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No. 59383
677 kB, 1920 × 1080
Been watching old live election night coverage from the BBC recently. Going through the decades. Each time they do coverage they also have a little short less than a minute long sort of opening credit/montage to set the mood and get you excited for election coverage I guess. Most of them are pretty much what you'd expect from a news broadcast trying to make an engaging short about an election and coverage of it. A little bit of music and the faces of the leaders and party colors, sometimes some 3D effects in the 80s.

But this one from the October 74 election blows the rest of them out of the water completely. It's moody, sets the tone of suspense, it's down right cinematic! Check it out, it's too much of a pain to download a multi-hour youtube video just for the first 1 minute of it. Anyways honorable mentions go to the 1992 election coverage opening, it's pretty solid but nothing like 74. Dishourable mention goes to the 2001 opening, absolute trash boring and they got rid of the theme song they used from 79 onwards(though they readopted it in 2005 and 2019).