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No. 58211
473 kB, 3000 × 4000
801 kB, 4000 × 3000
632 kB, 4000 × 3000
698 kB, 3000 × 4000
Since there were talks about IWOs in the last Today thread, I am now opening the official IWO thread in order to not clutter the current Today thread. Put your not-full-blown-400-pictures-IWOs here.

Like that german in the other thread I also was at the seaside (kinda). I was certainly in the North. Sadly because I am a dumbass I forgot to take my camera most of the time, so apart from a few shots from the seaside I only have shitty cellphone shots and nevermind the picture numbering, they're not chronological.

  1. Highway toilet that usually shows ads. Funny enough, on the way back home, in another toilet, I encountered another toilet like that, but it was complaining about connecting to Android or something.
  2. Our hotel. "Recommended by ADAC", the german automobile association. Judging by the logo, the sign is way older than me, but I thought it added to the charm of the hotel.
  3. Same with the room. Everything there was probably older than me, apart from the TV. There was also this built-in radio that kinda worked one day, but didn't anymore the other day. Also, according to the brochure, every room has a telephone, but while I found a telephone plug, there wasn't one. Also, the tv channel chart wasn't up to date, but then again, I zapped through the channels for like five minutes and already felt the hate rise. I am glad I don't watch tv anymore.
The beds were separate and fastened to opposite walls. Shame I couldn't get a double bed anymore, but it was all really last-minute, so I just took the cheapest, closest hotel to where I had to go that I could find.
The empty bottles were build up over the course of a few days, we didn't binge drink or anything.
Also, they only had those dumb lamps that you switch on and through different brightness stages by touching them. Problem is, eventually they also react to vibrations, so e.g. when walking through the room. Once at night someone was just closing a door further down the hall and the lamp switched on. I unplugged them and everything was good from then on.

4. The bathroom. Functional, pretty clean, apart from the charmingly rusted shelf thing on the left. But then again, I doubt they have ever cleaned the ventilation thing.
No. 58212
915 kB, 4000 × 3000
735 kB, 3000 × 4000
2,1 MB, 4000 × 3000
1,6 MB, 4000 × 3000
  1. Of course, since this is a traditional hotel, you need a bible in the nightstand.
  2. As well as glass brick windows. I also noticed that houses in the north seems to rarely have more than two stories. Any norf Ernst able to explain why that is? I would reckon having more floors is better in case of flooding.
  3. A really, really fat cross spider with its prey. Shame I only had the phone at hand.
  4. A gate to some company grounds after closing time. Find the mistake.
No. 58215
6,9 MB, 5184 × 3456
8,3 MB, 5184 × 3456
8,2 MB, 5184 × 3456
9,9 MB, 5184 × 3456
  1. Now we're at the North Sea, but right now we're looking into the land. For someone who grew up between hills and has so far only ever lived between hills, being on the flat land was really crazy. If there weren't hedges and trees, you could see up until the horizon. I actually kinda felt relieved when we drove down the highway and really went downhill, with another hill right before the horizon where you could see a village or town.
  2. Classid reed house
  3. It also had birds
  4. And some sheep
No. 58216
1,5 MB, 5184 × 3456
2,0 MB, 5184 × 3456
1,7 MB, 5184 × 3456
1,5 MB, 5184 × 3456
Sorry for posting these fuckhuge pictures, I actually had them already converted. Now they're smaller.

  1. A huge, fat dyke. I walked on that dyke, but I didn't kick the dyke or something.
  2. View from the dyke. We just arrived on low tide.
  3. Looking in the opposite direction. You can see the wind turbines. It's funny, we passed one farm where they had a banner against wind turbines and then we passed another farm where they had a banner FOR wind turbines (though that was some wind turbine company's banner).
  4. Looking at some "deviation" dyke, no idea what it's called in english. It's basically to alleviate the tidal grasp a bit because apparently in the 30s the land was underwashed or something. More pictures of that later.
No. 58217
1,5 MB, 5184 × 3456
1,3 MB, 5184 × 3456
48 kB, 1020 × 765
17 kB, 605 × 403
  1. Mittelplate, holds about 2/3rds of Germany's own crude oil. It's right in the middle of a national park. They even had an advertisement poster somewhere on the dyke that told you how great of a job Shell is doing there because muh safety standards.
  2. Should be Büsum on that far shore.
  3. Taken with my telephoto. I don't know too much about planes, is that a Cessna? It has fixed gear, but two engines, but I only know single-engine Cessnas.
  4. No idea what kind of plane that is, but I like that you can see the livery.
No. 58218
14 kB, 531 × 354
1,8 MB, 5184 × 3456
1,7 MB, 5184 × 3456
1,9 MB, 5184 × 3456
  1. That's certainly a Tornado. Sadly I was a bit too late and only got it from very far away.
2.+3. This dude went down on his knees to graze. Have never seen any other sheep doing that. Also, all the rams had MASSIVE balls.

4. Cabbage. SO. MUCH. CABBAGE. I think 90% of all german cabbage comes from here. With the windows down, all you could smell was cabbage. And they had all sorts of cabbage, but it was everywhere. In a restaurant I also ate a cabbage roll, which was MASSIVE. Cabbage rolls as I know them are rather small, you need like three or four cuts and they're gone, but this thing was like half the plate. I ate it with boiled potatos and a bacon sauce. It was really tasty.
But it's also a thing I noticed, farming up there is EVERYWHERE. There is rarely a piece of field that's not used in some agricultural way. Also, the villages where we stayed seemed to have like one tree nursery per ten people or so (one evening we passed one of them and there was some race with golf carts going on where some young people, presumbably the azubis where shouting and cheering).
No. 58219
1,2 MB, 4000 × 3000
984 kB, 4000 × 3000
1,3 MB, 4000 × 3000
413 kB, 4000 × 3000
1.+2. We went there on another day and this time did some tideland walking.

3. That deviation dyke as seen from the main dyke. It goes 2.2 km into the sea and there are lots of species growing and living there, but I can't remember them anymore. Swallows and seagulls and some saline specialized plants.

4. This could have been a cool picture if I hadn't forgotten my camera, so I took it with my phone AND zoom. A living seagull next to a dead one. We actually saw quite a few dead birds. No idea what killed them, maybe they were surprised by the flood and smashed against the dyke, or simply drowned during some storm? We didn't see oil stuff or something, so I don't think that had something to do with it. Maybe someone else knows more about it than me.
No. 58220
1,3 MB, 4000 × 3000
2,0 MB, 4000 × 3000
323 kB, 3296 × 832
  1. View from the end of the dyke, looking towards the land.
  2. Another dead bird, a common eider. Note that it's wearing its eclipse plumage, because they breed in winter, so in summer he doesn't need to look dapper right now.
  3. Panorama from the dyke
And that's actually already everything from the North Sea. Next up: Very few impressions from Hamburg.
No. 58221
1,3 MB, 4000 × 3000
1,6 MB, 4000 × 3000
1,4 MB, 4000 × 3000
2,1 MB, 4000 × 3000
Right, so on Saturday we went to Hamburg. Since most of the pictures show people I don't want to show on the internet, there are really only a few left, but it's ok, since they're also just shitty cellphone pictures.

  1. Flaktower St. Pauli, no idea what they're building on top, but I kinda like that concept, it reminds me of e.g. Futurama where they simply built New New York on top of the old one.
  2. Schanzenviertel. There were SO MANY PEOPLE - well, not only there, but everywhere. If people weren't wearing masks you wouldn't think we're in the middle of a pandemic. There was also this punk beggar girl with a fishing rod she had fastened her cup to. Also, we passed right by Tim Mälzer (tv chef) when some people were taking a picture with him. I think he was only getting groceries or something :--DDDDD.
  3. "Attack Police" and "Break Curfew". Remember kids: Anyone who tries to tell you that antifa and autonomous scum are in any way more intelligent or better than nazis is a fucking idiot. They're the very same people, just with a different boogeyman. There were also some posters complaining about SPD and Greens wanting to restrict drinking in public or something.
  4. And this one made me a bit mad. I've been to Hamburg a few times over the last years, mainly on business trips, so I didn't have time to actually explore the city and do something. The last time I did that was in 2014 (I made an IWO on old KC back then), so coming back to places I have actually been before was interesting to see what has happened. Well, this has happened.
In 2014 they had some boothes where people could grow their own vegetables, which I found pretty cool, since Hamburg isn't the greenest city in general. And now I come back here and it seems that the experiment didn't work out, because the vegetable boxes have been replaced by drug dealers (not pictured). Also, there was litter EVERYWHERE, it looked like someone had taken a trash bin and just threashed that around. Some kid's playhouse had a "FREE ASSANGE FUCK EU" graffito on it. I don't care why it didn't work out, but it was something nice for a change and it got turned into this. Very, very sad.

Also, I was a bit disappointed of the fashion. It seems like those high, wide jeans are trendy again, and those wide jumpsuits. Very few summer dresses. Also, lots of well-nourished boys between, say 16-20 who looked like they came straight of an 80s Popper disco. Although there were some girls wearing really tight yoga pants and free midriff. And one was wearing some really tight biker pants or something and a really tight top (both in pink) and you could see the pattern on her thong and that she wasn't wearing a bra. There were lots of cute girls in general.

Just one more post with final thoughts and then I'm done.
No. 58222 Kontra
Okay, now for my review and final thoughts:

All in all it was pleasant. I went there for a job interview and because I had to travel through the whole country I decided to add a few days to make it worthwhile. The hotel was nice, North Sea was nice and Hamburg was nice for what it was.
However, I realized a few things.

  1. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the act of traveling. I hate going by car, I hate going by train and I hate going by plane. And it's not because I don't like these things, in fact I enjoy driving in principle, going by train can be relaxing and I love planes, but I hate everything around it. We went by car because everything is better than the Deutsche Bahn and flying would have been a bit too expensive (because I also want the Arbeitsamt to pay for some of my expenses). We had around 700-750 km depending on the route. Because I don't know anything about driving in the northern half of Germany, I trusted Google Maps, which decided to troll the fuck out of me and send me on my way over the A1, which is, from about Cologne up to Hamburg basically one single construction site. We made the 700km in 9 hours. At one point we passed through three consecutive traffic jams and I got so mad I punched my car door so hard I left a bit of skin on it. On the way back - on Sunday when trucks don't drive - we also took 9 hours, but at least I managed to circumvent a one hour traffic jam. The gas spent during that time is basically the same, but at least I won't torture my clutch. It's still better than going by train (in Germany), especially since they were striking right this week. I already had a job interview once where I was one hour late because of Bahn shenanigans, ever since I won't trust them with any important stuff. I take care of my car and if I'm not hit by some crazy asshole out of nowhere, it is over 9000% more reliable than using the Deutsche Bahn. And I don't have to wear a mask for hours or be in the same room with ugly, stinky, loud, impolite and whatever else people. If they ever invent beaming, I will be an early adopter, and even if it costs twice of what a new car costs, if I can skip traveling it's worth it.
  2. I am not able, and probably will never be able to understand how people can enjoy living in the city. You can use all the big city's benefits even if you live in a suburb. What can you do? You can go shopping. Wow. Yeah, I need new clothes every other day. I can go to concerts. The ones that interest me are not that numerous and even if I live an hour away, if it's not a regular thing, I can even tolerate that. And if you subtract that, what is left? People, most of which are retarded assholes, dirt, smell, smog. I mean, I tried viewing it from every angle, but I just can't fathom how someone would willingly - and enjoying it - be living in the middle of a city. I am convinced you have to be insane to be able to convince yourself that looking out of the window and not seeing grass and trees, but other buildings, streets and cars is a good way to live. It's just impossible for me to understand. It's one thing to visit a city as a tourist, or being a young degenerate having access to all kinds of drugs and degeneracy (like in that Matryoshka show where they all drink, drug and have random sex) but you know you'll leave again. But living there? Never, no way. And Hamburg is one of the big cities I actually don't hate. It actually gives me anxiety imagining living in Berlin or Munich or London or Paris. No normal human can enjoy that.
Yeah, that's all for now, I probably forgot something. Oh well.
No. 58223 Kontra
CCTV being marked as banned.

Good IWO.
No. 58230 Kontra
Nope, also it means "Attention: CCTV".
And thanks.
No. 58246 Kontra
>Anyone who tries to tell you that antifa and autonomous scum are in any way more intelligent or better than nazis is a fucking idiot.
Na wenn der Verfassungsschutz das sagt, dann muss es ja stimmen. Curfew breaking is anarcho cringe however.
No. 58249 Kontra
No, personal experience

t. used to be leftist
No. 58280 Kontra
What kind of leftist have you been, lel? You don't even seem to know that the autonomia is its own brand of leftism so to speak (left anarchism).

Anyway. You could have voiced your IWO differently but since it is you, you had to be choleric again and make it bluntly political.
No. 58281 Kontra
I've been the kind of leftist who went to demos, spent nights discussing the benefits of communism and socialism and hung out with punks. But I am smart enough to have grown out of it. Some people aren't, obviously.

>You don't even seem to know that the autonomia is its own brand of leftism
Oh, so it's not leftism? There are no true scotsmen either, eh?

>you had to be choleric again and make it bluntly political.
You don't seem to know what that word means. And you could have just ignored it like everyone else, but instead you had to be butthurt. Also, I didn't make anything political, the people smearing their shit on the walls did.
No. 58284 Kontra
>hung out with punks

You basically seem to have hang around with Autonome, which have distinct visions of society, the squatters movement, the social movements of the 1980s etc. They correlate with the autonomia left in Germany. They are not THE left.

>Oh, so it's not leftism? There are no true scotsmen either, eh?

Oh please, learn to address your logic knowledge properly. I never said there is a true left or anything.
You have dealt with the anarchic left, not with people who favor a state when it comes to leftist government. While both are on the left spectrum, they are not the same in their aims and means.

What you did is this syllogistic fallacy:

Autonomists are leftists (You hung around with autonomists, which I don't think much of myself)
Leninists are leftists.
Therefore all Autonomists are Leninists
No. 58286 Kontra
Okay, I think this argument has gotten a bit out of hand.
The original claim was that Antifa and Autonome are made up of the same kind of people that make up Kameradschaften and the like, they just took a left turn instead of a right one at one point (or lost the way altogether).
Which I will absolutely stand by because it's true.
And whatever kind of semantic pie-counting you are now trying to pull doesn't make it less true.
Let me just ask you: Do you sanction squatters? Do you support spraying graffiti calling for violence against cops? Or calls for "hunting nazis", as seen on the wall of the Rote Flora? Do you support doxxing people supporting rightwing parties? Do you think the RAF was justified? Do you think a dead nazi is a good nazi?
With all the talk about solidarity and human rights you'd think they try and not burn innocent bystander's cars or whole cities.
I still have a dossier somewhere on my computer that was about the Berlin police, how many people they have, what cars, gear, ID numbers and everything. How to approach them, combat tactics, with "funny" picture captions dehumanizing policemen and -women.
Imagine the people who made that used their energy to actually do something for the communites they are leeching from. Plant trees, build stuff, grow food and distribute that and just do that stuff you would do in actual socialism.
But they don't. They're scum. They just want to destroy everyone who doesn't think like them. Sounds like nazis to me.
As for the rest of the left: Most of them are champagne socialists who don't care about the poor (and in fact marginalize them, because they are not the ones competing with immigrants over increasingly worse-paying jobs), who are just followers because being left is the mainstream. Who support surveillance, eradication of the private, control of the media and censorship as long as it suits them. The moment the sign switches, they'll put people in trains again. I hate hypocrisy and the modern left are the biggest hypocrites of them all. We should actually hook up a generator to Karl Liebknecht's grave, we could probably power at least half the country with how hard he must be rotating.
And now I've been ranting and ranting all because you just had to come in and ruin the thread with your butthurt. And I'm hating myself for actually feeling the compulsion to reply to you.
No. 58292 Kontra
I've never been part of a leftist group. I encountered people from different positions of the spectrum. I generally have a problem with mid-sized groups. I also couldn't stand the drug/party scene of a few hundred people (albeit fluctuating) after some time that gathered in the clubs every weekend. And just because you hang with leftists does not make you a knowledgeable person in leftism. I've seen too many people calling themselves leftists and knowing jack shit. And even I personally would claim I don't know that much.

Autonomists are not my cup of tea and I also don't agree with all id political actions and its priorities taking place. I think there is a lot of performative activism and that is probably what you did not like about the scene as well. But that is why I care more about reading about organization in a formal sense, as well as historical/contemporary empirical things, instead of engaging in action that foremost seems to satisfies my individual conscience. I'm not saying that all action that usually is "nothing more than" resistance to governmentality in most cases, is useless though. The left these days seems deeply entrenched in what a neoliberalist era brought over the western world, and few don't notice and bail out when they hit the 30. If you look at the history of the left after 1945, your personal trajectory is common, and you turn it into a truism. So far, so unsurprising. It would be more interesting to explain this trajectory than to make it a truism. You see, I think these leftists never left the world they tried to seperate from, that is why they come back to it disappointed and then become arrogant.
You seem to want authenticity and clean and contradiction-free individuals. You won't find this anywhere on the political spectrum, and that is why your horseshoe theory is useless, there is no neutral middle, it's built on power, violence and disguise as well. Also, it seems that you find similar patterns in different political directions, which still does not make them alike.

Maybe I've been disillusioned from the start that is why I evaded the youthful disappointments of being left and returning to a world that of course welcomes you back any time. You probably never left.

Do I think what the RAF did is justyfied? Well I don't think violence is a nono, but I think it was a fight based and false premises to make it formal.
The police is an executive force of a government people don't like. Still, another government won't make murder etc dissolve. Question would be in what way you deal with such problems...But as you said, we are going nowhere here.
No. 58302 Kontra
889 kB, 498 × 371, 0:01
>mfw I derailed the thread 100 %
No. 58918
I want to visit every commune of my canton. A commune being the smallest administrative district there is in Switzerland. I will most certainly take picture and try to document both, my possible adventures there and try to deliver a monographicish documentation about the said commune. I could do this alone but I would find it really nice to share it here.

I would proceed in alphabetical order of the different districts and then the communes. I haven’t much time or money as of right now but I might begin in a month or so.
No. 58920 Kontra
Guys please don't shit up these threads. An IWO thread is a sacred tradition. Stop acting like fatposters please and thanks.
No. 58925
5,1 MB, 4624 × 2600
5,1 MB, 4624 × 2600
Just a couple of pictures taken at Babi Yar, they had this neat memorial called the mirror field:

>The disk contains ten columns representing the mystical Kabbalistic sign of the Sefirot, by which God, it is said, reveals himself and controls the world. The columns are pockmarked with over 100,000 bullet holes, shot with bullets matching the size of those used during the Babyn Yar massacre, using real weapons in partnership with Ukrainian military forces. The tops of the columns have been blown up. By night, light shines out through the holes, creating a mirage effect.

>Underneath the disk, Demydenko built an organ from plastic drainage pipes, with speakers tuned to different frequencies. Using the Hebrew ‘Gematria’ system, which assigns a numerical value to each Hebrew letter, he converted the names of the victims into a number and then converted it into an acoustic sound value. In collaboration with Israeli sound designer Daniel Meir, Demydenko created a “Names Synthesizer” that generates musical composition using name-based frequencies.

The music really is extremely eerie, it was pretty good.
No. 58948
Ah thank you, Babi Yar is famous.

Regarding the memorial, I think it is the most complicated Holocaust memorial I have never known.
No. 59032
Sounds cool, I'm looking forward to it.

Yeah they always go all out on holocaust memorials. At least this one is kinda cool, unlike the ones we have that are just stones or tree stumps out of metal that just stand there.
No. 59035
68 kB, 601 × 600
I haven't studied the subject but I understand more the usual ones. You know, feebleness, suffering, fragility... They go more to the heart.
No. 59048 Kontra
Yeah if you have those that could actually stand, at least in part, without exhaustive explanation.
For example in Hamburg Altona there is a monument called "Black Form", which is really just a large black block. It is supposed to symbolize the void left by the deported Altona jews and their unborn descendants or something like that.
Berlin has the "Memorial to the murdered jew of Europe", which is also just a bunch of concrete blocks that cost like 40 million Euros. Since those blocks can be climbed rather easily, they are getting used for sunbathing, picknicking or just hanging out, because, well, it's just a bunch of concrete blocks.
No. 59058
Yeah I was thinking about the brutal Berlin sea of big stones, and that they ended up being used in the vein you mention. The concept is not bad but they should have thought more of the potential usage. And the money used, as you say.

Ted Miyazaki: the Industrial Anime revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.jpg
No. 59116
Has the open activity of the far right in Ukraine during the last couple of years somwhow affected memorial sites such as this one?
No. 59163
Not that I'm aware of, it's notable that Babi Yar has memorial pieces for Ukrainian nationalists associated with OUN, who were indeed killed there. The memorial itself and the surrounding pieces don't mention OUN collaboration with the Nazis in perpetrating other parts of this massacre.
No. 59164
6,4 MB, 4624 × 2600
7,7 MB, 4624 × 2600
5,0 MB, 4624 × 2600
8,1 MB, 4624 × 2600
Picture dump from Odessa.
Odessa theater, memorial to WW2 heroes and Pushkin statue.
No. 59165
5,7 MB, 4624 × 2600
5,3 MB, 4624 × 2600
4,4 MB, 4624 × 2600
7,3 MB, 4624 × 2600
Catherine the Great statue, Odessa harbor and a hotel on the seafront.
No. 59166
5,6 MB, 4624 × 2600
8,1 MB, 4624 × 2600
6,2 MB, 4624 × 2600
6,1 MB, 4624 × 2600
Odessa center, statue of Anton Holovaty and St Panteleimon Monastery.
No. 59188 Kontra
Where does all the wealth shown by the building comes from? When were they built?
No. 59351 Kontra
from jews
No. 61100
3,9 MB, 4032 × 3024
4,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
3,4 MB, 4032 × 3024
4,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
In Berlin right now. Someone's literally playing reggaeton outside.
No. 61101
>In Berlin right now.
Why would you do that?
Also, I like that blood pool on that sign to really drive home the message. Do so many people jump infront of trains in Berlin that they have to have such graphic and insistent warning signs?
No. 61106
135 kB, 800 × 500
Well, being rebuilt after certain 20th century incidents, but Odessa itself is a very imperial Russian city. It was during Catherine the Great's reign that the center gained it's modern form.
No. 61108
Very unrelated to OP but do you really think we'd end up in interstellar wars and dick waving each other if we had colonies light years apart? I suppose this is a similar kind of question to be asking as 16th century me asking if we colonized these faraway lands would we and the colonies ever conceivably war each other when it can take many months to get there or even a year just going there and back by sail especially if you get blown off course.

It just seems to me we'd basically need to void the very laws of physics in order to start bombing out 6 light year away colonies like WWII, which together with the Great War seemed to fundamentally change the way we view everything including basically all science fiction set in space using either WWII naval battling concepts or WWII aerial operations concepts. I think it's even more impressive everyone actually managed to mostly rebuild all that destruction in one generation, with a hollowed out and decimated Russia big dicking us across the pond immediately after no less.

Do you think wars are motivated more by resources, territory, or ideology? Why did Alexander even bothering with his campaignunless it was basically rooted in his bumfucking drive to conquer other men in that Russian no homo way? Or is war even not about that at all but sex? What is the distance we'd need where we'd stop fighting each other? Outside the sphere of communication more than physical reach? What is it exactly about monkey that makes us periodically return to monkey and start killing each other?
No. 61128
I really should rewatch Battleship Potemkin.
No. 61152 Kontra
Well, I'm not a knower of hard sci-fi and it seems that such predictions are only useful to give inhabitants of times to come some laughs as they read our quaint ideas about what the future would look like.
I'd ignore territories immediately, or lump them into material gains as a whole. If more wars are more motivated by material gains or ideology, well these things often tie together in one way or another. I'd think ideology is more important, a truism can be made for this, as wars occurred that were not motivated by financial gain in the slightest, but any war that happened needed to have an underlying ideology that allowed for said war to happen. I suppose it's meaningless. Makes me think because there is a pendulum shift here in the discussion if Portuguese colonialism was more motivated by ideology or material gains. It used to be that the material gains aspect was relegated to a secondary aspect, the primary aspects being ideological ones. Now it seems, that the opposite occurs and the material motivation for colonialism is given center stage while the rest are relegated to circumstantial factors. It seems impossible to reduce such any set of world events to a single motivation, and to weigh the different factors at play is a complicated subject.
No. 62098
5,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,8 MB, 4160 × 3120
4,8 MB, 4160 × 3120
7,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
The Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park is located in western New York, not far from Buffalo and Rochester. It's a good size park- roughly 17 miles long- and follows the Genesee river which flows at the bottom of a deep gorge. Driving in there are numerous overlooks where you can stop to view the gorge, as well as a series of larger parking areas with cabins, playgrounds, and easy trail access.

1. This was my starting point, not far from the parking lot. As I said, very convenient. An easy view, or the stairs- which will I choose?
2. The stairs, of course. They led down to an area of level ground, and my first good view of the gorge.
3. From that spot, looking in the other direction. These steps led to a footbridge and the other side of the park, but I didn't go down them.
4. Not too far away I reached the lower falls. Perpetual mist created this fun mud pit. Yep. that's my finger.
No. 62099
4,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
5,3 MB, 4160 × 3120
4,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
5,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
  1. Got a quick pic before the phone got too wet.
  2. After that, the trail led up to higher - and dryer- ground. You can get a better sense of the area here, with this wide view of the lower falls. The last pic was taken down by the fence which you can see in the middle of this shot. There are three waterfalls along this trail: lower, middle and upper.
  3. They don't just have waterfalls, they also have ticks. I checked, and didn't bring any home with me.
  4. Evidence of pileated woodpeckers, which I heard but didn't see.
No. 62100
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5,9 MB, 4160 × 3120
5,8 MB, 4160 × 3120
2,7 MB, 2576 × 1932

1.History lesson. Take notes, there will be a test later.
2. Ok, back to the river and the gorge wall.
3. Finally, the middle falls. At this point I'm about two miles in and didn't have time to go any further. The upper falls will have to wait for another time.
4. Oh, I was wearing a Letchworth sweatshirt because I arrived wearing a T. It's November in New York, who knew it was going to be cold? Thank God for the gift shop, which I visited on the way in.

No. 63420
3,0 MB, 2600 × 3441
Does your country have any nuclear church? I didn’t think so.
Believe it or not, those are pretty fucking popular here.
No. 63422
No, but I heard of countries with a chemical church :-DDDDD
That said, is that one of those protestant swiss churches you were talking about?
Why is that ugly "modern" design so widespread among protestant architecture? Was there like one architect traveling through Europe in the 70s building those things?
No. 63423
>That said, is that one of those protestant swiss churches you were talking about?
No, I took the picture in a Catholic Canton.
> Why is that ugly "modern" design so widespread among protestant architecture? Was there like one architect traveling through Europe in the 70s building those things?
I personally love this design and I would argue that modernist churches have way more diverse architecture than gothic or neogothic churches for exemple.
No. 63425
What is a nuclear Church?
No. 63426 Kontra
1,0 MB, 1000 × 625
No. 63427
It’s a church with a nuclear shelter incorporated in its architecture.
No. 63431
Then of course we don't have them. One either builds a bunker or a church. God will think you're making little of Him if you pray for His protection but also build a nuclear shelter under the church.
No. 63432
lmao is there a single spot in Switzerland that's not tunneled and bunkered in some way?
No. 63434 Kontra
t.plays tabletop in the local bunker
No. 63435 Kontra
That's very cool. I wish we had bunkers.
No. 63436 Kontra
What most people don't know is that swiss cheese is engineered in such a way that the pattern of holes inside any given loaf corresponds to the actual tunnel/bunker structure of the place where that cheese was produced.
This is only a testament to the inherent megalomania and arrogance of the Swiss.
On the one hand, every child can easily identify the correct bunker it has to head to in case of war, on the other hand, by exporting the cheese, they rub it into everyone's face "look at us, our tunnels are so great and you foreign PIGS will never be able to actually understand them!". Like the Zodiac killer, they put the solution right before our eyes and then revel in our inability to actually decipher the hints.
No. 63437 Kontra
You win some, you lose some. We might be wiped out by nuclear hellfire or be forced to scavenge for food in irradiated wastes but at least we won't have to endure a lifetime of underground canton meetings and referendums.