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No. 58939
95 kB, 1280 × 720
hello therr!

Was absent of /int/ for few months

What happened to kohlchan?

Where is everyone?

Is this a new KC?
No. 58940
No. 58941 Kontra
thank you!
No. 58954
There is something much bigger than just the Ruskies having issues as implied here ITT >>58014.
Just read the stickie on Kayceys /int/.
This was anticipated and Helmut gave you a way to circumvent your governments actions.
Not only were you Ruskies BTFO by your own gov there, the rest of Kaycey is compromised imo as the canary on the Kohlmine was culled as well.

t. otally not a p*do poaster
I only poasted a handfull of lolis on new Kayceys /int/.
I lieked how p*dos were not allowed where Bernd is identified on a poastermap and were segrigated onto /b/ on old Kaycey.
Still tho, a couple of canaries just died.
Tread carefully.
I would gib moar details but this threda will be here for yrs to come and I would rather my poast self destruct within 24 hrs.
No. 58955 Kontra
>inb4 just delet it yourself
And use JS on ANY IB?
Fools, the lot of you.
No. 58956
Also, nver Just Suck on an grills ass if she has Irritable Bowels.
Would be foolish.
No. 58976 Kontra
Last one wants is a shitty outcome.

>still lurking on KC in read only
This is painful for me.
Knowing I can't comment or reply hurts.
I can lurk for days or even weeks on end without making a single comment but at least I knew I could if I wanted to.

-Ruskie makes containment threda because of their Gov forbiddinening them from their
>Lock containment threda where Ruskies can gather their thoughts and themselves
No need for that but then again, I am not Ernst and am surprised you haven't b& me yet.
Also,there is this threda.
Believe me, I am trying to be as cordial as possible as I assume they are as well.
Then again, if they know of this place, surely they can read the damned sticky on Kayceys /int/ so I shall shut my dirty mouth.