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No. 59645
261 kB, 960 × 586
3,9 MB, 314 × 236, 1:51
No. 59646
90 kB, 976 × 650
47 kB, 455 × 676
220 kB, 610 × 813
100 kB, 602 × 684
I just finished the 3rd season of Blackadder.
Great show. It always astonishes me how a place that has pretty much nothing else speaking for it, manages to have such an impressive cultural output.
No. 59647
My favorite sitcom. The first season may be somewhat weaker than the rest, but from the second season on it's made of pure win.

> It always astonishes me how a place that has pretty much nothing else speaking for it, manages to have such an impressive cultural output.
What, UK? They've been deep in European affairs since forever, so it's no wonder that a lot of interesting stuff emerges from their cultural exchanges. Plus they've had the biggest empire in history, fought a fuckton of wars and were at the spearhead of industrial revolution, so there was plenty of settings and characters to make use of in their art and entertainment.
No. 59648
>What, UK? They've been deep in European affairs since forever[...]

What does all that have to do with anything?
There are tons of countries that are rich in history but have a shitty entertainment industry.
No. 59651
OK, so then what should contribute to the development of arts and entertainment, in your opinion? In other words, what does a country should have "speaking for it" to have "an impressive cultural output"?
No. 59652
1,5 MB, 212 × 320, 0:21
I never claimed there to be a correlation.
It was more supposed to be a "I don't really like that place but they make good shows"

Don't worry, i'm used to be taken serious when i am not or. Happens even in RL.
No. 59654
Actually, your remark has raised a pretty interesting question. What do they really have that other countries don't? Granted, their history is probably the richest in the world (name a country that ever put its nose in other countries' affairs more than Britain; the US maybe, but they were created, like, a week ago, and Britain was dicking around since 1066) and it serves as a good basis for any kind of story, but that's probably not enough. I think that they are better at marketing it, and not only to other people, but also to themselves. They are convinced that their culture and history is very important, and so they unashamedly milking them for everything they can.
No. 59655 Kontra
>Granted, their history is probably the richest in the world
No. Nod even close.
If the US has a week of history, Britain has a week and a day. The British are actually just good at arts because French influence :DDD
No. 59656
France has French influence and most of their modern entertainment sucks.
No. 59657
25 kB, 460 × 260
146 kB, 1920 × 1056
141 kB, 1920 × 1056
On British media, I've began watching Monkey Dust.
It's very, very good.

Would deeply recommend.
No. 59658
Damn, never could watch farther than a few episodes. It's good, yes, but it's just too dark and fucked up.
No. 59659
112 kB, 1332 × 504
Ukraine has 30 years of history, and their entertainment industry is nice.
No. 59661
163 kB, 640 × 352
>but it's just too dark and fucked up
Yes, but then you stop watching and you realize you don't live in Britain. It's only so dark.
No. 59669
338 kB, 848 × 476
Dogg, I've watched the entire first season in the last 24h. It really is extremely good. Something about the early 2000s cultural reference, it doesn't feel dated, more like it has some nice patina to it.
No. 59671
Having recently played a French game that was bad enough I simply dropped it right in the middle with no intention of ever playing again in my life, I suspect this may be true. Then again my overall impression of them is they went to shit since Napoleon and never fully recovered, and also that French secularism sucks. My whole view of modern France at this point is watching old works of art like cathedrals get bulldozed or burn down.
No. 59675 Kontra
Wait nevermind, one of my favorite studios is French. I forgot about that.
No. 59683
9 kB, 320 × 180

Hah, I remember watching this with my sister when I was 14 or so. Classic comedy. I'm surprised that someone from Belarus would consider it too dark - we considered it a light-hearted look at the foibles of our quaint little society in 21st century Britain.
No. 59688 Kontra
30 kB, 380 × 431
>Then again my overall impression of them is they went to shit since Napoleon and never fully recovered
Sir, this is a movie thread. Shartposting is not allowed here.
No. 59690
287 kB, 1920 × 1080
258 kB, 1920 × 1036
293 kB, 1920 × 1080
148 kB, 1280 × 544
Dragged Across Concrete (2018)
Crime thriller about two suspended cops who plan to rob a drug dealer but instead get dragged into a violent bank heist. It's quite stylized, combining verbose & humorous dialogues a la Tarantino and a slow & static cinematography with a penchant for violence not unlike Refn. Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn have amazing chemistry as the two cops, and there's also a Udo Kier cameo.
Clocking in at almost 3h, the movie goes on a few tangents involving side characters & it almost begs the question if this shouldn't have been a mini-series. In any case there's some great action & the writing is pretty entertaining, even if the jokes not always land that well.

Platoon (1986)
Oliver Stone's Vietnam War movie that focuses on the conflict within the right- and left-wing factions of a US Army platoon. All-star cast with among others Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe & Johnny Depp. Tom Berenger is especially impressive as the unhinged battle-hardened rightist Sergeant, looking like a scarfaced Paul Newman on steroids.
The film looks & sounds great with - for better or worse - a good dash of Oliver Stone pathos in the slo-mo sequences & the orchestral score.
Also interesting that the Willem Dafoe character is at one point referred to as "he thinks he's Jesus fucking Christ or something", when in fact he did go on to play JC in Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ two years later.

Young Frankenstein (1974)
Mel Brooks' parody of the classic horror movie. Never quite that funny, but it's cozy and I like how Gene Wilder's voice cracks when he talks.

Generation P (2011)
Adaptation of the Pelevin novel about the protagonist's ascent from clerk to husband of Mesopotamia goddess Ishtar, all through the power of psychedelics, advertising & capitalism. It's extremely ebin but hard to summarize - especially notable are the spoofed advertisements of Western brands that are "adapted to Soviet mentality", and the whole idea of politicians being computer simulations.
I'd really like to recommend it but have some reservations because it's a bit hard to follow if you haven't read the book - the story moves quickly, sometimes with sudden jumps, and there's also a ton of puns and cultural references.
Anyways here's a trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lqpyfQrm5U and you can find the whole thing with English subs on youtube too (though in bad quality)

>Now you should watch Green Elephant
Joke's on you, I probably will. Already seen Five Bottles of Vodka from that director. It cracks me up that Vladimir Yepifantsev, one of the main actors in both of those, managed to get roles in more mainstream movies like the above Generation P.
No. 59691
>Young Frankenstein
Yeah, there's something about these old comedies, especially the Mel Brooks ones, that prevent me from finding them as hilarious as americans do. I can't even quite put my finger on it.
However, it has the great line:

>It's not "fränkenstain", it's "frohnkänstieen".
No. 59693
Dragged Across Concrete is pretty gud. Go watch Brawl in Cellblock 99, it's similar but a lot more nakedly... Ideological :DD
No. 59694
61 kB, 1280 × 720
>It's not Igor, it's AIGOR
No. 59698
67 kB, 604 × 525
I watched it anyway. Yes, you was right, those issues still exist in rebuild, but to much less extend. Battles now take less time and look EPIC, and everything else makes much more sense but still is a clusterfuck around a dozen of McGuffins.

By the way American who constantly nags about anime made my inner contrarian start watch it again. I've tried to watch few titles back then and liked nothing except NHK and Madoka. I think I'll begin with Steins;gate this time.

> Generation P
Director now makes adaption of another Pelevin's book. It is in state of "will be released this year" at least for 5 years in a row and release date is constantly postponed.

> Joke's on you, I probably will.
It wasn't a joke, I really recommend it. Summarises Russian experience greatly.

> Already seen Five Bottles of Vodka from that director.
She also has "For Marx" movie with same actors about workers trying to unionize. Nothing special or crazy but decent movie.

> It cracks me up that Vladimir Yepifantsev, one of the main actors in both of those, managed to get roles in more mainstream movies like the above Generation P.
Generation P is not mainstream, but yes, I was surprised by this as well.
Reminds me of Alexei Panin, though his career ended after those videos.
No. 59736
146 kB, 1920 × 1080
296 kB, 1920 × 816
277 kB, 1920 × 816
8 kB, 285 × 275
The Last Emperor (1987)

Historical epic about the fall from grace of Aisin-Gioro Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty which won a shitton of Oscars and other awards, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The story switches back and forth between a timeline that starts at his coronation as emperor at age 2 after the Empress Dowager Cixi's abdication/death, while the second timeline starts with him being imprisoned & trialed by the communist regime in a reeducation camp until his redemption as a humble gardener.
The highlights of the film are of course the footage of the Forbidden City, all the luscious interiors & costumes and the amazing score by Ryuichi Sakamoto (who also plays a minor role). It's quite leisurely paced as well as sporting a calm and reserved cinematography, also refreshingly free of melodrama and violence (however historically accurate that might be - e.g. allegedly the emperor was much more cruel as a child and let the court eunuchs be beaten up for no reason).
I ended up watching the "extended" cut which is almost 4hrs, but later found out the theatrical cut which is 3hrs is the actual intended Director's Cut. Regardless I really loved it & it didn't even feel that long.

>I'll begin with Steins;gate this time.
I liked it back when I watched it but not sure I would nowadays - it indulges too much in dull anime tropes like muh harem while having the pretense of being a "mature" show.

>Director now makes adaption of another Pelevin's book
Yeah, kinda excited for this. Generation P was also produced over ~5 years, but seeing as there's not even a trailer there's no way it comes out this year lol

>Generation P is not mainstream
I mean it's not exactly mainstream, but at least it got a widespread release in movie theatres, according to wiki:
>It was #3 in the Russian Box Office after the first weekend with a total of $2,094,414 (Russia)on 527 screens. The film went on to gross about $4.7M in CIS and became the highest grossing Russian film of spring-summer 2011.
Quite impressive for an indpendently financed movie tbh

>Alexei Panin, though his career ended after those videos.
Lmao, what even were "those videos"? I tried looking it up but his Russian wiki page has separate sections for scandals for almost each year after 2013 so I didn't bother wading through it. And there seem to be still constant news reports about his newest debaucheries - I guess he managed transition to being famous just for being famous rather than acting :D
No. 59741
108 kB, 1024 × 539
> dull anime tropes
Yes, that's what annoys me as well (harems -- not so much though =D ). Which anime except obvious Miyazaki would you recommend? Aesthetic (but not necessary detailed) drawing is appreciated.

> Lmao, what even were "those videos"?
Well, first one was with him publicly jerking off in pervert underwear. Second one with him sucking dog's dick. And in third one some woman inserts foot into his ass.
Someone really enjoys life at all 100%.
No. 59742 Kontra
Wikipedia seems to have left out certain details lol
No. 59743
120 kB, 708 × 404
The eye roll inducing cringiness of "mature" anime can be summed up as such:
>a deep, dark psychological drama thriller...
>about high school children
At least low-brow anime suits its equally stupid tropes.

I'm sorry, your mentally disturbed arrogant antagonist / antihero with dominatrix tendencies fails to intimidate me, because at the end of the day, they have to go home to their parents, do their homework and aren't even of legal age to drink. I have never been intimidated by someone who goes to school, and I never will be, even in an anime fantasy.
No. 59744
284 kB, 1920 × 816
175 kB, 1476 × 1080
298 kB, 1920 × 1080
200 kB, 1920 × 1080
Youth of the Beast (1963)
Yakuza flick starring Jo Shishido as a violent stranger who gets involved with two warring yakuza clans to pursue his own agenda, directed by Seijun Suzuki. It's a fairly classic hard-boiled story of violence but the presentation is often strange & over-the-top - an energetic jazz soundtrack, wild camera movements, eccentric interior designs (including one room chock-full with model planes for no particular reason).

To Have and Have Not (1944)
Classic Hollywood romance/adventure about an American sailor (Humphrey Bogart) in France who reluctantly ends up helping the résistance to secure a plane ticket for a runaway American girl (Lauren Bacall). Bacall makes me slightly dizzy each time she's on screen, she radiates some real femme fatale energy - hard to believe she was only ~20 years old when filming this.

Pickpocket (1959)
Bresson's character study about an idealistic pickpocket, a sort of petty Raskolnikov in a minimalist take on Crime & Punishment. Nowadays it's particularly famous for being the blueprint of the "alienated young man finding redemption" plots à la Taxi Driver (and at least a couple other Paul Schrader movies). It has some nice moments on a technical level, and it almost made me feel something in a few scenes due to the elegiac score, but overall I found it annoyingly trop existentialiste.

Caché (2005)
Art thriller by Michael Haneke about a family that receives videotapes on their porch which lead to mistrust in the family and the father to confront a forgotten guilt.
There's a lot of circle-jerking & overinterpreting by academics & "high-brow" movie fans going on about this one, but I even liked it as just a disturbing thriller - I don't mind that there's no diegetic resolution to where the tapes come from at the end.
No. 59746
77 kB, 799 × 451
109 kB, 1920 × 1080
292 kB, 1920 × 1040
134 kB, 1280 × 720
>Which anime except obvious Miyazaki would you recommend? Aesthetic (but not necessary detailed) drawing is appreciated.
Kemonozume has an amazing art style with rough line work, it's quite unique and seriously underrated - great story, soundtrack etc. If you like that, definitely check out other works by Masaaki Yuasa.
If you don't mind all the high school/harem tropes - check out Bakemonogatari. It has a unique visual style with often abstract backgrounds & edgy direction, and it's also self-aware/playful as it comes to the trope-y stuff. I feel like I wouldn't like it nowadays, I stopped watching after the first couple seasons - but worth mentioning for weird aesthetics (& since you said you don't mind harem lol).
If you wanna go for more high-brow stuff like Miyazaki - there's ofc other great directors like Mamoru Oshii (e.g. Ghost in the Shell & Patlabor movies), Katsuhiro Otomo (e.g. Akira) & Satoshi Kon (e.g. Paprika). They all work in a more cinematic tradition.

Well, dunno, there's lots of other good stuff - I mostly prefer the ~80-90s detailed hand-drawn visuals, but there's been a few interesting CGI anime as well like Land of the Lustrous or Knights of Cidonia.

I see. That's more info than I bargained for tbh :D
No. 59761
85 kB, 696 × 572
87 kB, 694 × 572
69 kB, 698 × 570
62 kB, 696 × 572

Okay, I really liked it. First couple of episodes were a bit meh, but the rest was very funny. I actually liked it more than Fawlty Towers: both shows feature similar plots where protagonists end up in nasty situations and invent outlandish plans to get out of them, but I felt much less Spanish shame for Father Ted than to Basil Fawlty. The supporting characters are one-dimensional, but they go so far on that dimension, that it sorta becomes OK. It's also nice that it's only three seasons long, and it doesn't become repetitive or boring.
No. 59768
326 kB, 1000 × 1480
102 kB, 640 × 892
>Which anime except obvious Miyazaki would you recommend?
I really loved "night is short walk on girl" both visually and storytelling wise. Easily one of my first japanese animation movie after the Miyazakis. It's also pretty recent.
For something older, Memories is pretty stunning, it's a collection of three shorts of variable lenght with really stunning visuals and with the horrific "spicyness" of pre-2000 japanimation.
I have strong impression of listening to someone whinning that french cinema is just uninspired bourgeois drama despite not having seen any french movie the last 5 years.
No. 59774
1,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:14
>Masaaki Yuasa
I liked his recent cartoon — Eizouken ni wa Te o dasu na, especially the imagination segments, where an ordinary (although a bit futuristic) slice-of-life story about schoolgirls making anime turns into pure fantasy. Also, that's the first time I've seen anybody mentioning NDH in fiction.
No. 59777
120 kB, 708 × 404
I was talking more about serial TV anime and their tropes, rather than full length movies, since that was the context of the discussion, but okay.
It's like if I was criticizing capeshit comics, and you brought up Maus and The Sandman as an excuse to flex your "refined" taste at me.
Like wow, surely nobody has heard about these super obscure titles that everyone on the internet keeps talking about all the time, I should educate them.

You should mentally update your definition of anime. We call good comics "graphics novels", and good anime "Japanese animated movies". It clears up a lot of confusion.
No. 59781 Kontra
Understood sorry.
No. 59782 Kontra
No, wait, you're supposed to argue with me so I can unload yet another incoherent wall of text about how much I hate anime.

Also, sorry for being passive aggressive, sometimes I fail to watch my tone.
No. 59785
86 kB, 431 × 300
>We call good comics "graphics novels", and good anime "Japanese animated movies". It clears up a lot of confusion.

It is all the same fantastic shit. If I was Italian I would call them fumetti. There is bad stuff everywhere, it is popular art, I understand your concept but don't get angry, it can't be helped.



Some of this 70s ultra brutal comics have good scripts. Mind blowing stuff in certain aspects.

Regarding anime TV shows, check Ranma. That stuff was hilarious in a good way. Had some similarities to Allo Allo
No. 59787
For some reason, I can watch absolute trash like bad b-movies, stupid gore porn like guyver, and absolutely unapologetic french pervert stuff, but superhero shit, TV anime and everything associated with Disney just makes me angry.

I don't think it's even a matter of quality. There's this specific category of mass entertainment which has perfected the art of emotional manipulation. I just feel insulted watching them, like I can imagine some soulless producer grinning as he tries to crawl up my ass, take over my brain like wearing a skin suit, and make me buy merchandise.

What they all have in common is that they're full length ads for plastic merch trash pretending to be real entertainment.
No. 59788
>which has perfected the art
No, because then it could possibly be goodish. Truly emotionally manipulative films can make you feel something other than cringe and annoyance.

I don't know about you but I fucking hate them for being super low brow, cringey, and emotionally take themselves and their cringe seriously and expect you to too. That is why it is an insult watching them, because it is so poorly done.

However, I don't think capeshit, big bang theory, or anime makes me irrationally angry. I find my irritation perfectly rational. I am allowed plenty of space to get away from them and usually have them not intrude in my life so much, so I don't become foaming at the mouth angry like some other things including things I intentionally subject myself to, so it is my fault for now wasting time I won't get back.

It is the exact same reason I hate those sappy emotional soundtrack montages on certain shows, clearly written by women I think. Sons of Anarchy really overused it. TWD partway through just abruptly started using it and it is fucking awful. It's dead airspace I have to skip over. Then again I also skip every Hollywood sex scene too. I detest all this because it is craven, poorly done, and insultingly expects me to take them huffing their own lowbrow farts seriously, which is exactly the same emotion behind all that faggy post-9/11 crap like crying bald eagles. It is a specific formulation of low IQ, low artistry, high self seriousness, high emotional intensity, all of which lands flat and is cringeworthy to anyone not retarded.
No. 59790 Kontra
I have no problem with people being passive aggressive on the internet. I myself take great pleasure mocking people I discuss with. But I rarely do it because I take no pleasure insulting retards and when I happen to open a debate with a intelligent person, there’s always the possibility that he actually is right and I’m wrong so I try not be too sassy when I am not <50% sure of my ramblings.
No. 59791
282 kB, 2040 × 1064
Season 4 is over and my rating goes:

Season 3
Season 4
Season 2
Season 1

In that order.

I could easily imagine there to be 1 or 2 more seasons. So much room for cunning plans.

No. 59801
179 kB, 1920 × 1080
192 kB, 1436 × 1080
344 kB, 1920 × 816
13,7 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:18
The 3 Penny Opera (1931)
Adaptation of the Brecht theater piece created with his involvement. Some nice settings/costumes, decent acting, interesting (for the time) camera movements, but the pacing is terribly slow & awkward - the saving grace are the musical pieces (of which there are way too few though).

The Great Dictator (1940)
Actually prefer it to the silent movies I've seen of Chaplin - it's more funny & varied. The final humanist monologue is great, though I wonder if my interpretation that the crowd doesn't really get his message but rather cheers him on in the same way they would've cheered on Hynkel is too cynical.

Return of the Jedi (1983)
Well this sucked pretty bad. I kinda liked the first third even if Jabba's puppet show was a bit much, but after that it all goes downhill. Aside from the dull direction & mindless piling of FX, puppetry & costumes, the story is just an extremely frustrating cop-out that undermines all the drama of the previous films. Suddenly Darth Vader is actually not that evil so he gets his redemption, and btw Luke and Leia are siblings so the love triangle is magically resolved. The end, featuring a bunch of walking stuffed teddy bears & everyone else partying as the world is suddenly fixed again.
Though personally I'm most frustrated that Han Solo doesn't really get anything much in terms of lines/moments.
Also this clip of Lynch telling how he turned down the offer to direct this cracks me up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJQ4vCu-S0U

The Castle (1994)
Balabanov's adaptation of the unfinished Kafka novel in which a land surveyor arrives at a castle but gets caught up in a nightmare of bureaucracy amidst the odd village dwellers. Nice sets (esp. all the scenes in the snow), costumes, cinematography, eerie soundtrack composed by the late great Sergei Kuryokhin, but summa summarum kinda boring, maybe cause it sticks too close to the source.
Though there's one scene from a dream sequence which I can't get out of my head - webm related - very unsettling.

>Eizouken ni wa Te o dasu na
Watched a couple eps, but gotta say I prefer his more violent/edgy stuff
Lmao at that webm though :D
No. 59805
I know that they were written later, but the rest of the story arc wouldn't make a lot of sense otherwise. It's pretty much like saying the "Luke I am your father" part is retarded at that point, which could be debateable, but now we're going back to Empire Strikes Back.

My understanding is that George Lucas already had the basic idea of the whole story, and then for reasons I do not know decided only to publish the second half first. I think his whole idea always was that it was supposed to be about father and son, but he didn't feel the timing was right for the first part for some reason.

In order to eliminate a lot of those things you'd need to go back and negate the whole family drama, which would ultimately rework the implications of some of those parts like the Emperor trying to seduce Luke like Vader, the implications of Obi Wan saying in A New Hope that Vader killed your father, and certain aspects of Luke starting to go down and then rejecting that dark path his father took when he looked at his cybernetic hand and already realized a pretty reverse biblical implication about "if your hand offends thee cut it off to save the body" where he realizes he already lost part of himself to the darkness, whereas Vader barely had anything of himself left. You could still have the sappy love triangle but in my experience mostly that turns out to be shit, and I think dedicating any airtime in the finale to competition between Han and Luke for her would've turned out poorly. I dunno. I think it worked the way it should.

I don't get why ewoks particularly offend people either. It's pretty in line with the goody aliens Lucas had and don't think it spoiled anything.

Really I think Lucas himself is pretty formulaic and even Episode IV was a rather banal knight in shining armor story where the rescue the princess and miraculously save the day by some overlooked exhaust pipe. Out of all of them I liked RotJ the best probably, with ANH maybe second or Episode III. Yes, I actually liked Revenge of the Sith. It mostly avoided the things which made the first two terrible.

Also Rogue One was surprisingly not shit. It ended on a much darker tone than a lot of Star Wars movies and was itself pretty decent. I haven't seen any of the other ones though like the Starkiller base one, one where Mark Hammil returns, that one guy who played some Sith who looked like the guy from Harry Potter, I forget the rest.
No. 59807
My favourite Chaplin film is City Lights. The drunk millionaire skit is ebin. Modern Times is probably the 'best' film on a technical level though imo. Favourite part of Great Dictator is still the dance with the globe. Great cinematography in that scene.

It does have one of the best fights in cinema though if you ask me. Luke v Vader at the end, with those wide shots is pure kino.
No. 59810
2,1 MB, 1312 × 2048
Dune (2021)
One or two breathtaking Moebiusan/Jodorwskian epics thrown in a sea of unending loud drums, uninspired editing with faces taking 3/4 of the screen for half of the movie, inequal acting and meh action scenes. Some of the best looking spaceships in cinema though. Wouldn't recommend.
No. 59817
Good I had no hype for this.
Imagine actually being excited for new films in 2021.
No. 59825
Rewatched some Mad Men.
It has the same problem as House MD, in that it becomes a fan fiction of itself halfway through.

The main character who is supposed to be deeply flawed and a shitty person becomes such an audience darling, that that the writer start pandering to the audience and try to make him more sympathetic, and justify his awful behavior in-canon. Then show drags on forever, when their arc should have been completed a long time ago, going on unrelated tangents. At the end, they resolve the arc, but it rings hollow and insincere.

Kinda reminds me of Sasuke from Naruto lol. It's downright comical how the writers bent over backwards to make this irredeemable asshole sympathetic, because he's a fan favorite.
No. 59847
90 kB, 600 × 400
I liked Draper from the beginning. He was kinda an unkind person but the person that makes the Carousel... That episode was beautiful. Beautiful.
No. 59860
76 kB, 1436 × 1080
248 kB, 1436 × 1080
138 kB, 1920 × 824
219 kB, 1920 × 824
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
Classic German expressionist silent horror film. Fascinating from a technical-historical perspective yet also engaging at an immediate level. Loved the stylized intertitles & the blunt use of close-ups.

Wolf Guy (1975)
Bafflingly stylish & weird genre mix of murder mystery, Yakuza flick, pinku eiga & martial arts (however arguably not quite justifying the "horror" tag despite the goriness & supernatural elements).
Starts on a swift pace, never really slows down, and wraps up in under 90 mins before the constant unhinged camera work & sexadelic soundtrack get annoying.
Great fun, especially if you don't have much of an attention span (but don't mind reading some subs).

I'm gonna be doing this "challenge" called Hooptober - the point is to watch ~31 horror movies based on different criteria.
FYI you can check out the criteria/rules etc: https://boxd.it/cDGlW

Gonna go watch it next week or so. I loved Villeneuve's BR2049 but hated Arrival - so I wonder how this'll fare.

>The drunk millionaire skit is ebin.
Oh yeah, that one's great. I think I just don't like Chaplin's character that much, he veers too much between silly & sentimental. I like the split into two characters - the farcical Hynkel (like in the globe dance scene) and the more humble & relatable barber.

The "Luke I am your father" part posits the question - would you kill your own father if he was the ultimate evil? But then ROTJ pedals back on that by introducing a more evil evil - the emperator - and allowing Darth Vader to sacrifice himself & die as a Good Guy, negating all that drama. There's a reason the "Luke I am your father" scene is so iconic but nobody gives a shit about Vader's death and face reveal.
I'll concede that the ewoks are actually fine lol, I'm just cynical because I'm thinking of all the kids merchandise that was based on them (afaik there was also a children's cartoon, TV movie spin-off etc.). Mb they're just emblematic of the more childish turn in ROTJ after the comparatively darker Empire Strikes Back.
No. 59878
>3 films with a person of color as director or lead
OK, that's some grade A Murrican bullshit right there. I cannot even remember one decent horror flick matching this criterion, let alone three of them.
No. 59883
Candy Man (the original one) was pretty decent.

Fun fact: It's "No, I am you father". I know you don't care about Star Wars, so you get a pass, but I like how even self-proclaimed film buffs and actual Star Wars "fans" get that wrong.
I once came out of an open air screening of Casablanca and some dude was trying to impress the girl he was with with his film knowledge. He was talking about "Ich seh dir in die Augen, Kleines", without mentioning how it's a faulty translation, and then going about other famous quotes, including "Luke, I am your father". I considered for a second to call him out, but I am not one who cockblocks a brother unprovoked.
That said, the Emperor was already introduced in ESB.

Also, speaking of capeshit, today I was visiting someone and we watched youtube on their smart tv. I had to sit through some really shitty advertisements, one of which was the trailer for a new Venom film. Turns out Tom Hary plays Venom and Woody Harrelson plays Carnage, a psycho killer that caught the symbiote. The reason I feel the need to mention it is that THE SPECIAL EFFECTS LOOK LIKE ABSOLUTE SHIT! I mean, seriously, the CGI looks like a fucking PS3 game. I don't even know what's worse, the people who said "yeah that looks good enough to publish" or the people who look at that garbage and say "yeah that looks cool, this is a great film, also I really enjoy the quips when he talks to himself". Fuck everyone supporting and perpetrating that absolute fucking worthless, superfluous and horrendous fucking shit. I don't even care if America dies, but Hollywood surely can't perish soon enough. If I were in charge of a nuclear power I would just nuke Los Angeles with every single rocket I had. It could only make the world better.
No. 59885
>Candy Man (the original one) was pretty decent.
The black guy was the villain there instead of a lead, no? Still, if you count that, it's only one movie. Another one that comes to mind is a fairly recent Get Out, but from what I've gathered from the reviews and comments, it's some sort of SJW crap with a message, so into the trash it goes.

Now that I think of it, Predator actually qualifies. Because the lead is played by a certain Schwarze Neger. :-DDDDDDDDDD
No. 59886 Kontra
Oh, Night of the Living Dead has a black lead too, and it's actually a great movie. Mmmmaybe also Blade films if you count them as horrors, but I don't really remember if they are any good.
No. 59889
Can a villain not be a lead? If not, then Collateral also has a black lead. And Ali, Men in Black and that Ray Charles biopic, even though I don't like Jamie Fox.
I like Blade 1, it's a great 90s "horror" action film. 2 is boring and dumb and 3 is objectively bad, but it is fun and has a soft spot in my heart. Also, prime Jessica Biel.
No. 59892
>Ali, Men in Black and that Ray Charles biopic
Those are not horrors. I'm aware that there are good dramas and comedies with black leads and directors, but horrors are actually much more rare. And that's why I'm bothered by that rule: while most of the others make sense, dealing with diverse genres (haunted house, folk, set in the woods, Kaiju), companies (Hammer made a lot of films, yeah) or time periods, so they broaden your horizons, the rule about people of color is only there for the sake of inclusivity. And not only that, it's also very americentric: if we want to include people of color but at the same time exclude Asians, what are left with? Africans, who don't have a movie industry worth mentioning, and Latin and South Americans.
No. 59895
Ohhh, I missed that.
I mean, especially in horror it's even more subjective than elsewhere - what makes a horror film "good", or what is a good film that is also a horror film?
But I agree, that wokeism bullshit is such an american concept it's really not applicable to anything outside of their borders and is furthermore incredibly ignorant because everything is only viewed through the lens of an american liberal.
If topics of enslaved africans are even applicable to other countries is of no interest to them. And that in and by itself is already incredibly racist.
No. 59899
181 kB, 1920 × 804
290 kB, 1920 × 804
248 kB, 1920 × 804
193 kB, 1920 × 804
Well, that was a really pointless movie. It's one of those things that try to achieve more by doing less, only in this case it didn't work at all. It's a real snoozefest with a couple jumpscares thrown in, and it utterly fails to be either scary (it doesn't have much in horror department: no atmosphere to speak of — just a bunch of people surviving the plague in a house in the woods, no jumpscares of note — the ones that are present are predictable and kinda stupid, and a few unexplained moments probably aiming for the fear of the unknown are too uninteresting and forgettable) or engaging (the plot is as predictable as jumpscares, and the only thing about it is the very dark ending, but it's actually predictable too unless you are some sort of super-duper optimist with IQ89). The characters are designed specifically for the audience to feel empathy, but for me their stupid actions cross that out too. So IMO, it's better to watch some fun B movie than this pitiful attempt at being deep.
No. 59905
200 kB, 1024 × 761
1,4 MB, 1280 × 720
51 kB, 545 × 400
787 kB, 1914 × 2608
I ended up doing some research & there's surprisingly more there than I thought initially (especially if you don't mind watching obscure/trashy stuff). E.g.
  • Blaxploitation horror particularly in the 70s - stuff like Blacula, Blackenstein etc. :D But also more original ones
  • Actual African (i.e. Nollywodd) horror - probably trashy but also weird as hell. Might be interesting just out of curiosity
  • Mexican horror - there's supposed to be quite a lot of good older movies from back when they had an actual movie industry (on second thought I'm not sure if that counts as PoC since most people involved in those were probably white - but w/e)
Etc., in any case it's not just modern "woke" stuff. Though yeah, I see that the whole notion is very murrican.

I'm gonna be watching Tales from the Hood (1995) and Ganja & Hess (1973) - already had these on my watchlist anyways.
Haven't decided about 3rd one - maybe one of those Jordan Peele ones just to see what the fuzz is about - but perhaps sth more obscure. Or just sth by Shyamalan (even if he's technically "Asian" I suppose)

>Candy Man (the original one)
Fun fact for the gaymers: Tony Todd (who plays Candyman) is also the VA for Viper, Dragon Knight & Night Stalker in Dota 2

>It's "No, I am you father"
Fair enough lol, but the misquoutation is so common that there's probably a reason for it - mb without the Luke in front it's not as instantly recognizable (even if it's technically right)

>the CGI looks like a fucking PS3 game
Maybe that's a good sign that the capeshit trend is finally dying off ...or somebody's just using that movie launder money :D
No. 59908
Here I bring you film I greatly enjoyed as child
It is called Lifepod and while there are clearly some hokey post-80s things and visuals, such as for instance why the absolute fuck would anyone have a wheelgun onboard a spaceship, but I still found it to be decent enough. It isn't mindblowing but they at least got some things right iirc like needing radiation shielding. Whole movie is free on YT.

It is really sad to me that other than visuals a modern scifi movie often doesn't feel near a made for TV movie from nearly 30 years ago. I will never understand how so many great or even mediocre scifi films get forgotten and then pure shit gets turned to memes or is remembered.
No. 59912
Well shit, totally forgot about the Blaxploitation stuff... I still have SCREAM BLACULA SCREAM somewhere on a drive.

The thing is, "Luke, I am your father" changes the meaning of the sentence.
It comes out of nowhere, like "Oh by the way, LUKE, I am your father, did you know that?".
Whereas in the original, it goes "YOU KILLED MY FATHER!", to which Vader not only tells Luke that he did not kill him, but in addition to that reveals that he is his father - "No, I AM your father!".

Also, the whole of Hollywood is one big money laundering scheme. But I have indeed noticed some slight fatigue among the people who usually gobble comic movies up. Still, ceterum censeo Hollywoodinem esse delendam.
No. 59924
There are still some good things in LA, even if you'd be taking out world pornography and Hollywood in the process. What little left decent in gaming and technology also is typically in LA. What is most cancerous to now and the future is San Francisco. If that one city were to get taken out it would solve literally half of Wectern problems.

Also Candyman was a genuinely good film and I actually watched Tales from the Hood drinking with a buddy before and thought it was really entertaining. Would recommend both. Still never seen GNFOS though, which inspired the oldfag GNAA joke. I mostly fail to see any of the sense of actual blacksploitation and wouldn't call TftH that. How did you guys even get started on that topic
Oh it was this retarded Belarussian. Seriously do you guys just come on here to screech how offended you are by everything? The fuck are you even talking about? Get Out was pretty funny and sort of set itself apart in that the Keyes brothers did it so it's tonally actually a straight horror movie but done by a couple comedians. I can see it being a bit odder if you're not from here though and missing the comedic subtexts. I can't even tell what reviews you mean, if they are film critics or the dumbasses on the internet who have to screech like snowflakes how they're offended by every damn thing that isn't Duke Nukem.

Wait how did this thread of discussion get started

I can't even find it. What 3 rules? What in God's name are you even rambling about? It's like you're just bitching at phantoms at this point and far as I can figure out trying to derail with the idea of there not being good black leads in horror? Was that it? Because it's an abundantly retarded premise either way. Laurence Fishburne was the lead in one of my favorite scifi horror films of all time, Event Horizon. It is a retarded premise because there's not a ton of high profile black Hollywood actors to begin with, and sweeps the pure trash that was 1990s horror under the rug like the Scream movies. Should I make some point about white people being shit leads or directors because all that was shit? At least some good general scifi existed in 90s before dying completely like say Predator 2.

I'm railing into you because you're being every bit as woke and retarded as them, and no being a right wing SJW doesn't make you any less cancerous than the liberal ones.in my case because I never used twitter or paid attention to wherever they dwell, I solely hear the woke right screeching and after years on end I'm sick of it now.

I forget if I deleted it but I railed in to Hollywood pretty hard while diverting my own despair and butthurt about something else but yes, money is the number one cause of destroying art. It butthurts me more when artists die in poverty and some hack just steals their shit and slaps a watermark on it, thus ensuring not only the artist didn't get shit while lived, not only does it tarnish the art, but it ensures everything that artist created is going to forever be complete shit. I will say it again that property rights should not apply to art and art should be non-transferable. If you did not create it then I do not give two fucking shits if you call it "Fallout" or "World War Z" or "Star Wars" any more than some hack trying to pantomime Van Gogh's style and calling his own piece "a Van Gogh."

Fuck I did delete it. Well tl;dr is Hollywood and the recording industry is just that, industry, and as such are assembly line for profit enterprises. What's worse, they need hundreds of millions in big loans from the major banks, and thus the bankers themselves do not give two shits how bad it is provided it generates reliable streams of RoI. This means they do not want to take the risk of making something good because they're satisfied with hundreds of millions return on investment even if the smarter decision is to make a whole new universe like Star Wars, Star Trek, 40K and so on did, because imo they are as completely shit businessmen as they are at being artists, and because they are among the most high profile wings of the Wect propaganda and culture apparatus they are thoroughly tainted by every manner of interest also, even including dumb shit like the Rambo movies and adding dedication to "the brave Mujahideen of Afghanistan" at the end of it, and that is why AAA industry becomes shit as more and more of those awful people and agendas penetrate deeper into game development and why I take so much umbrage with them. The Call of Duty trashware is one of the best examples of that whole process at work and the full Hollywoodization of gaming and why I won't touch that shit with a ten foot pole. I wasn't hyped about Cyberpunk to begin with, and not anything personal against the guy but the moment I saw them pushing Keanu Reeve's involvement I knew it was going to become total ass, which is why I never gave two shits about Death stranding either

Tl;dr I will never stop hating and bitching about the gapitalist Wect equivalent to partyman appartchiki which is the MBA majors who are killing fucking everything here especially art.
No. 59931
Night Dawn Day of the Dead
No. 59932 Kontra
What good gaming does come from Los Angeles? Or: What good gaming does come from the US anymore, anyway?
Eh, doesn't matter, gaming industry needs to die, too, but at least they're not as obnoxious as the film industry, which really must razed to the ground as soon as possible.
Finally kontra'ing because we've been derailing for some time now. And stop writing "wect", it's really cringy.
No. 59934 Kontra
Sir, I'm not going to stop using EC memes just because you don't like it, especially when that someone thinks videogaming as a whole needs to die.

As to which good studios the first immediately off the top of my head is nXile. Probably my two favorite studios these days is them and Amplitude. True though, basically center of gaming is now in Poland.
No. 59938 Kontra
>The fuck are you even talking about?
>I can't even find it. What 3 rules?
Maybe next time read the posts that I'm referencing before you get triggered and write blankets of text, Autism Murica?

>It's like you're just bitching at phantoms
Nah, I'm bitching at the particular rule of that Hooptober challenge that makes you watch, I quote, "3 films with a person of color as director or lead". As I explained in >>59892 this rule makes much less sense than the rest of them since non-shitty movies fitting this criterion are very rare and deal with a culture that is only important to Murricans. Sure, you may say that I don't have to take the challenge (and I won't, not because of dem darned darkies in movies, but because I wouldn't be able to watch a movie every day anyway) or that the challenge is designed for Murricans only, but still, when I see stupid Murrican shit, I point out stupid Murrican shit.

>being a right wing SJW
Don't put political labels on people that you don't know anything about simply because they say things that you don't wanna hear. Or better yet, shove those Murrican politics back where you pulled it from.

Yeah, I mentioned it earlier. Still, way too few films like that. I guess it may be an excuse to rewatch the trilogy.
No. 59941
157 kB, 1920 × 1036
283 kB, 1440 × 1080
172 kB, 1440 × 1080
6,8 MB, 640 × 480, 0:41
Jennifer's Body (2009)
A '00s horror-comedy about a cheerleader chick who gets possessed by a demon and starts killing boys, as her unlikely nerdy BFF seems to be the only one suspecting her as the culprit.
I expected a trashfest, but it was actually quite great in terms of acting & cinematography etc. Also suprisingly very funny, despite (or because) the writing is very tryhard, trying to squeeze in as many gags and weird teenager lingo as possible - kudos to the actors who managed to say some of those lines with a straight face. There are some issues with how the ending was handled (presumably a sequel was planned that never came about) but regardless it was entertaining.
Perhaps I also enjoyed this a throwback to the "indie band" and "emo" craze.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket (1989)
Decided to watch some Japanese animated movies™ after the recent discussions ITT.
This is a 6-episode OVA about an elementary school kid that befriends a rookie soldier who's part of an "enemy" unit on a covert sabotage mission. Compared to e.g. the main MGS series it's a more realist and minor story - in fact the actual mecha fighting scenes are fairly few and far between.
The animation is Ghibli tier, the synth soundtrack is great, and while the story ends up leaning a bit towards melodrama I enjoyed it's bittersweetness and memorable ending staying true to the legacy of Gundam creator Yoshiyuki "Kill 'Em All" Tomino.

>The thing is, "Luke, I am your father" changes the meaning of the sentence.
Sure, fair enough.
Btw what's your take on ROTJ?
No. 59942
116 kB, 1280 × 694
77 kB, 1280 × 694
113 kB, 1280 × 694
112 kB, 1280 × 694
Now that's how you make a low-budget horror properly. Come up with a premise so ridiculous that it becomes kinda awesome — elderly Elvis Presley who didn't really die of a heart attack and elderly JFK who survived being shot in the head but got turned into a black man by the CIA fight against a soul-sucking cowboy mummy in a nursing home — and have Bruce Campbell star in it. It's a comedy horror directed by Don Coscarelli who is most famous for Phantasm series, so it's a strictly B movie without any pretenses, and it's very good at being what it is. I also like how simple and down-to-earth it is: no global threats, no impending apocalypses, just two old guys taking a stand against an asshole monster to save their and their fellow nursing home patients' souls and emerging victorious. Definitely one of the better comedy horrors that I saw.
No. 59945
>Btw what's your take on ROTJ?
You mean regarding the discussion at hand or in general?
I must say, I am nostalgic for the old trilogy. I watched it as a kid, watched Episode 1 in the theater (and still consider the Pod Race an honestly good scene), so whenever I watch Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi, I get a warm nostalgic feeling of enjoyment because I enjoyed them as a kid. And that's what they are, kids' movies. They're fun, not more, not less. I don't have any aspirations beyond that concerning Star Wars. Of course they're objectively silly, but hey, it's a fairy tale in space, so why getting riled up about it?
You could only get riled up about the newer films being so inconsistent in their own logic and also being really shoddily written while being presented as some kind of high art.
That said, I didn't mind Vader being just a mook (I mean, he already was "just" a lackey in the first movie, where the Grand Wizard Tarkin was the uppermost bad guy) and him having a redemption arc fits the fairy tale thing. Star Wars never meant to be "art" or highbrow or anything, though that's something a few fanatics still have to learn. Lucas has always been a commercial director.
No. 60037
261 kB, 1808 × 1080
306 kB, 1920 × 816
229 kB, 1920 × 816
58 kB, 742 × 570
Blood and Black Lace (1964)
Mario Bava's classic giallo about a killer that targets the models of a fashion house - as the investigation goes on the corruptions and vices of various characters involved come to light.
Loved the effortlessly stylish direction, the baroque interiors and lurid lighting as much as the next guy, but found this lacking in thrill on a visceral level, maybe due to the ensemble cast of somewhat muddled characters.
Still impressive just how many of the giallo tropes this cements.

The Beyond (1981)
Lucio Fulci's horror about a woman who inherits a hotel in Louisiana, little knowing that it harbors a gate to hell in its basement. It has a bunch of the usual FX/makeup-aided thrills like eye-gouging and zombies (latter apparently initially not planned, but requested by producer to cash in on the trend=, but for the most part it's a more deep & metaphysical horror with the story following a dreamlike logic.
Visually it might not be quite as stylish as e.g. Argento, but the atmosphere created by the sepia-tinged color scheme befitting the hot and humid setting, as well as the amazing score and sound design make for a surprisingly dense experience. My favorite horror movie in a while.

Mothra (1961)
Likely one of the most unthreatening kaiju, despite the havoc it naturally wreaks.
Aside from the original Gojira I find these hard to engage with - probably something to do with their focus on the institutional & mass societal level rather than strong individual characters. Though the comically evil antagonist entrepreneur played by Jerry Itô with his memorable heavily accented Japanese is the exception here.
Highlights for me were the indigenous ritual & fairy song scenes - as well as their simulated paralleling on stage.

Gongofer (1992)
Surreal urban horror from Russia, absolute madlad low budget hidden gem, perestroika-style. I'll do a slightly longer synopsis since afaik there's not much info on the film in English:
The story's about two bumpkin cossacks, Kolka and his Uncle, who go to Moscow to buy an ox, however one of them is seduced by a witch who steals his dark eyes and gives him blue ones instead. Afterwards they return to their hometown and after getting depressed and drinking themselves into a stupor they decide to go back to the city to take back their eyes. That's where the real crazy stuff begins, as they go on nightmarish odyssey from fighting a prize-winning boar and eating his heart to battling a couple of kung fu grandmas in a commieblock and feeding them to the dogs. As their stake-out in the commieblock draws on and on without the witch turning up, the Uncle decides that it's not worth it since Kolka's eyes actually work fine and just have a different color, so he leaves Kolka alone, who is then found and killed by the witch and her cronies.

It's hard not to see it as a precursor of Balabanov's Brother (1997), as here the city is also seen as an even literally dark and corrupting force. Definitely right up my alley, mixing genre film, absurdist humor and some arthouse pretensions.
The whole thing and some clips are on yt, I'll leave you with this fanmade music video with clips from the movie set to Rammstein's Mutter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xwp8rMGA8o
Though the OST by cult rock band Ноль is also awesome.

Lmao, that one sounds fun

Hmm, fair enough. Well, I definitely wouldn't mistake it for highbrow either lol, but precisely as a popular commercial product it both reflects & shapes ze döminant ideölögy, so it's worth looking deeper into (IMHO)
No. 60043
26 kB, 474 × 646
>unrelated shit added at insistence of the producer so as to cash in on a trend
And that is why I write textwalls ranting about those kinds of people ruining art.

Something I wonder if you might like is House (1986) and House 2. Pretty great lowket gems of 1980s b-horror.

It's funny, I spent so much time as a kid in the horror section of the VHS rental stores begging to get this or that and finally by time I was an adult or at least old enough with my own money to rent whatever the hell I wanted VHS itself was pretty much out the door. Sometimes I still miss that VCR/mini-TV I used to have. It makes me wonder if zoomers even have a clue where certain stylistic choices originally come from like VHS artifacting added to games or music video because muh aesthetics.

The 1980s to about early 90s was absolutely kino for the genres of horror and scifi. I really think something fundamental was lost just in the switch from great special effects artistry to downright cheesiness in the switch from models and props to doing everything CGI. Just imagine what complete ass a series like The Walking Dead would look like if they used CGI instead.

Also Negan did nothing wrongI'm going to forego the combined inquiry and rant as to why Hollywood routinely seems to put downright unlikeable or villainy as protagonists and then expects me to root for them just because it's muh returning cast set to heroic music. It baffles me and I suspect it's part of why I don't gibe a shit about sports or things like sports. They're not my team. I could even root for them if you at least were honest about it, didnt add heroic music, didn't expect me to take their side just because theyre recognizable characters. I spent the entirety of season 8 getting bummed out and just skipping whole 20 minute blocks to get to Negan. The good guys lost. Negan and the Saviors were right. The protagonists are all nothing but murderous bandits and savages and what Negan did wrong is give them way too much forgiveness and leeway. If it was Rick and his band of assholes they would've exterminated every man woman and child and in fact did when they hit Sanctuary with a horde. Innocent people and kids were in there. What absolute twats in Hollywood took this over
No. 60044
It is absolutely true that Grimes is a troublemaker.
No. 60045
But the trendy stuff helped him to develop a style loved by thousands. I ended up loving Fulci for his visuals. He was impressive in this area.
No. 60086
2,0 MB, 2265 × 1308
25 kB, 474 × 300

Here we can see Rick Grimes, who even in aftermath of his behavior is still asking freedom loving Americans for their IDs :-DDD
No. 60129
86 kB, 422 × 640
70 kB, 422 × 640
87 kB, 422 × 640
"oh I am so sage and down to earth, this people do need me, does not matter too much if 90% of people are in my team end up dying".

It's not exactly this but I'd watch myself telling "Mr. Grimes, would you be so kind of not ending up escalating situations and solving them like a steamroller? I know the general situation is abysmal, but you've acted this way hundreds of times!"
No. 60172
99 kB, 1920 × 1040
195 kB, 1920 × 1080
189 kB, 1920 × 1036
20,1 MB, 277 pages
Started reading a book on horror films called Men, Women and Chain Saws by Carol J. Clover. It's mostly famous for being the work that first coined the term "Final Girl", which is now considered a classic trope. However her analysis is quite a bit more specific than the popular notion, she looks at it mostly from a gender-studies/psychoanalytic angle. While there are some eye-rolling moments when that lens of analysis feels too narrow, it's still a fascinating read with insights that go beyond that corner of theory.

Carrie (1976)
De Palma's adaptation of Stephen King's novel about a bullied girl who develops telekinetic powers and takes revenge on her bullies at a high school prom. De Palma per usual turns the story into quite a protracted dirty joke, but when the direction is so virtuosic who can blame him.

The Exorcist (1973)
It's quite subtle in the film (though apparently not in the book that it's based on) but after reading the analysis in the above-mentioned book it's hard not to see the film to a large extent as Father Karras battling not only with his faith, but also with his homosexuality.

I Spit on Your Grave/Day of the Woman (1978)
Rape-revenge movie about a female writer who goes on vacation in the countryside where she gets brutally raped by a group of men whom she then executes one after another. It's quite low-budget and austere with almost no soundtrack - especially the first half up until and including the rape is pretty disturbing - whereas the revenge is more stylized.
No. 60176 Kontra
132 kB, 1920 × 960
84 kB, 1920 × 800
79 kB, 1920 × 800
442 kB, 442 × 250, 0:01
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
Just the right mix of Hollywood thrill & sentimentality. Really loved this a lot, but I wish they wouldn't have tacked on that deflating ending.

Body Snatchers (1993)
Somewhat underrated remake - the story and characters might be half-baked but it's probably the viscerally scariest of the three versions (not counting the 2007 even - haven't seen it and it's supposed to suck afaik). Meg Tilly's performance is insane, some real goosebumps material in that one scene. Forest Whitaker is also great as the paranoid Major.

eXistenZ (1999)
The twist(s) are still amazing upon rewatch, it's probably the best take on the whole recursive reality trope. Just incredibly immersive (and also very funny) - I did get a sort-of "reality bleed-through effect" after leaving the cinema. Might be my favorite by Cronenberg.

>House (1986)
Looks good, I'll put it on my list. Incidentally also the lead is the same actor as the guy who takes Carrie out to prom in Carrie.

I need to see more of Fulci, he seems to be quite creative at achieveing a lot with limited means. Whereas Argento had more money for his films so he could come closer to his vision.
No. 60186

The best was I think 1973. I didn't even know there was a 2007 and 1993 version though. Nevermind 1978 not 73 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077745/

eXistenz was an odd one. That and Videodrome are definitely among the weirder movies I've seen. Haven't yet gotten around to Jodorowskis Miracle Mountain yet however.
No. 60249
49 kB, 424 × 600
61 kB, 474 × 1005
Die Schweizermacher (1978)
I just watched the most successful swiss comedy ever! It's about people trying to get Swiss nationality through the eye of the policemen doing an investigation on their behavior to see if they're fit to integrate the country. and it makes fun of our normative and closed society. Instantly made me remember the polanball comic wich is I think the best joke made online about Switzerland on the international internet. The movie was very fun for me but I can't guarantee it will be for all of you.

The modern Swiss identity is very comparable to the american one, no surprise that our poltical institutions are so similar though it's supposed to be a secret, most Swiss get angry when told we imitated the burger's institutions since it's supposed to be one of the most important pillar of the country. I think we are the European coutry that adopted the most seriously the post-WW2 idea of nuclear modernity. For exemple, every good (and occidental) sci-fi novel is has a scene set in Switzerland. Maybe it's correlated to the fact that the country was for all the second half of the XIXth century dominated by an absolute majority of ultra-modernists liberals.
No. 60250
>It's about people trying to get Swiss nationality through the eye of the policemen doing an investigation on their behavior to see if they're fit to integrate the country.
I read about an American who had lived in Fribourg for ~20 years, and was still denied citizenship. Dunno how you have such a huge foreign born share of the population with standards like that.

>though it's supposed to be a secret, most Swiss get angry when told we imitated the burger's institutions since it's supposed to be one of the most important pillar of the country
But are you actually imitating us? You guys were living the American ideal before our continent was even discovered.

>I think we are the European coutry that adopted the most seriously the post-WW2 idea of nuclear modernity.
I think this is more convergent evolution than anything. What other countries combine pathological mercantile thinking, pathological Calvinism, a founding myth of agrarian democracy, and every-man-with-a-gun independence? Of course you ended up more like America than the rest of Europe.
No. 60251
>But are you actually imitating us?
Yes we do 100%. The institutions I mean. But it's because they fitted us pretty good.
>You guys were living the American ideal before our continent was even discovered.
Switzerland before the 19th century was a horrific state, stuck in medieval europe mentality. People prefered to engage as mercenaries and die in a foreign nation than stay in there. But the worst was when this heavily traumatized population was returning home, they were men of extreme violence who drank themselves to death with their pention. And it was a very sizable chunk of the men population, and that's one of the reasons other euro kingdoms let the country survive.
> What other countries combine pathological mercantile thinking, pathological Calvinism, a founding myth of agrarian democracy, and every-man-with-a-gun independence?
Exactly, Galbinism can still be felt to this day in day to day attitude of a Swiss even if most protestant are now atheists. When there's room in front seat in a concert, everyone will let the place to someone else and if there's not enough people the front seats will stay empty. Culture of not being worthy and thinking everyone else should feel the same about themselves still kinda exist but is slowly dying.
No. 60260
Hey reviewErnst, I have a challenge for you:

No. 60269 Kontra
Oh, and another one, of higher urgency:

No. 60270
130 kB, 1920 × 816
330 kB, 1792 × 1080
215 kB, 1920 × 1080
129 kB, 1808 × 1080
Halloween II (1981)
Atmospheric mise-en-scene & great Carpenter soundtrack, but other than that it bored me to tears. Just never really gets going - after the Argento marathon I did recently this was super boring.

The Devil Rides Out (1968)
Neat horror about a group of British high society trying to save their friends from the mind control powers of a Satanic cult leader. Christopher Lee really knocks it out of the ball park with his performance.

The White Sun of the Desert (1970)
Classic Soviet adventure film set during the Civil War in the Central Asian desert about the escapades of a Red Army soldier who gets roped into escorting the harem of a Muslim guerilla leader. There's quite a few elements borrowed from the Western genre, apparently there's even a term for the genre - Ostern or Red Western.
It looks quite beautiful with all the shots of desert landscapes and half-ruined architecture, but I found it unsatisfying dramatically - some strange tonal shifts and pretty underdeveloped characters. There's also a lot of gags - some are still funny, others haven't aged too well.
I still love the theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7emxTzZZTA
And the opening credits sequence is very cool too.

Ganja & Hess (1973)
Didn't read about it beforehand so I expected a kinda straightforward blaxploitation version of a vampire movie (as apparently the prodcuers also did) but this was pretty rough visually & experimental, but also quite high-minded (can't say I really got its allegorical content). It drags a bit, but there are some very cool psychedelic sequences with an eclectic soundtrack blending soul & classical music, African chants, and droning sounds.

Yeah, I'll have to rewatch the 1978 version some time.
Holy Mountain is trip for sure, if you're into it it's quite a unique experience.

Sounds interesting, now that I think about it I probably haven't seen a single Swiss film yet.

I have to pass lol, watching The Room and Samurai Cop already filled my bad movie quota for now
Between McConaughey, Gary Oldman & Patricia Arquette that's a pretty insane cast for such a ridiculous movie
No. 60400
Visually, my fave from Fulci is Manhattan Baby.
No. 60409
243 kB, 1792 × 1080
266 kB, 1920 × 960
270 kB, 1920 × 1036
210 kB, 1920 × 816
Nice, gonna watch that one after House by the Cemetery. Though not for a while, my TV broke and now I'm having a hard time going back to watching movies on laptop screen :D

Just posting some rando screencaps instead
No. 60410
Where do you even watch all those movies? You get them all from torrents or what?
No. 60413 Kontra
231 kB, 1920 × 1036
242 kB, 1808 × 1080
184 kB, 1808 × 1080
160 kB, 1436 × 1080
Yeah, mostly from rarbg or rutracker. I'd like to have a BluRay collection some day, but I'm too broke for now.
No. 60416
>House by the Cemetery

Found that one kinda boring.
Don't know why, just boring and bad pacing.
No. 60426
I'm contemplating a mubi account, maybe share it with someone to lower the costs. But I'm not sure if I watch many movies. I would really like to and it would spare me the hassle of looking for alternative streams for indie movies. Not interested in p2p, never have been, only OCH back in the days. Sadly I already had to see that mubi does not have many of the early berlin school films. But then again many classics and other interesting stuff worth a watch I guess.
No. 60440
That feel when I have a Bluray drive but it's useless. I really want to collect archaic hardware but I haven't got the money or space. That PC hardware museum warehouse burning down was a travesty. Also ironically it doubles as M-drive but the fucking things cost $20 a disc and far as I've seen Bluray burns fail at a phenomenal rate but the old CD/DVDs are so low capacity for modern standards you can only get a few episodes on or compress til it looks like shit.
No. 60441
Do you have movies about the mexican revolution to recommend?
No. 60445
233 kB, 1920 × 1080
114 kB, 1920 × 1036
36 kB, 720 × 464
226 kB, 1920 × 1036
Just scrolled a bit through the catalogue, there seems to be quite a lot of good stuff - nice that they added Balabanov's filmography. Probably the service I'd use if I weren't such a filthy pirate :D

>That feel when I have a Bluray drive but it's useless.
Yeah, tbh I don't even have one

From that list I've only seen Viva Zapata & The Wild Bunch - both are quite good, but former is a rather tame Hollywood movie while latter isn't particularly historical IIRC, just uses the period as a setting. Other than that Que Viva Mexico! seems interesting to me - unfinished documentary project about Mexican history from Mayans until the Mexican revolution, directed by legendary Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein.
No. 60450
My Fulci DVD collection costed 2 € each, thanks to the Casa del Cine Para Todos, brilliant distributor of stuff. A pity they shut down their shop.

Above all, do not buy a big TV! I'm convinced it causes <spoiler code begin>brain damage<spoiler code bitter end> dissatisfying DVD experience because perhaps the format is not that good for such TVs
No. 60573
293 kB, 1920 × 818
286 kB, 1920 × 818
169 kB, 1920 × 818
215 kB, 1920 × 816
Watched the Austin Powers trilogy, I had seen the 2nd one dozens of times as a kid (the intro sequence lives rent-free in my head as the kids say) since we had it on VHS but never the other ones. First and second one are mostly still great even if the gags get repetitive. Dr. Evil in particular is a great character & I never even realized as a kid that he's also played by Mike Myers. But the 3rd one sucks pretty hard except for a few gags here and there, the Austinpussy spoof right at the beginning being sadly one of the highlights.
No. 60704
A Bullet for the General is a nice spaghetti western, but it's not exactly insightful on the actual Mexican revolution.
No. 60778
233 kB, 990 × 1400
Finally managed to go see it and was positively surprised, left the theater with something of an adrenaline rush.
Immensely satisfying immersive eyecandy dronefest that just slightly falls apart during the scenes with no soundtrack (there aren't that many). There's quite a bit one could nitpick, e.g. I think the casting/portrayals of Lady Jessica and Gurney Halleck were a bit underwhelming, but as an overall cinematic experience this rocks.
Though I can imagine that it's going to be quite a bit less impressive without the huge screen and audio setup of the movie theater.
No. 60794
347 kB, 1920 × 1080
286 kB, 1920 × 1080
439 kB, 1920 × 1080
274 kB, 1920 × 1080
Wow, this must be the most '80s movie that I ever saw. It's a sci-fi/fantasy flick about a handsome and fit computer programmer who has to save his girlfriend from an evil sorcerer Mestema in a series of challenges in parallel worlds/settings that include stuff like neo-noir about a serial killer, Mad Max-like post-apocalypse in the desert and even W.A.S.P. concert (oh no, the horror!). The cheesiness is off the charts, everybody shoots lasers everywhere, the costume design is silly (and the protagonist's outfit actually gets mocked by two cops in one segment, heh), the special effects are badly done puppets and stop-motion animations, the story is basically "our princess is in another castle" for seven times, but somehow all of this together manages to be weirdly entertaining. Also, the main villain Mestema played by Richard Moll turned out to be surprisingly cool despite the generally crappy writing. And yeah, now I know why Perturbator's song X-CaliBR8 is called like that.
No. 60871
176 kB, 1920 × 1040
182 kB, 1920 × 1040
214 kB, 1920 × 1080
245 kB, 1920 × 1040
Tales from the Hood (1995)
African American horror anthology. The last segment and the frame story are good, but the other ones were a bit too blatant political allegories without much artistic "excess". Some decent FX, but a surprising lack of rap music in the soundtrack considering the whole hood theme - really only one memorable use of it.

The Sixth Sense (1999)
Yep, I haven't seen this one yet either. I like Shyamalan's cinematography and visual style (with the red color motif e.g.) but overall this was a bit too sappy, though hats off to that scene in the car towards the end, made me tear up a bit. Bruce Willis isn't a great actor imho, and a similar twist has been executed better in other films.

The Fan (1982)
German horror about a teenage girl obsessed with a pop singer. After he doesn't respond to her letters she goes to meet him but that ofc doesn't go quite as planned. Takes a while to get going, but remains entertaining enough with the dreamlike visuals and the cool NDW soundtrack, as well as frankly the main actress being pretty hot and constantly changing outfits.

Day of the Beast (1995)
Spanish horror-comedy about a priest who tries to contact the devil with the help of a death metal sonbasket and the host of an occult TV show, so they can prevent the birth of the antichrist. There's a couple of good scenes, but overall not that funny and a bit meandering imho, also kinda lame ending.
No. 60872
>The Fan
Wasn't that a scandal with at that time 15 year old Nastassja Kinski or something?
No. 60873
248 kB, 1920 × 1080
202 kB, 1920 × 1080
316 kB, 1920 × 1080
236 kB, 1920 × 1080
Désirée Nosbusch (never heard about her before but apparently she went on to be a TV host) and I swear I though she was 19 17 but yeah, apparently she also unsuccessfully tried to sue against the release of the movie since the nude scenes (which are quite long indeed) weren't cut.
No. 60874
Sorry, I was mistaken. I was quite sure it was Nastassja Kinski, but it wasn't a "real" film, but a Tatort episode. "Reifezeugnis", where she was only 15 and had an affair with her teacher.
No. 60885
This is not entirely true. I thought that his job in 12 Monkeys was incredibly well done of his portrayal of an incredibly vulnerable and potentially sick man. It's just that a good number of these guys eventually get typecast so basically it becomes the producers expecting Bruce Willis to play Bruce Willis because thinking that's what sells, or alternatively going off Schwarzenegger being Schwarzenegger in order to make some dumb C grade comedy, rather than actually taking advantage of any of their acting skills.

Also Jesus Christ film acting is the boringest most tedious shit ever. Stageplays can be pretty damn fun depending on your roll but a film is basically just saying the same couple sentences over and over for 13 hours. To me the only part that's interesting about the acting itself is how they can stay in character for those endless takes which is part of why people like Christian Bale eventually got flipped out about some guy forcing yet another take.
No. 60891
855 kB, 1699 × 944
85 kB, 1699 × 944
Also, Monkey Dust becomes far less dark in later seasons. It's become far lighter.
One thing I really dislike is the repeating skits. Some of the characters have good development over them, but some really are just the same thing again with a minor permutation.
Still good all things considered.
No. 60921
177 kB, 1784 × 1080
186 kB, 1920 × 816
269 kB, 1920 × 800
261 kB, 1804 × 1080
Peeping Tom (1960)
Psychological horror-thriller by British director Michael Powell about a disturbed photographer stalking and killing women. It sets up the slasher formula with its POV shots (and the lurid lighting so popular in giallo), and it even predates Hitchcock's Psycho by a few months. Also impressive how self-reflective this is about watching movies in general and horror specifically. Kinda underrated classic I think.

Prince of Darkness (1987)
Another masterpiece of deep horror by Carpenter, easily on the level of The Thing or In the Mouth of Madness. The typical synth soundtrack keeps up the tension, but there's also plenty of offbeat humor, Denis Dun's performance was the most hilarious comic relief character I've seen in a while.

Kwaidan (1964)
Three hour long anthology of four Japanese folklore stories. Looks amazing but it's extremely slow-paced. Also I'm not a fan of the minimalist sound approach, and the first two stories in particular are kinda boring, a bit too straightforward "morality plays", though the third one ("Hoichi the Earless") is more complex and definitely the highlight.

Goldfinger (1964)
This one's probably my favorite of the Connery Bond films so far, just lots of stupid fun - someone else put it perfectly "What’s aged poorly is hilarious and what hasn’t is neat." Sean Connery's death anniversary coming up on October 31 btw.

Ah, I see lol

Idk, he just looks like Homer Simpson to me, I can't take him seriously :D
No. 60922
3,5 MB, 3:47
Wasn't Prince of Darkness even part of the same quasi-trilogy together with The Thing and Mouth of Madness?
With the Thing having an actual alien, PoD going into the cosmic horror direction and MoM being essentially a Lovecraft tale.

That said, I don't know if you were aware, but Torch's "Morgen" from "Blauer Samt" samples a few scenes from that film. It's also a kickass track by itself and a great last track for a great album.
No. 60924
313 kB, 1920 × 800
186 kB, 1920 × 800
211 kB, 1920 × 800
220 kB, 1920 × 800
Couple more screencaps from Kwaidan while I'm at it. I was kinda bummed after watching it by just how tiresomely slow it was but looking at these now I gotta respect the visual mastery.

>Wasn't Prince of Darkness even part of the same quasi-trilogy together with The Thing and Mouth of Madness?
Indeed, I kinda skimped on reading about it :D

>Torch's "Morgen" from "Blauer Samt" samples a few scenes from that film
Nice one, never listened much to Torch though I used to be quite into German rap, something to catch up on as well
No. 60925
I'm sharing season 1 of Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident here.
Tried to figure out how to get it onto some popular torrent sites but turned out to be more irritating a process than I would've thought.


it is Russian and has 8 episodes alternating between being shot on 16mm film about the investigation and episodes in digital black-and-white about the event itself.

I found it echoed some motifs from season one of The Terror and pairs well.
No. 60926
Nice, thank you. I really enjoyed The Terror S1.
If I watch the first episode and don't like it, should I power through? Or will I also not like the rest?
No. 60927
Gonna watch this.
But I already figured it all out. The stove caused a fire, which led to a fight breaking out among the now cold survivors. They all perished shortly after.
No. 60928

I'd say give a couple more episodes a shot if you don't like the first, the way the story unravels varies quite distinctly.
The following is my opinion and the episodes overlap a little but generally:
The first episode has a bit of an ephemeral feel to it with floaty twisting camera work like something out of enter the void.
The second episode has a bit of a nostalgic-for-an-idealised-past bent on the writing where the camera work takes a much more placid role.
The third made it feel more kind of like a classic noir investigative movie.
The fourth felt like a bunch of kids wondering closer to a cosmic horror type climax without the cosmic horror climax.
The fifth seemed to me a bit like a displaced war story, maybe repeating the sentiments of slaughterhouse five where the experience of war takes you out of the present and twists your motives.
I haven't yet found time to watch the rest.
No. 60929
Wouldn't the tent have burnt up in that case? I feel like evidence of a fire would be noticeable?
No. 60938
I may be misremembering details as my total sum of knowledge about this was from three nights in 2015. I can't find anything about it, but I remember coming to the conclusion that there was sort of fire at stove, which caused them to flee the tent by cutting through it. In truth, I have not already figured it all out.
No. 60939
Fair enough, I think it is generally accepted to be a slab avalanche nowadays but the series brings all the possibilities into something like a conspiratorial force against the hikers, pretty fun representation of a tragedy.
No. 60961
There was another similar thing where some group of hikers got lost, and apparently in that case it became that shitty damp, wet, humid cold that's still freezing but soaks your clothes and everyone got delirious pretty fast with windchill.

After watching a bunch of stuff about it I'm convinced that it's probably just people panicking in the anti-human environment of Russia. The most suspicious possible thing would be some Biopreparat where they stumbled on some Soviet something they weren't supposed to see but then I'd not see how the Russian authority coverup could possibly end up so bizarre and incompetent to make it one of the most memorable stories of the century.

There's a bunch of stuff people look for XFiles explanations that sadly or not is typically something mundane, like that one lost ship that basically was just an insurance fraud scheme.

What was pretty good is this one dude tried racing around the world in a boat and decided to lie about his progress, so he realized too late he was way over his head and recorded daily logs of his gradual mental breakdown on the high seas