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No. 5947
24 kB, 207 × 310
How do you understand proverb "Bread is everything's head"?
No. 5951
81 kB, 604 × 483
This is machine tier translation of "Хлеб - всему голова"
No. 5962
I guess "bread" means food and "everything's head" means top priority.
No. 5965
I understand that anybody who says this is mentally handicapped.
No. 5970
Sounds like something a relaxed cannibal would say.

Or maybe a marketing campaign for brain food. Which I'm surprised has it's own wikipedia page:
No. 5995
60 kB, 671 × 900
No. 6003
15 kB, 170 × 256
A common Japanese proverb “Hana yori dango” (花より団子, literally, “dumplings rather than flowers”) refers to a preference for practical things rather than aesthetics.

It is as least as often used though in an ironic way suggesting that the dango eater is a clod, insensitive to the symbolism of the the brief beaty of the sakura blossoms.
No. 6004
dat grammer tho :^)
No. 6029
2,3 MB, 3033 × 1705
Aim a Breda to the heda.
No. 6037
735 kB, 1714 × 2605
Here we have another contemporary saying: "aesthetics will kill us!"
No. 6045
Hallo Ernst. You've really got my interest aroused with that. I looked in the places I usually get stuff from (libgen etc.) but can't find a free download. Too much to ask, I know, but if you have El Hombre Sin Talento in any format will you zip it up and gift it to us. Muchas gracias.
No. 6075
Much thanks to Poland. Your effort is sincerely appreciated. Looking at this now.
No. 6076
You couldn't find it on sites with books because it's a manga.
It took me 2 minutes in Google.
The Japanese title is 無能の人 in rice runes in case you prefer to read it in Japanese.
You're welcome.
No. 6078
deleted the first post to my writing less chaotic.
I didn't think you'll reply so fast xD
No. 6079
Comfy chaos is fine, we all reconsider our posts. You did a helpful thing. Good man.
No. 6080
No. 6095
345 kB, 1756 × 2480
Thank you Poland.

It's that I thought about this artist because he talks a lot about aesthetics.

IIRC the guy was from the Garo collective.

Recently I knew this material, which is impressive. I thought Tatsumi might be the best from that collective but oh no, no. This one is incredible.
No. 6126
There are basic necessities and priorities everybody needs to be covered before he can strive for more advanced objectives.