that label all day. Much better than being a blinkered insect who can only get mad when something affects them personally and immediately.
No. 58263
200 kB, 1280 × 585
Is Ernstchan the legitimate successor to Krautchan? Or is Kohlchan? What about Ylilauta? or.. Mintboard even (or Bronnen)?

These, my KCtier friends, are the type of questions we need to ask ourselves.
No. 58264
Also I did not mean to attract the nonce, honest..
No. 58275
I expected EC lefties to be glad about situation in Afghanistan. You know, the American imperialism is over for them, and now Taliban thugs people of Afghanistan can decide their fate for themselves. But suddenly this turned into not a big deal for them.
No. 58276
No single family house I saw had a roof between 50-40 degrees. What do you do with the pointy bit? Isn’t it to narrow to live in?
No. 58277 Kontra
There is no successor. Nor is there any ground for discussion.
EC is an offshoot that emerged while KC was still alive.
K*hl grew from the cancer that destroyed KC.
Anything else is literally what.
No. 58282 Kontra
Financed by the US government, mujaheddin were able to found the Taliban as an organization fighting against the SU influence. It was a birth out of US foreign interests, that solely had in mind to fight against soviet influence. The US did not care about what will happen to Afghanistan as long as it was not red.
Then the Taliban fucked the US and they again excelled their interests in that country. I don't know why they don't see a danger in the Talbin coming back (lets say they did not expect it in weeks but a few years) but they leave because they are done. They have no interest in Afghanistan, why stay there? So Afghanistan right now is the outcome of US foreign interests aka imperialism. Obviously, nation-building was weak, otherwise, the army would have been given up quickly. Nobody cares about a shithole country if there is nothing to gain, does not serve to be useful in any way.

>The disintegration of the state projects also leaves the West untouched for the time being. More than ever, it is evident that the project of the state in the Third World was based purely on the will of a local political minority; that, on the other hand, the West's interest in a quasi-state order extends only as far as it depends on the establishment and guarantee of reliable services. Where these services are secured - in urgent cases with their own presence at strategic points, with their own substitute sovereignty over oil fields, with the securing of railroad lines by local proxies, etc. - or where these services are not or no longer in demand because there is no threat of an alternative influence worthy of consideration, there is not even a need for secure local contacts; let alone a monopoly on the use of force, which after all could only be maintained with Western efforts against all parties. In this respect, the guardians of the world order are also quite indifferent to the former functionaries and their competing claims, who suffer from the new Western abstinence. (deepL translated)

The leftist outcry against the US about letting religious fundamentalists take over again politically is more general about going into a country when its useful but leaving when you don't get any gains and leave the populous you so supposedly deeply cared about (democracy! humanitarian!) to its own, without any money or (economic) power, a strong state or anything. Afghanistan was turned into a shithole useless for world market, it was then a threat for homeland security, now it seems to be shithole again that you can let be a shithole.
You also seem to very wrong if you think that leftists think states or governments have to establish themselves without help from others. There is a thing called internationalism in the left. Ofc the US as the ambassador of a world market order is not the one you want to take control of things. While they hold back the Taliban (but also created them in the first place with their politics) they have no interest in letting Afghanistan thrive if its otherwise useless to them or not a threat. The thing is bigger than the last 20 years.

The Taliban were driven out of Afghanistan because they were perceived as threat to US security not because they treat women like shit and don't let kids go to school.
No. 58283
>The Taliban were driven out of Afghanistan because they were perceived as threat to US security not because they treat women like shit and don't let kids go to school.
Wait, did anyone ever claim the opposite? I was only a teen, but I remember they were talking about hurr durr muh al qaeda support hurr durr muh islamist terrorists when they sent troops there. The women and children angle was only emphasized later after the GWOT when everybody was wondering what we were actually doing in Afghanistan, after all.
No. 58285
89 kB, 1024 × 576
I'm with the Hungarian on this one, I don't feel strongly about Afghanistan one way or another.
No. 58288
Might be referring to me talking about that angle before, but when I was using that case, I intended it to be come off as a weird side effect, maybe even unintended of the 'breathing room' it gave a generation. Not that the intervention was based on righting social ills.

I sure as shit ain't justifying the war, but it did have some domino effects that went beyond propaganda. A bit like Zizek's view on Iraq tbh, "yuh, Saddam getting his arse whooped was a good thing, also yuh, the invasion was bullshit and shouldn't have happened" (paraphrased). So yeah, the invasion of Afghanistan was imperialist bullshit, for a lot of Afghan people though, the fall of the Taliban was also a pretty great thing. One doesn't offset the other, but I'd feel dishonest if I was to just take one side or the other. It's less about the morality of the war, and more about yet again seeing the west condemn a poor, third world country to the scrapheap. We did it when we decided 250,000 dead Afghans was a fair cost for an empire, and now we're doing the same thing in reverse. Both times we're seeing Afghans fucked by decisions that they've got no hand in.
No. 58289 Kontra
Yep, though I was not referring to you. It was just a general statement towards the Russian poster highlighting that it is about foreign interests aka imperialism that shapes Afghanistan. Nor the US secondhand governing or the Taliban is a desired goal. As I said, the US did fight the Taliban, but they did not really have been interested in making a "shithole" a stable state in the system of the world market as it is rather useless. A hollow request for order while the country is an effect of world political interests.
No. 58293 Kontra
102 kB, 746 × 500
>puppy now knows how to use door handles
Oh shit oh fuck.
2bh I don't feel comfortable with hitting her with my palm, so I've been using a water pistol to discipline her.

I also fucked up the linux install somehow because it's unable to mount the partition for whatever reason, so now not even windows will boot.
Fucking amazing. So now I'll have to re-format the entire drive and lose the windows install I wanted to keep as a backup. Fucking shit.

Also I can't find my fucking Mini-USB cable, so I can't put pdfs on my ereader.
Nevermind, it was in a fourth box.
Now I don't know where the ereader is.

Please someone put me out of this misery I navigated myself into.
No. 58294
Sadly yeah but it was shocking what a rapid collapse it was. Four different retarded presidents listening to their advisors about putting lipstick on a pig, and every one of them wanted to get out but the first. Just think about all the nice things that could have led to had we spent it at home. I do feel incredibly bad for the people that stupidly trusted the US though and trusted in whatever hopeful visions of a future we told them they'd have and now their wives and daughters and sons are stranded there with Taliban. It's the one thing that bothers me is the US constantly looking like shit around the world as an unreliable partner. Biden's pullout did that for all those Afghans just the same as Trump's did with the Kurdish fighters. Of course the Afghans didn't fight.
No. 58295
It should be pointed out the whole reason we fucked with them to begin with was them hiding Bin Laden if you believe the official CIA story and not accounting for things like the PNAC document or Rambo crediting the brave Mujahedeen and so forth. The irony is dubya literally ran on a campaign platform against "nation building" and "America at home first" and so on, which in the end I guess they were against nation building :-DD

This still shouldn't detract from the fact basically Taliban was dumb enough to keep giving Bin Laden sanctuary. At least there was reason to go there. The problem was that Iraq and Afghanistan literally never were going to work as a modern state and the sole way to make them work is something America had had zero interest in for the past 120 years which is creating far flung imperial provinces like Panama canal zone and the Philippines. At the same time, with Iran still haven't been destroyed and zero chance of succeeding in that the main strategic reasons for holding it are gone not to mention geopolitics and economics may have aready changed so much there's no point to building pipelines from Afghanistan through Iran and Iraq and towards sea ports to begin with.

See above
We had our cold hearted reasons for why we never left and became an occupying force.
No. 58298
183 kB, 364 × 1299
Which one of these baskets should I buy for my katze?
I heard kotes like roofs over their heads because it makes them feel safe.
No. 58299
>I heard kotes like roofs over their heads
Very true tbh, the bottom one might not be as cool but is better for this purpose.
No. 58300 Kontra
Yes, it might not be cost-efficient to pipeline stuff from there to the US or Europe, but there is also the argument of staying just so that the US can deny the area to China/Russia/Iran. Just denying the profits from the area to anyone is a bargaining chip on the table.
(Though it's probably too early to say what will happen between the Taliban and China. I doubt the Chinese will officially recognise the Emirate, but by photos their FM keeps posting, I'd say they'll bee interacting with the now de-facto government economically. If they don't buddy it up then there's also the possibility of terrorist and separatist activity increasing in Xinjiang, which might mean the PRC will come down harder on the Uyghur populace, leading to a further strain on Sino-Western relations.)

The political implications of this in the region are immense if the Chinese are able to actually work with the Taliban. India becomes more encircled, there's now a chance to build a pipeline directly from Iran to China, transporting oil, solving China's need for resources and Iran's economic woes, while also reducing the former's dependence on western imports. Not to mention the treasure trove of rare-metals in Afghanistan itself.

Not to mention how much face the US is losing over the whole shitshow that this evacuation was.

There's definitely a reason to stay in Afghanistan, but to act on this reason is such a politically long con that it's unimaginable that the US would be able to execute it.
No. 58303
Buy the cheapest one; the cat will use the box the basket came in anyway.
No. 58304
No one was done wrong. The USA had legitimate grounds to demand "give us Bin Laden or face war." When Mullah Omar refused (over the objections of most of the Taliban's leadership) we invaded and the entire world agreed that we were right to do it. We would have been within our rights to overthrow Afghanistan's government then leave but decided to stay for a time to try to make Afghanistan's next government something more pleasing to us. No one was betrayed either. We neither promised to occupy Afghanistan forever nor had any natural obligation to do so.
No. 58305
True, but I want to maximize my coolness to performance ratio. They might be a threshold of roofiness at which it doesn't matter any more, so having a larger roof doesn't even matter.

It is more likely that it will ignore both the box and the basket, and just keep snuggling at me on my bed, waking me up with its incessant demands for petting, and dirtying up my sheets since it's a half-domesticated street cat that spends most of its time outside :-DDD.
No. 58307 Kontra
>shilling for that period of occupation because muh Bin Laden

You're sounding like every neocon patriotard after 9/11. We never should have been in Afghanistan and had no reason to stay for as long as we did. We also never should have been in Iraq.

My only hope is that the pig American system can no longer project its might for military bases, opium and oil which in the end will be much more stabilizing.
No. 58310
All of my best decisions are made while I'm drunk, and today I got shitfaced for the first time in months, and decided to buy a laptop that's like 3x upgrade over my shitty desktop. This will allow me to do real work at the library or some other place, while I rent out my house after I renovate it.
I will keep my 2K monitor I got for basically nothing, so I will be able to treat it as a desktop by just hooking up my shit and closing the lid. I checked the prices for desktop builds, and it's just not worth it, because of desktop GPUs being overpriced (thanks crypto).

Meanwhile, I will be sleeping on a matress at my mom's. Sounds like a good way to optimize finances vs benefit to me, but I'm drunk, so what do I know.
No. 58321
now that I'm sober, I'm kinda rethinking it.
I can still cancel the order.
No. 58328
If you don't mind being a sonbasket and if you're not turning insane from living with your parents, I don't see a reason against doing it.
No. 58334
238 kB, 400 × 400
126 kB, 1280 × 853
Finding myself once again binging on Firing Line episodes. Not only is it mostly all uploaded on youtube, it's extremely comfy listening.
No. 58338
Backstory: A carton of 18 eggs fell out of the car after returning from the grocery store. Since this was outside, and mere feet from the garbage can, I simply wiped them up with paper towels and tossed the mess in. I closed the lid and considering the matter settled.

One week later: Garbage day, and the eggs have baked in the Summer sun, creating one of the worst smells I have ever experienced, not to mention the colony of flies which took up residence inside the container. When I rolled the can to the street for pickup there was a pile of maggots underneath it. I left them, free food for the birds.

After the can was emptied this morning, I spent an hour cleaning it. The thing is plastic, large enough to hold a week's worth of bags, and has grooves at the bottom- all of which were filled with a solid yellow mucus. Luckily it was a short walk to a sewer drain, so I could just fill the can with water, scrub, then dump.

Hours later I can still smell it on my hands. Definitely a top three all time worst. The other two: A stray cat which crawled into our basement years ago and died on the furnace. F. And then there was my time flipping burgers at McD's. Some chicken was left under one of the grills for God knows how long. It eventually fell to me to pull the grill and mop it up. Fun times.

tldr: Always put food waste into bags before tossing it into the can. And tie that bag tight. Then tie it again just to be sure.

Wouldn't that mean more exposure to your father? Bad for your mental health.
No. 58339
1,6 MB, 1704 × 2272
Commieblocks proved to be superior once again
  1. Throw garbage into common trashcan in a way you want.
  2. Now it's tajiks' problem. One could only guess what they go through.
More modern commieblocks have pic related, so trash is highly likely to be fragmented after the fall.
No. 58340
273 kB, 704 × 300
I can imagine that it's comfy. According to the Wikipedia, there are a lot of names from history that make up for good listening. I would be interested in the economists that are known for neoliberal backlash, neocons but also the academics seem to be an interesting source to couple with my knowledge from that era(s). While I don't care about the artists atm, they would also make a great source together with certain contexts they have been situated inback then.
No. 58343
It's really not that hard to build a competent gaming rig for under $1000 if you tinker with it and know what you're doing. You don't really even need better than a GTX 900 series card or RX 480 or something for anything less than very high resolution that you could just turn down. Dunno about your local markets but an i7 3770 OEM used business or home PC with a GTX 970 or something should be plenty to run anything less than super high AAA muh grafix 2021 games and basically a 970 or something poor for mining can be easily had for $200 or less.

Basically mostly the expensive shit like prebuilts with Ampere/RDNA 2 cards are for 2k/4k Farcry 6 type of bullshit and for most people a used business machine tinkered on can play almost any game at 1080p with a $200 4gb graphics card. It's only pricey if you want to get a new prebuilt or best of the best high end new bullshit parts. I've seen some pretty competent gaming rigs going for under a grand around here though I guess the added problem is those are cash in hand unless you wanted debt servitude to some $1500 credit financing scheme. But an old ass 9 year aged business machine with extra 2x4gb DDR3, an SSD, a 3770 non-k and a 7 year old GPU? Perfectly doable. Can even run The Division 2 mostly.
No. 58348
What can I do against my brain racing in bed?
I went to bed at 12 and got up at 1:30 because I was wide awake from thinking and pondering stuff that could also wait until tomorrow.
I hate it. I wish I had the means of just empyting my head when going to bed. Just thinking of nothing and falling asleep and sleeping through the whole night and waking up refreshed and motivated. I would really like to know how that feels.
No. 58349
2,0 MB, 2560 × 1421
Had the resident bridge troll supervisor karen go off at me as I was knocking off at work today because we missed a couple of minor spots in the morning clean, and by minor I mean a couple of bits of dirt and a fragment of onion skin. Worst thing is that it was in my partner's area so not my fault and also it was his first day on that shift so he fucked something up slightly, who fucking cares? Also, pointing to it and loudly saying it in front of customers is counterproductive. They probably didn't notice it until you just drew all the attention to it, dumbass.

Also, why are these kinds of dipshit company people always boomers? (rhetorical question). Non-rhetorically, will it even get better when they start dying off? Or is it the age bracket that is cancerous?
No. 58359
30 kB, 500 × 500
> girl invites me to her place for "cup pf hot coffe" after work
W-what shuddai do?
No. 58361
Don't go. Coffee is disgusting.
No. 58362
Nobody drinks coffee in the evening, I think she's trying to trick you into fixing her computer.
No. 58363
23 kB, 600 × 678
This, tea is the patricians choice of drink. I am willing to ignite a religious war over which hot brown water is superior, so please don't argue against it. Thanks for your understanding.
No. 58364
823 kB, 3237 × 1700
But what if it's codeword for playing with legos and watching anime all night?
No. 58365
What if it isn't? Better to be safe than sorry. If you act according to your wishful thinking, you may end up with a stomach full of coffee or reinstalling Шindows. Or both.
No. 58367
Me drinking ans coffee after dinner. Checkmate atheists.
No. 58368
38 kB, 425 × 427
But since in Australia december is hot and july is cold and water spins clockwise down the drain we can safely assume that dinner is in the morning and breakfast in the evening, so the point of >>58362 still stands!
No. 58369
Yeah, it's just that $1000 is about the price point where the performance difference between a desktop and laptop does not make up for the advantage of a laptop being portable.
No. 58373
27 kB, 479 × 382
Having a laptop is con, not a pro.

If you tell about modern $1000 laptops - you just can't upgrade it at all.

If you bought a desktop pc for $1000 you could choose your tactics. For example get a good motherboard, shitty cpu and decent gpu for cpu upgrade and gpu upgrade. Or choose a decent cpu, but with shitty motherboard and gpu (or even w/o one if cpu allowes it).

Also you can't just repair laptop easily or even clean it/remove dust.

I feel so sorry about people who bought laptops, it's unimaginable.

And if you wanna play games while being portable, you better buy steamdeck or nintendo switch.
No. 58375
I do need a laptop for work, though.
In a perfect world, I'd have a gaming PC at home, and a good laptop for work. But I do not live in a perfect world.

Also, upgrade paths on PCs also get cockblocked sometimes. Like socket generations, # of ram slots, and desktop GPUs are usually too expensive to upgrade from midrange.

It's all terrible on both ends.
No. 58377
> cockblocked sometimes
You will know about it if you use google.

> Like socket generations
It's the only thing that won't allow you use newest cpu on old motherboard.

But why should i worry if i could buy a decent motherboard and use it with both cheap 7-th generation i5 and newest i9?

For example i could fit both i5-7640 and i9-10980 into LGA 2066 motherboard.

If i get good one i could buy used 7640 for fitting into 1000 bux limit, but them buy i9-10980 for another $1000.

> GPUs are usually too expensive to upgrade from midrange.
And on laptops you just can't upgrade them at all ffs. They place it aleady on motherboar plate since 2015 or so.

> # of ram slots
You don't need more than 32 gb of ram anyway.
No. 58378
crypto finally killed desktops, yet i still have my old one, the one with the 10 year old gpu that still works fine. it works fine because games haven't really changed that much. i think this will still be my last desktop. it will probably last another 10 years so it's not that bad.
No. 58381
> it works fine
> the one with the 10 year old gpu
What? Do you got GTX 590 (or worse gpus) straight from 2011?

Those won't be able to run 60 fps on any modern games in full hd/hight settis.

No. 58382
if i want good graphics i can just go outside
No. 58384
164 kB, 1800 × 1200
>Airline catering companies are looking for ways to sell their meals on earth
T-t-thanks corona-chan...
But I am actually happy I have a possibility to buy them now.
No. 58385
8 kB, 225 × 225
2,9 MB, 4624 × 2136
2,8 MB, 4624 × 2136
2,2 MB, 3256 × 2000
Also, bow before me, since i builded better pc than whole your setup (even if it's best hardware of 2011) for less than $300.
No. 58386
1,2 MB, 2590 × 2136
2,5 MB, 4624 × 2136
Also, it's shiny and got 3 addidas stipes on front. And it could be turned into lgbt-pride mashine with pushing a single button.
No. 58387
>And it could be turned into lgbt-pride mashine with pushing a single button.
nice, you are ready in case america invades you
No. 58390 Kontra
I must admit, I am lurking the fourchongs (for reasons).
And I must say, it's been really, really more irritating than usually over the past few days. It seems like the share of legit 89IQ retards who just want to scroll-by shit up threads by throwing in whatever the current schizo meme is or their insanely retarded opinions on women or anything has skyrocketed for some reason. Maybe /pol/ spilling all over again because of the Afghanistan situation? I don't know, but I am feeling constantly angry for no discernible reason and seeing any of the usual buzzwords makes my blood pressure rise noticeably.
EC might be painfully slow at times and rather limited in its overlap with what I am interested in, but at least it's not made up of 90% barely literate burgers who shouldn't have any human rights let alone access to the internet.
Thank you Ernst for not being like that.
No. 58391 Kontra
>Thank you Ernst for not being like that.

We have a government for that, while citizens came freely, many had to left after they had to discover this is not a libertarian zone for special ed kids that get not heard otherwise (for good reasons).
No. 58396
How in fuck, you could have paid less than that for GTX 980 several months ago or right now could afford a GTX 980ti with that sort of money. Is situation that much worse on the Russia? A 680 wouldn't cost anywhere close to $200 here on ebay or wherever.

I'm drinking coffee in your hemisphere right now deal with it. However in countries where it is evening yes indeed that's probably symptom of being recovering crystal meth addict. Pros: meth addled women are probably sex addicts too. Cons: she probably would have many venereal disease then.

She was probably doing it loudly in front of customers explicitly to both appear in charge and make everyone think wow such tight ship you are running much clean and strikes me as imbecile who doesn't know what they're doing running a kitchen. It was on purpose. Her rationale sounds like newb boss tier.

Well if you are looking for laptop then yeah I cannot help you and what Russia has said however what I was meaning is to buy much older highest end parts than paying through the ass on brand new midrange to low parts especially GPU because even as recent as Maxwell they're shit at mining but still not as huge performance uplift. A GTX 980 is allegedly on the same level as a 1650 Super or RX 5500XT either of which will work on just about any 1080p game. If you were to go farther back a 780ti power monster with an okay PSU still will play just about any modern game if you maybe turn one setting or two down a notch to hit closer to 60fps, and let's face it for most of our games that will work fine on ultra because as Russia said very little graphically changed since then and as I'll say most our games are pre-2018. Like as I'm going through all my games library for what to play next I'm quickly realizing my 5700XT is massive overkill even at 2k performance.

There's only like a handful of brand new or exceptionally poorly optimized games that struggle getting over 60fps on all ultra settings, but do note: on all ultra. You literally don't need to be running every game at 60fps+ on all ultra settings. I played like this for years and it was tolerable. It was at such a point that simply playing XCOM2 on all ultra moreover with no lagging or frameskips was such an alien experience I wasn't sure I even liked it. This because I had a 1gb Radeon HD card from 2012 and XCOM2 ran horribly but I still spent nearly Irish levels of hours playing that game anyway even with poor framerates at a compromise between mid-high setting fidelity and 30fps with 5-10fps min drops.

For years and years I suffered, and not just out of poverty but also out of ignorance because I assumed building was highly technical rich man's game and I simply got a sub-$900 prebuilt many years ago. Only reason for prebuilt now is mixture of incompetence, allinone warranty, and unavailable exorbitant GPU otherwise but even then most prebuilt is not worth it. A thousand quid RTX 2070m or 5600XTm or whatever laptop? Sure if you need it for work but my experience has been laptops are colossal waste of unfixable money and if you tinker enough you can get ITX mini PC with small panel display easily.
No. 58398
But what I know now is, I easily could have upgraded my PC to competent gaming machine for very cheap. I could have gotten old yet capable GPU, and if the horrors happened and it finally died it wouldn't have been any issue to reuse a couple parts and build a sub-$700 gaming PC with ease particularly because I wasn't even gaming at 1080p anyway.

I guess point is if you have any clue what you're doing can build a highly capable yet old machine very cheaply using particularly LGA 1155 socket and i7 3770 or following gen board and okay tier CPU with ability to upgrade later and a midrange Maxwell or high end Kepler or a RX 470 or something like thatI exclude Radeon here because their 8gb cards are still more impacted by mining than some 3.5gb 970 or something whereas RX 5000 and 6000 cards are fantastic although 5700XT is gouged worse than 2070s again because better mining and still get to play most games at 60fps1080p, or virutally all games at 900p.

Really the takeaway here is that it mostly comes down to resolution and that nearly all the unaffordable shit is designed to play high end triple A shitfest games over 60fps at ultra high resolutions like 1440p and 4k or ultra high refresh 144-244hz capped 1080p monitors. Even at my 1440p75 monitor I literally have no reason for buying a 6800XT. Even a RTX 3070 is beyond pointless other than RT in like 20 games I don't give a shit about meaning you have no reason for high end too unless you wanted 4k monitors.

This is a normal human reaction to 4cancer. I don't even consider half if not great majority of those posters humans, and in fact they may well be bots. I'm pretty sure /pol/ is basically just a psyop filled with bots reinforcing their retarded narrative which ironically involves calling anyone that disagrees a paid shill or bot. They're literally why I invented the term NPC for their shitposters ruining KC in like 2015 before they stole it and ruined it just like they stole and ruined wojak among others. Their tech board is legitimately filled with marketing shills too. It's amazing how easily manipulated they are too, including Google somehow influencing them to use shitpiles like Chrome and hate ff for some reason.

The standard thing is always do the opposite of what 4cancer tells you to do and if they accuse some (((them))) of doing something it's what they themselves already are doing and so assume the opposition must be doing it too. A lot of their tech advice is just flat out awful and mostly they go to be brandwhores than discuss tech. Their vidya boards are atrocious, exquisitely so.

I once saw a meme long ago calling 4kanker a tool of a Satanic conspiracy to spread hatred. I sometimes wonder if that was true, given the immediate almost supernatural level of hate I feel within 30 minutes of being there.
No. 58399 Kontra
I think I'm too normie-bad-informatician to have such a strong opinion on /g/. The few times I've been there they were rather helpful.
As for /pol/, I can't say anything about that board because I've never been there, but the waste poisoning all the other boards is enough for me. Spoilers from here because I always complain about people bringing drama from other places, but I have to share my ramblings, or I might burst.
/v/ is definitely one of the dumbest boards, but /vr/ has good threads from time to time, although the FPS general is exactly what made me write my post, because of course it's not as comfy and helpful as it used to be before 2016, but the last few threads some source port autists is shitting there and people are more interested in MUH FAV WAD IS HARDER THAN YOUR FAV WAD I ONLY PISTOL START EVERYTHING and whatever some faggot on youtube is saying than actually having any discussion or producing OC (and their latest community project, despite being good in general, was a hot mess, organization-wise). It's a place I used to at least not mind visiting, but now I am reporting posts and seeing cool stuff getting ignored in favor of "discussing" forum drama and hurr durr trannies. Especially the hateboner for GZDoom is very irritating and you just know it's because the retards screeching about it are just too retarded to learn even Decorate. Classic fox and grapes situation. I am actually starting to feel the hate rise again, so I'll stop here. Maybe you're right with your conspiracy theory.
No. 58400
155 kB, 1920 × 1080
So, turns out my CV, so-called qualifications and translation-portfolio was enticing enough that the Uni's Oriental Studies Workshop actually called me in for an in-person interview. I'm honestly surprised.
There's four other candidates by the looks. All girls/women.

I'm excited, but strangely enough, not worried. There isn't much to worry about, since it's unlikely that there's an overlap. The other candidates probably have another country or culture as their main interest (since the workshop is like a dumping ground for everything from Sinology to Arab-studies), so I guess we will be judged more based on our personalities rather than how our abilities compare.

Couldn't really concentrate on reading today. Just walked up and down the garden. Still, I had my tea and played with the dogs a bit afterwards. The water pistol is remarkably effective at disciplining them for some reason.
I want to go to bed early.

Every board is full of contrarian retards.
/lit/ for example has a hateboner for translations, but it's 80% monolingual American HS/undergrad kids who haven't read a book in their lives yet they tell you to go learn Ancient Greek/Russian/French/whatever obscure language they find a book in.
Just look at a shelf thread. It's the same 20-30 titles rotating on everyone's shelves. Nobody has a large/in-depth collection.
Of course I'm not going to take them seriously.
You don't have to take them seriously at all. Their opinions don't matter exactly because they're dilettante, contrarian retards.
No. 58401
19 kB, 320 × 320
In the hyperbaric chamber agains

No. 58404
What are you being treated for? Could you maybe make a quick experiment for me? You'd just have to wear a woolen sweatshirt, rub it a bit and touch a piece of metal and report back how big the electrical arch was.
No. 58407
For what purpose?

Also why you are allowed camera in there?

Basically half the fucking threads last I seen were just discussing various attention whores on youtube. They don't even discuss the games at this pointat least several months ago last time I tried to suffer such a shithole but rather different faggoty ecelebs who I hadn't even heard of, and it's clear to me that mainly the whole site now is just a combination of zoomer/boomer psyop effectively all the people we fucking hated and wanted to get away from by going to chans to begin with in combination with just being a bathroom stall blasted to hell and back by advertisers. Mostly it just seems to be a bunch of obscure retards trying to advertise themselves or their bullshit or their faggy specific ideological whatever a la my pillow guy just hosting a fake proofs conference in order to sell his pillows. I'm not even talking ideologically at that point though it's just straight up bait and switch advertising to convince retards to give them money which likely works because far as I see the average IQ on any board is literally 89 if not lower, when even 12 years ago the average IQ probably was about 110 range. It is the definition of cancer, AIDS, and fail basically.

Which is all a shame because basically the only few other outlets I'd think about going to to discuss vidya is reddit, which is almost as cancerous in a similar war, or more obscure chans, which are frequently some combination of dead or infected by the same shit anyway.

Hence I mostly remain here and end up discussing mostly vidya as I have since about like 2016 or 2017 on casey. All the steam forums are even more awful now than they were back then, bearable only for about an hour at which point I am soon filled with as unspeakable rage and contempt for humanity as most other places but it's at least manageable and often helpful if you can ignore the 30% of Steam which is absolute gutter trash, clinical retards, literal children, and whiteknights acting like they're literally paid to slum every thread to tell you "no you must have too weak a machine/dont know how to build computer/your brand sucks/your drivers wrong/just verify installation again" rather than admitting plainly obvious Valve or some company needing to fix their broken fucking code and stop scamming the consumer. Otherwise Steam can at times be tolerable although GOG clearly has a way higher calibre of poster. Whether this is at all tied to correlation between learning a foreign language is a mystery, but I have come to suspect there's direct correlation between a higher bar to entry by needing to learn English proficiency versus being a native speaker with no bar to entry and thus contributing to the awful reputation Canadian/American/Australian posters frequently got in many places.

I do think overall NSA phones was the cancer which finally killed the internet because it now removed the final low bar to entry which was at least not being full "oh god I am not good with computer how did I get I dont even" so now the dumbest of the dumb people on the planet can shitpost. 4cancer raids definitely is why they're flooded with actual children and boomers now on most boards, as is the rest of the internet. I also noticed a definite link between being an awful excuse for a human being and affinity for anime. One does not directly imply the other, but it's not uncommon to see some of the worst shitposters out there using recycled dumb memes with an anime profile, and it approaches almost k*hl levels of slimy and creepy on their tech board in terms of probable child molesters and the anime they post.

All of which is to say I'm saddened by the fact our wild west internet is definitely dead. The cancer took over and what used to be my escape for stupid intolerable people is now largely dominated by them no matter where I turn on the internet. My last refuge of vidya feels like it's perpetually being encroached upon.
No. 58418
82 kB, 828 × 840
> but I have come to suspect there's direct correlation between a higher bar to entry by needing to learn English proficiency versus being a native speaker with no bar to entry and thus contributing to the awful reputation Canadian/American/Australian posters frequently got in many places.
If we speak about imageboards, there is another reason. In Russia (and, I suppose, other non-western countries) schizos and 80IQ nazis are equally spread among social media, where they can freely post swastika or whatever. Sometimes comrade mayor bottles few of them and reports to bosses about how he defeated dangerous extremists. But others are too stupid for long-term planning, so they remain there until it touches them personally.
On west such people after 2016 are purged from twitter and facebook so they occupy imageboards and shit them to death. Meanwhile majority of western >100IQs lose consciousness after seeing n-word, so they don't visit such places even occasionally.

I've already wrote about it, but the problems of imageboards are:
  1. There are two options. Either you are banned by IP, either everyone has to read your ramblings. Either you are constantly afraid of moderation yourself, either you have to look for grains in shit.
  2. No identity (even virtual) and no reputation. No one has to hold responsibility (in terms of reputation, not in terms of being bottled) for his words. Now, when boards are big enough to attract government and private astroturfers, that's especially big problem.
  3. 4chan is too fucking fast. You post something, and it goes into oblivion in 20 minutes. No motivation for effort-posting. Smaller boards don't have this problem, but they are mostly populated by 4chan subhumans.
I think, with boomer-oriented social media and death of imageboards, forums are going to be popular again soon.
No. 58419
6,6 MB, 2048 × 1413
> It's the same 20-30 titles rotating on everyone's shelves. Nobody has a large/in-depth collection.

Makes me think of literature and philosophy tiktoks. The same shit over and over: Camus and some modern classics, some French, Russian and German guys. So unique and educated!
nobody knows of my power level of contemporary rarely read people and never heard of french and anglo theory that is far off from the Freudo- and Foucauldian evergreens


Thank you for your maintenance!

I just came home from a train ride and the flat above me is full of people and I can hear them talk and the ground getting trampled as well as objects falling and stuff. Right now it sounds like they play a console with Mario Cart or Party.
I wanted to eat my donuts and watch a (serious) film essay I still have to choose and find a stream of in nightly silence. Such cases.
No. 58420
Tbqh I also have thought about this rather frequently in terms of going back to now ages old forums with registered email logins like back in 2003 or livejournal or somethingspeaking of which, though I know it to be populated by bydlo Russians at least do get the respect from me to at least attempt literacy and still use such places, whereas wecterners use such complete nonsensical shitholes like twatter however problem remains it gets increasingly difficult to maintain email anonymity and have a junk email many of which now require stupid shit like phones and I have no idea how long before they ban burners. I still have one cell phone I got for like $20 plus a few cheap minutes just for such purposes and probably need to plan on getting a second burner on top of that. I'll probably just transition back to flip phone entirely at some point and keep a primary personal phone along with one or two burners to order shit online and for anonymous shitposting email registration, all of which are added steps preventing probably 75% of worst bydlo from doing.

The main problem here is that most forums are super narrow in scope, and also often some type of actual community along with professionals and hobbyists. Like you can't just waltz into some aviation or medical staff forum as a civilian anf expect to start posting, which is assuredly why they're better sites altogether.
No. 58423 Kontra
The problem with forums with nicknames and getting bottled and such is that people will inevitably steer towards being popular and accepted, which sterilizes all discussion.
In fact that's the only thing even keeping me from leaving the chans: The unfiltered discussion free from the shackles of popularity.

If it was possible, I would prefer an anonymous imageboard, but you could only enter it after an age confirmation and some kind of IQ test, so imageboard and mongoloid are kept out.
I actually like that the main page of ernstchan is showing an error at the moment because it probably keeps out some of the dumber cabbage heads.
No. 58424 Kontra
Holy shit I meant to say underaged, not imageboard, I think I'm getting sick again. My lip has some kind of swelling that feels like an emerging pimple and my state of mind is rather bleak and my thoughts are even more unstructured than usual.
I think I will go to bed now and try to sleep. Maybe today I will manage to do it.
No. 58427
Everyone is so blond here. I’m actually impressed.
No. 58428
19 kB, 254 × 283
92 kB, 1080 × 941
Today I resorted to cleromantic coin-flip magic to attempt to predict how future adventures will pan out.
Hexagram of force - The creative heaven, all the elements are in harmony and in strength.
The near future brings great opportunity.
No. 58429
See that's the problem though, is that it has also been the conceit of the chans we ThinkDifferentTM but we really do not. It has always been a certain hivemind, and sure you can see even back in my day we had people taking contrarian views for the sake of it sure, but even that's long gone now.

By and large they're just clusters of groupthink. Just look at 4kebabs for instance, or that one board in particular. Nobody ultimately disagrees with anybody on a wide range of topics and actively work to shut anyone down who disagrees with them even remotely. Like if you so much as implied
>maybe wearing a mask in a crowded place isn't so bad
they immediately presume you to be a paid Jewish agent or some silly shit, and that's only that not something truly controversial and utterly against the grain. They effectively became their own demented hugbox and pro-ana tier group. That is with a site with zero content moderation.

Meanwhile you can take the opposite, like some old Canadian druggie board I think is still alive and so much as implying for instance maybe trannies aren't the same as a real woman or something to that effect and you'll catcj a permaban.

In either of these two cases regardless whether there's pressure at the top or from the bottom you still end up with the same kind of pro-ana forum hugbox tier groupthink. This seemingly happens regardless whether or not you're being moderated well or not at all, and seemingly indifferent as to whether your full name and identification IRL goes along with your handle or not as people even on shitbook still espouse the exact same views in their own groups which they all eventually polarize into like some kind of pre-civil war Shia or Sunni neighborhoods in Iraq.

But perhaps even worse than all that is not even the fact the conceit that we're of superior diverse opinions and open thought that is farcical, but the very notion we're even sharing our open and honest opinions at all. Now that so many of these places are open and widely known about by the public has made them into the kind of battlegrounds the Internet is Serious Business types treat as ideological warzones, but that so many of them simply routinely engage in straw manning and false flagging to "debunk" the opposition while reinforcing their own cultish views, to the point that many of the sheep on their blithely take strawman caricatures as if they were the occasional rare "genuine" oppositional poster, who in many cases they don't ever believe is sincere but rather is paid to be there. Meanwhile that sort of purist bullshit all but guarantees that many chan posters won't publicly disagree on any poing whatsoever simply so that the rest of their post doesn't get tarred likewise.

It's a conceit all of us have held at one time or another for the previous fifteen or so years now but the fact of the matter is that no, we're not actually any better or different than reddit on chans and haven't been in some long ass time now. The closest thing that's even still existed to what you are saying is obscure small community chans like this one or very old 2013 tier casey, and even then you see exactly what happened to ernstchan 1.0 and frankly for that matter most still existing chans that I know use some kind of identification anyway from IDs to countryballs.

The simple fact of the matter is that most of us could probably be functional on a forum with handles anyway, and that the bydlo with their groupthink herd tendencies are only worsened by chans. I don't ultimately think that the grand experiment in anonymity has ended in anything but failure, and that the primary valid use case with that argument would be a sort of high IQ internet Illuminati meeting to discuss organizing world affairs or philosophy anyway, and that bydloness is an incurable disorder. I think that we have had similar arguments across time, and that the only way bydlo can ever be dealt with is semi-civilizing and trying to uplift a few feral peasants with the acknowledgement they can only be managed, never cured.
No. 58436
I need a miracle to fix my IBS and autism, pls pray for me if you can, Ernst

As for your questions concerning the HBOT, I am, along with my doctor father, are trying to treat my autism

I don't really know how long I can stay in this state of mine, I feel semi-paralyzed with these conditions and not up to par in terms of healt
No. 58449
At first your post confused me because the Lingqijing uses coin-flips but has no hexagrams, but as it turns out, you can get trigrams from the Lingqijing and convert those into Yi Jing hexagrams. (No idea how you get two trigrams to form a hexagram, since every divination only has one trigram assigned to it, and I guess just doubling it would severely limit the amount of hexagrams you could convert them into imho.)
What an amazing level of compatibility I never noticed.

Just for fun I tried it too and I got tree Yangs in all spheres, which landed me with the 43rd divination in the book called "The Flourishing of the Strong". It says that it's advisable to make deals and push forward cases and matters now.

I guess it's time to buy a copy of the Yi Jing too.
No. 58450
30 kB, 498 × 408
330 kB, 1140 × 855
27 kB, 750 × 422
Every day I feel I come closer to the day I'll buy a divination kit. The coins look cooler, but I might go for yarrow sticks for the real deal.
I haven't bought the book, but soon I'll break and just purchase one.

If push comes to shove, I'll just make a living via divination. I think all things considered, scamming people via overly complicated Chinese divination knowledge is more honorable than just reading palms.
No. 58460
dang, my cat stupidly decided to follow me to the store this noon, and when it saw a passing automobile, it got spooked, and ran under a wall into some other person's property, and disappeared. then i heard some cat fighting noises.
I feared the worst, thinking that my cat got mauled by a neighbor's cat. spent the rest of the day periodically walking out and trying to call for my cat with ksskss noises, to no avail.

And then, at like 10 noon, I walk out again, and it just runs straight at me from the bushes, completely fine.

dumb piece of shit. it's really sabotaging my "unfeeling schizoid sigma male" persona.
No. 58463
Autism is a blessing, not an illness.
Get well with your IBS, and be patient. I'm having troubles with my guts for three years, didn't cure it totally but it turned from "nightmare" to "inconvenient, but almost possible to have a full-fledged life".
No. 58464
17 kB, 547 × 331
> The problem with forums with nicknames and getting bottled and such is that people will inevitably steer towards being popular and accepted, which sterilizes all discussion.
Everyone who posts in Internet something wants some attention, no doubts. And this includes anonymous imageboards as well. Don't pretend that you don't like when someone replies to you. However many would be content with a small circle of people communicating with them. Not everyone wants to be celebrity and have million followers. And being accepted... I would argue that many want completely the opposite.

By the way, do you know any /pol/tards IRL? I wonder what is their demographics.
I can tell you about my experience (which is unrepresentative as fuck).

1. Parents paid for the guy's college, bribed him out from army and found for him well-payed job in Gazprom through nepotism. Now he preaches about how social justice is evil, Rushka is stronk and he is self-made man. Not really a /pol/tard, I doubt he is into imageboards, but still.

2. Amazing person. Jewish, homosexual, schizophrenic (literal one, medically approved), drug addict. Considers himself "alt-right". As a teen was brought to local KGB because of nazi edgeposting in social media in private messages.
Once I said him "those things contradict to each other, don't they?" He got really embarrassed, started explaining how he is just 1/4 Jewish or something.

3. One more lucky boy from rich family. It was like that
3.1. We as teens argue about gays. He hates them. I'm surprised why would you hate people who don't do any harm to others.
3.2. Few years after I find his messages in internet where he admits that he is "girl deep inside". Sometimes people forget that search engines exist and don't use different login for their second life.
3.3. Now he is subscribed to far-rights channels and regularly reposts memes from there.
It should be noticed that he became schizo because of drug abuse, but after few months in hospital he got better, now he is sane again.

The funny thing is that I've been sonbasket for most of life, this weird shit just finds me itself. Do you remember perk "Wild wasteland" in Fallout New Vegas which adds bizarre encounters to game? I'm sure the one who plays me as a character turned this option on. and he really enjoys my sufferings
No. 58465 Kontra
So I've been doing quizzes on the Sparknotes website for the last half an hour or so. Don't ask me why, but I now feel like doing my nails and talking about that cute guy in class.
Also, I am Elizabeth Bennet, would survive a Shakespeare play and my villain archetype is "Evil Overlord".
Also, I got 6 out of 10 on this one, but I won't tell which ones I failed, but I realized I am not very well-versed in anglo-american literature.

No. 58475 Kontra
I quiz tested my mental age today and it was 35, so I'm not that far away, just a bit premature as they say.
No. 58476
Got a link? I still feel around 20.
No. 58479
A lot of them are dumb kids being edgy honestly. The ones that stick with it out of school are typically losers and outcasts looking for a group to belong to, and a reason why things suck. The far right is more than willing to prey on them with claims of both.
No. 58483 Kontra
6,6 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:31
I don't talk to people IRL at this point even. I just play video games and stick to discussions on vidya and vidya accessories for a reason. For me personally it's basically just become whether you want to deal with some NPC contaminated more by woke left or the woke right. They're equally faggy and moronic and I suspect basically their fagginess penetrated all aspects of society whether they know where it comes from or not.

I don't even think most of these people understand the damage they've done to themselves. I've known people going full retard on masks, vaccines, and the pandemic in general, including people I never suspected would be contaminated. Most of us are just sick of it. I think a great deal of people adopted some of the stupidity but at the same time the drama is going to be self damaging enough all the rest of us got pushed away by them similar how SJWs basically pushed everyone away by being obnoxious through the 2010s.

It's a loud, vocal minority who everyone else in the country grew to hate at this point. I know there's an American or two especially vocal about it, and like one American on here who basically is just butthurt at anti-virus ernsts being butthurt at nomaskers for being butthurt and nomaskers.

>those people
Well internet ruins people especially if they are bydlo or retards or mentally ill. I know that girl who stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop to sell to Russia used to be hardcore SJW fucking black guys before posting Nazi memes. Mostly they are directionless idiots who are very easily influenced and children inside without real value or principles and just want some sense of belonging, like all children.

When I was a kid it was cringey stuff like branding and which stores you shop at. I see people acting like this on tech boards, as if using Intel or AMD or nVidia was what tribe you belong and vote Republican or Democrat or stupid shit like that. In a lot of sense they're disaffected youth in nihilistic consumer culture who really don't know anything they talk about and can just as easily switch between belonging to woke left group to Nazi group to Stalinist tankies to demanding Shariah innit.

You as not an NPC probably think these are cringey retards and badly coded chatbots come to life
because probably they are
No. 58485
Nope, I clicked it while browsing Twitter. Anyway, the questions already seem to hint at an age tendency of being older or not. Though I did not give my actual age in the beginning.
No. 58495
954 kB, 320 × 240, 0:22
What if you are yourself an NPC programmed to talk like that?
I mean if there were only non-interactive NPCs the story would probably not advance, so there needs to be at least one to "push" the hero towards the path of progression.
Because you sound exactly like the "people" on 4chan complaining about places like reddit.
Now the more interesting question is:
Who is talking about us being NPCs?

webm not related
No. 58496 Kontra
RIP Trevor Moore
No. 58497
It's over, my life is over and it's been over for years, time to drink alcohol
No. 58498
By /pol/tards, do you mean people who've actively used /pol/ for years or just people who are openly racist? As this board's resident racist, I'll chime in. I do know one guy in his early 20s who works at my local Wal-Mart that regularly consumes such content. We occasionally chat, but beyond that, we are acquaintances at best. That guy is more of a groyper than a /pol/tard. /pol/ is for the most part the blind leading the blind and just edgy shitposting. It's useful only for memes and the rare occasion someone posts something insightful or clever. While 4chan /pol/ could be seen as benignly retarded when taken as an extension of /b/, 8/pol/ was absolutely toxic especially after 2016 when anyone who wanted a discussion was banned and the board became exclusively populated by violent psychopaths and gibbering schizoids. That two mass shooters emerged from 8/pol/ is no surprise. Consequently, most serious pro-White people have abandoned /pol/.

The vast majority of people who are involved in pro-White movements usually do not have a normie social media presence, and those that do keep their politics entirely off such platforms. Many have since congregated on sites like poa.st or Telegram and upload videos to Odysee now that BitChute has proven to be nonviable. Amazed it lasted as long as it did especially considering it's hosted in the U fucking K. Many have taken the attitude that being pro-White and racist is akin to belonging to a secret society, so they tend have to live double lives especially if they work for a major company or client to a major company. Others work for small businesses or became skilled enough laborers to earn money independently as contractors or whatever remains of blue collar labor. And others are living off their parents' wealth.

My personal journey was forged by several experiences which frankly cannot be contained in one post, but arguably the most influential to my formative years was my time in school interacting with people in perhaps the single most hyperliberal region in this country. The discussion on critical race theory in the classroom is rather prescient because, even though it wasn't expressly taught, lessons were certainly influenced by it. [spoiler]It must be said that CRT has been around for decades, but only recently, have Republican party voters and Conservatism Inc. activists been so galvanized to talk about it. "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by James Loewen was required summer reading during my sophomore year in high school American history class. Class was taught by a guy who thought positively of Jane Elliott. Poetry by communist Langston Hughes, "Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven" and "The Crucible" were all taught in my American literature class by an openly feminist teacher with a hyphenated surname that said she believed in queer theory and that garbage collectors should have wage parity with medical doctors. Despite being a literature class, our first assignment was to write essays about the ethics of Native American mascots. In my British literature class, my 30 something unwed cat lady teacher openly said, "I'm not having you read a bunch of stuff written by dead White Men." In my World Literature class, my teacher once flatly said that one in three women will be raped for God knows what reason. I'm not even sure if it was even relevant to the literature we were discussing, but she just plopped that in the middle of the class. When we reacted with bewildered silence, she got angry. It is the culmination of these experiences plus some other peripheral but nonpolitical issues involving me personally that I have deep seated contempt for public school teachers. They rank next to personal injury lawyers, junkies and journalists.

Re: media consumption. An alienating moment for me was Dave Chappelle's riff on MTV's Real World where a White housemate suffers continuous mistreatment at the hands of his Black housemates solely because he is White. It was so thoroughly disgusting and alienating to me that it seriously made me question if Blacks really are opposed to racism or if they only care that they're being oppressed and would gladly be the oppressor were they the ones calling the shots. Bear in mind I still find Chappelle to be hilarious, but I also wasn't blind to the casual hostility Blacks generally have for Whites. Sure, history may play a role, but much of it is encouraged by the society and especially media they consume.

I never held a lasting hatred for someone because of accidents of birth, but race is simply too tantalizing a subject. My classmates, especially my progressive/liberal ones, kept their pets of color, even if those same coloreds held attitudes completely at odds with their proclaimed worldview of universal brotherhood. It bugged me when people said in one breath that race or gender has no biological origin yet forged political identities on their races or genders and made virtually everything about race or gender.

I grew up with a steady diet of Hip Hop, but I gradually discovered heavy music as time went on. In my early days, all that mattered to me was that a given MC be gifted with the ability to spit infectious rhymes over grooveable beats. What was salient in '90s Hip Hop was the emphasis on Black identity. Left-wing identity politics's denial of race created a contradiction I just couldn't ignore. A cursory glance at Hip Hop or Roots Reggae lyrics attest to racial pride and race separation.

With all that talk about separation, I couldn't help but feel the racists were onto something. I wanted to hear their side of the story. I found my way onto WN sites with plenty of articles to peruse. Interest turned to intrigue with "white power music." I found my way onto a lengthy list of free mp3s. Most of them were of an abysmal quality, but a few were quite remarkable. From that point on, I wanted more and more, and since then, I've never stopped searching.[/spoiler]
No. 58499 Kontra
3,6 MB, 307 pages
There's actually a very fun collection of posts by a user named Thomas777. In particular, this post quite accurately charts the direction many people in various pro-White movements took.
>The ''Dark Enlightenment'' and assorted other hokey bullshit (''PUA Game'', ''mens rights'', ''race realism'') is what happens when people who until the advent of social media - and/or alternatively meme factory sites/forums that appeal to nerds like 4Chan - were basically exclusively plugged into television and mainstream print media and news and entertainment sources as their conduits for information and/or recreation. At some point, these demographics - lower middle class guys who work at ShitTech in Muncie Indiana, goofy bored college kids who waste their dads' money fucking off online during class, random proles who never really spent time online until high speed internet became cheap and basically universally available, etc. - came across stuff like A. Wyatt Mann cartoons, ANSWER ME magazine rape issue scans, Boyd Rice screeds he'd read aloud with comical earnestness on Wally George, obscure 1970s futurist stuff on eugenics, and they decided it was some kind of cool and ironic brand new thing they could incorporate into their online role-playing persona. Because to these people, the internet is one part television you can talk to, one part World of Warcraft type game where during the workday you pretend to be a character and suggest and claim all kinds of (in their minds) outlandish things.
>I saw this happen in real time. In 1997 you'd get on the internet because you were part of a subculture that mainstream/System loyal type people didn't like. Maybe you were a bodybuilder who used anabolic steroids and your only source of info on drugs and drug interactions was morons at your local gym. Maybe you were a WN who was a Klanner or patched member of Metzger's W.A.R. and you wanted to try (in vain) to take your nascent gang or ''movement'' national by connecting with other WNs across the country. Maybe you were into weird sex stuff and were keen to womanizing beyond the age when its semi-normal. Maybe you were devoutly religious and had a hard time finding people who'd be interested in discussing esoteric theologies with you. This was the ''shell'' or skeleton if you will of internet boards pre-social media and pre-internet usage boom - and its dusty bones remained and were discovered by the new type of internet user (i.e. John and Jane Q. Public).
>So what happened when the new users discovered old bones? They decided to incorporate it into their roleplay. Thus, forums like ''My Posting Career'' and ''AutoAdmit'' emerged - forums where guys pretend to be bodybuilders who do tons of cocaine who hate niggers and follow Russian Orthodoxy and pine for the re-emergence of '"Fascism''. Or blogs like the one maintained by ''Roissy'' where frustrated individuals pretend to be these compulsive womanizers who are banging rich girls in the ass as part of some corny revenge fantasy couched in the language of issues of 1970s Penthouse Letters.
>Of course, when people who actually are Fascists or National Socialists or historical revisionists, or people who are staunch religious zealots, or oddball drug users, sex deviants, or people who truly, sincerely due to their beliefs, class, station in life, circumstance what have you show up in these social media environs or blogs, the regulars recoil in horror because - as already stated - to them its just a role playing game.
>Engage one of these guys who runs a '"Dark Enlightenment'' blog in correspondence about the Holocaust myth, about racialism, about Islam and theology, about the naturally ordained differences between the sexes or any of their purported hobby horses and you'll notice that he acts about as at ease as a Mormon missionary would if you took him to a brothel. Its never supposed to become ''real'' you see - its a way to blow off steam at whatever ShitJob these guys hold as a cathartic release after being dressed down and embarrassed by the schoolmarm HR lady or the EEOC rep who just lectured the workplace staff on Sexual Harassment.
>Of course, MSM types come across this kind of thing and feign contempt, pity, and outrage but that's part of the whole social dynamic of life under ZOG - people pretend to believe ''outrageous'' things, moralists pretend to be outraged. The former play the part of naughty boys who sneak porno mags in their Trapper Keeper, the latter play the part of the disciplinarian dean. Its all very contrived and lame.

The whole fixation with NPCs in political discourse is rather curious to me. While it accurately describes how easily people conform to a set of ideas/opinions given the right circumstances, it still neglects the fact that we are all working from the knowledge of greater men. We are just as likely to be influenced by our surroundings as we are to influence our surroundings. The fact is, few people are able to go against the grain and think independently. Most will simply conform.

There's a thoughtful video on this subject by TrueDiltom (now Neuroposter), a former alt-righter turn Christian Marxist who produces content on philosophy:
No. 58501
No. 58504
53 kB, 474 × 587
19 kB, 420 × 315
  1. It's friday.
  2. It's payday.
  3. I fucked up everything again.
  4. Not really my fault.
  5. But blame will be put on me.
  6. But I don't care about losing this job anymore.
  7. But I should care.
Anyway, congratulation to everyone, it's weekend.
No. 58508 Kontra
I feel like I gained ten pounds and started thinking in Imperial units just from reading these posts.
No. 58509 Kontra
Wait a minute, isn't this RAC?
>the one openly racist ernst who consumes "white nat" content is Pakistani
If these above statements are true it really says everything about the modern internet in a nutshell

I think the funniest irony is these people never realized that globalism is basically just the American Capitalist world order. Hell the very term "NWO" was most famously used by George H.W. Bush as a double entendre to signify the death of Communism globally and the ascent of the new world power of USA to global supremacy after collapse of USSR.
No. 58510 Kontra
Yeah, fuck you too.

>I think the funniest irony is these people never realized that globalism is basically just the American Capitalist world order. Hell the very term "NWO" was most famously used by George H.W. Bush as a double entendre to signify the death of Communism globally and the ascent of the new world power of USA to global supremacy after collapse of USSR.

It's a case of "First, they came for" all over again. In the 1990s and 2000s, many people in the dissident right that were previously Libertarians enthusiastically cheered on globalization as a means to drive down prices of consumer goods and bring about diplomatic relations with other nations. Penn and Teller were big proponents of this line of thinking on their show Bullshit. Of course, the entire mainstream discourse concerning globalization had less to do with fair wages for native workers and more about "imperialism" and sweat shops, so it was easy to hoodwink people when you lock them in a dubious dialectic. Many still had decent white collar jobs, so they weren't suffering the consequences of such policies. The conceit was to educate the American population away from manual labor and towards service oriented work. Then 2008 hit everyone like a ton of bricks, and then came the teeming number of H1B Pajeets and Chinks, and suddenly, those same Libertarians start caring about globalism once their white collar jobs evaporated. On top of that, all those products manufactured abroad were a far cry in quality from what was crafted in decades past. In the end, everyone lost twice.
No. 58511 Kontra
133 kB, 693 × 461
Scratch that, it's 20 pounds now.
No. 58512 Kontra
Nuke Commonwealthers.
No. 58513 Kontra
42 kB, 400 × 300
That'll end well. The rest of the world likes us more than they do seps lol.
No. 58518
> is basically just the American Capitalist world order
Can't we have same but without woke shit?

Heh, now you can't get 10 times more money than thirdies for doing the same job just because you were lucky to be born in USA. Now you'll have to actually compete with them. It may be tough for you, but it's fair and it's great for the world in general.
No. 58520 Kontra
>the one openly racist ernst who consumes "white nat" content is Pakistani
What, really? There is a /pol/ mutt 56% creatura joke in here, I am sure.
No. 58523
134 kB, 680 × 680
Imagine being so deeply immersed in the shartistani ideology that your idea of rebellion is to switch polarities on a single axis. Whenever I read "liberals", "globalization", "lgbt", "white supremacy", etc., my eyes roll back into my skull. This is what too much ideology does to a mf.

Also, I remember seeing 4chan get hijacked by outside political actors in real time, right during the rise of social media, where 90% of content on 4chan became screencaps from other websites, so it's hard for me to take all of this internet turf war stuff seriously. Sounds a bit tinfoily, but the change in imageboard culture during the 2011-2012 period was so drastic, that I can't shake off the feeling that it was organized. Suddenly, all of those grainy infographics, cookie cutter "anti-feminist" talking points, and resist org comics appeared out of nowhere, even on boards that had nothing to do with politics. Then there were also threads on stormfront openly calling for using 4chan to "spread the message".
No. 58529
168 kB, 1280 × 1262
It's not just USA, it's a universal thing.
One could only guess why far right ideas are so loved by self hating non-whites and gays.
No. 58530
>self hating non-whites and gays.

Is he self-hating, though?
No. 58531
I have no idea what this says, but I just had to think of something that happened a few years ago in Munich.

Some boy with iranian parents who was constantly bullied by turks developed a hate for all "foreigners" and idolized Hitler. His internet history of being a low-down outcast and slowly radicalizing himself is well-documented.
He got a gun and shot a few of them. At one point he was being insulted and mocked by some dude on a balcony. He killed himself afterwards.
Because most of the victims were muslims, it's now classified as a "racist (terrorist) attack" instead of a "regular" killing spree, despite his motivation clearly being revenge on the bullies.
No. 58533
Brave new world.
Hate is less bad as long as it has nothing to do with race or country.
No. 58534
>idolized Hitler
Someone should have told him you can hate retards without all the hitler stuff added.
No. 58535
Problem is that just hating people without any philosophical base is hard. And national socialism is a well-known concept almost universally applicable if you just so slightly tailor it to your own tastes (not necessarily making sense), kinda like Islam.
No. 58543 Kontra
Well maybe his bullies were Turks and he was out to get Turks, sounds like targeting race/ethnicity to me. If he adored Hitler and this motivated him then it's pretty much out of racist motives as well, since we all know Hitler and the national socialist ideology was racist. It's not just a usual killing spree.

Meh, not the best comparison. One is a religion, which is not necessarily the same as a certain worldview. I know what you want to say but it's don't. You basically want to say it's hard to hate people with out reasons, which is not the same as philosophy, a philosophy or worldview or religion can be the base for hatred towards others no doubt.
I think you confuse tailoring a "philosophy" with using parts of a ideological construct. So people less buy into a whole construct and change it to their liking, they just take parts they like and integrated it in their own little confused worldview.
No. 58546 Kontra
>Well maybe his bullies were Turks and he was out to get Turks, sounds like targeting race/ethnicity to me
Well maybe they shouldn't have bullied him then. Would you call it racist if a black man was out for whites because of slavery? No? Then you can't call this racist either.

> It's not just a usual killing spree.
What is an "usual" killing spree? He was out for his bullies (in a pars pro toto way) and killed himself after. Sounds rather "usual" to me. Whatever kind of professed reason he else had (or the media focused at) is secondary. Same with Hanau.

In contrast, take Halle or Christchurch, those were actual racist/nazi attacks.
The two aforementioned ones weren't.
No. 58555
I understand that my priors are fundamentally unaligned with many users here for this discussion to be remotely productive if taken further, so this post will likely be a pointless exercise, but seeing what's gone on in the past few posts, I must address several points aimed at me and others who may think like me.

I dispute the notion that I'm somehow "self-hating" or "self-loathing". On the contrary, I love my parents deeply and am still in pain over the death of my father. To say we were inseparable would be an understatement. I'm actually fine with who I am, but the simple fact is half my heritage lies within a secular country that speaks English and values negative liberty. This thought terminating exercise of pathologizing these ideas as evidence of self-hatred is also a dubious way to deflect from the inevitability of race relations. I live in this society as much as anyone else here and am consequently affected by the decisions of those with greater power and influence.

What people don't understand about White Nationalism is that it is not supposed to mirror blood and soil nationalism like National Socialism despite many self-proclaimed WNs also identifying as Nationalist Socialists or at least borrowing their aesthetics for their own cause. Bear in mind plenty of self-identified National Socialists make fun of WNs as being Civil Rights activists for White people. We can split hairs all day long charting the tendencies within these movements. White Nationalism is to be understood as a wholly American phenomenon to remedy certain political circumstances unique to this country's long and complicated history of race relations and also represent the interests of Amerikaner people (if you're smart, you can see what parallels I'm drawing) adversely affected by current domestic policy and contemporary interpretations of Federalism. The American Left effectively created the necessity for White Nationalism because many relevant leftists (and an even larger swath of social liberals / progressives) working today in this country believe wittingly or otherwise that the American project is premised on the notion that every White American is part of a a privileged reactionary oppressor caste that colludes to collectively dispossess everybody else. It's obvious that Poles, Russians, Latvians, Northern Italians, Southern Italians, Germans, Dutchmen, Swedes, Finns, Magyars, Frenchmen, Anglos, Irishmen and ethnic mixes that still identify as White all have little in common with each other and would be feuding with each other in different circumstances, but that doesn't matter at all to non-Whites or their political leaders (whoever they may be) especially when they have shifted the discourse from equality to equity. They think every White person owes them something for the crime of being born White. It's why we now have former Presidents openly talking about Reparations.

>I have no idea what this says

It's an article about Alisher Mukhitdinov, better known online as Alexander Slavros, the founder of IronMarch (2011-2017), which was a hub of Fascist / National Socialist activity. IronMarch voluntarily shut down in November 2017 and Slavros retreated from public life:

The forum was perhaps best known for its real life fraternity organizations National Action in UK and the infamous Atomwaffen Division. The latter's members were responsible for 5 murders (2 of them Atomwaffen-on-Atomwaffen, so realistically 3), and the organization spiraled into entropy following the imprisonment of its previous leader Brandon Russell and its later leader John Cameron Denton. Atomwaffen is particularly infamous because its later leader John Cameron Denton attempted to turn the organization from a political group into a Satanic cult with ties to Temple ov Blood which in turn purportedly has ties to The Order of the Nine Angles. Bear in mind Slavros had long washed his hands of Atomwaffen Division by the time Denton took over the group. It's been speculated that the events from 2016 to 2017 with the UK's proscription of National Action, the deaths of Atomwaffen members Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuk at the hands of fellow Atomwaffen member Devon Arthurs and the subsequent imprisonment of Brandon Russell altogether motivated Slavros's decision to close the forum.
No. 58556
Why you think it is secondary? Why not just both part of an amplification of hatred that passed a threshold. Ofc you have the problem with hierarchy and pecking order he suffered from, I don't see why this excludes racial motivation.

>He was out for his bullies (in a pars pro toto way)

What does that mean? Did he kill his bullies or only people who look like his bullies? I have bad news if the latter is the case.

Also why is Hanau not primarily race motivated? He targeted venues frequented largely by certain ethnicities/religious beliefs randomly. He wasn't bullied by these people.

>Would you call it racist if a black man was out for whites because of slavery?

Is he out for whites or for (former) lords?
No. 58558 Kontra
> I don't see why this excludes racial motivation.
As you already correctly noticed, I never excluded it, I merely called it secondary.
Because obviously it started with the bullying, not with him feeling superior to turks or anything.

>Did he kill his bullies or only people who look like his bullies?
Did other spree killers? He chose his victims because his bullies were turks. If you only have bad experiences with a certain group of people of course you will hate this group of people. But this kind of hatred does not grow out of an inherent sentiment of supremacy. If he had been an actual german, born and raised as a national socialist and based on that killed them, yeah, I would agree. The thing that ticks me off most here is how "racist" is seemingly randomly used. An iranian killing turks is racist. A sunni killing shiites not? What about a group of turks hunting kurds? What about all the turks in Germany still denying the Armenian genocide? So much whataboutism, why? Because there is no standard, there is no consistency in what is a "racist" attack and what is not, though generally it's racist if even an iranian is talking about Hitler, but it would have never been called racist if he hadn't talked about Hitler.

The Hanau case is different because that guy was already off the rails. He sent his pamphlets to either the Staatsanwalt or Polizeipräsident, I can't remember which one it was. But that racism thing was obviously just the icing on the cake, but not at the core of his deeds. He didn't do what he did because of his ideology, he was about to do it and chose an ideology to cover everything with.
Do you understand what I mean?

The Halle and Christchurch guys developed their ideas and started killing people based off on that.
Munich and Hanau were already on their way and then chose some ideological base to "justify" their deeds.
So, as I said in the beginning, I never excluded any racial motivation here, but for the killings themselves, they were secondary. If it hadn't been about turks or muslims, it would have been about women, for example.

>Is he out for whites or for (former) lords?
As I wrote, he is out for whites. I also never said he was a slave or anything. Also, would him being a slave change anything? Would him being out for his masters and then shooting random whites change anything?
No. 58559
Damn, man. I'm idiot who used to be obsessed about politics and especially curious about fringe cults and movements. And even I have never heard about him besides those funny headline.
Had you known about him before I posted the article? Or you googled it afterwards? In both cases, I'm impressed.
No. 58560
Never underestimate the power of an aspie :DDDDDDDD

In any case, yes, I've been aware of IronMarch for years prior to its sudden closure and all the assorted people associated with that site. I even knew about them when they were on DeviantArt.
No. 58561 Kontra

The attribute racism according to you seems only usable if the person are very much conscious of their doing. Which I think is not a good argument. You don't have to be conscious about being racist to be racist.

>But this kind of hatred does not grow out of an inherent sentiment of supremacy.

He generalized and hated people, this not inherent supremacy. He just discriminated against Turks when it comes to overcoming his inferiority induced by bullies or whatever the kitchen sink psychology is.

>But that racism thing was obviously just the icing on the cake, but not at the core of his deeds. He didn't do what he did because of his ideology, he was about to do it and chose an ideology to cover everything with.

And why did he chose those venues? Because it matched the ideology he chose? What kind of logic is that? The racism was there first, then the ideology that articulates it and then the targets I suppose.

>The Halle and Christchurch guys developed their ideas and started killing people based off on that.

I don't think you necessarily need to have a developed idea of an ideology that includes racism to think and act racist.

>As I wrote, he is out for whites. I also never said he was a slave or anything. Also, would him being a slave change anything? Would him being out for his masters and then shooting random whites change anything?

It makes a difference.
If you go for white people just because they have that skin color, it is a racially motivated deed indeed. If you actually kill slave owners that happen to be white it is not primarily racially motivated according to you.
I think you don't need a hierarchy in reasons, as this mixes.
No. 58562
43 kB, 640 × 601
Agghhh, long arguments about nothing but definitions of words again.
No. 58563 Kontra
It took literally all my might not to shitpost on that and thus shit up the board and be disrespectful to him and yeah. I didn't think it was the same guy as RAC but there's some other guy I thought crossposted to here from cabbagechan and I know he picked fights with Utah and possibly some other poor white hick so if that was RAC it's so much funnier if it was a white upper middleclass Pakistani raging at some white hicks on here for not being "pro white" enough. I forget if Florida and that other guy are from poorer or more rural backgrounds.
personally I'm also from a poor rural background and I think his arguments are retarded and overdosed on internet memes with the exception everybody here agrees white boomers are universally cancerous be they redneck ameribears or screeching progressivesbasically RAC is butthurt at white boomers but I'm not sure he reached the point of enlightenment that it's a white boomer problem not just a liberal one
No. 58564 Kontra
498 kB, 490 × 270, 0:01
There's nothing you can do.
Embrace the language game.
No. 58565 Kontra
It's easier to attack someone's usage of language than engage them in terms of content.
No. 58568 Kontra
You think they both have nothing to do with each other?
No. 58569
262 kB, 400 × 540
>If he had been an actual german, born and raised as a national socialist and based on that killed them, yeah, I would agree.
Please don't be racist, non-Germans are more than capable of being national socialists. In fact, as evidenced by Ernstchan sometimes the champions of true Volksgeist are the least white.
No. 58570
That's literally because they did
Ah fuck I can't find it and it's not important enough for me to dedicate more than 40 seconds searching for it but there was an article looking into how Steve Bannon was gloating about basically astroturfing the internet to recruit lonely alienated nerdy white males into the woke right. I forget whether the article implicitly or explicitly mentioned 4chins.

Back when teabaggers were first starting up they tried hijacking anon and using "we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget" campaign signs and slogans for their faggy protests back in 2010, and after Anon raided the shit out of them and their FB page and doxxed them etc. one thing always stuck out to me which was this one post that said
>okay point taken we respect you
>you all have taught us more than you can know
It's hilarious because Breitbart was literally started in Israel. The whole poltard thing was quite literally astroturfed by Steve Bannon and people like him. Kushner and one of Trump's idiot sons also became involved.

So yeah long and short your instincts are right because it was hijacked by exactly the same sorts of people who hijacked the Ron Paultards and 9/11 Truthers into the abortion that was Tea Party Express.
No. 58571
This is patently untrue. I hate very wide swathes of people particularly in this country but also abroad purely on merit of them all being shitheads. This includes wide varieties of people that all hate each other and are diametrically opposed to each other ideologically and I hate the fuckers all the same.
No. 58573
As a guy who's been shitposting since 2006-2007, I often quarrel with this notion that the tenor of imageboards changed entirely at the hands of steadfast astroturfing from Stormfront or Republican Party activists. I won't argue there weren't shills because terminally bored and shiftless teens and young adults can easily be manipulated towards a cause given the right circumstances, but I question the effectiveness of such shilling especially when you had absolute abortions like Project: Chanology from years earlier which had no involvement from the Left or Right. There was also pushback against such thinking, so let's not forget the revolt against moralfags and "NO IRL SHIT" sentiment. Imageboards weren't inherently right-wing, but they were certainly fruitful grounds for unironic racists by virtue of being anonymous and relatively lax in moderation. Overt racism is, for all intents and purposes, the cardinal sin in liberal democracies subject to criminal penalties depending on your country, so it's going to be championed by edgy people. After all, most imageboard users came from an edgy culture that included rotten.com / ogrish, 2000s-era Newgrounds, SomethingAwful and other such places lost to memory. I would think this historiography here is more accurately concerning the userbase.

I would place the turning point in imageboard culture as far back as 2007 when that Fox 11 News "Hackers On Steroids" report came out and Encyclopedia Dramatica was at its peak in popularity. If racism was so foreign to imageboards during that era, then Operation: SOHH Cash never would've happened. Given, there was also the Hal Turner and TheBitingBeaver raids during that era as well as the Sarah Palin hacks, but those events happened in tandem with the rise of imageboard racists. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if racists were even peripherally involved in such activities. Plenty of White racists want nothing to do with the American Right, be it the Republican Party, Conservatism Inc. or even Paleoconservatism. Even more evidence of racism being an entirely organic outgrowth was the relative popularity of 99chan's /reich/ which was very active years before even /new/ on 4chan started.

If imageboards had a political conscious, it was certainly Libertarian in nature, but even that isn't an accurate description. In short, /b/tards liked to be edgy, unconstrained by norms and had a dark sense of humor. They didn't like sanctimonious opinions, no matter where they came from, but they also liked pushing the envelope, and nothing pushes the envelope quite like racism. The late 2000s / early 2010s saw the rise of culture that would eventually become known as the alt-right. Youth for Western Civilization actively tried recruiting college students into the cause across the country as well as Matt Heimbach starting the White Students Union at Towson University. Users who would later go on to start IronMarch were producing art and openly discussing Fascist philosophy on DeviantArt during that same era, and rest assured, IronMarch hardly produced an audience that could be called prudish. They took pride in their edgy aesthetics. They also would hate me for lumping them in with the alt-right, but I'm doing so for the sake of brevity. Rest assured, about all the alt-right and IronMarch had in common was White racism

Ultimately, I think racists played the long game and won.
No. 58593
I cannot believe this NATO institute is blasting crappy electronic music that you can hear with vocals on the radio with their strategic development possibilities urban areas as main

No. 58594
My knees feel warm and weird nowadays. I guess I have arthritis or something.
No. 58595 Kontra
Never said that, but that reminds me of another popular way of discussion on the internet:
Generalization by intentionally misunderstanding the opponent and replying with leading questions.
Or, even more generally, just questioning everything. A statement makes you vulnerable, but a question makes you appear smart without having to provide an answer yourself.
No. 58597 Kontra
The content was engaged with and language has a saying in what the content will be. You can present in "object" in many ways via language. Language, or the form if you want, itself has an effect. It seemed like you treat language as an innocent medium, which is a problem. Arguments about how to use a word or how one can use a word are not made out of sheer boredom even if people who don't understand it want it to be. Usually these people think language is a neutral tool to describe something. It's a bit more tricky than that. The relation of language and content would need to be elaborated here.
That is why I also think the Russian did not hit home closely enough and you jumped on it. And I solely asked a question to get more from you than a one liner. A statement makes indeed vulnerable, and a question is asked to clarify your statement. We could spare ourselves all the books if people think one liners like yours are enough for discussing things.
No. 58601 Kontra
It's not a discussion if one side is only asking questions.
Also, why did you think that was explicitly about you?
Also, I hope you're aware of the irony of complaining about one-liners when the post you reply was itself a non-one-liner reply to a one-liner reply
That said, brevity is indeed something a lot of discussions could profit from, however, there are certain prerequisites to be met, like the discussionists having a similar level of education or expertise on the topic at hand (e.g. if people talk about the pros and cons of Wankel engines, it's not use if one of them is an engineer or mechanic and the other one a linguist), and of course the ability to actually condense their arguments into a short form, which, and I won't exclude myself here, really hard in general and very problematic for lots of people.
So in order to even have a fruitful discussion, you'd need to set that up like a duel, with preparation time and the like and then we have arrived at debating clubs.
This is why I like imageboards, because it allows me to just call you a faggot, put on my kühlgesicht.jpg and go about my day :--DDDDDDD
No. 58603
130 kB, 860 × 1280
It is Sunday, Ernst.
No. 58604
98 kB, 771 × 404
Every time I wake up in the morning my hurt. It feels like clockwork which also occurs around about 2am I think which feels kinda like a mixture of arthritis and joint fatigue without inflammation and then it goes away again like clockwork. I have no clue why and while it's largely irrelevant now suspect it may point to future difficulties as a much older man.

No, this was basically just done for offensiveness sake. You're right in that the carefags got brought on to basically smokescreen the actvities of anon and use them as a meatshield against later targets, which was both hilarious in the short term and longterms spelled the death of the chans and made us refugees in our own digital lands.

But that being stated, yes we saw constant raids against unironic racists for their simple sin of being ideological retards and taking themselves too seriously. There never was a lulzy component to what they did and that's part of why places like stormfront got hit by real anons. People said the n word and charged mah lazerz just because it was funny as kids to be that offensiveness in like manner to how you thought the word cocks was funny because it was a forbidden word.

Then all the actual children and retards came in thinking somehow it agreed with them, like sincere homophobes seeing our constant use of fag and faggot and mistakenly believing a bunch of guys posting gross anime porn shit were on board with them. This led eventually to one of the biggest witless ironies of these stupid faggots coming on our sites to complain about "degeneracy" on a site that was literally synonymous with being the most gross and degenerate site on the entire internet. I also actually suspect true pedophiles basically used these dumbasses and their pizzagate bullshit both to smokescreen actual child molester activity while discrediting investigation to real pedo rings as well as likely being a bunch of chomo injokes that Qtards were too fucking stupid to pick up on.

The original anon was basically just lulz. It had no ideological component. It ruthlessly attacked outsiders to the subculture either because it was funny or "they were asking for it." The SOHH raids for example wasn't just some racially motivated thing any more than taking out stormfaggots because these dudes challenged anon and got their shit pushed in and it was funny. CoS got fucked with because they tried censoring something online and took themselves way too seriously and again, just because it was so funny. That fact of a bunch of complete ass clowns trolling them and them taking it so self seriously is precisely what made it so hysterical, and also what made unwarranted self importance such a deadly sin.

Modern poltards as well as Trump are basically the definition of targets who are asking for it. They make other easily offended people butthurt screeching hysterically which is why it's funny. Likewise, the MIGAtard movement is so stupid and so unfunny and self serious that throwing them under the bus and trolling them into suicide also would be incredibly funny. Any real oldfag would've had both fun at how much Trump was fucking everything up, not because they ever believed he'd be a good president but rather the complete opposite and doing it for laughs, just as much as they would've went back on there and mocked these dumb faggots after they lost.

It is the self serious ideological component that is the problem, and yes Chanology is pretty much what brought in the first wave of sincere ideological retards doing things for carefag ideological reasons and not for laughs. These non-anons were followed by an even faggier and cringier series of retards until basically the whole of 4cancer is now literally the opposite of /b/ and Anon as a whole.
it should also be pointed out that this oldfagism in itself ultimately is ideology dressed up as an anti-ideology
No. 58605
17 kB, 235 × 246
>Mild amount of stress
>Already feeling worse off physically
I wasn't designed for the capital letter Life, I suppose.
Or maybe "Life" is easier than what I'm currently living. The Education System is not "Life".
This thing progresses towards something, it has challenges. What I've seen of "Life" when working is that work poses no challenges and progresses towards nothing, it's just cycles of days that build up into cycles of receiving pay.
It's considerably less stressful than "The System".
Thinking about it, if I had decided to major in History and English, I could've spent my entire life "In the System" as a teacher, earning shit pay while possibly working with 6*10^23 gxpsy kids who will call their parents on me if I give them an F.
What the fuck am I on about?

Thankfully my PCR test was negative, so I can actually go to the interview. Such an unnecessary hurdle. It's an absolute nuisance. Not to mention incredibly expensive.
No. 58609
That's really beautiful
No. 58611
3,3 MB, 272 × 448, 0:52
3,1 MB, 406 × 720, 0:33
Ahhgghh, fuggg no
I spent whole weekend in a state of "I'll rewatch one more South Park episode, then will work overtime for a while. Just 20 minutes more". So I neither got any decent rest, neither did any job.
No. 58623
569 kB, 813 × 600
Today I hugged my computer IRL. Felt good.
>spend a couple thousand on something that's still more powerful than an 11600k with RTX 3060
>spend hundreds more on fancy headphones and HOTAS
>still end up just playing indie games and 9 year old console ports and other shit from many years ago
Many such cases

To be fair though there are still some games I own and tried which don't cap out my refresh at 1440p.

They just showed up at a neighbor's which I'm not wearing contacts or glasses right now so I just see this figure lumbering in me direction in front of bright lights. It was eerie. I called out and no one responded and because I've been playing zombie games in the dark all week it's making me fucking paranoid so I went back inside. Came out again and realized it's a stretcher there, some ambulance with no lights or siren coming for a neighbor which I don't know the situation and all was eerily done so quietly. Am still sitting in the dark outside smoking in between zombie games and it's still making me fucking paranoid. I bet he left now maybe.
No. 58628 Kontra
73 kB, 750 × 728
I have the papers, I dressed up in my Tatami Galaxy cosplay and I’m ready to get that bread.
Wonder what they’ll ask during the interview. It’s “not an exam” and they “want to see how I think”. If they let me go on about a topic then I guess I’m fine.
No. 58629
Scratch that. Every workshop starts its hearings at 10:30 or 11:00.
Mine’s the only that starts at 17:00 for some God forsaken reason.
Anyway I talked with this cute girl. She’s studying literature. Pretty cute.
Holy shit I’m socialising.
No. 58630
115 kB, 640 × 496
Awash with joy, good days dawn. Feeling impervious to what otherwise would be great sources of job-related anxiety. Though I go through the motions of work, on a spiritual level I am already on holidays.
No. 58631 Kontra
278 kB, 1080 × 1011
>Students of elite high schools are bragging about their elite status
Please save me from this snobbery
No. 58632
Why not beat them up with your superior intellect?
It's really satisfying putting rich kid trash in their place.
No. 58634 Kontra
They were mostly talked about chemisty but I did step up to defend Dostoevsky’s honour when the topic came up.
They aren’t really rich 2bh. Or at least my issue wasn’t with their wealth.
No. 58635
lol bunch of posers, just tell them Liebig sucks and they will never find a compound they can name after themselves. That should shut them up.
No. 58655
273 kB, 624 × 480
I'd say my interview went swimmingly. The tune was quite jovial throughout and I think I earned the committee's trust.
It was a bit comical because the members of the professional board and the student board present were all Japanologists, so I jokingly commented how I'm a bit out of place as a student of Chinese, but they said "No worries, you're an Orientalist, and therefore our colleague, who's out of place is the chief secretary, a geologist."
Then we talked about my translation projects, my knowledge of past Sinologists.
They also commented that my grade average is excellent and makes me a strong contender for a membership in the workshop.
Ultimately they said that the fact that I'm applying as an "walk-in member" and not as a "living-in" member of the college makes "their decision considerably easier", which I've interpreted as "I'm in", but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

If I actually get in, then it's huge. It's like going to one of the better Oxford colleges prestige-wise, and it'll open up considerable academic opportunities in the future as a student and maybe even as a lecturer if I'm good enough.
But it comes with a set of responsibilities, one of which includes training up a language that's not in my major to C2 level, which is probably going to be German for me, and I'll also have to start taking weekly Latin classes (a tradition of the institution), which is based.
That and maybe holding a presentation/writing a report on what and how I research.

I'm feeling very optimistic. Results will be in in three days.

Imparted some wisdom on some first year students who were also applying. Nobody was there to help me when I started university, so I was glad to answer their questions about courses and such.
Also talked with this kinda cute girl. She was pleasant to look at, even if she was kinda cross-eyed. I don't even know her name, but it was still nice to talk to her. She's like 3-4 years older than me I think. Or maybe we're closer in age because I spent 2 years extra on the lower level of the system. Who knows.

I did an edgy thing on the way home. Basically some activist for a liberal party was handing out pamphlets and he was very adamant about giving me one, so I told him "Sorry, Stalin's already got my vote" and fucked off to the surface from the metro.
No. 58656
First of all, congrats, seems to have been a good interview.
Second, I don't think I quite understand what exactly this interview was for. Are you taking up a research position or is it just more classes or is some program you are then part of?
No. 58658
The university's oriental studies workshop. Basically it's mixed. It's both extra classes and a training programme, and also a kind of "research position" to help you get deeper and more immersed in parts of your degree that might not get as large of a focus.
(The other workshops are more focused on extra classes, but the oriental studies one relies more on student-teacher cooperation because of the small number of students divided between the different cultures.)
No. 58663
I ate melted cheese again and now my bunghole is exploding again. Two times I have already ejected liquid shit in the past few hours. I really wish I knew what the underlying condition is, because it's definitely nothing I know about.
No. 58665
can you believe that the 24/7 store ran out of piss lager?
I had to drink sweet white wine to get shitfaced. I hate wine. It's expensive, and the intoxication it gives is unpleasant.
Strange to say this about various forms of liquid mixed with ethanol, but piss lager gives a much smoother come-up and comedown than the higher grade stuff, even a 3% increase makes a difference.
I think it's the fact that piss lager foams up and makes its way to the bloodstream slower, while wine just hits you. Not as bad as vodka, but still too fast and strong for my tastes. I like to ride the high, not get to the finish line prematurely.

Also, it's expensive. And also, I still haven't reached the apex, so I'll have to get some more. Not wine though, 4% beer will do to get me through the final stretch.

Also, wine is expensive and I hate sweets. Why am I drinking after quitting for a month? Because I have to install an OS and set up this new fucking computer, and I hate working on computers. I spent my whole life and got a career in something that I absolutely despise. Fuck computers.
No. 58672
I never liked beer because it was a soup tier half measure. I usually liked vodka because it was easier to have a heroin addict tier alcobydlo approach of hitting as hard and fast as humanly possible. So, clearly you are more functional than I was, or at least right now compared to my end. I only drank beer because it wasn't easy to get blackout drunk in a matter of minutes and it was basically my way to pretend not to be alcobydlo since my tolerance was so high a 12 pack over 5 hours basically meant I was borderline sober the entire time. Then again, one of my worse hangovers and being a human wreck was this time I just kept drinking cases of beer. I think I drank something like 48+6 beers in 24 hours.

Man this makes me realize how glad I am to not be alcobydlo. I've been sober something like three years now. No, more than that now. I wasn't getting routinely piss drunk by the end but my last beer was like 2018 or something like that I think. Drinking throughout my 20s was definitely one of the most regrettable things alongside participating in imageboard culture. My only consolation is I never got involved in anime.
No. 58683
213 kB, 1080 × 868
God willing, in a couple of hours I'll be completely unreachable. A solid two weeks in which no work related bullshit can find me. I can almost taste the freedom.
No. 58685
>I can almost taste the freedom.
What are you gonna do? I hope you won't just stay home and do nothing, although the irony would be delicious.
No. 58686
I'm taking a flight out of the country. If I remained home, I'm sure they'd be able to hassle me.
God willing, I'll soon post an IWO from the Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic.
No. 58687
Holy shit what an ernsty holiday destination. Is there a special reason, like family or friends or something?
Looking forward to the IWO.
No. 58688
>Is there a special reason
Getting into talks with the Pridnestrovian government to purchase a soviet antenna array so we can have a base of operations for Radio Ernstiwan.
I just want to see it :DD
No. 58689
104 kB, 648 × 463
320 kB, 520 × 310
8 kB, 420 × 84
>so we can have a base of operations for Radio Ernstiwan
BASEd :DD When you are there you could make a trip to Sucaeva in Romania, where the Radio Ernstiwan server is said to be located. Also I just saw that the ISP of the data center where it is located is called "Zergrush SRL", gave me a good laugh!
No. 58691
You should probably send their ministry a letter to that effect regardless
No. 58694
71 kB, 940 × 627
125 kB, 900 × 283
>to purchase a soviet antenna array
Official announcement: Radio Ernstiwan is NOT building a death ray, I repeat, we are NOT building a death ray! And when it's finished we will NOT use it to crush our enemies.
No. 58696
7,1 MB, 3:53
>Radio Ernstiwan
>Death Ray
Reminds me of something....
No. 58706
>And finally, my ultimate dream is to get rid of most of my possessions and live permanently in hostels. I hate maintaining all of that crap, like furniture, apartment, plumbing, electrics, etc. etc. It's a massive time and money sink. I'd rather pay extra to get rid of all that. And imagine the freedom of being able to just get up and fuck off anywhere you want, with everything you own on your back. Maybe one day.

Sounds like a nightmare to me. I've lived a substantial part of the last five years out of backpacks, suitcases and the like and I fucking hate it. I want a place that I can call "home", where I can fuck off from people when they bother me too much, where I know I can sleep every night in the same bed in the bedclothes I have washed with the laundry detergent I like, that I can decorate however I want and especially don't have to hear people through the next wall. And of course being able to cook my own food.
If I weren't attached to someone I don't want to deattach from, I would have probably moved into some cabin in the woods already.
No. 58708
205 kB, 960 × 924
Don't forget that slavs have a single word for "person who is easy to scam". Rich and naive westerner fits it perfectly. So be careful. And good luck! Looking forward to see your photos.
No. 58709
382 kB, 900 × 1684
I guess I am le modernist, then.
To me, a house is a machine for living in. Something that takes care of my biological necessities and no more.

I generally hold the notion that the real difference between technology, and mere possessions pretending to be technology (like kickstarter garbage), is that real technology gives you new abilities and freedoms. While possessions, on the contrary, burden you.
A good technology lets you get rid of possessions, reducing their total number. So, in a way, they're, like anti-possessions.

And living quarters, to me, would be the same. To be used when convenient, and replaced when convenient. Available regardless of location. Interchangeable. And with as little ideology as possible :-DDD.
No. 58711
But you'd still have a job, right? So that means you're limited in the scope of your ever-changing housing, because you can only rotate inside a certain radius and eventually you will have been to every single available hotel, thus effectively binding you to a certain spot like someone with a house is, just in slightly more mobile - and I mean that in the sense of actual movement - kind of way.

Also, now I am interested in your opinion on that podshare stuff they have going on in the US, because it's essentially what you are describing - people without possessions apart from their technology.
No. 58713
>A good technology lets you get rid of possessions, reducing their total number. So, in a way, they're, like anti-possessions.
I really like this take. But that being stated, I think that any really good new technology is basically freeing up the one most critical finite resource we have: time.

All tech is ultimately geared towards this. From the washer and dryer, to stoves, to cars, to satellites and power stations, basically all new technology is geared towards freeing us up from drudgery so as to provide more efficient allocation of resources i.e. energy. If said thing wastes your time in an unenjoyable manner, it's possessions. I agree, they burden you. An auto is offering freedom. A faster, more rugged, more all terrain vehicle is better, provided it doesn't soak up money you can't afford, because ultimately all transactions are based on how valuable your time is, which means paying for something is paying with moments of your life wasted. The exchange of value takes place in terms of how enjoyablesafe, warm, healthy, secure and unstressed, well fed, and entertained your time is versus throwing money you got in exchange for your time doing shit you didn't want to do or otherwise took up your time, even if that was working on creative IP rights and thus getting royalties for it.

I think ultimately it's opening possibilities to do with your time. If it lessens your possibilities, if it soaks up your time, if you are not happy about that, then yes it is possession and a burden.
No. 58714 Kontra
>Don't forget that slavs have a single word for "person who is easy to scam"

So do we. Doesn't every language?
No. 58716
I feel like a joke is going over my head here
No. 58717
German has no explicit term (at least not one that I'm aware of, so it probably doesn't exist), but we have the saying "Jeden Tag steht ein Dummer auf", which is roughly equivalent to "There's a sucker born every day".
No. 58719
210 kB, 350 × 487, 0:04
Today I did nothing of value. I woke up and immediately went back to sleep.
Tried reading but I just simply didn't feel sharp enough even after a shot of espresso.
Strange how draining yesterday was. Also, my legs hurt from walking up and down the stairs constantly.

Father returned from his business trip. Brought home a few packets of Kräutertee. Nice stuff. Tastes pretty good. It has no caffeine so it's of lesser utility to me than regular teas, but it's still good. And herbs are good for you, I suppose.
Also this bar of Swiss chocolate. Cool stuff.

That's an amazingly cool concept.

Can't wait to see it. Have fun!
No. 58720
119 kB, 850 × 478
In the case where you are dependent on a single employee, yeah, the benefit from living space mobility is diminished. But that is also a problem with lack of freedom imposed by certain social structures. There could be a structure where you can apply your skills for any employer (assuming there will be employers, but that's not set in stone either), and change freely.
But there are still ways to achieve this today, such as freelance and remote work, or craftsmanship. Skills and technologies are similar in that they give you new abilities that can be used to produce things at will, independent of burdening factors. If you own the looming machine, you are no longer required to wage for someone who does.

Regarding pods, I don't like them, because I value privacy. By living in hostels I mean a small private room with a bed and a desk. The one trope I dislike about the formulation of a communist utopia is the extreme insistence on sharing personal space. I tolerate public transport, and libraries, and other such public institutions, because I am not strictly required to interact with any of the people I'm sharing a space with. But actually living communally with other people, please no.
Please get me the fuck away from other people. Call me a sociopath, but I see nothing wrong with the notion of alienation, and treating humans as resources and tools, when it is for the purposes of work, and other contexts where socialization is not the goal. Coming back to freedom, I think it also applies to the ability to decide when to socialize with other people (as opposed to purely mechanical/transactional interactions).
I'd greatly enjoy it if there was a recreational service that focused on solitude. Like, a place where you can pay to be alone, lol. Neurotypicals can keep their open offices and dorms and forced socialization, but do give me an option to remain isolated.
No. 58722
>There could be a structure where you can apply your skills for any employer (assuming there will be employers, but that's not set in stone either), and change freely.
That is easier said than done, because for that to work you would need to standardize not only training/education everywhere, but also every single company. Otherwise you will still need to be worked in, unless you're really working some kind of lackey construction job that even a trained monkey could do.

>But there are still ways to achieve this today, such as freelance and remote work, or craftsmanship.
For constant remote freelance work to work you'd also need a standard for the connection. I am not a computer person or even related to that field, but all companies I have had to do with use their own systems for setting up remote workplaces; you can't just fire up your private laptop and then access all the company networks.

>Skills and technologies are similar in that they give you new abilities that can be used to produce things at will, independent of burdening factors. If you own the looming machine, you are no longer required to wage for someone who does.
Yes, but you owning the loom doesn't mean shit if there is no market. Hell, I have a lot of skills, just none that any employer in my field values and they're not highly developed enough to get a job more in line with them.

And of course if everybody was a freelancer, the competition would be enormous. People would gather together and form groups to get the better jobs. And suddenly you have companies again and lone wolves would just starve.

Also, isn't getting a hotel room for yourself "a place where you can pay to be alone"? Or did you mean that in another way?
No. 58723
Which word? I don't know it.

We have sayings about such people
"Lokh is not mammoth, lokhs won't die out"
"Life is bad without lokhs" (без лоха и жизнь плоха)
Kinda contradicting to each other.
No. 58727
There is no suffering in this world quite like living with others. I'd rather live in a kruschev commieblock on my own than live in the most opulent mansion where I have to share anything with other people in terms of space. That includes front yards, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and any type of space where I need to hear one person bitching at me about anything for any retarded reason.
No. 58732
Less than 3 hours in the country and I already met a white nationalist dutch sex tourist who ran away when an alky approached us.

God bless Kiev.
No. 58734 Kontra
Bonus observation: People don't use masks here, at all. McDonald's seems to be only place really enforcing mask usage.
No. 58735
Now all you need is finding some narkomans with AIDS and shoot some crocodile and you have the full Ukrainian experience.
No. 58736
> McDonald's seems to be only place really enforcing mask usage.
Bastion of western civilization. If something goes wrong, run to nearest McDonalds and ask them to guide you to embassy.
No. 58738
Joges aside, is McDonald's still considered decent place to eat in Russia/Ukraine?
I.e. is it clean, do people go there on dates or to wörk with laptop?

Or mb also broader question - how is McDonald's perceived in Ernst's country?
No. 58739 Kontra
I wish I was killed
No. 58740
> is it clean
Yes, they wipe floors and so on, it's clean there.

> considered decent place to eat
There are canteens in offices, factories, universities, etc. There are restaurants, too expensive for plebs to visit except on celebration or date with woman one want to impress. And there is fast food. I would say it's a casual place to eat when you are not home. But usually people have breakfast and evening at home, lunch at canteen.

> on dates
No. Inviting girl to date to McDonalds was a meme on sosach. But for normie date you are supposed to show how rich and generous you are.
If you mean meet with friends, it's OK. Meeting in restaurant would be gay.

> to work with laptop
Some McDonalds are always overcrowded and loud, but some are fit for this.

However in small towns (<500k of population) it's still something new, cool and exotic.
No. 58741
If you're asking if it has the ideological connotations it used to have during the early 90s then no, not any more. It's just another fast food chain now, often considered mediocre and unfulfilling. (As in, you will feel hungry in two hours after eating 4 cheeseburgers, even though it's more than your recommended daily caloric intake)
But people still go there. There are a lot of venues here and it's an easy place to set up a date at.

It's also a butt of jokes how every student of the humanities supposedly will end up flipping burgers there.
No. 58742
>It's also a butt of jokes how every student of the humanities supposedly will end up flipping burgers there.
Heh, here they will end up driving taxi.

Though there are also jokes like this:

  • What does the mathematician without a job say to the mathematician with a job?
  • Fries with ketchup-mayo please
No. 58743
57 kB, 816 × 459
The very presence of a McDonald's lets you know that you are in a free nation where a healthy spirit of capitalism exists, where freedom and lawfulness reign and where you can get your necessary calories without having to learn the names of local foods. Whenever I see a McDonald's abroad, I know I am safe.

Thank dog for Dolan's though, it may never be good, but it is never bad either.
No. 58744
>it may never be good, but it is never bad either.
That's just... accurate.
No. 58745 Kontra
Mc Donald has a byldo reputation here. But it's very appealing to the youth, in small towns (10-15k) it's a meeting spot and the center of activity of younglings under legal drinking age. But once you grow older than that it starts to become the "last ressource" place where you go when there's not anywhere else left or when you have no time. It's also more axpensive than some restaurants but nobody seems to notice.
>small towns (<500k of population)
4th biggest city calculated on total agglomeration in Switzerland is ~400'000 inhabitants and it's considered a metropole. Hahaha.
No. 58749 Kontra
>However in small towns (<500k of population)
Well fugg, my village has something around 700 people. Would that even be on a russian map? :--DDDDDDDD
No. 58750 Kontra
180 kB, 1200 × 1200
What is the freedom of this country on the Kroc-Bush(Sr.) Scale? Indeed, freedom is measured in McDonalds.

the beeping of frying devices and ice cream machines inside a McDonalds is a substitute or the unofficial version of the Star-Sprangled Banner abroad, the more you know...

Ok, enough for today.
No. 58751
Ok Ernst, I bought a used Lenovo W510.. And I'd ultimately like to know your opinion. Is it based or cringe?
No. 58752 Kontra
Fuck off with that 4cancer bullshit
No. 58753 Kontra
I don't know this "based" or "cringe" scale you use, but if you want any serious answer:
What did you pay, what do you plan on doing with it and what model exactly, it seems there is more than one.
No. 58754
People are giving you shit because use of 4kanker memes or talking like you're from there is frowned upon.

I don't know that model offhand however I was just looking at some $300 thinkpad lastnight that didn't seem like a bad deal. We have computer hardware thread for such discussions. Usually this is a blogpost and shitposting thread.
No. 58756
I paid $180.00 for it, it is in good condition and plan to do some light gayming and web browsing (maybe I could use it for business if I had the motivation for running one), and the model is exactly a W510

It is widescreen 1600x900 with 12gb ram, 720 Quadro I think is the graphics so.. did I get ripped off Ernst or do you think the price and value of the item matches my wants and needs
No. 58757
I am quasi-shitposting
No. 58758
>That is easier said than done, because for that to work you would need to standardize not only training/education everywhere, but also every single company. Otherwise you will still need to be worked in, unless you're really working some kind of lackey construction job that even a trained monkey could do.
This is basically already the case in every software development company with a clue, though. The most complicated software is developed through the interface of a source control system, where people send files with modifications back and forth and apply the change when the issues have been communicated and ironed out. It's just that every other industry is behind.
Well, industries dealing with digital content also use a ghetto version of this, as in they just make a group chat and send files back and forth, and make a physical meeting when it's something truly important, and requires big communication bandwidth.
In my current job, the biggest bottleneck is human interaction, clarifying every detail, when everything could be made efficient with a digital to-do list and a back and forth of incremental file changes.

Also, networks really are standardized. You just.. type in the IP address of their server, or connect through a vpn, and have access to a shared file system. A lot of work is already done that way. I mean, concerning the recent events, remote work is not only viable, but it's actually so much more effective, that managers are trying to revert it because workers have too much free time now, lol. Like half of the average worker's time in the office isn't even work, it's just waiting on stuff, or superfluous logistics issues.

Regarding whether an entire society could work this way, maybe, maybe not. But I am a bit of a hypocrite here. I frame myself as someone who exists in relation to society, rather than in it. So, if a majority has to do X, so that a minority, can do Y, as long as I am part of that minority, I am all for it lmao.

>Also, isn't getting a hotel room for yourself "a place where you can pay to be alone"? Or did you mean that in another way?
Hotels are more related to utility, I mean for recreation. Like, imagine recreational services that are usually public, but if there was an option to do it privately. Like cinemas. Why do they exist? Because I can't afford an imax, I can't afford a huge 4K OLED Tv either. But I still want to watch movies on a big screen like the director intended. But the problem with cinemas is that their public nature compromises their core appeal. You came here to have a big movie experience, instead you have to sit next to a dude next to you crumpling his packet of chips, a gaggle of retard teenagers giggling and making noise behind you, and a tall dude in front who is blocking the bottom of the screen with his cranium.

I'd totally pay to sit in a small quiet room with a fuckhuge TV, and watch a new movie, completely alone, or with a couple other people. I could have access to an expensive thing, without having to own it, or sharing a room with other people. Same with stuff like gaming cafes. Rent out a top of the line gaming PC or console, and the latest game for a few hours, without needing to buy anything? Great. Being in the same room with a bunch of caffeinated teenagers screaming into their microphones while playing PUBG? No thanks.
And so on.
No. 58764
I see what you mean. So computer people have it easy, then. How what about those who are not computer people? Who still need to produce things or have to analyse stuff that is not possible doing digitally?
Take as an example, because it's happening right now, drug development. You still can't put that into robot hands 100%. I have seen proof-of-concepts of remote-controlled labs, but it's more of a nice gimmick than an actual viable thing. And if the robot craps out (again) you still need someone on site to handle that.

>Also, networks really are standardized. You just.. type in the IP address of their server, or connect through a vpn, and have access to a shared file system.
Yeah, well, that's exactly what I meant, because I was talking to a company just two weeks ago who explicitly said they DON'T do that. No private machines, we provide you with a computer. So it's not that easy just checking in with VPN from wherever.

Granted, I am also not a 100%-remote work kind of guy, because if you aren't working alone on principle, but in teams, it's always better if you can just walk five steps to the other office or ask the person you share an office with what you need. That is definitely faster and less complicated than telephone or IM.

>So, if a majority has to do X, so that a minority, can do Y, as long as I am part of that minority, I am all for it lmao.
You are a good socialist, comrade.

Regarding the alone time recreation thing, do you not have small arthouse venues closeby who do film-on-demand? I actually once got a screening of "Once Upon A Time In The West" as a christmas gift for the GF. Basically they let you rent one of their small rooms (has like 20 seats or so) and show a movie of your choice (that you can provide via bluray or dvd). Of course it's not an imax, but it's bigger than anything you can put in your apartment. And watching the final duel in a cinema was a great experience. I bet you could also rent it as a single person. Of course it was pretty expensive, 100 Euros, so I wouldn't do it on the regular. Then again, there aren't a lot of new movies I would consider watching anyway.
That said, I don't know why gamer cafes haven't caught up in Germany yet. Like, design it like a karaoke bar with separated rooms, put in some consoles and have people play what they want. Then again, with modern movie games that take a two-digit amount of hours to finish once, I don't know whether a lot of people would attend such a venue, since everyone owns a Playstation anyway because of the bluray player and depending how much it costs, just getting the game would be cheaper. That said, do video rentals still exist? Fifteen years ago I would go, grab a few movies, rip them, and return them the next or after next day :--DDDDDDDD
No. 58768
Sure, if a company properly set up version control system and containerization in their projects, you can start working fast. You run three commands in console and you are theoretically ready to code. But practically, no.

First, different companies use different technologies. Yes, two VCS or two database driver libraries usually differ only in details, but still you need to get used to it.
Second, you need to read their source codes to at least identify it's overall structure.
Third, you need to get used to the team, to learn who is responsible for what and who has expertise on which part of project.
And even then you'll work worse than more experienced colleagues because you don't know about different "underwater rocks" which they are familiar with.
Also often there is a lot of job-specific knowledge. For example if you work in bank, you have to learn a bit about financial stuff to know which logic you are supposed to realize. For low level programmers it's new hardware each time.

And let's not forget job interviews. Each time you need to prove your worth and, in opposite, try to find out whether your employer is a good choice for you. So no, fuck it. Better find a normal job and work there until pension or death or having enough savings not to work at all.

And one more thing. With high staff turnover there is no motivation for long term solutions. It works for now, and then I'll find another job, and this will become another one's problem. Work becomes Jenga game.

So yes, unless it's monkey job, you have to stay there for long term.
No. 58769
443 kB, 499 × 534
Been to the doctor today - & I know you've all been waiting for the blessed news: soon this Ernst will be posting sans foreskin, as the LORD God intended.

In other events I had to get a document notarized and the public servants were the fattest and rudest I had to deal with so far.
Decided to grab a beer and go read a bit in the park since I was in the city anyways but there was music and some guys playing frisbee - mildly annoying but bearable. But then a middle-aged black guy with dreads joined them and would just shout something indecipherable every time he tossed the frisbee at a volume that the whole park could hear him. Pretty annoying - in any case I couldn't concentrate on reading and just enjoyed my beer instead.
Basically it was like this Limmy sketch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YzyaPgSHZc
No. 58779
25 kB, 538 × 312
It seems that the difference is that we use alcohol for different purposes.
You would consume alcohol in order to reach oblivion for a while.

For me, it's about hitting the ballmer's peak, and staying there as long as possible. The main thing I do when I get shitfaced is do errands and write in my journal, lol. It hasn't been working out for me recently, though.
No. 58780
366 kB, 564 × 600
Almost done with the Chinese textbook. It feels like a bit of a chore, but there's only 70 pages to go, mostly covering modern literature.
Don't think that will be relevant for this semester, but it couldn't hurt to read it, even if some of it is probably a bit outdated.
Afterwards I'll probably transition to preliminary readings on translation studies and reading one of the Four Classic Novels, probably Journey to the West. (Three Kingdoms isn't on the reading list for the semester because the third volume isn't out yet in Hungarian.)

Ordered a pizza today. After how well the interview went I felt like treating myself a bit.
Looking at the infos, I deserved it extra, because according to the results, I've been granted membership to the university's oriental studies workshop.
So next semester is going to be extra interesting because alongside the opportunities it comes with a bunch of duties too. Like getting a C1 level language certificate and studying Latin for a year. (So basically I'll be getting free Latin classes and free German classes.)
I finally feel like I'm a member of the elite. A lot of great writers, scientist and other culturally significant people were members of the collegium. I'm humbled, I'm honoured, yet I feel elevated at the same time.

I'm going to be so educated my neck will break under the weight of my head :D
The future looks glorious again!

Switzerland is highly decentralised and limited by geography, and no matter which language you speak (except for maybe the Rhaeto-Romance ones) you still have a "big brother" country with millions of people that got your back culturally speaking.
The German, Italian and French Kulturäume are relatively expansive and well developed.
I have a single 2M city to go to and ~14 million potential speakers. In any case, you have at least 80 million.
No. 58782
Day 2 of quitting sweets cold turkey.
Cravings are horrible.

It's crazy how much sugar can fuck up my mind.
I have no problem quitting drinking or the internet over night, but quitting sugar (i.e. sweets and other unhealthy snacks) is really giving me a hard time.
I am glad it's only a mental addiction, I don't think I could pull this off if I also had physical signs of withdrawal.
At least I know there will be an end. In two weeks I won't even think about sweets anymore.
No. 58783
Other industries and some companies being disorganized and inept with technology sounds like a "them" problem tbh.
Again, it sounds like a cop-out, but I like to think in terms of "how can I use technology to maximize self benefit", not "how can I fit myself into existing structures". Machiavellianism pays off, as long as it is employed in its original description in The Prince, not the edgy wide spread idea of it.
I'd put it as "metagaming in real life".

It's actually the "talking to people" part that I find to be the most unproductive. In my case, it basically consists of clarifying redundant logistical problems over and over again for every case. A rigid protocol for submitting, editing, and reviewing work would eliminate the whole need for communication, because the task of keeping everyone on the same page becomes automatic, with the protocol limiting the scope of possible interactions.
For example, one very simple implementation of such a "protocol" is having an index of objects in the warehouse, with their location, count, etc. Instead of asking the warehouse manager where item X is located, what it looks like, etc., you have a simple instruction like "Take item with index A023594 from aisle 5, row 3, box #20. Which reduces the space of communication from the whole real of natural language, to 4 numbers.
It's not about maximizing the amount of communication, but relevant information per amount of data. To me, less communication = more efficiency.

The only problem is that your simplified model has to be synchronized with actual reality, because the moment it doesn't, it's complete chaos lol.

That is all true, but I think a lot of it can be solved through proper and rigorous standardization. Programming is the one field of engineering that is rife with needless complexity and lack of standards.
A lot of engineers in other fields to work on a task to task basis, like you hire an engineer to work out the structural stability of a certain building, then he moves on to another job, there's less permanent staff, and more contractor work.

But I disagree on the point about being tied to a workplace being good for long term stability. From what I know, the opposite is the case. A lot of enterprise CRUD software becomes an unmanageable mess because a) there is no expectation that another person will work on a particular chunk of the codebase in the foreseeable future, and b) because a lot of programmers will deliberately write unmaintainable code in order to ensure job security.

Every other field seems to be standardized enough for labor to be interchangeable, you don't usually get situations like "oh no, only uncle petya knows how this building's plumbing and electrical wiring works, we can't hire another plumber to fix a leak!".
No. 58784
Also, we had small art house cinema thing in Almaty, but it closed down in late 2000s when I was a kid. Which is a shame because I never got to visit it.

For a third world oriental shithole, Almaty is super late stage capitalist, all of the retarded new fad business models arrive here first of all the post-sovok countries, while the more "cultural" stuff is dying out.

I'm even having a hard time finding a fucking art studio where I can rent a shared space for painting, "carpooling" live models, etc. Instead, we have shitloads of "paint by the numbers team building spiritual recreation centers" where clueless bored boomers and their children go to.
Can't find a regular-ass fitness trainer, most of them are clueless crossfit trainers, or peddle some dumb shit like fad diets and breathing exercises.
An art gallery where you can buy a genuine painting? Nah, everyone here buys shitty canvas prints of low resolution instagram photos.
Traditional cuisine? LOL! Enjoy your sovok style cantinas, bydlo nouveau riche restaurants with interiors that look like trump's penthouse, and fast food. Good god so many fast food franchises and ugly fast food booths.
The thing that impressed me the most in Uzbekistan is that there was very little fast food, lots of traditional cuisine, and even small restaurants had REAL PAINTINGS hanging on the walls.

God, this place is a shithole.
No. 58785 Kontra
Lots of "if"s and "when"s there, friend.
If we go that route, why not go all the way to full automatisation to achieve a post-scarcity society where everyone can do as they please because they don't need to work for a living?

>A lot of engineers in other fields to work on a task to task basis, like you hire an engineer to work out the structural stability of a certain building, then he moves on to another job, there's less permanent staff, and more contractor work.
That's just labor division, and of course they are still responsible if anything happens that can be traced back to them doing a shitty job. And it's also a bit different from any "standards" stuff since the tensile strength of a certain type of steel and the possible dynamic loads a certain type of concrete can take are determined by natural laws (of course there are "standards" by which the manufacturers must adhere to to guarantee that those values are reached, but that's functionally irrelevant for the engineer calculating them, since it's a whole other industry), whereas the digital world is completely man-made and "solved", so to say, so the engineer calculating a swimming pool can safely assume a density of 1 g/L, no matter where and for whom he is doing the calculations, whereas with computer people everyone seems to cook their own soup (which would also have a density around 1, or some negligible decimal fraction more/less).
No. 58786
The complexity and functionality and performance of a computer program is also "determined by natural laws". There's an entire field of math dedicated to it.

And the standardization of other engineering fields was not some God-given constant that emerged from the very beginning, that shit had to be figured out. The easiest example is the metric vs imperial systems. The existence of merely TWO different standards caused a space rocket to explode, now imagine different standards in virtually every single layer of the tech stack. The only reason any of it even remotely works is because the industry is booming so much that problems can be postponed by throwing man-power at it, and that people rarely die from programming mishaps (although it happens).

I'd draw an analogy with the current state of computer technology and the victorian era technology. The "natural laws" existed back then, but that didn't stop people from selling gas stoves that exploded, arsenic wallpaper that poisoned people, cocaine and heroin "tonics", electric dildos that would electrocute you, flour as baby milk substitute, toys painted with lead, lack of railings in factories, collapsing bridges, hydrogen filled blimps that had smoking rooms, high-rise buildings with no fire escapes, and so on and so forth. Somebody had to come in and enforce some standards and regulations and clean that shit up.
No. 58787
You know damn well what I meant.
Computers have been constructed and built up from the ground by humans.
Trees haven't. So maybe my examples weren't the best, so take wood. We build a wooden cabin or anything else out of wood. We can only standardize the dimension of the beams, and kind of choose the best beams, but they're still a product of nature and you just can't use them as you would steel beams.

So your analogy is limping insofar as you are just throwing together all kinds of technology and compare them to one technology (the computers we use that process 0 and 1). Stoves, eletrical devices (which computers are), hydrogen blimps and so on. Choose one and compare them.
So you want to say computers are still in their baby shoes? Sure, why not.
But there is nothing to be "discovered", in the sense of something like the effect of longtime asbestos exposure, because YOU have built that asbestos from the ground up, so any fault in the design can be traced back to a human.
If my engine explodes because I forgot to add lubrication, that's my fault as designer.
If my engine explodes because of some yet unknown properties of the fuel, that's not my fault as designer.
But you can never possibly have the second case because your fuel has not been discovered, but invented and thus all of its properties are known.
No. 58789
>invented and thus all of its properties are known.
Dang, didn't know we've already solved the halting problem. Or P=NP. Or developed a model for arbitrary language analysis.
You know there are, like, mathematicians working on unsolved problems in computing theory, right?
I think you have a misunderstanding about how software engineering works.

The complexity in software lies not in what the code describes or accurately simulating something, but with the code itself. You're describing the design stage, not the engineering stage. That's like saying "uh, we have a drawing of the building by the architect, we know how it will look, all the variables are known"
The engineering part concerns the structure of the code, not its "appearance", just like the engineering part of construction concerns the structure of the building, not its appearance or what people will use it for.
Concerns like, "what is the mathematical compleixty of this code?" "How can we analyze the code for bugs and errors effectively?", "can we predict the performance of this code and how it scales before executing it?" and so on.
The problem is that there is no methodology, standards, regulations, qualifications, etc., for tackling any of those problems. It's basically poke-and prod, and that is if the company is even aware of the existence of these problems in the first place.

The analogy with other technologies is meant to highlight the fact that there is no mandatory or even recommended process for validating that the code actually does what it's supposed to do, is efficient, free of errors, etc. It's all just based on the rule of thumb methods, previous experience, and is in fact disincentivized, because there's no reason to do extra work to validate your assumptions, when it won't be checked anyway.
It'd be like if in the automotive industry, nobody did any math to determine tensile strength of a chassis, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, etc., and everyone just eyeballed those things.
No. 58790 Kontra
Alright, I understand, my bad.
At least I learned something which is rare on EC :--DDDDD
By the way, architects work together with those doing the calculations to ensure their designs are actually realizable
No. 58791
366 kB, 862 × 629
>By the way, architects work together with those doing the calculations to ensure their designs are actually realizable
I know.
Software engineers don't, lol.
The "architect" is usually a retarded silicon valley business major spouting some nonsense about "disrupting the market" and "causing a paradigm shift", and the programmers can't tell him that what he wants is impossible because they're his employees and they need to eat.

>At least I learned something which is rare on EC :--DDDDD
It is rare because everyone on EC is so knowledgeable that we see no need to discuss things we all know already :-DDDD
No. 58794 Kontra
also consider the fact that I stayed up til 4 AM writing posts for the benefit of someone's learning, and no benefit to myself.
I don't know why I keep doing this, there is literally no point.

this is why I stick to posting drunken ramblings and complaining about my life.
it's fast, effort free, and as productive as having "serious discussions".
as in, not at all.
No. 58801
> Programming is the one field of engineering that is rife with needless complexity and lack of standards.
Yes. That's because programming is still actively developing and is yet in "Wild West" stage. It's still not obvious what standards should be like, because things change fast. Also it's job specifics. If something is trivial and stereotypical enough to be standardized, then it can be automated, then you don't have to deal with it.

> a) there is no expectation that another person will work on a particular chunk of the codebase in the foreseeable future
Often there is a team collaboratively working on common set of programs. First, companies don't like to have small bus factor. Second, same code is seen by multiple people (besides code review) so chances of noticing if something is wrong are much higher.

> b) because a lot of programmers will deliberately write unmaintainable code in order to ensure job security.
Do you know such cases? I don't think this trick will work. If management is competent enough to understand that you are bullshitter, they'll fire you anyway. If not, it's easier to write maintainable code, pretend to work and do nothing.

>Every other field seems to be standardized enough for labor to be interchangeable, you don't usually get situations like "oh no, only uncle petya knows how this building's plumbing and electrical wiring works, we can't hire another plumber to fix a leak!".
It's just a matter of complexity. I'm sure you can have situation like this with engineers if they work on something complex and non-standard, not yet another commieblock.

> but most of programming work is standard as well
Well, that's why you have freelance where you can work with wordpress sites and such, changing employer every two weeks.

Like more specifically, which things in programming you would like to standardize?
No. 58802 Kontra
40 kB, 823 × 549
>how the project was documented

I have to finish documentation for some of my work before I can go to bed. Unfortunately I only have a sketchy grasp of how it fits into the wider project, because all the preceding documentation is terrible.
No. 58807
Why is anime so fucking awful? I just tried playing Othercide and there's like something, not sure how to put it. It reeks of being mentally and emotionally unhealthy in the wrong way. I don't even know how to describe it but there's like something instantly identifiable to me of the overriding taint of anime on something.

Here is the description see if you can spot it
>Othercide is a tactical role-playing video game that the player controls a group of Daughters, who are female warriors who fight against the nightmarish Suffering in a dimension known as the Dark Corner.[1] While the Daughters and the enemies take turn to take actions, the game features a dynamic timeline system, allowing players to use various skills to delay an opponent's turn or speed up another Daughter's turn. All actions require action points, and if the players spend too many action points, the Daughter will become exhausted and she will need to wait longer before she can act again.[2] The game features three classes: Blademaster, who wields a melee weapon, the Shieldbearer which has a lot of health, and the Soulslinger who serves mainly as a ranged support character. Each character has unique skills and can be combined together to start a chain reaction. The skills of these classes can also be extensively customised. The player's playstyle will also shape their traits and personalities.[3]

>Battles take place in small maps, and when the player's squad is defeated, they would not lose their progress and new items named "Remembrances" are unlocked....The only way to heal a fallen daughter is to sacrifice another Daughter in exchange. The surviving Daughter will have altered traits, enabling further customisations.[4]
It's like simply consuming anime instantly makes something wrong with the person. It's sometimes subtle, but there's a distinctly alien and unhealthy vibe to anything tainted by being a weeb.
No. 58816
Well, I got the second jab yesterday and have fever today. In his fever craze I have written down a small short story, depicting a daily supermarket scene in a post-Corona future.

R8 plox.

In a supermarket backroom with stored goods a young and new employee is checking the temperature of packed steakes with an infrared device. The supervisor comes into play, takes the device and checks the next 2-3 meat packages.
"Young boy, checking the temperature is important", the supervisor says in a collegial tone.
"Rotten meat is not fit for consumption and we have to clear the bad stuff out, you see?", as he throws one package into the bin.

In another scene at the same supermarket we see 2 of those meat packages on the conveyor belt to the cashier.
"tick, tick"
The scanning device of the cashier to scan these 2 packages is audible. Surprisingly a third "tick" follows and the scene changes the the exit door of the supermarket, where people have to walk through a full body scanning device similar in airports before boarding the plane. The same sounding third tick actually did not com from the cashier, but from an infrared device held by one of the two security guards onto the forehead of exiting people after their shopping. People are lining up with a proper 1.5m distance at the exit terminal and their temperature is getting checked one by one before they are allowed leave the premises. They still have to wait at a corresponding after-check waiting spot for minute after the check. A third security guard is leaning on a desk watching into a monitor and he is wearing a headset. All goes very smoothly and it seems the people are trained and used to this procedure. Like trained sheep following orders. Suddenly the guardman with the headset stops leaning and hastily whispers to one of the other guards while pointing to a man at the after check-up waiting place.
"Yes, this is the one."
One of the two standing security guards hastily whispers into his walky talky and starts to proceed to the man, who grows seemingly anxious. Suddenly two policemen appear.

"Are you having a bad day today sir?", the policemen says while tightening his belt and tipping his cap with the police badge a bit upwards. He is taking a dominant stand. On the other hand he is holding a tablet, on which a video compilation of several disobediences commited by the suspect is ready to be played.

"I-i was just doing some sh...sh...shopping."

"Well, our full body scanner registered your hormonal agitation levels are beyond normal. In your current constitution you could potentially pose a threat to public peace and stability. We to take you in in for some time to make you calm down. Maybe you just have a bad day and we will help you to calm you down. After that you will be put into a 5 days quarantine."
The other guard pulls out some handcuffs.
"No... But I didn't do anything... Please let me be"

"I am sorry. We have to guarantee public safety. Especially at these tough times we have to stick together. As further proof for our assumption, we noticed several delinquint behaviors of yours today which deviate strongly from your normal behavior pattern. For example in the coffee shop we registered you did take your mask off longer than the allowed 30 seconds for consummation of beverage. After that at least another 30 seconds wearing the mask is necessary before taking it off for he allowed consummation. You did violate the rule §354, section 2 of contagency emergency measures. You implicitly complied while entering a public building. Moreover we registered several offenses also from different buildings and public outdoor spaces, which solidifies our assumption."

"Nooo. Pls don't...", as the man begins to panic.
It seems the officers were right. This persons agitation level begin to manifested in his now panicky behavior. Another guard from the supermarket swiftly comes by to put a barrier around this man to hide what will follow. He is now enclosed with the other policemen. We hear loud screams and the people wrestling on the floor, but the barrier hides everything and people walk by just as nothing happened. The barrier is basically a big foldable LED screen showing ads for discounted products from the supermarket.

The scene shifts. We see the young supermarket cashier opening the door to his apartment, on a seemingly very high floor. The windows show a cyberpunkish landscape and the city and it's skyscrapers are illuminated in bright colors in the dark night.
"You are allowed to take off the mask", a voice from the loudspeakers tells him. The front of the masks blinks green, which signals that a safe and law complying take off the mask is possible. The young boy exhales a deep breath upon being released from the mask. He plugs his mask into the charger, walks to the big window to gaze at the skyline.
"Somehow I feel very dull again today..."
He glances shortly to the left where a package of medicine is located.
"Maybe I really should take different anti-depressants"

No. 58818 Kontra
not feverish enough/10

But you should post a german version in /fefe/, butthurt will never be the same
No. 58819
I like it, especially the lingering "rotten meat"-analogy with the meat packages and the "rotten"-customer. I also think that everything that technically can be done will be done at some point, so it's not too far fetched either. Though I guess techniques like that will be employed in marketing and advertising first, before they find their way into public security.

In case of a german version: We also have a short story thread on /b/
No. 58822 Kontra
>I guess techniques like that will be employed in marketing and advertising first.

Neuromarketing is a thing. But it is still experimenting, I'd say. All in all, physiological markers as an indicator for internal (emotional) states is not a new idea. The technologies for measuring and mediation are different these days, "better".

The story is an authoritarian surveillance state fever dream. Classic trope in SF as extrapolation of the present. I would be interested in the German version as the English version sounds kinda stale. It reminds me of the Bahring/Baring story on KC /b/ about Germany getting cleansed of Muslims.
No. 58824 Kontra
325 kB, 771 × 1204
>Kommando Sarrazin
Holy shit, totally forgot about that. It was hilarious.

>"Es ist eine Schande", sagte der alte Mann...
No. 58826
5,0 MB, 4624 × 2600
353 kB, 500 × 489
Purchased an important book. Up until now, I was under the impression that Nazism and Bolshevism were mortal enemies. Now I see at last, both sides were faces of the same Zionist coin. They have played us for absolute fools.
No. 58830
Fun fact: That concept was employed as a really clever way of having constant product placement in Minority Report. In fact, bavariaballs story reminds me of that, with their eyeball scanning and constant surveillance.
No. 58831
Measuring / datafication is rampant these days, certainly for emotions as well. So it is not far of tbh. Certain people dream of making it all measurable to make use of it for optimization processes for instance. The theories behind emotions are vast and there is no consensus, many assumptions made are questionable and usually reductive.
No. 58833
Finally got dental work done first time in years and boy I needed it. I already pushed it off before the pandemic hit so now my terth are all fucked up. This is a shame because you really can tell what class a person is by the condition and whiteness of their teeth. Can't imagine how aggravating working as a dentist is when they reopened.

It makes me think how my species managed to survive with these problems for so long. I've got some kind of fucked up lateral lower back issue now, which is the two issues hominids had once we started evolving to modern man. I am guess all my ancestors had to have fucked before dying of head infections from tooth decay for the last twenty thousand years.
No. 58834
18 kB, 320 × 135
The typical Ernstch*nner POP party
No. 58836
460 kB, 930 × 900
I just noticed something
No. 58837 Kontra
2,0 MB, 400 × 225, 0:04
Took me a few seconds, but then I laughed!
No. 58838
43 kB, 640 × 350
I just failed my uni's catching up exams. This means a definitve failure. This has been so far the worst year of my life.

I was in a geography faculty this year because I want to become an urbanist. The first weeks of school we were allowed to go on campus to attend class IRL only once or twice a week due to corona restrictions and later class was completely virtualized. I didn't socialize with anyone at first because everything was so different. But a lot of people seemed to cope very well with the restrictions and made groups of friends anyway.

Slowly but surely, I was less and less following the online courses, browsing internet at the same time or simply not attending them. I thought everything was easy enough and not to be taken too seriously. And it did work out the first semester. Then I poorly failed the second second semester, partly because I had the great idea to integrate an online anonymous imageboard full of depressives, schizophrenics and pedophiles, I thought i was more intelligent than other people and that this website's rotting ideology couldn't get into my head. But I'm happy to tell you that I am completely human and I indeed get influenced by the community with wich I spend most of my conscious time. So experiencing real solitude for the first time in my life and directly go to what's more or less the worst "legal" online place possible is already pretty retarded but doing this while you have all the other options at your hand if you make just a little effort is frankly pathetic. So I used anonymous online spaces avoid working, thinking and overall living a not so unpleasant life.

So here I am. I have no idea why I did all of this. I have to choose what the fuck I want to do with my life. I have enough intelligence to do roughly any kind of higher education I want admitting I give enough work to it. I could be rich, I could be more humble and do a job I like. I have no clue.
No. 58839
That sucks, I am sorry for you.
Does that mean you're getting expelled or what?
In any case, don't keep your head hanging and look for viable alternatives.
I have a friend who started studying Elektrotechnik, failed and now works an assembly line job at a big german car manufacturer. Don't end like him.
No. 58842
307 kB, 1000 × 1000
I am drunk and having a thunk.

and the thunk is, can we model modes of thought thought in terms of mathematical dimensionality? a cartesian space of natural numbers.
Like for example, logos or deductive reasoning would be on a 2D plane, where a starting point is the first assumption, and then you can reach another point on the plane by jumping from one point (let's say that's a step in the reasoning process), to arrive at any other point, the last point being a conclusion, but simultaneously another term that could lead to more conclusions.
a 1d line would be a subset of that, but a more difficult process, because in order to arrive at a point, you have to first arrive at every point in between. an extremely linear version of the above, that I have no analogy for.
And a 0D space would be in the purview of art and irrational, heuristic processes, where one can't connect one point to another through reason (because there is no space), and must instead make leaps of faith to reach conclusions through trial and error, and develop a loose "intuition" to reach results.

and that makes me think, can a set of all points on a 2D plane of natural numbers be projected onto a 1D plane of positive real numbers?

Also, can we express the notion of being on the surface of a sphere with gravity applied in terms of non-integer dimensionality? Like, here on earth, we have the concept of "tallness". The two cardinal directions on the surface are basically interchangeable, but height adds asymmetry in that it actually matters. in outer space, the concept of tallness ceases to make sense because there's no inherent "up". And on a 2D plane, there's no height at all. So clearly, being on the surface of the earth is neither of those.

there are two possibilities for why nobody replies to me after one exchange of posts.
either i'm so fucking big brain and smart that people are completely out of depth when I confront them with my arguments, that they can't help but give up
or that my dunning kruger is so massive that it's not worth even trying to educate me.
No. 58845 Kontra
i am so deeply ashamed of my lack of education.
my foremost ambition in life is to understand as much as possible before being dragged screaming into oblivion, yet I lack the discipline, the will, and the intellect to go beyond cringe pop-sci and mediocre ideas.

I find that the happiest people are those who acknowledge their limitations and place in the world. but to me, that feels like a cop-out. because the more average you are, the less your existence matters. the more you are interchangeable. and the less your existence matters.

say you steal a skittle from your buddy. it barely matters, he won't even notice. but if you steal one of the last 5, or the last skittle, it will matter more. because the rarer you are, the more important you are. or eating the last pizza slice or drinking the last beer can. the action is the same, but the effect is different.

I am gluttonous in the things I wish to know, but a starved husk in my actual knowledge. and the saddest part is that even if I were given infinite time and effort, I would still remain mediocre, because understanding is IQ gated. There are things fundamentally inaccessible to me because I do not have enough brainspeed or neural pathways.
fuck this existence.
No. 58850
Cheer the fuck up. I never heard anything like your drunk ramblings anywhere else. If your ideas are indeed throwaway in a sense of pure Logos and logic which I don’t really think they are, But I’m not capable to follow most of the discussions here though. your thoughts transpire an utopian poetry which I really enjoy. And lastly I’m pretty sure that nobody here thinks you’re stupid. I won’t ever meta-analyse your posting style again but I had to say it once.
No. 58851
I don't think anyone got back at you but yeah even 180 is a bit much for that old ass thing but it's still mostly fine. I'd of definitely haggled it down to $150 for used. Plus side: it's still a thinkpad with that red button. Downside: it's even weaker and older than a good number of laptops I see on Craigslist for less than $180. nvm it's fine and used laptops look more expensive now than I remembered them being like five months ago.

This is a hilarious description. What a truly awful nightmare vision of reality to be dealing with literal third world problems beneath all the things wrong with first world bullshit.

Meetings in restaurants are only gay if you are sub-middleclass/upper middleclass. To be truly bourgeois one must never cook except on very rare occasions of bringing people to your house where you can prove how not useless you are with some real world applicable skill.

>religious policy: atheism
Sir, this is like a monk's order where we shitpost about philosophy after drinking the beer we brewed.

Well like I said I appreciated Disco Elysium immediately for a reason. I can just imagine that game eventually becoming this very mind bending meta commentary on my life eventually, at least as a drunktard. In the times I was productive on alcohol I think it was fleeting and not even that good, and basically just became self delusional. I didn't have need for rationalizations. I drank to achieve that sweet oblivion. Ultimately I'd consider any good that came of it as purely incidental.

>programming is still in Wild West stage
>or anything at all technology related
>year of our Lord 2021 A.D.
I'd say it's more like we have incompetence before and after our generation and so everything is a clusterfuck of security holes and ineptitude that is solely being propped up by said general ineptitude of most people. At least, other than a few meme languages nobody actually is using for anything of relevance afaik.
No. 58852
You're basically describing a life driven by acknowledgment. I mean sure who doesn't crave to be the, hero, or what the fuck ever, or famous person or whatever, but it effectively seems like you're trying to gauge yourself in relativism to the Others. It almost sounds like insecurity in fact.

I will tell you that on the one hand, going to college was an interesting experience in that it was the first time in my life I went from feeling smart to feeling mediocre or like a dumbass. At the same time, I also learned how much even the well educated are complete dumbasses.

It's really of little relevance beyond networking tbqh. It's the sole purpose of college, which is to get some acknowledged credentials, something to show some boss who doesn't give a shit about it because he wants experience more, as merely incidental to its primary purpose in meeting and networking with people.

I'll give you the blunt truth and it's that Ivy League schools are only now getting "dumbed down" in the sense they field diversity qoutas, but only insofar as they already were objectively dumb places in certain instances whose real purpose as a crown jewel was to associate with the wealthy and influential and their offspring. Like if you went to school and your roommates were the kid of IBM and Boeing CEOs and you dated the Senate whip's daughter, that is worth more than all the accumulated facts and trivia and thinking skills of a purported purpose of education, because you can do far more with it.

At least on the Western model, real talent and real skill is illusory when it's really just a couple extra hoops from the Asiatic way of nepotism. It's basically nepotism with more self deception and less outward honesty about it. For everyone else, college is just a place to no longer feel like a mental big fish in a small pond, and to prepare yourself for being a more direct servant of the elites with a higher paycheck than the various forms of toothless bydlo they control.
No. 58853
186 kB, 1024 × 1024
:DDDD let me just urinate here and beat up somebody

I only know him from urinating and beating, but it looks like he has some mental problems, apparently threatening the police from a car and such, perhaps he is psychotic. A real Ernst :DDDD

A mistake many made. What is possible in the future. Did you fail your studies entirely, will you have another chance with another subject perhaps?

You know I'm thinking of von Foerster again. He said some questions are decidable (maths etc.) some aren't. Mathematicians etc are discoverers, artists etc. are inventors.
He talks about it in a talk he gave, easily accessible reading. In: *Understanding
Understanding: Essays on Cybernetics and Cognition* the title of the talk in that compendium is Ethics and Second-Order Cybernetics, he basically talks about the role of the observer and the act of observation.

Nah, you can do well being an autodidact, it might take longer but if you are dedicated you will be more than mediocre in some areas. I mean, I know that feeling very well. I don't think understand much or know many things, there is always more and I will not even read 5000 books in my life. Imagine there are millions of books and articles you could read, it will ofc never be sufficient and I too hate this fact. Perhaps age will do its job and make us calmer with the years.

Yeah, it really makes you well mediocre and uneducated. Yet I have to say I learn quite a bit. But then again, I've spent more than 5 years now reading shit that interests me. Being an introvert, I have enough time to spent on reading (and wasting it on the internet/entertainment) and thus can acquire something, good conditions. I think what college/uni does is giving you a good structure for the field you care about. Without that, you are a bit lost in the vast oceans of knowledge. It trains you in orienting within a field.
No. 58856
18 kB, 500 × 355
That sucks, my condolences. I vividly remember the time when I was at uni, knowing very well that if I get kicked, there will be no uncle working at Siemens getting me a job (somehow everybody except me seemed to have an uncle at Siemens or something equivalent who'd get them a job if they fail uni), so it was do or die. Lots of anxiety back then, and I have to say while worklife is a huge time sink, I never felt as much pressure as during school or university. I still have bad dreams today about still having to finish courses and possibly failing them and getting ejected. Waking up and knowing that it is only work what awaits me is always a huge relief.

So I feel for you here. Also: If anyone ever tells you that university/college is the best time of your life: It's a lie.
No. 58858 Kontra
>If anyone ever tells you that university/college is the best time of your life: It's a lie.

It really depends on who you are and how fast you want/need to finish.

Perhaps people confuse their youthful years with going to university. Going to university brought me an important relationship and one friend and fascinating knowledge. Then again I returned to uni after having a psychosis from drugs and party/lotter life, these might have been the more intense and social years (albeit I wasn't social but it helped in learning to be if you have to).

t. no uncle at Siemens
No. 58860
2,0 MB, 640 × 480, 0:18
> Klimov
Ah, a very funny and interesting person. Have you heard about him before?
Aside from many books he videotaped two series of lectures on VHS. First is called "God chosen people", second one "Red cabbala". I wonder in how many Russian universities those videos (together with Zhdanov and Petrov) were shown instead of actual lectures.

Most of the time he goes over famous writers, politicians, etc and says something like (with style of typical soviet announcer):
Or let's look at <some person's name>. This is example of the highest level. Half-jew and son of rabbi, as they say "union of Satan and Antichrist". An absolute degenerate, pederast and even a freemason, as the New York Times writes on August 26, 1971, see my archive, folder number 4, "Freemasons," plus five. This is what people call "Armenian jokes" and Froyd (also Jew and pederast by the way) calls "anal eroticism". Sixty nine, everything upside-down way! According to the dialectical law of unity of opposites!

From a real interview with him:
- So my wife went crazy in the form of climacteric insanity.
- Was that an official diagnosis?
- Oh sure! Natasha, “my ideal bride,” she too ... (Begins to laugh.) At 50, she went crazy in the form of climacteric insanity. Her Jewish husband ran away from her in horror! (Chokes with laughter.) She's a deserved CIA lesbian! Therefore, so to speak, Natasha, on the one hand, turned out to be mentally ill, from whom her Jewish husband, who was himself a pederast and to whom Natasha made four adult sons, but from other men, ran away in horror! This is very easy to verify today. Science walks so fast! Now there are some tests of DNA: they take the blood of the father, mother and children and can prove one hundred percent that it is not from this father. If Natasha decides to sue me, it will be very easy to prove it. And therefore she will never sue! ..

I also recommend you "Крысолюди" by Орей Волот and "Трупные пятна ожидовления" by Шумский. In 90-s, when Russia was part of Ancapistan such books were sold and given out on Red Square, near History Museum, together with commie agitation about how Yeltsin should be hanged.
No. 58863
I like how "Freemason" is worse than a child molester to him apparently.

It's like listening to a more literate eastern version of your boomer that uncle rambling on about the Jews and CIA and his ex wife.
No. 58864 Kontra
Shit, meant to say "Jews and KGB Marxists" but I just realized CIA works equally flawlessly
No. 58868
103 kB, 707 × 470
For me he reminds a stereotypical cold-war era CIA spook (as they were seen by hippies).
He was high ranked Soviet engineer who managed industry of occupied Germany, but fled to West, where he worked for some time for CIA (according to his words).

I wonder what types of people work there now. They have such a glamorous Web2.0 website with black man and Asian woman. In my opinion, Web1.0 website looked cooler as if they are some serious guys.
No. 58870
137 kB, 357 × 473
Still euphoric over the results.
I think with this I've recovered from the blow I was dealt by not being accepted for the interpreter training. I came out stronger in the end.
Oh, this prestige, oh the opportunities at the workshop. One step closer to transcend the limitations of my class and rise above.

I'm gonna finish the textbook tomorrow and then it's time to keep on cramming.
What I've learnt is that I'm not going to give a fuck and go to the doctor if I feel even moderately ill for close to two weeks. Then I get übermensch pills and keep on marching.

Classes start in two weeks. Gotta get as much done as possible before that.
Can't wait to start studying Wenyan, even if just in limited capacity.

I just hope I don't get crushed under all these responsibilities. Though one of my teachers used to say "You're an Ox. What's put on your back, you carry a hundred miles"

Education will be in-person finally. I don't need a proof of vaccination thankfully.
I'm just scared that Chinese classes will be incredibly fucking hard because my handwriting is limited, since I got used to using a keyboard.
I'm not up to speed basically.

I love this stuff. There's always something new. Another level of craziness, another asspull when you ask them a question about why and how.
It's great.

An education doesn't equal getting a paper.
I have a fetish for certificates and paper in general, but in 2021 you could gather a lot of information using the internet.
Even pop-books have bibliographies, usually containing more serious works, which you can then download and read. Those have bibliographies too.
Eventually you should be up to speed and could read current research or theories in journals.
You're your own limit in this case.
No. 58871
Being a real intelligence agent is a lot like being a career gangster or drug dealer. The objective should be to remain as low key as possible. Likewise if you're involved in that world you want to avoid like the plague anyone flashy and showing off who's doing for some retarded romanticized notion of "the lifestyle." They are going to get you caught and they are going to get you killed and that's not mentioning if they sold you out first. To be a great spook is coming off publicly as banal as humanly possible.

Every once in awhile I think about this one super cute FBI agent. I never figured out fully what her job was in town but she put something out to the community I thought was so adorably tone deaf and bizarre I kept it to this day. Reading that was clear to me how disconnected her world must truly be and I hoped she didn't spend her time stuck with retarded boring shit nobody cares about like corporate IP law and got to put in some real work.
No. 58884
314 kB, 1024 × 683
73 kB, 396 × 663
I went to a flea market and they had hundreds of little booths selling books, I picked up a few normal ones but at some point I began finding a lot of historical fantasy type books. The sort of with this sort of illustrations and general themes (ancient slavs fighting china, dragons or aliens).

I kept searching and then I run across this red kabbalah one, knowing nothing about the author. I immediately buy it, and it seems I managed to get the most schizo book for sale that day. Good haul.
No. 58886
Guy on cover should learn some trigger discipline. Shame!
No. 58896
He's shooting bolsheviks right behind you AT THIS VERY MOMENT (being between two shots so there is no muzzle flash).
I mean he's even clearly saying "Schauen Sie, wie ich einhändig die drei Bolschewiken da hinter Ihnen zur Strecke bringe."
No. 58898
47 kB, 334 × 500
20 kB, 343 × 499
44 kB, 507 × 500
I see your Red Kabbalah and raise you with Red Shambhala
Somehow I recently ended up in a rabbit hole of researching the influences of Hinduism/Buddhism on Western ideologies (totalitarian, but also theosophy and stuff like that) in the 20th ct after reading Hesse's Siddhartha
No. 58901
Yeah, those histories are pretty interesting in general! I know of artists around 1900 who were going crazy over the "orient" and adopted that shit for their liking. It has never left ever since. Hybrid culturality in the end, even though people don't like to admit that.
No. 58908
I think I just saved my cat from horrid death.
The idiot took up the habit of following me when I go to the store. It is usually afraid of automobiles, but this time it decided to run right into traffic like a fucktard.

All I had time to do is make a "kss kss" noise, which made it stop and look back, and right at that moment a car passed over it, and I heard a thud. I thought it was fucking dead.
Fortunately, it stopped right in between the wheels, then ran back to safety. And the thud was from the car hitting a pothole.

The fuckhead on the car didn't even slow down.
No. 58909
I hope the car driver dies
No. 58911
To be fair, cats themselves are malicious entities, and that Swedish cat is also retarded.

I suppose if our poster were not connected to the cat it would become one of those train tracks switch type of moral dilemmas. That is to say, if it was not his cat, and Sweden merely recounted the tale of a random cat, would you choose the driver hits a telephone pole and dies, or the cat gets hit by a car?
No. 58912
164 kB, 960 × 640
I don't know, but for sure you would be too busy drinking cologne to write on EC. Russia is very unequal diverse country. The smaller is the settlement, the more it reminds Lovecraft's writings.

Archtually, title says "Comrade Hitler: Hang Churchill!" so they are on one side.
No. 58914
Finished reading the book I started.
It's starting to get rather cold. Even if the sun is out, it won't scorch like it used to just a week ago.
Not that the weather is bad, but I'm wearing a tracksuit just in case.

I like summer. I like it when it's over thirty and the garden is colourful.
Don't know if it's the season changing or I'm gonna feel worse soon, but my right hand is feeling cold again. I'm not under any stress, but it still feels cold. It's actually cold. Like barely any circulation for some reason. Even though the rest of my body is warm.
No. 58915
Well I played the POLISH great game Darkwood and immediately thought it was set in New England, which I asked about and the dev responded it was made to be a forest set in GLORIOUS POLAND, so there's that. I know, I'm not fatposting all East of Lepizig commiebloc is same country, but I find it funny you choose Lovecraft who basically wrote fantastical versions of New Englander life. If you play the game Darkwood that is almost exact replica to living there. Is strange thing, because the wald and very land itself feels supernaturally dark somehow.

Same time, I will say it is not so much like rural Russia reminds me of life in Lovecraft books or New England as it reminds me of Appalachia. Appalachia is indeed full Russian, only cheap blindness alcohol is not in cologne and oxy and heroin instead of krokodil and heroin plus your skies are much shorter. Actually come to think of it most lifelong alcoholics favor cheap garbage with fake Russian names like Popov.

Clearly as you can see by proofs of above pictured map, Moskva is lost city of Atlantis. Pure noble Slavic peoples crash landed here and degenerated into Germans through micegenation with the neanderthals native to earth world.
No. 58916
289 kB, 700 × 627
As I know, in West downtown is usually a ghetto. Meanwhile many of expensive and advanced places like Silicon Valley exist around small towns. Quality of life doesn't depend much on size of settlement.
In Russia no. You visit Moscow -- brilliant public parks, playgrounds for kids, smart traffic lights with buttons, good subway and other public transport. And it's safe to walk alone at nights. You visit 500k town -- everything is like after nuclear war. Packs of stray dogs run among cracked buildings, hospitals filled with cockroaches, tap water is dangerous to drink, but there are special kiosks where you can fill your 5 liter bottle. You visit a village -- ah, let's not discuss it.
No. 58922
What did you read?
No. 58942
1,1 MB, 498 × 424, 0:01
Read two chapters from Journey to the West.
It's like my eyes have been opened. Like I notice parallel-compositions and the like now that I know a few things about the way Chinese poetry and prose functioned on a structural level.

I felt really cold, and decided to check my temperature, and I'm running a fever for some fucking reason.
Amazing. I come off the meds and my health collapses faster than the Afghan government.
Now the question is, what is this? Just a normal cold because I'm a cretin who insists sitting outside even when it's like 22 degrees, or is it covid I caught when I spent 8 hours waiting for my interview in a building with around 200 other people?

I don't particularly care about having a fever, I just wish it didn't zap out most of my energy and ability to concentrate.

A monograph on Chinese literature. Wrote a post about it in the literature thread >>58907
No. 58944
Hello Ernst. The modern internet has not been kind to my attention span. I struggle to focus and read even a paragraph without skimming, let alone read an entire book. I used to be able to focus on math proofs for hours and read entire books in an evening. Now I cannot do anything like that. I cannot think straight because of distraction and high-fructose hedonism.
No. 58945
I think you could reverse that with discipline. Sometimes, I read 1-3h without using other media in between, other times I get easily distracted, check EC and other pages, look for stuff online in between paragraphs. Many people have this problem but it's not destiny.
No. 58946
Where do you read your books?
When I want to read, I put on some unintrusive music and physically move away from my computer onto my couch.
That way I can read until my eyes start hurting.
No. 58949
1,6 MB, 3120 × 4160
1,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
>Where do you read your books?
I don't, not anymore at least. Last year during summer I went with some extended family to a cabin with some canoes, fishing rods, bicycles, etc. I didn't bring my laptop or phone, and during that time I managed to read around half of "Benoni" by Knut Hamsun (Pic is the first english translation from 1925). After I came home I read no more of the book. I don't go outside much and I can't really afford to not use my laptop because my work is remote. Unfortunately, since my work is remote, I also browse the internet and waste time during wörktime.
No. 58950
My neighbors created commieblock-chat. I'm afraid to join. What if they discuss "those moron who jerks off without closing curtains and listens to Letov at 2AM"? Also it's Telegram instead of WhatsUp so chat must be boomer-free.

Do you know your neighbours by the way? I don't. Are you in good relationships with them?

At subway. Or at couch. At summer I ride on bicycle to park and read there on bench.
No. 58951
What? I think that on the west whatsapp or whatever it's called is for kids and boomers use telegram. In Soviet Russia does FB and Twitter be normalfags free?
No. 58953
Yes, kinda like this.

Also this chat at first hurted my rusorealism as I'm sure that Russians are unable to self-organise. But then everything was put on it's place -- it seems like house-chats were centrally organised by new Kremlin's "party".

There are "elections" to "parliament" soon. And there is too much of activity this time. I have no idea why, because just like previous times they simply didn't let to it any unwanted candidates. Plus now they have easily falsified three-day voting and electronic voting due to corona. But previous times "candidates" didn't even pretend to campaign, this time I have collected a lot of wastepaper with agitation without going anywhere except work.
No. 58957 Kontra
Had a Leffe beer with my diner as it was reduced at Aldi. Now I don't want to read anything, but I really should to reach my set goals.

I think WhatsApp is used by all age groups. Telegram is used by people who don't trust WhatsApp or need an alternative. Boomers with conspiracy tendencies are more likely to use Telegram. There are a lot of Telegram Groups and they are to a certain degree even intentionally created by rightwing people aiming to lure more people to their thoughts. WhatsApp is owned by FB btw.

I didn't really know my neighbors everywhere I lived. I took packages for them and they did for me. We've seen each other in the hallway/stairs sometimes, but I never had a chat with these people. Occasionally neighbors talk about an issue concerning the house to something has been the case though. Right now I live in a house full of people below the age of 30, there exists a messenger group for the house and sometimes you can ask for milk, tools etc. or to turn the music down late at night, which happens.
No. 58958
282 kB, 800 × 600
>Do you know your neighbours by the way?
Not really. Been at this new place two months and in that time I met the nearest neighbor on either side one time each. Just introductions, names and brief chat. At my old place I did know the neighbor on one side, but not the other (That side had a new resident every year, and I take two years to warm up to someone :D). That knowing only involved longer more frequent talks when passing in and out, but I was never invited into their house, nor they into mine. I think that's the test for really knowing a neighbor: If you've been into their home. For me, that hasn't happened since I was a small child.
No. 58964
31 kB, 320 × 320
19 kB, 320 × 320
25 kB, 320 × 320
What should I read out of this trivial library of information? I'm lost, Ernst..
No. 58965
At first I read "Book of Mammaries" and was excited, but then I read it properly.
No. 58966
None of this information is remotely exciting to me Ernst..
No. 58967
Neither are your books, what's your point?
I would ***really*** like to suck some boobies right now
No. 58970
..I was referring to the books too, Ernst..

My point is, given the choice to read any of these books, what would Ernst go for first?
No. 58971
May I ask why mammals are not exciting to you? There are few things more exciting than nature.
Also, your pictures are so small I can barely read any titles except the mammal ones.
So I would start with the mammary books.
No. 58973
I choose the hidden third option of getting better books that I would actually really like to read. Don't take it as a major offense, I just think like the other German, those books sound far from exciting and a book about economics does not have to be bad. They sound more like dusty and heavy overlooks to countries or disciplines.
No. 58974
Forgive me this is an old cellphone I'm using so the pictures will come out a little skewed.. uhh, as far as why I don't find nature interesting, I just never really had much of an interest in anything. Yet I have books of things I thought were interesting to me.. Now that I think of it, it is silly of me to continue buying books if I don't care to read them.
No. 58977
What would Ernst suggest..?
No. 58987
93 kB, 562 × 667
Easy choice: The Far Side Gallery.
No. 58992
> I just never really had much of an interest in anything.
I can't tell if that's just depression or what, but you obviously have to have an interest in at least something.

I've always enjoyed nature, which is quite funny now that I think about it with my aversion to medieval and fantasy themed gameshe was right to be embarrassed by retarded, cringey clinging to when we all lived in mud huts stuff. Cyberpunk and S-P-A-C-E is what's truly interesting to me, not some sort of kangz fantasy about medieval shitholes.man I hope editing down to even that I won't regret saying

I think that there's a big difference though because one is some retarded, romanticized, we wuz nostalgia that involves us, and the other is just nature, and that some people like born urban dwellers whose whole natural experience is pigeons wouldn't see it. Electric powered cities themselves in this age offer this strange hellish glow to the night sky, which maybe is why cyberpunk stuff I think is more interesting or one component of it. Imagine literally having no clue what the night sky is supposed to look like outside of books.

I think that may be some component to everything, in that the ancients right up until a hundred years ago could see our galactic arm in the sky, and now they see nothing but urban brand logos. It is the kind of thing that can make a man religious, or mystically oriented. I almost feel like orange skies turn you into redditors and vierkanal shitposters but I digress I think that there's this great, profound wisdom to be gained by just sitting there and observing nature every day to give you some greater insight into this world and reality in general, as well as the human condition, a state that is truly free from any ideology and simply just is.

Or maybe you are just distracted by bullshit all the time. I swear those pocket NSAs people call by their marketing name "smart" phones are going to be the death of us all somehow. The surface internet itself is ruined since a decade ago. Probably the only interesting things left are to be tapped in the deep web, somehow getting into unlisted sites like academic databases or hacking into all kinds of private servers or snooping in on private networks. I remember didn't we end up harassing a bird that one time on KC?

Anyway I think it is ironic that anybody could say they are bored or do not find anything interesting in this day and age. I actually think this may be one of the most interesting centuries to be alive, maybe even since 66 million years ago, but then again I am the harbinger of winter's child.
No. 58994
I used to have interests in gayming and /int/ernational history but I just don't seem to care about these things much anymore.. I just seem to thrive on quick brain chemical reactions I get on the Internet aaand that's it really. It's a very shallow existence. Methinks I am merely just a subhuman.
No. 59000
I was like this for a couple of years, while usually being quite curious about world around. If you think of it, it's just a discount suicide. Instead of killing yourself you skip your life by some addictive shit like primitive computer games.
No. 59002
49 kB, 325 × 500
26 kB, 391 × 600
28 kB, 316 × 500
54 kB, 311 × 500
I don't know what interests you. My interests are probably not yours. What is your level of access to written texts and what do you really want to know badly? Books can have various ways to open up a topic or object to the reader.

Atm I'm reading Age if System. I plan on reading also Representation and Intervening, The Exploit and perhaps Piaget's Structuralism. And if time allows Marx Capital and some other smaller books.
No. 59026
I just realized that political compass is Belarus + Ukraine flags.
Thanks for attention.
No. 59027
I've been depressed for a whole week and doing nothing but laying in bed.
god damn it I thought we were over this
No. 59030
336 kB, 1920 × 975
It's interesting porn is legal in all western alligned countries, like the US is a global empire with pornography as it's goal and raison d'être. Maybe I sound like a madman it's a little bit suspicious is all.
No. 59031
362 kB, 540 × 518
In addition to OP
No. 59033
92 kB, 720 × 685
Logged into Coinbase for the first time in a month and found two new learn and earn coins. Watch a few minutes of video, get $6 in crypto. Today was a good day.
No. 59034
My balances crashed pretty hard a month ago but they're back up again. Feels good.
No. 59036
I'd like to invest more heavily, but I don't have the stomach for it. Only holding ~$150, mostly in nano. That hit a low of $3 last month, now riding near $7. Could halve, could double again- no idea. Either way, a toe in the water is enough agitation for my nerves.
No. 59039
I am too much of a pussy for that. I made 400$ from ethereum a couple months ago (when it was $1300), but I did not invest more afterwards so I missed the wave to $4000. I also did not buy any cryptocurrency during the dip because I thought BTC would dip to 20k. The same situation happened last year in march for me (I did not invest any money due to FUD). It's funny, because I have an account on an exchange since 2016 (connected with my bank since then as well), but I have barely invested any money because I'm loathe to do anything concrete and lose money. That is a problem for me in general. I have little willpower and can't push myself to take action on anything and seize opportunities available to me. The story of my life in a nutshell...
No. 59055
I'm holding quit a bit more than that right now across different exchanges and at least a little of everything plus more invested into things like Chainlike, Ripple, Celo, Stellar Lumens and so on. I did not expect my one meme eth token to rise so quickly from like 36 cents to $1.50 however I didn't feel I had enough money to gamble with to put more than like $100 on doge initially. I've regretted that since.

It really depends on the type of person you are honestly and what kind of money you can lose, because when I invest I pretty much try to put it out of my mind as if it's gone. For me personally it hurts so, so much more paying a missed opportunity cost than even actualizing investment losses. I can afford to pay $50 on lottery tickets and get nothing, is the mentality. It's dumb if you need the money and need the crypto to go up soon, but if you hate seeing money devalue you're more of bluechips kind of investor anyway. I think it depends on psychological toll too, as much as all the other factors, especially because if you hate losing money you're probably more prone to pulling money out and actualizing losses out of fear of losing more money, only to see it go up again and thus your money is worth less of the asset so you're in a sense actualizing more loss by buying back in higher.

Meanwhile if you're the type of person like me who can watch $1500 of real money go down to $680 and not absolutely lose your mind about riding it down that's another. Personally I think you should never invest in crypto if you hate losing money because it's going to fly all over the place. It's best to ignore it imho. The main two things I'm worried about it is doing when 2017 era coins did where they crashed and never got back up over fractions of cents, and/or that eth tokens will devalue. The fact coinbase largely specializes in ethereum tokens is my biggest problem with it because I don't see ethereum having a longterm future.
No. 59056
Oh and I should also point out in case it isn't clear enough, I have never felt pain quite like the pain of either missing an opportunity or selling some asset even at a gain when it went up higher. Britain was absolutely right but I didn't listen. I still went short on cash back at the end of 2020 anyway but had I actually invested that money even into bitcoin instead of paying rent ahead of time I could've easily turned even just a thousand dollars into ten thousand in less than a year. Although it tends not to bother be I also realize that had I just not been paranoid and also had the willpower to push through all the obstacles of me buying bitcoin back in 2010 I'd literally be too rich to work again. It would've meant me having to not sell by now which never was going to happen anyway, but it's basically my mentality now. I'd rather lose another several thousand along the way that I'd have just spent on something stupid regardless than ever pay an opportunity cost ever again. As such I'm going to hodl things like the doge I bought at 0.05 and the stuff like chainlink, XLM, XRP, Celo and so on for literally years if I am able. I'd rather become homeless right now than have to cash out and wash it down the drain. It took me years to get over the pain of selling some of my magic cards and while not as an asset but just because they were old rare cards had I been thinking about it that way they'd be worth like five times as much now too.

I mean, what are you going to buy? Dining out? Bar hopping? Computer stuff that's a rapidly depreciating assetat least usually this year doesn't count? A new car that is also a rapidly depreciating asset? Rent and mortgage?
No. 59062
20 kB, 640 × 479
I'm definitely feeling more tired. Turns out even a just a quarter of a pill had an effect on me.
Hopefully I'll get another prescription because I don't want to face the semester in this half-dead state.

Started registering for my extra courses.
18 credits a semester is the legal minimum, thirty is the mathematical minimum if you want to get the BSC in 3 years and I'm going to have around ~45.
Guess I'm going on a long march. But thankfully now I don't have to stress about getting into the interpreter training programme. I just have to do well on exams for their own sake and to not lose my scholarship.

Continuing reading Journey to the West. It's very good. Haven't read from it today, because I fell asleep after lunch.

Had this strange daydream about becoming a bureaucrat after getting my degree. Maybe I could save up the money for another degree and then study international relations or something like that and then work at the foreign ministry or at an embassy.
Still, probably just a fleeting daydream caused by too much Chinese literature.