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No. 59005
372 kB, 650 × 593
257 kB, 1920 × 984
27 kB, 512 × 384
556 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 59006
I hate video games. I pirated TW Atilla and TW three kingdom.

I played as some oriental christian group (tanukhids) and completely razed Syria and freed Alexandria from the eastern empire. The lakhmids are getting powerful and egypt is expanding, I hope they don't fight since egypt is my ally. Maybe I will try to destroy and raze anatolia or greece. The empire must pay for what they did to oriental christians. Constantinople will be razed to the ground. I will probably just wait for the huns first and destroy the last roman cities in egypt.

I'll try to get more cavalry, it's just expensive.
No. 59013
Are there any games that actually utilize all 8 cores of a CPU and actually make good use of multicore performance? Because while I figured might as well buy the two extra cores with a way better cooler for video editing I wondered if by 2021 there's actually games out there that strongly benefit.

I also finally discovered a game that runs like complete dogshit and makes me want to upgrade my GPU: DCS World. Holy shit at near max settings I get 5fps and then a crash. Then again, we're talking about the first game that actually recommends 32gb of RAM, so there's that. Maybe it is flight sims? Because I have a pretty strong GPU all things consideredit's actually stronger than a 3060 so I'm clearly pretty happy with that but it seems to me MSFS 2020 and DCS World among others just won't run well on my computer at higher settings at all. DCS actually does benefit from better RAM speeds too, and by quite a lot. We're talking about as much performance uplift between low latency 4000mhz RAM vs 2666 higher latency as if you got a GPU two tiers higher kind of uplift, and the thing apparently requires the kind of big dick hardware Linus would be showing off. It unironically has $2,000 worth of DLC.

I'm pretty sure Australia could have some words about this. I figured out that my stick is all kind of sensitive and off so I have to fiddle with deadzones. I also immediately crash and need to get used to it. Jetliners have fucking complicated controls Jesus. I couldn't even figure out how to take off in X Plane 11 just winging it. Would definitely not be fit to save an airliner from terrorists.
maybe someday I will buy a 7700XT or 7800XT. It seems I'll genuinely need that for 4K with games like these.
No. 59016
Battles are great at Total War for some time, but then they get boring and annoying. You need to drive cavalry back and forth for a half an hour to take another village. Yes, you could use auto-resolve, but it yields much worse battle outcome, and it's unpredictable.
No. 59017
DCS is jank as fuck. There's legacy code in there from the 90s. If youre realistic about your graphics settings though you won't have any trouble. I go pretty smooth with a 1060 and 16gb of ram.

Also don't jerk your stick around is my main tip. The plane knows how to fly, just show it where to fly. It's tactile, you'll get the hang of it. Then you can appreciate the beauty of the F-86 v MiG-15 duel. It's so graceful because you don't have the grunt to fight the air like you do on a modern jet.

Takeoff is probably you not trimming. Common error. Not trimming right is a recipe for a nosedive when you release your rotation.
No. 59019
Also, if you haven't already, download Orbiter and Delta Glider IV.


It's right up your alley, to an almost comical degree. It's the most satisfying albeit the most autistic space 'game' to ever exist, being a 1:1 scale of the solar system with nonspherical gravity and radiation pressure both simulated in a continuous n-body calculation. Nothing else comes close. I dunno if they still do it, but I remember the Italian community running a livestream of their digital Italian space agency using custom launchers and spacecraft from a fictional space centre in digital Sicily. Just checked and can't see the stream but they're still doing fictional spacecraft design. Witness Italian autism and despair that you will never have this kind of power level:

The atrocious audio mixing is honestly nostalgic as fug for me because these guys been that way since forever, but will make your ears bleed from overdramatic music played way too loud.
No. 59021
343 kB, 2560 × 1440
>I go pretty smooth with a 1060 and 16gb of ram.
fucking how mate

>Takeoff is probably you not trimming. Common error. Not trimming right is a recipe for a nosedive when you release your rotation.
Nah, no that's definitely not it. I was actually screwing around with the trim but couldn't get it right to take off in X-Plane 11 in a jet because I couldn't figure out how to get it into takeoff configuration just running blind. By blind I mean I didn't even bother to do anything but glance at the assigned controls, no manual, not knowing or even realizing I had to manually change shit on my roof panel controls half of which I didn't even know what they were or how they worked and largely even knew anything at all because of watching so many of those air disaster recreation videos with MSFS-X https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXh6VKhioaeEaMQasii7IfQ

Pic related is fucking AWESOME though holy shit I absolutely love this. Between that and my X56 H.O.T.A.S. program from Logitechwhich is complete SHIT by the way holy fuck they suck why did Saitek have to get absorbed by them they have no customer service, no support, not even programs holy fucking shit I had to straight up download the program and fix it from some site like CNET or something iirc I mean goddamn I have such beautifully complete control over this thing, which I now get to use on those programsPROGRAMS, zoomer, they are called PROGRAMS and EXECUTABLES and APPLICATIONS not "apps" ffs like Star Wars Squadrons, Wings of Prey, Elite Dangerous, aforementioned and so on and hopefully I can buy Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 at some time.

I pretty much got this whole setup first just because I realized I actually needed a HOTAS to play Elite: Dangerous because you can literally feel it in the game how completely wrong it is to play with mouse and keyboard, and then got this particular one explicitly because I wanted to play an airline pilot on jetliners.

Thing is, you claim these things to be accurate: they are not accurate. There's no possible way that a 737 can behave like I just did in the air. You would rip your wings straight off with the manouvers I was accidentally doing, and it ultimately felt like I was piloting a TIE fighter not a jetliner. That thing was way too responsive. Flying a jumbo jet should be I think like piloting a tractor trailer truck or a cargo ship or something. It's more like driving a lorry than a sportscar in a huge passenger jet. I dunno, X-Plane just felt wrong. Granted I was absolutely flying it wrong in every way when I set it to being in the air and my stick in general seems super sensitive to making jerky movements.

> being a 1:1 scale of the solar system with nonspherical gravity and radiation pressure both simulated in a continuous n-body calculation.
Yeah, you pegged me real good mate :-DD

I actually can see how all these games are for a very specific type of person, namely someone autistic enough to demand that level of realism in something like Universe Sandbox2 and complain about it not being realistic and detailed enough in all seriousness. Downloaded. I dunno if I'll be getting into it or not or if it'll really exceed my powerlevels, which it may because that one space 4x that's literally just menus actually achieved being too autistic for me. Think it's called Aurora?
>that video
I dunno man, that's pretty normal to me. It's basically just my baseline of "average enthusiast"+discipline and actual motivation. The main problem is peoplelike me obviously spending too much time dicking around instead of being productive and having the motivation and discipline to see something through, which I often barely can do with a videogame of all things. Lots of people put together projects so much more autistic than this. The very existence of Kerbal Space Program is kind of a testament to that.
No. 59038
By not maxing everything out. I dunno. I'm computer dumb.

>why did Saitek have to get absorbed by them
lmao, Logitech now is still better than Saitek at the time they got bought. Those were dark fucking times.

>Thing is, you claim these things to be accurate: they are not accurate.
Don't really do airliner sims so can't comment. Can say that I've ripped wings off of aircraft in DCS intentionally and unintentionally, and I've had bullet impacts develop into cracks into the wing snapping mid turn in IL-2 great battles. Beyond that, simulations are less accurate at the extreme end, even when you aren't doing silly stuff. Even just performance data in maneuvers that are dangerous but not damaging are often hard to come by because they aren't really done. Also it's pretty hard to rip a wing off because you need to create a critical amount of pressure under the wing (y-axis pressure) while moving quickly on the x-axis. Unless you can turn that eX into eY blindingly fast, chances are that you're going to make a rough, likely dangerous and/or illegal but survivable move. Plus wings aren't rigid for pretty much that reason.

Could be a failed sim, could just be that airliners aren't agile enough to damage themselves that way. Could be a bit of both.
No. 59283
375 kB, 2560 × 1440
341 kB, 2560 × 1440
581 kB, 1613 × 985
438 kB, 1543 × 1187
So after brief hiatus posting about it, I spent quite a bit of time with a few games.

X-Plane 11
I want to start off by saying I really don't think this is too autistic, but I had some of the funnest time ever flying passenger jets from KLAS to KLAX. It even has things like the setting of the sun in real time, which is the most satisfying thing ever to spend an hour and a half flying a 737 from McCarren in Las Vegas to LAX in the evening as the sun slowly sets and it becomes night time by the time you get there. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it because I am not a pilot obviously and I once got lost and accidentally wound up in Arizona and New Mexico before I figured out what I was doing and how to read the instrumentation properly and set the correct flight navs and turn on the autopilot and such.

And man, holy shit is this good.

I still take major points off for they along with DCS World and MSFS2020 having I shit you not as much DLC as it would cost to build a decent midrange to higher end gaming system, even with inflated prices. It's absolutely fucking insane. They charge $45 fucking dollaroos just to get one new plane or a new airport or something but I digress.

I will say that it is every bit as realistic as what it looks like out the window as you are flying over the boring desert for quite awhile before hitting mountain ranges and suddenly you're in LA. This also helped confuse me visually under VFR before crossing into other states because I saw mountain ranges and thought I was on my way. I was so excited to finally see KLAX on my instrument you have no idea. I literally excitedly screenshotted it on my nav panel thingy.I also had multiple aborted landings. That's in real time; it was still light out when I first spotted the airport. That's literally how long it took me circling around the airport trying to bring my plane down to the right altitude, sink rate, speed, etc. I probably made half a dozen aborted approaches and go arounds minimum before having to gain altitude again.I have this horrible habit of coming in too high and then ending up trying to lose altitude by sharp pitch down which just causes me to gain so much dangerous speed I end up overshooting it anyway, if I'm even lined up correctly to begin with. It's every bit as difficult to properly land as I imagine. Also for obv reasons discovered the simulation sadly doesn't go far enough to simulating hitting trees, power lines, cars, or aspects of realistic damage.

In short, X-Plane 11 actually turned out to be every bit as awesome and enjoyable as I thought it ever possible could be. All those flight videos and all that money on my HOTAS and even after initially thinking it was just to enjoy Elite: Dangerous I have discovered that this game is possibly the funnest thing of all. I still don't think that's too autisticbut yes I do plan to spend plenty of time just flying around in real time and when I finally succeeded getting to LAX I made sure to park the plane at a terminal even though no ATC and made sure to shut off and power down everythingI still do not understand how to turn everything back on in all these plans and get them rolling again particularly using the millions of HOTAS inputs

I did actually have grave difficulty in getting this all rolling across multiple games as I think I didn't have a right deadzone set, shit took forever to get configured, I think the HOTAS stick was off centered and super sensitive as all fuck, it just flat out did weird controls in different games leading to lots and lots of crashing with no survivors across multiple games using manual controls. I am really super disappointed in how so many different games either are a pain in the ass, don't even have X56 and have X52 at best, or just flat out don't support a freaking HOTAS even though by all means it should, and that includes testing DCS World, Wings of Prey, Everspace, Everspace 2, Starpoint Gemini: Warlords, and I think something else but I forget which of those didn't even seem to have HOTAS support. I think it might've been Wings of Prey I dunno, just remember discovering one a HOTAS flat out wouldn't work which shocked and surprised me as a bitter disappointment which I'm pretty sure was WoP or Everspace.

Interestingly enough that one horrible EA purchase that I made just because I ended up wanting it so bad for my HOTAS is the one game that actually did have both immediate support for my model of HOTAS as well as easy as pie use with natural feeling default control scheme, and that was Star Wars: Squadrons. I still think that it is frankly immoral not to pirate it and to actually give Electronic Arts your money instead, however I can't say I regretted it. I guess it feels like getting AIDS from the hottest woman you can imagine. I mean yeah you rationally know you shouldn't have, you rationally know that it was worth it, but you just end up saying "yeah well I guess I know I should feel dirty but the sex was wild and Electronic Arts giving me AIDS really wasn't that bad was it, right guys? Right? I mean I hear IGN said it was okay... So in other words EA gave me electronic AIDS and I feel fine with it even though just saying it makes me feel incredibly dirty. I feel dirty having a paid EA game on my SSD. But I mean the default flight controls for SW:Squadrons on my HOTAS feel so good...
No. 59284
2,0 MB, 1632 × 964
1,1 MB, 1423 × 883
X56 Rhino HOTAS
Obviously it works great for E:D, if you can ever figure out why in the fuck those devs decided to make a game clearly designed for HOTAS and then literally map out dozens of independent controls just to navigate the menus and in-game UI even though fucking clearly all you need is up/down/left/right enter/back/tab to menu. It's fucking crazy. If it felt wrong on keyboard and mouse the menu controls feel so much retarded and worse on HOTAS. That being stated, you do in fact get used to it even with a pickled mid-30s boomer slow brain, and at least everything else about the game feels natural.

My one problem is I cannot figure out if the twin-mini analog stick problem is due to my specific HOTAS model, some broader Saitek/Logitech driver problem, or just something retarded about E:D, but in programming forward/back and u/d/l/r movement on them it switches completely at random inverting different controls alongside the throttle. This problem only happened once I added forward/back on the stick mini-analog...hey wait a minute I actually have twin sticks now...I wonder if I can configure that to work with games like Ruiner somehow to use my HOTAS for twin stick shooters... which quickly turned to the fucking throttle inverting at random while I am flying as well as twin stick movements, which again, is seemingly at complete random meaning I may get move left-right to invert but up-down doesn't, and then I set left-right to inverted which makes it functionally correct in game but then forward-back and throttle inverts and this is a beefy throttle mind you so I can't react at all.

It pisses me off and has made that game literally unplayable in that state. I flat out quit Elite: Dangerous solely because of this issue and I am suspecting it is HOTAS driver but can't yet prove it. As such while I actually like my X56 while it works, I could not in my right mind recommend this to anyone and now I see why nearly every single reviewer advised against it. The thing is as buggy as, I don't even know Cyberpunk? An Obsidian game? It's fucking ridiculous, and it's not just that. I know this model was given shade ahead of time but this is just nuts. Your odds of having problem with one are nearly 1. If it isn't some power problem or ghost inputs it's going to be something else and it took me an afternoon just getting the thing to work right in a few games.

Once I finally figured out how to get it to work in X-Plane without uncorrectable banking right and crashing or ultra sensitive off center controlsand everything else I know if straya sees this post he won't read this part and tell me how it's all part to getting a new HOTAS properly configured which yes lad, I know. That isn't the point here. I heard the one biggest problem was power delivery, which frankly makes it a poor choice for anybody who buys a budget board because it may flat out fry your board or something and I strongly suspected my PSU dying had something to do with it and leaving it plugged in all day without even using itbecause I just liked the lights on while reading, for obvious reasons and the "fix" most people recommend is to buy an expensive af USB hub just to use it which pushes the price so high there's literally no good reason to get it. In my case mostly it "works" in the sense that once I configured it in a couple games it truly is a beautiful thing, but other times I see it coming off like some fugazi version of a Thrustmaster Warthog, and in my case I have a $300 motherboardwisely bought for heading off unforseen problems like this as well as a USB 3.0 daughter board I've got hooked into a front card reader which gives me the choice between the case's USB3 front panel, the separate USB3 card with 75w pcie, and the many rear I/O ports to choose from, given this HOTAS is notorious for its finickiness on different ports. I'm going to spend time switching around where it's plugged in to see if I can fix this.

Point of all this is to say, yes tl;dr just get a X52 if you ever want one. The cheaper ones are garbage, I think the Thrustmaster 16000 is shit given its slide throttle, and much of the higher end stuff is whole budget game system tier costs, so it's pretty much between X52 and X56 imo leaving a huge hole in the market. The people that have this do have a lot of great things to say about it, but generally they say they like their old X52 or get that instead for a reason. I do really like the twin analogs, but if the hardware/software is such shit it makes a game unplayable there you go. It's so sad because were it not for that problem this piece of kit would be beyond godly for playing 3D space sims like Elite:Dangerous and it really does work just great for manouevering to land, when it works.

The one last problem is this ridiculous thing that's X-Plane's retarded German developer's fault which is to have the throttles 1&2 programmed to engines 1&2 and not programmable to 1+2 and 3+4 and yet these fuckers have the audacity to charge that for their DLC. I literally have this tabbed to their faggot official forums whenever I get the motivation to set up yet another throwaway email account just to download a community made fix for their bizarrely shitty engineering https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/29207-x-multithrottle/ This is far more of a problem on a 4 engine plane as you can imagine, making it really difficult and unenjoyable thus defeating the whole point to having this detachable twin throttle or moreover having it to where I need to set up two bizarre control schemes with knobs to push engines 2&4 and throttle itself to only control engines 1&3. This is beyond difficult to do in-flight with one hand while manually controlling that bus of an aircraft that is a 747. It at least doesn't defeat the point to 737's which in a sense I found more enjoyable playing anyway but just, the engineering of controls is so retarded it boggles the mind sometimes. I cannot actually set all 4 throttles iirc to just that so I actually have to use a mouse, again defeating the point and hence why my setup ended up being as it is. I don't know if Microsoft is better about that but I'm not paying full price on a 15 year old game either particularly to a bloated corporation like M$ and so here we are. I want MSFS2020, I'd pay for MSFS-X on sale, but I'm not paying full retail on either anytime soon. It really makes me wonder just wtf people are supposed to do with just one throttle.

tl;dr all that being stated, I genuinely enjoyed the absolute heck out of my time with this game as well as E:D when it worked, which it mostly did, and despite my grips it's among the most fun I had in a game in awhile beating even my own high expectations pairing the hardware with a flight sim even if it's not MSFS20yet
No. 59285 Kontra
1,2 MB, 2560 × 1440
These are fair points as I am a complete noob at all this however
you absolutely can bring down a plane doing something stupid which breaks shit. I actually remember that crash it was right after 9/11 that eerily most people I talked to didn't remember. I get the impression most other humans process information via emotional impressions and so if they heard it was maybe like Trump's comment about the white van in NYC and dancing Palestinians, possibly an accident where his memory associated the Israelis with the van to dancing Muslims I dunno. I asked several people about that crash and it's almost as if they filed it away as part of the overall impression of 9/11 like it was one same event, or they didn't hear about it, or thought it was the same plane crash I dunno. I'm pretty analytical and organize data points so my brain filed it away as explicit and potentially odd details, like how I explicitly remembered the Israelis and their van.

Anyway yes you can bust the fuck out of a passenger plane particularly extreme moves or if it's already going down so it's moving in ways it was never meant to and shears the wings off.

You know, there's a reason why Americans clap. I don't because I'm too burgerish to clap when you're supposed to and am confused by pep rallies but I definitely appreciate and share the sentiment. Flying is the most extraordinary and unnatural feeling thing you can do and it's fuckin violent taking off and landing, which absolutely is as much the scariest most dangerous part of flying as it feels like. I cannot imagine anything more terrifying than flying a passenger plane with hundreds of people on board during takeoff and landing. I remember the first time I ever took off IRL and I thought I was going to die. I've been absolutely in love with flying ever since.

The Walking Dead
I'm just gonna be real quick with this because I droned on forever but basically I had to play all Episode 5 again to fix it. It wasn't as long as I thought it would be, maybe in the way walking for half an hour feels like forever before you know how to get there but once you do it feels pretty short. I

I didn't mind the ending at all and actually Season 2 made up for it. I finished Michonne, which was meh. It wasn't bad, it's just...I meanI took out an entire fucking colony of survivors because a dirty thief who pulled weapons on me got caught thieving and they thought I was involved and so the whole time I once again keep thinking if there's any other way I could do it because the writers are fucking retards and remind why certain Hollywood types aren't beloved by the world anymore for their shitty hipster narcicissism. It reminds me why every time a game has something Hollywood attached to it like CDPR pushing not the game, but Keanu Reeves, I already know it's just going to suck. Due to the inescapable plot the whole arc was really meh and hard for me to care about anyone, myself or others, and in a bad way.

Season 3 amazingly started off alright and I wasn't pissed for a whole two hours. This changed however where I left off in episode 2 because for reasons I cannot begin to understand I'm supposed to basically walk to the people I swore to kill who clearly are going to waste me without hesitation and who already wiped out an entire fucking town, and I'm like {we need help for her!}{maybe we can negotiate}{let's trade clementine!} Nothing at all through this entire miserable ordeal makes any shred of sense whatsoever and I cannot even tell if there's supposed to be some other way in any of these I'm supposed to choose to make it more engaging but basically I just found out somebody I put fucking everything into saving and being loyal to was just killed off screen like nothing happened and I lost all fucking interest.

And yet I can't stop playing it. I don't know why. I just can't help it at this point.

Look here's the deal tl;dr only thing you need to know about TellTale's games: it's a toxic abusive relationship. It's like staying by somebody who you know is bad for you, know it'll never work, keep asking yourself the sex isn't even that good all we do is argue, but you can't help yourself but go back. Try to imagine that scenario, try to imagine the rage or hurt or something. That's pretty much TellTale in a nutshell in fact I can just imagine the sort of thick rimmed glasses writing the fucking thing would be as awful to deal with IRL.

Being with that game series is like a sickness. It is like a fucking disease. I know inside I'm likely going to finish every last one of them in spite of how all I do is bitch about how shit it is and then I can't help myself to be a ranting windbag about it.

Which all things considered I guess does actually make the game every bit worth my money in some really perverse, twisted kind of a way, because at least I'm actually playing and finishing it, and it clings to me like the scent of stale beer and cheap perfume from dead bodies clinging to your clothes, your nostrils. The Walking Dead is a hit that's gone wrong, that felt wrong, that never should've been called, and it got called by a Hollywood hipster.

Planet Alpha
This is an absolutely delightful little game, and it's a genre I really don't care for at all: platformers. Somehow it ended up being somewhat memorable, which I think speaks to how little genre ultimately matters for a game so long as it is good and enjoyable. Seeing it I had a hunch I might like it anyway, and my instincts were right.

The visuals and little details are absolutely amazing. I say this in spite of the fact it has some of those basic geometric shapes I absolutely hate in vidya but in this case it's not the kind of untextured, detailess, devoid of shadows and lighting mess I've come to loathe about phoneshit ported to PC. It actually does have a fair bit of detail, great lighting, good enough sound design and so forth to make it both visually stunning and fairly memorable, complete with enjoyable albeit simple gameplay.

It is a bit of a puzzle game, which is just hard enough to make you feel pretty satisfied having figured it out, which is amplified by the fact rules change and you have to discover how some of the mechanics work. It pretty much makes you feel lower IQ then higher IQ working out from puzzle to puzzle how the world actually works, what you can do, and what you need to do in order to move on. I got stuck on multiple parts of it for awhile and had to sit there and stop to puzzle out how I am supposed to progress without dying, and believe me you're going to die. A lot. It's pretty hysterical actually thinking about it in the sense of a PARANOIA game how many clones you go through just to get through one section, with an overall life expectancy of each lower than a frontline EOD specialist.

All in all I would definitely recommend this game. It's just great. If you have a thing for strange alien worlds or platformers you're definitely going to enjoy it. The amount of work that went into actually making that world had to have been incredible, complete with its own day and night cycle.
No. 59289
You aren't intended to own of the modules. ED has a lot of problems, but that's not really a valid criticism. It's the same model in things like Train Simulator and it cops shit for the same uninformed reason. A single aircraft is basically a new game, not just a small content expansion. You're not meant to fuck with one for 20 minutes and move to the next. Also you're paying the 'niche tax' of low sales volume = higher price. I haven't fucked with the WWII stuff for example and don't feel my game is in any way degraded. Maps are just aesthetics for the most part (you might have to hit one button instead of another on some INS models), Supercarrier is optional if you want more realistic carrier ops, and GPS is both irrelevant and cheap.

RE: Throttle input problems

Check your axes. DCS registers the throttle to pitch and roll by default, maybe elite does something similar. Otherwise I dunno. You seem to have some ramshackle shit going on because I have literally never had an issue with mine, even in Falcon BMS which is a mod built on a game from over 20 years ago and I've damaged the wire on my stick when moving. I'm too computer dumb to even tell you why, shit has just werked.
No. 59292 Kontra
92 kB, 1000 × 565
4,9 MB, 2560 × 1440
5,0 MB, 2560 × 1440
2,3 MB, 2560 × 1440
Magic the Gathering: Arena
Now this I enjoyed. It relit my old enthusiasm for MtG games, albeit with a few fairly minor problems such as the ridiculously retarded fact that effectively it costs you more money to buy gems than it would cost to buy an actual, physical booster pack with actual, tangible real world value as a potential collector's asset. I bought the $5 new player package with a bunch of gems and shit but paying anything for this game is absolutely retarded beyond compare, so just don't do that.

That being stated, it is a free to play gameobviously which rewards you with the usual, although it's really not that hard to grind a new booster or two each and every day which on top of that you get these rare/uncommon/common tokens that can be traded in to craft copies of individual cards provided you already have a copy of one in your library. This was a great idea as it makes deck building pretty much a breeze for any new players.

As a game itself separate from MtG it's pretty good. Pretty well made, sound design, visual quality, ease of use, it's just a good digital card game on its own. It has some kinds of visual effects for playing truly epic cards like mythically rares or planeswalkerswhich itself is a rather annoying decision on their part to include as a mechanic in MtG and it makes me realize I'm so damn old now that planeswalker cards are literally a brand new newfag to me, in fact I still see multicolor cards a somewhat recentish addition by my memory as well as visually having cards smashing each other, sound effects like vampires hissing and so on.

But as to the MtG part, if you've never played the game you may get a bit lost. I always thought of it as a type of chess when I was a kid, a rather advanced form of it that taught you plenty of new vocabulary in addition to excellent rules lawyering. Magic the Gathering is a game built entirely around exploiting rules, on the off chance any you guys don't know this game. I personally find it a great deal of fun which truly reignited my passion for this game however if you've literally never played it before ever I can imagine it to be quite daunting. The makers of this game do make it pretty easy to read and navigate around, however the action's usually so fast paced with the addition of imo too short a timer that any new player is probably going to have difficulties. I myself had a whole shoebox and played this all the time and built probably twelve separate high power decks back in my time and even I find it a bit daunting at times to pay attention to all the separate rules going on particularly as I haven't played it with anybody else in like 8 years or so and thus am ignorant of over 8 years worth of new rules.

I think that the biggest part to this game other than microtransactions is it misses the point to MtG, which is it's really like a sort of lawyer's chess. As such, it completely misses the point that just like playing a game of chess in a NYC park, you're supposed to be able to spend like 5 minutes looking over everything on your turn in the really long games between extra advanced players with complex decks. You simply cannot do this as speed chess. I mean you can play speed chess too, true, but just imagine being given only the option to doing speed chess. It sucks right?

So for that I think it can be a real problem for a new player, which is a shame because I had huge amounts of fun with this game and am probably going to end up using it as my go-to online game now. It's incredibly fun. But then there's the timers. You actually do have some time to look over what you're doing and think, but because there's some serious players on there you're going to be stuck running out the timer just trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

That brings it to the second point, which is that like other similar games as well as in real life, the players with the most time, experience, and frankly money under their belt are going to beat you. There are other game modes thankfully, all of which I haven't played, so I can't speak to that, other than against bots which I do recommend to anybody including rusty old players. It's such a great tool that I wish I had as a kid to test my own physical decks, although the AIs are dumb as hell and quite gimped when it comes down to it. In a sense the robots are just there to run around your proving grounds to test new weapons on the range. They will not give you any challenge if you have any clue what you are doing, and do not appear to have good decks.

I have no idea how the skill levels are segmented, but apparently there does not seem to be any in the mode in which I play.

The other problem is it's on the usual bullshit Wizards of the Coast rules of which cards are banned or, forget the word for how they phase them out but basically my entire vampire deck is unuseable for any kind of standard ruleset gameFORMAT right it's called a format. I guess this is actually fine for new players and probably where you personally should start, because it stops people like me who'll end up having a pile of cards from 2007 with some kind of bullshit deck build which works like an annoying "I win" button on turn 6believe me there's countless decks like that IRL with numerous infamous builds that personally got cards outlawed or rules changed IRL, including the reason why you can only have 4 types of any one card and why Black Lotus is banned which also works like that in the game with longtime players, and believe me you're going to know those players the minute you see them: they're going to universally have custom card sleeves and seemingly do nothing for four turns then play some bullshit planeswalker card that makes the game unwinnable in the lawless mode I like to play. I already have old cards and unopened boosters from not even that long ago when I first played this game only a little bit back in late 2020 or something which they updated so much about the game visually I still sometimes am not sure if it's the same game I tried out less than a year ago.

I literally have cards in my decks you can't even find anywhere in this game anymore, hence the reason for formats like standard and limited, because as they cycle through legal cardsets you'll get stuck with these totally bullshit builds with rules so arcane it feels like you literally need to be a paralegal or some kind of litigator just finding out what's going on. Fortunately or not, everything is automated, which means at once no arguing for fifteen minutes about what is and isn't legal or you can and cannot do or what was done during what turnstep while your buddies get out their paper rulebooks just to figure out can he really do that or not; on the other hand, it also means nobody missing to put some counter on some card or execute some real like five turns back that could've fucked you.

Pics VERY related. This was the funniest fucking game ever, in fact it's up there with IRL games for memorability. This guy actually had just gotten his last counter on a card which was going to give him a second turn in a row for free, in a battlefield that totally outmatched me. He was going to fucking crush me. However, like some retarded peacocking Bond villain, the guy just had to take his coup de grace move on me, which resulted in him missing some combo of different rules which tl;dr picked off an extra HP that killed him. I didn't even fucking realize this. I literally thought I was going to lose and just said fuck it and decided to go with it in my one last futile effort. I pretty much killed the guy on accident because he's too busy dicking around trying to send me to negative a hundred life or whatever, which to be fair always was a big part of IRL games: just to see not that you could beat your opponent and his deck, but how badly you could do so.
No. 59295 Kontra
12 kB, 480 × 360
To be fair I've lost numerous games doing it IRL and on that game, just because -20 life isn't good enough, no, you need to pull off that one last combo move on him. It's like watching some dumb action film where the guy's prancing around gloating and it gives you just that opening to stick a dagger between his ribs.

The reason I post this in particular is just to give you guys some kind of idea what an absolute clusterfuck you're going to be in for, although again I found out my whole vampire deck is fucked and literally all but like two different cards are no longer legal in any kind of standardized formats so I don't even have a legal deck after I built it. As such, be careful how you spend your R/U/C blanks to craft cards especially because it does change frequently what's legal or not. In terms of playing outside those restricted formats though, these are the kind of players you can be up against. I've seen some absolutely insane decks already these last few days. I still think indestructible was one of the biggest most bullshit jump the shark moves along with planeswalker cards especially after WotC had the balls to bitch about older cards being too "overpowered" to be legal anymore but whatever

In summation: yes it's good. It's GREAT. I play this shit all the time nowbydlobidoran, in this one case idgaf about posting it although while probably done to fight "toxic online communities" it does actually suck that they don't have a chat. It can be real overwhelming for new players, the turn timers could stand to be a little longer, but generally you have some time to think and it's just great. It's a real thinking man's game and I say this without irony. IRL is always going to be the best, funnest MtG experience, and why in the fuck would you pay for valueless online crap that costs more than real cards with real value, but then there's finding people to play IRL or even occurring to look or put effort to finding people dusting off the ol shoebox, and this is still fairly true to the MtG experience. You don't need money or experience to start, but should stick to restricted rulesets to keep the monster autists and years old players or rich kids from stomping you until you've had time to basically level up your decks and experience.

Heavy recommend.
No. 59296
52 kB, 929 × 790
2,6 MB, 1568 × 1172
>Also you're paying the 'niche tax' of low sales volume = higher price.
Yeah I recognize that but let's be honest here, it's not the niche tax but the autist tax. It's the same reason why GW charges ridiculous, outrageous fucking sums of money just to get into their game, because they like certain other things target those of us that are manchildren with disposable income to waste on hobbies like this, and/or people with some kind of "legitimate" interest in it. They do it because they can get away with it, and they can get away with it because a lot of the kinds of guys that play these games will do shit like go out and buy a $900 HOTAS, get a realistic 4 lever throttle on top of it for hundreds more, spend hundreds more on a rudder system, and ultimately have spent thousands of dollars on their setups along with their racing stuff.

>. It's the same model in things like Train Simulator and it cops shit for the same uninformed reason.
A train is not a plane.

> A single aircraft is basically a new game, not just a small content expansion
To a certain extent yes but then the question is more a thing of how their engine works, and why it doesn't work now. I'm not talking about making a new model of the same shit with same handling. What I am saying is that no it does not take the same kind of million dollar team just to add a new aircraft like it would to put out War of the Chosen say, but even that's not it

25 fucking dollars for an airport. $25. You cannot possibly be fucking serious. This is beyond even Paradox's level of naked greed.


Any fucking paid DLC let alone a $40 one in a series of THOUSANDS of dollars worth that starts off with
>Thousands of happy users can’t be wrong,
is inexcusable. You have got to be absolutely shitting me right now.

The fucking company is just straight up going the route of a scam New Age MLM scheme hawking "AllTM NaturalTM RemediesTM" bullshit +ExecutiveTM CoursesTM +tip at that point. It is blatant at that point and ffs I didn't even need to click around to find that one.

They're scamming you. They know they are scamming you. Plenty of people probably also know they are being scammed but just don't care for whatever reason, maybe because they're trained to expect it I dunno.

Those sim companies are basically taking the worst excesses of GW's and Paradox's practices, who I also hate, to a ridiculous extreme and the logical conclusion of those practices, which will eventually be to part out very basic core components to a game, like how Total Warhammer I shit you not has a $2.99 blood DLC. As in, you pay three bucks to unlock having blood textures.

This kind of behavior is utterly inexcusable and should be roundly condemned, and the overall shittiness of the gaming industry now is a direct result of gamers and consumers as a whole actually putting up with it. It'll be the same thing with graphics cards where we end up with $569.99 for an RTX 5050ti because "well it's complicated gear for gaming enthusiasts" or some silly shit because retards are somehow willing to pay for it. I personally am not. It gets to that point the only reason not to pirate it ultimately becomes a price tag that high will leave most users shook. People will end up not pirating just because the thought of pricetag that high spooks them off.

>Thousands of happy users can’t be wrong, XPRealistic V2 brings a whole new world of immersion into X-Plane. With a growing list of 40 realistic camera and sound effects, you will experience X-Plane like never before.
holy shit just look at these retards I am reading the comments now
by the way maybe I come off unneccesarily aggressive, angered, or hostile sounding online. Sorry if I do, don't mean to don't take it seriously or the wrong wayunless it's a corpo or the MBA majors counting their shekels that I absolutely do intend to be every bit as hostile as I soundfuck me I hope I don't turn into a male karen boomer when I'm 50
I'm sure you're going to argue this and we're eventually just going to agree to disagree though.

>DCS registers the throttle to pitch and roll by default, maybe elite does something similar
Nah, what I mean by that is the little analog sticks. According to reviewers who at first I found proven correctly in saying they know see that little analog stick as something they cannot live without in their space sims and I happen to agree. Be this here. The problem is when I set one to throttle side to side or up and down on the throttle analog stick, and then forward or backward thruster on the throttle it does weird stupid shit. I was sleep deprived and exhausted late at night with that so now I'm awake and loadeoh fuck what time is itd up on caffeine maybe I should give another go of trying to fix it.

I'm sorry I just hate that shit sometimes, where basically I get this weird stupid metagame puzzle IRL it feels like just trying to solve it so I can figure out how to progress to playing the actual thing. So much time spent fixing broken or wonky shit just to make it work in a game. I give people like Mandalore mad props for taking the time to fix things then show us how to unfuck decades old janky game code on GOG In this case, it is making my HOTAS perfect. I paid quite a bit premium to get that too so it's really disappointing having stupid weird unexpected shit happening that's superficially unexplainable.

It only happens in E:D and nearest I can figure it's something in game or with the device software which is confusing it about inputs because basically that secondary forward/reverse thruster I think is doing jank shit to the throttle as now both are sharing the move forward/backward code. I have no idea why; Elite straight up has alternate controls keybind mapping. It's super useful to doing any kind of landing to have those twin stick controls on top of my flight stick, it's just that especially as I am flying around it's almost like I bump into the forward analog and the code/game flips out and suddenly I go from slowly inching forward to shooting rapidly backward as throttle and analog inverts, push throttle all the way forward, now left/right thrusters invert. Just imagine what that feels like happening at random. It's just E:D so idk the deal or how to fix this.
No. 59354
What game? Looks beautiful
No. 59558
188 kB, 1024 × 1024
This is it. This is really that one game that is finally going to force myself to learn proper video editing and upload videos solely just to shit on this game.

It's unspeakably terrible. It is almost exquisite in how bad it is. More confounding is looking up YT commentswhich itself is somewhere between driving red hot nails through my scrotum or reading twitter and 4kanker comments and people are just mindlessly talking about do you save Ava or Tripp. No one, not onenot one! person commented how unspeakbly stupid that choice itself was. I came here solely to bitch about it because after forcing myself through three episodes with the sternness of sword swallowing a frozen turd that was that game I can no longer do it. It is a 2girls1cup moment. Like why in the hell am I not given the option to refuse her choice? Why the fuck didn't I get to speak up and reveal Joane?!

Unlike the first two, A New Frontier is uniform in its blandness and shittiness. I am serious, it is exactly like some ultra poor quality 90% off 0.99 shovelware point and click that's not even worth the ninety nine cents on Steam. It's like buying a Dell alleged gaming PC just to talk about its shittiness, and now that I think about it probably also has in common that the ignorant bydlo don't even see a problem with it either. I do know it was rumoured to be bad, but even still, nothing could prepare me for this.

At one point a man is injecting morphine and I think weird they must've blurred it out? Is this drugs censorship for console ratings you may ask. It's a reasonable guess after all.
But no.
The reason is because it's so badly done even the graphics just randomly blur out objects, peoples faces. Random spots just go out of focus, like that perspective effect can't figure out where to put the central focus.

The game itself fairly routinely makes me think my graphics card is dying. I realized it was not a Ryzen overclock. The game is just so buggy as hell the background randomly flickers to this partial blue screen, code, colored bars. It's amazing. It's the newer of the four games plus Michonne and yet it's far, far worse of a port.

The controls, my god the controls. First of all there is literally no game here. Secondly it, like most console for bydlo, gives prompts on what key to press, but the thing is they don't make any sense. It has to be seen to be believed. You'll randomly need to do shit like stitches so you move your mouse back and forth. It makes you think it has a scheme but it does not. Then to make a movement you need to press Q. Then E. Then random movement keys. Want to push a car? Use WASD. Have to push an armored vehicle in a later episode? Oh that's repeatedly mash Q. I cannot even imagine how retarded this must feel with a controller also.

On top of that it's not even like it makes sense when you need to do something, or that it matters. At least the prior games pretended to be a game. This is just straight up press Q for next cutscene. That is literally the entire game. But like some nurse who nags you every 2 hours in dead of night just to make sure you cannot sleep, like a flight attendant fucking with you to ensure you never quite sleep on an 8 hour flight, you have to pay juuust enough attention to not ignore the not even alleged game outright. At least a true cutscene simulator I can have on in the background or something. OH yes that reminds me, it fucking automatically pauses the minute you tab out.

It's a work of art and beauty how exquisite is its shittiness.

The dialogue options make no fucking sense. It reminded me finally of the one "quirk" ME had where every dialogue option mismatched the actual words you used, sometimes with a different meaning. This whole game is like playing a Malkavian if VTMB was about some schizophrenic mood swinging washed out baseball twat. I once actually had a dialogue option that looked something like "let's take this easy" and the guy just blurts out "your wife is thinking about leaving you!" I am fucking serious. That's where we're at. I literally do not even know if this guy is just randomly going to say something about fucking his brother's wife. The dialogue often has nothing to do with what the fuck it says and his moods often shift wildly.

Legit right before this dumb execution she slaps me in the face because she wanted to fuck me. I out and out took the route of "you're my brother's wife. I am not fucking my brother's wife." Despite this she said something about kissing her which I am pretty sure I never did. I never chose a romance path. Bitch the world is filled with zombies and I have my niece and nephew to look after while you're smoking pot. This reminds me, the series is so fucking terrible I didn't even bat an eye at his niece getting randomly shot in the face. Not because of reasons, just because. So TWD normalized random pointless character deaths while people with contracts keep getting resurrected and have SAG card immortality.

Meanwhile there's a herde of zombies outside this village, and TWD also normalized me to the point where "oh, our safe walled town is surrounded by zombies. I wonder how long until the game forces me to let the horde in to kill everyone because reasons. Maybe no reasons. Probably episode 4 or 5 I'll have to destroy the town with zombies." So that I don't bat an eye at either anymore.

But this one, no this one is special. ANF is some next level shit. At least I cared about the characters before somewhat. At least I got to kill Larry. At least something made sense or cared about somebody.

Here I don't even give a shit. I don't even give a shit about Clementine, who mood whiplashed into someone truly alien from the Clem I played in season 2. "Season 2." Christ. These Hollywood flunkies need to stay the fuck put in LA and stop molesting my games. It is vile what they did to the whole industry.

But anyway my God, I can't even give a shit about one of them. Maybe the woman who slapped me. Look I can understand complicated feelings but this shit feels so fake and forced and I fucking hate it when games introduce some dumb romance drama inexplicably for no good reason at all in a disaster. I almost want to make a snide comment about men thinking with their dicks but sometimes it is so unexplainable, like Elli in ME3. Here I at least will give credit it's plausible while she's doing this at the worst possible time, or Tripp and Elanor getting ramrodded into the story like some sappy forced reality TV segment fueled by free rum. It's just dumb and distracting, So ironically this is the one and only plausible and not inhumanly retarded part of its writing, even if it is retarded anyway.
No. 59559
The writing is awful. I seriously do not even give a shit about Clementine now. I am forcing myself to do this. I'm being abused and hold hostage by a promised save file, and the promise the beatings will be less worse in season 4. It is dumb, unengaging, and generally all over the place. It sometimes feels like a college sophomore writing about spring break antics. They have to railroad you into some insipid situation the writers or whoever chose only this time it's spliced together and the dialogue doesn't match. Like why in the fuck am I bringing my wounded sister in law/love interest to the guys who shot her?? Why the fuck am I asking them for help after they shot my niece in the head and are clearly bandits??? Why after I already opened fire on them before they killed a settlemeng with zombies????? Now I also have the joy of Malkavian dialogue "choices" where who the fuck knows what my character will say and how he will say it. By the end of episode 3 I complete gave up on roleplaying him. He has borderline personality disorder or something.

All this and then finally after finding out the plot and going to the middle of a crowd of all the townspeople, the dialogue option [save ava] or [save tripp] pops up. I'm right there. I am right fucking there. I said consistently from the start we expose her. I wondered for a couple hours how I would be able to get the word out, even if it was whispering in an alleyway only one person at a time who their leader is. No, instead I am now in a crowd having some shitty, asinine, senseless back and forth rather than blurting out to the town all of whom now are in hearing range it's a setup! She killed those towns! She sent these people! I spared her henchman he is right there to admit it! I have witnesses! I have a warehouse full of the evidence!
[Spare ava]
[spare tripp]
Why the, what in the actual fuck? Why wouldn't I just tell her go to hell? I'm not in fucking chains. I can say whatever I want. Why would I, you know just fuck it. This is the most off the rails shitfest I've ever seen. I have no reason to tell her who I want her to kill. It's just lazily wedged in there.

I want to be very clear on this: there is no game here. There is no gameplay. It's a point and click adventure game where there are no puzzles and only one interactable object on screen. Over. And over. And over again. And you do not even use the same controls to skip to the next cutscene. Press Q to move. Press forward button to swing an axe. Now move your mouse up and down to swing a machete. You think it will make you pay attention again after a literal three solid minutes of just cutscene, and then realize the rest is more cutscene. You don't have to do anything, just watch. Then it will be some random, utterly pointless thing like click on a toolbox handle or doorknob or some random ass thing lazily shoehorned by some thick rim glasses twat to pretend and call it a game. It's not. It's random next scene prompts sprinked all around 10+ solid hours of wasted life by some Dunning Kruger hipsters whose estimations of themselves is orders of magnitude beneath their favorite producers.

The writing is so bad. I can't even get over how bad it's become. Like at least in season 2 I truly cared about the one character by the end. I fought like fucking hell to save him. He became like a second surrogate father to a lost little girl in zombieworld who just wanted people to stop fighting and took after the good natured but soberly pragmatic Lee, and now she's some badass hijacking trucks or some shit. Meanwhile I cared, liked, or somehow saw solid people to feel things or have an opinion on before. Then that one character they just offed offscreen because reasons for Clem who I wasn't even playing and instead have this baseball Malkavian with his bby u wan sum fuk 420 blaz it lmfao ey bby i don't like your brother dude weed lets fuk lmao sister in law, who is the most solid of any of the characters anyway.

It's incredible. I don't even give two shits about Clementine now.

This cutscene simulator is the biggest disaster I've ever seen put to code. The people saying it is bad are wildly underselling how universally awful it really is. There is no gameplay, retarded story, uninteresting characters, at times utterly bizarre dialogue mismatched to prompts, broken code, senseless controls, bewileringly senseless plot.

This alleged cut scene simulator makes me think Life is Strange is probably similarly trash enjoyed by God knows what kind of person, as I am now reflecting on The Council which itself was interesting or at least showed promise also in the first two episodes or whatever but midway through got derailed into a complete trainwreck. I think this genre is simply doomed. They always seem to turn into digital filth partway into the sequels if they managed to last even that long. They foretold the future of gaming. High visual impact, negligible gameplay, senseless and banal story. It wears the trappings of an RPG or point and click adventure like the skin of its victims, and its existence is a harbinger of the destruction of Western gaming as a whole.
No. 59560 Kontra
Mice were crying but continued to eat a cactus.
No. 59562
It is so rare to find something enjoyable, that you have to learn to enjoy hating things to stay in this hobby.

I had like 3 good experiences with video games in the last 10 years. Arx Fatalis, Slay the Spire, and some puzzle game I can't remember the name of.
No. 59565
I warned you about Telltale, bro. I told you, dog.

It reached the point when he just loves to hate it. Feeling is known: when it's impossible to enjoy the game, you can still turn the tables by embracing its pure shittiness and go down the "so bad, it's good" route. Although I personally would have dropped it much faster than Autism Murica. I guess I'm just too neurotypical. And when it comes to Telltale, I drop it right after seeing the cover.

Well, good stuff still comes out from time to time. Looking for that good stuff in Telltale's pile of refuse was stupid, though.
No. 59587
19 kB, 474 × 266
I learned new Russianism today. Not as good as shit in my pants or God's forgotten village. For a Russian I'm surprised you didn't use what metaphor I would
>I woke up crying from hangover but got drunk again later that night
To be fair, at least the process is enjoyable getting drunk. No wait maybe it alcoholism metaphor because by the bitter end I didn't even enjoy it; I just still did it because it had nice parts in the beginning.

The first one was infuriating too but at least had so many redeeming qualities I liked doing it, but like a true addict got darker and darker with less enjoyment. Even managing to push through and do everything I can to save Kenny was satisfying. What pissed me off is the one character I liked they didn't even kill for stupid reasons in the game they just straight up killed him in a flashback and made Clem unlikable and totally different. At least I cared about some characters in the second one even if it also sucked.

I didn't listen. But so many people also claimed oh look TellTale so good. No it's a shitty company to begin with that from what I can gather also told its customers to get fucked we're busy with something else when people were complaining about bugs and saves being broken. What amazes me is it just gets buggier the deeper you go. I'd have expected bugs to be more an issue with older ports. Instead, it gets worse the newer you get. My computer itself cries out in hangover. No, it isn't an AMD thing btw. I've had my cores set to 3.6ghz/1.05v manually, left to default, OC'd to 4.1ghz or higher, card left on an undervolt. The game is just broken. Random shit goes out of focus, a save corruptedI can't imagine how infuriating on console that'd be to get 15 hours in and the developer just tells you to start over we're too busy making ANF to fix it and great job you retarded cunts did with that, really weird framerate issues. I assume the fps problem is something to do with enhanced edition because my suspicion is it happens between touched up scenes and ones left in original state although it feels way worse than 30fps locked.

I will say though if you asked me few days ago was it worth my $22 I'd say well maybe yeah, Id have to admit I at least finished it and felt something strongly. By end of season 2 I'd say it was still worth itI'd be furious paying full price though

By time I finished ANF I angrily wanted my summer refunded

Well you and Belarus is right, in that TellTale is like an RNG roll for discovering all new type of shittiness. It is honestly bad enough I stopped caring about spoiling the whole thing is just how bad it is. I tried not to spoil as much TWD 1I really hate the way they tried to make it like a show, complete with faggy unskippable "previously on walking dead" cutscenes like what the FUCK I know what happened I just finished the fucking chapter you retarded flannel wearing thick rim hipster fucking but even that wore out my patience pretty fast. Even so, I learned to enjoy the hate and suffering, because it was pleasurable in TWD1 because of good characters and at times okayish writing trapped in nightmarishly retarded plot.

But then ANF. People who enjoy things like cutting their toes off without anesthetic and watching Telltale alleged "games" even hated it. I innocently and naively did not undertsand at the time how much that did not bode well, and so I opened the box.

It was a much different experience to A Plague Tale which was remarkable in its banality. There simply weren't characters. You had a little boy whose whole personality is being a sickly little boy whp gets frightened and same goes for the other pieces of cardboard. It was like everything that sucked about TWD with none of the enjoyment in hating it. APT is like being promised Disneyland, you open the box, a cenobite appears promising hot irons and French ticklers, and all pinhead does is tickle your nose with a feather.
I think it sadly speaks to a greater problem that my biggest outrage in APT is I didn't suffer. It was a serious downgrade in all ways from TWD and did it in a way that was boring yet somehow these YOBA playing bydlo said it was good. Fucking how?? So this is what I mean by TWD playing a dirge heralding the death of Western "gaming" in full.

I will say though I found many games I actually did enjoy or were good in just the last 3 months, like Prey (2017), X-Plane 11, Ruiner. It's just so hard sometimes to tell when something is going to be bad, or if it will be just bad or remarkably bad, or if it will surprise you like Ruiner did.
No. 59595
977 kB, 1600 × 900
935 kB, 1600 × 900
1,0 MB, 1600 × 900
549 kB, 1600 × 900
I have played all of the telltale games and I will now rate them without walls of text
t. videogames exbert

>the walking dead season 1
absolute kino
>the walking dead season 2
very good, but not as ebin as the first
>the walking dead a new frontier
the worst telltale game, kenny dies and the characters are all shit
>tales from the borderlands
probably the most kino, way better than any borderlands game has a right to be
>the wolf among us
also kino, some of the best characters in any telltale game
>the walking dead michonne
somewhat forgettable but I do remember enjoying it and she was a likable character
No. 59596
821 kB, 1594 × 872
1,4 MB, 1594 × 872
668 kB, 1594 × 872
Also I am thinking of buying Civ VI on sale for 15 euro for the base game + 2 expansions though I'm seriously on the fence over it

Civ VI looks like it has the most shit cartoony graphics and they've scraped the bottom of the barrel for literal-who women leaders everywhere. I'd like to try it but I really don't want to pander to wokeshit devs and give them money

Any Ernst played it?
No. 59598
113 kB, 1200 × 670
19 kB, 474 × 296
Ayyy la-Mao this guy even got the exact scene I was talking about
What still bewilders me though is people willing to play apolegetics either for the alleged game series or for the publisher/developers in spite of what amazing hot garbage this whole thing was. That cutscene simulator was inspiringly bad. In point of fact it is right up there not only with Mass Effect 2 for one of the worst so-called games I ever played in me life, but actually manages to supercede it. What I will say is in common between the two as big red flags is a combination of being console ports and also attaching themselves to Hollywood.

I somewhat disagree with people like mandalore in their CURSE appraisal. In my experience the two biggest warning signs to a game being total shit regardless of everything else is how much it is a console game and how much it involves itself with Hollywood. It isn't even that I hate Hollywood as a wholealthough they've usually been garbage since the 90s but so much as it's two completely different mediums. You would think that people used to the problems in a screenplay adaptation would get this, considering they're out of ideas since over two decades ago and merely adapt comic books and novels to filmin fact The Walking Dead was itself, you guessed it, a comic book before being turned to TV show universe. You would think it dawns on Hollywood hipsters that different mediums play different, but instead from what I can gather those troglodytes merely see vidya as identical to a movie because it's visual moving parts, when the fact is that there's far less in common between vidya and film than film and novel. I do not understand why they are too stupid to get this. A novel, much like a film, is a static set piece where the viewer is along for the ride. Everything has been predetermined. There is only one outcome with zero chance to change anything, and the viewer is moved by often not knowing what happens next. A film can be spoiled entirely just like a book by saying Voldemort kills Snape.

You cannot do this with many vidya. This is because while often having the same endpoint, player choices do matter, and even if they didn't, even if they had the same ending no matter what, it is how you get there. You the player interact with it and change what happens.

This is what is so baffling to me about TellTale, because they upfront state the intent of vidya as if pantomiming what "the experts" from game studios warned them, which is that the medium changes with player decisions unlike in a film or book. They say the so called game reacts to your choices. This is blatantly false of course, but even TellTale devs knew it and said so upfront.

In spite of all this they didn't learn fucking anything. If I wanted to watch something I'd go to the cinemaor rather play a file without the added and annoying hassle of clicking next, which is all anything ever amounts to, made all the more infuriating by the fact you usually need to sit there through five minutes of unskippable cutscene to go back and do something and no that usually is not enjoyable to watch. There is little crossover between the mediums, and as I said many times before, that is exactly why movies about videogames near universally suck ass as hard as alleged games based on films. Like some new Batman game or Terminator game, who the fuck even plays that? So here we have this steaming shitpile, which takes no effort even to make the sole reason of pressing the play next prompts enjoyable, because the writing sucks, the characters suck. Oh and I should mention, at least this time the town got taken out by an accident, and was ironically more bearable than any of the unbelievably stupid destruction of town by zombies I've seen yet. This makes it a bewildering experience because at least for the first time they made unleashing zombies and a romance less shite than usually, brought down by how awful everything else is.

I do not know why anybody is charitable to this. It is memorably bad. I say this as the kind of person who writes textwalls bitching about whatever is next game of the week. They're not your friends ffs you don't need to make excuses for these companies.

But in terms of the bright red flag, I'd say Hollywood involvement is also warning colors not just because of medium translation, but because it sends the signal "we view it as a product and we do not believe in our own product." It is like paying someone to vouch for you. It is like trying to look important by namedropping someone you once met at a cocktail partyor like trying to ride on the coat tails of famous successful white people because you are an impoverished trailer dwelling divorced failure at life. It pretty much says openly "I suck so fucking bad that all we can talk about is having Keanu involved. You guys like Keanu Reeves right? Like from that movie you liked?"

Poor Keanu. I feel bad for some of these guys. Like that one guy from Firefly who is a sincere scifi fan that they hired to push Master of Orion 4 and now his name got attached to something that fucking sucks. It's because if a game is good, they will take zero effort to boost through Hollywood affiliation. Quantum Point or whatever that awful console game was is a case in point. Couldn't run it on my old system, realized climbing ladders needed cutscenes, realized most games needing hardware upgrades are not worth it. Anything worth playing is a 3770k and GTX 970 or lower. Most things needing more than that suck. The only reason to get fancy new hardware is flight simulators. The rest is just so terrible. Like that other game they decided for inexplicable reasons to directly use the guy's face who played a redneck in The Walking Dead that's a UPS delivery simulator while carrying a fetus because reasons, and some weeb goes "oh but Hideko something or other!" and some dumb reddit shart goes "oh! But my favorite actor from that show!" and they overhype the thing for 3 months until the internet is filled with fake reviews and everything after is saying what a letdown it was.

A good game is just that: a good game. It should unashamedly show itself off through gameplay. It should let you listen to the awesome sound design, the atmosphere, hear the heresay how good story it isthough ymmv TellTale bafflingly got that reputation despite Knowers like Belarus trying to warn us, like the one sane man trying to warn you no cocaine is not glamorous don't listen to Hollywood retards don't hang out with those cholos and it should be immediately known by vidya reviewers where you see what you're getting more or less. Even still, somehow we have retards like the above who know how bad it is but still try making excuses for it.

The other last thing I'll say is whether IGN says it is good, and whether redditor tier casual console bydlo say it is good, stay away like it's a plague carrier.

All that being stated, I no longer regret it. It is positively inspiring how awful that game was. So in spite of hating it profoundly, or rather because of, I will say yes that game made me feel something strongly, which is far more than I could say for dung heaps like A Plague Tale. It was not banal in its terribleness. It's truly an inspiring game, almost awe like seeing a nuked planet or the face of God, in terms of its total ambition in being nearly the singularly worst alleged game I have ever played in me life. It may very well have been the seed to change my very course of life is how bad it is. One day from now in 2025 I may well say "yes, I am here doing independent media work because that one cutscene simulator enraged and inspired me that damn much I changed my career pathway over it." Even Ass Effect 2 at least had vaguely tolerable trash gameplay. But this Hollywood tainted trash, this, this is something special.
No. 59599
I uninstalled the demo but then again I was never very big on the civ series.

Honestly you're far better off saving your money and spending it on Age of Wonders: Planetfall or Endless Legends. Knowing you I'd think you personally will enjoy either of those games. AoW:P even has XCOM style battles, in sharp contrast to the civ style fights in EL which many people seem to think is lackluster. Personally I don't think you need Deadspace-esque booming dramatic soundtracks every time a guy fires an arrow. To me it's just fine, basically Civ game battle. AoE is pretty great battles though I got slogged down on the world map in some campaign. Not sure how highly I'd recommend singeplayer campaign, but the game overall is good.

Otherwise I really can't say much on Civ 6. Personally I think it looks really vanilla and lackluster, and heard other people bitch about it. As a fan of 4x games it's really not my thing and I don't even have it wishlisted, but again ymmv and Sid Meier civ games I'm not big into anyway. I suspect it will begin to you annoy personally for some reason but my opinion is hardly valid here.

I am genuinely curious about this, considering that series inspired me to wrote a novella worth of bitching. Why? I mean at least the first two, infuriating though they may be, got saved by the well written characters. Everybody was really believable minus the unspeakably terrible decisions shoehorned by plot writers, and well everything else that sucked. I didn't like the equally dumb thing about Michonne where it basically starts off with me torching a town to save a thief who pulled a gun on me. I was clearly playing the bad guy, and not in any way that was compelling either.

If it's purely for characters I get what you mean, and TWD 1 had one of the most exhilaratingly satisfying gaming moments I ever hadwhen I finally got Kenny to smash Larry's skull in although by the time I finally succeeded in offloading his daughter it was already too late. I did feel like I had more control in the first one although my getting forced into dumb shit I would never do still remained routine, from killing the generator to suffering Larry and Lilly, to compromising my or our safety over and over. It was what I'd imagine getting so high on heroin you vomit would feel, and the whole series became chasing that dragon. Then TWD2 had some people I liked or did a few things not retarded but the suffering only increased.

I have TWD4 left. I literally feel like the box is calling to me now. Out of all the useful things I could be doing in life, I hear the TellTale save file whispering to me.

I really should just play Space Hulk: Deathwing, Mechanicus, BF:GA2 and some other 40k games instead. It adds an extra layer of wonderful irony burning my incense around it, where I can bless the machine spirits IRL before playing even though I run my whole system's LEDs to combinations of reds, purples, magentas, traces of blue to make it look like warpfire inside spewing between all the black and gold in the case.

Alternatively I could finish Alien Isolation, and set my ARGmemery to oranges and yellows so my room looks like the ship in Alien with all those industrial orangish emergency lights. There's so many good games I could play. Playing TWD makes me feel depraved.
also I'm not sure I agree with reviewers bitching about Deathwing having no soundtrack as so far it seems really atmospheric to me having no music playing
No. 59644
Just beat hardcore mode of Ghostrunner, and having gotten all collectibles, gold rank on all time trials and completing wave mode, I've 100%ed the game as far as I can tell, I'm playing the offline gog version so there are probably lots of achievements I didn't get but I completed all gameplay content. I don't do that very often. This one is a solid 8.5/10 and I recommend it if you're into these kinds of combat puzzle and movement games. If you're not aware of it for whatever reason, it's Hotline Miami meets Mirror's Edge, but you're a robot ninja.

The good is that the standard game is honestly right up my alley in most regards. Colourful environments, satisfying sound and effects, great movement and tough-but-fair difficulty. Writing was enough to have you want to see what happens but sparse enough that it doesn't take away from the fast pacing of the game. Plus it wasn't up it's own arse. It was like "robot ninjas are cool, let's put on a basic 'who am I?' plot and call it".

Most of the levels flow really nicely and the quick death and respawn system makes grinding out that perfect run through an arena feel really special. The soundtrack isn't dynamic but goes with the gameplay well enough that it may as well be. Furthermore, the environments are not arbitrarily interactible. Wall running can be done anywhere, and your special abilities let you break from the 'intended' strat fairly easily. One of the best ways to approach some enemies is to deny them shots by wall running on the side of a platform and keeping the top of it between you and them.

Wave mode is interesting, you go through 20 waves in the same arena and after each wave you choose a new ability from a choice of 3. Time trials were fun too, with nice flow and multiple routes to explore and figure out. Downside there was that you were on the clock and you died at timer zero, rather than the timer going up and letting you explore the level for routing before trying for a fast time.

Downsides are that it's a little janky. I had it crash a few times for no apparent reason, and I'm not alone. Seems to be a frame rate thing, but I still got them occasionally after applying the frame rate limit that mostly fixed it. That said, the game is 95% polished as fuck. Occasionally enemies don't respawn properly, but the bugginess isn't /that/ notable. Another problem is the cyberspace levels which are tedious if you're lucky and annoying at their worst. The problem is that they take away some of your enhanced mobility and special abilities and try to make you do platforming of the type that isn't very good in first person, instead of the fast action and 'flow' finding that these games excel at.

Hardcore mode is the NG+ and starts nicely. Basically gives you all abilities from the start, and introduces advanced enemies from level 1. It also changes some level geometry, arena design and introduces new hazards. It starts out really nicely. A more challenging twist on the standard game. It feels like the first few levels were pretty fun, but whether it was burnout or what, I dunno but the latter 2/3 felt pretty cheap. Last level went from annoying in standard to hot trash in hardcore.

Considering that it's explicitly a challenge mode, it's more forgivable and I largely enjoyed hardcore, but it's definitely a more flawed experience than the standard game.
No. 59739
I read all of what you wrote day ago btw, sorry just didn't feel like I had anything of value to respond.
No. 59923
1,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
147 kB, 1024 × 768
421 kB, 1920 × 1080
There is a visual novel about pioneer camp called Everlasting summer which was made by imageboard dwellers 8 years ago. It's free and translated to capitalist languages.

I just thought that it could be interesting to sovietboos like you.
No. 59925
Who here is sincere Sovietboo?

Minute I saw anime into the trash it goes.

Also I fucking hate that misuse of term and what "visual novel" got defined into. Many years ago when I was looking for more games like Planescape: Torment I tried search terms like visual novel, because that is what it was. I did not realize it got bastardized into unbelievably shittastic sub-comic book level alleged writing for shitty cartoon pornography for weebs. The worst part of these so-called virtual "novels," which are nothing remotely of the sort neither by quality nor content, is the fact it takes all the absolute worst things about anime that I hate and congeals it into some sludge made to look presentable and as though it were writing so as to delude more people into thinking anything weebish sounding is what being a writer looks like, the result of which is occasionally salvageable games made into such. utter. SHIT. by the writing, the gameplay itself is no longer bearable.

I recently encountered two such games like that: They Are Billions and Tower of Time. ToT had such godawful introductory writing I completely dropped it right away. I tried forcing myself through the opening and into the normal game but I realized if it was that bad it just wasn't worth it anymore no matter how tolerable the game itself. I could see similarly plain as day what TAB was going to be though at least it had the dignity not to subject me to itself for too long or too much during gameplay.

I think that the combination of being a weeb and into 40K stuff will destroy Western indie games for a generation to come. 40K is meant to be so over the top it's pretty much parody, but all these idiots also take it at face value, such as for example too dumb to recognize the so called Imperial Truth would get you purged if the Emprah was still around because he was a militant atheist. That's sort of part of the point to it all and how much was lost and how ignorant people are that they became the very superstition the figure they worship passionately hated, pouring oils and cleansing incense because average 19th millenium IT closet nerd would be a god compared to how little the Mechanicum knows.

Not understanding that much renders people I think tonally deaf to what's underlying the full horror of 40k and partly how you get mary sue Ultramarine cancer and people acting like Space Marines are some capeshit Superman, and breaks down the writing into stupid heroics. I mention this between what you said because They are Billions get written like some Imperium expie for fuck knows what reason sandwiched between borderline weebist heresy, like he is some noble crusader, when truth the emprah always was some bloodthirsty diktator and worship of him would basically be like making Joseph Stalin the god emperor of mankind only I think the emprah of Man would probably tolerate it a hell of a lot less than Stalin if he wasn't encased on the living human sacrifice altar.
No. 59926
>Who here is sincere Sovietboo?
While my views of the Soviet union as a political project are known to all, I am slowly getting past the point of no return in regards to being fascinated with the soviet union, a pioneer simulator seems like a fun concept but dogg I hate anime XDDD
No. 59927 Kontra
189 kB, 612 × 400
>Waaa! Terminology doesn't conform to my personal interpretation of it!
No. 59928
67 kB, 768 × 577
Regardless of what you local pastor told you, sexuality is a natural part of humans life and there is no reason to be butthurt about it. I think Japanese get it right unlike westerners who these days make all the female characters ugly to avoid "objectivisation".

> being a weeb
> Western indie games
No. 59929
>Who here is sincere Sovietboo?
I am. While I consider that real Soviet Union was SHIT, SHIT I like its idealized image very much.
No. 59930

I never had enough patience for these kind of games. But they are very cool imho
No. 59933
1,4 MB, 1600 × 900
910 kB, 1600 × 900
83 kB, 1280 × 485
So I got Civ VI and I don't know what to make of it. It's definitely the most soulless Civ game I've ever played, your advisor is some goblina from Rochdale or somewhere like that and the leaders are all literal-who women I've never heard of.

The graphics are also garbage, cartoony mobileshit.

Gameplay wise I'm still on the fence, playing my first game as Arabia (my capital is Cairo for some reason?). There's some card shit they ripped straight out of Endless Space 2 that is pretty lame and I'm not sure about the whole districts nonsense. Tbh the whole thing has me wanting to play a little more to learn the game but also wanting to go back to Civ V for a game or two.

So deffo on the fence still

dropped immediately

>visual novel
hey write me an essay on RPG vs CRPG there would you

Ps: nobody cares about your rants over definitions of video game genres, it's an irrelevent circular argument
No. 59937
66 kB, 342 × 500
224 kB, 1246 × 1920
>healthy sexuality
Had to do a double take there.
It makes sense that sexually repressed imageboard perverts would be attracted to media produced by an entire country of sexually repressed perverts, but the lack of self awareness is interesting.
We're talking about games where you go back to your childhood and having sex with everyone you knew. That's not the kind of thing that appeals to socially adjusted people. That's like a "making up for stunted social adjustment" simulator.

And setting the feminism thing aside, I never understood what exactly is wrong with having unattractive people as main characters in media. Every other art form, from movies, literature, to comics, has stories about less than beautiful people. What exactly is the problem with that?

Why should some office worker or manager or soldier or whatever be 9/10 smoking hot, when it has nothing to do with their character? And it's not like those characters are even ugly, they're just plain average.
I think feminists are actually right on this particular issue. All this talk about the SJW agenda etc. seems like a thin veneer for wanting something to masturbate to.
Or maybe it's some pre-modern oogaa booga mentality, like how ancient greeks thought that ugly people are automatically evil, and beautiful people are automatically good. Like how in anime, if someone is drawn to closer resemble a real person, they're 100% evil cannon fodder who will be annihilated by the self righteous protagonist with magic powers.

I think healthy sexuality looks more like central and northern europe. No prudishness, but not outright emotionally stunted coomer perversion.
No. 59939
There is less "novel" to those hentai flipbooks than a fucking CoD game. Seriously pick any AAA shitfest and I guarantee you it still somehow manages to have both more writing and higher quality as such, and that's scraping what should be rock bottom of the barrel. Basically it's another flimsily transparent attempt of weebs at posturing how "cultured" they are or whatever dumb shit by calling it "novels." Basically it's the same M.O. at work as when they'll prattle on about how they think anime is "the highest form of art unlike those unlearned gaijin." As such I refuse even to humour them with that self description of their shovelware.

Sorry I didn't mean come off as rude to you personally if it came off that way >>59923

I also have to admit, that one Russian who said Soviet aesthetic is best in ruins was spot on. Post apocalyptic nuclear winter Soviet Russia is absolute kino aesthetics.
also if Stalin took all those MBA majors out and shot them I'd at least leave a kind remark for him in hell

Then why don't we just call anything whatever the fuck we want at the time? Words have meaning for a reason, and this has very practical impacts. That includes when people don't know what the fuck they're doing and miscategorizing shit on steam. I have two blanket filters, anime and nudity, and I ended up needed to filter nudity because that shovelware somehow was bypassing the anime tag filtering.

What brick said. Any even halfway sane degenerate immediately feels creeped out by the kind of shit weebs take for normal. Like if you go to a certain shitholes tech or vidya boards for example they'll post shit right out in the open that's clear pedophilic filth. They've gotten to the point it no longer even registers how utterly sick and disgusting anything is, and no we are definitely not talking about some random hook up or romance or whatever.

Actually it dawned on me today due to not sleeping and subjecting myself to more of that game series that what I knew about The Last of Us was that it was some choose your own adventure where you play a high school lesbian far as I know. HS as in, I think they're supposed to be 14 or something like that. It just struck me how utterly bizarre the idea is of some grown ass man actually being interested in spending tens of hours or free time basically romancing a HS freshman while roleplaying a lesbian and how creeped out I was and how much it makes me think of that psychotic light most trannies have in their eyes.

Because it's in cartoon form they both can get away with showing it as well as desensitizing a person to the full shock of how mentally disturbed most of that stuff is. It's one thing if it's a decent story on some rare occasion that happens to be anime, like Ghost in the Shell. It's another if it is moe or hentai or pretty much anything else. Like I could even explain it away somehow if the people were on drugs but I know a lot of weebs are straight edge and it makes me wonder what creepy scary place that would be to be a sober mind willingly going there, where it's like all their wires between paternalism and sexuality, daughter, sister, girlfriend are all mixed up.

I note this in particular because while I thought the anime influences of Othercide couldn't be that bad considering I thought a redeeming aesthetic with XCOM in store, I was not prepared for the usual anime bullshit wrapped around unengaging gameplay and I promptly dropped it. How do you know weebism? "Blah and the daughters fight the suffering in their cute outfits sacrifice a daughter to mothers heart blah blah" It's like boundaries between age or different relative status among others don't exist to them anymore and inevitably they somehow find a way to shoehorn it in.

I don't know how that last part even relates considering they're you know featureless cartoons with big eyes but okay. Actually that ties into the other chief annoyance I have with itbeyond its general aura of k*hl tier mental illness and being sick fucks is that the writing is just so childishly bad. A great deal of it is some of the lowest IQ stuff around, including being painfully simple minded, so if that's a pattern it wouldn't surprise me it also does some "they ugly=bad, they pretty=good guy" stuff.

As to Western stuff it's just more dumb comic book shit. At least something not taking itself seriously like Duke Nukem is transparent about that, and just shows you having the most idealized body and whatever. Any controversy isn't so much about actual beauty as lardasses looking for something to whine about, or people who want something to whine about so they try to find people whining about whatever, but it's largely a nonissue. In terms of vidya I think it's particularly because "I want to play someone fat stupid and ugly" doesn't have the same broad appeal, which is a real shame because minmaxing things like that was one of the more amusing aspects of Fallout.

It's funny you say this and the only game I can really think about is Elli from Dead Space. You just know some absolute twat from marketing who is useless as a human forced these poor people to work countless man hours making her look and act like a ditzy, retarded 16 year old like "no no gibe her bigger breasts we'll sell more copies" and she went from a cool character to I fucking couldn't stand her. Perfectly well written and memorable character down the toilet. I wonder how much of my life I wasted shooting at invincible NPCs even though I knew I couldn't kill them in game.
No. 59940
94 kB, 1630 × 1162
119 kB, 2144 × 1162
I'm talking about stuff like this.
The less "anime" a character looks, the more inconsequential they are. One off bad guys, canon fodder to be killed, random assholes the hero can protect the damsel from, etc.
They only exists to be props, and are undeserving of the high privilege of being drawn in the anime style. Not even villains are drawn realistically, because they're too important.

In anime-land, the more realistic someone looks, the more bad, petty, ugly and disgusting they are portrayed as being. There's probably some symbolism there lol.
No. 59946 Kontra
Given that big eyes make characters look younger and innocent I would say there is no symbolism, it is just that we care more about cute things then we do about none cute things. This goes back to Disney and most likely is older then that so this isn't a Japanese thing, it is universal among humans.
No. 59952
Well duh, there's a direct stylistic lineage between Disney and anime. The entire style was basically inspired by disney. It's a "emotionally manipulative bugman mass entertainment" thing. Both sell the same product to different markets.

The actual cause is that the hyper-idealized style is so specific to conveying cuteness, that it is impossible to convey anything else without breaking that style. Hence having to go back to a more realistic style in order to depict something non-cute.
Things don't have to intent behind them in order to ring true. Sometimes these things arise emergently. Isn't it poetic that a genre so obsessed with idealized fantasy is incapable of depicting normalcy without breaking itself? drags on a cigarette
No. 59954
94 kB, 1280 × 655
> And it's not like those characters are even ugly, they're just plain average.
No. 59955
Compared to the average Russian, those are supermodels.
No. 59956
The difference is that some big eyed piglet or deer or whatever is humanized cutesy version of what it is; anime is explicitly about young children. Like maybe Aladdin or whatever will be an even more youthful 19 year old or whatever, but if it was anime he'd be a 14 year old half stepbrother to some 11 year old having a forbidden relationship or something like that. In fact most anime characters period tend to be high school age or small children.
No. 59960 Kontra
> but if it was anime he'd be a 14 year old half stepbrother to some 11 year old having a forbidden relationship or something like that
Isn't that basically Game of Thrones?

> anime is explicitly about young children
Yes children's stories contains child characters, I know it is a concept foreign to Americans who has 30 year olds play high school student.
Young adults stories contains characters in that age group.
Pervy sick stories contains whatever pervy sick fantasies there is. Learn the difference and stay away from them.

Stylized characters have a hard time depicting anything that isn't what they are stylized to be?

It is role based. They have roles to play. Cute things have one role to play. Evil characters have another role to play. It is sort of like the villain in theaters having a white face so that everybody knows he is the villain. The way they speak is also highly codified, a certain type of character is supposed to speak in a certain way using certain words.
No. 59962
It's called a visual novel on steam, everyone bar you who spoke of it referred to it as a visual novel by common agreement it is therefor a visual novel.

>Given that big eyes make characters look younger and innocent I would say there is no symbolism
It symbolises that everyone consuming anime is on some level a pedo, transvestite or sexual predator in the making. I've never met anyone who was into anime that wasn't one of these things.

Literally every single time I come across some animefag on discord the curtain drops eventually and they show their true colours
No. 59963
Haven't seen any other genre that has to break its own style in order to convey something as mundane as an average middle aged man but ok.

>Yes children's stories contains child characters
"Children's' stories"
Remind me the target demographic of anime again?
Also, if anime characters are designed to look like children (your words), isn't ALL anime childrens' stories? Including the ones containing sexual and violent themes, aimed at adults?

>Pervy sick stories contains whatever pervy sick fantasies there is. Learn the difference and stay away from them.
Yes, stay away from anime.
No. 59983
67 kB, 854 × 480
87 kB, 638 × 397
Sometimes I look at pre and early 2000s console game classics and wonder to myself how could anyone possibly think this was impressive at the time. Is it a case of console players having low standards, or are those games actually good despite how stupid they look? I gotta download some emulators and revisit them, maybe I'm missing something.

Not saying there weren't all time great tier games on consoles, there were absolute classic games with no alternative on PC at the time, but there's a certain subset of console games that are just bad imitations of what already existed on PC, hailed as innovative and trend setting.
Here's a list of some "legendary" console games that, to me, reek of mediocrity.

Legend of Zelda. basically an Ultima clone, and utterly unimpressive considering Ultima 4 came out the previous year. For some reason Gen X idiots keep saying how it was "innovative" at the time, or even go as far as saying it invented open world RPGs. That annoys me. It's an Ultima clone end of discussion.

Final Fantasy and similar """"RPGs"""", all of them. Not only are those game not actually RPGs, even as a kid playing on a console I thought they were fucking boring as fuck. Utterly devoid of tactics, just ">pick character >attack >pick target". I guess at the time it was seen as acceptable, but the genre spent the next two decades with literally the same fucking gameplay, that's baffling. Also, there's King's Bounty 1990 which had actual, albeit primitive, tactics, and the genre it helped create actually evolved with time. I guess there's the "muh story" aspect, and that's fine, but even if you love the story, does it justify the gameplay being nothing but busywork?

The early Resident Evil games. A rip-off of Alone in the Dark 1992. It took them 4 years to clone this game and it was still as janky as the original, with retarded controls and stupid puzzles. Again, maybe cool for the time, but ultimately a clunky top down shooter with static backgrounds and a fixed camera. "But the bad controls make it scarier!" yeah ok. Fun fact, the creators of the game vehemently denied any inspiration from Alone in the Dark, and refused to give any credit to the guy who made it. Typical jap behavior, gotta "save face" and all.

Goldeneye 007. I don't see why being able to create a barely playable FPS experience on consoles is deserving of high praise. It's an ugly shooter with horrendous performance and controls, and the fact that it was on hardware that wasn't suitable for the genre is not an excuse. You don't see PC people argue that old acclaim era PC platformers were good, because they know mega man existed.

I'll think of some others later.

Also, Half-Life was more innovative than Ocarina of Time, and holds up better today. There, I said it.
No. 59984 Kontra
Because from like 2008 to 2015 videos about video games were predominantly by millenial American nintendotards.
This is their narrative. They legitimised their nostalgia by making up historical grounds for it.
No. 59986 Kontra
> Cartoons are for children hurr durr
Yes. Now go read some grownup literature like 40 shades of gay or something adult.
No. 59987
Heh heh.
Looks like you've lost the argument, kiddo.
I'd say you put up a decent fight against my superior debate skills, but I'm not in the habit to lie.
lights a cigarette
takes a drag
blows it in your face
No. 59988
What alleged common agreement? You mean the people making their less than bottom of the barrel depravity decided to try and legitimize themselves and what they are making by calling it "visual novels"? Yes that is my point. I refuse to humour them for that reason by using their self applied and invented terms for the same reason I refuse to acknowledge trannies and furfags with their self applied labels. They spammed the term because "dating simulators" or "cartoon fetish porno book" sounds significantly less prestigious than their delusional term.

You can go along to get along all you want but I refuse to humour these "technically its ephebefilia" degenerates. I don't know which comes first chicken or the egg but it seems people that far down the hole require not just massive amounts of self delusion but come to feel the inherent need to make others as deluded as they are, such as trannies, pedos, people who pay for cartoon porno shovelware on steam etc.

No it is not even remotely similarly because you will notice for instance that the incestuous relationship Cersei and Jaime Lannister have is a formidable piece of blackmail that could get them killed as the grown adult nobles they are. It is seen as sick and dirty rumours. Were that an anime they'd be openly celebrating it with constant pink tinged flashbacks to their childhood and the sole reason of talking about secrecy period is for the sick fuck fantasies to be indulged.

It's basically like trying to find some movie that made a joke about a panty sniffer where it's supposed to be funny because it's a weirdo thing to do as a way of apologizing for dirty panty bending machines being in Japan.

Because pretty much this although you got the time period sorta incorrect, I think?

It ties into that discussion about Russia vs America and gaming or console culture. For Russia somehow it seemed they all played bootleg PC game. Here, orders of magnitude more kids played console shit. This partly was that PC was so much more expensive than console that simply owning a family PC good for games probably meant you either had an educated or professional parental background, was raised at least middleclass, or both, whereas even many poor kids had shit like Nintendo Gameboy, consoles or whatever because maybe the family never could afford a thousand dollar machine especially in pre-internet days but probably they could fork over $250 for a console for all the kids to share on some Christmas.

Result of this is that lots of retarded Americans have this nostalgia for those just plain bad hardware and games, and also because it was lighter usually some kid or family could always bring over the console itself to hook up to a TV during hangout or sleepover or some sporting event or however. I was recently look at some very old Silent Hill and Resident Evil games and really confused why they were supposed to be so good.

Tl;dr combination of MSRP and class issues making it more common source of nostalgia for far greater numbers of Americans where even the cool kids played Nintendo but PC gaming was only a tick above owning d20 and a binder full of Magic cards level weirdo. Non-source Counterstrike and Starcraft Broodwar was the first two games to really start changing that and even those meant you were an actual nerd as opposed to this retarded "lol imma nerd" fashion statement it got turned into.

Lastly, I am always amazed at retarded shit women do to look cute or more appealing to men, and that includes this "geek" chic glass frames without lenses in them. Of course much like wearing anime cat ears, I recognize they do it because it works, so ultimately end up looking down on the men it works on way more. Typically I see 28 year old zoomers doing this dumb shit and trying to turn that or console games into some dumb fashion thing which no, liking console games for bydlo masses doesn't make you nerdy.

Oh right and forgot to add, yes we do. The reason for this is because dumbed down consolization happened so when you try and play a pre-2008 PC game you feel slower, dumber, more incompetent. Compare Jedi Knight Outcast to Star Wars games 20 years later. The fidelity is higher but everything else decayed. In an effort to garner mass appeal everything from storytelling to controls got dumbed down so it is press X to jump rather than solving jumping puzzles though in fairness I don't miss those frustrating platformer sections every game used to have.

We do say how we miss old PC games. M8 we almost universally do nothing but bitch about it all the damn time. The difference is we at least had valid reasons for complaining about the decay, and the coming phoneshitterization of all things is already starting to happen.
No. 59994 Kontra
16,3 MB, 154 pages
7 kB, 188 × 268
Oh I almost forgot to ask, who wants to read a 154 page report on the state of the Polish videogames industry?
No. 59995 Kontra
For a split second I thought this was a funny hoax. Anyway, I like those documents for what they are and used today. Briefing etc.
Anyway, to make my point, I'm not a gaymore anymore for years now, but compared to film and music, does games really is that kind of a profit machine? To be fair, I come across gaming a lot even though I don't game. I've completely lost touch with that area in the last 8 years.
No. 59997
Afaik games overtook cinema and music combined in revenue half a decade ago.

Unfortunately, a lot of it was shitty mobile gambling games.
No. 59999 Kontra
495 kB, 512 × 512
>mobile games

Ah, makes sense.
No. 60003 Kontra
Yes. I forgot the 1st rule of debate.

Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Congrats. You won an argument on the Internet.
No. 60004
>Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind next time I see your posts :)
No. 60011
Sir I wish to discuss the digital industrial output of the 21st century Republic of Poland

The share of phoneshit now eclipsing both console and PC gaming revenues is a worry trend indeed.

Of course as to gaming compared to cinema, the profit margins on games is so much better than movies that it's part of why half of modern cinema is basically just CGI and has been for a couple decades. The difference is movies have far deeper and wider market penetration because everyone from children to elderly third world couples can watch a film, but not nearly as many people are into games and of those far fewer can afford all the kind of bullshit cost that goes into running modern games. You pretty much need a thousand dollar+ system to run cyberpunk above 768p. At the same time this also likely correlates to the explosion in phoneshit, because even boomers play those things.

My fear is these shitty things having wider appeal is going to drag down PC and console gaming both to its level, and indeed I have already seen this. A great many games are being pushed through Steam now which are clearly nothing more than phoneshit, including that untextured, detailless trash "aesthetic" of stuff like Rise of Industry and trying to make it sound like "an aesthetic choice" when what really it is was first hardware limitations, and then laziness and incompetence mixed with greed. They are trying to make it appear not just acceptable but fashionable to basically have untextured raw pre-alpha models and not even bother with development at all anymore.
No. 60091
No. 60095
59 kB, 600 × 600
After 40 hours of Civilization VI I can safely say it is soulless zoomer shit.

He's right, cartoons are for children, and Anime is for faggots.
>What alleged common agreement?
the common agreement that everyone else on planet earth doesn't give a shit about it except you (including me)
wtf microprose still exists? can't they just let the greatest dev house of all time lie in peace with resurrecting it to sell shit? wasn't the Julian Gollop fiasco enough for them?
No. 60110
210 kB, 1600 × 800
152 kB, 1400 × 700
241 kB, 1440 × 810
7,1 MB, 3840 × 2160
Anybody playing the Diablo 2 remaster? I'm pretty tempted just for the ability to play it with controller like a pleb
No. 60115
>2nd pic
WTF, why are they all so ugly? Amazon and Assassin look like obvious trannies, Necromancer is just out of gulag, Barbarian is kinda OK, but his face is smeared with some shit for some reason, Paladin is played by Red Skull, Sorceress is tolerable, but nowhere near as cute as she was in the original, and Druid looks like some unimportant NPC who's supposed to sit at the tavern, drink his ale and utter some meaningless phrase that may or may not become a meme.
No. 60116
17 kB, 289 × 504
22 kB, 320 × 388
Not like they looked good in the originals
No. 60118
Still way better than the ones from Resurrected™, plus they have an excuse since they are from a much older game. It's like they deliberately make them look horrendous. I mean if I go outside and start looking for seven people that look as ugly as these character, I may spend the whole day and still not succeed.
No. 60119 Kontra
Also, why would you play a hack 'n' slash game with a controller? It seems super awkward, just like playing an FPS with a gamepad.
No. 60121
>After 40 hours of Civilization VI I can safely say it is soulless zoomer shit.
I also discovered the game recently. And as much as I agree with you on the shittiness of the visual aspect and the "cast" of civilization. (I was more pissed at the integration of british commonwealth fags than the fat black woman, probably for ideological reasons.)

As for the game aspect of the game, it's a win for me. The quarters system and the marvels taking actual space make give you more choice for land use planning. The idea of combo when adjacent hexs are exploited the same way add to that. The natural marvels are better and more interesting, I really don't understand why you see this as nonsense. Diplomacy with the city states gives less options but the way they help you is more significant. Multi-player is very enjoyable. Overall, every mechanics have been simplified to make this game less of a simulation and more of a board game, I would argue it's one of the reasons the worker's mechnic have been changed and also why the map and UI are stylized.

On the negative aspects for me, I think that the game is way too easy when played on one player, the roads mixing with trade routes are a bugged pain in the ass, certain types of victory can be easier than other still maybe less than in civ Vand there's zero benefit in playing tall.
No. 60123 Kontra
>The idea of combo when adjacent hexs are exploited the same way add to that
On a second thought, it may also have been there in the other civ games. I don't remember.
No. 60124
Started playing New Vegas for the first time. Breddy fun so far, on my third character. The first got dropped shortly after killing Benny since he had a horrible skillset, the second I dropped very shortly after starting because wow melee weapons are boring.
No. 60125
I had to get it, but i was always just playing the series as pasttime just terraforming the entire world. And the VI is just bad in that. I love Beyond Earth however although it suddenly runs slow as fuck

In AC i just planted forests and kelp everywhere
No. 60126
Oh yeah, and currently im playing anno 1701. weird to getting used to when you played 2201
No. 60128
109 kB, 1280 × 720
76 kB, 1280 × 720
768 kB, 1920 × 1080
Lmao @ those descriptions, yeah I don't really care for the remastered graphics in general
Yeah, but because it's so pixelated (the in-game model especially) your imagination can just fill in the blanks
Wrist issues, D2 is especially click-heavy.
I used to think it's awkward too but got used to playing some FPS with controller as well.
But also in D2R you can apparently now have a skill bar with multiple skills you can use directly - but only if you're using a controller. Otherwise you only have the usual two skill slots when playing with mouse.
No. 60141
Yet you yourself don't seem part of that agreement seeing how upset you are. Or maybe we can just call things whatever we want and pretend there is common agreement words don't matter.

This. I don't see anything that wrong with it beside the Amazon man thing. Seriously who the fuck even cares at this point? It's Blizzard. They have been shit since about the WC3 era. SC2 was already hitting nuBlizzard. It's not like any of this even matters because it's just a remaster of an old okay game that you still can find in original graphics.

First version looks even more manly than new one in that pic. Out of all this things to bitch about this is an incredibly petty, trivial, snowflake sort of thing to get offended over >>60115
Besides which, if you want to bitch about nuBlizzard butchering the fidelity of a game it should be StarCraft. Their reworked textures does look okay in certain parts but others the tiling just looks ridiculous and broken for example, besides which I've seen very few remasters that look better than the first. This is partly due to the fact it's actually basically art, and because of that while people had certain graphical and technical limitations they learned to use some artistry to hack together something which works together. This is the reason why texture packs look so godawful in general, which is because it at least all worked together even in the original, whereas the new stuff just gives it this overall schizophrenic appearance of nothing working quite right together. Fable and Bioshock are a couple of probably the better examples.

I could never get into Anno for some reason. Aside from the horrible uplay account bullshit, I had the one which suffered that terrible abuse of bloom from that era, and another just had the same janky feel. I don't really like the citybuilding aspects to Anno games and hate the combat but maybe I should give it another go.

Also re: bloom, I've said this before but to reiterate, I guarantee you that all this RT tech demo crap is going to age just as poorly, to where just like with bloom people in ten years are going to say "wtf why is every single surface a mirror in this game" Control being probably the worst example.

This is mainly because surfaces in real life do not look like that. Seriously go out to your kit hen and bathroom. Go find a parking lot to look around in. Wander around some shop. Walk back home, all the while taking note ofthe texturework in RealityTM. This is where the real issue with contemporary raytracing shows because basically other than actual mirrors, certain windows and puddles from certain angles, and maybe a couple other surfaces, real life looks a lot closer to rasterization. It just does. The lighting and reflections on my kitchen tile I'm looking at this very minute looks rasterized. So does that plastic water bottle and the metal knob on my kitchen cabinet, and the metal fixtures.

I noticed this last winter while going outside and thought to myself "man, the graphics kinda sucks compared to RT" until I realized that was way so many RT games look like shit right now, because for what it's worth rasterization workarounds from the mid-2010s perfectly match what actual lighting and reflections look like. Beside fidelity, if you asked me which was rasterized graphics and which real world photo I'd basically not notice a difference outside either superfine detail like hair and grass, or if there's an actual polished surface. Control has the opposite problem, to where windows don't look real because they're so reflective. Yep that metal doorknob also doesn't look raytraced IRL.

This is why tech demo games always will fail, because for similar reasons as remasters and te texturepacks they just don't account for how everything really should look and work together and instead just crank up one thing so that it looks totally out of place. This is similarly why any Fallout 1 remaster is impossible because they'd literally need to make it into an actual remake otherwise the new textures and faces are just going to look bizarre and like complete shit, and why similarly trying for as close to photorealism as possible usually is going to look worse than hacking together what you have now so that the end result actually works together and on its own.
No. 60144
1,7 MB, 400 × 225, 0:04
Some wires just crossed in my brain and I had the sudden realization is that TES: Oblivion is the spiritual equivalent of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, but in video games.

Like, think about it. More words have been said, more thoughts wasted on those titles than their better prequels-sequels. A wild mix of incompetence, high budget, and genuine nostalgic affection that polarizes us to this day.
A charismatic, shrewd businessman, but a terrible artist at the helms of both projects, whom we love to hate and hate to love.

There are so many parallels.
No. 60187
360 kB, 2000 × 1125
Not only did this series not have the decency to at least die in dignity, it did not even have the decency of being so terrible I could textwall how much I hated it.

Basically, you should quit the cutscene simulator right after AJ is fishing by himself with a dog and you talk to Tenn or Violet or whomever, speaking of which the one thing it actually did do right was brutally murdering the one character I invested the most in being loyal towards solely because I made the exact wrong series of choice in getting her killled. SPOILERS it's fine for AJ to be a decisive and ruthless killer because people like Tenn and James are dangerously delusional and you shouldn't even humour them, although I guess in fairness an alternate path would leave Violet blinded which is basically a death sentence. I guess I felt bad about turning a toddler into a ruthless killer in spite of the fact I was near universally right about everything through the series, which I don't know is more testimony to the "good" writing team ability or their ability being total ass; maybe it's a mixture of both. I expect them to say "here is why this is plausible as an idea" or "here is why these characters are too stupid to see the danger" and let the audience be suspensful, with you not even seeing how the writers subtly led you down a path to making the same conclusion they wanted.

I suppose partly I am just so inured to the idiotic plot and just asinine writing and ideas I stopped even noticing, probably also in the same way a superficial gunshot wound isn't so bad after having torture surgery on your eyes for days, maybe it would feel downright pleasant. I guess that is partly why I didn't take such screeching issue with such an asinine idea as hiding in a crowd of zombieswhich already had been established to Clem this is a bad idea during her childhood and should uave traumatized her so why the fuck would she have a phobia of dogs from being bitten but think it's perfectly okay to repeat what got everyone split up and killed when she was a child all why we are being shot at, and oh yeah blowing up the boat while they are on it and being assailed by said zombies. Maybe because I'm inured to terrible TellTale writing; maybe because magically none of us died from it against all reason despite reloading after getting shot in the head multiple times; or maybe it was like I already had three teeth ripped out so might as well get over with the fourth and last one.

I think the biggest problem I have with it is dat ending. I mean, I just watched my friend get ripped apart and have to deal with the guilt over it, and I didn't see Tenn make it anyway. Vi was killed and then just not talked about after, which was shit because she was one of like two likeable characters, that felt similar in a sense how I invested so much effort into Kenny and they killed Kenny unceremoniously offscreen in some two minute flashback. That's maybe the one thing the series has going for it, which is introducing good characters while being unapologetically brutal about it; there is no child immortality here. In fact I think damn near every "season" some kid dies. Yet in spite of all that they still managed to fuck up even that.

I thought that by the near end "wow maybe this was worth the month of suffering afterall" but no. They spent a ton more time mourning people I didn't give a shit about then glossed over good characters, which is one thing, but the actual end was such complete and total ass I'm stuck with using headcanon to say AJ imagined it, which in fairness they probably intended but had to appease the sort of total twat that would like this point and click cutscene simulator. This would again not be so bad if I could enjoy hating it, but instead they largely wrote TWD 4 at nearly the same level as TWD 1, thus depriving me not only of a good story but also my fury. It is just that indecent.

Because I cannot recommend this shit to anyone I have no qualms spoiling the entire thing so Clem gets bit in the end. Not a small nick either I mean the fucker really gnawed the shit out of me. This was a perfect setup. In fact this was so much the perfect setup that it actually made me think for a solid 25 minutes all my suffering may actually be worth it.

The thing is it had already been repeatedly established you get bit, you probably die. You can in theory be saved by amputation but it had to happen fast. I tried cutting off the arm of Kenny's lover but she dies no matter what, and Lee gets similarly boned by an arm bite. One antagonist mysteriously and stupidly survives but whatever it happens offscreen.

In this case though I am limping through the woods for a long ass time before getting to the barn with AJ. Now that would've made the most perfect ending that I could then recommend at least if you suffered halfway, you should finish it, but no. Clem literally already looked like she was turning. She was deliberately shown as being heavily infected and not far off from death. Having to make the same choice Lee did for AJ would be fucking perfect, which I realized the mind breaking trauma the poor little dude would have so told him to leave me, and it ends with him swinging a hatchet saying I won't let you turn into a monster.

Then I have to suffer the indignity of at least 15-20 solid fucking minutes of pure SHIT to get the beat ep4 achievement, which again still could be salvaged because dream sequences are established. Clem talked to Lee in her visions, so it made good writing sense for AJ to now be doing the same with Clem. It shows everyone happy and eating at the school sans Violet, who's not even mentioned, and basically makes the perfect sense of AJ imagining Tenn's happyland after death and how AJ wishes things could be and talking to Clem in his imagination like she did with Lee.

But no. They cut her leg off. The whole entire fucking thing was a complete waste of my goddamn time, which again I need to consider exactly the type of Marvel shirt wearing moron who actively thinks this kind of crap is "good" and who would send a deluge of angry letters about Clementine dying at the end.

They even took that from me. It was such a perfect ending. Clem repeats Lee, AJ has to take her lessons to heart and keep growing up fast like Clem did, it all happens after horrifically losing Violet or Tenn. If you trust AJ he'll gun down Tenn which I'd rather have happened because Tenn is fucking delusional and repeatedly almost got us killed in fact now I think about it had he been an adult I'd already have ditched his delusional group risking ass long ago but child pity for AJs friend I guess after watching Mini horribly die, we lose track of Tenn, and now it's just me and AJ on our own and he now has to make his way in life and find his way back to the school all alone in a dark forest of monsters. It was such a perfect ending.

But no, because both telltale and its twat fans are apparent subhumans or some type of degenerated sadists, because not only was that ended ripped from me but 15 whole solid fucking minutes it took me to sit through absolute shite Hollywood ending.
No. 60188 Kontra

I've come to conclude this entire genre is just cancer. The Council was the same way, in that it took the first half of some decent alleged game and made it truly interesting, before the most bizarre and abrupt turn into everyone being a family of demons including you. The Council was the exact same shit, except the first episode or whatever held great promise and I liked it before one of the most bizarre game plot derailments I've seen in my life. I don't know if this is more down to the writers just being bad, or the fact the kind of subhuman for whom they are writing is so cancerous there is no other option. In consideration of all the crying and drama over TLOU2, and the realization I actively disdain probably 40% or more of the entire Steam userbase, I'd have to conclude the latter. TLOU2 from what I gather got trashed because these Marvel watching morons got super upset about a character they liked dying and trashed the game for that, so connecting the two, realizing how clearly TWD4 was built to have Clem die that I spent like 10 minutes wondering if the "real" ending was dream sequence or not, seeing how clearly it was made to be dream sequence and clem dying before someone meddled probably to "sell more units" and avoid fan butthurt, I have to conclude this is overall a problem of mankind being thoroughly cancerous as a whole and that marketing based ideology will forever ruin these games as a result.

There is simply no other explanation to me at this point. The ending was so inexplicable and tacked on and you know what furthermore if that was the problem then why the fuck couldn't they just let Clem dying be multiple choice? These are exactly the kind of retards that if they got that butthurt about it could just replay some choices so their Clem makes it. But then again, I checked online and apparently some people are retarded and cancerous enough to want to save Clems leg too so idk.

Overall I will say that the entire series from start to finish is picking at an abscessed wound and that the only sole possible way it could be worth it to anybody would be if you stopped playing immediately after talking to Tenn or Violet or whomever as AJ is fishing with the dog at the shack, and accept the poor little dude had to off his only mom in life and now he is fully an orphan in the world. It is such an incredibly poignant and good ending to the series if you stopped exactly there. I also would strongly recommend against playing TWD3 except to feed Khorne with rage. There's literally no fucking point because nothing you did has any impact at all on TWD4, most of that earlier shit is not even mentioned, and the very few parts that are simply get presented as multiple choice when starting TWD4 which it fucking does anyway even after importing a save file. You will likely have to do this anyway as your save is going to almost surely be corrupted sometime between 1 and 3, as the devs never even bothered fixing their numerous bugs, which again appear in whole new ways in TWD4, which is sorta an amazing achievement on its own that the alleged game is not just so damn buggy but inexplicably changes the bugs every season. For 4, one of the most notable was zombies disappear not even every time but like one in three times with an execution move. The out of focus bug also makes a cameo I think twice, just because it thought maybe you missed it from further sabotaging the dumpsterfire that was 3, just so your experience could be interrupted again just long enough to remember it existed and get angry all over again.

This is definitely hands down one of the worst things that I've ever played. It should really be clarified to everybody in every review not simply how terrible it is, but also the fact from nose to anus it does not get better; it does not become worth it. The expectation this series will somehow save itself towards the end at some point is as delusional as all these assholes who think zombies are still real people. It is made even worse by the fact it teases you with enough moments of seeing what a good game it could be in a mechanism I can only assume is like what happens to meth and heroin addicts. You develop the insanity maybe, just maybe this time will be different, even when it never is, and has the audacity of showing you a really fantastic ending only to not simply rip it away from you at the last minute, but then forcefuck you for 20 goddamn minutes watching the most insipid and pointless fucking crap in the aftermath.

Even though in neither instance was it the joy of being me, I did finally get to fucking kill both Lily and Larry, who idk if this is testimony to the writing or what, but I just pegged them for what awful human beings they both were from the getgo, and that is why I kept trying to find ways to boot those two from the group for being active threats to us, and why I told Kenny to smash the fuckers head in and then left Lily by the road. My instincts about them were right all the way so I think that at minimum shows some wasted talent did once exist at TellTale, because writing that makes you the reader feel smart while all they're doing is leading you to their own conclusions they wanted you to make is one sign of deftness. A sign of poor writing often is where the reader constantly has no clue what the fuck a character is doing or why anyone is doing anything, with one example being Mary Sue bullshit or people just conpletely disengaging from the motivations and characters such as for example trying to make some protagonist into a hero and telling you how heroic he is but all while showing him again and again being an evil shit, and expected you to feel something for him when he wins.
No. 60189 Kontra
So at least I can say there is not that disconnect from TWD. The minute I saw Larry I identified him as a threat and someone who would get us killed, and his daughter I wrongly thought could be useful because I didnt realize she was a noncombat role in the chairforce so no, she isn't useful as a soldier or military either due to being tied to him making her alleged military experience not worth the risk of keeping. My assumption was proven right no matter what you did. She shoots Carly or Doug, and if you are dumb enough to forgive that awful woman and agree to go with her she steals the fucking RV leaving you stranded. This is why I took the most hostile action I could on those two and was always proven right, though the alleged game never let me until after they got someone useful or likeable killed first. When Lily reappears she is an even worse piece of shit and absolutely will fuck you over no matter what, leading I think most hilariously to her last minute where if you tell AJ not to kill her, she, in a surprise to fucking no one, instantly grabs a weapon and kills James, amusing in the sense he's fucking delusional and it gets him killed if you take the stupid choice trying not to turn AJ into a killer. I did take a possibly stupid choice not to trust a murderous toddler with a gun because while I immediately assumed he'd kill someone if I trusted his judgment all he did was shoot yet another delusional idiot putting us at risk which saves Violet. I guess maybe my way was for the best because of how many other problems him thinking shooting Tenn was okay would cause.

But really the point of my final segment on this shit is how tantalizingly close it gets to not being shit sometimes, which I guess is why I kept doing it. In some places you see the obvious and natural feeling outcome which tricks you into believing it's organic on occassion, though the absolutely retarded plot devices break suspension of disbelief as matter of routine, right up to literally the last 60 seconds before credits roll. As such you better believe I told AJ to shoot Lily in the head and goddamn was that satisfying.

But otherwise? No it is shit. All the way shit. Twd4 is bearable compared to the last two but still is also shit and maybe I felt more strongly about TWD1 and TWD2 all around. TWD4 is solely redeemed by the real ending, which is skipping the final 20 minutes and believing Clementine is dead. There is no way this is worth anyone's time for any reason otherwise.

The one sincerely good thing I can say about the entire series is clearly it leaves an impression, for good or more likely ill, in fact I have probably not felt this strongly about anything I played in nearly a decade. I may hate it worse than ME2.

The Walking Dead is the anti-Planescape.
No. 60190 Kontra
317 kB, 1400 × 1542
I made a cute girl play Disco Elysium.
No. 60191 Kontra
Cute girl made me play Disco Elysium.
No. 60194
5,9 MB
I guess that Deathclaw really was too slow on the draw. Cleared out the quarry and felt so confident in my abilities than I then went up Black Mountain and killed all the super mutants.
No. 60195

>I then went up Black Mountain and killed all the super mutants
Black Mountain is much easier than the quarry, IMO. You should go to the Dead Wind Cavern and clean it up too, it's a bit more fun.
No. 60196
Game saved the screenshot in .bmp, no bully. Black Mountain was a little trickier, since I couldn't snipe them from a distance.
Gonna go to this cavern, but I gotta find it first :Dd
No. 60197
The chick in The Thorn (in the Westside) gives its location in the last part of her quest to get eggs or different creatures, IIRC. Might wanna stack up on ammo before going there, though.
No. 60200
4,3 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:19
545 kB, 1600 × 900
I noticed in Civ 6 while building this wonder, the description of it and the actual animation of it are completely unrelated.

Made of wood? roof of grass? I think they hired some zoomer animator who just made everything from the same stone bricks

Also pic 2 is the leader of the Netherlands, just lol. The animations are so bad

>The quarters system and the marvels taking actual space make give you more choice for land use planning. The idea of combo when adjacent hexs are exploited the same way add to that
I can never keep track of it all, I find the tile with the biggest bonus to whatever I'm building and I plop it down there. Feels like it's all just inconsequential.

Also, you end trying so hard to get a big bonus of what? +6 production? out of the 100 that the city will eventually wind up with?

>there's zero benefit in playing tall
this annoyed me a lot, there's no punishment for spamming cities everywhere, I feel like the only limit is the 7 governers that I'll get. In Civ 5 my limit was usually 4 or 5 and that was enough because tall was my favourite way to play

Beyond Earth was so bad, especially that dumb system they replaced ideology with

>Yet you yourself don't seem part of that agreement seeing how upset you are
Yeah I'm heavily invested in the whole argument, you can tell by the walls of text I write. Oh wait ...
No. 60202
I don't understand why people play Civilization and other grand strategies. 98% of time you make decisions like "should I build a windmill first and warehouse second or the opposite way" for each of your 5 settlements. To make rational decisions you need to do a lot of calculations each time so you just turn off your brain and click intuitively. However in other 2% of cases you need to make important strategic decisions. But your brain has already gone sleeping mode (otherwise it would be too boring) so you make them anyhow and then think "fugg what have I done".
No. 60248
i pretty much went civ2, alpha centauri, beyond earth

affinity system is yeah whatever, random bonuses plopping up. you end up mixed either way. the ai diplomacy is stupid either way. alpha centauri wasnt good in that either. pretty much all of the factions had their fixed playstyle and switching ideologies rarely made sense. unit design was also annoying as hell
No. 60253
That's not true on two levels. First of all, the Civ games are 4x, not GSG. As an addendum to that, there's different types of 4x with the most common permutations being turn based hex vs nodal like Master of Orion did, and a third that's really more of an expansive RTS game like Sins of a Solar Empire which would influence Stellaris.

Perhaps as a consequence of that misunderstanding, you somehow seem to expect it's largely the same as competitive RTS, in which there's basically only a small set number of opening moves and then later game moves with no real tactical innovation. Having a wide variety of different types of mechanics and victory conditions means your playstyle can come out very differently out of both necessity and personal style or overall strategy.

For instance in Galactic Civilizations III, which is a space hex based game, there are of course usual military conquest, but there also are alliance victories and cultural startegies. When you are just trying to flip whole planets because of strength of your expanding border influence you really don't need to put quite as much into a strong military or industrial complex beyond defensive tactics against more aggressive players.

If you want to play a victory condition on wonder building in 4x games it makes the most sense to build tall and simply turtle until the late game so you're not seen as a military threat and no one bothers you. The closest analogue to this turtling behavior I can think of on board games is RISK where you just capture Australia and try not to bother anybody for awhile because they're too busy seeing each other as threats and wearing each other down until you can just dump a pile of armies to clean up the board.

If you want to go for an economic victory then it makes the most sense to not piss off other players or have a huge built up military and so you can just keep trading with everyone until you are rich enough to declare econ victory. This plays more similarly to diplomatic victories where you basically just want to isolate certain threat empires and alienate them from everybody until they stupidly end up going it alone against the whole galaxy/planet and you and your allies can push their shit in either by elimination of rivals or just make them sit in your bottle and join the alliance to win together.

It is more closer to how winning in Magic the Gathering works. Because there are a very wide array of different types of decks and strategies among the five colors and with a couple different main win conditions and few other more obscure ones like poison counters or bs I-win-button land decksyou end up playing a game very differently depending on your strategy, in which case it comes more down to playing it well. In short, expecting it to be as formulaic as online Starcraft is foolishness. Maybe this is more true of Sid Meiers Civilization games, but most 4x games tend to be wildly asymmetric, like Endless Space series for example. One of my favorite strategies in GalCiv and also RTS games was just adding more clay until the immense wall of my stellar fatness culturally absorbed anything and everything around me, preferably through combined arms of economics and mass media fueled by scientific research. As a result I wrote about this before how I wondered whether different cultural or national backgrounds would approach such strategy games differently, when I realized that basically my entire outlook and strategy on winning these games was incredibly American. The times I even bothered playing military victory was never an extermination campaign but just a sprawling campaign of absorbing every single race or empire into mine and forcibly assimilating them so as to get more money and culture and use it to hungrily assimilate alle others.as an addendum to that there's pretty funny comments about spiffybrit saying he played this 4x game in the most absolutely British way possible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77_EM59TwP8

In short, if you think it is all same steps every time problem is not proofs of game strategy, but you not managing better friend
No. 60254
All I'm saying is that there is too much routine work in Civilisation, so gameplay is not enjoyable.

Your assumption that "I'm just bad at it" is wrong: I can manage things better but I have to overcome boredom for it.
And no, I didn't expect it to be like RTS. I dislike RTS even more. and at RTSs I'm really bad :-DDD
No. 60257
642 kB, 2559 × 1508
423 kB, 1600 × 1200
I've been wondering why a lot of recent games look so low contrast, slightly blurry, and very flat (almost cartoony) in their presentation. There's very little emphasis on high contrast details in the diffuse map, everything is very clean, smooth, matte and desaturated. It sort of looks looks like clay not unlike how the late 6th / early 7th generation games looked like everything was made out of plastic. Compared to HL2, Alyx almost looks like it's leaning on the TF2 artstyle.
Is it just the latest fashion, or is there a technological reason?

I've been using custom shader plugins in some of the games because it's genuinely unpleasant to play fast paced games and quickly processing everything on the screen, when the visuals are very low contrast and uniform.
Also, something I've noticed is the tendency to reduce the dynamic range, as in brightening the darks so they're a vaguely greyish color. I wonder if it's an attempt to compensate for consumer grade screens, and not lose detail in the shadows.

I wish I was a graphics programming pro, so many interesting questions.
No. 60259
Making things look more cartoony helps to avoid the uncanny valley.
No. 60263
199 kB, 1280 × 720
34 kB, 640 × 480
Watched this 12 hour retrospective on The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion over the course of a few days.

After thinking carefully about all the points made, my conclusion is such:
I disagree.
No. 60271
This kinda is what I meant.

Ignoring all the memery about him spamming Sunni innit, nationalizing all the press and installing CCTV everywhere I have to ask: why on earth do British people support the queen? Why on earth would British people be monarchists? I just don't get it. It's such an alien idea to me. Moreover I could not comprehend why anybody from Australia to Canada could tolerate having a monarchist hovering above them in any capacity.

I think it is partly a dumb "but it appeals to the masses! Sell more units!" type of a thinking. I strongly suspect it's the same thing everything is, which is derived to be as banal appealing to as many groups of the stupid masses as possible, while also a similar thing is happening on phoneshit games to make them as cheaply and easily made as possible while pretending their cheap cartoony, blocky bullshit is done for stylistic reasons and not just greed, laziness, and a desire for google or apple store retards money on their low powered devices, which in turn begins infecting PC and console devs.

Personally I fucking hate the way new games look, with The Outer Worlds probably being the best example of this part. The other part is Rise of Industry and various phoneshitters like Dwarves something or other. While the latter is greed meets technical limitations, the former is I believe a marketing MBA major influenced decision, but I'm not a dev so I do not know.
No. 60276
470 kB, 1280 × 1280
> why on earth do British people support the queen
Monarchy is a very old and beautiful tradition. Royal family as symbol of the country humanises it. Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II is more than just a politic to support or not to support for us.

t. cryptocolony dweller
No. 60281
270 kB, 600 × 580
Republicanism is fairly popular here if you just pose the question, it's just kind of irrelevant because the monarchy has very little real power, and where the power does exist, it caused enough of a stink last time they exercised it that they're in no rush to do it again.

Dedicated republicans do exist but people think that they're largely as out of touch as the monarchists because it's hard for most people just trying to get by to give too much of a shit about getting rid of them and all the hassle that could potentially involve when the local government fucks you over arguably more. When you've got compulsory voting too, these "don't give a fuck" people can be a real force to make any change hard to push through.

Also, last time a republic was proposed it was a grim as fuck scenario where citizens had no meaningful control over who the President would be since they'd be elected by Parliament, from the referendum:

>A Proposed Law: To alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic with the Queen and Governor-General being replaced by a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament.

Think if in America you voted for your local representatives in Congress (and our voting system is even fuckier than yours where your vote can be poached by a party you don't support if your preferred party/parties lose/s), and then Congress just decided amongst themselves who got to be President.


I'd also caution against thinking about Australian politics as those of an actual country. On the world stage, the government here is more interested in a cosy subordination to one of our 'great and powerful friends' than actual independence. See: Working with France on military equipment we could 100% control and maintain, and the long-term goal of a regional alliance between equals being cast aside for nuclear submarines that we can't maintain and probably won't get all the black boxes opened for, and a subordinate 'alliance' built on letting America park more bombers here.

This article explains it pretty well with regards to this recent case study
No. 60292
nationalism was invented by simps in the romantic movement, monarchy however is very real and much older, the uk is the personal property of the kween and I'm a subject of king Harald. simple as that.
No. 60313

They're ceremonial, that's why. Even "monarchists" like me get upset when they drift towards politics. The monarchy really survives on an unspoken understanding that we'll give them all the theoretical powers they've historically enjoyed on the provision that they're polite enough never to use them. A lot of foreigners don't seem to grasp that.

Anyway this is the wrong thread for that type of discussion so I'll ask: what's the best Civ game? I can't get a clear answer anywhere on what differentiates 4, 5 and 6 in terms of playability.
No. 60318
352 kB, 1600 × 1200
362 kB, 1592 × 872
1,3 MB, 1600 × 900
Civ 4 has most of the systems from the previous games but I found the expansions hit and miss, especially the one that added huge corporations to the game which spread like religions. I usually modded that shit out asap because it fucked up your cities. Civ 4 has doomstacks which have no weaknesses except getting nuked to shit. Leonard Nimoy is narrator, 8/10 because SOVL

Civ 5 has no unit stacks so units have to be moved in formations, with both expansions it is real kino and has cool religious system, trade system, city state system and stuff like that. Each Civ has unique shit too so they often play different. It's probably the best imho, 9/10 (loses 1 cos AI is retarded)

Civ 6 was made by a committee of retards and has shit graphics, literal-who leaders and most of the systems of Civ 5 in place except it's soulless. Sean Bean and some Goblina Paki from Rochdale are narrators. Each city is more specialised because of districts you have to build and the road system is all fucked up. It's a 6/10 with all expansions.
No. 60319
6,4 MB, 1280 × 669, 0:20
I recently got Foch B in World of Tanks and holy shit is it kino at times.

35 seconds to load a drum of 6 shells and you can fire them at 2 second intervals, so you can pop around a corner and just melt even superheavies like a Maus if you catch them with their pants down. A bunch of times I've had a load of low health dudes try to rush me and just get mowed down in quick succession.
No. 60321
161 kB, 1280 × 720
Yeah, fairly well put. Last part is a very succint estimation from what I can gather, like it was made by some marketing committee to be as inoffensive and soulless as possible. Of course again, I played like Civ II or Civ III or something back in late 90s and didn't get into it, wanted shiny new Alpha Centauri and I finally as adult get it and am like eh. What Ireland says seems pretty correct for the later games afaik. I'm still waiting on doing a full playthrough of WH40K Gladius and Endless Legend which I forget what you said on that.

Thanks for the explanation.
Speaking of...

Yknow, it really says something when you're playing a game and just end up thinking while playing it you wish you were playing something else.

I now know what Mandalore was talking about, which seemed deceptively fine at first. Yes the lack of music provides atmosphere and it looks gorgeous, however you soon realize what a slog it is especially because everything becomes so monotonous and repetitive very quickly. I'm surprised Streumon had such issues with getting this more enjoyable.

Deathwing Space Hulk is just not very enjoyable and is becoming something I just wish to get it over with. I find myself thinking how I'd rather be playing DoW II Retribution or Battletech or something, maybe Battlefleet Gothic Armada. Then I scroll around, see indies like Dex, go play MTG:A a few hours and by end of the night wonder whether it's worth it because the autosave system.

That is really what ends up killing it: fucking checkpoint autosave. Why in the fuck do developers keep doing this?? It's not fun, it's not hard, it just makes everything unnecessarily tedious and repetitive because there's nothing quite like wasting half an hour only to make some mistake and need to do the level all over again. Any game without manual saves may not be total shit but it immediately tanks itself. That was by far one of the features of TWD that amplified my hate for it, which at least I can say playing Space Hulk I find a nostalgia and missing it because even if TWD was aggravating at least it wasn't so boring.

They need more enemy types desperately, probably more weapons too, and more sounds. By the end of level 2 you start wondering if it's worth it and realize partly you're only trying to finish an allgedly shorter game, which it absolutely isn't unless you speedrun it that a new player can't do. This is worsened by the fact the best part is the detail so you'll end up wanting to wander around the levels until you forget what your supposedly urgent mission was even about. Clipping through your team is also a problem because while getting stuck behind your mates may make it unplayable, getting to walk through them like ghosts all the time is pretty immersion breaking.

I dunno. I'm making it sound worse than it is. I know part of the problem is I'm just not into the Imperium 40k stuff which again is like 75% of all games made about 40k. I want to play as Chaos in DoW II retribution. That also has the hideous checkpoint and autosave though. I fucking hate it. Why is it so hard to make manual saves? Are console users actually mentally retarded? Because I know it can't be modern console hardware limitations they have 1tb NVMe drives ffs. Either 10 slots or checkpoint system is unacceptable in PC gaming. Why do they do this? If you want ironman then have an ironman mode option like many games do. It doesn't add tension, just annoyance. They have a save system where you can find an obscure looking console to checkpoint save in the levels, otherwise you warp gate to your armory which I get the logic behind it but it makes it so instead of saving during a lull you save when your squad is down and you're out of medkits. It makes you save right in the action or waste a precious squad respawn to save. Maybe some people might like that; I personally don't.

It's such a shame because it feels like step backwards from E.Y.E. and clearly they worked really hard on this just had development problems even the enhanced edition can be pretty buggy. I already had my comrades get stuck in a bench, stuck on wall, get in way of closing door then get stuck in door, 'nids spawning into the floor etc. but thankfully I didn't need to reload or restart level yet from bugs or some issue making it what it should've been.

It's not a hard pass at all. In fact exploring the spaceships and random junk in the spacehulk is pretty incredible. It's just that it feels very empty and unfinished, like why is there barely anything with hacking? You can't do shit compared to E.Y.E. just lock and unlock doors, disable or enable turrets or hijack turrets which you're almost never going to want to do because your squad gets attacked in real time while you're in there. It just seems very lacking for what it is and could be. But again, I also don't like playing Imperium because it's banal and boring as shit to me but every GW licensee stargs you with Space Marines when it is way more interesting exploring the rest of 40k.

So if you're super into 40k it may be fine, but that review was spot on. There's things about the game more tedious, repetitive, boring, not immersive in short order. Even the skills are incredibly paltry, like Streumon got over their head for some reason. This is a shame because it's one of the best environments I've ever been in, lovingly done to incredible detail, and I don't know I agree that it needs a soundtrack. I think its problem is it really just needs a lot more environmental sounds if it's doing the no music atmospheric route.

Will probably finish it, but still keep thinking about Battletech while playing it.
No. 60323
I have a love-hate relationship with Battletech, assuming you mean the HBS one?

I have about 150 hours in it and still boot it up occasionally. There are real problems with it though, and even when they tried to fix it, they failed because of one simple error. Drop slots instead of drop tonnage. They have tonnage caps, but at a certain point in the game, you can bring a lance that's mostly in the 90-100T Assault range which is fucking absurd both in terms of gameplay balance (forces the game to use cheap difficulty a lot) and in terms of lore, where seeing that kind of beef in one area is a Great House dickwave, or major force committal rather than something that happens regularly. They need to make the difficulty less spamming high end mechs and more about squeezing every ton of value you can out of a drop, and making you engage with the game's entire roster instead of lights very rarely being relevant in the early game and along with mediums being largely extinct by the end of the mid game.

there will never be a pre-CI Chainlaine Isles game that lets you go full GhettoTech with completely irreplaceable stompy robots and hordes of infantry, feels bad man
No. 60341
34 kB, 474 × 315
Ah I see. I don't know any lore just remember various battlemechs from murican childhood which may or may not have been the RealTM BattletechTM or knock offs but it was pretty common then, so in short I neither know nor care about lore. It just looks like sufficient amount of S-P-A-C-E plus potential actually fun XCOM tier gameplay, and yes the HBS onewhatever I think of them after Shadowrun notwithstanding but they seemed to likit themselves to the one option so idgaf

It's just a really disappointing thing to see how great this one game could be when remembering Streum On prior stuff. It's not bad at all and I'm actually having some fun at this point, it's just Deathwing can feel more mediocre and repetitive than it should be although I kinda get the impression any Space Hulk game is destined to be like that, considering all the rest seem like shit, it's just at the end of the day it feels more interesting as a walking simulator.

I haven't yet figured out the strategic level but I've just been systematically locking every door under the impression it might do something about channeling hordes. Also some of the weapons seem laughable. I think Deathwing Space Hulk is just simply rushed and unfinished, published riddled with bugs and rereleased as an "Enhanced Edition" that literally just seems to be a bugfix patch with one additional exploding enemy that's just a reskin of another enemy, wildly unbalanced weapon and class, and terribly little content. It's a game that feels like they spent 19 months working on environment and level design, and then the last 5 months rushing everything else.

It's still fun and atmospheric af, but feels like wasted potential. Online servers seem mostly dead which is where a lot of content seems to be locked up like hundreds of skins and random customizations, and the gatling gun is basically the only choice because something like the flamethrower is suprisingly laughable. I like level 3 so far, and think maybe the first two were just low tier, but am probably going to switch to Dex, Battlefleet Gothic Armada 1 or 2, Battletech, or Dawn of War Retribution as chaos for end of summer game before trying to line up a couple Halloween games like Outlast 2 or finishing Darkwood, Darkest Dungeon, or Alien Isolation or something. Magic the Gathering: Arena is great and very playable without paying for anything, but yeah I'll need to ignore computer for awhile. Problem with Battletech is it looks fuckhuge to finish it. I now understand why so many shitty triple A games made for adults are so short, because especially if you have kids and a professional job like fuck you are beating a 90 hour campaign.

tl;dr I can neither recommend for nor against Space Hulk Deathwing. It is indeed fun and you'll probably enjoy it somewhat as a 40K fan because it's the best detailed environment to wander around of any 40K game, but won't blow your hair back otherwise.
No. 60344
Normally Lore is something I don't care about in a fictional game too much, but Battletech is the exception because it is built differently. 'Factions' don't really have different units, with the game being much more about what formations have access to what and when. Like the Oriente Hussars are typically underequipped, with Succession War era equipment decades after the fact compared to the Free Worlds Guards which had a high concentration of high quality, brand new gear. Both commands are from the Free Worlds League, demonstrating that what determines an acceptable deployment is really dependent on what the lore says is appropriate to the command in question. So independent Mercs can probably fight the former but the latter would clean many companies the fuck up, but both are under the flag of the FWLM in theory.

Basically the lore actually matters in Battletech because it is the only real balancing measure it has (Battle Value isn't very useful).
No. 60386
242 kB, 765 × 950
Started Honest Hearts, the setting seemed cool and all but I guess I kinda messed up :DD

I met the B*rned Man and he told I'd have to grab some supplies for another tribe, then I'd be given a map and make my way out of Zion.
I deliver the supplies to the other tribe, but once there this Daniel character, a very rude man, tells me that he wants me to do some more things before I'm allowed the map. Not only was he exceptionally rude about me being a gentile, he threatened me when I demanded the map. So I did the only reasonable thing and blasted him in the face with a .50 cal round

I returned back to the Burned Man's cave but he wasn't there. It seems all I have left is to leave Zion and voilá, DLC finished. Disappointed, doubly so because I didn't save at any point so I'd have to do a lot of boring walking again. I guess this is just how my character dealt with my being trapped in Zion.

The doubly retarded part, is that due picking the Explorer perk, I already had the map of the region in my Pipboy :Dddd
No. 60390
Even if you play this DLC properly, it is still disappointingly short. For me the best thing about it was Colt 1911 — one of the badassiest handguns ever.

>.50 cal
Hm, do you play in normal mode instead of hardcore? Or did you pick some weight management perks (Pack Rat, Strong Back, Heavyweight)? Anti-materiel rifle doesn't seem a very practical choice of weapon, especially considering the DLC's weight limit.
No. 60392
I passed a survival check that allowed me to carry 100 pounds of gear. Took my anti material rifle, 50 rounds and my mysterious magnum.
One thing that was pretty silly was all those tribals with flamer swords :DD
No. 60394
As Belarus said, it's not like it's any longer if you decide to cooperate with Joshua and Daniel.
Basically it's a series of fetch-quests and a few interesting sidequests with a large battle at the end depending on your choice, but it's very short, like 3-4 hours tops, especially if you're overleveled. (At which point the biggest issue becomes the lack of ammo/repair items for your special toys you brought with yourself to Zion, but the guns you find are perfectly usable.)

Still, it's my favourite DLC of the bunch. The atmosphere/environment is amazing and Joshua is a cool character. It'll always be 10/10 in my heart, honestly.
No. 60396
Bethesda/Zenimax tier. Although to be fair a ton of companies sell these ultrashort or shallow DLCs too and it's not like they're Paradox tier.

Speaking of which have any of you heard Bethesda is coming up with some new IP? They're touting it as "our fast all new universe in 25 years." I haven't seen enough yet to form an opinion on it but I guess it's supposed to be some space RPG.
No. 60401
Dunno about gameplay since none shown yet, but I dig their visual direction. It looks like it's going for that kind of blue collar look of the types of Alien but with the foundation of modern technology instead of 70s and 80s.
No. 60402
Starfield? It's made in the same shitty gamebryo engine that everything from Morrowind to Skyrim to Fallout 4 was made in.

It's gonna be shit but mods will probably save it, like with all Bethesda games.
No. 60403
Sure, but I tend to be able to extract a lot of enjoyment from those games, and they suck up a lot of time. So tbh it being a 'Bethesda game' is kind of what I'm expecting and hoping for.
No. 60412 Kontra
The only reason I care (or rather, used to care) about Bethesda is because of New Vegas.
I tried Skyrim twice and both times it was a soulless, piece of shit game. Bethesda lucked into having a niche to themselves thanks to their modding community and Oblivion being a hit close to two decades ago, but I don't give half a shit about their "universes" or games as a whole.
They published one good game and that's it. Lyin' Todd ain't gettin' a red-cent from me.
No. 60425
Oh they're just reusing the exact same engine? Ehh

To be fair, I kept hearing it was Oblivion that was the better one and your description isn't far off from what I heard about Skyrim. Of course also being fair, I didn't see a lot going for Oblivion either, and after watching a bunch of reviews including Sseth's concluded it was a wildly overrated and broken piece of shit anywaycue Russian screechinghe probably would say everything after early Elder Scrolls sucks anyway though

The thing is, as I said before, that FNV mostly was fun exactly because of all that tedious walking. See normally a game would be called shit over that, but Morrowind-with-ray-guns aka Fallout New Vegas felt just dangerous enoughh and was just interesting enough it actually ironically became one of the better Fallout experiences in that it really did do a good job showing you how dangerous traversing the wasteland could be. It shouldn't be that you can just say well I'll walk there in Fallout universe because you're gambling with your life. In real Fallout you just ran to the exit grid. Here it had a real sense of risk and as I've said in the past, the only thing that could make it better would be turning food, water, and radiation into real concerns so it is full on survival simulator. Without that I think FNV would be a pile of crap. So if they don't do anything differently from Skyrim yeah it could suck unless they put nob-fast travel and sense of survival in hostile alien environments or at least make the writing and character building better.
No. 60428
181 kB, 1644 × 925
76 kB, 1644 × 921
128 kB, 1641 × 917
Went back around and had another go at Honest Hearts.
It's a neat DLC but Fallout 3d combat really doesn't lend itself to ambushes feeling. The Zion world really is the coolest part.

also dogg I should have brought more than 50 bullets for my AM rifle :DD had to kill white legs with a war club by the end of the run :DD

At least that dipshit Daniel suffered either way
No. 60446
The AM rifle is kind of a meme weapon. It's on the cover and everything, but I've found it to be of little utility after the first few playtroughs I did.
There's many guns that are more fun, especially if you mod the game. (Like there's a mod that adds Fallout 1 and 2 and Tactics weapons to the game and I wouldn't do another playtrough without that)

Can't remember, but have you played Dead Money yet?
No. 60466
251 kB, 1280 × 720
Just played the Postal Brain Damaged demo.
It's okay..ish i guess. Kinda feels like running around in a regular Postal game shooting at people.
Fun for a moment but gets monotonous after a few minutes.

As a good friend of the Postal series, i just wait for the full game and hope that the demo isn't what the whole game is going to be like.
No. 60497
I have not yet played Dead Money.
Out of the guns I played with, AM is by far the best. I like the whole sneaky sniper thing and I guess the only way to routinely kill people with one shot is with a .50 cal.
No. 60501
Maybe we should increase our production of murican games, since these really seem what foreigners like the best of anything we make, similar to slavic Fallout-like games or Stalker. Running around American dystopia or Western settings really seems popular among most foreigners, be it those games or even the setting of Far Cry 5 for some reason, whatever to be said of the game itself.
No. 60504
1,8 MB, 4848 × 3743
Your post made me curious about how Fallout in EU setting would look like. Is Europe memeworthy enough for that?
Shadowrun Dragonfall is something close to it. There is a high chance that you are the one who called it "the only one really SJW game". Cmon, it's about Berlin, they are all gay commies there.
No. 60507
I don't think an Euro-fallout would work, or rather, it wouldn't be fallout. I'm not saying that Americana is what makes Fallout Fallout, but it's a big part of it.
The "every man for himself in the wild west" mentality of the US coupled with the freedoms the country was built upon guarantees that it's a land of prophets, lunatics and self-proclaimed saviours and solution-providers, and a nuclear apocalypse only magnifies this. (Even if in-universe it became an overly-patriotic surveillance-state stuck in an eternal red-scare.)
Plus the US has guns.

The way I'd imagine Europe in this situation is that it quickly devolves into giga-yugoslavia but we're killing each other with fucking spoons or some shit.
(Or you could make the argument that the Resource Wars re-armed Europe and post-war it ensured a plentiful supply of guns, ammo and the know-how, but since Europe was engaged in total war over whatever scraps it had left, I'd imagine it's more like the chain of command breaking down and the officers becoming warlords, rather than the armies simply dispersing after the war allowing for a more "free" fallout-like development.)

If the US regresses to frontier justice in the Fallout universe then Europe is going back straight to the middle ages.
No. 60508
217 kB, 1200 × 630
The Swiss went apeshit with bunkers in real life so that our national capicity was ~5% higher than the total number of inhabitants in Switzerland for tall of the second half of the 20th century. All the bunkers were ventilated (contrarily to Israel ones). There was a case of an undergound bunker facility that was made to shelter a city of 10'000 people in case of atomic warfare, with of course civil protection and army members regulating the underground community. Some psychological and sociological research latter deemed the project of putting 10'000 in an underground bunker for weeks a "bad idea", so the state shut it down.. Nearly all Swiss citizens were at less than five minutes by foot to the closest fallout shelter.

No post-nuclear euro-fiction should exist without taking into account that more than half the Swiss population would surely survive nuclear apocalypse. We were the only west country paranoid enough to actually get real with this issue. We would be number one state.
No. 60509
424 kB, 1500 × 1248
240 kB, 760 × 600
A game playing in Switzerland doesn't sound very fun at all.
No. 60510
The Helvetic faction of vault dwellers in Fallout Mitteleuropa. I'd play it.
No. 60511 Kontra
I just checked and it had actually a 20'000 people maximal capacity and the issues were more practical than psychological.
No. 60512
Yes, I said that Hairbrained Scheme's Shadowrun series that game in particular is the exception that proves the rule: there aren't really SJW games. in fact that one is so bad I seriously spent the first twenty minutes wondering it must be some kind of right wing satire or parody. They also made Battletech which I heard much screeching about it being "SJW" because of tranny option of they/them or whatever when picking gender, which I really don't care about if that's all, and is restraint considering that studio. Other than that I came to realize wokeness is just a spook I always hear bitched about and came to the realization the gaming community is more right wing woke and obnoxious from the other angleVTMB2 forums solidified that to me. No one talked about the greed or incompetence of the publisher and MBA majors that's endemic to the industry ruining things for decades now, and showed me what level of screeching zoomer oblivious to the original VTMB I was dealing with. It made me question if they were born back then how much late 90s or early 00s screeching I would have to suffer. This turned me against these retards eventually half of whom have borderline pedo anime interests and made me realize it's a spook that deflects blame from said MBA majors, where half the time the nooo muh black character is only even there because of some clueless marketing faggot trying to maximize product reach and profits, but I digressI can and do screech about profit motive and bydlo marketing ruining art on nearly daily basis but yes HBS is the one example I found of actual SJWs ruining shit with wokeness to patody levels

I actually think the British are pretty memeworthy. It's a separate issue from the fact it's almost mandatory having a British accent to have an easy youtube channel. Having a British accent is like the pretty young white woman settis of coasting by in voice acting life for some reason. Not sure why Southern accents don't get the same treatment, but Germans definitely try to kill their accent as much as possible so sometimes I only hear it "ah you're German" when they pronounce certain words, so I'm just wondering how the voice acting might pan out.

Not terribly sure what else in modern Europe could be memeworthy. Main problem is their characterless modernity I suppose since EU feels like eh one could be anywhere in post apocalyptic EU with just climate variations. I think exploring Berlin tunnels, Scandinavia snow wastes or particularly Iceland, or the rural Outlast 2 tier Irish landscape are a few possibilities outside of fallen Bri'un fighting off the "multicultural" and Chav hordes of raiders or zombies or something.

Actually come to think of it maybe that is exactly the problem: modernity and civilization is kinda boring. The more I think of it the more I realize probably murica and Russia are more entertaining settings not just because of muh picturesque Far Cry 5 murican wilderness so much as dysfunctionality is entertaining and adds a bit of character. Post Soviet wasteland is very entertaining. Post EU? Eh. I mean exploring the failing French nuclear plants after the [insert apocalyptic event] happens could be pretty entertaining too, but when I look at Eurotruck simulators I realize how outside of Black Sea, Scandinavia, and maybe Baltic coasts it's all kinda boring and looks the same.

Probably similar rationale to why medieval Europe gets made so much, because that combination of romanticism and dysfunction is really applicable to our filthy European shithole past, so much so even 40K is basically extrapolated memery of how fucked up Europe once was. Maybe it's the same meta problem as say journalism "if it bleeds it leads." Like, who the fuck is going to read "so no airlines crashed yet again today, everything is working well as usual"?

But I guess maybe yeah, if somebody had done a really good rendition of wandering through Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, etc. after the bombs fell from Soviet-West nuclear exchange in alternate 1981, I'd probably play the shit out of that, although I guess even saying that goes back to central problem: modern EU is pretty boring.
No. 60514
Actually this does kind of lead to the one good point, which is that unlike us all you guys actually had bunkers. On Capitalist Wect we had more the every man for himself retarded underground shacks rather than networks of real bunkers. Contrarily to Russia, we basically just wrote off large populations in the event of nuclear exchange. There was basically nowhere to go for the average citizen who'd likely just burn to death in their wood homes after putting mattresses and duct tape on the windows. Russia otoh had this huge metro system of dubious survivability in place but they at least had real plans for large underground complexes, apparently Swiss had a real bunker system etc. speaking of which that one Romanian Communist nutjobs sea of bunkers also could be great fiction material.

So I will concede in that sense that Fallout setting in America is a bit more retarded because we never would've had anything like that. We basically just had Cheyenne Mountain for NORAD, a facility in Pennsylvania for Congress and the Senate, and a couple other useable facilities peppered around the country for the rest of our rich elites, politicians, and highest ranking military men, and that's about it. It kinda shows the very different mentalities we had, at best optimistically stating US intention was more about avoiding nuclear war than surviving it.

There's this one crpg called Encased which reminds me of the Swiss system somehow, so I do actually think that 10k pop undercity would make a fantastic setting for any number of apocalytpic scenarios. Hell XCOM HQ could be there for staging the human resistance against aliens, or the 12 Monkeys tier dystopian future after a plague wipes out surface civilization.

Schweisslad, get your countrymen working on the double. You certainly have the GDP for sparking a really good gaming industry nexusjust use corpo headhunters to annex German and Austrian gamedev talents from EU :-DD
No. 60519
142 kB, 1600 × 900
193 kB, 1600 × 900
24,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:48
Dead Money is a mixed bag but the greatest thing about it is that the BAR is there which is the patrician weapon of choice, along with That Gun and Paciencia

Well Mad Max shares a common beginning with the Fallout universe, so they are pretty much related but Mad Max is more a product of the wide open spaces of Australia. A Euro fallout would be funny though depending on where it was done (like Birmingham full of Muslims or Newcastle full of Scouse headcases)
No. 60521
7,6 MB, 1024 × 535, 0:38
I know absolutely nobody here plays World of Tanks but fug I'm having some fun in the Foch B.

You've got 120mm six-shooter and when a bunch of dudes rush you, sometimes you can just put them all down in short order like a boss
No. 60542
Finished Dead Money, scored myself the BAR and some gold. Now I'm back on the wasteland with 390/200 pounds of equipment.
Didn't plan this right.
4/5 DLC, the end was a little frustrating and annoying and what was it with all those references to The Divide(tm), felt like they just decided to use a good portion of the end of the DLC as an ad for another DLC. Macabre.
No. 60579
started witcher 1 on sunday, does it get more interesting over time? at least in skyrim you could pick every flower and rob every house
No. 60588
241 kB, 1280 × 720
If you want to interact with stuff and rob houses, play Kingdom Come.
Witcher is a great game in my opinion, but if you look for something you can compare to Skyrim you're playing the wrong game.
No. 60625
228 kB, 1280 × 632
Been playing the Ninja Gaiden reboots since they came out on PC. About halfway through the first one and it's as good as I remember it being. Still hard as shit and have to rewire my brain a bit since the last of this genre I played was Bayonetta which is far more aggressive than Ninja Gaiden which rewards good defense much more. Looking forward to getting to 2 again tbh. It's the far inferior Sigma version though which removed all the dismemberment and much of the gore for some reason, as well as removing some content and adding in different cut content from the original (such as the very cool Buddha Statue boss). A very weird release.

Kingdom Come is one of those games that I appreciate the existence of, but really doesn't do it for me in the end. The focus on historical accuracy means that the map is mostly empty (it's quite nice to explore but there really isn't much out there), and the combat feels bad. Mount & Blade had a similar concept with directional strikes but it works really smoothly and is fun as hell, where Kingdom Come was just clunky even when I did have the hang of it. I never felt inexperienced or overwhelmed, just that I was fighting the controls so much as to take me out of the experience a bit.

Maybe I'm just IQ89 though.
No. 60629
Well I take it back, and that is why you shouldn't just go by making first impressions. It was definitely level 1 and level 2 that sucked in Space Hulk Deathwing but it gets much better in certain regards. The problem is that certain things just don't ever get better, like basically having no great leveling or item system.

However by about mission 4 it's pretty interesting, complete with some rather trippy, Streumon tier scenes with blood raining up to the ceiling in vision segments. I find myself getting a great urge to keep playing it now. Of course the sound of nonstop tyranid screeching is still ringing in my ears too. Play it for hours on end and you absolutely will have that sound burned into your brain. It definitely goes in hand with the one review criticising the sound design, which I think is more that it's not enough layered and diversified sound so it only amplifies the sense of repetitiveness.

However, it definitely does get a lot better starting around mission 3. I have no idea what the point of getting relics is and haven't seen any difference in fervour points so it's well seemingly pointless. While going out of your way to find relics is definitely stupid, it remains a real treat to explore all the levels which are incredibly well done, and there's like a dozen different enemies which start to be a real pain in the ass about halfway through, although it's still clearly and painfully an unfinished product from stupid shit like relics and XP to the bare hacking system to bugs to one super lazily done Ymmgarl reskin in mission 6 where if you go to Bestiary you can see its neck bulging and moving like the original's mouth. I have no idea how they even managed to fuck that up because it's only a reskin. It all in all definitely feels like that one guy in class who dicked off all month and then tries to write his paper the last day and doesn't even bother to start until like 2amI am that asshole. Then you see the finished product and it's like that scene from Breaking Bad with Pinkman asking "is that the best you can do?"Jesus Streumon, apply yourself!

It's so sad because this is just not a bad game. It can be pretty fun even. It's just that the shortcomings become so obvious in so many places that the minute it loses your attention you start picking at it, which is a shame because like I said it's not a bad game, it's just that it falls so visibly short of the greatness it was truly meant to be and probably another even 6 months would've made it that. So is it worth playing? Yes, if you can push through the first several hours, especially if you like 40K lore at all. However I feel like after saying anything good there always becomes a however, like the fact it's really just walk around and point and shoot when some unique weapons are resk--not that's not true. Each of the weapons actually does work differently, and some are just great. However, there's really seemingly only one right way to play it, and that's with either the plasma gun or its variant or the massive assault cannon or variant. It definitely feels like you're doing it wrong without those.

Well anyway yes the game is fun. Can sorta recommend.

Speaking of save points I forgot about that with Dawn of War 2. It's a PC game so not sure why, and not sure how the hell I dealt with playing a mission for half an hour, failing, and restarting. My free time is more valuable to me than that. There's not even save points, as if it mattered because some screwy thing they and Epic and Valve did fucked it so your save is stored on the cloud which doesn't make sense because I have that turned off, but either way my save folder is empty. You will own nothing and you will be happy, employee/customer unit OCT5

I actually liked Witcher 1. A lot more than W2. Is there even a point with Witcher 2? Do you get a save file? I guess not that it matters because I really stopped giving a shit by the end. I didn't care to side with either faction and if I remembered it better probably would regret it, but before being saddled with some elf terrorist vs lying human retard pretending to be a fanatic yeah it's great. Maybe I'm misremembering the ending for some reason. But yeah I do recall enjoying the first Witcher a great deal before the super disappointing console shit that followed it and basically blocked me from starting Witcher 3 for like 6 years now.
No. 60633
>Ninja Gaiden reboots
Hm, I didn't know that there is a reboot, despite that I was kinda curious about 3D Ninja Gaiden games ever since I've read a favorable review of the first game in a gayming newspaper. Think I'm gonna pirate it first to see what's what, but I believe the developers that made Nioh games later shouldn't have fucked up badly.
No. 60639 Kontra
I'm a bit late but cheers for the reply, I'll check out IV and V.
No. 60641
349 kB, 1920 × 1080
>the combat feels bad

I heard many people complain about that but never really understood why. I love the combat.
It was super horrible in the beginning, but over time you actually get into it. In the end i was looking for fights just so i could fight, it made tons of fun and feld rewarding.

And about the map beeing empty: There aren't big cities everywhere, but the stuff that is there just feels alive and i love that. I love that game, i really do.

Can't wait for the sequel that is apparently in the works.
No. 60642
For KCD you always have to keep in mind that you're a literal peasant bydlo wet towel kid. Of course you can't fight - or read, or do anything, because Henry isn't a regular Einstein either. So getting beat up in the beginning is actually completely logical. Though I don't quite like how learning to fight is set up and that in the end it's just riposte-riposte because apparently some rando in the woods learned swordfighting from your master's master or something.
What I really appreciate though is that the devs don't treat me like a retard with regard to quest and level design.
No. 60655
I say reboots because they're not directly tied to the original trilogy to my knowledge. Which actually means something because they had actual cutscenes and shit even back then.

Temper your expectations in terms of story and such though. This is a classic Team Ninja game so expect fun as hell combat and titties. It's very much a character action game first and foremost with shit more meant to fit an aesthetic than make sense. I'd call it Dead or Alive Adjacent.

I get that I'm meant to suck conceptually, but the problem wasn't the concept. I'd be fine if my actual ability were shown in game as poor, but so often I was unnaturally engaging more with the UI to make sure I was swinging from the right direction because of how fiddly and awkward it's radial was compared to M&B. When I get my ass beat in that game, it was being overwhelmed by superior foes and feels like it because I can smoothy do what I try to, but it would just be ineffective in that case. KCD just had me wondering how much of it was jank inputs.

I had just played a better version of its combat is all, and it was significantly worse than that better version in my eyes.

I don't dislike the game, just didn't grab me as much as some have.
No. 60673
529 kB, 637 × 710
You know a game is basically dead with an equally dead community when the steam workshop for it nothing but anime coomer shit

Civ V had some of the best mods in existence for it.

Civ VI is nothing but anime tweaks and cartoon girls
No. 60718
Eh, Darkest Dungeon still has a pretty good modding community but there are definitely loads of coomer skins.
No. 60721
Frankly I don't remember the combat in M&B, but I don't recall it being as in-depth as KCD combat.

Did you stay in the rhythm? That's what you are told right at the beginning, so if you're clicking too fast or too slow, you're going to have a bad time, like with Witcher 1. Apart from that, I found it rather easy just throwing the mouse into the general direction and doing my strikes.
No. 60723
81 kB, 1638 × 917
119 kB, 1645 × 922
Finished Lonesome Road, it sucks. Worst DLC out of the 3 I played. I had fun with it, as after ED-E was taken away from me, I lost the ability to make ammo and was surviving on a stock of satchel charges and .44 rounds.

I wanted to kill that dork Ulysses but I didn't have enough supplies or ammo, so I talked him out of his edgelord plan and then, running out of ammo, helped a little with my war club.

Ulysses was a dumb character, the story is dumb, it really was just a sequence of "kill enemies, proceed to next level" with no real changes. Even it giving you some backstory on the Courier is bad in the sense that it kills the drifter with an unknown story thing he had going. I'm just sad I couldn't kill Ulysses, I suppose.
No. 60725
Yeah, it's kinda only important for plot reason, and if you don't get drawn in by Ulysses' character then it's probably not going to hit the mark for you.

I personally liked it, though it's nowhere as "deep" as vidyatards make it out to be.
The loot is kinda meh too if I remember, except for maybe the riot gear. (Which is only cool if you like the Ranger Armour but aren't going NCR)
No. 60729
I never liked the story in NV and addons, for some reason.

It was "well written" in a mechanical sense, I guess, but it failed to evoke anything for me.
It's just so dry and mundane, merely a series of events that happen one after another, written competently as in there's no obvious plotholes or flaws in character motivation. But I felt like there wasn't much of a theme, or if there was, it was weakly presented, taking a step behind the autistically "correct" plot details.

It's like the writers took the state of events in the first two games and just said "here's what happens next". And? I didn't really want to know what happens next, in itself. If the what happens next served some new meaning or message, then yeah, but the bare events of a fictional universe seem to only interest autists who are deeply invested in the franchise in a fanboy kind of way.
Then there's this thing where the tone of the story feels incongruent with the tone of the overall game itself. Fallout 3's story is retarded, but it matches the retarded presentation, gameplay and "feel" of the rest of the game. NV feels like a drama played at a circus stage and everyone keeps slipping on banana peels, but goes on with the play like nothing happened.

Also, I never really cared about narrative "choices" in RPGs. So what if you can press a button and get a different dialogue or have content locked or unlocked as a result. It's all static, so essentially the same as pressing a menu button. Most people will replay the game, going through the same 90% of content to see the last 10% that changes, so it doesn't even matter what outcome there is to your choices, you'll see the alternative anyway. Choices only matter when the narrative is driven dynamically by gameplay, like in roguelikes and shit. The very word "choice" implies exclusivity, as in the requirement to pick 1 thing and discard the rest, being unable to go back and pick all the alternatives as well. If you have 3 "choices", and you get to choose all three, just one after another, it's not a "choice". It's just busywork.
Also, a lot of the above applies to Fallout 2 as well. Superfluous sequels that don't do anything.
No. 60731
M&B doesn't have combos but does have the feinting stuff, but no timed blocks/ripostes.

What I mean with the comparison is that in M&B, making attacks just has you make very natural movements with your own hand using the mouse. In KCD even when inverting it only inverted the X axis and kept the imo unnatural "move mouse up to swing down" part. Then the radial was kind of crowded in the bottom part. M&B has 4 strikes, top, left, right, and stab. Means that with no UI you can very easily get the character to do what you want it to do.

However, KCD has 4 strikes crammed into the bottom half of the radial, and it becomes much more sensitive to error, so you have to be watching the UI to make sure that you're doing an upswing instead of missing that section by a bit and instead doing a side swing or whatever. When I try doing something but character does something else due to control fuckery, it takes me out of it. Good point of comparison is early game Brytenwalda. You still feel weak and powerless but at least your dude swings his arms the way you want him to 100/100 times, even if it's ineffectual. Game is bank and ugly still, but I find it somehow more immersive because I'm not staring at a UI in the middle of a fight to make sure that I'm using the right attack.

I don't necessarily have an issue with the mechanics, but their implementation is fuggen dogshit imo.
No. 60733
>The loot is kinda meh too
I liked dusters, they're stylish as hell and have pretty decent stats. There are also nice helmets dropped by unique Marked Men, and a couple of solid heavy armors you can obtain after finishing the DLC (depending on where you've launched the missiles).
No. 60735
I honestly never had problems with that. As I said, just throw your mouse into that direction and you're good.
Also, in KCD you don't attack IN that direction, you attack FROM that direction. Plus you always see where your weapon is, so I really don't understand how you can do wrong strikes. You SEE from where you will be attacking, even without UI, unless of course you're doing feints (which also won't work on high level enemies).
Because it's made after actual HEMA techniques, you have those five different stances (though if you wanted to be completely strict it would need two more), so if you pull the mouse to the top, you will attack FROM the top downwards.
Which means that usually for clubs and the like combat is rather easy because you don't do anything but attacking from the top and bonking their heads. With skullcracker perk it becomes trivial, but I love it.
No. 60743
I've already complained about the writing and everything else about FNV and how it only looks good compared to the far worse "Skyrim with rayguns" Bethesda alleged Fallouts so I'll spare the effort but no the writing is not even good; FNV writing is mediocre at best. I will however repeat once again that the mental health for raped soldier quest was trult FNV's "not every Satan demon is a rapist" moment akin to Dragonfall's unbelievably awful to the point of being satirical writing and questline which come to think of it also is bad writing involving a rape quest so maybe the problem is just sheltered gamedev men trying to write a rape story regardless, but I say that insofar as they're both exemplary of low points in the writing which showcases how weak is the rest of it. So no, I do not think the writing on FNV was great either, nor some of the mechanics like pass/fail dialogue.

However all that said, I think that you are somewhat wrong about the muh choices thing. See the thing is, most of us actually don't replay these games again and again, and funnily enough even if we did, we sometimes only return many years later where the story feels different just because we are that much different. But in terms of real choice a lot of devs do not do this because it's hard and because it requires writing exponentially greater amounts of content for the same run through, meaning it is 15 hours worth of content for what becomes a five hour game, but the problem sometimes is not even that but even occasional fear of the bitchy community whining about how there is locked out content. Too many times they act almost as if they are afraid not to show all content accessible for first playthrough. But at the same time, for emphasis, we don't always replay it.

There are a handful of games which I've played through again that have that similar structure of choice based RPG narrative. One could easily argue that some of the games I most replayed have the real choice, like Endless Space, Starcraft, or XCOM2, in the ironic sense that while I have zero choice as to the outcome while being totally locked on rails in some cases, and that they are repayable exactly because I'm unlikely to make the same chess moves twice every game. This is a reasonable argument, in that procedurally generated worlds and strategy game skirmishes provide far more imaginative narrative and headcanon for each individual run through regardless knowing what's going to happen. That being stated, it still doesn't change the fact that bots or AI players are simulations of a game world reacting to you, just as much as scripted storylines are exactly that: scripted. It's right in the very name, "running a script." You're still not ever going to get the real experience of some human doing some real bitch move, or something ultra crafty thinking outside the box, or doing something that is unbelievably retarded, just as you're not ever going to get the reality of choice unless you walk outside, and part of the point of the game and fiction in general is making you feel like you do, which I would argue is part of the merit of really good writing and storytelling, which immerses you and makes you feel like your reactions and NPC reactions come naturally and are real rather than what they are which is scripted.

Yet I must return back to that original point, which is that not everyone replays these games. For instance I am highly unlikely to ever again return to that burning shitpile known as TWD. Part of where that series in particular fails so goddamn hard is the fact that I ended up metagaming it so much. It never did anything new or unique, it became quite formulaic and predictable, and any illusion of free choice was broken. Compare this to say VTMB or KOTOR, which are well written enough I seldom asked why I was having to do a certain retarded thing, and I played both of those again to get the different content despite already knowing all the spoilers and plot twists. I still had the option to go down a certain path, and knowing I may not play it again. In fact it is that very sentiment which makes me extremely careful which decisions I make, because I already know I might not ever again sink that kind of time investment back into the same game, an experience that is only enhancedby adding in locked out questlines and locked out characters.

Let us take for instance one of my all time favoritest of games, regardless which backers whined and shitted on it, Tides of Numenera. You got only a total of three characters at a time in your party out of six, with one of two locked out in the very beginning before you even know anything. This makes it very difficult to even complete the character quests of even half the game, and with the plethora of no going back decisions in a long game makes it impossible not to wonder about the paths forsaken. I beat it yet again and will a third time, in spite of it having a linear story.

FNV was no different, only I had little interest in the story itself, but that's the fault of numerous other things, namely that I didn't find the overall story and game world interesting enough to care about the choices not made. As a result, I'm unlikely to every know what the companions other than ghoul Danny Trejo were like, or to every see and experience what a road less traveled felt like. In fact I play all my games that way; a major factor in consideration of any questline becomes the fact I might not ever return here, making each choice permanent. I may not even know that my choice or lack thereof was ever relevant or not, and may even be led to believe I could have changed something when in reality I can't. This latter point was meant to be the way TWD worked, although it was not hard to figure out even early on that nothing I did was ever going to truly matter, and only amplified the butthurt when I figured on early in game four that basically my alleged choices all the way through amounted to dick all and my save file itself became irrelevant. This was similarly the problem with Ass Effect, which wasn't the fact there was no choice, but that it promised you choice and gave you alleged choice and wasted all your time with these alleged choices, only to turn right around and make the Council in charge retconning your decisions to begin with. Had I truly left humanity in charge of the galactic war effort and actually gave me a bunch of fail states through ME3 if I fucked up setting up the resistance coalition I probably would've liked that game a lot more.

So really, the problem isn't about choice or even lack thereof, writing well enough to engage you and to not renege on promises of choice after misleading you and wasting your time about it and then committing the grave gaming sin of ripping you out of your immersion for long enough to question and metagame it. But when you do have an interesting decision, even if it amounts to no more than you want game over screen A or cutscene B? Well that's just great and part of the point to gaming.
No. 60754
61 kB, 800 × 600
Apparently the original 3D trilogy of GTA gets remastered versions.


I wouldn't say i am hyped, but unless they fuck it up i would happily play Vice City and San Andreas again. Awesome games that, sadly, didn't age very gracefully and could profit from some new animations and textures.

But of course, they're going to fuck it up. I just know.
No. 60755
I think they look fine in the original format actually, and I didn't even like console games back then. Basically the game we all played in like Vice City was to drink beers or whatever IRL and then start some shit and see how far each person could go in racing around getting progressively higher wanted levels as you're fleeing from the cops and seeing how far anyone could go before finally dying. Yeah. That was our multiplayer mode GTA as kids. Was pretty alright I guessbut still goes back to the original thing with console games which was fucking around with friends next to you

Also just want it noted that Deathwing is indeed a fairly decent game. By the end I really enjoyed playing it. All its rough spots are there, but it still felt like a good enough game by the end of it. of course just like everything else, its entire weird librarium visions led to absolutely fucking nowhere and felt unfinished, there wasn't any plot beside stop genestealers from getting your chapter geneseed, and overall it just felt like they never truly made the game and put out some alpha early access that became abandonware It's still just so painful seeing how damn fun the last third of the game was compared to what it should've been, especially because it clearly got sidelined into being a multiplayer oriented game which nobody plays.

I really wish developers figured that out by this point. Unless you're really lucky or really adept, or more often both, at making games, you're liable to have yet another forgotten title nobody cares about if you just make it for multiplayer. A solid amount of all the most memorable games ever made had multiplayer as a kind of afterthought, and a lot of those which weren't often just lucked out on being made early enough that it competed with like three other titles, like original CS and Starcraft or WoW. Now you are up against literally hundreds of fucking titles and it takes great luck and massive effort to somehow get all these zoomers and everybody else to give you the next Fortnite or whatever.

Grey Goo suffered exactly this problem. It was super polished but made way too late to capitalize on the MP RTS scene and so nobody remembers it. Meanwhile a lot of us remember Homeworld Deserts of Kharak explicitly for its singleplayer campaign. Deadspace made a huge mistake in emphasizing coop on a fucking survival horror FPS type game of all things. I think they're chasing that dollar and chasing that dragon of the past resulting in piles of unpopular clones. Meanwhile freeware like Space Station 13 gets known about and remembered by people like me who never even played it. In short, they need consolized shitfests to be actually fun to play with your buddies and PC games to actually be fun and memorable singleplayer games. Like you'll notice fucking nobody here is talking about the alleged Fallout 4 or whatever it is that had multiplayer focus. Meanwhile most of the end of this thread is people discussing their singleplayer experience with a now much older game, that to me at least wasn't even all that just a fun survival adventure.

I do not understand why studios haven't figured that out yet. There is a handful of multiplayer games I even play and they're mostly F2P. What we need is strong atmosphere and storytelling, solid and innovative gameplay, captivating soundscapes, truly memorable scenes and experiences with addictively good mechanics. Instead so many titles get farted out as underpolished and unrefined or flat out undeveloped singeplayer with a massive effort to multiplayer only for the game to have like 600 players for the first two years followed by the lobby being a total ghost town, and because the slingplayer is basically tacked on and uninteresting it gets forgotten.
No. 60756
Every remaster is a fuckup. The last remaster I played was Bioshock 2 and it was so shit I couldn't even finish the game from all the bugs.

I bet these remasters don't even have the original music, because the licences were revokes for half the songs 5 years ago. At least the CD version still has the SOULful music.
No. 60757
>Awesome games that, sadly, didn't age very gracefully
Dunno, I replay VC and SA once every two years or so, and I don't consider their graphonium to be that bad. Sure, it would be curious to see the improvements (if they actually lift them to the level of GTAV/RDR2, it would be really neat, although I doubt that they will), but I'd rather see a new GTA game set in the 80's, 90's or maybe even 70's.

>I bet these remasters don't even have the original music
That's a scary possibility. I don't want my V-Rock without Slayer and K-DST without Lynyrd Skynyrd.
No. 60758
98 kB, 616 × 353
99 kB, 1104 × 621
371 kB, 1024 × 1024
>Every remaster is a fuckup
>The last remaster I played was Bioshock 2

Kind of a strong opinion for a lacking experience.
There where a hand full of decent remasters/remakes released in the last few month. Maybe not perfect games but good enough to casually replay some of my childhood favorites.
No. 60766 Kontra
I hope they fix the atrocious controls the originals had.
No. 60768
>Every remaster is a fuckup
That's just not true. Both Turok remasters were great. In fact, the Turok 2 remaster was my GOTY 2017 and honestly, it's way more fun than basically any shooter of the last ten years.
And as someone who played the original on N64 back in the day, I can assure you that this remaster is a straight up improvement in every regard.
No. 60772
99 kB, 1600 × 900
111 kB, 1600 × 900
235 kB, 1600 × 900
131 kB, 1600 × 900
Okay I concede that, thinking about it now the Homeworld remaster and the Full Throttle remaster were pretty good, but I would still say about 50% of them are fuckups and cash grabs.

I'll say these GTA remasters will be soulless because like I said earlier they lost their licences for about half the music in GTA San Andreas so it's not gonna feel like the original I would say

I heard they just remastered Alan Wake, a game that definitely didn't need a remaster so idk why they would even do that, that game looks terrific as it is
No. 60773
Yeah that's fair. Then again I wouldn't care about any GTA remasters because since 5 I have been boycotting Rockstar anyway. They won't ever get a penny from me anymore, plus openvice is a thing, so fuck Rockstar, I already gave them enough money.
No. 60779
>since 5 I have been boycotting Rockstar anyway

Why is that? Because the game or business practices?
I didn't really like the game and i hate the focus on multiplayer but you can't really blame the developer for that.
Also, RDR2 sucked, too.
No. 60783
Honestly, I never understood why people were infatuated so much with the GTA series.
I played VC and it quickly wore me down, and besides rampages there wasn't much else to do after a certain point.
SA if I recall correctly from the gameplay I saw was more customisable and had more side-activities, but I absolutely can't understand how people have such a strong nostalgia for a barebones game like VC or III besides maybe on the grounds of the 80s Miami aesthetic, but even then, the shooting was shit and on PC the game handled like ass.

Maybe it's just 10 year olds going "doing le ebin crime and shooting da kops with muh niggus I'm so edgy" not knowing any better.
Like what the fuck is it with VC that makes it the "game of their childhood".
No. 60785
101 kB, 512 × 512
It's because in America every one of us knew at least someone who had or could afford a PS2 so everyone just went to that friend's house to play games which usually involved something like Vice City or Soulcalibur. That's part of why it's so common which now you made me think about it and I realized all these zoomers with their 80s shit probably went that way partly because they played VC as kids. Others played GTA III if you were older, or San Andreas if you were younger, though honestly GTA III was the best.

Then we have GTA V, which somehow manages not to have one damn thing worth listening to despite all the extra stations. I feel like I need to just mod a playlist for my own station. It's the sole GTA I ever felt that way about so in that case them losing the licenses wouldn't matter because already it's soulless.

This. A lot are just dumb cashgrabs. Some end up excellent, like Homeworld. Then some look like complete ass such as Bioshock or Fable and ruin the aesthetic consistency then manage somehow to totally break the game while they're doing that.

I'll tell you what though, I'd fucking love to see a Homeworld: Cataclysm remaster, aka "Homeworld Emergence" because Blizzard are a bunch of complete ebaumsworld Icanhaz tier fucking faggots who rip off absolutely everyone else then sue them for copywrite violations. I'm not even fucking kidding, the devs of Homeworld Cataclsym got forced to rename the Cataclysm part because Blizzard actually had the balls to sue them over the use of "Cataclysm" for a totally unrelated game. I say this while noting they didn't have one single damn original idea at all, from their Warcraft games just being the result of a deal falling through with GW to make a Warhammer Fantasy game, to their blatantly ripping off 40K to make Starcraftwhich to be fair though early edition Tyranids completely fucking sucked and they still fucking suck concerning GW original things like the dumb long tongue aesthetics and using handheld weapons rather than it just growing out of them and overall the look of Zerg being absolutely kino compared to how 'nids look, so I'll give them thatso yeah fuck Blizzard. The only original things they have done sucked with the exception to how kino original Starcraft was. SCII? Not so much. The entire storyline became absolutely and unbearably fucking retarded.although also to be fair though, Warcraft and Starcraft are just derivatives of derivatives, in that shit like 40k and WH:F are all derivative of shit that's ultimately derivative of Tolkien, so there's like multiple layers of unoriginality also playing into some of the reasons why I absolutely hate most fantasy in general, so for Fantasy I'll also give them that, in that theirs is more interesting than usual fantasy although I don't give a shit about WH:F lore at all. But in fairness, 40K riffed on Aliens and Starcraft then also just riffed on or ripped off everything from Aliens to Predator to 40K and they did manage to make it their own, so

In the aforementioned case let us take the example of Starcraft remake, which looked inconsistent as shit and you only can get SC through Blizzard now. It was basically just a poorly implemented texture mod. This is what most of them get wrong. A game world is made to a very specific internal consistencyusually that's all meant to compliment and work well together as a whole. This is why you get pic related sometimes. The new stuff may look "better" as a unit, but make it overall look worse as a whole because now it doesn't fit. Otherwise it typically is done to drain even more money out of you. See also EA re-releasing a lukewarm series that looked fine on its own mostly.

But then there's those studios like Beamdog...don't give such people your money. Make sure you know who the money is going to if you buy a remake. More often than not it's some IP rights shuffle and some godawful human being now own the rights to it and considers it an investment where they want the higher ROI so they start shitting out all this extra nonsense.
No. 60788
MODS. I got my first own computer in 2003 after saving money for like a year. A xbox hueg tower from LIDL. I think it was 1100 Euros or so.

The first time I played Vice City was when a friend brought over some cracked version we played all day before heading to a party later that evening (at that time I discovered I don't like cola beer).

GTA already had a pretty active modding scene at that time and that is where I was actually getting into contact with that concept in the first place. Soon I had replaced almost everything with crazy shit, made my own skins, edited the vehicle file so cars would just fall through water instead of killing you (because not being able to swim has always been bullshit), and so on. It gave the game lots of longevity. I recently replayed a bit of it (thanks to win10 it was constantly crashing though) and what I played was still good fun.

Then on the brink of adulthood SA came out, which was much larger in scope and which got even more mods. It was really fucking cool at that time.

I also played 4, which I actually did like for the story, though at that time all that "you must use our launcher, because, uhhh, fuck you that's why", but something already felt off a little bit. Also, not having collectibles anymore, replacing them with achievements. I like unlocking stuff, achievements are not an attack helicopter.

I wasn't even really interested in 5 anymore; I got it as a present like two or three years ago. Only played through it out of obligation.

And it just isn't a good game, and on top of that it's a horrible, horrible port. There are too many things wrong with it, but what irritated me the most were
>bad port as mentioned, had a bug that has been in the game for YEARS, has never been fixed, and prevented me from doing stock market stuff, thus ever getting filthy rich and buying all those real estate.
>story above all is a shitty concept in and by itself, but if the story is forgettable, dumb, not well told, with shitty, dumb, boring characters, it's making me angry. I recall one mission where you had to hunt some dude in a truck. I got him pretty quickly, but nothing happened, I thought it was a bug. Then eventually I got a cutscene. So no matter what I did I just had to hunt him until the cutscene started. So playing well is not rewarded, hell, some games just play the cutscene when the appropriate trigger is activated, no matter if it "makes sense", and even that is better than just having the player do a long and boring pursuit. Also, having the gall to count stuff like "yoga minigame" and "drive to a store and buy masks" as actual missions. "oh, there's 70 or so main missions? Well fuck you, half of that is interactive cutscenes (which have never not been at least very annoying)".
>speaking of pursuits, holy shit the controls are SO BAD, so incredibly bad. I have never failed so many missions or have died so often in any other GTA game as I did here, because the controls fucked me over all the time. Hey animator, it's great you have made a million frames of animation per second, but if I am trying to steal a car and the dudes start shooting me, I want to be able to cancel the long-ass hotwire animation so I get, you know, NOT SHOT TO DEATH DURING AN ANIMATION I CAN NOT CANCEL OR STOP ANY OTHER WAY. Also, the sluggish, shitty movement did its part. I hate when no precise movement is possible, especially trying to navigate over some narrow scaffold and beams.
>Again missions. Completely forgettable, except that submarine heist, which really made me mad because I thought I could finally do something cool just to finish the mission and instantly having to give it back. What an entirely superfluous mission. Also the heists you could "plan". Yeah great choices that TOTALLY made a difference.
>tying in with story, but the humor, oh my god the humor. It was like Drawn Together and Family Guy dialed to 11. STATE THE OBVIOUS AND CALL IT A JOKE, ALSO DATED REFERENCES TO TEABAGGING. I hated every second of that.

There's probably more, but this is what I can recall from the top of my head. I think it's telling that I can remember more of what I hated about the game than the game itself.
No. 60793
>Like what the fuck is it with VC that makes it the "game of their childhood".
Probably because it was pretty unique back then, being an action game with a big open world, but also allowing players to ride vehicles (the games usually were either action or racing, few combined both; at some point adding vehicles to shootans became a popular gimmick, possibly started by Halo — see UT2004, HL2 etc.), all in full 3D. Also, compared to GTA3 it had more memorable characters and missions, plus a God-tier soundtrack (although it's not original, the songs in the radio stations are really good). As for it being "barebones", it comes down to technological limitations: similar games that came out around that time — True Crime, Total Overdose, Mafia — weren't much less "barebones", if at all. Also, I don't really understand what is your problem with VC's controls. It's just a pretty standard TPS stuff: you've got running, jumping, sprinting, a reticle into which the bullets fly, that's it. Cars' behavior is pretty simplified and unrealistic, yes, but it's fine for a game like that, and realism can go fuck itself.
No. 60803
Open world and violence. But for me also the 80s aesthetics. I was 13 when I first really played it on my computer and for the first time I was doing missions and all that. I liked the story, the voices, the music, and the humor.

Same. I did upload some mods to the large webpages. Even did a large texture mod together with somebody.
No. 60808
114 kB, 1024 × 768
109 kB, 1024 × 768
120 kB, 1024 × 768
I was looking through old screenshots today and saw this from Pirates

Would any game dare put an attractiveness meter in their game in the current year?

>attractiveness: beautiful
>romance 9/10
No. 60810
579 kB, 2400 × 1635
>Would any game dare put an attractiveness meter in their game in the current year?

They would, but it will be maxed out for everyone, because everyone is attractive! Then again, vidya don't often implement a separate beauty/attractiveness parameter, usually it's something more generalized like charisma or personality which include the so-called "inner" beauty. Few that come to mind are Beauty in Arcanum (which was utterly useless) and Attractive/Ugly traits in CK2 (btw, did they keep it the same in CK3? I never played it). It actually makes sense to use "charisma" instead, because it's a bit difficult to think of a lot of uses for a "looks" parameter in a game that is not a dating sim.

More interesting would be if they will ever put differences between sexes in games nowadays, even if those differences are small, like in Morrowind. They do exist in real life, but certain vocal minorities fervently deny their existence, so developer usually just don't stir up a hornet's nest and make men and women the same.
No. 60811 Kontra
>differences between sexes
I mean secondary differences like muscle mass and the like, not primary. It's obvious that males have dicks and females have cunts, of course.
No. 60812
Yes of course...
>pick woman character
>-5 strenght
No. 60828
I still find this an incredibly bizarre thing to whine about that I literally never see, like anywhere, in gaming. Usually the closest examples any of you have found is developers just being shit at making models, not some conspiracy of "everyone is attractive." Some games like Fallout come to mind where there's a variety of different traits and perks, with some games like VTMB outright letting you play a character so utterly hideous every NPC immediately reacts to it, and likewise the Toreador while not even originally about that as a clan tending to be stereotypically of extreme physical attractiveness and seductiveness. It's literally baked right in to the clans of having a pretty bloodline vs a so ugly you hide in the sewers bloodline, and yes this clearly was going to end up featuring in VTMB2if it ever got made, or for all I think about Paradox Frankly it's an utterly bizarre thing to be whining about and once again goes back to what I was saying about a certain type of wokeness that actually is omnipresent in gaming and crying how offended they are about literally fucking anything. I just keep thinking back to how goddamn cancerous they would be had it been a thing for Starcraft or Fallout or VTMB being released, let alone any older game of them going through with a finetooth comb seeing if there's anything they can bitch about on their MRA subreddits.

Would be but it kind of defeats the point to having certain character creator aspects. I suppose it'd be funny as shit to implement a "beauty" detection using AI and gold ratios in character creator, then playing as some genuinely fucking hideous thing that somehow gets detected as perfect beauty by the AI. Otherwise I can't think of much where it wouldn't be shit or even useful, because on a certain level we already do have those things like with elves vs ogres in feminine and masculine stereotypes embodied in a couple fantasy races but it's not like you can't play a male elf wizardwho often lowkey come across as incredibly gay come to think of it. It just wouldn't serve much use in a wide variety of games trying to find a way to put in a malus over otherwise cosmetic things in character creator and because I like playing sniper or magic builds the system would just end up actively punishing me for not wanting to play a barbarian or swordsman with my only other option being some horrible tranny tier option of clicking "other" just so I don't have to put up with playing a male magic user or tactician or DPS build because I don't give a shit about taking str/end hits but I seldom play female charactersunless it's a Sith lord which somehow playing as female makes it incredible easy to play an evil character, so take from that what you will

Anyway I originally even came to EC todayI've dropped it from my bookmarks because I'm trying to divorce myself from a longrunning chans habit to bitch about some supposedly distant future scifi being hopelessly today to today. Like take Battletech for example. What the fuck, why the hell would there be a faction on distant worlds that's just like the modern day Han Chinese under that exact type of government? No wonder Battletech lore didn't take off as much because it seems pretty retarded to me. It's utterly incapable of actually acting like it's set in our distant future, with the utter hilarity that at the same time it is now incredibly dated because it was made pre-USSR fall so not only does it make it feel like just early 21st century stuff where the other countries are on other planets and everyone is a hereditary monarch in spite of this and at the same time this universal monarchism also claims to be using stereotype modern govs like America, German industrialist memes, Imperial Japan, and what is described as police state Socialism of Han at the same time as being monarchies for who knows fuck why but also apparently they failed to anticipate the fall of the Berlin wall and collapse of USSR so the game itself was getting the original lore before that time, which my understanding is they had USSR collapse in mid 2010s instead though I'm unsure if this is a retcon or what.

Then let us take the hilarity of 40K actually bothering to say tens of millenia in the future there's still basically places like Germany and America just with slightly different spellings. It would be like if I wrote in Scythians for a far future 2020 A.D. setting. Or if I were to talk about ethnic Carthaginians and ethnic Romans. It hasn't even been that long compared to 40K so why would Jermani even exist? Germany didn't even exist before now. Which is even more amusing come to think of it considering that Imperium is basically a HRE larp aesthetically and with the ecclesiarchy. Why would they even call it Jermani and not Deuschland anyway?

It's little details like this which drives me nuts about scifi. Over a long timeline all nations will cease to exist. Moreover whole ethnic groups will eventually be obliterated over a long enough timeline, and their mutted descendents called something else like "English." It is one thing to have this nonsense in a setting 22,000 years in the future, but it gets even dumber when they start implenenting it on different planets. Like what is even the Draconis Combine meant to be, some plastic paddy equivalent to 20th century Japanese? Imagine in the grimdark future 5,000 years from now here we have modern nation of Ejypti, who worship their Pharaoh and maintain Egyptian traditions and certainly are not Arabic looking Muslims. I don't even know what ancient Egyptians called themselves at this point. The closest thing to them existing in present times is some murican teaches world history tier larp by an occult group made infamous by an English buggerer.

It made me think how I would try to make some future nation in 20,000 years look in a character editor which I think could get hard to create a distinct haplogroup that looks somewhat different from all of us yet has some type of consistency in ethnic features to say "these are the Blatharians of the Lira system, they have this government and this cultural tradition and here is how their peoples look." I think this makes it a supreme twist of irony that some pretty cringey ideas like Ratlings and Ogryn ended up being some of the more realistic portrayals of far flung star humanity post-millenia of genetic tampering. Realistically speaking, if humanity still exists in 15,000 years not one of our present nation states or peoples will even exist and what does exist is likely going to be the product of heavy genetic modification. This is going to be true when you hit four decimal numbers regardless if each planet gets colonized by modern countries and lives in isolation for that entire time, although considering interstallar conflict is almost universally a thing to these settings it's more likely that you're just going to end up with a bunch of Englands, planets fought over by varying other planets and planets tons of people move to for whatever reasons.

It's actually somewhat baffling the more that I think about it because each of these companies is motivated by profit and their own IPs which means there's direct profit motive to coming up with your own distinctive powers although I guess they are also seldom imaginative and are incredibly lazy enough to just go "here is post Mao China in space."
No. 60830 Kontra
67 kB, 640 × 350
156 kB, 497 × 443
Oh also I begun playing this game, and it's pure kino.
even so, the inexplicable behavior of the ships has gotten bad enough I was swearing at my screen which I seldom do. Few games make me mad but I finally got pissed off losing several battles in a row because whoever the fuck in charge of those ships I tell him go this way, and somehow ship ends up turning around and going another way. Control of the ships can be pretty fucking poor at times to point of infuriating but I still love it.

Best game I played in awhile. Beyond Ruiner I can't think of any game which rises up anywhere near this level of good. An absolutely solid recommend. I can't even say how good it is.
No. 60831
>developers just being shit at making models
Models have nothing to do with that, it's the attractiveness characteristic we were talking about, that is, a value that says, for example, that person A is beautiful and person B is ugly. So yes, since the way of the least resistance and fewest problems for a developer is to be as inoffensive as possible (we can't have anyone stating that person B is ugly, that's just not nice), I wouldn't be surprised that an attractiveness/beauty parameter won't be implemented often in modern games. Then again, like I said, it's not much of a loss, since charisma can replace it completely and is easier to integrate into game mechanics.

Not a good example, because PCs are supernatural creatures there, so Nosferatu are supernaturally ugly and Toreadors are supernaturally beautiful. Neither of them are humans anymore, so human standards do not really fit them. Also, VTMB is yet another example of crappy implementation of appearance attribute: seduction is almost useless except for getting free blood from chicks in bars and clubs and completing a few quests (which usually can also be completed with persuasion and intimidation, or just brute force), and having low appearance doesn't matter at all unless you're a Nosferatu.

>this clearly was going to end up featuring in VTMB2
Are you sure about that? No, people being scared of Nosferatu will stay, of course, because it's their gimmick, but the appearance attribute may just go, especially if they gonna simplify the role-playing system (which is not really uncommon for modern RPGs), and be replaced with some sort of umbrella skill like charisma or something, or in case of doing away with skills/attributes completely just imply that, say, the Presence discipline is Toreador's supernatural beauty.
No. 60834
7,0 MB, 2560 × 1440
*hopelessly tied to today, sorry my proofreading is terrible

Also meant as an Edit: speaking of models and such, here we have texturework from Battletech. Like what the fuck?

Here's the thing my GPU runs at like 72C junction temps running BF:GA which looks stunningly gorgeous and yet you have this shit which bakes my GPU. The texturework to Battletech is exquisitely bad. This goes beyond ugliness or poor into just outright parody. During the starting mission I almost laughed IRL because when an orbital strike or something took out a compound it just melted into the ground like crayons or a some gingerbread house. Everything has this weird melty crayon ultra low res texture to it. Is there something wrong with my GPU or settings? I'm running it on ultra and first of all it has some New World tier shenanigans where some menu or load screen will drive my GPU straight up to 92C, and in game it's an absolute power hog. I knew this was supposed to be a more benchmark tier game in terms of getting good high res framerates but by God the optimization compared to the textures is just what the fuck.

I will give it to, HBSI keep accidentally saying Beamdog they didn't completely fuck up the writing so far, although the dialogue is definitely the same shit as SR: no point to having different ones. It doesn't seem to matter having three alleged options vs just a click next button. The dialogue is also anywhere from passable to really poor. Gameplay itself is great though and models look great. I know you could say "yeah but Battlefleet is just in space so there's no textures to even do" but man, even then the little environmental things and how great everything looks compared to Battletech is an amazing mismatch considering performance.

Sorry I was thinking back to the previous discussions people had alleging that everyone is being made ugly as some sort of fat-positive conspiracy or something like that.

As to the point about VTMB no not really, because they are still basically just undead and supernaturally enhanced human beings with largely human beauty standards, Tzimisce aside. As such, their attractiveness qualities are human and actually do actively work on the Kine like us, so them having the ability to use supernatural means like glamours or not is ultimately irrelevant. Toreador for instance are usually regarded as beautiful regardless if they're using their Presence bloodline skill or not.

Also, that point kind of goes to show as exactly why these things are ultimately seldom implemented in any games, which is because they're totally irrelevant in most cases, and situations where it needs calling out just have a separate skill. Take for example Fallout. You literally have Speechcraft being a separate skill from CHA. Beauty has typically been seen as a subcategory to charisma modifiers for a reason, which is because when you divorce CHA from INT and then also go ahead and make separate skills for bartering and speechcraft there's really ultimately not any actual good use for it because beyond a "seduction" skillset it's not going to do you much beyond getting a discount from the bar wench or local brothel madame that again just gets rolled under barter or trying to seduce the Prince's daughter which could again just be considered as part of Speechcraft roll +CHA check or any other supremely limited scenarios.

Basically, it's because "Beauty" is actually just a physical attribute that ends up being a subcategory of a "seduction" skill that is itself a subcategory to "charisma" checks because even seduction itself is a skillset, rather than just an attributeyou can actually botch a get-into-pants roll also IRL for example by being highly physically attractive and then saying something critically stupid like "I know where your genitals are" or whatever and thus as a result, there's really no place for it in dungeoneering or saving the galaxy or whatever. It's not seen much outside of games like CK II for a reason, because not only ultimately is it pointless beyond some weeb cartoon porn game or FATAL or something like that, but also realistically we can't even agree on what is a 10/10 IRL. Which pretty much makes maxxed out BTY stat a supernatural quality anyway.

At the same time, full disclosure I just don't do romance scenarios. ME was one of the best examples to where situationally there's no way in hell I'm bothering with this alien ship wench. The survival of civilization and galactic life itself is at stake begone you blue thot. So there is also my own subjective bias, which could be blinding me to an actual reason for it.

I mean if you guys can actually find a real solid reason for implementing an entire Beauty state outside of a seduction skill, Charisma check, barter, or persuasion/speechcraft skill I'm open to listening. But I think from the player's perspective all you're going to accomplish is shortcutting certain quests or starting NPC romances that, let's be honest, are all defaulted to PC being 9/10 to begin with because none of the companions or quest givers or whomever is going to reject you, and things like KOTOR or something by changing genders it pretty much defaults you to attractive and defaults to the NPCs getting jealous and fighting over you.

This all goes back to any fantasy setting being that people choose smart, attractive, physically fit, not some character who's a bumbling clown of a fat slob making everybody feel awkward. It's why every single male character is absolutely ripped and that to me annoying trope of all female armor being basically a thong and bikini which somehow makes you a walking tank. I mean just think of this very thread, let alone the broader gaming community reaction. Just imagine the absolute outrage if you made some fat hambeast female companion, no matter how well written. That alone makes the feature pointless in a game because in order to have 10/10's, somebody is going to have to be ugly. Not that there's even much point, because you the PC don't need to be given a stat to see a character is attractive, and it would just spawn endless memes if someone's modeling work wasn't top notch like see for example >>59954 and I still am unsure what this Russian is complaining about. Or you somehow end with a character vaguely too mannish. Because it's immediately visually represented and some of that is frankly just personal taste you run into all kind of problems as a developer modeling a 9/10 and then giving it 9/10 stat that people aren't going to bitch about forever, all while having that new beauty stat even have point to existing in the game to begin with

In short, I clearly find the whole thing trivial, superficial, and hard not just to implement well but even find a use case, and whatever game does try it I'm probably going to avoid like the plague anyway because some of the shit that annoyed me the most in Deadspace 3 for example was the unbelievably retarded and petty primary school lovetriangle tier plotpot that took precious time from the whole saving mankind from necromorphs story. Its main use would be severely extrapolated pixel art or whatever non-realistic games telling you "this character is a 7/10" or causing NPCs to react to each other, or getting NPCs reacting to you which let's face it, there's not huge demand from the gaming community for a beautiful woman to say "ewww no" to your face unless you used something like intelligence or strength as your dump stat just so NPCs flirt with you, or the other experience, of having tons of men hitting on you throughout the game and having to continually reject their advances. If someone can find real reasons for the game system I'll stand corrected.
No. 60843
115 kB, 616 × 353
>More interesting would be if they will ever put differences between sexes in games nowadays, even if those differences are small, like in Morrowind

The only ones I can think of are
>Fallout 2
where if you play as a woman you can give up some ass for better deals
>Thea the Awakening
Beauty is a trait of many of your characters and if you have a beautiful woman in your party sometimes she can give up some ass when bandits ambush you so you don't get so badly fucked up. Beautiful women (and men) can also sometimes entice people during random encounters to join your village because they're so hot
No. 60844
Charisma was traditionally a leadership attribute actually. It modified the amount of hirelings you could get, and how loyal and willing to stand by you if things went sideways those hirelings were. This was important because if a porter failed a loyalty check and ran off and you weren't able to catch them, then whatever value in loot they ran off with was XP that you'd spent resources earning but weren't going to be able to cash in. It could also affect reaction rolls, meaning that not every monster you encountered would be hostile, and if you were lucky may even be helpful.

As expedition logistics left most RPGs, you began to see Charisma fill it's tertiary roles as primary ones, which is where its corner-case nature stems from. Its actual reason for existing isn't relevant in most games who put it there because it's one of the sacred cows of the industry that people are reluctant to kill, even if they should.

RE: Battletech optimisation

Real nibbas know that the benchmark is how long your game chugs when you go to the shop window.
No. 60852
I hate how much space I take up in these threads but I forgot to add one thing about BF:GA just because I like to frontload and get the negatives out of the way first as opposed to shite games where my instinct is want to give due to credit to what is nice before writing multiple essays on my hatefuck relationship with the alleged game there's a few utterly inexplicable and seemingly unexplained quirks to how the undeniably foreign or alien dev team must be, which is that for starters the "save" and "delete" buttons for games are backwards. In fact all the menus feel backwards, like it was written by Israelis or something, making me certain I'll delete a game by accident trying to load someday. Similarly the minimap is upside down. You often start from the top for no explainable reason. This forces you to then invert your camera view from the minimap to pan down and march your forces forward.

It's a wonderful little game, but there's these really odd details about it like that. Who the fuck even does that? I'm constantly struggling with camera vs minimap because my trapezoid is now going down while I sidescroll up. I've never seen this before and baffled why the devs did shit like this.

Otherwise I literally cannot think of a single other flaw in this game. It's amazingly good, and that's just the first game. I could mention having a non-Imperial campaign which every GW licensed dev ever insists on, but that too got fixed with BF:GA2 to play Necron, 'nid, Space Marine, Chaos, and I think one other campaign, but even then it doesn't matter because campaign is great so far.

That's basically what I mean and part of that is because face it we're the default gender so it really becomes a question not of gender stats but playing a woman, and then it usually just ends up used as either barter or persuasion. The whole parameter of the question for instance wasn't even us getting a perk to strength checks, but introducing the Other getting a strength malus. I want to see innovative gameplay but can't think of much with that, although to be fair it could be a failure of imagination such as for example playing female high BTY and getting the job while infiltrating a corpo or doing an inside job robbery because you rolled the "I'm young and pretty eye candy hire me" thing, or you got the witness to not call security on you committing the act because the female witness or employee was wooed by your 10/10 jawed manliness or something like that, and maybe rolling a super low Beauty character got security called before you even did anything for a "suspicious figure in the building."

A fair point. Wasteland 2 still used the oldschool system for your party. Of course it can still be argued that you have seven people following you because women are swooned by your dashing figure and the men gravitate toward your manlinessand the women who followed you. If I think really hard I can imagine situations where a beauty stat could theoretically come in handy but still see it all rolled up just as part of CHA stat.

Actually I do take some of it back because VTMB already was pretty amusing as an ugliness simulator similar to how Fallout could be amusing as a retardedness simulator and likely would have been more amusing if your Toreador beauty mattered more. After thinking about it I can in fact visualize specific situations where it could be hilarious in an RPG, like rolling a super high beauty and low CHA/INT PC where every interaction with people basically goes
"Oh my!"
:player says something:
No. 60854
1,1 MB, 2504 × 1204
Does Wasteland 2 use the same system as the original Wasteland? Because OG Wasteland uses a hack of one of my favourite systems (MSPE, a branch of Tunnels & Trolls). I like those systems a lot.

Here's some of my quick research from older games in my collection (kind of fun tbh). Those that describe it do apply a kind of physical aspect to it, but it serves a broader purpose than what a 'beauty' stat would. Even MSPE which explicitly says it's a physical thing goes on to show that it was bad wording and it's as much to do with reputation as it is sex appeal.

I can point to games that separate visual and verbal charisma but they aren't doing it for no reason, and would not actually be representative without an explanation of what they were doing and why. Which kind of is where I stand on the matter. If you've got a genuine reason to split them, then go ahead. In that example's case, a big part of its design relies on suaveness and/or attractiveness to set the right tone. These being turned into mechanical levers makes sense. Same as in Vampire, which is a genre that has always had sexual undertones, honestly true of classic swashbuckling a-la Sid's Pirates. In that case also, it fits the theming of the game and encourages you to engage with those aspects of the world.

Something like 70s D&D would be worse off for it because it would detract from the design, being much more a wargame with named characters than what we would call an RPG today. It was more interested in "how do I wargame The Hobbit?" than "how do I retell The Hobbit" if that makes sense.
No. 60863
I sorta don't like video games to be honest. Yet I'm going to replay VTMB just for the atmosphere. I should do a firearm playthrough since I haven't done it before. Toreador man, firearm, persuasian, celerity... I guess I need melee in the beginning? I need to do a malkavian playthrough since I never completed one as well but I'm not sure if I can do two playthroughs right after each other.
No. 60866
I had lots of fun with a Tremere Rambo. The end goal is fully specced blood armor and firearms.
Keep in mind though that until level 10, firearms suck ass.
But I heard good things about Celerity Toreador, too.
No. 60867
>I guess I need melee in the beginning?
Better go unarmed. In addition to being more reliable method for dealing with supernatural enemies in the early game (and a certain gargoyle in the mid game), high unarmed stat allows you to drink blood from mooks in combat. After that, Celerity with a good gun (shotgun in the early-mid game, Steyr+Deagle/Colt in mid-late) destroy everything.

>I heard good things about Celerity Toreador
Ranged weapon with Celerity is probably the easiest build to play in the late game, and it turns even the Sheriff into a laughing stock. Also, ranged skill doesn't really suck before it hits 10 – some weapons do fine as they are without maxing it – but, yeah, it's better to max it out ASAP.
No. 60868
Sheriff is a laughing stock anyway, provided you have level 10 firearms. Get the AUG and be done with the first phase before he even reaches the bottom of the stairs.
No. 60870
I played a tremere whoman the first time with the camarilla ending. Yeah unarmed makes a lot more sense in that case. Thank you neonate.
No. 60960
2,7 MB, 2560 × 1440
Okay I just
I just can't.

So first of all I just wish to say yes, Battletech is also a truly lovely little gem. Nothing too inspired about the writing, but it's not insufferable complete shit either so, :shrug: better than I can usually hope sadly and beside, it's the gameplay. Basically modular XCOM units although I really, really wish I could have lances of more than 4 mechs at a time, which often really just boils it down to "mech tonnage go brrrrr". Seriously that's basically it. However I will say that this is legitimately the first wargame I've played in I genuinely can't even remember the last time I actually took note of shit like terrain and elevation like this. It's probably the first time I've actually thought militarily in God, I'm not even sure I ever did like this. So that's also a great plus. It actively forces you to think about shit like hiding in the treelines, elevationyes it's not said anywhere but you get bonuses from shooting down a hill, loose terrain, basically everything about it works but having too few units at a time to really do anything tactical or have better strategy, which is a cryin shame because I can see exactly where even I had 2x3 groups of mechs I could pull off some really neat shit or see the enemy do the same.

So gameplay wise, yes, I am finally back into the groove of just awesome games at night. IIRC Russia in particular was who said writing doesn't matter, only gameplay. While I still disagree, he's absolutely right, you can make up for mediocre story with excellent gameplay, but you can't use shite gameplay to make me suffer the storyone reason I never made the effort to play early Bethesda games.

So I really just want to emphasize here what a wonderful game Battletech is and how fantastic it is there is no Hairbrain Schemes bullshit ruining fucking everything, be it PDx reigning them in or what, although the alleged dialogue box definitely brings me back to Shadowrun's alleged dialogue options.

However, I'm still going to commit the one great sin I can't stand and started bitching about nonstop because I cannot fucking take it anymore: that look.

What the fuck is it with that look? I'm seriously not even shitting you here literally almost every single expression, drawn, modelled, or otherwise, is this same smug fucking look. It's like le smug SJW look. I swear to fucking God I'm not making this up. I've been playing the game for dozens of hours and it's not even like they're doing it completely on accident, I outright saw dialogue talking about being smug. It's not even le librul thing. It's like this same exact obnoxious fucking macbook owning, latte sipping, 99 gender Capitalist "but I'm really a Marxist" faggot fucking look. It's only this, looking like they're thinking about a dick hidden up their ass or being constipated and enjoying it, or this vaguely annoyed "serious" look like they suddenly realized they're not enjoying this constipation in particular, or this condescending look. That's it. That is the ENTIRETY of expressions.

It's utterly bizarre. I'm telling you it's fucking wild man, like these guys somehow managed not to fuck a game up for once as if they somewhat learned their lesson since SR Hong Kong, but still couldn't help themselves and just somehow manage to find a way to signal their faggotry. I know. Maybe I am imagining things, or prejudiced against them after SR Returns and Dragonfall, but I'm the kind of person who reads absolutely everything and it's slowly wearing at me because their faces stay completely still and it's like this uncanny valley expression juuust off enough for me to notice it and get increasingly vaguely annoyed every time I see any of them.

On the plus side mechwarrior Glitch is finally dead. Of course to be fair, there is also they fact they have two horrible voice actors to the point that one woman was starting to making it unplayable. Rolling eyes and cringing IRL tier feels. I couldn't change her voice. I think it was a backer character who I got stuck with for a long ass time because she was part of my starting team thus highly experienced. Her and that nasally queeny gay tier sounding guy who thankfully I could switch off. Like I get if you're having fun at the office but having a That Girl trying to sound like an excited child really trashes the mood which in retrospect was ultimately the biggest singular thing I bitched about HBS earlier games was they could not get their shit together on setting a consistent tone. So yeah. Couldn't change her voice, am now glad a character finally got KIA so I won't ever need to hear it again. Okay yeah it's a premade character https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey5Azg3PndA that you can't edit. Why. Thankfully a good number of other voices are pretty good. Me Irish lass is probably the most blood pressure dropping one to listen to, with some good male voice actors too.

And that is all I can find to nitpick about this game, is things that petty. Rock solid gameplay, really enjoyable, lots to do, clearly tons of work went into it, only a few rough patches keep reminding you this is not some triple A UnrealEngine polished title. Everything I was just crying about is after like 20 however many hours is about it for remotely finding fault with anything and I'm not even up to 100T Assault class mechs yet. It's basically XCOM if your dudes could have limbs and weapons blown off and still be dragging their Black Knight tier limbless selves across the field to headbutt you.

I believe so yes. Also that's a pretty fair point and good description of the two questions approach, so point taken.

I've been meaning to respond to this for days. M8 wtf are you doin,
play Malkavian

I will say Toreador was a bit letdown in terms of nearly zero dialogue or quest impact however yes, Celerity is awesome af. Even years later I'm still impressed by how unique and well implemented each of the disciplines was, with stuff like Dominate/Dementate, Celerity, and most Tremere stuff being among the best. A Malkavian playthrough is basically mandatory. You can pick any other clan, but you have to do a Malk at least once. I didn't have any idea what the fuck was going because I went Malk first. It changes all your dialogue, and makes every first impression guaranteed interesting, like my brain looks like Nosferatu on the outside.

Tremere is most fun and arguably most OP, and has its own unique path to the end.

Guns are fine. Maybe if you're super used to modern FPS it'll feel bad, but get a Steyr and you're fine, and yeah, it's basically mandatory to learn guns too. You can in theory do no-guns, but it'll take a lot more planning on your end to make it work. I mean, it really isn't that far off from realism that way. VtM:Redemption was similar in that you basically need to ditch your Crusader era sword and deal with guns in the modern age like it or not. Not having any gun skill is pain. Or maybe not
Tremere, ernstferatu, Malk are the top tiers. You will play a fairly different feeling game if you play just those three. Swords don't break so melee makes sense because how damage works in original source material, which is supernatural things take bullets like a sponge but fire or blades do lethal and aggravated damage, however mag dumping your Steyr on some Cainite still is easier than anything.
No. 60962
68 kB, 402 × 451
The game bogs down past Heavies imo. The changes to some of the damage rules for the game make them more of a chore than they should be. Lots of just bashing at each other until someone falls over. On the table, ammo cooking off, weapon destruction etc. can just end you. Especially in the era depicted in the game. Everything behaves like it's got CASE II which is rare/experimental even decades after the game is set. That pack of 100 missiles you mount cooking off should by the normal rules do damage equal to being hit in that location by the remaining shots, including transferring damage towards the centre. Means that on the table, an Assault mech can be taken down by setting off an ammo bin, especially if it starts off a chain of secondaries (I remember having an autocannon set off a chain of secondaries for 600-odd damage in a game where even an Atlas, being a mech designed to take a beating has 69 internal structure at its maximum, being an explosion in an arm or leg, transferring to side torso and then to centre torso). Secondary explosions and such aren't implemented in as decisive a way in the video game. Their system is fine, but does bog the late game down. Probably a good thing though since I imagine that it takes a certain kind of person to enjoy being given a chance to just lose like that every time you take internal damage.

I shouldn't complain though. Megamek exists after all if I want to fuck with the real thing.
No. 60963
79 kB, 1364 × 720
Not the example I was thinking of, but this is an old screenshot from when I was teaching myself MegaMek.