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No. 59063 Systemkontra
153 kB, 960 × 671
A tribute to whatever the fuck this painting is.
No. 59065
65 kB, 720 × 480
Now imagine same shit spread into 4 repositories, with shittone of legacy and worst practices and zero tests. You can't even build it locally, you push it to production (ask admin to do it), then revert commit in case something bad happens and repeat this cycle until heat death of universe.
Despite all the layers of abstractions I can't make a trivial change without heavily rewriting multiple places. Some of those functions and classes are used in other projects, I have no idea even which ones. No, they are not used as "black boxes", that's rare thing here.
Bonus point: this service is REALLY important for the BigCompany(TM)

Fugg it, I'm leaving this place. It will be hard to find another job, but I have enough money to live for a half a year. I don't know what next, but I'm slav so I don't have skills of long term planning nor I have any opportunity for it.
No. 59067
Hello Magyar Ernst, I replied to your post on /meta/
No. 59068
My brother is crying because he bit his cheek 3 times in a row while eating and playing roblox.
He's 13 lol.
No. 59069
Is he mentally retarded?
No. 59070
Probably. It runs in the family.
I was even more mentally retarded at his age. At least he doesn't try to convince mom to put a helium bag over my fathers head as a permanent solution, like I did at his age.
No. 59071
What the fuck, are kazakh commieblocks really that depressing?
No. 59072

>Had this strange daydream about becoming a bureaucrat after getting my degree. Maybe I could save up the money for another degree and then study international relations or something like that and then work at the foreign ministry or at an embassy.

Why not? I don't know the postgrad situation in Hungary, but you could work a bit and study simultaneously, and then you have two degrees and probably are a more useful wage laborer. All I'm saying is it can be done if you aspire to do so as long as you can work next to the studies so the money comes insufficiently. It takes longer but if your uni system allows that, why not? you are young enough to make a second degree, and as long as you don't have a family yourself it is possible
No. 59073 Kontra

Also, in Germany, there are specific schools/universities for state-related administration jobs etc. maybe Hungary has that as well. Don't think it is mandatory here, but might help.
No. 59074
Attention: All information presented here is based on experiences from ten years ago, things might have changed in the meantime (though I don't expect it, as we are talking about Beamte :--DDDDD).

Getting into these schools warrants you being accepted as a "Beamtenanwärter" first, though.
It's a "duales Studium" where you work part for your bureau of whatever and part is going to that school. For example policemen do that, at least for the higher ranked jobs.
Depending on what you are doing it's pretty relaxed though, if you are into that stuff. For example a Diplom-Verwaltungswirt will have classes on law, and lots of them, and different finance-related stuff. The upside is that this education takes just three years and after three years you have a job guaranteed (provided you don't flunk out of school like a retard) and have a german diploma while only having studied as long as someone else for their bachelor's degree. And it's not even crazy condensed or anything.
No. 59075
im a refugee here from the gore and kiddy porn from kc
No. 59077
EC is slow. There are only a few posts per day and only around 10-15 people that regularly post on /int/.
No. 59078
Please describe this in greater detail, because I have a hard time imagining how this happened.

Yes, there's a university that specialises in this called "University of Public Service". It trains the people who'll work at the foreign office and also has degrees in management. (Alongside it's military and police officer training programmes.)
But this is so far into the future that it's not really important right now.

Thank you. I'm trying to collect my posts and eventually condense them into a diary format and have them printed.
No. 59079
>on /meta/
The thread where I broke my collarbone....good times. No wait, it was the opposite of that. You know what's weird? I just noticed that a week prior, further up the in thread, I made a post about almost getting into an accident on my bike. Almost like my crashing was preordained...or I was just bad at riding :DD
No. 59081 Kontra
37 kB, 604 × 453
Reading back old threads it's amazing how much of a boring, melodramatic and pedantic fuckwit I am.
No. 59087
I have some poorly archived EC threads somewhere in a folder. Some dating back to the first iteration of EC.

A lot of them lack images because I couldn't be bothered to write a wget script, and just did a ctrl S, but if anyone is interested, I could upload the folder.

I have to warn you though, the earlier today threads contain thermonuclear cringe. Me and aussie back then were fucked in the head big time lol.
No. 59088
Does it make sense for me to get a nas slash server for hosting shit, storage, instead of paying 10 bucks a month to rent a vps
I basically have an extra PC I don't know what to do with
No. 59089
I just remembered something I did as a kid.
I often had trouble falling asleep because I am an evening person and getting sent to bed at 8 in the evening is just too early, so I tried counting sheep.
Sadly imagining sheep is exhausting, but not in a fall-asleep way, so I resorted to just counting.
Eventually I was tired enough but instead of just going to sleep I noted the number and took off from there the next evening.
I think once I had reached the mid-level 5 digit numbers.
Is that assburgers?
No. 59093
I think one of my cousins did that. I know he will work for an Amt/works already for an Amt. Last time I saw him, which was before Corona hit, he was going to a sort of school to learn what he does at that Amt.

Meh, I don't like that my posts are archived somewhere tbh. Must be cringey mostly :DDD

mildly assburgers yes. But then again I just remember counting to 100 countless times to my grandma showing off my counting skills on a holiday before or while in elementary school.
For falling asleep I often closed my eyes in a way to see that "colorful moving milkyway sort of", anybody knows what I'm speaking about?
No. 59095
Good news everyone.
The Uzbeks have, for some incomprehensible reason, clean wiped and installed windows on the machine I spent a week long business trip configuring.
On the bright side, I'll be earning more money.
But I think I lost a piece of my soul when I found out. My model of reality has been uprooted again.
No. 59096
Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh.
What was the rationale behind it?
No. 59098
No. 59100
It was a cascading chain of failure.
The hardware supplier who hired us wanted to demonstrate the machine to the bank and make a deal.
Despite being a company that supplies PCs, they were too cheap to provide their own server box, and borrowed one from the bank.
I set everything up, and left, all that remained was to demonstrate the machine officially.

Two weeks passed and they did fucking nothing, and didn't inform the bank about any delays. so the bank sysadmin team figured it was over, and reclaimed the machine for their own purposes. The end.

To be fair, the bank is not at fault, its their hardware, they can do whatever they want with it. The hardware supplier failed to supply their own hardware that nobody would touch.

These people earn 10 times more than me.
No. 59104
111 kB, 1351 × 1016
More and more possible problems loom on the horizon over the plan of visiting Transnistria. It started with one or two possible issues that most likely won't be a problem, but by now I've stopped counting how many "it'll probably be okay" hurdles I'll have to face.

If it wasn't for Chinese divination telling me it will all go well, I'd be extremely worried.
No. 59109
Are there any hidden boards on ernstchan? I know of /x/ which was created as a temporary board during the time that EC was being revived.
No. 59110
2,8 MB, 512 × 464, 0:32
What are the issues? Crossing border? Exchanging currency? Booking hotel?
No. 59112
Border related issues, crossing to and most terrifyingly crossing back to Ukraine. Apartment problems too. Just thinking about the concept of not being allowed back into Ukraine and being stuck in pridnestrovie gives me a horrible anxiety.
No. 59117
3,4 MB, 640 × 640, 0:45
Good luck with that! I hope everything will be good with you.

And tell us more about Ukraine. I spent years reading holywars about this country, so I'm curious how is that really like.
No. 59123
Oh fuck no. Just half of that would be Americans. There's got to be at least five us plus there's multiple Germans, multiple Russians, at minimum two Ukrainians, B E L A R U S, we had at least one Brit, Ireland, brick, straya, Portugal, Spain. I think there's like a couple dozen of us at least it's just that it feels like less because apparently we come across as one schizophrenic blob and Germans look like another blob, people forget there's more than one gay Russians and Hungary, brick, and Australia are some of the most active posters.
No. 59124
97 kB, 500 × 489
For me, every ball that is not USA, Russia, Germany or Hungary is Brick. Be it Homebrick, Proxybrick, Workbrick, Travelbrick or mobile Brick.
No. 59125
Hey, don't lump me in with the other Germans.
I am an individual.
No. 59126
I really think I need to retrain and get certified but at this point I have no idea what to do. Fucking nothing but bydlo work is easy to get into without years and years plus many thousands of dollars to train for, I mean even a librarian gets some shit called "Masters of Library sciences" degree like who the fuck puts six years and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt in training to become a librarian.

It often feels like the worst of both worlds here. We still have a hypercapitalism but at the same time fucking nothing is loosely regulated at the personal level to where you need a loicense just to go fishing, and years worth of certs just to become a basic cook at a restaurant. Meanwhile corpos take advantage of all this and offer unpaid six month internships to where they just churn through new unpaid labor every six months. It's ridiculous. Changing jobs is absurd here.

Maybe I need to just do what my ancestors once did and save all my money to catch a boat to Czechia or someplace where it'll be easier for me to make a living without all the anti-freedom hassles. People kept telling me they thought I would like Serbia for some reason. Maybe I could work for some ministry in some small EU country.
>will fistfight khohols for food or work please help God bless Jesus saves
No. 59127
44 kB, 243 × 183
650 kB, 540 × 540, 0:02
You are an unthinking, unfeeling system of the Machine who is composed of multiple layers of decending subsystems which each itself is its own system of systems. You exist as a symptom and function of the machine to keep the machine wörking which is itself a subsystem of multiple ascending layers of systems based on fundamental systems of natural laws. As a German you should know these words deep within your soul.
No. 59129
No. 59130
Freedom is the illusory term for describing emergence and emergent systems
No. 59131
5,5 MB, 6:03
No. 59132
Looks like stepmother-nature always gives me constant amount of happiness. When everything in my life is OK, I have strokes of paranoia about irrelevant unlikely problems. When everything is fucked up, I have paroxysms of euphoria each time I'm not directly frustrated.

> there's more than one gay Russians
As I understand, there are one gay Russian, one tranny Russian and me.
Reminds me of a joke:
A programmer, weeaboo and liberal enter a bar. Bartender says:
-- Lady, that's not your ID.

> multiple Germans
I can distinguish three of them.
One is sensitive and sentimental and into humanities. Other one is more materialistic and pragmatic and interested in STEM. Matches stereotype perfectly, you know, the Goethe thing. Nation of romantics and engineers.
Third "German" is obvious CCP astroturfer. just kidding
No. 59133
Forgot to mention that those two Germans like to start arguments with dozens of quite long posts in a row.
Plot twist: actually it's one person talking to himself.
No. 59135
Sometimes it seems like people most interested in textwall size long shitpost arguments where bystanders' eyes glaze over is between people in their own countries. Maybe it is because they see it as those are foreigners who do not count, but now you tell me how we run our own society is the thinking?
No. 59136
I think it has more to do with being on an even field, so to say.
The life experience - not the shared assburgering that brought any of us here - is vastly different between Germans, Russians and Americans and since most of those discussion are about society and politics, it's rather useless discussing them with outsiders without going full "let me tell you exactly about your country" eventually.
No. 59137
317 kB, 1322 × 1991
86 kB, 1200 × 1776
118 kB, 1536 × 2049
Nah, but yeah I'm pretty sure you identify me as the Goethe and I've argued a lot with the STEM guy, though it could be two different Germans in the end.
I'm interested especially in technology and scientific knowledge as well as knowledge itself (daily knowledge, "travel"/modification of knowledge) from a humanities point of view, far of from Goethe or German romanticism. Currently, I read a lot about system knowledge what >>59127 describes is a distinct feature of system as genre, scalability :)

I sometimes have problems differentiating the Americans, the Russians are easier, one has a distinct style of writing, I suppose due to a pinch of runglish.
I wish we had more non-western Ernsts that can give a glimpse into living somewhere I will probably never travel (technically though this could also include the US for instance)
No. 59138 Kontra
I forgot, also media theory and philosophy, which is not mass media content analysis, but mediation (and that also often means technological mediation) as an object of inquiary.
No. 59143
Any of you suicidologists? I need to kms fast and painlessly. If you know a cheap way to do this (aside from shotty in mouth) please tell me.
No. 59149
Working out is an alienation of manual labor. A commodification of labor itself deprived of its inherent capacity of production. Is it reinventing the wheel to say this?
No. 59153
>Working out is an alienation of manual labor.
What the fuck does this even mean? Are you some faggy greek philosopher or what? No wait, you can't, else you would appreciate a well-maintained body.
No. 59154 Kontra
I'm sorry if that was unintelligible.
No. 59155
No, I got what you are trying to say. I think that it's really more a side effect of the type of modern society we have, and that its relation to capital has more to do with constantly selling some idea of you being a defect and thus needing to be prettier, wealthier, smarter, happier, having more sex, having nicer looks or whatever. I forget who said this first but basically the whole premise of marketing was not to sell a product anymore, but to sell an idea, a lifestyle. When you sell people toothpaste you're not selling them dental health, you're selling them sex, friendships, a successful job interview.

As to working out I think it's funnier in that context when you consider the fact that all these people are paying for gym club memberships, which is effectively the same function as a lot of labor under market liberalism. I got one job in manual labor once just because I thought it was cleverer to have people pay me for my exercise rather than me paying them. Imagine paying to rent out pieces of metal you will never own while never producing anything of value in an effort to feel better about yourself. That's what most marketing is: getting you to give them money to feel better about yourself somehow. In essence, it's all propaganda that sells fear, and a quick fix to that new fear.

In terms of just getting exercise though if you're not paying for it I'd say it's more an outward expression of actually using your work to harvest the efforts of your own labor in a tangible way, that is to say, your health and better muscles as the result of your production. I suppose if you wanted to really stretch the argument guys that work out in prison and own practically nothing always have their own body, their own mind, their own feelings, and that's something nobody can ever take from them, as they get used as literal slave labor in for profit work camps. I think that if you wanted to really follow your line of thinking to the end you'd need to consider the context of working out inside a prison.
No. 59156
Kinda. Many jobs though don't produce anything material. It's the service sector/information. The product of working out could be cultural capital or something. The first sentence indeed is not easy to understand which I think is due to the word alienation might used wrong?
No. 59157
29 kB, 300 × 365
I have no fucking idea how the Hungarian healthcare system works because I'm retarded. It's like a whole different subculture with its own rituals and shit that I was never taught.
People get very annoyed when you don't do their rituals the right way.
I want an appointment but I have to call someone and I'm afraid I'll call at the wrong time and they'll tell me in a condescending but not rude way to fuck off.
Wish there was an impersonal online interface where I could book an appointment instead of having to talk to someone who's very obviously overburdened because of how the system works and the lack of manpower the hospitals face even without the pandemic.

Also waiting for the first workshop meeting. Gonna be cool. It's like I'm the member of a party.
I'm at least very clearly part of a structure now which is a good thing. At the university everything is a bit atomised. Everyone is a student in a sea of students. Here I know I'm under the Chinese Cabinet of the Oriental Studies Workshop, which is part of the Collegium supervised by the university. Somehow because of the fewer people the links in the chain feel more snug and strong.

By the looks I have four classes that will clash. Kinda sad about two of them, because they're both held by lecturers I liked last year. One would be on Buddhism and the other is the Chinese Literature class. Kinda hard to choose between the two, but I'll be attending the Chinese lit one simply because my interest is stronger in that one, even if I really liked the lecturer's presentation on Hinduism last semester.

I'd rather argue that it's more of a proof that we're moving away from more traditional forms of life and physical actions are taking on a different role and goal in a post-industrial context.
Working out shares nothing with physical labour be it context or goal besides the fact that both utilise human muscles.
A peasant was working to eat, a noble or a soldier was training to fight, both of them goals of labour or societal expectation/function.
Working out is more personal than swinging a hoe or training with a sword or even repairing machinery of the industrial era.
You do it for your own, personal, selfish reasons. (Staying alive longer, better dating prospects.)
It's rather a transformation of muscle use from service of the community to service of the individual.
No. 59158
Why do you assume that working out is done with an outwards goal of vanity or status or whatever?
Is the concept of staying healthy and taking care of your body so alien to you?
I am working out because I want strong muscles to support my skeleton, because I want to have dense bones so I don't break my hip from osteoporosis. I want strong muscles so I don't get back problems (in fact I HAVE GOT back problems, but because of running) or at least alleviate whatever problems I have.

Mens sana in corpore sano (I know I know, the full quote has a different meaning blablabla) is a principle to live by.
A healthy and fit body has a proven positive influence on the mind.
No. 59159 Kontra
>I forget who said this first but basically the whole premise of marketing was not to sell a product anymore, but to sell an idea, a lifestyle.

Well yeah, commodification goes on and they don't just fulfill needs but implant and sometimes speak to desires that then get "satisfied" by selling products -> commodification.
No. 59160
>The first sentence indeed is not easy to understand which I think is due to the word alienation might used wrong?
Yes, the word seems to be used wrong, though, I dobble checked in the dictionnary and it had the meaning I wanted it to have : "Situation of someone who is dispossessed of what constitutes his essential being, his reason for being, for living.". I think it's the sentence consctruction that is shitty.
No. 59161
>And tell us more about Ukraine. I spent years reading holywars about this country, so I'm curious how is that really like.
I'm not Ukrainian I'm a western spy, so I don't know how much I can enlighten you about this place. I like it here though.
No. 59162
Moved back home. Now I gotta wait for dad to sober up so we can pack and ship him to the house I been living in.

Being home after half a year feels kinda strange. It's literally the same house I spent the last 13 years in, but it still feels alien. There's subtle things changed that make it so that the apartment no longer accommodates me.
I keep walking into my little brother's room thinking it's my room.

But it's kinda cozy to live with family again. Little brother comes home from school while I work on laptop, I give him some change to run to the store. Mom makes quick breakfast in the morning, we all sit down and eat it.
It's quite nice. I never valued it back when I was NEET.
No. 59167
To any American Earnests living in the Wect, could you give me an overall economic profile of the place? Considering moving.
No. 59168
I'm in that kinda mood again.

Watching 2008 video game machinimas, flash animations, memes, etc.
I don't know why I'm nostalgic for these, they are objectively cringe and 2008 - 20018 was the worst decade of my life.
No. 59169
81 kB, 347 × 288
>I don't know why I'm nostalgic for these, they are objectively cringe and 2008 - 20018 was the worst decade of my life.

"best years" spent in front of a screen wired to a worldwide communication network.jpg?
No. 59170
243 kB, 680 × 709

Maybe wecterners can't relate, with their functional society, academia, and high education level, but the English internet was my window out of ignorance.
This is why I'm OK with my little brother caring more about YouTube videos than school. At least he watches educational content. Not as good as real documentaries I watched during the vhs era, but better than nothing.
I've had Muslim teachers who took time off class to tell us how evil Jews are, and one middle school biology teacher who claimed cavemen coexisted with dinosaurs, and when I corrected her, wrote a complaint to the principal.
No. 59171
It may not be as bad, but the first world's teachers I had were similarly retarded in certain instances. The math teacher (whom I emphasize only teached maths) argued that 2 was not a prime number and when I tried to correct her she mocked me in front of all the class. The history teacher told us that everybody thought the world was flat until Christopher Columbus and that the discovery of the spheric nature of earth was actually empirical. And the french teacher was taking half the course to talk about social darwinism and how he didn't see some of his other classes as human but more as monkeys because they only lived for imediate satisfaction. The same teacher used textbook totalitarian administration with the class for the lulz. He instaured a salute sign at the beginning of the class. He gave to some student the right to punch a student in the face at his command. And he choose another one who would be the dunce. And a third one who had to agree with what he said. And those roles switched once a week or month. That was kinda fun and never serious. But he seemed passionate about the a idea of creating a "die Welle" class.

All of my classical culture also ironically comes from internet contrarily to my geek culture that predates it and has a bit faded away kinda thanks to the internet.
No. 59172
>but the English internet was my window out of ignorance.

Makes me think of Reza Negarestani, a trained engineer now known for his fringe philosophy. He lives in the states but around the year 2000 he was still in Iran and the internet gave I'm access to philosophies of Deleuze etc., blogs and all that kind of stuff.
No. 59173
I know that feel. Maybe it's not so much that you like those times, but that you want to return to an earlier time to start over, and the feeling of missed opportunity that comes along with it.
No. 59181
Why no one talks about expropriation of social capital? Someone has two functional parents, we have none. It's quite unjust.
No. 59183 Kontra
>expropriation of social capital

Not sure what you mean. I don't think your parents are your (production) property. But if you mean that people need to talk about origin of home and what that brings concerning life quality and chances in society it is talked about.
No. 59184
Worked 14 hours again. No overtime pay. They call this "being in a startup", but fuck this shit.
No. 59186 Kontra
Don't you get a cool familyfriends atmosphere and fancy snacks and an e-bike? :^)
No. 59187
I work remote from home. And no, the boss just yells at us until I prove him wrong.
No. 59189
64 kB, 1273 × 715
Funny add by Christian sect. This guy tries not to coom so hard that he throws his laptop to floor in fury.

Also I got adds by George Soros. And by few crazy American startups. But most often it's "give money to kids with cancer" or translation service.

Which adds are shown to you?
No. 59190
It reminds of my friend. He deleted DOTA-2 multiple times trying to stop playing it, but it didn't help and each time he reinstalled it. So then he started to disassemble his computer into parts to restrain from Dota. But sometimes addiction is too hard, and then he assembles it back together.
No. 59191
>ads on youtube
I wouldn't know, I use an adblock because I instantly reach a state of rage whenever I have to hear an advertisement or jingle or anything like that.
No. 59192
Once on old KC there was a thread on nootropics and read into it just very closely. Between then and now are probably 6-8 years. Somewhere in between maybe 2 years ago I stumbled upon Reddits StackAdvice where people talk about the combination of those substances/nutritional supplements. Because I stalked the reddit profile of a right wing user that also uploaded lots of left theory as audiobook on youtube.
Now I consider buying amino acids and a dopamine modulator + some supplements to a) boost my mood and shake of the background depression and tiredness as well as getting more productive/focused when it comes to uni/reading.
I'm really unsure about the modulators, there is an amino acid that turns into serotonin and the modulator is said to be helpful in order to get a boost in the morning.
Once I got capsules from a friend, she got them from a neuro scientist who I think did a PhD, at least he had masters, I talked to him at parties a few times. Though that was before he came up with the idea of making supplements. I asked whats in it but it was secret. Whatver it was advertised as freshening up your mind etc. I thought it had some effects, I felt better, though ofc this could be placebo effect. What should I do, just stick to green tea? It's no really enough. I could try sports but I'm a lazy ass. It would be helpful. Also, is there a reason to supplement vitamins? I should say my diet is quite bad, I eat a banana a day and lunch and diner are oftentimes rather unhealthy (prepared frozen food for instance)

>Which adds are shown to you?

None. Just like the other German I use an adblock tool to cut it off. People pay for ad free youtube. It would be interesting to see what I get besides known brands tbh. But can be arsed to see commercials before videos.
No. 59193
> adblock
Last time I tried it, it didn't work but slowed down browser pretty heavily.
No. 59194
Use ublock origin instead of AdBlock plus. The old creator of AdBlock quit that project and worked on ublock instead.
No. 59195
lol you got scammed my man, I hope you didn't pay anything for those pills.
That said, the usual stuff caffeine, nicotine, theobromine are all causing an elevated mood and higher vigilance.
Of course you could try getting your hands on ritalin.
There is also always the possibility of using and ECA stack, which combines ephedrine, caffeine and acetyl salicylic acid (Aspirin), but it's more of a short-term solution.

Creatin has been shown in people over 25 to have a slightly nootropic effect. As a side effect it also increases your musclular performance (which is why people also use it for working out). Both those effects can be ascribed to a higher supply with ATP (which is bound to the creatin), thus providing the body with more fuel, both for brain and muscles.

You can safely omit the tryptophan (which is the precursor of serotonin) if you unfuck your diet. Bananas contain lots of potassium, which is important for the muscles, so keep them. They are also extremely tasty.

As for vitamin pills, I personally take vitamin D in the cold and dark seasons, it really helps me with the mood and supports the immune system and I suggest you start with that before spending too much money on snake oil. Also, take twice the amount of what the Beipackzettel says.
No. 59196
566 kB, 1281 × 719
262 kB, 1281 × 718
209 kB, 1281 × 640
1,5 MB, 1281 × 719
>Which adds are shown to you?
Clicked on random videos I had bookmarked, not every one had an ad, but these are the first four which appeared. brb, I'm going to sue a priest, then use the settlement money to go on vacation where I'll get to use my new camera.
No. 59198
I got the ads from the cancer girl, too.

This in Youtube app. I'm migrating to Newpipe because aside from the ads, it is full of annoying limitations (you cannot turn off the screen, etc)
No. 59199 Kontra
4,1 MB, 1792 × 828
Ads about how I should get the Jab and how the Budapest mayor is a retard. (The second on is just stating facts)
No. 59200
I just discovered I have trouble falling asleep when I have set an alarm.
I usually also don't fall asleep all too well, but each time I set an alarm, I lay awake for an hour or so and then have to get up because of some diffuse inner agitation.
I usually don't need to set one because I get up in time by myself, but sometimes I have to.
I just hate alarms and I hate living by a clock.
No. 59204
I want to say I haven't seen an ad in a decade, but it isn't true. But my brain now simply filters out ads from my consciousness. I get fullscreen ads when my ad blocker malfunctions, and still I don't really process the contents, just the annoyance.

Most ads I see these days are paid sponsorships on youtube videos. Usually stuff like brilliant, squarespace, vpns, etc. Don't care for what they're selling, but at least they're less intrusive than real ads with their blaring loud music and stupid scripts.
And I guess it's a good thing that the money goes directly to the author of the video, I heard one paid sponsorship can pay a couple months rent.
No. 59212
>whiskey is for slow drinkings and considered sort of macho. Why not vodka if they're students killing their braincells?
Yes, whiskey and vodka, but the former one in considered luxury and high status. Once we bought expensive whiskey instead of cheap one, and you know the difference is clear. Usual one is undrinkable unless you mix it for cola or you are already drunk (at least for pussies like me), but expensive one can be drunk like tea. Also I can remember "Golden rooster" tincture =DDDD. It's not France where rooster is a symbol of courage, and 15 is below legal age so you have to ask random passerby to buy it for you, that was funny and embarrassing.

> including excellent students and sportsmen
Actually, it were mostly them. Less decent members of society preferred "spice", "salt" and even sniffing gasoline.
No. 59213
The only people I have met who drank JB/JD were either teenagers looking to get shitfaced with whiskey-cola or bydlo too cheap for scotch (although the popular bourbons are much too expensive for what they are and you can get a decent single malt already for 20€ here).

That said, I personally have never liked the taste of bourbon and after I found out they cut corners as much as they can in production (as americans usually do) I had even less of a desire to drink any of it.
No. 59218
FYI since adblockers came up, I wanna recommend YouTube Vanced & AdGuard to avoid ads on mobile. Been using uBlock on PC since forever but only figured out mobile adblockers recently.

>Wish there was an impersonal online interface where I could book an appointment instead of having to talk to someone
Lmao, I basically held off getting a doctor's appointment for half a year or so until I stumbled upon a doctor where I could just effortlessly book an appointment online with like two clicks instead of having to mentally prepare myself for half a day to make that damn phone call. I really wish booking appointments online would be the norm rather than the exception.

I was into the whole nootropics thing a few years back when I was also working out, tried a bunch of stuff but I'd say it's mostly a scam. In the long term imho it doesn't replace sleeping and eating well & doing sports or at least going for walks. Vitamin D is probably not a bad idea in the dark months as the other German said - I recommend the drops/solution.
Now I just drink a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe a bit of mate in the afternoon if I get really tired. I also smoke like 4 cigs/day and that gives me all the boost I need (would be ofc healthier to stick to nicotine gum or vaping). Sometimes I take CBD oil to wind down, and/or Melatonin to fall asleep.
Mb you'll get something out of this: https://www.gwern.net/Nootropics#defaults
Personally I find both Modafinil & Ritalin rather unpleasant, tho I suppose they did help me power through some writing at some point.
No. 59230
452 kB, 600 × 600
Ernsts, we might not be happy and satisfied, but at least we lead a psychologically complex life, right?

>We propose that psychological richness is another, neglected aspect of what people consider a good life. Unlike happy or meaningful lives, psychologically rich lives are best characterized by a variety of interesting and perspective-changing experiences.


It is probably heresy but /int/ - a psychologically rich life came to my mind, is it irony, or is it?
No. 59231
>Personally I find both Modafinil & Ritalin rather unpleasant, tho I suppose they did help me power through some writing at some point.

I have a bad history of substance misuse, and I know Ritalin are amphetamine derivates, no? I should let my fingers off those. I was thinking about supplements and amino acids, nothing that has the effective substance directly. racetams or what the group is called is not of my interest. I'm looking more for deficiencies that have an effect on my daily mood and coffee like boosts. Coffee can make anxious and shaky, nothing for me. It's roulette when it comes to a good or bad coffee day concerning the side effects.
No. 59232
Lol, I just thought about it few days earlier. I was coping by "yeah, my life is shit, but at least I've seen and experienced a lot, for sure it's not boring".
No. 59233 Kontra
165 kB, 1280 × 846
Yeah, depth but not happiness. Oh well, I think it is ok. A life dedicated to its "complexity".

Today I overheard a person I developed some sort of feelings for got rejected. So, I'm not the one she seems to be unlucky in love with. I don't even know if I could lead a relationship with her. She talked to me about being in lovestruck and how it is overwhelming in terms of hormones as I brought up brain chemistry. Why do I think she still has feelings for me as well? Because I thought she might have looked at my lips while sitting next to each other and I somehow grabbed it up as hint for attraction online? Fuck this shit. Why again? I know the person who rejected her, perhaps because he won't be in Germany for a certain time, because he doesn't want her? She suggested to me doing things together as 3 two months ago or so. I knew they would met as well, so as we did. Now that I write it down I realize that I'm going downhill about this situation, it does not happen that often that I like somebody this much. Deep inside, I thin,k I already knew, I'm not "the one".
I need to see more people as well. It's no joke, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But I don't really go to sea, welp.
No. 59234
5,3 MB, 4624 × 2600
4,6 MB, 4624 × 2600
I've reached the promised land.
No. 59235 Kontra
16,4 MB, 480 × 360, 3:07
These Aussie kids karaoke Cindy Lauper on a techno-psychedelic background cheered me up a bit. Best part is the overall video aesthetics with them both mildly euphoric bumping into each other at one point because the brother did not look back at where his sister is. I suppose the left kid is a female.
No. 59236
I led an interesting life and honestly the only reason I'd think otherwise is out of some insecurity about measuring myself up to people or feeling bad about it but honestly it's just as completely in the end as if I had just played videogames the whole time rather than going out and drinking and getting laid or hanging out with people and all that. It's just you, and you're always going to be alone in the end anyway. The only closest thing otherwise is having a family and even that much is not gauranteed. Maybe you're wife left you, your parents abandoned you or are in jail, maybe they're dead, maybe you're not close with your other relatives, maybe all your grandparents are dead or have advanced Alzheimer's. The sole redeeming feature to your life is having kids or not, and they may hate you too.

There is ultimately nothing to this life worth the bother or what matters besides that which advances your career, brings you money or influence, and/or doing what you truly enjoy that brings the deepest levels of satisfaction to you on a routine basis and even that may be nothing than just sepia toned soundless memories some day in the end.
No. 59241
So look at what today I just discovered thanks to fam tuning me on to something a friend of theirs was ranting about
Apparently there's some quake selling $70 bottles of water with dirt in it who's popular with the anti-vax crowd.
>The article talked about ancient soil-derived carbon molecules with a redox-signaling system specific to bacteria. He took it to Dr Zach (whose passion for identifying root-causes has defined his career) and together they agreed that they might have found the missing human-health puzzle piece they’d been looking for.
It's like everywhere you go there's some type of snake oil selling health guru or wannabe messiah that ends up causing family arguments or tension among friends. Really does make me think about early Christianity sometimes or other religions and the saying that
>son against mothers, and brother against brother for my sake
I can just imagine in 30 A.D. family arguments and friends having falling outs over this and it's filling me with doubt. Then again, there's that whole warning against legions of false messiahs thing.

Really reminds me of cube flipping out about Israelis getting taken in by some Americans exporting the concept of drinking raw water to his country. It's like somehow all these peasants are just so ready to throw off modernity and begging to have the shackles put back on to till the soil and avoid evil things like clean water, antibiotics and modern medicine, not drinking water filled with dirt and so on.
No. 59242
Down a winding pathway
In a garden old
Tripped a beauteous maiden
But her heart was cold
Came a prince to woo her
Said he loved her true
Maiden said he didn't
And so he ceased to woo
Came a perfumed note
Dropping on one knee
Said his love was deeper
Than the deepest sea
But the whimsed maiden
Said his love was dead
And the perfumed note
Accepted what she said
Came a dashing stranger
Took her off by force
Said he'd make her love him
And she did
Of course
No. 59245
Slipped on wet tile and sprained my knee.
Fuck legs, god released bipedality in early access, it's buggy as shit
No. 59248
No. 59251
7 kB, 237 × 213
>Fuck legs, god released bipedality in early access, it's buggy as shit
I know that feel. I regularly bump into door frames because it seems that passing cleanly through doors is too difficult for me.
No. 59252
Protip: Before entering the door just sway to the other side
No. 59253
Won't he bump into the other side of the door frame then? I suggest walking through doors sideways instead, then the chance of hitting the frame becomes considerably lower.
No. 59255
I mean for bumping into doorframes you have to sway to one side, so if he's swaying to the other side, it should rectify him and enable him to walk straight through the door.
Of course if there is a thing on the other side of the frame he might bump into it if he doesn't instantly sway back.
In fact, I had the same problem until I developed the sway method, but with a bit of experience you can manage the sways pretty well. In the beginning you might oscillate with a very high amplitude, but eventually you will "catch" the sways and shrink that amplitude.
In fact, I am so quick in my sway-countersway that it's functionally indistinguishable from a normal person's walk.
No. 59256
57 kB, 960 × 640
>In fact, I am so quick in my sway-countersway that it's functionally indistinguishable from a normal person's walk.
This is called the Ernst quantum walk. The oscillation is so high that Ernst actually occupies a superposition between both sides of the sway, which allows him to pass through the matter of the doorframe. That is until someone watches and the walk function collapses, of course.
No. 59261
I'm afraid the Tiraspol IWO isn't coming, the second pic of this post will be the sole picture taken inside Transnistria that I post here. For reasons beyond my control, I had to leave that country without further photographic evidence. I got drunk and broke my phone XDDD

Cool place though.
No. 59262
977 kB, 2592 × 3872
Probably better to stay away from ritalin then, not sure about how addictive modafinil is but it's probably similar. Have you tried nicotine (gum)?
> thinking about supplements and amino acids
Feel free to give it a try, but imho you're better off fixing your diet, sleep habits, etc. first
Btw probably the best resource for info on different supplements icymi: https://examine.com/
>Coffee can make anxious and shaky, nothing for me
I'm sure there are personal differences in effects, but mb you could try drinking smaller amounts and see how that goes

>without further photographic evidence
Damn, I wanted to request a pic of transnistrian money, iirc it's literally plastic chips
No. 59263
Why can't you just buy new phone?
everything is clear, western spy was caught and being deported
No. 59265
6,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
This can be provided, it's true it really feels like plastic coins from an amusement park. Fitting in a way.

Can't withdraw money there. Unlike some countries, pridnestrovie isn't dependent on western zionist banking systems.
No. 59269
Nicotine gum was absolutely most useless in my experience. The patch helped a ton though I still smoked on it. Come to think, maybe I should do that again on top what I'm doing nowish. This followed by vaping, which had excellent value to quitting me smoking. I successfully quit twice because of it. My most successful other time or two I quit was thanks to Chantix. I just hate taking it because it makes me incredibly nauseated and so becomes a complete hassle because I have to take it with food not to feel sick enough to puke for an hour and I don't eat breakfast so becomes slightly or debilitatingly nauseaus right before work and really it's just a hassle.

Thanks though, your post really did just remind me maybe I should contact my insurance ASAP to try and get some patches. I never tried both before and I am positive if I stick to 6 weeks on both I'll not be smoking by late October if I started now. I really should.
No. 59270
32 kB, 567 × 439
It's not so much about addiction than dopamine balance and such. Amphetamines fucked with my psyche. I wasn't really addicted to it. Used it for partying and rarely just for the fun and without the party context.

>better off fixing your diet, sleep habits, etc. first

yeah, my sleeping habits ain't super bad, my diet contains bananas daily, sometimes frozen berries, occasional peach or similar. But atm it's quite a lot of processed food all in all, let's say 40-50% of daily intake.


I usually drink only one a day, none atm. When I sleep less it's worse. I'm sensitive to little sleep when it comes to my psyche, together with other dopamine regulators this can go quite wrong.
Maybe guarana would be a good alternative.

The page looks promising, thanks!
No. 59271
I keep running a slight fever and the pain and the fatigue is back.
The hospital administrator didn't pick up for like 3-4 days but when she did she just said she'll assign an appointment. Told her I need it now so ultimately I was just told to come in whenever I can. So I'll go on Tuesday because Monday I have too many classes and duties.
Don't care about the nausea, I do care about falling asleep in the afternoon. (Not to mention if they re-instate temperature checks then I might be turned away at the door randomly because I constantly keep running a fever.)
I can't do university like this.

My mother really hates the fact that I'm taking medicine. When I complained for fatigue yesterday she told me that "You just have to have the will to live" and I told her to fuck off with that chick-mag rainbow bullshit. I want to live, I just don't want to sleep constantly and be in pain. If I wanted to die I could have done so on at least two occasions.

Went to the city to validate my student ID. Do other countries have student IDs or is this another centralist Hungarian nonsense?
Anyway, you need to "validate" your ID each semester. Which means you have to go to an office the university has where they put a sticker on it. That's it.
Imho it'd be much simpler to just have the ID come with a QR code that checks whether or not you're an active student of the university, but ultimately that'd require synchronising the "National Unified Card Registry", the Budapest Transport Company's data and the University's digital system. The latter one is especially trash and always has been a great example of hot to not utilise hardware or design a GUI.

Anyway, I go in and they tell me that they don't have the stickers yet for this semester. Still, I got last semester's sticker because I skipped out on it, since the first semester one was still valid because of the whole covid fiasco.
(This way none of the ticket-nazis will terrorise me on public transport. All the papers are in Ordnung as they should be.)
No. 59272
At least tell us about Ukrainian prostitutes.

Psychologist in school taught me that soul exists in heart and not brain. Because braindead people can still live, but if your heart stops working, it's finish.
Psychologist in military commissariat taught me that purpose of my life is to kill as many Chinese as possible.
No. 59273
>At least tell us about Ukrainian prostitutes
Different kind of tourist. Bad enough people assume I'm a sex tourist, but I will not accept this in Ernstchan.
No. 59274 Kontra
what meds do you get again, I mean the substance that causes actual effects on your mood?
No. 59280
417 kB, 2048 × 1256
Spinal problems are bug not a feature. Don't bitch you probably waited to get borned until soul material immanetization was half off after most of the bugs like smallpox got patched over anyway.

First non-KC wojak I ever seen that isn't attached to a post that is purely cancerous but at this point you'd be better off just making it a different meme. I mean guys, it's a fucking 0.005 hours in mspaint shitpost. It isn't like it ever was hard for us to make them to begin with and now that it is attached to vierkanal you might as well just be posting the faces reddit ruined as reaction faces attached to your image.
No. 59288
I have a meme where it shows that modern wojak variants are in fact just new manifestation of old memes with the same concept/archetype. For example Me Gusta = Coomer, Derpina = Stacy, etc. There was a direct comparison being made between the four panel rage comics of the late 2000s/early 2010s and new 4 panel meme comics of today. There is nothing new under the sun, etc. Unfortunately I can't find it.
No. 59294 Kontra
Go back to kohlchan. EC is quite different from KC in many respects. By the way I am not a leftist.
No. 59297
I have tried modafinil before, and the effect wasn't stronger than placebo.
It's a shame, because I really wanted them dopamines.
No. 59298
207 kB, 3666 × 2032
41 kB, 475 × 810
I am alert and wide awake right now as are you and maybe the others. It's late lads, now is the prime time for discussions.

I think you are well aware of my autism's powerlevel and what I can do to this thread. So let me tell you about Marcel DuChamp and Andy Warhol and how commodification of art is its destruction because the only purpose of art became a tool for the storage and transfer of wealth...

...indeed, the very basis of art is transitioned at the ontological level, that is to state, the very concept of the thought, the opinion, or soul itself is rendered down to a question solely of markets, of commodity, of essentially tool for the control of Capital. Let us take for instance the meta commentary of Deus Ex, that so well known game on conspiracy and the nature of the global elites in a cyberpunk dystopia. Now as we fast forward only mere years we find Deus Ex Human Revolution, that is perhaps the most unwitting irony and metacommentary on the corrosive effects of Capitalist thought on such a hyper individualist hyper Capitalist dystopia. Indeed, it has no capacity for insight, no self reflection, only emptiness as an ideology, for now we see that the sole problem is no longer anything resembling the first game, but rather one of market access to cybernetic enhancements. Gone are the considerations as to is it necessary, desirable, or to be feared that level of technical augmentation when your own body parts would effectively be controlled and owned at the firmware level, but instead the question becomes "but do I have market access to it?" And so you see friends, what Eidos really meant by that was...
No. 59299
>First non-KC wojak I ever seen that isn't attached to a post that is purely cancerous but at this point you'd be better off just making it a different meme. I mean guys, it's a fucking 0.005 hours in mspaint shitpost. It isn't like it ever was hard for us to make them to begin with and now that it is attached to vierkanal you might as well just be posting the faces reddit ruined as reaction faces attached to your image.

I have it from Twitter, the memes there aren't bad necessarily.

What about L-Tyrosine then?
No. 59300
Tried as well, same effect, rather lack of.
Pretty sure nootropics are a scam business and don't work, because if they did, they'd be illegal.
No. 59326
This. Most nootropics are a scam. Basically what you're doing is either taking vitamins or usual new age OrganicTM bullshit that is not used directly but broken down by the body before entering your targeted system, or you hope for long term effects to be good. I don't have any clue the longterm consequences for taking racetams every day nor do I have any interest in finding out.

Basically I think it's still more people trying to take a druggie mentality of finding a shortcut but without having to pay the consequences of being a druggie and that just ain't gonna happen. If nootropics really had such longterm benefits they'd also likely have longer term consequences as well. I think that it's basically just people trying to do things like take a softer alternative to stimulants for studying or roids for working out but somehow without having to pay the health bill of doing them.

The fact is there are no true shortcuts in life like that. You can't just take some pill to suddenly make you lose weight or gain muscle mass or get smarter without having to pay any effort on your part. There is no way around just eating healthy, getting your nutrients and vitamins, keeping a healthy sleep schedule, trying to avoid too much stress but while still challenging yourself, getting knowledge by studying, and training yourself to keep focus and motivation through repeated efforts. It's a lazy man's way around climbing hurdles imo. Also nootropics itself always has been a pretty vague term which ends up encompassing everything from isolated enzymes and vitamins to actual drugs.
No. 59329
131 kB, 888 × 1197

URL in English, but the content is in Russian. Russia, do you do the same as the Japanese? It's pretty usual there, too
No. 59333
156 kB, 288 × 375
I don't undestand irony or lies pretty well. Tonight I realized everyone was more or less as mentally unstable as me but just wasn't showing it.

I just finished my first theatrical representation in front of a non-school public. It was pretty ebin, I failed a placement in an action scene and had to improv half of it. I had the second role. Everything went well otherwise and I had a lot of fun. Afterward, I went have a drink with old mates who had left the theater group a while ago. We ate at KFC it was disgusting ,chatted and talked. Everyone kept telling me I looked really good and we serious discussed the attraction to beauty. I'm anti-beauty, it's a lie, just like Socrates said in Alcibiades, When you age, you'll become ugly and physical love is thus limited in time and in sincerity. Then we went to a bar to drink a few pints and I learned that they were all more or less as crazy as me with their shit theories and life experiences. If everyone is abnormal, the obvious question or observation for me is, what does the (civilazional) structure means if no one follows it? Are "normies" idealists?
No. 59343
3 kB, 226 × 43
I thought every country with non-Latin alphabet does it.
I've seen few Cyrillic domains. But I didn't know you can write entire URL with it before I saw your post and googled about it. Encoding is pain in ass for programmers, so they use English where possible. People who don't speak English use transliteration (rkn.gov/zadat-vopros), but that's too indecent even for censorship agency.
Spanish alphabet is almost like English one. Do you write URLs in Spanish? Do you name variables in code in Spanish?
No. 59345 Kontra
L-Tyrosine is one of those amino acids you have to get through nutrition, perhaps dopamine can be produced better by other means, I'm not a biochemist in the end.

I'm not talking about racetams, these seem too sketchy as well. Indeed it is about supplementation and deficiencies, ofc diet and sleep and exercise will play a part. Still, if it can help with deficiencies that affect my mood, I don't think it is problem. I don't think they make magically smart, I want a "normal" mood and certain alertness when it comes to working with text.
No. 59346
>I learned that they were all more or less as crazy as me with their shit theories and life experiences. If everyone is abnormal, the obvious question or observation for me is, what does the (civilazional) structure means if no one follows it? Are "normies" idealists?

Maybe because I had not that much sleep or drank a bit of alcohol yesterday as well but I don't understand this sentence/question.
No. 59347
Tyrosin isn't even an essential AS, which means that your body is producing it by its own anyway.
In general you will get all the AS you need in sufficient amounts through a proper diet.
No. 59348 Kontra
Yes, was shitfaced when I wrote this. I don’t really want to go through the cringe of reading it again and try to understand what I meant.
No. 59363
2 kB, 48 × 48
Thank you for your valuable information, you are right.

>(rkn.gov/zadat-vopros), but that's too indecent even for censorship agency.

So it's a matter of personal/national preferences? Regarding the languages used here, Spanish has a non-typical letter (ñ) and Catalan has ç. But they are not vastly used so I figure they end up using words for domains that do not use that letters.
No. 59364
Using transliteration is inconvenient as well. Imagine typing something like "zaregistrirovatsya" instead of "register" in console or address field and trying not to make a typo (this word is not even applicable here since you don't know which transliteration is "correct"). Plus it looks ugly. So it's really Zajopinsk State University freshman tier.
No. 59366
273 kB, 768 × 1024
absolutely clear and fantastic answer, thank you very much
No. 59368
I agree, somehow Russian just looks so wrong in Latin. Also you see here one benefit of such retarded language as English with rules always changing, which is our tendency to being snappy as possible. Why say some huge German word when instead just say "car" or "tank"? Why spell our whole thing when instead you say CDC, ATC, CIA, DoD, USA? Anything longer than 3 letters is obviously wrong, as if it is good enough for God it should be good for everyone else.

I say this even though I hate texting speak passionately and think Twitter became even more cancerous than Facebook.
No. 59369
Ah, weekend is over, get into the fucking robot again.
And summer is over as well, sad. Have you got your annual dose of vitamin D?
No. 59370
35 kB, 922 × 122
Russian abbreviations usually be like "ФГАОУ ДПО ИПК ТЭК"
No. 59371
Worse than going back to work, tomorrow I go back to the West. Count your blessings.
No. 59372
161 kB, 1280 × 1015
Watching sleepcore about the space age. They talk about making Lobster Newberg in the microwave. Suddenly I want to know what people did prepare between 1850-1985 in the US and Europe. Depending on the wage this varies I


Also, I think about those french writers living in Paris in the 19th century, they did eat outside, they did not had a stove or anything in their flats/rooms, did they?

How long to sit in the sun for enough vitamin D? I had about 45min in the sun today
No. 59374
> I had about 45min in the sun today
That's certainly enough in summer, but of course it's also dependent on the amount of skin exposed to the sun, so in winter I would say an hour it should be at least, IF there is sun at all, of course.
No. 59376
>it's also dependent on the amount of skin exposed to the sun

Thought so and took my shirt off.

>so in winter I would say an hour it should be at least, IF there is sun at all, of course.

I will supplement with D3 +K2 then :DDDDD
No. 59385
38 kB, 282 × 332
I would like to kill myself this year, what's a good way of doing that if I don't have any guns?
No. 59396
Whatever you decide upon, remember: suicide is your business, and your business alone, so don't involve other people. No jumping under trains or from high buildings (street sweepers can do without scrubbing your entrails off of the asphalt). Try to die in a way that will keep your body intact in order not too complicate coroners' and pathologists' jobs too much. This way they will say about you, "What a polite person this John Doe was. Even in death he is impeccably courteous."
No. 59397 Kontra
What the Belarussian said.
Or alternatively:
Get in contact with the FBI or the CIA and commit the next false-flag attack with no motivation ending in the perpetrator’s suicide :^)
No. 59399
I disagree.

Like every other form of performance art, suicide is all about theatrics and self expression. It's the first and last performance of your life, so you better make it count.
Traumatize some people, make the news headlines, build an elaborate suicide machine, force the cleanup crew to work overtime. It's all about making an impact.
Some might say, "why does it matter how people will perceive it, you will be dead anyway". Well, Van Gogh wasn't appreciated until after his death either.
No. 59400
Shit tier opinion.
It's just a scummy practice to traumatize kids because you're too much of a coward to live life.
If anything you should then do it in front of people who deserve it, e.g. politicians or journalists.
Eat a hand grenade in front of them or something. Have the suicide note say it's all because Firefly was canceled.
No. 59401
>It's just a scummy practice to traumatize kids because you're too much of a coward to live life.
I think you are making undue assumptions about the hypothetical motivations behind a suicide performance. Yes, many people do it because they do not wish to live, but there can be other reasons too. Sometimes, dying is not the goal of a suicide, but a side-effect.
>If anything you should then do it in front of people who deserve it, e.g. politicians or journalists.
Honestly I'm not a fan of art as political activism, I think it hurts the integrity of the work a lot of times.
Besides, there are practical problems with this approach.
One is that if one has the means to sneak a hand grenade into close proximity of a politician or a journalist, it would be more expedient to chuck it at them. Second, politicians and journalists are basically soulless anyway, so it wouldn't affect them much.

Here's an interesting method of suicide I propose:
  1. Buy some rope, a chair, and a butt-plug.
  2. Do kegel exercises to increase sphincter strength.
  3. Attach the rope to the ceiling, and the buttplug on the other end.
  4. Twist the rope so that it's under tension and would untwist if let go.
  5. Insert the buttplug while standing on the chair, and squeeze tight.
  6. Cut own neck, then get off chair.
  7. Let the rope untwist, spinning your body (make sure to extend arms to increase rotational velocity).
  8. Spray blood everywhere.
Unfortunately, I can't think of a way to make the paramedics see your body dangling from the ceiling from your butt, since sphincter muscles will naturally relax after death.
No. 59402
>Sometimes, dying is not the goal of a suicide, but a side-effect.
What the fuck am I reading? What is suicide called in your language? Because in German it's called "Selbstmord", so self-murder and the very intention of suicide is of course killing oneself, otherwise it wouldn't be suicide.

That said, your method is really fucking gay. Like jacking off with the suction thing of a swimming pool on your ass gay.
A better method is this one:

  1. Strong wire, superglue
  2. Find a house that is high enough to hang yourself from, but not high enough you're turned to mush when hitting the ground
  3. Put wire noose around your neck and anchor it somewhere
  4. Glue your hands onto the sides of your head
  5. Jump down
  6. The wire will cut through your neck and your head off
  7. Now it will look like you had ripped your own head off
No. 59403
What is there not to get? Very simple though experiment: a hand grenade gets thrown in public by a terrorist. Some guy selflessly jumps on top of it so that his body catches the shrapnel, and saves the people around him. He certainly knew he would die, he performed the action willingly, and died. Suicide. But dying wasn't the goal, it was a side effect of achieving a different goal.

Also, your example is cool, but you stole it from an old 4chan copypasta, making you an art thief, so you get 0 points.
No. 59405
But it's not suicide because he didn't kill himself with the intention of killing himself.
He died to an external attack and sacrificed himself in order to prevent further harm from others.
A better example would have been something like kamikaze pilots, although killing themselves was already in the premise there.

Also, that story is originally from me. Have I posted it on the 4chans? Can't remember.
No. 59406
Good point.
Then again, you could make the annoying argument that nothing is truly intentional, all actions are a response to certain circumstances.

It was probably a case of internet osmosis, I saw it on 4chan like a decade ago, it even had a little ms-paint diagram attached. It's interesting how peoples' paths intersect. Sometimes I wonder what happened to all these people I argued with and called retards on IBs. Are they alive, where did they end up, maybe we even met each other IRL and never knew. Makes me a bit sad.

It's stupid that I own so much of what I am to a bunch of bored people on a messageboard dedicated to sharing pictures of naked anime girls.
No. 59407
>all actions are a response to certain circumstances.
So you're saying humans don't have free will, but are just biological automatons as e.g. bugs, just with a bit more of a complex routing?
No. 59409
Seems to be the case, at least according to the current scientific consensus in physics.

I don't think it's such a radical notion either. Just treat life as a rollercoaster ride and take things as they come. Nietzsche and Camus seem to agree.

Also, it's probably not that important of a thing, because it doesn't change our subjective experience of life, where it appears as if our actions have consequences. So, eh.
No. 59413
Actions can be and are clearly responses to circumstances however you still always have the choice what to do within those defined parameters. The only limiter is ultimately drive and imagination beyond immediate material constraints. In fact I'd bet if reality were directly the output to people's thoughts that most people would remain entirely limited by being uncreative, unintelligent, uninspired complete retards as they usually are.

But then again, this also may have problem with how much of human life was under basically a dictator, warlord, aristocracy, or other shitheel and the rest were just peasants supposed to be taking orders. It is not that you have no choice in 15th century France, but that you let a bunch of nobles train you like domestic livestock, and they wanted you to behave that way because they are sociopathic cunts who see people as objects and tools and get irritated when humans don't do what they want the same way you'd get mad at a vending machine outputing the wrong fizzy drink.

The question to me is really what layer of cultural infrastructure it is required that we build, and how much is people being genetical peasants. We see clearly how Afghanistan is a shithole in part because someone somehow managed to come up with a system that is even more ass than Shariah, and clearly designed to dupe peasants into thinking it is divine will that a small select cast sit on their asses like effendi, and mete out brutal beatings and executions to those who disobey. Of course, even at point of the gun you still have choice, only your options all suck like do you die with dignity, struggle with weapon and so on. But even then, one must ask what happens when you build a proper cultural infrastructure? It takes time. 20 years is not entirely enough but it does ensure the new generation is molded at neuroplastic levels towards new ways of life and new ideologies.

Now let us take the case to fall of Kabul. What you would do? To say we are automatons is retarded. Maybe you like the Taliban. Maybe you wish you were Taliban, and decide you would rather join them than lead an honest life. Maybe you decide it is better for your country than Soviets and Americans being in charge. Or maybe already you tried to flee to America or Russia or Germany somewhere. Maybe now you cannot get to the airport you pack your things and say you rather risk death fleeing the country on motorbike and by foot trying to make way to China or West or even Iran.

I don't believe in full determinism. I believe in choice within parameters. It is like say these games which advertise "YourChoicesMatterTM" yes well no you paid for itor are Russian so already made such a meta level choice, and now another meta level choice to beat or not, let us say as though a spirit borned. Now you are stuck in life. Well you can quit game and check out on your own any time. Or, you play inside conditions. Sometimes complaining about life is like bitching about crpg because it is not Starcraft. And so? Yes you could be living as wealthy or famous person someplace else. Maybe there is unfairness to circumstance. Maybe you would rather other life. So what do you do to change it?

The simple fact is most people are lazy and wish to be useless, and most people are zombies, also called NPCs. They thoughtlessly go through life reacting blindly to stimuli because they see it as easier. They do not make conscious choice and do what leader tells them, because it is so easy, just like their peasant forefathers did. They march with the herd not because life is deterministic, but because those peasants wish it so, so that they can take no personal responsibility for the consequences of their own action or inaction, because they do not wish the effort of thinking things through or anxiety of making the hard choices. Many of those such people chose to be religious. They do not do it out of a sincere inquiry into reality, but just because they want somebody else to tell them what to do, and a religion like Calvinism even goes as far to remove the religious anciety too by saying even spiritually nothing you ever do will matter in the end. This is because the most painful choices which haunt you are always the ones you know you made, with that one haunting whisper of "what. If."
No. 59419
Nevermind I'm not bold enough to go through with it. If I knew death was preferable to my specific life, I would go ahead and do it but I simply just don't know this. I would like to think this but I have a feeling that might not be the case.
No. 59420
78 kB, 640 × 394
I have small refrigated bacon cubes here, tomorrow they will be two days over the date of expirary. Save to eat? I will smell them before frying them. Or is this generally concerning thing to do with meat?

In other news: I eat cinnamon toast while watching US reels from before 1970.
No. 59421
If the packaging is unharmed and they don't smell funny, I don't see a reason why you couldn't still use them.
Also, remember it's the MINDESThaltbarkeitsdatum, so it's highly unlikely they will go bad the instant they pass that date. You could probably easily still eat them a week after.
If in doubt you can fry them until they're hard and black. They're great to Feldsalat with a lingonberry vinaigrette.
No. 59424
202 kB, 1024 × 1024

Yeah, not sure, some meat does not have that but some sort of Verzehrdatum. I will look tomorrow.

>Feldsalat with bacon

Wow, I had this maybe 20 years ago. It's super tasty now that mention it. But I will probably make a Carbonara. Hm, maybe Feldsalat would be better. I plan on planting salads this autumn, asian salads but also one or two Feldsalat.
No. 59425
My mom always makes it on christmas, before the big Braten. I am not a big (green) salad eater, but I really like it.
No. 59442
14 kB, 480 × 360
I'm sad because my Lichess account is being deleted. I've had this account for nearly two years and I've enjoyed monitoring my own progress.

They're deleting it because my username is 'inappropriate', and there is no option to rename an account on the website. For reference:


It was probably a vatnik who got butthurt when I beat him.
No. 59443
Eh, you can make a new one anyway. I don't think that it'll take long to reach the same Elo.
No. 59444 Kontra
I know, but it's not the same - I hadn't played chess for years when I made that account, and I brought my score up from nothing. Aesthetically, I enjoyed the fact that my lowest ever rating was 1337.

Snitches get stitches.
No. 59445 Kontra
>choose username that is inappropriate
>someone actually reports it
You have nobody else to blame but you. Are you also making threads on the 4chongs complaining that you got banned in Overwatch for calling someone nigger?
No. 59446
I understand how you reported him, but how did you find this place afterwards?
No. 59447 Kontra
17 kB, 340 × 254
Just for you, my new name will be "vatnik_na_hui".
No. 59448
This is also not appropriate and will get you banned. Try something like "rabsiyanin" or "putin_vzryvaet_doma".
No. 59449
Somehow I feel that naming Putin would get you noticed and banned faster than any pejorative. I think I've settled on "Doktor_Vatnik".
No. 59456
Found 250€ stashed in my bookshelf. I do not recall ever having placed it there, but it is not the first time I found money I've hidden and completely forgot since.
I don't know if part of me knows that I'll forget if I hide money for long enough or if during a full moon I turn into a Jewish stereotype.
No. 59457
Yesterday I fapped three times because I was horny and my dick was really sensitive all day.

Today I haven't even felt aroused even a single time.
No. 59458 Kontra
110 kB, 797 × 550
Today we talked outside again. She made me notice two pigeons kissing. Don't know if that was a hint or she just expressed her sensitivity towards animals once more. She really seems into birds. On other occasions, she talked about animals that were near as well. But then again another girl I kissed many years ago also tried to hint by talking about stuff that is close to kissing before we did it.
Why am I cursed with being lovestruck?
No. 59460
What prevents you from kissing her? What could you lose?
No. 59461
76 kB, 1148 × 850
Those Kazakh intern boys at work are incredibly cute. So I'm now part of LGBT as well.
I already started to hate Israel and capitalism. But I can't decide which type of Macbook to buy.
No. 59463
348 kB, 544 × 416
Monday was okay.
Chinese class kinda felt like a disaster, mainly because I have to write by hand and we're in a hurry constantly. It's quite hard if you've spent the last semester typing in a pinyin and then a number to get the desire character.
Met up with my friend too, we shared a coffee and spent six hours just being in the city verbally shitposting.

Had my first mandatory (because if you're a member of the university's Humanities Department and also a workshop member, then one year of Latin is mandatory as per tradition since 1895) Latin class. I don't know why I imagined the teachers of classical languages as little Hitlers who go around with a wooden stick and beat you in the head if you fuck up a conjugation. They are all very down to Earth and by the anecdotes I've heard, usually have been, at least in a university setting.
Apparently the goal is to be able to read short poems by the end of the second semester. So by the looks it won't be too much extra work. (Finally I'll be able to take advantage of that bilingual Horatius volume I own.)

Went to the doctor today. Kinda boring and slow, but at least I did get a prescription again and had some more testing done.
Took a pill, I feel fine. Bloodwork is shit so essentially my body is running only thanks to big pharma.
I don't really care about the pain. The pain I can manage. But I fucking hate being tired and dizzy nearly constantly and being tired after a flight of stairs.
I'm actually feeling better.

Why is the pidorcat class three while Astolfo is class one?
I don't get this.
No. 59467
I will have to see her again often enough. What prevents me is a super uncomfortable situation.
No. 59488
Well one my new favorite usernames is bydoran, bidoran, and so such derivatives so

It actually works extra great in fantasy and scifi settings. "And so here you see planet Bydoran, famous for its traditional Jedi carpet robes and patented sausage anti-theft devices"
No. 59490
26 kB, 106 × 128
108 kB, 495 × 495
I think "people" below 100 IQ should not be taught language, and should be relegated to menial labor, and given unlimited access to hedonistic pleasures as a reward and motivator.
They are basically useless for any remotely complex work, struggle navigating modern society, and language is wasted on them.

Double digit IQs don't comprehend language the way humans do. When they read a sentence, they don't process the meaning or information behind it. They only process the tone, social signaling, tribal affiliation (perceived or real), and other such surface level things, then formulate a response that also does not contain any information or thought, just a mimicry of thought. The response being another signal of emotion, tribal alignment, display of social/hierarchical standing, etc.

Such "people" aren't really sapient, they just display outward signals imitating sapience. Kinda like a chat-bot trying to pass a Turing test.
No. 59491
Thought process untainted by language, rewarding and meaningful unalienated labor and endless pleasure. Why should the short hedas get all the perks?
No. 59492
It's our smart man's burden.
No. 59493
Being too retarded to pick up on social cues does not make you have a "smart man's burden." They are usually stupid and bydlo independent of their native emotional intellect, any one of whom probably outstrips the entire board's collective EQ. The ample disdain comes from the disparity between high IQ low EQ and low IQ high EQ but you can be dumb or smart at both. Kanye West is a very good example of being stupid as a whole, or a good number of 4krebs incel shitposters. A lot of the legitimately most successful people tend to have a lot of both, though again not always. You can also just inherit your father's banking or real estate fortune or whatever and still have some type of nepotistic success while also being clinically retarded at both, however I don't know there's many people who are genuinely unsuccessful who are smart with both unless they are completely lazy fuckasses, in which case it's a character defect.
No. 59496
41 kB, 659 × 659
>First class on Chinese literature
>Been waiting for this moment since HS
>I read the assigned literature beforehand
>Can't wait for all the new info and context
>Class starts
>It's just the teacher repeating what's in the book, no extra info or anything
>Basically sit bored as fuck for one and a half hours hoping for something extra
I guess it's time to delve into the literature of the literature, as in, select something from the bibliography of the book I've read to advance through.
An utter and unbelievable disappointment.

Also had my first class with the new Chinese lector.
The one we had last year was a fucking dictator compared to the new one.
As usual, I managed to be late by like 20 minutes for the first class, just like last year, but at least this time, I could say in Chinese that "I'm sorry I'm late".

There was some sort of half-baked festival on campus, looked around a bit. Nothing much of interest. The Slavic Studies booth had a table with free books. None of them were of much use to me because they were written in Serbo-Croatian or Russian mostly, and I speak neither of those. Though I did find this small pamphlet from 2020 funded by the Republic of North Macedonia and the university's "Institute of Baltic and Slavic Philology" containing "Selections from the works of Young Macedonian Prose Writers".
I mean, it was free, it was in Hungarian and it's so incredibly specialised that I had to grab one. I care because who cares.

Yesterday I also bought two journals. For some reason every few months I find myself buying a copy of Vigilia, which is a Christian literary journal. It often has interesting articles.
This time I also got a copy of Eszmélet, a left-wing theory journal. I think this one is bi-monthly and it usually has at least something of interest, though the print-run is so low I don't always find a copy.

I'm feeling really good. Slept only six hours but I don't feel tired.
I was actually able to have a nice lunch. I'm amazed.

If there's anything I've noticed about society during the past few years is that access to information and reading and writing is an enormous privilege, which most people only use to abuse. Consequently it's a privilege most bydlo retards don't deserve.
But it's too late to take it back now. The box is open and they'll keep abusing their ability to read (but mostly their ability to write bullshit) until the end of civilisation (or time, whichever comes first).
No. 59498
There's no such thing as EQ though. It's not a concept in psychology, there are not tests to measure it, no theoretical framework, and it's not even concretely defined. It's a concept introduced by some journalist as a feel-good idea for normies. Same as right-left brainedness, and other such nonsense.

IQ remains a very strong predictor of success across the board, and it's a pretty cruel fact of life that it's such a massive force multiplier, while being something you're just born with and can't change. It's such an uncomfortable fact, that most people choose to not acknowledge it, or even deny it.

Tbh I don't even disagree with sweeping the subject under the rug, because the moment it gets brought up, rightoid come out of the woodwork and start extrapolating wildly, and expressing their sociopathic power fantasies. Which is what my post was satirizing. Their strategy for moving up the hierarchy seems to be about establishing an underclass they can feel superior to.
That's not to say liberals aren't aware of this, directly or reframed as something else. Their attitude towards the underclass seems to be that of patronizing pity. They want to "take care" of the underclass, like one does a pet or a child. I guess they also suspect that there's not much room for meaningful participation in a complex society, especially after automation gets in full swing.

All in all, whitoids are power tripping assholes whatever their ideology.
No. 59502
The sun gifts us another of those last summer days. I was walking home from the library, depressed and tired over the fact that I spend my days without any sort of intimacy can you imagine all the attractive women reaching my retinas today?. For a split second a scent from my childhood occurred, an artificially flavored ice(cream), one of those you could buy from the refrigerators in kiosks, gas stations and at mini golf back then. It faded quickly, long gone are the days of rather unconscious summers spent between kindergarten or school years. My soul is crushed even before the days get darker again. The thought of a dating app appears again, but it makes me tired to think of such dates. People say it should be fun, but tbh it's stressing and I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way. Dating foreigners makes me immediately tired. I want that instant connection, that little something so that it is no stress, no hassle, no pressure.
I also have a hard time comprehending all that I'm reading, I'm not sure how to concentrate on what I like or what interests me, it shifts again and again.

>and other such surface level things

What a shallow thing to say. [double tips his fedora]
No. 59503
I don't know about situation with EQ in psychology (but wikipedia article says that tests to measure it exist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayer-Salovey-Caruso_Emotional_Intelligence_Test ), but it's really hard to deny that such thing exist and it matters. Maybe it's incorrect to call it "intelligence", it's just "being sociable", but man, I know genius people who are unsuccessful because they are fucking autists. And I know mediocre people who are very successful because they get along with other people very well.

Partly IQ can compensate EQ. Maybe you don't understand other people intuitively, but you can understand their behaviour logically if you put enough effort into it. But mostly those are independent things. There was mention of oxytocine in neighboring thread, and it's insane how much ones personality depends on such a simple thing as level of certain hormone.
No. 59504
Also, is IQ "something you born with"? I'm sure, if we take a random 30yo normie and make him study math for 5 years (by threatening with violence), his ability to solve IQ tests will improve by 15-20 points.

On the other hand, person's potential to gain certain IQ in certain environment in genetically determined, and it differs for different people.
No. 59506 Kontra
There's a genetic component to IQ, but you can "train" yourself for IQ tests and the ability to read and write (no matter the age afaik) adds roughly 5 points to any person, and a well rounded education another 10 but only if you receive it during childhood.
Or at least that's how I remember it from biology class.

You could definitely select for intelligence based on genetics (like they did whit mice in some experiments where eventually there were completely schwerbehindert retards in one batch and very bright ones in another, with very few outliers in each generation that could make the crossing between batches), but unlike mice, I think the cultural influences during one's formative years also impact intelligence, so unless you also make sure that these strata you create based on IQ are also culturally separated, not just genetically, you're going to have a bunch of kids who will want to be cultural-retards.

I don't know where exactly I was going with this and I refuse to elaborate further.
No. 59509
16 kB, 600 × 442
>when you been distracted and busy doing stuff, and then after all the stuff is done, your brain is free to think about other stuff, and you remember that you exist and are currently occupying a physical body
>then you dissociate a bit
I need to find something to do asap

Yes, it is probably referring to some real phenomenon, but it falls under the "can't be falsifiable" category, thus not scientifically valid. It's just... a word. Maybe a word that accurately describes something real, and is useful, but not a scientific concept like some people try to pass it off ass. Rather than being one thing, it's probably a whole range of psychological factors, from genetic to developmental to mental illness.

Also, the stereotype of intelligent people being less socially adept is mostly wrong too. I think it's an independent factor with little correlation, but I can't be sure. There's plenty of dumb people with bad social skills, but they tend to be just aggressive assholes rather than merely awkward or autistic, so it is perceived as different things, but perhaps poor social adaptation manifests as awkwardness in intelligent people, and as bydlo aggression in dumb people.

Afaik the scientific consensus is that IQ solidifies in early teens and stays the same with very little deviation. Yes, perhaps a few points here and there, but not that significant. Although there's some ongoing research trying to find out if it's possible after all.

You can get better at IQ tests by studying them and taking them repeatedly in a short span of time, but that's considered cheating. They are meant to be taken once in a couple years without preparation. Because IQ is meant to test your ability to effectively reason through arbitrary abstract problems, and solve them quickly, spending more time on them means that you're solving them slower, and gaining an unfair advantage over those who do it properly. And since IQ is a score relative to the rest of the population, if everyone else also started studying for IQ tests and taking them repeatedly, you'd go back to where you're "supposed" to be on the scale.

Regarding cultural factors, like language, education, etc., most IQ tests do not contain any language or instructions at all, and are purely abstract patterns (like this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raven%27s_Progressive_Matrices ), so I'm not sure how such things could have a significant effect. But it's also important to note that genetic factors determine one's potential for intelligence, sort of the ceiling for how smart one can become. Illness, malnutrition, and so on, can lower that potential, but the genetic component is still there. It is sort of like height. The genetic component does not exhibit itself when there are no conditions for it, like if the population is sick or malnourished. In this case, external conditions play a bigger role. But if there are no external inhibitors, the genetic component takes prevalence, as in a healthy person with high genetic potential will achieve their ceiling, and so will someone with a low genetic potential reach their lower ceiling. A genetically gifted person can fall short of their potential, but a genetically... unfortunate person will never be able to exceed their limit. At least not until the development of technologies that would allow that.

And lastly, IQ refers to a specific definition of intelligence, we could call it "brain speed". As in, how fast you can solve arbitrary problems, given no prior context or knowledge. Of course, having more education, knowledge, and lack of other inhibiting factors (mental illness, personality traits, disorders) makes you more capable in that it allows one to use their intelligence to full potential, making them overall smarter, but that's not really what IQ is trying to measure. Even so, IQ has a very strong correlation and predictive power regarding things like career success, criminality, academic success, etc.
No. 59511
41 kB, 493 × 487
29 kB, 512 × 443
Also, the idea of predictive power of IQ scores and correlation regarding other aspects of life, made me think of a funni idea.

What if we applied statistical modeling to a harder science? In statistics, we can only talk about correlation, and answer questions like "given conditions A B C (and a shitload of unknowns), what is the chance of outcome X?".

What happens when we apply this method to something like classical mechanics? In the abstract, the correlation between the initial conditions of a ball rolling down a hill, and where it ends up is 1.
Ok, now imagine this. Instead of solving formulas, we will gather real world experimental data. And we will pretend that we don't know all the environmental conditions (as is often the case in medicine, sociology, and such). We only know the initial conditions of the ball, such as mass, initial velocity, surface smoothness, etc. We will not take any measurements about the surface on which it's rolling, the weather, etc.
Then we roll some balls. Rather, a LOT of balls. In various conditions. And collect data. Then we analyze, and see, if given the state N of ball, what is the correlation of it rolling and ending up at point X? I wonder if it would be strong, average, or low? Wouldn't it be funny if it was significantly lower than 0.5?

I guess the whole point of this, is to make a funny juxtaposition, and to show, in an exaggerated and silly fashion, that mathematical modeling loses some of its power when too many factors are involved.
No. 59513
>They only process the tone, social signaling, tribal affiliation (perceived or real), and other such surface level things, then formulate a response that also does not contain any information or thought, just a mimicry of thought.

You have resentment for byldos and want revenge for their lazyness but I don't think being a byldo is determined by your IQ at all. The main issue with low IQ people is their ability to think fast and have lower memory capacity, but that doesn't mean a lack of internal monologue. The idiocy as you describe do exist, but it's due to a long process of glorification of idiocy which can affect intelligent people as well. Civility is an educational process pretty much separated from IQ. I'm ready to take the bet that if you force low IQs to manual labor and prevent them from getting laguage there will still be people using it as you described.
No. 59516 Kontra
Are our brains very much different to people 2000-3000 years ago? Most of them won't last an IQ test, would they? Also in "Enigma of Reason" there was a paragraph about a tribe that couldn't engage in basic logic when asked, but after getting trained, they had no problem with it.
No. 59517
Still doesn't change the fact that some people are smarter than others, or are you trying to deny that?
But I agree that the IQ test usually employed have a heavy western bias. Ideally they should be designed in such a fashion that everyone, even without any education or training whatsoever should be able to solve them as someone else of the same intellect. And you shouldn't be able to train for them.

I personally like that notion of different "fields" of intelligence. Like people who have an easy time with languages, but are bad at maths, or people who juggle with numbers, but get lost in a small town, etc.
No. 59518 Kontra
>some people are smarter than others, or are you trying to deny that?

No, but as you suggested, intelligence is not contained within a single measurement. Or at least it is flawed to reduced intelligence to a single measurement (method), which is also very much biased too. It's also a problem to judge people (solely) by their IQ levels.
No. 59519
I think in future languages will be distributed not regionally, but professionally. There will be simple language for basic communication with everyone, precise and strict language for science, laws and contracts, rich and complex language for literature, nice sounding language for songs and poetry.
Most likely all of this will be different dialects of English.
No. 59520
>Most likely all of this will be different dialects of English.
I'd rather learn Ithkuil than speaking english as everyday language.
No. 59521 Kontra
Sounds like a pretty cool concept for a sci-fi novel but most of these are already sort of "separate dialects" because they're different registers of the same language.

I'd say English will be like Latin was. It'll be used in the technical fields where innovation is fast, while everyday speech will keep on using the local languages, sometimes interspersed with some English.
>Rich and complex language for literature
Don't know how is it for Russia, but from what I can tell from Hungary and the Anglosphere, the "ornate" style really isn't "in" currently, and hasn't been for quiet a while now, probably because of the academias' often anti-elitist stance and the idea that "literature should be for everyone". The only complex style I can think of is the maximalist post-modern novel and prose, which is quite the niche imho.
The only way I can see "ornate" and more baroque styles come back into the mainstream is if the culture-war somehow intensifies and there comes a literary movement hat is decidedly elitist in its stance and demands to the reader.
No. 59523
> they're different registers of the same language.
Yes, I also thought about it. What I mean is that they will diverge far from each other.
Meanwhile regional differences will decease.

> I'd say English will be like Latin was.
It already is like Latin and much more than that.

> Don't know how is it for Russia
I think everyday Russian is rich and complex enough, so there is no need for separate dialect for literature. I thought about something like English but with Russian-style word LEGO with prefixes and suffixes.
No. 59524
>I'd rather learn Ithkuil than speaking english as everyday language.
I, for one, am just glad German didn't become the lingua franca.
No. 59525
Achtung! Du Schweinhund! Ich werde dir lernen!
No. 59527
Dunno, German sounds pretty cool to me (Hochdeutsch at least; I'd imagine some regional dialects may be much sillier). Its grammar is more difficult than English though. One of the advantages of English is that when you study it, it's much easier to reach an "understandable" level (that is, a level when you sound like a slightly dumb person instead of sounding like a complete and utter retard) in it than in most other languages.
No. 59528
43 kB, 548 × 305
>All in all, whitoids are power tripping assholes whatever their ideology.
I was actually going to say part of our problem is a messiah context and that made it just occur to me that this is a more uniquely European problem because of religion. I think in Judaism concept of Meshiac is more distant, whereas in Islam it's just another prophet, and so on. Not to say there aren't retarded ideas about god kings everywhere but it just struck me that our history is a bit different in creating this cultural super man construct who is literally God and son of God, which I think maybe played a role on shaping those ideas. Western Euros definitely have this massive ego problem but I'd say we largely are marred by this sort of messiah complex that's deeply rooted culturally.

Pic related is basically how a lot of white people see themselves deep down, even if they are liberals. It's something I criticize and see with RAC on in there's this patronizing, ultra racist "white man's burden" element to Western liberal ideology. Right wingers confuse this as self hate. I think if anything it's deep rooted guilt about "being better than" somebody, whereas rightoids as you say try to use the sentiment to excuse their bydloness, like an extension of white trash lotto winners in waiting who "deserve" to be better. I was really surprised the makers of that show had the balls to include this shot.

It's really not as malignant as you're framing it though. When you boil it down it's a religious cultural artifact of living millennia under Christianity which pretty openly associates the everyman with God, and blatantly encourages people to see it personally, have a personal relationship with God, see God "within yourself" and so on. I wonder what Africa and South America will be like after another 500 years of this. It definitely amplifies a Jim Jones tendency in the populace, and I think schizophrenics on some level are just taking it ideologically at rather face value. It partly explains the popularity of everything from capeshit to the Western approach to environmentalism, as well as super faggy ideologies like Q anon messianism. I think you're mistaking particularly Western obsession with being the hero in their own individualist stories with naked sociopathy, which true also is more prone to being rewarded by Western societies.
No. 59529
That to some level already exists as jargonism, but you don't need to speak Latin or C+ or using math equations. I suppose this could in theory exist given enough centuries of internet rotting society out and no one associating with groups outside their own professions and hobbies.
No. 59531
>naked sociopathy, which true also is more prone to being rewarded by Western societies.
Are you sure of this? I would assume sociopathy would be more comparatively rewarded in warlord contexts.
No. 59534
Self-hating firsties hate themselves even for being self-hating. Classic.
No. 59535
I dunno. Pre-modern societies had... "positive" spooks like honor, and respecting your enemies, and high ideals and shit like that. Not often followed, but at least there was a gesture towards the "sainthood of the wretched", or whatever at least in Christianity.
Modern competitive sociopathy doesn't even have ideological spooks to hold it back, it's pure darwinian, animalistic domination. Couldn't make it in the free market? Lost your business to St. Jeff Bezos and Fuckerberg and co.? "Get fucked you bottom feeding homeless minimum wage despicable dropout piece of shit human trash lowlife. We should cut all welfare and defund all programs, so that you become even more miserable, desperate and smelly, and we can have someone to feel superior to, and torture and abuse and spit on for sadistic pleasure, while pretending the issue is not easily solvable with sensible social policies".

What's especially evil is that the rightoids don't WANT to get rid of homeless people, or their effect on social life. They don't want the wretched, stinky, drug addicted and desperate off the street, they want to keep them around for ideological purpose, to make an example out of them. Because I have no fucking idea what's so hard to solve about homelessness. Build some cheap communal housing, free shower rooms, toilets, food kitchens where anyone can eat. This all costs pennies, relatively. But they have the ideology of "muh meritocracy", so they're willing to tolerate the smell of human feces, piss, sweat and rot on the streets, just so they have something to complain about on their way to starbucks.=. Because they "don't deserve it". It's not about deserving it, it's about solving problems.

Things like these is the reason I don't buy the "le free market is efficient because it's free from ideology" spook. So many social issues exist only because the people driving the "free market" hold certain beliefs. At least here on the orieantal third world, there's a strong familial culture keeping a lot of people off the streets. On the wect, where the only family members people associate with is their parents, who might even be the "kick you out at 18" type, I can imagine it's worse.

Hell, I myself would use soup kitchens and public showers and toilets and shit. Libertarians like to talk about the "risks" the business owners take, which supposedly justify their positions. But most of the time, they have safety nets which allow them to gamble on such things. There's not much "risk" in knowing that your daddy will bail you out if your business venture fails. Most successful entrepreneurs you hear the names of on the news, have had 3-4 failed business ventures before they struck big. Most people can't afford even 1 failed venture. For regular people, taking such risks could mean homelessness, or even death, in places where winter is a thing.

I think housing, sanitation and food should be universally provided as per human rights declarations. It would even be better for the economy, because people like me would feel way more comfortable in risking everything for a hail mary venture, knowing that at the very least they won't starve and die, and can try again someday.
No. 59536
Yes, smart people can still be disingenuous, lie and manipulate, but they at least do so in response to your actual points, and provide enough substance to allow other people to peel back their lies, reveal the their true beliefs, and strike at them.

From my experience with not very smart people, it is impossible to even argue with them, because they don't even process your arguments, and their replies can be summed up as "No U". And often enough, such people have a pretty significant effect on public discourse on important issues. Hell, their votes are even equal to everyone elses'.

The brains are completely identical, but I bet people from that age were malnourished, diseased, or had other factors limiting their development, which limited their genetic potential. But if babies from 5000 years ago was brought to modern society and had access to modern medicine, the genetic component would become the most significant again.
>there was a paragraph about a tribe that couldn't engage in basic logic when asked, but after getting trained, they had no problem with it.
This is only an assumption, but I bet the test for logical reasoning involved language in some way, because that's what logic usually involves, some kind of language. IQ tests, on the other hand, exclude the necessity of language. You don't need language to notice and process patterns in visual, spatial and aural signals.

Yes, there are many other measures of intelligence, and tests designed to score them. There's also the concept of general intelligence, or 'g factor', which is meant to account for the broad concept of intelligence. The interesting thing is, IQ scores strongly correlate with every other test for intelligence, even things like high school tests, university application tests, military qualification tests, police force qualification tests, etc. Which suggests that either all types of intelligence are really the same thing, or that IQ is such a big factor that it gives significant advantage in every other type of intelligence. Because having higher "brain speed" would be a universal enhancer of any intellectual activity.
No. 59537
I had an idea recently, and I wonder if there's any merit to it.
I propose introducing a non-tradable form of currency that is only eligible for venture investments, but not for purchase of goods. Basically monopoly money that you can only use to invest in a business or a startup or some shit. This would circumvent the issue of bydlo taking out loans and spending them on bullshit, while allowing the state and banks to be more generous with handouts.


Complaint of the day. Despite being quite financially stable these days, mom still has poverty mentality, and adds a pitiful amount of meat to the meals she cooks. Which means we consume like 80% more daily allowance of carbs than protein, per meal. No wonder we're all overweight.
No. 59538 Kontra
Actually, scratch that, let's completely decouple the concept of money from the concept of personal goods. Get in line for your state provided automobile and clothes and laptop, fucko.

But keep currency as a form of funding for various endeavors.
No. 59539
This. Take an oligarch or a few out with you. Add so many confounding details to your suicide murder that for decades conspiracy theorists will argue if it was a death by cop or made to look that way, did they really assassinate you, and who really paid you off to take out Goldman Sachs or Bank of America or whoever CEO, and that for generations they will argue you didn't die at all but retired to the Bahamas where Deutsche Bank paid you handsomely to eliminate its rival. Make your death a nuisance to as many wealthy and powerful people as possible. This is one of the many reasons I look down on incel school shooter chuds because even in death they proved to be fucking pathetic and utterly forgettable.

Now the killdozer guy, everybody remembers that guy. He did millions worth of damage to the banks which fucked him.
No. 59540
I didn't mean pre-modern warlords though. Someplace like Donetsk is probably the best for climbing up the social ladder as a genuine psychopath. Historically, surely some nation or organization that doles out ideologically inspired revolutionary terror. As a psychopath, you'd be up against true believers whose ideas might not entirely line up with the official cannon or whose ability to delude themselves will at some point catch up with the reality around them and thus breaking them.
In truth, a genuine remorseless psychopath wouldn't even put his entire abilities to use if the game doesn't involve actions that would be unfeasible for an average person. who cares the original post was just a shartpost about hurr CEO = psychopath
No. 59542
> "Get fucked you bottom feeding homeless minimum wage despicable dropout piece of shit human trash lowlife. We should cut all welfare and defund all programs, so that you become even more miserable, desperate and smelly, and we can have someone to feel superior to, and torture and abuse and spit on for sadistic pleasure, while pretending the issue is not easily solvable with sensible social policies".
Lol, wtf is this even supposed to mean? The fact is that people in West in such case are given foodstamps, welfare and medicare. What is it if not "sainthood of the wretched"? But hey, fuck this boring real world, imaginary ramblings of some fringe libertarian are much more relevant here.

This looks great next to your post about "processing only the tone, social signaling, tribal affiliation". Fatposter tier.
No. 59543 Kontra
I suspect it's more about hating the game than how its details play out locally. While the west has certain degrees of welfare depending on the country, this is usually attached to certain conditions and "duties". There are homeless people in Germany despite the state usually paying rent for certain apartments (size, costs etc) and not all of them have simply a drug problem that make them spent all neetbux on it. It would also be good to know when drug problems of homeless people emerge. On the street or before that.
No. 59544
It's not as good as you think, like wtf do you even think "welfare" is here? Do you think the government just gives you free money for being poor or something?

Unemployment is literally unsurvivable. It is a nice cushion while you blow through your savings. This is why you will notice we got enhanced benefits of $300 or $600 per week, basically to stop tens of millions of people from rioting. That is 2x to 4x what my normal UI would be. My UI was half what I made. Unemployment checks alone doesn't even cover my rent without the enhancement and like all other social welfare programs is an incredible pain in the ass to deal with. It should also be noted you have to pay state and federal income taxes on those benefits which itself already is half wages.

>food stamps
I do not qualify and only twice did. Right before the pandemic they changed it under the Trump admin to cutting most people off by saying for example you needed at least 20 hours of work per week(so if you have no job or only get 10 hours part time, or your job cut you down to 15 hours a week) you no longer qualify, but also it accounts for all kind of assets as well as income so you can be disqualified by making too much which was also got restricted. Basically they made it so only a narrow band qualifies. This is the nicest one too.

Saying is you get medicaid if you don't get paid and medicare if you have no hair. They are different programs.

I have a broken tooth and because I have no insurance through work have to use shitty medicaid. Most dentists and doctors don't take it, as they are private for profit businesses and thus can deny accepting it as a form of insurance payment. I was literally just told that medicaid will not cover a root canal because it was just determined that I can still chew my food.

Medicaid just told me point blank I was denied coverage coverage because I still have enough teeth to chew my food. I asked them directly about this and was literally told yes, I need to lose a whole bunch more teeth in order to qualify for the coverage. Hence why it was said somewhere here that you can tell class by teeth. I cannot afford a root canal out of pocket so I'm going to lose my molar. If I start losing enough molars to no longer chew my food I may qualify.

I do not have any idea what this retarded pidor is saying at this point. He seems to be under the impression the Wect is land of milk and honey that showers free money on poor people. That is what is so amazing about the pandemic because it was the first time in my life that actually happened, and they literally did it to prevent us from rioting and lynching them all, which you will notice still actually almost happened anyway between BLM and January 6th in DC. On top of that it wasn't really about us so much as stopping tens of millions from defaulting on all kinds of rent and debt payments, which the realtors and debtors themselves would have had the heads of politicans if they didn't stop that.

This is the land of that money is for Israel goy, you retarded pidor. The reason we even have the most basic forms of social welfare to begin with is to prevent the plebs from rioting as well as a social program that partly subsidizes the cost of doing business in this country. That is why so many poor white people are on food stamps and what tipping culture turned into, because the State and consumers are expected to partly subsidize the cost of unpaid wages so that the workers can still at least afford rent and food while private businesses pocket the saved costs on labor. This is so companies like Walmart can cut their costs on labor including never hiring fulltime and thus covering little fulltime benefits, not offering benefits, and cutting wages to the barest minimum while the taxpayer picks up part of the tab on their personal budgets which is basically the barest minimum to survive. This is not done out of compassion but because the cold calculation is tens of millions of starving homeless people becomes a potentially violent political problem of the sort that helped spark Arab Spring. That way people can be kept close enough to quiet and happy that profit can continually be extracted without risking open rebellion.

For emphasis, Washington DC in January and the BLM summer is what the country looks like without at least something. They'd universally cut everything if they thought they could avoid the previously mentioned rioting, which they know they can't do and know is unwise to pull on a citizenry more heavily armed than warzones. The private businesses, corporations, handfuls of oligarchs and AIPAC special interests that rule this country wish to avoid that and so they introduce just enough crumbs, enough fake lottery winning dreams, enough bread and circuses, and enough utterly retarded hyper partisan cultural conflicts to keep their source of profits divided, distracted, internally conflicted, and generally apethetically ignorant to do anything about or interrupt the flow of profits.

People know this on an instinctual level which is why they were pissed about the shutdowns, because it hurt the middle class while the companies made windfall profits off the whole ordeal.

Prior to 2020's stimmies, if you thought this country just rains money down on poor people you are fucking retarded. There is a reason Americans in some cities are renting out their bathrooms as sublet apartments for bargain price of $900 a month+utilities+tip to sleep next to somebody's toilet.
No. 59546
Translation practice is actually a seminar. We will be holding presentations and engaging in discussion.
Probably the best class I signed up for so far.
I'll be holding a small presentation on the Hungarian translations of the Grimm's fables. Gotta put that Sprachprüfung to good use.
There were a number of interesting topics, but people immediately went for Alice in Wonderland and I ultimately decided against tackling Tom Sawyer's language in translation. (As in, how do you translate the dialogue of a society that is divided by race and class and freedoms for a society that has never known these issues, so it has no register for it. Also the N-word. Seemed like too much of a minefield so I picked the fables. Already had a cool idea for an illustration for my theory, so it seems pretty straightforward.)

Fucked around in the library for a few hours. They really have a lot of stuff. Read some from a relatively recent English language Chinese literary journal, some literary history and also some Chinese philosophy.

I only have one class tomorrow and a doctor's appointment. Won't be home early but at least I can kinda sleep in.
Can't wait to take a dive into the world of classical Chinese.
Hopefully in a year or two I'll be able to make a 6*10^23th translation of the Daodejing.
No. 59552
So your whole post boils down to "NO U" without even addressing any points, or elaborating on why they're wrong.
>This looks great next to your post about "processing only the tone, social signaling, tribal affiliation".
Indeed it does lol.

I never even said I was talking exclusively about the wect. You know post sovok is capitalist too, right? You seem to have a weird fixation on defending the wect in random contexts. Post-sovok has such attitude too, and in the wect, mostly USA. Although there's a similar attitude in certain social groups in europe as well. Poorfags in post-sovok live in shame and humiliation making barely enough to afford KOMUNALKA, and the people who were lucky enough to afford a comfortable living despise them. They know that despite their hard work and luck, they weren't hard working and lucky enough to not live in post sovok, stuck with the rest of the bydlo. And that makes them bitter lol. Similar attitude exists on the wect, if you're in an equivalent social stratum.

In the US, there's literal crowds of homeless people on the streets in some places. And I read a funny article about how big supermarket chains throw away a lot of edible food, but will then hire guards or call the police in order to protect the trash cans from people taking the food. Grapes of wrath tier lmao. And half their populace and politicians constantly push for eliminating welfare, because in their imagination, the 20% of the taxes spent on welfare is what's keeping them down.

The aim of welfare is not to uplift people from poverty, but to ensure that their existence is not a bigger drain than keeping them slightly alive. Also, in the US, food stamps aren't "free". The government pays for the goods received. Which means walmart turns a profit off of a supposedly public program. It was all a ploy to sell more stuff. A lot of times under le free market, if there are social programs, there's someone making money out of them, and it's not the people the program is aimed at.

I have read that Finland massively reduced homelessness through a housing-first policy. As in, there is no qualification required for housing programs, and they will give you a roof first, and then enter you into rehabilitation programs. Yes, even druggies. This policy seems to be more effective, in that more people are getting successfully reintegrated into society, and not going back to being homeless. Turns out, having somewhere to live really helps a bunch with becoming a productive member of society again.
No. 59553
I needs some welfare, whitey. Who gon' feed mah keedz?
No. 59554
I've been noticing that edgy internet humor and rebelliousness is shifting left, compared to our generation.
Makes sense I guess. Internet culture is driven by the 16-23 demographic, and we are now middle aged.
Our generation's teenage internet edgyism manifested as libertarianism, and later as le nazism. People would take delight in trolling the middle age gen X liberals and making them seethe.

But now, it's the gamergate generation who have become out of touch middle aged people making angry rants on youtube while the youth makes fun of them. We've hit the wall, lads. Culturally speaking.
No. 59555
I wrote a couple other longer posts defending a lot of what you said but then deleted them for some reason. I forget why. Not sure if you saw them or not.

There is no such thing as whatever you think welfare is you complete fucking retard. "Welfare" is shit like food stamps and unemployment, which most of the other poor whites I've known happen to be on. A good number of them are actually either too stupid to realize they're on welfare and that's what SNAP benefits are, or are using some weird defensive psychological mechanism to bitch about non-whites "being on welfare" possibly out of shame for the fact they as muh proud hwhite ppl are feeding their kids through food stamps, which as brick pointed out ultimately is just subsidizing both costs of labor so people at least make enough to buy food and rent without the company having to pay them while the walmarts poor whites shop at all are pocketing those public funds as private profit

Oh that's part of why I deleted all the rest of it because these discussions will attract shitposters like flies to shit and I didn't want to be adding such fuel to the flame. Whether Kazakhstan or the Russians know it or not bringing up class is guaranteed bait to fatposting. I forget what else I said but had some raw instinct like I should've just wiped everything and walked away from the conversation including what I said about familial status and class. He is also quite right in pointing out fatposters like you are basically the American version of Soviet useful idiots. You're the first ones to get thrown under the bus too.
No. 59556
30 kB, 640 × 600
New level of existential anxiety unlocked:
You ever play a multiplayer video game, look at the other player characters, and you're like "damn, those are all real human beings I'm playing with, from all over the world. with their own lives and shit"

I wrote the post 30 minutes after waking up, so probably not.
No. 59561
I dunno depends on your age bracket. Mine was like pseudo-nihilist irreverent left libettarianism. It was more the South Park gen that had the famous "in the missionary position for purposes of procreation" "you sick fuck!" Kinda humour. The people coming onto 4chan of all places to bitch about "muh degeneracy" was fully like 8 or 10 years younger than me. Those are the people I actually call zoomers who are mid 20s to sometimes younger. Anyway it is no mystery because the internet drives on edginess and if Americans are defining the culture it basically becomes against whoever is in power. My generation had Bush and the war on terrah and was just coming out of the tail end of Christian fundies. It was the later kids that got defined by Progressive idpol PCism and gamergate when they were in college.

Youtube and online porn videos had only just been invented when I was in college. In fact I remember being amazed when a female friend of ours was showing us some online porn hosting site. This was in the mid 2000s and it was the first time we'd ever seen porn on the internet that wasn't just a picture. We grew up knowing 56k modem sounds, if you even got lucky enough to have it as a kid. moot is pretty typical of the younger end of what I call my generation. He stole his mom's credit card to get modem internet. That was us. Were were TOTSE and Ogrish and SA before SA went to shit. In fact now that I think about it it really was my generation that made the *chans before these obnoxious kids took over and made our ocean of piss even worse. My deepest condolences for that.

People that are early 20s now I don't know much about. They seem to be into games even the females and listen to artists I've never heard about. They seem to be somewhat anti-establishment though I don't know about what and so far as I can tell concepts like discretion and privacy are alien to them. I think they may end up being oversharing in the way naive people would use real names as handles back in the 90s. I kind of expect everyone younger than me to be retarded up until about the teenage years. I have this blind assumption people 16 now won't suck so much as everybody who's 20-35 right now. But then again, I am also naive and unrealistic in my expectations of humanity. It's like hacker culture is dead for everyone under 30.
No. 59563 Kontra
Nah, while there is left humor to be found, I don't think it rules the internet youth. You find enough youngsters buying into libertarianism with right-wing tendencies or even worse.
No. 59564
> I never even said I was talking exclusively about the wect.
It doesn't look like this. Who the hell are "St. Jeff Bezos and Fuckerberg" and "rightoids"? Someone you've read in Western Twitter about?
> Post-sovok has such attitude too
No, everyone here has paternalistic mindset. Obviously, you were buttmad about American republicans.

> people who were lucky enough to afford a comfortable living despise them
I despise them because they are retarded aggressive criminals. However I don't blame them and understand that usually they are merely victims of their environment. I can't speak for other people but I suppose that they have same attitude.

> You seem to have a weird fixation on defending the wect in random contexts.
You say in modern times things are worse than in pre-modernity. I wonder how much neetbux would you have 500 years ago. And I can't even disagree because this would be a "weird fixation on defending the west". Cool.

> In the US, there's literal crowds of homeless people on the streets in some places.
In which places? San-Francisco? Oh, this one is for sure being run by libertarian social-darvinists.

> Which means walmart turns a profit off of a supposedly public program
How terrible. Am I supposed to feel bad about it? Private companies realize public program, so private companies get money for public program. Or should they give food for free?
No. 59566
104 kB, 980 × 1376
Maybe it's selective bias on my part, because I've been disengaging from the rest of imageboard culture. But there does seem to be a trend that what used to be the alt-right has lost all pretense of being any kind of political or ideological movement, and descended into complete gibbering schizophrenia, to the point where the less radical of them are disengaging. Just look at krautchan vs kohl. Kratchan had its share of /pol/-adjacent rightoids, but what remains of them on kohl is 90% schizophrenic raving madmen. I sometimes go there, and count the schizo threads vs normal threads, and there's consistently more schizo threads on the front page.

>It doesn't look like this. Who the hell are "St. Jeff Bezos and Fuckerberg" and "rightoids"? Someone you've read in Western Twitter about?
Replace the relevant names with the local oligarch fucking you in the ass, and your fellow countrymen sucking their asses then, doesn't change anything.
>>people who were lucky enough to afford a comfortable living despise them
>I despise them because they are retarded aggressive criminals.
Case in point lol.
>You say in modern times things are worse than in pre-modernity.
Stop pulling things out of context. Or perhaps get better at reading comprehension. My point was specifically aimed at modern vs pre-modern ideologies and narratives, nothing else.
>In which places? San-Francisco? Oh, this one is for sure being run by libertarian social-darvinists.
Basic causality. The homeless migrate to states and counties which decriminalize homelessness. In fact, there's a precedent of states and cities actively off-loading their own homeless to regions where being homeless is not illegal.
>Or should they give food for free?
See pic related.
But really, the point is that more effective social programs are overlooked in favor of those that turn a profit for some third party business.
Afaik there's something similar going on in Moscow, where people are being relocated from their apartments close to the city center, into cheap human hives on the outskirts owned by oligarchs, in the guise of a housing program. But let me guess, rashka corruption bad, wect corruption good.
No. 59581 Kontra
>Someone you've read in Western Twitter about?

While Fuckerberg is a nice insult. St. Bezos is actually valid when you look at how people worship him. Goes for all the other entrepreneurial geniuses.
Also if you think rightwingers don't exist in the wect I have some bad news for you. Also look at imageboards as brick said.

>Oh, this one is for sure being run by libertarian social-darvinists.

You seem to forget that private companies actions interfere with local politics and yes Silicon Valley is a libertarian shithole. A city run by democrats won't do much about private property or a more or less unregulated housing market. What do you even think? It's capitalism not communism.
No. 59583
>Yes, smart people can still be disingenuous, lie and manipulate, but they at least do so in response to your actual points
That's not what I meant. I think we should consider the ability to hold points in a conversation to a certain level as a (socio-economically driven) possibility. The majority of above 100 IQ people can't hold a discussion because they don't feel like it. It's tiresome. When held close to reasoning they get angry. Like that one scene in they live where the guy doesn't want to put on the glasses. and fight against it. You act as if all intelligent people were curious enough to actually explore the possibilities of their brains. And this curiosity is mostly given by a proper education.
No. 59586
47 kB, 585 × 435
>Also if you think rightwingers don't exist in the wect I have some bad news for you.
No, I said exactly the opposite. Russia is a place where rightwingers (in economical meaning of this word, not the "gas the jews" thing) don't exist in any significant numbers. Therefore Brick's rant was more relevant to West.

> Also look at imageboards as brick said.
Bad example for same reason. For imageboard dwellers capitalism is "kikery". Really, independent private companies do whatever they want in a frame of law? Not BASED at all, the daddy führer and the state must control everything and tell them precisely what and how to do.
Also, have you heard that Kim Jong-un is also BASED for standing against "globohomo"?

> more effective social programs are overlooked in favor of those that turn a profit for some third party business.
I think, such problem exists. But food stamps is just irrelevant example. If you decide to provide poor people with food instead of letting them die, demand on food will inevitable raise, and of course revenue of groceries and agricultural companies will raise as well.
Your proposal
> Build some cheap communal housing, free shower rooms, toilets, food kitchens where anyone can eat
benefits construction and catering companies.
So now you complain that such things are not done, but if they were done, you would complain that it's corruption and construction companies' conspiracy. Great.

> Case in point lol.
Hey, originally you were speaking about different thing, not just despise, but whatever, I don't want to be bore. What is more interesting is what do you feel to such people? And what do you think you should feel to them? Do you agree with my description of them as "dumb aggressive criminals"? Or you don't think so?
No. 59591
63 kB, 1000 × 622
15 kB, 220 × 204
29 kB, 250 × 375
25 kB, 332 × 436
Wait did this fucking Russian just say he doesn't have oligarchs?
>Michael Freedman
Oh god your phrasing was even more retarded. "Proofs? What proofs? Maybe you mean youself instead, my wectern friend"
Or Viktor Vekselburg and so forth. It almost is though the highest ambition of any Russian is to be best domesticated animal for its owners. In that sense, you're even more Wectern liberalist than we are.
No. 59592
130 kB, 310 × 450
111 kB, 960 × 540
Bought a 2'x2' drywall panel to test a paint technique before I destroy my walls. Had to prime it first, of course. Bought pick one, because it has Primer in the name. Results? One half quart applied...see pick 2. Fully absorbed into the paper. All of it.

brb, joining this lawsuit:


Googling says instead of primer to use a cheap latex paint, or a skim coat of spackle. Guess I'm doing that next.
No. 59593
I disagree with this. The purpose of education is killing curiosity in all its forms. Higher education is refining your ability to follow instructions. People are born curious. They have to be trained to be uncurious, not independently or creatively thinking animals to be contented turning the gears of industrial profits and in return they get gems to trade in for bottled entertainment.
No. 59594
25 kB, 377 × 398
2,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
Had my first Classical Chinese class. Lecturer asked us "why we're here" and basically I was the only one who was genuinely excited to be there.
>mfw others don't want to cultivate virtue
Anyway, it was a cool class. I love it.

University feels way more lively now. I'm actually interacting with people now.
A girl asked me if I could lend a copy of a book to her and I decided why not, since it's not like a Hungarian copy of Jin Ping Mei is exactly a rarity I'm worried about.
She asked me what kind of chocolate I like, and I said I don't have a sweet tooth, so I got a packet of cheesy crackers from her instead.

Being on campus is a lot cooler than online classes. It just feels so expansive. These buildings are over 100 years old, and so the design and size feels a bit foreign.
So many rooms, so many hallways all leading somewhere. Most of them lead to places you'll probably never need to be.
But someone will walk down there to do something. Probably regularly too.
Look at this empty hallway in the basement I accidentally stumbled into while I lost my way to the university bookstore. (Which is also in the basement.)
It's amazingly weird.

I think I'm off to a great start this semester.
Halfway done with the first volume of Journey to the West. Got kinda boring for a while and I kept asking myself "where monke?", but there's monke now so it's all cool.

I feel way too fucking good. Didn't even know I experienced this much joy today until I stopped to recount it after the fact.

I disagree with the notion that "most people" are curious. Most people are not curious or are curious in a very useless way like caring about consuming stuff.
Maybe I've been just lucky but for me the education system always offered tools and help to expand my interests over the years.
You could argue that I'm just escaping from one type of retardation into another type but I infinitely prefer this over being a facebook prole pushing a wheelbarrow and shouting loudly about politics.
No. 59601
A really good education means knowing how to find and categorize information, at least partially, along with lateral learning and information assimilation although in the latter case I think that is more biological. I don't think people can be taught to use nonlinear thinking as I do for instance, just like I can be taught to hold a paintbrush but cannot be taught to have a poetic soul with inspiring art. In the former that can be taught though, which is why a lot of people listen to their wheelbarrow uncle screeching about Bill Gates on their shitbook friend group or researching themself.

Like for example I know their confusion is the jumbled mess of seeing VeriChip with rice sized RFID modules to inject under your skin. I didn't even realize until I got there that it subconsciously impacted me because the needle was so small, which is the point I realized I blithely assumed unconsciously they were saying it because the needle was so big. It didn't even occur to me that level of confusion. It was likepizzagate where people posted paintings from Kim Noble's website alleging it was in Comet's: it wasn't. They don't know how to process and categorize things so it becomes a confusing jumbled mess of associated trivia that they seem to categorize not on facts but based by feelings, and grouping things categorically by similar emotions or something like that.

A college education will teach you those tools to properly synthesize and categorize knowledge. It is learning the process to farming, whereas these bydlo fill a wheelbarrow full of water and dump it on their lawn with tomato seeds and call that a farm. Then they take shovels and try using it as threshers. They don't know how things work or how to figure out how to make them work, but instead see "farming" "farm instrument" and mix it together haphazardly. Like with say medical knowledge. They do not even know what published scholarly articles look like. They do not understand processes. That is why they fill a wheelbarrow with totally unassociated things like Bill Gates, VeriChip, vaccination needle. Anyone who went to uni just does it automatically. I know what RFID trackers look like, I know what that process looks like, I know that vax needle is too small, ergo it is false that vax has anything to do with microchipping.

These people simply do not know how to do that with anything, and I'd say that was the best and most useful thing uni ever taught me. It ultimately works like a massive bullshit detector regardless if you are curious or not. You know you can trust somebody emotionally without needing to trust what they say or agree on their opinion about something. It's not simply about knowing you don't know something, but realizing why you don't know how something works. Like for me it is not just knowing I do not know how something works, bit figuring out the points to why I do not know how microcode or different architectures works, and wanting to see a video showing me exactly how a PCB is manufactured and how the traces on the different layers works, not simply saying "well I don't know how them computer things works but my uncle says those lines on a motherboard are sigils for satan's angels." Well okay, so I do not know why PCBs have those lines. Why wouldn't I just systematically go down through learning what traces are, what are microtransistors, how does computer compute and so forth.

It also I think just generally helps with basic things like threat awareness and categorizations, as well as basic problem solving. That being said, I have known some pretty stupid people at things like that who have Master's degree and above.
No. 59602
I believe in myself and that I will save myself from whatever is befalling me
No. 59607
I wasn't talking about scholar but parental education. I know for a fact that parents can influence your curiosity in a positive way and help to preserve and cultivate your curiosity.

I went to a nightclub and a lot of homos offered me drinks I don't know why I attract homos this much . Way too much drinks. I'm still dead drunk and I need to do my play way to fucking soon. I have to strategically keep being drunk for not having a tromendous headache. I'm irresponsible.
No. 59608
I think that's called upbringing in english. Dumb imprecise language.
Anyway, maybe you look like a cute faggot? I like going to the beer booths on CSD because for a change I am getting preferential treatment. My gf once had to wait like ten minutes on one because they simply ignored her and when I went was brought my drinks right away :-DDDDD.
And if a dude is dumb enough to buy you drinks to get into your pants, is his fault and you are entitled to take advantage of that. I never bought girls drinks but I also never took one home :--DDDDD for unrelated reasons.
No. 59609
> For imageboard dwellers capitalism is "kikery".

Partly. Many have a libertarian mindset though, which often is open to rightwing ideas unsurprisingly.

>Really, independent private companies do whatever they want in a frame of law? Not BASED at all, the daddy führer and the state must control everything and tell them precisely what and how to do.
Also, have you heard that Kim Jong-un is also BASED for standing against "globohomo"?

Never said they do whatever they want. They operate within a law, often use loopholes and have an impact on the public and local/regional etc, but no responsibility for that in many cases. There are different ways to organize a state or ways to organize society. What makes you think I support Kim Jong Un and his damnation of homosexuality? His his damnation of homosexuality a necessary conclusion of the way NK is organized as state and society? When it comes to laws the GDR for instance has been different, though ofc not "progressive" as the west today, but I think that a non-capitalist society could be equally "progressive" in the end. Furthermore, I don't think that racism or any sort of other discrimination will magically vanish with a non-capitalist society. Maybe some immediate discrimination might dampen in certain cases.

Since you mentioned the girl, use the physical presence at university to make friends and lovers. Uni should be both, an education and a place to meet like-minded people etc.
No. 59610
muh ideology, muh state, muh free market

I don't give a shit tbh. Whatever form of financial or social organization leads to the most effective solutions to given problems is fine by me.
Tired of spooks.
No. 59620
5 kB, 284 × 177
Brick is now technocratic machinophile brick :DDD

Yesterday on the train I read an article about the notion of operation and operativity. And the articles says that using the notions of operation for every practices, every doing or process is buying into the technologically of the world. It's really interesting etymology and that operativity gets used in early psychology and philosophy to state what the mind is doing, later in cybernetics up to cognitive psychology today, the human is already understood within a technologic totality by using that concept/terminology is the claim. Brick's vocabulary in the last weeks is similar. Not without accident, since the notion of operativity branches out in many fields and sciences today. The author is a philosopher and also a mathematician.

Sadly no way to get it via sci-hub/libgen. The German version is available though and could maybe be translated with DeepL


>Consequently, where action becomes operation, we are dealing with a reduction. A reduction, a constriction, which already teleologically forms the action itself and puts it into the technical register in order to think it as function and syntax, i.e. as vectorial structure.

The text aims to critique that culture and the human is understood in the realm of the technological these days.

And from the end:
>our conclusion is that if one levels the concepts of praxis and operativity against each other, if one extends the metaphors of the operative in such a way that every act, every praxis, every action or activity and its performance falls under it, indeed that the real appears to be subsumable under it in its entirety, it [the real] has ultimately become technical and can only be reconstructed in the vocabulary of the technical. Then, with the totalization of the operative, our stay in the regimes of the technological as the only remaining cultural terrain is always already set. And since in this way the technical-mathematical is itself elevated to the rank of a universality, of an a priori, there is on the other hand no longer any criterion for opposing and resisting it with an Other, an alternative.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
No. 59621
My justification is a marxist one, leaning on historical materialism.
Being dictates consciousness, etc. Human behavior as a function of the environment. Or maybe that's more socratic, I dunno.
Of course, the notion of what constitutes the "material" or "technological" isn't free from ideology either, but I'd need to read more to build on that, so far I have nothing to go by.

Also, my idea is to completely divorce the material and worldly from the human, essentially to remove thy physical factor as much as possible, so that the ideal and conceptual can be explored unhindered. Essentially to address coercion through the implicit threat of physical damage, reducing humans the meat costume that their being is held hostage by.

Historically, those who could afford to maximize their intellectual potential were those whose flesh was maintained and serviced by others. I do not really distinguish between the human body and the rest of the environment, from technology to biology. I am just a mind moving through space, and my body simply happens to coincide with where my mind is. Or to put it more abstractly, the mind observes a torrent of information, and the physical location of our bodies is a function of the movements of that torrent. It's not that moving our bodies gives us access to different information, but that the impression space, and our bodies' position in it, are a product/mirror of changes in the information flow.

Or maybe I'm just trying to rationalize my schizoid PD.
No. 59622 Kontra
I was unloading all the garbage my hoarder father accumulated over the years, and spotted a bunch of homeless people digging in the dumpster, looking for metals.

I offered them to help me take take out the garbage, and any aluminium or copper they find is theirs. My father loved hoarding metals.
They agreed and saved me half a day.

Now who says the homeless don't want to do honest work?
No. 59624
You seem to forget that no pure human exists or can exist in a vacuum, and that by design we respond to environmental pressures and grow from it. That is why any society that becomes sufficiently rich and powerful enough soon descends into some kind of Slaaneshi decadent hellhole like ours has been sliding into.
>muh degeneracy
No it really is true at this point, and our power by technical stuff has only advanced how depraved we all are. I think that just the existence of pornhub is becoming really unhealthy for society at this point as just one minor example, or the overall shitheaded attitudes of everyone from left to right here. There is every deadly sin imaginable here and it's taken to its grossest excess. The thing is it isn't unique to us at all, except we just had the modern technology to do it with for once. Likely had Communism succeeded the USSR would be facing the same problem, and I have no doubt at all that the Chinese will shock the world with their depravities by the late 22nd century it's not like they aren't now cough cough.

Some amount of struggle is downright essential to the human being, and when it cannot find that it creates games and challenges for itself.

I have no idea why you didn't just turn a profit from it yourself if he was hoarding metals. If I had a pile of copper I'd sell it.
No. 59626
Tbh it's not worth the effort to haul all that shit to the nearby recycling center for 15 bucks. I just want to clean up this shithole ASAP and start renovating.

I believe that there should be publicly funded alternatives to private markets. If competition creates innovation, why not apply the same principle to public vs private industries? Let the different paradigms compete. The reputation is that private endeavors are slow, inefficient and plagued with bureaucracy, but if a private business can't compete with such an inferior form of organization, maybe it shouldn't exist. Now that's a free market.
It's like the way healthcare works here. You have the option to go to a public hospital, or a private clinic. Public hospitals will do fine for simple cases, and private clinics can be used if you're well off or have something specific. Everybody wins.
On the other hand, public healthcare is completely outdated, and limps along with knowledge from the 80s, while private healthcare is rife with exploitative bullshit remedies, like therapeutic massage and acupuncture. Everybody loses.
Perfect balance.

>What is more interesting is what do you feel to such people? And what do you think you should feel to them? Do you agree with my description of them as "dumb aggressive criminals"? Or you don't think so?
I believe that everyone is a product of their environment. Ignorance and crime are social problems that can be addressed. That's my whole point in this whole discussion. "Poor" and "homeless" aren't a category of being. They're social circumstances. There's less homelessness, poverty, and ignorance in europe. Why? There's two possibilities here. Either europe has better social programs, education, etc. Or that social programs do nothing, and russians are genetically inferior subhumans, and being plagued by alcoholic bydlo gopniks is their natural condition. Which one of these do you believe to be true?
Also, I don't know you or your life circumstances, but I find it funny when post-sovok people who are only slightly better off than poor bydlo start imagining themselves as middle class. Anyone would have been middle class in post-sovok has already migrated to wect. So you're either poor and in the same social class as the bydlo you feel superior to, or you're an oligarch, which I doubt.

>Therefore Brick's rant was more relevant to West.
Yeah, I was mainly thinking of wect. But I don't know why this is even a point of contention, or why it doesn't apply to any other capitalist country. Wect is the most relevant example of capitalism that every third world shithole strives to become like, so if one is to criticize capitalism, they're a legitimate target. Proponents of capitalism use wect as a positive example, why shouldn't I use it as a negative example?
>Russia is a place where rightwingers (in economical meaning of this word, not the "gas the jews" thing) don't exist in any significant numbers.
I don't see how these are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they usually go hand in hand. Conservative americans worship their billionaire monopolists, and see them as examples of their country's "core values". Russian vatniks worship Putin and oligarchs, and see them as extensions of their country's "core values". The way I see it, it's not that russia and post-sovok don't have right wingers, it's that there's so little dissent that being a right winger seems apolitical. Or the populace is generally too retarded to have political opinions, but still support the status quo, which means they support right wing government.

America and Russia operate essentially the same, socially and economically. The perceived ideological difference is just posturing and marketing.
No. 59629
14 kB, 480 × 360
> I believe that everyone is a product of their environment.
Yes, that's exactly what I wrote. We agree here.
But meanwhile in current environment, not hypothetical one they are what they are, and there is no need to have illusions about that.

> I don't see how these are mutually exclusive
I never said that these are mutually exclusive. I just said that in case with Russia we have only one of these.

> Russian vatniks worship Putin
> and oligarchs
No. They worship Putin because he "saved them from 90-s and oligarchs". They are also in big favour of Sovok.

> people who are only slightly better off than poor bydlo start imagining themselves as middle class
Czar said that 170 euro/month is middle class =DDDD:
Call it the way you want, I have no interest in jerking off to definitions of words. But I would argue that difference between getting 4000 euro and 700 euro is smaller than difference between getting 700 vs 300. Because first one is about comfortable life vs modest life. And second one is about modest life vs being braindead from malnutrition.
You may think about poor people "I'm one of them", but they don't think so. So don't tell them about your profession and your wage, they'll be envy and hate you.

> America and Russia operate essentially the same, socially and economically. The perceived ideological difference is just posturing and marketing.
So deep, so cynical, so rebellious. Yes, compared to Utopia everything in our sick sad world looks more or less the same. But then why do you call people who haven't yet fled from Rushka losers? which is true btw
Anyway, didn't you just say "My point was specifically aimed at modern vs pre-modern ideologies and narratives, nothing else"? This is called "trying to sit at two chairs simultaneously".
No. 59630
142 kB, 1125 × 1145
It's 9/11 anniversary today, so let's throw even more shit on a fan.

Do you believe in conspiracy theories about this event? I don't know much about it, but it's weird how steel beams melted, but ids of terrorists survived the explosion. Plus it's officially acknowledged that DoD had plan of false flag attacks to justify invasion on Cuba (Operation Northwoods), so this theory seems plausible.
No. 59632 Kontra
Well, with the new Taliban government being sworn in today exactly 20 years after the US military-industrial complex staged an attack on itself, I think it's not a beautifully formed circle of retardation that amuses me to no end.
No. 59633
No one called USA utopia, calm down and read carefully. All I said is that USA and Russia only look similar if you compare them to socialist utopia. Otherwise these are two pretty different countries.

> Russia is shit!
Nah, it's average. It may be shit compared to first world, but 1-st world in not all world.
Unlike you, I don't cope by thinking something like "people in Africa have same life, but just in more honest and bydlo way". I'm honest with myself enough to admit that I'm much more lucky than they are.
No. 59634 Kontra
Wait my reading comprehension may just be shit.
>maybe he meant hypothetical utopia
Probably majority of Americans believe they are hiding plenty from us at this point. I used to be very big on believing that kind of stuff and even gave props to Ahmadinejad for having the balls to say so while the Americans and Israelis walked out of the UN like a bunch of butthurt children. I don't think they understood how small and petty if not downright pathetic that made them look.

Anyway I think that it's plausible that taking out that much of the support structure while a jet fuel fire rages would be sufficient to cause structural collapse. Steel doesn't need to melt to weaken enough that dozens of stories of skyscraper can't be supported especially if you took out a large amount of supports. Also these people don't know what thermite is, which like everything else is their being retarded and unable to properly process information.
They're too stupid to understand just melting an airplane in a building in a huge explosion creates "traces of thermite."

Personally I think it's everything else about that day and those events that was fishy. For example it would not surprise me if CIA had MK'd operatives, or had someone give orders to people who have no clue their boss's boss is CIA, or that intelligence simply knew about it and allowed it to happen for example. For all the things people went full Dale Gribble about in the 90s, I think that was truly the singular moment which popularized and made mainstream conspiracy theories and set the path for eroding all trust in the establishment, whoever they may be. Nobody actually trusts the people in power here anymore. The only difference is the exact reason why you distrust them, or what specific policy agendas you're worried about. Doing PNAC, starting War of Terror, massive spying police state, and lying about Iraq all were things that ultimately turned that event into a symbol of our trust in our own officials being killed.

I think the more likely scenario is the mysterious white van was full of Mossad agents who knew what was going to happen and so did our intelligence agencies, and they buried it either because they had something to do with getting it pushed forward, or maybe more likely, they just realized this would be the perfect excuse to enact all their policy agendas.

They are lying to us to this very day and the press is basically forced to just regurgitate what retardation they are told. One recent example is calling that directed energy weapon crickets chirping too loudly. I have no idea how any reporter could bear writing that down, or why anyone thought we were all stupid enough to take that seriously, when if anything the fact they lied about Havanna Syndrome is infinitely more suspicious than the directed energy weapon themselves. It's not like microwave guns and such haven't been declassified or known about for decades anyway.
No. 59641
>But meanwhile in current environment, not hypothetical one they are what they are, and there is no need to have illusions about that.
But this entire discussion was about hypotheticals. The central premise being, "effective social programs can eliminate the phenomenon of dumb homeless bydlo". I have to ask why certain countries have less of the things you linked. Is it because of better social organization, or because russians are genetically inferior? I don't see any other possibilities.
>So deep, so cynical, so rebellious. Yes, compared to Utopia everything in our sick sad world looks more or less the same. But then why do you call people who haven't yet fled from Rushka losers? which is true btw
Maybe in the mind of a post sovok slave having decent social policies is "utopia", but it seems to me it's pretty achievable. Now this to me seems more fitting to the two chairs anecdote. "You can either sit on chair with dicks, or chair with shivs, no other possibility exists"
>But then why do you call people who haven't yet fled from Rushka losers? which is true btw
I don't get your point. There's no logical chain here. I guess your reasoning is "brick says west is shit, but anyone who stays on post sovok is loser, therefore wect is not shit, so brick is wrong". But you're the only one who's insistent on the wect vs eact dichotomy. It's not the moving to wect that makes them non-losers, it's being non-losers that makes them go to wect. Important distinction. Wealthy are wealthy everywhere. Poor are poor everywhere.
>You may think about poor people "I'm one of them", but they don't think so. So don't tell them about your profession and your wage, they'll be envy and hate you.
I don't care if they identify with me on an ideological or identarian level. In fact, I don't even have to interact with them to be in the same social class with them. To me, class division is purely economic: either I have surplus assets I can use to become a business owner, or I can't.
>Anyway, didn't you just say "My point was specifically aimed at modern vs pre-modern ideologies and narratives, nothing else"?
Yes, the part about current narratives and ideologies. The point being that there's not even any kind of religious or ideological justification for the hierarchy. It's all brazenly transparent.

What's remarkable is that this discussion has been going on for a week and I still don't know what your ultimate point is. I think you're shadowboxing with imaginary opponents. I am talking about broadly capitalism, you are trying to turn this into a wect vs eact discussion. I don't see a categorical distinction. It's all part of the same globohomo economy.
But I guess you're trying to defend capitalism by pointing at wect as example and eact as counterexample, but they're both capitalist. So, logically, it's not just capitalism that makes wect better. Unless you're saying that their capitalism is better than our capitalism.
My perspective is the exact opposite, actually. I think wect is better off because they still have a legacy of pre-capitalist culture and sensibilities that hold back capitalism from reaching 100%. The reason post-sovok and china are shit despite also being capitalist, is that in those countries, everything pre-capitalist was completely destroyed, so there's nothing stopping those countries from becoming oligopolic monopolistic shithoels with extreme social stratification.
There's no middle class here because middle class is impossible in capitalism. Either you own, or you don't. In the wect, middle class exists because it is subsidized.
No. 59662 Kontra
146 kB, 949 × 1112
My father insists I try vedic-medicine for my ailments. I didn't want to shut him down because I didn't want to argue with him even though he kept saying these meme alternative medicine buzzwords like "Human-centric medicine" and "natural herbs".

I'm a big Sinophole, but even I confess that I hold the opinion that traditional Chinese medicine as a system of medicine is fucking retarded.
There's a reason why western medicine allows us to live until 70 (now whether or not it's worth living to that point is a question that's an entirely different discussion) and Indians smear cow shit on each other and the Chinese drink elixirs made from Tiger-claw powder to increase their dick length and died at 30.
Homeopathy is retarded too.
Of course these alternative-treatment methods are all fine and dandy when you're just recommending it to someone else and not using it yourself. At best it just prolongs the suffering, at worst, it actively contributes to it.

Western medicine is far from all-curing and perfect, but I much prefer actually getting a single pill that works and actually allows me to live normally and painlessly instead of some retarded herbal compound that costs n^2 currency and does fuckall besides contributing to my parents' sense of "we did something and it's all natural so it's le good".
I don't want them to delude themselves. Or rather, I don't want them to spend money to delude themselves.

My mother went trough this alternative-medicine rush like 5-6 years ago when I first got sick, and it did fuck all even then and I wish I could go back and prevent her from spending all that money on weird wavelength therapies and juices out of desperation/bettering her conscience.
Of course when I told her this I was reprimanded that "I should be open-minded and have a little faith" and that western meds have side-effects.
Yes, but even a side-effect is a FUCKING EFFECT at least instead of NOTHING at DOUBLE THE PRICE.

Anyway, I'm feeling so fucking good again. Things have colour. Things are just good right now. Just simply good and make sense. Everything seems achievable.
No. 59663 Kontra
Also I had too much caffeine and I can't concentrate and just keep talking and talking.
No. 59664
>natural herbs
As opposed to synthetic herbs, huh? :--DDDDDDDDDDD

That said, people usually conflate "natural medicine" and "shaman mumbo jumbo".
I mean, acetylsalicylic acid is also a natural compound that can be found in tropical plants the shaman gives you to chew or puts on your bruise. Artemisinin is an anti-malaria agent found in a species of wormwood (that is also part of TCM).
There are in fact people who go into the jungle to pirate new drugs from native tribes. Not too long ago there was actually a tribe that won a lawsuit against some pharma company because they stole their drug or something.
So if a shaman gives you some deadly nightshade extract for your heart it's not because of his magic chants that it helps, but because of the atropin found in the plant.

That said, homeopathy is 100% bullshit and if you read up on its history it becomes even dumber.
No. 59665 Kontra
Obviously I'm aware that plants have useful chemicals in them, like how we used poppy-seeds since the time of Homer to create tea that helps with pain or sleeplessness and only later we realised that we can purify it to make heroin out of it.
There's a difference between using herbs to relieve some symptoms from a cold at home or a scientist in a lab synthesising the chem from a plant to make a more effective medicine and some shaman from the other side of the world diagnosing three illnesses causing a fourth based on a single photo.
I use herbs sometimes (like valerian for anxiety), they work some of the time, but even then I use them in situations where their possible ineffectivity is not of much concern.
Generally speaking I immensely dislike prolonging my own physical suffering, and I know you can't cure a condition that stems from genetic by drinking some meme tea cooked up by some Indian guru.

Anyway, I just wanted to went. Don't even think there's really a point to this beyond me being frustrated over this for some reason. I shouldn't be frustrated about it since it's not like I'm (or ever were) denied normal treatments in favour of quackery.
No. 59668
Speaking of IQ stuff, I today I did an online quiz, on the norwegian Mensa site.

It was actually pretty fun, all shapes and patterns, no language stuff and such.
I was actually a bit embarrassed it took me so long to notice the "subtraction" pattern in some of them, though there were like 5 out of 35 questions where I wasn't even able to figure out the pattern, especially on the very last one. At least I could reach that before time was up.
I got 125.
Now the thing is, we all know these online tests are not very precise yadda yadda. BUT the implications here are that if the test is not precise and I am dumber than that, I should be happy that I made it to a PhD level education with just an average intellect, yet I still feel like a loser - and dumber than just five years before.
If that test is precise, however, and I have indeed something over 120, it would mean that not only am I a loser despite having a good start, intellect-wise, but also that as a kid I was probably actually gifted, but I have been drinking a lot of alcohol over the past almost 20 years, so who knows what kind of bigbrain stuff I could be pulling right now had I just not killed half of my brain cells over the years.
I really wish I were smarter. I know I wouldn't be happier, but I am not happy right now, so nothing would change in that regard, however, maybe I didn't have this kind of pressure inside of my skull that feels like I had a wet sponge sitting on top of my brain and instead of water it's filled with crude oil, seeping through all the convolutions, preventing me from actually thinking productive thoughts.

And the worst thing is I don't even have anything to drink at home so I could dull these thoughts.
No. 59672
956 kB, 1600 × 900
This post itself is actually an adequate description as to why herbalism sucks and why it will always be utterly inferior to modern medicine, because you can drink poppy tea with all the other crap in it for super weak painkilling effects, or you can produce morphine and use it for fucking limb amputations.

It's basically the equivalent to taking issue with modern chemical companies like Dow to back to alchemy just because you're butthurt at them. No, stupid, alchemy does not fucking work right as a science. That was some coming out of the dark ages, zombie survival horror after civilization collapses type of shit where you just throw things together you found on the ground and hope for the best. Herbal remedies was the same shit, because we didn't know why it worked or if it did, but it's literally all we had. I'm not going to smear a jar of honey on a massive laceration cutting through fatty tissues because "durr hurr it's natural and bees are from mother nature" or some stupid shit when I can have something that actually works like antibiotics and other antiseptics. I am especially never going to trust a single damn thing like it now because it's blatantly a for profit industry that could be selling you potting soil for all you know.

"But ernst, surely it's better than potting soil" you may ask and no, I once cut a gas station "energy capsule" open because it didn't work and it was literally fucking potting soil. Even if it wasn't, they're basically selling you micrograms of something that if it had any effect you should be taking in the hundreds of milligrams. It is for profit snake oil, like that absolute retard who is putting dirt in bottled water and selling it for $70 each here. All any of that is is a life tax on being stupid. Being stupid will cost you wildly more money for unbelievably inferior value because you do not know any better. Being in a society where you should know better there is no excuse. We had to suffer and drag ourselves through the disease infested mud for thousands of years and paying for it in the blood of hundreds of millions to get here, and some born peasant is so not just stupid but also blatantly disrepectful to that memory they become one of these retards too stupid to understand the health of the entire system is lifting their stupid asses from disaster their whole lives.

This is true from what I've seen across the political spectrum and sometimes class weirdly enough and it is an incurable condition. It makes me think of royal elites picking on someone for being poorly bred, and actually being correct. Some dumb celebrity will be basically a slum lottery winner in terms of their low IQ approach to medicine, and being hordes of these dumb peasants down not with themselves because when their retarded alleged treatment inevitably fails they'll just use their millions of dollars to bail out with medicine.

I absolutely agree with the Hungarian. Frankly I personally view our modern medical establishment with this kind of disdain where I see myself relying on these dumb barbarian savages, but I am presently trapped here in this timeline with these trained apes and that is still light years ahead of these dumb untrained apes offering me crushed herbs or trepanation to treat my potentially fatal or debilitating disease. It is not perfect, neither the science, nor treatments, nor system to uphold and administer, but these kinds of people relying on garbage like crushed rhino horns are being born peasants choosing to have all their teeth fall out and die at age 30 with a wife that died in childbirth after 4 births that didn't make it to age 2 because they are born peasants, and even that is not nearly so bad because at least in China they cannot help being uncultured bydlo peasant savages. The worst are bougie Westerners whose forefathers' mistakes were paid in blood over millennia and actually had been finally uplifted from the mud.

Clearly I look down on those people, the snake peddlers turning a crooked profit, and romanticism in general. There is absolutely nothing fucking romantic about the unending shitshow nightmare we struggled to come from that was peasant yurop. It is the one thing I respect about the CCP and Soviets which is when they wanted to smash these stupid peasant superstitions with an ironhand and drag them to modernity bu force if necessary. The primal fear of a zombie apocalypse is because that is what life often felt and looked like more or less at one time in our thankfully now distant past, and these idiots have it so good they want to romanticize it and go back there purely because they are butthurt retards at the companies themselves and the corruption inherent in our flawed system, which is like wanting to cut your limbs off because the mild arthritis annoys you.
No. 59674 Kontra
In fact you know what, since we cannot deport these people directly into Project Zomboid I have an idea. We should build generation ships and shoot them at distant stars where they can lead their anarcho primitivist, mud dwelling, herb gathering, rhino horn snorting lifestyles in peace away from us. We should round them all up and deport them to establishing distant colonies. It's a win win scenario.

The only things worth saving are maybe traditions like Sunday church and shomer Shabbos. I did not just watch hundreds of millions of my ancestors die face down in the muck so this fucking strumpet can drag us all back there with them. This is not fucking medieval France, there are rules!
No. 59676 Kontra
I can't sleep, but I also can't concentrate.
I'm going to fuck up the first test of the semester.
No. 59678 Kontra
2bh you shouldn't worry about "squandering being a gifted kid".
You went to university, you got the degree.
Even the übergenius kids who skip classes and go to university while 14 eventually peak. Their development might have been very early and exponential to a point, but then they just reach the end of their natural development by the time their body finishes growing in their early 20s and they'll be "just" smart people. The curiosity of being "the gifted kid" wears off.
You wouldn't be doing big brain stuff most likely. Just like how I was "le gifted problem child" too and I'm not doing anything amazing.
(Not that you have much choice with the current mass-education system that focuses on giving accepting brainlet retards for courses they have no business of attending to syphon public money and to give out degrees in street sweeping, making the paper worthless and the level of education oftentimes laughable.)

Most IQ-tards are cynical assholes who think anyone who doesn't take IQ seriously is coping about being le dumb.
I had mine checked once because I was mandated to, and it came out at a comfortable 140, and I doubt it'd have netted me any serious benefits without my curiosity and most importantly memory.
No. 59681
Woke up lucid and FUCKING ANGRY.
More than a week lost rolling in my own shit because my brain decided to pull a teenager and become depressed for no reason. Now I have a shitload of work to catch up on, when I could've spent that time on hobbies if I were normal. I should neck myself and end this farce.
To continue the IQ discussion, here's an interesting read:
There was a study that claimed group performance was not correlated with average intelligence or the intelligence of average members, but with group sociability (?), letting everyone speak in turns (??), and the number of women in the group (???).
Before it could even be peer reviewed or reproduced, media outlets latched on to it, and you can guess what kind of narrative they went with.

Well, here's an attempt at replication with completely opposite results, and the study seems to be better conducted as well. And the funny thing is, this study confirms EXACTLY what everyone already intuitively knows. No amount of sociability or letting everyone speak will make the dumb people in your group productive, if they're too stupid to understand the problem, let alone to come up with a solution. A group is as productive as its most intelligent member. Anyone who ever did a group project in high school knows this.

Another conclusion is a fact that everyone knows deep down but doesn't want to admit is that IQ is not cumulative. As in, a thousand codemonkeys will never be able to do the same things that a single Carmack or Torvalds can. There's some uncomfortable implications here.
No. 59682
I think that it depends on what that sociability and allowing vocalisation is doing that is more important than it being there in itself is. As in, a group of dipshits who are led by a big brain, and through asking and receiving questions can get them to do specific tasks, whether they understand all the finer points or not is actually a perfectly viable mode of organisation, which doesn't function without that group facilitation to enable everyone to get what it is they got to do. Probably not the point that they wanted to make neither, but an interesting tangent.
t. one of them dipshits
No. 59684
Someone said that if one acknowledges themselves to be a dipshit, paradoxically, that in itself puts them above the dipshit threshold :-DDDD.

I have a masochistic tendency to persevere through even lost cause arguments, so I claim to have a better understanding of what a real dipshit is like. I find that average and above average intelligence people can not even begin to imagine how stupid someone can be, and how wide the range of human cognitive ability is.

Think about it like this. Western police and military have qualification tests, some of which include intellectual ability. Now think about how low the cognitive workload of police/military grunt work is, and imagine what the people who don't qualify must be like.
No. 59686
Link to the original paper is broken. It's also funny that a chink wrote that, kinda reinforces the stereotype.
It also reinforces my prejudices (actually, it's not prejudice but experience) with any kind of psycho/social "science", which is shitty methodology. I replicated my own experiment hundreds of times and anyone adhering to my protocol can do the same. I've said it before and will say it again - before we aren't able to keep conditions identical and only change single parameters in these experiments, I won't take them seriously.
I mean, is the second experiment now the "real" one because it confirms my bias? Or did THEY make a mistake? Without directly comparing both studies I can't tell for sure. Of course I tend to believe the latter one, but still.
No. 59695
Fuck, I hate Belarusian healthcare. I only cross my path with it for a few days once every two years during compulsory check-ups required by my workplace, but even in these few days it manages to piss me off to no extent. First, you gotta pass the check-up of several specialist doctors. Seems fine, but there's quite a lot of them, and they only do these check-ups for a couple of hours (and the surgeon only does it for one hour) and not even every day. But okay, if you don't die of boredom in a huge line to the ophthalmologist, it's quite manageable. Then they send you to the psychiatric clinic at the other side of town to get a certificate that you are not in fact a psycho or a junkie. It's twenty first fucking century, and I still have to go for a piece of paper with a stamp on it that proves that I am not in fact a psychopatic murderer on crack, despite that one could get the same info in several seconds with a digital database check. And they actually simplified this shit: it used to be that you had to actually wait for a psychiatrist to sign and stamp your certificate, just like with all the other specialist doctors, but now you get the same certificate at the receptionist nurse. After that you have somehow to get to the physiotherapist. This is a non-trivial task, because the closest appointment is in two weeks, and getting there without an appointment is impossible (for people without connections, that is; I don't think that she will tell to fuck off to some of her buddies or the buddies of her boss like she told me). But the funniest thing about physiotherapist is that her check-up is completely pointless: she will just listen me with a stethoscope pretending that she actually gives a shit about any of that, write down in my certificate something along the lines of "this dude's super healthy and fit for inhaling asbestos for two years more" and that's it. After that you still go to a chief check-up doctor, and she still does everything that a physiotherapist did plus measure your pulse and blood pressure. And after all that, the check-up is still as pointless as the physiotherapist's existence: most of the interactions with specialists goes like, "You feel alright?" — "Yep." — "OK then.", then you get your stamp and get outta there. There's no way in hell that they would be able to make a proper diagnosis during that check-up even if you do have something.

So yeah, if one gets ill, it's probably better to just lay and die than to go to Belarusian doctors. Result will be the same, but without all the hassle.
No. 59699
1,1 MB, 3826 × 2603
Had my first workshop meeting today.
It was pretty formal. I was assigned to the Chinese cabinet within the workshop surprisingly. My next task is to write a letter to the cabinet leader and start working as part of a seminar for the semester. Free choice.
It's going to be very cool unless she's a cunt who's "important" but hard to work with. She wrote a pretty cool book on the history of translating classical Chinese poetry into Hungarian. It's a big deal for me.

Yesterday I spent way too much time procrastinating and too little time studying (of course this procrastination meant that I spent time 3rd year lectures on 21st century China). Don't know how the test will turn out.
Didn't sleep well or much either. Don't know if it's the coffee I had.
I was kinda depressed throughout the whole day, despite having a hearty lunch before leaving for class. Think about it, a home-cooked meal before class. What a luxury most college students would kill for!

Gonna have Latin class tomorrow. You know, I'm "forced" to learn Latin for a year, but ultimately, it's like a BDSM situation. I'm kinda into being forced to learn some Latin, you know what I'm saying.
I think Yes, Minister and Chinese literature in general made me develop a very unhealthy obsession with the ideal of a culture-bureaucrat who can basically bend reality using big words.

Stilly trying to get out of the vedic-medicine project.
I actually got daring and told my father and the medicinewoman that it's genetic and there's nothing that can be done, they insisted on telling me "I fell for Western medical lies".
Is this what it's like for other people when I say the CIA did something?
Gotta tell you, instead of annoyed, I feel outright fucking insulted now. Flat out lying to my face, thinking I'm stupid. I'm not an idiot. Your attempt to peddle me "false hopes" is the gravest of insult when I'm completely aware of my situation.
No. 59703
227 kB, 1786 × 3000
My ex had been tested when she was younger with something in the 130s. I often had the impression she is faster with understanding certain things, she was also very good with languages, but that is it. Dunno, I have good grades and think about a Phd, never had a test and I'm not planning on joining the metrics game. It's not like all scientists are geniuses, Phds are given out to thousands of people and most of them are unknown to you and will never be famous and there will never be documentaries about them being le gifted kid grappling with higher mathematics while in elementary school. Having a high IQ does not prevent you from making stupid choices, giving dumb answers, making bad arguments, or behaving like an ass.

Feeling quite good today, it has been an eventful and pleasureful day.
No. 59705
I don't think I know anybody who was ever tested, but I have a friend who was (is) definitely at >130.
But what you said reminded me of my ex.
She was by far not as smart as she considered herself, but since she had been talking 24/7 almost her whole life, she usually won discussions because I was just getting out of my Ernstdom (of which acquiring gf was a big step already) and averaged at like ten words and some grunts if I didn't HAVE to speak. I am still not particularly witty, even a decade later, even though I definitely am smarter than her. Such cases.
No. 59707
4,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
8,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
8,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
Spotted this ernst leaf in the wild. An old American Airlines poster hanging in an antique shop. The place had a lot of interesting stuff: old newspapers, maps and magazines, a propeller from a WW1 era bi-plane(price tag $2k), a dip pen apparently made from alligator bone, beautiful furniture. My fav piece was this statue outside a different shop. It's the perfect blend of holy and terrifying.
No. 59708
woah USA go. The bishop statue is impressive because it is very strange. I thought "perhaps it had eyes" but then I thought "well it does not help either"

American Pickers.jpg
No. 59712
Father's been gone for a week now, and we're all so used to him occupying the living room all by himself, that we habitually don't go there lel.
No. 59721
Very cool poster, how much were they selling it for?
No. 59730
4,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
>I don't think I know anybody who was ever tested
I was only tested in the third grade, but it was a situation where they don't tell the child his IQ. So I don't know what mine
was, but the results landed me in the school's gifted program. Got to leave class for a couple hours a week and do random brain puzzles and sh*t with the other half-pint potential egg-heads.

>"perhaps it had eyes" but then I thought "well it does not help either"

Had an uncle move himself in with us when I was about 15-16. He started by sleeping in the yard, then just basically never left. Was on the living room loveseat 18 hours a day, most of them asleep, leaving for cigarette breaks and to go to bars. My mother finally tossed him out(he was her younger brother)but it was a really weird month or so with him just there, and that room being off-limits most of the time. Can't imagine what it must be like for a situation like that to drag on for years.

Maybe you should call in a shaman to cleanse the room, cast out the oppressive spirit :DD

Only $9. I don't see a decimal, but it's definitely not $900. While there were high-end items, a lot of the stuff was surprisingly cheap. Popular Mechanics issues from the 1940's for $2. That alligator pen was $35.
No. 59731
Dogg, I'd totally buy it for $9.
Need to buy some posters at some point, decorate my new room with various ec tier things.
No. 59738
217 kB, 480 × 721
>Go to translation theory class
>It's all just "did you know that translating language games is very hard?" for one and a half hours
I really hope it picks up because I know this shit.
Quite literally wanted to stab the retard sitting in front of me. Dumb cretin with his fancy laptop googling meaningless shit and then looking up movies.
Like how the fuck do you not know who Derrida or Deleuze is, especially as a fucking filmtard who keeps browsing the BFI's website for lists during the lecture?
Manbunned fuckwit.

The vedic-medicine saga ended yesterday. Stood up and told my father that it's pointless because I don't believe in it and he shouldn't either.
That last part was a huge mistake. He got very mad and told me that "I shouldn't ever tell him what he should or should not believe in".
Basically three quarters of the family is butthurt on some level now thanks to the whole ordeal.

Took the dog to the vet. It has cancer.
I expected my mother to ask for it to be put down, but strangely enough she said we're going to get the dog fixed.
I'm sad.
No. 59745
I am sorry for your dog. If you do decide to have him put down, remember to stay with him until it's over.

That said, good for telling your dad off. I lol'd a bit because I can so quite well picture it. In German the homeopathy people have this saying "there is more between heaven an earth than we know", or "who heals is in the right". Isn't the first one from some Shakespeare drama even?

Anyhow, also had a laff at the manbun. I can so perfectly picture it.
No. 59748 Kontra
No need to be sorry yet. She'll get the surgery and will get better.
Though I'm disgusted a bit over myself. Giving a dog surgery seems like such a luxurious thing that's ultimately only done because of emotional weakness and attachment. It's a waste of resources in a sense, but it'd also be very bad to go through losing the dog emotionally, so I don't know.
No. 59752
548 kB, 512 × 512
Have a friend that used to browse the internet while in seminars. I really don't like it, as it distracts me from listening. Ofc a seminar is not always interesting, but I don't like it when people give in to their impulse and do something different with a technological device. It's one thing to look at the clock on your phone, or write an important instant message but another to constantly pick it up for 15-120 seconds. Same for browsing on a laptop. Ofc I not always spent attention to what is said or discussed myself, but I think it is unfriendly to engage with a technological device instead and everyone can see you do not care.
No. 59754
I fucking hate retarded problems like this. All of a sudden my LED control went out. It's acting like a poor connector which happened once before but after a thorough checking of everything realized it's not the fans themselves, neither is it the 3 pin hub, nor any type of cabling or physical problems so I think ok fuck that's right it is under insurance but that doesn't help if the entire fucking board needs a replace. That is potentially weeks of no PC for something stupid. I uninstalled PolySync which had routinely given me problems before, even had an issue deleting a .sys file so I fresh install and think okay. Check more and then I finally realize the rear LEDs in the board are also out of whack so at least I finally after hours dicking around with this recognized it probably is some kind of a software problem. Which leaves me another conundrum. How the fuck am I supposed to fix the software issue now, and is there some kind of registry item or deeper system issue to solve in fixing it. BIOS ARGB settings also on.

Fucking hours on stupid blinking lights. And yet this stupid thing made me so happy through bulk of the pandemic that I need to fix it. I even have a controller box separate from the 5v header but it's got 6 ports which is less than the amount of shit I'd have to plug in and plus that is SATA not molex creating an additional pain in the ass if I can't fix it tonight.

Fucks sake. Maybe I should just get dressed to go out and get some coffee I didn't even remember to do that today and now there's no coffee or creamer.
No. 59756 Kontra
Well that certainly didn't work. So now the zone behind the board is seemingly fucked, which is just the same weird flickering static multicolor pattern as the fans and other things had. I had this happen once before and thought I fixed it by fucking with connectors. Well apparently not only that didn't fix it but after screwing around with one of those independent box thingies with a remote control and then tried plugging everything back together the way it was before I thought I heard popping sounds. Turned it off, back on, changed a few things. Tried plugging molex peripheral cable in again. I swore I saw the spark and definitely heard a popping sound then powered it off and went to the supermarket.

Why do I always have to forget never to say publicly the things you love or bring you happiness, to never tempt fate and to hide your joys from God. I felt a strong sense not to say anything about my system lately and now seemingly two things are fucked.

My best guess is one issue is the six fans are split into two groups of three running off three way PWM splitters to the board, which the one fan I swore I saw it pop had spinning problems again. I had this same exact fan have issues before where it wasn't spinning properly and am convinced it had or has developed some electrical problem, and if it was from there that confirms it. I realized I think that's the fan that has 4 not 3 wires on the splitter, some kind of master maybe. I can't recall if I had these problems when alle ran into two separate hubs, one for PWM the other for 5v ARGB, powered by molex, and I changed that because cheap chink shit had a 2 wire to motherboard thus like all deceiving chink shit was not a PWM hub by definition and I got tired of the low air flow and inability to control it or have it ramp up and down or set any curves or even put it on full blast.

Now it is just fucked and partly in pieces off in my room. I can't figure out wtf the problem is and if somehow something shorted and then proceeded to short my 3pin on motherboard and fuck the backboard LEDs or what or if that's just PolyChrome Sync being unbelievably broken as usual. The whole sparking sound smelling ozone thing means I'm just leaving it off for now because it's late and I don't want to dick with it. My original suspicion was the one fan fucked but now I wonder if the entire problem is three fans pulling too much power from one fan header, though for the life of me can't figuee out why that would mess with the LEDs on a separate circuit. And see the thing is here, they worked perfectly fine off of a separate fan controller hub powered by SATA that didn't plug to the board. Nothing was broken. All the LEDs work fine. I can theoretically use that but it's pissing me off and still needing creative wirinf because it only has 6x3pin ports, and I have a total of 9 things I need powered. Maybe I could daisy chain the one but I'm pretty sure that still leaves one thing out.

I don't even know how this happened. PolyChrome gave me yet another error as usual but I kept killing it and starting the task again trying to get into the program to fiddle with something in the LED settings. It's been fucked since. Then the board had issues so I know it's not just a cable or header problem and it isn't the fans but that still doesn't explain wtf that popping sound was and what caused it, or why that one front fan gets really weirdly flaky and slows to barely moving sometimes which indicates to me a clear power failure but again that is on the 12v line to PWM not the 5v ARGB. I mean fuck. Ffs this is such a minor petty problem that's rapidly snowballed into me just leaving the system unplugged for now. I'm probably going to have to spend all late afternoon tomorrow fucking with it now and deciding whether to just hook it up to the hub controller instead and hope for the best, that in addition to other problems it was after plugging stuff into then unplugging from that which I had to use a SATA extension cable in order to do. Maybe I can just find a spot inside my front case to leave this mess and leave a fan or something lighting off, but again it doesn't resolve this problem of some kind of short or surge. I suppose I can also always blame my new power supply, because I think SuperFlower is high priced cheap Chinese garbage. It felt weirdly lightweight and they didn't even bother fully sleeving the cables which is a weird cost corner to cut, but it worked fine so far.

I can't figure out what to do. I spent all this time trying to work my way down to diagnosing the problem and now I have at least two different ones that could easily be unrelated. Wtf was causing that popping sound. Why the fuck did I have to talk publicly about something that gave ke joy at the time
No. 59772
98 kB, 600 × 600
Talking seriously about my musical tastes with someone IRL has left in a state of serious physical panic for some reason. I never seriously talk about my musical tastes. It my be linked to my way of looking at my own culture. In my theater group, people seem to enjoy talking about and sharing their culture. They seem comfortable with what they have. I am not comfortable with what I have and I think I feel like I am in competition with other people.
No. 59773
You're lucky to have someone IRL to talk about music.
To date I have never encountered a kazakh who is aware of the concept of an "album". Their entire idea of music is music videos on TV and scrobbled playlists on social media.
No. 59776
576 kB, 512 × 512
While I enjoy a range of electronic music for more than 10 years now with playlists that encompass perhaps 2500-3000 handpicked tracks and even produced it myself as an autodidact with presentable results, I really don't like talking about it more deeply, as I think it's exhausting and comes down to taste too fast. I know some technical details and name elements of a track and describe sounds and their color ok. I still enjoy synths on their own and what is possible. I still own a few hardware synths but rarely use them and only for moment usually I still marvel over the TR 909 as the classic drum machine for instance. Maybe I'm traumatized because when I did music myself, I talked a lot about it, nowadays I'm not so much interested in talking about more than 10min.
No. 59794
124 kB, 500 × 379
Just out of interest: Did you really talk about the MUSIC or about the PRODUCTION of music?

Because all people I know who make electronic music never actually talk about the music, but only about equipment, technology and such and then show you some REALLY COOL beat they made.
No. 59799
I'm trying to be neither sad nor depressed now, nor hostile. This was the wrong time for things to fuck up. Maybe the right, in the cosmic scheme of things. I can already feel the hostility filling in me like a cointoss about brutally depressed despair and take out my frustration on somebody on the internet.

Sometimes I just post here hoping someone chimes in with an idea or potential solution to a problem though it rarely goes that way. At least once in awhile there's interesting new topics here.

Things are definitely totally fucked. Depending on damages I'm looking at maybe hundreds of dollars to be happy again, which is a strange thing to say and it is definitely true. Money doesn't buy fulfillment but it does buy happiness.
No. 59800
Paywalling your own happiness behind a several thousand dollars gayman PC seems terribly unwise.
t. has his paywalled behind a roughly $150 setup
No. 59803
It's fine if you can afford it. It's not fine when it happens at the exact moment you become on a shoestring budget. This was one of the worst times it could happen.

I can't figure out what the problem is and haven't even checked yet if any drives are damaged. I do know it works fine, it's just I stupidly shared the one personal thing about me which is the happiness I had not just using it but sitting there looking at it. It's a superficial thing, but still. It's so much worse a problem because those two drives would cost me $240 to replace. The board is $300 if it's a header problem. That also would leave me out the PC until it got replaced, which funnily enough I at least have the board insured.

I at this point suspect the fans are totally fucked. I have no idea why one and only one zone got fucked on the board. Part of me is naively hoping it fixes itself by discharging extra electricity somehow but I know deep down inside that all the things plugged to that 5v hub are likely permanently broken. It's made it impossible to diagnose the problem because one fan definitely was broken with a loose wire but there's no reason that should cause these different problems leading me to believe it is now multiple issues.

I mean I could put it on my credit card but I've been trying real hard to pay off and avoid any CC debt. I will just have to hope and pray it's like one of the last times something I love got ruined and that God was looking out for me from the greater picture perspective.

I'll have to wait for this storm to pass. No interest chancing a lightning strike now while I'm working on it when I thought I would. Once the weather clears up I'll screw around more but I'm really starting to want to blame my noticeably chink-weight PSU. Superflower is good they said. The thing weighs half as much as an EVGA, missing cable sleeves on all peripheral, has shitty SATA connectors at that which my EVGA didn't have, and even what they did sleeve only covers half the cabling anyway. I thought the weight and them cutting the couple of cents corner on sleeving the cables more than midway was a terrible sign, and possibly it is. It could be the 5v hub had a problem in conjunction with the software problem and the loose 12v fan power wire, but I think it just took out the LEDs on all 6 of my fans, one of which needs to be resoldered into the plug if I ever want to use it again.

The real worry is if the shitty superflower had a surge from PSU through molex and through the pins and caused permanent physical damage to everything, especially if that electrical circuit is shared by onboard MB lights. The hope is that I can get at least SSD and other LEDs to work again somehow. Of course if this was a 5v rail issue that could be an even bigger problem for peripherals and future damage from PSU. If something shorted idk how the fuck that happened where all fans but one still spin fine. The other is sharing 3 fans to one header with a splitter for fan power and if the problem was there but again it makes no sense how that would crossover to an
Oh. Unless if was a problem in the fan itself I thought I saw spark from some crossed wire or short inside the fan between the 5v LED and 12v motor circuits. I could see that killing everything as I did have issues with that fan spinning properly before. This still doesn't explain why I lost a mobo LED zone though, and why it only affected the one.

Ffs this only happened because I was trying to change the light colors
No. 59806
>Ffs this only happened because I was trying to change the light colors
Perhaps God punishes you not for your celebration of joy but for this performance in bourgeois decadence.
No. 59808
I just realised that these extra evening language classes at the workshop mean that I'll be walking home in the cold darkness during winter.
I think I did well during my first German class of the semester, especially considering I haven't really used the language for like three years now.
Wonder how cold it'll get this winter. I'll probably need to get a new pair of boots sine the old pair is falling apart.
Maybe le dark academia black boots?

I'm happy things are going well. This is how things should be.
Having a 1-2 hour break between a few classes is ideal for reading and studying.
Though it's a bit irksome I have to travel around the city so much. It makes the place have a weird feeling. Like, the tram, the squares, they all become remarkably unremarkable once you go through them 6 times a day because you go home, you go to university, you go to the doctor's, you pick up books and your route loops back into itself weirdly.
Is this life?
I'm definitely feeling more alive.
No. 59809
This sort of urbanite lifestyle seems appealing. As far as I understand it, Budapest is nice a looking place.
No. 59819
19 kB, 568 × 346
Well I do aspire to such state of bourgeois

> There’s an epicerie downtown I frequent. Well, frequented. I don’t think I’ll be back there again. Ever since I moved here, I’ve gone there for lunch, picked up an orangina and a croque monsieur, and ate it at the counter. The owner’s a real epicure, one of those hardcore French gourmet. Listen, Sandy, I know you wouldn’t have asked unless you were interested, but this isn’t really in your usual line, and Monsieur Boyer is a friend of mine. Don’t go telling anyone this shit.

>Anyways, a couple weeks ago he smiles at me when I come in and tells me he’s got something special and he wants to share it with me. He says he’s got a couple ortolan smuggled in from a farm up north that raises the damn things in secret. An ortolan is like a finch or a bunting. But what the French do to them is just sick.

>They keep them in the dark and force feed them oats and millet. Once they’re fucking huge, they drown them in column-still brandy and leave them there until they cook them whole. You put it in your mouth until only the beak is out and then you bite down and eat it whole. Eyes, organs, all of it. The bones splinter and slash your gums and tongue, but that’s part of it. It adds this salty, coppery taste.

>Monsieur Boyer put my head under the tablecloth before he served me. He says it’s how you do it, so you can hide from god. I couldn’t see anything, all I could do what feel him push it into my mouth, taste it, and chew.

>The next morning, I coughed up what looks like a human eye. Monsieur Boyer was gone and nobody has seen him since. Jesus Sandy, What the fuck did I eat?
But of course it is rather difficult to hide your smile from God when it lights up like a Christmas tree

Seriously though, this is exactly why I always hide my smile from God and seldom reveal anything, because I defacto presume either it will be used by others as leverage against me, or God will become jealous and spiteful. I was trying really hard earlier today not to go on a rampage for several posts about how He is nothing but a petty vindictive tyrant. I am not even asking for much. I'm not even asking for a Mercedes and a couple million dollar house. I just wanted one nice looking gaming PC to look at and make me happy, and maybe if I can't have that I'll find a way to go on a spiteful vindictive rampage across this planet until I have smashed it into a shape of my likingyeah how bout that how about I act like you no. Rant baleeted

I'm going to choose to believe this has some obtuse greater purpose and just deal with the fact a lot of stuff is broken right now. It is at least still functional, even if it feels like the Almighty saw a prettier woman and slashed his face open to leave ugly scars out of spite.
No. 59833
86 kB, 1024 × 821
Reading brick in the attention threda I was thinking about a thread on public transport. I use it a lot as I don't have a car (a license though and I also did drive cars at workplaces and my parents car eventually). Often think about political activity and maybe a rail offensive would be a nice thing ta take place in. Well, I'm day dreaming but engaging myself in infrastructure and politics on the side sounds nice. I just stumbled across a civil engineer on Tiktok who makes toks on city infrastructure. Quite fascinating.
No. 59844 Kontra
360 kB, 1000 × 1612
Read an old today thread as I was looking for a situation that stalked my mind back then and which took a funny turn lately. While doing so I encountered old posts where I was whining about not getting shit together regarding my BA thesis. Since I've been successful with that yet having the same thought over a small essay today, that one will probably turn out ok when I spent some time on it instead of just thinking about it and getting frustrated that my wording/coherence so shit due to confused thoughts/notes.
No. 59854
332 kB, 2546 × 1359
The oldest today thread has rolled off the board (not rly because the catalog is actually 20 pages long).
Here's a backup in a single HTML file:

I am trying out a method for saving EC threads in a single file .html, WHILE keeping full resolution images.
The images are not clickable, but you can right click and "open image in new tab" to see the image. Links also had to be removed, including post links, because of my primitive find and replace strategy for removing superfluous links that just take you to ernstchan.xyz 404s.

I just need to turn this into a python script or some shit, and start automatically backing up threads. Have a threshold of like 30 posts before a thread is eligible or something.

Or if anyone is willing to help me turn this into a script, that'd be great too. I barely know python and will probably spend more time reading documentation than a competent python programmer would take writing the script.
No. 59857
551 kB, 1960 × 4032
ooooo oh i'm droooonking
No. 59858
Is that a figurine back there in the corner to the right of you? If yes, what is it?
No. 59859
132 kB, 1057 × 980
That's a clock. I forgot to throw it away after my hoarder father moved out. Thanks for reminding.

I don't do figurines. I like statuettes instead :^)
No. 59861
134 kB, 703 × 937

t. also eating
No. 59863
Dang, so that's what a normal sized meal looks like
no wonder I'm fat
No. 59868
Fugg I thought that EC has no page limit.
If one click per thread is automatized enough for you then you can Dollscript.
Alternatively you can ask administration to increase page limit to 100500 (you'll probably need to talk to them anyway since web scrappers make shitton of requests and can get you banned).
No. 59869
Both, but more technical in the end I guess. The thing is that in the end music speaks for itself.

I really want to write an essay on the natural scientific and mathematical aesthetic of the Dopplereffekt project and their aliases. This would mean to be able to spot the technical aspects of the creation/sound as well as the musicality/rhythms.

No. 59873
Today started off with the wrong footing. Yesterday I talked with my mother that she'd prepare some meat for me so that I'd just have to re-heat the thing and eat it with some salad and a pita, but there was no food when I woke up. Initially I thought that it's no big deal since she'd be home early anyway, so there will be food by the time I get home from my only class today.
But as it turns out she's going to a company dinner party tonight, so there will be no food.

It's not the fact that I can't make myself something to eat, but the fact that I had expectations and weren't planning on doing so. It's disappointing because I was counting on it.

Anyway, had lunch, and since I'm still getting used to going to the university every day, I keep miscalculating travelling time. So I arrived 50 minutes early. I expected nobody to be here, but three of my groupmates actually had class before so they were already waiting in front of the door.
They were all Chinese-Hungarian. They invited me to play Uno with them. Though it was a custom deck with "draw 8" and "draw 10" cards added.
Their use of the language is interesting to observe. They talk in Chinese, one of the puts down a "draw 4" card and suddenly a "bazdmeg" slips out.

I knew one of them because we were in the same group, and another one by name, since he's an energetic administrator who treats his degree like a projects, so he documents everything. I always thought I was a maniac with my constant list making, but he's on another level. Cool guy nonetheless.

They asked me why I wasn't attending the interpreter training classes with them, and while it felt good that I'm seen as someone who would and should attend to those classes, I told them that because of the last flunked exam I wasn't accepted. Still, it healed my ego a bit that people are surprised by my failure. Failure isn't a good thing. But people being surprised at your failure means that they expect more of you and hold you higher, which is good.
Reading too much into it, but whatever.

Workshop lectures this semester will be on "sacral kinghood", so it's time to read from the Golden Bough again.
I liked religious studies, so this is right up my alley. Gonna be cool.

I'm feeling positive, really. Things are looking up.

I have a few threads from 2019 saved and also someone posted an archive link on meta that has even older threads
No. 59875
Always be prepared to rely on yourself and compete with others
No. 59882 Kontra
44 kB, 474 × 592
52 kB, 474 × 610
Thinking that knowing is a patchwork and knowing that I don't know enough to resolve the patchwork into something that I can actually understand without missing anything, a totality that comes to itself. Never gonna make it. There is no all encapsulating formula that enlights you once and for all. Getting nauseous over that insight. A feel of falling endlessly, the things themselves crack my mind open, I can see myself with that wrecked mind, hopelessly trapped. A pitch black gap between skei /science (https://www.wikidoc.org/index.php/Science#Etymology) and and enveloped "reality" or whatever. Sweet boundaries and limited apparatuses.

Have been listening to this while browsing the internet for books and Wikipedia articles.

No. 59907
So my new fans came today. Thank God for the hard working men and women at the postal service and also UPS, although I still prefer USPS. Not FedEx though. Fuck that company. I hope Fedex goes bankrupt one of these days but knowing what strafecountry in a strafeplanet this is probably someone will find a way to bankrupt one of our last truly nice things and replace it with fedex.

But anyway I know this is an incredibly petty thing to be depressed about. Yes I know that it is the definition of first world problems on top of already petty stuff as vidya when knock on wood the system is not dead. But that truly was my sort of shining light through this whole shitshow of the last few years and I stupidly talked about that and perhaps God did finally punish me for my bougie decadence as much as petty envy or however. Because it was basically a night light for when all my room lighting was off and basically amounted to a PC on status it's been utterly impossible to ignore. In fact it was those LEDs themselves which first warned me my last PSU had died because suddenly I noticed by blinky colored lights were off.

Oh well such is life. My main problem now is going to be trying to keep dignosing the problem and making sure its fault point wasn't in the molex cable, PSU rail, shitty ROG 5v hub, 5v mobo header, or any other problem which can just take out my equipment or be some looming problem although at this point I begin to suspect maybe something like a loose 3pin or SATA plug or something may have been touching the case.

I also had a SATA extension cable which I left plugged in which has a deformed spot and while I specifically got that one because I was so paranoid of cheap molded plastic SATA it has dawned on me that that extension while not plugged into anything really was what I had changed although I didn't notice any failed drives and it just doesn't make any sense. The one zone on mobo continues being fucked and I suspect I may need to replace the board. No clue yet on even if that header still works, or is dangerous to use again, but while I can replace it still will take down the whole system until a new one arrives. It also makes me leery about the Superflower I still see as lower quality, and if anything is wrong with PSU itself. I may just use a controller since the only thing that works now is one new set anyway and I'm replacing that 5v hub.

Yeah, Phobya is what it was called. It was localized popping to one front part of the case where I had that plugged in. I can't remember if it looked deformed when I got it but there is this caved in divot looking area on the plug so idk if that was related but as clearly as I can remember the bigger problems started happening after trying to use it. Well that, or I plugged and unplugged things while system was on iirc, and that one fan I always had an issue with.

Whatever. Life is struggle. I'll just need to save my money now. I'm paranoid even talking about anything tbh for fear of invoking greater wrath of the universe, but hard knock on wood the SSDs themselves appear to work so even if their main selling features are dead it's basically just $50 or something between them over what normal SSD costs would be, maybe $65 for two especially cheap ones on sale. It isn't like replacing them and using the dead LED ones would be bad to have spare backup drives. So that is my main ambition for today: testing blinky lights and exploring further hardware damage or failure.
No. 59913
Bought a consumer grade router like an idiot and as expected it's a piece of shit.

Thinking of purposefully breaking it through a corrupted firmware upgrade and getting my money back or something. Or replacing it.
No. 59914
No way to just give it back?
No. 59918
I want to cover my based in case they decide to be difficult
Then again I could just say it doesn't perform as advertised.

I'll do stress tests tomorrow to see if I configured it wrong.
No. 59920
Today's lunch was really good. So good in fact I ate the leftovers for dinner.
It's a glorious luxury to feel full and healthy. I'm against meal replacement shakes like soylent precisely because of this feeling.
Unless you've experienced the ability to eat properly and feel what you've eaten properly being taken away from you, you just can't truly value it.
"I don't have time to eat" or "I don't want to waste time on eating" is bullshit. If you don't have time to eat you might as well jump off the nearest bridge, because you're giving up something that makes you human.

Do Kazakh electronics stores not have a three-day no-questions-asked buyback policy?
No. 59921
134 kB, 1138 × 792
Ah, both can be good. I despise eating as time-consuming and unecessary at times but also like to cook time-consuming meals on another day. I do like to eat, but sometimes it's dont.

Had fries from the freezer with Schnitzel and a Spanish beer since Aldi had a special offer on those. While it's just a small beer its numbing effect has played out and its sedatative qualities have been activated.
Might read a few pages of Nietzsche as my on the side evening lecture and then get my headphones to listen to the Calabi Yau Space album by Dopplereffekt in the dark again.
No. 59922
36 kB, 474 × 334
Yep it's boned. It is all irretrievably fucked as is my motherboard to an extent. I am not electrician and so couldn't tell you how it works even if I knew it but the third zone appears separately controlled than the first and second and must be more directly tied to the ARGB header which itself is fucked. GPU bracket and both SSDs fucked and stuck on one very dim color. 3 fans with zero lights. Two fans with only a few working LED stuck on one color. Motherboard zone stuck in having a seizure mode. When it happened it seemingly blew the red and blue LEDs first. 3pin header is oddly fucked. I say strangely because it outputs the correct pattern onto like one or two LEDs on a provably working fan and then lights up the rest randomly. I cannot even begin to figure out why that is because one would think the header itself shouldn't behave that way; it either should work or have traces burnt out.

This worries me about the platform itself now because I do not have any clue the full damages which could've occurred I do not know about or become problems later, both at mobo and PSU level. I thankfully had enough other random crap laying around or secondary lighting methods to go down and test everything. The lighting software works on two board zones so I don't think that's relevant. Tested on a SATA control box confirms one entire set of fans is totally dead which reminds me I should be worried about the fan headers but so far knock on wood they work strangely enough. Now I get to deal with insurance assholes at some point soon whenever I try sending in that board and praying no PSU problems occur.

It's amazing. All that stupid shit over ten cent blinky lights. At least I don't have to feel as bad as this guy right now

So I guess to all the people that hate that shit you may have a point, but at least I got to be somewhat happy for close to a year. I am hoping nothing else ruins the system in the meantime, which far as I'm concerned it can. Ironic. I was just trying to tweak something on the control software originally. Now I control nothing at all because something attached to the header itself is fried. Even if the ARGB circuitry was blown in everything else it could be replaced; a blown 3pin 5v header cannot.
No. 59943
251 kB, 500 × 372
There will never be a consistent/integrative or uniform science. All disciplines are between and in themselves heterogenic and patchy.
No. 59944
That's because "Science" doesn't exist, just the scientific method.
And different fields are applying this scientific method to generate knowledge and/or solve problems.
No. 59948
Yesterday night I completed my first translation from Chinese.
Nothing extraordinary or anything to be proud of, but it's a first. I tackled the 12 lines that's the revolutionary anthem "The East is Red" and first rendered it into prose and then into a singable Hungarian version.
The language was simple, I just needed to look up a few things in the dictionary and in an hour or so I was done with it.

I'm feeling kind of sick today. My nose is running, my head hurts and I'm almost running a fever.
In a sense, even this is refreshing too. Finally something that's an acute illness and not a chronic one. Can't remember the last time I had a cold.
My immune system is pretty good by the looks because whatever this is, it left my sister and mother with days of fever.
The only truly torturing part is this feeling of thirst I can't quench for some reason.

Working on my translation practice assignment. Still the same French text, though this time we were given a Hungarian translation for it.
The task is to translate it into a Macaronic text. Initially I had a hard time with it, but it's kind of bearable now.
My issue is that I haven't really learned much during this class either.
The tips like
>re-read your translation after a couple of days of not touching it
isn't anything new for me.

My first impression of translation studies so far is that there's no "textbook approach". There's you, two languages, your knowledge of them and general grammar terms, a text, and finally your rhetorical ability.
Can you defend your approach and choices once you've made them?
But also, can you attack your own position?
You're attacking and defending at the same time to build the best position.
No. 59949 Kontra
The problem is that THE scientific method is a simplification, a mere conceptuality. Too bad I don't understand Ian Hacking really, but I guess what most people on the internet think about when talking about science is Popper. But Popper is debatable. The results that are produced are patchy as hell. It is even debatable that science works in the way of conducting a scientific method by book. Theory and practice are different and perhaps taken ideally by certain philosophies of science.
No. 59950
>when talking about science is Popper
U wot? When I am talking about science I am talking about Watson & Crick, Leibniz, Mendel, Fermi, Pasteur, Einstein, Weizmann and the like. Such as everyone else who is talking about science and not about people talking about science.
No. 59959
24 kB, 474 × 315
That's Western lack of holistic, perspective because it is truncative rather than integrative. Partly it's a problem with Western scientific methodology itself through needing controls and reproducibility but is also a mindset thing. It is the mentality of seeing legs and breaking it down to segments than seeing how not just the butterfly works as a whole but also how the butterfly itself is only an extension of interedependent systems. It is the result of Western individualism mentality. I'd even go so far as to argue that it's rooted in Abrahamic theological views of things trying to trace it back to its true origins, and that it could be somehow rooted in out linguistics if not vice versa.

It's something that drives me crazy about Western science, which is very much a not seeing the trees for the forest type of a mindset and is why only recently we have begun working on superior theorizing such as systems and chaos theory to explain why and how dynamic overlapping and interconnected systems work, like say climatology, meteorology, the carbon cycle, geological records etc. This makes a lot of Western moderns complete and total ass at understanding things like economics, climate change, meteorology, and pandemics because they are solely using inferior linear thinking of, at best, point A goes to point B which leads to outcome C, if they even are capable of thinking that far ahead. This leads them to being perpetually surprised and ignorant about a great many things the average person should've seen coming from miles away, like say how climate change is directly leading to our highest level national security threats in the very near future, or why neoliberal globalism is a pants on head retarded ideology. They might eventually figure out it is a bad thing eventually, but usually not until it is already happening to them, and certainly not why X is a bad thing let alone how a bad thing like X could possibly happen.

I would even go far as to argue it is only partially rooted in our linguistic development towards learning through narratives, because we still are pattern recognizing apes and you fundamentally do not need linguistics in order to understand a Rube Goldberg machine or puzzle solving, though clearly such a machine is just a more intricate linear thinking problem so I would say multipathed dominos falling or pool trick shots are better examples.

We are of course trapped in this by our inferior pedagogy which is itself a byproduct of industrialization that rewards adherence to the rules in strictly segmented class as well as topic with rote learning rather than innovation, creativity, problem solving, careful analysis, or any type of lateral thinking, because the objective was just making large masses able to follow instructions on operating machinery under their bosses, which has led to such stagnation that we're basically outsourcing anything else to foreigners first, and then later in a service economy not even that is emphasized because all that matters is "people skills" and malignant "socialization" because the fact is our society does not value any of that. You will do things the slow, stupid, and inefficient way if your boss tells you to do it that way, even though your boss only tells you that way because corporate is full of complete fucking idiots that far removed from real operations.

In short, it is not impossible nor even improbable, but merely deemed socially and economically undesirable. This is even more true when you consider how much money is tied up on doing things the stupidest way imaginable.
No. 59964
The problem with such a top-down approach is though that by observing the system as a "whole" it's easy to jump to the wrong conclusions because you explicitly didn't even try to get to the root and thus some effect you see might be caused by something you don't know yet, yet you still have to explain it.
Also, you're talking about "western science", as is there were any other kind. Do you think the chinese who invented black powder did some holistic mumbo jumbo calling their gods and considering the socio-economic processes leading to coal and sulfur mining and then got the solution presented? No, it was trial and error, just like everyone else before and after them. The reason why it's the way of doing science is because it's effective and through the controls and reproducibility mindset can also stand to review. If it can't be reproduced, it is my duty, as a scientist, to question it.
There just ARE some things that you can't completely handwave away on a cultural basis. Take striking martial arts for an example. A punch is a punch, no matter if it's boxing, muay thai or whatever kind of kung fu. Why? Because humans are, despite all superficial and cultural differences, still made up of the same kind of bones and therefore there is, indeed, a right and a wrong way to punch. And the right way just developed independently from each other because it's directly connected to the human physiology. Same with music. Making sounds in an organized way is also something that has developed among all humans. Even the aborigines who have, in their thousands of years of history, merely invented little more than a stick, have also invented a hollow stick you can make really cool music with. How would you approach that in a "holistic" way? You can't, you have to go granular, right into the human mind.