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No. 594 Systemkontra
262 kB, 540 × 810, 0:08
Share what you're listening to!

>Los Mirlos - Muchachita Del Oriente
Psychedelic cumbia from Peru


>Ermeneuma - Nothing Changes
Italian darkwave/goth rock cover of the Death In June song


>Carolina Eyck - Reja
Theremin music supposed to be based on various local folk music traditions from different cultures


>Alexander von Zemlinsky - Die Seejungfrau
Austrian composer of the late romantic era, performed by the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
No. 596
>Aya Sugimoto - B&S
Japanese 80s pop with a kind of cute singer


>Kleine Negertjes - 666 Sex
Dutch minimal electro from 1982


>Ofo The Black Company - Allah Wäkbarr
Nigerian psych-funk from 1972


>Sanjalice - Srećni Zajedno
1967 cover of the famous song "Happy Together" from Yugoslavia, reminds me both of vietnam and balkan war

No. 598
We had a room once on some synchtube-tier site.
Maybe we can go there?
No. 620

Literally the music of a lonely American highschool girl. Such a comfy aesthetic.

The problem we always had with synctube was we all have wildly divergent tastes. It's a good feature for finding new stuff on a listening thread but nobody can be expected to sit there listening to songs they don't like.

Also the channel would always inevitably turn into constant Panzer March-tier stuff.
No. 621
>Also the channel would always inevitably turn into constant Panzer March-tier stuff.
No. 626
It always did from experience. My theory is that this happens because one guy puts it on because 'lol kc' which creates a feedback loop as anyone uninterested in listening to 1930s ideological music leaves.

Not to say that Ernst Busch isn't ebin or relevant but it's music for a different kind of party.
No. 635 Kontra
Sorry, my mistake:
The Phenomena Theme is by Dark Horizons, not Goblin.
No. 660
dug up some of my old trance favourites in my collection

l.s.g. - netherworld

humate - 3.1

fsol - papua new guinea

quench - dreams
No. 662
Good thread. Would click again. I will just post some stuff I like, okay? If you like it, that's nice too. Don't hate me if you don't.

Mariya Takeuchi 竹内 まりや Plastic Love


Queens Of The Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)


Saigon Rock & Soul Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968 1974 - Remaster.


GARY LOW - You are a danger

No. 664
mostly pillars of eternity ost as finally I made a step towards crpg's, 30 hours in and I feel like I'm going to sit through bg 1&2 & icewind dale due to this breakthrough.

Other than that I recently am re-listening electronics from my youth days when at home

floating points - arp3

nicolas jaar - fight

also been listening to pocahaunted combined with hunt:showdown (Great game, also great music for this missisipi monster hunt)

Pocahaunted - All Of is Of.(More rocky than the usual atmospheric kind of shit they do)

Pocahaunted - Beast that you are (classic pocahaunted)

also, idles who made a great album called brutalism showed off two new tracks, good shit but not as powerful as brutalism they are leftist af, trigger alert for those who mind

idles - colossus

and last but not least, RAKTA, brazilian far left wing girls band doing thrash/sludge metal
rakta - s/t
No. 665
Great music taste!

I have some recommendations for you apart from my post, albeit I think that you might now it

La Card - Jedno zbogom za tebe

Pro Arte - Ko Vječnu Tugu Nosi, Taj Ima Pravo Da Pjeva (this shit is fire if you have good enough headphones or speakers, sounds really bland on poor quality)

>Los Mirlos
I think I'm in love
No. 679
Ryo Fukui - My Favorite Tune (full album) [Piano Jazz] [Japan, 1995]
No. 687
20 kB, 409 × 409
176 kB, 609 × 340

Bright apocalypse
>The day after the apocalypse
>The sun was shining

>The wind spread blood
>That rained over me

>Skeletons were dancing
>on the fields.

>For the first time,
>I felt happy.

Such a comfy song about the end of the world. Maybe it is my self-destructive nature at work, that love of burning everything down before a new day dawns but I've always felt it is full of warm feelings.

Maybe we should all collectively decide one day that the world will end that night and then the next day we all get up and experience a new freedom.

>Plastic Love

This is top-tier city-pop but did you get the Youtube recommendation as well?
No. 713
Yes, I already know and like "La Card - Za Tebe" (in fact I've been listening to that song a lot, it's somehow really catchy) but I didn't know the other one yet, sounds pretty good.

When it comes to japanese pop music the my all time favorite is Haruomi Hosono, he has done pretty much everything ranging from city-pop, video game music, ambient, new world music, anime movie soundtrack, jazz and more.
I will introduce you guys to some of my favorite works from him.

>Haruomi Hosono and Friends - Pacific
City-pop with a cozy 80s summer beach holiday vibe to it. Often a bit campy and muzak tier.


>Haruomi Hosono - Watering A Flower
Hypnotizing and sometimes unsettlig ambient album, mostly very monotonic but doesn't get boring. Would really recommend to take some time and listen through the whole thing.


>Miharu Koshi and Haruomi Hosono - Swing Slow
Easy-listening jazz with a bit of Twin Peaks atmosphere, beautifully weird and Moharu Koshi's voice is really dreamlike.


>Haruomi Hosono -Video Game Music
The title says it all and it's said the he influenced a lot of early video game soundtracks, which you surely will hear.


>Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra
Early synth pop from Hosono and his band

>Haruomi Hosono - Night on The Galactic Railroad
The anime movie soundtrack I mentioned, with titles in Esperanto

No. 715
61 kB, 1280 × 720
1,6 MB, 1141 × 1621
No. 922
Rather cringy song but I can't help liking it, guess it's my new guilty pleasure.

No. 925
No. 968
No. 973
Sounds like some early 2000s teen pop revival with modern pop topic (drugs), the only thing that reveals it as new is the trap like beat near the end and it ruins the song if it is not ruined from the start anyway


I heard this one some years ago while the sun was rising in some forest, I think day three of being awake was about to start back then. The weekend was utterly shit in so many ways but the music and dancing was great, whatever happened

No. 989
305 kB, 1132 × 1080
No. 1154
No. 1268

It's a song for when life reminds you that I'm not the brightest star in the sky.

Sure that image looks comfy. But I imagine the heating bill must be absolutely through the roof!
No. 1309
291 kB, 1024 × 716
I've been going through the discography for the Meteors. Some highlights that I think Ernst might like. Rate.

>The Meteors - Psycho For Your Love

>The Meteors - Sick Things

>The Meteors - Little Red Riding Hood
No. 1403
476 kB, 1920 × 1087

The first couple tracks on this album sucked so I'd dropped it until a few days ago when I had nothing else to listen to. Pretty powerful stuff.

My mistake was in breaking the cardinal rule of always hearing track two because the album has an opener track.
No. 1411
I suspect that the doors were usually kept closed by the reaction of kot stroking its fur.
t. inspegtor

No. 1470
83 kB, 302 × 389
Bedrich Smetana /// Má Vlast ( My Homeland , My Country )
No. 1490
Pretty nice. Nothing spices up an old popsong like a psychobilly cover.

No. 1494
84 kB, 880 × 600
I find that often it's just an upgrade of the original unless it's classic Rock and Roll since I do like the original style as much as the Psychobilly one. The Guana Batz version of the Batman theme is ebin. Their version of Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin is also decent and I unironically prefer the Meteors' take on Paint it Black to that of the Stones themselves.

Batmobile also did a lot of covers that are by definition spiced up versions of the originals though because they were mostly classic Rockabilly songs by Elvis Johnny Cash and such. They're also notable for being Dutch in a predominantly British scene in the early 80s. I really like how upbeat a lot of their early songs are compared to most of their contemporaries.

>Guana Batz - Batman

>The Meteors - Paint it Black

>Batmobile - Burning Love
No. 1638
Mostly stuff by scandroid/wice


This kind of music is always maximum cozy for me despite the cheesyness
No. 1669
Heard this one in the ending of Hardware, it fitted the mood of the film perfectly. Honestly, I didn't expect Rotten to make such a nice minimalistic post-punk track.

This one makes me giggle like a dumb schoolgirl with its sheer awesomeness. These guys were recommended like a hundred times in neofolk thredas, but I listened to them only recently. I've been missing on a lot, I'd say.

Nice krautrock song, and a literal case of dadrock, that is, rock that my dad used to listen to.

And some instrumental rock/electronic I enjoy.
No. 1694
I've been extensively and consciously listening to Wagner for the first time today (I only knew Ride of the Valkyries and the prelude of Trist and Isolde before) and it was really sublime, at times I was in a complete state of trance and bliss.
I am not educated when it comes to orchestral music and usually only listen to two composers most of the time while mainly consuming and hoarding humongous amounts of pop music of all kind of different genres and origins.
So as I spend a lot of my time just listening to music it is a big pain in the ass and makes me feel inferior to not really know a lot about orchestral music.
I am somewhat educated and interested in literature, history and art but when it comes to music so far I have the taste of a plebeian.
Now how to change that? It seems to me like just listening to orchestral music isn't enough, because I feel like I would need to actively think about it, which I'm not able to do. I grasp it's greatness and derive pleasure from it but that's about it. As reading literature and looking at paintings always requires intellectual activity, it must be the same with music too.
Pop music seems like genre fiction to me, mostly mindless entertainment where you just can let yourself go (not that this would be bad, but I don't really see it as art). Still I'm addicted to it.

So I thought maybe I should get myself some basic literature about the history of music?
Or should I rather just plunge into reading up on the composers I liked so far?

Also is it necessary to learn about the tonal system to be able to really appreciate orchestral music?
Because back in school I never understood it and it always seemed boring to me.
I only know the most basic stuff and that there is tonal and atonal music.
Is musical theory all centered around the tonal system?
No. 1701
112 kB, 434 × 603
>Billy Bragg - St. Swithin's Day

>Pasodoble dos cabezudos

>TV on the Radio - Walking the Cow

>Velvet Underground and Nico - All tomorrow's parties

>hasil adkins - roll roll train

>GG Allin - Sluts in the city

>Con-Dom ‎- How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die

>now, now - thread
No. 2020
238 kB, 764 × 852

I'm not an expert on orchestral music but I think it will help if I confer my own experiences in learning to love jazz:

Learning to play an orchestral and playing with others will certainly help. Of course it will. Learning bass helped me immensely in just picking out not only the bass but other instruments and that naturally includes diving into basic theory. This is at the same time dependant on effort and money but you will have fun and very quickly you will find you catch up to others who are generally a lazy and indolent sort - plus it gets you out the house.

What I found most helpful though was learning of the different artists, movements and philosophies. For example learning the basic ideas behind free jazz in people playing together naturally or in how jazz evolved with the likes of early Gil Scott Heron merging spoken word into the hip-hop/rap we know today or how jazz in post-war Japan has created its own culture that merges with similar developments with piano:


This does not however mean I listen to jazz all the time and I don't think it is the right way to think about picking up a genre. You listen to stuff because you want to and learn because you enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying pop music and anyone who gets snobby about this is taking themselves far too seriously and unwilling to admit their own guilty pleasures.

>Is musical theory all centered around the tonal system?

Is math centered around numbers?
No. 2051


I just realized or rather re-remembered, that almost all my life my so-called "friends" and just about everybody around me listened to crap I could not stand, and meanwhile virtually nobody heard of what I listened to or liked it.
No. 2054
19 kB, 255 × 346
>Pop music seems like genre fiction to me, mostly mindless entertainment
IMO every music is "mindless entertainment" in the end. It is a form of escapism, as most art is. I doubt trying to get academic about it will change your listening experience. Music is still all about a emotional response.

Speaking of Wagner, my most favorite work of him is Parsifal. The part "transformation music" is easily my most favorite in classical music i ever head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmPr0NKlWp4
Also the prelude and "good friday music" are awesome. I even went to see the whole Parsifal opera performed some years ago (the production was not very good though). However i can't enjoy any of his complete work really, as i find the singing downright awful. I also don't see any genius in the storytelling. I additionally read a book featuring a historic version of the Parzifal story, and it is a rather simpleminded story IMO of some guy who's basically a noble, flawless superhero. Even marvel comic stories have more depth than that.
No. 2056
Still want to add this: while i listened to my own Youtube link i noticed how different the version is from the one i listen to. This is what really bothers me about classical music: the same piece can be drastically different when played in another orchestra, in speed, emphasis and so on. So different that i can't enjoy it, especially if it is too fast. Seems i have a super slow version which unfolds much more majestic and intense (studio recording from 1992, Metropolitan Opera, New York).
No. 2069
>Parzival - Leben Ist Fabrik

No. 2277
>Hannah Diamond - Hi

>Les Chats Sauvages - Derniers baisers

>D.A.F. - Der Sheriff (VNV Nation Remix)
No. 2346
8 kB, 645 × 773
No. 2402
Endless Space 2 soundtrack

This whole thing, it's so good oh my god
No. 2404
Never heard of Endless Space, but listening to [1] it seems really cool. Puts me in the mood to listen to the score of Freelancer and X³ again.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP9n1CANQO0
No. 2473
Because it is extremely dangerous trusting a Google subsidiary with all your data
Cocksuckers took it all down for some inexplicable reason at YT. Holy shit I hate that site.
No. 2590
Heard it on the radio recently. I don't know why, but I kinda like this song.
No. 2679

IMO an electronic gem of the early 2000s

It oscillates between melancholy and excess and is in this sense a capture of (post)modernity. A celebration that will be forgotten by tomorrow.
No. 2713
46 kB, 570 × 374

If I listened to this album once everyday I'm pretty sure I would live 10 years longer.
No. 3183
In the last days I can't stop listening to this revolutionary song from Iran. It's really hypnotizing and makes you want to slaughter all kuffar with your brothers and eradicate western degeneracy.


Coming to speak of degeneracy, what a crazy time the early 90s in post-soviet countries must have been. I imagine it like people suddenly lost their minds overnight after suddenly being confronted with the greatness of capitalism and freedom.

No. 3206
207 kB, 1366 × 768
Plant43 and all the others making that futuristic sci-fi electro

also perfect for lonely night drives with your car along the windswept coastlines of some north sea neighboring country

No. 3270
Some terrible trance, why is it so hard to find good/fresh Goa/Psy/Ambient trance.
ibf google I know it's all fucking google, but music forums are dire.
No. 3275
define good/fresh

But I also have only goa/trance that has not been fresh for years

do you know progressive psytrance?
No. 3280
31 kB, 473 × 600
> Plant43 - Destroying Angel
Very nice.
No. 3285
There is many more in that style. I think they catch that cosmic melancholy feel. But that can vary, more aggressive or dark but also sublime in a way.
Music from another dimension, transcendental, ethereal and whatnot. cold but touches a core.

Has been a longer time I last listened to that kind of electro but it comes in right atm.
No. 3353

a nice little hip-hop gem, kinda mellow like some of rejjie snow's tracks. It's a shame it's so short
No. 3436
199 kB, 1024 × 768
16 kB, 236 × 355
74 kB, 551 × 720
That feel when that which I wish to create magically already exists
Christian industrial music. I fully wish to coalesce this into its own unique subculture with witch house tier music and aesthetics, practicing Christian mysticism, and the ultimate earthly objective beyond salvation from this sinful world is physical interstellar salvation to go forth and multiply earth life among the stars, as is our holy ordained mission and divinely inspired manifest destiny
No. 3513
58 kB, 719 × 960
179 kB, 459 × 589
Hot damn this shit is good ernst
No. 3527
>Kim-Jung Won - Whistle
Cover of a classic north korean pop song, also it's interesting to see how an anti-western country imitates western media


>Eileen - Die Stiefel sind zun Wandern
French singer covers Nancy Sinatra in german, no more explanation needed


>Taciturn - Boys don't cry (Revisited) (1996)
I keep coming back to this remix


>Death In June - Peaceful Snow
Highly melancholic, first one is a guitar, second one a piano version


No. 3533
Man I keep finding some really extremely good obscure music that doesn't even have anything like a wiki entry or lyrics available anywhere
No. 3534
You might like [1] then. I've found them in february, been listening to them during my early morning walks regularly and my musical boner hasn't gone soft for four months.

They have appeared on stage exactly two times so far and one of those this is spectacular recording. Two albums were released, the first is a studio album named Ofnir, the second is LIFA, the live show linked below, which has two new songs compared to Ofnir (the last two).

I can especially recommend the timestamps:
18:28 (The great build-up in Alfadhirhaiti)
42:15 (Fylgija Ear aka. Verträge Brechen (Breaking Contracts), the build-up to Marias spectacular and eerie voice)
52:44 til the end: Othan and Hamrer Hippyer

If you want to know more about them, there is only one interview I am aware of and that is in german, but maybe you can manage to translate it with deepl: https://www.metal1.info/interviews/heilung/

The gist is: They are trying to bring aspects of the north-west-germanic culture (between celtic and proto-viking) to people today. The focus of their texts (as far as I have translated them) is about being left alone, not waging war, inducing states of trance and meditation, feeling one-ness. The latter two are especially apparent in the last song of LIFA, which you should watch in a dark room with head phones, if possible.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1BsKIP4uYM
No. 3537
Hey this is actually pretty good. Very different from anything I'm used to listening too, yet somehow has just enough of the same not sure what to call it.
No. 3544
Sames, my closest experience with folk/pagan would be Percival (slavic-folk) but apart from that I have zero background in folk/pagan and I rarely listen to metal of any sort.

Then I discovered Wardruna and Heilung pretty much in the same week (I knew Wardruna by name but never consciously listened to it). I had some significant trance-like moments with Wardruna while walking around in the forest/fields. I never tried to meditate to music before but discovered that a certain state of intense joy and wholeness was easy to reach while standing between wind-bent trees and listening to songs like UruR, Raido, Wunjo and a few others. So at that point I was open for more but nobody could recommend me something for the same effect (and I know some people who go to basically every music festival in Germany). And then, unrelated to all that, a friend sent me a link to that recording of LIFA and it immediately clicked.

>not sure what to call it.

On RED they are tagged as "schamanic" and so far they are the only artist in the entire db under that tag.
No. 3548
No. 3569
No. 4101
>I neeeeeed your lovin'
>like the sunshine


especially the comments make it more sentimental

>many beautiful memories, and 91-92 in the Balkans war and terrible time but I heard this song on my old walkman, and let me wear only to forget about shit that happens around me .... Regards from the Balkans rather Montenegro

>my first year at uni 91/92, slamming the shite out of the DF (dance floor), arms rotating like a f**ked up windmill - and everyone was doing the same !!!

At least I have so many tracks I heard on the floor and in private as well and can get tears in my eyes 25 years from now for still giving me the feels after all those years, too.
No. 4117

My association is a birthday party of a girl with somewhat rich parents, youths making out and getting drunk as fuck (song gives me intense feels of this association, even though I think it's a trap remix)

Two nice nasheeds


No. 4205

And this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiAuAJBZuGs
Has been stuck in my head for weeks now. Youtube keeps suggesting it as well so I end up listening to it as white noise. I suffer.
No. 4259
16,6 MB, 640 × 360, 3:39
In this hole, That is me, A life that's growing feeble

Tear meat from the bone
Tear me from myself
Are you feeling happy?

Peel me from the skiiiiiiiiiin
Peel me from the skiiiiiiiiiin
Tear me from the rind

Does it make you happy now?

Tear me from the boooooooooone
Tear me from the boooooooooone
Tear me from myself

Are you feeling happy?
No. 4273
14,9 MB, 480 × 360, 3:07
All rise for the national anthem!
No. 4553
WHAT SONG IS THIS????????????????

No. 4568
472 kB, 520 × 700
>Coil - Stolen and Contaminated Songs

Outtakes from Love's Secret Domain, apparently

No. 4574
569 kB, 720 × 480
That's not the song. What does this say?
No. 4577
Freed from desire

It's a huge meme in European football.
No. 4635
21,9 MB, 640 × 360, 4:18

what is going on in Belgium!?
No. 4659
Actually it's НУЖЕН ГОЛ (we need a goal).
No. 4992
135 kB, 1920 × 1080
Just listening through different songs by Oliver Dragojevic, a very famous Croatian singer who died today.

Trying to list a few of the best here

Brod u boci


Trag u Beskraju
No. 4993
76 kB, 960 × 540
Anyone else here into the Bee Gees? Non disco Bee Gees that is.


No. 5514
I have discovered Hang drums



I think this is maybe the instrument I'm going to learn to play. Although this is also pretty cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgy1S8qymx0 Hang looks like something it would be incredibly natural to play. Also have this
No. 5526
Listening to impressionist piano music:



I want to get back into playing piano.
No. 6547
189 kB, 1200 × 900
No. 6552
17,0 MB, 640 × 360, 4:13
"I wish I was taller"

the beta anthem of the 1990s
No. 6749
207 kB, 1366 × 768
Contemporary being longing for british 90s nostalgia thrills. Just a moment in time. So many moments in time. It really catches that feeling right even tho it's coated in a relationship theme it's general good times.

No. 6758
96 kB, 600 × 525
>The Mountain Goats

This Year

I broke free on a Saturday morning
I put the pedal to the floor
headed north on mills avenue
and listened to the engine roar

Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise

I'm under no illusion
As to what I meant to you
But you made an impression
And sometimes I still feel the bruise

The ride's over
I know
But I'm not ready to go
No. 6813
Found hidden deeply in youtube some ethno-ambient folk songs from a concert some months ago here in Zagreb with traditional folk songs from different countries:

Oy, Dedushka, traditional Russian folk song


The Wayfaring Stranger, American folk and gospel song from the early 19th century


Cvite Teren, traditional Ukrainian folk song


Marijo Deli bela Kumrijo - very old Serbian folk song from Prizren region


Fijolica Moja - Croatian folk song


The complete concert is also available on the same channel.
No. 6815
No. 6838
Cat Stevens - Oh Very Young
I do not remember listening to this track, but will add it to my collection of good music.
No. 6843
No. 6848
This is a music sharing and listening threda. Should I make separate one for discussions about playing music and music theory (and possibly making music)? Would there be any interest in one? I think playing and theory is sufficiently different from listening to require another thread.
No. 6852
I doubt there's enough people here who can appreciate the topic honestly. It's a good one too.
No. 6887
No. 6990
12 kB, 300 × 300
This morning Youtube threw this show into my recommendations and it made waking up interesting

Full concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1BsKIP4uYM

I got over the cringe by reading from the youtube comments:
>For those who are confused on the time frame of what this is representing, it's not necessarily "Vikings," and more or less not Neolithic.

>It's Proto-Germanic she's singing here, and in most of their music. It's Pre-Migration Period, 600 years before the Vikings, ~1st Century CE til ~550 when Elder Futhark broke into Younger Futhark. It's based on historical linguistic reconstruction and snippets of text found archeologically and through Tacitus & Saxo Grammaticus, some of which were carved in runes on bone fragments, or described pejoratively by Latin writers, who described the throat singing as like "howling dogs," when it would sound provisionally like in this video, inferred by the Sammi, Mongol, Indigenous Greenland, and Faroese traditions which survived the ages relatively unchanged.

>Then they kinda do this English language "rap," which is based on descriptions of Galdralag and Seiðalag -- no surviving examples of which exist outside of very, very scant snippets in the Poetic and Prose Edda, and in descriptions by Saxo Grammaticus and possibly by Tacitus. The low growling and hissing, the forked fingers, is based on descriptions of Seiðr magic. That kind of image survived in the inspiration of "witches" which Christians were afraid of deeply, who were real people practicing a similar indigenous artform, and came to become an abstracted meme of its own that evolved & mutated into the 21st century in a vague smear of pop culture idioms.

If you like Master Musicians Of Bukkake or Andy Stott it should click.
No. 7028
76 kB, 454 × 340
>This is kind of intense. Nice to see indigenous European traditions are being kept alive.

youtubers, man
No. 7029
39 kB, 828 × 552
167 kB, 1920 × 1080
Tbh I've been drifting more towards pop music, rock and the like.

The heavy wall of noise type of stuff I used to like is just too tiresome to listen to these days.

Right now I'm in a "I saw this as a kid on MTV and it's burned itself into my brain" phase.


Oh and also alien fucker.
No. 7072
Holy shit. So that's why it came up in the suggestions.
No. 7094
You're welcome. Heilung has grown to be one of my favourite bands.

Since I don't use the website of youtube I don't see suggestions, but I've been told that once you got LIFA in the mix, you will eventually see Kaunan appear as well (check out the song Vallat, which has Maria Franz (Heilung) and Einar Selvik (Wardruna) as guest singers). Searching for yourself will unveil real gems like Selviks performance of Voluspa on the Castlefest or snippets from Harald Foss.

Boy, look at me talking about this. Up until beginning of this year I was a steady listener of IDM/Breakcore for over 10 years with all other music only appearing as secondary. Now I'm deep into niche folk regarding the proto-germanic til old-norse era.
No. 7102
I fell for the 80s nostalgia fad but I'm too lazy to make my own playlists so I just listen to the radio. 99% of it is shit but not in an annoying way so I don't mind.
Good thing with the internet is that you got all these small shitty radio channels that only play music.
No. 7110
6,4 MB, 2:59
5,6 MB, 2:26
1,2 MB, 700 × 700
Does Ernst frequent sites like bandcamp or soundcloud?
99% of the stuff is shit but somethimes there are things like this.
It's shit too but somehow it fascinates me enough to listen.
No. 7193
29 kB, 638 × 479
>somehow it fascinates me enough to listen
I see what you mean. There is something hypnotic about the vocals, which seems completely disconnected from the lyrics.
No. 7212

is it just me or is reggae/dancehall music much much better than burger hip-hop/rap? aside from the music the artists appear to me less than dumb than hurr durr muh bling bling rappers. according to this video they have apparently MUCH better taste in fashion, too. this video also features some serious cool dancing.
No. 7227
5,8 MB, 2:28
I really can't pinpoint what it is. I guess i keep listening until i know.

There's good stuff and bad stuff everywhere.
You will find a lot of trash in the dancehall area if you look for it.
What you posted is pretty shit btw.
No. 7234 Kontra
>What you posted is pretty shit btw.
that's what i thought about what you posted btw.
No. 7235
>HALEY HEYNDERICKX - I Need To Start A Garden (2018)
extreme cozyness
t. cozy person
No. 7322
I picked up Chelsea Jade's album the other week without knowing what I was getting into. I can say it's very nicely put together.

Most dancehall is equally bad I'd say. Go to a dancehall club sometime and you will see what I mean - especially the obsession with appearances. I mean, this is currently trending:


Bydlo should be gassed imo.
No. 7345
92 kB, 637 × 600

Ой, мороз, мороз,
Не морозь меня,
Не морозь меня, моего коня.

Не морозь меня, моего коня,
Моего коня белогривого.

Моего коня белогривого,
У меня жена, ох, ревнивая.

У меня жена, ох, красавица,
Ждет меня домой, ждет печалится.

Я вернусь домой на закате дня.
Обниму жену, напою коня.

Ой, мороз, мороз,
Не морозь меня,
Не морозь меня, моего коня.

Oh, frost, frost,
Don't freeze me,
Don't freeze me or my horse.

Don't freeze me, or my horse,
My white-maned horse,

My white-maned horse.
My wife is of the jealous kind.

My wife, oh such a beauty,
Awaits for my return, awaits in sadness.

I'll return home at sunset,
Embrace her and give my horse water.

Oh, frost, frost,
Don't freeze me,
Don't freeze me or my horse.
No. 7369
30 kB, 800 × 600
I'm going to download this


A track from the http://www.darkwinter.com/special3.html comp was not bad

Dark Ambient but without edgy stuff, simply a short stone wall
No. 7508
164 kB, 600 × 600
British indie-pop from the 80s, pretty cheerful stuff which makes we want to listen to it on repeat. Sometimes reminding me of The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

>Crystal Days


>Since yesterday
No. 7727
90 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 7737
No. 7759
No. 7790
This jazz fusion album is something I always come back to. Perfect soundtrack to life. Especially track 2 at 5:21 (it's always track 2 isn't it)
No. 8287
285 kB, 1366 × 768

Perfect background melancholy music. Even captcha seems to agree.
No. 8319
359 kB, 700 × 700
Another one from the Rain series.

I listened to it because Nigul is a compatriot and he made a nice album with ffs121, "Esperant la nit" ("waiting for the night")

You can find it in archive.org
No. 8426
23 kB, 600 × 485
I've really been enjoying this cover lately. If anyone has any similar ballads of soldiers, criminals or mercenaries to recommend I'd love to hear them.


Through sixty-six and seven
They fought the Congo war
With their fingers on their triggers
Knee-deep in gore
For days and nights they battled
The Bantu to their knees
They killed to earn their living
And to help out the Congolese
No. 8442
Even before clicking I knew it was going to be her. She has a fitting voice for the song, gives it a haunting sound.
No. 8618
>If anyone has any similar ballads of soldiers, criminals or mercenaries
This song has been stuck in my head for days. It has kind of a Possum Kingdom vibe to it, but it's much closer to a ballad.
>Nick Cave-Kylie Minogue:Where the Wild Roses Grow

also Possum Kingdom by [/b]the Toadies[/b] since I mentioned it:
No. 8858
One of my favourite Russian bands

Also remembered good song from Coil I listened to few years ago

No. 8937
hello Ernst, how are you doing tonight?

I come bearing some cozy "neocumbia", as some people like to call it.

>Tao Anatin'Imano - Arie Faly Aho Leitsy (O Ami, Je Suis Content) [El Búho Edit]

>Savia Andina - Porque Estas Triste (El Búho Remix)

>Pachakuti - Agua Clara (El Búho Remix)

this guy's soundcloud has some pretty nice tracks. I am still traversing the genre and I am finding all good surprises.
No. 9082
No. 9083 Kontra
No. 9204

I've been slowly working my way through the discography of Bill Callahan the past few weeks. It's nice, stripped down songs about a life of introversion.
No. 9209
7,2 MB, 6:15
4,5 MB, 3:54
5,3 MB, 3:21
7,3 MB, 3:04
These are some I enjoyed listening to lately.
No. 9287
46 kB, 518 × 491
>Adult Fantasies - 8 Neo-Pathetic Scenes
I wanted to share this album with you guys since quite a time now. I'm not sure how to exactly describe it as it's a mix of a lot of genres but mostly it's electrical music and it's really dark. The timestamps for the songs I'll mention can be found in the video descriprion.
I especially like the song "In Darkness I Dwell", it is ecstatically painful to listen to. The noises usef there remind me of wanting to scream out of despair and madness but not being able to, so all one can is do is grunting like a pig. It also sounds very sexual but not in a sexy way but in a Bataille-esque way: sexuality and sex as the only way to escape the fear of death, also experiencing a personal death everytime during orgasm.
"Daddy Bear" is about the sexual abuse of a girl by her father and has a really gloomy and disturbing atmosphere to it which is really captivating nonetheless, especially because of the singer's voice. I think it's about the ambiguity of father-daughter rape, the girl which tells us the story through the voice of the female singer seems conflicted about what to feel with the father being her loving daddy-bear but also doing things she cannot understand ("I like the games I play with him") and is not allowed to to talk about with her friends.
The last song I'll write a few words about is called "Lederhosen, Zack, Zack!", it's in german and about pederasty. Really bizarre shit.
No. 9361
82 kB, 645 × 773
I love coming back to this, pure feels

>Кино - Группа Крови (Альбом)
No. 9510
No. 9539
No. 9640
Aah, ernst. I've listened to the new A$AP rocky x Tyler the creator track and rocky reminded me of this golden album of experimental hip hop I've been shredding when it came out a few years ago

shabazz palaces - Les Majesty
it's really something!
No. 9641
You know, I don't usually listen to hiphop but this is damn good
No. 9648
I'm glad you liked it! Black up album of theirs is also great, but I can't find it on youtube in it's entirety. If you liked Lese Majesty, check it out. It's less trippy, but still good.
No. 9649 Kontra
14 kB, 354 × 286
Also, massive attack - protection original master 320kb

damn, I listened to this album so many times and I always streamed the new re-mastered from youtube. Little did I know. I feel like an idiot, because I was fan-boying massive attack since I was 12
No. 9654
No. 9657
167 kB, 598 × 465

The comments are cringing me to death, PLEASE HELP

Massive attack is cool though.
No. 9982
29 kB, 382 × 261




I absolutely love this game's soundtrack, especially the track in the last link.
No. 10018
I just found out about The Mountain Goats. Tallahassee and All Hail west Texas are really good

t. Slowpoke
No. 10022
49 kB, 800 × 450
I feel like there should be a local market for Kazakh Surf Rock that mixes traditional dombra tunes with surf rock. It also has the ebin irony of being surf rock from an effectively landlocked country. Could also go with the 90s Surf Revival aesthetic that's all 50s and 60s sci-fi and play up the Baikonur thing too.

As an example taking this tune

and mixing it with this style of play

Rate idea.
No. 10042
Do you know the surf rock edits of black metal songs?


They do this with the help of some special but pretty easy technique of music editing you can probably find on google. Maybe this could actually work, would be ebin.
No. 10047
I did not. Closest I know was the short-lived surf punk genre of the early 80s, which is still breddy good tbh.

No. 10069
34 kB, 400 × 400
Nashville Blues - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


>From 'Will The Circle Be Unbroken' 1972 album by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with collaboration from many famous country players, including Mother Maybelle Carter, Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs, Merle Travis, Pete "Oswald" Kirby, Norman Blake, Jimmy Martin, and others.
No. 10071
No. 10074
78 kB, 928 × 523
What's Ernsts opinion on the Bee Gees? Not the 70s Disco Bee Gees but the 60s Bee Gees. Usually not my kind of music but i can't help but like it.

Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941

Bee Gees - To Love Somebody
No. 10096
362 kB, 636 × 480
I had never heard anything but their 1970's disco music-and even from that I only know the big hits. This earlier style I actually like better. Now have some of The Yardbirds.
>For Your Love (1965)
No. 10099
Good song.

Similar's I like:
Animals - Don't let me be Misunderstood

The Box Tops - The Letter

The Statler Brothers: Flowers On The Wall
No. 10102
I like that song, i think the first time i heard it was on the Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Soundtrack.
Did you know that Eric Clapton used to play in that band? Something else with Clapton:
No. 10103
Accidental post, here's something else with Clapton:
No. 10106
Drummers used to be better when they held their sticks the proper way.
No. 10107
Earl Scruggs without Les Flatt is just wrong tbh. You needed both to create the godlike act that was the Foggy Mountain Boys.
No. 10108
Classy bands wearing suits. I love the old music.
He played with one band after another, leaving a trail of hits in his wake. This song has my all-time favorite guitar. I can't not turn it up.
>Derek and the Dominos:Layla
No. 10186
I was actually surprised to find out this song was from Linkin Park
It sincerely sounds really good. I hadn't realized that some of the old bands we heard all the time as kids made good stuff later. I just remember abandoning American music almost entirely by the mid to late 00s.
No. 10615
Man this is really good (to me anyway)
Does anyone know what is producing that one sound here https://youtu.be/1OygllPbsQ0?t=1081? It sounds like a, almost like a type of plastic tube set up like a xylaphone being struck, or like a really taught string being plucked inside of a metal gong or something. I am happy to have at least figured out where one sound comes from that I was looking for previously
No. 10650
119 kB, 980 × 590

Виктор Цой - Пачка Сигарет
No. 10695
Hybrid theory and meteora where my dirty pleasures of my 14 years old metalhead phase. Oh boy does it bring back memories, playing tony hawk underground 2 on keyboard while listening to that particular track.

Also that effect sounds like some ableton feng-shui but I'm by no means producer or have any knowledge on the topic

New dean blunt is pretty good, I never was a big fan because of his voice being sometimes so out of place but I got used to it tbh

dean blunt - soul on fire

also one of his oldies which I think is the top shit, Dean Blunt - '50 Cent'
No. 10704
8,5 MB, 6:08
Yeah it's decent, but kinda mellow. I just remembered that I used to listen to Stabbing Westward

I'm having feels I didn't know even still existed. My memory system has been kind of obliterated by two diseases.
No. 10723
>Does anyone know what is producing that one sound here

Not sure about your question. Do you mean by which specific electronic instruments/ recording technic it was made, or how the process of generating the sound in general may look like?

I btw, have the feeling I've heard it somewhere else before, so it might just be a sampled loop.
No. 10725
15 kB, 552 × 378
When the slugs penetrate, you feel a burning sensation
Getting closer to god in a tight situation
No. 10791
I'm not embarrassed to say I actually listen to quite a lot of pop alongside electronic/industrial


The first song in particular somehow makes me feel like I'm back in college, maybe because I can picture it as the perfect dance song people would be playing all the fucking time. Of course, this was after my time.
No. 10830

I'm very fond of tracks that evolve and shift genre as they go on even if you'll have a job getting the transitions out of your head. You may remember Cibo Matto from the Michel Gondry video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN9auBn6Jys) or that one half has done vocals for Noodle of the band Gorillaz.

I also got around to listening to Men I Trust and have found it noice af:

Anyone who judges you for liking pop is a repressed faggot tbh. It's an extremely broad genre that offers something for everyone when you let go of pretensions. Katy Perry is shidd though. Swifties 4 lyfe :DDD
No. 10844
Too lazy to type out the titles tonight but here's some stuff I'm currently listening to.

>south-korean psychedelic rock
Weird to think that this kind of music was orchestrated by a military dictatorship (iirc).

>some romanian folk dance
Enchantingly wild and ecstatic, sort of sexual

>polish neofolk
Wonderfully apocalyptic

>Soundgarden cover
I subconsciously rediscovered this Black Hole Sun cover by Cibo Matto after the brit mentioned them ITT, nice I should listen to more stuff by them.

>Grauzone - Ich lieb sie
Sort of a persiflage on cheesy lovesongs (including a sad ending) but it feels really honest.

>Barry Manilow - Copacabana (spanish version)
I come back to this more often than I like to admit, really in any mood

>Current 93 - The Cat is Dead
Sweet melancholy

>Mellow Candle - The Poet and the Witch
I really like those girls voices, they were still in school when recording this

>Trick 17 - Hey komm schlaf mit mir
Youtube description says it's minimal synth, the lyrics kinda stuck with me and it's really catchy
No. 10849
>Anyone who judges you for liking pop is a repressed faggot tbh

I'd rather be a repressed faggot than listen to pop music, tbh

That romanian dance music is engagingly hypnotic, I like it.
No. 10851
I mean which specific instrument is being used which I think I also just figured out. It sounds vaguely like a hand pan, which denotes to me that it is some sort of metal being struck like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=747hJQNJpeg
or also vaguely like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VeaMEiWo-4
which yes I am looking for the actual exact instrument that does this. I realized I actually like the sound of metals, harsh or melodic I don't really care, like the sound of steel being scraped together or struck in a literally industrial sense of industrial music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKUJN10__A4
No. 10930
No. 10934
No. 10953

>which specific instrument is being used

Maybe none, it might be just FM synthesis:

No. 10954
North East Techno.
Curious about any reaction to this one.
No. 10958
129 kB, 600 × 600
256 kB, 220 × 388, 0:02
>Mona Carita - Soita Mulle
Finnish cover of the popular Blondie track "Call me" :DD

It is a little hobby of mine to collect more or less obscure cover versions of english pop songs in other languages. If you guys are interested, I'd might share a bit one day.
No. 10970
>Curious about any reaction to this one
A good fast mix with a lot of energy. I don't know enough about techno to say if this is the best or anything, but I liked it. My only criticism was the amount of talking/rousing of the crowd. I suppose I can give the MC the benefit of the doubt on that; maybe he saw someone try to leave the dance floor and he wasn't having it.
If you're holding back anything as good as this, please share.
No. 10979
No. 10993 Kontra
428 kB, 1010 × 765
It gave me unavailable the first time I clicked it, but now the link seems to work.
No. 11026
No. 11144
348 kB, 640 × 480
402 kB, 1024 × 768
209 kB, 1920 × 1080
77 kB, 1280 × 720
Does anyone have suggestions for musicians/bands with live shows worth watching recordings of? And maybe where to find them?

I'm speaking of stuff like GG Allin or Rammstein
No. 11148
53 kB, 960 × 540
102 kB, 960 × 540
22 kB, 480 × 360
100 kB, 720 × 529
You might check out Satan Panonski



The way he described himself:

"I am Satan Panonski, by etnicity a punk, by profession a friend"

There are also several videos on youtube:


No. 11151
Thanks, will look into it
No. 11162
No. 11163
No. 11328
13,8 MB, 640 × 328, 4:03
No. 11329
I'm back on my bullshit

This is just a fucking classic

This is a weird one, it's a remix of a rap album with dance beats interspersed with spoken samples about depression
Also this is probably my favorite LUM line:
No. 11393
20 kB, 409 × 409
I think it's late enough in the year to justify playing one of my favourite albums of all time John Zorn - A Dreamers Christmas. The whole album has a perfect aesthetic to it of a Christmas spent in a tiki bar with a taste for Jazz too.


Full album:

Goodnight everyone.
No. 11402
I think I'm gonna save this one for later, not quite in the mood yet

Can you recommend some other John Zorn albums? I torrented his discography at some point, but I've barely listened to it consciously
No. 11403
Some more rock classics

The Hollies - Long Cool Woman


CCR - I heard it through the grapevine


Ten Years After - I'm Going Home

No. 11423
Personally I started with Filmworks XIX: The Rain Horse which is actually one of his film soundtracks:

If that's all too serious for you then The Gift is a highly recommended album to start with and has a lighter surf influence:

The short of it is that his albums are incredibly varied in influences. If you don't like one album then move onto the next and come back to it later.
No. 11614
34 kB, 720 × 452
478 kB, 1200 × 663
Shaggy 2 Dope drop kicked Fred Durst from behind on stage

No. 11620
79 kB, 640 × 560
can anyone recommend more artists in the vein of Death in June, Current 93, Rome, Death in Rome, etc.?
No. 11624
2,8 MB, 4:08
13,0 MB, 5:22
9,7 MB, 3:58
6,4 MB, 2:30
Not sure entirely what you mean. Like musical style? Laibach immediately comes to mind
maybe not, thinks L I don't think Lacuna Coil
no definitely not

I wouldn't say Type O Negative either though you might enjoy them and probably heard of them.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXIWRan3XGY is a pretty well known, speedier one of their songs but personally I liked this one best probably https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws5UUPUg7V0

I personally think that Bauhaus is probably most similar to what you're looking for of groups I know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qxqq5vahHKk
or Sisters of Mercy

So I guess, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Type O Negative are a few of my recommendations for you.

Maybe also check out London After Midnight though it's getting more into what I explicitly like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD2JUFkT5RI

Is this kind of what you mean? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW_ylaVED2k
I was also vaguely reminded of the Chromatics you might want to check out
No. 11625
1,1 MB, 945 × 2292
201 kB, 963 × 807
Besides these charts, there are plenty of black and doom bands which sound similar to neo-folk if you can get past the metal aspect.

Examples would be Empyrium:
And Agalloch:

You also have "dark folk" which is very similar to neo-folk:

I'm not entirely sure what the difference ismas many neo-folk albums are quite dark as well.
No. 11664
8 kB, 254 × 199
Thanks guys. I should mention, I am a big fan of Coil as well. Agalloch is indeed pleasant; I also enjoy Drudkh.
No. 11675
You could also try Orplid, Boyd Rice, Derniere Volonte, Gae Bolg, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Von Thronstahl or even something like In the Nursery. And since you like Coil, you should totally check out Ulver's electronic albums, they're breddy gud (I personally like them much more than their black metal ones).
No. 11693
48 kB, 474 × 650

I like the fact that the oldest known secular song in English can be summed up as 'I suffer on the England'.

Merry life it is while the summer it lasts
with sound of bird song.
Oh but now the cold wind blasts,
it blows so strong.
Oh, oh, but this night is long
And it does to me much wrong:
sorrow and mourn and starve.

Also that feel when even by this point Old English was dood and perfidious Latins will never pay reparations for irreparable cultural and linguistic damage to the Anglo-Saxon people. Not even a reservation like what we gave the Celts when we made them pay denbts.

And also a version done by an Anglo-Saxon metal band which is breddy ebin.
No. 11836
12,7 MB, 27:39
7,1 MB, 15:24
5,9 MB, 12:59
Without music life would be a mistake.

No. 11841
Good golly, Gothien are terrific, thank you for pointing them out.
No. 11842
No problem. That album featured heavily in the soundtrack for a 3rd Crusade era game of GURPS I ran in high school. Unfortunately the game fell apart because only one of the players was autismal enough to get into it and not just 'dude where's the loot lmao' their way through a session.
No. 11843 Kontra
Also, what makes it good to me compared to the most popular medieval music videos on youtube is that the editing is low and there is close to no attempt to touch up the music to make it sound 'epic' by jamming the entire track with a dozen bass sources at any given time. If you've looked before, you'll know what I mean. Some versions that I've seen online barely resemble the sheet music or tone of the lyrics at times because of it.
No. 11858
Hey, maybe I can show you something in return. For the past year or so I've been searching actively for music touching old germanic, slavic or norse themes.
The best stuff I've found are (not in Order):

  1. Kaunan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpmP0PQyw_k (Not just this one piece, but their entire album.
  2. Heilung: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1BsKIP4uYM (Literally the most amazing thing in music I've seen in a looooong time, too bad I missed the concert in Copenhagen 15 days ago)
  3. Harald Foss - I don't know most of the songs I find on youtube, but pretty much all of his stuff is of equal quality, so here is a random sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YzEA_uQBg4 (This is closest to Gothien, I would say)
No. 11894
I've started listening to some Bach and Tchaikovsky CDs my dad has. They're pleasant but I'm unsure if I'm listening in the correct manner.
No. 11895
Well, in this particular case visiting a live concert would be listening in the correct manner, so it doesn't really matter how you listen to those CDs. Might just blast them while playing CS and drinking beer, doesn't make much difference.
No. 11896
Neat, that's good to know

Currently listening to Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 by the New York Philharmonic while studying an chemistry's
No. 11934

Insane EP. Some excellent dark underground techno.
No. 11939

No. 11961
2,8 MB, 958 × 535, 0:01
No. 11966
Excellent, this will have a secure place in my music library from now on. Doubly nice that there is no minimum price.
No. 11993
For everyone who listens primarily in headphones
get Sonarworks or Tonebooster and Ghz Canopener, all of them have trial versions.
cracked versions can be found on rutracker, but you should buy them
The difference with them (even with OK headphones like Grado325) and without them is very audible.
I've relistened to my collection and had a literal orgasm, no exaggeration.
Ask me any questions about installation.
No. 11996
Makes me wanna do MDMA with speed and go on a rave again. But I try to not destroy my mind further so I listen to it in my bed under my blanket. Lately I was listening to an one hour mix of psytrance after I got some heavy euphoria from a writing session. Sad thing is that while I've done way too much drugs I've only been on a rave one single time, and it wasn't even some fancy outdoor one but a normal night in some underground club.
Wanna gather up one day, german Ernsts?
No. 11997
4,0 MB, 640 × 360, 0:50
My story goes similar, except that I went to countless raves, club nights and many indoor and outdoor goa parties, also some festivals.

In my town there will be a early 90s rave and trance night and I thought maybe I should pop some pills, I have collected over time but never consumed. But since the sleep deprivation usually makes everything come back with full force I should just stay home.

There was some summer ending outdoor party and I drank a few beers and danced to the music for half an hour without any more drugs, never had that. Still felt so great to move the body to some electronic music again after some years.

Given the mood of consuming and partying, a belter from back then that catches it with its title:

too lazy too log into youtube to share my latest finds in techno and house
No. 11999
>Wanna gather up one day, german Ernsts?

Sure, I live close to Hamburg, so that's my go-to place for raving. (Waagenbau, Uebel & Gefährlich etc.)

But I'd like to check out the Berlin techno-scene once (Anyone of you made it into Berghain?) we could go there for NYE to HYTE
No. 12002 Kontra
>Berlin techno-scene once (Anyone of you made it into Berghain?)

Why not go to other spots that are famous or more unknown/underground even on a Berlin-level?

If I would still go out on the weekend and visit Berlin I would go to Griessmühle perhaps or look for other nice clubs. A friend told me about Sysiphos, sounds alright. Except having longer opening hours and a better ambient than most clubs in Germany I think the crowd at those drug fueled techno clubs is quite similar all over Germany and Europe tbh. Or am I missing here something?
No. 12351
>Chrissy Zebby Tembo - My Ancestors
Pretty cool psychedelic/surf-influenced album from Zambia.

As the years go by I also realise more and more how much I love the Christmas season. Christmas Day is disappointing but I like the run up of going to a local pub/bar on a cold afternoon with no worries and everyone in a chill mood. Hence another Christmas song:
No. 12352
59 kB, 500 × 600
>Wanna gather up one day, german Ernsts?
Hmm, why not. I only drink beer and Jäger, but I'm fine with you doing your drug thing <3
We will lose each other anyway >.<
Nice, I have to go by train to Hamburg 2 hours, but when I do, I usually go to the Tunnel. This club is shite, but it has nice Trance, Hands Up and Hardstyle Events, sometimes even Hardcore and faster. And the shabbiness of the club is attracting somehow, they have a little room in the basement only for Hardcore, and it smells like an abandon place.
My music taste is a little weird, I would also go the Hamburger Alm or Große Freiheit (the basement) for the EBM Parties.
No. 12353

I remember that under one of those 90s trance tracks someone posted that the Tunnel was called das Jugendgrab grave of youth back in the 90s. So the club has stayed more than 25years by now?

Here is the track I suppose has that comment

And apparently Gary D died.
No. 12358
No. 12369
I'm from NRW so it would take a while for me to get to Hamburg. If we would really want to do this though I guess I could take a flixbus. I don't have much to do anyways and I'd be glad to participate at a rave. I'd need a place to stay though.

t. >>11996
No. 12379
Some emo rap, just in case you are tired of listening to Zwölftonmusik who am I kidding

Good Night Sweet Prince

Love the chopped vocals, reminds me a bit of breakcore, Nero's Day at Disneyland or sth.

The song's not that great but I really like the video

Pretty dated sound, but I dig this one for the unexpectedly poetic hook from Weezy
>Life - I wonder
>Will it take me under?
No. 12382
No. 12385 Kontra
chans have ruined me I legitimately cannot figure out if this is a man or not
https://www.instagram.com/emilykavanaugh/ I swear I keep seeing a five o clock shadow
No. 12394
68 kB, 676 × 675
The vocal sample is a bit annoying but the synths are coming directly from hell, sublime and classic electro/IDM

No. 12398
what car on pic? VW?
No. 12399
I suspect an old Renault or Peugeot, picture was taken in 1980s Belgium.
No. 12400
You probably right, this car looks really familiar, but I don't know concretic model.
No. 12401
Renault R18, there is a Peugeot that has a símilar built.
No. 12402

Looks like Renault 9
No. 12403 Kontra
Could also be the Peugeot 305, they look damn similar.
No. 12404

So, how do we keep in touch now?
Should I make a Telegram group?
No. 12429
329 kB, 1200 × 1185
Orange - Ziegenhonig
saw it live (bit longer version) - i do need new speakers; the bass isn't the same at home :3
No. 12450
150 kB, 1024 × 576

I had it running repeatedly when I was driving on the A15 in the port of Rotterdam while it was heavily raining.
No. 12458
I was having a hard time finding trip hop radios in these past years, it seems they were being replaced by radios where trip hop was bundled in newer concepts such as chill hop. I like chill hop, but I'm happy to find a quality trip hop radio again.
No. 12510
200 kB, 1134 × 1134
No. 12522
Meh, one of those bands that are cool for about 15 minutes. Nobody in the local goth scene likes them much because they are too pretentious (yes, fancy that, goths discarding something as too pretentious).
No. 12574
7,0 MB
Had a highly serene moment to this song while having my early morning walk in the dawn.
This is not the first time something like this has happened and I know that from now on I will be transported to a state of bliss when I listen to this song attentatively. It was a real meditative moment, as good as any state I managed to read in meditation on my own.

Do any of you have this sort of thing happen to you?
No. 12594
I just rememberd Nachtmahr and it belongs to a little boys Eisregen-episode. Nothing more, unfortunately.
No. 12641
Now this is what I'd call actual neofolk, not some gay ass nazi shit (just kidding, I like DIJ too).
Ingmar Burghardt made some songs out of poems by Josef Weinheber and Hermann Löns (also by other authors), really great stuff in my opinion.

>Josef Weinheber - Im Grase

>Josef Weinheber - Judaskuß

>Hermann Löns - Irrkraut

>Hermann Löns - Die Funken
My favorite one so far, also great atmospheric video.
No. 12700
140 kB, 846 × 570
That feel when I got around to listening to T-I-G-E-R Army's newest EP. It was kind of a letdown compared to the cosy Calicore that they used to have as their calling card. There is definitely some stylistic and thematic similarity, but it just doesn't 'feel' right. Compare the first link to their older stuff below it and see if you can see what I mean.


No. 12747
Very rarely if ever, at least sober. Sounds nice.
No. 12751
Neofolk is the gayest and most nazi genre ever. Can't listen to it, but each his own.

Btw this is a 'poem' by Mr Weinheber:

Deutschland, ewig und groß,
Deutschland, wir grüßen Dich!
Deutschland, heilig und stark,
Führer, wir grüßen Dich!
Heimat, glücklich und frei,
Heimat, wir grüßen Dich!

What is wrong with Austrians?
No. 12996
Oscillating between zoomer rap (when I feel like shit) and classical music (when I feel good) lately

would really surprise me if this guy survives 2019

RIP Peep

guy is just stunting on that cello

the gopro recordings make me slightly nauseous
No. 13004
No. 13116
11,8 MB, 640 × 360, 2:38
It is an easy thing to fall
into depression, not even recognizing it or understanding the come up even after so long of feeling dull but impervious. One can even forget the sacrifices made for nothing, the life that meant nothing, that in the past they said you may be depressive or bipolar. It is easy to forget the medications along with the past, but still be stuck with a consistent self, easier still when you are totally disconnected from your emotions to suddenly have a wave of crippling depression wash over you for no apparent reason, recognizable even to others but you only understand what is happening on the com up but still not the why
No. 13127
380 kB, 200 × 348, 0:02

Listening to it on 1.25x speed for like an hour already.
I wonder if there is an mid 2000s french house like edit, since it would work perfect for that
No. 13250
716 kB, 1600 × 1200
>Winterfylleth - The Honour of Good Men on the Path to Eternal Glory

I've been listening to metal again after many years, listening to releases that I missed after I stopped for a long while. That cosy ethnometal feel of listening a recounting of how Wessex pushed Nordic shit in. Does your country have a localised alternative to Viking Metal? Or is it just folk metal?
No. 13277
there's falkenbach who is half icelandic/german, who can be called "viking" and who is actually one of the originators of the genre iirc and there are other bands who play a similar style, but they are called "pagan metal", since germany was simply germanic, only schleswig-holstein and meckpomm used to be home to vikings.


this one is probably my no. 1 pagan metal song. it's sung in old high german and tells the story of the hildebrandslied, which is the oldest known piece of german poetry. the hildebrandslied is a heroic lay from germanic times. it's even older than the nibelungenlied afaik.


all these far-right bydlo retards with their dumb comments under the video make me want to vomit. i can see why they are particularly drawn to this and of course it's their right to find it as enchanting as i do, yet it's annoying that they can't enjoy this without regurgitating and spouting the same dumb drivel they are spouting at each other inside their echo chambers all day.

these guys are from my area, they are one of germany's oldest pagan/black metal bands and they are still one of the best in that genre, in my opinion. lots of references to local history, legends and such in their lyrics. love it.

No. 13280
52 kB, 380 × 642
>other bands who play a similar style, but they are called "pagan metal", since germany was simply germanic, only schleswig-holstein and meckpomm used to be home to vikings.
Yeah, that's what I mean. Lots of bands seem to go the Viking route for no real reason. I appreciate the change in tone that some of the other branches of pagan metal have.

I've listened to a bit of Falkenbach before, they're breddy nice. I like that they're a bit more authentic with their style, using the Old Norse lyrics occasionally and shit like that. I very much appreciate a band that knows when to roll it back and tone down the growls for a bit to build atmosphere. Reason I say as an alternative to Viking metal is mostly just that it seems like there's an overabundance of that specific subgenre throughout the world for whatever reason. They even had a concert with 5 bands at the Bowls Club down the road from where I used to live here last year, and I have stumbled upon Viking Metal from Brickistan of all places while listening to some Kyrgyz stuff with my Anglo-Saxon metal in the youtube history. Lord knows why they'd look to Vikings when they have their own warlords who were probably more metal to boot.

I'll check out those other bands though. The last one especially sounds breddy cool.

The Kyrgyz album from above, in case you're curious.
Darkestrah - Manas
No. 13341
that kyrgyz band is pretty interesting, not bad at all.
do you know any good pagan/black metal with celtic themes? bands from ireland, uk, france etc.?
i only know peste noire from france, who are really really good, unique and probably sound celtic (they definitely don't sound "germanic", like most pagan/bm bands), however it's not really my cup of tea for some reason, even though i listen to extreme metal such as deathspell omega when i'm in the mood.
No. 13343
2,3 MB, 854 × 480, 1:13
not exactly my kind of music, but i like the sample it uses.


maybe with the right drug-cocktail i would enjoy that kind of music, thou
No. 13377
Geasa aren't bad but the Celtic style seems to inspire a lot more towards the Folk Metal end of the spectrum than the Black Metal end. If you are interested in that too and not just Pagan Black, there's Cruachan who are one of the early performers in that genre.

>Geasa - Starside

There is also Furor Gallico who are Italian and interesting enough. I like this song of theirs written in a Lombard dialect.
>Furor Gallico - Curmisagios

I haven't listened to a lot of metal in a long time though so I dunno much about newer releases or acts.
No. 13540
geasa are less pagan metal and more straight black metal, but they are really nice :3
thank you.
No. 13553
My bads. I think of them as within the same sort of sphere, kind of like how Winterfylleth doesn't consider themselves Anglo-Saxon pagan metal but rather 'English Heritage Metal' where their lyrics reference the history and culture of that people both before and after christianisation. Admittedly they're not as thematic as some bands but it's the closest I know and I only know them because I came across that demo semi-recently and thought it was breddy good.

Also, if you listen to some of their later stuff it's very different and may be more what you're after, or may not depending on taste.
No. 13625
3,4 MB, 4032 × 3024

I'm transforming into a zoomer while listening, tranzboomer or sth.
No. 13886
Behold, Basically Death Grips But With Actual Africans:


I'm pretty sure Africans appropriating American pop music (which is for the most part African Americans anyways), adding their own syncretic influences and making it even more Dionysian will be the big export from Africa in the future. I know afropop has been a thing for a while but my prediction is that it'll take off internationally in the next 5 years or so.

This is good, reminded me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKdrO-cmICY because of the lyrics
No. 13888
> reminded me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKdrO-cmICY because of the lyrics

It's a 42min long album. But it sounds interesting.
Concerning the lyrics it's a slowed down and processed Britney Spears song
No. 13939
What's the song being played in the beginning here?

No. 13985
I've been listening to the new Cryo Chamber collaboration. Breddy good/5.

No. 14152
Great song and one of my favorite groups in the hip-hop genre

Cunninlynguists - Oh Honey


And some 80s punk trash because why not

No. 14162
>What's the song being played
Bob Acri
>Sleep Away
No. 14194
>Banco De Gaia - Maya (Full Album)

I always say, when in doubt - Banco De Gaia.
One of the reasons why UK electronic music is amazing.
No. 14213
Moon Dog - The German Years

I really need this LP but it's tremendously expensive now.

Dog bless youtube!
No. 14234
Youtube is really the best jukebox there is.
No. 14236
I am listening to this right now:

There are some parts of me that want myself to be more religious, but when I seriously consider it I realize that I no matter how much religious music, philosophy, cultural practices, etc. I take part in and enjoy I still have no faith. Ultimately I like Christianity, but not for any faith based reason that would leave me to be a "True Believer". I just feel like a phony impeding on someone else's territory when I try to get more engrossed in religion and spirituality.
No. 14251
also this new fad of chillhop radio stations is very good
No. 14277

АЛ-90 [AL-90] - КОД-915913 [CODE-915913] (2015)

I'd call it Russian post-vaporwave chill/trip hop

it's smooth but a bit too fruty-loopsy at times
No. 14278 Kontra
also this: 06. Radicalnye Tanzi is the best track on this album
No. 14292
503 kB, 1200 × 1200
Ebin album. Ebin cover. Popped up in recommended videos while listening to Takeshi Terauchi, so it's a mix of 70s funk and traditional Japanese sounds.

>Osamu Kitajima - Benzaiten
No. 14327
No. 14328
No. 14329
No. 14399
Sick use of an Evanescence sample:
No. 14411
The soundtrack to a nonexistent 70s Italian horror film:
No. 14749
No. 14849
On youtube you often notice the algorithm has a strong preference for Japanese music which means you end up listening to it all day. Still, I often across some very nice technical skill:

No. 14852
>On youtube you often notice the algorithm has a strong preference for Japanese music
Youtube usually recommends out of videos you watched though.
No. 14853
I don't think i ever got japanese music shown on youtube except for maybe something like the NieR: Automata soundtrack i listened to before it showed it to me.

Great soundtrack btw


No. 14884
723 kB, 864 × 561
Does any of you like to have a nice and chill trip to outer space?

>Hallucinogen - L.S.D. (Ott's World Sheet Of Closed String Mix)
No. 14888
That's where I know that from
Honestly I really probably should take some therapeutic LSD at some point. Last time was just kind of like eh well this is interesting I suppose. You'd think I'd be exactly the type of person prone to bad trips but honestly the few times I've done psys interfaced with the experience in more the Buddhist monk manner. The truly nightmare trips I have had have all been with weed. And well alcohol and benzos but obviously I didn't care so much at the time.
No. 14893
Not bad, sounds a little bit like...old school dark psytrance if something like that exists.

Also hey, the audio samples kind of matches! I want to listen to the original audio sample but I cba to search for it

Have the original production
>Hallucinogen - LSD

For me, I never tried any of the serious stuff, I am absolutely interested in trying hallucinogens, especially LSD and ayahuasca - I even have their own playlists ready. But I am kind of weary about bad trips and addiction, since that I have an addictive personality and I tend to escape reality with music...
No. 14897
It's a specific like psytrance sampling over this
that's then been used as sampling by multiple people. Although the one I shared was Velvet Acid Christ, which is kind of like the antecedent to a lot of witch house and has a lot of dark ambient and industrial. It's part of why I said it's odd my trips were so nice and in control, because a lot of the music I listen to and often moods is so incredibly dark, hostile, and morbid. Like VAC in particular is incredibly dark. The lyrics are also pretty retarded and shitty but nobody listens to anything like that for the lyrics. :wumpscut: at least has better lyrics but still isn't mean better than say Hocico, Suicide Commando, Combichrist etc. Though even VAC has some pretty incredible soundscapes especially on Twisted Thought Generator and Dimension 8

Actually this is filling me with really upbeat and positive emotions right now
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWI5EMb-i-4 but that's probably just other associations too

I'm having trouble finding Dimension 8 in one playlist though but it's probably some of my favorite soundscapes

Another really fantastic group is Machine in the Garden. I think this is their best possibly

Unlike VAC, I think this is actually probably good to listen to while tripping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BLvnRnX104
No. 14900
and you just casually solved that audio sample mystery. nice.

I remembered VAC now, I think a German (or was it an American?) who showed me them, this track to be specific
>VAC - Ghost in the Circuit

>dark music
Ah, you reminded me of my college days when I listened to deep and dark psytrance. They offered an escape from reality and I just wandered into my own worlds and galaxies...I switched into something more upbeat and melodic now - goa trance and full on psytrance.

But for you, here are some tracks that I used to listen to:
>Xenomorph - Violation

>Nrs v Bolt - Annihilation
The two tracks above are from a compilation called A Violent Reaction. As far as I remember most of the producers are Russians, and those people know how to produce dark music, ranging from subtle and simple tracks to mind blowing powerful tracks, so powerful that you "can taste the acid in the track"

>Sulima - Klaustrofobia
As simple as this one is, I really loved this track. It used to induce my imagination like the most intricate tracks I have for some reason.

>Hydraglyph - Somebody Else
Very, very powerful stuff from South Africa.
No. 14999
Polish Neofolk/Martial Industrial.

•Ruch Ludowy


•Katyń // Song of the crying mother

>Alfred Deller
Great british countertenor.

•Wraggle Taggle Gypsies

•Hey, Ho, the Wind and the Rain

•Three Ravens

•O Solitude


>Era Fascista - Canti e Inni Originali deel Ventennio
Italian fascist songs.


•Vincere vincere vincere

•Facetta nera

•Addio mia piccola
https://youtu.be/Nv4gSiWs36Q (attenzione, the recording's sound is heavily fucked up so don't play too loud)

•Allarmi siam fascisti
No. 15014
Recently I started to listen (and download) analog enthusiast's audiophile Hifi takes on youtube, some of them really sound incredible good, even on my shitty 2.1 Creative PC speakers:





No. 15199
25 kB, 400 × 295
Sitting around at home, bored out of my mind. I started skipping through old electronic music on youtube. I wanted to share a song I really loved back then and still think it hasn't lost anything over the years.
No. 15204

Fuck yes. TIME UNLIMITED! I have that on vinyl. Fuck yes, Acid MADNESS.

That channel is ace, together with some others these are 90s gold mines I used to dig when I was around 18/19/20 and it is a big part of my loved electronic music
No. 15208

Giving this a spin atm, some moody experimental electronic stuff from this year

Time Hecker - more liek Tim HeckYEA
No. 15266
55 kB, 1280 × 720
That is nice. Bookmarked for a lazy morning.
But not for my mood. I miss the kick to the head with such music. I am more up for some like this, it is a Saturday after all. https://youtu.be/phdEXj-gsOg
No. 15269

>Korsakoff - Lyra

The video is better than the original track, I go absolutely crazy when the girl screams.
No. 15277
42 kB, 206 × 228
Hi, Egypt!
One Day of Life we will meet and go crazy together. And may it be in the next one.

Not her, but another HandsupHC with a mindcrack to it, I hope you enjoy. Reach into your pockets.
No. 15295
Hallo Deutschland!
We shall indeed meet one day, we will dance like there is no tomorrow and we will go bat shit crazy, and it will be glorious...may it be this life or the next one.

>Evil Activities

No. 15305
199 kB, 387 × 265
No. 15326
Oh boy, I listened to Korsakoff for a few weeks in 2010. Then I learned about Day-Mar[1] and forgot Korsakoff... and then I stopped listening to dutch HC because I found me new love in Breakcore and IDM. And while I still listen to that occasionally, my main interest is in a completely different direction today.
I'm starting to feel really old right now, remembering the various music I listened to. I actually started to listen to gabber in the 90s, before the schranz-kick replaced the gabber-kick.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNSOoB4DM9k
No. 15360
new to me, and for that:

>Day Mar
also new to me, and this is FUCKING BANGING.

I discovered Dutch hardcore back in 2001-ish (along with psytrance), and it was via Nosferatu. Back then I was just getting started to dig deeper into electronic music and I was mind blown by the sheer amount of energy this genre produces. But then I gradually switched most of my electronic music preferences to psytrance and goa. I still come back to hardcore when I need to vent.
No. 15579
60 kB, 550 × 366

that Madonna song where she is humming [sppiler] hmmmm mhhhh etc[/spoiler] so lovely in the chorus. I came to it because the humming was used as peritext in some book. I remember watching it on TV because my brother watched VIVA at the time. that was 20yo and I just experience time.

I wonder of these frog can also cry because it's beautiful.
No. 15595
I should check my spelling more carefully.

Another bliss: Hardfloor 303 acid drops with african chants. Really a unique synergy. But I would be happy to listen to more stuff that has an equal vibe to it.

No. 15597

Madonna reached her zenith qualitywise at that time, the whole album is a masterpiece.
No. 15635
5,5 MB, 1920 × 1027
380 kB, 200 × 348, 0:02
I was having quick listenings to the previews on clone.nl

They turned to those dry and grim also spacey and melancholic electro it seems.
Have you ever heard about the label Creme Organization? It's a dutch institution in proper underground electronic music. They sets often had such bangers in them.

Today I came across on such banger they were more on the front page


Man this is so dense. Imagine the club while the morning light is peeking in or something, a smoke machine blurring the scene and worn out but happy faces waiting for the drop at 3.00. Holy crap, I wish I could turn back time or control my mind in a way that I would be able to drug again sometimes. Even now sitting here and listening it is a feverish rush of emotions venting thru my body...all those memories, all this energy.
No. 15669
36 kB, 630 × 466

So wait for me at niemandswasser
As I watch the flowers bloom
And trail the horseflies as they scream
The songs we'll never know
No. 15683
Janelle Monáe usually veers more toward cringe for me but lately I've been really enjoying the Prince influence of this track:

Currently though I'm enjoying relaxing to this while pretending it's Sunday:

I enjoyed this last night.
No. 15777 Kontra
Lindemann goes HipHop:

Fick, Fick, Fick, Mathematik
Algebra ist gar nicht wichtik!

No. 15858
114 kB, 600 × 600
6 kB, 153 × 187
I've loved this song (or sequence of songs) by Dan Deacon for as long as I can remember. Well, that's not exactly true: I think I heard it first during my Freshman year of highschool. However, it was only recently that I looked at the lyrics and realized that it references the death song of White Antelope at the Sand Creek Massacre: "Nothing lives long—only the earth and the mountains".

Anyway, I don't know much about music so I can't describe the song very well with technical language, but I do think it captures something about the essence of this country, its history, and what it's like to live here.

No. 15862
Seen it yesterday. At this point I really can not say anymore if this is some meta-joke to him or if he had an aneurysm.
The former two videos (Praise Abort and Fish On) I could enjoy and was willing to give them the shadow of the doubt. But "Mathematik" is ... eh, doubtlessly bad.

Let's instead just focus on good things: I've recently discovered Arkona (the russian one, not the polish) and I'm really digging it.
No. 15866
>Let's instead just focus on good things

mhhkay, I just rediscovered (while outside the new years eve rockets were flying around and exploding) some of the best sitar music I used to listen to long ago.
Had it on casette in the 90s but never bothered to remember the name of the interpret etc. or
to search for it on the internet...
Who would have thought, these days the whole album is of course available on youtube like anything else is:

2 single songs from the album (called ragas):



No. 15881
Some moody electronic stuff with cool vocals:

It's a bit cheesy but feels appropriate for New Year's Day. The whole album is pretty nice actually.
No. 16217
715 kB, 1151 × 867


some early 90s trance

I have a drum computer here and I think it's also a sequencer. Together with my 90s Roland rompler I could produce something simliar. But I never really used real machines but Ableton.
No. 16256
No. 16257
36 kB, 354 × 286

Tranceheads :3


So fine. I have it on vinyl I think.

Did I post this one already?


Imagine driving a used Golf II over the Landstraße in 1996, yes.
The synth portamento is lovely and ecstatic
That 909 Kick and these damn yo choir chords, that sound is making it's come back in certain niches of contemporary dance music


And example of this choir sounds coming back:
No. 16286
1,2 MB, 1280 × 853
Tranceheads, forever and ever :3

>So fine. I have it on vinyl I think.
no, I am not jealous whatsoever. NO.

>Imagine driving a used Golf II over the Landstraße in 1996, yes.
I dont know was ist Landstraße, but I am imagining cruising in a dark green Golf II in downtown Berlin in 1996, somewhere around 09:00PM and 11:00PM. Very yes indeed.

Then this comes up
>RMB - Redemption

>And example of this choir sounds coming back:

also, you seem to be a proper veteran.
No. 16288
Landstraße are the normal roads between cities and villages, the ones were you can get a bit faster than city limits

>RMB - Redemption

I was surprised that it's also from 1994 I first that maybe 1998 or so.


So far I only know of Maukook, he has a soundcloud on which he also posts acid techno and stuff with choir

>also, you seem to be a proper veteran.

I listened to electronic music for years exclusively. But I discovered 90s trance only with 17/18 and it was the genre I picked up on the most during that time. Have to thank dog for Youtube at times.

No. 16296
>Landstraße are the normal roads between cities and villages, the ones were you can get a bit faster than city limits
ah, good. yeah that makes sense.

thank your for that, I'll be following the lead, maybe I can come up with something...or even better, we could be witnessing the return of the pre-97 sound, a la retrowave!

>I listened to electronic music for years exclusively
yes, same here. started in 1999-2000ish and discovered trance somewhere in 2001, but discovered pre-97 sound somewhere in 2012-2013 and I found it very simple and energizing...and German trance was THE SHIT.

(not really pre-96, but the remix is very good)
>Space Frog - Follow Me (Derb Remix)
No. 16298
227 kB, 500 × 492
Also can we use this as the image for the new music thread?
No. 16300
>we could be witnessing the return of the pre-97 sound

I know Nina Kraviz played Bonzai Record tracks and such on big festivals in 2018. The house of house and some other classics. Trance elements get incorporated into the big room techno they also play on the hot clubs around the world.

>Space Frog - Follow Me

This is too young for me. I only listen to progressive trance ala Ace Ventura and such or 90s trance, after 1999 its a taboo, too clean.

I think they are the same who did this in 1993/1994?

and in addition to that the impact it had in 1994. check this one: at 1.10 freakin' awesome

The screams later on give me fucking shivers right now, the energy it translates

@3.17 another classic is played, the first rebirth

Bought this on vinyl as well
>Legend B - Lost in Love

>Leroy - First flight 1993
No. 16307
go to kontra
No. 17436
10,7 MB, 428 × 240, 9:26
No. 17458
Anyone still up for the Techno Ernst-meetup which was suggested earlier in this thread?


The line-up for this one is insane
No. 17461
546 kB, 620 × 846
If I would ever move to Berlin in 1-2 years I would probably only go on Sunday afternoons because of reasons. But I would meet an Ernst then probably.

The line up is quite nice. I've seen Moerbeck doing a set in my town. So great, I still look for one track he played, the other two that made me go over the top on MDMA have been found. Perc is more a name to me, already an older one. I hate models is great big room stomper stuff. Funnily I would rather attempt Griessmühle then Berghain, the door policy is not worth the hassle even tho I think I could get in style wise without problems.

Right now I spin a Miss Djax set from the Loveparade of 1995
No. 17482